There was a time when I hated… everything. It was the year 3510 when I was dragged into this existence by my twin brother, Devon-literally. The asshole gripped my hands in our mother’s womb and dragged me out with him. He’s a black haired demon-god… not really, but I like to bother the fuck out of him with that little line all the time. Pisses him off.

I love Devon, but there was a time when all I dreamt about was running my demon sword through his fucking heart. He had everything I never had. He’d been snatched away by Seraph’s when we were only a month old and protected so that he wouldn’t fall into evil hands that would exploit his amazing powers. I was left behind to rot. I was the plain baby boy. The one who was only a mere Master Guardian. I didn’t inherit my father’s demon blood. Touted the most beautiful human creation. That was my father… and of course my brother looked exactly like him. Except for the hair. I got my father’s blond hair. Whoop-dee-do.

That fucking blond hair only got me kidnapped the same night the Seraph’s took Dev. The person that stole me away was a sadistic devil worshiping bastard who did nothing but fuck me every chance he got. Then he’d pass me along to his little cult friends, like a god-forsaken appetizer.

That’s where I learned to hate men. Despise them for the hurt they inflicted on me, night after fucking night. They’d make me take them in my mouth, in my ass… and if I cried or put up a fight, they’d beat the shit out of me.

I got my revenge, though. Slit the bastard’s throat one night. I’d just turned eighteen.

I was approached by a little devil who offered me a way out, that night. But in return, I had to seek out my twin and kill him. Until then, I’d never known I had a twin. The devil told me the whole story, starting with who my parents had been. He also told me I had to find this powerful Master Guardian virgin, kill her or him, and open the gates of hell. That had been my father’s task once, but he ended up fucking my mother and I guess you know what happened after that. No virgin, no sacrifice, just babies. Stupid fuck.

But I guess I was even more stupid, making pacts with demons. I escaped one hell and fell into a worse one. If I thought my sadistic step-father’s version of fatherly love was bad, being repeatedly raped by hordes of demons made his shit look like grammar school foreplay.

Surprisingly, my brother, Devon, along with my other Master Guardian brothers and sisters, came to my rescue and pulled me out of that place, even after I’d made their lives a living hell.

At first I resented them. I felt ashamed for everything I had done while in the clutches of the demons. I didn’t want to live… and I resented that they wouldn’t let me die. I resented that while my life had been nothing but a living hell, they’d found love and happiness.

I felt so alone… so miserable. They’d wanted to share their lovers with me, but I’m not some dog that takes the leftovers. Though I was tempted… just to savor for only a moment a little bit of the love they all shared. I never had love, even though they said they loved me… didn’t know what that was because I instinctively shunned them… I was afraid, but I craved it.

Then they brought me Rayne. God she was beautiful. They’d rescued her from some Grei alien hunters. She was being holographically trained to be a sex slave. The girl still hadn’t been touched by any male or female… until I got my perverted hands on her.

Sweetness. She was pure ecstasy. I couldn’t get enough. Her sweet innocent soul captivated me. Every time those big blue eyes looked at me in wonder I’d want to fall to my knees in worship. The woman loved me. I adored her! She had these sweet little curves and shiny black hair that came down to her ass. Exquisite.

Life couldn’t have been more perfect. I kept waiting for it all to end. This couldn’t be happening to me… Lucien Davariel Angelos… ex-dark prince and angel of destruction. How could I deserve such happiness?

I didn’t. She was taken away from me, but not before they told her what I was. More demonic than my demon brother, Devon. Still, she clung onto me, not willing to let me go. It broke my heart, but I made her go. She deserved better than me.

Then I learned that she was to be traded off for a fucking asteroid. She was some long lost princess and her people wanted to give her to this disgusting alien ruler in trade for a barren asteroid that orbited his solar system. Seems their world was blasted the night the princess was kidnapped as a child and they were all left wandering homeless through the galaxy.

Fuck that. I decided she was mine! And I was going to get her back! The sleaze balls had taken her to Earth and there she’d been stolen and sold as a performer on this little porn-paradise planet.

I had to alter my looks so that I wouldn’t be killed. You’d be surprised at the amount of credits offered for my golden head. Every bounty hunter wanted to bag the ex-dark prince.

At first she didn’t recognize me, but when she did, we fucked each other’s brains out.

Everything was set for the grand escape from Heaven’s Pearly Gates… shit name for a strip club, if you ask me. That’s when I saw him.

He wore a silver mask, because, as Rayne explained, his face had been ripped off by Grei hunters. He couldn’t talk either because they’d crushed his vocal cords in a little practice they utilized to force a male to get an erection. Choking.

His name was Rein, like my Rayne. Both the same sound. He seemed so young to have gone through so much shit. He had this white-blond sort of iridescent hair that came down below his ass. He wasn’t as muscular as I am, but had a good physique nevertheless.

I started to feel sorry for him. Not good. And ended up practically dragging him back home with Rayne and me. He was very shy and scared shitless.

I gave him a new face and used my powers to fix his vocal cords. He had such a sweet voice.

At first I’d intended to share Rayne with him, allowing him to join our little family, but I couldn’t stop dreaming… of touching him… kissing him. I hated men… but Rein aroused me. I loved my girl Rayne, but boy Rein brought out a lust in me that was different. At first I tried to deny it, but everyone saw and knew and understood way before I finally succumbed and fucked my Rein. My Rein!

At first everything was paradise, but then little things began to happen that confused me.

First, my beautiful girl, Rayne seemed to be getting really insatiable, and not that I’m complaining, but she seemed to be trying to sneak private time with just me. At first she didn’t reject Rein, who loved fucking her as much as I did, she just wouldn’t let him come in her. I’d end up having to finish him off and after a while I began to get the feeling he was catching on to her little M-O.

I was getting some rays in the enviro-level of the space station we lived on. Fuck. I’m gonna be honest. My dick hurt already from banging those two so much. Guess I was just trying to get a little alone time to myself. Never thought I’d see the day when I’d actually seek that, but there you have it.

The solitude didn’t last very long. Next thing I knew, I had somebody kissing my thighs, stroking my balls and lapping at my rapidly swelling dick.

I moaned, like a pathetic idiot and looked up. There she was again, sucking me down with a hunger that never ceased to amaze me. Those sweet rose hued lips of hers were stretched wide around my cock. God, it felt good! They were going to kill me… both of them. They had me fucking almost around the clock. I grabbed her jet black hair and pumped, spreading my thighs wide for her. Rivers of black silk spill over my thighs and her baby blues are welling up as every other thrust slips farther and farther into her swallowing throat-just like we love it. I can smell her lust in the breeze, her pretty tits bouncing with each vigorous pump. Rayne reaches down between her thighs and start to stroke her soft little cunt. I want to lick her and open my mouth to twll her to turn the other way, sixty-nine, but knew the moment I uttered the words I’d shoot. As it was, my balls were tight and full. I didn’t want to come just yet. Not before she did… at least a few times to boost my manly pride. As I struggled to control my need to ejaculate, I saw Rein come through the fronds of tropical plants surrounding us. My gorgeous boy smiled and got down on his knees behind her, fully intending to fuck her from behind. My heart did that stupid flip it always does when I’m with both of them-my two loves. Paradise. We’ve done this hundreds of times before, alternating positions so that each of us gets a chance to be in the middle. So it came as really big surprise when Rayne spun around on feeling Rein’s hands on her and slapped the shit out of him. She hit my poor baby so hard he fell dazed to the ground.

“What the fuck!” I’d screamed. Then I sat up, grabbed her and shook her. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Those beautiful blues just welled up with tears and hurt. I’d never spoken to her like that before. Now I felt like shit.

I was going to beg for forgiveness, but she broke free from my hold and vanished from sight. Fine time for the woman to finally get teleporting right.

I almost went after her, but Rein’s heartbreaking sobs were like a fucking chain around me. I couldn’t just leave my other baby thrown on the ground like this.

“Come here.” I gathered his trembling body against mine and held him tight. “It’s okay, baby. She didn’t mean it. Maybe she’s going through one of those female things.” It was a pathetic excuse. We both knew she’d already gone through her female thing just last week.

“N-no. She loves you more than she loves me.” He’d sobbed almost breathless. “She doesn’t want me anymore. You probably don’t want me either.”

My eyes bugged out in shock at that one. “Rein, don’t be ridiculous!” I let my fingers sink into all that silky silvery hair at the nape of his neck and pulled gently. Those huge tear-filled violet eyes of his drowned me in their splendor. “How could you think such a thing? I love you. And so does Rayne. She’s been weird with me too, baby.” Not!

I wiped at the tears as they fell down his flushed cheeks. He shook his head and tried to turn away. Lately he’d been on a ‘I’m a man, not a child’ kick, because everybody treated him like some delicate thing. He didn’t like it.

I used my superior strength and yanked him against me- hard, and gave him one of my famous stern looks. Already I could feel a bit of his precum cooling on my abs. Then again, it could’ve been mine. I was already aroused since that little minx, Rayne, awakened what they both liked to call ‘the beast’. Eight inches of pure fun is what I called it.

I lowered my head only a little. Rein was almost as tall as my 6′ 9″. I kissed him soft at first, coaxing his upset, sweet, trembling body to acquiesce. My lips rubbed over his whisper soft, then I gave him a little taste of my tongue. I felt that hard body melt against mine.

Rein had an exquisite body, all sinew and rippling muscles, lean. He was broad of shoulders, with nice pecs, decorated with tiny nipples. I brought my hand down from the satin of his long hair and tweaked one of them. He groaned and squirmed against me, rubbing that luscious cock against mine. I let my hand trail over his ribcage, feeling the slight impressions of bones there and smoothed over his lean waist, reaching back to cup his smooth, tight ass. His arms came up around my neck then, as he shuddered and sighed. I caressed his magnificent ass underneath his fall of white blonde hair and ground myself against him.

“Luke, fuck me… please.” He whispered.

I shook my head. “No, baby.” He looked hurt, but I hadn’t finished what I was going to say. “I want to make love to you.”

I brought him down in the grass by the bank of the lake in the holo-deck of the space station we lived on.

My eyes devoured the sight of him. My man was exquisite. Everybody always stared at him no matter where we went. The artificial sunlight brought out the iridescent colors in his silver hair. Pink, lavender, blue… His cock twitched. I wrapped my fingers around it making him arch his narrow hips. He wasn’t as long as me, but he was long nevertheless. His fair coloring extended to the swollen flesh I held and flushed out to a delicate rose on his cock’s head. It looked like a juicy strawberry. That yummy tip wept in lust as I stared at it. Couldn’t let it suffer like that, so I bent and took it into my mouth. My hair spilled down over his quivering thighs, teasing him further. He sunk his fingers into my hair and tried to urge me to go faster on his dick. I smiled. Not so fast, baby- I thought with a mischievous chuckle. Slowly, I licked first, tasting his sweet juices. We don’t know what species of alien Rein is, but his precum reminds me of something citrusy and sweet. Me? I’m salty like every other Earth born.

He seemed to be getting frantic, so I appeased him by working him in deeper, sucking harder. Rein was a trembling mess, panting and moaning. He wasn’t going to last long and my own dick was starting to throb in jealousy of the fun my mouth was having. It demanded to be fed too.

I released him and laid back in a reclining position against a tree to see what he would do. He scrambled up, his pretty face earnest, and climbed right onto me. We were facing each other. I helped him by spreading his ass cheeks wide and he proceeded to impale himself on my raging hard-on. I bit my lip, cutting off an expletive. He kissed me, bouncing on my lap. I reached down and stroked him, applying just enough pressure to get his juices flowing more abundantly.

Rein threw his head back with a gasp, his body tight. This boy was going to go off any minute. We always teased each other to see who’d lose their cool first.

“Mmmm. Looks like my baby’s got an ass-full of the beast again.” My wicked smile died a quick death when his anal muscles clamped down on my throbbing cock, almost making me blow my load before him. Naughty boy!

He reached out and draped my blonde hair over one side of me, letting his fingers stroke down its length. The soft hair tickled my abs. It wasn’t as long as his, but it did come down to the middle of my back. He loved playing with it. Then he tweaked one of my nipples making me hiss. He was going to make me come before him. I needed to gain control of the situation.

My hand snaked out and gripped his hair. It felt like the finest silk in my hands. I pulled him close. “You love it when I fuck you, don’t you, baby?”

His violet eyes went liquid. He was a sucker for dirty talk. “Luke-” he sobbed, obviously trying to rein in his need to release. I stroked him mercilessly.

“Come-on, sweet baby. Let daddy see all that pretty cum bathe him.”

“Y-you first.” The muscles in that magnificent muscular ass clenched tighter, pushing me closer to the edge of oblivion. He must’ve seen it in my eyes because he began doing it rhythmically. The little tease!

“Ah- fuck!” I snarled barely hanging by a thread. I pumped him faster, cupped his tightly drawn balls. “You want me to come, baby? Is that it? You want to feel my hot cum filling your sweet ass, till you can taste it in your mouth…”

Rein cried out in ecstatic agony. His pearly white seed arched up and draped my clenched abs with ropey lines of cum. Beautiful! But I was crying out too as pulse after exquisite pulse of my hot semen shot up into him. I came long and hard into my baby’s ass.

We both collapsed, panting. ” Don’t ever say I don’t want you.” I stroked his back tenderly, kissed his temple. “I love you. I Don’t ever want to lose you.”

“I love you too. It just hurts me that Rayne doesn’t love me as much as you do.” His voice was tremulous again.

“She loves you, Rein. As much as she loves me. Don’t ever doubt that.”

After a while, Rein grew heavy on me. Poor baby. He’d fallen asleep, worn out.

I groaned with a sigh. Fuck. Now I had to hunt down my other baby, Rayne, screw her senseless and see what the hell her slapping poor Rein was all about.

My dick was going to fall off if I didn’t die of exhaustion first. What a way to go!

“A man’s work is never done around here.”

The Raid.

Mev and Kani walked arm in arm back to her apartment, but this time they used the front entrance because they knew it would be watched. They wanted to be seen by the authorities this time. A large stature of the Emperor stood proudly in the bleak courtyard of her apartment complex, and today it seemed more dismal than usual. Unusually, they encountered no other tenants outside the building.

As they entered the foyer, she stopped briefly to check her mail. Again, it struck her how deserted the place seemed. This building housed hundreds of people, so in Kani’s experience there’s always someone coming or going in the lobby. Not today, though. It made what she had to face seem more ominous. She nuzzled into Mev, feeling thankful he’s here.

As they went up the lift, she realised she knew little about him. “So what do you do, Mev, aside from saving tuun’s in distress?”

Mev smiled at her joke. “I’m a lawyer.”

“Oh good, what I need when I get arrested. Par thinks of everything, doesn’t he?” A hint of sarcasm shaded her response. “So are you also a member of the Animal Liberation Society? You and Par?”

“Who on Prantas told you that?” Mev said with a slight frown. The lift doors suddenly opened, so they walked down the familiar corridor to her apartment. “No more loose talk, OK?” Mev warned her before they entered. “Act like I’m a date you’re bringing home.”

Kani raised an eyebrow. “A date?”

“It’s only to fool The Tapo, so make it realistic,” he teased.

Kani laughed and opened the door. They entered. She offered him a hot drink of tea that he accepted. She put some music on loudish so it made it harder to hear them talk. They sat on the couch and spooned, whispering to each other. Looking as if they were about to engage in a sexual tryst.

They heard a knock at the door. A loud knock.

Mev motioned Kani to stay sitting and answered the door. Standing in the corridor were several police officers dressed in uniform, and fully armed. Behind the police stood Pooma Sa himself, with two taun’s in suits, whom he assumed were Tapo Agents.

He asked in a friendly tone, “May I help you?”

“Is this the apartment of Pima Kani Frandis?” a police officer asked in a stern voice.

Kani stood and walked closer to the door. “I’m Kani Frandis. Is there a problem officer?”

The police officer held out some folded papers that Mev opened and read. “This document is a search warrant, issued by the eighth district court, Judge Grel Ton. Please step aside.”

Mev nodded to the police officer. He looked at Kani and said, “Everything seems to be in order.”

So he stepped aside and the Police entered the apartment spreading out to begin their search.

As they watched, the Tapo Agents entered, and one walked toward the coffee table, picking up the manilla folder as if they knew what they were looking for. The other one went into Kani’s bedroom. Pooma Sa walked in, ignoring Kani and Mev altogether. Neither of the Tapo agents were Hax.

“Pooma Sa, I might have known you’d be behind this,” Kani said not hiding her sarcasm. I can’t wait to see that snooty attitude wiped off your face, she thought.

Sa shook his head. Looking at Kani his top lip twitched, nearly breaking into a sneer as it did.

“I’m here because the Police asked me, Ms. Frandis. I’m told there’s stolen classified documents from ‘The Facility’ here. I’m here to identify them. I always knew you were trouble, it looks like your days as a scientist are over.”

His smugness made her guffaw, and she found it hard not to laugh. Mev put his arm around her, and indicated she say nothing.

The agent with the folders handed them to Pooma Sa, who opened them. “Let’s see what we have here, eh?” his tone mocking.

As he read the papers, his shit-eating grin slowly vanished from his face. Looking up at the agent he angrily said, “What’s this garbage?”

The agent looked confused, and took the folder to look over the papers.

Suddenly Kani said, “Recipes, Pooma Sa, I have a good one there for vinlan soup you might like. It’s one of my favourites.”

The other Tapo agent appeared from her room, indicating he had found nothing. Pooma Sa spun and glared at Kani, throwing the folders in disgust. Paper flew everywhere.

“Pooma Sa mustn’t like vinlan soup, Kani, there’s no pleasing some people,” Mev said with a crooked grin.

As the Police kept looking through her apartment, Pooma Sa and Yhe Tapo agents left in silence. Pooma Sa walked out ignoring Kani and Mev, who grinned at him in the nicest possible way. Once he had his back to her Kani shouted after him making him pause.

“Oh Pooma Sa, I’m going to stay at a friend’s house for several days. I’ll forward my new address to The Facility, shall I?”

He grunted and left.

She said that in front of the police to establish an alibi in case any further attempts were made to frame her.

The only thing the police questioned her about happened to be her collection of pheromone sprays, all in plainly marked aerosol cans. She told them they were perfumes, explaining that she made her own scents to wear. Grabbing one marked: ‘SP’, she sprayed it on her wrist and held it up for them to smell.

One police officer said it smelled spicy, they decided that’s why the aerosol had ‘SP’ written on it. They liked it, and began to apologise to her for the intrusion. Even wishing her a pleasant day as they walked out.

Mev watched this from the distance, and noticed the sudden mood change in the officers once they smelled her perfume. It further intrigued him she quickly went to the bathroom and washed the scent off after the police had left.

As she came out drying her arm he asked, “What is that stuff you sprayed on your wrist?”

“Sark Pheromones, or at least a synthetic version of it. It has a curious effect on kotaun’s don’t you think?” Kani said with a slight smile.

“Most curious. I think there’s depths to you, Kani Frandis, that might frighten most people. Should I be afraid?”

“Only if you cross me,” she said with a wink.

“If you have these tricks, why haven’t you used them on Pooma Sa?”

She shook her head and rolled her eyes. “I’ve tried, but he seems immune to them. Something we didn’t expect,” she said.

“We?” Mev asked, tilting his head slightly.

She laughed. “Enough, stop using your lawyer tricks on me,” she teased.

Kani came up to him and wrapped her arms around him, kissing him deeply. Her tongue exploring his mouth, while she rubbed her hips into his groin.

He pulled back looking at her seriously. “So what spray are you using now?” he asked.

Kani undid his trousers and they dropped to the floor. She slid her hand down his underpants and wrapped it around the shaft of his dangle. His body jerked and his dangle twitched as she touched it.

“None, there’s no fun in that,” she purred in his ear as her hand stroked him slowly.

They kissed again. He oozed precum, so she used it to lubricate his long dangle as her hand rubbed it so languidly, teasing him. His desire grew as the pretty tuun played with his dangle while they tongue kissed. He reached his hand under her dress and felt her wet clopus, rubbing his finger between her lips.

She slapped his hand away and gave him a naughty look. “I’m sorry Mev, but I’m Par’s tuun,” she said.

His eyes bulged slightly at that. “Why are you doing this?”

“To say thank-you, but we can’t pfloug. OK?” she said.

Her hand stroked his dangle faster, and faster. Working the head sometimes, and the shaft at others. Her other hand squeezed his balls in rhythm to her stroking.

“Ung Oh pfloug that’s good,” Mev moaned.

His hip thrust into her skilful hands as they worked his dangle with a dexterity he’d never seen. She spit on her hands and kept them wet as she jerked his dangle.

“Damn, you’re so good at this,” he moaned.

I do it ten times a day at work, I should be, she thought wickedly.

“Spitz for me, baby. Show what kind of load you can give me,” she whispered in his ear.

“Ohhh pfloug, that’s so good!” he moaned as her hand rubbed over his glans making his body spasm.

“You’re so big, so taunly. If I wasn’t with Par I’d have you in a heartbeat,” she said hoarsely In his ear.

“Ah. Oh. God. Yes!” he moaned between pants.

Kani felt his balls tighten so she quickened the pace of her stroking. Suddenly, his body jerked, and she quickly jumped out of the way as a jet of spitz burst forth from the end of his dangle. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Mez called out as he came.

Kani kept stroking him but slowed, and began milking him, not stopping until every drop of spitz had come out. A smile crept over Mev’s face. “Phew, you’re one wild tuun, Kani.”

“Well you deserve it after everything you’ve done today. Come on, drive me to Par’s place. I don’t want to stay another minute in this apartment.”

He grinned and shrugged at her. “Better go pack some things, I’ll clean this up,” he said, pointing to the spitz on the floor.

After Kani had packed she took her bags to the living room to find Mev sitting on the couch drinking a glass of water.

“Come on, let’s get out of here. Once we drop this stuff off, I need to go to the lab. Par will need all the help he can get now we’ve upset Pooma Sa so much.”

Mev smiled at her, and they left.


Lags Finds Out

Kani and Par spent the next week taking turns keeping watch over the Yape tuun’s close to giving birth. They couldn’t afford to leave them unsupervised for a moment as Pooma Sa would no doubt strike. Friends of Lags had been bringing food for them to eat, but Sa eventually stopped that too. Fortunately, they had enough to last until the Emperor is due to arrive, days away now.

After the last delivery, Lags called Kani in to his office. “What’s up, Par?” she asked him as she sat facing him.

“I want you to watch something,” he said coolly, and placed a small disk into his computer and turned the monitor to face her. As she watched the video file start, he leaned back in his chair and put his hands behind his head.

Kani’s eyes bulged at what she saw, Mev and her after the Police had left her apartment. Abruptly she slapped the monitor so it spun to be facing Lags again. “What’s the meaning of this?” she demanded.

“I could ask you the same thing,” Lags said. “I thought we’d gone past this?”

Kani blushed. “I was only repaying him for helping me out. It’s not like we pflouged.”

Lags suddenly sat forward, looking at her seriously. “If your going to be with me, I want you exclusively. No more of this promiscuous activity.”

“Par, you know I can’t promise that. Sex is my profession and I’m good at my work. Although I cannot give you monogamy, I can give you my heart, my love. That will have to be enough for you, or we end it right here.”

He sat back again considering her answer, watching her body language. “What am I going to do with you?” he said, and sighed.

She looked down at her hands. “I do love you, Par. Don’t spoil a good thing by being possessive, and jealous. I don’t belong to you, and I never will.”

Lags laughed. “I don’t think any taun would be able to possess you. I guess I’ll have to accept you the way you are.”

Kani looked up, smiling at him. “You forgive me? Oh Par, I do love you.”

They stood and wrapped each other in their arms. Their mouths locked on, kissing with passion and love. That first heady kiss when you know that the other truly loves you, as much as you love them. No pheromone spray could ever mimic this feeling, Kani thought.

His hand wandered under her lab coat, feeling one of her breasts. She pulled back briefly. “Par, it’s not the time for us to be canoodling,” she said, her smile mischievous, and her eyes shone.

“Jinta’s watching the Yape’s, so I think we’ve got a good fifteen minutes before he misses us,” he replied, giving her a slight grin.

As if someone flicked a switch, both suddenly began undressing fast. Clothes went flying everywhere. Pars dangle had been already at full mast, and a fine specimen of kotaun dangle it is. It stood twenty-five lintos long and thick. Kani got on her knees and swallowed his taunhood as far as she could. Gagging, she drew back gasping for air.

Her hand began to stroke while she licked and sucked on the head of his dangle tasting the almost sweet precum that began to dribble out from it. Coating her lips, tongue and mouth in his nectar, before swallowing it. Followed by another attempt to deep-throat his dangle. Once she had reached her limit, Par grabbed her head and held her there. Feeling her suck and lick him as best she could.

Kani began to pull back, but still he held her. She looked up at him, the wicked grin on his face as he dominated her made her clant squirt its own juice. He let her go and she pulled back in a hurry taking a big gasp of air. A string of clear saliva, mixed with precum, hung from her bottom lip to the head of his dangle.

She began to lick it up when, to her surprise, Lags grabbed his dangle and slapped her face with it. Leaving a wet streak of fur on her cheek.

She smiled. “You’re a bad taun, aren’t you,” she teased.

“That’s why you love me, isn’t it?” Lags said, almost in a growl.

Kani nodded, licking the end of his dangle as she looked up at him with an innocent expression.

Lags groaned again. “Shit, we don’t have time to explore this as much as I’d like. Get up here, I wanna pfloug the shit outta you!”

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her up to her feet. It made her tingle all over, this display of dominance. Lags pushed her over his desk, kicking her feet apart. One hand went between her legs and his fingers slid in her clopus. “Damn Kani, you’re so wet you randy tuun,” he said to her.

“That’s what you do to me, Par,” she replied, purring the last ‘r’ sensuously.

It became too much for him, so he positioned the head of his dangle at her clopus opening and pushed firmly. At first he felt some resistance, but as her labia opened to accept him, the sensation of her warm flesh wrapped tightly around his dangle made him moan loudly. It felt wet and velvety, it felt as if he were home.

At first he began pumping her slowly, teasing her, and enjoying the sensation of being in her. Kani looked back at him, mouth slightly agape, eyes narrowed in concentration, almost panting as her body responded to the intercourse. That familiar tightness in her stomach began to grow.

Lags quickened his pumping, holding her hips with his hands, she began to thrust herself back at him so his dangle buried all the way in her. The fullness in her clopus made her moan. He grabbed her hair, pulling her head back as he began pflouging her harder and harder. The sound of wet flesh grinding against each other filled the room. The panting became quicker, and louder from both.

Kani reached under and massaged her clit, rubbing it among both fingers, making it hard and sensitive. She wanted the maximum pleasure she could get, as this pfloug is a quickie. Soon they’d both have to return to the lab to resume their work. Her body felt hot, her ears and lips turned red. Lags humped her fast and hard now, grunting softly with every thrust. As tension built with every second, he clopus tightened even more on Lags dangle.

Once the tension had reached its zenith, it let go. Both felt the orgasm slap them hard, take them to a place that seemed holy. Kani’s body quivered and shook, her clopus went into a wild spasm that seemed as though it would never stop. Lags held his dangle deep in her, as his spitz coated her womb. Every spurt sent jolts of pleasure through his body, until he pulled out and stepped back to survey the damage.

Her clant looked well pflouged, even for a quickie. It looked wet, and gaped, her clopus lips swollen and red. Spitz began dribbling out, what a sight. Kani stood and spun into his arms. They kissed deeply once more. After several minutes of tongue-kissing, she pulled away and smiled at him.

“You should get back,” she said.

He sighed. “Sure, I’ll leave you to get cleaned up.”

They dressed in silence. They left with Lags heading back to the lab, while Kani went to the bathroom to clean herself.


The Emperors Visit.

As the days to the births drew closer and closer, it seemed Pooma Sa had given up trying to interfere directly with the tuun Yape’s. This withdrawal had to do with the Emperor of Prantas now being on the planet, making it harder to sabotage the coming event. Kani felt sure he’d try something. There’s a lot on the line for Pooma Sa here, much funding will be cut if the Yape’s are moved to phase two.

When the first Yape went into labour the message got sent, so the Emperor arrived at The Facility. He came to the lab to look at how things were progressing and as he and his entourage entered the room, all stood and bowed to him.

“At ease, we’re all friends here,” the Emperor said, waving his hand dismissively. He dressed in a black silk suit, with fine white lace at the collar and cuffs, and gold embroidery of the highest quality. His fingers bore several large gold rings, encrusted in large diamonds and other gemstones. The Emperor’s fur looked well-groomed, and he smelled very pleasant. So pleasant, that you began to feel he’s your friend.

Trudging behind the Emperors friends and security, came Pooma Sa and Pima Hilts. Hilts looked positively ecstatic. A surprise ally in all this to Lags and Kani. Lags had told Kani that Hilts was the one who brought the vaccines to his attention and told him not to use them.

The staff in the lab lined up horizontally, and the Emperor walked down it, shaking hands with technicians and assistants as he went. When he reached Kani, to the surprise of everyone from ‘The Facility’, he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. “Kani, here’s the star of the hour. I knew you’d do it.”

Lags, Hilts, and Sa looked at her wide-eyed. Pooma Sa more than the others.

Kani ignored them. “Emperor Gustus, it’s such a pleasure to see you again. Didn’t you bring Her Majesty with you?” she said looking at the entourage.

Gustus shook his head. “No, the poor dear, she came down with the flu a few days before we left. But she sends her love anyway, and some candies.” He gestured to a man in a bright uniform who walked up and presented Kani with a brightly coloured box.

“Oh, how sweet of her,” Kani gushed as she accepted the gift.

“Your parents send their love. They want to know when you’re coming home for a visit?” Gustus said.

“Soon I hope.” Pointing toward Par, she said, “Let me introduce Pima Lags, he is my bedmate, and a damn fine Vet.”

The Emperor looked him over with a fatherly suspicion. Kani had announced they were nearly engaged calling him her ‘bedmate’.

“A pleasure to meet you Pima Lags, Kani has told us that these Yape’s have survived mishap thanks to your acts,” Gustus said, shaking his hand.

“She has?” is all Lags could muster at first. How and when was Kani in touch with the Emperor, he thought?

Before he could say anything else a scream bellowed over the speakers, coming from the delivery suite. They turned to look through the glass at a Yape, who seemed in great pain.

Lags said, “I think that’s our cue. Kani let’s go.”

As both left the room, a chatter of excitement grew among those watching. Yape’s hadn’t bred for a millennia, instead, these were all clones. This birth is truly a momentous occasion, Kani thought.

After about five minutes, Lags and Kani appeared in the delivery suite wearing Biohazard gear. The Yape squatted over a mattress and they rubbed her back saying soothing encouraging words. The contractions were strong now, and close together.

The biggest problem they had was they couldn’t tell her to push, or rest, as in kotaun births. So they had to hope some internal genetic memory would guide the Yape to know when it’s time to push. Eventually, after another two-hours, a Yape infant slid out of her clopus in a gooey mess. Lifting the infant and clearing its airway, it began to cry. The birth a success.

Kani had never felt so happy in her life. Kotaun’s in the observation room started clapping, and some dancing. She hugged Lags, both in Biohazard suits still, and saw the pleasure on his face. Pooma Sa didn’t seem impressed. The Emperor got into Biohazard gear and entered the delivery suite, he wanted to hold the infant. It looked so tiny in his large kotaun hands.

“This infant amazes me, have you ever seen such a tiny thing. You should be so proud,” Gustus said, handing the baby back to its mother.

The Yape took the child and held it close, tears ran down her cheeks as she looked in wonder at this small life-form she had created.

“May I see the big enclosures? I’ve heard so much about how the sexes are mingling now, I want to see it for myself,” Gustus asked Lags.

Lags bowed slightly. “Yes, Your Majesty, we can go through that door,” he said, pointing to the door he meant.

So they walked through the door to the big enclosures. “Most Yape’s in this lab are having monogamous relationships,” Lag said as they approached the centre enclosure.

They stood in silence looking at the Yape’s, waiting for the others to catch up.


Secrets Revealed.

“Kani, you’ve truly worked your magic here,” Gustus said with a wink.

“Not on Pooma Sa, I’m afraid. He’s resistant to everything,” she answered.

“Your Majesty, I have evidence that Pooma Sa has deliberately sabotaged Pima Frandis’ work here. He’s even tried to frame her with classified documents, to stop her program here,” Par said.

“What classified documents?” Gustus asked.

“The ones in the computer database at The Facility. Don’t you know about them? They have the royal seal on them,” Kani said wide-eyed.

Gustus looked at Kani and Lags thinking they were joking with him, but he realised they were serious. “Maybe you should show me these so-called documents,” he said.

The three walked to a nearby computer station and Kani brought up the archives, and showed Gustus the files they meant. He bent, looking closely at the seal used to lock the files. “Hm, how interesting,” he mumbled.

“I’m surprised you didn’t know about these,” Kani said.

Gustus straightened and looked at Kani with a shrug. “I didn’t know about them because they’re not royal seals,” he said.

“What?” Par and Kani said at the same time.

“What are they then?” Par asked.

“Forgeries. Oh the seal looks similar to one my grandfather used, and might fool most people these days. I can assure you the royal family has never wanted to withhold the information they contain,” Gustus said.

“What information do you think is in them?” Kani asked.

“Maybe we should find out,” Gustus said. He turned to look toward the group now standing well back from the three. “Pooma Sa, please come here,” he called out.

The group began moving and complaining as a figure pushed through them and stopped in front of the Emperor, bowing.

“Pooma Sa, what’s in these documents,” he asked.

Sa’s eyes went wide under his mask, and he hesitated.

“What are you waiting for?” Gustus said impatiently.

“Sire, these documents have been sealed to protect the royal family from a great shame. Your grandfather—” he began.

“Had nothing to with this, now tell us what’s in these documents, or go to prison for treason,” Gustus said sternly.

Sa nodded, his shoulders sagging. “It’s been many years since I’ve read them, but I’ll do my best.”

“Give us the short version, Kani can read them after you unlock them permanently,” Gustus said.

“A millennium ago, a Kotaun exploration ship landed on a remote planet. A beautiful planet with so much water it astounded them, so much life. This ship was commanded by Baron Mayba, the great royal explorer,” Sa said.

“Was this the Yape’s homeworld?” Kani asked.

Sa nodded. “The Yape’s back then, were not as they are today. They had built great cities, had technology, and civilisation. Our explorers were greeted with honour and became much loved among the people of that planet. We were the first species they had ever encountered from another world.”

“I knew the Yape’s had intelligence,” Kani said excitedly.

“So what went wrong?” Par asked.

“Barna Fever,” Sa said, making everyone in the entourage look at each other, chattering in disbelief.

“Silence!” Gustus said. Looking at Pooma Sa he asked, “How does a cold figure into this?”

“Barna Fever is a mild illness to us. For the Yape’s it was death, the disease swept over their planet, and eventually wiped them out. Six billion of them died because of Barna Fever,” Sa said, his head dropping.

“Didn’t the Baron try to help them?” Gustus asked.

“He did. But they didn’t understand Yape physiology, and the bacteria mutated several times. All the vaccines and medicines they developed killed the Yape’s faster than the plague it tried to protect them from,” Sa said.

Gustus wandered off and walked toward the enclosure, looking at the Yape’s with a profound sadness. Everyone else present watched him silently, feeling the same sense of shame.

“So you’re saying it was Kotaun arrogance that nearly destroyed this race?” he asked, his back to everyone.

“Yes Sire,” Sa responded.

Gustus spun, looking at Sa with fierce eyes. “And Kotaun arrogance that has kept them locked in this facility of yours for a millennium, for money?”

Sa kept his head bowed, but didn’t respond. All eyes were on Sa now, his crime and that of his forebears, were exposed for all to see. They waited for him to speak, to offer some explanation for these crimes, but he stayed silent.

Finally, Kani broke the impasse, “Pooma Sa, Hax Kandor told me they had another name. Not Yape, as we call them. What is it?”

Sa’s head popped up, and he scowled at Kani in acknowledgement of her lie to him about Hax. “I think they called themselves ‘Hoomarns’ or something like that,” Sa said.

“Hoomarns?” Gustus said trying the word. “If we can verify that, I think we should start them calling that.”

The entourage agreed.

“What of their homeworld?” Par asked. “Does it still exist?”

“What does it matter?” Sa said.

Par turned to the Emperor and said, “Your Majesty, we know a great deal about hoomarn physiology today, compared to what Baron Mayba did back then. I think we could develop vaccines against Barna Fever, and any mutations. If their homeworld still exists, we could start phase two there, and repopulate their planet.”

“I like it,” Gustus said nodding. “Prantas has to take responsibility for what it’s done to the hoomarns. This situation is a great shame to our people, but a greater shame would be to turn our backs on the hoomarns, and ignore their plight. By royal decree, and in front of these witnesses, I declare we will help the hoomarns repopulate their homeworld,” Gustus said in a stern voice.

The entourage broke into applause.

Kani and Par hugged.

Pooma Sa quietly slipped out a side door while they were distracted.


The Aftermath.

A disturbance suddenly broke out in the pen. A large taun Yape started attacking a tuun, trying to rip her clothes off. He punched her hard in the face several times, the sound echoing in the enclosure. Other taun’s ran to her defence, and dragged him off her. A fight broke out.

“Where the hell did that Yape, er, hoomarn come from? It doesn’t belong at this lab,” Par called out.

Kani rushed to the bars recognising the brutish animal. “That hoomarn has come from lab one-hundred and twenty-three, he’s a troublemaker,” she said.

Gustus watched the fracas in the cage with interest. Four other taun’s had jumped on the recalcitrant hoomarn, and fists began to fly. “Look, it seems the hoomarn’s have it under control,” he said, pointing at the enclosure.

As quickly as it started, the fight concluded as the misbehaving taun ran away from the beating. The taun that caused the problem finished sitting by itself, away from the others rubbing its cheek. The four taun’s that intervened were shouting at angrily.

Gustus looked at Kani and winked at her, making her smile. “It looks like Pooma Sa had one more trick up his sleeve here. Where is the old dog?”

The crowd looked around but he had vanished, with every other member of The Board of Directors that had been present.

Gustus gestured for his security officer to step forward. A Kotaun dressed in a dark-green uniform, with sidearms on each hip, and a look that made anyone think twice about crossing him.

He bowed, saying, “Sire?”

“Sneth, I want you to liaise with the local police on Frandis. All the Directors must be captured. Have all space flights leaving this world suspended until you find them,” Gustus ordered.

“Yes Sire,” he said bowing again, spinning on his heel and leaving the enclosure.

Gustus motioned for Governor Wols to step forward.

“Sire?” he asked with a bow.

“I’m putting The Facility in your hands, Wols. I want an audit done on all the programs here, beginning with those funded by my family. I have a feeling this won’t be the only program they’ve used to extort money with. Get to work on it immediately, before they destroy too much evidence,” Gustus ordered.

“Yes Sire,” Wols bowed, and left the enclosure in a hurry followed by his own assistants.

Gustus sighed. “It’s a sad day for science, a sad day, indeed.” He put his arm around Kani’s shoulder and hugged her to his side. “I’m so proud of you, Kani. Not only have you rescued the hoomarn race, but you’ve rescued ours as well.”

“We always thought it’d take a scandal this big to make changes,” Kani said.

Pars shook his and snorted in unbelief. “What are you, Kani Frandis? A scientist or a spy?”

Gustus chuckled. “She is the truly amazing, that’s what she is. Her pheromones are changing our world.”

“What does that mean?” Par asked.

Kani explained to Par that her pheromone formulas were already being used by the Government. For example, pheromones are pumped into Government buildings via the air-conditioning. The pheromones gave everyone in the building a sense of security and safety, it harboured trust and goodwill. It made them enjoy being there, despite the reason, and it suppressed aggressive behaviour.

“Have you used these pheromones on me?” Par asked, feeling foolish.

“Yes, but only to enhance what you already felt. Not to control you,” she said, her lips blushing in embarrassment.

“Pima Lags, don’t be angry at Kani. She used her talents to get you out of the way, so she could work on the hoomarn’s, and get to the truth about what was happening here,” Gustus said.

“But it’s deception, and mind control,” Par said looking at Kani with a frown.

“Par, I never meant to hurt you. My feelings for you are real, please believe me,” Kani said grabbing his hand.

He pulled his hands away from her abruptly. “How can I believe anything about you? I need time to process this, Kani. I feel confused,” he said, and walked left the enclosure as Kani watched.

“Don’t worry Kani, I’m sure he’ll come to his senses eventually,” Gustus said,

“You don’t know how much I’ve hurt him since I’ve been here. I think he hoped we’d take this program into phase two together.”

“Your research on Prantas is too important for that. I can have him transferred to Prantas if you like. We do need Vet’s there,” Gustus suggested.

“No, he’d resent me more for that,” Kani said and sighed dejectedly.

“Give him some space and see ho it works out. Now, Governor Wols has a big dinner planned for us, and I’m starving. So get your purse, or whatever, and meet me in the car,” Gustus said shooing her on.

“OK, my purse is in my lab. I’ll be meet you outside,” Kani said and walked off toward the exit.


The Last Act.

Kani walked hurriedly to her lab to get her things as she didn’t want to keep the Emperor waiting. The day had been bittersweet. The plan to free the hoomarn’s from the grip of The Facility had worked. However, she may have lost the only taun she had ever loved.

Poor Par, I’ve really messed with his head, she thought sadly. I’ll miss him that’s for sure.

As her lab is near the back of Lab two-hundred, walking there always annoyed her. Behind the primary enclosures, is a labyrinth of corridors and bends. Still, she felt a tinge of sadness that her time here had ended. Her small lab where nobody could disturb her research, is a far cry from what awaits her on Prantas.

There she will be expected to develop her pheromones into civilian and military applications. She’ll be running the whole lab, with a staff working for her, and pressure to get results from above. She sighed. I think I’ll miss this place, she thought.

Kani didn’t need to get into her biohazard gear this time, as there were no hoomarn’s in the pens. She didn’t need to follow isolation protocals. The door in the airlock opened and she walked into her lab turning toward her workstation where she had left her purse.

As she reached to grab it, a hard object suddenly hit her on the head. “OWWWW!” she screamed as she fell bringing her hands up to catch herself. When she hit the floor something hit her in the side, winding her badly, and making her curl up. She rolled away from whatever had attacked her.

She looked up and there stood Pooma Sa holding a hammer in his hand.

“P-Pooma S-Sa? She said unsteadily, “What are you doing?”

“What I should’ve done the moment I set eyes on you, slut!” he said, and sneered at her. “I’m going to kill you.”

“No, No, please Pooma Sa—” she began, he stepped forward and kicked her hard in the face.

She fell unconscious.

Pooma Sa walked up to her and stood looking down at her. He knelt and began to rip her clothes off. “Don’t see why we can’t have some fun before you die, Ms. Frandis,” he said to her as he undressed her.

As he pulled down her panties and viewed her puffy clopus lips, prominent clitoris, covered in blonde fur, he felt his old dangle begin to stir into life. After taking off her bra to reveal her floppy breasts, the old dangle had definitely sprung to life. One it had not known for some time.

He sighed. “I miss those days when I was a Pima, and all those young tuun’s fresh out of college, looking to fast track their promotions,” he said wistfully.

He squeezed her breasts and felt her nipples. “Too bad it was all a lie. Tuun’s didn’t get promoted back then, we told them that so they’d put-out, stupid sluts!”

He laughed.

He rubbed her clopus, feeling her lips move under his hand, sliding his fingers inside her clant and fingering her. Feeling her warmth and moistness, and how deep he could go. He put two finger in and frigged her, then three, while the other hand played with her breasts.

Kani opened her eyes. “Noooooo! NO!” she screamed.

Sa slapped her hard across the cheek, splitting her lip. “Shut the fuck up, slut, or I’ll lose interest, and kill you,” he said to her angrily.

Ye Gods, he’s raping me. I need to stall him for time, she thought. Looking around for a weapon proved fruitless as nothing looked near enough to her. She remembered she had an aerosol in her jacket pocket. Grabbing it, she held it out and sprayed it directly at Pooma Sa, full blast.

He didn’t stop her, nor did he stop fingering her pussy. He laughed at her. The pheromones were having no effect. Sa suddenly slapped the spray out of her hand, and it went bouncing across the concrete floor in a clatter.

Kani looked shocked. Sa laughed.

“Sorry Ms. Frandis, but owing to a phosphorous grenade in the Bordalian War, I have no sense of smell or taste. Your pheromones have no effect on me,” he told her.

That’s why pheromones never worked on you, she thought? Her fear welled up inside her now. Sa had gone crazy.

He undid his pants and pulled them down. A stiff dangle sprang out into the air, already wet on the end with precum. She looked at it. There seemed nothing abnormal about it. It looked like any other dangle. The size of it surprised her, as she had always imagined Sa would have a small one, but he looked as large as Par.

Sa reached toward, and grabbed her head, forcefully pulling her toward him, making her have to get on her knees in front of him. Grabbing her by the sides of her head with each hand, he pushed his dangle into her mouth.

“Suck it, slut. Bite me, and I’ll slit your throat,” he warned.

She opened her mouth to relax her throat so she could swallow his dangle. Sa couldn’t wait for her, so he began to mouth fuck her. Holding her head tightly, he pushed his dangle in as far as it could go, and out again.

Sa stood, never taking his dangle from her mouth, and grabbed her around the neck with each hand. He began to fuck her mouth hard and fast, getting half the length of his dangle down her throat with each thrust.

Kani made ‘goaw’ noises each time he rammed his dangle down her throat. Drool hung from her bottom lip as he pfloughed her face as hard as he could.

“Take it, clant, it’s all you’re good for,” Sa moaned.

He pulled out, and holding her head back by the hair he slapped her face with his dangle. Her face looks so good with a hard dangle on it, he thought. Again, he shoved his dangle down her throat, this time holding there so she couldn’t breathe. After a minute, Kani began to struggle, trying to pull away. He held her there until she nearly passed out, pulling his dangle out to allow to take a breath. She coughed and gagged, trying to find some air.

Sa’s hand hit her cheek hard, making her fall to the ground. He grabbed he hips and pulled them around and up, so she laid on her knees again. Her head on the floor. Sa took his hard dangle and lined it up with her anus. Once he positioned himself, he grabbed her hips and pulled her back as he thrust forward.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Kani screamed in pain.

“Oh, that’s tight, slut. Are you an anal virgin?” he said.

“You clant, you’ll pay for this,” Kani called out.

Sa leaned toward her and put one hand on her head, pushing her face into the floor, as he started pflouging her ass hard, and fast. Kani cried loudly, as the pain of it were too much. Sa relished in her suffering, pflouging her as hard as he could to cause her pain.

“I’m banging your shitta out because you deserve it, slut,” Sa said, panting.


Par had gone to the front office after he left Lab Two-Hundred, as he decided he needed time off. He wanted to speak to someone in admin to arrange this before the Emperor interfered on Kani’s behalf. As he waited to be seen by an officer at The Facilty, a security guard suddenly approached him.

“Pima Lags?” the guard asked.


“I’m looking for Pima Frandis. The Emperor has been waiting for her for the last forty-minutes. Do you know where she is?” the guard asked.

Par shook his head. “No, haven’t seen or spoken to her in over an hour. Have you tried her lab?”

The guard looked confused. “What lab is that?”

“She uses examination room fifteen in Lab Two-Hundred, as a private lab, come office. Didn’t you know?”

“No, sir, we have no record of that being assigned to her.”

That’s how Hilts got past the red tape, he didn’t submit the paperwork, Par thought. However, something troubled him, a gut feeling, or an instinct, gnawed at his comfort. Kani wouldn’t stand up the Emperor unless something is wrong, he thought feeling worried.

“Come on,” he said standing, “We have to get to that examination room. I think Kani’s in trouble.”

The security guard nodded and grabbed his radio saying into it, “Code Black, Lab Two-Hundred, Examination Room fifteen. I repeat: Code Black, Lab Two-Hundred, Examination Room fifteen. All hands attend.”


Sa’s droopy old balls slapped Kani’s clopus as he rammed the whole length of his dangle down her asshole. Still holding her head to the floor, pushing all his weight on it. Kani cried, her face a permanent grimace as he violated her most painfully.

Marc had always been a misfit. He had always been the smartest kid in school and the best athlete in school. He was much taller and much more handsome than the others. He had also held back on his abilities to keep from drawing everyone’s scrutiny. Most found him to be pleasant but reserved but he could be utterly charming when he felt the need to do so.

He did attract girls and got laid regularly; his fuckmates adored his lovemaking, his control, and his attention. They hated his reluctance to commit. He was now twenty-six years old and had never had a girlfriend for more than three weeks.

At the age of twenty-two he had graduated with a Masters in Physics/Astronomy from a prestigious university. He had also won over a million dollars on a one time pull on a special slot machine in Vegas. Before he pulled the lever he knew he would win. He invested the cash and now had enough money to take him through two lifetimes.

He began to travel around the world on a quest. By then he had learned that stardom in sports or music or business or academia were not what he was searching for. He knew he did not want fame. The problem was he had no idea what he was searching for.

He learned the customs and history of the people he met on his travels and made many friends and had a few lovers, all missed him when he left each destination.

He remembered each and every one he had a conversation with and had mentally tagged many for further visits but did not know why he did that. He did know all of those people were very smart, very talented, and very pleasant. The kind of people he would like as neighbors.

Some thought he was from a royal house, a few asked him to remember them “when the time comes.”

“I will always remember you,” he had always answered, and he did.

He had also had some very strange encounters. In Singapore he met an old man called Mr. Wu that after several hesitations asked him to come and visit him at home and have dinner with him.

He accepted and learned his house was on the second story of a busy restaurant. He was met at the door by a young lady that said to him, “This way please your highness.”

He corrected her saying he was just an astronomer from Canada but followed her. The home was very well appointed and it was obvious the man was very rich. Mr. Wu and his family greeted him warmly and with respect. Dinner was sumptuous and he enjoyed it very much. After dinner the old man took him to a large room that was full of pre-teens and teenagers.

He said, “These are my children although I am the father of just two, the girl that escorted you up and the one wearing the school uniform. The others are orphans, abandoned children. All of them will be very helpful in any endeavor. All have brilliant minds. All are good people.”

He was introduced to the twenty six-teens and he had to agree with the old man, the kids were special. After he visited with each they left the room until only the young woman that had escorted him remained.

“Follow me please,” she said. Her name was Jing Li and was gorgeous, in her early twenties, and a bit taller than her father. She was still treating him as if he was royalty.

She took him to what appeared to be her bedroom. She made herself nude then undressed Marc. She made love to him. He made love to her.

She had been a virgin and had not expected pleasure but he made sure she had enormous pleasure and a memorable first fuck. Afterwards as they cuddled she said, “Our children will be special. They will make you proud. I will wait for you until you return.”

He said nothing but understood he may have made her pregnant but also knew that if the opportunity presented itself he would see her again. He made love to her a second time, which made her proud. He took her to several more orgasms that made her grateful. After another cuddling kissing session he left her asleep in bed, dressed and went in search of her father.

He thanked Mr. Wu for his hospitality. The old man wanted to hug him but couldn’t. So Marc hugged him and praised him for rescuing the children.

Several of his lovers were secure in their knowledge she was pregnant with his child. None of them were showing or had children even though for some women it had been well over two years since they last made love. He suspected it was a ploy to have him commit to them but none had asked him to marry her and none seemed to expect him to help with her child. In fact all any of them had asked him to do was remember her.

He visited with Jing Li twice more and had stayed with her at her apartment. She was now the executive chef at her father’s restaurant. He had been her souse chef on each trip. They had fucked often during the time he was there and although eight months had passed between his visits she was still convinced she was pregnant.

He had revisited with the children, all had working shifts at the restaurant after school. He got them fourteen chess sets and brought each a book he thought they would enjoy ranging from science fiction to engineering. All got books full of math puzzles. Many of the books were in English with a few in other languages.

Two boys came to him with completed math puzzle books the same day they received them. They were brothers and the oldest one said, “My brother finished first but I did not need him to help me on any of them.”

The pride he had in himself and in his brother was palpable. Each book had one hundred problems and Marc checked their answers and pointed out three errors in the older one’s book and one in the younger one’s. The younger one’s book was in Spanish, the elders was in French.

Both were crestfallen when he pointed out the errors, but said, “The problems were not with your math but with the language, you misinterpreted the question. Amazing work considering neither language is your own.” Both preened with pride when he praised them. That evening he brought each adventure novels in Spanish and French.

Marc loved those people adventures but the quest he knew was to visit every major telescope on the planet. He charmed everyone in each observatory into allowing him to use the instruments and made sure they remembered him with a smile.

He had visited the JPL lab for two weeks and made good friends and had an exceptional lover there. She was older than he and an avowed Lithuanian lesbian but was his most energetic lover. He had stayed with her for ten of those days.

At the Lab he was allowed to listen in on their communications with each spaceship and was given the codes to be able to pick it up on his laptop. He was very interested in the Voyagers but the time frame during which they tuned in to them was not when he was there. Budget cuts had made the time to visit with those space ships rare. They did supply him with the schedule before he left and the means to tune in when they did.

He had made useful suggestions to the people at each observatory and all thought of him as a brilliant colleague.

Yet when he had finished that quest he felt he was just adrift, no experience had felt like the end of his quest. He had searched the Americas, Australia, Asia, and Africa thinking he would find something. As it turned out what he was looking for was a someone.

He was on his first trip to Europe. He had spent two weeks in Portugal and Spain and was on his second week in Italy. He was sitting in the Duomo in Milan watching people go by as he drank a beer. He liked people watching and it often got him laid. He was sitting across the way from a McDonald’s trying to guess the nationality of those going in.

Suddenly he felt a presence behind him and turned to look. A woman was staring at him with intensity. They looked at each other, frozen in place for several moments until he stood and pulled out a chair for her. Both had big grins as she walked to him.

They kissed. It was the kiss of long time lovers. They sat and for several moments they just stared at each other.

Finally she spoke to him in Russian. He spoke to her in English. They understood each other perfectly. They had studied each other’s language intensely but had also studied five other languages, the same five other languages they would later learn.

The waiter approached the table and she ordered red wine in Italian and he ordered another beer but Italian was not one of the languages they knew well so they continued their conversation in French.

Her name was Natalia and her life had been the mirror image of Marc’s including winning a large cash prize four years earlier. Over time her sex partners had become mostly women, men had left her unsatisfied but she already knew this man would not.

A gorgeous redhead that made you smile would describe her perfectly. She was tall with fine breasts and a fine ass. She had a gorgeous grin and a melodic voice. He loved her giggles and her freckles. He really loved her large green eyes.

She loved his grin, his deep voice, his caramel colored eyes and his thick black hair. She loved how he gently touched her.

Each wondered why they had not met before. During their conversation it had become obvious to them that they had been searching for each other for years and had been in the same place at the same time often. Yet they did not meet at a Melody concert they had attended in his hometown of Vancouver in October of the previous year. Of course that would have been catastrophic since both were on dates with sexy blonde women.

They had not met in a Costa Rica vacation each had taken early that year. They had each taken their Mom’s. In fact they had been at ten identical places around the world at about the same time during the last four years but had never met. Most of the time one was leaving as the other arrived.

“It’s like something or someone was keeping us apart until now,” Natalia said.

“That is exactly right,” a lady said to them as she sat at their table. The language she had used was Spanish and their conversation continued in that language. She was a very pretty woman, small with black hair and very white skin. Marc and Natalia assumed her to be in her late twenties to early thirties. Both adored her immediately.

The woman continued, “You both needed to get those many travel experiences out of the way before you were allowed to meet. Your life would have become centered on each other otherwise and the people and places that made you think would not have been noticed. You had me working interference often; the most of any couple although your best friends were somewhat close.

“May we assume we have not met our best friends yet?”

“Correct, they met each other yesterday. You two are my last. Call me Carmen.

You will not need to get married, for all practical purposes you already are. You have the next three nights in Milan to make love; you already have train passes for all of Europe so may I suggest day trips to Florence and Venice.

The waiter came by their table and Carmen ordered a red wine. Marc ordered refills on Natalia’s and his drinks.

Carmen continued, “I placed the brochures to the Duomo on your dressers before you got here then followed Natalia when she came this way.

You have a meeting with others like you the Monday after next in Vienna. Your hotel has booked both of you in the same room as man and wife. Your hotel floor will have only your peers, make friends.”

“Mom, who are we meeting?”

“The chief and our sponsors, and don’t call me Mom,” she said with a big grin.

“Yes, Mom,” Marc and Natalia said.

“You two are such bad children.”

“But we love you.”

“Which is as it should be.”

The three laughed and drank their drinks.

Natalia asked Carmen, “What is the meeting about?”

“You will learn about yourselves as well as your assignments after that,” she answered.

Natalia and Marc tried to get more information but all they got out of her was that there were going to be ten couples at the meeting.

Natalia gave her a nice pout that mesmerized and pleased Carmen and Marc but except for the kisses she got it did not work. Carmen told them to just enjoy their honeymoon; they had eleven days and all of Europe for themselves.

Soon Carmen finished her wine and stood to leave. Marc and Natalia kissed her on the lips before she left then after paying their bill left for their hotel.

They were not surprised to discover they had adjoining rooms in the same hotel. They went into her room, got naked and went to bed.

The first thirty minutes were spent with kisses, caresses and conversation, mostly kisses. Somewhat different things on their travels had fascinated them but they shared a fascination with people and a strong leaning towards the sciences. Hers were geology, volcanology and tectonics. She joked he had spent his life looking up and she had spent hers looking down so they most likely walked right past each other often.

“No chance of that, today I could feel you were there when you were ten meters away.”

Natalia smiled and kissed him, he kissed her. He did not touch her breast until he began to kiss them. She was more than ready for him to love her tits by then. He could hear her purr.

Ten minutes later he kissed his way to her pussy rubbing his face on her red pubic hair as he went by. She had an orgasm as soon as the tip of his tongue made contact with her clit; it had felt like an electric shock to Natalia. He gently loved and devoured her pussy to several orgasms until she pulled Marc up to her.

His cock slid into her pussy and she had another orgasm. He began a slow fuck and she felt his cock increase in size with every stroke until her pussy was full then the fuck became frantic. Natalia began to groan into orgasms and she nearly lost control of her body. Marc had to pin her down until her last orgasm began to wane then took a few more long hard strokes and released his sperm packet into her.

He rolled them over until she was on top then paused until they regained their breath. They kissed. But Natalia knew it was not over, his cock was still hard.

She began a slow intermittent fuck with many pauses for kisses and more conversation.

“What is today?” Natalia asked.

“The second of May. Why do you ask?”

“It’s our wedding day. It is also the first day of our real life and next week we begin our real career. Why did we call Carmen Mom?”

“I don’t know but it felt right even though she is not old enough to be our mother. She was neither surprised nor upset we did. It could be we know her from our early childhood. My memories only go back to when I was three. I know I was adopted.”

“Humm, same here, I grew up in Penza by the way.”

“Rally? That was on my list for this trip, I expected to be there in three weeks.”

“Well now you don’t need to go, I’m here.”

Natalia gave him a long deep kiss and herself a small orgasm.

After a pause she said, ” I don’t feel like Carmen is our real mother. If she were she would not have encouraged us to fuck. Speaking of the fuck, that was the best of my life, thank you.”

“It was mine too. Anytime you want one please help yourself.”

“Thank you. Expect me to take advantage of your offer often. In fact now would be good.”

She began a long session in which both came close to orgasms but held them back.

“Why are you holding back on your cums?” Marc asked her.

“It will make the last one huge. Don’t be concerned if I pass out. Hey, it just crossed my mind we are crazy in love with each other.”

“You are right about that,” Marc said.

They kissed and fucked until Natalia had her earthshaking orgasm during a pause to kiss. Marc held her to him until she was past her climax then a few moments later his second sperm packet was released into her.

“We have twins,” Natalia drowsily said with a happy smile then went to sleep. Both knew she was pregnant and both knew they would be twins, a boy and a girl. It did not occur to either to wonder how they knew that, they just accepted it with joy.

Marc kissed her neck as he caressed her ass and followed her into sleep.

When they woke up an hour later they showered and dressed for an Opera in La Scala. They were only mildly surprised to see that they had tickets to adjoining seats. “We probably need to thank Mom for this,” Natalia said.

After a very enjoyable performance of Tosca they decided to go to dinner, which in Italy can be a long drawn out affair. They went to a restaurant near the Duomo that was not as well known as others in that area but had the most excellent food.

The girl at the hotel desk had seemed proud and upset she had pointed them there, she was supposed to give them the name of a more upscale place but she couldn’t lie to them. Natalia praised her honesty and kissed her cheek before they set out.

During dinner Natalia and Marc called their foster Mom’s and told them they had met their spouse and had met Carmen. Their Mom’s were very exited, very pleased and congratulated them on the start of their new life. Natalia and Marc could tell their Mom’s were crying so they reminded each that they loved them then exchanged phones and told their new mother’s in law the same.

Natalia ate like a starving fat man and finished every bit of the five-course dinner. Marc asked, “Are you sure there are only two in there?”

She gave him the finger, which he promptly slurped into his mouth. They had a marvelous meal and really enjoyed each other’s company. They had fun.

They admitted to an older tourist couple from Spain that they were indeed newlyweds and thanked them for their well wishes. It was not until then that they realized they had been speaking Spanish since Carmen sat with them. Then suddenly realized they had also spoken in Spanish to both Moms.

They wanted to stroll around the Duomo but they were too eager to get back to bed and fuck. They kissed the hotel clerk on her cheeks as they went past her then they fucked slowly for an hour, got their usual five hours of sleep, then fucked for another hour before venturing out for breakfast a bit before six AM.

They had already learned their choices for breakfast were limited at that hour of the morning so she suggested they eat breakfast in Florence. He thought that was a great idea and they took the train. They ate a breakfast panino at a small bistro near the train station in Florence then walked into the historical district. They were fascinated by the art at the Piazza de la Signora and toured Galileo’s museum and the Uffizi museum.

They realized Carmen had been right; they never had a conversation with anyone except each other.

After some shopping they took the return train back to Milan and managed a quick fuck and a nap in their compartment.

After arriving back in Milan they strolled around and ended up enjoying a very satisfying dinner at the previous nights restaurant. They told the restaurant manager that their hotel desk clerk Ana had recommended them even though she was supposed to recommend another. The manager said he would see that she got rewarded.

After dinner they walked around the Duomo area for a couple of hours. They stepped into some shops and some high fashion houses. At a famous designer house Natalia bought a ‘going out dancing with my husband’ dress. Marc bought a very well tailored black sport coat at the famous men’s fashion store for ‘when I am showing off my wife’. Back at the hotel they loved each other until they enjoyed very fine orgasms then sleep welcomed them.

The next morning they took an early train to Venice and once there got semi lost often as they meandered the streets and alleys. They walked into shops and got some gelato and took pictures. They got souvenir shirts and kissed often. They accidentally found themselves in St. Mark’s Square and lunched at a café’s outdoor table. After lunch they fed the pigeons.

They got lost again and Marc took the opportunity to try to convince a gondolier that was sitting at a small piazza’s outdoor café to take them in his boat, even though he was apparently on a break. His craft was in the nearby canal.

I strolled through the door into the lab after breakfast feeling in a very good mood. I was still aroused but not the painful neediness I had been feeling since I had first seen Lorchan. When I walked into the room every eye turned toward me. He told them? I thought to myself, he told everyone? I looked over at him where he was standing with a small group across the room, he was smiling. I felt heartbroken, how could he just go and tell everyone something so personal? I didn’t smile back and walked over to the computer to start work for the day. Eventually everyone in the lab returned to what they had been doing before I walked in. I wanted to cry I was so hurt. Maybe Mataisans talk to each other about these things but it didn’t ease the betrayal I felt. I refused to look over at him all throughout the first half of the day.

When it came time for lunch I trapped to pack up and leave quickly before Lorchan could catch me but I wasn’t fast enough. I knew I would have to talk to him at some point but I didn’t know where to even begin.

“Hey sweetie what’s wrong?” he asked noting my avoidance of him.

I looked him in the eye and he looked so innocent, he didn’t even realize he had done anything wrong. I waited for the room to completely clear out before I responded. “Why did you tell everyone about….us?”

“What do you mean?” he asked, forcing me to spell it out.

“You told everyone about us having sex, why?” the tears beginning to build in my eyes.

“I didn’t tell anyone we had sex, I wouldn’t do that in the first place and second of all I don’t need to, everyone can smell me on you and you on me, not to mention the fact that our hormones aren’t as off the charts as they’ve been lately.” He explained to me with a mixture of emotions crossing his face. “I would never go around telling people our personal business.”

“I’m sorry it’s just that when I walked in everyone was staring at me and you were talking to a group of men and I didn’t know whether it was Mataisan thing of not….and I’m sorry for assuming things.”

He took a deep breath and looked calm once again “It’s okay, just don’t think I would betray your trust ever again,” I nodded and he then asked “so how about you have some Mataisan lunch with me? And you can meet some of my friends.”

“That sounds nice,” I replied, happy to not be arguing but now I was worried about his friends would feel about me.

We walked down the corridors hand in hand until we reached a cafeteria very similar to my own. Only this one was filled with about 50 Mataisans and I stuck out like a sore thumb. Every eye turned toward me as we walked in the room and I could feel myself blushing. “Am I allowed to be here?” I asked worried they would kick me out.

“You are allowed any where I am.” He said confidently and gave my hand a squeeze.

The similarities in our cafeterias didn’t end at just the lay out, we were served in the same manner to, school lunch style. We had trays and filed down the aisle while Mataisan servers filled our plates. I took everything that Lorchan took but I knew it would be too much food for me. He led me over to a long table that had a few men and one woman already seated there. He sat down next to the woman and I sat on the other side of him with an open space until the end of the table next to me. He placed a portable translator on the table between us and introduced me to the people we were sitting with. The man sitting across from me, Chasl had a narrow face and leaner frame than most of the other Mataisans although I had no doubt of his strength. The man sitting across from Lorchan was Slachton who was shorter than the average Mataisan but was built like a tank. The woman was Kipcha, very manly looking like most Mataisan but with more slanted and feminine eyes and mouth. The man across from her, Bantach was built like an average Mataisan but can many deep scars crossing his face.

They were all slightly wary of talking in front of me at first but after a little while they began speaking to each other and me freely. I found out that they were all members of the High Guard with Lorchan and that they each had known each other for 15 years. I really took a liking to Bantach, he was older than the rest of them and he acted the big brother part. It was strange to see someone teasing and joking around with Lorchan so easily considering how intimidating he can be.

“Has he told you about the time we were in Natal colony looking for someone who had attempted to assassinate a Royal?” Bantach asked with a smile as the rest started laughing, all except Lorchan who didn’t look happy at all.

“Don’t even go there Bantach” Lorchan warned with a glare.

Bantach just ignored him and continued on, “I’ll take that as a no, so when we were in Natal we got information about where this assassin was so we had a team storm his hideout with Lorchan in lead. After a few minutes I hear over the link that Lorchan has got the guy so we all rush in to help. Well he’s got the guy pinned under him with his face against the floor. We pull the guy up and you know what? Lorchan had done a great job catching the dishwasher while the assassin snuck out the back, we caught up with him a few days later but I’ll never forget the look on his face when he realized his mistake. Big bad Lorchan caught the dishwasher.” And they all burst out laughing including me. Lorchan sat there glowering at all of us and especially me. I rubbed his back trying to take the sting out of my laughter and he pulled out of my grasp.

“Oh come on Lorchan, I’m not making fun of you its just funny.” I explained through my laughter. He just shook his head and pouted.

We all began eating, except for Lorchan who just sat there not touching his food. I assumed it was because he was still mad at us for laughing. “Come on Lorchan don’t be mad.” I pleaded.

“I’m not mad,” he told me with an arch of his brow.

“Then why aren’t you eating?”

Everyone at the table stopped eating and looked at me and him, they all looked confused and so did he. “What?” I asked hating that everyone was looking at me like I had grown a second head.

Finally Kipcha spoke “Stop treating her like she’s crazy, she obviously doesn’t know about Mataisan customs,” he told the rest of the table. Then, looking at me she said “It’s a Mataisan custom for a mated male not to eat until his mate has finished,” she explained while looking uncomfortable.

“Well why didn’t someone just say that?” I asked everyone and Kipcha again was the one to reply.

“It is kind of taboo in our culture to talk about mating behavior, it’s just….personal, but usually everyone knows about it, we just don’t talk about it.”

“Oh, okay.” I asked resigning myself to ask Lorchan about it more later on.

Soon lunch was over and we headed back to the lab to finish our day. Lorchan and I decided to meet up in the lab later on and I would bring an American movie to watch on the computer that would show Mataisan subtitles as the movie played. I was also going to try to find some popcorn and soda so it would be as close to a typical date as we could get while be locked into the compound. I went back to the human cafeteria for dinner and scouted up some snacks for the date. I went back to my room, changed into some comfy clothes, and collected some of my belongings. I was going to assume I would be sleeping in Lorchan’s room tonight….well maybe not much SLEEPING exactly but spending the night. I packed some clothes for tomorrow and a little bag of my toiletries and headed to the lab. I could already feel my arousal growing and the thought of what the night might have in store for us.

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