It was still a couple of hours until Sheila’s birthday gathering at their favorite bar and Jenna had some time to kill. On an impulse, which came more and more frequently, Jenna went to her room, kicked off her sneakers, pulled off her sweats and t-shirt and pulled the “accessory kit” from her dresser. She opened the kit and chose her vibrating butt plug and her “just like the real thing” dildo.

“Just like the real thing,” she thought, “yeah right.”

Padding into the living room she flipped on the TV and pulled her favorite porn tape from the video cabinet. She popped the tape into the VCR and pressed play. Alicia Rhodes appeared on the screen right where Jenna had left her last. Alicia was on her back getting rammed in the ass by some hunk and Alicia said with her sultry British accent, “Fuck that ass deep you dirty fucker!” Jenna wished her tits were as big as Alicia’s so they would bounce the way Alicia’s were bouncing every time that guy rammed his cock in her ass. Sheila always told Jenna that her tits were fucking hot and they didn’t need to be big. Looking at herself in the mirror above the mantle she agreed, her tits were fucking hot. Jenna was proud of her slender body and she loved the way her hair hung to just above her nipples. “All those racquetball games really paid off,” she said to nobody in particular.

Jenna stretched out on the couch and watched as Alicia now had a cock in her ass and in her mouth. This scene always made Jenna sopping wet. She and Sheila always talked about what it would be like to have two guys. Jenna knew that Sheila’s secret desire was to see two guys fucking. David probably wouldn’t go for that. Jenna wanted two guys to fuck her. She loved playing the dirty slut which is why she loved the professional dirty slut, Alicia Rhodes.

Jenna stretched out on the couch, spread her legs and starting rubbing her clit. Soon her hand was dripping with the juice that flowed out of her throbbing pussy. She took her butt plug and sank it into her ass and turned the vibration on high. Damn, she loved being fucked in her ass. It made her feel so dirty, and hot. Her eyes stayed on Alicia taking the cock in her mouth to the point of gagging on it and Jenna shoved the dildo into her slippery cunt. She banged her pussy to the rhythm of the guy that was drilling Alicia’s ass.

“Oh yeah,” Jenna said to the TV, “fuck that bitch’s pussy. Fuck that little whore!”

The pace on her dildo quickened and the vibrator jammed in her ass was bringing her to orgasm. Jenna stood up in the middle of the room with her legs spread wide and pounded the dildo into her pussy. God, that vibrator in her ass felt so fucking good. Jenna’s hand holding the dildo was now soaked with her cunt juice. Alicia was one hot bitch. Now Alicia was taking it in her twat and gagging on cock.

When the orgasm hit, Jenna was screaming at the TV, “Fuck that cunt! Fuck that dirty whore you sons-a-bitches! Look at that bitch gagging on your cock! Do it! Fill that slut with your fucking cum!”

The vibrator slipped from her ass and Jenna filled the empty hole with four of her fingers.

“Yeah, fuck that whore,” she was now screaming at herself while she jabbed at her cunt with the dildo, “fuck that whore until she can’t move!”

Jenna fell to the couch still ramming her pussy. She shivered with the orgasm running through her. When she opened her eyes, Alicia was kneeling down and taking two cum shots on her face. Jenna wished someone would fuck her the way Alicia gets fucked. Jenna lay on the couch and licked the twat cream from her fingers as the tape ran out. When the TV was showing snow she pressed rewind on the VCR “be ready for me next time Alicia” and walked into the kitchen to wash her toys. She opened the fridge and contemplated drinking one of her two beers she had left and figured she would save them for later.

She went to the bathroom, ran the shower water until it was warm and climbed in. She started thinking about the strap-on that Sheila had bought as a birthday present to herself. She wondered if David was going to let Sheila fuck him with it the way she wanted to. “Nah”, she thought, “he’s too… conservative for that”.

After she showered and dried her hair Jenna picked out her clothes and began to get dressed.

“I hope David invites Mitch,” she said to nobody, “he’s got such a hot ass and I’d love to fuck him.”

* * *

When Jenna arrived at the bar the group was already there. David and Sheila were sitting at the bar surrounded by David’s volleyball buddies, one she recognized as Steve, and that bitch from Sheila’s work, Corrine. She looked around but didn’t see Mitch. She was a little uncomfortable as she walked over to them because she brought Steve home once and it was embarrassing. He couldn’t keep it up and that night was a bust. She believed Steve secretly blamed her for that. “Yeah right,” she thought. Corrine was a secretary at Sheila’s work and was always a bitch towards Jenna. Corrine made a pass a Jenna once but Jenna isn’t into black women. Now Corrine thought Jenna was a racist.

When Sheila saw Jenna, her face lit up and she came over and gave Jenna a big hug.

“For a minute there I thought you weren’t coming.” Sheila confessed.

“No, honey, I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” replied Jenna, “there was just something I had to do first. Happy Birthday!”

“Thanks, Sweetie. Did I miss anything good?” said Sheila, grinning that sly grin.

“Maybe. Is everyone here?” asked Jenna.

“No, my sister isn’t here yet and Mitch is supposed to be coming, too. Let’s get a drink.”

They went to the bar and ordered two vodka and cranberries. Jenna said hello to the guys and gave David a hug. She gave a curt hello to Corrine who just turned her back. The guys walked over to a pool table that opened up and Steve and Corrine moved down the bar and continued their conversation.

“So,” started Jenna “have you told David about your new purchase?”

“No, not yet. I’m going to spring it on him when we get back to the house. God, I hope he lets me use it. I want to fuck his ass so bad. It would be so HOT. Actually, I’d like to see a guy fuck his ass but I think me doing it is as far as he will possibly go.”

“I hate to spoil your party, Sheila, but I don’t see any of it happening. If it doesn’t work out you can always come over to my house and fuck me. I’ll let you fuck my ass with it.”

“We’ll see.” said Sheila giggling. “You are such a slut!”

“Yeah, well, you’re classed by the company you keep.”

The two girls laughed, drank and talked about how Sheila and David were doing, how Jenna was putting too much mileage on her porn tapes and how the rest of general life was going. About thirty minutes later Mitch leaned up against the bar next to Sheila.

Mitch was tall and lean with dark hair that always looked wet even though it wasn’t. The curves of his tone body were accented by the clothes he wore which, tonight, were a white Nautica polo and dark pleated slacks. Jenna couldn’t tell if they were blue or black because of the darkness of the bar.

“Happy Birthday, Darling.” he said to Sheila. “Where’s you’re man at?”

“Thanks so much, Sweetie.” Sheila said and kissed him on the cheek. “He’s over there shooting pool with the boys.”

“Hey there, Jenna. You look lovely tonight.”

“Thanks for noticing, Mitch.” said Jenna, feeling her pussy get moist as she looked at him, “You’re looking pretty good yourself.” Jenna had on her shortest black skirt (she had great legs and knew it) and the tightest sweater she could find (she had to make the most of what she had). He had noticed and that was the idea. Mitch ordered himself a gin and tonic and walked over to the pool table where the guys were playing. Steve left his conversation with Corrine and started small talk with Jenna. Sheila just stared at David like a woman entranced. Soon Steve realized he was getting nowhere with Jenna and went back to his conversation with Corrine. Jenna turned to Sheila.

“Do you think Mitch likes me, Sheila?”

“What, what was that?” Sheila asked.

“I said, do you think Mitch likes me? I’ll tell you Sheila, he is hot and I would love to have his hands on me.”

“Jenna, c’mon. You know you’re hot and if you haven’t seen the way he’s been looking at you tonight you must be blind. Why don’t you go ask him?”

“Well, I don’t know.” replied Jenna.

“C’mon girl, what’s the worst thing he could say? No? Besides, I have a feeling he won’t say no.”

Jenna ordered a gin and tonic (which she made note was Mitch’s favorite drink) and brought it over to him. The two of them walked to an empty table nearby and started talking.

“So, how are you doing Jenna?” asked Mitch.

“I’m doing well. The business took off and I was able to build a new house out in Rolling Woods.”

“Rolling Woods? That’s out in the sticks. Do you like being away from everything?”

“Actually I do. I really enjoy having my privacy. Besides, it’ll be more developed in the next few years.”

As Jenna and Mitch finished their drinks, David and Jake crossed the room to Sheila after finishing their game. When Jenna looked up again she saw that they had left. She wasn’t upset that Sheila didn’t say good night. She new how anxious Sheila was to get where she wanted to be. She thought it strange, however, that Jake left with them.

“Looks like David, Sheila and Jake left to get breakfast,” Jenna told Mitch, “Do you want to go out to the diner and join them or… would you like to come see my new house?”

“I would love to come see your new house.” answered Mitch with a broad smile.

“Perfect,” thought Jenna, “just the answer I was looking for.”

* * *

Mitch pulled his Monte Carlo up behind Jenna’s Envoy, followed her out of the parking lot and through the winding roads out to Rolling Woods. There were no streetlights installed in her neighborhood yet and Jenna’s was the only house completed and lived in. They pulled into her half circle driveway and met at the front door. Jenna let them in and offered Mitch a beer, happy that she had saved the beers instead or drinking one earlier. Mitch sat on the couch with his beer and Jenna sat in the easy chair across from him. As she listened to him talk about his job, the volleyball team and how promising David was as a player, she casually opened her legs to him to show him that she wasn’t wearing panties and her pussy was clean shaven. Mitch stammered and tried to keep up the conversation but there was no getting around the hard on in his pants. Jenna blatantly glared at his crotch hoping to get a glimpse of his reaction to the “show”. She got the reaction she wanted.

“My God,” she thought “his cock is HUGE.” Her pussy was getting hotter and wetter every minute.

She listened to Mitch try to continue the conversation until the beers were empty and excused herself. Almost twenty minutes later she returned to the room. She had let her long auburn hair down to hang over her shoulders. She had changed into a burgundy leather “bikini” with holes in the top that showed her nipples. Her areolas were small and dark. Her nipples were hard and unusually long. Mitch saw that her nipples were pierced with gold hoops which didn’t show through the sweater she was wearing earlier. From one hoop to the other was a gold chain. The bottom was a crotchless thong and Mitch could see her pussy was already dripping. Jenna stepped over to Mitch and began unbuckling his belt.

“Are you sure this is what you… ” began Mitch.

“I’m your whore tonight.” replied Jenna and Mitch just leaned back while Jenna opened his pants and pulled them, and his boxers, off of him.

Mitch’s cock was huge, and throbbing. Jenna kneeled down in front of him and took the base of his shaft in her hand. She thought his cock was beautiful. Aside from its size it was pleasing to Jenna’s eye. Mitch was circumcised. The head was a brownish-purple and the colors of his glorious cock lightened from head to shank to a pale flesh. A vein ran along the underside of his dick which helped define its shape and size. Mitch’s cock curved slightly upwards as if it were reaching for her mouth. Jenna used her tongue to trace the vein of Mitch’s cock from his scrotum to the head. She wrapped her lips around the head and caressed the tip with her tongue. Although Mitch was large, Jenna’s mouth was comfortable on his prick. She slid her mouth down his shaft and found she could only take half of his cock. She began stroking what she couldn’t get her mouth around. Mitch ran his fingers through Jenna’s soft hair and watched while Jenna gave him the best head he ever had in his life. Jenna did not touch him with her teeth and Mitch enjoyed the pressure she put on the underside of his dick with her tongue. Jenna would stop now and again to just hold the head in her mouth and rub it with her tongue.

“Please Baby, a little faster,” said Mitch in a breathy voice. His head tilted back.

Jenna slid her mouth up and down his rod faster then faster again and slurped with every upstroke. Mitch could hear Jenna hum, off and on. The vibration of her vocal chords made his cock tingle. His precum started flowing onto her tongue. She eagerly swallowed it and entertained thoughts of sucking on him until he shot his steamy load in her mouth. She decided against it. She wanted that in her pussy, or her ass. Jenna pulled her mouth from his cock with an audible “pop”. A string of saliva and precum hung from the head of his giant dick to her lower lip. She stroked his massive cock, took his balls in her mouth and juggled them with her tongue. His precum still dribbled from his cock and ran down over her hand. She glided her tongue back up the underside of his rail and licked the precum from its head. The hand covered in his slippery goo went to her gushing pussy and found her clit. She gently rolled it between her finger and thumb. Her lips were soaked with her own juice and she could feel the wetness spreading to the inside of her thighs. She drove two fingers into her cunt and moaned with Mitch’s wonderful prick in her mouth. His cock tingled more.

Jenna found she was able to figure out how to take more of his cock than before and her mouth was again rapidly sliding up and down on him. As she sucked him, Mitch toyed with her nipples and gently pulled on the chain hanging between. Her hand went from her clit to his balls. She caressed his balls and his asshole letting his precum and her pussy lube give them a glistening sheen. Slowly she slipped a finger into his hole and his thighs started to twitch. She felt his hands on the back of her head and he gently pushed her down onto his cock just until he felt her resist. It excited her to feel him want to take that control. Knowing that he didn’t want to just jam his cock down her throat made her understand that he cared for her as a woman but should wanted his balls on her chin.

Mitch writhed his hips while her finger slid in and out of his ass. His precum was delicious. She wanted him in her… now. She released his cock from her mouth and pulled her finger from his ass. Stepping back from where he was on the couch she sat in the easy chair and spread her legs wide.

“Do my pussy now!” she ordered.

“No,” replied Mitch, “I want to show you something.”

Jenna gave him a look of curiosity and Mitch did something she never thought she would ever see. He leaned forward and took the head of his own cock into his mouth. His hand went to his shaft and started stroking. He would alternate from sucking the head and taking it from his mouth and running his tongue around it for Jenna to see. This was more than Jenna could take. As she watched Mitch suck himself and stroke his long shaft her fingers went to her clit. She was sopping wet. She loved it. Her free hand grabbed one of the empty beer bottles and she slipped the neck into dripping twat. Watching him and feeling the cool glass in her pussy with the motion on her swollen clit brought her to orgasm almost instantly. A wet spot on the upholstery of her easy chair started spreading from her snatch. She screamed as her cum flowed from her cooze and soaked the chair. As soon as Mitch knew she had cum, he stood and walked towards her. As he approached her, she took his cock in her mouth again. His precum was still dripping and it was sweet on her tongue. This time she took so all of his cock and his balls slapped her chin. She drove the bottle into her snatch while Mitch fucked her mouth. When he was on the brink dumping his load, Mitch grabbed her and pulled her from the chair, the bottle falling from her cunt to the floor. He pulled Jenna to him and kissed her. She could taste the precum still on his lips and tongue.

“Dammit, Mitch, I want your cock now!”

“Then bend over bitch and I’ll give it to you!”

Jenna spun and grabbed the back of the chair and quickly felt Mitch’s giant cock slip through the crotchless panties and into her soaked cooze. She felt how big he was but knew he wasn’t all the way in and screamed, “I want you whole cock you son-of-a-bitch, GIVE IT TO ME!!” and with that Mitch picked her up off the floor and drove his rod all the way into her. He managed to get his arms under her legs so her knees were to her chest and he stood in the middle of the living room, holding her in the air and drilling her dripping pussy. Mitch could feel her juice running down his prick and soaking his balls.

Jenna started squirming and Mitch couldn’t hold her any longer. He set her to the floor and slipped his dick from her slit. She turned and took his balls in her mouth, tasting her sweet pussy on him. She stroked his cock and told him, “I said I am you’re fucking whore tonight. Act like it!” Mitch grabbed her head and stuffed his cock back in her mouth.

“Suck on my cock you bitch. I love to see my whole cock buried in your mouth!” cried Mitch, driving his cock to the back of her throat.

Mitch stood in the middle of the room and fucked Jenna’s mouth until he was again close to filling her mouth with his jizz. Jenna sensed it and let Mitch’s cock slip from her mouth. She stood and walked to the bedroom. On the way she unclasped the chain from her nipples and dropped it and her leathers to the floor. Mitch followed and stripped his shirt from his body and tossed it aside. Jenna walked to the dresser and lit two candles. She reached into the bottom drawer and pulled out what looked like a briefcase. When she popped the latches and opened it Mitch saw that it was full of various sexual “enhancement” items. Jenna pulled her “just like the real thing” dildo from its place, slipped it into her juicy cunt and started fucking herself. Mitch walked up behind her, bent her over the dresser and planted his tongue in her ass. She could feel his tongue spreading her hole while she poked at her twat and put her fingers to her clit. God, she felt like such a slut, and loved it. Jenna was disappointed when she felt Mitch’s tongue leave her ass but when he grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and began pushing his prick into her tight asshole, she was in ecstasy. She let go of the dildo and it slipped from her twat to the floor.

“Fuck that ass deep you dirty fucker!” Jenna ordered Mitch, quoting her favorite porn star. She could feel Mitch’s balls slapping on her cunt. Mitch pounded on her ass to the point where Jenna thought he would cum. When she heard the beginnings of his moans of orgasm she pulled away from him. Mitch looked at her like a dog that got a bone taken away from him.

“Oh, no! You’re not going to cum yet. Show me again!” she said tossing him a towel.

Mitch understood and after wiping off his rod he sat on the edge of the bed and took the head of his prick in his mouth again. It made Jenna so hot to see it. Her pussy was aching to be fucked. From her case she retrieved her suction cup dildo and stuck it to the pine bench in the corner. Still watching Mitch she slid the bench to the middle of the room, straddled it and slid her pussy down over the upright dong.

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