After emptying my second load of hot spunk into Amanda’s quivering asshole, I rise up to look down upon my spent conquest. She is lying there whimpering, muttering some incoherent gibberish as the remains of my jizz seeps out of her anal ring and is pulled down by gravity toward her taint and swollen pussy. A more erotic sight I have never seen before. She is face down, her mussed up hair pushed aside, droplets of my sweat still coat her back. Her ass cheeks bear the reminders of our heat, with finger marks and red spots where I slapped them moments earlier.

I realize now what I have done and how enthralling this experience has been. After years of milquetoast conventional sex at home, I was now in possession of the prize I had been dreaming of for so long. Leaving no possible chance of screwing this up, I decide to act aggressively and quickly to secure my newfound pleasure toy, while she was still warm and malleable.

I head into the bathroom to hit the shower before leaving for work without a word to her. By the time I finish, she is just rolling over onto her back. She must have been semiconscious after such powerful orgasms. She looks up and sees that I am preparing to leave. With a sad look, like a little girl being disappointed, she asks me if I must go, just as I anticipated.

I take this opportunity to manipulate her further, moving over towards the bed and pulling her to her feet. I look in her eyes and tell her how incredibly hot she is, and how much I enjoyed being with her. I kiss her long and wet, but pull back just as she is wanting more. I ask her if we can do this again soon and her eyes light up. I tell her that I want to make her feel good all over again, but that she will have to be patient and wait for my call. She pouts but I shrug it off and walk out the door with her cell number but without further discussion.

That evening, I decide to move ahead to secure my prize. On my way home from work, I call her. She answers my call breathlessly, immediately telling me how she has never been fucked like that before, and how much she enjoyed it. I play along and ask her if she might like to do it again sometime. At that, she tells me that sometime better be soon. I tell her how sexy she is and how tasty her pussy is in my mouth, getting her warmed up. But when she begins to get into it, I cut her off and tell her I have to go, but that I will get back to her, then I hang up abruptly. It is all part of my plan to make her want it more.

Around 830 pm, I tell my wife that I am going to go for a late workout and sauna/steam, and that she should go to bed instead of waiting up for me. She never suspects anything as I do this fairly regularly. As I exit my building, I call Amanda and as she answers, I softly whisper “Is your son asleep yet?” She takes a second to register who is calling, but quickly recognizes the opportunity and tells me that she can take care of that right away.

“I want you to get him to sleep as quickly as possible. I am going to come over there and ravage your entire body, and use you for my own pleasure. After you put him down, I expect you to put on your sexiest pair of panties, and a robe, and let me in when I buzz the door.” I hang up before she can respond.

I give her 10 minutes to accomplish the task before I press her door buzzer. On the elevator ride up to her apartment, I feel my dick stirring from the extra Viagra I took a little while ago. I want to be certain that my cock is hard like steel for her and that I can go for a long session. She comes to the door in a short silk robe that is loosely tied at the middle.

I turn as she closes the door and immediately lift my shirt off. She looks at me and without a word, she drops to her knees in front of me. She rubs the outline of my cock through my sweatpants, and I see her tongue run over her lips. She is on fire already, without me even touching her. I hook my fingers into my boxer briefs and yank them down to my thighs, freeing my hardening cock in front of her face. Like a hungry baby, she grabs my shaft in her fist and moves forward to envelop my cock in her mouth.

As I look down on her chewing on my knob, I cannot help but feel like I have entered a porn film. She is sucking my cock like a woman possessed. I decide to go with it and put my hands on her head to begin power fucking her face. I feel her gagging but also welling up with saliva so I dont let go. I just keep bobbing her mouth up and down my shaft, pausing now and then to let her breathe and to take in the sight of the strands of saliva and precum coating her face as she gobbles me in. I begin to talk dirty to her which only seems to further rev her up.

“You like my cock in your throat, babe?”


I look down to watch her swallow virtually all of my shaft, feeling my pisshole tickling her tonsils and her soft fingers kneading my nutsack underneath. I also notice that her left hand is now under her robe and she is clearly fingering her own cunt while she blows me. Its a powerful sight seeing this while feeling the suction trying to pull the cum right up out of my balls. I realize that no man can keep this up for very long without shooting his load, so I decide to move on to a new activity. I pull back from her lips to release my dick, and she looks up at me quizzically, as if to wonder how I could possibly want her to stop sucking.

I lift her chin to get her to standup, and I immediately thrust my tongue in her mouth, kissing her hard and deep and wet. I move to her earlobe and murmur “I need this..” as my finger slides down her ass crack to her pink rosebud. She turns around so I am facing her back now, almost instictively, and moves forward towards the end of the couch. I bend her over so that she is lying face down over the cushion, her ass up in the air, her wet cuntlips swollen and juicy from behind. I kneel down before her luscious ass and, using both hands to pull her cheeks apart, begin my oral assault on her asshole.

Nothing makes me more crazed than eating a sexy woman’s asshole. My dick gets so fucking hard from the taste and smell of that musk. As well as she was just sucking my cock, I am working even harder to drive my tongue deep and up into her asshole, to reach her sensitive spots, while my fingers move underneath and onto her clit. My dick is like a diamond now, but he must wait. I need to completely break down any resistance she may have left. To do so, I need to make her crave my cumload.

I feel the initial rumblings of her oncoming orgasm, as she pushes her ass back onto my face and tongue, moaning louder as she gets closer to the moment. I take another finger and now I am working both fingers in and out of her cunt like a saw, reching deep up and in to reach her g-spot. There is a torrent of sticky wetness pouring from her cunt, but now as she is almost there, it begins to flow more heavily, coating my fingers and now my wrist. Suddenly, she locks up and starts to quiver and a low roar emits from her throat, gutteral and raw. I slide my tongue as far as it will go into her asshole and press my thumb hard on her clit. This combination sends her over the edge, and with a shocking roar, I feel her pussy juices gush out of her vagina and down my arm, and then she just falls forward limply, apparently out cold.

After about a minute, I do not speak, but rather, I just stand up, move behind her so I am just positioned for entry, and reach down and rub a gob of my own saliva and her pussy and ass juices from my mouth onto my cockhead. She is still bent over the arm of the couch. I use my right hand to pull her ass cheeks apart , and she groans as she now knows what is coming. I feel her lift her ass up higher in anticipation of my shaft entering her bowels. I pop the head of cock into the ring of her little pink asshole, and feel the wetness mix with the tight heat surrounding my cockhead

When the head is in, I ask her, “Do you want this?”, knowing that she would beg for it if necessary. Without a word, I feel her lift up and press herself back onto me, impaling her asshole on my dick shaft. Slowly but steadily, I move forward in time with her, and with a few short thrusts, I am in her balls deep, like fucking a wet visegrip that is on fire.

Upon my final thrust forward, she grunts several times as I reach the nether depths of her rectum. I begin to fuck her ass willfully and deliberately, pounding all the way in, then pulling way back until just the head is inside. Over and over, I feel the lubrication and the friction building along the surface of my cock. I lean over to kiss her back and yank her head back by her hair. Bent over her, I tell her how hot she is and bite down on her neck. She is groaning and mumbling again as she builds to another cum.

“I want you to swallow my cum baby”

I begin to fuck her harder and deeper, thrusting my entire body into her asshole with vigor. She is now prone and has lost all muscle control as I hold her up by my cockshaft. With a few final thrusts, I am now ready to shower her with my delight.

I pull out and quickly climb around her onto the couch. She looks up to see my wet sticky cock in fromt of her face, and she does my bidding by opening her mouth to accept my cock from her dirty ass. I lay the head on her willing tongue as I stroke off the final few tugs, seeing my precum coat her gums. With a loud grunt, I begin to shoot another big creamy load of spunk onto her tongue and face. I then pull back slightly to coat her cheeks with my remaining jizz. I paint her face with it, coating her, making her look like the sexy little slut whore she is. She laps at it and swallows whatever she can.

It is now abundantly clear to me that this woman will do anything for more of my cock. If she will take my ass coated dick and swallow it down without a bit of complaint, I cant imagine there is much that she wont do for me. We will soon find out…

First time writing all feedback appreciated but try to be constructive not just mean. If you like it I will possibly start a series. thanks in advance


Darcy Bussell was pacing back and forth in her dressing room 10 minutes before going out for tonight’s episode of “strictly come dancing”. “Fuck fuck fuck!!” she cursed to herself running over the recent events in her mind.

She had come in to her dressing room to find an anonymous envelop left on her desk. When she opened it she found a usb stick containing a video of her giving head to and fucking her Gardner in a public toilet about 2 miles from her house. Darcy had been fucking this guy their once a week for 3 months and someone had clearly noticed the pattern and planted a camera in there. She was fairly sure it couldn’t be rob as he could barely turn on his phone let alone set up a hidden camera, besides why would he do something that would compromise his chance to get some famous pussy on the reg? There was a sound bite at the end that said

“Tut tut Darcy I don’t that’s what your husband had in mind when he hired a Gardner to keep an on the bushes ha-ha! To keep this away from the press I will require you to meet me in the john Lewis car park at 9pm this evening. That gives one minute for you to come meet me, bring your wallet I’m expecting a large payment for this. Oh and cum alone though I don’t think you will have a problem with that” the sound recording then ended and returned to video which now showed her alone with her feet up by her ears rubbing her clit to bring her to orgasm were rob had failed, after a minute she came screaming in ecstasy and, much to her shame as she watched it back, squirted so violently there was splatter on the camera lens a good 2 feet above her.

Darcy was for all intense and purposes a sex addict. She kept it well hidden behind that good girl act but the truth was she has been obsessed with sex all her adult life. Her mother may have got her into dancing but it was the feeling in her pussy as she felt her body pressed tight against a fit athletic man that made her choose it as a career. In fact there were only two jobs Darcy could ever see herself doing, dancing or working the street as a prostitute such was her burning passion for sex. in the dancing world the men would wait to see who in the show would be ‘doing Darcy’ because they all knew she got so hot after a long ballet she would take her partner away to a quiet spot and fuck his brains out. This didn’t stop after she married either, but her husband was as oblivious as the rest of the world as he didn’t mix with Darcy’s dancer friends so was unaware what a terrible cuckold he was or how unlikely it was that her children actually belonged to him. He would never have guessed the depression Darcy suffered from after retirement was actual the effect of cock withdrawal, she couldn’t stand going from having a fit strong 20 something fucking her brains out every day of show and during training to a unsatisfying minute long sexual session every 3 weeks or so with her husband. When she made her return to the uk in 2012 to be the female judge in strictly she was thrilled at the idea of getting back in the game until she found out her co judges were either bent or ancient the and the male presenter so old he was listed! The male professionals were more interested in chasing after the fitter and younger dancers or the hot celebs with pussies that hadn’t been serviced by 100+ men. Poor Darcy couldn’t even convince Louise smith to fuck her using all her best moves. That’s why she started the relationship with Rob that got her into this mess.

“Come on Darcy darling 2 minutes till we start” said Craig snapping her put of her trance

“Right behind you” she said following him out to start the show. The hours seemed to drag on for days and she copied the advice and scores from the other judges as she was distracted thinking about the impact on her life if that video got out. Her family would be destroyed her job lost and reputation in tatters, she couldn’t let it happen. In the back of her mind though she couldn’t help but get aroused at the thought of millions of men worldwide wanking to her dirty video.

When the show finally ended she raced over to the agreed meeting spot and waited until an unmarked white van arrived and a man stepped out dressed all in black with a black batman mask only only below his nose could be seen. He made his living out of gathering info on celebs and using it to bend their arm so they would give him what he wanted. He currently gained an average income of £30000 a week by Blackmailing Wayne Rooney who as drug problem, Ricky Gervais who had an affair and several judges and Doctors who have performed unlawful acts that’s would cost them their job.

“Let’s not waste time, I have something you want.” He spoke softly with an air of refinement. “If you want it to stay that we are the only ones to see that video then I will expect a third of all money you make from every job until the day you die. If you fail to pay me one penny the video will be lighting up pornhub in minutes”

“A third? You can’t be serious? £100,000 here and now you give me the video we both walk away yah?”

“I see this as an investment not a onetime deal, I need a long term gain” the Blackmailer explained Darcy thought for moment then had an idea that might just sort both her blackmail and dry spell problems”

“How about this” she said sidling up to him seductively. “My pussy got me into this mess, so how about I use it to get me out” she said with a smile stroking his package as she spoke “you catch my meaning yah” the blackmailer was shocked by this offer but definitely intrigued. He took a good look at Darcy who was wearing a slim but long tight fitting red dress that showed off her sculpted slim body, years of dancing and palates had left her with the form of a goddess.

“let’s see what we’re dealing with” he said reaching out and slipping his hand down the neckline of her dress and started to feel her right breast “mmph, a small handful if that but surprisingly perky for a milf like yourself, you had any work done” he asked casually whilst pulling down her dress exposing her tits to the cold night air.

“No 100% me I promise you” she said proudly then quietly moaned as he rolled her small pink erect nipples between his thumb and index finger.

“well aren’t these just the cutest things” he said and then after one final pinch pulling her dress down completely so it pooled at her ankles leaving her only wearing a pair of frilly pink silken knickers. “Go and place your hands on my van then stand with your legs shoulder width apart” he commanded. Obeying she stepped out from her expensive dress and did as she was told dripping wet from the thrill of knowing she was about to be fucked by a stranger, god how she missed it.

She felt each of hands the blackmailers grab one of her buttocks before giving them a rough squeeze “now I can definitely work with” he said before slipping one hand under her knickers and running a finger all the way along her crack before putting it in her mouth to be sucked. He could tell from the way she sucked and licked his finger she clearly had a talent mouth, he looked forward to putting it to good use later. “Take of the underpants” he ordered tired of delaying. She slowly removed her underpants to reveal inch after inch of her tight muscled arse. When she finally removed her knickers the blackmailer moved close to her and shoved 3 fingers into her pussy and licked the side of her face before whispering in her ear “you fucking slut I have never felt a pussy so wet or loose before in my life! I guess that Gardner wasn’t your first affair was it?” she remained silent “ANSWER ME!! How many men have you fucked?”

“One hundred and fifty two” she murmured blushing with embarrassment but also from the pleasure his fingers were giving her.

“Jesus you are a slut” he said in surprise “if this is to work you must agree to all these terms. Firstly you must do Kegel exercises to sort out your disgrace of a pussy, secondly your arse and pussy belongs to me. Only I may fuck them. If you need to pleasure your husband you may only use your mouth.”

“You must be joking!” she interrupted “I can’t stop sleeping with my husband. And no one fucks my arse I draw the line there” she explained

“I’m not joking and you have no lines when it comes to me. If I want your arse I get it. In fact I’m having it now or the deals off” he said knowing she wouldn’t call it off now

“alright just be careful yah” she pleaded “I have never had anything up there” quick as a flash the blackmailer shoved his hand between her cheeks and slipped a finger through her tight ring causing her to scream.

“There now you have. Now shut up and get in my van.”

“Don’t do things like that without asking” she complained whilst climbing into the van “and definitely not without lube! It fucking hurt!”

“Whatever Darcy” said the blackmailer entering the van. It had a mattress in the back a cupboard full of snacks and nothing else. ” get on all fours and try to apply some of your own juices to your arse hole as lube while I look for something else.” He searched the cupboard and eventually found a half used tub of Vaseline in the glove box he used to stop the windscreen wipers getting stuck. He looked back to see Darcy with her fingers in her pussy scooping out her juices and rubbing them along her crack. It was such a surreal sight he thought he might be dreaming. On his return he applied the Vaseline by covering his finger in Vaseline then forcing it into her unbelievably tight arse, especially when compared to her pussy.

“Oh god if that’s just a finger no way a cock will fit” said Darcy

“I will make” he said with a determination that worried Darcy. After applying a generous amount of lube he dropped his pants and lined himself up with her pink puckered arse hole. He had a regular 6 inch penis, Darcy had seen bigger but she wasn’t keen on having it in her arse but she knew she had no choice, beside it was her idea to solve the problem with sex. “this will hurt but I will give you something to take your mind off things” he said inserting three fingers in her pussy and rubbing her clit with his thumb causing her to buck back on his fingers due to the pleasure he was making her feel.

He then proceeded to force his first inch through her vice like ring making her cry out in mixed pain and pleasure “aahhhhh yah that’s good yah” she moaned clearly getting into it. Spurred on he forced his cock three quarters in resulting in a shriek from Darcy loud enough to shake the heavens. It wasn’t a scream of pain however, but pleasure. The deep penetration combined with the Blackmailers skilful fingering had pushed her over the edge causing an explosive orgasm and a squirt that painted the back of his van in her juices. Now he focused purely on his own pleasure removing his fingers from her pussy and with each hand powerfully grabbing her hips and pounding her arse mercilessly. Darcy found that she had been missing out, once the initial pain was over she found she enjoyed having her arse screwed and when he reached forward to grab her tits she came again from the combination of nipple play and having her arse fucked.

He was able to keep this up for 10 minutes before shooting his seed up her warm velvety passage. He withdrew slowly and then admired the large gaping hole he had left in the place of her once tight rectum.

“Well that’s better than money, the sight of Britain’s greatest Ballerinas virgin hole after its been destroyed by your very own member.” He said to himself whilst rubbing the few drops of cum into her arse cheeks. To Darcy he said “you may leave now, I have your number and will contact you at some point maybe tomorrow maybe next week but whenever it is you come here ready and willing to fuck within the hour or the tape is released, understood”

“Yes I get it” she said whilst getting dressed over the moon and having gotten her a fuck that was able to make her come properly. She couldn’t wait till he deemed her pussy good enough to fuck. Darcy was back. “Goodbye” she called back after getting dressed and leaving the van.

“whatever” said the blackmailer laughing at the awkward way she walked when she left and the white stain forming by her arse on her dress as his cum oozed out of her abused hole. As she left he looked at his book and saw that his next investigation would begin from the fact that Tess Daly was meeting a man at a pub in central London every Thursday before they left together, interesting…he also had possible leads on affairs for Susanna Reid, Freema Agyeman, Billie Piper and Daniela Denby Ashe. Where does the BBC find these sluts?

Her name was Jessica. My wife and I had hired her over a year ago to watch our children whenever we wanted to go out and do something together, or if both of us were running late at work. She was a very reliable babysitter and the kids got along with her too. She did a fantastic job and neither of us ever had an issue with her work. We paid her very well for her services to make sure she was tempted to watch someone else’s kids for a better price. She was the perfect babysitter and we couldn’t have been happier with her. She was a first year college student that didn’t have any night courses and we paid in cash so this was a win-win for everyone.

There was one night where my opinion of Jessica changed forever. I was working overtime all week on a project that was due later that week. I was clocking twelve hour shifts and sometimes wasn’t getting home until ten or eleven each night. That same week, my wife was called out to attend a very important conference so that particular week, Jessica was expected to rise above and beyond the call of duty and clock some major time at the house with the kids. There were no problems until late in the week when I returned home a little earlier than expected. My wife was not expected back for another four days and for a change, I left work a few hours early as the boss was tired and sent everyone home to get some sleep and tackle the project fresh the next morning.

When I arrived home, there was no one on the main floor. This wasn’t surprising since the boys should be in bed at this point but where was Jessica? I didn’t call out because I didn’t want to risk waking the kids up. I put my jacket down on the couch and started to roam around the house. A part of me got scared that she wasn’t here and had left the kids to get something at the store but that was not the case. Jessica was upstairs as I could hear her doing something. I quietly went up the stairs and both the boys rooms were closed and I quietly checked on them both and they were sound, completely zonked out.

The sound I had heard was coming from the master bedroom. I don’t remember if we told Jessica to stay out of my bedroom, but you’d think that would be common courtesy. I slowly approached the bedroom and peeked inside through the cracked door and what I saw was shocking. Jessica was lying on the best that my wife and I sleep on, spread eagle and was masturbating! I’m always the kind of guy to look on the bright side, she at least wasn’t stupid enough to bring a guy here and screw him when the kids were sleeping. But there she was, playing with her self and panting away as she neared an orgasm. I looked a little more and realized that she was inserting something inside herself and then I recognized it; my wife’s dildo.

Finally after watching for a few moments, I softly knocked on the practically open door to announce my presence. Jessica looked up at me with a look of complete shock and she stopped what she was doing and turned a shade of red and started to apologize profusely. She had no idea I was going to be back so early and the kids were fine, she was just letting off a little stress.

“With my wife’s dildo?” I quickly added.

“I’m so sorry!” Jessica said as she stood up and pulled her shirt down. She handed the dildo back to me and I could tell that it was covered in cum.

I quickly put it on the dresser and folded my arms. “I’m a little disappointed Jessica.”

“It will never happen again.” She promised.

“I know.” I quickly replied. “Because you’re fired.”

She started to cry when I made that announcement, but I quickly shushed her to make sure she didn’t wake the children. “I need this job, the money really helps because I don’t have much left after I spend my student loans.”

“All right.” I said as this was a first time offence. Like I said before, it wasn’t like she had brought a man home or anything. She was just playing with herself. I paused for a moment and then grinned. “Can I ask you something?”

“Okay.” Jessica said, waiting for the question.

“Who were you thinking about when you played with yourself in my bedroom?” I asked. I was curious to see what her answer might be.

“Well…” Jessica started as she began to blush. “I can’t say it…”

“You were thinking about me, weren’t you?” I concluded.

“I don’t think that’s very professional.” She replied.

“Neither is masturbating in the bed my wife and I sleep in.” I added. “How do you think my wife will say when I tell her you were using her sex toys?”

“Please don’t tell her!” Jessica cried. She knew she’d be fired on the spot if my wife knew about any of this.

“Okay, I won’t.” I said back to her as I slowly closed the bedroom door. “But you’re going to have to do something for me.”

“What do you want?” Jessica asked.

“You, in that bed… fucking my brains out.” I answered.

“I can’t.” Jessica said at first.

“You can, and you will.” I replied. “Especially if you want to keep this job.”

Jessica was crying again but I didn’t care. I walked closer to her and combed my hand through her soft, blonde hair. She was a very hot young woman and I’d be a liar if I didn’t fantasize about fucking her slender body. I then rand my hands down her back and began to pull her skirt back up. She tried to resist but I silenced her with a deep kiss. At first she was trying to fight me off, but slowly she began to give in and started to kiss me back.

I pushed her onto the bed and started to take my clothes off. “Spread’em.”

I could tell Jessica didn’t want to but parted her legs none the less. Her pussy was still sopping wet from the masturbating she had been doing earlier. I crawled into the bed and put my head down and started to eat that wet cunt. It didn’t take long for Jessica to start panting as she had already brought herself so close earlier. I could tell she was cumming the moment she started to buck her hips and spasm. The gushing juices were a dead giveaway as well. I then pulled off my boxers and showed off my hard cock, which was fully erect and ready to go. Jessica was slightly impressed by its girth as she slowly cupped it into her hand and started to stroke me. A few seconds later, I felt the sensation I had been fantasizing about for a while as her soft, pouty lips started to wrap around my cock as she took it all in her mouth. I loved every second of that blowjob, as her soft lips stroked my cock with ease and it made me even harder and I could take it anymore. I pushed her back down on the bed and got down on top of her.

“Wait!” Jessica said as she started to fight back a bit. “We need a condom.”

“No, we don’t.” I answered. “I had a vasectomy after the kids were born. No need to worry about birth control. You’re taking it raw, honey.”

Before she could say another word, the head of my cock was already inside her and it slid in so easily thanks to the juices that had already flowed out of her. This was the part I loved the best, looking down into her eyes to see the look on her face as I sink every inch deep inside her vagina. Jessica arched her back and gasped as went all in. The look on her face was priceless… it was a look I would see again as I started to pound that pussy with one hard thrust after another. It didn’t take long and she was cumming again, even moaning a bit as I kept pounding away. After she orgasmed for the second time, I flipped her over and took her doggie style, by far my favourite position. She moaned again as I took her from behind, penetrating deeper than I had before. I started to fuck her brains out a second time and again brought her to another mind blowing orgasm. She was covered in sweat, panting like a dog and she even started to moan my name as I made her cum a third time.

It was now my turn to orgasm as I began to feel that tingling sensation. I held back as long as I could and then at the last moment flexed my groin muscles which pushed the semen out of my cock at a faster rate, spraying inside her with intensity. She let out a little whimper as my cock unloaded inside her, but that’s what she got for not respecting my privacy. I doubt she would ever masturbate in my bedroom ever again. I removed my cock from her sopping vagina and rolled off the bed. I grabbed a towel and went the bathroom. As I left, I stopped at the door. “Meet me downstairs in ten minutes.”

I went pee and then went back downstairs, wrapped in only a massive bath towel, to the kitchen for a beer. When Jessica came downstairs, fully dressed and ready to head home, she could barely look me in the eyes. What we had done had humiliated her and I could tell she was ashamed for giving into my advances and blackmail. I walked over and kissed her one more time, very deeply. She didn’t resist and went with it probably just to get it over with. After I kissed her I whispered in her ear. “I won’t tell my wife anything if you don’t.”

Jessica looked back at me and nodded her approval. I gave her an envelope with cash in it for the night’s work and then playfully slapped her cute ass as she walked to the door to leave. When she reached the door she asked if I would need her again that week.

“Pick the kids up after school, and I’ll be back around nine tomorrow.” I replied. “I’ll leave some money on the kitchen table, just order pizza for the kids.”

“Okay.” Jessica replied to confirm she heard what I had said.

As I watched her walk down the driveway towards her car, all I could think about was whether or not she was an ass virgin. It was something I was going to have to find out for myself tomorrow…

This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. I would like to remind my readers that this is a real-life email exchange and not something that I’ve made up. I can no more change the course of the events herein than I can control the weather.


Oct 10/14/08 9:21 PM


That must have been hard to write. I can imagine you reliving it and feeling all those emotions again as you did. I can’t help thinking that Jay was some kind of bastard for what he did to you that night, if for nothing else. Personally I don’t think Jay was any better than Rick. You are one tough cookie for being able to come through that with your sanity intact. I wish I had something inspirational to say at this moment, something to make you feel better, but words fail me. I’m sorry.

Wow, that was a really redneck party. What state was that, if you don’t mind telling me?

Jay reminds me of a drug user; he needed more and more extreme situations in order to get the same high, or excitement, as he did from previous encounters as time went on. So he had to escalate things in order to get his next “fix”.

I’m guessing that the encounter with Greg was even worse than Rick, but that seems like the next logical place for you to go from here. If you are not ready to tell me about Greg, then feel free to pick a different topic.



Oct 10/15/08 7:43 AM


You are right in assuming that the story about Jay’s brother was difficult to write. It was and yes, I did in a way re live it while writing. The entire night was a very unpleasant experience. It wasn’t the worst thing Jay put me through but it ranks pretty high. I didn’t save my sanity by being a tough cookie. It I was really tough, I would have simply walked away from the entire situation with Jay. More then anything else, I would have to say that I was actually very weak. I was too weak to deal with the situation and that is why it continued. To avoid facing it, I simply went along and hoped things would change. They did but only for the worse.

I can honestly say that I have always been a basic, submissive personality type. The type who would never say anything because I never wanted to get anyone in trouble. Jay picked up on that right away and fully used it for his advantage. I seriously believe that a lot of the time, Jay was testing my limits. He was a user who had used people his entire life for his personal gain and enjoyment. He never cared about anyone but himself and I turned out to be an easy target. Most of the time I spent doing things with him, I was pretending it wasn’t happening. Again, I would imagine it was someone else and not me doing those things. That, more then anything, protected my sanity and allowed me to separate myself from what was really happening.

The State was Kentucky.

Don’t worry about being inspirational or sympathetic. I’m not looking for that and the last thing I want is you feeling sorry for me. I’ve felt sorry for myself enough over the years. It never helped. As long as you are understanding and not judgmental, I will be happy. Say what you want and ask what you want. That is what really helps. If I wanted someone to pat me on the shoulder and say “you poor girl” I could have found that anywhere.

Your analogy of Jay being like a drug user really hit it on the head. The statement that he was never completely satisfied and always looking for his next “fix” was more accurate then you know. He was addicted to the “fun” he was having with me and continuously needed to up the ante to maintain his high. With me, he saw the opportunity to indulge all of his sexual fantasies and I really can’t blame him for taking advantage of it. If you were given the opportunity to indulge all of your sexual fantasies with an attractive woman and without any repercussions, wouldn’t you? I’m not defending his actions but I do see the reality of it all.

You guessed wrong about Greg. That situation wasn’t worse but I guess that takes some explaining.

Greg was Jay’s best friend. Both of them were photography nuts and that is how they met. They shared Greg’s darkroom until Lee began making enough money to supply Jay with one.

The first time I met Greg was when I passed him in the hallway of our office. My initial reaction was “Who’s that” in a good sort of way. Greg is tall and good looking. He had stopped that day to pick up Jay to go to a sale on photography supplies. I wasn’t introduced to him until later.

Greg was and I assume remains everything that Jay wasn’t. He was attractive, intelligent and confident, and single. He worked as a heavy equipment operator for a coal company and made 100 k plus. I thought that was odd for running a machine and his answer was you “should see what I run”. It was a huge steam shovel.

Greg dressed nice, had a nice personality and didn’t seem to fit in at all with the rednecks in the area. He had a beautiful home that was only a couple of miles from our office. It really stuck out when compared with the other houses in the area. He said he never considered marriage because he wanted to get what he wanted and do what he wanted before he settled down. His plan was to retire before he was 50. The guy really had a head on his shoulders. He was definitely my type.

Of course, Jay bragged to Greg about his affair with me. Greg had also seen the nude pictures of me. In fact, he developed most of them for Jay. Jay had asked him to do it so they wouldn’t be hanging around for Lee to find.

Once Jay and I began having sex more frequently, we had a problem with finding a place to do it. Greg had a 4 bedroom home a couple of miles from our office. Greg graciously offered to let Jay use his home to have sex with me. Since Greg worked a lot, we almost always had the house to ourselves.

Jay took full advantage of the offer and we frequently used Greg’s house. Greg’s first impression of me unfortunately wasn’t as good as mine was of him. I guess when you first meet someone through nude pictures from a married boyfriend, your not going to have a very good impression. I’ll be blunt and honest here. Greg thought I was a slut. I would see him at his house when he was there but we never really talked. Jay was always too bust pawing me in front of Greg to have much of a conversation. Still, Greg was always polite and unobtrusive. He just let us go about our business.

One day, Jay asked me what I thought about Greg. I told him that from what I knew of him I liked him. A while later, he said that he wanted to ask Greg to take pictures of us during sex. I wasn’t very keen on that idea and this was still at the point in our relationship where I felt I still had a choice in these matters. Jay continued pressuring me and I gave in with the stipulation that I could stop it and Greg would leave the room. Again, I will be completely honest here. The idea of having Greg in the same room was stimulating.

The day came that we were going to do it and I met Jay at Greg’s house after work. Jay and I went to the bedroom we normally used and began foreplay. It wasn’t until several minutes later when Greg enter the room. Jay tried making it a big show while Greg quietly took pictures. I did find it to be exciting. If Greg would have joined us then, I don’t think I would have minded. He didn’t and quietly left the room before Jay and I finished.

A short time after that experience, Jay asked me if I would consider doing it with both him and Greg. I remember telling him that I would consider it. Before I had ever met Jay, I had a threesome with Joey and another guy. I loved it. The idea of doing it with two guys was very exciting and had proved to be just as exciting in reality. I thought Greg was very good looking and the idea of having sex with him was appealing to me. In fact, it was actually preferable to doing it with Jay.

That event took place later that same week. Jay and I were in the bedroom and Jay was on top of me. I felt the bed sink and with a glance to my right, I saw a naked Greg moving beside us. Jay moved off of me and Greg replaced him. I didn’t mind at all. Greg was also a good lover and in many ways superior to Jay. Greg seemed much more attuned to my pleasure then Jay was.

That was my first time with Greg. It would be a while before I would do it again with Greg and I attributed that to Jay being jealous of me enjoying the sex with Greg. My second time with Greg happened about a month later and Jay wasn’t there.

Greg and I became close friends who had a definite attraction for each other. Jay did not like that. I have another story about a pool game at Greg’s house that involved both Lee and Jay. That will have to be another e-mail.


Oct 10/15/08 6:02 PM


I’m glad that your experience with Greg was not a bad one. In fact, I wonder if things might have gone better for you if you had met Greg first. Anyway, your story reminded me about something that happened to me and a girlfriend of mine when I was in college. [I told her a story about a group situation I had with a girlfriend and two other guys, but again the details are not important for the purposes of this conversation.]

I hope I haven’t bored you by recounting some of my sexual experiences; they sure pale in comparison to yours. Maybe you can tell me about that Pool game next. That sounds interesting.

Your friend,


Oct 10/17/08 9:22 M

Bored??? You must be kidding. I was fascinated with your story. Sounds to me like your girlfriend was just about as crazy as I was. It’s too bad you got hurt but I can see where she was enjoying herself. Did that 3 on 1 satisfy her desire for multiple partners? I can tell you for a fact that I still to this day have a craving for a 2 on 1. Unfortunately my husband is not quite as opened minded about it as I am. We have discussed it but I doubt it will ever get past the talking stage. Darn it!!

I can really see where your girlfriend was coming from. I wonder if she is still the horny person she was then. I know I am.


Oct 10/17/08 5:55 PM


I’m glad you liked my story, but I still think it’s not as interesting as yours. I have a couple more that I may write up in the future, if you are interested.

By the way, I was wondering if you had a better picture of yourself? Maybe something of a little better quality and more natural (not posed). I appreciate the one you sent, but it is small and low resolution. I’m attaching a couple more of myself and my pets, just for fun.

Your friend,


Oct 10/21/08 12:43 AM

If another picture of me suddenly appears on my computer I’ll be happy to send it along. Other then that, I’m not going out of my way to supply you or anyone else with pictures.

Oct 10/21/08 5:17 PM


I’m sorry if I offended you my by request. That was not my intention; I hereby withdraw it. I meant no harm, I was just curious. If you do not wish to communicate with me anymore, I will respect your decision. I will not write to you again unless you indicate that you want me to.



Oct 10/22/08 2:54 AM


Your request came off to me as a demand and I had been having a bad day to begin with. What I send you was my initial reaction. After I sent the e-mail, I realized that I shouldn’t have done it. You have been nothing but kind and considerate with me. My response was impulsive and undeserved.

As a man, you have no way of knowing what it is like for a woman who just want to be friends with a guy. All too often, men tend to use that friendship as a means to their own ends. Jay and I started as a friend I could talk to. He used my friendship and openness to manipulate me until it became something else. I may have been a willing participant but it doesn’t change the fact that he manipulated our friendship. That affair with Jay has left me gun shy, to say the least. I saw your request as a form of manipulation. On your part, I’m sure it was just an innocent request. Jay’s initial requests were also innocent, “I like your hair that way, would you wear it that way tomorrow”? As you know, it escalated from there. When you asked for more pictures, I saw the beginning of another escalation until I would be sending you nude pictures of myself. Then it would be “Let’s talk on the phone”, and finally, “Let’s meet”. Had I of told Jay in the beginning “I’m not wearing my hair to please you” things might have been a lot different.

You are definitely not Jay and I don’t mean to insinuate that you are anything like him. I seriously don’t think you were trying to manipulate me in any way and don’t think you ever would. My mind was comparing the situation and not the person. I have felt from our very first correspondence that I could be completely open and honest with you. That hasn’t changed. What I have been trying to explain is that I had a brief flashback to a bad situation that I can never let happen again.

I would be very happy if we consider both of our e-mails forgotten and return to our open discussions. Of course I want you to continue corresponding with me. I always look forward to hearing from you.

Your friend


Oct 10/24/08 6:22 PM


I understand your reaction now that you’ve explained it. We’ve all over-reacted at some point or another. Sometimes people push our buttons without even knowing it. I will consider this misunderstanding a learning moment and move on.

Maybe you can tell me about the pool game with Lee and Jay next.

Still your friend,


Oct 10/24/08 9:52 PM


I was so glad to get your e-mail. I was afraid I’d lost a friend.

I thought I would continue my story and we can pick things up from there. The only problem now is that I’m going to bed. I was just checking my e-mail on the way. When I saw this one from you, I had to give you a brief reply.

In the morning I’ll write. If you have any more questions please fire them out. I’m worried that you might hold back now but I’m hoping you won’t.


Oct 10/25/08 11:33 PM

There is one thing that I wanted to say that you probably all ready picked up on. I wasn’t exactly the sweet and innocent victim through all of this. In many aspects, I was a victim but that was more toward the end. Throughout much of what happened, I was a willing participant. Everything seemed fun and exciting. At the time, my life was dull and uneventful with one day running into the next. Then Jay came along and suddenly it was exciting and every day became an adventure. I welcomed that change.

I can remember how much fun it was doing little things in the office where we took chances. Just little things like a short kiss behind Lee’s back when she was standing in front of us. Stuff like that. One time during a meeting with Lee, I was sitting next to Jay and actually unzipped him and slid my hand inside his pants while Lee was reading a contract a few feet away and sitting at the same table. Those things were fun and exciting. What I’m saying is that it wasn’t just Jay. I wasn’t as brave as him but I did instigate a lot of little things. The really big chances we took were all his doing but I was still willing to go along. This has nothing to do with the pool game story but it was on my mind so I thought I would share it.

It was a Thursday evening after work. I had stayed over and had dinner with Lee and Jay. After we ate, Jay said that he was going to go to Greg’s house to help him develop some pictures. Jay had told me earlier in the day that was what he had planned. You might think that he was hinting for me to also stop but I knew that wasn’t the case, at least not this time.

Out of no where, Lee asked “Do you play pool”? I told her that I had but wasn’t very good. She said she needed a diversion and felt like playing. I thought that was strange because they didn’t have a pool table. Greg did have a table and Lee suggested that we go over there with Jay and shoot some pool while “the guys played in the dark room”. I had to pretend that I didn’t know Greg or where he lived.

The three of us drove there together and Lee and I shot pool while the guys were in the dark room. Greg was very good about pretending to be introduced to me. Lee was a very good pool player. Lee started by drinking a beer. When she switched to whiskey, I knew she was planning on getting drunk.

About an hour later, the guys joined us. We all had a drink together and decided to play partners on the pool table. It was guys against girls. We played two games and won one of them. It was fun. The third game was to determine the champions for the night. So far, it was basically an enjoyable evening with a group of friends. There was nothing that even hinted at being sexual but that was about to change.

Lee suggested that we play strip pool for the last game. We all just looked at her. No one but Lee thought that was a very good idea. Her next suggestion was “Why don’t we all just play the last game naked”. If Lee wasn’t there, I might have thought it would be fun. Lee wasn’t real drunk but I had learned that she is very unpredictable when she drank. She also had a big mouth around the office. By that I mean she would have told everyone about this game and thought nothing of it. That was the way she was.

I think Greg kind of liked the idea but stayed quiet. I definitely thought it was a bad idea but I was never one to speak up. I always kind of just went along with what everyone else wanted even if I disapproved. Jay did speak up. He also knew it would be a problem. He said something like “Let’s just play the game”.

Lee always liked being in charge and didn’t like being told no. She snapped at Jay saying “What is the problem”, “Don’t you want to see your girlfriend naked”, “Or is it that you don’t want Greg seeing your girlfriend naked”. Jay told her that I wasn’t his girlfriend. Lee nearly blew up. Like I said, she was volatile when she was drinking. Her mood swings went from one extreme to the other.

Lee started ranting about “All I hear is Sharon this and Sharon that”, “Sharon looks so nice today”. Then she went on telling us that Jay thought I had such a nice body. She asked him “Don’t you want to see it”? This was an obvious jealous rant and the first time I saw her act that way. Jay was telling her to settle down. She told him to shut up and continued. When she started to say “I’ve seen the things you two do at the office”, Greg jumped in to save the day. He told her that if she wanted to play strip pool, he was all for it and added almost as an aside to her “I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked again”. I didn’t miss the word “again” but said nothing.

Jay in frustration said “OK we’ll play”. Then everyone turned to me. I reluctantly said I would if everyone else wanted to.

I’m not a pool player and did not even know you could play strip pool. The other three knew the rules so I guess it had been played by them before. This is the way it was explained to me. We each picked three balls and put them in the rack. The remaining three were then put in the rack as wild balls. Anyone could shoot at any ball and we took turns. You didn’t shoot again if you made one. If someone made one of your balls, you had to take something off. If a person made a wild ball, the two members of the other team had to take something off. After a persons third and final ball was made, All of your remaining clothes had to come off and you continued playing until your partner was also naked.

Jay broke and made one of my balls and his. He got to put his ball back on the table but I had to take something off. nothing counted but clothing so I took off my skirt. I shot and missed. I didn’t even know who’s ball I was shooting at. Greg shot at one of Lee’s and missed. Lee made one of Greg’s. Jay was left with an easy shot at my second ball and made it. I took off my blouse. I missed again. Lee had an easy shot at a wild ball but didn’t take it. Instead, she took a long difficult shot at my third ball and made it. Reluctantly, I took off all of my remaining clothes. Even though both guys had seen me naked before I was still very embarrassed.

It’s been three weeks, Timothy and I fighting over the phone or with emails. Resolution of our affair seems hopeless at this point.

Timothy got what he wanted … the prize he didn’t get in High School. My pussy. I wanted him out of my life forever now. I was angry, crazed and unforgiving.

So, he calls again. He wants to meet me at the dog park. He must be kidding. Take the easy road. Meet in public so I can’t cry. Bring the dogs so we can’t go back to my place. He is really a jerk and I’m not going to listen anymore about how possessive I’ve been, so on and so forth because he can’t justify or excuse our affair.

I send Timothy a few more mean, cursive bitchy and emails telling him to please leave me alone … to please leave me alone.

He says he’ll respect my wishes but then he keeps emailing me.

I’m starting to soften up, getting horney for him and wanton with desire for his cock inside of me.

I am willing to listen but I am still reluctant. Well, not really but I’m playing it that way. I’m going to make sure he has to work hard to win me back. He can treat me well, spoil me, and once I’m satisfied and only then, will I give him the royal treatment. My pussy.

I get another email:

“Here’s your reality, Julie … We’ve known each other for 30 years. I felt comfortable with you. We began chatting about easy things on a variety of topics for a while, which led to more intimate details and information. This led to discussion of intimate details I’ve never shared with anybody, ever. After hesitating, on July 12 we came together, largely unexpectedly, but it was an exciting time for me, and I thank you very much for it. However, it was my understanding that we would continue in any event to be friends, with no commitment, etc., and things in the aftermath were not going to change in any real way. That was what you said and what my understanding was. As of July 13 you have focused, even obsessed, on absolutely nothing but the meaning and extrapolation of that evening, even to the point of driving yourself into a seeming frenzy on several occasions. Nothing about any other aspect of your life.

The intensity of your reaction was not what I was expecting, and not in keeping with the somewhat low-key aftermath I was hoping for and expecting. In that situation it was hard to respond because in my mind you are making much, much more of things than I was intending. That was unsettling, and was the primary reason for my somewhat tentative responses. I’d like to remain friends and I’d like to see you again, but if every waking moment is going to be spent on assessing the true meaning of every romantic interlude then that’s not going to be a good thing. A recent missive from you said you were thinking I’d be back with you in a just a couple days. My evenings are often full, and in any event that was not what I was expecting. You complain about me referring to Sara, but you apparently spend vast amounts of time trying to analyze her and my marriage. I told you it wasn’t invited or necessary, yet you persist. I don’t understand that. I think these issues need to be addressed and resolved and I’d welcome that opportunity.”

I love a man who begs. What a crock. I don’t want anything or is it possible to have any expectations with a married man although we’ve been friends for years.

I’m feeling playful. I give Timothy a call. “Hi, are you busy?” I ask.

“I’m about to see a client. What’s up?” ask Timothy.

I can tell he’s glad to hear from me. The playful tone in my voice indicates that I haven’t given up the war, only the battle.

“I thought I’d call and talk about the weather or something,” I giggle.

He laughs. “Well, as I said I’m about to see a client but it would be great to talk another time.”

“Talk later then, bye.”

Later that night I get a telephone call from Tim. “Do you want to go to dinner Saturday night?”

“Sure,” I reply with nothing else said. “What time?”

“How about I pick you up at 7:00 p.m.?” Timothy asks.

“Seven it is,” I reply. “See you then,” I responded as coolly as physically possible for me. I took a deep breath. He’s going to have work hard for this pussy again! Well, not that hard.

Saturday night arrives and I’m excited. I’ve relaxed a bit and for once I’m going to try to let nature take its course. No pressure from me. Just my cheerful, playful self. I just want to have an enjoyable evening.

Timothy doesn’t go out with his wife – it’s as if they’re not even married.

Why should I worry about his marriage?

He’s the one that has to deal with his conscience and I’m not going to rock the boat … well, at least I’ll try not to rock the boat … till we get into fucking again I think to myself.

I put on a sexy summer dress, low-cut, sleeveless, red and purple with a seductive jagged hemline. I put on purple heels and no hose. The bra I’m wearing shows just enough cleavage. My hair looks just right still with the blond streaks for the summer. The dangling earrings set the mood.

After all, Timothy owes me an orgasm.

Well, he owes me more than that for all the stress he’s caused me.

I’m thinking a night of orgasms would be nice, a great blowjob and some extra-curriculum activities. Maybe some toys.

I hear a knock at the door …

Hey, strangers. Sorry it took so long.


A little while later I finally found my voice and told Patrick he should go.

“I just… need some time to myself.”

His green eyes glittered down at me. “Nina, I don’t want to leave you right now.”

My hand went to my cheek, expecting it to be wet with tears, but it came away dry. I looked at in confusion.

“Nina. Are you okay?” Patrick’s voice was drenched with concern and a touch of fear.

My cell phone rang from my bedroom. Cursing, Patrick went to get it. He came back out slowly and handed it to me.

“It’s my mom, isn’t it?” I asked, mildly surprised at how normal I sounded. How calm.

In hindsight, I was probably thinking the worst had already happened- my sister and best friend had caught us fucking. She’d heard Patrick screaming out his love for me. She saw me enraptured and blissful. Nothing could be more terrible than that.

“No, your friend. I sent it to voicemail.” He skimmed his fingers down my arms, caressing the goosebumps. “Do you want to sit down? You’re shaking.”

Blindly I collapsed on my sofa and heard Patrick rustling around in my kitchen. He walked out a few minutes later with a glass of water and buttered toast. He made me eat and drink, but honestly I didn’t give much of a fight. The energy was completely zapped from me.

After I ate most of the bread, Patrick picked me up and brought me into the bathroom. He turned on the tub, filled it with hot water, and sank me into it. Picking up a washcloth and soap, he washed my sweating and soiled body delicately and lovingly. Though he hardly put any pressure on me, each swipe burned and bruised my skin. Each loving touch gave the most exquisite pain.

“Are you sorry?” he asked after a bit, disrupting the silence that rested over us like dirty film.

I digested the question and spoke in a voice I hardly recognized. “Of course I’m sorry. I broke my sister’s heart.”

Patrick stared into the bathwater, swirling it around with his hand. “No… I know you’re sorry about that. I’m sorry about that, too. I meant are you sorry about this? About us? Do you regret it?”

Letting out a shuddering breath, I contemplated the kneeling man beside me who I used to detest above all things. Was I sorry? Sorry seemed like such a silly word when applied to our situation, to what I’d done to my only sister. Regret fell short, too. I acted so selfishly, aware of the damning consequences but too desperate to obtain my pleasure. I’d become so freakishly needy for the touch of someone like Patrick, who once was an enemy. He was married to my sister, shared her bed for years, had sex with her, cared for her, spent holidays with her, fermented his image and career with her by his side…

Was I sorry?

I was able to see a side of Patrick I never knew existed. For the first time in my life, someone made love to me. Someone was enamored with me. Someone like Patrick, who, when you overlooked the antagonistic and self-serving persona, was amazing. Endearing. Beloved. Could I regret experiencing all that? Tasting him? Feeling him inside me?

Remembering a question I asked myself not long ago, though it seemed like years before as I sat in the rapidly cooling bath, I wondered again how long ago I’d started wanting him. The whole affair had exploded so intensely that it couldn’t have just begun when he started sniffing around. And the hate I had for him for all those years always seemed tinged with something else. If you truly dislike someone, you feel indifferent; sparks don’t ignite and pop down your spine when you see them. No, I’d felt a puzzling mixture of things for Patrick for as long as I could remember.


Then everything clicked into place. I didn’t just want Patrick.

“Do you know when I first started loving you?” I asked him, not realizing my prolonged silence had sent him into his own quiet whirlwind of thoughts. His head snapped up and the heat in his eyes nearly made me stop speaking. The words, however, and the emotions had been stifled for too long. “You were married to Chloe for four months and the two of you made me to go the movies with you. Do you remember that? It was a stupid movie but I can’t think of the name now… Chloe went to the bathroom. We were standing by the concession stand.”

Patrick said nothing but his alert eyes and rigid posture told me he was listening and that he recalled it all perfectly. He never forgot anything.

“My ex-boyfriend was there. Mike. We just broke up and he was there with some gorgeous girl, practically fucking against the wall. You got so angry. I didn’t understand it then. I was too depressed to make sense of anything, really…” I drifted off, thinking back, wondering how I could have been so blind. It wouldn’t have changed our situation at all, but it might have prepared me for the onslaught of feelings that were slamming into my awareness. “Anyway, I think I was about to cry or something. You said, ‘Don’t worry about him. Even someone like you could do a million times better.’”

Patrick stared at me. A corner of his mouth moved up like he wanted to smile, but he didn’t seem particularly amused. “Nina, THAT is the moment you started loving me? That’s… disappointing. And sad. I was being a dick.”

My numb face managed a slight smile. “Maybe. I always liked you as a dick, and you were being less of a dick than usual, which I realized. It was the first time you said something halfway decent to me.” I looked down at my pruned fingers. “You also forget I’m used to macho men who don’t really express their feelings. My dad is a good example of that.” I looked back at him and my heart thumped heavily at the love I saw in his face, at how he restrained himself from holding me, likely thinking I’d shatter into a million pieces if he touched me. “Even if what you said was carefully constructed to come off as an insult, I read through the lines. I had no idea what you felt, but in that moment I remember thinking, ‘Wow. He’s not such an asshole.’ I didn’t know it then but hating you became a lot more complicated.”

Patrick let the water go down and pulled me up, drying me off with another large towel. Once I was dry to his satisfaction, he gazed down into my face. “I can’t believe it was that easy. Something so small. And here I thought I was going to have to buy you diamonds and rubies and thousands of books to get you to love me.”

It was said with humor but there was a touch of that vulnerability that lingered around the edges of Patrick’s personality, left over from a time when no one loved him or cared for him when he was a boy.

My heart was broken and bleeding heavily because of what I had done knowingly and almost gleefully to Chloe, but it ached when I watched Patrick and thought of letting him go. Finally I snapped out of my daze and let myself completely feel everything- not just the guilt and shame.

“No,” I said firmly, putting my hands on him for the first time since we were discovered.

Patrick’s eyebrows rose. “What?”

“You asked me before if I was sorry about us, if I regretted it. My answer is no.”

He kissed me deeply, hugging me close to his chest and his pounding heart. His kiss expressed the almost boyish delight he finally knew.

Pulling away a few moments later, his damp lips grinned. “This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being an asshole.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I gave him on last peck and slipped a long shirt over my head. I picked up my phone. At Patrick’s inquiring look, I said, “I’m just going to leave her a message. I’m so worried.”

He nodded and then cleared his throat. “Do you want me to go home? I can go home. Give you time.”

Letting out a deep breath, I shook my head. I’d committed myself to this path. Some, who knew Patrick and his ways well, would say I damned myself to it. And I wanted him to stay, no matter how wrong it was.

“Stay. I’ll be right back.”

Relieved, Patrick removed his clothing. I walked out into my living room and called Chloe. It went straight to her voicemail.

“Chloe… I can’t even begin to tell you how sorry I am you had to see that. I’ve been such a coward lately. I need to… explain, if you’ll let me. I love you and I never meant to hurt you. I know that I did hurt you, that I’ve been a selfish bitch. I love you so much. You’re my sister. Please call me when you can. We need to talk.”

I sniffed and shook my head, hanging up. This was going to take a lot more than words. I didn’t know if my relationship with Chloe could ever be repaired. Something told me the scars from this would last a lifetime.

Walking back into the bedroom, I couldn’t help the small smile that toyed with my lips at the sight of Patrick sprawled out and fast asleep like a little kid. I was struck once more by how quickly everything had transformed. It was overwhelming, to be honest.

I didn’t know what would happen with Patrick. He was moody and a self-proclaimed narcissist. He had changed, slightly, but he hadn’t changed that much. He could very likely break my heart one day.

Climbing into bed with him, smelling him and feeling his warm arm automatically wrap around me and pull me into him, I figured it was a risk I was more than willing to take.


Thankfully the next day was a Saturday. Feeling and looking as I did, I would have had to call out from work. My eyes were glassy and I’d had nightmares all night. I was exhausted, scared, and indescribably upset.

Patrick woke up, smiled at me, and then his smile faded. “I’ll go get you breakfast,” he whispered, kissing my lips.

I got up and took a hot shower, then crawled right back into bed. Peeking at my phone, I saw I had no missed calls or texts. I nearly drifted off to sleep when the phone started going off. My heart and stomach lurched and I quickly reached for it to look at the display. It was my mom. Shit.


“Hey, I haven’t talked to you in a couple of days.”

Weird. She sounded pleasant.

“Um… yeah. I’ve been busy.”

She laughed a little. “Always working so hard. Get out and live a little, Nina.”

Oh, Mom. You have no idea.

“Um. Mom, have you talked to Chloe?”

“That’s actually why I’m calling you. She stopped by this morning and she looked like crap. Do you know anything, Nina? She said she was fine but she was obviously upset.”

I swallowed hard. So Chloe hadn’t said anything to Mom and Dad. I wasn’t sure if I was relieved or horrified.

“I’ve been trying to call her,” was all I could say.

“I hope it’s not anything to do with Patrick. She lets him get to her far too much.”

I shifted in bed, massively uncomfortable.

“Even today I told her he was an ass, that she could do much better. I don’t think she gets it.”

“Yeah,” I muttered, tears making my voice slightly wobbly.

My mom picked up on it, and as all mothers do when you don’t want to talk about something, she asked me about it. “What’s wrong?”


“Are you crying?”


Mom sighed. “What’s the matter?”

“I’m just really tired. Mom, I’ve got to go.”

“Okay.” Wow, she gave up easily. “Call me later. I’m worried about you, and your sister.”


We hung up and I stared at my phone, my sight blurred from the delayed tears from last night.

Patrick strode in. “Fucking place took forever. I can’t-” His words stopped when he saw me sitting there, sobbing quietly with my phone in my hands. “Did she call?”

I shook my head and shuddered. “My m-mom.”

“Oh, Jesus.” He ran a hand through his hair. “Bad?”

“Sh-She doesn’t know. C-chloe didn’t t-tell her.” I could barely breathe, let alone speak.

He sat down beside me and took the phone, placing it on my nightstand. “Isn’t that a good thing?”

Yes. No. I didn’t know.

Patrick put his head on my bare thigh and kissed my skin. “It’s going to work out. You don’t believe me now, but I swear to you that it’s going to be fine.”

I doubted very much it was going to be fine, but I didn’t want to think about it anymore. I wanted to forget.

“Touch me,” I begged, squeezing my eyes shut to stop the annoying tears.

Sitting up, Patrick let his hands run up my legs, pushing up the long shirt I slept in. I tried to lose myself in the feeling but the pain still ached in my chest.


He kissed me, nibbling a little on my bottom lip. “Let me help you forget.”


“You’re so beautiful,” he breathed against my cheek. I let out another sob, unable to stop it. “Shhh. It’s okay.”

He ran his tongue down my neck while his hand moved over my bare pussy. His fingers spread around, moving in the wetness that increased with every pass he made. A finger slipped in and I gasped. He started sucking the flesh of my throat and then put another finger inside me. My pulse throbbed in my ears and between my legs.

“I need you,” I whispered.

“I know.” He blew gently on the skin dampened my his mouth and I shuddered. My hand went up to his hair, tugging on it and holding him to me.

His hand worked against me, turning me into a helpless mess. I moaned and said things I didn’t even understand, but Patrick understood it all. Somehow he’d removed all his clothes and placed himself against me. He was hard and almost as needy as me. He slammed into me with a deep punishing thrust that was so brutally delicious I forgot everything but the feeling of him inside me.

“Look at me,” he grunted.

The words wormed their way into my consciousness and my eyes fluttered open, the lids heavy with fatigue and ecstasy. I stared into his green eyes while I mewled and begged him to go faster. He pumped against me in rough, plunging movements but he slowed down.

“Shit,” I complained, running my fingernails down his sweaty back until I reached his ass. I clawed at him, pushing him into me. “I want to get on top.”

“What?” he panted.

“Me. On top.” I wanted to control this since it seemed I could control very little else.

He obliged and flipped us over so I could ride him. His strong hands cupped my butt and tried to move me up and down, but I resisted. Leaning across his body so that my nipples touched his chest, I whispered in his ear. “I’m running this, asshole.” I sat back up and moved all the way up before slamming back down. The action sent white hot heat up my pussy and obliterated any remaining particles of pain floating around in my mind.

He moaned and slid his hands around, letting one grasp my boob while the other toyed with my clit. “Yeah, fuck me.”

I ran my nails up and down his chest, scratching him as I fucked him fast. My hair flew around me; some strands stuck to my sweaty forehead. The sex was so intense I nearly burst out in tears again.

Wanting to dish out the same punishment, I started slowing down. I ground into him, letting his cock move around inside my soaking heat.

“No,” he complained breathlessly. “Please. I need… Need it faster.”

“Too bad.” I smirked when his green eyes focused on me. I let my head fall back as I moved back and forth slowly, careful not to let his cock slip out. My mouth opened in a silent groan as I felt an orgasm not far out of my reach. In spite of my desire to torment him a little, my body’s own needs won and my hips automatically moved faster.

“Yeah,” he sighed slowly. My head plopped forward and I tried to smile as my hips thrust frantically. He stared open-mouthed at where we were joined. His finger picked up the pace against my clit.

Sounds came out of my mouth I never knew I could make. “Fuck,” I gasped as the hot and cold waves rolled through my belly. I came harder than I could ever remember, clenching him further inside. It seemed to last forever.

When I got my bearings, I realized he was still hard inside me and was moving his hips up a little into me. In spite of my amazing orgasm, I was still hungrier than ever for him. Mindlessly and bonelessly I hopped off of him, ignoring his startled protest, and rapidly kissed my way down his chest. His soaked dick slid up my stomach and over a tit until it proudly pushed against my smiling lips.

“Oh, God,” he said, looking down at me with a twisted expression. He sounded and looked like he was in pain. Poor baby.

My smile grew at the sight of him. It was fun to see the powerful, great Patrick Thorne nearly whimpering for my touch. I kissed the head of his cock and laughed at his tortured curse.

Licking my lips, I moaned at the taste of me on him.

“You’re fucking killing me,” he groaned.

Smiling again, I just took the tip in my mouth and swirled around.

“Ugh.” Patrick’s hips involuntarily moved upwards.

“All good things come to those who wait,” I teased.

“Haven’t I waited enough?” Patrick panted, his green eyes glowing in the late morning light. The double meaning of those words stole the smile off my face, replacing the moment with severity.

Things I didn’t want to remember threatened to creep back in, so I swallowed his cock. He yelled out and grabbed the back of my head. Having such a vulnerable yet powerful part of Patrick inside my mouth, having the power over him in such a way, made my pussy tingle yet again. His fingers wove into my hair and desperately shook. I made a little noise at the delightful feeling and he moaned. All the while my tongue snaked around him and my cheeks provided warm, wet suction. I moved up and down, increasing frantically as I felt him harden further and as his breath sped up. No words were spoken; he could only grunt and make nonsensical sounds. It was beautiful.

His cock bumped against my throat and I focused on breathing so I wouldn’t gag. He pulled my hair and let out a pleasured cry.

Eventually he whispered, “It’s coming.”

I moaned into him, needing his cum as much as he needed to give it to me.

“Oh, God,” he grunted, his hand pulling almost painfully on my hair. “Oh, God. Oh, fuck. Fuck! Yeah!”

He came forcefully in a rush. My tongue flicked around rapidly as my mouth filled with his salty and slightly spicy cum. I tried to keep up with it, swallowing each current as it came, but some of it managed to leak down the side of his cock. When he was finished and his entire body relaxed, I popped my mouth off and licked up the remainder. He made a noise and shut his eyes against the sight.

Smug and thrilled with myself, I slithered up beside him. He was still gasping. His eyes opened and swung over to me and he grinned, running a shaking hand up my side. “You look like the cat that got the cream,” he said with amusement.

Licking my lips, I smiled. “I guess so.”

His forest eyes gleamed with love and a little bit of awe.

We stayed there for a while, wrapped up in the afterglow. It faded slowly and all I longed to repress came back. That’s the problem with procrastination; you can’t avoid anything for long.

Sighing, I stood and put my shirt back on. I threw on some sweatpants and then quirked an eyebrow at Patrick who still lounged nakedly on my bed. “Are you going to sleep the day away, then?”

He didn’t smile. His stare was intense and soulful. “It’s going to be okay, Nina. What we did wasn’t so wrong… They’ll all forgive us. Just give it time.”

My phone vibrated- I had a text. I had a good idea who it was from, and a glance at the screen didn’t prove me wrong.

Chloe wrote, “Lunch at noon at the cafe around the corner.”

I showed it to Patrick and he looked at it with confusion. “Well, I guess that’s good. At least she wants to talk, right?”

I nodded silently, but I had a bad feeling about it. It was getting late so I started to get ready, not speaking another word to Patrick. He got up at some point and was waiting for me by the door when I walked over to go. He handed me my purse and pushed my hair back from my face. “I have to run over to my apartment for a little bit. Let me know how it goes.”

I let out and walked out, trying to convince myself that this WAS good. She wanted to talk, to see me. I’d feared she’d never want to speak or lay eyes on me again.

During the night, I awoke panicky. I was mortified at what I had let happen. Gently and as sweetly as I could, I woke Jesse up and got him to go to his own room. I needed the space and time alone to sort through what had happened.

Luckily, his roommate was up and out the door early the next morning. It was awkward at first when I was around Jesse, but I just gently explained how wrong it’d been. He seemed to get it when I mentioned how very hurtful the news of this could be, if others learned. He went along with me, and he acted like he understood, which I was so very glad for. I asked him if we could still be close. I was so happily surprised when he looked both relieved and excited at the thought of it. He said that we could certainly still be friends. We hugged as friends and decided we’d just enjoy the day.

We laughed and talked easily. We ate brunch at one of his favorite places. We decided at brunch that we both needed a good work-out, so after brunch and some walking around we went back to his place and got our work-out stuff. He was such a cool work-out partner to let me just have my space and do what I wanted to do. We met back up after the work-out and a good shower.

Once we were back in the car, my cell phone started going off. Of course, it was my husband. Like some sixth sense, he had a knack for calling and getting my attention at the very times I probably didn’t need it. I talked with him a good while, and I think Jesse and I both felt even more resolved about how wrong last night had been when I got off the phone.

“How was he doing?” Jesse asked, a distinct tone of concern in his voice.

“He was good. He asked about you.”

“Geez. I feel like the worst guy ever.”

“Well, don’t beat yourself up, but now we know just how much of a mistake last night was. It has to stay our mistake. You know?”

“Yeah, yeah. No question. Did he say much else?”

I hesitated. I didn’t want to make Jesse feel even worse. At the same time, I wanted to be honest with him. “Well, actually he did.”

Jesse looked at me, and I gave a concerned look back.

“He said he’s thinking of me. Says we need to take our time. Acts like he’s re-thinking the whole ‘break-up’.”

Jesse sunk in the driver’s seat and seemed to deflate. I wasn’t trying to let him off the hook, but I did feel the need to be honest with him.

“Hey look,” I explained, “he has phases like that. We do care about each other, no question. But… he’s not wanting some monogamous home life. Believe me, he’s just not.”

Jesse looked at me again as if to wonder about where I was coming from myself.

“Um, just the same, we can’t possibly have anything happen or anything said. We just can’t.” I was firm.

Jesse nodded. “Absolutely. I understand.”

I believed him.

We hung out the rest of the day together. I had a great and relaxed time with him,and he seemed to with me as well. We did some shopping, and he showed me around some sights in the area.

Evening came and we hit a restaurant for drinks and dinner. We laughed and talked easily. I caught myself several times thinking about how much I enjoyed hanging-out with him. He was so charming. It was also relaxing because it wasn’t like he started in on me about anything or tried to get me to reconsider what I’d said.

We were getting ready to leave the restaurant and one of the waitresses openly flirted with Jesse. It was cute in a way. Jesse seemed a litlle embarrassed by it, but I just chuckled. It was interesting seeing him adored like that. It reinforced my picture of how attractive and personable he was. I kidded him as we left, telling him he’d have to be sure to return sometime—without me. He just shook his head and laughed.

At home, we may have been just a bit awkward. He got quiet, and I didn’t think we should tempt things by hanging out alone more. I got ready to call it a night.

“Listen, I want to thank you for being so understanding.” I reached up to him and embraced him. He hugged me back and we didn’t leave each other for a long moment. I have to admit it felt very good in his arms. His embrace was secure, and his body felt so solid. I didn’t move for a while, even though I should have broken off sooner.

When we parted, I brought my face back to his and gave him a tender kiss on his lips. He looked longingly into my eyes as I moved away from him. I turned and went to my room, listening to him behind me as he went on into his own room.

I closed my bedroom door, and exhaled deeply. Leaning back against the bedroom door, I closed my eyes and let my thoughts run wild. His easy-going and accepting manner about the day and evening was so welcomed. It couldn’t have been easy given the night before. Yet, he had been so very sweet and understanding with me.

Even more, there was no denying a connection between us. Last night had been passionate, but today had been fun and exciting, too. We’d talked easily. Laughed. I had to admit to myself it’d been fun hanging out with him.

There was more I had to admit though. I winced as I thought about how I’d been like an excited school girl much of the day. I liked his attention. I liked our kidding around. I especially liked the interest he showed in me. I also liked showing interest in him. There was no denying it. And, I even had to admit something to myself—what was that pang I felt when the waitress had flirted with him. That couldn’t have been some jealousy, I told myself.

I started to the bed to start my ritual of getting ready for bed. My hands went to my hips as I got very torn about my feelings. The thought entered my mind of it being Saturday night and I was feeling restless. Hey, maybe I’d give myself some relief, I told myself. A smirk crept over my face. Maybe I’d replay parts of last night. I abruptly froze. I shook my head, slowly trying to deny the strong feelings I had to betray my better instinct. I noticed my chest lifting up and back with deep breaths.

A nervous excitement coarsed through me as I thought of Jesse who was just across the hall from me. Stop, I pleaded with myself. What was I thinking? My mind betrayed me by flashing reminders from my time with him. The feel of his skin on mine. The look in his eyes. The parts of his body.

I tried to make myself think of my husband. Tried to remember that I was the older and experienced one here. Still, the effortful thoughts seemed to dissolve. Rather, my mind imagined the short walk across the hall and what was possible. Then, my body followed. As if in a dream, I sensed my hands pat my hair, vainly straightening it. A fading thought said to lay on my bed and use my imagination.

Still as if in a dream, I let myself go back out of the bedroom and across to Jesse’s bedroom door. My feet padded across the rug, and I felt scared at what I was doing. My hand reached up and knocked without any plan whatsoever.

“Yeah?” His surprised voice answered.

I opened the door and entered. He was sitting on the side of his bed and looking up at me with his mouth open. Clearly he was shocked to see me there. I stared back at him a moment.

I closed the door behind me, and I stood there just inside his bedroom. I felt giddy excitement but didn’t know what to do next. I couldn’t help but wonder if he could tell I was shaking. I put my hands behind my back and leaned against them and against the door.

He just smiled. He was probably disbelieving I’d come into his room like this.

His smile turned mischieveous.

I looked back at him intensely. I wasn’t sure what I’d do next.

A few seconds passed as we looked at each other. A distant voice told me to leave, but I wasn’t going anywhere.

I shook my head slowly. “I should not be here.”

I could tell he was only in his boxers, but it was confirmed when he stood from the bed. He paused and kept looking at me. I sensed movement and my gaze went to his boxers. He was tenting his boxers with a growing erection, and I let myself watch the bulge fill his crotch. My eyes drifted back to his face, and he had a beaming smile at knowing I had stared. I grinned back reluctantly.

I braced myself as he started over to me. His hands cupped my face and he closed the distance to kiss me without my moving at all. Those soft lips I’d remembered from the previous night kissed me fully. I felt my lips part and his tongue slip between them. I licked at his tongue, but then pulled back. I brought my mouth off his, and I was looking at his mouth as I leaned back against the door and away from him.

Undeterred, he again closed the distance and kissed me fully, with the effect of pinning me to the door. I don’t know know if it was a matter of me or him, but my lips parted wider and his tongue worked about inside my mouth passionately. I fully kissed him back.

Our faces and mouths moved together as we urgently tasted one another. My hands were rubbing his back, when he broke our embrace. He reached his hands under my blouse and pulled it up and over my head, and I found myself only in a bra and my jeans.

He knelt and began undoing and stripping my jeans and I told myself to make him stop. Instead, I put a pliant hand into his thick head of hair, and I watched his large hands unzip my jeans and start tugging at the sides. I felt open air at my crotch as the jeans were slipped down my legs. I softly moaned at the sight of him undressing me and the knowledge I should be stopping this though I wasn’t.

His hand slung the removed jeans away, and I saw him peer at my panties before his face. Unexpectedly, he pushed his face into my crotch. I yelped at Jesse’s mouth forming directly over my sex at my thin satin panties and he sucked at my scent and taste there. I felt I was probably dripping at this point. After quick moments of his face wedged to me there, he yanked my panties off my hips and to the floor. His mouth darted right back to me, and I inhaled sharply when I felt him cover my wetness.

His tongue stirred in me, and I shoved back at his shoulders unable to take it. As if in response, he stood. His hands grasped my sides and he pulled me up and against him. My legs wrapped against his hips, and I was very self-consciously aware of my bare crotch straddling his hardness still encased in boxers.

He brought us both backwards. Me up and craddled in his arms, and he backpedaling to the bed. When he got to the side of the bed, he sat down with me landing atop his lap. I raised to my knees where I was hovered over him as he stretched backwards and laid back. His hands had guided my back to where I was positioned over him, and then his hands made short work of the straps of my bra, releasing my breasts to spill down and jiggle shamelessly in front of his face.

He put a hand to one of my breasts and squeezed and my head tilted just back at his manipulation of me. As I felt the one hand massage my bare breast, I felt his other hand go between my legs. There was a quick respite where I didn’t feel anything happen with his second hand and my eyes drifted back down to look at his face.

He held my look intensely, and he watched my eyes knowing I’d soon react. I felt his exposed hard cock being held out and up against my lips down there, and I tensed my brow and face into a look of realization of what was happening. He looked back at my face that had to look distressed, my mouth open and eyes half closed.

“OH, OH, OH,” my high pitched voice could only manage as he rubbed his hard member against my lips and opening. “OHHHhhhhh.” I cried looking into his eyes.

I felt defenseless on my hands and knees over him. My hands gripped into his sheets, and the smooth round head of him manipulated my wet helpless lips.

Tingling jolts shot through me as his circular movements with his head changed to an up and down tracing of my lips. I would realize later that he had been simply coating himself with my own juices on him, but at the time I just focused on the feel of him rubbing me there.

I widened my eyes back to his as I felt what he’d done. He’d wedged himself into my opening. What had seemed formidable with his size last night now seemed impossible, and my mouth opened as if to speak. Before words could form, his hands came around to grasp my hips and those hips lifted into me.

“AAAAHHHHHHHH!” I exclaimed as several inches plunged inside me. Pleasure and pain washed over me and I shook in a series of orgasms. “JESSE, JESSE!” I cried to him.

He kept looking at me, and he withdrew himself some. I thought he’d given me a reprieve to catch myself, but his hands pushed my hips again and he lifted his hips fully.

“OOOOOOHHHHHH!” I screamed out as his cock filled me and he pressed to the back of me. My back arched and I could feel my chest lift up and out. I was mounted on him fully. My hands squeezed at the sheets.

He pulled back just some, and I pleaded to him aloud. “JESSE, JESSE… .”

He thrust up again and I cried out again. Waves of pleasure came through me as I felt his cock plunging and rocking inside of me. “Wait, wait, wait.” My words frantically cried to him and he grunted.

He started pumping at me, and for a second I thought I was passing out as I got dizzy. I was self-consciously being bounced on top of him by his thrusts. I had no control whatsoever as he used his hands to keep me in place and used his hips to pump long sure strokes through me.

My body felt tossed like a rag doll. I yelped at the sensation of his large cock pulling my lips outward only to plunge right back in me. When he drove deep inside me, I felt the walls of me stretch to give in to him. I cringed in another explosive climax and the dizziness almost loosened my grips from the sheets.

He incredibly kept pumping at me, fucking me with abandon despite how loud I had responded. “Jesse, Jesse, BABY,” I tried to slow him. He writhed under me and kept drivivng, and then another thought hit me. One I had considered off and on throughout the day.

“DON”T!” I pleaded aloud. “DON”T you cum in me! Please don’t cum in me, Jesse!”

I was looking down into his eyes, and when I finished my admonitions, it was like the thought hit him, too. His head tilted into the bed and back and his back arched with the effect of another deep thrust into me. Then, I felt it. His shaft and head pulsed and kicked, and against all my wishing against it, it was like my vagina just puleed and sucked as his semen shot into me.

He moaned very loudly. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!” He was grinding as if trying to stretch me more, and I succumbed to another numbing cum of my own. I pulsed and writhed sitting atop him and it was like tremors of pleasure kept shooting inside me, as how large and filling he was made me take notice.

I didn’t move, but I did try to speak. “Oh, oh. Jesse, I… I dunno.”

His eyes were almost shut but still peering at me. His cock was still buried in me, and I was glad neither of us went to move.

His voice was very low and concerned when he spoke. “Ummm, are you… are you okay?”

My intial inclination was to be reassuring and say yes. I just stayed silent a bit and took in the moment. I had never felt anything as intense and overwhelming in all my life. And here I stayed perched, not even moving from where my stepson still had his large cock stuffed inside of me. Worse, he had ejaculated into me. The longer I stayed straddling him was the more my pussy relaxed to clasp to him and stretch still for him. It was like my mental analysis couldn’t catch up to my physical memories and sensations.

“Anne?” I focused back on Jesse’s eyes, and they showed genuine concern. It occurred to me that I still hadn’t responded to him. He twitched inside me, and I inexplicably felt as though I were emitting more wetness.

“Anne, say something. Are you okay?” His hand stroked at my back.

“Um, I don’t know what to say. I’m okay. …Yeah, I mean, I’m okay.” My jumbled delivery of words made me wonder if I really was okay.

Jesse smiled and then hand that wasn’t on my back stroked at my cheek and face. “That was incredible.” He meant it.

I took deep breaths and tried to orient myself to my thoughts.

“Was I too rough?” He was asking me directly, and I paused.

“I, um, don’t,” I wasn’t sure what I wanted to say. So, I stopped trying to guard myself. I said what I felt. “Jesse, I have just never felt anything like that. No one has ever… .”

I had started to say ‘made love to me like that’, but I stopped and restarted. I looked straight at him. “No one has ever fucked me like that.” My directness immediately made him pulse and I blinked at the sensation of his reaction. He had a very serious look on his face.

There had been a relaxation of his shaft before. Once we’d stopped, it had seemed to ease, but I felt him move in me again and I absolutely could not believe he might be engorging again. We both stared at one another as the physical dynamic changed. I sensed his reaction was to my choice of words.

“Yeah?” He asked me almost tentatively.

“Yeah. I’m serious.”

He gulped and took in my genuineness.

“Um, okay.” His words seemed to be superficial, as if to buy himself some time.

I moved my hands from the sides of his head where they had gripped onto the sheets and I brought them to his bare chest. Uninhibitedly, he stared at my exposed breasts hanging downward. They hung heavily forward and I could feel my nipples still erect and protruding. His continued stare just soaked me more.

“Do you like them?” I blantantly asked him and he stared at my eyes looking like he had been caught and might need to apologize.

“Yeah. Yeah, I do.” He admitted.

One of my hands left his chest, and I brought it to the hand that had been at my cheek. Without a word, I placed his hand to where he was cupping my full breast. I left it there and he massaged me. I winced when he clasped my nipple between his fingers, as electricity shot through me.

The physical connections between us and my overt reaction to his fingers to my nipple seemed to awaken him, and he jerked inside me. It left him feeling stiff deep in me again. We both gazed at one another in unspoken acknowledgement of his having gotten excited again. He’d never left me.

“Know what else?” I half whispered the question to him. I tried to tell if my question was as provocative to him as I had intended it.

“What’s that?”

I shifted on top of him, and I studied his reaction. He was trying to figure out whether I was getting more comfortable or starting to move away.

“There’s something I like, too.” I said it quietly. He looked up at me and he gave a small smirk as if to try to gauge where I was coming from.

“Yeah? What’s that?” His voice was ragged, and I savored this momentary advantage I seemed to have over this twenty-two year old.

I gave a small smile and continued to move. I had shifted up at first, like I might pull up and off him. Now my hips just centered more over him. I hadn’t moved away. I’d stayed over him. He inhaled sharply and with the exhale, the penis filling me got harder still. We both knew it.

“Well, there’s something I like a lot, actually.” I continued deliberately. He grinned and I sensed we both knew he was now vulnerable to me. I brought his second hand around me to join his first at my chest though I didn’t have to place it on my other breast. He did that himself.

My hands rested back to his chest, and when his own hands gently squeezed both my breasts, I instinctively brought my hips forward in place. I didn’t bring them much and I didn’t bring them as if to release him. My nipples felt raw to his long fingers.

“Anne, what is it? What is it you like a lot?” He was as hard as before and we both could feel it.

“Well, don’t know if I should say, really?”

“C’mon, sure you should.”

My hips started small, slow movements that were just up and then just back. He flexed himself inside me, and we both looked in each other’s eyes at the sensation.

Was this a mistake?

Dave sat in the driveway, hand frozen inches above honking the horn.

Clearly, in his wife’s mind, what she’d done and was planning on doing was swinging. In other words, she wasn’t cheating on him. She was doing it FOR him. It was what he’d wanted…or at least, what he’d convinced them both he wanted.

And yet, at one point, it really had held appeal for him. That whole vision had been misguided, though.


He saw her in his mind, writhing atop Sam’s body. A fit body, well built. He looked down at the pale, freckled skin of his narrow arms, the hint of belly under his shirt, and all he felt was anxiety and jealousy. Fear. He didn’t want it. Not at all.

What might happen if he were to honk right now? Were they together, planning their evening? Was she napping, as she often did after any kind of sexual activity? Would he wake her up? Would she discover that she’d been wrong all along?

Would she be humiliated? Would she be furious with herself? With him?

He slapped his own forehead. What was wrong with him, that he was becoming so incapable of decision-making all of the sudden? Each moment he sat here was a moment lost. He wanted to scream.

All he could muster was a moan.


A moan escaped her.

Gripping, for the first time in years, an unexplored version of what made males such fascinating and foreign creatures, Sharon felt that strange mix of firm strength and soft defenselessness that penises have. As she wrapped her hand around the one below her, she felt that long-forgotten form of desire that only exists early in a relationship. Sam moaned back at her, feeling her gentle touch, and she smiled as she lifted the flesh in her hand until it pointed at her.

Leaning forward, she felt that rush of endorphins peak as, for the first time in 10 years, a penis other than her husband’s brushed against her lips. It twitched in her grasp, pleasing her. She planted a gentle kiss on the underside, watching Sam intently, and hummed at the taste as she ran her tongue from the base up to the tip. The move left her mouth hovering, open, just above the organ.

Here goes, she thought to herself, and let the first few inches slip into her. She had to hold her jaw a bit wider for this man than for her husband, and she hoped she wouldn’t tire early. She wanted to do good. He reached down, running his hands through her hair.


Dave Drake ran his hands through his hair, and brought the one hand down towards the horn again.

And again, he stopped it before it hit.

No, he thought. That’s not the way to do this. Hell, they probably wouldn’t even pay attention to a horn noise…they’d just figure it was meant for somebody else. A driver cutting somebody else off, perhaps.

No, not the horn. The front door.

He unbuckled his seatbelt, his hands fumbling in his nervous haste.


She sucked, creating a seal with the lips she kissed her husband with, and felt the mushroom head swell a little between the roof of her mouth and her flattened tongue. She began a slow bobbing motion, allowing his tip to threaten to go just a little too deep on each slow drop, then pulling at him as she retreated.

Obviously everything that had happened up to this point had been dubious, by the rules of marriage. To be so passionately engaged with another man was not exactly adhering to the vows directly. But this was a clear step beyond all that. It felt like it was in a whole other league…something beyond her ability to understand. How could it be possible that she was here, sucking on this other man’s cock, with her husband’s blessing?

And how could she be enjoying it so much?

Her hand pulled at the member as her lips retreated, leaving a trail of spit that clung to her bottom lip as she pulled off and looked up at Sam. The strand broke after a moment, but she could see that he’d enjoyed seeing it. Looking at his face, the taste of his cock still on her tongue, she felt that same heady lust she got from kissing him, from feeling his hands on her. Only now it was mixed with a sense of control…of being IN control.

He smiled at her, eyes half-closed in a way that reminded her of her own reaction to pleasure, and she continued running her hand over the glistening shaft as she dipped down to work her lips and tongue over his testicles. Another moan from above got her thinking…as much as this was a step beyond the make out sessions from before, once he came there was no going back. A blowjob can be stopped…an incomplete act. But that one orgasm would cement this event forever.

It was something she rarely did for her husband, but as she pressed her tongue to the skin below his testicles and ran her thumb over the head of his penis she knew that she WANTED this man to cum in her mouth.


Dave jumped out of his car, feeling good about his decision.

Somehow, he couldn’t believe that it was too late. Hell, he was sure it WASN’T too late.

A blowjob was a big deal, it would be hard to get over, but they hadn’t had SEX yet. If he could just talk to them, he could clear up the whole situation…hurt nobody’s feelings. He almost laughed as he headed up the walk. Imagine him sitting there panicking, and he still had HOURS to stop them before they made love.

A blowjob. Okay. They could get past this. Hell, there was no way she let guy cum in her mouth. She hated that. On the rare occasion that she did give him a complete blowjob, as opposed to during foreplay, she would almost inevitably pull back when he announced his impending eruption. Then she would grab a nearby Kleenex and milk him into that, preventing any mess whatsoever.

This was a strangely comforting thought, . For some reason, that barrier between his wife and Sam was important to him. Very important.

He made his way to the door.

- Sharon opened her eyes and caught a glimpse of it all as she worked. Glistening flesh, wet with her saliva, tilted this way and that according to her own movements. Beyond it, heavy breaths drew a muscular torso in and out, and a man’s face tilted upwards with eyes closed and mouth open in pleasure.


It was the only word Sam said, but it spoke volumes. Sharon had been running her open mouth up each side of his shaft in alternating strokes, her tongue out to catch his sensitive crown on each run-by, but now she dove deep, pulling half his penis into her mouth and bobbing fast in long pulls. Her hand clung tightly to him, just below her lips, extending the area of stimulation.

He was gasping, his hand on her head. His buttocks flexing. Thin, salty fluids seeped out of him, a warning of what was about to happen. His breathing held short, deep animal grunts that pleased her.

For some reason, at this moment a little voice in her head reminded her that it wasn’t too late to stop. ‘You can never take this back,’ it reminded her. She thought about that. Where was Dave right now? How would she feel about all this when she saw him next?

What should she do? Should she stop? Was this the wrong thing for her to be doing? What did Dave want? What did SHE want?

The penis swelled in her mouth, one final warning.


Dave turned away from the front door, walking the perimeter of the house around to where the driveway curved into the garage.

The jeep was gone.

It had just registered in the corner of his eye as he marched up to the door, but it took a few moments for him to realize what it meant. He held his face up against the garage window, even though the vehicle was always outside in good weather.

Just the Lexus. Nothing else.

Sam ALWAYS drove the jeep. He loved it, even though it was old and he could afford much nicer vehicles. Tina, on the other hand, couldn’t stand the thing as a general principle. She thought it was too rough, the seats uncomfortable. She wouldn’t have driven it off….

Shit, he thought. Sam wasn’t even there. And that meant Sharon wasn’t either.

He looked back in the garage. Tina’s purse, often left on the small table near the entrance to the house, was gone. Nobody was here. Where would they be, though? He thought for a moment, checking his watch. Too early for supper.

Butterflies took flight in his stomach. How could he stop them if he couldn’t FIND them? For a moment he considered setting up camp right where he was until they returned. But would they return? Sam and Tina were wealthy. They had a little beach house a few hours down the road. They could afford a night in a fancy downtown hotel. They liked to spend time in fancy clubs, coming home late. No, he couldn’t stay here.

Then it hit him. Tina was supposed to be coming over to see HIM later. Even if Sam didn’t drop her off, she would have the number to his emergency cell…the one he only used for clients. The one he ALWAYS HAD WITH HIM.

As long as they called immediately, everything should be fine. Right?


He climbed in the jeep, started it up, and headed home. Everything would be okay. For some reason, the image of Sharon pulling away from a blowjob and hurriedly grabbing a Kleenex, her face squinted up in that slightly-squeamish blanch, entered his mind. And, equally inexplicably, the image was of great comfort.


The first blast flooded her mouth in one long, thick spurt. He practically roared as he came.

She didn’t even have time to think as she swallowed quickly and the next blast started. It was shorter, though still ample, and she was able to keep it in her mouth rather than struggle to keep up. Sam’s orgasm continued to subside into a drawn out series of flexing, gasped spurts that offered far more reasonable amounts of his release. Sharon held his tip in her mouth, eyes locked on his, surprised at the heat and pride of the moment. Surprised to have no trouble with the semen in her mouth, to not have to fight an urge to gag. Surprised to feel sexy and, if anything, more aroused than before.

And, especially, to feel no guilt.

As he sighed contentedly, she made a show of swallowing noisily took a few final pulls from his softening sex, as though hungry to collect all of what he had to offer. She was pleased to see the effect this display had on him. Then she crawled up and laid her head on his chest.

“Wow,” is all he said.

“Mmm, thank you.” She kissed his pec.

“That was the best…I…the best ever.” She smiled. “What about Tina?”

“She’d agree, if she’d seen it.” They both laughed.

They lay for a moment, silently. She thought about his sperm in her belly, tried to remember the last time she’d done that, and suppressed a little burp. She tried to remember a time, any time, when she had enjoyed it that much. Suddenly, unexpectedly, she remembered a boy she’d dated her senior year of high school back in Kansas. A track runner, who had also a bit out of her league as she gained weight throughout the year they dated. But he had on occasion visited family in nearby Nebraska, always returning with some of the fantastic pot his uncle grew. For whatever reason, whenever they got high off that stuff, she had always felt a strong urge to go down on him…and it had always been amazing. Needless to say, he’d made it a point to visit his uncle whenever he could.

She giggled at the memory. That was four years before she’d met David.

Sam stroked her hair and asked, “How do you feel?”

“Great,” she snuggled against him.

“No guilt?”

She stopped, quiet for a moment. “I don’t know,” she said honestly. “But I know I want to continue.”


“Absolutely.” She hoisted herself up on her elbows, and looked at his handsome face. “Anyway, if something goes wrong, Tina will call, right?”


“Good,” she settled back on his chest, twiddling her hair with one finger, and asked mischievously, “Are we going to the beach house?”

“Do you want to?”

“Oh yeah.”

“It’s really more of a cabin,” he reminded her. “It’s not very impressive.”

“Will you be there?”

“Well, that could be arranged I suppose.”

“Then I’m sure I’ll be impressed. What time is it now?”

“Almost two-thirty.”

“Then we can lay here a while longer?”

“If you want to,” he patted her head.

“I am,” she admitted lazily, “most content.”

“Very well,” he grabbed the alarm clock, “we leave in an hour.”


Time past with grueling slowness. Dave’s certainty faded as the sun drew lower on the horizon. He checked the clock, as he had been every five minutes ever since getting home.

Seven o’clock. Jesus. Tina sure was taking her time getting there. What the fuck was the woman doing?

Dave paced anxiously. Finally, the doorbell rang. He rushed to answer.

“Been waiting for me?” Tina winked.

“Get in!” he practically yanked her through the door. “I need your help.”

“Sure,” she said, surprised. “What’s wrong?”

“Can you call your husband for me?”


“Sam. Wherever he is, I need to talk to him RIGHT NOW!”

“Okay, hon, sure. Something up?” She looked nervous, uncertain. It was not a look she wore well. He was reminded again that her beauty was incredibly delicate, seeming to abandon her at just the wrong times.

“I have fucked everything up royally,” he ran his hand through his hair, “but I’m about to fix it. Just call him!”

She pulled her cell phone out and dialed.


Ocean waves roared against the beach. Seagulls sang the great water’s praises, and in the distance ships worked to keep it lit. A row of cabins sat nestled together amongst the large resorts, expensive and elusive yet infinitely humbled by the towers that surrounded them.

Of those cabins, only one offered any light. Some were weekend getaways that not every weekend would share, but most of the others were victims of wealthy indulgence…just toys to be bought that lost their luster as soon as they were acquired. A few were nothing more than something to be casually mentioned at parties and manipulated with accountants. Some of them still received their benefactors with some amount of frequency…every three months, every four. Some hadn’t held a heartbeat in a year.

But the one cradled two heartbeats, close together and getting closer yet. And outside that cabin, on the gravel driveway next to a parked Lexus, Sam Price’s emergency phone rang unheard where it had fallen when he climbed out of the car.


“No answer again.” Between Dave’s strange behavior and her husband’s failure to answer the one line he always answered, Tina was getting more anxious with every second. “Can you just tell me what’s going on?”

“Where are they?” Dave asked instead, returning to his pacing.

“Dave! Dammit!”

“I never touched you!” he roared suddenly, turning on her. She backed away, but he made no move to attack. Instead, he sighed and fell into the armchair behind him. “At the party. I never touched you. You were drunk. I held your hair while you puked and I put you to bed, because I realized I’d made a mistake. The whole thing. A mistake. I couldn’t go through with it. So I broke up their little make-out session and I wish it had ended there.”

She stared, realization sinking in. “You mean we never…”


“And you pushed me away when I tried to…oh, God, Dave. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know. THEY don’t know. You have to believe it.”

“I know it,” he pointed at the letter from that morning. Tina recognized it; she’d seen it written.

“They’re at the beach house,” she said, half-collapsing onto the couch.

“Call that number, then!”

“We don’t have a landline there.”

“Why isn’t he answering his fucking cell?!?” He pounded on the armrest, looking small and helpless.

“I can only think of one reason,” she half-whispered.

He stared at her, his jaw clenched. “Then let’s go.”

“It’s almost two hours drive.” She put her head down on her hands, almost crying. “God, I’m so sorry. It’s my fault.”

“It’s not. It’s mine. Now let’s GO. I’ll drive.”

“Dave…it’ll be 9:30 before you ever even arrive. It’ll almost certainly be too late.”

“You don’t know that.”

“I do! I know my husband, and…” she buried her head in her hands, “I know your wife is going to go through with it all because I helped her talk herself into it.”

“We have to try. You have to try. For me.”

She nodded. “Okay.”


“That was delicious,” Sharon said, as she rinsed her plate.

“Thank you. It’s nothing special, really…Tina taught me.” Sam came up behind her, and she snuggled back against him. The whole drive down, as they’d talked and laughed, she was struck by how intense their connection was becoming. She knew she should be worried about that, just as she should be worried about how her husband would respond when he learned that she’d swallowed Sam’s semen, that it had been in her belly. Or wherever else it may end up before the night was over.

She giggled to herself, and his firm hands rubbed her shoulders.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

“I guess I’m just excited,” she said, not worried at all. She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I didn’t expect to feel this…way about you.”

“I know what you mean,” for a moment, a sadness past over his features. Then it was gone.

She bit her lip. “Should we be afraid of this?”

He stroked her hair. “Yes. But I’m not.”

“No, me neither. Tomorrow?”


She shrugged it off. “Maybe. Right now I don’t think I can feel anything but want.”

They kissed, and his hands slipped underneath her shirt.


“How much further?”

“Forty minutes. At the speed limit.”

“Goddamn it!” Dave was definitely not going the speed limit. But still he felt it wasn’t fast enough.

For the first half hour of the drive they’d talked, sorting out the errors and miscommunications that had led them to this moment. Even for casual swinger Tina, a taste of jealousy emerged from the thought of the one-sided affair they were now desperate to stop. Worse, she feared that she may have helped in the downfall of her best friend’s marriage.

Now, they only spoke of how much further they had to go. Each one prayed silently that they’d get there before it was too late.


Sharon fell onto the bed, bare but for her panties. She watched hungrily as Sam lifted his shirt over his head.

Wow, she thought, watching his body’s movements. He unbuttoned his pants but left them on as he climbed over her. Hands found the back of her neck and cupped her right hip. Lips found the base of her neck. She hummed and craned her head to the side, offering her throat as though to a vampire. The mix of lust, anticipation, and pleasure was euphoric, more so as his kisses dropped below her collarbone and his fingers began tracing up her thigh.


“You’ll really piss me off if you get us both killed, Dave!” Tina clung to her seatbelt as the car turned the corner so hard, it seemed destined to roll.

“Now where?” he asked, ignoring the comment. So close, now. So close.

“In four more blocks you’ll take a left.”

“And then?”

She looked over at him. “Maybe ten minutes.”



His tongue, at last, stopped teasing and made contact.

Sharon gasped, arms flying out seeking resistance of any kind, as his lips and tongue began exploring her sex. One hand found the wall, palm pressing hard against it. The other gripping the headboard above her. Her entire body moved like the waves on the ocean. Legs that might have tentatively opened any other time had spread easily, and her calves now spasmed in tiny kicks. A low moan escaped her, and as his tongue expertly massaged her softest spots her first rippling orgasm spread through her.

Leaving the headboard, her hand dropped down to rest on the back of his head, which was dipped between her legs as though in worship.


“Come on, Mike. He’s with me,” Tina begged.

“Sorry, ma’am. Community rules. No vehicles in after eight.”

Dave stared blankly, face red with rage. “I’m going fucking in,” he said quietly.

This is the first in a series of stories based on my relationship with Jennifer, a co-worker and married mother of two with whom I had a long-distance affair for several years.

It was late and the evening air in south Florida was warm and muggy, and the club was teeming with co-workers out blowing off steam after a long day of meetings. I was wearing shorts, one of my favorite Nat Nast shirts, and flip-flops, and in spite of my dress, I was still a little sweaty. I was squeezed in between folks, leaning over the edge of the bar trying to get the bartender’s attention, and next to me was an attractive woman, with a come-to-me-big-boy smile and a twinkle in her eye. The club was very loud, and I practically shouted out “Hey, I’m Dave, from San Francisco.”

She said “Hi, I’m Jennifer, your company librarian.”

“Oh, so you’re Jennifer. You’ve been a great help to me,” I said. “So where are the glasses?” I asked, my tone mockingly serious.

“Only in the library,” she said playfully.

The annual company meeting was always a raucous affair, bringing together hundreds of employees from across the country for three days of meetings, training, and lots of evening fun. There wasn’t much competition between offices, so we worked with folks from offices across the country, and this was the case for Jennifer and me. We had talked on the phone and e-mailed countless times as she had helped me by track down articles and other publications needed for analyses I performed for my clients. She was always helpful and friendly, but not too chatty, which I appreciated.

Jennifer is an attractive mid-40′s dirty blond, about 5’4″ tall, 115 pounds, emerald eyes, and, as I learned that night, a great throaty laugh, a kinky side, and an ass to absolutely die for that she likes to show off. She is married and has two boys, one in high school and one in college. I am single, in my late 30′s, 6′ tall and about 225 pounds. I have a full head of brown hair, hazel eyes, and an athletic build.

The club was pulsating with music, and the floor was packed with colleagues—young and old, single and married—that were playing like sailors that just got off a six-month mission at sea. Jennifer and I drank and danced for an hour or so, and she was very flirtatious and loved to wiggle her sweet ass. During one slow song, I played a little grab-ass with her, and she delightfully rewarded me by grinding her hips into me and pressing her crotch into my thigh.

At last call, I asked, “Would you like to grab a cab instead of waiting for the shuttle bus?”

She responded, “Of course.”

Her eyes were on fire and had that knowing look of a woman who was focused on getting what she wanted.

The cab ride back to the hotel wasn’t even 10 minutes, but it seemed like forever. We were awash in that strong sexual tension that makes every minute seemed to move like an hour.

Besides the main original hotel, there were several newer buildings behind the hotel that had larger, more private rooms where she was staying. After leaving the cab we started walking and I playfully asked, “So what do you want to do?”

She responded by turning to me, with that fire in her eyes, and reached up to kiss me and reached down to rub my cock through my jeans.

“I always have a little fun each year at the meeting, and you’re going to be my fun this year,” she whispered.

She told me her roommate wasn’t arriving until tomorrow, so off we went to her room. The anticipation was killing me, I was on edge, and all I could think of was ravaging her. Once inside her room, we fell to the bed kissing and groping like there was no tomorrow. Mouths and tongues and hands were a blur: kissing, swirling tongues, sucking her tongue, feeling the intense heat emanating from her. My cock was hard as iron, straining for release, and her hands were raking through my hair.

We peeled our clothes off and felt the immediate adrenaline rush from our intertwined naked bodies. I rolled her onto her back and started tonguing her hard, tender nipples, taking one into my mouth, gently sucking it, then swirling my tongue around and around, then gently biting and tugging it. I had another hand pressed against her warm mound, feeling her vast wetness. She was panting and running her fingers through my hair, and her thigh was rubbing my hard, dripping cock.

“Oh, yeah, suck it,” she whispered breathlessly.

Devouring her, I pushed her swollen breasts together, and tonguing both nipples at the same time, and then went back and forth from one to the other, driving her to the edge of ecstasy. Her moaning intensified and I could feel her nails pressing into my back and her hips starting to buck. Encouraged by her erotic responses, I swung one leg over her, straddling her, and lifted my head up. Looking into her molten eyes, I began to gently knead her aching, swollen breasts.

My cock was dripping onto her tummy and I slowly slid it back and forth as I rolled and tugged her nipples.

I said, “You’re a dirty girl, Jennifer.”

“Yes, I know” she said.

Increasing the intensity of the nipple play, I asked, “Have you always been a dirty girl?”

“I am a very dirty girl and I just don’t know how I got to be this way” she said playfully.

“Are all librarians like you?” I asked.

“You didn’t know it was part of the trade?” she asked.

I continued to knead her breasts and work her nipples, rolling and tugging them a bit harder.

“Oh God, oh God, make me cum,” she pleaded.

I slowed down the nipple play and put saliva on my hands and started rubbing her breasts more gently.

“I’m going to have my way with you, dirty girl,” I said.

She opened her eyes and looked at me and said submissively, “You can do anything you want. Anything.”

“Ok, dirty girl, suck my cock,” I said.

I laid down and she got down on her knees between my legs, took ahold of my swollen cock, looked up and me and said “You make me feel like a dirty slut,” as she engulfed my hard wet cock, her mouth sliding up and down as she gently twisted her hand.

‘Oh my fucking God’ was all I could think as I watched her go to town on my cock, the intense sensations percolating into unbridled lust.

She sucked my cock like she hadn’t had one for ages or it was one of her most favorite things in the world. She looked up at me proudly, her eyes smiling, and then slid down to my balls and starting licking them. She slathered them with love, and they ached for release.

“Lift your legs up, baby,” she said, sounding like she knew what she wanted.

I lifted my legs up and held them in the air as she lowered her head and started tonguing the sensitive area between my balls and ass as she slowly jerked my cock. Then to my absolute delight she moved to my asshole and starting loving up on it. She rimmed me and slid her tongue in my ass, making love to my backside. Soon thereafter I felt her finger slide into my ass and begin gently rotating, which would have made me blow my load except for the fact that I had to piss and the alcohol had numbed things a bit.

After another minute or so she she swung herself around into a 69 so her glorious hot pussy was on my mouth. Her soaking wet pussy was hot and tasted clean and musky. I swirled my tongue around her swollen clit…around and around and around. She had taken my entire cock into her mouth and was sucking me urgently and passionately.

After a couple of minutes, she got off me, turned around, scooted up so she was kneeling over my face, reached down, spread her pussy open and said, “Eat me, baby, I want to watch.”

I slowly swirled my tongue around and around her clit, and she urged me on with dirty talk. Her hands were on her breasts, kneading them, rubbing her nipples. Her breath became very short, her legs squeezed my chest, and she started to moan and then cried out as she started to cum. Her legs trembled she came and came and came in a series of short intense orgasms.

“You are a very dirty girl,” I told her, my face soaked with her wetness

“Of course I am,” she said. She reached back to stroke my cock that had softened up a bit, but I told her I needed to pee. I got off the bed and told her to come with me into the bathroom.

“Kneel on the floor, nasty girl,” I told her.

She got down on her knees, her face just inches from my cock, and looked up at me. She was radiant, and everything in her submissive and knowing eyes told me that she was mine and that she would do everything I told her to do. Power and lust were rushing through me, I was breathing heavily, and I was completely focused on the moment.

“Open your mouth,” I told her.

Maintaining her eyes on mine, she opened her mouth, and I asked, “What am I going to do to you, dirty girl?”

“Piss in my mouth,” she said.

I asked, “And what are you going to do with my piss?”

Looking up at me, she swallowed, and then cast her eyes down, and said, “Swallow it.”

“Look up at me, slut,” I said.

Holding my cock, looking down at her, crazy lust in my eyes, I slowly peed into her mouth, and then stemmed the tide.

“Close your mouth and swallow it,” I said.

She swallowed that mouthful, and then we repeated the perverse, degrading act two more times.

I asked, “Do you like my piss, dirty girl?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Then hold your hands together,” I told her.

I filled her cupped hands up with my warm piss and then said, “Rub it all over yourself.”

She looked at me with half-shut eyes as she rubbed it all over her tits and tummy. And then one of her hands fell to her pussy and she started rubbing herself.

“I’ve never been so turned on,” she said submissively.

As she brought herself off, I emptied myself all over her tits, the warm piss running down between her legs.

I was crazed with lust, seeming to be in unparalleled state of mind. I started stroking my cock, and it quickly became hard, engorged with a life of its own.

“Fuck me,” she said.

I told her “Come on, dirty girl, get up, face the mirror, and pooch your ass out.”

I admired her beautiful backside and knew it was mine to take. Positioning myself behind her, I grasped my hard-on and slid it into her buttery pussy and slowly, very slowly started fucking her. Her pussy felt like a warm velvet glove. In the mirror, I could see her flushed face awash in pleasure as I fucked her.

Looking in her eyes as I pumped her slowly, I told her “You’re a very dirty girl and I’m going to fuck you all weekend.”

“Yes,” she whispered, barely able to get the word out of her mouth.

I increased the tempo, pumping her faster and faster, holding her hips as she braced herself and pushed back into me. I was out of my mind with lust as I watched her in the mirror, changing the tempo and watching how she responded. She was moaning loudly and pleading almost incoherently, “Fuck me, baby. Fuck me. Fuck me.”

I continued a nice slowing fucking and she was gently rolling her head, tossing her hair to and fro.

I asked, “Has your husband ever fucked your ass?”

“No, he’s way too big,” she said.

I asked “Is that so?”

Leaning in to her, whispering near her ear “Do you want me to fuck your ass, dirty girl?” I asked.

She submissively said, “You can do anything you want.”

Continuing the slow fucking, I wet my thumb and slid it into her ass, feeling my hard cock sliding in and out. Sliding my thumb in and out in cadence with my cock pistoning in and out of her, she started moaning louder and louder.

“Well, I think my cock will fit nicely” I said, as withdrew from her pussy and pressed my cock against her ass.

She moved her hips down a little, reorienting herself, and pooched out her ass some more, and then I started slowly feeding my hard cock into her warm asshole. She held herself still, pushing back as I fed every inch into her, holding her hips until I was buried inside. I held my cock in her, reached up and started gently kneading her swollen tits, and then started kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Oh, Christ,” she muttered as she started rotating her ass.

Watching her, taking her hips in my hands, I began fucking her sweet ass at a nice slow and steady pace. She was moaning softly, and then she got louder as I change speeds and altered the tempo. Slowly pulling all the way out, then plunging back in.

Jennifer’s moans turned into grunts, and she braced herself against the wall as I fucked her ass urgently. She felt so damn good. Her ass was so warm and tight. Breathing very heavily, I felt that familiar tingling, then heard the moans coming from deep within me and erupted into her ass, buried deep as I emptied myself. Jennifer stayed pressed against me as her panting subsided and her breath came back to her.

After pulling out of her, my cum began to oozing out of her ass. I scooped some up, leaned forward, brought my hand to her mouth, and whispered, “You’re a dirty fucking girl. Eat my cum.”

She opened her mouth and engulfed my fingers, sucking and licking my thick load. She turned around, looked at me, and said, “That was incredible.”

We had enjoyed ourselves tremendously. And that was Thursday night of the company meeting, and we didn’t depart until Sunday afternoon. Hooty hoot! What a weekend it was!

This evening was the beginning of a very hot, long-standing affair with the sweetest and dirtiest woman I have known. I will add sequels about other times that Jennifer and I got together. I hope you enjoyed the story and please send me your feedback.

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