When I got home that night, I felt strangely horny. I was disgusted by the whole thing, the dirty bathroom, the blow job, the ass licking. Yet, my pussy was dripping wet. I felt ashamed at myself for being turned on by such an awful act, yet I couldn’t deny it. I masturbated that night and for the first time, thought about Sam fucking me, not my lover, who had always dominated my fantasies.

The next couple of days I avoided the bar. I told myself everything was fine and I should forget about it. After all, I had made rent and had another month to worry about that. Then Bruce came in to get change. As I handed a couple role of quarters, he asked me where I’d been and told me things were boring and quiet without me there. I told him I’d stop by after work. My worst fear, that he knew, and everyone knew, was probably silly.

I stopped in the bar and sat down at my usual spot. Sam was across the bar from me, as usual. He simply smiled at me and I smiled back. I thought, all is normal and it seemed so for several nights. One Friday, about two weeks later, when the bar was busier than usual, a stranger came up to me, introducing himself as Sam’s friend. He was kind of cute, nice build, and smile with dimples. He looked to be only in his early thirties. He asked if he could buy me a drink. We talked while we had our drinks. Just as I was starting to feel like he liked me, he told me his real desire.

“Um, so Sam says there is a way we might be mutually benefited, if you know what I mean?” He asked, looking directly at my tits and not at my face.

Embarrassed, I said I wasn’t sure what he could mean.

“Oh, now, don’t get defensive, you aren’t like the other girls, we both know that. But it’s Ok, no judgment here. What do you say we work out a deal. I have a lot of spare change.”

I sat there frozen. My mind was spinning. I had a couple of drinks and because I had been saving money, I didn’t eat at work, so hadn’t had a bite since cereal for breakfast. I felt humiliated. But I thought he was cute. I wanted to have the dignity throw my drink in his face and walk out of the bar. But what I did didn’t match my what I wanted.

“All right, what do you offer.”

“I hear it’s a $60 blowjob. Is that right? Cause you know that isn’t really a great deal, I think Sam was doing you a favor.”

“I think I am worth it, and if you don’t, get lost,” I spouted back, proud of myself for being such a negotiator.

“Hey now, calm down. How about $60, but I wanna fondle those tits while you do it.”

The thought of a strange man touching my body hadn’t occurred to me. I shuddered at first. But I rationalized it. Big deal, everyone has tits. It’s not my pussy. It not like selling sex. So I nodded.

We agreed the bar was too busy for the bathroom and agreed to go outside. He wanted me to go to his car, but I was afraid to get in a strangers car. He laughed at me, you’ll suck a strangers dick but not get in their car, he said laughing pretty hard.

We left the bar and walked around the corner to the alley. He pushed me up against a wall and started unbuttoning my top. I just stood there, feeling the heat of the outside touch my breasts as they were exposed to the air. He leaned down and started sucking my nipple, then bite me hard. I cried out in pain and tried to push him away. He was strong and lean and held me tight.

“Shut up whore, I bought you, you belong to me till I cum.”

He pushed me down on the ground and opened his pants. I grabbed onto his thick cock and started sucking as if it is my favorite thing. This was the third cock I had ever sucked, ever touched, ever seen. I went from wanting to be with the only man I ever loved, to sucking random strangers in a bar for little money. It was humiliating. I wanted this done quickly, and it didn’t take long. Luckily, he didn’t fuck my face, but let me do the work and it was actually kind of pleasant. When he came, he asked me if I wanted to swallow it. I told him I didn’t care and he said he wanted me to wear it. So while jerking his cock slowly he came all over my tits. He put his cock back in his pants, handed me the money and was gone without a word.

I wiped his cum off my tits with some grass leaves and put my bra and top back on. I decided to go home, where to my surprise, I couldn’t help but masturbate thinking about his hard cock fucking me deeply.

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