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This is the definitive final chapter of the series this time, unlike the last one. But this one doesn’t further the plot or add any more adventures or newcomers; in fact, it is all just a dream. I figured it would be a new way to indulge in one last fantasy to wrap it up for good; and a special thanks to KMB2476 for planting ideas in my head. Yet this is the final idea in the TV Temp series for certain, so thanks to everyone one more time for reading and voting; and enjoy this last and most elaborate fantasy.

Late July 2012

It had been a week-and-a-half since my last eventful visit to New York. I had settled back home, taken a few promising phone calls, gotten further on a few projects and gotten a few visits from Alison. No sex was involved, even in light of how Alison had set me and Jenna Fischer up one last time in New York and how I promised that my sleeping around with other actresses was over. Nevertheless, I liked Alison just as much with our clothes on, so I had nothing to complain about.

My thoughts tended to be a little dirtier at night, however. It was easier to think about a variety of things while in bed; although not all of them were good after bad days. That may be why I always sleep with the TV on to avoid the sometimes unsettling quiet. Still, the TV didn’t make a difference when I was thinking of sexier things.

If I was hard, or if it was a night where I had taken a shower and my cock was more sensitive, I tried to fit in a masturbation session before drifting off. But I often fell asleep before finishing, which left me having to finish myself off in the morning before work; or deal with being unfinished during work. So for those reasons, I tried not to jack off too much at night if I sensed I wouldn’t finish before morning. This was one of those nights, so I figured I could just think of sexy things to warm me up before sleep, then try to finish myself when I woke up.

I had a lot of options in my celebrity harem to choose from; but inevitably, it came back to Alison and Jenna. After all, Alison was the one I had a regular friendship/relationship with now, and Jenna was my first actress who I had one last tryst with just days ago; in which a few more naughty milestones were reached. None of that would have been possible if Alison didn’t set it up for me, which I appreciated even though I didn’t want her to go that far to help me again. At least I didn’t in real life.

In private moments by myself, when I was in bed with my eyes closed and minutes from sleep, it was safe for me to wonder what could have been in some cases. Tonight I had to wonder; if Alison had gone that far to set me up with Jenna, would she have done even more if she had the chance? And….if she didn’t leave the two of us alone, what would she have done if she was with us?

That was quite a thought to leave off on as I slipped into sleep. And there was no doubt it inspired the dream/fantasy that followed afterwards.

Dreams usually start in the middle when things are just getting good or weird. As such, one doesn’t need to spend time actually setting up the plot, why the characters are there, why they act the way they do, how they got talked into doing what they’re doing, whether it is in character, or even whether it makes sense in reality. There’s little exposition at all, which may satisfy an impatient reader or keep the story from dragging on before the good parts; although it does make for a less complete tale.

But dreams don’t live by the rules of screenwriting or novels. As such, when my dream started with me entering my bedroom and having both Alison and Jenna waiting for me, without a setup for it or an explanation on how they agreed to this, there was little point in nitpicking. Even without establishing the scene or their motivation, the implication was very clear.

“Happy birthday,” they then said at once with their lovely smiles on. Okay then….so this dream had jumped in time by five months, since my birthday was on December 17 and not July. But fantasies didn’t go by the laws of time, and this was a brief enough setup to keep this one moving along.

As this was a fantasy birthday gift, it also explained why they were dressed up in outfits they usually wore on television. Alison and Jenna’s characters loved wearing cardigan sweaters, which made it more stunning when their bodies were shown off more thoroughly in other scenes; as if their beauty wasn’t already obvious. And there was certainly an erotic motive for them wearing those outfits here, as Alison wore a yellow cardigan common in Annie Edison’s wardrobe, while Jenna wore Pam Beesley’s usual pink number. But in this world, they had no other shirts or blouses on underneath it.

Since my birthday was so close to Christmas, I was semi-surprised I didn’t imagine Alison in her sexy Santa outfit from last year’s “Community” Christmas episode/Glee parody. But I supposed I wanted her and Jenna to be similarly temping, as they always were; and at least Alison wouldn’t use her comically disturbing Betty Boop singing voice here. Yet even that might not have thrown me off, as the dream me headed towards Alison and Jenna before I started drooling.

For the sake of moving this along, we’ll just refer to dream me as regular me from now on. It wasn’t regular me or regular Alison or Jenna, but feeling free to pretend was the name of the game here. And with all my time with the real Alison and Jenna and how well I knew their techniques and bodies, this certainly felt real at the time.

Alison and Jenna were sitting together in front of the bed, so I chose to sit on the right next to Jenna. I could have sat between them, yet I didn’t want to keep turning my head back and forth between them, since I wanted to keep both of them in view. I imagined it would be a little harder to do that as this went on, but I wanted to keep trying.

Since Jenna was the closest to me over to my right, I was able to reach over and feel her outfit first. In the back of my eye I saw Alison get up from the bed, yet only the back of it noticed since the rest of my eyes were now on Jenna. As my hand left her cardigan and trailed up to her face, it triggered her to lean in towards me. Since there was no point in my usual futile objections and asking if she was sure about this, I was more assertive this time in getting down to business and kissing her.

Kissing Jenna usually took my breath away, albeit not literally. But after I felt another pair of lips on my neck, I literally couldn’t breathe; which might be more problematic outside of a dream. Yet in this world, Alison had sat behind me and started to kiss my neck while I was kissing Jenna’s lips. Once I added my tongue with Jenna and once Alison’s lips got to my left ear, I willed myself to keep my self-control or else this would end pretty quickly.

If it did anyway, then I wanted to fit making out with Alison in there, so I broke off with Jenna and prepared to turn my head towards Alison. She had broken her lips from my ear, but I felt her keeping her hand on the back of my head. After my head completely turned, both her hands then went to my cheeks and pulled me in for one of her slow, searing kisses.

Somehow I had some power to breathe through my nose after several seconds; then lost it again when I felt Jenna behind me kissing the side of my neck this time. With their roles officially reversed, I got more of myself into it by placing my hands on Alison’s waist and tracing up her cardigan-covered curves. I even brushed a bit past her cardigan covered chest before I broke off, although Jenna was still trailing her lips up to my ear. With Alison in front of me and Jenna in back, I figured I needed to get them both in my sight again; and I couldn’t do it sitting down.

I stood up and turned to them, signaling for them to stand up as well. Once they did, I could put my arms around both of them and go back and forth between them. I leaned my head to my left to kiss Alison again as my hand went to her hair, then after several seconds, I turned to the right to kiss Jenna as my right hand went to her hair and my left went to Alison’s cheek to keep her involved.

After then turning back to kiss Alison and place my right hand on Jenna’s face, I saw that their faces were now side-by-side. This meant I could rapidly go back and forth on their lips and that both their tongues could meet mine once I stuck it out. For the next several moments, our tongues went back and forth inside each other’s mouths, as we all kissed each other at the same time.

When it was finally time to rest our tongues and lips, I stepped back and tried to deal with some very tight pants; pants that might have even felt this comically tight if this was happening in real life. But here, such pants didn’t have to be a problem for long.

After I got my pants and underwear off, Alison and Jenna looked with appreciation at my very hard cock. I could have dreamt it to be comically large, yet I didn’t have that kind of imagination. Besides, if they liked it at its present length in real life, they should like it here too. And they did, as evidenced by how they slowly started to unbutton their cardigans.

When they undid the buttons on their chest and their cleavage started to show, Alison and Jenna pushed it up a bit to tease me. Seeing their breasts individually was sensational, but seeing both of these supple chests being teased out underneath those cardigans almost made my cock comically huge after all. I further tempted it by stopping them before they undid any more buttons, so I could reach over and tease their exposed cleavage.

I ran a finger in between both their breasts and brushed thumbs over their clothed nipples, then I leaned my face in and placed it onto Alison’s open chest. I kissed the exposed parts of her breasts and reached my right hand over to cup and fondle Jenna’s tits. Soon my left hand did the same to Alison’s breasts before I went to place my face on Jenna’s chest. As I licked the exposed side of her right breast, I pulled the cardigan back a bit to expose her right nipple, which I promptly started servicing. Soon enough my left hand joined in and exposed Alison’s nipples before playing around with those.

With the sound of their groans and the taste of their breasts flooding me, I didn’t notice as Alison and Jenna finally undid the rest of their buttons. I did finally pull back when I did notice and they dropped their sweaters to the floor, leaving them both in only their skirts and whatever was underneath. Despite having just fondled and suckled part of their chests, I still had to ogle at how my four favorite, full C-cup tits were fully exposed to me. I had to feel them up at the same time now, as I cupped and massaged their chests and savored the feel of Alison’s pale, creamy soft skin along with Jenna’s more rosy pink but equally gorgeous texture.

Eventually, Alison and Jenna managed to step away and signal for me to sit back on the bed. Once I sat again, Jenna went to her knees in front of me while Alison stood to my left and bent down a bit to guide her tits towards my face. Now that I could service all of her chest, it almost left me unable to look at Jenna placing her mouth over my cock. But I caught her just in time as her warm mouth took my head inside and suckled slowly.

As she went forward, I started to suckle on Alison’s breasts with the same rhythm. I tried to take more of her nipples and areolas in my mouth as Jenna took more of my cock in hers. My right hand went onto the back of Jenna’s head to play with her hair and try not to force her down on my dick too much. As for my left, it trailed down Alison’s back and onto the still present skirt that covered her ass.

But Alison stepped back to take care of that, turning sideways as she pulled the zipper of her skirt down. In moments she stepped out of it and was left in nothing but pink panties that still left a good deal of her round ass covered. Before I studied that too thoroughly, Alison went over to Jenna, whose skirt covered backside was sticking up as she sucked me off on her knees. This gave Alison more access to zip down Jenna’s skirt and slip it down to reveal her black, revealing panties. Jenna moaned onto my cock as Alison trailed a hand down her ass before lowering her panties down.

Once Jenna’s ass was fully exposed, Alison tapped her and signaled for her to get up. Jenna took my dick out of her mouth and left it neglected for only a few seconds before Alison went to her knees and worked on it herself. Now Jenna was the one standing in front of me to my left, only she was trying to get me to lie back down.

Alison got off my cock as I slid back to lie down at the center of the bed. When I got there, Alison lay down on her stomach in front of me and returned to work on my dick. As for Jenna, she hovered herself over my face and placed her pussy right in range of my mouth. I put my hands onto her ass to help hold it up as I started to lick up and down her pussy; just as Alison was doing the same to my dick.

This simultaneous oral sex went on for some time. Alison hummed and moaned on my cock, which in turn made me more excited to moan into Jenna’s pussy and eat her out, which in turn made Jenna cry out more. I wished someone could have worked on Alison’s neglected pussy; and it was too late in the dream to have someone pop up from nowhere. I couldn’t even see if she was fingering herself, since Jenna’s crotch was getting comfortable over my face.

Speaking of fingering, I got back to that as my left hand left Jenna’s ass and went to assist my tongue. But as I fingered and ate out her pussy, my right hand stayed on her ass and started to inch between her cheeks. Given our real life anal sex milestone almost two weeks ago, I supposed it was still lingering around enough to infect my dreams. As such, after I had a finger brush her asshole, I took it over to my mouth and suckled on it, leaving behind as much of my saliva as I could. For good measure, I then put it over her pussy to try and get extra juices onto it.

Since it was as wet as I could get it, I was satisfied enough to place the finger back onto Jenna’s ass and start lubing up her hole. It was a little harder to do that when I felt Alison’s mouth go deeper down my cock and felt her tongue lather it up. But I kept my focus and started to fully finger Jenna’s asshole while fingering and eating her pussy.

The intensity of my actions and Jenna’s cries got Alison going even more; at least that’s how it felt as she bobbed down my cock faster. It seemed this inspired her to try and finish me off before I finished Jenna, and it did feel like she would win. I was in no hurry, however, especially since Alison’s work would cause me to go even harder on Jenna either way. However, I felt Alison drag her mouth up my shaft and then suckle the head tenderly, before rubbing it over her soft lips. Yet this sweet torture only made me go harder on Jenna instead of softer as I was pushed to the brink.

Alison took my cock down her throat one last time, humming as her lips went up once more. After her lips went back on my head and her tongue went right onto my slit, it was enough to make me cum while moaning right into Jenna’s dripping pussy. My right hand clenched her ass while my finger worked faster into it, then went as deep as it could right as my tongue went as far as it could in her pussy. I kept both tools in place as I came down from my orgasm, as I just wiggled my finger and tongue around until Jenna’s orgasm came up.

I finally had to take my tongue out as Jenna started cumming, yet it had to keep working to lick it up. It couldn’t get it all, however, so I settled for gathering up the rest after she was finished. Once I got as much as I could, my finger finally left her ass and helped my hand give it a final squeeze before Jenna got off my face and rested at last.

Alison’s mouth left my cock at that moment, having finished cleaning it off as well. Since that gave me room to move around, I rolled over so that I was lying in front of Jenna. This time I had my mouth hover over her pussy and give it a few final licks, which fueled me to start kissing up the rest of her body. My arms went around her as she laid on her back, while my lips tried to kiss every inch of her stomach and lower chest. Although I fell short on that goal, I preserved and kissed back up her breasts, her upper chest, her neck and finally to her lips.

We made out slowly and steamily for several moments, which was as hot in a dream as it was in real life. But after Jenna was finished tasting herself on my lips and tongue, I remember that poor, neglected Alison was waiting for my attention as well. So I rolled off of Jenna and got to Alison as she started to lie across my bed.

In non-dream scenarios, I would spend time bantering with her, making sure all was well and mixing in both sweet and dirty talk to get her going and show how special she was to me. But dream Alison already knew all this; I presumed real Alison did too, of course. Yet dream me seemed more inclined to let actions speak louder than words.

Her panties were actually still on, although I could tell they weren’t dry at the moment. Perhaps she had been working on herself while me and Jenna were busy; so maybe it wouldn’t take long to make us even. But even around Jenna and Alison in a dream, I couldn’t get my cock back up right away, so my fingers would have to go back to work.

After positioning myself on top of Alison, I finally slid her panties down and then got on with circling around her indeed very wet pussy. It didn’t take much to get two fingers in, or to start thrusting them while my hips began to rock against hers for added effect as well. To anyone far away, it would look like we were actually fucking, if they didn’t notice my hand in between her legs and my cock pressed against her inner thigh.

As we grinded our hips together and my hand grinded against Alison’s pussy, I placed my free hand back on her breasts. I alternated between cupping them and bouncing them with each thrust, then I just palmed them and rubbed her nipples against my open hand. She brought me off, so I was going to do whatever I could to bring out her own release. However, I didn’t need any more special tricks as I soon felt it all pay off.

Alison buried her face in my shoulder as I felt her cum drip into my hand. Once she was finished, I brought my hand back into view and licked it clean, as I did after her first real orgasm in my bed months ago. Afterwards, I lay my head onto her shoulder, now that I really did need to recharge and so did she.

After rolling off Alison, I saw that the now forgotten Jenna was lying next to her. I reached my arm across Alison’s stomach to touch Jenna’s, trying to sooth her as we were all recovering from our orgasms. Of course, she was probably more recharged than me and Alison right now, yet it would be a while until we all figured out how to end this thing.

But Alison made the first move by placing her right hand on my still somewhat softened cock. Yet instead of looking at me and my reaction, she turned her head to look at Jenna. Then in something that could only come out of a horny, oversexed man’s fantasy like this one, she leaned in to kiss her.

Men are supposedly hardwired to drool over girls kissing and having sex, yet it rarely did that much for me. However, I could make an exception here as Alison coaxed a cautious Jenna into kissing her back while she stroked my dick. Since Alison was more flirty and experimental, it made sense that I had her instigate this kind of action; although Jenna was the one that offered anal before.

Nevertheless, this was hastening the return of my erection, just as Alison was counting on. It couldn’t help but work, as I saw their perfect lips and tongues rub against each other while their angelic faces looked serene from the kisses and the afterglow of their orgasms. Finally Alison opened her eye to see that it had gotten me fully erect, then broke off from Jenna with a smile and giggle. Once Jenna saw it, she smiled in anticipation as well.

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