alex and sarah

Chapter Four

- From perspective of Alex

Jess sat quietly on the couch. Hands together between her knees. She watched Marco intently as he sat on the ground. A half smile on her face.

“Maybe, I underestimated you. You like seeing him like that don’t you?” I said, watching her face.

She smiled, “I really do,”

“You like seeing him look silly. Like a child, put in his place. You like to know that he is actually feeling like the stupid fuck that people think he is.”

“Yes,” she exclaimed a little too happily. Marco looked at her with a simple blankness in his eyes.

“It’s just.. it doesn’t matter,” she said looking down.

I leaned over and told her to stand. I took one chair from the kitchen table and placed it on one side of Marco. I took another chair and placed it on his other sides.

“Sit Jess.”

We both sat either side of her boyfriend, who was cross-legged on the ground, wondering what the fuck was going on.

“Marco, put your head down,” He didn’t move.

“Jess, slap his head and tell him to put it down,” I said.

She immediately cracked him in the back of the head and he lowered it. She was breathing heavily.

“Jess, you came to me for training. I’m going to help you understand your urges. Help you explore them. Tell me about you and Marco. Know that while you are talking he hears everything you say. But he is nothing. Just a footrest, should we choose to use him.”

“Well,” Jess began, “We have been together since college. He is a sweet guy, and always the life of the party. At college this was initially great. I was pretty shy when I left home and since I had to find all new friends, it was kind of useful to have him around. Everyone loved him and got to know a lot of people really quickly. But we are not 20 anymore. He behaves the same way now as he did then. Loud and out-there, and the stuff that comes out of his mouth is so monumentally stupid, it’s embarrassing. Like that stupid t-shirt. He thought you’d respect his daring for wearing it.”

At this Marco looked up. Jess slapped the back of his head and continued without missing a beat.

“I want a real man, not a boy that I have to look after and be embarrassed about.”

“So you disrespect him?” I said, addressing it at Marco.

“Yes, I suppose I do. And as a result he can’t satisfy me.”

“Looks like the boy has the equipment, doesn’t he?”

“Yes, his cock is enormous. But I have a tiny pussy. 7 inches would fill me up, I don’t need 12. And its thin. It just feels like an angry thing poking me. And besides he lasts about a minute so I always have to finish with him going down on me. I have tried to spice things up, after reading 50 Shades of Grey. I have become more dominant. But it doesn’t really work. He doesn’t get it and I feel like he’s just playing along or whatever. Until I start to humiliate him. Then I see him submit, and he gets hard. That does turns me on. Is that fucked up?”

I pondered on this for a moment. I’m not their therapist. I really don’t care about their sex life. I just need some new tools for tonight. I need this fucking moron on the floor here to stay hard and not cum in 3 seconds. I need her to ignore her buffoon and do what she’s told.

“The dynamic of Dom and sub is an interesting and individualized one” I begin. “I have made my sub do incredible things, things most women wouldn’t dream of. But it isn’t about humiliating her, it is bringing her to a place of submission. She is brilliant and complex, which makes for a great challenge. I get a rush from the fact that a woman of her caliber will submit to me, that I can control her and take her to that place. It isn’t about humiliation.”

“I’d like that too. But he doesn’t get it. He is too easy.” She replied.

“So, instead you disrespect him. Humiliate him. Strap on a rubber cock and fuck his pathetic ass. And then you see him humiliated. He gets that. And you feel good.”

“Yes,” she said, half a question, half an exclaimation.

“And by the look of this hard cock now, so does he,” I observed. “There is nothing to be ashamed of. Run with what works. Demean this half-tard like he deserves and he will thank you for it.”

“Ok, so let’s say I did that. Where do I start?”

I thought for a moment. This was too easy. I might as well have some fun. And get these two prepared for this evening. I don’t want one of them freaking out later.

“Marco, go into the bathroom. Take off all your cloths. You will see a razor on the counter. Shave off that ridiculous mustache and all your pubic hair. Tonight you are both my and Jess’s slave. You will do what either of us asks without hesitation.”

Marco obediently stood up and went to the bathroom.

“Jess, you will do exactly as I say. You are as much my slave as Marco is yours. Do you understand?”


“Now take off all your clothes.”

Without hesitation she stripped. I removed the feathers and string from her hair. Her pussy was shaved bald. She started looking cute.

“Now crawl to me…”

She began to crawl, slowly, inch by inch she got closer.

“I’m going to fuck your face now Jess. Marco will watch. You don’t have a choice in the matter.”

She reached forward and undid my belt. Slowly she undid my fly. My rock hard 8inch cock jumped out in her face. She gripped the shaft and looked up. At this moment, Marco walked out of the bathroom. Shaven face and pubes, he stood there shocked.

“Marco come sit here and watch. You are going to be cuckolded,” I commanded.

He sat. It seemed like he was finally catching on. His hands were visibly shaking and his cock was filling out rapidly. It had to be a foot long, but thin.

I grabbed Jess’s head and slid my hard cock into her mouth. She slurped the precum from the tip and then began swirling her tongue around the head. The girl has skills. I held her head tight and forced my cock deep into her mouth. I felt her gag, but held her head still. She gagged again and tried to pull away. I held for a second longer and let go. She recoiled back coughing. Marco reached out to her to see if she was OK. She slapped him angrily saying, “Don’t fucken stop me cuck”.

She turned to face me, opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I smiled at her obedience. I let her wait there for a second with her mouth stupidly gaping open. It gave her a moment to absorb some of the shame of her position. Then I took a firm hold of her head from behind her hair and aggressively slammed my cock in and out of her face. For 5 minutes this went on, quite brutally. Her mascara ran down her face with her tears. Her lipstick smudged across her cheek. As she began to wretch violently, I forced my cock even deeper down her throat, which pulsated around my invading shaft. I knew I should let go, but I didn’t. Her eyes widened with panic, she was no longer in control. The boy did nothing. With one last thrust I forced it all down her throat, then rapidly pulled my full length out of her, in one movement grabbing her hair and dragging her head over Marco’s hard cock. She vomited all over him. This was too much for Marco who spontaneously orgasmed, sending ribbons of cum all over himself and Jess’s face.

Jess was still coughing and gasping through the mess in her mouth as I tilted up her ass to expose her neat little pussy. I repositioned her easily onto her hands and knees and without pause, slammed my now very hard cock deep in to her pink hole from behind. She was stretched out by my girth like she hadn’t been before, and she coughed and cried out, as she felt her pussy skin stinging from the stretch. She pulled it together and began heavily bearing down on my cock. Her face was still covered in vomit and cum, and from her position, her filthy face was right in front of Marco.

“You are my cuckold now, and I am his slave. Do you understand that?” she said with a groan to Marco.

He nodded.

With this unexpected submission, I unloaded my cum into her body. I felt her tight pussy contract and cum as I did. She moaned a deep hypnotic sound, and then her pussy fell lose. I let her go and she slumped to the ground.

I didn’t let her recover before the next command. “Jess, get up and sit on that chair and spread your legs.”

She clamored obediently to the chair and opened her legs.

“Marco. Put your face in there and clean her out”

As if he’d been waiting for this command all his life, he launched forward and began feeding on Jess’s soaking pussy.

“Marco, can you taste Alex’s cum?” said Jess. “He owns my pussy now, you pathetic idiot.”

Marco, looked up, swallowed and replied, “yes Mistress.”

“That’s the first smart thing you have said all day Marco,” I laughed as I roughed up his hair like a puppy.

“Now the two of you get yourselves cleaned up and get out of here. I’ll see you at 7. And Marco, go buy a new fucken t-shirt.”

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