Outside, the TWI Gulfstream G4 slid its long plump body through the smooth encompassing air. Inside, Jeffery slid his long plump cock through Greta’s smooth encompassing cunt. The airplane went straight and true towards its ultimate destination, Munich Airport. Jeffery went back and forth towards his ultimate destination, another orgasm.

Greta was his host country national guide and interpreter. Her services were engaged by Jeffery’s wife, Nadia, for this journey to Bavaria. In addition to guide and interpreter, Greta provided Jeffery with stress relief. The long flights and constant technical and management work onboard got Jeffery very tense. Greta helped remedy that. Right now, she was lying nude on her back, legs wide. Jeffery was face down on her pushing his meat as deep as her narrow tunnel would accommodate. Fortunately, she was long enough to take all of his cock’s length but its broadness strained her walls. She was hugging her head against his neck. Jeffery was beginning to breathe hard. She fingered the hairs on the back of his neck. Jeffery moaned and put his cock as deep as it would go, pressing pubic bone to pubic bone. He strained an upward arc into his back and exhaled long and loud as he sprayed his cum into Greta. After a few whole body quivers, he collapsed on her.

Greta waited patiently for Jeffery to feel strong enough to lift and look at her face. He smiled and pecked her lips, raising his hips, extracting himself. He rolled over on his back and put an arm over his eyes, blocking out the overhead light glare. Greta rose and used a soft warm towel to clean his groin. She handed Jeffery his terrycloth inflight robe as he sat up and resumed his seat at the onboard executive workstation. Greta repaired to the galley to clean, don her own robe and return with refreshments to rehydrate Jeffery. That was his third cum during the flight and she feared he would get dehydrated from all the ejaculations.

Jeffery was travelling to Bavaria to inspect and test special-order robots from a German company. A joint venture between his firm and a firm owned by a network contact of his magnificent wife, Nadia, was building an electric car that was going to blow the doors off the competition. Its effectiveness was the precise tooling tolerances. The robotic arms coupled with precision software were state-of-the-art. But the anxieties of the risks in the venture were taking their toll on Jeffery. Thus, he needed nonstop stress relief to keep his mind clear and focused.

Eventually, the captain turned on the seatbelt sign and announced they were approaching the airport, cleared for landing. Jeffery downloaded the remaining documents to his PDA for access during their negotiation meetings. Greta unpacked the clothes necessary for deplaning and strapped in. The plane landed smoothly and taxied to the VIP terminal. Jeffery donned a grey wool suit; Greta a fashionable woman’s business suit. Her peach blouse added a daring splash of color to the stead German business environment.

There were very little hassle at customs and immigration, the efficient German bureaucrats stamping Greta’s accurate paperwork and forms.

The company’s welcoming party included several corporate executives. Introductions were perfunctory; they had all researched each other’s dossiers extensively and all knew all. Greta still went through the protocol introductions as those were her duty.

The group took several limousines through the city to the fabrication facility. On facility tour, Jeffery found that in many cases that robots were fabricating and assembling other robots, including parts of his. A bit of science fiction paranoia crossed his mind; robots taking control. Jeffery looked over everything and it seemed to be in order. They discussed a demonstration for the next morning. The technicians were assembling the test unit today and would work as long as necessary. Jeffery would stay at his hotel in the city until the exhibition tomorrow.

The limousine dropped them back at the hotel. The air crew had sent their luggage and it was waiting in their suite. Greta unpacked their clothes and settled them in. The hotel held a cabaret dinner show each evening. Jeffery and Greta took it in. It was a mishmash of singing and fetish costumes, with cover songs by lounge singers. Greta laughed through most of it. It was a very poor sampling of the Modern German culture. The food was better than the show: sauerbraten, potatoes, sauerkraut, bread and beer, a traditional Bavarian fare.

The diners retired to their suite. Jeffery doffed his clothes and lounged in his boxers. The TV had several on demand porn channels. The voice track was German. He selected one and settled into the sofa with feet up on a cushioned settee. Greta took most of her clothes off, retaining her topless bustier, stockings and thong panties. She sat next to Jeffery on the sofa. The movie was pure fuckfest, little plot and lots of action. Jeffery let his cock out through his fly and Greta palmed it, stroking the head and vein with her thumb. The movie cut to a close up blowjob scene. The woman onscreen held the erect cock deep in her scarlet rimmed mouth as she looked up at the man’s point-of-view camera angle. Her dark wavy hair framed her face and covered her ears. Loose bangs hung strands over her dark eyes.

Greta’s hand froze on Jeffery’s fully developed erection. Jeffery felt her stop and looked over. Her mouth was open in shock. He looked back at the TV where the scene had moved on. He grabbed the remote and back-tracked the movie, pausing at the POV scene. A digital younger Greta with a mouth full of tumescent meat stared from the TV screen.

Greta stuttered “OMG! I thought they had taken that movie off the market. I was young and wild back then. It was only that once. I needed tuition money and succumbed to the temptation.”

Jeffery put the scene in motion and watched a high definition Greta gobble a high definition cock. He stopped the movie again and restarted it at the beginning. Greta recovered her senses and returned to manipulating Jeffery’s groin meat. The cat was out of the bag and Jeffery seemed sincerely interested in her early, foolish public exposure to adult life.

Jeffery chuckled “So the director isn’t here for the voice over commentary. How about talking me through it? I don’t speak German and you are my interpreter, so interpret it for me.”

Greta maintained her hold on Jerry’s cock, cleared her throat and began her dialog.

“It’s an FFM, two females with one male. We are chatting in a living room when the doorbell rings. There you see us greeting our friend with cheek kisses. We each take an arm, hugging them to our teeshirt encased boobs, escorting him to the sofa. We were arguing about which one gives a better blowjob. We make him agree to test us.

“The other woman goes first. I don’t remember her name; it’s irrelevant to the story anyway. See how she is whipping s her teeshirt over her head exposing her tits, fluffing her hair. The makeup guy before the shooting was insistent on lots of makeup, including our nipples. See how she works off his pants and sandals but leaves his teeshirt. She takes his soft cock in hand and strokes it to get started, which there you can see is working. Watch here how see kisses and licks the crown. Now you see he’s building size, almost full. She covers the crown with her mouth and pushes down, taking him halfway. There her hand is stroking the base. Her technique is simplistic and she doesn’t even get her lips halfway down his shaft. See his bored look. He is not impressed.

“Now it’s my turn. Watch here as I remove his teeshirt. There I kneel but higher up, taking his cock in my hand but not moving on it. Watch here, I kiss his lips and then descend to kiss and lick each of his nipples. Holding his erection up, here I am kissing the tip and probing it with my tongue, then washing the crown.

“Watch this part, it is special. I open my mouth wide and go down without touching the dick to my lips or the sides of my mouth. His first contact is the entrance of my throat with his crown. See there? He just laid his head back and closed his eyes. He’s a good actor; playing like he’s enjoying that.

“Now I close my mouth and apply maximum suction, like his dick is a straw and I am pulling on a thick milkshake. See my throat ripple; I am using swallowing actions on his tip. Look, his mouth is open. He’s breathing harder. There, you can see him open his eyes and look down.

“They cut the scene here to move to this Point Of View camera angle. Here’s the part you saw before with me looking up at him, fully involved in the deep sucking. The end is near, he’s groaning and you see my eyes widen in mild surprise as he jets off in my mouth. Watch me pull half back with closed lips, letting him fill my mouth with cum. Okay, now I back all the way off and show the camera my open mouth and his cum. Can you see me swallow? Here I stand and he raises my arm like a boxing champ in the ring. That means I won”

“Yeah, I understood the arm raised-champion thing. So how did you get involved with this anyway?”

“I was in school, needed tuition money, saw an ad in the newspaper and followed up. I had to prove myself. I blew the producer, the director, the cameraman, the soundman and finally the stagehand. It took several days to audition for the part. The stagehand was huge but that was the point. They wanted to see me take a good size cock before I was selected. I did him in front of the others. Then the producer helped me celebrate my good fortune by taking me home all night. He was an insatiable animal in bed and it nearly wore me out.”

Jeffery was very stiff now and Greta noticed. He asked “Do you still remember how it’s done?”

“Of course, let me show you.”

Greta rose and stood before Jeffery in her bustier and stockings. She leaned in to gently remove his briefs. Her swaying breasts brushed his bare chest. Jeffery didn’t want the contact to stop so he reached down and helped remove the barrier to his own impending scene. Greta kissed his lips, hard, lingering her tongue on his. Her breasts jostled on his chest. She broke off and moved to his left nipple, lipping, tonguing and teething it. The right nipple got the same caresses. The tip of Jeffery’s knob tingled from the reflected nerve activity.

Greta went further down, kissing his belly button resulting in more tingling in Jeffery’s dick. She held him erect, opened wide and went down. Her warm breath wafted the shaft but there was no skin contact until his tip bumped her tonsils. She closed and encased him in moisture, then pressure. She sucked hard. The tingling grew. Jeffery received her stunning visual, tactile and now groin stimulation. He was ready already.

Jeffery laid his head back as the tingling began at his outer extremities and crawled inward towards his core. This was no act; it was the real thing. When his whole body was electrified, he looked down. Greta was staring up with her dark eyes locked on his. Jeffery was fully embedded, Greta sucking and swallowing. He opened his mouth and exhaled long and hard as he jetted his cum deep in her mouth. His eyes closed losing the visual contact. His mind melted and then re-gelled. He lay gasping for air.

Greta held him inside her mouth through it all. When he was fully conscious, he looked down again. She slowly backed off, scraping teeth and lips along his shaft. She opened her mouth to show him the milky white fluid, then tossed her head and swallowed.

That night, Jeffery was an insatiable animal in bed and it nearly wore them both out. The morning dawned. Jeffery attended the factory demonstration. He reviewed the German robots’ performance; he was satisfied with their dexterity and precision. He confirmed the purchase contract and took Greta back to the waiting aircraft. The flight home would give Greta an opportunity satisfy him with her dexterity and precision on his cock.

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