I found Robin and Dennis sitting in the main room of the apartment, when I got home. They were watching TV and not screwing, which I was thankful for, considering the conversation I’d just had with Shanna.

“Hey,” my roommate said, as soon as he saw me, “Did I see you coming out of Mrs. Polkins office earlier?”

I had almost forgotten about the blowjob I’d gotten in her office, until he spoke up. “Yeah, I got a small cut on my hand, and she insisted she take a look at it. It turned out to be nothing, though.” I showed him my clean, undamaged palm.

“Is it true what their saying?” Robin asks me excitedly, leaning on the arm of the chair to grin up at me. I have no idea what she’s talking about, until she continues. “That she is giving blowjobs to every guy that goes in there,” the redhead clarified when I gave her a blank stare. I felt my face turning red, and knew that they had their answer, as I went to my room, accompanied by their snickers.

I had to work tonight, so I jumped in the shower, and furiously cleaned up. Sometimes I hated showering before work, knowing that I would need another one, after working at the grill, but I hated going to work dirty, also. I should have asked if Shanna had to work, but it hadn’t crossed my mind at the time, and I didn’t dare call to find out. She had made it clear she would talk to me when she was ready.

I thought about what Dennis had said about Mrs. Polkins. Had my switches turned her into a horny woman, or just given her the ability to live out that lifestyle? She’d told me that she used to be a swinger with her late husband. I wondered if she had suppressed her sexuality in her older age, until I’d helped her body feel younger with my switches.

It was my first night back to work, since I’d left for Winter break, and Shanna was working tonight, though she didn’t pay me much attention. I tried to talk to her, but she only gave me a small smile, before turning, her dyed red hair flinging out as she walked away. It hurt to be treated like that after pouring my life out to her earlier, but there was little I could do about it, short of using my switches. A quick sense of her ‘happy’ switch, informed me that she was a little more happy than not, which was at least something.

Bradley was just as ornery as ever, however. There was a new waiter, which he actually made cry, after he’d made a simple drink order mistake. There was another mistake on one of Shanna’s tables, and when Bradley started to chew her out, I stepped up, and claimed it’d been my mistake.

“Sorry, Bradley, I misread the order. It wasn’t her fault.” It really had been her fault, but I was trying to win her back over, though with the way she was treating me tonight, I wasn’t sure why I was bothering.

“It’s coming out of your paycheck then,” Bradley informed me heatedly. “And you, Shanna, make sure your orders are clear enough, that this doesn’t happen again!” Our boss turned and stormed away, to start berating someone else. I couldn’t remember the last time her had been this miserable to work with.

“I don’t need you to fight my battles for me,” Shanna informed me as she turned away to go back to the front. “Thanks, though,” I barely heard her add, before she was through the doors separating the kitchen from the dining area.

I felt a bit warmer inside after that, though she still refused to talk to me.

I was so distracted by worrying about Shanna, the demons, and dealing with Gina, that I actually DID screw up an order, cooking a steak medium-well, when the customer had ordered rare.

“Where is your head, tonight, Nick?” Bradley nearly screamed at me after Shanna brought the plate back. “That’s twice now, you’ve screwed up. I can’t believe how incompetent you are tonight. What did you spend your vacation doing? Giving yourself brain damage, by running into walls? Someone is going to have to cover the cost of that steak, and since I know it wasn’t me that screwed up…”

For some reason everything seemed to come to a head, and just seemed to be too much: Shanna testing me and then ignoring me tonight, Bradley chewing me out, the world likely ending soon, and people expecting me to somehow save it. Didn’t they all understand that the weight of the human race was on my shoulders? Well, Bradley didn’t, but Shanna did. I was just so sick and tired of listening to my bald boss rant and rave, I almost blew up.

For one second, one split moment in time; I considered walking away, and leaving them all to their fate. Who knows… Maybe the world could take care of itself. I mean, the human race had made it this far, without my help, or even my interference. Why should I be the only one to defend it? I’m just a geek, after all. Not some military strategist or even a skillful negotiator. What chance did I really stand against the technologically advanced and alien demons?

The moment passed, however, and I saw Bradley still staring at me, waiting an answer. I looked around, and saw that everyone was staring at us. A part of my mind wondered at that; I mean, Bradley is almost always yelling at someone. Why should they stop and stare now?

Then I realized that the big man wasn’t just staring at me. His mouth was moving, and so were his arms, but no sound escaped his lips. Everyone stared in shock as the man tried to yell and scream, but no volume came out. It wasn’t that he was choking; I could easily see and even hear him breathing heavily. Then I felt the switch I’d inadvertently created in him, shutting him up. I had in effect, switched off his vocal cords.

I couldn’t help but laugh. The whole thing just seemed too comical. Here was a man I’d feared ever since I started working here. Wider in the shoulders than me, even with the extra muscle I’d gained, he still stood taller, and with his shaved head, he had this intimidating demeanor that usually put me in my place. But as he tried to talk, his arms waiving, and occasionally pawing at his neck, he no longer scared me. Somehow the loss of his voice seemed to remove any sense of a threat from him.

“I quit,” I told him calmly, getting my laughter under control. “I’m sick of dealing with your attitude. You run around here, yelling at everybody, chewing them out for perceived issues, and I’m done with it. Take that steak out of my paycheck too, but I’m through.”

I calmly untied my apron, and threw it at his feet. Shanna stepped up next to me, untied the apron that she kept her tips and orders in, and threw it at his feet, right next to my apron; after removing her tips, of course.

“I quit, too,” she told him breathlessly. “I only put up with your bullshit for one reason, and now I don’t have to. You can eat my paycheck, for all I care.”

Suddenly everyone around us was quitting as well, throwing in their aprons, tired of the way the big man had bullied us, and only now that he couldn’t speak, did they lose their fear of him.

Shanna grabbed my hand, and pulled me out of the kitchen, as the aprons piled up at Bradley’s feet. Only as I was walking out the front door, did I think to turn his vocal cords back on, and smiled slightly as I heard his roar from the kitchens.

The restaurant had been fairly busy tonight, and now he had no one to do the work.

Shanna still had a hold of my arm, and was dragging me to her car, but I planted my feet, and she took a few extra steps, before she realized I wasn’t following her anymore. I felt heady with power. The episode with Bradley had flipped my perspective, and right then I felt like I could take on the demons, even without my sister’s help. I knew that thought was foolish, but right then I didn’t care. Only it wasn’t demons in front of me right then, it was Shanna.

Sweet, loving, sexy, geeky, devious Shanna; the woman that had taken care of me after the marathon sex session with Lela, who could equal or beat me in video games and was just as geeky as me, had shared her sister with me, and then tested me. She had ignored me most of the night, barely acknowledging me, when I’d tried to help her out with Bradley. And now she stood there with a half uncertain, half smile look on her face, looking so innocent and cute. I was sick of games, and sick of deceit.

“No,” I told her, my voice quiet, but underlying it was solid granite. She looked at me, and I could see the fear blossom in her blue eyes. She knew what I was capable of, and was likely thinking I meant to use my ability on her. Hadn’t she paid attention when I told her I was sick of manipulating people? Well, I guess after what I’d done with Bradley, I could understand her forgetting.

“Nick?” she asked me uncertainly, her voice shaking slightly.

“No more games, Shanna. What are we? If you are afraid of me, walk away now, and I won’t stop you. I won’t make you forget, and I won’t use my ability on you,” I informed her, my voice staying even and firm. “But if you want to be with me, then you are going to have to trust me. Trust that I won’t use my switches to control you, and will do anything else in my power to make you happy, so long as you treat me properly.” I paused for only a second, “So I ask you again: what are we?”

She closed the small distance to us, and without hesitation, placed her hand on my cheek. “I love you Nick. I’m sorry for what I did with Julia. I do trust you. I thought about it, and I realized that you made that switch in me some time ago, but only today have I ever been happy when I had no reason to be. I know you won’t use your ability on me, to manipulate me.” Her blue eyes looked directly into mine, and I didn’t doubt her sincerity. “I want to be with you… But only if you still want me.”

“Why have you been ignoring me tonight?” I demanded, ignoring the plaintive look in her long-lashed eyes.

She dropped her gaze to the ground for a moment, and I saw her breath mist in the cold air three times before she answered. “I…I didn’t know what to say. You are almost like a god now with your abilities, and what am I compared to that? Hell, I can’t even match up to your sister, with her ability to magnify yours.” She lifted her gaze back to mine seeking understanding, but I kept my mouth shut, waiting for her to continue. “Why would you want someone as lowly and simple as me? Frak it, Nick! I love you, but I couldn’t see any reason you would want to be with me. You could have anyone you wanted, with your switches.” Her gaze grew fiercer then. “I didn’t want to stand in your way, but after what you did in there, I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep you.” I almost…almost, laughed at her Battlestar Galactica terminology.

I could still hear the uncertainty and fear in her voice, as she turned her face to mine. I knew I had a choice right now. Kiss her, and she was mine, but that meant dropping Gina, Nancy, Professor Frankens, mom, and Summer… Summer…

“You know I still have to be with Summer in order to stop the demons,” I said carefully, worried that this one thing may crumble the house of cards I was afraid I was currently standing on.

I felt her lips on my chin, before she gave me her answer, “As long as I’m there. Do that for me, and I am all yours.”

For a moment I was afraid. Lela’s ship would be the most dangerous place in the coming confrontation. Shanna kissed my chin again, and I knew my answer then, as I dropped my head, and met her lips with mine. For good or ill, Shanna was now officially my girlfriend.

* * *

We drove to her place, me following in my car, and barely made it in the door, before clothes went flying; neither one of us cared if anyone else was there, as we went straight to her room. As soon as I walked in, I took but a moment to look around, and remembered part of why I found this woman so wonderful: from her anime posters, to her figurines, and even her gaming systems, this woman was a true match for me.

Shanna grabbed the back of my neck, and pulled me to her naked torso, bringing me back to the reason we were here. Our tongues entwined with one another, as my hands roamed across her smooth back, and I felt hers gripping my rear end. My throbbing penis was poking her in the stomach, and I pulled her tighter to me, squeezing my member between us. I could easily feel her hardened nipples pressed against my chest.

She spun us around, and suddenly shoved me away from her. Caught off balance, I tripped backwards over her bed, and landed on my back. She smiled wickedly at me, and I couldn’t help returning the smile. She sauntered slowly over to me, lightly running a finger seductively from her lip, down along her breast, belly, and then finally to her pussy. I could see that her crotch was already sopping wet, when she pulled her finger away, and a string of liquid connected her finger back to her crotch.

She had reached the bed by this point, and bent over my waist, and licked her way up my thigh, till she reached my balls. Sucking one of my eggs between her lips made me moan in pleasure, before she licked her way up my shaft to the head. Her eyes met mine with a smile in them for a bit before she swallowed the large head between her soft lips, and I felt myself hit the rear of her throat.

I dropped my hands to the back of her head, running my hands through her red-dyed hair, and enjoyed how her tongue lashed around my prick while she sucked on the knob.

She pulled her head up, and used her saliva to run her hand up and down my member. “I know you won’t use your ability to control me,” she said softly, and I grew suddenly wary, “but would you be willing to use it on me if I want you too?”

My first impulse was to deny her, but if she wanted me to, then I wouldn’t really be manipulating her, right? “What did you have in mind?” I asked cautiously.

“I was just thinking how much more interesting this could be, if you used your switches to stimulate or entice me, while we make love,” she said, emphasizing her words with a quick lick along the length of my shaft.

“Are my skills not good enough?” I asked, slightly insulted.

“No!” she promised immediately, realizing how she must have sounded to me. “I have never had a better lover, I promise. I just wanted to get kinky, is all,” she pouted cutely.

Why not? I figured. If it made me a better lover, and truly pleased her, then was there really any reason not to, other than being selfish?

I used my hands on the back of her head to guide her back to sucking my cock, as I made more switches in her. She moaned around my cock as her nipples grew stiff, and became more sensitive, rubbing against my shins. Her pussy gushed as I increased its flow, and just for good measure, I made her asshole start to tingle. She started to go wild, sucking hard on my long rod, and using her hands on the length that couldn’t fit into her mouth, as I felt her have a slight orgasm.

“How’s that?” I ask, already knowing the answer.

“Oh, frak, yeah!” she moaned, diving up my body, and kissing me passionately. Her hands were travelling all over my body, as she was overcome with sexual desire. I felt her reach down, and try to get my cock into her sopping wet slit, but I wasn’t ready for that yet.

I flipped us over, and broke the kiss long enough to tell her, “Uh-uh,” before taking a second to suck on her hard sensitive nipples. I kissed my way lower, and as soon as my lips touched her swollen labia, her liquid cum gushed out of her, coating my face in the delicious substance. I loved the way this sexual woman tasted, and lapped up all I could. I nibbled on her labia, sucking hard on her clit, and shoved my tongue as deep inside her small hole as I could. All of that in conjunction with my switches sent her into orgasmic bliss again and again.

Finally she couldn’t stand it anymore, and painfully gripped my ears, pulling me up, till we were eye to eye.

“If you don’t stick that fat fraking cock in my pussy right now, I’m going to lose it,” she informed me through gritted teeth.

“Aye, aye, Starbuck,” I told her, grinning to let her know I was enjoying her terminology. Wondering what exactly losing it meant, I decided to oblige her. My cock slipped into her, all the way up to her womb, in one stroke. She’d never been this wet before, and as soon as I was seated inside her, her cunt gripped my length hard, as she came yet again.

I decide that I’d better dial back my switches a little, or she was going to be too worn out, before I even had the chance to finish.

“Oh, gawd,” she moaned, with her hands on the back of my neck, and our foreheads touching, “I never knew anything could feel like that!” She pressed her lips to mine, in a hungry kiss for a few seconds, when I felt her legs wrap behind me, and pulled me into her even deeper. Once more I felt that strangling circle engulf my rod, and moaned with her at how good she felt. “Fuck me, Nick. Fuck me hard, NOW!” Apparently we were done with ‘Fraking,’ and now it was time to ‘Fuck!’

I pulled out till I felt that ring slip loose, and then drove back into her, making us both grunt. She was so wet and hot inside, it felt like my hotdog was in an oven getting cooked, but it felt so good, I don’t want to stop.

I rolled us over, and got fully seated inside her womb again, as I pulled her chest to my lips and sucked hard on her sensitive nipple. Her hips started rocking back and forth with a fervor that would soon have me coming, as it whipped my cock around inside her. I looked down between us, and could see her frothy juices pooling on my pelvis. I could even feel a steady stream of them running between my balls and thighs.

Suddenly Shanna yelped, as her cunt clamped down harder than ever before on my meat, and I started to cum with her, shooting my seed deep into her, filling every bit of her vagina.

Shanna was still breathing heavily, when she collapsed on top of me, her cheek pressed to mine, and it took me a moment to realize that she had actually passed out.

I soon followed her into slumber.

* * *

We were in my car, driving, with the sun setting behind us, and the moon already sitting high in the sky.

“You didn’t have to come with me,” I told Shanna. I had tried to talk her out of coming, without trying too hard, and making her suspicious, but it hadn’t worked. “I promise you, that I plan on breaking it off with Gina.”

“I know,” she told me calmly, her hand lightly resting on my thigh. “I just wanted to have a small talk with Gina, too,” she told me.

I wondered at that, wondering if she was playing some game or another, but she had assured me she wasn’t. Calling Gina over the phone to break it off wasn’t an option for me. I felt like it was the chicken shit thing to do, and knew that the blonde deserved better than that. Shanna had insisted on coming with me, and I just wasn’t up to arguing with her anymore.

“Now, you told me that Gina knows about your ability, but not how you got it, right?” Shanna asked me, her tone curious. “And not about the alien?”

“Yeah,” I answered, wondering what Shanna was planning on talking to Gina about, “she knows nothing about Lela.”

“Lela, yes. What about her mom?” she asked next.

“To the best of my knowledge, Nancy doesn’t know about any of it,” I told her.

“You know, you could make her forget all about you,” Shanna told me solicitously, and I glared at her. She knew how I felt about using my power like that. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding. Sheesh, you’d think I asked you to rob a bank of something.”

“Not a bank,” I mumbled, “just someone’s mind and memories.”

“Well, I guess if you put it that way… ” she said quietly. “But how do you explain what you did to Gina and Nancy, then?”

“I was still learning, and made mistakes,” I told her defensively. “That’s why I’m so careful about using them in people now.”

“Okay,” my girlfriend finally relented.

When I rung the doorbell, Nancy answered the door.

“Oh, Nick! I didn’t expect you. Come in!” She was cheerful as she greeted me and even smiled as Shanna came in after me. “I’ll go get Gina.”

“Now there’s a nice piece of tail,” I mumbled into my drink. And when I said it, I meant it pretty literally. She had tail. Two, of them, actually.

I was sitting in my favorite dive where I kill time between trips out to the asteroid belt, mining for heavy metals. This had so far been an uneventful leave; my usual partners were off-station and I didn’t want to spend the bits on a hussy. I was halfway through my third drink and was starting to feel pretty good when she walked in.

She was a Kithkra, a feline species we’d encountered a century ago. Her fur was the luxurious, shining orange of youth. She was wearing black boots that came up to her well-muscled thighs and clinked with chains and other adornments. I glanced at her right ear. Young indeed. It bore the piercings of the Kithkran coming-of-age ceremony, and they were still bleeding. She had five rings in, though, where most had only four. I also noticed her right eye glowed bright blue. “She’s a cy,” I thought to myself. Most of her kind eschewed cybernetic modification.

As soon as she walked through the door, she clicked off her holographic top, revealing her small breasts, the tips of pink nipples poking through her fur. Though this wasn’t really a topless bar, as long as you didn’t engage in actual copulation, the management tended to look the other way if you decided to embrace your species’ clothing customs. Kithkrans generally wore no clothes, aside from combat armor, but dressed when in human-majority areas. Our species seems to be one of few who get the ickies when exposed to the genitalia of others.

She kept on her boots and loincloth, however. Not that the latter covered much. It was a silver chain that rode her hips, holding up in the front a thin strip of leather, covering only her pussy. In back, I knew it would be a longer piece snugged up directly under her tails, covering what was bound to be a well toned butt. Thin, light yellow stripes paralleled the chain, drawing the eye along her hips towards her crotch.

She had an aggressive stance that caused the rest of the room to pretty much pretend she wasn’t there despite her relatively short stature. I think the long knife handle in her boot helped with that. She strode over to the bar, her movements causing the front piece of her loincloth to barely sway to the side, providing me a momentary glimpse of her mound. It glistened.

I realized she must have quite literally just come from the ceremony naming her an adult, and she was in heat and on the prowl. The fifth earring and her cybernetics marked her as an outsider to her people, a station in life I could identify with. Asteroid mining is a lonely profession.

The cat girl sat down and ordered something; I missed what. I know enough of the language to know if I’m being swindled in a business deal, but I definitely can’t hold a conversation in it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. She was young and sinewy, her fur looked gloriously soft, her two tails were a huge turn on for me, as was the fact that she was a cy. I am definitely a xenophile.

The girl took a drink and looked up, noticing that I was about the only one in the bar looking right at her. Her lips curled way back and she opened her mouth a bit, showing her bright teeth in a menacing snarl. I kept her gaze and bared my own teeth.

Her snarl lessened a little and her eyes narrowed. She seemed surprised, which was reasonable. It was unlikely any human had ever responded to a show of aggression from her with anything but a bowed head. We are a soft people.

I kept her gaze still as I finished my drink and waved the bartender over. I ordered another round and told him I’d pay for the Kithkran’s tab. I then let her see my gaze travel slowly down her body before I returned to what I was doing before she’d walked in: keeping an eye on the screens for anything interesting.

I was halfway through drink five when I saw the young feline get up and began making her way over to me. I chose not to notice it until she was standing next to me, arms crossed over her bare chest, tails flicking behind her. Christ, I could smell her. The slightly sweet musk of a Kithkran in heat is an intoxicating aroma, not that I needed more intoxication.

I waited a moment longer until I heard a low rumble in her throat before I looked away from the screen and slowly, casually, even disinterestedly, met her stare. Her left eye was as iced as a comet, while her implant was now shining a bright red. I cocked my head to the side just a touch, setting off a string of indicator lights down my neck, to show her I too was a cy, trying to put her at ease.

It didn’t really work. “Explain your actions, man.” The last word came out with a snarl, as an epithet. Her breathing was heavy, though controlled. Whether from her obviously unsatiated needs or from anger, I couldn’t say.

I simply shrugged and told her “You looked like you were having a rough day. Thought it might help.”

“What hssss do you mean?” Her nose crinkled up when she hissed and she left the tips of her quite sharp teeth visible.

I then did something truly imbecilic. I mean orders of magnitude stupider than anything I had ever done. I can’t say whether the alcohol had given me balls of steel or brains of rock, maybe both. I reached up and flicked her top earring.

She reared her head back and let out a terrifying yowl, part pain, part rage. The bar was covered in the silence of a crowd that senses a seriously dangerous fight is about to break out. There wasn’t a heater in the room that didn’t have a hand on it, safety off.

The girl pulled her paw away from her ear and looked at it, the fur slightly stained with fresh blood from the piercing. She looked at me with a gaze that could kill stronger men than I. Before she could pounce and tear my larynx out I simply pointed to her ear and said, with more cool than I should possibly have, “Why aren’t you at your Telnma?”

For a moment, time froze. I saw surprise, hate, fear, and sadness flash across her face. She seemed poised on the edge of a knife; on one side was killing me, breaking down in tears on the other. Finally, with her implant dimming back to a soft blue, she sat down next to me, looking sullenly at the bar top. The rest of the patrons heaved a collective sigh and went back to whatever business it was they were engaged in.

“I am not welcome,” she said quietly, not looking up. “I wanted a fifth brakta, the rings, to show my strength. It was deemed arrogant.” Her tails hung limp behind the chair. “I insisted. The priestess refused, and so I…I assaulted her. Took her needle and pierced it myself. The brakta has not been consecrated, and so I am barred from Telnma.” She closed her eyes, her ears drooping noticeably. “I will never be seen as an adult by my people. I cannot go home.”

I hadn’t expected that reaction, but then again, I don’t think I had really considered anything beyond whatever impulse had struck me to flick her earring. I’m not sure I’d expected to live beyond that moment.

I waved the bartender over and gestured vaguely at the furred girl. With that uncanny ESP all tenders seem to have he understood my unclear movement and poured her another of whatever she’d been drinking and set it in front of her. She looked up, scrunched her eyes up and pinched the bridge of her nose for a moment before taking a few deep breaths, then a few deep gulps.

Finally, she looked up. Her biological left eye’s bright blue hue pierced me. I could not have looked away had I tried. She asked why I, a human, would know such intricacies of Kithkran culture.

The alcohol stepped back in with those steel balls and stone brains. Well, that and the fact that I could still smell her arousal. Despite her currently crushed mood, her body still craved attention, and my own body was reacting. I stood up and just said, “Come with me to find out.” I briefly interfaced with the bar’s network and authorized payment of my tab, then turned and left. I had no idea what I was doing. I only knew I needed to spend the night with this ridiculously attractive young cat.

I was making my way back to my ship, with complete tunnel vision, totally unaware if she had followed me out of the bar, but not willing to look back to find out. I thought briefly back to when I had been invited to participate in one of my trading partner’s son’s Telnma. When a Kithkran comes of age, they basically throw a big friggin’ orgy, to prevent exactly what the target of my lust was doing tonight. need it. And shit could those kitties party. I don’t normally bat for the other team, but when you’re surrounded by two dozen copulating Kithkran and their pheromones, you don’t really worry too much about how you get off.

I was broken from my memory of an interesting threesome I’d been in the middle of that night by the heavy click of boots, accompanied by clinking metal. I glanced to the left. There she was, that alien beauty. A solid foot shorter than I was, yet she didn’t look like she was at all having trouble keeping stride. She was looking straight ahead, her ears perked up and forward. My eyes traveled down to her toned ass, the furred round side of which I could see, the loincloth only covering it from the back. Her tails were curved upwards and swaying gently as she walked and the cloth was snugged up against the base of them.

She strode with purpose. I grinned, my memory and my eyes causing my member to begin to swell. We walked in silence for a minute before I said “So. Curiosity get the best of you?”

She grinned, fangs showing, and told me, “I hear it killed the cat. I hope it is a worthy opponent.” I laughed, but didn’t respond otherwise. Her fur looked so soft. I wanted to bury my face in it, to trace every striation with my finger. Grab it up in my hands and hold on to her while I….

We had arrived at the berth housing my ship, whose cabin was my home. I opened the door and stood aside, looking my young companion over. She had a smirk, clearly infinitely confident of herself. The piercings had stopped bleeding, the cold steel glinting in the station’s harsh lighting. The girl’s boots shone with the dull gleam of well cared-for leather and her orange fur looked like a glowing ember.

The young cat (Jesus, had I really not gotten her name?) walked through my door as though SHE owned the place, like it was her boudoir. She had an air of assertiveness totally unlike the droop-eared kit that had so recently bemoaned her exile, yet different again than the angrily hurt feline who had blustered into the bar and into my world. I was going to have to do something about that.

I followed her in, then as soon as my door sealed behind me, I reached up to grab a pipe overhead to balance myself, reared back and placed a boot between her tails on her lower back, and I pushed.

She was an ochre ball of anger. As she fell forward, her tails waved wildly, trying to regain her balance; her arms flailed about, claws clearly out and glinting. She was snarling, and she fucking meant it. She turned as she fell, finally landing on her ass. The front piece of her loincloth was draped over her left thigh, the little cat girl’s little pussy wide and waiting. The pink of the skin stood out against the darker orange of her fur around it, which was matted and wet from her own lubrication. It seemed to invite me as it opened just the slightest bit with her heavy breathing. I didn’t hide my own arousal, my member rapidly growing into an obvious bulge in my pants.

She saw it; her eyes came unfocused for just a second. But then she was back in control of herself and began getting to her feet, snarling and swearing in her own tongue. I’m probably only half of what she called me.

As she was standing up, I walked quickly over to her and placed my right hand under her chin, my fingers finally finding tactile bliss in the plush ruff about her neck. I squeezed ever so gently as I helped lift her up. I didn’t stop once she was standing and picked her up off the floor, then shoved her back against a bulkhead.

“What,” she gasped. “What is wrong with you?!” Her breathing was a little raspy, constricted as it was by my hand on her throat.

“What is wrong with me?” I asked. “Why,” I said with as wicked a grin I could muster, showing my teeth, “I have a whelp of a litterling who thinks she can walk in to my chambers without so much as a phrase of respect. THAT, young kit, is what is wrong.”

Her eyes grew wide, then narrowed suddenly as she decided to try and free herself. She buried her claws in my right arm, eliciting a howl of pain from me. But I did not budge. I stepped closer still, trying to keep her from being able to pull her legs up and kick me off as I had done her.

She opened her mouth, sharp fangs glistening, she hissed at me. I spat in her open mouth, causing her to choke. Her grip didn’t lessen on my arm, little trickles of blood running from the punctures her claws had made. I reached up with my left hand and grabbed a hold of the chain that kept her loincloth resting on her hips. I yanked quickly, years of working on heavy machinery- plus a little electronic assistance from my implants- afforded me the strength to break it, pulling the cloth away from her. I tossed it behind me.

Suddenly I let go and she fell to her knees, gasping for air. Her finger’s built-in daggers let loose their hold on my arm as well, and I looked down. God, I thought, no matter what the species, a woman always looks best in nothing but boots.

I reached down and wiped my bloodied arm off on the side of her face, streaking her dark orange fur with bright tinges of red. Still trying to regain her breath, she looked up at me. That may have been the single most erotic moment of my life. This young furred alien girl on her leather-booted knees in front of me, her own dried blood on one side of her face, my fresh and still wet blood on the other; her face told of her anger, her fear, her vulnerability and her strength. Her desires to fuck me, to kill me, to break down and cry. To leave, to stay, to submit, to fight.

I made up her mind for her.

I grabbed her by the slightly longer and thicker hair between her ears and tugged her backwards, dragging her to my bedroom. She was kicking the deck plates, trying to get a foothold on a crack between them, a bolt, anything. She cried out with mixtures of howls and hisses, digging her claws once again into my arm.

With my free hand I was undoing my pants, ready to free my throbbing cock and unleash my lust on the girl. I hauled her up by her hair and threw her onto my bed. I thought her implant flashed brighter for a moment; I thought I saw a hint of a smile on her face. She knew this was a game, but was more than willing to play.

I grabbed the Kithkran’s ankles and dragged her towards the edge of the bed before flipping her over onto her stomach. I reached forward and grabbed her tails at the base and pulled lightly. The bitch immediately shut up and became as pliable as warm copper. A Kithkran’s tails are sensitive, and the complex joint that attaches them to the spine is easily dislocated. Not something my little fighting sex kitten wanted to experience.

I pulled her bare ass up into the air, the fuzzy round cheeks spreading as I did so, revealing her most secret parts to me. Up wafted a heady aroma of a Kithkran in heat tinged with the musk of sweat from our struggles. Her pink pussy shone with wetness, her tight tailhole finally visible to me. I was as hard as I could be. I am solidly an ass man, and something about that ass being covered in soft fur and its backdoor being “accented,” if you will, with tails above it made it even sexier.

Momentarily releasing her tails I removed my shirt and finished undoing my pants, my erection finally springing free. I saw her eyes widen as she looked back. I was, though not enormous, hung better than the average Kithkran. For such a beastly species, their cocks are among the smaller of the spacefaring races.

I smacked her ass with a thud deadened by the fur but still enough to make her wince, and said “Turn back around, bitch.” She snarled in defiance and began moving away again. Grabbing her tail once more I reached forward and yanked the knife from her boot, cutting both her and it in the process. A shame, I thought to myself. That was a fine piece of leatherwork.

Moving quickly, I placed the flat of the blade against her cunt and pushed. The blade was no doubt body temperature, having been up against her thigh, but I knew she could feel the hint of the edges on her skin. She growled, but stopped moving. I drew the blade upwards, the edges beginning to come in contact with the inside of her ass cheeks. Pulling away, I then just barely placed the tip at her entrance.

She kept growling but had stopped moving. I tugged a little on her tail, trying to pull her backwards while keeping the blade totally still. Her growl morphed into a whine as she fought the twin urges to move back to ease the pain in her tail and move forward to ease the pain on her cunt. Male Kithkrans have rough penises, so vaginal tearing is not unusual, and the female is built for it. The girl moved back very slowly, her own knife just barely beginning to cut into the soft flesh of her pussy.

I removed the blade and slapped her ass with the flat of it, the girl purring at the spank. Finally unable to hold out against my lust any longer, I slowly pushed my cock into her, her purr deepening as I did. I groaned at the incredible feeling. She was extremely tight (probably a virgin, if she had held to custom), yet had been so wet that I slid in with ease. Her vaginal muscles contracted around me, massaging my shaft as I penetrated deep into her, my hips finally making contact with her butt. Knife still in hand, I gripped her hips and pulled back, burying myself into her.

Pulling back out slowly, I looked down. My cock glistened with her lubricant, mixed with a little blood from where I had cut her. For me, blood is an exceptionally powerful aphrodisiac. I backed all the way out, my head popping out and her hole winked quickly shut.

I stayed there for what was surely only a moment, but felt like an age. I had never had a Kithkran this young, probably never had any girl this young. Nor in such a manner. The power I now held over her made me drunk in a way no ingestible chemical ever had. I was taking her for my own pleasure and she now willingly submitted.

Finally, with a grunt, I plunged forward again, eliciting a yelp from her as my balls slapped up against her. I reached forward and carefully played around her breasts with the knife, being careful not to cut. With the other hand I kept her ass spread apart, my eyes locked onto our coupling.

She began bucking her hips, her muscular thighs hitting mine over and over, her tight pussy practically milking my cock. The suction was incredible. I moved my hand and pushed a thumb against her anus. She growled, but I nicked the underside of one of her breasts with the knife, shutting her back up.

“You’re fucking mine, kit” I said. She mewled acquiescence. I continued to pound into the wild cat, my cum-heavy balls beginning to pull up as my orgasm approached. I pushed harder into her tailhole with my thumb, the tight entry only slowly yielding to my probing. I pushed until it was buried to the knuckle in her tight asshole, her muscles reacting to the intrusion by squeezing around it. I knew I would have to fuck her in that hole before the night was over.

My balls slapped softly against her furred mound as I fucked her with all I had. She was yowling and bucking wildly against me, nothing but the need to get me deeper driving her. I smacked her ass again with the flat of the knife, the muscular cheeks jiggling only a little.

I slowed my pace for a minute, pulling out so only my head was inside her before slowly pushing back in. The sensation was incredible, her vaginal walls rippling along my length, massaging the length of my shaft, drawing me out.

I never believed in aliens until the night I was abducted from my apartment while I slept. I woke in a dark room with dim flickering lights, strapped naked to a cold floating platform with metal cuffs around my forearms and thighs. The smooth metal beneath me stretched from the middle of my back to my tailbone and floated around the room, twisting and turning as if there were no air but I could breathe. The walls were black so I could not see how large of a space I was in. It seemed I could make out movement just beyond the area of flickering lights.

“Hello?” I called then wish I hadn’t. The creature that appeared from out of the darkness wasn’t quite human. While it had human characteristics, it was a tall being, pale complexion, with large almond shaped, glassy eyes. It wore a collar around its neck and when it spoke, the digital sounding voice came from the collar.

“Do not be afraid.”

I was terrified! So that I couldn’t even scream. This had to be a dream, I kept mentally telling myself.

“We have taken you for a mating compatibility study. Once the study is complete you will be returned to your natural habitat.”

Mating compatibility study? What the hell did that mean? I tensed as he reached out and touched the platform ceasing its slow tumble through the air.

“What?” I whispered with a shaky voice.

“We’ve been observing your species for some time. We are familiar with your mating rituals. We want to know if they are compatible with our own. After we test, we will study the results and make a determination one way or the other.” He lifted his free hand and touched my breasts. His fingers were long and slender but then seemed to meld together into one form so that it could move over and around my curves.

I stared as part of his forearm extended, almost like liquid, into another limb. Then the end took on the form of a penis. It neared my mouth and pressed against my lips before probing inside against my tongue. I was petrified and didn’t know what to do; still mentally convincing myself it wasn’t real. The cock shaped limb began moving in and out of my mouth, then pushed deeper until it bumped the back of my throat. The alien made a small noise that resembled a human moan only it came out from that digital sounding collar. Suddenly the thing in my mouth began to grow, pushing my mouth open wide. Once it had swollen so that I couldn’t close my mouth, the end began moving back and forth pushing just down my throat.

After a few moments, it shrank again and pulled from my mouth but remained there close to my face.

My heart pounded as I watched another penis limb grow from its opposite shoulder and snake out long until it touched my sex between my thighs, strapped wide apart. It rubbed against my clit and to my horror, my body responded, warming to the stimulation. When I moaned and whimpered, the member split so that it continued to rub my clit while the second half created a new cock that could slip down and push between my pussy lips. It slipped inside of me and like the first one, began to grow and fill me completely. Then it rippled back and forth without moving out of my body. My moans grew louder and I was unable to help the tension and arousal growing inside of me.

I closed my eyes and didn’t open them until I felt another cock shape bumping again my asshole. It seemed to lubricate itself and squirted lubricant into me before it pushed in to fill me in the same manner my pussy was filled. I felt stretched and full while it continued to rub my clit. I shook from the intensity of it as the one hovering near my face returned to my mouth. It slowly and gently began pushing deeper with the steady strokes until it was throat fucking me.

It just wasn’t possible for one being to do this! Or at least that was what the logical part of my brain was telling me. However, that part was quieter than the burning need growing inside of me. My body jerked as my arousal heightened. Seeming to understand I was nearing climax, all that filled me began to move faster. The being leaned forward as more of its body changed and extended so that it felt as if every part of me was being touched and caressed.

It was too much and I bucked as I came, my muffled scream vibrating every inch of the alien so that I felt it in my pussy and ass as well. The alien then seemed to envelope me completely, coating me like some latex suit that also filled me. I couldn’t breathe as I felt it tighten around me and then fill my mouth, cunt, and ass with liquid. Moments later it slipped away from my body and pulled out of me completely. Had it just cum into me?

“You were a perfect subject,” The alien said, once he was in normal form again. “We will return you to your natural habitat now.” I didn’t see the needle until it was too late and already injecting something blue into my arm. A moment later, I started to drift off to sleep. When I woke, I was in my bed in my apartment again. I would have thought it a mere dream except the soreness in my body and the small needle mark in my arm.

I realized then my abduction had been real.

Kevin followed the agent through the spacious halls of the White House to the President’s formal planning room. Seated behind the large desk, the President was listening to the multiple voices pouring from the video link as the other world leaders voiced their concerns. The President waved Kevin over and pointed at a chair, and then waved the agent out of the office.

“Gentlemen, Gentlemen,” the President said, trying to restore order. “I have the human leader of the so called ‘mates’ of these aliens with me. Can we all please slow down and listen to what they have to say?”

All eyes turned to Kevin and he wondered where to begin.

“Gentlemen,” he started formally. “As you are no doubt now aware, we are not alone in the universe. These people have…”

“They are not people, they are invading aliens.” The Russian President yelled. “They come here, abduct my countrymen and then demand more of our people just to satisfy their needs.”

“Respectfully, Mr. President,” Kevin said confidently, “they have demanded nothing, nor have they abducted anyone, which is more than I can say for us.” He shot a dark look at his own President. “They have come to us seeking help and offering us knowledge and resources that we don’t possess in exchange for genetic material and in most cases, monogamist relationships.”

“How can you say such things?” The Japanese Prime Minister demanded. “They have come…”

“Mr. Prime Minister,” Kevin interrupted. “I was in the room with your country man when this issue was discussed. He agreed to share his DNA with his mate after some initial comments about the difference between our cultures. And I believe his mate agreed with what he told her.” Turning to the Russian President he said, “Mr. President, I can assure you that they are indeed people, and much more advanced people than we are.”

“I can vouch for that,” The U.S. President interrupted, trying to take control of the meeting again. “They could have abducted my wife and I if they chose, instead they came to us with a request for help. Now I know that I can’t speak for Congress or the House, but I intend to see to it that these people get the assistance that they need.”

“I concur,” the British Prime Minister said, nodding. “This is a great opportunity for the entire planet and we would be fools not to help, if only for the technology that they are offering.”

“We will not allow the west to control this information, nor will you dictate policy to my people.” The Chinese President said hotly. “We will make our own decision in this matter.”

“That is your right, Mr. President.” Kevin said before his President could respond. “However, think about this, do you want the rest of the world to benefit from this encounter and your people to be left behind?” Kevin could see the look of horror on his President’s face, but he continued without pause. “And the more pressing issue is that fact that if you say no, then your people will not be represented in the genetic launch of this new race, because, gentlemen, that is what this is, a new race, for they will be neither human nor alien, but a hybrid of both.”

Kevin paused and looked at the thoughtful expressions on the video screens.

“Now if you will excuse me, I have to meet my wife and get back to the ship. We will be in contact with you shortly to get your decisions,” and he turned and walked out of the room.

Kevin checked with the agent posted outside the door and he was escorted to the First Lady and Mina in the family quarters of the White House. He found Mina sitting on a sofa with the President’s son snuggled up to her and sleeping soundly. The First Lady was sitting opposite them and smiling fondly.

“Kevin, there you are.” The First Lady said, “we were just talking about you.”

“I’m sure of that.” He said smiling as Mina blushed. “Come on, we’ve got to get going. I expect that the President will be here shortly to discuss this with First Lady and I am sure that you have duties to attend to.”

“Of course,” the First Lady said, “but I just want you both to know that you are welcome here anytime and I expect you both at dinner tomorrow night, seven o’clock sharp.”

“I can’t wait Helen.” Mina said, not moving as David held her about the waist, pulling her tighter as she tried to extricate herself.

The First Lady stepped over and picked her son up and cuddled him as he fought to get back to Mina.

“Looks like you made a couple of friends.” Kevin said as Mina stood and walked over to the wall.

“Yes, he is so sweet.” Mina gushed. “I can’t wait until ours are here.” She touched the spot behind her ears and whispered something. The bookcase in front of her shimmered and the portal to the ship appeared.

“See you tomorrow night.” The First Lady called as they stepped through the portal and the door opened behind them and the President stepped into the room.

“Kevin, I need…” The portal closed before the President could complete his sentence.

“He didn’t sound too happy.” Mina observed as they walked out into the corridor from the tele-portal chamber.

“Yes, I think I may have overstepped my bounds during the video conference. I am just not cut out for diplomacy.”

“Well, don’t worry; I’m sure that he will be fine by tomorrow night.”

“And just how did we get invited to dinner at the White House, again?” He demanded.

“Well, Helen wanted to talk to us before the announcement and felt that dinner would be a good idea. She really didn’t have much choice, after David invited me.”

“He really took to you, didn’t he?”

“He did and such an angel too.” She said wistfully. “Do you think ours will be that sweet?”

“With you as their mother, they will be even better.” He told her hugging her as they walked into their quarters.

The next morning, ship’s time, Kevin sat stretched out in bed watching Mina dress for her daily duties.

“You are just going to lounge about in bed and watch me do all the work?” She demanded as she braided her hair.

“Why not,” Kevin replied with an impish grin. “The station thinks that I have the flu and I am not needed until dinner tonight. I am going to take a well deserved day off.”

“Not on my watch mister.” Mina said firmly. “You need to meet with the other men to see how their meetings went. I checked and all of them have reported back aboard. I have reserved the same briefing room that you used yesterday for this morning and breakfast will be served in thirty minutes, so get moving lazy bones.”

“Mated two days and already the ball and chain have come out.” Kevin muttered darkly and then leaped from the bed as she dove at him. “You need to be quicker than that Captain.” He laughed and headed into the bathroom.

“Just you wait till tonight,” she threatened before heading out.

Kevin was the last to arrive at the meeting and served himself a large breakfast from the buffet against one wall. The rest of the men were working their way through varying levels of breakfast and only small talk was made, although the German and Italian were talking soccer rather heatedly. Kevin finished eating quickly and rapped the table top with a knuckle.

“Gentlemen, if we could shelve the soccer talk before someone gets hurt I would like to get this meeting underway.” Both the German and the Italian sat back down looking a little sheepish. “Thank you, now if we could have a brief synopsis of each of your meetings, I think that would give us an idea where we stand with each government. In my case, the United States President is all for offering aid and assistance to these people.”

They went around the table, each man confirming that their own government had agreed to allow Mina’s people to live and work freely in their countries. The Chinese and the Russian members of the board, as Kevin had started to think of them, expressed concerns about their governments’ lying to them, but had no solid proof.

“I understand your concerns,” Kevin told them. “I noticed last night during the video conference that your leaders seemed a little reluctant to allow the proliferation of our spouses’ people. But how can we make sure that the word gets out?”

“Well,” the Englishman said smiling slightly, “if these people can travel faster than light, I am sure that they have something that will allow them to make sure that their people are safe and to ensure that any message sent does in fact get through.”

“I’ll check with Mina about that.” Kevin said, making a note on the electronic pad before him. “But what are we going to do about an announcement?”

“Well, I think that a meeting at U.N. Headquarters would be a good start.” The German put in, “perhaps with some form of display of their technology.”

“I agree with the meeting,” the Chinese member said, “however instead of U.N. Headquarters, I think that Switzerland would be a better location.”

“Good thinking, as they have always been neutral territory and they are not represented here, it would show that no one side is trying to take over.” Kevin replied. “Perhaps we have each leader announce that there will be a worldwide announcement from there on the state of the planet and then when everyone is tuned in; we use their tele-portal and appear with the announcement that we are not alone in the universe.”

“Good thinking, perhaps we can have these people take control of the airwaves and preempt every other show on the air at that time.” The Italian member put in.

‘All right, lets’ get started gentlemen,” Kevin said and the meeting dissolved as the men left to see their mates and make the appropriate arrangements.

Kevin found Mina on the bridge of her ship, sitting in a seat at the centre reading an electronic pad as the lift dropped him off.

“Kevin, what brings you to the bridge?” The XO asked politely, effectively blocking his entry and announcing to the bridge at large and Mina in particular that he was there.

“We have had a few ideas and I need to discuss their feasibility with the Captain.” He said formally.

“By all means Kevin,” Mina said smiling. “Let’s step into my day cabin and discuss it. XO, you have the bridge.”

“Aye Captain, I have the bridge.” The XO stated formally and moved to the captain’s chair. Mina never looked back as she led Kevin into her day cabin.

“Now what do you have in mind?” She asked as the door closed and squeaked in surprise as Kevin pinned her against the desk and kissed her deeply.

“Nothing,” Kevin said breaking the kiss. “You just looked like you needed to be kissed.”

“By you always,” Mina panted, clutching his shoulders.

“Actually I wanted to discuss a few ideas we had at our meeting this morning.” Kevin proceeded to rehash the discussion held over breakfast and Mina nodded in agreement.

“We can intercept and override their frequencies anytime we want.” She confirmed. “That will make sure that everyone with an electronic device will see the information live.”

“And if the machine is not on?” Kevin asked.

“No problem, we can override the system and send a program to activate any machine. Even when they are off, they are still hooked in to systems and are only on standby.”

“Good, now we can start planning our meeting with the President and how we are going to handle this announcement. I’ll let you get back to work.” Mina pouted at him and he smiled evilly. “What, you want to go back on the bridge with that just fucked look on your face and me running down your thigh. Not exactly the proper look for a Captain.”

Mina sighed and nodded slowly. “I know, but that kiss got me started and I don’t think I can wait till tonight.”

“When is your lunch?”

“In another hour, why?”

“There is a reason they call them ‘nooners’ you know.” Kevin pinched her nipples and stepped to the door as she moaned in frustration.

“Keep that up and you won’t make it till lunch.” She threatened.

Kevin stepped out of her day cabin and made his way back to the lift. He turned and watched Mina step to her chair and he could see her hard nipples standing out in her uniform and gave another evil smile as the door closed.

Mina stormed into their quarters at noon practically spitting nails looking for Kevin. She was horny enough to fuck anything and if Kevin didn’t put the fire inside her out soon, she wasn’t going to be responsible. She saw a note on the table and picked it up:


Sorry, had to check in with real job. Back around two.


Mina crumpled up the paper and flung it against the wall in anger and frustration. She was so looking forward to a quickie with him at lunch. Her anger faded quickly as she made her way into the bedroom, she was going to lie down for a bit and then get back on duty. As she stepped around the wall she looked up in surprise as a wolf whistle sounded. Laying naked and ready in the bed was Kevin.

“I thought you had a meeting?” She questioned.

“I know you did.” He laughed.

“Do you know what happens to people who lie to their mates?” She asked darkly, slipping her uniform off her shoulders and shimming out of it.

“I can’t imagine.” He replied calmly.

“They get punished.” She roared and flung herself onto him, swallowing his rampant penis whole.

“You can punish me like this anytime you want.” Kevin grunted, pulling her tail gently and guiding her over his face where he dove into her melting crevasse. Mina mewled around his shaft and worked her tongue and lips harder.

Kevin held her tight to his face for three or four small orgasms as she continued to pleasure him slowly. She wanted him inside her and she wasn’t going to waste this perfectly hard cock for anything. Still using her tail for leverage, Kevin slipped out from under her, lined up and drove deep into her soupy channel from behind. Mina howled in delight as he settled deep inside her. Kevin began driving in and out of her at top speed, and she pushed back harder at each thrust. The sound of their flesh meeting echoed around the bedroom along with Mina’s screams of delight. Finally Kevin pulled up on her tail sharply and drove her face down into the pillow as Mina screamed again. He could feel her tighten around him for the last time and just as he drove himself completely into her he mashed his thumb down on her winking rosebud.

Mina’s screams reached a new level as she felt him shoot deep inside her and his thumb sink deep into her backside. She had never experienced anything like double penetration before and the new thrill took her back up and over the brink again.

Kevin slipped out and let go of her tail and Mina collapsed on the bed, a quivering sweating mess. Smiling slightly Kevin climbed off the bed and slipped the special condom off and put it in the stasis chamber by the bed. Getting back on the bed, he gathered her up in his arms and held her gently as she fought to regain her breath.

“I…I…thought I was…supposed to…to be punishing…you.” She finally stammered.

“You did.” Kevin said smiling down at her. “You teased me long enough.”

“Just hold me darling,” she said softly, her hand playing in his chest hairs.

“All day and all night long,” Kevin whispered and she drifted off to sleep.

Two hours later, Kevin shifted and Mina woke restlessly. Sitting up in shock she looked at the bedside clock and shrieked in dread.

“Look at the time.” She said springing from the bed and gathering her uniform. “I should have been back on the bridge over an hour ago.”

“You were in conference with your mate regarding the moral and ethical issues involved in sharing genetic material.”

“Is that the fancy new name for wild pagan sex?” She asked smiling as she scrambled to get dressed.

“No, that is what we are actually going to do. I have already informed the XO that we need to talk this afternoon about that.”

“You spoke to the XO, when?” Mina asked sharply.

“I commed her while you were asleep.” Kevin told her calmly. “I said that you were indisposed at the moment and we would be in conference the rest of the day. Now come back to bed.”

“Kevin, I don’t know if you should be…”

“We need to talk.” Kevin said firmly. “A question came up this morning at the meeting and I need to talk about it with you.”

Mina slid back into bed and snuggled up under his arm. “What is it, you sound upset.”

“No, just concerned,” Kevin replied. “The question came up about the parenting of children that are created among the women of your world. Most of the rest of the guys feel, myself included, that if we are going to father children, then we need to be involved in the upbringing of them. These kids will need fathers and it is not right to donate sperm and walk away, but at the moment with so few of us…”

“Don’t worry about that.” Mina told him gently. “Most of the females of my species still mate with the males of us. They cannot produce children, but they still love each other and want to raise them if possible.”

“But that brings up another issue, if we do donate all this sperm, won’t the men of your world resent having to raise someone else’s child? I know that would weigh heavily on my mind when I was thinking about getting married.”

“The ones that want children have to pass a rigorous screening process to ensure that they will be proper parents. Most have already done so. The thought of our race dying out seems to have outweighed the thoughts of raising someone else’s child. Also, children are so rare among my people that they are considered the greatest gift in the universe. Anyone abusing or disregarding a child would probably be killed on the spot.”

“You are sure?” Kevin questioned.

“Very,” Mina said with firm nod.

“What about you, you never married.”

“Neither did you.” Mina reminded him. “Not everyone follows the same path, much the same as on earth. Does everyone on Earth marry and have two point five kids and a dog?”

“No, I see your point.”

“Most of my crew are married, but the ones on the scouting missions, like me, are not mated, just in case they did fall in love like we did.”

“Good, I don’t want to have to share you with anyone but the kids.” Kevin said sliding his fingers down her flank and watching her shiver.

“Don’t start that now.” Mina said twisting away. “We have to get cleaned up and dress for dinner with the President.”

“Just five more minutes Mommy.” Kevin said closing his eyes pulling her tighter.

“Nothing doing,” she said wiggling out of his grasp. “Now get out of this bed this instant.”

“No,” came the muffled reply as Kevin burrowed himself deeper into the blankets.

“Fine,” Mina said and she turned to the bathroom, “because I was going to take a shower and now I will just have to get all wet and naked alone.”

Kevin unwrapped himself from the blankets and was behind her before she got to the shower door.

“You fight dirty.” He said, hugging her from behind.

“It works.” She giggled as he started nibbling on her neck.

“There are so many stars tonight” whispered Clara.

I look over at her gazed face. Her cute little nose. Her pointed face. Her brownie brown hair laying away from her face as she lays on the blanket looking upward to heaven. Her light brown eyes the color of sunset. Her silk/satin shirt raised a little above her sexy flat stomach and showing her cute navel as well. I want to lie on top of her and kiss her blood red lips. Stroke her busty round breasts and berry-toned nipples.

“Do you think there’s life on other planets?” she asked.

“I don’t know. They haven’t found them yet if there were.” I replied.

“I think there are but maybe they are being cautious about approaching us or something.” she rationalized. I think she just want there to be life on other planets knowing it isn’t so.

“Do you think they would harm us?” she just had to keep interrogating about. I rolled my eyes. I wish she would ask me to be her lover instead of wondering about fantasy creatures.

“I wouldn’t want to find out. Their technology could be more advanced than ours.” I disclosed.

“What would u do during an alien apocalypse?” she queried like a child. I hope to be with you is what I want to say but the words won’t escape my lips. I don’t want things to get “weird” with us.

“Try to get out of town. Try to make sure people I love get out of town.” I replied.

“Am I one of those people?” she inquired curiously yet seductively.

“Of course.” I responded in the same seductive manner. We stared at each other for 5 seconds and looked away. I turned my head towards her way one more time when she was leaning in for a kiss. I leaned the opposite way of where her head leaned and puckered up. I pulled her closer to me and used my tongue to massage hers. She moans with each kiss. Sounds sexy. I slide her shirt further down her shoulder to massage her breasts and nipples. I kiss her on both sides of her neck. Then her shoulder and down her arm until I can see the outline of her bra.


A bright light shone on us and almost blinded us even with our eyes closed. We buried our heads in each other’s arms. The bright light began to dim and we slowly lifted our heads in disbelief. Two shadowy figures stood a few feet in front of us.

A male figure standing over 6 ft. tall and a female figure standing about 5’8″.

“What is going on?” Clara nervously implored.

“Who are they?” I asked cautiously looking at their direction.

“Salutations.” They chimed.

“Salutations means hello. Maybe they’re nice.” Carla analyzed. I’m not buying it but I’ll let her have her moment. She still hasn’t let go of my arms. I’m not complaining.

“I am Veraj. This is my partner, Oked. We are from the planet Amalga. We have come to your planet to study your relationships and your behaviors.” the female alien explained.

For aliens, they look human enough. Their skin tone is still noticeable though. The male aliens skin tone is a copper penny brown while the female’s is an orangy jersey shore tan tone.

Their hair color is different. Her hair is long and silver looking like an old lady’s. His hair is spiky and silver with a mix of gray. They didn’t have much clothes on but there’s no plan yet on how to do that. The female aliens breasts aren’t bad. About as strokable as Clara’s.

“So are you like in school or something?” Clara queried further. I hope she doesn’t make them mad.

“It is research for our home planet.” Oked replied.

“Is your spaceship alright?” I finally realized the source of the bright light that almost blinded us.

“Our ship will have to be repaired in the morning. It runs on mostly sunlight.” Oked reasoned.

“Where will we stay, Oked?” Veraj implored in a sort of worried tone.

Clara looked to me and I had a feeling she needed to talk to me about something.

“Why don’t they stay with me? I have an extra guest room.” Clara suggested.

“Are you sure about that? You don’t know what they’re capable of! They can turn you into soup in your sleep.” I pleaded for Clara to use some of her common sense.

“We’ve been standing in front of them for 15 minutes now and we’re still alive.” Clara had to rationalize taking in strange humanoid aliens.

“Well, when they attack, you are on your own.” I replied a sort of cold hearted sounding reply considering I am in major love with this stunning creature whose name is Clara. Luckily, she had blankets in her trunk, and she wrapped up the space cadets and hid them in the backseat. After 30 minutes, we arrived at her red brick house. It was still dark outside in the wee hours of the early morning. Hopefully no one can still see us.

As we entered her house, she turned on all the lights and entered into all 5 rooms. She came out with some clothes for our intergalactic visitors.

“Here put these on and I’ll make it cozy in here. What do you guys eat?” Clara interrogated.

“Unfortunately none of the food here.” Veraj responded.

“But we aren’t hungry right now. We have so much to ask you.” Oked replied.

“What do you want to know?” I inquired.

“What is intimacy? How do humans show love for each other?” Veraj interrogated like she was the F.B.I.

“Don’t ask so many questions, Veraj.” Oked scolded.

“Would you like to come back with us to our home planet?” Veraj inquired further.

“Wait! Leave our planet for yours?!?! We’re going somewhere even astronauts nor their grandchildren haven’t been?!?!” I exclaimed.

“Veraj, you are being too forward! The humans may not want to travel so far from their world.” Oked interrupted.

“I might want to go.” Clara exclaimed. I looked at her to see if she is serious. Unfortunately, she does. She turned to me excitedly.

“Instead of them destroying our world, we can go to theirs. Makes sense right?” Clara pestered.

“Clara what if you never are able to come back?” I reasoned.

“Fine by me. This world has gotten atrocious. Might as well find somewhere else to really belong to.” Clara responded.

How can I live my life without Clara? She has been the only female friend I have that’s as beautiful as she is…inside and outside. If she goes, I’ll be alone.

“I will be alone.” I unconciously muttered.

“What did u say?” Clara inquired.

“I’ll be alone if you go without me.” I whined.

“So will you leave me to be in outer space alone?” Clara implored.

“No. I won’t.” I assured Clara. We stared into each other’s eyes. God, her light brown eyes are so hypnotizing. I brush my hand against her cheek. I rub my thumb against her full plush red lips. She closes her doe-shaped eyes. I lean in to kiss her.

“What is this you are doing?” Oked interrupted. He picked a good time.

“Oh, Oked. I guess we showed you a little snippet of what intimacy is.” Clara explained.

“We could do much more.” I hinted. Clara giggled.

“Please show us more. That can further process our decision of your worhiness to enter our planet.” Veraj responded.

I cupped Clara’s face and pressed her lips against mine. I danced my tongue around her mouth.

I guided my hand down her back to where her backside is cupping each butt cheek. I pulled her closer to me to feel her breasts squeeze against my body. I kiss the top of her breast. She pulled her shirt and jeans below her knees. I began to take my shirt and jeans off as well, held her tighter, and kissed her lips more.

“Your head and lips dance with each other.” Veraj observed.

“Yes that is called kissing. That is a part of the intimacy.” Clara seductively explained. She was turning me on immensely. I kiss her more on the lips and work back down to where her black satin bra is. I slide down one of her straps until both “shirt jugs” stared at me with its pink colored berries called Clara’s nipples. I flicked and sucked with my tongue and mouth. She moaned and massaged her “love button” to get more into the mood.

“May we try this intimacy?” Veraj implored.

“I’ve never kissed an alien before but there’s a first time for everything.” Clara shrugged. She walked towards Veraj and kissed her thin lips.

Clara slid Veraj’s gown down to the floor as well and massaged her intergalactic nipples. Oked walked behind Veraj and kissed the back of her neck. It turned her on more because she moaned longer.

“Our species have never known intimacy like this.” Veraj breathlessly said.

“We should. And it starts with us.” Oked responded and kissed Veraj on her lips as well. He still had his boxers on but Veraj and Clara slipped them off.

“Oh Gosh! Male alien genitals are a bit much for me!” Clara exclaimed.

“Take it slow like this.” I instructed. I saw a banana on her kitchen counter and a dozen doughnuts and inserted the banana into the doughnut slowly in and out.

“My hair can also be used.” Veraj replied. She whipped her hair into almost the shape of a dildo. We both touched her stiff mane and it was indeed stiff. Other parts of her hair whipped around to tie up Clara’s arms and legs.

“Oh! I can’t move!” exclaimed Clara. I gotta say these aliens learn kinkiness quick! I focused on her perfectly oval shaped “love cave”. Her “love button” beckoned for me to kiss it as well. Maybe this can be another lesson for them to learn.

I knelt in front of Clara. I stared into her sunset colored eyes.

“What are you going to do?” she implored as she still struggled to escape Veraj’s hair noose.

“Show you intimacy.” I seductively replied and buried my face between her legs. She moaned and squealed with pleasure.

*splosh* *splosh* *splosh* OOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOOH…

“I’m so wet now.” Clara breathlessly said.

Veraj inserted her dildo shaped hair into Clara “love hole”. Clara closed her eyes and enjoyed each thrust. I enjoyed her love faces.

“May I try?” inquired Oked.

“Can he Veraj?” begged Clara.

“Yes.” Veraj agreed and her hair fell back down her back. She looked in my direction. I have an uneasy feeling I’m next on her path to lust. She walked towards me and gave me a small kiss and went to bed.

“That’s all I get?” I quizzed. I was confused why Clara got more action than me.

I glanced over to see Oked just insert his intergalactic genitals in Clara.

“Thrust your hips slowly in and out.” Clara instructed. Oked did so and she moaned louder. It turned me on to see Clara pleasured. I walked to her, grabbed her face and kissed her roughly and passionately. Her “love canal” became more and more wet and Oked was able to put more and more of his intergalactic “love stick” inside Clara.

“Yes! I’m coming!” she exclaimed. Oked took his “space pipe” out of Clara and she fell asleep on the floor. I put a pillow under her head and covered her with a blanket.

“Get some sleep Oked.” I told Oked and laid next to Clara.

Next morning, I woke before Clara to see if our space cadets were still in the house.

“Where did they go?!?!” I exclaimed. I woke up Clara.

“They’re gone?!?! Did they go back to their ship?” she implied.

“Let’s get our clothes on and check.” I suggested.

After we threw our clothes on and hopped in the car to drive to the park where we first met them, there’s no spaceship. No aliens. Was it a dream?

“Did we imagine them?” Clara wondered.

“How does your…*ahem* feel?” I sarcastically asked.

“I still feel a little tired, it’s still pretty wet, and my legs are still a little shaky.” Clara answered.

“Maybe it wasn’t a dream.” I said as we stared into the sky into the great unknown.

[Author's Note: This is just a fun, relatively plotless little short story using two characters from one of my favorite anime shows.]

The smartly dressed man fumbled awkwardly for words. The two women before him were imposing figures. One was an assassin called “Twilight” Suzuka, a woman of distant Asian lineage, a lineage back from when Earth was a relevant locale. She was famous for wielding a wooden sword with such strength it surpassed most metal melee weaponry. The other was a dark-skinned, light-haired Ctarl-Ctarl named Aisha ClanClan; a shrill-voiced former diplomat who had, as of late, been demoted to a stationary post and was now doing mercenary work with the sword-wielding assassin. Ctarl-Ctarl were said to have the strength of ten men, and a temper like no other. The well-dressed man minded his words.

“An eighteen year-old male human named Garin is traveling on a routine delivery route.” he explained. “What this boy does not know is that his unique lineage and status as a virgin makes him a prime candidate for selection in the governing of a small planetary alliance with rather… dated moral principles.”

“They’d want the kid because he’s got good bloodlines and never been laid?” Aisha chimed in in her high, grating tone.

“Yes.” the man affirmed. “Now, if he is selected, my son will not be and my corporation will lose much influence in that region. That’s where you come in.”

Suzuka smirked and laid a hand on the hilt of her wooden blade.

“We’ll kill him.” she said flatly.

“No!” the man snapped. “If he’s killed needlessly, those who watch him, ready to approach him and make his nature clear to him, would know foul play.”

“So why are we here, then?” calmly inquired the assassin.

“I need you two to… rid him of his qualifying status as a uh… a virgin.”

Aisha’s grin was feral, predatory, and disturbing. Suzuka remained calm, but a gleam flickered in her eyes.

“So we hunt him down and lay him,” Aisha growled, “then you give us money.”

“If you provide video evidence,” the businessman added, “then yes. You’ll be furnished with a four-person luxury vessel with modified, battle-class armor and engines. Please do not waste any time.”

* * *

The Hei Fong port was a bustle of lively activity, which the two mercenaries wholly disregarded as they sought their ship. Sure enough, it was a fully stocked, four-person luxury vessel with individual rooms, a full kitchen (much to Aisha’s delight), and high quality engines and armor. As they came aboard, the computer sprang to life.

“Hello ladies,” it said in a cheerful male tone, “I am Lex, your ship’s computer and navigation system.”

“Lex, I am Suzuka and the wild woman devouring all of the food in our galley is Aisha.” Suzuka pronounced.

“A pleasure.” spoke the computer. “I have my targeting set for a vessel that is soon to depart, what are your orders?”

“Stalk it into less noticeable territory,” Suzuka advised, “then link up with it so we may board.”

Aisha emerged from the galley, a ravenous look still clear on her face.

“Then we can have that boy and play with him.” the cat-woman sneered, cracking her knuckles in a threatening way.

“How much does sex resemble a violent mauling in your culture?” Suzuka quipped.

“Usually does.” Aisha chirped. “That boy won’t know what hit him!”

* * *

Garin was proud of himself. Eighteen years old and on his first solo flight. Granted it was a spice delivery on a company vessel, but he was the only person aboard. The computer handled much of it, but damn it, Garin was proud.

His ship took its slot at the port and launched, breaking orbit and zooming into space. Garin grinned, pride flooding through him as he hurtled through the void of space. It wasn’t long until he was relaxed in his seat, watching his ship’s monitors and eagerly awaiting his payment. Maybe now, after this mission, a girl would notice him, once he had enough money to take a woman out on a proper date. That would be excellent…

The blaring of an alarm on his ship’s speaker system startled Garin so badly he almost fell out of his chair. A warning on his display read: “WARNING: Unidentified vessel. Linking commenced.”

“Fuck!” cursed Garin.

A vessel was trying to link. They’d pull alongside him and lock their hatch with his, preserving pressurization in both ships. They were trying to board. Pirates! It had to be. He couldn’t escape this, his ship’s engines were shit. But Garin wasn’t giving up without a fight.

* * *

“Link up complete, boarding is now possible.” Lex informed the female mercenaries.

“Thank you.” Suzuka said, ready to enter the airlock.

Aisha led the way, eager to go aboard, despite the fact that she couldn’t simply ravish the poor young man on his ship. But she was still strong and could thwart any defenses the pitiful vessel raised.

The airlock opened and Aisha darted in, followed by Suzuka. A brown haired boy of about eighteen years lunged at Aisha with a knife.

“Die, pirate!” he shouted.

Aisha caught his wrist effortlessly, threw the knife away and lifted the short, skinny boy by the front of his shirt.

“I’ll break him in a minute.” she laughed. “Sorry Suzu, you won’t get any.”

“Don’t call me that.” Suzuka snarled. “Just bring him aboard.”

“What is this?!” the boy, Garin, demanded, squirming desperately. “Just take my cargo and let me go, I have no money.”

He wanted to defend his ship, but not to be a hostage! Neither woman responded, and so Garin escaped as best he could. The powerful Ctarl-Ctarl held him by his shirt, so he wriggled out of his shirt and made a run for it. Suzuka leapt forward and tackled him down, putting him in a painful arm-lock and marching him toward the other vessel.

“You crazy bitches.” roared Garin in a panic, kicking at Suzuka.

The assassin calmly jabbed a pressure point on his neck and the boy went limp. Thus he was easily hauled aboard and his original vessel set adrift into space.

The women took him to one of the bedrooms where his clothes were torn off and he was shackled, spread-eagle, by heavy steel chains. Aisha practically drooled over his nude body, extending her claws and ready to destroy him.

“I’ll go first.” Suzuka cut in. “We need him alive afterword. Then you can have him.”

The Ctarl-Ctarl grumbled and stalked from the room, leaving Suzuka to activate a video lens and wait for Garin to awaken. It would be no fun to defile him when he was unconscious.

* * *

Garin realized a few things when he awoke. He was in a sparsely adorned, white painted bedroom aboard a space craft. He was on a bed. He was chained to said bed and he was naked. And one of his two captresses stood over him.

“Is this an interrogation?” he asked. “I know nothing.”

“No.” Suzuka said, moving closer. “Not at all.”

“What are you doing…???”

He trailed off as Suzuka effortlessly, smoothly disrobed, revealing her perfect body to his eyes. She was light-skinned, her muscles were athletic and defined. Her breasts were large and firm. And she was crawling over him, naked. Her dark hair was now let down, and it tickled him as she moved her head over his chest, upward until their faces were level, their noses almost touching.

“I uh… please wait!” he begged. “I’m a virgin.”

“I’ll fix that.” the assassin purred in a sultry tone.

“I don’t want it fixed!” he protested as her warm breasts pressed down against his chest. “I’m waiting for the right girl, you know?”

“Lucky you.” Suzuka whispered in his ear, nibbling his earlobe. “Because the right girl has found you.”

Her soft lips smothered Garin’s protests in a hard, unrelenting kiss as Suzuka let his manhood ease into her. The beautiful assassin moved her hips down against the boy, her hands exploring his non-muscular chest and tickling his nipples while her mouth continued to cover his. Their hips rocked together, Garin straining against his heavy bindings so he might, against his will, push his shaft deep into her tight, warm depths. He moaned into her mouth, and she invaded his with her tongue, hoping to pleasure her captive to a quick climax. Their bodies pressed together, her powerful legs wrapping around his waist and squeezing him as she rode him to his first orgasm inside a woman.

Suzuka rose from the sweating, shaking boy, smirking at the look of confusion, hurt, and dismay on his face. These looks were all tinged by the exhausted look of pure, lustful pleasure. She covered herself and turned to the video lens she’d mounted on the wall.

“Mission accomplished.” she stated. “A live stream of his deflowering.”

“Well done.” came a male voice. “I’m sending this video to the alliance shortly to show them Garin’s… depraved sexual tastes. He’ll be no good to them now. So now you may do with him as you wish.”

“And payment?”

“It’s in your account.”

The video lens winked off and Suzuka turned to Garin.

“My friend Aisha, the Ctarl-Ctarl is coming in.” she told him. “It’s been nice knowing you.”

“What’s this about?” demanded Garin, still shaken.

“Some council,” Suzuka tried to summarize, “was secretly watching you because of your bloodline and virginity, and they were going to ask you to join them. I was paid to stop that, to protect the interests of another.”

“So now I’m going to die?” murmured Garin.

“It will be slow and horrible, but with some pleasure for you, as well as plenty for Aisha.” Suzuka explained. “I’m sorry, but it’s only fair to her.”

As Garin pleaded with her, Suzuka dressed and left the room. Not moments later, Aisha was standing in the doorway, eyeing Garin as if he was a piece of meat. She shut the door and disrobed hastily before walking to his bed and, to his surprise, opening his shackles.

“You’re freeing me?” he asked, excitement filling him.

“I want you to fight back.” she hissed in his ear.

Then the claws came out and the Ctarl-Ctarl flung her dark-skinned, muscular, shapely body upon him. That tenfold strength was painfully employed by Aisha against her prey. Her claws raked his back, her teeth sank into his collarbone and she held them there, licking the blood away. Her legs, like a vice grip, crushed Garin’s hips against her, though he tried to struggle. In the throes of their passion they rolled on the bed and even off of it onto the carpeted floor. Garin screamed all the while, his screams joined by Aisha’s piercing shrieks of animal pleasure.

When Aisha finally came to her orgasm, she clawed and bit and crushed Garin beneath her with astonishing force. The boy lay limp, weak, bruised, and whimpering like a beaten dog. Aisha, panting like a fierce animal, dragged the boy onto the bed and lay across his legs, pinning him beneath her well-muscled body.

“Now, boy,” Aisha snarled, locking her left hand tightly around the base of Garin’s scrotum, “it’s time for your punishment.”

“P-punishment?” weakly gasped the exhausted Garin.

“When we were bringing you aboard,” Aisha reminded him, “you called Suzuka and I bitches. That’s no way to talk to ladies.”

“I… you… I’m so tired. I’m sorry! I can’t take anymore.” feebly mumbled the young man.

Aisha tightened her grip around his balls until Garin yelped and squirmed beneath her. Then, not loosening her grasp, she extended the claws of her right hand and slowly, menacingly lowered them toward Garin’s captive balls.

“Scream for me.” she purred.

* * *

Suzuka sat at the bridge of the ship, relaxing in a reclined chair and drinking from a steaming cup of tea. This had been an unorthodox assignment, but she had to admit that it was rather pleasurable. And now they had the male to do with as they pleased. Through the walls of the ship she heard Garin and Aisha panting and screaming. Then, after a pause, she heard Garin’s screams rise to a horrified, feverish pitch, his voice cracking in an animalistic expression of primal pain.

“Well, so much for keeping him around.” Suzuka chuckled. “Aisha must have killed him or something of the sort.”

Moments later, Aisha emerged from the room where they’d kept Garin, her white hair disheveled, her skin glistening with sweat. She had blood on her hands and mouth, and her clothes were in total disarray.

“Is he dead?” asked Suzuka.

“I thought it would be more fun to keep him around.” Aisha replied. “I just carved the word bitch into his pathetic little balls so he’ll never speak ill of ladies such as us, ever again.”

“You are depraved.” Suzuka said with an approving tone.

“He’s unconscious now.” Aisha added. “He’ll wake up eventually and then we can do what we want with him.”

The Ctarl-Ctarl sprawled on a couch and let out a satisfied purr, stretching luxuriously as she did so.

“So what shall we do with him then?” Suzuka asked.

“I was thinking,” Aisha mused, “that we could keep him around and train him.”

“Train him?” Suzuka pondered this idea.

“To serve us.” Aisha insisted. “Our own little servant boy.”

“I like that idea.” Suzuka admitted. “Then that’s what we will do. The boy, Garin, will be ours.”

* * *

Suzuka and Aisha were delighted to find that, in addition to a generous pay, their employer had left them the ship in compensation for their help. They now had a worthy vessel in which to travel, and soon they’d have a very attentive attendant of their own. A few hours later, Garin timidly emerged from the room in which he’d been kept, his battered body wrapped in a cloth towel. He was silent as he padded toward the two women, his captresses. Suzuka beckoned him closer and motioned for him to sit on the ground at her feet. Garin lowered his head in subservience and seated himself by Suzuka’s feet.

“We, Aisha and I,” Suzuka said, petting Garin’s head, “will be training you to be our servant for the foreseeable future.”

“So this is it then,” Garin sighed, “my first mission and I get captured, raped, and am going to be tortured to death?”

“You won’t die.” Suzuka assured him. “Obey us and we will be kind and gentle to you.”

“I’m not gentle!” Aisha protested.

“Well, we won’t lethally hurt you in rage.” Suzuka clarified. “The sex will be fairly rough.”

“Oh… I see.” Garin murmured.

Suzuka petted his head casually, playing with his dark hair. This gentle behavior actually coaxed an inadvertent smile out of the boy, and he leaned against her legs in a relaxed manner.

“It really hurt.” he said timidly. “What Aisha did to me.”

“You spoke rather unkindly to us.” Suzuka pointed out. “Now you won’t, will you?”

“I was scared.” Garin admitted. “You are imposing and powerful and I was horrified. I’m sorry.”

“Good boy.” Aisha praised.

“Aisha,” Suzuka suggested, “how about we get our new plaything cleaned up.”

“I thought you would never ask!” Aisha shrilly chirped.

Garin shrank back against Suzuka’s legs, quivering and whimpering as the assassin lifted him to his feet. She and Aisha led him to a large room in the ship, presumably the captain’s quarters. In keeping with the vessel’s luxury outfitting, the chamber had a massive bed, soft carpeting, and other such comfortable furnishings. Inside the bathroom was a large, circular bathtub with multiple jets to fill its great volume with steaming hot water. When the tub was filled, the assassin and the cat-woman disrobed and entered the water, sinking into its comforting warmth.

“Join us, Garin.” Suzuka urged.

“It’s warm.” Aisha purred, splashing the water around.

Garin shyly shrugged off his towel and timidly slipped into the tub, huddling away from the two women. Suzuka moved closer to him, entwining her legs with his and kissing his neck. Garin wriggled about uncomfortably.

“Don’t fight us.” Suzuka whispered in his ear.

“Unless we tell you to fight.” Aisha growled, moving to Garin’s other side and likewise entwining herself with him.

The two women kissed over Garin’s neck and face, meanwhile lightly caressing him with their hands. He hated to admit it, but it felt absolutely amazing. He trembled in ecstasy at Suzuka’s soft lips and Aisha’s rough, cat-like tongue. His body was going wild with sheer pleasure. He found himself caressing Suzuka and Aisha’s smooth, athletic legs eagerly, and soon both women were letting out small moans of anticipation.

“See.” Aisha pointed out. “You like it here.”

“There are worse fates than being the sex-slave of two hot women.” Garin admitted, nuzzling Suzuka’s neck. “That said, my balls still hurt from your claws, Aisha.”

“Be good,” Aisha advised, “and you won’t feel anything but pleasure down there.”

Aisha ran her tongue over Garin’s collarbone and he squeaked in anticipation. Suzuka turned Garin’s face toward her and kissed him fiercely, biting his lip before pulling away. Now Garin was positively gasping with need and lust. Aisha seized his erect manhood and began to slide her fingers up and down slowly, stimulating him with the rhythmic motion. Suzuka contributed to his stimulation by pressing her ample chest against Garin’s body and simultaneously lightly sucking at his neck, letting her teeth scrape his skin.

“Oh Gods!” Garin cried out wildly. “This is amazing! Ah!”

He exclaimed as Aisha began to lightly tickle the head of his manhood with her fingertips. Suzuka kissed him passionately and he moaned into her mouth as Aisha worked him to an intense orgasm, which left his body limp and weak in the water whilst Aisha licked her hands clean of his seed.

“We’ll have fun with you.” Suzuka promised him, giving his lower lip another little bite.

“That was amazing!” Garin gleefully murmured.

“Of course it was!” Aisha agreed. “We know what we’re doing, little boy, and you’re ours now.”

“I think I’m okay with that.” Garin said happily as the women lifted him out of the tub.

“Good,” Suzuka replied as she and Aisha carried him into the bedroom, “because it’s time for bed. Let your training begin…”

“So, you admit that you raped at least one of the girls? The one called Melody?”

“Melody? You mean Mel? No, I didn’t. I was… “

“According to your own account, you raped and sodomised the girl three times! Or are you saying that you were lying?”

“No, I… you see, she was not lucid and I… we decided to…”

“So, according to you, on all three occasions, she wasn’t lucid? Is that right?”

“Yes, you see, that’s why I…”

“You do know, of course, that when you fuck a girl who’s unable to say ‘no’, that’s still considered rape over here?”

“Yes. Well, look, I had to because…”

“You HAD to? OK, let’s go along with this… so you HAD to rape and sodomise her to get her to ‘wake up’ eh?”

“Yes, but that’s why Venus and Angie… they…”

“Oh yes, I forgot. You DIDN’T want to do it, but they encouraged you to do it. And according to you, they HELPED you along, did they?”

“Will you let me finish? Yes, that’s what they did…”

“Mikhail, are you telling me that not only did you not rape the girl Melody, the other two girls — let’s see — Vanessa and Andie, they were in on it too? What was in it for them?”

“Mike! My name is Mike! And the girls’ names were…”

“OK… Mike… let’s focus on the question here. So tell me, what was it you did to them to make them so compliant?”

“Make them compliant?”

“Yes. You’re a lecturer, not a gardener, right? So you know what compliant means, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. I did nothing to Venus and Angie. Venus and Angie, that’s their names. Not what you’re calling them.”

“So the girls went along with your scheme to sexually assault the girl Melody then?”

“Melanie. We called her Mel for short. Yes. No. I mean, they…”

“Listen to me PROFESSOR. Given me a logical explanation for why two university students would assist or participate in a plot to rape and sodomise their classmate? Especially when one of them is supposedly the best friend of the victim?”

“That’s just it. You’re not listening. No, you’re not. I told you what happened. I told you about the alternate plane…”

“Blah blah de blah. You listen to yourself PROFESSOR, and you tell me right now that what you’ve said makes sense.”

“I know it… but it’s true. I swear…”

“I’m just about ready to swear too, Mikhail. Yes, that’s your name. You’ve never been known as Mike to any one of your colleagues or friends. You wanna know what I think, fella? I think you’re just playing this up so you can cop an insanity plea to get off the charges we’re gonna press on you. Well, I’m not buying that!”

A fist thumped on the heavy wooden table.

“Look, I know it sounds crazy but it’s the truth. Test me!”

“Hahahaha! That’s rich, that! Hey, I know that polygraphs can be manipulated. I’m no dumb beat cop, so don’t try that on me.”

“Fuck, if you won’t listen…”

“FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! I don’t know what you’ve done to the girls’ bodies, but I have your recorded statement right here where you admit fucking them on several occasions! And the judge and jury are gonna have a hard time believing that you’re such a hot lover they each willingly had sex with you! You’re just a gardener, you fuck! And you’re gonna tell me just what it was you did with their bodies!”

“No point me talking, right? You seem to have all the answers, you tell me!”

There was a sound of a loud slap, followed by something heavy falling and bumping against the table.

“You fucking smart mouth. I’m gonna get you, you hear? You think you’re smart enough to beat this rap? You think that crazy story’s enough to get you off? You just wait and see!”


“So what do you think, doc?” the detective asked her as she looked at the ongoing interrogation. She tapped her pen against her lips as she assessed the situation.

“I’m not sure violence will help at all,” Christina said as she watched the detective hit the man again. “Why don’t you just stop that and let me work on him?”

“Sure thing,” the detective smirked. “You’re the doc after all.”

Christina smiled. She was used to being called “Doc” or “Dr C” by the detectives who worked with her. As the youngest ever forensic psychologist assigned to the police department, she had faced much resistance to her appointment, but with time and an impressive number of highly accurate assessments of criminal behaviour, her status had risen in the detectives’ eyes. Because many of the detectives were older than her, they had finally settled on the honorific title “Doctor” to show their respect.

Of course, her looks worked against her as well. Christina was of average height, fit from regular visits to the gym, and had a “figure to die for”, according to all her ex-boyfriends (and some of her less-envious girlfriends). She wasn’t inordinately proud of her creamy white complexion or her rather large breasts that had the men drooling all over her whenever she wore any off-shoulder or more revealing blouses, nor was she too concerned that more than equal attention was often paid to her small waist and her shapely buttocks and well-defined legs.

“Drop-dead gorgeous” and “visual masterpiece” were phrases often heard in reference to Dr C, in equal measure with less complimentary phrases like “cock tease” and “frigid lesbian”. She knew that her looks worked against her more than they did for her — most guys expected women like her to be bimbos, or to put out the moment they asked her for dinner.

Which was why she hadn’t been inclined to engage in anything other than professional relationships since she broke up with her last boyfriend 4 years ago. Being considered “hot” by many was no guarantee her boyfriend would be faithful, she had found out when she bumped into him and his new paramour in a fancy restaurant. To make things worse, the woman he was with was, well… plain.

That was when she concluded that the sole motivation for men wasn’t beauty but sex. It was a startling revelation for her, after several days of shutting herself up in her room and crying. But it was a good lesson for her too, and it helped shape her dealings with men thereafter.

No boyfriends and a reputation for being cool and sexy was what drove the men around her wild, she found… and engendered her reputation for being the said cocktease and a frigid lesbian.

That second myth could not be further from the truth, she had thought to herself when she first heard about it. Like any young woman her age, Christina had a healthy sexual appetite. She loved sexy underwear and wore lace undies because they made her feel sexy, but not because she was planning for someone to see her in them. She just didn’t see the point in trusting another man when so many of them had shown themselves to be shallow, self-serving, sex-hunting animals. As for the lesbian part, she had never tried doing it with another woman too, so she thought it pretty ironic that the men were saying these things about her, Sour grapes, that’s what it was.

She smiled because she knew why the detective had smirked at her. He was relatively new to the force, and had joined the special crimes unit only recently. Just like every other guy who joined the department, his clumsy attempts at wooing her made her laugh as much as it irritated her. No class, no technique, and worst of all, he was just too focused on bedding her. She could see it in his eyes.

“Detective Bryan, isn’t it?” she asked lightly. The turnover in the department had been astronomical in recent months, and it had been a struggle to remember all the new names, never mind connect them to the new faces. What she would give to go back to when life was simpler, she thought to herself, when all the old detectives were mostly father figures to her, and not lechers hoping for a quick lay. “Can you get that guy out of there?” she pointed to the detective who was still slapping the suspect. “I’d like to speak to the suspect alone.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea, doc?” the detective was still smirking. “We’ve got him in here for rape, sodomy and god knows what else. Being alone with him in that room…”

“Which is secured and within a police station,” she cut in. “I think I can handle a guy who’s handcuffed, detective.”

“Oh. Sorry, I didn’t mean to suggest…” he apologised as he realised he had impugned her professional abilities. “Well, I just meant to say you might need some protection…”

“From you, more likely,” she thought to herself as she replied: “That won’t be necessary, detective. I’ve had to deal with far more dangerous types than this guy before.”

“OK then. I’ll be just outside if you need me,” he volunteered, before turning and heading into the interrogation room to get the other detective to step out. She smiled again. “Oh, my hero!” Christina thought to herself. “At least, that’s what he’s hoping I’ll be thinking. Hahahahaha. It’ll be a cold day in hell when I need your help, detective.”

She watched as the two detectives walked out of the room. The other one was older, and she’d known him for quite a while now. He took his job seriously… too seriously at times, in her opinion, but he was a good cop. An earnest cop, who was really determined to rid the streets of lawbreakers or “scum”, like he liked to call them.

“Are you sure about this, Dr. C?” he said as he came up to her. “I mean, I know you’re good, but this guy, he’s something else. Firstly, he doesn’t admit his name, then he insists that the girls he’s referring to have different names…”

“He seems very certain, doesn’t he?” she said, biting her lower lip. It was a habit she had kept since she was a child. “Are you sure the names we have are correct?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. The three are on a long list of missing persons from this morning,” the detective replied. “The descriptions he gave also match those for Vanessa M, Andie N and Melody G.”

“Except that he seemed to get confused over some of the details,” she remarked. Her eyes wandered to the lone figure sitting in the room, his head bowed. “I think he started off telling us Vanessa had long hair, and then somewhere in the middle she had short hair. What about skin colour, build? And what about the other victims?”

“According to him, Vanessa was tanned and dark, with long hair and a large build. Andie was small and fair, with short hair and Melody was somewhere between the two, also fair, with long hair to the waist. Most of the descriptions — skin colour, build — match, except that Andie wasn’t working at the canteen. OK, well, she was, but she was a student of the university temping at one of the stalls.”

“He didn’t say that she was a student, did he?” she asked. The suspect was still bowed over the table, unmoving. He looked… broken, like someone who was ready to tell the truth. Not like someone who was prepared to brazenly continue to lie. “That’s interesting.”

“Maybe he didn’t know,” the older detective suggested. The younger Bryan was hanging back, listening in and waiting to chip in his view. “Maybe he just saw them walking past him everyday and fancied them enough to do the dirty on them. Maybe he got tired of being unnoticed by these objects of his lust that he just snapped one day.”

“That’s just it,” Christina remarked to her colleague. “He’s not even willing to admit to being a gardener, never mind his name. That’s highly unusual in these types of cases. Did you try asking him about the plants on campus?”

“No, I didn’t. He seems to know an awful lot about what goes on in the classrooms though. Maybe he spent a lot of time peering through the class windows. And that theory he had, about alternate planes? That one’s a bit surprising coming from a gardener.”

“I had a look in his file,” Christina admitted. “Nothing in there about any interesting reading habits. In fact, there were no books in his apartment, which makes it unlikely that he was really into this sci-fi stuff and was acting out his fantasies. Oh yes, we should close the gaps in this case: Do we have the results of the DNA tests yet?”

“No, not yet,” the detective admitted. “We tested the girls’ clothes that we found too, along with… the stuff we found on his cock. Sorry doc!”

“No need, we’re all adults here,” she smiled. The older ones were still respectful and gentlemanly, to the extent that they would apologise for any uttered vulgarities. “Apart from that, we’ll need to close the gap on just whom it is we’re talking about. That list of missing persons is long, right?”

“Yeah, it is,” the detective understood what she was getting at right away. No substitute for experience in this business. “We went through the list and the most likely persons he was referring to were Vanessa, Andie and Melody. Most of the descriptions fit these three girls too. But you’re right… we should get the photofit people in to get their descriptions from him. I’m not sure he’ll co-operate, though.”

“Well, let me try,” Christina said confidently. “I’ll get him talking!”

“Sex sells, eh doc?” Bryan piped up from behind the senior detective, who turned around and frowned at him. “Smile at him a little, flirt a little and he’ll be singing…”

“Maybe you should stick around and see how a real professional works, kid,” he growled at his younger colleague and Christina almost laughed out loud. “Not everybody’s mind works the way yours does… in the gutter!”

“It’s alright, guys,” Christina chipped in, just in case the younger detective decided to get tetchy over being told off in front of her. That had happened too many times to too many people in the recent past. “I’ll take over. The video’s still on, the door’ll be locked, and he’s even handcuffed in there.”

“I know, Dr C,” the older detective looked a little ashamed. “Not quite standard protocol, but we could be dealing with a mass murderer here. Worst part is, we don’t know how he did it, what he used, what his motives were and where the bodies have gone to.”

“All we have is one naked man, babbling about balling three girls,” detective Bryan continued, his confidence unswayed. God, was the man really that thick, or did he think he was impressing her? “What a fucking loser. We ought to go in there and give him everything he did to the girls… and then some!”

The senior detective glared at him again, and didn’t say anything. Christina knew he would have some private words with detective Bryan later, when she was out of earshot. Older guys were old-fashioned for sure, and in a very endearing way.

“OK, I’m up next then,” Christina declared as she held the file close to her body and started to walk to the interrogation room. She knew that the reality was quite the opposite of what detective Bryan had suggested, that she use her looks to get the suspect to talk. She was careful to not distract him from his story, so that he would focus on what he’d done instead of focusing on her. That was why she was usually dressed so severely, with a prim, buttoned up blouse and knee length skirt under a loose lab coat. No, it would not do to try to distract the suspect at all.


He didn’t even look up when she entered the room. That was not normally something that suggested surrender, of course — some of the most aggressive, most violent suspects were meek and mild up until something, a word, a name or an action, triggered their rage. The thing about this suspect was, well, he just didn’t seem to display any potential for defiance, never mind violence. His demeanour, body language, his language strongly sugggested someone at the end of his tether. Mikhail the university gardener looked far more likely to break down and cry than to turn violent.

“Mike? I can call you Mike, right?” Christina said brightly to him as she walked in. She walked to the chair in front of him, placed the large file she had carried in on the table, then sat down. He was still looking down at the table, although he did nod when she referred to him by his preferred name.

“Hi Mike, my name is Christina,” she continued, flipping open the file to where a fresh piece of paper had been attached. This was deliberate — she wanted him to get the impression that she was willing to listen to him.

“Hi Christina,” he said, finally raising his eyes to meet hers. She was struck by the intelligence she saw in them. They were not the eyes of a dullard, nor were they the crazed eyes of a lunatic. Instead, they looked like the eyes of a man who understood many things, about life and the universe. A well-read, reasonable man. “I guess you’d be the psychologist?”

“That’s an astute observation, Mike. How did you know? Have you been in trouble with the law before?”

“No, of course not. You’d have my records if I had. I kind of guessed they’d send in the pyschologist after they refused to believe my story.”

She laughed. “You have to admit that’s quite a story, Mike.”

He looked miserable. “I know it sounds fantastic, but that’s exactly what happened. You know what’s the worst thing? When you’re telling the truth and everyone thinks you’re lying. And you can tell that to your friend behind the one-way glass over there.” He nodded at the mirrored surface behind her.

She took out a pen from her pocket. “You mean Charlie? I’m sorry about that… Charlie is dedicated to a fault. He’s determined to eradicate crime from the streets and he’s an honest and direct sort of fellow. He’s a little too earnest at times, but that’s because he really wants to get at the truth.”

“And you? That’s what you’re here for, isn’t it?” he gazed at her impassively. “The truth. Well, you’ve got it all recorded down. The truth, I mean.”

“OK, I’m not going to ask you to repeat yourself,” she said, switching tack. Her ballpoint pen clicked and the nib peeked out. It descended to the clean sheet of paper, and stopped at the top left hand corner, ready to glide into action with his words. “I just want to clarify some details.”

“OK, shoot. Don’t worry about me, I’ve got all the time in the world,” he said flippantly, and she laughed. A sense of humour. That’s good.

“OK, you’ve given us a complete account of what happened since you left your apartment this morning. What I’d like to know is: what happened after you…” she flipped a page in the file. “… fucked Vaness… Sorry, Venus. In the pussy.”

“I don’t know. I honestly don’t. All I know is that I found myself standing in an open field, naked. And your guys came running up not too long after.”

“Mmm hmmm,” she murmured, letting the pen glide over the fresh page. “So the last thing you remember was putting yourself into her vagina, and boom! you’re suddenly naked in a field?”

“Yes. No. Actually I don’t know,” he said, his eyes reflecting his confusion. He was really unsure of the facts, she thought to herself, and noted it down. “I assumed it was Venus. I mean, it was exactly like the image I saw when I first came upon her in the bushes and saw her behind in the other plane. Even my cock… sorry… even that looked like that alien thing that was… that was…”

“Penetrating her,” Christina finished the sentence for him. “It’s OK, Mike. I appreciate that you’re uncomfortable mentioning such words in front of me, but remember that I’m a doctor and I’m an adult. There’s nothing you can say that’ll embarrass me.”

“Yeah, OK, you’re right,” he muttered. “I can’t say for sure, and at the time, I couldn’t even tell… but when I saw how my… how it went in and got swallowed up, I… remembered. It could have been Venus, and it probably was her, but I didn’t see her face and couldn’t hear her voice at all.”

“So there was no way of knowing who it was then?” Christina asked. “But you did sodomise her, didn’t you?”

“Yes I… like I told you guys, I was paralysed and she…”

“Yes, she offered you her ass. I believe those were your words. What about this Andie… wait, you called her Angie, right? What about her? You had sexual relations with her several times, according to your account. Both in her vagina and her anus.”

He nodded and looked even more miserable. “That… yeah. She was… she saved me, you know. My, um, cock would’ve exploded if not for her. I… can we not talk about her? I feel really bad about her.”

“Why, Mike?” Christina pressed the issue. This could be the breakthrough she was hoping for. “Why do you feel bad about her? What did you do to her?”

“I… infected her,” he said, and she was surprised to see tears in his eyes. “She got left behind because of me.”

“Left behind? Tell me where, Mike.”

“There. In the other plane. The aliens got her.”

“The other plane?”

“The alternate plane.”

“Oh, that plane. Umm… do you think you could take us to where you last saw her?”

“I told you guys, it just happens indiscriminately. I have no control over it. I’d like to take you there because it’ll prove I’m not lying, but I can’t just summon it up like that.”

“Summon? You mean like in a magic spell?” Christina was scribbling furiously now. Magic? Was that what he believed had happened?

“No, I mean the dimensional slip! Look, I know you’re not likely to believe me, so there’s no point…”

“OK, take it easy, Mike,” she used an even tone to calm him down. She wouldn’t be able to get anything useful from him if he became agitated. “I’m here to find out more, alright?”

“You don’t believe me, do you? Come on, admit it!”

“I’ll be honest, Mike. It’s tough believing what you’re saying. I mean, dimensional slips, alternate planes, alien plants raping women… what would you think if you were in my position, and had no proof that such things existed or occurred?”

“Exactly the same as you,” he said glumly. ‘Except… I was there.”

“OK, tell you what, then. Give me a reasonable explanation for how you ended up here. If what you said was true, there was no way out. How in the world did you end up here, naked, and with the girls’ clothes all around you?”

“Tell me something first,” he said suddenly. “The three of them… they weren’t the only ones who went missing, right?”

“How did y…” Christina began, caught off-guard by his question. The mass disappearances had thus far been kept a secret. No point in starting a mass panic when no one really knew what was going on. “OK, yes, you’re right.”

“And there’s no way of explaining how they disappeared? By all accounts, they were roughly in the same geographical area when they disappeared? How about their clothes? All lying on the floor like they’d just stepped out of them?”

She realised that she was losing control of the interrogation. “Mike, I’m here to find out what went on. I’ll ask the questions, alright?”

“I’ve just described everything to a T, haven’t I?” he challenged. He wasn’t about to let it go.

“Alright, yes, you’re right,” she said, frustrated. For a simple gardener, he was certainly displaying a better quality of brainpower than she had expected. And grudgingly, Christina had to admit she respected him for that. Damn. He was quite good looking too. “OK, since you know all that, can you explain what happened then?”

“It’s mostly conjecture on my part, but I’ll give it a try,” he said, smiling wanly.

Christina was shocked to find herself wondering: In another life, given different circumstances, would she have considered getting together with this intellectual gardener? “Behave yourself, Chris,” she mentally reminded herself as she nodded at him to continue.

“I’d been pondering about this for a good while, but I think our… Venus and mine, I mean… initial hypothesis was correct. These dimensional slips or wormholes were opening up gaps into other universes. Not in the sense of other planets, but more other versions of the same reality. Or at teast, the reality we’re most familiar with.”

Her pen flew across the page and she had to reach for a fresh piece of paper as he continued.

“I think something happened to create these slips. I don’t know what it was — it could have been experiments involving supermagnets or something powerful like that — but whatever the cause, the effect was that these wormholes appeared randomly and with no discernible pattern. The net result of these was that large groups of people would disappear.”

He paused to catch his breath, as if he was trying to tell her everything before it all escaped him. “Interesting,” she thought, and noted this down.

“Only the people would disappear, by the way, not their clothes. That’s the funny thing about these wormholes. Maybe only living organic matter would pass through them. Anyway, it’s important to remember that when we’re talking about alternate planes, we’re not talking about alternate worlds. That is to say, a different world from ours, but only by very small degrees.”

“So the difference would be miniscule, like say, between the length of a person’s hair, or his job or life experiences?” she queried, her pen pausing. His theory was interesting, to say the least. Especially when it was coming from a gardener whose record showed only an elementary education. It would take a lot more imagination and intellectual ability than Mikhail had displayed in his entire life, right up to now.

“Exactly. Or in the named. Vanessa, Venus. Melanie, Melody. You get my drift.”

“And Angie and Andie,” she pressed. She was getting close. He was beginning to associate the names of the missing girls with the names he’d come up with for them.

“Yes, that’s right. That’s why you call me Mikhail, when my name, in my own reality, is Michael.”

“OK, I get that,” she agreed in order to encourage him . “So what you’re saying is that you come from another reality where you’re really a professor in the university and not a gardener on campus?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” he said, looking relieved. He thought she believed him. Good.

“Help me understand something if you will, Mike,” she said, looking steadily at him. “What about the featureless world that you described in most of your account? How does that fit into the theory of an alternate plane like you described? And if living organic matter passes through those wormholes, wouldn’t we have some of those alien plants you described?”

“I’d been thinking a bit about that,” he said, his eyes moving up and to the right. He wasn’t applying his creativity, he was actually thinking rationally. “You’re right, of course. If that were true, there would be some aliens here as well.”

“The most rational explanation is that the wormholes don’t connect directly to the other, alternate planes, but to a non-definable, unfixed dimension that exists between our planes,” he continued as she stayed silent, waiting for his eventual confession. “A kind of limbo. I think the place I went to kind of rotates between the planes, and those who are sucked up into the wormholes are actually transported into that mid-plane. Eventually, we get spun out just like water flying off a spinning top.”

“OK, let me get this straight then,” Christina wanted to clarify his statements so that he would somehow admit his part in the disappearances. “What you’re saying is that in another plane of existence, there’s a Michael, Venus, Angie and Melanie. Somehow, all you got sucked into that mid-plane, and were attacked by the aliens while you were there. So what happened to OUR Mikhail, Vanessa, Andie and Melody? Where did they go? Are they now in that mid-plane?”

“I’m not sure,” he said. He looked like he was really earnest in telling the truth. “I think they might be. Then again, given the incidents we went through in that mid-plane, it’s also possible that when one version of us comes close to another version of us, only one remains.”

“You mean to say that of the two, one has to die?” Christina queried. It was as good a time as any to put in words that could potentially upset him. “Is that what happened?”

“No. I don’t know. I don’t think so,” he said. He still looked very earnest and she found it quite difficult to believe he was lying or trying to concoct such a fantastic story with so much detail. “When I think about it, I realise that we never ever came across another version of ourselves at any point of time. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe that mid-plane is so featureless that time doesn’t make sense either.”

“Time doesn’t make sense?”

“Our version of time. Our linear concept of time, I mean. Look, I know time is a concept created by man… sorry, humans… in order to put some order and framework upon events that regularly repeat themselves. Spring, summer, autumn, winter… even night and day. But the one thing we insisted on when we came up with the concept was that we couldn’t, ever, go back in time. We could only ever go forward.”

“And you’re saying we can go back in time then?”

“No, I’m suggesting… how should I put this?.. My theory is that our concept of time doesn’t work in the mid-plane. Remember Mel’s recollection of me… of my raping her? She spoke of it as if it were in the past, but later on, when we finally found her, that was when I actually did umm… fuck her. The rest of the circumstances fit too, so that meant…”

“She was remembering forward, to the future,” Christina completed his sentence for him, hoping that it would encourage him to further open up to her. “Is that why you thought it was Van… Venus that you entered before you found yourself here?”

“Yeah, that’s it. I suddenly remembered the first time I saw the image of her naked ass. What I was doing to her was exactly what happened to her when I was standing on the outside, in my own reality. Hey. You know what that means?”

Christina noted the change in tone and wondered if she should ask some of her male colleagues for help. He looked a little excited. She shook her head.

“That means it’s very possible that Angie was saved by another version of me and Venus! Because now that I think about it, that scene I saw before I went after Venus and Mel was exactly like what I’d seen when I first came upon her with Venus… only I was further away the second time round!”

She reached for the button under the table and considered pressing it for a moment, then withdrew her finger. He looked excited, but he didn’t look wild… and he certainly didn’t look like he was going to get violent. “Last thing I need now is somebody coming in here and pounding on him,” she thought to herself. “Not when he’s beginning to trust me with his strange theories.”

“Don’t you see, Christina? Everything that happened to us happened again, almost like it was a closed loop!”

She nodded, not really understanding, but noting in his file that he seemed highly excited by his most recent revelation.

“OK, but how do you explain the events that were not repeated?” she suddenly asked him. “You weren’t attacked again, and neither was Venus. She was peeing, I believe you said, when she was attacked.”

“That’s easy,” he replied with a small laugh. “It happened not long after she got into the mid-plane, and with me around. I think that it’s happening again… I’m just not there to witness it. This me, I mean. Ditto my attack too.”

“Mike… I thought you concluded that Venus was ‘one of them’? By ‘one of them’, I presume you mean one of the aliens?”

“Yeah, it seemed like a plausible explanation at the time. After all, she did say I was the vector of infection for the aliens’ seed, yet she was urging me to fuck her good friend. That didn’t make sense. I guess I was also upset with the feeling that I’d been conned into walking right into that alien trap.”

“Upset enough to blame her for it?” Christina asked. Now was the time to tighten the screws. The confession was coming soon, she knew it… all she needed was a confession to one murder, and everything would fall into place.

“Yeah, I guess so. I don’t know,” he said, looking confused again. “I think…you know, she could still have been the vector. You see, my initial hypothesis was that there was a time lag between the planes, so I assumed, when I got in there, that she hadn’t been penetrated yet by the alien I thought was attacking her. But just before I got out of there, my… well, I went all the way in. I mean ALL the way. I could feel the end of her… her vagina.”

“And that’s significant because..?”

“Well, it would explain why she refused to… why she only put me in her ass,” he said. Inwardly, Christina winced. Close. So close. He said “refused to”, which indicated the poor girl had not given her consent… meaning he was looking at one rape charge at the very least.

“So… you think it’s because she got infected first..?”

“Yeah, that’s right. And that’s the other thing. OK, I had a thing for her… and I think that may have coloured my perspectives on everything. I’m not sure now if it was Mel the alien came from, or Venus… after all, the bulbous part of the thing was inside Venus. Then, there was the sleeping arrangements. I slept… I slept with Angie alright, but I never even got near to Mel. At least, I didn’t have prolonged exposure to her. Both Angie and Mel were sleeping right next to Venus!”

“So you think Venus was the one who spread the infection?”

“Yes, yes. Everything makes sense now… she was the one! Of all those times I thought I saw her being attacked… I mean, if time isn’t linear in the mid-plane,it’s quite possible that she… that the aliens were coming from inside her, not trying to get into her!”

“Hmmm… so did that make you feel mad?”

“I know where you’re going with that, Christina… sorry, that’s not gonna work. No. I wasn’t mad. That was my Venus, remember? Sweet, sweet Venus. I wouldn’t get mad with her…”

“But you did argue with her,” Christina tried again to push the point.

“Yes, and people argue all the time. It doesn’t make them mad… or at least mad enough to want to do something to them.”

“Touche,” Christina smiled, keeping her cool. OK, this wasn’t going to be a walk in the park. She would have to play a little harder. “You do realise, Mike, that going by your account and your theories, you would have been the one who infected her first, before she did that to the others? Near the end when you found her and fucked her while she was stuck in between the two planes?”

“What do you..? Oh… you mean that? Oh… That’s really fucked up!” He hung his head and looked really ashamed.

She watched as tears suddenly appeared at the corners of his eyes. Damn. He was either a really good actor or he was really sorrowful. Christina sighed inwardly. This was going to be a really long interrogation.

“Doc?” A voice interrupted her thoughts. It was detective Bryan speaking over the intercom. “Doc, can you come out for a bit? We’ve got the DNA reports.”

“OK. Excuse me for a while,” she said to Mikhail. Being civil would help keep the discussion going when she came back. He didn’t respond at all. He looked positively shellshocked.

Privately, she was glad to have a break from such an exhausting interview, but she was determined to let the stupid detective know she didn’t appreciate the interruption anyway. She felt she had gained much ground in gaining the suspect’s trust, and wasn’t too far away from getting some sort of confession before she was interrupted. The break in the session could potentially give the suspect time to recoup, to work out what to say next.

But what the detective had to say made her glad she had stepped out.

“The results are weird, doc,” the detective said. “I mean, I can’t figure it out. Did they make a mistake?”

She grabbed the sheets of paper in his hand and read the reports. No. It couldn’t be. The clothes of the girls contained only the DNA of the respective girls. Nothing else. Which meant the clothes weren’t forcibly removed. But that wasn’t highly unusual… he could have threatened them. Then again, the way the clothes were found were peculiar in themselves — they were found lying right where they’d been dropped, as if the people had been plucked out of them.

OK, she decided to put that out of her mind and poured over the rest of the reports. There wasn’t anything too weird about the fluid they scraped from his penis. They contained traces of all four people — Mikhail, Vanessa, Andie and Melody — which was to be expected if he had raped and sodomised all three girls.

The weird part about the DNA reports was with the sample scraped from the inside of his cheek. It wasn’t similar at all to Mikhail’s DNA. It wasn’t even a sample from a man. The cheek swab contained DNA from a woman To be more precise, it closely matched Vanessa’s DNA. Strange that it wasn’t even an exact match to the girl Vanessa. What was going on?

“Doc? Doc? You alright?” the detective’s voice brought her back to reality. Or at least, the reality she thought she knew. “You look a little faint.”

She knew his arm was already snaking up to her shoulders, so she shrugged and stepped away. What did the DNA tests prove? Was Mikhail Michael? Was he telling the truth?

She turned to the one-way mirror and looked at the suspect again. He remained bowed over the table, unmoving. Christina suddenly realised that she couldn’t see his face all that clearly even though he sat facing the glass. Odd.

Swiftly, she pushed the papers back at Bryan and strode back into the room, slamming the door behind her.

“Mikhail! Look at me!” she commanded. The situation was getting out of hand and it was time to establish control again. “Mikhail!”

He didn’t even look up at her, so she moved to sit in front of him, banged the table to get his attention, and yelled: “Mike! Look at me! Look at me!”

The figure in front of her looked into her eyes and Christina recoiled in shock. What the..? Was it a trick the guys were trying to pull on her? Dressed in the same clothes, sitting in the same chair as Mikhail, was a young, beautiful, and obviously frightened girl.

“Hey! Who are you?” she said when she recovered her voice. “What are you doing here?” Inwardly, she raged at her colleagues. It could only have been a prank. Only they could have sneaked the suspect out of here and replaced him with a girl. That was the only possible explanation.

The large eyes on the girl’s face seemed to fill with tears. “Help me!” she whimpered, and Christina suddenly felt sorry for her. She looked so… helpless, so confused. She shouldn’t have shouted at her, poor thing.

“Look, I… How did you get here? What’s your name?” she said, softening her tone. “Did the guys put you up to this?”

“My name is Venus,” the girl said, and Christina felt a chill run down her spine. She pulled the file towards her and flipped to the page where a description and picture was provided. Yes. It was Vanessa. Or at least, a girl who looked a whole lot like Vanessa.

“Vanessa?” she looked at the girl. “You mean Vanessa, right?”

The girl shook her head. “No. I’m Venus. I’m scared. Where am I?”

“It’s OK, Venus. You’re safe now. You’re in a police station. My name is Christina, by the way. Can you tell me how you got here?”

“I don’t know,” the girl replied, shaking her head. “I really don’t. All I know is that I’m here, wearing these clothes that don’t fit me…”

Christina realised that the girl had long hair, in spite of her striking resemblance to Vanessa, who had short hair. It had been hidden under the collar of the jacket the guys had given to Mikhail. Damn, the guys were good.

“Why I am naked under this jacket?” the girl suddenly asked, looking down into the gaps between her buttons. “What was… oh god. I remember now…”

“What? What do you remember?” Christina asked, noting her sudden horror. The girl was really scared. Would she be able to give a rational account of what happened to her? Maybe she could finger Mikhail as the main culprit.

“I… they… oh god. No. Why did they?”

“Why did they what? Tell me,” Christina reached out and clasped her girl’s slim hands, which were clenching and unclenching with the trauma of her memories. “What did they do?”

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