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The Bevington Academy Files: Danielle Grant: Chapter 2

Day 3

We all woke at 7 AM again. I rubbed my eyes and scanned the room. Yesterday all the guys were wearing the uniform I was now putting on myself. But Andrew was now wearing what the boys like Jenny was wearing. He looked a happy yet sad at the same time as the tall woman from yesterday morning walked in with the pink heels to match Andrew new dress. I watched as Andrew was told to sit on the bed and the woman fit the shoes on Andrew who looked delighted with his new footwear. Andrew then quickly applied some makeup from his handbag and with that the woman led us all out of the room and we split off to our classes. The woman pulled me aside for a moment.

“Carly forgot to give you this sweetie.” She said with a smile. She handed me a large pink handbag and I held it thoughtfully, it had a compact and all sorts of makeup and nail polishes in it, even a nail file.

“Uh, thanks I guess.” I said as she walked away. I put the handbag straps over my shoulder and headed off in what, according to the map was my Art and culture class, all the while listening and even humming to some of the music playing. The teacher for A&C was a very pretty woman called Stephanie. She was just like every other female staff I had seen so far, Beautiful, perky and every odd time I look, it would appear she had a shade of pink in her brown eyes. I also noticed Jenny was in my class again. Not too surprising but I don’t enjoy the way he looks at me.

A&C is not as I expected, The art on the wall looks as if it was done by a overly girly girl child, and the culture is more pop music and teenage girl drama’s. Today we watched the notebook. Jenny, who was sat next to me was in tears before the end and snuggled into my lap. I was too busy watching the movie to notice she was playing with my hands. It was only when she stuck my finger in her mouth when I let out a quite yell.

“Come on now Jenny darling.” Stephanie said, shaking her head. “There will be time for that in sex ed.”

After the movie ended we had to paint. There was little colour available to us. Pinks and purples were plentiful but any other colour was in short supply. I painted a landscape. I’m no painter but it didn’t look bad, But Stephanie looked disappointed with me as she picked up the canvas and placed it in the bin.

“I’m sorry Dani.” She said sadly, Crouching down to be eye level with where I was sat. “But that’s not the kind of work we expect from our students.”

Another hour later and class was over. Jenny skipped out ahead of me with on his friends and I checked my timetable once more to see that I have a cosmetology class. For some reason I got excited for a moment. But I pushed the feeling out of my mind, I was here on a mission, not to get excited about the idea of makeup.

I made it to class to find that yet again Jenny and his friends were in my class. I also saw Andrew sitting with them, laughing and talking with them. I decided I would sit next to Andrew to ask him why he was no longer giving Jenny the cold shoulder

“Heya Dani!” Jenny smiled at me as he put her hand gently around Andrew’s shoulder. “Look! Me and Andrea are BFF’s again!”

Andrew who was clearly now lost as Andrea smiled at me. I was shaken at what happened to the tough guy I met not 2 days earlier.

“Andrew, I mean Andrea, Jenny?” I said, being careful not to upset either of them. “How long have the 2 of you even been here?”

Andrea raised his eyes in thought, unsure of how long he had actually been here

“I have been here for, like a week,” Jenny answered. “Andrea has been here for 5 days I think, I’m not great with numbers though, They hurt my pretty head!”

I looked at the 2, they were so happy that they were friends again. Class began when the woman who had escorted us from our dorm this morning walked in. Her name was Candice. The class went as I had expected, and I ended up as I expected, Andrea and Jenny took pleasure in dolling my face up in makeup, I was given the whole treatment, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow and liner, I was surprised that I looked just like a girl. Jenny even painted my nails the pink he told me he would. I felt so embarrassed but completely aroused, even though my sis… my penis would not get hard.

I felt so strangely happy but again i pushed that thought out of my head, that’s what they want me to feel, so that I will end up just like Jenny and Andrea. I picked up my handbag and walked out of the classroom. Phys Ed was next. I sighed in relief, that would take my mind off things. But it didn’t. PE was really just yoga and other feminine workouts, we were made wear pink tracksuit and a matching sports bra, but the meditation music was very relaxing, I found it really helped me open myself up to the exercise. There was a 20 minute break after the session and from what I saw everyone got along afterward. There was no real grouping, Andrea, Jenny and I sat on the gym mats, crossed legged and just talked and laughed together. We even got some milkshakes from the gym teacher Annabelle, and Andrea did my toe nails a matching pink while my feet were bare. I felt so alive and free, but I was shocked to my senses when Andrea started to KISS Jenny!

I looked around to see if anyone else noticed what was going on and then I saw everyone else seemed to be locking lips and some even pulled down their pink panties and offered their cocks to their willing friends. I turned back Andrea and Jenny and I noticed that Andrea had lowered his panties and was pointing his dick towards my face, I was close enough to smell it. Jenny meanwhile had lowered his panties and was now giggling as Andrea nuzzled and licked tentatively at his cock. Andrea raised his hand, looking for my head and he grabbed the back of it and brought my head down to his erect cock. I found myself getting hard immediately. In my mind there was a struggle. I hated myself for getting hard in this humiliating situation, I was coming to my senses and realized what was happening for the past 10 minutes. Then I began to feel my pants being pulled down around my ass. Jenny reached over and rubbed my arm before lowering her hand down to my panties, pulling them down and sticking 2 of her fingers in my ass.

I tried to tighten my sphincter, seemingly unable to move, but Jenny shoved her fingers effortlessly in my ass. Suddenly we were all back sitting cross legged on the gym mats, and the bell was ringing for lunch. I looked around and saw that again the groups were back together like the whole 20 minutes never happened. I don’t think I was meant to remember what happened, but unfortunately my mental training kept some of the past events fresh in my mind. I accompanied Jenny and Andrea to the lunch room, both grabbed one of my hands each and skipped, I had to also skip to keep up. I don’t know why I stuck with Andrew, I felt a sort of bond with him, he was the only guy to talk to me and stand up for me. When we got to the lunch room, I thought it would be best I leave them and sat at the male dominated table. The usual was given to us all, salad and shakes. Lunch went without incident and the bell rang for the final class of the day. History was thought by another man, Mr. Hastings. And was not as I expected. The class had several reclined seats with headsets and screens propped up where the head of the person sitting there would be. I immediately had a sinking feeling, it was very obvious that it could be a hypnosis set up. We were all made to take a seat and had to apply the headphones. The only history I saw on my monitor was the past decade of current events. I tried to block it out but the audio and video was too loud to ignore, after the first 45 minutes I was absorbing the information like a pink sponge. The time went by like nothing at all and again I found myself picking up my purse and leaving class. I walked back to my dorm alone and found myself there before anyone else. There was another man sleeping in Andrew now Andrea’s bed.

I walked over and shook him awake, I was not going to be like Andrew, I was going to at least warn him about what he was getting into. The new guy was taken by surprise, probably unaware of the fact he had dozed off. First he looked at my face and smiled but then realized that I was not the girl he thought I was.

“How did you get here?” I asked him as he sat up in his new bed.

“My mom signed me up.” He replied as he looked around to see if there was anyone else around. “She said if I wasn’t going to go to college then I was going to have to go here for a while.”

The guy was called Alex. He obviously had no idea what was going to happen and despite the fact I wanted to tell him, I found myself unable to tell him, as if the words that I had to say would cause me harm if I said them.

The only words I could tell him before I fell into my bed to sleep were that the bed he had now used to belong to Andrew.

Day 4

I woke up with a smile on my face, I sat up and stretched out my arms, breathing in the strawberry air deep. Then I realized my situation. I opened my eyes and saw that the other boys were stirring also. On a lot of beds including my own, was a hanger with the pink dress uniform. I sighed as I swung my legs off the bed and planted my feet firmly on the ground. I noticed that it seemed like the hair on my legs and most of my body seemed to have gone after I removed my light blue pajamas. Candice walked into the room with a large box, she started pulling out pairs of the heels that went with the dress and placed them on the beds with dresses.

I sighed again, getting the stockings and pulling them up my legs, It felt so smooth now that they were hairless. So soft, my breath got caught a little in my throat. My mind was raging, knowing that I was fighting a losing battle, cursing that the FBI had sent me here in the first place. I would give anything to be back at my desk in my shitty old position. But here I was, Smiling uncontrollably as I pulled on my new dress and put on my new shoes, ready to start a new day at this god forsaken school. I had to get out, stop this, But any equipment I had was in my suitcase, where ever that was taken. Even though I want to escape, I can’t even try, it was like my limbs were working against me.

I mindlessly walked through the halls, humming along with the gaga music playing through out the halls. I had History again. It was different this time, I was not just watching and learning about what a good girl like me should know, but my mind was steadily having memories replaced with others. My old memories concerning some sort of sport replaced with me nailing a dance recital, I made mom soo proud. But I didn’t, It never happened. Didn’t it? History passed so quick, I picked up my purse before leaving and without a second thought touched up my makeup. I felt like I was watching a show, my body was on auto pilot and I was the poor sissy restrained by the corruption of my mind. I met with Jenny and Andrea before we all skipped to PE.

My body was participating fully even though I tried not to, I knew what was coming. I tried my best to stop, but my mental training was obviously no match for whatever combination of hypnotic suggestion had taken me over. Halfway through my new yoga routine I blacked out. Next thing I realize I’m down again sucking on Jenny’s dick this time while Andrea was behind me, fingering my ass, I may not have been controlling my actions but I was not senseless to what was happening. The taste of Jenny’s cock was invading my mouth and messing with my mind. I found myself growing to like it and even the fingers in my ass made me moan in delight like a slutty sissy.

The feeling of Andrea penetrating my ass with her fingers was slowly dominating my thoughts, all I could think was how amazing it was feeling, I even began to think maybe it would feel better with something else, maybe a cucumber, or a . . .

No, I pushed the delicious thought out of my pretty little head. The more Andrea pushed her fingers in and out of my ass, the more she did the more I lost myself. I was losing myself more and more and as I sucked on Jenny’s yummy cock a tear slid down my cheek and a small smile crept across my face.

With that I shut my eyes and blacked out again, coming to my senses in the middle of lunch. I looked around and I was sitting with with Jenny and Andrea, I had eaten my salad and was sucking my strawberry shake through a straw. I must have wandered through Arts and now I was here with the rest of the girls. I felt so bad yet even though I despised what was happening I also felt right. My mind was warped beyond recognition. I couldn’t even remember who I used to be. I started to black out again and the next thing I knew I was with Andrea heading towards the final class of the day, sexual education. I smiled happily as we walked in, knowing exactly what this class was for. To teach us how proper girls are supposed to act and behave sexually. I felt so happy yet anxious at the same time, I had a feeling I was not going to black out during this class. The teacher was some hunk called Mr. Arkin. He was standing front and center of the class wearing absolutely nothing and rubbing his cock sensually till it became rock hard.

“Now seeing as this is miss Grants first class,” He began giving his incredible looking dick a final stroke. “She will be the first to get a start on her oral practice.”

I felt a sickening feeling in my stomach yet my face erupted into a pretty little smile. I rushed into the center of the room as everyone else took their seats around. I couldn’t stop myself if I tried, My mind said no but the erection in my panties said otherwise. A voice in my head told me to do it, take the plunge and suck on his delicious cock, and I did. I took his tip first, licking it with such hunger. Then the rest of his dick found its way into my throat, every time I felt his pubes tickle my nose I swallowed instinctively. And every time I pulled out I licked his shaft all over, it tasted amazing, his aroma was intense, I felt my little dick start to dribble cum, I closed my eyes and bathed in this hated bliss I found myself in. He started to push me off and I fell backwards reluctantly.

“Very good Danielle.” He said applauding my efforts, I was however still eyeing his wet cock with a serious lust. “Who is next?”

I took the seat of the girl who got up to go finish the job I was so enjoying. The session went on for a while then came the next lesson. Mr. Arkin grabbed my hand and pulled me up to the center of the class. He bent me over his desk and grabbed a bottle of lube off his desk. I could already feel the pleasure coming, I didn’t want to but I knew it was coming. He rubbed some lube in his hands and proceeded to finger fuck me like his life depended on it. I felt uneasy at first when I felt his tip at my tight little boy pussy. I felt his cock slip inside me with surprising ease, I suppose the fingering helped to loosen me up. Every time Mr. Arkin shoved his great dick in and out of my ass I started to slip into a comatose state. I was losing myself, yet it felt ok. It felt right.

After Mr. Arkin came I cleaned myself up and fixed my makeup. I enjoyed the rest of the show, all the girls had some fun getting their asses fucked. The class ended and as usual I headed towards the dorm. I got out of my pretty uniform and into my cute pink nightdress and fluffy pink bunny slippers. I sat on my bed cross legged and started to paint my nails a nice light blue. Shortly as everyone started to file into the dorm I got under my covers and fell into a deep, blissful sleep.

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