after party

Jim and Traci had been looking forward to this night for weeks. Their daughter was spending the weekend with Traci’s parents and they were looking forward to some free time without parental responsibilities. To make things even better, they had plans for Friday night that would certainly kick the weekend off in style.

Their friends Pete and Kris were throwing their pseudo-annual party, and their parties were always a lot of fun. This was the fourth time they had hosted a party and the third time Jim and Traci were able to attend. Jim and Traci got along great with Pete and Kris and without family and job responsibilities they would certainly hang out more. As it was, they kept in touch primarily with emails while occasionally getting together.

Jim and Kris had first met when they worked together. They had been in the same department and had shared responsibilities on some projects, so they spent a lot of time working together. During this time their office was in turmoil with financial and personnel issues, and once Jim and Kris discovered that they worked well together they became a tight team. They got together with their spouses for occasional happy hours and soon all four of them became good friends. Both Jim and Kris had since changed jobs so they didn’t see each other on a regular basis, but when they did they still shared the bond of having gone through some pretty unpleasant times together.

Pete and Kris’ parties had quickly become famous among their friends for being a big happening. Everyone looked forward to the parties, and Pete and Kris never failed to deliver some crazy theme or other surprise to keep people surprised and having a great time. Jim and Traci had gone to the first two of their parties but they missed last year’s party when it conflicted with some family obligations. Their friends said that last year’s was the best one yet, and they looked forward to seeing what Pete and Kris would have in store for tonight.

The party was just getting going when Jim and Traci arrived, and, as usual, the other guests were an eclectic mix of people. Pete and Kris had very diverse interests and each had held several different jobs over the past five years. The combination of former co-workers and other friends resulted in a mixture of blue collar types, white collar types, artists, students, musicians, and just about every other type of person one could imagine.

Pete and Kris had just moved into a new house a few months earlier and everyone received a grand tour of the place after they arrived. It was much larger than their previous apartment and the extra space allowed them to invite more people to the party. Soon things were in full swing with great music, food, and lots of drinks. Jim and Traci had a great time chatting with old and new friends.

As usual, the party was full of some fun and wild games and other activities. Jim figured that with anyone else leading these activities the party could easily have become boring, but Pete and Kris both had a gift for making things fun and this was no exception. They had thought of every detail, and all the guests were involved in the activities at various points. Everyone had a great time laughing and playing along. In the breaks between activities everyone refilled their drinks and enjoyed more food, and by the time the last game ended most everyone was drunk or close to it. Kris made sure to let everyone know the party wasn’t done yet and everyone was welcome to stay, but some people started leaving after the games ended.

Eventually the crowd thinned out substantially, leaving about a dozen people. Of the remaining guests, two in particular had caught Jim’s eye earlier in the evening. One of these was Elise. Elise was an old friend of Kris’ that Jim had first met several years earlier when he and Kris still worked together. At that point she was in a punk music band and had jet black hair. Since then she had switched to a folk band and now had short, bleach blond hair. She had been the primary contestant in one of the games earlier and had been very flirtatious and wild, trading joking comments full of double meanings with Pete, who was acting as the game’s host, and several of the other party guests. Her outfit also made quite a scene. Her black, baby doll style dress was cut extremely low in front and didn’t so much show off her ample cleavage as it revealed substantial amounts of her tits, a fact that nearly all of the single guys in the room noticed and commented about at some point or another. Her dress was short and she wore a pair of black, knee-high, spike heeled boots. Traci correctly described her look as a “fuck me” outfit.

Although not dressed anything like Elise, Tessa had also been getting a fair amount of attention throughout the night. Tessa was quite tall, probably around 6 feet without the help of the tall heels on her black boots, with brown curly hair and small tits. Her tight t-shirt and very tight Capri pants were not unusual in the room, but it had been her actions more than her look that had attracted attention. Jim and Traci had never met her before and based on the way she acted she was pretty drunk or was just in a particularly wild mood. On numerous occasions she had been very obviously sexual with her boyfriend. She pulled him into several long tongue kisses and made sure that anyone looking could see their tongues swirling together, and she frequently groped his crotch or licked at his ear or neck when they were seated. Most noticeable, however, was when they danced together. Her dancing was a combination of grinding her ass, crotch, and tits against her boyfriend or of her dancing very suggestively for him. At one point Traci and Kris joked that some of her moves were “pole-worthy” and that she looked like she was ready to dance at the strip club a few miles down the road.

The party continued for a while longer and slowly a few more guests left. There were now just a handful of people left and Jim suggested they think about leaving also. Traci was quite drunk and, as usual when she was drunk, she was very horny. She had already given Jim a few deep kisses and she had been groping him while they danced. Jim couldn’t wait to take her home and fuck her silly. As usual, Traci wasn’t quite ready to leave yet and so they continued to party with the others who still remained.

Jim and Traci’s attention was soon pulled toward the front of the living room, the area that had become the dance floor, by the cat calls from that area. Tessa and her boyfriend, Andy, were again putting on a show. Actually, Andy was mostly just standing there while Tessa seductively danced around him. This continued throughout one song and through most of another before Tessa guided Andy toward the couch and pushed him down into a sitting position. Someone let out another cat call as Tessa began giving him a lap dance that would surely be the equal of anything a stripper would do. She first rubbed her ass teasingly on his lap and then straddled his lap in a mock fuck as she rubbed her tits back and forth across his face. Her excitement was obvious from her rock hard nipples poking through her t-shirt and Andy’s excitement was obvious from his excited moans and groping hands.

Most everyone else had stopped what they were doing and watched Tessa’s show, but one group in particular became very vocal and very raunchy. Neither Tessa nor Andy acknowledged the group’s comments but several times it seemed like Tessa’s teasing intensified after a particularly nasty comment from the group. In any case, Elise, Kate, Carl, Bob, and Stan continued their commentary of Tessa and Andy’s actions.

Jim and Traci had just met Kate earlier that night. She had beautiful dark brown eyes and a lean, athletic body. She had long, straight brown hair and wore jeans and a t-shirt. She seemed very nice and had chatted with Jim and Traci for quite a while. Jim and Traci had both been surprised when, during the game when Elise had been the primary contestant, Kate had made several very suggestive comments toward Elise. At one point Elise and Kate’s suggestive banter had many of the guys hollering their encouragement. Ever since that point, Carl, Bob, and Stan had been staying close to Kate and Elise and clearly hoped that at least one of them would hook up with her later.

Perhaps oblivious to their audience or perhaps spurred on by them, Tessa and Andy started kissing deeply and fondled each other obviously. Andy pushed his hand up underneath Tessa’s shirt and groped her tits as she continued her fully clothed simulated fuck. The comments from Carl, Stan, and Bob continued until Stan gasped, “Holy shit, yeah baby!”

Jim pulled his gaze away from the couch and gasped as he saw that Elise and Kate were in the midst of a kiss. The kiss began soft and tentative but soon grew more intense as they were cheered on by the three guys standing with them. It looked like Kate parted her lips first, but as soon as she did Elise did the same and their kiss quickly became very deep and passionate as their arms wrapped around each other. After a few more moments, Elise parted the kiss and turned toward Carl. “You like that?” she purred as Carl nodded. Without another word she practically threw herself at Carl and they immediately fell into a wanton embrace that was at least the equal of what she had just shared with Kate.

Kate watched them for a moment before she turned to Stan and Bob and commented excitedly about having two for herself before she met Stan in a long, deep kiss. Kate parted this and pulled Bob close and soon was alternating back and forth between the two guys as they both groped her and eagerly returned her kisses.

Jim’s cock was already hard and aching for attention, and this scene was more than Traci could stand. With a primal groan of excitement she turned toward him and they kissed deeply. He could feel the lust practically radiating off her body and they excitedly groped each other’s bodies as they kissed.

It was at this point that Pete and Kris, who had been outside on the front porch saying goodbye to some of the other guests, returned to the living room. “Holy crap,” Pete gasped and Kris purred, “Oh my!” when they saw the near orgy in their living room. Tessa and Andy had started pulling off their clothes and Tessa was currently naked from the waist up. Tessa had removed Andy’s shirt and pants and they were in the process of unbuttoning Tessa’s pants.

Jim and Traci sat on the big cushioned chair in the corner, with Traci on Jim’s lap, fondling each other excitedly. Jim slipped one hand up Traci’s thigh, underneath her short black skirt, enjoying the smooth sensation of her stockings until he passed her stocking tops. He fondled the upper part of her thigh just below her pussy. With his other hand he groped her large tits through her shirt. He kissed and licked Traci’s chest on the part left exposed by the low neckline of her top.

As they continued kissing, Elise and Carl began pulling off their clothes. Carl first took off her dress and Elise took off her boots before turning her attention to Carl. Elise removed all of Carl’s clothes and then pushed him down into one of the many chairs in the room. With a wicked, sexy smile she dropped to her knees in front of him and slipped his cock into her mouth. Carl’s groan filled the room as Elise’s lips and tongue danced over his excited cock.

As Elise’s blowjob continued, Kate lay on the floor between Bob and Stan enjoying their attention. Both Bob and Stan had stripped down to only their boxers and Kate was completely naked. Kate lay on her back as Bob and Stan alternated between kissing and fondling her tits and teasing her pussy with their fingers. Kate’s moans clearly indicated she loved their combined teasing.

With all of this happening, it didn’t take long for Pete and Kris to join the fun. They fell into each other’s arms and soon were as excitedly engaged in their teasing foreplay as the other groups in the room.

Jim began pulling off Traci’s clothes and soon she was completely naked. After he had removed all of her clothes she quickly did the same to him. She groped his rock hard cock and he teased her hard nipples as their intense tongue kiss continued for several more long moments. Finally, they slid off the chair and down onto the floor. Traci lay on her back with her legs spread wide open. Jim immediately moved between them and slowly sank his full length inside her.

By this time Tessa and Andy had been fucking wildly on the couch for several minutes. Andy remained in virtually the same seated position as before, except he was now naked, with Tessa straddling his lap. Tessa gripped the back of the couch and wildly rode Andy’s cock. Andy seemed completely engrossed in Tessa and their fuck, but Tessa occasionally scanned the room and watched the other couples and groups as she fucked her boyfriend.

Among this wild scene it was Carl who came first. Elise’s wild blowjob quickly had Carl on the brink of his control, and when he came it was with a loud grunt that turned the heads of many of the others. Elise took Carl’s entire load of cum in her mouth and seemed to easily swallow it down as her blowjob continued smoothly for several minutes after Carl finished cumming.

During Elise’s wicked blowjob, Kate had continued her excited foreplay with both Bob and Stan. Both guys were rock hard and had each taken several turns teasing and licking Kate’s pussy and tits. Kate had also sucked and stroked both cocks as their lust intensified.

After Elise finished sucking Carl and released his cock, she turned to the trio near her and went directly to the guy nearest her, Bob. As Elise and Bob collapsed to the floor in a tangle of arms and legs while embracing in a deep kiss, Kate pulled Stan over her and Stan immediately began fucking her. Soon Elise rolled Bob onto his back and she crawled over him before lowering herself onto his hard cock. They settled into a steady fuck on the floor beside Kate and Stan.

With all of their remaining guests either currently fucking or, in Carl’s case, having just had his cock sucked, it didn’t take long for Pete and Kris to complete the scene and begin fucking. Kris lay on her back with Pete fucking her steadily in the missionary position.

For what seemed an incredibly long time this is how the room stayed. Tessa rode Andy’s cock on the couch, Jim steadily and deeply fucked Traci on the floor, Stan wildly fucked Kate, Elise fucked Bob at a controlled pace, and Pete and Kris fucked deeply. Andy was the first to loose control and cum, but once he did it set off a domino effect among all the couples. Andy groaned and threw his head back as he came inside Tessa. Tessa, it seemed, had been waiting for him to cum because she almost immediately burst into her own orgasm with a long, satisfied cry. They rode out the rest of their orgasm together.

Just moments after Tessa’s erotic cry ended, Stan grunted loudly as he pounded Kate’s pussy with several more deep, hard strokes. His grunting changed into a long groan as he pushed deeply inside Kate and started cumming. Traci was next and she clutched at Jim’s back and pulled him deeply inside her as her pussy exploded into her orgasm. She gasped and then cried out loudly as her orgasm peaked, and then let out a long moan as Jim resumed fucking her as the rest of her orgasm washed over her.

Pete and Kate were the next to cum. Stan had continued fucking Kate deep and hard throughout his orgasm and for a few moments afterward and Kate responded by moaning deeply as her orgasm started. Across the room at nearly the same moment, Pete groaned and Kris purred as Pete thrust deep inside Kris and started cumming.

Jim was struggling to remain in control, and watching Elise orgasm on top of Bob just a few moments later was more than he could withstand. He grunted and thrust deeply inside Traci as he filled her with a huge load of cum. Traci hummed happily under him as he came. Momentarily lost in his own orgasm, Jim was mildly aware of Bob cumming, but he remained focused on finishing his wild fuck with Traci.

When Jim finally finished cumming the only person who was yet to cum was Kris, but she was clearly very close. Pete had dropped down and was currently sucking her pussy wildly. Kris groaned and wriggled and Tessa excitedly urged Pete to eat his cum out of her pussy. As most of the others watched, Kris burst into a long, deep orgasm a few moments later with Pete still licking her pussy.

For a few moments everyone basked in the moment and the room was silent. The silence was broken when Tessa crawled off Andy and slithered across the floor toward Elise. Elise still sat over Bob and eagerly embraced Tessa when Tessa crawled over to her. They shared a long, deep kiss before Elise crawled off Bob and the two women lay down on the floor as their kiss continued. Soon Tessa began kissing and licking Elise’s tits while also caressing them in her hands. Elise groped at Tessa’s ass and clearly enjoyed her teasing. For several minutes Elise and Tessa remained like this together in the middle of the room. They took turns licking and fondling each other’s tits and eagerly explored each other’s bodies with their hands in between exchanging deep tongue kisses.

“Save some for me,” Kate moaned as she crawled away from Stan toward the other two. Not surprisingly given her earlier comments to Elise, Kate moved straight to Elise and began licking and kissing Elise’s tits and stiff nipples. Kate’s lust for Elise was clear and Elise groaned excitedly as two women now teased and explored her body. Elise alternated kissing both Kate and Tessa, and Kate and Tessa occasionally interrupted their teasing of Elise to embrace and tease each other. After a while longer, while Kate and Tessa were excitedly caressing each other’s tits, Elise sat up and looked first at Kris and then at Traci and purred, “You should come join the fun. I promise you won’t regret it.”

Kris smiled and immediately joined the other three. Traci moved away from Jim as if she were being pulled by an invisible force. Jim watched excitedly as his wife joined the others and began a five-woman orgy in the center of the room. Elise and Kate fell back into each other’s arms and resumed their mutual teasing as Tessa greeted first Kris and then Traci with excited kisses and caresses. Elise then moved away from Kate and toward Kris. The old friends met in a passionate embrace and then took turns sucking and teasing each other’s tits. Tessa and Traci moved to either side of Kate and began kissing and licking her petite body. They moved together to her tits and spend a long time there before kissing down toward her pussy. Kate moaned and parted her legs as Tessa and Traci both squeezed close so they could lick her pussy together.

After a while the women traded pairings again and they continued trading partners until each woman had teased and explored every other woman. As they did this, the six guys all moved a little closer so they could better see the incredible orgy before them and all of their cocks grew hard again. Some guys, like Jim, simply stood there watching the five women with their rock hard cocks standing out straight in front of them. A couple of the guys started to slowly stroke their cocks, and the women seemed to grow more excited at the sight of all the hard cocks surrounding them.

A short while later Carl and Stan suddenly turned toward each other and started kissing and fondling. They had been standing next to each other and each had been stroking their hard cock while watching the women before they started their own embrace. Carl reached down and began fondling and stroking Stan’s cock, causing Stan to groan loudly. Stan then reached down and soon they were mutually caressing each other as they kissed.

Tessa was very vocal in her encouragement of Carl and Stan. She urged them to continue and told them how “fucking hot” their embrace was until she finally said, “Shit ladies, this is fun and all, but I can’t resist all these big cocks.” Tessa crawled toward Andy and pulled him down on top of her. She spread her legs wide and Andy immediately drove his cock back inside her. As Andy started fucking her Tessa reached out first toward Pete and then toward Bob and guided them close to her on either side. With Andy fucking her, Tessa fondled and licked the other two cocks until she looked up at Andy and said, “Now honey, let’s not get selfish. I want to make sure everyone has a turn.”

Andy smiled excited, pulled his glistening cock out of her wet pussy, and moved aside. Pete and Bob looked at each other for a moment before Pete moved down and took Andy’s place between Tessa’s spread thighs. Pete steadily fucked Tessa as she resumed fondling Bob’s cock. Andy sat beside Tessa and teased and fondled her tits as he watched Pete fuck her.

While this was happening, Kris slipped away from the other three women and briefly disappeared upstairs. When she returned she held a bottle of lube and three different dildos of varying styles and shapes. Elise gasped excitedly when she saw what Kris had and immediately took one out of Kris’ hand. Elise selected a long, two headed dildo and as soon as she had it in her hand she turned to Kate with a wicked smile. “Yes baby,” Kate groaned excitedly, “you know what I want.” Kate rolled onto her back and Elise moved between her legs. Elise slipped the end of the dildo into her mouth and gave it a simulated blowjob for a few moments to lubricate the tip before she positioned it at Kate’s pussy. The dildo easily slipped inside Kate’s dripping wet pussy. Elise crawled on top of Kate and bent the other end of the dildo around before sliding it inside her own pussy. With the dildo now buried deeply inside both of them, Kate and Elise met in a long kiss and began rocking their hips to fuck each other with the dildo.

In their own group, Pete, Bob, and Andy continued to take turns fucking Tessa. Tessa was clearly very excited by the gang bang and was very vocal in her encouragement of her lovers and in expressing her own lust. She had already orgasmed at least twice, very loudly, and none of her three lovers had cum yet.

After she got the dildos, Kris and Traci watched Elise and Kate for a few moments before they looked at each other and then turned to Jim. Jim thought they might pick up one of the other dildos and start fucking each other, but instead they moved to him and he traded deep, excited kissed with both. In between these kisses Kris and Traci met in their own kiss as Jim caressed and fondled their bodies. After their wild foreplay with the other three women, Kris and Traci were eager to fuck and soon guided Jim onto his back. Jim groaned as Kris straddled his cock and lowered her wet pussy around him. She lowered herself all the way down until he was fully inside her and then she started riding him smoothly. Just as Kris had started, Traci straddled Jim’s face and lowered her hot, wet pussy onto his mouth. Jim eagerly licked and tongue fucked her as she sat over his face.

Everyone was now heavily involved in fucking and soon another round of orgasms swept through the room. Carl and Stan traded long blowjobs and stroked each other excitedly as they watched the array of action around them. Stan came first and his cum landed back on his stomach and coated his own cock and Carl’s hand. It looked like Carl would cum in much the same way, but he stood up and got the lube that Kris had brought down. He walked back to the couch with Stan staring at him. Stan gasped, “Oh fuck,” as Carl grasped his hips and rolled Stan onto his hands and knees. Carl worked the lube all around and into Stan’s asshole before he positioned himself behind Stan and slipped his cock inside him. Stan groaned loudly as Carl grasped his hips and started fucking him. It only took a few minutes before Carl pushed himself deeply inside Stan and groaned as he filled Stan’s ass with cum.

Tessa urged Andy, Pete, and Bob to continue swapping positions, and as the guys grew closer to losing their control they fucked her harder and faster. They rotated positions frequently and Tessa was literally screaming her approval as they teamed together to fuck her long and hard.

Traci eventually orgasmed with a long moan and her juices soaked Jim’s face as he lapped hungrily at her throughout her orgasm. The combination of Traci’s orgasm and Kris’ amazing fuck soon caused Jim to loose control and he filled Kris’ pussy with his cum. As soon as he finished cumming Kris pushed Traci aside and immediately took her place sitting on Jim’s face. His face was already drenched with Traci’s juices, but that was nothing compared to the thick, wet combination of his own cum and Kris’ juices that now flowed down on him. Kris was clearly close to cumming and pressed her pussy firmly against his mouth as Jim tongue fucked her excitedly. Kris finally came with a long, satisfied moan and even more of her juices flowed out onto Jim’s face.

While this was happening, Elise and Kate orgasmed together on the other side of the room, both still excitedly fucking each other with the two-headed dildo. By the time they finished orgasming, Kris had crawled off Jim and everyone turned toward Tessa, Pete, Bob, and Andy. Tessa was sweating profusely from the effort of this long, intense triple fuck and looked to be almost in a trance. Andy and Bob had both already cum and sat beside Tessa with their semi-hard cocks glistening with the heavy wetness of their fuck. Pete was still fucking Tessa and was clearly almost ready to cum. He grunted as he came and Tessa let out a long, low moan from deep in her throat. When Pete finished cumming he crawled off her and Tessa remained with her legs still spread wide apart. Jim could see directly between her spread legs from his position and he had never seen anyone as wet and nasty after a fuck as Tessa. Her thighs were glistening with wetness all the way from her pussy down to her knees. The pillow under her ass had a huge wet spot on it and Jim could only imagine how wet her pussy must be after having three guys fill her with cum.

Everyone basked in the moment and recovered from what had just happened, and for a while the room was silent again. It seemed like the energy in the room didn’t feel quite as lust charged as it had earlier and Jim guessed that this would be the end of the night. Eventually Stan and Carl started making little comments to Elise about how much they liked watching her and Kate fuck. Elise and Kate responded to their playful banter and soon they were trading teasing comments about how much they liked watching the other’s bi-sexual encounter. Tessa was the next to join the teasing banter and soon a few of the guys, and Elise and Kate, commented about Tessa’s wild fuck with the three guys.

Elise and Kate began talking about how much they loved watching Carl fuck Stan. They asked Stan how much he liked it and asked Carl how it felt. As this teasing talk continued Kris again disappeared upstairs. When she returned this time she was met with gasps of excitement as she now wore a strap-on dildo and carried another in her hand. “So ladies,” she announced proudly, “anybody interested?”

She set the second strap-on down and picked up the lube from where Carl had tossed it. She looked at Pete and, “Come here baby, you know what I want.” Pete smiled and moved toward where Kris stood smearing the lube on her strap-on. Pete grabbed one of the big pillows off the couch and put in on the floor under his ass as he waited for Kris. “Yes baby,” Kris hissed as she watched him, “that’s just what I want.” She soon moved between Pete’s legs and worked the lube into his asshole for a few minutes before she tossed the lube aside and positioned her strap-on at his ass. With an excited groan, she pushed into him and soon had the strap-on buried inside his asshole.

As Kris started fucking Pete every woman in the room gasped or moaned. “Oh fuck!” Tessa exclaimed before she grabbed the second strap-on. She hurriedly put it on as she continued to watch Kris fuck Pete. Once it was on she grabbed Andy and positioned him on his hands and knees. He gasped excitedly as Tessa worked the lube into his asshole. Tessa smeared more lube on the strap-on and quickly moved behind her boyfriend. She immediately pushed hard against his asshole and a few moments later Andy grunted and then let out a long breath as the strap-on pushed inside him and she began fucking his ass.

For a short while the others in the room were frozen in place as they stared at the two women fucking their partners with the strap-ons. Kate began making a series of excited exclamations and she finally turned to Carl and Stan. “Look what you two have started,” she said lustily before crawling onto their laps and kissing them both deeply. She immediately began stroking their cocks and soon had both of them rock hard and ready to fuck. She picked up the tube of lube and tossed it to Stan before she crawled over Carl and lowered her pussy onto his waiting cock. Kate began fucking Carl enthusiastically before Stan briefly interrupted their fuck to work the lube into Kate’s asshole. Stan then positioned himself behind Kate and positioned his cock at her asshole. She leaned forward over Carl and cried out wildly for Stan to fuck her ass. She squealed as Stan finally pushed inside her and soon the guys double fucked her as Kate cried out in pleasure.

Jim was so entranced watching Kate get double fucked and watching Tessa and Kris excitedly fuck Pete and Andy that he did see Traci pick up one of the dildos and the lube. By now Kris was also stroking Pete’s cock as she fucked him and Tessa was pounding into Andy’s ass in the midst of a wild fuck. It was obvious that she loved fucking him with the strap-on. Aside from a few porn movies, Jim had never seen anyone get double fucked like Kate, and, more than anything else, watching how she reacted to having Carl in her pussy and Stan in her ass quickly made his cock rock hard. Jim gasped in mild surprise when Traci touched his shoulder. She smiled at him wickedly and soon positioned him on his back. He gasped when he saw the lube and dildo in her hands, and soon she began working the cold, greasy lube around and into his asshole. Jim moaned wildly as she finally pushed the dildo inside and began fucking him.

At Elise’s suggestion, Tessa flipped Andy onto his back and resumed fucking his asshole with the strap-on while Elise knelt beside them and sucked Andy’s cock. In this position, Elise’s ass pointed almost directly at Bob and he wasted little time in accepting the lusty invitation from her wet pussy. He knelt behind her, grasped her hips, and easily slipped his cock into her pussy. She let out an excited moan and then went right back to teasing Andy’s cock.

For a few minutes this is how the room remained with everyone involved in some sort of fuck. The room was mostly silent except for the sounds of bodies slapping together, heavy breathing, and excited grunts and gasps. Finally, Andy’s long groan broke the silence as the combination of Tessa’s fuck with the strap-on and Elise’s excited blowjob were more than he could withstand. He came right into Elise’s mouth and she managed to let only a few drops of his cum escape.

When Andy finished cumming, Elise and Tessa looked deeply at each other and exchanged a few words that Jim couldn’t hear. Elise then moved close to Traci and although Jim couldn’t hear what they said there was no doubt from Traci’s expression that whatever Elise said really turned her on. As Elise and Traci talked, Tessa guided Bob over to Jim. Traci pulled the dildo out of Jim’s asshole before she worked more lube into his asshole as Tessa stroked some lube onto Bob’s hard cock. Elise whispered into Bob’s ear and when Tessa had his cock well coated with the lube she and Tessa guided Bob behind Jim where Traci had just been sitting. Jim gasped and gazed excitedly as Bob moved close and soon pushed his cock into Jim’s ass. Tessa, Traci, and Elise all reacted with intense lust at the scene as Bob soon started fucking Jim harder and faster.

In the time that Bob was fucking him, Jim was remotely aware of the intense cries of passion from the couch. From what he could guess, it sounded like one of the guys, he couldn’t tell if it was Stan or Carl, started cumming. A few moments later he heard Kate cry out in the unmistakable sounds of a wild orgasm that seemed to immediately trigger the second guy’s orgasm. The sound was amazingly intense and erotic and, perhaps with this background noise as the catalyst, Bob began grunting louder and soon pushed deeply inside Jim as he came inside Jim’s asshole. Jim gasped the unbelievable feeling of Bob’s cum filling him. It felt good and exciting in a way that he never even considered before.

Just as Bob finished cumming, Elise pulled him away and eagerly climbed over Jim and started their own fuck. Elise rode him expertly for a few minutes before they rolled over and Jim moved between Elise’s legs in the missionary position. He had been so engrossed in his own fuck that he had lost track of the other groupings, but now he could see that Kate, Carl, and Stan were lying together on the couch in the obvious afterglow of their three way fuck as they watched the rest of the action in the room. Kris and Tessa had now both removed their strap-ons and were locked in an intense 69 position with Kris on top of Tessa. They were lying on one side of Jim and Elise and on the other side Traci was on her knees and elbows with Pete holding her hips and fucking her hard from behind. Jim smiled because he knew this was Traci’s favorite way of getting fucked when she just wanted to be fucked long and hard until she came. He could tell by her groans that she was close to cumming already.

After surveying the room, Jim’s attention was soon pulled back to Elise and their own wild fuck. She had amazing control over the muscles in her pussy and she massaged his cock inside her in several very erotic and wild ways. They fucked as slowly as Jim could manage. Despite having already cum not too long ago, Jim had been left wildly excited after Bob came inside him and he was surprised the fuck with Elise lasted this long.

They fucked for a while longer and, when Jim was struggling to maintain his control, Elise told him to cum. “Cum baby,” she groaned, “I’m ready.” After a few more long, deep strokes Jim’s whole body tensed and he started cumming deep inside her pussy. She flexed her muscles once again to squeeze him in an incredibly amazing way and then burst into her own long orgasm. They held each other as they each rode out the rest of the mutual orgasm.

When they had finally finished cumming, they kissed long and deep and then Jim rolled off Elise so they could see what else was still going on in the room. Pete and Traci had also just finished fucking and they sat together regaining their breath. Traci had clearly been watching the end of Jim and Elise’s fuck and Jim briefly made eye contact with Traci after he moved off Elise. They smiled excitedly at each other but their attention was soon drawn to the Kris’ excited moans. Tessa had apparently already cum because she was now lying fully between Kris’ legs wildly sucking and licking Kris’ pussy. Kris came with a series of deep, excited gasps. When Kris finished cumming the entire room felt awash with the warm, comfortable glow of the release of so much pent up lust.

Eventually, Traci and Jim moved together as did Pete and Kris, Tessa and Andy, and Elise and Bob. Kate remained on the couch with Carl and Stan. After a few minutes of quiet kissing and recovery they started exchanging some joking banter. Everyone thanked Kris and Pete for showing them such a wild night and for hosting the party. Eventually, Tessa and Andy said they had better get going and they all, with the exception of Pete and Kris, put on their clothes and said their goodbyes.

Fortunately, the drive home was a short one and soon Jim and Traci were snug in bed with their naked bodies pressed together. They quickly fell asleep and stayed that way until late the next morning. Jim was the first to fully wake up although both had been stirring for a while. Jim moved in behind Traci, who was lying on her side facing away from him, and slipped his arm around her so he could softly caress her tits. She finally awoke with a happy sigh and teasingly asked, “Didn’t you get enough last night?”

“Not of you,” Jim answered as he rolled her onto her back as they met in a long, passionate kiss. They caressed and teased each other slowly until Jim crawled between Traci’s spread thighs and easily slipped into her wet pussy. They fucked long and slow, with the well practiced ease of long-time lovers, and finally exploded into a near-mutual orgasm at the end of the long fuck. Jim slipped his hand between them as they fucked and, with a little extra teasing on her clit, managed to trigger her orgasm just moments before he lost his control and came inside her.

They spent the rest of the day relaxing together and simply enjoyed being together. Just after dinner the phone rang and Traci answered. She seemed surprised and Jim heard her make plans to go out in just a few minutes. “Who was that?” he asked. She smiled and said it was Kris wanting to know if they wanted to grab a drink together and unwind after last night.

A few minutes later they met Pete and Kris at a little bar that was near where they both lived. They exchanged warm greetings and over a round of drinks they chatted about the previous night. Traci asked if Kris and Pete had ever had anything like that happen before and Kris said they had done a few things, but never anything as wild or as big as the previous night. Kris added that it was so great that it happened completely spontaneously and that it made it all the more fun. She said that, honestly, they had perhaps been the most surprised by Jim and Traci. “We didn’t think you’d be into that kind of stuff,” Kris said, and then she quickly added, “But we were so happy you stayed.”

They chatted more before Kris said she’d love to invite them over again tonight but their house was still a mess from the party. Jim and Traci eagerly invited Pete and Kris to their house and soon all four returned to Jim and Traci’s house. They chatted for a few minutes, but they all realized why they were there and were eager to be together again.

Eventually, Kris moved to Jim and they met in a deep kiss as Pete and Traci did the same. After a while all four moved together to Jim and Traci’s bedroom and continued their foreplay. This wasn’t as frenzied or wild as the previous night had been, instead this was more tender and exploring as the two couples swapped partners. Gradually, they all stripped each other and continued their teasing foreplay. Kris and Traci ended up lying side by side as each was fucked in the missionary position by the other’s husband. These fucks were slow and measured and, after having cum so many times the previous night, both guys had great control. The fucks lasted a long, long time and as they fucked the women occasionally kissed and fondled each other. As the fucks built toward their ultimate release, Kris and Traci reached over and teased each other’s clits. With this extra teasing Traci was the first to cum with a long, deep orgasm.

Jim loved watched her cum as he continued fucking Kris and found that watching her release quickly elevated his own lust. Within a few minutes he lost his control and filled Kris with his cum. After he finished cumming, Jim slipped out of Kris’ pussy and Pete immediately took his place. Jim and Traci embraced and they lay together watching their friends fuck. After a while of simply watching Traci smiled wickedly at Jim and crawled over to Kris. Traci sucked and licked Kris’ tits and nipples as Kris moaned appreciatively. Jim moved beside Traci and softly caressed both her and Kris as Traci continued sucking and licking their friend’s tits. Eventually Kris came with a loud cry and her orgasm triggered Pete’s.

They lay together talking, laughing, and touching each other for a while after they finished fucking. A small part of Jim’s mind wanted to start another round of fucking and perhaps get kinky and wild like things had gotten the previous night, but he was completely exhausted and honestly didn’t know if he would be able to. Everyone else seemed to be in a similar mindset and they simply relaxed naked together for a long while before Kris and Pete eventually got dressed and left.

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