adult theater

“Wanna see a movie today?” She whispered in his ear. He was barely awake. His wrists hurt from the night previous. She’d pulled the ropes tighter than usual. She kissed his neck and traced figure eights on his chest with her fingers. He didn’t answer. She sighed softly and slid her leg across his waist to rest on his hip. He could feel her warmth, her wetness against him.

“Wakey wakey lemon shakey,” she sang gently. He turned towards her and smiled.

“Movie? Yes? My treat? I owe you,” She could be so earnest sometimes. He pulled her closer and kissed her, slowly, luxuriously. She moaned softly. She pulled away. He could feel she was getting wetter, if that were even possible.

“Get up,” she murmured as she kissed her way down his body to just under his navel before clambering away from him and off the bed. He couldn’t help but grin as he watched her walk towards the bathroom. She had the biggest bruise he’d ever seen right in the middle of her tanned left ass cheek. She’d earned it.

It was hot out. Cicadas crooned as she led him down the street, Her fingers intertwined with his.

“What movie are we seeing? If its you’re treat, that means I get to choose,” he said. She twirled around to reply only by shaking her head. Her dress was sheer in the sunlight. He could’ve sworn she had no panties on. He would be more surprised if she actually did.

“It’s a surprise,” she sang out as she pulled him around a corner and down a narrow street. Stopping halfway down the street, she pushed him through a doorway that simply said “Movies” atop the entrance. She advised him to wait in the middle of the foyer in all it’s slightly seedy glory. There seemed to be red velvet everywhere. She returned promptly with two tickets and his favorite chocolate. Again linking her fingers through his, she kissed him and pulled him towards the theatre, waving their tickets in the general direction of the usher.

The lights were already dimmed, the tiny white lights along the carpeted stairs leading their way. It was musty, the credits were starting to flicker across the screen. She motioned towards a row close to the front, raising her eyebrows. He nodded and followed to sit beside her. She pulled his arm around her.

“This is nice,” she cooed. The theatre was scattered with other patrons, mostly men. The vintage credits were replaced by a nude woman surrounded by men, in what appeared to be a jungle of some sort. He frowned. Was this what he thought it was? She watched him, her eyes dark, her expression unreadable. She leaned forward slightly and inched down the straps of the dress. He exhaled slowly. She’d bought him to a fucking adult theatre. Her dress pooled at her waist, revealing her black bra with ties on the cups atop her nipples. She reached for his hand and placed it on top of her breast.

“Undo me,” she said, her voice thick with how much she blatantly wanted to destroy him. He was powerless. He slowly pulled the tie apart, revealing her hardening nipple. She bit her lip and rested her warm hand on his thigh. Movement to the left of her indicated interest by the other audience members. Color began to flood her cheeks, her nipples. A man came to stand over her, his eyes burning into her nearly topless form. She turned to him, her hand on her lovers thigh still. She cocked her head, perhaps in invitation. The stranger reached forward and pulled the other tie loose, revealing her other erect nipple. She was something to behold. She loved this. The stranger, quite clearly housing a significant bulge, stepped closer. She reached forward and stroked him through his trousers as she gazed back over her shoulder at her love. He could barely breathe. She reached for the stranger’s belt, unbuckling it as slowly as she could. She wanted to torture her love. The stranger reached down and pinched her nipple, hard. Her back arched and she moaned ever so delicately. He didn’t know if he could handle her when she was like this. She pulled the strangers jeans down slightly, reaching her hand inside his underwear to pull him out. She licked her lips. He was thick, he was already dripping pre cum. She stroked him, once, twice. She spread her legs, allowing the stranger to come closer. She must be soaked, her lover thought. She continued to stroke the strangers cock as she turned back to her love, kissing him hard on the lips before leaning forward and turning back to the task at hand.

“Hold my hair back, please darling,” she said between gentle licks of the tip of the strangers cock. She laced her fingers with her lovers and squeezed them as she wrapped the fingers of her free hand around the shaft of the strangers cock. Her lover felt as if he was drowning in her.

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