Only one thing that can make it worthwhile to sit in the very last of an overstuffed commercial jetliner, and then having the next flight cancelled — and that would be, sitting right next to a gorgeous, strawberry-blonde 18 year old. Who, it later turned out, was a nasty, dirty SLUT who loved a big cock up her tight ass.

Wow, what a great fucking trip it ended up being after all.

That trip sure didn’t start out well. It was the first leg of my flight from the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic, leaving late afternoon one day early in the summer. I was going to a college town for a business meeting. Yeah, I’m a lawyer, truth be told. My cheap client wanted me to save money, so I ended up booking one of those regional air carriers with connecting flights. That, alone, was going to make it a hellacious trip. As I borded the plane for the first flight, my heart sank. It sure wasn’t the biggest plane ever — only 19 rows, and only 2 seats on each side of the aisle. Yuck, it was barely better than a cropduster.

Fuck this shit-eating trip, I swore under my breath as I trudged my stuff onto the little plane. As I walked down the aisle to my seat, I got this sinking feeling, I was near the back row. Row after row went past, and my disapointment grew even worse. No, it couldn’t be, right? But, yes, it was true: I was in the VERY last row. If you haven’t been in that row on these kinds of planes, it is like an extra penalty — the seats don’t lean back, and it can get really bumpy. Plus, you have to wait until literally everyone else is off the plane before you can disembark. Truly, it’s air travel hell. “Hi, welcome to our cheap-ass airline, please don’t enjoy a minute of the flight, thank you very much.”

And, the seats weren’t numbered the same as regular planes. Seat “D” wasn’t on the aisle, it was on the window. I was trapped in the back corner, the worst possible seat on the plane. (Tied with the schmuck who’d get stuck on the other window across the aisle from me.)

So I’m sitting there in that back window, fuming, hating that my secretary could only get me this seat. Last minute is last minute, it seemed. Well, maybe my fortunes would be better on my connecting flight, right?

I don’t know what caused me to look up. Glancing to the front of the small plane, my eyes saw something unexpected. Angelic, really. A beatiful, vivacious smiling face of a gorgeous young woman. She was short with flocks of long, curly, strawberry-blonde hair cascading down her petite shoulders. Wearing a tight, white blouse showing off a black bra inside, I could make out eye-catching C-cup tits on her otherwise slim torso. She had a glowing face, with a big smile and thick, red lips, and bright brown eyes. The woman was excusing herself as she tried to make her way down the crowded aisle, being bumped around by other passengers, she was apologizing profusely with every step she took but, really, it wasn’t her fault no one would get out of her way.

And she kept walking up the plane, looking at the row numbers. I kept watching, seeing that she was traveling alone. Wow, some lucky stiff was going to get to sit next to her. And, as she slowly trudged towards the back of the cabin, it seemed that lucky stiff was sitting near me. Four rows away from me, she stopped, I figured that’s where she’d sit. No, actually, she was just putting her bag — a backpack from school, it looked like — in an overhead bin. She had to really cram it in there; but, it was a glorious sight. As she reached up to push the bag into the bin, I caught sight of the shape of her meaty round tits from the side, damn those hooters were sexy. And her jeans were tight on a hot round butt, she had a little meat on it but she had skinny thighs, so that ass stuck out a little, instantly making my mouth water. My cock twitched a little too, that girl had a great body. Looked young, though.

For a guy like me, just over 50 years old and married since the Big Bang, just the sight of a hot young women like her was enough to constitute a sexual relationship. If she’d have stood there ten minutes, I was sure I could have gotten a full boner and rubbed myself through my pants to an orgasm from just staring at her tits and ass, plus her pretty face and sexy hair.

Her bag stowed, the girl moved on. Towards the back! Three rows up; two row; now she was in the aisle even with the row in front of me. Her big brown eyes were staring at seat numbers above her head, I could see her counting rows. Then, her eyes dropped — right towards me. She was looking at me, and smiling.

Stepping to the very back of the plane, standing in the aisle right to my left side, she squeaked with a young voice, “Hi, looks like I’m stuck back here with you.”

And the hot strawberry-blonde sat her exquisite little body right next to me.

I was going to share my doom, stuck in the back of this little plane, with the sexiest female I’d been near for a very long time!

Grabbing my cellphone, I banged out an IM to a colleague at work, who shares my prurient affections for all things female and sexy. “Trip to coast, $600… Hotel room, $200… sitting next to hot blonde on flight, priceless!” I sent it off, hoping to make him jealous.

Turned out to be a great flight, after all. (But, as I’ll explain soon enough, it gets a lot worse, then a lot better!)

Stacy was her name. Not only was she pretty and had nice tits, she smelled great and was sweet and talkative. I would have figured her to be stuck up and quiet, I mean, why would a girl that looked as good as her want to chew the fat with some unknown guy twice her age? But you know, she was exactly the opposite of stuck-up. Bubbly and cute, she started babbling about the plane and parking, and that got us talking. For the full two and a half hours of the flight, plus the thirty-plus minutes on the ground. I’m serious. We hardly shut up, keeping our voices low, but carrying on like long-lost friends.

I learned a lot about the sweetie. She was 18 years old, had just finished high school, and was flying out to spent a couple months of the summer with a long-time friend who had moved away with her family, before starting a job in the fall. No college for her, at least not right away. Her destination on the flight was a completely different part of the country than mine, but we were both headed to Cincinnati to catch connecting flights. She had been on her school’s swim team, also did yearbook and chorus (she refused to sing on the plane, even at my strident request, however), and had a boyfriend back home whom she “loved and loved.” But was still going to “look around” for a while — “I’m not married yet, ya know.”

There wasn’t anything sexual about the flight, not in the least — as in, in our conversation. She was extremely pleasant, smiling amicably the entire time, asking questions about my work and where I lived, my wife and kids, my college years, all sorts of stuff. Inane, pointless babble for nearly three hours. Meanwhile, I was just soaking in the adventure of merely sitting next to her. Wearing a sweat, cheap perfume that blended perfectly with her natural aromas, every breath I took for three hours was a delicious flavor of the girl. Her tits really swelled out her white blouse, which I don’t think was an effort to tease men, as much as it was her “style.” She had a vest to go over it, she told me, but it was in her backpack, she didn’t want to make it sweaty and wrinkled on the flight. I even caught some glances of her tight jeans on her crotch, where her skinny thighs merged together, and damn if I didn’t see some camel toe, I thought. Maybe that was just my imagination.

Basically, just sitting next to and talking to her? Yeah, I had a hard-on for most of the flight. It was uncomfortable, too, trapped in a bizarre angle against my abdomen, my underwear — sweaty from moving briskly through the parking lots and airport before the flight — had bunched and seized my shaft as it grew to size. Ugh. I didn’t want to make the girl uncomfortable (“Ewww! I’m sitting next to a perv!” — wanted to avoid that), so I left it alone. I tried shifting around, but it didn’t help. Finally, near the end of the flight, she got up to use the lavatory, and I took a few moments to straighten out my johnson in my pants.

All good things must come to an end, and soon we were descending for landing.

Landing in Hell, that is.

The weather outside the plane was ominous. Above the bank of flat, pillowy clouds, it was still sunny; it was about 8 pm, but still daylight at this time of early summer. Way off at the horizon, there were huge clouds seeming to reach into the sky, flashing with lightning. That made me think, this might not be so good. As we made our way through the clouds, it was dark as shit on the ground. We were traveling inside a full-fledged rain storm. The plane started bouncing around. Stacy was growing nervous, too, leaning over me to look out the window. I did like that part, smelling her perfume and even shampoo even more strongly.

We landed in almost total darkness, and by the time the plane pulled to the gateway, sheets of rain were dropping from the black sky. The flight attendant didn’t bother announcing connecting flights. My stomach churned, I was enough of a veteran at travel to know what this meant.

Doom, lots of doom.

All connecting flights were cancelled for the night. Nice of them to fly us here, at least, right? Lines at the counters were a mile long, everyone trying to rebook.

Stacy and I said good-bye to each other hurriedly as we got off the jetway into the terminal. I had already known I’d never see her again, as we were heading in separate directions for the rest of our trip. So I didn’t linger to talk to her any longer, instead I had my cellphone out and I was on the phone with my travel agency to figure out my options. The terminal was a madhouse — jammed with families and crying babies, all sorts of people on their cellphones, people screaming at counters as if the airline representatives were responsible for calling in a thunderstorm. I could barely hear my fucking phone against my ear, as I figured out my plans.

Fortunately, I was lucky. There was a connecting flight at 7 a.m. the next morning, and I had a reserved seat — in coach, middle seat, but not the last row. (I asked.) It would do. Then, the agent got me a reservation at an off-airport motel, not even five minutes away. I was set, it was sweet! I called my wife, explained my situation, and felt confident things were going to work out despite the weather.

Suckers, I thought about everyone who was going to be left at the airport behind me, trying to figure out their plans, while I was smartly walking down the corridor to head for the taxies and a nice, comfortable bed for myself. Well, maybe at least a bed; whether it would be comfortable was another matter.

Suddenly, I stopped. There she was.

Stacy, standing in the middle of a mile-long line to wait to rebook, looking glum. Lost. Sad. The 18 year old princess with the cheerful outlook and glowing smile had been replaced by a scared, bewildered, inexperienced victim of the weather and the FAA.

My reaction was instantaneous, I didn’t even really think about it much. Time to play hero!

“Hey, Stacy,” I called out, walking up to her, toting my roller baggage, “let me help you rebook.” I flashed my cellphone. “It’s easier to use an agent, don’t wait in a line like this.”

Raised properly by her parents, the sweet strawberry-blonde politely refused my offer. No, it’s okay, I shouldn’t bother, she would be fine, it’s not like she had someplace else to be, that’s too much trouble for me.

Refusing her refusals, I stood my ground. “No, you’ll see,” I said, standing right next to her. I dialed my travel agent agency, and said I needed to rebook another ticket. Of course, it wasn’t on my account, but with a flurry of typing on the other end of the call, that problem was overcome. I took Stacy’s ticket, read the information, and got her rebooked on a 7:30 am flight in the morning to her destination. I copied down the confirmation number and seat (aisle seat, the lucky hottie), handing back the ticket to the teenager with a all-knowing grin. “There, see, you’re all set.” I glanced at the elapsed time of the call. “Seven minutes — way better than waiting in this line, right?”

She blinked, her pretty face studying the ticket, and she could hardly believe it. “Really?” It seemed to easy to her.

I pulled her out of the line, taking her to a self-service kiosk, and had her print herself a new boarding pass. She was all set.

Stacy almost wanted to cry, I think her emotions were stretched from the bouncy end of the flight and now facing the prospect of waiting in line for a couple hours to rebook. With the sudden resolution, she didn’t know what to think, it happened so fast. Tears welled up, she thanked me with a grin, choking back some emotions. Made me feel great, I’ll tell you that — she was definitely overcome with happiness.

Now, that presented her with another problem. It was about 9:30 pm, she had ten hours to kill until her flight.

And nowhere to go.

I didn’t even bother asking if she had a place to go — no, of course she didn’t. I offered to see if a motel had an extra room. At first she made up an excuse to say no, something like, she didn’t have enough money. Well of course she did, the fucking Motel 7 or whatever would cost about $50 to $80 bucks, plus the cabride. No, she didn’t even have that much to spend, she repeated, but I could see there was something holding her back. I prodded a little more, pointing out her only alternative was to sleep in the fucking airport — with about 10,000 of her closest friends, my hand waving to the masses scattered around us. Stacy admitted she didn’t want to sleep alone at a motel room, she had fears about being alone in a room like that — so, yes, she’d prefer crashing on a floor here at the bright airport, instead of getting a room for a few hours.

Now, you might think, my brain received a message from the horny cock in my pants. I swear, that’s not what motivated me. Really, you have to believe me.

In my father mode — I had kids, after all — I said, “You can no to this too, but trust me, you should say yes.” As predicate to my offer to her, I pointed out I was a father with a daughter and a son, that I was fatherly to lots of my kids’ friends — including their female friends. I was like dad to them all, I said. “So, let me play dad here,” I explained further, and said I had a motel room five minutes away waiting for me. I said, if she wanted, I’d get a room with two beds, and she could have the other bed. For free. “I know you must think I’m a creep for offering, and if you do, you can say no — but, seriously, you won’t regret it — it’s like a sleepover — you can sleep in your jeans and shirt, of course — it’s just a place to crash a few hours.”

The hot teenager, her brown eyes weary and still slightly teary, stared at me a moment. Not like a monster; instead, she let out a little smile, followed by a sniffle she had to wipe away, followed by another smile.

“You know,” said the girl, trying to dab the corners of her eyes with the back of her hand, “I really should say no — but, I dunno, I trust you — and I really don’t wanna sleep on the floor, here.” A little chuckle punctuated her conclusion. “With 10,000 of my friends.”

“Don’t let me force you,” I said, making sure she wasn’t going to have a basis to call the cops on me, “I know it seems weird, but we’re sorta like friends now — it’s just a bed for a few hours, someplace to go — if you want time to think about it, that’s fine.” I hurried to point out that I really didn’t care what she did. I didn’t want to sound like I was talking her into it.

The slim teenager with the nice bosom batted her long eyelashes at me, picking up her backback from the ground. “No, actually — I know my mom would kill me, but — well, I appreciate the offer, I’d actually love to have the other bed.”

And, with that, I was taking the pretty, 18 year old girl back to my motel room!

Okay, not for sex, admittedly. But, really, with my flight cancelled and me having to catch the next one in the morning? Having the company of a gorgeous young woman was a very positive development. Even if it meant nothing more than having her snore in the bed across from mine.

She was quiet in the cab ride, then as I checked in, making sure the room would have two beds. I had thought the travel agent told me the motel had plenty of availability, but with the storm, I’d have thought other travellers would be showing up in droves. Not yet, at least.

As I fumbled with the passcard at the doorway, I looked to my companion, standing there with her black vest now over her white blouse, backpack slung over her small shoulder, her hair slightly damp from a few moments of rain we endured while climbing into the cab. “If you want,” I said, “I might even be able to get a second room — I’ll make up some excuse to bill it — if you really don’t want to be stuck with me.” I was interpreting her shy demeanor, so different from the flight, as reticence or remorse from having decided to accompany me into the room.

But the girl only shrugged. “You’re too nice,” she said in a playful tone, albeit without a lot of energy, “no, it’s really fine, I’m sorry I’m being a pest.”

Pest? Hardly. She made me laugh, as we entered the dingy, cheap little room.

Things were awkward, for about the first twenty minutes. I was nervous that she would be nervous; she was a little uneasy too, definitely keeping a distance from me, but I wasn’t trying to get close either. Father mode, you know. She used the bathroom, then I did. We faced the crossroads of whether to change out of our shirts and jeans into something more comfortable for sleep. I said I’d stay dressed, and I didn’t raise the issue of what she might do. But she said she had on a nightshirt and shorts, and I was welcome to put on my “pajamas” — not that men my age travel with them. I did, in fact, have a t-shirt and jogging shorts, so I went into the bathroom again and came out in those. I thanked her, it was going to be more comfortable to sleep.

I was already lying in bed, under the covers, as she emerged from the bathroom a few minutes later in her night garments. She had on a knee-length, very loose-fitting cotton nightgown, a pale lavender color with little purple hearts and flowers as the print. If she had shorts on underneath it, I couldn’t tell. It wasn’t sexy at all, to be honest; it did show off her nice tits on her chest, but otherwise, it was rather matronly. I’m married to a 52 year old woman, trust me, I know the look.

The unease was ending, we were both in our separate beds, and the night was over. I set the alarm for 5:30, so I could get us up and over to the airport in time for me to make the 7 o’clock flight. That wasn’t so early, really, it was 6:30 to my body clock given the time change.

Honestly, I was tired, and was descending into sleep, not really caring a sexy young woman was in the room with me. Still up to that point, it wasn’t about sex at all. Ten minutes passed or so, as I quietly lay there thinking about my travel in the morning — I’d have to make some calls to push my meeting back, but there wasn’t anything I could do about the fucking weather. Across the darkened room from me, Stacy was sitting back, her face glowing as she rapidly typed away at her cellphone, sending emails or messages to unnamed persons. Soon, though, she shut off her cellphone, and the room was dark, quiet, ready for us to sleep separately.


A clap of thunder, very close to the hotel, woke me up. I checked the clock, it was only about twenty minutes after we’d crawled into bed. On the other bed, I heard Stacy let out a little yelp, then she giggled. Midwesterners like us aren’t frightened by thunder; it’s just noise, not a threat. But, it can be a lot of noise.

The girl snickered. “Did you hear that?” Like I could have missed it.

“Sure.” I sighed, hoping the next round of storms wasn’t going to last long. “Looks like ol’ Mother Nature isn’t done with us yet, tonight.”

The strawberry-blonde teenager giggled, her voice chirpy now, finding energy she didn’t have earler. “I know! It sucks — but, actually, it’s early, I’m not all that tired anyway.”

Lying in my side, I was facing the direction of the window — and her bed, in front of it. I saw her silhouette against the dim light of the window, as the girl sat upright in her bed. She seemed to be facing the window at first, but then I saw her face turn, she was peering over in my direction. Another clap of thunder, not as loud but still nearby, rattled the window a second time. “You tired?”

There’s no accounting for youth; it was not even 10 pm our time (11 pm locally), so you know, she probably wasn’t tired at all. Me, I could have stayed up a while, but hadn’t been planning to. Turning out the lights had seemed, at the time, like the easiest way to keep her relaxed. I had done the very nice thing of inviting her to the room, but it was like a burden — I really didn’t want the girl freaking out that she was with some horny pervert, because she wasn’t. I liked sex as much as any other guy (I’d been dicking some gals on the side over the years ), but I wasn’t ever going to force myself on a female. That’s not my style. I mean, a REAL man makes a woman want him, right; forcing a woman, or paying for it, seems like a concession you’re not a real man because you can’t get a woman to want you just for the fun of it.

I answered the pending question, still snuggled under the covers, eyes closing again. “Just a little — but, if you want to turn on the lights or watch TV, that’s fine.”

Her answer was really more of a tone, a sound that was slow and low. “Nawww,” she said, sounding bored. “I don’t wanna keep you up, you’re so nice and sweet.” Pausing a moment, she added, “I can see why you’re married, your wife is lucky.”

Suddenly, my intention to remain the complete gentleman gave way to a throbbing in my underwear and shorts.

Her voice sounded affectionate, and tinged with some excitement. She said it in that melodious, friendly tone; it was inviting. Her comment was nothing but complementary, but I was taking it another way. “That’s nice of you to say,” I said back, keeping a hushed, suave voice myself, “but of course, she’s not here.”

Then, it happened. I don’t know what caused it. It really wasn’t in my plan. I hadn’t been thinking of saying it, or fantasizing about it, you have to trust me on that. It literally just happened.

The words fell out of my mouth.

“If you want,” I deadpanned to the girl, being totally serious, feeling my penis now pulsating to life in my crotch, “you can come crawl under my sheets and play my wife tonight — if you want.”

SHIT — did I really just say that?

Before I could even think about taking the words back, wondering if now I’d freak her out, I heard a slight girlish giggle from her direction. The energy in her voice was louder still, along with a high-pitch teenage squeal. “Oh yeah, I can?”

Turning on a dime, our completely non-sexual evening together — hours on the plane, at the airport, even in this stanky motel room — had been replaced by a very sexual charge. I’d just invited her over for sex. (Actually, to be accurate, if she wanted to “play my wife,” she’d just sleep next to me without touching me. But I was hoping that’s now how she’d take it.) And she was immediately considering the offer favorably.

As guys are want to do, my penis was completely in control of my brain, and it only took about ten seconds. “Uh huh,” I confirmed of my offer with my own confident swagger, “if you don’t tell my wife about it.”

“Hmm!” The teenager was still sitting upright in her bed. “If you don’t tell my boyfriend, too?”

Then, my wildest fantasy coming true, the girl slipped out of her bed into the narrow space between these cheap motel beds, and her silhouette now was completely outlined against the dim window behind her. Still giggling lightly, I saw her petite physique crawl onto my bed, I felt her knees at the edge of the bed, as she leaned forward to find the bedsheets covering me.

My married penis was fully erect now, inside my very uncomfortable underwear and jogging shorts, and pandamonium was busting in my brain. Was this really happening? Was I going to get to fuck this adorable young woman — barely out of high school, almost a third my age?

I sure wasn’t stopping it. Assisting her by tossing the covers and bedsheet back, I scooted over to make room for her next to me on the double-size bed, exposing the space for her to occupy. My senses, again, filled with the aromatic pleasure of her perfume and femininity, perhaps now spiced with the flavor of a wettening pussy. Her slim figure slipped under the sheets, right next to me, facing me, and all of a sudden, I was IN BED with the young woman!

My penis was forming a stiff tent in my shorts and underwear, trying to poke through, while I lay on my side facing her. “Welcome, Mrs. Vitters,” I joked with my new mistress, reaching a hand towards her, still under the sheets, wrapping it around her nighty-clad waist. Her body was so soft and sexy, not exactly rail-thin but slim and fit; the small of her back and her hips were soft and tight, barely any loose flesh on them, a welcome change from my regular nighttime companion. “Now I think I’m the lucky one.”

“Oh?” Now under the sheets with me lying on her side facing my body, the blanket pulled up to her shoulder and her head on the pillow facing mine, she scooted herself forward a bit to close the gap between our bodies. Her hand, too, reached out, wrapping around my waist, which she found not as tight and sexy as her own. I had a bit of a tube around my belly, not a horrific one, but something you’d expect of 50-year old fathers. “Well, maybe we’re both lucky.”

And, as her words said that, I felt her hand immediately leave my back, reaching to my crotch, and her teenage fingers and palm wrapped around the shape of my stiff erection inside my shorts.

My reaction was instinctive; with a gasp I blurted out, “Oh fuck!” She was pawing at my dick, fondling it, feeling the size of my six and a half inch penis, then also the swollen, cum-filled balls underneath. Her gasp of my tool through my clothing made me squirt precum in my underwear. “Oh, maybe we’re both going to GET lucky,” I corrected of her last statement. With her hand around my cock, I returned the favor, moving my hand from the small of her back to her chest, immediately groping one of her big, firm tits in her nightgown. Fuck, that breast felt awesome — firm and youthful, not flabby, but bountiful, plenty of it to fill my palm.

“Mmm,” purred the girl, her face nearing my own, arching her back to push that hooter into my hand, “I can’t wait!”

And, without any more talk, we began making out. Her lips were already wet and parted, as our mouths crashed together; it didn’t take but a moment for our tongues to meet in a clash between our opened jaws, lapping over each other, making us both moan in delight, sucking air from each other’s lungs. While starting to French kiss under the sheets, her small hand was working wonders on my middle-aged erection, making me pulsate in my clothing, throbbing to be released. My fingers discovered she had a bra underneath under nightgown, but I could still feel her swollen, erect nipple through the two layers of fabric, and she grunted with pleasure into our kiss when I began squeezing and pimping that nipple with pinched finger and thumb, while rolling the rest of her breast against my palm.

Meanwhile, her teenage hand wandered down my chest, reaching my crotch quickly. I felt her palm press against my swollen, six-inch shaft inside my shorts and underwear; and her fingers wrapped around the thickness of my dick, exploring its length, even reaching down to cup my balls through my clothing. I was fucking hard, my penis was trying to burst through the restrictive fabric. As our tongues devoured each other’s mouths, making us moan at the wet, sloppy kiss, and my hands kneaded her teen boobies, Stacy lifted her hand to the waistband of my shorts, trying to slide her hand inside, and get at my cock raw, without clothing. Feeling that, I rolled onto my back, giving her more freedom to paw for my cock.

In the near-darkness of the room, with just a rumble of thunder outside now, the strawberry-blonde hottie was going for my dick. She sat upright next to me, reaching both of her hands to my hips, to pull down my shorts and underwear. I arched my back and lifted my butt off the bed to help, giving her space to yank my clothing off of my hips and slightly prodigeous buttocks. I felt my naked dick pop free, while the girl continued to process of disrobing me of my shorts and underwear.

When my underwear was around my ankles, I kicked them across the room. “Good riddance,” I joked.

As soon as she had my garments off, Stacy reached to my penis, remaining seated at my side, and returned her soft hand to my married erection. “Mmm,” I heard her purr, “you got a nice dick.” Her fist wrapped around my shaft at the fat base, slowly jerking the outer layer of skin up and down slowly, expertly, proving this wasn’t the first cock she’d ever held. I could feel precum dripping out of my cockhead, while my balls were swelling with excitement. Lying flat on my back on the bed, I pulled my t-shirt off so I was nude, exposing my hairless chest and slightly-flabby belly.

My stripping prompted her to do the same, the 18 year old let go of my dick to pull her nightie above her head, tossing it onto the floor. Quickly she reached behind herself and unfastened her bra, dropping it too. In the dim light passing through the motel room’s window, I made out the curvature of her boobies. They were, indeed, probably about C-cup titties — very nice, round, soft. Raising a hand, my fingers and palms cupped one of them and found it soft and warm, while my thumb discovered a rock-hard nipple producing over half an inch from her mound. The girl moaned as my thumb twirled light circles around that nipple.

Soon we were kissing again, she was half-lying on my chest with her big tits, but her hips and legs on the bed so my cock was exposed. Jerking my manhood, the girl had my penis at full size, it was throbbing in her gentle touch, not nearly ready to cum but wanting so much more than just a hand-job. My hand wandered up and down her velvety-soft back, caressing down to her panties, where I slipped my fingertips inside the elastic waistband. My fingers found her nude asscheeks to be warm and soft, and her hips undulated slightly at the contact of my hand on her buttocks.

Stacy broke our kiss, and planted a trail of wet, soft kisses down my chest — past my nipples, past my belly-button. I moaned, spreading my knees. Watching her in the dim light, I could see her pretty face as she crawled down the bed also, nestling her almost-nude body between my thighs. Her big eyes were looking up at my face too, as she moved her mouth to my erection. Her hot breath was the first thing to hit my penis, followed an instant later by her wet tongue, then her soft wet lips.

My eyes rolled back in my head. “Uhhh, yeah!” I roared, lying flatter, feeling my cockhead slip inside the girl’s teenage mouth.

The youngster began blowing me, again showing an expertise that can be learned only through practice. She suckled the top half of my penis until it was soaking wet, while keeping her fist around the base of my shaft and jerking it up and down in slow motions. Salivating all over my tool, Stacy also licked up and down the sensitive underside, and around the purple rim of my cockhead, then spread her spit around my tool with the pumping action of my fist. The nasty girl licked down to my balls — swirling then around her mouth — and even licked to my asshole, making me squirm and snicker from pushing her little tongue inside my poop hole. Fuck, this was one horny little slut!

“Shit,” I moaned, so appreciative, “you’re so good, baby — that’s so fucking good.”

The girl grunted in response, then giggled and explained herself. “I can’t believe I’m sucking a married guy’s cock,” she snickered. Clearly, she wasn’t put off by it; she kept going.

The strawberry-blonde teenager rose to her knees, starting to suck my penis again, bobbing her head and entire torso up and down. She was fucking me with her mouth, keeping those lips wrapped tightly around my penis, pumping as much as she could inside her mouth, then moving all the way up until just my cockhead was inside. She swallowed hard, drawing air right over my cock, then pushed downward again. Up and down she went, over and over, fucking me with that sexy mouth. I could see her pushing her panties off, too, while she remained on her knees bent over, and I saw her hand slip underneath her body, to rub and tease her clitoris and pussy while she sucked my penis.

The little hussy was just really getting both herself and me ready for sex. When she deemed her pussy wet enough, and my cock swollen enough (although it wasn’t going to get much harder), she rose to her knees and climbed over me. No asking necessary. Instantly, the recent high school graduate was straddling my hips, her sexy thighs spread open, positioning her wet vagina over my aching cockhead. Dropping her soft hands to my chest, she swirled her pelvis, kissing my cockhead with her cuntlips, and she sank downward.

“Uhhhhhh!” cried the girl, grunting as she felt my penis stretching open her cuntlips.

I, too, was wincing, her cunt was amazingly tight; I hadn’t fucked a teenage pussy in years and years, and had forgotten how tight they were. “Shit, yessss!” I added to her grunt, staring at her nice big tits on her chest as she leaned over me.

Stacy worked my penis a little ways into her pussy, sitting back on it and pushing her pelvis down, then she began humping me by bouncing back and forth, laying almost flat over me. Our eyes met in the darkness, and soon we were kissing again, hard, our lips sealed together, her tongue deep in my mouth, while she worked more of my married dick into her vagina. I cupped her drooping big tits in my hands, then also slid my hands down to cup her sexy ass, fondling those twin buttcheeks while my dick cheated on my wife by sliding in and out of the teenager’s pussy. She was really fucking tight, but getting so wet; I cringed from the pressure on my cock as it drilled into her, but I couldn’t get enough of it, pounding more and more meat inside that vagina.

Breaking the kiss to suck some of the night air, Stacy muttered in delight, “Fuck, your cock is nice in me.”

Nodding rapidly, I agreed with a whisper. “You’re really fucking sexy, honey — I can’t believe we’re doing this!”

“Mmm!” Her voice was full of agreement. “I was hoping you’d put the move on me — ever since the flight, even!”

Wow, really? I hadn’t realized. My radar for sensing chicks hot to fuck me was, obviously, in quite a bit of disrepair.

The girl was sitting upright now, completely perpendicular to my flabby belly, her hands on her slim hips as she looked down at me in the darkness. There was a bright flash of lightning from the window, almost blinding me in the darkness, then the loud, scary crack of thunder about a half-second later. That was a really fucking close strike, just a few hundred feet away. But we both smiled, intent on fucking and not being scared by just a normal clap of thunder.

Fuck, I was so hard inside her juicy cunt, watching her sexy tits as she slowly bounced up and down on me, riding my erection. I couldn’t help it, I leaned up, suckling those big tits in my mouth, covering them in saliva all over while she kept riding my penis. Stacy was moaning incessantly, like a low rumble coming from deep inside her that didn’t stop. “Uhhh — mmm — uhhh, ohhh, uhhh!” She was rocking back and forth, working more and more of my dick inside her tight young pussy, until all six inches were solidly inside. She kept pressing backwards, making me wish I had a longer erection for her to enjoy, but she was incredibly wet and smelled nasty and sexy, and the sounds of satisfaction she was emitting hardly suggested any displeasure.

While riding me, there was another boom of thunder — which sounded farther away, and wasn’t preceded by lightning. But, not even a few seconds later, everything went dead in the room and outside.

Sheer, total silence and darkness.

The local power went out. Streetlights, the only source of the dim light, were now darkened. The air conditioning system, which had been a constant little whir in the background, was now dead. A humm from some kind of other motor near the room was silent, too. No light from inside the bedroom, and now with the stormclouds blocking any moonlight, the window was pitch black as well.

It made us both pause, then chuckle.

We didn’t need lights to fuck!

We kept going, with a bit more energy. I kept my penis inside Stacy’s 18 year old pussy, but I flipped her onto her back on the bed, pushing between her spread-open legs. “Oh, yeah, baby,” the girl growled at me, liking me taking charge, “fuck me!” Pushing her slim knees apart, I completely spread her open, then started pounding my pelvis into her. With my weight probably at least twice hers, I could force my dick all the way into that young vagina. Leaning into her, my legs and buttocks clenching with each thrust, I plunged my hard dick into Stacy’s cunt, so hard my balls slapped against her soft asscheeks below, drawing a loud squeal of protest from the girl. My dick felt so welcomed inside that hussy’s pussy, and I kept pounding at her, driving furiously, faster and faster.

She was yelping, her hands clutching my meaty ass to pull me deep inside her, and I was grunting and sweating as I fucked that tight pussy. I heard people in the hallway, yelling at each other and going back and forth, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to fuck the hot bitch — and she wanted me to fuck her.

Stacy was a way better lay than my wife had ever been. The smells and noises from the girl were delicious; and her tight pussy felt perfect around my penis. I was leaning upright at one point, gripping her ankles to hold her legs to the sides, finding her pliable to whatever position I wanted to put her in. Fucking her even more rapidly now, I couldn’t hold it back, and I needed to cum.

“I gotta cum,” I announced, my mouth dry from breathing though my mouth through the sex.

“Yeah!” Her hands gripped my asscheeks even harder. “Cum inside me, baby, do it!”

I didn’t deliberate the point, I just did what she wanted. I kept my dick jammed inside her cunt, then I gasped and felt my cock explode. My balls churned, my stomach had butterflies, and my cockhead felt like a knife was piercing it open, deep inside her pussy. Wave after wave of cum shot out of my dick, flooding her teenage cunt, pouring inside her young body. I kept my married cock inside that pussy for the longest orgasm I’d ever had, shooting so much cream into her, even dribbling out more and more semen long after I’d have been done cumming if it had been my wife’s pussy.

Giggling from the hot sex, I collapsed on her, kissing her, right as the loudspeaker erupted too. In a non-native speaking voice, projected over a cheap, old speaker system, I could barely make out the instructions. Something about emergency power, don’t be worried, stay in your rooms. Thunder continued to rumble around the area, as if emphasizing that last point.

Stay in my room? I was fucking this sensationally sexy, strawberry-blonde teenager. I wasn’t going anywhere.

Rolling us over again, I lay her nude body above mine, keeping my arms around her, our lips pressed together in a continuing kiss. My hands rubbed sweat up and down her slim, soft back and sexy buttocks. Her thigh ground my hard dick against my own pelvis, until she found me swollen again, ready for more sex. With a grunt, she climbed on top of me, inserting my dick into her messy, sloppy vagina, but keeping our faces together for the kiss, so I could fuck her mouth with my tongue while my dick was again fucking her teen pussy.

Jill Chapter 6: The Reunion

The rain smashed into the plane and the turbulence increased. Suddenly, the plane dropped several feet. Screams and shrills came from all directions and then silence flooded the cabin. Over the load speaker, the captain said we would be landing in Dallas within the next few minutes. He explained there was no need to worry because he had landed in weather worse than this hundreds of times.

I thought to myself, “Nice job calming the passengers down.” I wondered what First Sergeant Grantham would have said to the crew of my Army Company if he were here. The memories of my time in the Army were racing through my mind. I had completed two four-year tours and now it was time to go home and help run the family business.

After the nostalgia ran its course, it struck me there was no chance of catching my connecting flight home. The sky to the West looked even worse than what we had experienced as quarter sized hail began to pound the side of the plane.

As the pilot descended, the plane rocked from side to side which jerked me back to reality. The left side tires hit first and then bounced the plane to the right. It felt like the plane was going to flip over. The gasps and screams got louder. Then, the pilot regained control and sped to our gate.

After I departed the plane with my carry on in tow, I went to the nearest desk and waited in a short line. The weather continued to get worse. The TV located next to the desk showed the Weather Channel reporting a tornado in the area. As if on cue, a message began to play repeatedly over the intercom stating all flights were cancelled due to severe weather.

I was next in line and asked if it was possible for the airline to get me a hotel for the night. The attendant said I was lucky because I got the last room available. When she told me that, everyone in the line behind me groaned because they knew they would be spending the night on the airport floor.

Thankfully, I had a room and was off to the hotel. As I waited for the shuttle to pick me up, I heard a familiar voice talking loudly in a phone booth behind me. I turned to see who it was and to my amazement, it was Jill, an old girlfriend.

If the truth is to be told, she was a primary reason I left to join the Army. We had been an item for over five years through junior high and high school. I was planning on following her to college with the hopes of marrying her when we graduated. However, on gradation day, we broke up and I joined the Army.

I had a lot of time to think about our relationship since that day. As painful as the break up was, it was the right thing to do. Jill always knew me better than I knew myself. I had no hard feelings about the break up now and was interested in catching up with her.

Standing before me, Jill was now a 26 year old, 4 foot 11 inch, 92 pound, raven haired beauty who had the most beautiful emerald green eyes. Her 32C-22-32 figure was the envy of all her girlfriends. She worked out regularly and had very defined abs and a pert little ass. However, the thing she prided herself on the most was her nails. She had a manicure at least once a week. When I asked her why so often, she replied, “I need my ME time.” (She never went with her girlfriends and always had private appointments.)

I was a giant compared to Jill. I was 6 feet, 2 inches and weighed 190 pounds. Everyone said I looked like Christopher Reeves in Superman. Army life was good for me. I was transformed from a 168 pound weakling to a muscular man with outstanding leadership skills.

Jill finished her call and seemed distraught. Then, she saw me looking at her, seemed somewhat puzzled or annoyed and finally smiled. I got up from where I sat and walked over to her.

We greeted each other with an awkward hug. We talked for several minutes trying to catch up as much as we could. I discovered she was on her way back to Seattle, where she lived, after a business trip to Amsterdam. However, the storm had caused an unexpected delay with her return.

We barely started talking when my shuttle arrived. I asked if she would like to accompany me back to the hotel. I said my room had double beds and I could see she was clearly frustrated at having to spend the night in the airport. I expected her to decline, but she quickly accepted my offer.

On the ride to the hotel, she told me she was on the phone with her boyfriend; correction ex-boyfriend. She had just been dumped by him. To make a long story short, she said he was upset with her traveling and never being around. Needless to say, Jill felt hurt and pissed off but she confided to me, “It was the best thing because it would never work.”

I about said something to the fact that she had perfected that line. It was very similar to what she told me nearly eight years ago to the date. During the high school commencement speech she gave, Jill broke up with me. We agreed to spend the night together to re-live all the great moments we shared over the years and in the morning Jill took me to the airport when I left for the Army. I wondered if Jill would ever meet someone who shared her same lifestyle.

Luckily, we arrived at the hotel and I didn’t bring up any of those thoughts. I carried Jill’s and my bags to the front desk. The clerk said he expected me but unfortunately only had a room with one bed. He continued that because of the storm, all roll-a-ways and rooms with couches were already in use. Thinking about my current situation, I said that as long as the room had a bed, it was fine with me.

Jill sat on a chair in the lobby while all of this played out. When I had the key, I motioned for her to follow and we entered the elevator. As the doors closed, Jill said she just wanted this day to end. I told her, as I had many times before, everything would be “OK” in the morning.

As we entered the room, Jill walked in quickly and fell, in a dramatic style, onto the queen-sized bed. She let out a sigh that expressed an end to a trying day. Without moving from her exhausted state, she told me since it was my room I should use the bathroom first and freshen up.

Because of our past history, I was fine with going first. Our break up was inevitable. Jill wanted to go to college and study art. Jill was blessed with a gift. She could look at any piece of art and determine within seconds if it was an original or a fake. This landed her an awesome job with an insurance company that also fulfilled her lifelong dream of travelling the world.

I, on the other hand, had very little interest in art and was a home body. Art was something you hung to cover up cracks in the wall. However, the Army offered free training in a specialized field that would cost me over hundred thousand dollars as a civilian and real life experience that was invaluable. My family owned one of the largest private companies in the states that dealt with military contracts and it was always assumed I would run the company after I could do every job. (This was the way my great-grandfather built the company and every one of the family who joined the business followed his example). As far back as my great-grandfather, my family had spent at least eight years in a branch of the military honing our craft and then returned to run the business.

I quickly grabbed my toiletries and entered the bathroom. I turned on the water to let it heat up, undressed and took a quick shower to wash off the day’s grim. I realized in my haste that I forgot to grab a fresh set of clothes so I exited with a towel wrapped around my waste.

Jill had fallen asleep on top of the bed. As I approached to wake her, a loud clap of thunder sounded off and jolted her awake. She saw that I had come from the bathroom and jumped to her feet, grabbed a handful of things and entered the bathroom.

As the door closed, I dropped my towel and reached inside my bag for a fresh pair of underwear. Out of no where, the bathroom door opened and Jill asked, “Throw me my…um…”

I turned to see what she wanted. A soft light emitted from the bathroom. The dim lights of the room gave the appearance of a glow around Jill; she was angelic. I looked at this beauty wrapped in a towel that was barely large enough to cover her supple breasts and luscious ass. She stood there staring at my rapidly inflating seven inches and chiseled abs. “Well?” I asked.

“I forgot… how big your cock is,” She mewed as her picturesque image had me rock hard.

With those words, I immediately flashed back to the night we made love and lost our virginities. Jill, sitting astride me, tried desperately to work my big rod into her tight pussy. After several attempts, we switched into the Missionary Position and I rammed my thick cock into that tight virgin hole.

With a gentle tug, her towel dropped to the floor. “You like?”

I gazed upon her body while I soaked in her beauty. Her breasts were firm and so much larger than the last time we were together. In the cool night air, her nipples became erect. Her abs were tight and defined. She had trimmed her muff into a ‘landing strip’ and her pouty lips begged for me to kiss them.

Not missing my opportunity, I replied with all sincerity, “I have always liked.” Jill was my first true love; we shared our first time together and I will always have a place in my heart for her. I wanted her to know how I felt without getting too mushy and driving her away.

“Well, hand me my shampoo bottle and tonight you may be seeing a lot more of me,” she said as she dawned a devilish smile.

I nearly tripped over the towel around my legs when I reached for the bottle and flipped it to her. She caught it and said, “Don’t get started without me,” winked and closed the door. My cock was throbbing, Jill looked better than when we were dating. When we broke up, she was an 18 year old girl with barely ‘A’ cups and a boyish figure; now, she was a woman with all the curves.

I thought to myself, had our meeting been fate or a chance occurrence? Regardless, I wanted tonight to be special for both of us. So, I quickly cleared the bed of our luggage and clothes.

Just as I finished, the shower stopped. I heard Jill get out and dry off. Just thinking about the times we had showered together and dried each other caused my cock to throb. I looked down and saw a drop of pre-cum forming on my head. Then, Jill opened the door, came over to me and gave me a hug. My cock was suddenly mashed between our naked bodies. The warmth of our bodies together again felt very erotic; but, it was extremely uncomfortable.

She started to thank me for letting her stay with me then she stopped and looked down. My cock oozed pre-cum just below the base of her pendulous breasts and the goo was trailing down toward her landing strip. The long strings of the clear goo were everywhere as my manhood bobbed and throbbed.

Jill giggled as she said, “I thought I told you to wait for me.”

I replied, “You’re lucky that’s all I’ve done.”

Jill grabbed the base of my throbbing beast and slowly squeezed up toward the head. With her other hand she cupped the copious amounts of goo I offered her. The amount of pre-cum that oozed out increased as she reached the end of my stick. By this time, I had nearly filled her petite hand with my clear juice.

As she finished this erotic act, she brought the mix up to her face. She breathed the aroma in deeply and said, “I love the way you smell and the way it feels on my body.” She then rubbed the goo over her breasts, across her abs and down towards her pussy. As she lathered herself up, she pulled me into another satisfying hug that smashed my cock into her slick, solid abs.

After a few minutes of this, I picked her up with ease and carried her to the center of the bed. I slowly and tenderly worked my way up from her feet. I kissed and lightly flicked her soft skin. I caressed every inch on her body as I made my way up her inner thighs.

Jill’s legs were spread and her hands were clawing my hair. She grew tired of my slow sensual tease and wanted me to attack her pussy. Her favorite act was me sucking and gently biting her clit. I knew this was what she wanted but I wanted her wait for it.

I continued my slow and purposeful mission of tasting every inch of her body. It had been eight long years since I had tasted Jill and I wanted to savor every second. I now reached her cute little pucker and knew that she had not let me near it in the past. Somehow, I knew tonight would be different.

I slowly lifted Jill’s legs off the bed and kissed her cheeks. She tried to wrap her legs around my head and clamp it onto her pussy. Not wanting to give in so easily, I swatted her ass and she yelped. Then, I heard the familiar squishy noises and knew that she took matters into her own hands and gave her clit the workout she desired.

I continued my journey and placed my nose between her cheeks. I slid it upwards to her heaven’s gate. However, when I felt my nose hit her pucker, I quickly moved up and landed my tongue on it.

She squealed and began to protest. Then, I hit one of her ‘spots.’ My tongue was about ¾ of an inch up her cute pop chute and she was really rubbing her clit. She squirmed, wiggled and then arched her back. She cried out, “Oh my GAWWWWWWWD!” as she rode the crashing waves of her first orgasm of the night.

My head whipped in every direction and soon I had to pull away. As I retreated, I watched as my tongue came out of her ass. Her hole quivered and looked as if it repeatedly winked at me. Still horny as hell, I took this as an invitation and quickly stuck my middle finger in my mouth to lube it up and then tenderly sunk it just passed the second knuckle into Jill’s tight hole.

I quickly pushed up and massaged the area closest to her pussy. I curled my finger and was really working it hard and fast. While fingering her sweet ass, I moved my way up to Jill’s face. She was reaching sexual overload and reached for my face and we kissed passionately. Our tongues met hurriedly searching for each other’s.

Seconds later, Jill broke the kiss. “YES, YES . . . YES!” Jill screamed as she reached another high; while still rapidly stimulating the swollen clit of hers.

There was beating on the wall. “God damn it, finish her off already so I can get some sleep!” a gruff voice bellowed from the room next door.

Jill and I froze and then started laughing quietly to ourselves. We looked at each other like we used to, smiled and hugged. She whispered to me, “That was something new. Where did you pick up that skill?”

I laughed and told her porn was good for something. With that comment, I slowly removed my finger from her ass. Not to be outdone, she guided it to her mouth, swished her tongue around and suckled like a newborn baby.

Jill quickly saw my cock throbbing and grabbed my beast as she repositioned near my waste. She licked and pumped my shaft until it was rock hard. She slowly made her way between my legs. She pumped me harder and faster while she had her fingers in the mouth.

With one final pump, she aimed my cock at her luscious lips and sucked the head. Her cheeks were caved in and the slurping noises intensified when she stabbed her index finger into my ass. She wiggled her finger to massage my prostate.

The feeling of this new invasion was extremely intense. I had never felt anything like the pleasure she inflicted upon me. My toes began to curl and the familiar burning in my balls had me ready to blow a load.

I tried to clench my ass cheeks together to ease the impending orgasm, but this only increased the pressure she was able to apply and doubled my pleasure as I quivered in anticipation of what she would do next. Before I knew what happened, my hot cum surged and erupted. I must have caught Jill by surprise at my sudden ejaculation because she coughed and gagged as my first massive rope filled her waiting mouth.

Seconds later, she recovered and milked the last remaining drops for my cock. With a pop, she finished sucking the head. Then, she slowly pulled her finger from my still quivering asshole. She laughed as I “winked” my puckered hole at her.

As if it were her new pastime, she made quite the performance of cleaning her soiled finger. She used some cum and her own spit to create strings that she playfully wrapped around this digit; only to be devoured again. Jill sure knew how to keep me horned up.

“That was quite a show yourself,” I said. I knew there was more sex to come later, but I really wanted to catch up with her over the last eight years. While we were talking, Jill ran her fingernails along my leg and chest. Occasionally during the journey between, she lightly touched my rock hard cock. I knew she was aware she touched it but she didn’t give any indication. She would keep telling her story and lightly massage me with her perfect nails.

As we continued chatting, Jill whispered to me, “I feel horrible. You have given me a place to stay tonight and two wonderful O’s and I’ve only given you a blow job.” I looked at her and saw the “come fuck me” smirk on her face as she slowly kissed her way down to my throbbing stick.

I tried to reply but she put her finger to my lips and gave me a quiet, “SHHHH!”

Jill was in control. She grasped the base of my hard rod and carefully gripped it. As I watched, I recalled how her small hands could barely cover the girth of my cock. About half way up my shaft, her hand was covered with my pre-cum. By the time she made it to the end, it dripped from her elbow onto my thigh. As she finished this first stroke, she brought her hand to her mouth and slowly cleaned the goo.

She really put on a show. She would lick and get a string and pull it to see how far it would stretch and just before it looked like it would break, she would dangle her tongue around it and swallow the delicious mix. She did this for several minutes as my cock continued to throb. With each pulse, more goo leaked from the tip.

Jill glanced down to see the affect she had on me and smiled. She quickly returned to my aching cock and coated it with my oozing juice. She tightly gripped my beast and forced more of the goo out and spread it over her fingers.

With her fingers dripping with my ooze, she slowly bent one knee to allow herself access to her cute crinkle and oh so slowly stuck one of her fingers in her ass. Jill was amazing. Within minutes, she had the second finger sawing back and forth in her tight hole. My cock still drooled so she took her free hand and began to pump more ooze from my depths.

Without words, she slowly strattled me and aligned my cock to her virgin ass. She slowly moved my head to find her crinkle. As she found the spot, she slowly lowered herself onto my cock.

She made several attempts at breaking the barrier. Then, she relaxed with a deep breath and tried again. As my head broke the seal, I felt the tightest most spine tingling grip engulf my cock. Jill slowly lowered her body onto my pole. Every so often, she would stop, breathe deeply and wait to let her tight hole get used to my size. I did not move, I just savored the new experience and allowed Jill all the time she needed.

Again, she would start the descent and sink another inch into her sweet butt until she inhaled a quick breath and stopped. Then, she quickly rose up a half inch, breathed deeply and continued her downward journey. After ten minutes or so, she reached the base of my cock. She smiled and said, “I knew I could do it.”

She rested and breathed deeply in that position for a moment and then squeezed her tight tunnel around my raging cock. I damn near shot my load right then. Jill laughed as she saw me struggle not to cum.

As she laughed, the feeling was incredible. Her tight poop chute clenched and released my cock so fast. Then it happened, I shot my first rope of cum into Jill’s dark cavern. Rope after rope followed.

There are three kinds of secrets in Hollywood: the kind that the tabloids and the media know about, the kind that directors, producers, and agents know about, and the kind that only the celebrities themselves know about. Dirty Movies is one of the third kind. Spreading only through word of mouth from actress to actress, starlet to starlet, Dirty Movies is a production company founded solely for one reason: so that the gorgeous young ladies who graced screens and made hit singles could act out their nastiest, raunchiest sexual fantasies on film for their own private collections, to be shared only on the drunkest of nights with others also “in the know”. No one quite knows the full story of how Dirty Movies came into being, nor how their logistics works in terms of fulfilling every one of their client’s personal fantasies, but they manage to provide for everyone, and no one has ever been disappointed by their service.


The movie opens up on a shot of Brian, gazing into the camera. It’s clear that he’s the one holding it, given the closeness of the shot and the slight shakiness of the frame, thus reinforcing the “amateur footage” feel of the movie. “Hey, everybody,” he says. “Megan and I are getting ready to leave for the airport, our flight to Brazil takes off in a few hours, and, uh…” He pauses, not knowing what to say next, and gives the camera a slight shrug before turning it around to face forward, showing that Brian is standing in the hallway by the front door. “Hey, Megan, are you ready yet?”

“Almost,” comes her reply from another room. Brian points the camera towards the luggage sitting a few feet away. It isn’t much, just a couple of rollaway bags and duffels. “This is everything we’re taking to Brazil,” he says, narrating once more. “We’re spending about a week and a half there…let’s see what Megan’s bringing.”

He moves over to one of the bags and unzips it partly, showing neatly folded clothing. “We’ve got pretty much the standard fare here: T-shirts, jeans, shorts…but look.” He reaches inside and pushes the clothing to one side, revealing a small cache of dildos and vibrators ranging in all sizes. A quick peek into her other bag reveals more of the same; underneath the camouflage of clothing are more sex toys, including cock rings, anal beads, and a couple of huge strap-ons. “Look at that,” Brian says with a chuckle. “Guess Megan’s looking to have fun on our trip.”

“Any reason why you’re going through my things?” Megan’s voice interrupts him, and he swings the camera around to look at her, the dark-haired actress standing in front of him with arms folded, but the annoyance on her face only mocking, more playful than genuine.

“Just giving the viewers a look at what you like to bring when you travel,” Brian responds with a laugh, and Megan rolls her eyes and sticks out her tongue at him at the camera. “We ready to go?”

“I was, until you opened my bags,” Megan replies, smirking a bit as she zips them closed. “C’mon, put that thing down and let’s go, the taxi’s outside waiting.”

“Hang on,” Brian says as Megan pulls her bags towards the door and opens it. “We’re going to be there more than a week, but you’ve only got enough clothing for four or five days. What about the rest of the time?”

Megan looks back over her shoulder at him and the camera, her eyebrows raised suggestively. “What do you think?” She punctuates this with a slight shake of her ass.

Brian lets out a laugh. “I knew there was a good reason I married you.” Megan smacks his shoulder, laughing as well.

The movie jumps to a shot inside the taxi, where Brian is sitting in the backseat. He has the camera pointed towards the front, where Megan is leaning over the driver from the passenger seat. Her head bobs up and down his lap, giving the cabbie a sloppy blowjob as wet slurping sounds can be heard. “We’re here at the airport,” Brian announces. “Megan’s paying for our ride here—this covers the fare, right?” The cabbie says something indistinct, but it appears to be in the affirmative, as he grunts and pushes Megan’s head onto his crotch, his hips thrusting upwards a few times before he groans in pleasure and holds her head in place, clearly spurting his seed into her talented mouth. Megan dutifully swallows his load and gives the wilting shaft a few last licks before sitting up, wiping her lips with the back of her hand. “Thanks for the ride,” she says, getting out of the cab and going around to the open trunk to retrieve their luggage. Brian claps the cabbie on the back as he also gets out from the cab.

The movie jumps forward again, this time to inside the airport where Brian and Megan are going through airport security. Brian has already gone through and is waiting for Megan, who is about to be patted down by airport security. The camera points towards her as a male TSA agent who looks to be in his mid-forties approaches and tells her to assume to position. Megan complies, standing with her arms and legs apart, looking at him calmly as he proceeds to check her, lingering a moment too long on her breasts before working his way down. He pauses as he gets to her crotch, apparently feeling something through the denim of her jeans. He gives Megan a look, who only raises an eyebrow in return.

The TSA agent calls another officer, a younger male, over to assist and he runs through the pat-down as well, also finding a point of interest in the crotch of Megan’s jeans. A third agent, this one a pretty blonde, joins them and the three agents pat Megan down very thoroughly, their hands running over every square inch of her body. Some attention is drawn to the back of her jeans as well, and by now a small crowd of patrons is starting to notice the extremely invasive search. Megan continues to stand there, not once changing her posture, a lazy smirk on her face.

Finally Brian makes his way over. “Is there a problem here, Officers?”

The older male turns to Brian, his face somewhat flushed. “Sir, you and your wife will need to come with us, please.”

“What for?”

“We need to do a…a more thorough search, ” the agent responds, and the other two nod.

“All right,” Brian’s voice sounds genuinely concerned but not overly worried. Megan lowers her arms and follows the agents towards the secure areas of the airport, with Brian bringing up the rear.

They enter one of the secure rooms where a fourth agent, a tall black man, is there waiting by a large steel table. He appears to be a supervising officer of some sort as he immediately takes charge of the situation. “Ms. Fox, I’m going to have to ask you to strip down completely, every article of clothing, and hand it over to one of my officers here to check.”

“Okay,” Megan nods, and reaches down to grasp the hem of her top, pulling it up and over her head. She’s not wearing a bra, and her large C-cup tits are exposed to everyone in the room. She then unzips her jeans and pushes them down her legs, pushing them off along with her flats (she wore no socks either). Lastly comes her thong underwear which, before coming off, is clearly being stretched in the crotch and back area from things protruding out of Megan’s private parts.

Handing the last of her clothing one of the other agents, Megan stands fully naked in the middle of the room, hands on her hips and legs spread slightly apart. The camera zooms in on her genitals, showing something sticking out of either hole. The black TSA agent comes over and crouches down before her so he’s at eye-level with her cunt. Using one hand, he slowly extracts the five-inch blue dildo from Megan’s twat, the shaft shiny with juices.

“Why do you have this inside you?” he asks her.

“Uh, because it feels good?” Megan replies as if the answer were obvious. The TSA agent sniffs the soaked sex toys deeply before tasting part of it with his tongue. “Seems okay,” he reports, handing it off to the others, who take their turns tasting it and agreeing with their boss.

He then has Megan turn around and bend over at the waist, her ass now wiggling in front of him with a plastic ring sticking out from her anus. He takes hold of the ring and slowly pulls on it. Closing her eyes, Megan sighs and bites her lower lip as her anal ring expands briefly and the first in a string of anal beads comes out, leading to ten in total all recently buried in Megan’s ass. He hands them to the blonde TSA agent, instructing her to check each one. The officer does so, sucking on each anal bead thoroughly before declaring them clean.

“We’re going to have to do a cavity search,” the lead agent says, nodding to the other officers, and they all start stripping off.

“Wait, why do you need to take off your clothes for this?” Brian asks.

“It’s standard procedure, in case any foreign contaminants found in the body happen to get on our uniforms, there’s less chance of accidentally spreading it when we leave,” the agent explains while unbuckling and dropping his pants and boxers to reveal his long, 9.5 inch cock that had a look of perpetual half-arousal. Megan is watching the impromptu strip show with interest and she gasps, her eyes widening with delight at the sight of their hot flesh.

The blonde TSA agent moves over to Brian, her perky B-cup tits looking very enticing. “You better strip off also,” she says. “We need to search you anyway.”

Brian puts the camera on the table, still recording and the shutter facing him and the agent before starting to remove his clothing. The camera angle changes from being POV-style to a view from a high corner of the room, similar to what one would see in viewing an interrogation room except instead of being fuzzy or black-and-white the picture is high quality and in full color.

Now fully naked, Megan and Brian are told to lean forward with their hands flat on the table and their legs spread apart. Both the blonde and the younger male officers squat down behind the couple, with the blonde behind Brian and the male behind Megan, and spread their asscheeks open.

Their boss tells them to begin and the agents start inserting fingers into Megan and Brian’s rectums. The newlyweds gasp at the feeling of anal-digital penetration. “Shouldn’t—ungh—shouldn’t you be using gloves and lube for this?” Brian asks, grunting as he feels the blonde’s slim fingers slide into his anus. There’s some discomfort to the sensation, but it’s overshadowed by feelings of pleasure and his cock starts stiffening.

“Unfortunately we’re in short supply this month,” the lead agent replies, leaning in to stick his fingers in Megan’s mouth to check for contraband. The actress welcomes him eagerly, sucking on his fingers and allowing him to stick them partway down her throat so she gags slightly. “So we have to make do with what we have.” The two agents probing them start spitting on their spread rectums, working the saliva into their orifices. Both Brian and Megan are visibly aroused now, as their skin is flushed and starting to glow with sweat. Megan in particular seems close to orgasm, her hips swaying slightly as if trying to work more of the agent’s fingers in her ass.

The blonde works her way up to three fingers pumping into Brian’s ass, while Megan has four of the male agent’s fingers in her bowels as he curls his thumb against her anal ring. There’s some applied pressure and he manages to stick it in to the second knuckle, now effectively fisting Megan’s ass.

Megan jerks and stiffens at the sudden fullness of her bowels and she lets out a guttural moan, her eyes half-closed as she cums hard. Cunt juice trickles down her legs and, at a nod from his supervisor, the older male agent comes forward and crouches down to lick up the tangy, sticky fluid. He laps up her legs until he reaches her inflamed twat, still wet with high arousal, spits on his fingers, and sticks them up Megan’s cunt in one motion. “FUCK!” Megan cries, her hips involuntarily thrusting forward as she cums again, her lower muscles almost wrapping around his fingers and pulling his hand inside.

Meanwhile Brian’s cock is so hard it almost hurts and he can feel his balls swell and strain for release. The blonde agent finishes probing his ass, declaring it clean, and gets him to turn around. His cock throbbing, Brian watches as the blonde diligently sucks her fingers clean of his ass scum.

“Just one more thing,” she says. “It’s possible your genitals could be coated with kind of contraband substance that’s too thin or fine to be detected without close examination.” She takes hold of his cock gingerly with her fingers and it jumps at her touch. Brian breathes heavily, visibly sweating now as he tries to hold back his cum.

The agent examines his dick closely, lifting it to study the underside and running her fingers lightly along the shaft and around his balls. Nearly completed, she performs the final test: parting her lips she captures his cock in her mouth, sucking hard to make sure she hasn’t missed anything.

“Ahhhh, shit!” Brian half-shouts, his balls boiling over and his cock jerking in the blonde’s warm, wet mouth as it starts spewing out a thick, creamy load of hot semen across her tongue and down her throat. He instinctively grabs her head to hold her in place, but it’s unnecessary as she doesn’t back away in the slightest, just continuing to suck and swallow every drop from his balls. As his cock is milked dry, she pulls away from his crotch and Brian staggers over to the wall and slides down to the floor, panting. The blonde straightens up, licking her lips as she reports that Brian is entirely clean and safe to travel.

The in-depth cavity search is still going on for Megan, though, as the two male agents probing her holes can’t seem to search any deeper than they’d like. “She might be clear, but we’re still not 100% certain,” the younger male says, pulling his hand out of Megan’s ass and standing up before wiping it clean with her hair. “She’s tighter down there than we thought—we need to dig deeper somehow, maybe even stretch it open.”

The lead agent nodded. “I think I have an idea.” He got Megan to lie down on the table on her back and she complied without hesitation, her legs spread apart. Moving between them he held his cock in one hand, the thick ebony stalk fully hard, rubbing the bulbous head up and down her slit for a minute before sliding it into her juicy pussy in a steady stroke. “Oh, my God,” Megan said, her breath coming in quick gasps and her eyes wide as she stared at the black cock disappearing into the depth of her cunt. “It’s so fucking huge—and it feels so fucking good. Ahhhhh.”

Truth be told, she was a tight fit for his size and he could barely manage 3/4th of his length before reaching her limit. Once he reached it he started pumping his hips, working his cock in and out of her pussy, the shaft becoming shiny with her juices. Both of them grunt with each thrust, sounding almost animalistic at times as they rut in front of everyone.

“Ohhh, Jesus, FUUUUUCK!” Megan wails as she cums again, her body writhing with pleasure. Her hands grip the edges of the table, her wedding ring glinting in the light of the room as she rides out her orgasm speared at the end of a huge black cock. The agent pulls out with a slight popping sensation, his cock soaked and reeking with her cum but maintaining every bit of its stiffness. “Her vagina feels clear,” he says. “You want to confirm this?”

The male agents nod, taking their place between Megan’s legs and thrusting into her quim, fucking their own sizable dicks into her sopping pussy for a few minutes each. The blonde agent checks for herself as well, practically shoving her whole hand into Megan’s cunt in one motion. “Christ!” Megan moans, her teeth gritted, her skin soaked with sweat. “That’s so good…get it deeper, deeper!” She grabs the agent by her wrist for a moment, trying to pull her fist in more. Gently but firmly, the agent frees her wrist and hand, wiping Megan’s juices on her thigh. “She’s clean.”

“Now for the other side.” The lead agent moves back into place and has Megan turn over, pulling her back until she’s standing once more, her upper body leaned over the table surface. The agent hasn’t even bothered to clean his cock of her pussy juices, proceeding with the search as he pushes it steadily up her ass. Megan is swearing up a storm at this point, her knuckles white as she grips the table, feeling her bowels being filled by hard throbbing dark meat. Surprisingly her ass appears to take even more of his length, and the agent almost bottoms out inside her.

He thrusts hard and deep, getting Megan’s ass well and truly fucked, and in no time at all Megan is cumming yet again, moaning gutturally, her hair sticking to her skin and her eyes rolling back in her skull. This time the agent doesn’t hold back and a few thrusts into Megan’s orgasm he unleashes his own, groaning as he feels his cock swell and spray thick, greasy sperm into her ass.

Both of them reach the end of their respective orgasms at almost the same time, and the lead agent pulls his cock from her ass, panting slightly. “Seems…seems good,” he says. “Confirm it.”

The other two male agents waste no time, each hurrying forward, pumping quickly into Megan’s ass and cumming after a couple of minutes. Megan can barely stand at the point, and as the younger male withdraws from her bowels, she slides down into a half-squat, still clutching the table for support as she tries to catch her breath. Her asshole gapes partially open, and gooey, off-white strands of cum start oozing and dripping from it onto the floor. She stays like that for a minute as more sperm flows from her bowels to collect in a tiny puddle.

By now the TSA agents have fully redressed, leaving just Megan and Brian, who has been sitting by the wall and watching the proceedings with a raging hard-on, still naked. “We’re giving you both the all-clear,” the lead agent says. “Your flight should be leaving soon, so you’ll want to hurry up and get dressed. Travel safe.” He and the other agents leave the room, closing the door behind them.

For a moment neither Brian nor Megan move. Then, slowly, Megan releases the table and turns around, getting onto her knees and leaning down to lick at the puddle of cum fresh from her ass. For a few moments there is nothing but the sound of slurping as she drinks it up, followed by the sound of gulping before she opens her mouth for more.

When it’s nearly all gone and Megan’s practically running her tongue across the floor, Brian suddenly gets to his feet, his cock bobbing, and moves quickly over to Megan. Grabbing her by the hair, he jerks her head up as he aims his dick at her face, jerking it furiously. Her mouth still open, Megan sticks her tongue out, looking imploringly at her husband before he utters a curse and starts cumming, shots of cum splattering her tongue and cheeks. She waits for him to finish emptying his balls onto her features before using her fingers to scrape the cum from her face to put in her mouth. Some of it covers her wedding ring, and she takes a deliberate moment to lick it clean. All her husband’s cum collected on her tongue, she swallows it down and smiles lovingly up at him before giving his wilting cock a soft kiss.

The movie jumps forward, the camera shot having changed back to POV-style. Now it’s Megan holding the camera and pointing it at herself, and from the looks of her surroundings she’s recording this on the airplane in mid-flight.

“So we’re in the middle of the flight and Brian’s asleep,” Megan says in a low voice, not wanting to disturb him or the other passengers. “Which sucks, because I’m feeling frisky again. I mean, the TSA people were fun and all, but…” She does a half shrug. “A girl has needs, right?”

“I saw a lot of cute guys around this section when we were boarding.” Megan continues, shifting in her seat slightly as though she means to get up. “I figured…let’s see who wants to get into the mile-high club with me, hmm?” A wicked grin spreads across her face as she says this.

Megan stands and makes her way down the aisle towards the bathrooms, keeping the camera low as she goes. She pauses briefly every so often, giving men a suggestive look or wink before continuing. She reaches the bathrooms and, finding one vacant, slips inside and locks the door behind her.

Placing the camera down on a small shelf above the sink so it faces her, Megan strips off completely, breathing a sigh of relief as she does so. “Much better,” she says, sitting down on the toilet and leaning back to slide one hand down towards her cunt. She starts playing with herself, her middle finger strumming her clit before being inserted into her labia as she waits for her first visitor.

It doesn’t take long, barely 30 seconds, before there is a small knock on the door. Without having to get up, Megan leans over to unlock the door and a good-looking man in his late thirties slips inside quickly, making sure to lock it behind him. He turns around to face her, his eyes widening as he takes in her nude form.

“So glad you could join me,” Megan says, smirking. “You here just to watch, or play?”

The man quickly finds his voice. “Definitely play,” he replies, unzipping the front of his pants to pull his cock out before reaching for Megan.

“Hold it,” Megan says, stopping him. “Take off your clothes first.”


“Take them off,” Megan says, a little impatiently. “You want in, show me some skin. Clothes off. Now.”

The man hesitates, apparently not wanting to risk getting caught buck naked in the middle of the airplane if one of the flight attendants started knocking or, God forbid, a hidden air marshal broke in demanding to know what was going on. One look at Megan pumping two fingers in and out of her cunt, and his cock makes his decision for him as he tears off his clothing, leaving them in a pile around his feet. The thrill of being naked in such an enclosed space with an equally nude and gorgeous women and dozens of unsuspecting people just outside the door is getting to him and his stiff dick twitches in anticipation.

Megan reaches for him and pulls him into a steamy kiss, her breasts pressed against his chest and his cock against her flat stomach. Her hands snake down to his crotch and rub his shaft, feeling it pulse with desire as she shifts around, guiding it towards her cunt. As he feels the head slip against her labia he thrusts in, both of them moaning into each other’s mouths. As his length sinks deeper into her twat Megan wraps her legs around his waist, keeping him inside her. They break apart, breathing heavily.

“Fuck me,” Megan tells him, practically growling with lust. “Hard and deep, just like I want it. Make me cum, and then cum in me!”

The man starts moving his hips as much as he can, building steadily with more grinding than thrusting, and she helps keep his pace with her legs still around him. Both of them grunt with each movement, and Megan pulls his head into her neck, sighing in pleasure as he starts kissing her there in a passionate frenzy, occasionally nipping at her flesh. Within minutes Megan is cumming, her orgasmic moans low and breathy as she clutches as his back, her nails scratching him in places. His pace speeds up and he practically lunges forward, pushing her back against the wall of the small lavatory and groaning as he cums, his cock shooting its warm load into her welcoming, spasming twat.

They rest together for a minute, catching their breaths before the man pulls away from Megan. “Fuck, that was great,” he says, wiping the sweat from his brow.

“I know,” Megan says with a wink. “Now be a good boy and get dressed. I’ve got other men waiting for their turn.”

“Jesus,” he says, shaking his head incredulously as he regards the slutty actress in front of him. He pulls on his clothes and then, with a final look at Megan, leaves the lavatory.

Megan digs her fingers into her twat, scooping out some of the man’s fresh load and sucking it into her mouth. “Mmm, not bad,” she says, licking her lips. “Wonder who’s next.”

She doesn’t have to wonder long, as another knock comes at the door, and a muscular man in his twenties comes in. “What the fuck?” he blurts out, nearly almost forgetting to lock the door behind him.

“‘The fuck’ is right,” Megan replies, rubbing her cunt with her hand while giving it a light slap. “Get your clothes off.”

He needs no further encouragement, ripping off his clothes as fast as he can, his swollen cock bobbing with the movement, a drop of precum already glistening at its tip. Megan works her mouth and spits at his cock, half of her saliva landing on his crotch before she reaches over and rubs it all over his shaft and balls. He grabs her wrist and pulls her up on her feet, their bodies practically rubbing against each other in the enclosed space.

His other hand moves to grab at her crotch, sticking his thumb into her twat while his fingers slide into her asshole. “Fuuuuuck yeeeeeaaaah,” Megan moans, grinding her pubic region against his palm as she feels the invading digits flex and move inside both holes. The man grabs one of her tits and squeezes it, pulling on her nipple before releasing it and doing the same to the other.

“Fucking whore,” he grunts, and spits in her face. Megan gasps, opening her mouth as he spits again, and swallows down his saliva. “Enough foreplay,” she says breathlessly. “Stick your fuckmeat in my goddamn hole and make it all red and raw for my hubby on our honeymoon night.”

“Christ,” he says, and releases her crotch, turning her around and bending her as much as he can over the sink. Holding his cock, he steers it towards her ass and fucks it in with a few hard strokes. The feeling of his thick member pushing into her bowels rocks Megan and she sticks her fist in her mouth to keep from screaming out loud in delight.

The man continues sodomizing Megan roughly, his hands reaching around to maul her tits. Her ass muscles clench and pull at his pumping cock, almost as if they were helping her asshole to suck on him. He pulls her up so her back presses against his broad chest, his lips brushing against her ear. “I’m getting my cock all lubed up with your filthy ass juice,” he hisses. “”Then I’m gonna shove it straight up your fucking slut cunt—get that nice mixture of pussy and ass all in one hole before I nut into your fucking womb. How does that sound?”

In response Megan tilts her face back, grabs his head, and kisses him hotly and hungrily for a few long moments before pulling away. “Stop fucking teasing me and just do it,” she says, her voice hoarse.

Pulling his slimy cock from her ass, he aims it at her twat and slides it right in, burying himself close to the hilt. Since he’s almost a foot taller than Megan, he lifts her up bodily and starts bouncing her up and down on his dick. The camera captures every detail, their moans and the deep penetration of her wet pussy providing an obscene soundtrack.

“Ahh. Ahh. Fuck. Ahh. Fuck. Cum. Shit. Cum.” Megan’s filthy chant matches every bounce atop his meaty shaft, mixing from unintelligible sounds and heated words until it turns into a single command, repeated again and again, maybe to his benefit but most definitely meant for herself. “Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum. Cum.”

“Ohhhh Jeeee-sus,” the man groans, feeling his balls start to boil over, and he grasps her hips and pulls her down his cock, finally going balls-deep into her twat as they swell and explode their precious fluid through his pulsing shaft and into her womb. Megan reaches her own orgasm at about the same time, and she tosses her head back, letting out her relief and pleasure with a sigh of “Ahhhhhh.”

Coming down from their orgasmic highs, he sets Megan down on the floor and she leans back over the sink, trying to catch her breath. The man pulls his clothing on and leaves the tiny bathroom, lightly slapping her ass as he does so. “Thanks for the great fuck.”

“Anytime,” Megan replies, managing to give him a small, tired smile as she wipes the sweat from her forehead.

He shuts the door behind him, and Megan turns the lock before slumping down on the toilet seat, still naked. “Damn, that was good,” she half-mumbles, resting her head on the wall and closing her eyes. “I need a minute.”

The movie jumps forward again, though this time the camera doesn’t cut; instead it stays focused on Megan as the timestamp on the lower corner shows a few hours passing by quickly. In that time Megan doesn’t move from her spot on the toilet, having fallen asleep as she was.

The movie resumes at normal speed once more, showing Megan still sleeping on the toilet. There is a pounding at the door and she starts stirring. “Mmm—?”

The lock clicks and the door is pulled open. There is a gasp, and someone quickly enters and shuts the door behind them. Megan jerks to full waking at the intrusion. “What the fuck—?”

“No, YOU tell ME what the fuck, lady?!” The indignant voice belongs to another woman, an auburn-haired lady who looks to be in her early thirties and not much older than Megan with strong, but pretty features. She has her hands on her hips and is staring at Megan with an affronted expression. Megan doesn’t even bother to try and cover herself, choosing instead to wipe her eyes and shake her head clear of the last few dregs of sleep.

“I’ve been hearing complaints that this bathroom’s been locked for several hours,” the woman says, keeping her voice low. “I thought something suspicious was going on…but I didn’t think I’d find a whore turning tricks in mid-flight!”

“Yeah? What’s it to you what I’m doing, bitch?” Megan snaps.

In response the woman pulls out a badge from her pocket. “Federal agent, bitch,” the air marshal retorts and Megan curses her luck. “And now I can add ‘disorderly conduct’ to the list of charges I’m arresting you with, along with inappropriate behavior, public lewdness, and prostitution.”

“They weren’t paying for the fuck, I was doing it for free,” Megan says, rolling her eyes as she reaches for her clothes. To her surprise the air marshal slaps her hand back, instead grabbing her arm and hauling her to her feet before turning Megan around in the tiny bathroom.

“Not so fast.” The sky marshal grasps Megan’s other hand, and Megan feels the cool metal of handcuffs snap around her wrists, binding her arms behind her back. “However you want to call it, you were still screwing strangers in here.” She glimpses Megan’s wedding ring on her finger. “And you’re married. Your husband know how much of a slut you are?”

“It’s why he married me.” Megan can feel her nipples getting erect again, the familiar erotic tingling in her loins beginning. The marshal’s body was close to her own and Megan could feel the heat starting to rise from her as well; somehow the marshal was getting turned on also. Playing a chance, she said in an innocuous tone. “He loves seeing and hearing about me getting fucked by anybody—guys, girls, it doesn’t matter. Besides, I only fucked a couple of guys when I was in here and had them cum in my pussy,” She pauses, and then adds, “You can check.”

There is a pause for a long moment. Then “Is that so?” The marshal’s tone has become low and husky to Megan’s inner delight, which only increases as the marshal bends her over the sink as much as she can while pushing her legs apart. One hand drops down and Megan hisses through her teeth as the marshal’s slim fingers suddenly jam into her increasingly wet twat, digging for the semen deposited there hours before.

“Jesus, you’re soaking already,” the marshal comments. “You really are a slut, aren’t you?” She pulls out her fingers, coated with Megan’s cunt juice and some sperm and shows it to Megan. “Is this what you’re referring to?”

Megan responds by taking the marshal’s fingers into her mouth and sucking them clean, all the while staring at the marshal through the mirror. The marshal is visibly aroused now, her skin flushed and her breathing heavy.

“Oh, fuck it,” the marshal says suddenly, and starts tearing off her clothes. Megan licks her lips at the sight of the marshal’s perky B-cups coming into view, followed soon enough by a glistening pink pussy framed by a trimmed auburn bush. She soon gets a close-up view of it as the marshal turns her back around and pushes Megan down into a squatting position before starting to rub her cunt in her face. Megan starts lapping at the marshal’s juicy cunt as it slides wetly across her lips, the tangy cream smearing around her mouth.

“Jesus, your mouth is so fucking sweet,” the marshal gasps, relishing the sensations of Megan’s experienced tongue. “Suck on my cunt hard. That’s it. I want to feel my fucking bush getting soaked. Ohhhh.”

The marshal mashes Megan’s mouth into her cunt as her pleasure builds and several pubic hairs come off onto Megan’s tongue, but the slutty actress swallows them without complaint. It isn’t long before the marshal feels herself starting to cum, and she groans as she grinds her cunt all over Megan’s face, essentially using her head to get off. Megan doesn’t mind in the slightest, as she relishes the sticky cunt-cream being slathering across her pretty features.

Coming down from her orgasmic high, the marshal releases Megan’s head and leans back, trying to catch her breath. Megan remains as she is, sticking her tongue out as far as she can to lap at the twat juices staining her cheeks. “You want your ass cleaned out now?” she asks. “I can do that.”

“God, you’re nasty,” the marshal says, shaking her head in disbelief. “Nasty little skank…I think I know exactly what to do with you.” She grabs Megan by her hair and pulls her to her feet, with the actress squealing at the sudden pain, but her cry turning into a moan as the marshal jams her other hand into her cunt, fucking it quickly with her fingers. She does this for a few moments before pushing Megan over the sink again, her hands still cuffed behind her back and her ass sticking out.

The marshal then reaches for her clothes and pulls out something from the waistband of her pants. With a quick flick of her wrist, she reveals a retractable baton and presses the tip against Megan’s twat. Megan whimpers in anticipation as she feels the hard plastic of the phallic truncheon on her nether regions.

“Please…” she says, almost begging as the marshal rubs it along her slit, teasing her. “Put it in me, please. I need it. I need to be fucked…need to be filled…”

“You need to be filled, hmm?” the marshal says in a mocking tone. “Like this?” She pushes the tip slowly into Megan’s cunt, with the actress reacting audibly to the penetration.


“How about this?” The marshal pushes the baton forward only about a half-inch, relishing the way Megan wiggles her hips in vain, trying to get more of the baton inside.

“I need it…need it…”

“I know.” The baton is suddenly pulled from her cunt and Megan gasps sharply as it gets pushed into her previously untouched ass, sinking several inches into her rectum. The sudden penetration is enough for Megan to get off and she starts cumming, her eyes squeezing shut as her body is wracked with pleasure, muscles spasming as she does her best to stay on her feet. Just as it ends, there is the sound of the bathroom door shutting.

Opening her eyes, Megan sees that the marshal had gotten dressed and left, leaving her naked and handcuffed, bent over the sink and a baton sticking out of her ass. “Fuck, that bitch!” she swears as she tries to pull the handcuffs apart in a valiant effort to free herself.

The door opens once more and a silver-haired man in his late sixties comes in, wearing a pilot’s uniform. His look of surprise as he sees Megan changes into a wide grin as he pulls the door shut.

“You know, when the air marshal came by the flight deck to tell me what was going on in here, I had to see for myself,” he says with a chuckle. “Now I understand why she gave me this.” He holds up the handcuff key to show Megan.

“Great,” Megan says, her wrists starting to hurt from the cuffs. “Can you get these off, they’re really uncomfortable.”

“Just one second.” The pilot pulls a camera phone from his pocket and takes a few pictures. “That should help to pass the next red-eye flights.” He puts the phone away and moves to uncuff Megan, taking the time to feel her ass and cunt before doing so. Despite her uncomfortable position, she shivers at the feeling of his rough-skinned hands on her crotch. Though she doesn’t ask, the pilot also pulls the baton from her ass, which instinctively clenches for a moment at the loss.

As the cuffs come off Megan straightens up with a sigh of relief, rubbing her chafed wrists. “Thanks a lot.”

“Not a problem.” The pilot stares openly at her tits and Megan, noticing his attention, rubs them with her hands.

“You want to take a picture of these, too?” Dumbly, the pilot nods and reaches for his camera phone again, only for Megan to stop him with a playful smirk as she takes his hands and places them on her tits.

“Go on,” she says, and without further encouragement the pilot starts playing with Megan’s tits, massaging them while flicking her nipples with his fingers. She relishes the sensation, sighing pleasurably before leaning in to kiss him, her tongue slipping into his mouth. Her hands reach down to unbuckle and open his pants, freeing his wizened cock.

Normally unable to get all the way up without the help of a little blue pill, the pilot’s dick stands at full attention all on its own thanks to the heated attention of a woman only old enough to be his granddaughter. Megan caresses it in her hands, her smooth palms feeling exquisite against his aged shaft before reaching down to cup his balls. Breaking the kiss, Megan starts undressing him, with him helping to hurry things along.

Despite his advanced age he’s still in pretty decent shape and Megan lets her appreciation show by running her hands all over his body, even leaning in to kiss his chest and nipples. The pilot’s cock is practically throbbing and red now, looking more like it would belong on a man half his age.

Megan gets him to sit on the toilet before she straddles him cowgirl-style, locking eyes with him as she reaches down to guide his aching cock into her cunt. “Christ Almighty,” he groans at the feeling of her velvety pussy wrapped around his shaft. “I never fucked a lady as hot as you, not even when I was your age.”

“Better late than never, huh?” Megan replies with a wink and a grin as she starts fucking up and down his cock. The pilot lets her take control as she bounces on his shaft, the expression on her face one of pure enjoyment as she uses his cock to get off. Occasionally she leans in to kiss him again, both of them feeling the naughty thrill of the massive age difference between them but not giving a damn about it.

After a few minutes Megan lets out a low cry, her body stopping and stiffening as she cums for what must be the umpteenth time that day. The pilot is visibly gasping and sweating now as he tries to hold back his cum, trying to prolong the sex as much as he can though Megan’s clasping cunt feels tantalizing on his shaft and his balls ache with release. Incredibly, he manages to hang on as Megan rides out the end of her orgasm, closing her eyes in bliss for a few moments before opening them to look at him.

“Didn’t cum yet?” The pilot shakes his head, unable to speak as he’s focused so hard on not cumming. “Having trouble?” The pilot shakes his head again. “Hmm.” Her cunt still impaled on his cock, Megan shifts her hips, causing him to groan. “I know,” she smirks. “Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass?”

And without waiting for him to reply, Megan lifts herself up, repositions herself, and then comes down ass-first on his cock, the shaft sliding straight up her butt to the hilt. Megan barely has to move at this point, merely clenching her ass muscles around his cock while making little thrusting motions with her hips.

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