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Author’s Note:

This story follows on from Ch.02 The Drought is Broken. For the sake of continuity, it would be best to read Chapters 01 & 02 first. Thanks for reading.


I jumped into my car and headed to my sister’s house for lunch. I couldn’t believe what had just transpired. Damn, Brigit was a sexy woman!

I called my friend Rob to share in the news.

“Mate, you’ll be pleased to know that I finally broke the drought!” I almost shouted, when he answered the phone.

“You lucky bastard!… How was it?”

“Picture this, when Brigit opened the door she was dressed in a very short nurse’s outfit…”

“Oh my God!” Rob exclaimed.

“I know…” I was grinning from ear to ear and bombarded him with the events of the afternoon in no particular order. “A little intimidating… she was calling the shots most of the time… a wildcat… you should have heard the mouth on her…did I tell you she was multi-orgasmic? … and she loved to give head!”

“Holy crap!” Rob shouted. “Mate, you finally got lucky! It’s about bloody time!”

“Yeah, you’re not wrong… but I’m not sure whether I want a repeat performance.”

“What?!” Rob was incredulous. “Why the hell not?”

“Um…well, she was a bit scary,” I replied, hesitantly.

“So what? You got laid! Just go for it.”

I realised that my hesitation would sound ridiculous to any red-blooded male. “Ok, you’re right.”

“Just enjoy the ride,” Rob sniggered.

“I can tell you in that department she rode me hard!” I laughed.

“Ha, ha, ha. Way to go mate!”

I hung up the phone and shook my head ruefully. The morning with Brigit certainly was memorable. I replayed in my head the moment when she asked me to cum on her tits.

Brigit sauntered across the room naked to find some lubricant for me. “We could watch some pornos or I could move the mirrors around,” she had remarked. I doubted either of those options would work. I knew what she needed to do to help me achieve an orgasm, but I was reluctant to tell her, as I didn’t know how kinky she was.

She returned holding a jar of Vaseline. I looked at her hard nipples and cast my eyes down to her pussy. The mound was hairless save for the blonde stubble which was regrowth from the day before. Her slit was long and gaped slightly.

She gave me a blowjob and then I fucked her mouth lying across her. I straddled her chest and assaulted her mouth, shoving my prick between those luscious lips and watched enraptured as she swallowed me. It was exciting but the constant start/stop nature in time with her orgasms had increased my stamina to the point that I couldn’t cum. I ended up shoving two fingers into her pussy and nibbling her clit. She exploded on my fingers.

I was thirty minutes late when I arrived at my sister’s house and received a ribbing from my siblings. “Nice of you to join us Dan…” and… “Oh, you finally decided to show up!” The irony of those comments was not lost on me as they were the ones who were usually late.

My sister Jenny hated tardiness as much as I did, but I had a good excuse this time… not that I was going to share my reason with any family members, choosing instead to blame the traffic.

I remembered many times as a child, sitting in the car listening to Dad rant about how late we were going to be and why was it taking our mother so long to get ready? Mum always lost track of time when we had to be anywhere at a specific time — whether it was a reservation at a restaurant, or to a movie at the cinema. Not that it ever mattered when we finally got there, of course.

Being the youngest in the family, I have learnt that it’s best to keep my comments to myself lest I invite unwanted attention from my know-it-all siblings. Thankfully, Brigit’s workout had exhausted me so I managed to make it through the lunch without any controversy.

I was happy to receive a phone call from Brigit the following morning. “How was lunch?” she asked, after we exchanged pleasantries.

“It was good. The whole family was there… and the kids were running amok. A typical family get-together. No-one suspected that I’d just spent the morning banging a foxy MILF,” I chuckled.

“It was great to finally catch up,” Brigit agreed. “I wanted to call you last night for another bed-time story but I didn’t want to rush things and I was afraid I may have scared you off…”

“Well I must admit that when you greeted me at the door in that nurse’s outfit, I did feel a little nervous.” I replied evenly. What I wanted to say that was that my stomach was doing cartwheels and I thought about running for the hills, but after experiencing Brigit’s multiple orgasms I was hooked.

Brigit laughed. “Oh, poor baby. You didn’t appear nervous in the kitchen.”

I laughed too. “Well I overcame my fears when I discovered how wet you were. God, what a turn on! My cock is hard just thinking about it.”

“Ooohh,” Brigit moaned. “Could I call you during the week for another bed-time story?”

“Of course you can.” I felt my cock stir. “I’d love that. I’ve already written about our encounter yesterday.”

“Mmm, I can’t wait,” she sighed. “Well I’m pulling up into the car-park and better hang up. This conversation is making me wet!”

I gasped. “So, I suppose if I told you my cock is rock hard right now, it wouldn’t be helping you?”

“No, it wouldn’t!” she giggled.

When I hung up the phone, I was flattered that Brigit was wet and was amazed at how quickly my cock had tuned into her frequency…just thinking about her made me hard.

On Wednesday night Brigit sent me a text message. “I’d love another bedtime story when you’re free.”

“How about now?” was my immediate response.

“Hi sexy!” Brigit cooed, when I answered the phone. “Are you free for a catch up on Saturday afternoon?”

“Sure, what would you like to do?” I was excited that Brigit was keen for a repeat performance and nervous too. She was a tigress.

“I’m happy to drive to your place and we can spend the afternoon together,” she suggested.

“Fabulous!” I exclaimed.

“And we don’t have to have sex,” she added as if she needed to sell me on the idea.

“Sounds great.” Its amazing how one afternoon of sex can change a person’s outlook. I wanted to see Brigit again and I was flattered that this stylish woman wanted to spend time with me.

“Do you understand why there was a constant stream of woman in and out of the office?” Brigit asked.

“Umm, No.”

“Those women didn’t come up to the office often, until you started working there.”

“Oh! I had no idea.”

“That’s obvious!” Brigit snickered.

Intrigued by this new piece of information, I cast my mind back to two women in the office that I had found particularly attractive.

Theresa was of Spanish descent and always wore blouses with plunging necklines that showed off her ample cleavage. I thought about bending her over her desk on more than one occasion. She was about 5ft 8in and her breasts were so huge that they wobbled noticeably when she walked. I had trouble looking her in the face and I’m sure she caught me peeking. She was in her late forties. I had no idea that she was single and interested in me.

Gayle on the other hand was always dressed immaculately in corporate attire and wore soft pastels. She was tall, about 5ft 10in, had a slim figure, and straight, shoulder-length brown hair. I guessed that she was in her mid-forties and I learnt that she had two teenage daughters. I found myself hoping to find her at her desk whenever I would walk by. She was easy to talk to and I lusted after her. I didn’t have a clue that she had feelings for me either. Damn!

“Gayle is a friend of mine you know and I can’t wait to tell her what we have been doing. She will be so jealous. She thought you were hot, you know.”

I felt myself blushing.

“I wish she had made it more obvious. Gayle is hot!”

“I’m glad she didn’t,” Brigit laughed.

“Yes, you certainly weren’t backwards in coming forwards,” I agreed.

We discussed Brigit’s week at work thus far, but then the conversation moved onto more interesting topics, such as what Brigit liked to do in her spare time. She loved going on camping trips with the kids and hiking in the mountains.

“Have you ever had sex outdoors?” she suddenly asked.

I thought long and hard and then remembered, “I tried making out with my girlfriend in a park once, but a family arrived and sat down almost on top of us. I remember the children giggling and staring at us. It totally destroyed the mood and my chances…”

“What about you?” I asked.

“I love hiking in the mountains… with different boyfriends… I would always surprise them by pulling them off the track… and giving them a blowjob…”

“Oh, my god! You horny slut.”

Brigit laughed. “At first, the boyfriend at the time would be shocked…. then excited when my hand snaked inside his jeans… It wouldn’t take him long to get hard… Then he bent me over, reefed my panties down… I felt so wickedly exposed… The feeling of his cock slamming into me, out there in the wilderness, made me so wet… and I came so hard…”

My cock pulsed at the thought. “God, that’s incredible. Did you ever get caught?”

“No, but I must admit that definitely added to the thrill.”

I imagined Brigit out in the woods, moaning loudly. It was astounding that no-one heard her.

“The thought both terrifies me and turns me on, I must admit, but I think the fear comes from having a wank in my bedroom and being afraid of Mum or one of my brothers walking in on me. There was no privacy in a house with four kids. Where else have you done it?”

“I joined the mile-high club on my honeymoon,” she giggled. “I headed to the toilet and my husband joined me a few minutes later. Have you ever tried it?”

“Um, I think I remember my girlfriend giving me a hand-job once. She threw the blanket across our laps but I’m sure the hostess knew what was going on… I always thought there wasn’t enough room in the toilets?”

“Oh there are ways…” she replied coyly. “He sat on the toilet seat and I straddled him reverse cowgirl. It was a tight squeeze but we made it work.”

“God, that’s amazing Brigit!”

“So how about that bedtime story you promised me?”

“Sure, I’ll read to you what I wrote about our get together at your place.”

I started from where she greeted me at the door and my discovery of how wet she was when we were in the kitchen. She started moaning and it wasn’t long before she gasped, “Oh…My… God…”

I listened to her panting and I could tell that she was masturbating. I described in graphic detail how sexy she was, her firm breasts, hard nipples, cock-sucking prowess, and how I enjoyed fucking her wet pussy. As I neared the end, she whispered, “I’m cumming.” It brought a smile to my face. Brigit thanked me profusely and confessed that she couldn’t wait to see me on the weekend.

The week seemed to drag but then Saturday was suddenly upon me. I raced about the apartment frantically cleaning up. I checked the food supplies and headed down the road to buy some refreshments. Brigit rang to say that she was five minutes away and I explained that I was out but wouldn’t be long.

On the walk back to my apartment, I noticed Brigit window shopping at a clothes store. She looked sensational in white moleskins, a floral blouse and a gold-braided white overcoat.

“Hi,” I said, as I moved in close to give her a hug. I buried my head in the nape of her neck and breathed in her scent. “Mmm, you smell delicious.”

“Hi Dan,” she smiled and reached up to stroke my cheek.

“You look fabulous!” I exclaimed, looking her up and down.

“Thanks,” she beamed. She stood up on tippy-toes and kissed me on the lips.

“Window shopping eh? Well you are a woman…”

Brigit smiled. “Do you know the history of this store?”

“No, but I think I’m about to find out.”

“They started off as a single store in Canada selling clothes for the yoga crowd and now they have gone global. It’s pretty amazing don’t you think, that they have a store next door to where you live?”

“Yeah, I suppose so…. so another Canadian success story to go with maple syrup, eh?”

She punched my shoulder. “Smart-ass!”

“Well, if you’ve finished window shopping, let’s go upstairs and I’ll show you my place.” I grabbed her hand and we started walking.

I gave her the grand tour and explained how the configuration of the apartment differed to the others in the block. My living area was the bedroom in the apartment next door. She had already figured out how she would renovate the place if it were hers. I led her through to the sunroom to show off the view.

“Wow, that’s amazing. So what’s that over there?” She pointed to some buildings in the distance.

“That’s where we would keep foreigners like yourself when you first came to our country,” I joked. I pointed out a few more landmarks to help her get her bearings and shared with her how much I loved living by the sea, avidly watching naval vessels, cruise-liners, or merchant ships entering and leaving the harbour.

I stood behind Brigit and slipped my arms around her waist, pulling her against me.

“Someone’s happy to see me,” she groaned as the tent in my jeans pressed into her back. She turned around and ran her hand across the bulge. I stroked her hair and moved in for a soft, slow kiss. Our tongues met halfway and fluttered together.

“I was planning to take my time with you, but to hell with it. Let’s go to bed.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” she replied.

Brigit was impressed with the full-length mirrored doors of the wardrobe and cast her eyes around the bedroom. “What’s that little black box… next to the TV?”

“It’s this brilliant device that I use to convert all types of media stored on an external hard-drive… movies, TV shows…and porn.”

“Boys and their toys, eh?” she smiled, rolling her eyes. “What type of porn do you watch?”

“Um, well… you name it… I’ve become pretty jaded over the years… Anal, 2 girls and a guy, girl/girl, gangbangs, DPs…What do you like?”

“Oh, the usual stuff… Boy meets girl, something with a bit of a plot… What’s the dirtiest stuff you’ve ever watched?”

I scratched my head and tried to avoid the question. “One person’s version of dirty may seem tame to another person. Here give me your coat and I’ll hang it in the wardrobe.”

Realising that I wasn’t going to tell her anything else about my porn collection, Brigit bent down and fished around in her oversized hand-bag. She held up the brown nightie I saw her wearing at her place. “You liked it so much, I thought I would give you a treat.”

“Fabulous!” I had a raging hard-on.

Turning away from me, Brigit removed her jeans, blouse and bra, then slipped the nightie over her head. When she turned around, my jaw dropped open. Her milky white breasts and hard, rose-pink nipples were clearly visible through the filmy material.

“Mmm,” I groaned. I hastily removed my jeans and shirt, but left my navy-blue briefs on.

“Brrr, I’m cold.” Brigit stepped close to me. I held her tight and ran my hands across her back and down to her thighs, caressing my way up to her ass. I grabbed her ass cheeks and ground my crotch against her. It was electrifying.

She caressed my arms and butt then moved her hand down to my crotch, stroking up the length of my shaft through my briefs.

“Oooh, babe,” I shivered.

Brigit tilted her head and I leant down to kiss her. Our tongues duelled before settling into a less frenzied attack, fluttering together. I stroked her hair, luxuriating in how soft if felt. My hand moved across her chest, cupping each breast and enjoying their size. ‘More than a handful is a waste,’ I thought. I ran my palm lightly over her nipples then pinched one.

“Oh!” Brigit moaned into my mouth.

Brigit slid down my body and dropped to her knees. “Let’s see how excited you are to see me.” She hooked her fingers in the waistband of my briefs and pulled them out and down. My cock sprang free almost smacking her in the face. “You could poke someone’s eye out with that,” she laughed, fixing her eyes on the bulbous head.

I felt her hot breath inches from me. Her tongue flicked out catching some pre-cum leaking from the slit. She pulled her tongue back and a slimy trail of fluid followed her. Wrapping her fingers below the head, she milked out a few more drops of my excitement. She looked up at me as her mouth closed around the head. My hips pushed forward instinctively.

“Wooh, babe. Watch those teeth.” I pleaded.

She opened her mouth wider, and fitted more in. The sensation was incredible. She looked across to the mirror and watched the progress of my cock disappearing down her throat. She drew my cock out and flicked her tongue around the crown.

“This would make for a good shot,” she said, looking into the mirror and sucking the head.

“Oh, babe, I love that.”

“I love cock!” She murmured.

She returned my cock to her mouth and her head dropped lower, devouring more of me. While her head bobbed up and down, I reached down to grab hold of her breasts, but she pushed my hand away and wiggled her finger.

“Nun-uh,” she managed to get out. She ran her tongue up and down the underside of my rigid member lathing it with saliva. I was in lust.

“I need this in me now!”

She stood up and stripped away her g-string and pushed me backwards. My knees buckled. I wriggled up the bed as she followed. I grabbed a condom from the bedside table and worked it down my shaft. Brigit leant down and sucked me into her mouth.

“Banana?” she queried.

“Good guess!”

Straddling my hips, she grabbed hold of my cock and guided it between her legs.

“You won’t believe how wet I am!”

Warm nectar coated the head of my cock as she rubbed it up and down her slit. She sat back on her heels and in one fluid motion, I hit bottom.

“Oomph!” Brigit grunted. “Fuck, I needed this!” This seemingly conservative middle-aged woman from the office sure had a mouth on her.

She placed her hands on my chest and pulled herself up slowly then thrust down fast revelling in the sensation each time I hit bottom. Wet slapping sounds filled the room as my cock slid in and out of her. Brigit looked across to the mirror and smiled. I smiled too and grabbed her breasts firmly, flicking my thumbs over her nipples. She ground her pussy against my crotch, rubbing her clit against me.

Grabbing her nightie, she yanked it over head and tossed it to the floor and leant down to kiss me. Our tongues moved in time with my thrusting hips. Fuelled with lust, I grabbed her ass cheeks firmly, gripping the flesh, and rammed my cock deeper inside her, thrusting harder. My fingers twirled around her sphincter and I toyed with the idea of slipping a finger inside.

“Stop!” she gasped suddenly as I felt her pussy spasm. She sat back on her heels and groaned.

“Oh, ah, Dan…I’m going to cu…CUMMMM…IIINNNGG!”

She pushed hard against my chest and shuddered through a massive orgasm. Her body tensed and relaxed in post orgasmic eruptions.

“Pheww,” she sighed and collapsed onto my chest. I could feel her heart beating rapidly, and then it slowed as she regained her composure. I caressed her back and ass, luxuriating in the feel of her soft skin.

Brigit groaned into my chest, “God Dan, you turn me on so much… just the thought of having you inside me makes me so wet.”

“Babe, are you trying to make me blush?”

She rolled to her side facing the mirror as I spooned her. I reached down and removed the tight constriction of the condom. I hated wearing them but they were a necessary evil.

I stared in the mirror, revelling in the sight of Brigit. My hand caressed her soft flesh, gliding down her arm to her fingers, studying each one closely, then across her belly, and up under her breasts. I cupped each one measuring the weight of them in my hand. I drew tiny circles around her nipples. Brigit shivered. I leant down and sucked her earlobe. She was so delicious that I just wanted to eat her up.

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