Some say familiarity breeds contempt. I say it opens the door to sexual adventure. How many neighbors end up fucking just because they have gotten to know the person and don’t feel they are a threat? ENJOY!!

I was sitting on my patio enjoying an adult beverage when my neighbor’s wife appeared on their patio. She was wearing some of those mid-thigh lengths, loose fitting jersey shorts, a T-shirt and tennis shoes with no socks. Her hair was done up in a ponytail and she wearing a very old baseball cap. I’ll call her Ann. Ann is 50ish and in reasonably good shape. Her legs are full and long, her belly has a slight pooch, her breasts are full, maybe 38C. As most of us do in later life, she was developing a pear shape.

She and her husband have been living next door to me for about 15 years. I had watched their kids grow up and leave. Her husband, Allen, is a fishing nut and takes off most weekends to fish somewhere. I’ve gone with him a few times. Besides fishing tackle, fish and pussy, Ann was one of the topics of conversation. Basically the sex had gone out of their marriage. After 30 years of marriage, they were more very good friends then husband and wife. From our conversations, I gleaned that she was once a great sex partner, but that after having and raising three kids, she lost interest.

This weekend he was off doing his fishing thing, Ann was going to mow the grass for the first time. It was late April and we had lots of rain so the grass was high and thick. She waved and we exchanged pleasantries. She disappeared into their garage. I walked inside to replenish my glass. The tinkle of ice cubes splashing into my glass was drowned out by the roar of Ann’s lawnmower.

I walked back out on my patio, sat down and watched her struggle as she tried to push the mower threw the thick grass. It was obvious she had it set too low. I walked over and told her to shut the lawnmower off. I explained to her that with the grass this high she needed to set the mower to cut higher and she might have to make two passes. I knelt and began adjusting the wheels upward. She knelt across from me and chatted as I struggled getting the wheels up and to the same height. I glanced up and noticed that her jersey shorts had tightened around her pussy as she knelt. I saw a nice camel toe outlined by sweat marks on her crotch. Instant hard on! I must have been staring.

“Can you do that while looking at me?”

“No I can’t! You’d better move so I can concentrate!” l laughed.

Now we had previous little double entendre conversations. Over the years, it had become part of our little flirtation. Even Allen got in on it. But a little gentle probing over the years back had revealed that they were not in the swinging life style and just saw me as their safe older neighbor.

Ann went back to mowing. I made no pretense of not watching her. The shirt and shorts were soaked and clinging to every curve. Occasionally, the shorts would ride into the crack of her ass. She’d reached back and pull them out. For whatever reason, watching this pre senior soaking wet with sweat mowing her lawn was turning me on.

She finished the first pass with the mower. She knelt to adjust the height, looked over at me and raised both hands in the air in exasperation. I hollered for her to wait a minute, ran in and grabbed a beer for her. While she took big gulps of the ice cold beer, I knelt and adjusted the cutting height. She was standing on the other side of the mower. The wet jersey material had pulled the shorts up into her pussy. The mound and split of the vulva was clearly outlined. Again she caught me.

“Look, she said, are you going to adjust the mower or voyeur this old grey haired woman!”

“I’m doing both. I’m enjoying the view!”

She looked down, saw the shorts clinging to her pussy and began pulling them loose. As she grabbed the legs of the loose fitting shorts and pulled on them, I got a brief look at her hairy pussy!

“Hey, I said, be careful! Your husband is out of town and I’m between girlfriends. Stop teasing this old man. “

I stood. She laughed and handed me the empty bottle.

“What makes you think I’m teasing!”

I laughed. She restarted the mower and began mowing the grass again. In about an hour she was finished. She glistened with sweat. The shorts and shirt were matted to her body.

“Hey I’m finished, do you mind getting me another one of those cold beers?”

I waved and walked in to get the beer. I hesitated and added a healthy tall glass of Bacardi Select and rum for both of us. When I got back outside she had pulled up a chair opposite mine. I handed her the beer and the glass of rum and coke.

“Whoa, she said, I don’t know if I can handle all of that! Besides, are you trying to get me drunk and take advantage of me? “

“Certainly!” I said laughing.

She laughed along with me. She took a deep pull on the beer. When she sat it down it was half gone. She did the same to the rum. She crossed her legs and we began some meaningless chit chat about the village, her kids and Allen. The cool evening breeze dried the shorts some and the legs drooped. Her pussy was on display. I stole quick glances as we chatted. She drained the beer and the rum. She held both up questioningly. I grabbed the empties and went in for refills.

We sipped our fresh drinks and chatted. It was obvious to me that she knew I could see up her shorts and was having fun with it. Finally I said,

“Look just take the damn things off and let me get a good look!”

We both howled. She drained the beer and rum. She stood.

“I need to clean out the grass from the bottom of the mower. I don’t want to hear Allen’s mouth!”

A few minutes later, her head appeared from the garage door.

“Could you give me a hand here?” she said.

I walked over. She was trying to get the mower on its side to clean it. We struggled and get it on its side. We were both sweating. She threw an old blanket on the floor, lay on her side and started scraping grass from under the mower. The pants drooped gain and her pussy was on display again. I could see the thick red/grey bush. It was wet and matted to her pussy such that I could see her pussy lips.

“I’ve been finished down here for a few minutes, but I’m enjoying you looking at me.”

I moved to the edge of the blanket and knelt on one knee.

“Well, I may as well get a good look since I’ve been caught!” I laughed.

She lay there quietly well as I stared at her pussy. I slowly took one hand and ran it up one leg of her shorts. She shivered as I traced the outline of her pussy lips with a finger. I slowly pushed the finger into her pussy. She was so wet my finger slipped right in. She gasped and I could hear a slight whistling sound as she took a deep breath. I added my thumb to her clit and slowly finger fucked her while I massaged her clit. It was over in a minute. Her back arched, she grabbed my hand and screamed oh fuck as she came all over my hand. She didn’t squirt but just oozed copious amounts of juices.

I pulled my hand out of her shorts. It was covered in the clearish, whiteish juices of her pussy. She looked around a little wild eyed.

“Oh my god we shouldn’t have down that!” she cried.

I stared her right in the eyes, stuck my fingers in my mouth and licked her juices from my hand. They tasted salty and sweet since they were mixed with her sweat. I could see the shock/lust on her face. I reached my hand out and rubbed it across her lips. At first she moved her head away and to the side. I persisted, placing one finger on her lips. I felt and saw her tongue lick my finger. Then she held my hand and licked all of her remaining juices from my hand. We both stood.

“I’ll have another drink ready for us after you shower.”

I turned and walked back across her yard to my patio. It was fully dark now. I fixed two more drinks and got 2 more beers.

I could make out Ann’s shape as she moved toward my patio. As she moved into the light from my family room, I saw she was wearing a flowered halter top with pink shorts. Her nails were done in that same shade of pink. The slight pooch of her belly added certain sexiness to her full figure. She was by no means a BBW. She was a full figured woman in her 50′s.

She sat down and grabbed the beer. In one gulp, she drained half the beer. She picked up the rum and coke and did the same thing!

“We need to talk!” she said.

I winced a little. Here we go with the guilt and the I’ve-never-done-anything-like-that-before. I was beginning to worry if she would tell Allen.

“I owe you a hand job or even a good blowjob for getting an old lady off like that!”

I laughed, a lot relieved.

“No payback necessary! It was an impromptu moment that probably shouldn’t have happened.”

“Fuck that, she said, it probably should have happened a long time ago!”

She took the pillow from the chair and dropped it on the concrete of the patio. She knelt on the pillow, opened my pants and pulled out my hardening dick. She licked the head lightly. Ann looked up and said,

“It’s been a while since I sucked a cock so if I do something wrong tell me!”

She took an ice cube from the glass and put it in her mouth. She swallowed my dick with the ice cube in her mouth. The sensation of cold ice and warm mouth was mind blowing. She started a slow bobbing of her head up and down. The melting ice was running out of the sides of her mouth and down my balls. My ass was lifting off the seat from the warm/cold sensations.

Up and down she bobbed, making little popping sounds sometimes on the upstroke when my cock popped out of her mouth. Soon, all too soon, I felt that sensation in my prostrate, that tingling in my balls that meant I was close to cumming. I managed to tell her. She just nodded and kept sucking. I unloaded in her mouth! Squirt after squirt pulsed from my cock into her mouth. Gamely she tried to swallow it all. But it was too much. Some cum began to run out of the corners of her mouth. Then she gagged and started coughing. Holding my semi hard dick in one hand she wiped my cum from her mouth as she continued coughing. Just as I was getting concerned, she leaned over and licked the cum drops from the head of my cock.


“Like I said, it’s been a few years since I sucked a cock but I used to be pretty good at it!”

“You still are!”

“Well, she said, I need to get inside but Allen doesn’t get back until Sunday. We’ll have to see what else we can do. “

She took my cock into her mouth, sucked it briefly, and then she got up and walked back to her home.


I was awakened by the persistent ringing of the phone. A little groggy, I glanced over at the clock. It was 2:30 a.m.! What the fuck! I grabbed the phone and yelled hello into it. The voice on the other end said hello. It took a second, and then I realized it was Ann.

“Is something wrong?”

“No, she said, I couldn’t get to sleep and wondered if you were up.”

“I’m up now!”

“Could we talk?”


“This was a bad idea, I’m sorry I called.” She hung up.

I was fully awake now. I sat on the bed for a few minutes. Then I got my phone book, looked up their number and called Ann back. She answered almost immediately.

“Talk to me!”

Somewhere in the back of my mind was the cold fear that she had finally had the guilt reaction. Her husband was a hunter too!

“Can I come by for a minute?”

A conversation about the time, the propriety of her visit, the neighbors, etc., etc. was bubbling in my mind.

“Sure, but come through the patio door. Let me turn off the motion sensor lights first.”

A few minutes later she was standing in my family room right off the patio. She had on a neck to ankles robe, bunny slippers and a confused look. She had been thinking about what happened. She had no regrets. But she wanted more! She explained that for years she had no sex. Occasionally, when Allen was away, she’d lie in bed and finger herself to orgasm. She went on to say that she and Al hadn’t had sex in over 4 years. She had reached the point where she thought she didn’t need it anymore. But after what happened this afternoon, she knew she did.

I was mentally going through my conversational options when she sank to her knees and grabbed my cock. I made a halfhearted attempt to stop her. Then that same warm mouth was enveloping my cock. She sucked me hard, hungrily. I grabbed her head in both my hands.

“Easy, Ann, easy, I’m not going anywhere.”

Her robe fell open. She was naked. I pushed her to the floor. I roughly spread her legs and buried my face in her pussy. I nibbled on her clit while my fingers found the G-spot. In minutes her back was arched, her ass off the floor and I felt a wetness moving down my chin. I didn’t stop. Using one hand I pushed my shorts down. With my fingers still in her pussy, I turned and offered her my cock 69 style. She inhaled it! I kept sucking her clit and finger fucking her while she sucked greedily on my cock. Twice more I felt her cum. Finally I felt that tingle that meant I was cumming. I unloaded into her mouth. Her back arched as she came again. I rolled over and lay next to her, head to feet.

She set up. Her face was covered in my cum. It was in her hair, on her eyebrows and dripping from her chin.

“You are a mess!” I chortled while she used her hand to wipe cum from her face. I watched as she licked my cum from her hands. Her eyes never left mine.

She leaned over and kissed me. I could taste the saltiness of my cum on her lips. I glanced at the clock. It was just short of 3:15 a.m.

“Can we fuck now?” she said coyly.

We stood up. Somehow she still had on her bunny slippers. I pulled off my sweaty shirt, took her hand and started upstairs. As I reached back to turn out the light, she walked pass me and started up the stairs. That fabulous full ass was at mouth level. I kissed her on her ass and then lightly bit it. She yelped, tries to run up the stairs and slipped. I lay down on top of her. She parted her legs slightly and my semi hard cock slid right into her soaking wet pussy. I slowly moved in and out of her pussy. She started a slow low pitched moan. She kept that up for a few minutes. The sound of her sloppy wet pussy making squishy sounds filled the air. Suddenly she started to giggle.

I stop, bewildered.

“What??” I said!

“Is that me? Is my pussy making all of those sounds?”

“Yes, you slut, that’s your pussy making all that noise!” I laughed.

She pushed me off her and ran up the last few stairs and into the bedroom. I pushed her down on the bed on her belly and entered her again. She rose to her knees. I got a firm grip on her hips and repeatedly pulled her ass back to my dick. She was almost screaming.

“Oh my god, fuck me, fuck me!!”

I took one hand placed it on her ass and slowly slipped my thumb in her asshole. She must have jumped 6 feet. I pressed my thumb hard into her ass and kept a slow steady rhythm with my cock in her pussy.

“Please, please, please!” She kept saying that over and over.

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear:

“Should I stop?”

She slowly shook her head. I began moving my thumb in and out of her ass. Slowly at first then with more power she began thrusting her ass back against my cock in her pussy and thumb in her ass. The flesh hitting flesh sound filled the air. She made animal sounds deep in her throat. This late middle aged suburban housewife was returning to her roots: a cock loving sexual animal! I felt her wetness as she came.

She collapsed forward on the bed.

“Allen has never touched my ass!” she whispered breathlessly.

“How did it feel?”

“It hurt a little, she uttered, but at the same time it was the fullest feeling I have ever had!”

We were laying spoon fashion on my bed. I reached behind me and got my bottle of lube. I squirted some on my hand and my cock. I slowly eased a lubed finger into her ass. I could feel her sphincters tighten as my finger penetrated deep in her ass.

“Does that hurt?”

She nodded her head.

“But don’t stop!”

For the next few minutes I finger fucked her ass. Periodically I would add more lube. Finally I added more lube to my cock. She grunted as I pulled my finger out. I slid over closer. I pressed my cock against her ass. I could feel her ass muscles tighten. I stopped. I felt her relax and I pressed my cock against her ass. She raised her leg slightly, offering me easier access.

I pressed the head of my cock against her ass. Just the tip of the head went in. I stopped and waited. I felt her ass muscles relaxing. I pushed the head of my cock in. There was a sharp intake of breath. She reached back and pressed the palm of her hand against my thigh, my signal to stop. We lay there a few minutes. I played with her tits and assured her that we would stop anytime she wanted. I squirted more lube on the exposed portion of my cock and on her asshole. Slowly, I eased more of my cock in. Surprisingly, I felt her push back against my cock. The effect was to drive half my cock into her ass. I began a slow in and out. She kept up a low moan.

“Oh my god…oh jesus…ahhhhh…oh fuck!”

“Does it hurt?” I asked.

“Yes, she whimpered, but it feels so good. Don’t stop!”

I had maybe 3/4 of my cock in her ass. I kept up a constant in and out rhythm. She began to match my rhythm and she picked up the speed. Soon I was pounding her ass hard and she was thrusting her ass back to receive each thrust. I smacked her ass hard. She yelped and thrust back hard.

“Move your ass!” I urged her on, repeated slapping her ass repeatedly. My slaps rang like pistol shots in the confines of my bedroom.

“Don’t stop! God please…don’t stop!”

I felt that tingle that said I was about to cum. I picked up the pace. She was thrusting her ass back hard against my cock. She screamed as we started to cum together. With each spurt, I thrust hard into her ass. She matched each of my thrusts with one of her own.

We lay in the bed spent. The room was filled with odor of sex. I glanced at the clock. It was 4:30 a.m.

I smacked her ass playfully.

“You better get up. In an hour or so people will start to stir, getting ready for work or whatever.”

She didn’t want to be seen in her robe leaving my house! We walked down the steps together nude, her bunny slippers in her hand. I picked up her robe off the floor and handed it to her. She slipped into her robe and put on her slippers. Just before she left, we kissed. I watched her run across the grass to her patio door.

Allen got home about noon. He called and told me to come over for my part of his catch. I had on some sweat pants and a tee. I put on some flip flops and walked the short distance to his patio door. I knocked and heard a muffled sound which I assumed was come in. Their kitchen was at the top of the stairs. Ann was there in a knee length T-shirt, cleaning fish. She turned, looked at me and smiled.

“Excuse my appearance, she said, but it’s easier to clean the fish this way and then just toss this into the washer.”

“And she has nothing on under that shirt. Want to see?”

Allen grabbed the bottom of her shirt and tried to pull it up. He got it about ass high before she smacked him with a freshly cleaned fillet. He laughed and started down the stairs to the family room.

“Come on down, he said, I’ll buy you a beer, and tell you about the one that got away!”

I started down.

“Shit I got to take a piss, Get a beer and turn on the TV, there’s a game on.”

He ducked in the bathroom. Behind me Ann cleared her throat. I turned. Ann had a devilish grin on her face. She pulled her shirt up around her waist. I laughed, stuck out my tongue and continued downstairs. I thought that Allen’s future fishing trips were going to be very interesting!

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