The priests and poets call me “The Lover of Smiles,” and “Golden.” My temples are in Cythera and in Cyprus. I am worshipped wherever there is love and there is beauty. I am the immortal Aphrodite, born of the sea and daughter of Zeus. All gods, all men are subject to my domains. Only three goddesses can resist me, Artemis, Athena and Hesta, each grown old and pinched in her virginity. What have they gained? Their homes are without laughter. Their lives are without kisses. Don’t follow their example. Enjoy love. Enjoy laughter. Be made a fool of. Even I have been a fool for love.

Once I was walking through a grove of twisted trees near the foot Mount Ida. There I saw three nymphs, Ida, Adrasteia and Cnossia hidden behind a tree. They were staring out into a clearing. Something held their attention. They never took their eyes off the field as they whispered and giggled among themselves. It had to be a handsome man or a couple making love; nymphs are seldom interested in anything else. I was curious and I walked up to them.

“Hello sisters,” I said.

“Aphrodite,” said Adrasteia in a breathless tone. “Come sit with us. We’re watching Anchises tend his herd. He just took off his cloak and has on only a short tunic.”

“He’s so handsome,” said Ida.

I looked into the field and saw she wasn’t kidding. A man stood in the midst of the field watching cattle. His muscles were well defined and the tunic was so short it left little to the imagination as it clung to the upper reaches of his thighs. The sun playing upon his handsome face, but what really caught my attention was his eyes. They flashed when he looked in our direction. They made me feel weak in the knees.

“I wonder if he’s well hung,” said Cnossia and we all giggled.

“Just wait for a breeze,” replied Ida.

“I can’t wait,” said Adrasteia as she wiggled a bit.

That is how nymphs think. Most would be just as delighted with a polished rod or a table leg as with a lover. Here they were lusting over a peasant, after all.

“He’s cute for a cow herd,” I said.

“He’s hardly an ordinary cow herd,” said Ida. “He’s a prince, the son of Capys from Dardania.”

“Tending cattle?” I asked.

“It’s a man’s job when bandits may be about,” said Cnossia.

“A prince,” I repeated, and I gazed at him again. He looked more noble than I had first thought.

“It would be a shame to let that beauty go to waste. One of us should take him here in the field,” said Ida.

“Aphrodite should decide which one of us shall have him. May I?” Cnossia asked.

“No, give him to me,” the others added quickly.

“No,” I said firmly.

“But, why?” all three said in unison.

“Because he’s mine,” I replied with a smirk.

All three gasped in surprise. My lovers were gods, not mortals, but this handsome Anchises in the field with his cattle had triggered my own animal instinct. I had to have him. I wanted him to take me like a beast in the fields. He would be mine.

I traveled in an instant to my temple in Cyprus. There lay my most beautiful jewels and clothing; treasures offered up to me by lovers happy in their union. So many jewels glittered and shone. I could have been arrayed like a star, but I chose a simple strand of pearls. How the sun shone on their milky shell. I found a himation and chiton in the fashion of Phrygia. They were light and clung to my body tightly against my breasts and thighs. I felt exposed, yet hidden in the gown.

I returned and found the nymphs had pretended to depart. They were nearby, still watching, but I was too horny to care. I made myself visible to men and walked out into the field towards Anchises. I was more enticing then his cattle; he immediately noticed me. His eyes subtly roamed across my body until they rested at my eyes. I was struck by that gaze again. He was so cute I just wanted to melt.

“Goddess,” he said, “For you must be among the immortals, either Artemis or golden Aphrodite or Athena or a nymph of Mount Ida. Tell me your name and I shall build a shrine to you here.”

I wanted something from him, but it was hardly a shrine. I cast my eyes down and replied. “I am no goddess, why bring them up? I am a mortal like yourself. My father is king of Phrygia. A handsome man like you must be a prince.”

“Yes, I am a prince from Troy’s territory,” he replied.

“So I thought. There would be no shame in taking me to your parents’ house, virgin that I am an inexperienced in making love,” I colored at those lies, ashamed at my own desire for a mortal man, but not willing to let that stop me. “In fact…” I had moved closer while speaking, so close that I felt the heat from his breath. I let my voice trail off. I raised my up my gaze, begging him with my eyes to take me. For a moment I was afraid that he would reject me, but he leaned forward and kissed me. I was triumphant as I reveled in the delicious feel of his lips. His tongue explored deep into my mouth. Pressed together I could feel his erection against my belly. I knew what he wanted. I dropped to my knees, raised his tunic and smiled to see that wonderful cock. Cnossia would not have been disappointed, it was good sized, straight and lightly veined. I ran my smooth hands along the shaft down beneath his heavy sack. I licked the tip and watched it jerk a bit. I kissed and caressed his manhood and then took him into my mouth. He moaned softly as I began to move up and down.

“Oh,” he breathed as he ran his hands through my long hair. He was excited beyond measure. I was soon rewarded as he shot forth a copious load of heavy seed. I greedily swallowed every drop tasting its rich, heavy masculinity.

Without a word he picked me up and gazed lovingly into my eyes. I felt safe and happy in his arms. He carried me across the field into a tent, his sleeping quarters. There was scant furnishing, just a rickety stool and some heavy blankets on the ground, but I would have rather been there in his arms than in any palace. He lay me down upon the blankets and deftly removed my clothing. Before I realized what had happened I was naked before him. He stripped off his own tunic. I caught my breath as I saw his muscular chest. We kissed passionately. He soon found his way down to my breasts and his tongue worked magic upon my nipples. His fingers traveled down upon my womanly cleft and he gently massaged my most secret recesses. Soon his fingers traveled inside me where I was soaked with love juice. It felt so wonderful that I couldn’t help but moan. I begged him to stick his cock deep within me. He readily complied and with a couple smooth, strong stroked he was deep into me. I felt his strong masculine presence on top of me as he continued to plow away. I moved my hips in rhythm with his thrusts. I began to moan in earnest it felt so wonderful. The cattle outside seemed to low in response to my shrieks of ecstasy. He continued, quickening his pace until he was ramming his member deep into me. I continued to scream in delight until with one final, hard stroke he sunk his cock deep within me. As it quivered and shot its seed inside me I felt my own orgasm wash over me and I came with a series of shudders and a final loud moan.

He lay on top of me as his penis slowly deflated and then sank out me. He snuggled up beside me. I had closed my eyes in bliss from a wonderful orgasm. We lay together and he stroked my hair and gently kissed my forehead. After a time I asked, “How long are you going to stay in this field?”

“It’s two weeks before I need to drive the cattle back to town,” he replied.

“Do you think we could do this again in that time?” I asked with all the naiveté I could feign. His rising cock gave me all the answer that I needed. It was bliss to be with him. For two week neither of us wore clothes. It was wonderful to be together. We talked late through each night in conversations filled with laughter and interrupted by love making. He’d go in the fields some times during the day, as naked as a satyr. I’d watch him, reveling in the site of his muscular ass. He looked so manly as he guarded his cattle with his staff in hand and another between his legs. I couldn’t stand being away for him for long and would soon beckon him back; he didn’t need much coaxing. He was a stud, a stallion, a friend and my lover; for a moment I wondered what it would be like to be his wife. It was impossible; I couldn’t become mortal even if I had wanted to. Our affair was folly, we could never stay together, but it was the sweetest folly I had ever known.

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