air tight

Friday morning and Heather was up bright and early, prancing around nervously, her naked tits wiggled and waggled around with her excited movements. I just propped myself up on my elbow and watched the show.

I looked down at the comforter and for the first time, noticed cum stains. I knew they were not mine; they were probably left by Don when he pulled out of Heather after fucking her in the ass yesterday.

I felt strange seeing another man’s semen on the bed covers of the bed where Heather and I slept, just another reminder of how far Heather and I have fallen into depravation these last couple of weeks.

On the corner of the dresser, the stack of hundred dollar bills remained as Don had left them. All in accordance with the rules followed by prostitutes and their Johns. Pay up front but leave it out so she doesn’t take the money and run off.

Heather had not even bothered adding them to her stash. She left them just the way Don had put them.

I picked up the stack of bills and counted them out. I was relieved to see that they actually were all hundreds; at least Don had not tried to cheat her. To my surprise, when I finished there was $2,200 instead of $2,000; apparently Don had more than he said. Oh well, at least he had tipped Heather; she must have been better than he thought she would be.

Heather was very excited and anxious as she rushed around almost frantic, whatever her owner, Sy, had planned had Heather frazzled. True to her word, she would not tell me. She just said it was something from my favorite stories and that I wanted her to do it but that I would only find out “if her owner wanted me to” know.

“Where did they go?” She asked desperately to no one in particular.

“Where did what go?” I asked back.

“Huh, what?” She said without thinking. “Where did the handcuffs go? I have to have them.” She said as she realized that I actually was in the room with her.

I picked them up off of the dresser where she had left them and handed them to her.

“Oh, thank you you’re the best! I don’t know what I’d do without you,” Heather said as she gave me a quick peck before returning to her frenzied preparations.

Suddenly Heather stopped and examined herself in the mirror and declared herself ready. She picked up the smock that serves as her covering when she goes to and from her owner and slipped it on over her naked body. Next, she took the handcuffs and tried to lock them around her own wrists but she was shaking so bad she could not do it.

She looked at me in desperation so I took them from her and fed the ratchet into the pawl. There was an ominous clicking sound as the teeth of the ratchet engaged the locking mechanism in the pawl until the bracelet fit snuggly to Heather’s wrist. Repeating the same action on the other hand and Heather was securely manacled with her hands in front of her and the lead chain dangling down to the floor.

For the next ten minutes Heather sat nervously on the bed fidgeting until there was a knock on the door, actually more of a pounding. Heather jumped at the sound and my heart lodged in my throat.

Opening the door, I was startled to see Marcus’ huge black hulking figure looming in front of me. I guess I had not expected to see someone we knew.

“Hey, Larry how ya doin’ man,” Marcus asked as he grabbed my hand and shook it. My hand inside of his was pitiful and small. “Where’s that good lookin’ woman of yours? There she is. Damn you look fine. Come on it’s time to go!”

Marcus went to her and pulled Heather to her feet and wrapped her up in his huge arms and planted a hard wet kiss on her. This time his tongue probed deeply into her mouth.

Seeing this dark skinned black man passionately kissing my wife filled me with feelings of rage and anger. Yea, I had had fantasies of Heather doing interracial, I even have favorites but somehow the reality of it pissed me off.

I wanted to tell the black son of a bitch to get his god damn black ass away from my wife. But what could I do? Nothing, except hold the door open as the black son of a bitch led my wife out of the room by the chain attached to her handcuffed hands.

I did not even get a good bye kiss instead all she could do was purse her lips and blow me a pretend kiss as she went by. They both disappeared into the staff service elevator bound for who knows where.

Class was basically a review session and an appraisal of how each of us had done. Jeannie pulled me into a vacant room and shoved her hand down my pants to assault my balls by squeezing and kneading them with her fingers. There she pointed out that she is always available to attend to her attendees’ needs. Making her point by repeatedly squeezing my testicles as she spoke, racking my body with the pain/pleasure I have come to relish so much.

Class ended at noon and I would have loved to have surrendered to Jeannie’s additional training but I needed to know what was going on with Heather.

Back in the room, I waited…..and waited….and waited. 1PM nothing. 1:30 nothing. At 2:00, the room phone rang. The voice on the other end simply gave an address, one time and hung up. Fortunately, I had a pen and paper ready so I did not miss the message.

In a flash, I was down the stairs and in the car quickly punching the information into the GPS system. I was on the road to wherever the address was I was given.

In half an hour, the cheery voice of the GPS system announced, “Arriving at destination.”

I parked at the door to a non-descript warehouse in a line of other non-descript warehouses in a development of non-descript warehouses. There was, however, something familiar about this setting.

Something in a favorite story; seems like it involved a husband who becomes fascinated with an interracial video series involving real wives and, oh my god, that was it!

I went to the door and rang the bell. There was an electronic buzzing sound signaling that the door had been unlocked for me. I opened the door and stepped into a small alcove. The door closed behind shutting out the daylight and leaving me in pitch black. There was nothing but silence and darkness.

A door opened and light streamed into the room causing me to blink; at the door stood a beautiful cheery young black woman named Yvonne.

“You must be Larry, you certainly got here quick, you must be very anxious,” she chirped, “we are almost finished getting Heather ready for her next part and we are ready for you. Follow me,” she commanded.

I quickly obeyed, following Yvonne through a large room that I immediately recognized as a movie set from the lighting hanging from the ceiling and the backs of prop scenes.

Yvonne led to a room where I was quickly stripped and make up was applied to my face and body. The beautician even applied a cream to my cock and balls, and not too gently I might add, to make them smooth and completely hairless. I felt weird having this strange black woman apply cream to my intimates and then cleaned me completely, leaving me smooth and hairless.

After that I was led, still naked, into the green room to await Heather and specific instructions.

Heather burst in all excited and jumped into my arms and kissed me deeply. She broke our kiss and took my cock and balls into her hand and started talking, “Can you believe it Larry they’re going to do a load in every hole video of us. Just like that favorite story/fantasy of yours except now we’re going to do it for real. You’re going to love it!

They’ve already shot stills, god I was so wicked! I was so stuffed with cocks, I’ve been such a very bad little girl, I had a black cock stuffed in every one of my holes at the same time as they took pictures! All that’s left are the creampie shots after, well, that’s why you’re here isn’t it.”

Heather wore a normal housewife’s dress and her makeup and hair were normal. The only thing that seemed unlike a normal Mid-western housewife was the garter, g-string and stockings she wore underneath.

Heather kept talking excitedly until Yvonne interrupted Heather by announcing, “We’re ready. Here Larry put this on.” She told me as she handed me my wardrobe but not before she got a hand full of my cock and balls and gave them a hard squeeze. “I love the feel of a freshly cleaned man,” Yvonne said.

“He’s my man,” Heather reminded Yvonne as she took my hand and held it tightly and led me from the green room. She was chattering nonstop. Doors opened and suddenly Heather and I stepped on a movie set made to look like a billiard pallor. Around the pool table stood Marcus and three other huge black men, each over six feet tall and toned like athletes.

They all turned and smiled at us as Heather and I entered, around us six different cameras recorded the action from different angles as well as close ups.

“See honey this is the place I told you about,” Heather started her rehearsed dialogue. I was not prepped before so that the cameras would record my true reactions “These nice men have agreed to make your fantasy come true, just like you wanted! They’re going to fuck me and use me in all of the ways you have imagined and dreamed and these other men are going to video it for us. That is what you wanted, isn’t it, dear?”

I stood wide eyed and bewildered, unable to speak coherently.

“Poor dear, you’re speechless I know! But isn’t it great! A fantasy come true, just like the story! Your fantasy, honey! Now Larry, honey, you do want these nice men to fuck me, right? Like in that story you like to read on the internet, you know, the one you think I don’t know about.” Heather cheerfully asks again.

Inexplicably, “Yes,” escaped my mouth.

“Yes, what?” Heather asks. “Tell these men what you want them to do. Say it to the camera.”

A camera zoomed in on my face. “Yes, please fuck my wife while I watch. I want to watch you fuck and use my wife.” I state as clearly and forcefully as I could.

“Is that all you want them to do to me?” Heather questioned.

“No!” I came back forcefully as my surprise subsided, “NO! Fuck my white wife with your four big black cocks. Take her bareback. Pump her full of your black baby making sperm. Shove your long black cocks in her pussy and through her cervix. Give us a black baby.” I ad libed. “Shove’em in her mouth too and fuck her in her ass! Fill all three of them at the same time! Give her a load in every hole!”

“Sho’ man we’ll be glad to fuck that hot looking white wife of yours,” one of the large black men said in a low gravely African American voice. “Be warned though, after this she’s goin’ to be a whore for black cock.” He came up beside Heather and kissed her hard, squeezing her tit through her dress at the same time.

“Take yo’ clothes off and let’s see what the woman been getting from you.” He commanded with a smile. The other three poked each other and laughed.

The large black man continued embracing Heather and running his hands over her body as I did as I was told and soon I stood naked. My puny six inch long hard white cock stood up proud in front of me.

Now the black men really laughed.

“Look at that the man’s hard; he must really want to see the brothers fuck his wife.” The black man said, as he gave Heather another wet, sloppy kiss, “Now be a good boy and go sit in that chair in the corner and watch what real men can do for yo’ woman.”

“Come on, sugar, let’s get a good look at you.” He commanded Heather.

As if on cue, the other three encircled Heather and four pairs of black hands roamed unimpeded over Heather’s body. There was the sound of ripping cloth as Heather’s dress was torn from her body, baring her braless breasts.

Each man took a turn kissing her deeply, fondling her breasts or squeezing her ass. Black hands were everywhere; rubbing my wife’s body as one after the other turned Heather’s face to kiss him, their tongues intertwined as the sexual tension built.

The tiny g-string that had been covering Heather’s sex was also torn off of her rudely and firm black hands started caressing her there, too. Black fingers now pushed deep into Heather’s vagina.

I stayed confined to my corner and I was only able to watch as these black men assaulted my wife from every direction. I had mixed feelings, part of me is deeply offended and felt the need to rip Heather from there clutches and take her away from these black assholes.

This action continued for a while with cameras rolling; recording the action. Finally, another black man called, “Cut.”

A bell rings and everyone relaxed everyone but me, that is.

“Heather that was great,” the black man said.

Turning to me and he said, “Man I loved how enthusiastic you got when you told my boys here to fuck your wife. You really do want this! Oh, by the way, Larry, just call me Jay, I’m the director for this film. Now let’s freshen that makeup and frame the next scene.”

Heather came to me, wrapped her hand around my hard cock and asked, “Do you like it? This is just what you wanted; just like in the story except ours will have a different story line and you’re part of the story, not just sitting on the side watching. At the end, you’ll, no, that’ll have to be a surprise but you’ll love it.”

The set was a whirl of motion as cameras were moved and focus was checked and rechecked. Heather’s and my makeup was touched up. It was interesting how they made my cock head look more purple than normal. Through it all my cock stayed painfully erect as I anticipated the action to come.

With everyone ready and in place, Jay called, “Action!”

The one in charge grabbed Heather, “Come on baby, dance for us.”

The other three black men stood by as the first one effortlessly lifted Heather on the pool table as rap music started blasting from the juke box.

Heather broke into her stripper routine as she swayed to the beat of the song. She teased us by gyrating to and fro, jiggling her tits and thrusting her ass out lewdly and twisting it around in the faces of her four new friends.

The four black men kept up a barrage of lewd compliments and encouragement as Heather danced. They too had removed their clothes revealing four long ebony poles each longer and bigger around than mine.

Heather danced around a few more minutes repeatedly opening her slit to the cameras’ lens. Her wetness revealed that she was ready for action. Except for her shoes, stockings and garter belt, watch and wedding rings she was naked.

She swayed over to Marcus and then sat down on the edge of the table and pulled his face to hers and they locked lips in a deep lustful kiss. Marcus’s hard cock dug into Heather’s belly a good six inches above her navel. Reflexively, Heather’s hand dropped to it and began to run up and down its length.

The close-up shot of her small pale white hand moving up and down the dark black snake of a cock is indescribable.

They separated. I do not think I have ever seen Heather’s nipples so pink or so long and then to see Marcus’s black mouth engulf the lily white flesh of my wife’s tender breast was mind blowing.

My cock was raging it was so hard; I dared not touch it for fear it would go off.

Marcus kissed his way down her tummy and up and down her thighs, teasing but avoiding contact with her wet pussy. Heather was anxious; she kept lifting her bottom off the table and wiggling it in Marcus’s face trying to bring it in contact with his teasing mouth.

Heather was in such dire straits she was whimpering.

At last Marcus took pity and knelt between Heather’s splayed thighs, hooked her legs over his broad shoulders, placed his thumbs on her smooth pink butterfly lips long enough for the camera to record a detailed close-up of her pussy and clinching asshole.

Her most intimate parts were recorded in minute high definition every nook and every cranny and every bump, her hard nub peeking out from its protective hood, her peehole normally hidden behind her pink fleshy veil , her vagina open wide to expose the ragged edges of her opening and the luscious interior and her crinkly asshole. All were captured in ultra fine detail, nothing remained hidden or obscured.

As the camera pulled back, Marcus used his fingers to probe Heather’s depths. Black fingers moved freely in and out of my wife’s pale pink joy hole. Heather wiggled and squirmed trying to obtain enough stimulation to provide her with the relief she so desperately craved.

The camera even captured him sliding his black index finger into Heather’s anus. I cannot even begin to describe the raunchy eroticism of Marcus’s black finger disappearing in and out of Heather’s asshole.

Again, the feelings of resentment that welled up inside of me were overcome by the vulgar scene I watched from my place in the corner as a black man violated my wife.

Contrary to the myth that black men do not like to eat pussy, Marcus expertly worked Heather’s sex using his lips, his teeth–very gently of course–, and even his chin. The cameras captured every intimate detail as he worked her to perfection bringing her to a series of orgasms that seemed to take her to higher and higher heights as he performed his magic on her willing body.

The Director called “Cut” and everyone relaxed. Marcus moved away, much to Heather’s disappointment. Heather was almost delirious and had to be helped up as she struggled to return to reality.

Heather was guided into the restroom by a couple of assistants to be prepared for the coming scenes.

With Heather gone, it took me a few minutes to realize we were on break. Marcus and the other three black guys had donned robes and were taking advantage of the buffet. I looked around for my clothes but someone had taken them and put them away since they were not needed for the shoot.

I left the comfort and safety of my chair and my corner and started to mill around. I felt conspicuous being the only white person and the only one naked but I need not have worried, I was invisible to everyone.

The set was cold and it had the inevitable effect on my genitals as they hugged my body for warmth. Something I was acutely aware of as I approached the buffet and my wife’s soon to be black lovers.

“Hey Larry, have you met the guys,” the familiar voice of Marcus asked. “Larry, this is Tyrone, Ty for short, Carl and Myron. Guys this Larry, Heather’s husband.”

They all had to stifle snickers as their gaze fell on my shrunken equipment for which Marcus had to jab them to remind them not to make fun of my condition.

“Don’t worry man it’ll all come back to normal when the hot lights hit you,” Ty said while trying not to laugh out loud. Marcus gave him a stern look.

Standing around these guys made me feel smaller than I really am; at six feet I am not short but these guys were huge. They were nice enough and kept telling me how beautiful Heather was and how lucky I am to married to her and how they will make this “extra special for both of us.”

After talking to them for a while I began to relax and things slowly returned to normal.

One by one the guys were called back to makeup. I was standing around waiting my turn when the director called for everyone back on the set, so I started wondering back to my place.

I was right in the middle of the set when one of the black women appeared and grabbed me by the balls and rudely applied the makeup all over my body while everyone watched. She just kind of smirked as she roughly worked over my cock and balls. Still, her manipulations had the predictable effect as my cock hardened and rose.

She led me back to my chair and used my balls to make me sit. Not totally satisfied with her abuse, she jabbed the sharp spike of high heeled shoe into my scrotum right between my balls. God, it hurt but I dared not complain for fear of what else she might do; besides I kind of enjoyed the abuse.

Heather and the guys reappeared. All were naked and the guys sported huge hardons. They were all laughing and carrying on; apparently they had all been together rehearsing and getting their makeup done for this next scene.

I heard Heather telling the guys, “Of course my favorite position is doggy.”

With everything and everyone back in place the director called “Action.”

Marcus rose up from between Heather’s splayed legs and guided her back onto the pool table. Their bodies were wet like they had been sweating heavily but it was only part of the makeup, at least for now.

Heather spread her legs lewdly apart; the close up camera again picking up the fine detail of Heather’s pussy, which was also extraordinarily wet both from her own secretions and from the lubricant, the makeup artist had applied.

Marcus positioned himself between Heather’s legs; he would have the privilege of being Heather’s first black man.

Marcus laid his hard mahogany cock on Heather’s stomach; it appeared to reach to a couple of inches above her pierced navel. Heather’s face showed concern over whether she could take it all or not and if she did what kind of damage would he do to her. A standard feature of all interracial videos, I am sure.

“Fuck me, Marcus, Fuck me!” Heather demanded. “Make me a whore for black cock!”

Without saying a word, Marcus positioned his pole at the Heather’s entrance; Heather bit her lip in anticipation. The preliminaries were over; it was time to start the main event. A trap door in the pool table allowed a camera to capture the action close up as Marcus’s dark snake pushed forward and Heather’s supple pink flesh yielded allowing the invader in.

Marcus pushed and his cock’s head disappeared into Heather. He paused only long enough for the cameras to capture a close up of his black pole sticking out of Heather’s white hole.

After that and in accordance with the script, he never paused to allow Heather time to adjust to his girth. He just slowly and steadily fed Heather his hard black pole. The close up camera shot of Marcus’s long black cock slipping ever deeper into Heather’s pale white flesh was awesome. He did not stop until he had buried himself in Heather to the hilt.

The whole time Marcus was pushing into Heather, Heather was thrashing about and making low guttural moaning sounds as the dark shaft slipped in deeper and deeper.

Once Marcus’s pubes met Heather’s, Heather’s eyes were wide in shock and excitement as Heather broke yet another taboo by fucking a black man. Heather rules after all.

“Oh, god, I’m a whore for black cock,” Heather moaned.

The dull dark dry skin of Marcus’s cock slowly worked its way in but on the back stroke his skin came out bright, slick and shiny from Heather’s wetness, again, displayed in tantalizing ultra close up detail on the wide screen monitor that I watched.

Once fully embedded in my wife’s vagina it was clear Marcus reached deeper and stretched Heather more than any man had before. After Marcus had fully taken my wife the other three men assumed positions around my wife as the Director provided unheard cues and directions to the crew.

Ty and Carl took a breast each pinching, tweaking, sucking and gently biting each nipple that had nursed both of our children. With their hands, they massaged each mound. They were masterful and knew exactly how to work Heather to maximize her enjoyment. Ty, Myron and Carl worked as a team and were experts at what they were doing.

Myron had taken his position at Heather’s head and was kissing her deeply and adoringly. Myron stopped kissing her and knelt over her head; bouncing his enormous erect cock on Heather’s lips. She knew exactly what he wanted.

Heather’s head turned toward him and she placed tiny kisses along the length of his shaft. She cupped his balls in one hand and then took the large fleshy tube in the other and guided its purple head inside her warm wet mouth. Heather is not a deep throat artist but she did manage to suck a good portion of Myron’s dick.

Ty and Carl broke away from Heather’s tits and guided her hands to surround their rigid poles. Now, Heather had a black man’s cock in her pussy, a black man’s cock in her mouth and black men’s cocks in each hand. The whole scene was unreal and went beyond anything I had imagined or fantasized.

There is simply no way to adequately describe what it’s was like watching four naked black men have their way with my wife. The contrast of their ebony skin on Heather’s pale white alabaster flesh was too much to be believed.

I watched the monitors closely; trying to take in all of the action as it played out on the pool table not more than ten feet in front of me.

Everyone was perspiring heavily. The red felt of the pool table turned darker under Heather’s rear as copious amounts of female fluid flowed down to wet the spot under her ass. Heather was giving as much or more than she was receiving and she obviously wanted more.

Heather stopped sucking Myron’s cock and screamed “I’m cummmmmmming,” as the first orgasm brought about by the insertion of a black penis visibly rolled through her body. The camera zoomed on her face as it displayed Heather’s total ecstasy from the orgasm rocking her body.

Deep moans and guttural sounds gurgled from Heather’s mouth. The fact that Heather’s sounds were real and not faked made the video extra special.

There must have been a signal for the men to change places as Marcus pulled out of a very disappointed Heather. Heather’s vagina gapped open lewdly as the large pole of flesh left her empty.

Marcus’s cock was the first to enter her receptive pussy that afternoon but he certainly was not going to be the last. Marcus took Myron’s place as he fed her his meat for her to clean her juices off of his dong. Myron moved between Heather’s splayed legs and the other guys swapped sides for her hands to continue working their long staffs and balls.

For the second time, I watched the close up in the monitor as a Myron’s ebony pole slid in my bride and began fucking her as Marcus’s had a few minutes earlier. Once again I watched as a different black man violated my wife; his long hard black cock sliding effortlessly in an out of her.

Seeing Myron’s long dark cock move in and out of my wife’s vagina was one of the sexiest things I have seen in my life. The stories and even the few videos I had seen did not compare to the reality of seeing it actually happen to my wife.

My feelings of resentment had long since disappeared. I was harder than I had ever been in my life, I dared not touch myself for fear I would go off. In the end it did not matter because in a different monitor I was able to watch my pale white cock twitch and spurt several streams of semen each arched into the air and landed splat on the floor in front of me.

Heather was lost in a world of interracial sexual lust as Myron pulled his cock out of her to be replaced by Carl’s. Ty moved to her mouth while Marcus and Myron renewed the assault on Heather’s breasts and nipples. They continued like this for a few minutes more until they switched again and Ty’s dark staff began stoking my wife the same as the first three had.

The rotation of black cocks continued several more times as the four black men took turns plumbing Heather’s vaginal depths. Their control was amazing, I would have cum a long time ago but these guys knew they had to hold out as one black cock after the other pumped in and out of Heather’s pussy.

Heather, on the other hand, had no such worries as she seemed to drift into a dreamland of orgasmic delight.

The fucking and sucking continued non-stop for over an hour until the Director had all of the footage he needed for this scene. He called “Cut” much to the disappointment of the five stars who did not stop until Jay yelled “Cut!” again and the bell rang.

The Director knew that the next part would be the most demanding yet and that each of his actors needed to refresh before the climax.

Ty and Carl helped Heather off of the pool table as Marcus brought her a cool glass of Champaign which Heather gulped down and asked for another. Heather was flush and her skin was blotchy from her prolonged sexual stimulation. Her breasts and nipples were reddened and swollen from the attention they had been receiving.

I moved close to her and when she saw me she motioned for me to come to her. When I reached her she was all wide eyed and excited and pulled me to her and kissed me deeply with the mouth that only a few minutes before had been sucking on Ty’s thick black dick.

“Thank you!” she said in an excited voice. “Thank you, thank you, thank you. I never dreamed anything this bad could be this good. I know I am a skank but I don’t giving a fucking damn.”

She kissed me again and continued, “I didn’t know cocks this big actually existed, I mean, I had heard about it but I never believed it was true, but now I KNOW IT IS! I never knew fucking could be like this!” We kissed again.

When Heather was able to stand on her wobbly legs, she and the guys made their way over to the buffet with me following behind, none of them bothered with robes this time. Instead the five of them, well, six of us, if you count me, stayed naked as we grazed.

The stage hands and camera men joined us but they were only interested in the pretty naked white woman. They all talked to Heather and told her how wonderful she was and that they had never seen better. When they talked about how good her nipples and pussy looked, Heather blushed.

Heather was thrilled to be the center of their attention and could not take her eyes off of the thick, long black cocks swinging around practically in her face. They all proceeded to have a party eating and drinking and dancing. Heather was utterly delighted as strong black hands roamed freely over her naked body. It did not matter who she was with; they all fondled my wife’s naked breasts, ass and pussy.

The only thing that stopped a gang bang orgy from breaking out was the Director sending Heather away to be prepared for the next set.

After everyone had had a chance to regain their strength and with everything ready, Heather reappeared, looking no worse for wear. “You wouldn’t believe how much lube they’ve squeezed into me,” she told me as she came to me. “Are you sure you’re ready for what comes next?”

Knowing that this was the finale and that Heather was soon going to have her holes filled with black cum did make me anxious but there was nothing for me to do so I told her, “yes.”

Once she was in position on the pool table a light spraying of water and she had the same appearance as when we stopped. In fact if it were possible she looked even hotter than when they stopped.

None of the men had come yet and so it didn’t take much for them to become stone hard again. A touch, a kiss, a feel from Heather was all that it took. Myron fucked her pussy while Ty stuck his cock in her mouth. She came almost instantly.

Every person in the room knew what was coming next. Myron put the tip of his finger in her ass and moved it in and out and around. Then, he added another. Larry saw Heather wince when the two long black fingers were pushed in deeper and deeper. “Get on your knees baby,” Myron directed.

Ty’s cock slipped from Heather’s mouth now we were free to see the look of concern on Heather’s face as she turned over on her knees and spread her legs. As her legs opened so did her slit which appeared to be dripping with anticipation even though it was the lubricant given to Heather in preparation of this scene.

Above her pussy, her anus, waited invitingly; partially open from Myron’s preliminary preparation. Myron leaned forward with his mouth and stuck out his tongue; making contact with the crinkly orifice.

He rimmed the edges several times before slipping his tongue into Heather’s crimson interior. Heather was shaking uncontrollably as Myron played with anus and rectum.

When he sensed Heather was ready, he placed the tip of his well lubed mahogany cock at her pale white opening and gently pushed forward until the head plopped in. Her sphincter squeezed him and was trying to reject the gargantuan dark intruder.

“Relax baby,” Myron instructed while reaching around her to play with her clit.

He pushed forward and an inch or two more of his shaft was engulfed in her rectum. Then he began to move. With each in stroke, he sunk a fraction more of his huge cock in her body until there wasn’t any more to sink in.

I saw on the monitor that Myron had brought her to two more climaxes as he pushed into her.

Myron rolled over on his back with Heather lying on top of him and his dark cock buried deep inside her asshole. My god it was so horny to watch, Heather bent backwards in a crab crawl position and Myron’s black meat slipping in and out of her backside. Heather’s face was the picture of carnal lust.

Several times Myron slid his cock out of Heather’s ass; leaving her asshole gapping open lewdly, giving the cameras clear, deep, close ups.

Heather’s pink, tear dropped shaped pussy was clearly visible; wet, waiting and inviting. Soon Marcus’s back blocked my view as he crawled between her spread legs; burying his long hard black cock deep into Heather’s vagina, completing her double penetration.

Two thick black rods were sawing in and out of my wife’s body, exciting and stimulating nerve endings she did not know she possessed. The men moved in unison; filling her, driving her mad from the intensity of the feeling from being fucked by two black cocks at once.

She climaxed in a way she never had before, screaming and babbling incoherently. Never had she been so stuffed. My wife was like the white filling in a cookie; sandwiched between two dark hard chocolate bodies, a girl sandwich.

Carl and Ty moved to Heather’s head and brushed their long black cocks across her lips. She opened her mouth and took in Ty’s first before turning her head to suck on Carl’s; making her air tight.

My god it was so horny watching these four strange black men doing my wife in all of her holes. Myron’s and Marcus’s shiny shafts pumped in and out of Heather’s ass and pussy; coated in Heather’s abundant flow of juices. Ty’s and Carl’s cocks were also shiny, soaked with her saliva.

There was a new intensity. Previously the men had been holding back, not anymore. This time there was no pacing, they were moving vigorously, purposely.

Myron stiffened first as he shot his thick black seed deep into Heather’s bowels. Marcus followed empting his black balls far up in Heather’s fuck tunnel. Carl and Ty were next as Carl filled Heather’s mouth to overflowing with his semen before shooting long ropes of their goo onto Heather’s face and into her scarlet hair.

Ty had another assignment. He had the privilege of making the films signature money shot. Three cameras closed in as he pulled Heather’s left hand out so that her hand faced up. Ready, his thick white semen shot out of the tip of his hard black cock and coated Heather’s left hand and especially her wedding ring. There it was, the theme shot straight out of the story; a black man’s cum covering my wife’s hand and her wedding ring, desecrating the symbol of our undying love and fidelity.

Heather’s toes curled as she came violently, clawing Marcus’s back with her scarlet finger nails. The sounds of five people having orgasms at the same time filled the set. Semen leaked from everywhere.

Spent, all five collapsed in a heap together and lay quietly for a few moments. Four heaving sweating black bodies engulfing the tiny frame of a single white woman, my wife. They did not stay that way long as Jay and his crew swooped in for the money shots.

Quickly, the bodies began to untangle. Ty and Carl moved aside first, collapsing breathlessly onto chairs. Marcus withdrew his rapidly deflating tool from Heather’s hard fucked pussy followed by Myron pulling out of her over stretched asshole. Heather’s pussy and anus gapped open crudely; the camera image zoomed in and captured the creampies from the two black men seeping out of Heather’s over fucked holes.

As the two openings slowly visibly pulsed; cum oozed from deep within both of them. Heather passed air from her openings, pussy and ass farts, that caused more cum to bubble out. The cum collected around Heather’s ass before mingling and running down her crack to pool on the red felt of the pool table.

The camera took extreme close ups of Heather running her fingers along her slit; coating them with the ejaculate of the two black men.

At her face, Heather smiled and opened wide, letting the camera see the thick pool of semen on her pink tongue deposited by Carl. With a sly grin on her face, she closed her mouth, gulped, and then opened it again. Carl’s cum was gone.

Heather was lying on the pool table catching her breath with her eyes closed. I did not know it but I had one more thing to do. Yvonne leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Clean her pussy, baby” and then a nudge from Yvonne prompted me out of my chair toward where Heather lay. Of course, there would be that, more humiliation

Another nudge and my legs had a will of their own as I walked over to the pool table and crawled between Heather’s splayed open legs. From around the set there were stifled snickers and cat calls. Looking down, her pussy and ass were a nasty, revolting mess from her thorough fucking. I gazed at the cum coating her entire pussy and asshole and at the copious amounts of semen still seeping from her soggy holes.

The smell of sex permeated the air; filling my nostrils with the pungent aroma. I bent forward, moving closer and closer, determined to complete my degradation. The video cameras captured my every move. My tongue made contact with Heather’s nether lips first; giving me my first taste of the bitter, salty mix of their juices. I probed deeper burying my nose and mouth deep into Heather’s tender flesh.

With her cum coated hand, Heather took hold of the back of my head and pushed me deeper still. “That’s a good boy,” Heather taunted me for the cameras, “That’s what a good husband does after he watches her get fucked by four beautiful black men. Be a good cuckold and clean mommy’s pussy.”

Heather continued rubbing my face in the gooey mess as I lapped heartily giving the camera a show, using my mouth to clean the black men’s cum from Heather’s pussy and asshole. Heather climaxed several more times from my oral ministrations as I cleaned up her creampies.

When Heather was satisfied with my efforts she released her grip on my head; my hair was now coated in the same cum that had coated her hand. I pulled away; looking at the view of my wife’s freshly cleaned genitals.

The filming ended with close up’s of Heather’s well fucked pussy and ass hole and of the thick cum drying on Heather’s left hand and wedding band. “Cut,” Jay called, ending the final scene.

I looked around and noted that the four stars had departed but the crew had remained in place with the video continuing. I thought that was strange.

The director came over to where and Heather lay on the pool table and said, “Heather, you were absolutely great, the best ever!” Then, he started making little circles on her breast and playing with a nipple asking, “I was wondering, I mean if you’re not too tired . . .me and the boys…well we’re a little worked up and…if you don’t want to…I’ll…We’ll understand but…”

“Are you asking me to fuck you?” She asked, and then smiled at him.

“Yeah, me, and, I don’t know exactly how to say this, the crew too,” Jay added.

“So, I guess you’re asking me if I’m ready to be gang banged by another group of black men.” Heather stated bluntly.

“Yes, I am. But only if you want to.” Jay replied, “It will be your gang bang video.”

Heather looked to me for some sort of guidance; “Heather rules” was all I could say.

Heather chewed on her lower lip, contemplating what to do. She was free to leave or she could…..

Heather pulled Jay to her and gave him deep passionate kiss. “It’d be a shame to send you boys home horny,” she told then and lay back down on the pool table and spread her legs apart; opening her pussy wide in invitation.

Randy packed up his briefcase and headed home. His manager and a bunch of bigwigs from head office had been riding his ass all day and he was anxious to get out of there.

He knew Cindy was at home waiting for him and tonight was his poker night. Or maybe it should be called his “poke her” night. Cindy loved to dress in sexy clothes and strut her stuff for his friends and he knew they ALL wanted to “poke her”.

As he headed for his car he heard Paul call out to him, ” See you at seven Randy. Cindy going to serve the snacks?”

Randy laughed, “Of course Paul, see you then.”

When Randy walked in his house a few minutes later he saw that everything was set up for his poker game and he could smell the food in the oven. “Cindy” he yelled. “Where are you hon.?”

His long legged beauty came out from the bedroom and Randy’s jaw dropped to his chest. Cindy had outdone herself in a red bustier that tied up the front creating enough cleavage a man could get lost in it and a mini skirt in the same colour. Randy whistled. “You look beautiful babe!”

Cindy laughed and gave a little twirl, her skirt flying up to reveal her shaved pussy. She moved into Randy’s arms and kissed him hard on the lips. Randy slid his hands up under her skirt and grabbed her bare ass.

“Mmm…my baby’s hot tonight. Looking forward to seeing the guys are you?”

Cindy blushed and ducked her head. “Well…I do enjoy their visits.”

Randy slid his finger along her slit and felt the moisture there. “Yes I can see that”, he replied.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell began to ring and Randy’s poker buddies settled in. A plan was forming in Randy’s mind. It had been for a while now. He knew Cindy wanted to take her exhibitionism a step further, but she was frightened. So he figured he’d help her along.

Cindy had been teasing the guys all evening so when she bent low over Paul as she refilled his drink, her breasts practically spilling out onto his beer, Randy figured the time was right. “You know Paul, when I told Cindy you guys were coming over tonight her pussy got really wet. I’ll bet it still is. Why don’t you give it a rub and find out?”

Cindy’s mouth dropped open as she stared at Randy. Her heart beat faster in her chest but she didn’t move…waiting to see what the guys would think.

Paul grinned. He’d been waiting for this chance and having been given the go ahead he slid his fingers along Cindy’s slit feeling her juices flowing over his hand. “Mmm…Cindy, you’re soaked baby”, Paul said, looking at the lust in her baby blue eyes.

Hank and Joe sat on the other side of the table; tents forming in their pants as they watched this turn of events.

Randy laughed, knowing Cindy was enjoying every minute of this. “Hank, why don’t you untie Cindy’s top so we can all see those big, beautiful tits of hers?”

“Sure thing!” Hank jumped up and came over to Cindy, untying her top until it fell open beneath his hands. He then lowered his head and began to suck and pull on her nipples.

Joe stood up and looked at Randy. His six foot six frame towered over the other men and Randy couldn’t wait to see that black cock pumping into his baby. “Can I taste that sweet cunt, Randy?” he asked.

“You bet,” Randy said, “and I’m sure Cindy would like to suck everyone’s cock too, wouldn’t you baby?”

Cindy groaned. By now she was lost in a lust-crazed haze. “Yes, please…let me suck them..fuck me with those big, beautiful cocks…”

The card game lay forgotten on the table as everyone stripped off their clothes and Cindy was lowered to the floor. Joe lay between her legs slurping at the juices her pussy was producing. His tongue swirling around her clit and burying itself into her cunt until she thought she’d go crazy.

Paul had slid his full nine inches into her mouth and was gagging her with it as he thrust forward again and again trying to reach the back of her throat. That left Hank to worship at her enormous tits. Pulling her nipples out a good inch or more and sucking them until they were ultra sensitive.

Randy stood over Cindy, stroking his own cock and urging on his buddies. “That’s it guys. Fuck my little slut. She’s loving it, aren’t you baby? Someone pound that pussy…make her beg.”

One after another they began to fuck Cindy in every hole. Taking her ass, her mouth and her pussy again and again until Randy said, “Ok boys, make her airtight.”

Hank pushed hard into her cunt and pushed her ass back onto Paul who spread her cheeks and plunged into her tight little hole. Joe had her mouth stretched wide as he filled her with his big black cock. Randy came in an explosion of cum all over Cindy’s face and chest as he watched his friends fuck her like a cheap whore.

Cindy came again and again. All sense of awareness was gone and all she could concentrate on was the feeling of all those cocks. Once she even passed out but the guys continued to fuck her, pulling out and spraying her with their hot cum as they released their load. Afterwards they left her on the floor covered in their sticky white jism as they pulled on their clothes and got ready to leave.

“Thank Cindy for us Randy. We had a great time. Tell her she can have whatever money’s in the kitty” Joe grinned, “and that we’ll be back next week.”

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