alien love

Grabbing a new coverall from the dispenser Creel shoved his legs into the lower half, swiped at his boots, and hit the passageway at a run. 4 minutes later he was cursing not having taken the time to at least slip his boots on as he cracked his big toe against one of the consoles as he burst onto the bridge. Swearing loudly and hopping on one foot as he clutched at his throbbing toe, Creel lifted his chin at his ops officer, Bran Aker.

Damp patches darkened large semi-circles in the armpits of the orange coverall that Bran wore, and sweat dampened his forehead and neck as he frantically slapped at buttons on the console before him.

“Proximity alarm Cree,” the man said without looking up.

“We are ok though, but it looks like we have a potential rescue on our hands.”

Creel sighed. Insurance company was gonna haul his ass over a bed of hot coals for stopping, let alone assisting.

“Hail, and patch to my console. Do we have visual?” Creel jumped down the two steps to the bottom tier of the bridge, one shoe still half off, and slid into the contoured seat in the centre of the room.

Bran’s single “Yup” was enough as Creel switched on the monitor as the console swung into place before him. A pale green face with a high, smooth forehead and brilliantly emerald eyes wavered onto the screen. Female was his immediate thought before realising with a start that she was Enovian. Enovian females generally didn’t leave their home planetary system, except….. Oh God. He swallowed and addressed the worried face on his small screen.

“Ma’am, you seem to be in a bit of bother. Can we assist?” Creel glanced at the scrolling numbers to the left of his view screen. That ship was in serious trouble and he wondered if they had enough time to dock and take off the crew and any passengers before she succumbed to what looked to him like a critical engine overload.

“My thanks Captain.” Her voice was sweet and musical and Creel could feel heads turn in the room, necks craning to get a glimpse of his screen. “This bucket is going to fall apart around us. Would there be room for 5 crew and one cargo pod?” Creel sighed with relief at her words, no mention of the usual Enovian cargo that required a female crew.

“We do, but we are going to have to make it quick and dirty. Can you have your clamps ready for us, and leave them on manual because I think we are going to have to make it an equally quick and dirty retreat.”

The pale green face on the screen nodded once and spoke some Enovian words to a crew member off-screen. Facing Creel once more she smiled quickly exposing somewhat pointed teeth that sent a brief shiver down Creel’s spine, before she flicked off the connection.

Creel took the time to shove his foot all the way into his boot and tie the laces, calling instructions to the crew members present, before leaving the bridge a jog. Confident that they all knew their jobs he headed down to the docking ring to handle the final hook-up himself. A quick scan of their ship forced a whistle from between his teeth. She was only small but luxurious off the scale of what he had ever seen. He watched as the small white cargo pod was ejected from the upper rear portion of the ship and raised his eyebrows as small jets turned it and sent it toward his ship. He wondered if the pod was manned or if the jets were automatic. Didn’t matter. He had to get it aboard in one of the few empty cargo bays.

Slapping the com panel beside the docking controls he sent Blane and Daven down to operate the grappler to pull the cargo pod aboard as he maneuvered the docking sleeve out to line up with the tiny cruiser’s hatch. Slanting a quick glance at the exterior, he watched horrified as the rear part of the cruiser broke away, a shower of sparks marking its passage and trailing cables and conduits like entrails from its bowels.

Slapping the coms panel again he alerted his bridge crew and then dashed down the umbilical tunnel to meet the Enovian crew as they stumbled out of the hatch. The artificial gravity was dodgy in the umbilical and they all stumbled and staggered back through the docking hatch of his freighter. Punching the coms button once more he shouted “GO” and then found himself tumbled into a heap of mixed body parts as he landed on, and was landed on by, the Enovian crew members as the freighter leapt into motion away from the luxury cruiser.

Picking himself out of the pile of pale green bodies, pleasant tho it was for him at least to be pressed against real female flesh, he held a hand out to the Enovian captain. With another sharp toothed smile she placed her hand in his and half pushed half hauled herself up off the deck. Her hand still in his she was suddenly back lit by an orange flare of light from outside the ship followed a micro second later by the deck tilting beneath them once more.

Creel once more found himself on the hard metal floor, this time with the Enovian captain sprawled on top of him. Another long second stretched as he realised that all three of the Enovian woman’s breasts had tumbled from within her rather skimpy (in his opinion) uniform. One of those somewhat pendulous breasts was now resting against his chin, with its deep olive nipple pointing at his lips. Lips he was afraid to lick at their sudden dryness. Beneath her his body hardened immediately and, considering the position of one of her hip bones, painfully.

Creel slithered out from under her and sprang to his feet, noting that the deck was correctly oriented once more indicating no damage to the artificial gravity at least in this section. Once more he sheepishly put his hand out to help the petite captain to her feet, and held his other hand out to another of the Enovians. Both women accepted with smiles. Much to his discomfort both of them retained his hands once they were on their feet, and 5 faces looked at him with definite interest. He shifted as subtly as he could toward the passage way knowing that the bright orange coverall did nothing to hide his erection. From the direction of their glances he knew the Enovians were well aware of his arousal, and delighted by it.

Backing further away from the gaggle of green lovelies, Creel felt his back press up against a wall. Shit. The Enovian smiles around him became feral, hungry, and he felt hands on his body. Fingers slid over the lightweight material of the coverall, and at least two hands closed over his rock hard cock. His attempt to lift his hands above his head failed as pale green fingers closed around his wrists and he found a breast in each hand. Whose he couldn’t tell in the press of female bodies against his.

He had heard, well everyone had heard, about the voracious sexual appetites of the Enovian women, but had never expected to experience it firsthand. He felt like he was in the centre of a feeding frenzy. With an audible sigh of relief he spotted Blane and Daven making their way up the passageway toward him. Both of them had huge grins on their faces by the time they reached the group.

Creel gratefully handed off two of the Enovian women to each of his crewmen with directions on which cabins to show them to, and neither wanted to know or cared, what they were likely to do once they got there. He still had to deal with the captain. Who still had her hand on his cock. Who still had all three of her lushly generous breasts out of her uniform. If you could call a few leather-like straps, some gold buckles, and something sparkly, an actual uniform.

Removing her hand from where it was wrapped firmly around his manhood through his coverall and tucking it firmly through the crook of his elbow he escorted the Enovian captain to the one and only guest cabin that the freighter had. She turned in the doorway, and made as if to pull him into the room with her…… and once again Creel heard klaxons. With an apologetic grin he stepped back into the passageway and ensured the door closed firmly behind him. Groaning softly he leant against the wall. The siren was just letting him know that all ships systems had checked out with no damage. But she didn’t know that. Thank the maker.

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