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The voice belonged to Sam’s mother, but it did not look like Sam’s mother. I watched Mr. and Mrs. M walk up to us but all I could do was stare at her in disbelief. She had heavy colors of makeup caked on her usually pale face, and it was clear she had been to a tanning booth because her skin resembled a dull orange marker. She had a bright red streak in the front of her hair, and she was dressed in skin tight ripped up skinny jeans and a bustier that screamed “SLUT”! Even though she looked very out of place, she walked gracefully in the military style boots that seemed too big for her tiny frame. I was still shocked as I felt her arms wrap around me.

“M-Mrs. M… What… What happened?” I asked as she stepped back.

“Don’t I look hot Tal?” She said fanning herself. “And look!”

She turned around and gave me a full view of her back. I likely died when I saw the tattoo on the small of her back that read “Sexy Princess”! I had seen her in a bikini more than once and I knew she had no tattoos.

“Oh My God… What the heck is this?” I asked pointing to the tattoo.

She looked over her shoulder toward me and shook her butt a little. “You like? I had Rico on 59th in Oakland hook me for the low,” She squealed.

I looked at Mr. M for clarity. He just shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“It’s fake,” He said rolling his eyes.

“Oh shut up Henry. I’m going to get the real thing tomorrow,” She said turned toward me, “Ugh don’t you hate the old joy killers. He’s always stopping me from getting my groove on. Old man never lets me do anything.”

She turned her attention to a group of girls talking loudly. I looked at Mr. M hoping he could explain what the hell she was thinking when she did all this.

He just looked at her and shook his head. “My only guess is that she is going through a midlife crisis. Either that or the old bat has finally lost it,” he offered.

I looked at Marie and saw her struggling to keep her laughter in. This whole scenario was hard to believe and even harder to swallow. I decided to change the subject for now.

“This is my roommate Marie,” I said introducing her.

“Hi, nice to meet you guys. California is truly a beautiful state. I can tell already,” She said extending her hand to shake.

“Hey girl nice to meet you. Let’s go so we can hit the clubs tonight,” Mrs. M said focusing on us again.

She started walking away and all eyes were on her. Men, women, children of all ages were watching the old beauty saunter away. I could tell she loved the attention but I’m not sure they were looking because they liked what they saw. I saw the group of girls snickering and pointing their phones at her and something inside me snapped and I got angry. I walked to the group of girls she was once focused on and got in their faces.

“What the fuck are you taking a picture of?” I yelled.

“Mind your business Dora the Explorer!” One of the blondes said.

“Yea Chiquita Taco Bell. Go away!” Another added in.

I watched all the girls laugh and got angrier. Of course it would be Beverly Hill type White girls I was dealing with. You know the ones that wear UGGS when it’s 100 degrees outside and drink hot ass coffee when it is blazing. Those type of white girls. All looks but not an ounce of brains. These girls weren’t worth it. I decided to walk away. Just as I turned around I heard the blonde smack her lips and laugh.

“That’s right little immigrant. Go back to where you’re from,” She laughed shooing me with her hands.

Before I knew what was happening I turned around and backhanded the girl with so much force she slid back on her butt. Marie was pulling me away in an instant. I let her lead me away as Mr. M grabbed our luggage and followed us outside. We loaded into his six-seater truck and begin our trip home. No one spoke about the airport accident. It was like it never happened.

“So how is the New York life Natalia?” Mr. M asked while driving. “Is it everything you wanted it be?”

“Actually I love it. I love the bright lights and the city that actually never seems to sleep. I feel like such a tourist but I can’t believe it is home,” I replied.

He nodded and smiled. “Ah I can only agree. My experience in New York was when I was 16. I instantly fell in love with entire city. So how did you girls meet?”

”I’m a friend of the family’s. Well my mother was before she died. I was looking for a new start and Natalia needed a roommate. So we just talked and voila,” She lied effortlessly.

I was impressed. I was going to say we met at a café or something, but she was really something else. Mrs. M was unusually quiet.

“What’s wrong Mrs. M?” I asked her concerned.

She just sighed and pouted her lips. I looked over at her husband and he rolled his eyes. I decided I would ask again.

“What’s wrong Mrs. M? Why are you so quiet?” I tried again.

“Oh I don’t want to burden you with my issues. I’ll be fine,” she said sullenly.

“Okkkkkkk. Well if you want to talk about it, I am here for you,” I said letting her know.

“Well actually, since you say that, something has been bugging me. Oh darling why don’t you come home to stay? I’m so lonely without you and Sam in that house. I’ve resorted to actually talking to my husband,” she whined.

“No Mrs. M! And that is final,” I said.

I sat back in my seat and watched Mrs. M get a defeated look on her face and turn to pouting. She just didn’t understand why I could never live here again. It was too risky to even be here right now.

I watched the colors go by in a blur. Last time I was here seemed like forever ago when it was only a month later. I was so carefree and childish before I met Eric. I was a happy teenager. Now I was a mother, a witch and a were. I was a mother over all things though. Yes in just 24 hours I had grown a bond so deep with my child that I knew I was willing to die protecting this baby.

I felt a flutter and rubbed my stomach smiling. Yes I loved this baby. I loved this baby with everything in me and that was a new foreign feeling. I turned to see Marie staring at me with a smile on her face.

“You’re weird,” I mouthed to her.

I closed my eyes and willed the headache I felt forming to go away. I still needed to do something about not being able to control my magic and these pains I was feeling.

“Wake up ugly. You need to feed our baby,” Marie said shaking me.

I opened my eyes and shook my head. I was in my old bed and Marie stood over me with her arms crossed and an amused look on her face.

“When did we get here? How did I get here? When did I go to sleep?” I asked firing off questions.

I didn’t like not knowing when something happened. I didn’t like black outs and not being able to remember doing something. It scared me. That’s why I didn’t understand how girls could get so drunk that they would pass out and not remember anything.

“Probably an hour or 2 and I carried you. You’ve picked up some pounds I can tell you that. I’ve been thinking. We really need to find a doctor that can tell us about the baby and why you are experiencing these setbacks with your magic,” She said twisting her hair.

I nodded. She was right. They had to make sure everything was ok. I got out the bed and walked into the hallway. It felt late even though it clearly wasn’t. Oh how I hated time changes. I maneuvered the stairs and walked into the kitchen. I knew this house like I knew myself. I thought the house would seem foreign to me but it still felt like home.

“Maybe you should practice your magic. We’re the only ones here,” Marie said hot on my trail. “You could practice on me… I just don’t want you to hurt the baby.”

“I could kill you dummy. I’m not in control of my magic. I might blow you up!” I said voicing my thoughts.

“That is just a price I have to pay to make sure you and our baby is ok. Your faulty magic use could be something further in. I don’t know actually and I know I’m not making sense but I would rather you practice and hurt me than practice and hurt you,” she said bravely. “I don’t want you to get a magic build up or something and hurt our baby.”

I looked at her and wondered what was going through her head. It suddenly hit me hard. A wave of sadness crept over me and I felt a lump in my throat.

As if she read my thoughts she started explaining. “I know you think it’s weird how much I care about you and this baby because we hardly know each other but I feel a connection to you both.” She said placing her hand on my stomach. “We are so much alike and you get me. You’re the sister and best friend I always wanted. I always had to take care of someone but you take care of me. I love you. I mean it. The baby is a piece of you and I love her too! I would die for you guys…”

“Her?” I asked with tears decorating my eyes.

“Sorry, it just seems like a girl. Idk!” She laughed.

“I love you too Marie. It is crazy because you’re technically a stranger but I know I met you for a reason. I’m glad I have you,” I said hugging her.

I felt her squeeze back and my back was wet with her tears. I didn’t even mind this time because we were sharing a moment. I let her go and grabbed her hand leading her to kitchen drawer.

“Do you trust me?” I asked her suddenly.

“Um yes?” she said with confusion in her features.

I opened the drawer and took out a knife. Not a regular knife but a long pointy butcher knife. She didn’t flinch or move away or scream. She stood there waiting.

“Give me your arm,” I instructed her.

She held out her arm and looked at me with 100 emotions in her eyes. But never once did I see distrust or fear. She knew what I was going to do.

“It’s going to hurt a little, but not for long,” I warned her.

“I don’t know what you’re doing but I trust you so let’s go. I can handle it,” She said sure of herself and me.

I made a long incision from 1 side of her wrist to the other. A pained look graced her face as I cut her wrist open. I quickly did the same to myself and held our wrists together. I felt our blood mingle. Well maybe I didn’t. I would like to think I did. I heard her gasp and looked at her. She definitely felt mine. After I was sure that our blood was now flowing through each other’s veins, only then did I remove our arms. I watched in awe as our wounds healed before our eyes. I could feel her presence inside of me. She was a link… a bond in my heart. I could feel her thoughts and emotions.

“I feel you… In me… I mean not in a perv way but I feel your presence in me,” she explained.

“I feel you too. This is kind of weird,” I whispered.

“That was intense,” She agreed.

“OMG your eyes! Look!” I exclaimed.

We ran into the hallway and looked into the mirror hanging on the wall. Sure enough her eyes were blown with flicks of light gray in them. My eyes were still gray.

“That is so cool. Now let’s practice. You say its people that you don’t want to find you here. We need to mask our scents. Or at least yours. Wait mine too since I’m around you,” She fired off with determination in her eyes.

I concentrated and felt the tingling happen within my body. From the look of Marie’s eyes, so did she. We stayed that way until the tingling stop.

“Well that was certainly easy,” She said.

I turned to the door and looked at it. I was determined now. The door swung open with the force off a grown man, but it didn’t explode. It wasn’t perfect, but it was a start.


“We’ve located the girl Master. One of our men has seen her and a friend walk in. We are now checking to validate his information. If the information is correct, do you want us to bring her in?” the servant asked.

Jake had his back turned to the man but he had heard everything he said. He was grinning evilly when he swiveled his chair around. The grin sent a bone chilling terror through the faithful servant.

“Bring me the girl…” Jake commanded in a low terrifying voice. “And start the plan.”

The man hurried out of the menacing vampire’s presence and Jake relished in the power. The thought of having the girl in his arms made his mouth wet and penis hard. She was certainly a beauty and he planned to enjoy her… even if it meant another of his mate’s life again. By the time he snapped out his thoughts he was making funeral arrangements for Samantha. There was no way he was giving the girl up now. She was his for the keeping. The more he studied the girl over the years the more he found himself in love with her. The original plan years ago was to just take her and make her his, but the timing wasn’t right. Then he found out about her powers and knew that it was now or never! He admired Natalia’s attitude, and looks, and she would make a good queen, but what really turned him on was the thought of the girl half-dead under him with blood leaking out her neck while he pumped his dick in and out of her. See, this wasn’t an ordinary man in love. No this wasn’t a regular love, but the dark obsession of an evil man.


“Alpha! Alpha! Alpha!” Katari burst in the meeting interrupting very important business. She was out of breath and her face was flushed.

Eric was pissed. The thought of killing the girl crossed his mind almost instantly. He was looking bad in front of the Counsel. They had come to talk about the recent events, and how to prevent them if need to and they were all agreeing until she came in. Now he looked and saw the crowd of men looking at him as if he were a weak leader. They shook their heads and tsk-tsked under their breath. He heard a mumble that sounded like “No control”. No forget pissed, he was infuriated. He had been seen as weak and soft for a while now. They counsel were convinced that was how the ambush happened, because of him being weak. He admitted that was true, but only because that is what he thought his pack needed. Not an iron clad harsh leader like his father was. He saw his mistake too late though.

“HOW DARE YOU INT-” he started to yell but was cut off by Katari holding her hand up and saying “Not now Alpha.” She was out of breath so it came out in jumbles.

The crowd gasped in shock as did Eric. He had never seen such disrespect from anyone that didn’t want to die. She didn’t want them listening in to her so she sent to him from his mind.


Eric stopped in his tracks just moments from ripping Katari’s throat out. Instead he grabbed her by the shoulders and looked in her eyes. A million questions ran through his head.

‘Natalia is really alive? How do you know this? Do you lie to me?’ he sent back to her.

She shook her head and he felt his world brighten. He had all but given up on finding her. He was convinced that she lie dead somewhere after he could not sense her or find her anymore. He felt his heart jump and he had to gather himself before he started to cry. But she was in danger.

“She is. I saw her with my own eyes while I was out for a run. We have to go to her quick alpha. They knocked her out and she’s unresponsive. We have no time. They might be on the way back!” She begged.

She shifted into her wolf and jumped out the window leading the way.

“Sorry gentlemen. I have to save my mate.” He said to the men.

With that he shifted and took off after Katari. It never occurred to him to send for his men. All that mattered was saving his mate. She made him crazy, and he would have her in life at all costs.

‘Where are we going?’ he sent to Katari.

The path was unfamiliar but he kept running anyway. Katari didn’t answer and he figured it was because she was so intent on finding Natalia. He kept up with her until they reached a cabin. He still didn’t sense her. Something was off. He sent his location to Greg.

‘Got it. On the way Alpha.’ Greg sent back immediately.

‘She’s in there Alpha. He knocked her out. OMG Alpha you have to save her. Save her.’ She sobbed through the bond.

He shifted back into a human and walked into the dark cabin. He saw a movement in the corner of his eye, but it was too late. He was grabbed and a rag covered his mouth and nose. He looked up and saw Katari standing next to a man grinning evilly before his entire world went black.


We were eating when I felt a weird feeling of darkness overcome me. I shook my head and tried to clear the darkness from overtaking my head. I saw Marie looking at me with fear in her eyes. I felt panic and worry and that something bad was about to happen. Suddenly I couldn’t see Marie. She was blurry. I was felt myself start shaking and I couldn’t breathe. My chest hurt. It felt so tight. My brain was screaming for air to enter my lungs. I gripped the counter and fought for breath. I was getting dizzy and I thought I would die right at that moment.

“Stop! Focus on me and breathe deep. Focus on me. There is nothing wrong. It is all in your head. You’re going to be ok. You are not going to die. Calm down and breathe. Count with me.” Marie instructed calmly. “1… 2… 3… 4…”

“Can’t… Breathe,” I choked out.

She wet a paper towel and put it on my head. She grabbed my face and made me look directly at her.

“A la nanita nana nanita ella, nanita ella. Mi nina tiene sueno bendito sea, bendito sea,” She sung.

I listened to the Lullaby and focused on the words she was singing. I suddenly and thankfully felt myself calm down.

“Are you ok?” She asked rubbing my back.

I nodded. “How did you know what to do? What happened to me?”

“You had a panic attack. My little brother used to have them a lot after our mother died,” She explained.

I felt a wave of nausea rush over me and ran toward the sink emptying everything in my stomach. I rinsed my mouth and sat at the kitchen table shaking my head. I wasn’t sure what had happened to me, but I knew that I was exhausted. Plus I couldn’t shake the feeling of something bad about to happen. Marie must have felt the similar feeling because she looked at me with wide eyes. Suddenly the front door downstairs crashed open.

“We have to go. NOW!” She said grabbing my hand and running out the kitchen.

We ran upstairs to the 3rd floor and down hallway. I was thankful for the carpet covering our footsteps. I knew whoever was here was an evil person. I felt the dark energy. I led her to the bedroom Sam once called her own. I led her to the hidden pathway Sam and I had discovered as kids. We ran in the closet and I moved the floor board over while we lowered ourselves down. I fixed the floorboards and knew they wouldn’t find us. Sam and I had made sure this path was only visible to people who were looking for it. We had spent hours making sure you couldn’t see where the spot was and that you couldn’t see the pathway from the basement. I heard the floor creaking while we were standing on the stairs that led to a small narrow hallway. Somebody was on top of us. I turned around and readied myself to kill them if I had to. I could have poofed us out there but I wasn’t sure I could yet. I wanted to keep my friend and my baby safe. Suddenly it got quiet as the person walked back out the room. We listened hard.

“She’s here sir. She’s hiding somewhere in this house,” a voice said.

“I can’t even sense her. You stupid fucking idiot. He’s going to kill us if we come back empty handed. Find her now or we’re both dead!” Another voice yelled.

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