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Chapter 2

Graduation day comes and Ally and I wait on her parents to find us in the mass of black gowns with grey hoods. My parents couldn’t make graduation; my little brother had a soccer game. Same excuse they gave when they bailed on my white coat ceremony, college graduation, and high school graduation. I don’t think my little brother even plays soccer any more. He is their one hope for a successful progeny at this point. In my parents’ mind, anything I achieve will always be overshadowed by the fact that I am a fag.

Ally introduced me to her close knit family soon after we met our freshman year of college. Ally and her younger sister act more like best friends than sisters and their parents shower them both with love and support. The family comes up every football weekend to tailgate and pamper their oldest daughter, bringing supplies, beer, and a feast of home cooked food. Ally’s parents have since adopted me as ‘the son they never had.’

“So, Dr. Harvey, what shall we do to celebrate the ending of an era?” Ally says in her best British accent.

“Well, Dr. Love, I believe we have an outstanding date with The Duck!”

The Duck is an old run down bar outside city limits. It is the kind of place that gives away free samples of Skoal on Tuesdays but brings in great local bands on the weekends. And because of some stroke of genius, they sell ‘membership’ cards outside for two dollars to get in, making it a private club, not a bar. It stays open till everyone leaves instead of closing down at two like all the other bars in town. Ally and I have gone to The Duck after finals every semester since we turned twenty-one.

Ally’s parents reach us at that time. After a round of hugs and well wishes, we separate for a few hours to allow Ally some private time with her family. I head home to change. We have plans to meet before the bar at eleven.


After a few hours of cheap beer and loud 80′s cover band, I stumble out of The Duck. My ears are ringing and I feel more tipsy than I should. Damn vet school, made me a light weight. I look at my phone.


Well, fuck. Apparently Ally has become a light weight as well. And now I have no ride home.

I need to remember to call her tomorrow. Ally has always had a loose stance on sex, similar to my own. Be careful, use protection, but if it is consensual, it is good. We keep up with each other and make sure the other is safe in the morning. Other than that, we refrain from judging each other’s decisions.

I live about two miles from The Duck so I start to head home walking alongside the main drag through town. Our graduation is the day after the undergrads’, so it is a pretty quiet night. Only the hard core frat boys and locals are still in town tonight. After a few cat calls from speeding trucks passing dangerously close I start to regret letting Ally out of my sight.

I am busy muttering to myself a list of tortures and embarrassments I have planned for Ally when I glance up and notice my wet dream coming down the walk way ten feet in front of me, a cigarette glowing orange between his lips while he eyes my disheveled state. My jaw drops open and my mouth is suddenly dry as I take in the man who has occupied my fantasies for weeks. I rock back on my heels in an uncoordinated attempt to stop.

Holy shit! It’s Beautiful Blue Eyes! I never thought I would see him again. I must make him mine! Just be cool, Mike. You got this, buddy.

“You know those things will kill you, right?”

Awesome, Mike, nag the man into fucking you. This is why you haven’t been laid in four years.

Bill smirks at me while shrugging his shoulders. “Not likely.”

God, can I please lick those shoulders. Please, just once?

“Cigarette smoking causes about 20% of the deaths in the US each year, not a very safe pastime there.”

Fuck Mike! Shut up! Shut up now!

Bill, sighs as he throws the half smoked cigarette to the pavement and grinds the butt with his heel. He changes the subject before I can further enumerate the dangers of smoking. “Do you need a ride somewhere?”

“If you’re not busy, that would be nice. Thank you.” I stare with round eyes and a cock that has taken the time to fight past the alcohol and stand at half-mast. As I hop in his large white 4×4 F250 parked half a block down the street, I have a momentary thought that this is how B movie murder mysteries start. Friends see drunk woman picked up by man outside bar and is found in the ditch the next morning. I would be the woman in this case, and there are no friends to see me get in the truck.

I direct Bill the last mile to my small one bedroom apartment. As I slide out of the truck, I misjudge the distance to the ground and end up in a giggling pile outside the door.

Oh fuck me, this night couldn’t get any better. Why not end with me on my ass in front of Hottie McHottieson.

Bill grabs my upper arms and pulls me to my feet. “Easy does it. Which one are you in?”

I point to the second floor, apartment 201. Bill stays by my side as I get my keys in the lock and open the door. My apartment is filled with second hand furniture pulled together with yard sell finds and clearance items. It may not look like much, but I am proud of the final product considering the budget. Thank god I cleaned the house yesterday. Bill guides me to the couch and helps me pull off my sneakers while keeping one hand on my left calf. I stare at his eye as they run over my slumped form.

“Thanks, I didn’t plan on getting wasted this evening.”

He keeps his hands on my knees while he sits back on his heels between my legs. He smiles at me before sighing and standing up. “We’ve all been there.” He turns and walks to the door. “See you around, Mike.”

As Bill closes the door behind him, I start to kicking myself.

Damn it Mike! If you hadn’t gotten sloshed like a damn freshman, this evening would have ended in a massive sex fest. Hottie would have stayed the night, you would have made love till dawn, and then he would have asked you to move in with him because he couldn’t stand the thought of another night without your massive cock. Mother fucking Ally and her damn beer.


The next morning I wake up with the feeling that someone has swabbed my mouth out with a dry cloth. A dry cloth that was previously stuck up the ass of a dying cow. I also feel like my brain is about double the volume of my skull. I stumble to the kitchen for a glass of water and my bottle of Excedrin. I grab a bottle of water left on my counter and chug half the contents before I remember that the bottle shouldn’t have been there in the first place. After a moment’s confusion, my eyes fall on a scrap of paper that appears to once have been connected to my grocery list. Curiosity makes me forget my pounding head as I rotate the scrap around to read the messy scrawl on the paper.

‘Dinner at 8? My place?

Let me know


His number is written below the message.

Oh, fucking hell to the yes!

All thoughts of coffee laced with horse laxatives and flea infested clothing for Ally are immediately replaced with the flowers and chocolates that such a sweet princess as herself deserves.

I have a date!


I am thankful the date is set for so late. Ally and I meet for a late lunch, both nursing hangovers with dark sun glasses over our unforgiving eyes. She tells me about Mr. Right-now, a forgettable romp with a small dick but an amazing body. She falls into a thirty minute tirade of how size doesn’t matter but if it’s small you damn well better put out a bit more effort than last night’s quest. I’m gasping for breath around belly aching laughs by the time she finishes her rant with a pout. We finish the meal while I tell her about the beautiful, mysterious Mr. Davey.

After lunch we head over to my place to pick out the perfect outfit. Something that says ‘Why yes, I would fancy a fuck!’ While not saying ‘I fuck anything that moves.’ We settle on a pale pink button up and a pair of tight jeans that show off my ass to its full advantage.

Ally keeps me company for the few hours remaining before I need to hop in the shower and get ready. At six thirty she heads back to her place to resume packing up her apartment. I am left to stew in my nerves . My mind wonders to my last date almost four years ago. I met some kid on the internet and we decided to meet for dinner and a movie. Five minutes into dinner I was looking for a window to crawl out of. The guy was obviously still deeply in the closet, he didn’t look me in the eye once throughout the date, and he flirted outrageously with the waitress the entire meal. By the time we were finished with our burgers, I was ready to punch the bastard. Unfortunately, my libido got the better of me and I let him give me a blowjob in the back of the theater. What followed was a week of increasingly harassing phone calls and instant messages until finally I had to get the police involved. After that horrible experience, I decided dating was better left alone until I matured a bit and I haven’t been on one since.

By quarter till eight, when I start walking to Bills place, I have almost talked myself into canceling.

He is so out of your league! You’re moving away in a month! You know you don’t have time for a relationship right now! For fuck’s sake, you’re starting a new job in six weeks! Did I mention that he is way out of your league?

My palms are sweating and throat is parched as my eyes dart around me to take in my location. I realize I passed Bill’s house two blocks ago. I stop and take a few deep breaths to prevent myself from running away screaming.

Come on, Mike! Get it together. You can do this. It is like riding a bike, only a lot less uncomfortable. Well, maybe not less uncomfortable. You can do this! Knock on the door, wow him with your suave, and bag that big boy!

I look around at the well-manicured front lawn of the two story antebellum house while I take a moment to clear my mind of any thoughts that might lead to my semi turning into a full blown erection on Bill’s front steps. I ring the doorbell and wait a minute before the front door swings open to reveal a smiling man dressed in black dress slacks and a light blue button up.

“I was wondering if you were going to knock or if you were planning on spending the night on my front porch.” Bill raises his eyebrow as I begin to glow a lovely shade of crimson.

I step inside mumbling the first thing that comes to mind. “Your magnolias are still in bloom.”

Fuck me. I am the biggest dork this town has ever seen!

The house smells divine with the rich warm scent of roasting meat. After the small lunch with Ally, I am ravenous. I follow Bill into the kitchen after accepting a glass of red wine. Bob bounds down the stairs to greet me with a viciously wagging tail and a few licks of my pants leg.

We make small chat about the upcoming college football season, high budget action films, and various other manly topics. I lift my wine glass to my lips only to discover I have already drained the glass. My hand shakes a bit as I return the glass to the counter. A thin sheen of moisture in the shape of my hand is left on the counter when I move to reach for the proffered bottle of wine. I manage a small smile toward Bill as I sip from my second glass of wine.

God, I hope this man really is gay. What if I misread this entire situation? How much of an ass am I going to feel like if he is actually thanking me for bringing his dog back from the brink of death after a scrap of steak gone bad episode?

I begin to list from foot to foot as my stomach is filled with butterflies on five cases of Redbull.

What the holy hell were you thinking? This man is obviously happily married to a beautiful woman. He is too gorgeous to not have a wife. I’m sure at any moment that perfect vision of a woman with huge tits, perfect blond hair, and straight, white teeth will burst through the door with a baby propped on her wide, childbearing hips. And let’s not forget that this man is way out of your league. What the fuck are you doing here?

By the time the roast has been pulled out to rest, my heart is pounding in my ears and any possible words I could add to the conversation are stuck in my throat. Bill pulls two plates out to set the table.

Well, at least I won’t have to eat with Mrs. Perfect-wife.

I devour the meal while Bill watches me with amusement. It looks to me as if he has pushed the food around his plate more than eaten anything. Bob remains firmly positioned under Bills chair throughout dinner. I wonder who feeds Bob from the table?

After dinner we head into the den to admire his entertainment system. Plasma, LCD, LED, I don’t know, but the thing is huge. Stereo speakers are strategically placed around the entire room to give the feel that any explosion on your TV is actually occurring in the room next to you.

Watching a porno on this thing must be an experience. A two foot dick with slurping and slapping sounds in all directions. I think I would like to try that out.

I grin at my inner dialogue only to realize we are silent and Bill is watching me with increasing amusement at I start to pitch a tent in my pants.

I clear my throat and start to plan exit strategies.

Why do I have to be so damn awkward? Why can’t my life play out like a romance novel? Boy meets boy, they fall instantly in love with no strained pauses or weird first dates, they have amazing sex and live happily ever after. Is that really too much to ask for?

While I am worrying about graceful exits, Bill has appeared in front of me. He leans in and pauses close enough so that I can feel the heat of his lips but there is no contact yet.

What is he waiting for? Do it! Oh, please, for the love of all, kiss me!

After an agonizing moment of anticipation, I realize that he is waiting for permission to continue. I close the last bit of distance with a sigh.

Oh, this is amazing. This is much better that talking about football or movies.

My inner self has donned a cheerleader’s outfit to do back handsprings around my mind to the backdrop of fireworks in celebration of this glorious kiss. His lips are soft but slightly cool, like he has just come in from a walk on a winter day. Never mind the fact it is ninety fucking degrees outside. His tongue slips from his mouth to tease my bottom lip. With a shiver, I open my lips to allow a deeper kiss. His hands settle on my hips with a vice like grip so I place my hands on his strong arms to balance myself as the kiss progresses to ‘melt the polar ice caps’ level intensity.

By this time, I am no longer merely pitching a tent. There is enough room under there for a whole city to move in. My cock is rock hard and pressing against my jeans at an angle that is just this side of ‘Oh my god’ pain. A whimper of need escapes me as I let my hands slide up from Bill’s biceps to fasten together behind his neck.

It has been so long since I have had a kiss like this, let’s not even think about the last time I got laid. Oh, I hope I get laid tonight!

I close the distance between us so that our bodies are pressed against each other from our lips to our toes. Hello, Mr. Happy! Bill is most definitely gay and very interested in this kiss. I groan as I feel the hardness of Bills cock rub against mine.

As Bill adjusts the angle of his approach to nibble and lick at my neck I tentatively pull the tails of his shirt out of his pants.

Please don’t stop this, I really need this tonight.

I take the increased vigor of Bill’s attack on my neck as a free pass to continue to undress him.

By the time I have the shirt completely undone and my hands under his white under shirt, Bill has sufficiently marked me with the world’s biggest hickey. Now, I am normally not a fan of walking around with a sign hanging around my neck, or on my neck as the case may be, that says ‘I had sex last night!’ but right now this man could do anything to me and I would be happy, so long as it involved that mouth and my body.

Bill pulls away from me with a feral growl and studies my face. I can feel the flush on my cheeks as I pant with arousal.

“Bedroom?” A man of few words apparently.

I nod quickly.

He grabs my hand and pulls me toward the stairs, pausing at the top for a quick grope and exploration of my mouth.

The bedroom he leads me to is large with dark walls and blackout shades over the two windows on one side. The king sized bed sits between the two windows with blood red sheets and more pillows than seem necessary. A black lacquered dresser and night stand are the only other furniture in the room. A white shag rug covers the hardwood floor giving the room a finished look.

By the time I am done admiring the decorations, Bill is topless with his shoes and socks next to the door and his pants unbuttoned so I can see the plum briefs underneath.

Well, a man shouldn’t have to be half naked alone in his own bedroom!

I quickly join him in his state of undress while he watches me from the bed. After the last shoe is removed in a fast, if not graceful maneuver, I head to the bed to join Bill. He leans back on the pillows as he reaches for my hand to pull me astride him. With my knees on either side of his ribs and my ass firmly planted on his groin, I lean over to continue the probing and sucking we started downstairs.

One of my hands settles on the bed behind his shoulder while the other gently glides over his nipple, a perfect brown nub with an areola about the size of a quarter. I begin to pinch and sooth the little protrusion while his hands message my back and run up into my hair sending shivers and goose bumps down my back. When I move my mouth down to join the fun of nipping and laving his nipples, Bill’s hips begin to grind up into my jean clad erection in time to my ministrations, creating a delicious friction of denim on hard hot skin.

After what seems to be an eternity of petting and grinding, Bill grabs me by the hips and swings me on my back. While overcoming a brief moment of vertigo from the swift change in position, Bill begins to kiss, nip, and lick his way down my chest and stomach, his hands reach into the waistband of my jeans. With one strong graceful sweep of his arms, I find myself with my pants and briefs clearing my ankles while my penis snaps back onto my stomach.

Bill resumes his attention at my knees and works his way back up my inner thighs with a few scrapes from his teeth and a lot of slick caresses from his tongue. The mixture of mild pain and gentle caresses combine to pull all my attention onto Bill. By the time he reaches my groin, I feel like my body is on fire and I fear making a fool of myself with a premature release. He licks the precum from below my belly button and laves my cock from base to tip in one long stroke of his tongue. He pulls my shaft upright with his hand and then begins licking the swollen glans, concentrating on cleaning all the clear fluid from around the slit. As his mouth encloses the head in a molten kiss I grab the sheets as a familiar boil begins to collect deep in my groin.

I do really stupid, stupid things when I’m fucking horny. I’ve learned that about myself. It’s just the way I am.

This might be — no, definitely is — the single stupidest thing I did just because my 18 year old pussy wanted to get fucked by an adult cock.

I guess I’m not ashamed I did it, because, well, sometimes you just have to get laid, right? Doesn’t matter who, or even how good it is; you just need a cock.

* * * *

About 24 four hours after begging for sex from the man of my dreams and being told “No,” I was a fucked up mess. He wanted me, he told me he did; his huge erection was throbbingly hard, he pressed it against my naked ass, he was about to jam it up my sopping wet, tight half-Asian pussy. But, he didn’t. He said “we can’t.” He ran out of the room. We came that close to fucking, to having my fantasies fulfilled, but it didn’t happen. Nope. Not gonna, he said.

That, you know, really fucks with a horny, naive 18 year old.

I’m a great student, I am in the Science and the Math clubs, and the Chess club, I’m one of those prissy petite Asian girls around school that nobody really notices except the smart kids, who are my friends. I don’t get tons of male attention; I date a teen boy with acne all down his back, and a small dick that doesn’t last long in bed. So when I need my lust for big cock satisfied, but it isn’t, it’s rejected, I can’t help but doubt my self-worth. I began to question everything immediately. Maybe I was a lousy human being; maybe the world would be better off without me?

The next morning at school, I fucked up a Spanish test. I forgot my class schedule about ten times (basically, before every class). I pissed off my boyfriend, and I didn’t care, I more or less told him if I never saw him again, I’d be happier for it. I might have meant it, I’m not sure. I wasn’t myself. I had this pain in my stomach that I couldn’t get rid of, I just wanted to crawl under a rock and no one to bother me.

I blew off Science club for the second week in a row, leaving immediately after classes ended, walking home in a desponent downpour. The fact it was drizzling on a gray day only made me think Mother Nature shared my gloomy feelings. I didn’t really want to go home, because I’d be stuck in the house with my Daddy in the basement, and I just couldn’t face him today. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I didn’t want to be home. As soon as I walked into the kitchen, I grabbed the car keys, yelled down to his home office in the basement that I was driving somewhere, and I just left. Just drove off, not sure where to go.

As the car splashed through puddles of dirty water, only one thought was on my mind.

I wanted to get fucked so badly, I felt that big hard cock against my small naked ass the day before and I just had to have something like that fuck my pussy. I turned 18 a month ago, I was ready for it. Teenage dicks weren’t interesting to me anymore.

The slut in me was coming out, and the slut wanted a MAN.

Lots of people have told me, don’t do stupid things when you’re horny. I never really thought, with my grades, I’d be susceptible to that problem. Well, so much for that. Driving around, my pussy wanting cock, my emotions all in a rage, I found myself wondering who would give me what I needed.

Stunningly, only one thing came to mind. One person. I about threw up as I first thought about it, but, it made so much sense. And I knew I could do it.

Guaranteed fuck from an adult male, that’s what I wanted, and I went for it. Stupid me.

I drove right to the Dalebrook Shopping Mall — that’s where my Mom’s lingerie shop is located. She fucking lived at that store, using her business as the excuse to avoid Daddy and me, we never saw her until late at night, usually around midnight. That’s the store I had in mind. The mall had empty parking spots near the entrance closest to my Mom’s shop. I knew my Mom’s schedule pretty well. It was Tuesday, she would be downtown that afternoon at the corporate headquarters, going over financial shit and stuff, she did it every other Tuesday. The point is, she wouldn’t be at her store that afternoon, I didn’t think.

Mom wouldn’t be at the store, but her business partner — and her boyfriend slash lover, David — would be there. Oh yes, if Mom wasn’t watching the store, he probably would be. He’s a pervert, he liked to hang out with the younger female sales associates.

David’s adult blue eyes were riveted directly in the direction of my skimpy bikini top, making me feel almost naked and embarrassed. It was this past summer at a pool party at David’s big mansion, across town. He was having a summer party for a lot of his business colleagues and clients and shit, so Mom dragged Daddy and me to it. I was in a pretty but not slutty bikini, which had triangular patches covering my two smallish tits, and a bikini bottom that snugly fit against my small ass. David, holding a drink, had his fleshy belly pouring out of his shorts. He wasn’t like sicko-fat, but he needed to lose 40 or so pounds to even look fit, and if he lost 50 or 60, it wouldn’t kill him. Maybe to some girls that is sicko-fat, I don’t know. He had a secure, confident air about himself, talking smoothly and quietly, he was no loud-mouth and he wasn’t lecherous or perverted. He was just an older guy to me, that’s all. So standing in the hot sun in front of him, while he was talking to me but staring at my tits, was a unique feeling. It was not a turn-on, but, it made me feel older, more mature. I definitely was flirting with him, to be nice, and enjoying his attention. But the flirting might have gone a little too far, because we started talking about me modeling swimsuits or “other stuff” (remember, David and Mom sell lingerie; slutty lingerie, at that). He said I could come to his house and try things on, and do some practice modeling, if I wanted. When the conversation got to that point, I freaked and balked, I wasn’t going to do that with him.

Yeah, David basically wanted me to come back to his house and wear lingerie in front of him. That kinda meant to me, he wanted to fuck me.

So I was remembering that. But . . . here is the memory I really was thinking about.

Last week, to the day. I came home early. Daddy wasn’t home, I thought I was alone. No, I wasn’t, I heard voices downstairs. I took a look. My Mom was on the sofa, making out with David. My fucking slutty mother, cheating on my wonderful, sexy Daddy! I couldn’t stop watching. My Mom took out her big fake D-cup tits, stripped naked and climbed her petite Thai body onto David, and rode the guy’s hard adult prick. He wasn’t nearly as big as Daddy, he was barely longer than my boyfriend — but, well, he had a thick cock. Definitely a fat one. And although he was fat with a big belly and pale white ass, he fucked the shit out of my Mom. Made her cum a ton of times, she was crying and screaming for it, she loved fucking him. I stared at it, not able to pull away, horny as shit, then I masturbated later having seen what a hard fuck David gave my Mom.

In the midst of that adulterous sex in our family basement, David admitted to my Mom that he wanted to fuck me. Me! My Mom thought it was cute, or something, I don’t know. She didn’t set me up for a date with him. But she didn’t yell at him either; she just kept fucking him.

David would fuck me, I was sure of it. I didn’t find him attractive at all . . . but, boy, Mom sure had a good fuck with him. Wow.

That was why I came there, walking past the store. Only I was lying to myself, telling myself no, I really wasn’t there to fuck him, I had another reason to be there. Here’s what I told myself: Wouldn’t a strawberry-kiwi smoothie do the trick, make me feel better?

See, there’s a smoothie shop about two doors down from Mom’s lingerie shop. I was hungry, I like smoothies . . . Mom wasn’t there today . . . sure, Kristen, go get a smoothie, that’s all you’re doing. No big deal.

A few minutes later, as I took the first few sips of the smoothie stepping away from the counter and about to walk past my Mom’s lingerie shop back to my car, I had those fantasies again. My little lie to myself that I wanted a smoothie had now placed me right in front of the lingerie store . . . where my Mom was not working today . . . but, I guessed, David was probably in the store right now, wasn’t he.

“Oh, nothin’, really,” I sighed to David, as I sipped the straw of my smoothie, leaning casually against the door frame of the office in the back of the store facing him behind the desk, answering his friendly inquiry. I tried to look calm and not the bundle of raging teenage hormones that I was. David looked like he always did; he still needed to lose that baggage around his waist and hips, his receding hairline and graying temples were crap compared to my Daddy’s thick, dark brown hair; and he slumped back in his chair giving this impression that, well, he wasn’t a very impressive.

I gave David a cute smile, looking over my shoulder to make sure the couple of sales girls were not nearby. I was relieved to find that I was right, and that my Mom was not there; if she had been in the office, I had no excuse for coming to see her.

The forty-something male looked me over, automatically checking out my petite body and slender legs in my tight jeans and blouse. He then grinned appreciatively at my face. “Your mom’s not here,” he informed me of something I already figured out, “she’ll be back, I don’t know, in a couple of hours — she’s at the franchisor’s office downtown.”

“Oh.” I took another sip of the smoothie, pretending to care, but I was really thinking to myself that the smoothie was not helping my stomach whatsoever. So I put the cup down and looked around again, and lowered my voice to a hush. I blinked at his eyes to make sure I had all of his attention, which gave me encouragement to continue. “Are you busy, like, real busy?”

When a pretty high school senior — even a petite, half-Asian one — asks an adult man if he’s busy, the answer will always be “No.” Every time. “No,” he said, and whether he was being honest or not I’ll never find out. “Here, sit, come in . . . so nice to see you, your mother always says such nice things about you. And,” he added smugly, giving me a wink, “you’re even more pretty than your mom, aren’t you?”

I shrugged, never knowing how much of that was bullshit, but thanked him anyway. Nerves were taking me over, making me think I needed to leave. I mean, part of me hated this disgusting creep for fucking my Mom in OUR family basement, helping her cheat on my wonderful Daddy. But another part of me — the horny slut in me — had the remote. Leaning against his doorway, not sure how to being, I asked him what he was working on, but I didn’t really hear his answer. He asked why I dropped by, and I said — somewhat honestly — I was bored, and hadn’t been to the store in ages, and I just wanted the smoothie anyway . . . “and one thing led to another and here I am.” I blushed, smiling pathetically, and he bought it completely, thanking out loud his luck for bringing me to him that day.

We bantered, and as I should have expected, it turned out David started hitting on me — not the other way around. In a way, that made things easier on me. He asked me about my senior year at the high school, and if I had a boyfriend, and if I was hungry and wanted to grab dinner. He asked in a very friendly, detached way, as if he’d be doing me a favor. But he wasn’t the first male to ever ask me to dinner, so I knew he was asking for a date. Maybe I should have been really angry at him, because he was trying to fuck me when he was already fucking my Mom. What kind of guy does that?

A guy who can fuck good, I told myself. That’s what I wanted.

Slipping a bit closer to his desk, I really lowered my voice, knowing this was sort of the moment I had come for, and thus was dreading. “Actually,” I moaned softly, “I came to ask you something.”

He again pointed at the empty chair in front of his desk, but I still didn’t sit in it. Instead, I walked to the side of his desk, only a couple of feet from him, leaning my hip against it and looking down at him — even though I’m short, he was sitting back on his chair. I took a breath and continued. “So, like . . . remember this summer, at the pool party at your house, you and I were talkign about, like, modeling for the store?”

David nodded, but blankly as if he didn’t remember. “Um, sure, yeah?” I think the topic sounded good to him, even if the specifics escaped his memory.

I could sense his momentary confusion, so I asked another question. “Well, like, I was wondering . . . so, where do you get models for the pictures of your stuff here?”

The jerk was about to answer honestly, but he paused, and shrugged. “Oh, all over — depends on what we’re doing. Modeling agencies.” He was looking at me pretty intently, studying my face to see what my motivations might be. “But, I guess we’re always looking for new girls, pretty girls — like you — who might be interested. Is that why you ask?” With his voice rising and a little anxious, I could tell his question was wishful thinking. He added to his pitch, “I’ve always told your mom, you know, Kristen’s really pretty, would look — you know — would make our stuff look really pretty, she should let you try some modeling.”

He wished that would come true, didn’t he? I suppose I was there to grant his wish. “Well, you asked me that at the pool . . . and, honestly, I still think about it, but, I don’t know if I’d be pretty enough. Or,” I added with a sly grin, “if I’d look good enough in, you know, in some of this stuff.” Again, the euphemism of the word “stuff”; I meant, really, the slutty lingerie that shows a girl’s tits and cunt.

The horny adult male immediately assured me with an adoring smile and a wave of his hand towards my petite frame. “Oh, Kristen, there’s no question, I mean, you’re beautiful, you’re really — I mean, I hope you don’t mind me saying, I’m a friend of your mother’s and all, but just as a businessman, I mean, looking for models — you’re really sexy, I bet you’d look great in something we have.” Then, after a pause, he added what he was really thinking. “Of course, you know, we’d probably want to — I mean, just as someone who’d decide who to hire for the pictures, I suppose, we’d probably want to see what you look like, you know, in something.”

“Mmm, yeah?” I giggled really nervously, blushing, although I was assuming he’d ask me. Still, as the moment came, I was doubly nervous. “I mean, you don’t think it would be weird? I just — I’d just really like to — you know, find out, if I could do it.” I was facing him now, my hip still against the side of his desk, my hard nipples making barely-visible bumps through my bra and shirt. I wondered if he could smell how wet I was in my panties.

He nodded as if I was making a good suggestion. “I guess we could schedule something — I could ask your Mom if you want, or,” he offered with a raised eyebrow and extra enthusiasm, “we could just surprise her, if we end up taking pictures — that might be kind of a nice surprise.”

Naturally, I knew he didn’t want my Mom to ever find out. I told him, actually behind honest, “Oh, I don’t know if she’d want me to do it.” He and I shared a knowing smile, because we both knew my Mom. “But, I’m 18 — I can do what I want.” A second went by and I couldn’t resist continuing the thought: “Doing anything I want, you know?” I leaned my hand down to his desk, closer to him.

The married jerk was nodding, stunned I was there basically saying I want to wear lingerie in front of him. This was too fucking easy. He looked past me into the store, then played coy and shrugged. “Yes, you’re certainly old enough — you’re a beautiful young woman, Kristen, incredibly beautiful. So — well, do you want to come over to my house sometime, maybe later this week, and we can, um, you know, see what you’d like to wear?”

I bit my lip, I wasn’t trying to make plans for later that week. “If you want,” I sighed, “but, I’m kind of busy this week — but if you are too busy, I mean, I understand.”

Whatever he was doing when I walked into his office, it was now irrelevant. “No, no, not at all,” he coughed, nervously looking into the store again. “If you want — I mean, I don’t want to be pushy, but, if you have some time, sure, but — I can’t leave the store, you know, but um — but if you have some time now –?” His blue eyes looked at me, hoping I was there to strip for him.

My vagina was in complete control of my thoughts, I was fully aware of my aching hard nipples and drenched pussy and the thought that this man wanted me was the very reason I was standing there. The fact I wasn’t into him at all seemed secondary. “Um, yeah,” I grinned softly, very nervously, “I don’t want to, like, interrupt you or anything, it’s not important–”

“No, no!” he protested again, seizing the opportunity. He jumped up, standing about a foot taller than me now, his hand on my small shoulder pushing me aside for a second. “Here, let me just — let me be back in a second.” With that he slipped past me, walking with a purpose into the store, straight to one of the sales girls behind the counter. I saw him talking to her, waiving towards the officce, telling her something. She looked at me in the and giggled, and nodded to him with a playful grin. Suddenly, I wondered what the fuck had he told her.

As he walked back into the office to join me, he reached to shut his door while explaining the rouse. “I told her, you were here to plan your Mom’s surprise party,” he laughed, locking the door with a click. “I suppose that’s what it is, right?”

Okay, I was now in this small, disheveled, paper- and box-filled office with a forty-something married man who was fucking my mom, and I was now really doubting what I was doing there. But, I was horny and, you know, I wasn’t going to budge.

David paused, wondering what to do, then standing in front of the door — as if blocking me from leaving — he asked almost apologetically, “So, I should get you something to model — unless you are wearing something now, you want to, I mean, could just wear and pretend to model?”

Fuck, he was asking me to strip and show him my bra and panties. Honestly, I didnt get dressed that morning expecting to seduce an adult man — I only had a boring white, padded bra and even more boring white cotton panties. I must have blushed, and he saw my reaction. “Well, here –” He looked around the office, stepping into the darkened storage room to the side, and returned a minute later — a very, very long minute, let me tell you — with a handful of black, lacy material. “Here.” He ripped the tags off the two garments, a black French-cut bikini panty with frilly lace at the edges, and a matching black front-hook bra. “These should fit you — you’re about, what, a 30A?” Well, the man knew his business, I’ll give him credit for that.

“Um, yeah.” I reached out, trying not to wobble with my nerves, and accepted the garments. The look on my face told him my concern. He waived it off, pointing to the door and suggesting I just go into a fitting room, put it on under my clothing, and come back.

Thirty seconds later, I was entirely naked in the dressing room, about to put on the lingerie, studying my smallish teenage breasts and trimmed wet pussy in the mirror. I wanted cock so bad, but, was this worth it? I loved Daddy; was this how I was really going to fuck my first adult man?

Um — yes.

I put on the panty, and it was something really of a thong. It covered probably about the top third of my ass; I turned and looked at it in the mirror, and fuck yeah, it looked hot — small, curvy, tight, soft. Then I wrapped the bra around myself, and my brown nipples were obviously little circles in the black fabric. The bra fit pretty fucking good, I might add.

*Readers: This was originally a three part story, but it felt like it belonged in the Summer Lovin Contest so I merged it. Don’t forget to vote, but most of all ENJOY! ~GM


It had been a long time since I hung out with this certain married couple, but they invited me to Mexico for the weekend and since I had nothing better to do, I agreed. When we used to go previously, I would just stay in their trailer with them; there was always plenty of room. This day I was supposed to meet them at their place and we would all ride down together in the truck. The truck was huge which made it easy for me to stretch out in the back.

Once we had everything packed into the bed of the truck and tarped, we headed off on our journey. My friends are very aware of my sexual nature and know I had been writing stories. They also agree with everyone who says I have a “radio voice” so about halfway to the border they asked if I could read to them. From the back seat, I accessed my files on my phone and gave it a whirl. Neither of them had ever read my stories so I wasn’t sure what kind of reactions to expect.

I could hear tiny giggles from the front and every once in a while I got a question from one of them that threw us all into fits of laughter. I think it was a bit of nervous energy setting us off. We were all thinking about how, in a few hours, we would be getting the chance to try out these things. Sex was on all our minds. I was wet and there was no denying it. I asked if I should continue with the stories and they excitedly cheered me on.

I continued reading, doing my best to keep a calm tempered voice even when simulating written orgasms. Comments of “That sounds interesting” and “I never thought of doing it that way” and even “Ooh, that sounds good” were frequent. Once, while checking the rear view mirror, I saw my Husband friend wink at me. I tried not to smile too big.

The two of us ladies were dressed in light sun dresses for the hot summer day. Expecting sex,I knew neither of us were wearing panties. We had all discussed our fantasies before and one of Husband’s fantasies was to have two redheads in his bed. His wife had long thick red hair and though I consider mine auburn, my freckles and complexion always get me compliments about being a redhead.

I watched as Wife undid her seat belt and slid closer to the driver side. She put her left hand on his thigh, and then slid it up over his shorts. Glancing sideways at me, she gave me a little smile and licked her lips as her hand slipped under the leg of his shorts. A groan slipped uncontrolled past his lips.

“Hey, what are you two doing up there?” I said with a grin.

“It’s hard when I’m being distracted,” he said.

“Yeah, it’s hard alright,” Wife reported.

I was now looking over the front seat and saw where Wife’s hand was. I was just wondering when I would get something nice and hard to play with when Wife said, “Don’t worry, you’ll get some.”

I could see how big and hard he was through his shorts and all I could think about was how much I wanted it. When Wife took her hand from his pants, I could see it glistening with precum. She saw that I noticed and licked it from her fingers to tease me. My heart was racing I wanted it so bad!

I must have been flushed because Husband looked in the mirror and said, “Feel free to…entertain yourself back there.”

I giggled and knew I was blushing after that. I wasn’t sure I could masturbate with the two of them trying to watch me. “I think I can wait,” I said, “Can you handle it if I read some more?”

The giggles from the front were a clear YES in my mind. I found a couple more stories and using my best “radio voice” laid them on thick.

By the time we got to the trailer we were all horny and flustered. We got out of the truck to stretch our legs before unloading…literally. We grabbed some of our stuff from the bed of the truck and went into the trailer. It took a second to adjust our eyes to the darkness but once Husband found the lights, “Ooops,” he said.

I looked over to see a giant dildo on the table and broke out into hysterical laughing. He turned three shades of red before Wife went over and threw it in the drawer. “You should leave it out for ambiance,” I said. Again hysterical laughing from all three of us.

We decided to let the tension build a bit more and head out to the beach and cantinas after we changed into bathing suits. I took my two piece out of my bag and looked at the other two who were rummaging through their things. Being a master at changing in front of people, I decided to just change there while they were busy. They didn’t mind that I was there obviously because wife stripped down to put her bathing suit on and so did Husband. I couldn’t help but sneak a peek at Husband. Sure enough he had a beautiful erection. It was literally pointing at the sky and glistening in precum.

I wasn’t too surprised when Wife sank to her knees and kissed the head of Husband’s cock. I wasn’t sure if I should be watching but they weren’t paying attention to me. I watched as wife licked his shaft, around the crown of the head of his cock, then opened her lips to take him deep in her mouth and throat. I knew he was probably on the brink of cumming as soon as he felt her hot, moist, tongue touch his throbbing cock and I was actually happy she was taking care of him. It just meant he would last longer later. Wife looked up to him and I could see the grin on her face, he was close. I imagined him throbbing against my tongue instead of hers. He looked over at me right at that moment as he squirted into Wife’s mouth. She swallowed eagerly as he pumped more into her. Once he finished he took his cock from her and sat on the bed as she licked him clean. When she finished, she looked up to him and said, “Thank you.” He kissed her and they continued dressing for the beach.

I was dripping with cum myself at this point but focused on my breathing and tried to distract myself with the things around me. After a few drinks at random cantinas and shopping in a couple little stores, we were ready for some beach time. As we headed down the path to one of the quieter beaches, Wife leaned into Husband and whispered in his ear. I cocked my head to listen in to no avail. I watched as a smile crept onto his lips. She then turned from him and said, “There are a few things I still need to do in town, you guys go to the beach and I will see you back at the trailer.” Hmmm…. OK.

When we got to the water and organized out little spot we looked at each other for a minute. Husband said, “Have you ever gone skinny dipping?”

I giggled, “Is that a challenge?”

It wasn’t hard to take off the little we had on but as the sun began to set there was a nip in the air…or two. My nipples were hard and very happy to let Husband know they were there. I saw him looking and just laughed.

“I dare you!” I said.

With that he let out a low sexy laugh, grabbed me faster than I expected and before I knew it one of my nipples was in his warm mouth while the other was being rubbed with his hand. When I remembered to breathe, I took in a big breath and he stopped.

“Breathe,” he said with a grin. I pulled away from him and ran to the water with him close behind.

He came to me quickly kissing my lips with his cock pressed between my legs for me to straddle. I shuddered with excitement wanting him inside of me. He pulled me up with his strong arms and I wrapped my legs around him. I almost came as soon as I felt the tip of his beautiful erection touch my slit. He entered me so easily with the water lubricating every inch or each of us. He continued lowering me slowly onto him and I felt every inch until he was full inside of me.

His tongue searched for mine and he sucked it, sucked my lips with gentle nibbles, and bit into my neck as I kept my legs wrapped around him riding his cock. He put his hand around the back of my neck and I let my control go completely to him. He was in control. “Oh god, oh my god.”

He felt so good as my tits bounced against his chest with the rhythm. “It’s perfect, it’s fucking perfect. I love you deep inside me. Fuck me, please, fuck me hard. Oh please fuck me.”

His perfect pulsing cock inside my creamy hole began to piston up and down at a greater speed. The water made everything feel so much more alive. Nothing was in our way and our bodies were completely lubricated by the warm ocean water.

“Oh my god, oh oh oh oh, god, oh yeah,” I was unable to be quiet even if I tried and was completely ready to squirt for him and let my juices be consumed by the water around us.

With that, my muscles tensed, and I was lost in my orgasm. I tried controlling it but there was no way. I was too over the top and every fiber of my being was his. I was his rag doll and he held me onto him in that water as I rode out my orgasm.

He was amazing as he coordinated both of our bodies slamming deeper inside of me, embedding his throbbing member as deep as he could into my waves of orgasm. I could feel him push further than before and felt his body quiver with mine emptying himself of his hot sticky cum and filling me completely.

As we continued there as one body, allowing our tremors from the climax pass, he kissed me so softly over and over again. I could have fallen asleep in his arms I was so content. Once we settled, we separated ourselves from each other. He said, “We should head to the trailer, Wife is waiting for us.”

I wasn’t sure what to expect at the trailer, but the three of us together was going to be fun…though I couldn’t imagine it being better than what I had just had….


When Husband and I got there, it was dark. He opened the door and all I could hear was a slight buzzing sound.

“Finally”, said wife, “I thought I was going to have to take care of myself.”

The buzzing stopped. “Is she blindfolded?” Wife asked.

“Uh no not yet,” Husband replied.

“Well do it,” barked Wife.

Uh oh. She is the dominant one. I have never been with a dominant female. Most of my 3 ways have been just random and for fun. I never really even got off on them because I like more attention than a 3 way can offer.

He didn’t say a word. He pulled me to him, tied a scarf around my eyes, and my world was dark. My heart leaped to my throat. I had no idea what to expect.

“Bring her here,” said Wife.

He led me to the area where the bed was. I could feel it against my thigh. Slowly he started undressing me, but not touching me. I tried to help but I was reprimanded, “NO! You do not touch, you do not speak unless I tell you to. Is that clear?”

I shook my head.

“What?” she demanded.

“Yes, I understand” I said.

“Good girl. And from now on you will address me as Ma’am. Is that also clear?” Wife asked.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I said timidly.

“This night is about you. In taking care of you, we take care of ourselves. So relax and trust,” she said.

I was about in freak out mode. I knew this couple so well…well at least I had thought I did. My thoughts were interrupted when Husband laid me on the bed and before I knew it my legs were spread and someone was licking my pussy lips, first up one side, then the other before I felt a tongue on my swollen, already throbbing clit. The pressure on my clit became harder until I was writhing on the bed trying to enjoy it but trying not to cum.

I was at the point between wanting more and wanting to stop because I couldn’t handle the sensation. At that moment, I felt Husband’s hands on my wrists, pinning them above my head as wife continued her assault on my pussy and clit. Just the thought of her between my legs made me more wet than I already was.

Husband pinned my wrists over my head and I could feel his cock press against my mouth.

“Open” he said.

I opened and he plunged deep into my mouth and throat. I nearly gagged, I had no time to prepare or even to know how far in he was going to go. I could feel my eyes watering beneath the blindfold as he continued fucking my mouth. I was stuck between torture and pleasure as wife continued sucking and nibbling on my clit and pussy.

A new sensation touched me. I felt a colder, wet something push gently against my pussy. I could feel it rub up and down, poke into my slit just a little, then continue rubbing. I was already wet from Wife bringing me so close to orgasm with her talented mouth, so the object, I am guessing it was the dildo I saw when we arrived earlier today, slid into me with no friction.

I could feel Wife push it into my tight little opening and then something happened. Wife with her dildo and Husband with his cock coordinated efforts. She slowly pushed the entire length of the dildo inside of me, my pussy tightening around it as I moaned around husbands throbbing cock head. As she pulled the dildo slowly back out from my pussy, husband pushed his cock into my throat. If I wasn’t filled with one, I was filled with the other. There was constant stimulation and I was having trouble composing myself. Then it stopped.

I took a breath and wondered what was next until Husband rolled me over and pulled me into doggy style. I had no idea what to expect, I just kept quiet and touched nothing just as I was told.

Before I knew it, Husband was behind me pushing my face into the bed with a hand around the back of my neck. I could breathe, but barely. I could feel the head of his cock resting against my ass. Was he going to…oh fuck yes he was. He slowly started pushing his cock into my ass as I moaned feeling him stretch me around him. Once he was in, he began slowly pulling out then back in again. I was shaking. I wanted him to fuck me hard! I wanted to cum!

He slid deep inside my ass again and I could feel his balls touching me. Then I felt something else. Wife pushed the dildo just inside of my pussy and husband and I moaned simultaneously. She pushed it all the way into my tight little snatch and I took deep breaths trying to focus on exactly how full I felt at that moment with Husband’s cock so deep and throbbing in my ass and Wife’s dildo deep in my…oh fuck!

She turned on the vibrator and every inch of my body responded and began to quiver. Just then husband began jack hammering my ass. Fast and hard he fucked my tight little asshole as Wife slowly assaulted my pussy with her vibrating tool. I was over the edge. I HAD to cum!!

“I’m going to cum deep inside your little teasing ass,” said Husband, “I am going to fill you full of my seed right…..”

I could feel his cock grow just that little bit more, “Cum for me NOW,” he said.

I felt his hot, sticky load shoot from his cock into my ass and Wife kept fucking me rhythmically with he vibrating dildo.

“Oh fuck! Ohh my God yesss!!!…” I said as I squirted and cum along with his final orgasmic thrusts. She continued fucking me as my body spasmed and Husband kept his cock deep inside of me, riding out my waves of pleasure.

Finally, he pulled his length from my ass and I could feel him roll onto the bed beside me. Wife pulled the dildo from my pussy and I felt my own warm juices drip down my thighs as Husband’s seed leaked slowly out of my ass.

I was just ready to collapse onto my tummy and just breathe when I felt her tongue lapping the juices from my pussy and ass. She got a good dose of both her Husband and myself. Her tongue was almost calming on my throbbing holes. Slowly, I laid down as she continued licking me, like a lion licks her cub.

Then I began to doze off….calm, happy, and completely spent. At least that’s what I thought…..


I woke and it seemed to be a few hours later. I was a bit dazed, chilly, and could hear whispering. I sat up slightly and could see the trailer door open.

“Time to get dressed, Princess. We have things to do.”

I wasn’t awake enough to respond vocally so I rolled out of bed and started to dress. I had no idea what time it was. Midnight maybe? I put on a cute jean skirt and tank top and headed outside.

The plan was to meet up with a bunch of friends and go dancing but I felt there was something else. Someone had a secret. Guess tonight might still be interesting!

All of the bars in the area are typically patio bars with indoor/outdoor seating. We went to one right on the beach. Perfect, I needed to breathe some ocean air. I was still in a sleepy sex coma from all the action.

Fortunately, my friends know how to wake me up. Before I knew it, there was a tequila shot in my hand. I have no clue why tequila wakes me up, but it does!

We took over the dance area outside near the sand. The breeze brought the waves crashing in and after a few shots, I was feeling extremely happy and flirty. I have a hard time putting a leash on my flirtiness but my friends keep an eye out for me. They always joke about how they don’t want me to get kidnapped and sold as a sex slave. Something about me always attracts people especially when I am on a high like I am tonight. It can be overwhelming, but I am feeling good.

Everyone is dancing, drinking, and loving on each other. By this point, I had lost track of how many drinks I had and was just enjoying myself. I don’t get drunk, but I certainly had one heck of a buzz from the tequila, the ocean air, and the energy from everyone around me.

I felt a hand on my arm and when I looked, it was Wife. She leaned in, kissed me, and champagne bubbles exploded in my mouth. I giggled and from behind me, Husband bit into my neck where it meets my shoulder. Oh no. He hit a trigger. My heart instantly started racing. Wife and I started dancing and before I knew it, I had a champagne flute in my hand.

Wife leaned in and said, “Happy Birthday Princess. It’s all about you.”

From behind, husband grabbed me by the waist. When I leaned my head back, he planted a deep slow kiss on me. I stood there, tasting him, enjoying it when I suddenly felt Wife in front of me. She lifted my tank top and gently began fondling my breasts. My mind went into hyper drive. We’re in the middle of a dance floor!!! We can’t play here!!

I felt Husband’s hand go up to my throat and I let go. I forgot the world. Wife’s tongue was circling my nipples, flicking them and once in a while she would grab them between her teeth and pull. I could barely breathe as my desire was building. My eyes were closed, but I could see the lights from the dance floor penetrating my eyelids. Husband continued dancing his tongue with mine as Wife kissed my breasts, my tummy, my sides.

Nothing mattered but the sensations I was feeling. Being made love to outside in the cool breeze with the energy of 200 people around me was amazing. I love the foreplay, the sensuous touching, the feeling of being loved. Having someone concentrate on every inch of my body was breathtaking to say the least. It’s in my nature to feel wanted and this weekend was everything I needed.

Suddenly, I felt Husband’s hand leave my waist and move down to my pussy. He cupped me in his hand and squeezed. I was wet, hot, and already quivering. I wasn’t wearing panties so it was easy for him to press a finger between my lips. He spread my legs more with his hand. The heat of his body felt good in contrast to the chilly air. But it also was teasing the hell out of me and my clit began throbbing for attention.

He pushed his fingers inside of my wetness in slow and fast thrusts as Wife took over kissing me. Nothing mattered but us. I could hear the music around us, but it felt farther away than it really was. I was letting go completely on a dance floor surrounded by friends and strangers and my heart was pounding.

Waves of excitement passed through my body as I bit my lip and moaned in ecstasy. In my head it sounded loud, but I know the music and the crowd drown out any sounds I may be making. Again, I felt bubbles tickling my mouth and throat. Wife was kissing me with just a sip of champagne in her mouth. She tasted so sweet. It must have been moscato.

“Are the kids asleep yet?”

“Yes.” I smile my answer. ‘My man; my lover.’

“Come here then.”

“Gimme fifteen…” I turn on my heel and walk to the bathroom.

I peel off my clothes and hung them neatly over the washing machine. After a fast hot shower I brush my teeth and slip into my silky pajama pants.

“There you are… I almost went looking for you.”

“Aww, Babe.” I glide towards our couch and the hot guy waiting for me there. I slip on his lap, straddling him and taking hold of the remote control — not the fleshy one yet. No more TV for tonight. It is parents’ time.

I lean in for a kiss and let him feel my hard chest. Rocking my hips I make him feel my hard on too. Our bricks touch each other, side by side, gliding sweetly together. The matching silk pajamas make our moves so smooth and easy.

“I want you.” God’s mercy, I love his husky rasp.

“I love you,” is my response against his lips. I lick the wet inside of his mouth, humming my pleasure in an equally wet breath. “I love you, love you, love you.”

He pulls us horizontal and I don’t object. He can move me around any way he wants. I love to play a porcelain doll in his hands sometimes, especially tonight! Tonight he will be the puppet master in our erotic play.

Tonight I want to be used any way he likes. His pleasure is mine too.

He knows exactly what I need. He pushes my pajamas down from my hips and starts massaging the round globes of my buttocks. ‘Oh, God yes!’ His long fingers touch me without their usual tenderness, groping and scratching my sensitive skin. There will be marks! I love the thought of it. I reward my man with a deepening kiss — I let my tongue be sucked into his mouth like I would never get it back again, almost hurting me; yet not quite.

His lets my mouth go with a moan and I push myself up into a sitting position again. The wanton look in my man’s eyes makes me burn, makes me buck my hips tighter against him. Oh Lord, I need him in me!

“Fuck, Dore, I wanna be buried inside of you. I want it so much it hurts!”

“Yes, yes, yes…” I push myself up with one fast movement and thank heaven I have the grace of a dancer. I can please my man with every delicate gesture of my body and I love playing with him. I brush my pants all the way down in one deliberately sexy move and turn my back on him despite craving for skin contact again. I can wait — a little bit longer!

“Dore! Fuck, you look so sexy, closer, now!”

I lean forward rewarding my man with the sight of my reddened bum, his nail marks visible and in flames. Looking over my shoulder I can see him push his pants down too, exposing the meat I need between my cheeks. Yes! I want it! I change my weight from leg to leg making my bum cheeks move teasingly. He loves the sight! His eyes glisten, mouth opens and closes, trying to control his begging. ‘Oh, my Darling…’

Soon, all too soon he loses control and takes a hold of my butt, a cheek in each hand, spreading me, pulling me tight against his face; kissing my crack, liking my secret hideaway. ‘Gods! I need more, I need…’

“More tongue, more…!”

A strong muscle penetrates my aching hole just as my butt is spread as wide as it can go.’ Oh, fuck yes!!!’ It starts to move in and out in a rhythm that only my man knows. I take a hold of my pulsating erection and squeeze it tight in my fist, needing more stimulation.

“Love your smell… Apple? Hmmm-mmm…” His words are blown against my most tender skin. Every word sends shivers down my spine.

‘Apples?’ I am not sure I have any blood left in my brain; all has gone south.

“Oh yeah, apple, I bought it today,” I husk back at him. I flex my butt muscles reminding him of his duty and, wasting no time, he returns to rim me so lovingly. I pant and let out a stifled yelp, not wanting to wake our kids in the other room.

“I am ready… So ready…”

He hears my meaning and pulls me back onto his lap, my knees straddling his, my butt sitting neatly against his dick. I lean back on his chest and enjoy his rock hard nipples against my shoulder blades. Yes! I grind my butt in a private lap dance. His fingers run up and down my stomach; his lips on my neck, kissing and sucking. ‘Oh, oh, oh!’

I take a hold of his joystick, feel it drooling pre-cum inside my palm. I make circles around the blunt head and enjoy his bite on my shoulder when my touch feels too good. I know how to please my man, I know how to touch him; I know every sweet spot he has. We have had some fun years of searching them out from each other’s body…

“I have a gift for you, Dore…” He licks the back of my ear between every word.

“Yeah?” I love gifts and he knows it!

“Yeah. I want to try something on you…” He reaches his hand under a couch pillow and pulls out a wooden box.

“Did you do sex shopping for me, love?” I pant in excitement. Kellan’s surprises are always so good, so good…

“I went to China Town today and found and interesting store there, not exactly sex shop but, yeah, I found something you might like to try inside your cute butt.”

“Oh, can I open it now?” I turn my head so I can kiss him deeply as a thank you.

“Yeah. Would you, please. I want to see you try it.”

I take the box in my hands and study it for a while. Surprisingly it seems to be moving some. Maybe I am imagining it… My dick twists in anticipation. I open the lid and…

“What is it???” The wonder in my voice makes my man chuckle.

“It is an Octopussy.”

“You mean an octopus?” He brought me sea life???

“No, I mean an Octopussy, it is a Chinese thing. It seems like it’s alive, I don’t exactly know what it is but it is a sex toy of sort.”

“Really? And it is supposed to be in me?” I take out the little tentacle. It is crimson red, it has no gape, no eyes just a form that reminds me of an octopus, with eight tendrils that move in unison. Uh-huh… My rectum squeezes tight with sudden dread. “What if it goes up too far?”

“It won’t. See this?” Kellan takes out a small leash then puts it around the Octopussy’s head. “Now I can control it. And it doesn’t bite, they promised, so no need to be worried. Trust me, Babe.”

I can’t get enough of sex toys when my man is the one playing with me. “Yes, Love. I want to try it.”

I spread my legs wider and expose my hole to his touch. Kellan gives the Octopussy a kiss then moves it between my legs and to my opening. I can already feel the tendrils tickling my skin. ‘This will be interesting…’

“Ready?” Kellan bites my ear as the head of the toy starts to enter my hole at slow pace. Within seconds I thrash and shake my body as the penetration causes a familiar burn in me.

“Shhh, Babe… just wait…” Kellan caresses my side with his free hand and soothes the ache with his never stopping kisses. ‘Oh Lord!’

The Octopussy does some kind of spiral movement inside of me and I am in paradise when one of its tendrils hits my bud. ‘Oh yes!!!’

“Fuck, Yeah… Mm-gnah-mmm-yeah!!!” I don’t think I am able to form any kinds of civil words now!

The Octopussy seems to know when it hits the right spot in me as it starts to massage it with all its eight tendrils, making me almost lose my mind. My body responds to the toy like nothing before. I get so close to orgasm, within only few heartbeats. “Kellan!!!”

“Shhh… Love,” he shushes in my ear and gently pulls the toy out of me by the leash. “Did you like it, Love?”

“Oh, hell YES!” I pant and move without coordination now. I need more, I yearn for release! “More, Kellan, more! I want you in me now. Please, Kellan, please.”

Kellan never stops kissing the side of my neck as he releases the Octopussy from its leash and puts them both back inside the box and the box on the table next to us. I still don’t know if it is a living thing or not… I follow the act with desperate eyes… I want to try the toy in my man too, but right now I am almost at the edge, I need to finish, I need my man in me.

“Kellan, hurry, hurry.”

“I love you, Dore.” He spreads my legs again, lifts his hips and pushes his thick dick into me with one smooth movement. My hole is completely ready for him and there is no pain, just immediate pleasure. My erection nearly explodes against my stomach and I’m sure I have never been this hard ever before.

I wrap my arms around Kellan’s neck and let him use my hole any way he wants it. My dick moves up and down, slapping my belly with every thrust he makes. He fucks me deep and hard, groans and grunts in the manly manner that makes me feel small and secure. “Oh yes, Kellan! Make me cum!”


His fingers drill into my hips and he pulls me tight against his groin as I feel him swelling and pulsating in me. His thickening brick increases the pressure against my prostate and pushes me to my orgasm just as he starts shooting his seed into me, deep and fast. ‘Oh-my-God… Oh-my-God…’

We pant against each other for minutes, sweat dripping down our bodies. Kellan loves to smear my cum on me and he does it now too, his hands on auto pilot. I hum and purr my happiness until I finally move away from his lap and his softening dick. I adore that dick!

“Love, we need to clean up now. Come on… Then we can go to bed…” I take him by the hand and start pulling him up.

“Bed…” Kellan smiles to me seductively.

“Haha, you Horn Dog. I know you too well. Not even you are ready for round two before morning.” I smile at my man. We will have thousands of times to take reruns. “I love you.”

“I love you, Dore. Remember, you promised me a morning fuck then.” The juvenile smirk on his face makes him look so handsome.

“Yeah, yeah, Babe. But you will be on the first shift to change the diapers then. And breakfast for the kids — and coffees in bed with me.”

“Yes Darling, anything you say. You bargain hard deals.”

“That is why you chose to marry me. Now, let’s hide the daddies’ toy before the kids find it…”

After cleaning up our mess with goofy smiles on both our faces, we wander lazily to the bathroom hand in hand, our minds still lingering on our lovemaking.

I grew up in a middle class neighborhood, in a large metro area, near Lake Michigan. My sister and I went to a middle school and high school that was interracial. We knew that both black and white guys wanted to get our cherries and to date us before even getting to middle school. Some of our friends ended up doing just that and then bragged to us about the great sex that the black guys delivered. My sister and I would chat about it often and admit that we were both wet after our friends told us about their experiences. We looked forward to Mondays to get filled in. When I was having sex with a white guy, I substituted a black guy for him. My sister told me she did the same.

Sis is two years older than me. We both are knock outs according to the guys. We were turning down offers since the 5th grade. We both lost our cherries when we were in the last year of middle school. It seemed I needed to copy my sister making sure I stayed equal to her in everything we did. I never did have the urge to outdo her.

Sis went off to college a few hundred miles away and would come home on weekends. In her freshman year it was almost every weekend and toward the end of her first year about once a month.

To keep the expenses down for my folks, it was agreed that I would go to the same college and that sis and I would rent and share a two bedroom unit.

The first day in the apartment sis said, “Amy I will bring guys back after a date to stay the night. Feel free to do the same when you find a guy that turns you on. I don’t want you acting surprised when you see a guy coming from my room. When you have your first, I might give you a wink but no lip. But we need to keep this between us.”

“Okay sis; so how did you work it before having this place.”

“The guys would have a friend that would let us stay at their place or at a frat house when we could get away with it.”

“Wow this will be different than high school.”

After we had gotten things put away, sis gave me a huge tour of the town and the hot spots after the folk had left from delivering our hand me down furniture.

I was homesick for awhile and headed home to be with friends on weekends. Sis had gotten a part-time job to help with school expenses so her opportunities to go home became even more limited.

I did stay one weekend and sis brought a guy back to stay over night. I was watching TV and after some time I heard sis’s bed squeaking. I knew they were having fun. It made my nipples hard and pussy hot. I wished I was at home and it was my boyfriend doing it to me. I opened my robe, shoved a nipple to my mouth, reached into my panties, closed my eyes and made myself cum when I heard sis muffle her orgasm. Her date was more vocal.

I headed to my bedroom, closed the door, dropped my robe and panties and made myself feel good again by using a toy sis bought for me when I was still in high school. I’m sure sis and her date heard me moan. I heard them moan again about an hour after I did. I wondered if it was my moan that got them horny again or just natural.

Sis is five foot six with 36 D boobs, a 26 waist line and a 37 butt. I’m five foot seven, with 34 C boobs, a 24 inch waist and a 36 inch butt for those interested. We both are shaven.

The following morning I was warming food when they headed to the shower. Sis looked at me and winked. I winked back at her. They joined me for breakfast and then Gary left.

The next few months were normal. By that I mean she brought dates home and so did I when I was in the mood and not home on a weekend.

Towards the end of my freshmen year in college I returned late to the apartment with my date. We heard sis say, “Derrick that cock of yours has me addicted to it. I can not get enough of it. My pussy leaks all the time I visualize it. It is the most awesome cock that has ever fucked me.”

“I’m glad you like it Brit. I get hard thinking of your tight pussy and ass hole and have to relieve the pressure with my hands. My lady pleaser wants a piece of your ass all the time since it has known and sampled you.”

I motioned with my finger to Bill to be quite and we proceeded to my bedroom. Sis’s room was across the hall from mine and her door was ajar a smidgen. The hallway was dark and her room was bright from the light. As we approached her door her moans of pleasure were more noticeable. I wanted to see my sister getting fucked.

When we were close enough I gently pushed the door open more so Bill and I could get a better look. My heart skipped a beat and I blushed seeing my sister in doggy, her boobs hanging and swinging and black hands on her hips. I did not make a move and just listened to sis moaning each time that it appeared the guy was doing a slow plow forward. It was getting to me. I undid my jeans, took Bill’s right hand and placed it on my mound. He had a boner pressing into the crack of my butt. I took his left hand and placed it under my halter so he could massage a breast. Bill slipped his hands into my panties to get to bare skin.

I gently pushed the door open more and died nearly seeing a shiny black cock glistening with my sister’s juices and it was a monster. The veins on it were so obvious, so filled with blood. She must have had him turned on good. He withdrew slow and pushed in slow. Bill’s fingers and the sight had me place my hand over my mouth while I trembled in an orgasm while clenching my mouth tight. I felt Bill having an orgasm at the same time, messing his pants.

When we had settled we slowly made our way to my room. We did not even strip our clothes. I just lowered my jeans and panties and he did the same with his. Bill was still hard and as soon as my back hit the bed, his messy cock was plowing into me. God did he ever growl when he fired. Thank god I was on the pill and neither of us had the patience to have him put on a condom. Bill wanted to fuck all night and I let him. I think him seeing sis being fucked by a black guy was more of a turn on for him than me but I did visualize it all night. I think Bill stayed hard all night. We did manage to get stripped and get into a spooning position so he could enter me from the back and we could be on our sides, listening to sis and her date as well. It seemed we were feeding off each other’s sounds knowing someone was cumming.

All I could picture was a glistening, huge thick cock making my sister happy and I wanted to try it. I was going to talk to sis about it and maybe her boy friend could hook me up with a buddy of his. I knew then the girls in middle school were not bragging. Black guys seem to be hung like a horse and if not a horse at least a pony.

I think Bill cum six times that night and I did more I think. We did not wake up until noon on Sunday. When we went to shower, sis and her date were gone. Bill and I had a bite to eat then back to bed for another fucking session with me in doggy like sis was when we saw her last and then Bill dressed and left.

When my sister returned later she said, “Wow you and your date could not get enough of each other could you?”

“I guess not sis since you seemed to be enjoying your date also. I think we were feeding off each other. Bill stayed hard I think most of the night and plugged in. He would wake, pump, shoot and then catch a few ZZZZZZ before repeating. For some reason I was extra horny myself.”

“Could it have been because you saw a black cock doing me?”

I died and ran to my room. Sis followed and while I was buried under the covers she said, “It is okay sweetie. When we left we noticed we had not secured the door so you had to see us when you came in. The girls in middle school were right. We have been missing out on some good sex. These guys can go on and on. Derrick and I chatted about it and I went to meet a friend of his to check him out for you. He seemed nice and is hung also. I let him demonstrate his technique on me. He is as good as Derrick. It would be fun if we could double date and swap. Why not let me introduce you to him and then you sample him if you like him. We have always talked about them, remember. Now is your chance. What do you say? I am not pissed and on the contrary I am happy you saw us. Come out from under those covers and let me call Derrick so he can bring his friend Charles over so you two can get to know each other. We can order pizza in and if you get wet talking to Charles, just take him back to the bedroom and enjoy.”

I had settled some after listening and came out from under the covers slowly and said, “Does it hurt the first time?”

Not for me sis. It surprised me. I was tense but god so wet it moved in and out with no problems. Derrick was a sweetie and took his time so I adjusted. I think Charles will do the same. The feelings are indescribable. You need to experience them. Can I call Derrick, sis?”

“Yes, and being that you will be here makes me more relaxed.”

Sis picked up her cell and then I heard her say, “Derrick sweetie, Amy is game for Charles. Come over with him for pizza and let him and Amy get acquainted. See you in thirty minutes then, fantastic.”

I was tensing up and excited at the same time to experience a black cock.

“Brit, please tell me what to expect.”

“I won’t do it Amy. I will let you experience it like I did with all the tension and then the horrendous release and wanting more and more.”

“My guess is you will not be going home much anymore on weekends but spending them in the sack with black guys pleasuring you.”

“Amy do you swallow guys cum or spit it out?”

I turned red and said, “I’ve never had a cock near my mouth even though guys beg and plead for me to suck them.”

“I was that way until I lost a bet one night in a card game. Derrick taught me how. He was so kind and gentle. I love it now when his balls tighten up and he shots his warm nut juice down into my stomach. I save some and share it with him. God the sex afterwards is out of this world Amy. Both of you are so horny from the intimacy that you do things that you would not think of doing at other times.”

“Like what Brit?”

“Well I will let you explore that with Charles and Derrick. They have shown me sexual pleasure I never dreamt existed. Better run and get ready for them and to make it easier on both you and Charles make sure you don’t have a bra on and no panties. That way it will go smoother if you and he get it on later.”

“Okay sis, god I’m scared and excited at the same time.”

“Hurry now and I will order the pizza.”

While I was in the shower I heard voices and assumed that Charles and Derrick had arrived. Because of the shower spray noise it was muffled voices so I did not get to eaves drop. I finished and dressed as Brit had suggested. I then blow dried my shoulder length bleach hair and put in some soft curls.

I did slip in a panty liner so as not to send a message via a wet spot if I did start to leak.

I used soft makeup to give me a natural look as well as innocent look.

I walked into the living room trembling a little and wondered who was Derrick and who was Charles? I did not get a good look at Derrick’s face the night before; just his cock and butt.

They were just gorgeous looking with shaved heads, a fantastic smile with teeth in perfect alignment. Both were at 6 foot and over 200 pounds and pure muscle. It was obvious they worked out with the lean look.

I began to relax immediately. Brit then introduced them. They were dressed in black trousers and white tank top with some blue color. They just looked gorgeous.

Charles and Derrick both extended their hands for a hand shake. Charles uttered, “Pleasure meeting you Amy. I hope to get to know you better.” He gave me a wink and a terrific smile which melted me and sent a twitch to my pussy.

The bell rang announcing pizza arrival. I helped sis get the sodas, napkins, paper plates and napkins. Derrick retrieved the pizza and paid for it. I caught the delivery guy looking at me and smiling. He was hot looking guy which I made a mental note of.

Sis said, “Sis you and Chuck can sit at the table and have a private chat. Derrick and I will sit on the floor in the living room and watch some TV.”

Chuck and I chatted about our youth and growing up while eating. We soon ran out of the get to know you conversation and I began to tense not knowing how to lead the conversation further.

Charles must have sensed it and said, “Babe usually I hit on beautiful chicks like you at the mall. If she smiles and answers back I know they desire to have some fun. If we were at the mall I would hit on you and see where it would lead. I want you to relax because nothing is going to happen between us unless you want it to happen. Derrick and your sister told me of your interest after seeing Derrick and her having fun. If you think that you and Derrick might hit it off better the first time, I would understand because you need the chemistry to make the sparks and the explosion in your pussy.”

“Chuck thanks for understanding and to be honest I …”

“It’s okay babe, I understand.”

It dawned on me he thought I desired Derrick and not him. He did not let me finish what I wanted to say. I stood, walked to him, took his face in my hands and said, “You jumped to a conclusion. I wanted to say I’m scared and as far as the chemistry goes it was there when I first saw you.”

“You are right. I did jump to a conclusion. I’m sorry babe.”

Chuck scooted back in the chair from the table and said, “How about sitting here in my lap and relaxing?”

I did as he had asked. I leaned into his chest as he placed his left hand on my butt and his right hand on my bare knee.

His after shave was not over powering and he smelled manly.

We sat there for a few minutes with neither of us saying a word and then Chuck said, “What have you heard about us black guys since grade school? Try to relax babe you are tense. Your soft skin is cool.”

“Well we heard in middle school that black guy’s cock were bigger and longer than the white guys. The white guys compared them in the shower. The white guys were jealous.

Later in the last year of middle school and particularly in high school the girls would brag about the size and how good it made them feel. They would say that the cock stimulated and touched every nerve in their pussy and that you guys could go on for hours before cumming.”

“Did you believe them?”

“We believed the guys but the girls we were not sure of but they had us curious. When we saw porn we knew you guys were huge but the girls were being paid to act so there you go we did not know for sure.”

“I feel your skin warming up. Do you want to make out some or go to the bedroom where you can do a visual inspection and feel and play with it? What comfort level are you at?”

“You know Chuck going to the bedroom, Oh god I don’t know what I want. God your lips are warm and soft Chuck.”

“Mmmm your hair smells so nice Amy.”

“Mmmm thanks Chuck. I love what you are doing with your lips and tongue. It is getting to me.”

“Enjoy it babe. Why don’t we lift your top and let my mouth give some TLC to your nice boobs. Spin around and face me so I can alternate between them and not have one jealous of the other.”

I did as Chuck asked and sat in his lap facing him and heard, “Awesome babe just awesome.” We stared each other down and slowly his face approached mine and I could feel the warm breath at my lips as he kissed them softly. The kissing became more urgent on both our parts as we opened our mouth to have a tongue duel. When the duel started, his soft hands encased the toys and I moaned as he massaged them softly. He then let the nipples slip between his fingers and did some soft pinching. I was getting excited and my breathing with the kissing came in snorts at times. He definitely was turning me on and the color of his skin disappeared. He was a hot lover.

I broke the kiss and went “Oh god, oh god I want more. Let’s go to the bedroom.”

“Soon babe soon; let me suckle those titties some before we do that.”

His mouth went to the right one and it was if a jolt of electricity went to my pussy when he bit the nipple a little. I placed my hands on his head and indicated to do the other the same way.

“Oh god Chuck, you are so sweet. Is this normal for you or you just being nice to me.”

“It’s normal babe. I want you begging for my cock and when your pussy feels it you will go places you have never been.”

Chuck was alternating between tongue whipping the hard nipples and sucking them and at times inhaled the whole breast to flick the nipple.

“I was moaning Mmmmmmmmmmmm all the time.”

Then it hit me; the fem odors from my vagina. I looked at the crotch of my yellow shorts and there was a wet spot developing even with the liner there. I was embarrassed but it being natural and him having me strung tighter than a guitar string I no longer cared.

He broke the attention to the breasts and said, “Let’s go play where it is comfortable.”

I lowered myself to the floor. Chuck stood and then lifted me to carry me to the bedroom. I lowered my head to his shoulder and closed my eyes.

When we were near the bathroom I said, “Chuck I need to freshen up, please.”

He said, “Freshen up or pee?”

I was shocked and mumbled, “Just to freshen.”

“If you don’t mind, let me freshen you with my tongue.”


“But I love to freshen naughty girls that are turned on. Come on now unless you need to pee and if that is the case I will watch so you are not messing with me.”

“God Chuck, I always freshen up for a guy.”

“You won’t for this guy or Derrick because we will freshen you.”

“But that will make me messier.”

“We know babe and we work harder then to take care of you.”

“Oh god Chuck I’m leaking so much.”

“I would hope so and let me drink your juices babe and get you to make more. That’s what gives us our staying power. Lovely, delicious, freshly made pussy juice. Now come on and get your ass on the bed so I can treat you like a queen.”

I was so horny. My pussy lips were pushing against the liner. I dropped them and lay back on the bed. Chuck lifted my legs without taking any of his clothes off, covered my mound with his mouth and dragged his tongue from my pussy hole to the clit which was hard as a rock and whipped it with the tip of his tongue.

I grabbed his head and held his face to my pussy and screamed, “Yes, Oh god, yes, yes, Chuck, oh my god, I’m going to Aaaaa, Ohoooooooo, Ohooooooooo.”

My body went into violent shaking and its movements increased Chuck’s tongue action which caused me to have another orgasm immediately.

I collapsed and was panting. Chuck hopped off the bed, took his tank top off and dropped his trouser. He did not have underwear on. He had a monster of a looking cock and I wanted it in me. “Please fuck me with that Chuck. My pussy needs to be filled up with something.”

Chuck hopped on the bed and slipped two or more fingers into my sopping, wet, hot pussy and began to finger fuck me with his right hand, using his left hand thumb to massage the clit. Chuck looked directly into my eyes as if starring me down. My hands instinctively went for my breasts to massage them and pinch the nipples without any embarrassment. I lifted my hips to meet his finger thrusting best I could and I took off to another plain. I wanted to scream fuck me, fuck me but things were happening so fast my body succumbed to the orgasm taking charge. As my body went into a convulsion, Chuck quickly pulled the fingers out from my pussy, kept massaging the clit with his left hand thumb, then quickly lifted my legs at the knees pressing them next to my breast, leaned forward and place the head of his thick cock into my spasming pussy.

He lowered himself and placed his mouth over mine to begin a tongue duel. I was so turned on with the mouth action and knowing part of his cock was in me and needing to be fucked that I fucked him best I could to get all of the monster cock into me. The further he filled me and the walls of my vagina sensing it, the higher I was flying. I humped the best I could to a point where I knew nothing more was going in and his balls were resting on my butt cheeks.

I broke the kiss and yelled, “Fuck me Chuck, god fuck me, push me over the edge, give me your juices oh god do it, please.”

Chuck then began slow fucks. I was having orgasm after orgasm holding onto his neck and pulling our foreheads together.

I lost count of the cums and weakened my grip on his neck when he began a faster pace of fucking me. I was stunned at the feelings in my pussy. I became very alert again. The wet belly slapping and squishy pussy noises filled the room as well as my fem odors. I reached the edge and screamed out from the most intense orgasm that was consuming me generated by Chuck’s monster pussy pleaser. The orgasm started in my toes, then up my claves, then my thighs, and then exploded in my pussy. I saw stars in color. My whole body collapsed and convulsed. Half way through my orgasm, I felt Chuck’s body stiffen, his cock flexing and then a growl and warm feeling in my pussy. I went into another shattering orgasm as he filled me with his seed.

When I woke up, I was covered with a sheet. There was a huge wet cold spot that I was lying in. It dawned on me we did not take the time for him to put on a condom. Even though I was on the pill for extra protection in case a condom broke, I ran to the bathroom to douche.

I staggered to the living room from the bathroom then and saw Chuck and Derrick both drilling Brit in the lower holes. They were on the sofa. They did not see me. My nipples hardened and my pussy contracted.

I went back to the bedroom and masturbated listening to them. Sis was right. Chuck took me to a place I had never been. I wanted more black cock but they were occupied. Seeing what they were doing to sis made me realize what she meant by doing things you would not do normally.

After they had orgasmed, I put on a robe and joined them. They all looked at me with smiles. I walked up to Chuck, took his face into my hands, starred him down and said, “I want more of that woman pleaser as soon as you can get it up again.”

Brit said, “See I told you it would be awesome. We sure have missed out.”

Derrick said, “Chuck and I can help you catch up and we have friends that would love to assist also.”

I heard, “I’m ready babe are you sure you are?”

I took Chuck’s hand and said, “Let’s go and I will show you. You can freshen me up.”

I heard, “Gladly mam, gladly.”

Chuck and Derrick stayed the night. I know I did not get much sleep because I was cumming most of the night I think. I could barely get my butt to the shower to get cleaned up for class.

Chuck showered with me and plastered me on the shower wall and ate me to another cum before kissing me and finishing the shower. I wanted to skip class and fuck all day.

Chuck and Derrick both worked so they had to leave when sis and I headed to class. We agreed to talk that night on the phone.

During the week we agreed that on Friday night I would spend with Derrick. Brit and Chuck both had to work, so it worked out for all of us. We also agreed that Saturday night we would rotate between the two guys with Chuck and me starting.

I was leaking all week. On Thursday night I said, “Brit, do you still leak or have you gotten back to normal when you think of Derrick?”

“If I’m horny I will leak but otherwise back to normal. Weird isn’t it? Very seldom do I do that when I think of a white guy.”

“Yes, it is really weird.”

“Have you met many of their friends?”

“Yes, met some but have not slept with any yet. There is a couple that I want to sleep with. They look hot.”

“Brit, I saw you taking it in both lower openings the other day. How does it feel?”

“Sis it makes you know you are a woman and the guys love you for sharing your intimate parts with them. They treat you extra special or so it seems because they do not want to lose the ability of enjoying each other’s company.”

“But doesn’t that hurt?”

“Derrick took several weeks to get me accustomed. He started with his fingers then to veggies then to his cock. That is why I like him. He is so tender and sweet. Maybe that is why I let him talk me into doing naughtier things.”

“Remember we would watch porn and say we would never do that or that? Well look at us now doing exactly what we said we would never do.”

“I guess it all part of growing up and maturing. So are you excited about spending some time with Derrick?”

“Yeah Brit; I think of those guys a lot. That is why I am changing liners so often.”

“Well trust Derrick. He has never done anything to hurt me or forced me to do anything I did not want to do.”

The rest of the week was normal and then Derrick showed up Friday night and brought Chinese food and some wine to start the evening off.

While eating and sipping the wine, we chatted about the previous weekend and my thoughts on Charles. He asked me if I thought much about them during the week and I admitted I did. He asked me if I was nervous and I admitted I was saying, “Well it’s like the first date you know.”

“I understand. I brought some porn movies to watch to help set the mood. If you object we do not need to watch them, interested?”

“Sure since it’s you and me. I might blush and be embarrassed but no one else is around to notice.”

“Amy, since we are alone and if you are not suspecting company, strip your clothes and slip into a robe. Then we will not have to mess with them.”

“What about you?”

“Would you mind if I sat around just in my sweats?”

“No I guess not.”

“Well don’t freshen up any if you had those thoughts going while changing. I can do that for you.”

I stared at Derrick, then smiled and said, “You guys. Do all girls start to leak more when they hear that?”

“I think so Amy because they know it’s going to just get better. Why don’t you walk over here and let me slip your jeans down and freshen you up now before leaving to get your robe.”

Derrick was standing next to the video player getting ready to insert a movie. I blushed and walked over to him. We both smiled knowing it had started.

When I reached him he turned me around so my back was into his chest. He lowered his mouth and began kissing my neck while his hands undid the button on the jeans and slid the zipper down.

He continued the neck kissing while placing the palm of his hand on my stomach, fingers pointed to my pussy. He then slowly moved his hand with the fingers going past the elastic of my pink panties and down to my mound. He cupped the mound completely, then used his middle finger to open the lips, inserted it a little into my leaking hole and dragged it up to the clit.

He used his left hand to steady me by cupping my right breast before flicking the clit. I nearly lost my balance and let out with, “Ohoooooooo.”

I heard, “Relax Amy and let it happen. Sail to wherever you are going.”

Derrick’s kisses on my neck, his boner expanding in the crack of my butt, his finger massaging the clit faster brought me to the edge and over. As I orgasmed I went, “Ahaaaaaa.”

I heard, “Mmmmmmm nice babe nice.”

I had my eyes closed as Derrick let me settle by taking the pressure off the clit. He slowly removed his hands from the panties and I noticed a very strong fem odor.

I opened my eyes to black fingers glistening with my juices. I was staring at them when I heard, “Do you want to freshen my hand before I freshen up your pussy?” I felt my right breast being squeezed and massaged. I trembled at the thought of tasting my own juices. Derrick began to rub his fingers in front of my eyes and the intensity of the odor dissipated. I thought, jeez the guys drink and eat me; girls do each other so why not give it a try.

I took my hand and wrapped it around his wrist and slowly brought his hand to my mouth. I swallowed hard and flicked the palm with my tongue to get a sample. In the mean time my left breast was being massaged. When I realized I did not puke and I did not taste terrible but unique I took longer swipes with my tongue. I then heard, open your mouth Amy and I will insert two fingers at a time for you to clean. I did as Derrick requested and felt like a slut at lapping at my own secretions. I heard, “Good girl, good girl.”

He when his fingers were clean he placed both hands on the jeans and began pushing them down. He then hooked his thumbs into my panties and pushed them down. I was getting hot not knowing what was going to happen but did not care.

He then knelt and pulled them down to the floor and said, “Step out of them Amy and use my head for balance.”

I did as he suggested. So there I was naked from the waist down with a guy kneeling on the floor looking at my butt. I heard, “Turn around Amy and let me freshen you up.

I did and Derrick’s hands went to my butt cheeks and he buried his face between my legs and covered my mound with his mouth.

I moaned at the contact and spread my legs apart further to give him access. His tongue began to search everywhere. I was building to an orgasm. I knew that is what he desired. I knew he would hold me from collapsing. I placed my hands on the top of his bald head and started to breath shallow and faster as the orgasm began to take over. I humped my hips for more feeling and was soon rewarded. God his long tongue went into the hole to collect all the juices I had generated.

When I had settled after he slowed his lapping, he stood. His face from his nostrils down glistened with my juices. He smiled, I smiled and he approached me for a kiss. I did not revolt havening tasted myself earlier. We went to kissing passionately with him coating my face with my secretions and then his right hand went to the mound and he fingered fucked me while we were standing and tongue dueling to another cum. I was snorting for air as it over took me and he held my head tight to his mouth as we tongue dueled and the orgasm consumed me.

He grabbed me when I wilted from the ordeal with no energy left in my body. Derrick owned my body. At that point he could have done anything he wanted with me.

He picked me up and carried me to the kitchen table and asked me to lie on my stomach. I was so weak I did not resist. My boobs were pressed into the wood. Since I still had my top on it was not cold. I felt Derrick’s tongue then lapping at my pussy hole again. I just closed my eyes and let him have free choice.

He started out at the entrance and then the swipes would go further and further. Soon he was at the clit and ass hole with the long drag of his tongue. I did not realize how good a guys tongue could feel there. I was sailing when I felt a finger go into my pussy and began to finger fuck me. I then felt his tongue fucking my other hole. I uttered, “Oh god Derrick.”

The finger picked up speed and then tongue began to penetrate my other hole like a mini cock. He then buried his face in the crack of my butt and was fucking my asshole with his tongue and then inserted a second finger into my pussy.

I grabbed the edge of the table with my hands and went, “Oh god Derrick I’m going to Ohoooooo…Ohoo…Ohooo…,” as my body went into convulsions.

When I was half calmed down I felt Derrick’s cock at the opening of my pussy. I knew it was time to experience his monster. I wanted it and said, “God yes Derrick do me, oh fuck me with that man thing of yours.”

As I was babbling he slowly pushed more and more of his meat deeper into me and it was like Charles. Ever nerve in the canal was waking up. I knew I was stretched open and filled but it felt so good.

He leaned onto my back and said, “Sure tight pussy Amy my cock is loving it.”

He was twitching it and making sure I knew it was there. He did not move except for that damn twitching. I was building to an orgasm just from that and wanted to get there faster but couldn’t because of his weight. I finally begged, “Derrick please stop teasing, fuck me, take me to the edge and take me over, please.”

He began a slow withdraw and short. Then back in and repeated it. Each time the length of the stroke became longer and I was building more. I finally yelled, “Fuck me, fuck me!!”

Derrick reached under me to cup my breasts, still covered, buried his head between my shoulder blades and then took me to where I had wanted to go. I screamed when I reached that point and my body convulsed on the table. When I had finished and was panting, Derrick lifted one leg and flipped me onto my back, then lifted both legs over his shoulder and started to fuck me fast and hard again, saying, “Is this black cock satisfying you babe?” He then covered my mouth with his and the tongue duel began. He sensed when my pussy clamped around his cock I was at the peak. He broke the kiss and we both growled aloud our feelings.

It took us some time to recover. Derrick lowered my legs. He then lay back down on top of me still staying plugged in. We caught our breath and he said, “Still interested in porn?”

I responded with, “No let’s do our own porn.”

“Okay babe let’s just do that.”

“Babe do you give your dates head?”


“Why not?”

“Well it appears to be gross and it looks degrading.”

“In porn when people are 69′ing what do you think?”

“Well it is a movie. How can a girl enjoy it when she has a cock in her mouth?”

“Depends on the girl Amy; it is a turn on for some and a turn off for others.”

“You are comfortable tasting your juices now aren’t you?”

“Well are you brave and strong enough to taste a cocktail?”

“I have them at the bar many times.”

“I was referring to the one we made in your pussy.”

“If you don’t force me, I will try.”

“Good girl. I will pull out slowly and then collect some juices. Then we can try the next step.”


Derrick slowly pulled out, then slipped two fingers into me and said, “Open your mouth and hold your breath. I will slip the fingers in and then you can breathe and suck them clean.”

“I’m scared Derrick. Will it make me vomit or sick?”

“No way babe; I would never do anything to hurt you. Watch me.”

My eyes nearly left there sockets when Derrick lowered his head to my pussy and sucked out the cocktail as he called it. He lifted, inserted two fingers, finger fucked me and said, “Which do you want to clean, my face or fingers?”

I began to laugh because his face was covered and shiny. I said, “Kiss me and if I don’t like it let me push you away.”

He lowered himself and I timidly went to kiss and was surprised that it was not revolting and on the contrary made for some intimacy.

We started a tongue duel as he slipped fingers into me. When he with drew the fingers we broke the kiss and he slid the fingers into my mouth. I smiled and sucked them clean. I heard, “Giving head is better because you will enjoy knowing you got the guy turned on and you can feel the jets of cum sailing down your throat. Let’s try it. I am almost dry so there will not be much and you are almost in a perfect position to learn. Let me pull you to the edge of the table so your head will drop backwards.”

Derrick did that and then inserted his cock back into my pussy, pulled it out and then walked around and said, “There babe it is coated with cocktail juice, lick and suck it clean.”

Derrick placed the tip of his leaking cock at my mouth. I closed my eyes and used my tongue to feel with. Soon he was fucking my mouth with just the head. He placed his hands on my still clothes covered breasts. I relaxed and sensed how he was enjoying it. He did not push any more of his cock into me. I wanted to feel it shoot. I reached over my head with a hand and wrapped it around most of the thick cock that was out of my mouth and went on to masturbate him with it while the head was fucking my mouth. The cock grew and hardened more. I could feel the blood pressure in the veins under the surface of the skin. Derrick then started to moan, “Mmmm…mmm…mmm…mmm.” I could feel his heart beating in the hand around the cock. I desired a cock in me. The question of what was happening to me went through my mind. I was blowing a guy which I never did before and desiring a cock at the same time. Was I becoming a slut crossed my mind also.

I heard, “God babe you are a fast learner. Jeez it feels like you have been doing this a lot. Mmmmm this is awesome. The cock went extremely hard then. It then pulsed and I heard get ready babe it is going to UUUggghhhhh…Uuuuuggghhhh…uuuggggghhh.”

I swallowed the warm slimy egg white feeling stuff. He then uttered “AAAhhhaaaaa.,” on the last shot of nut juice while massaging my still covered breasts with his hands.

I was glowing with my accomplishment. Derrick brought me a long way in a couple of hours.

When he had settled and recovered, he said, “I think you will enjoy 69′ing in a new light now babe. And you can reserve that for guys that you have special feeling for and not every guy.”

“Thanks coach and you can ask me anytime to serve you and I will be happy because I have the special feeling for you.”

“How about let’s shower, have a little more wine and just snuggle until we hit the sack.”

“I’d love that Derrick. Derrick sometime would you be willing to teach me how to take a cock in my other spot?”

“Sure babe we can start tonight in bed later.”

We showered and in the shower Derrick suckled on my breasts some. We did not have any sex. His mouth and tongue had me wanting cock again.

We dried and then I put on a robe and he put on his sweat pants. He then poured us some wine and we watched some TV as I snuggled in his lap. He ran his hand through my hair like petting a kitty cat. He told me over and over how nice it smelled and how soft it was.

His right hand then found its way into my robe and he began softly massaging the breasts. I closed my eyes and let the electricity go to my pussy. I could only take so much of his pinching the nipples. I wanted a cock filling me up. I said, “Please Derrick take me to bed and fuck me. I need your cock to settle my pussy down; please.”

“Okay babe let’s hit the bed.”

When we reached the bedroom Derrick said, “Amy if you don’t mind let me lie down and we sixty-nine to start and then when you are ready you can ride me. I love those breasts and hope you will let me play and suckle them while you fuck my cock. And I love it when a lady’s pussy is bald. I love that smooth skin on my cheeks.”

Derrick positioned himself in the center of the bed with his legs dangling over the bottom of the bed. His cock was semi-hard. I assumed it soon would be hard after my mouth worked on it a little.

I lifted my body over him, spread my legs as I offered my leaking pussy to him and heard, “That is a beautiful leaking pussy Amy.”

I said, “Your cock is so big Derrick. Have you ever measured it?”

“Yes it is eleven inches and two inches in diameter.”

“It is a monster alright. I like the way it looks like the Washington Monument. It tapers like it does. I can feel it stretching my mouth from skinny to thick. Most guys are the same thickness.”

I lowered my head, took the cock in one hand and began to lick the head and then worked my way down the shaft licking it as if it was melting ice cream.

Derrick began to work on my clit and tongue fuck my pussy.

When I reached Derrick’s hairless balls, I opened my mouth wide and took one in. I’d seen it in porn so decided to try it. He let out with, “Mmmmm.”

I let go of the ball and licked my way to the tip and then opened my mouth to take the head of his cock in. I began to mouth fuck it and it must have liked it because it expanded and became harder. I had maybe a quarter of it in and was working my head back and forth when Derrick lifted me and said, “Amy breathe through your nose, and suck on my cock like if it were a straw. Then keep going down on it and see how much you can swallow. If you do as I said you will not gag or choke believe me. Just don’t open your mouth. Keep swallowing like it was a long piece of spaghetti.”

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