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“Ahh! Yes fuck me harder!” I screamed as my lover pounded his member into my dripping wet pussy. My partners tool kept hitting my clit causing me to moan in a blissful haze. I gripped the ground on my hands and knees with my ass in the air. The cock fucked me harder and harder as I threw my head back as I cumed on his rod.

“Ahhyeeesss!” I screamed as I slumped on to the ground but he continually fucked me from behind. My wet, cum dripping ass was still raised as I felt the cock erupted again inside me. It had already fucked my pussy and ass but my lover wanted more. I was in heaven. After this last climax his cock withdrew as I fell on my back looking up at him with glazed eyes.

“How had I reached this point.” I thought to myself. As my mind drifted I felt another rock hard and fat cock positioned between my legs.

“Jesus, don’t you ever run out of those thing?” I asked almost scared I wouldn’t be able to stay conscious again

He shoved a huge tentacle into my pussy! I screamed as I was in for another long but amazing fuck. In between moans I thought to myself, “How had I reached this point?”

Two Days Earlier

The year is 3567. We are humans. We don’t know what happened to our home world. Nuclear war, starvation, or the loss of clean water. Our history forgotten for all those who remember this place called “Earth” died long ago with the knowledge of it. You are the sole chance we have for another life. Another chance at living. We have been hunted down, killed, and taken. We are not the masters of space. Although great tragedy has overcome us, we look to you. You are the chance, the chance to find another home world before its too late. We look to you, Space Exploration Soldiers, to find us peace once more. God be with us all.

I must have heard that transmission a thousand times. Our captain liked it, thought it kept our thoughts positive. Hope. Did that mean something to somebody. God knows not on this ship. We hadn’t had a reason for living sense the last birth on our mother ship, the “Unchanging.” Our team missed that.

Space Exploration Soldiers, or as we called them, the SES. I’m a tech on our ship, the “Diablo.” The Diablo was my baby, I made sure she could keep running. Being the only girl on my ship has its drawbacks. Our captain thought I should be on the Unchanging in Birthing Program. Needless to say we don’t get along. The other crewman views me as a piece of meat and I’m constantly hit on. On oard thd Unchanging, I was almost taken against my will twice.

My name is Brianna, I am 5″6″ and I have an athlete looking body. I am more hips than id like to be but I’m not fat by any means. My brunette hair is almost always in a ponytail with some left on the side. Most guys don’t look at my pretty facial features anymore. My round tight ass has been rubbed and spanked by my fellow crewman and my medium sized and full breasts have been groped. I stopped telling the captain when I was on all fours trying to reach something and my ass was squeezed from behind by the captain himself.

I was fixing the secondary engine when captain Mitchell entered and told me we found a planet he thought could sustain us.

“I’ll call it in!” I said during the excitement. As the guys celebrated I got on the comms. Nothing.

“Captain, communications down.” I said turning to the group.

“What the fuck? Comms have never been down. Your supposed to pay attention to these things Mendez!” he said storming out. They left me standing there as I tried. not follow him out there and say what had been on my mind for the better part of a year now.

I worked with the computer trying to find the problem. As minutes turned into hours I could barely stay awake. I fell asleep in the chair.

I woke up maybe two hours later with my head on the virtual keyboard. I rubbed my eyes as I stretched my limbs in the chair. I immediately realized the engines weren’t running.

“Mother fucker!” Mitchell had landed without backup and without the go ahead from the Unchanging. I ran down to the hatch. The SES suits were gone except mine.

“Shit Mitchell. Your gonna get killed out there.” I threw on my suit and opened the hatch. What I saw was breathtaking. A lush green world was before me. Trees the size of skyscraper and blue flowing streams. cut into the woods. Amazed, I stepped off the ramp and closed it behind me. I checked my suits readings.

“Oxygen levels 100%.” I almost couldn’t believe it.

“No wonder Mitchell left in such a hurry.” I pressed a button and my helmet disappeared behind me. I took my first breath. It was intoxicating! I felt this high come over me. I stumbled at first but as I regained my balance, my senses were like amplified! Every sound, every touch was more personal. My body felt amazing and for some reason I wanted to see my body.

I pressed another button, “Computer, temperatures.”

The female voice entered back, “80°, 0% humidity.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I looked around as if someone was actually here besides me. I slipped out of my suit. I had never felt a suns warmth before. I wanted to check out the water near the forest of giant trees. I took of my boots and my socks as felt grass between my feet for the first time. I ran towards the forest without a care in the world. I reached the rivers edge. I went to ask the computer if there was any aquatic life but realized it was connected to my suit.

“Well I’m gonna need my suit after all.” I turned to grab my things as something huge rose out of the water! It looked like giant tentacles as the water fell from them. I backed away but they shot out at me!

“Oh my God!” was all I could say or even think before four tentacles wrapped around my wrists and ankles. I was lifted from the ground and pulled above the water.

“Shit!” I looked around frantically for an escape but none was found. I felt a one slide up, under my jumpsuit as it snaked its way foreword. It was slippery as if it was wet from a lubricant. It slipped under my panties as I gasped. It moved its entire length up to my neck and under all my clothes. Scared beyond belief I watched my captors every move with long nervous breaths. Without warning, the tentacle moved away from me as my clothes were torn from my body! My large tits bounced as I was naked and completely helpless.

“Please! No no please don’t hurt me!” I looked for a face to plead to but there was none to be seen. I was truly helpless. I felt tentacles run up my legs. The air had heightened my senses as well as my normal arousal as I was extremely wet! I closed my eyes trying to block out the sensual feeling. As tentacles ran all over my body I saw one poised at my entrance to my womanhood. I bit my lip trying not to give into my bodies desires. It just stayed there as it pressed only slightly against my wet and wanting pussy lips. As if telling me I had to give myself fully to it. I gave in. I tried to move my hips on to it as I was held in the air spread eagle. I got what I now wanted so desperately. It plunged in my pussy without warning.

“Ahhh! Oh God!” I screamed as he rammed inside me. A tentacle shot foreword as it went into my open mouth. I had to swallow it before I gaged! Another slowly worked into my ass as I leaned my head back moaning into the tentacle. There I was above a stream with my cunt and ass being pound into submission, my tits being squeezed, and deep throating a tentacle. I was in heaven! My senses had never been so alert. I was fucked over and over as my pussy begged for release.

“Mmmmmph!” I screamed under the gag as I cumed harder than ever before. Wave after wave of pleasure hit me. The tentacles kept fucking me as I cumed again! They fucked me for what felt like an eternity before finally I felt the muscles from the tentacles tighten inside of me. All the sudden, hot warm cum shot into my ass! More shot into my mouth as it ran out of my lips and fell on my tits. Than it exploded in my pussy. Gallons of warm cum shot into my womb as it overflowed and ran down my thighs. I cam again as I lost myself in a blissful haze. I blacked out.

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