I walked through the small locker room on my way to the showers. I had many things on my mind, primarily, the presentation that I would have to give tomorrow afternoon to the head of our finance division. Despite my normal apprehension, I was well prepared.

When I entered the shower room, I stopped dead in tracks. I had been so deep in thought that I did not hear the shower.

A strange man was lathering up under a hot stream of water. Although I had never seen this man before, it was not uncommon for our landlord’s other tenants to use the gym and facilities.

I quickly turned my back to the stranger and via a circuitous route, managed to get to a shower without giving him a full frontal. I was newly hairless from the neck down and I just wasn’t comfortable, yet, with strangers knowing this.

Feeling a tad awkward, I turned my head slightly to see what the stranger was doing. My anus automatically puckered when I saw that he was looking right at my smooth, round butt. Immediately, I wondered if he had noticed me pucker or had interpreted that as signal.

Eventually, the stranger noticed me looking at him and gave me a hello nod. He then introduced himself. I was in the shower room with Oscar Macky and he was the guest of – I no longer remember.

As Oscar made small talk about the hot weather, I couldn’t help but casually glance down to check him out. Wow! I involuntarily did a double take. Oscar had the largest, tan cock I had ever seen!

Not wanting to stare, I quickly looked at my hands, which were in front of my penis. “Just great,” I thought. “Now, Oscar has not only seen me complete an obvious double take, he thinks I am comparing our sizes!”

Even more worrisome – my penis was beginning to grow. It had gone from limp to semi-hard in 60 seconds or less. I immediately ordered myself to “STOP!” thinking about Oscar’s amazing, flaccid specimen.

The harder I tried to concentrate on what Oscar was saying, the harder my penis got. Desperate, I turned my hips even more as I pretended to wash my hair, so Oscar couldn’t see my arousal. It was all for naught. My cock was still stiffening. I was on the verge of a full-blown, throbbing erection.

I nervously glanced out of the corner of my eye, again. Oscar was now slowly jerking his monster organ as he pretended to wash it.

There was no use in hiding or pretending. I decided to turn and give Oscar his first unobstructed, frontal view of my body. Besides, I did not want Oscar to misinterpret my shyness as teasing.

As I turned my body toward Oscar, a wave of excitement hit me so hard that my nipples hardened. What were the odds, I thought, that I would be naked, completely smooth, horny, and alone in a shower with a handsome man, who had a mouthwatering penis?

I let the water pour over my body for another minute or so before I looked at Oscar. He was still there soaping his hardening cock.

After a quick look into each other’s eyes, Oscar and I simultaneously advanced toward each other. When we got within arm’s length, we both reached out to fondle each other’s erect penis.

I waited for what I thought to be a socially acceptable amount of time, before I dropped to my knees. I had not wanted to appear to be too eager.

As I continued gently stroking Oscar’s thick, rubbery shaft, I stared at the way his tan foreskin slipped back and forth over his large cockhead. Curious, I pulled the foreskin down the shaft. A large, purplish knob eased out. The head itself must have been about two inches long and wide.

When I felt Oscar’s penis stiffen even more in my hand, I opened my mouth wide, and pulled the large purple head in. Within seconds, I tasted precum on my tongue. It tasted sweet. Wanting more, I started sucking.

After a few minutes, I could no longer hold back my urges. My balls were tingling and my prostate was throbbing – unbelievably so.

I looked up at Oscar and boldly said, “Do you want to fuck me in the ass? I’d like to try your cock up my ass.”

Oscar chuckled and pulled me to my feet. “No need to be bashful,” he said.

We chuckled as Oscar grabbed my hips, turned me around, and pressed himself against me, nestling his huge cock between my cheeks. The feeling was so glorious, that I gently began humping his swollen cock, causing it to move up and down my smooth crack and over my twitching anus.

I knew the sensation that Oscar was feeling, too. My puckering anus reminded me of an erotic incident on my commuter bus, one summer day, a couple of years ago.

I was seated by the window minding my own business, when a young, small, curvy, blue-eyed blonde with a cherub face boarded. She was carrying some packages and sat down in the only vacant seat – next me.

After a minute or so, the young blonde decided to set her packages on the floor. She swiveled her hips toward the aisle and as she bent over to place her packages on the floor, she pushed her round ass hard up against my thigh as she spread her legs.

When I felt the ‘rude’ bump, I looked down at her ass. To my amazement, not only were her ass cheeks completely spread out against my bare thigh, she wasn’t wearing any panties!

Apparently, her awkward bending and stretching had caused her, very thin, dark blue tights to pull down, exposing at least half of her nubile, bare ass.

As my penis began to harden, I decided to lean over slightly, so that I could look straight down her ass crack. I was hoping to see her anus, which I envisioned to be light pink.

When I leaned over, her anus, not her cheeks, began to give my bare thigh little squeezes. I instantly froze.

Her anus squeezed not once, not twice, but many times against me. She only stopped because someone came down the aisle.

Oscar interrupted my recollection, when he reached around and began stroking my hard-on. Perhaps noticing my distance stare, Oscar asked, “Ever done anything like this before?”

After taking a few seconds to figure what Oscar had said, I quickly blurted out, “Sure, but, not here…”

“Okay. Why don’t you lean against the wall and spread your legs…wide.”

I smiled back at Oscar knowingly, and got into position. I braced myself against the wall with my arms and bent over slightly. This was going to be the biggest cock I had ever had inside of me. I felt wicked just thinking about how it would feel to have that monster spurting hot cum inside me.

“Let me lube you,” Oscar said as he left the shower room. My anus puckered, again, this time in anticipation as I waited for Oscar.

Oscar returned to the shower room, carrying a small container of Vaseline. Without saying anything, he uncapped it, and began smearing the contents all over the head of his pre-seminal fluid coated cockhead. When Oscar finished, I let go of the wall, pulled my cheeks apart, and pushed my butt out.

Oscar greased and loosened my tight, little asshole up good with his thick fingers. I groaned loudly when just his finger deeply penetrated me and, again, when his second finger found my prostate.

I let Oscar play with me a few more minutes, before I pulled my ass off his fingers and braced myself against the shower wall. Oscar could have made me cum right there had he continued to play with me with just his fingers, but I wasn’t ready to cum, just yet.

When I felt the purple cockhead brush against my sensitive anus, I wiggled my horny ass, took a deep breath, and tried to relax my sphincter bands. Oscar noticed my cue and easily pushed his greased cockhead into my slick, back door. Oscar’s weight, strength, and rock hard cock were no match for my little butthole.

Thankfully, Oscar’s first few strokes were slow and measured, giving my butthole a chance to get used to the massive invader. In no time, I felt comfortable enough to push back. When I did, Oscar began working his cock deeper into my rectum.

My deep tissue massage was really stimulating my prostate. I couldn’t help but reach down between my legs and begin furiously jacking my throbbing cock. I didn’t want to cum too soon, but the way I was stroking – it would not take long.

“Do you want me to cum in you?”

Without waiting for me to answer, Oscar gradually increased his pace. He already knew that my stretched out ass had completely surrendered to his massive cock and that he could now maximize his pleasure by fucking it as hard as he wanted.

A couple of minutes later, my prostate was throbbing like crazy and my cock was on the verge of a huge ejaculation. My head was spinning out of control. I needed immediate relief.

I bent over as far as possible, squeezed Oscar’s purple-headed knob against my prostate as hard as I could, and then violently shook my ass. When I felt the orgasmic telltale tingle, I arched my back even further.

Oscar felt my bowels completely open up and immediately jammed the full length of his monster cock into me. He was not going to bottom out.

I went into an orgasmic frenzy as Oscar’s huge cockhead penetrated my bowels and his girth widened my anus out further than I ever had experienced. I had never felt so full and satisfied.

My entire body reacted by convulsing and then stiffening. As my rectum locked itself around Oscar’s monster meat, I hollered loudly as my balls released what felt like white lightning.

I had to look down at my cock to make sure it was still intact. Jets of hot cum were blasting out of it so hard that they burned. It felt like my urethra was being shredded!

When he felt me cumming, Oscar couldn’t hold off any longer. He bellowed out, “Jesus H Christ! I’m cumming! Damn. Damn. Ahh,” as the sperm that had been racing up his piss tube with lightening speed, launched into my bowels.

I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, and held my breath. I did not want anything to distract me from this experience. It was a first for me – getting a sperm enema from a huge ten-inch cock.

As Oscar’s monster organ unleashed torrents of white ejaculate, I felt a warm wetness begin to spread out in my intestines. Each ejaculation seemed to drive his cum deeper into my belly.

After pausing to enjoy his orgasm, Oscar began banging away, again. His loud grunting and the rapid plop, plop, plop of his wet groin slapping against my wet, reddened butt cheeks could probably be heard a block away!

Finally, Oscar had had enough and pulled his cock out of sucking ass. When he did, I lost control of my bowels. They knotted and then powerfully opened up to expel the large invader that was no longer there.

Only the contents of my sperm enema farted out of my gaping asshole. It was terribly embarrassing.

After our first meeting, Oscar and I became immediate friends. He was several years older than I was, but he was good-natured and had a great sense of humor.

One afternoon, a few weeks later, after Oscar and I had worked out, we discovered that the showers were closed for repair. Oscar and I left grumbling.

To make a long story short, Oscar asked me if I wanted to shower at his place. I accepted the invitation and that is how it all started.

Oscar frequently has women around and so do I. Since we like to share, word has gotten out about what we do…because their girlfriends want to come over, too!

Oscar lives above the adult theater he owns. Most of the action with our girls happened either in his apartment or in his ABS.


Susan was the first female I met at Oscar’s place. Our meeting was unique.

“I’m gonna cum.”

I was about to tell Oscar to go for it, when a blonde female entered his bathroom and stepped in front of us. My eyes got big as saucers and my jaw dropped. I urgently tapped Oscar’s arms, but it was too late.

The woman rolled her eyes as Oscar proudly broadcast, “I’m cumming in your ass. Buddy boy! Ahhh! Ahhh!”

As Oscar began filling my ass, he reached around, grabbed my hard-on, and jerked it quickly and roughly. Oscar knew by now that I loved to cum with a big cock up my ass and he loved to feel my ass squeeze his cock as he came.

I winced as my cock wrenched hard and then my rectum clamped down on Oscar’s cock. Moments later, my arcing cum shots were landing all over the floor in front of the blonde.

Although my eyes were blinking rapidly, I couldn’t help but notice the mischievous smirk on her face. My orgasm was slightly unsettling.

When Oscar finally noticed the blonde, he addressed her as if he knew she was there from the start. Most likely, she had been asleep in one of the other bedrooms and we had awakened her.

“Save me some hot water,” she said as she undid the flannel belt on Oscar’s huge bathrobe and let it drop to the floor. I immediately appreciated her lacy white bra and panties. Oscar did, too.

“Susan, you look great just the way you are!”

Oscar then pulled his softening cock out of my squishy bowels – complete with sucking sound. I winced, again. It was an embarrassing sound, but Susan did not seem to notice. She simply unsnapped her bra and let it fall.

Susan’s breasts were breath taking. She had big tits…hangers… She wore at least a 40 D-cup.

Susan was taller than average and that certainly helped her out by distributing her weight. The woman had some curves!

After Oscar had washed his limp meat, he stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel, and dried his face and upper body he approached Susan. I took advantage of his wide frame blocking Susan’s view and surreptitiously eased a finger up my loosened anus to coax out the remaining semen. I thought it best to avoid any cumfarts this night.

Upon quietly cleaning myself, I looked over to see what Oscar and Susan were doing. I was somewhat surprised to see her in his arms and willingly kissing the man who had just fucked me up the ass – in their bathroom!

I gently shook my head in amazement, turned the shower off, grabbed a towel, dried off, and walked to the king size bed. My cock had quickly rejuvenated and wagged back and forth, as I walked past the amorous couple.

My self-administered anal cleansing had stimulated my spent cock. In addition, watching Oscar’s mouth alternate between Susan’s pretty mouth and her hard, pink nipples as she gently massaged his balls certainly had something to do with it, too!

As I relaxed on the bed, I heard Oscar whisper something to Susan. Then as he looked at me over her shoulder, he ran his hands down her back to her narrow waistline and hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her cotton panties.

Still looking at me, Oscar smiled as he gently turned Susan toward me and eased her panties down over a small roll of sexy baby fat, and then past her smooth pussy, before stopping. I immediately could smell Susan’s sex.

The musky, wet smell from Susan’s exposed pussy left no doubt in my mind that she was sexually aroused. Why not? She had just watched her man fuck me up the ass with his big cock and now her man was erotically exposing her smooth pussy in front of me – a complete stranger.

Susan’s stimulation continued as Oscar began sliding his hand down toward her womanhood. As Susan sighed, she caught my eye. I made sure her former mischievous smile was returned as I fondled my semi-hard cock.

Oscar’s finger teased Susan’s wet pussy for a minute or so, before he led her to the foot of the bed. I stopped my slow stroking when Oscar and Susan stopped directly in front of me.

I looked up at Oscar expecting an introduction to Susan. When none was forth coming, I looked up at Susan. Her flushed face was smiling down at me.

As our eyes remained in contact, Susan said something like Oscar is always “talking about you.” Then she asked if I was still Oscar’s “gym-buddy” or was I now his “fuck-buddy,” too? I smiled at her attempt at humor.

Oscar spoke-up and told Susan that I liked pussy, too. As soon as he did, Susan smiled and said, “Well…that’s goooood…I was wondering…”

Then without skipping a beat, Susan gently mounted me! She crawled up my body on all fours and only stopped when her swinging breasts were inches away from my face. I opened my mouth to suck them, but Susan had other plans.

“I hope you’re hungry,” Susan said as she turned around and then backed herself up, so that she was squatting directly over my face. Pre-occupied with analyzing the large clitoris poking out of her swollen labia, I did not respond.

As Susan spread her moist pussy open with her fingers, she adjusted herself, again. Now her ass was right in front of my face. A lot of the skin surrounding her butthole had a deep brown pigment to it and it stood out in contrast to the white flesh of her ass around it.

As I continued to look at Susan’s butt hole, she lowered her haunches. The last thing I saw was her slightly flabby, milk-white cheeks coming straight down on my face. The next thing I felt was my nose being pressed right into the convex whorl of her anus!

I had never had my nose so far up someone’s ass as it was right now. Despite the humorous thought, I had far more serious concerns – like breathing! My mouth was almost sealed against her wet pussy.

Thankfully, Susan began to rub her clit on my chin, which allowed me to breath. As I sucked in O2, I heard her telling Oscar that she was going to go for a “ride.” She sure did.

Whenever Susan took a rest break from sliding her entire wet slit back and forth, and up and down my face, I lapped her pussy, and sucked and swallowed everything juicy. It did not take long for Susan to begin moaning.

As Susan’s moans grew louder, the more her bottom wildly gyrated and bounced up and down on my face. Perhaps, thinking that I might possibly be thinking about getting my face out of danger, Susan cried out to me in a high-pitched voice, “Keep your tongue out! Don’t you stop! Don’t you stop!”

Eventually, Susan’s low stamina forced her to slow down. When she did, I began to spear her hot pussy with my tongue. That is when she came.

Susan began sounding like some kind of wild animal being tortured. She gripped wildly at the sheets, arched her back as though she had just been electrocuted, and began twisting her hips like a bucking bronco. Moments later, a warm, sticky liquid poured out of her pussy and into my mouth.

Despite swallowing rapidly to keep from choking, I felt Susan’s pussy distinctly spasm several times against my face. Up to then, I had ever seen a woman cum like that.

In recovery mode, Susan catatonically rocked back and forth. She probably did not even feel me extricate my face from her sweaty ass and wet pussy.

As I gulped in lungfuls of air, I licked Susan’ girl cum off my lips, and looked around for Oscar. When I didn’t see or hear him, I quickly stroked my cock hard, mounted Susan from behind, and quickly came in her hot, wet pussy.

Several minutes later, out of the clear blue, Susan exclaimed, “Oh my god, Oscar. This guy eats pussy like nobody else. Better than any woman…any man!”


Oscar met Sandy in his financial management class at UNLV. A mutual lust developed quickly developed. Although Oscar was two decades older, Sandy was bored with the juvenile behavior of her male classmates.

The age difference was not a distraction. Oscar was confident, handsome, and had a muscular body that showed no signs of aging. In addition, Oscar gave her attention.

When Sandy’s mind began to wonder, it did not take her very long to decide what to do. Oscar was a gentleman and quite a physical specimen and Sandy was hot to trot.

Oscar delighted in telling me how Sandy’s sexual behavior had become more and more risqué. He said each time they got together, Sandy had become bolder and more daring. Their sexual exploits had ranged in settings from her dorm room to places like the library, gym, and an abandoned classroom. Oscar concluded by saying with gleeful emphasis that Sandy was turning into a “verifiable sex machine,” now that “she had a cock to run to, instead of her vibrator.”

About a week later, Oscar told me the next step in their relationship was for him to introduce her to his world. Although I looked forward to meeting Sandy, I was quite pleased with my situation. During Oscar’s trysts with Sandy, I got to fuck Susan’s ass so much, that I thought I owned it! Anyway, I met Sandy a few days later.

As the three of us stripped in Oscar’s bedroom, I couldn’t help but notice that the straight hipped, nineteen year old Sandy was a perfect female specimen. I would guess she weighed no more than 110 pounds. Her measurements – I later learned were 34D-24-34.

As Sandy kicked off her shoes and then went to work on her belt buckle, Oscar concentrated on unbuttoning the front of her yellow blouse. Oscar was fast. He had Sandy her out of her blouse quickly, exposing her plain white bra.

When Sandy reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, Oscar groaned with delight as her freed, beautiful breasts burst into view. My eyes dilated, too.

Sandy’s areolas were round and large and her pink nipples pointed slightly off to the sides. Between them was deep cleavage. I swallowed hard as my cock swelled. I couldn’t help but begin to stroke it.

As Oscar took one of Sandy’s pink nipples in his mouth and began to suck it hard, Sandy placed her hands behind Oscar’s head and pulled his face right into her 34 D’s.

Oscar enjoyed her breasts for a while, before sharing them with me. I did not care – as long as I got to suckle those young, firm beauties, too.

“Turn around,” Oscar suddenly whispered. When Sandy complied, Oscar then asked her to “bend over and part your legs.” Again, Sandy complied.

I reached out and caressed Sandy’s silky, smooth, hanging breasts as Oscar knelt in front of her and examined her bikini style panties. We both could see the outline of her slit under her panties.

“Slowly, very slowly, pull your panties down.”

As Sandy slowly eased her panties down, Oscar and I stepped behind her. We were rewarded with the sight of her small, tight, creamed colored ass as it was exposed inch by inch.

As Sandy stepped out of her panties, we were further rewarded. I lowered my head slightly to have a better angle to view her tiny, puckered rosebud.

When Sandy stood up and turned around, it was immediately evident that she kept her labia shaved, except for a small thatch of light brown hair at the top. Most remarkable, the sunrays from the window landed directly on her pretty, glistening pussy lips. Sandy was clearly quite hot and ready to be taken.

As Oscar led her to his bed, I could now smell the musky order of her arousal as she walked by me. I looked down at my cockhead. It was already bathed in pre-cum.

When they got on the bed, Oscar motioned for me to join them. I hopped onto the bed while Oscar removed her sheer knee-highs.

As I crawled up to Sandy, she grabbed my hard cock and pulled it to her face. When it was close enough to her mouth, she stuck her tongue out to dab at the pre-cum. I shuddered in delight.

Sandy quickly cleaned my cock and then aggressively sucked it deep down her throat. The sensation of her small mouth and tight throat around my cock – was awesome! She was clearly an experienced cocksucker and there was no inhibition in this young woman.

When Sandy’s head began bobbing up and down the full length of my shaft, I began playing with her left breast. I alternated between running my right palm over the silky breast, cupping it, and then gently squeezing it.

Sandy returned the favor. She cupped my nut sack with her left hand, and began milking it as I fucked her throat just as I would her pussy. I doubt if my cock had ever been harder.

As I looked over at Oscar and smiled broadly, thinking he sure knew how to pick’em, Sandy pulled my cock out of her mouth. Surprised, I looked down to see her reach over, put her hands on my hips, and nudged me to turn over. I obliged.

When I flipped over onto my back, Sandy pushed my legs up and spread them wide. Not knowing what to expect, I helped her by pulling my legs back.

As I stared up at her impish smile, Sandy asked, “Want me to rim you? How would you like me to stick my little tongue up your hot ass?”

Needless to say, my eyes almost bugged out of my head and my mouth opened like it was going to swallow her pretty, little blonde-haired head. All I could do was nod and hope she wouldn’t hear any loose marbles.

Sandy did not waste any time. Unhesitatingly, she spread my cheeks and buried her face in my crack. I let out a loud moan as her tongue licked around the smooth flesh of my crack, in search of my anus.

When Sandy found it, she licked it, and probed it. Yes, her tongue drove me crazy. I was moaning and squirming all over the bed – and Sandy was only getting started.

After a few more minutes, Sandy forced my cheeks apart. I took in a sharp breath as I felt her press a fingertip in, and then slowly move it around, before working it in to the knuckle.

As Sandy moved her finger around in me in a circular pattern, my prostate began to throb as my anus contacted tightly around her finger. “Sooo, this is what a prostate massage felt like,” I giddily thought.

I moaned as I felt a second finger began circling my anus and then bit down on my lip as Sandy slowly inserted another finger, from her other hand. Her second finger went in, right alongside her first finger.

As soon as Sandy penetrated me with her second finger, she promptly began pulling my asshole open! Sandy unabashedly opened my anus wider and wider.

When I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, Sandy looked up at Oscar and said, “I’ve got his little hole pulled wide open for you, Hon.” Then in a low sexy voice, “but, before you fuck him, I’m going to deep lube him.”

Sandy’s hot tongue went right in my open asshole. All I could see was the top of her blonde head. Her probing, twirling tongue made me delirious. Waves of electric pleasure ran through me as I tried to hump her pretty face with my ass.

When my butthole and crack were slick with Sandy’s saliva, she moved away to give Oscar access to my squirming ass. Oscar turned his head, leaned over, and kissed Sandy on the lips!

A moment later, Oscar mounted me. His large, hard cock easily penetrated my horny rectum. In fact, Oscar’s cock went almost all the up my ass in one motion. Now, that was a first!

I gasped went I felt Oscar bottom out and then double-moaned went I felt Sandy’s hot, wet mouth capture my cockhead. I was in rapture. Oscar’s cockhead continued my prostate massage and the more my bucking my hips responded, the faster my cock went out in and out Sandy’s hot mouth.

My glorious pleasure did not last long. I came in only a couple of minutes. I hollered loudly as my semen exploded out of my balls. My ass gripped Oscar’s cock like vice and then my entire body locked-up as I began shooting humongous jets of cum into Sandy’s hot mouth.

Oscar let go, too. His big cock spewed a bucket load of sperm into my ass.

A couple of minutes later, it was Sandy’s turn. As I recuperated, Oscar ate her out. He made Sandy cum loudly and several times in the next ten minutes.

It was fun to watch and listen to Sandy’s orgasms. They hit her like a speeding train. She would throw her head backwards and let out loud cries each time she came.

After Sandy’s orgasms had subsided, Oscar rolled her onto her stomach, spread her cheeks, and began licking her delectable, pink anus. I could see the biggest smile develop on Sandy’s face when Oscar forced his tongue past her sphincter and began to tongue fuck her ass.

When Oscar’s tongue tired, he inserted a finger and began rotating it. No longer content to watch, I licked one of my fingers and stuck it into Sandy’s reddening anus, too. Although Sandy jerked when my finger went in, her hips continued writhing.

Oscar and I finger-fucked Sandy’s butt creatively and aggressively. Sometimes we would both pull our fingers out and then drive them back in at the same time. Sometimes Oscar or I would ram a finger in as the other slide his out. Whatever we did, Sandy moaned loudly.

When Oscar felt that Sandy’s anus was loosened, he removed his finger and then pulled my hand away. I looked at Oscar as the sudden cessation of anal stimulation caused Sandy to whine, “You’re stopping?”

Oscar motioned for me to take her, but I wasn’t quite hard enough. Knowing exactly what to do, I quickly scooted over and buried my tongue in her frothy anus.

The pungent taste flavor of Sandy’s juicy rectum was immediate. It turned me on so much, that I put my entire mouth against her anus and sucked on it as hard as possible. My cock stiffened instantly.

A minute or so later, Sandy reached behind her ass and gently pushed my face away. For a second, I thought I had gotten a little carried away, but when I saw Sandy push her own finger past her clenched cheeks, into her asshole, and begin fucking it, I mounted her.

I felt Sandy steel herself as I guided my hard cock into her anus with my hand. At first, my fat cockhead squashed against her asshole. Undeterred, I courageously pressed forward until my swollen cockhead disappeared through her tight ring. “Ahhh!” Sandy gasped.

Entering Sandy’s ass for the first time was exquisite. I could feel the tightness of her rectum all the way down my entire length. The deeper my cock sank into her, the tighter her anal walls squeezed my invader. This sensation made us both moan.

When I had finally worked my entire cock into Sandy, I began to fuck her. Unfortunately, I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

Sandy’s nearly virginal rectum was so much tighter than Susan’s well-worn rectum. Susan’s rectum fit my cock like an old glove. Sandy’s anal canal was not, yet, as pliable.

As predicted, I came quickly in Sandy’s hot ass. Disappointedly, I pulled my cock out of her ass, spread her cheeks apart, and looked at her gaping, cum-smeared asshole.

Although it appeared I was admiring my work, I was thinking that I had cum too quickly. My balls did not feel drained. I would have gone for another dip, but Oscar was patiently waiting.

As I came back to the present, Sandy looked over her shoulder and smiled at me to let me know that she was okay with my quick orgasm. However, I could also see that Sandy needed more cock up her horny ass because her hips were still gently humping the bed as her asshole contracted. I made way for Oscar who now was rock hard.

Oscar placed one hand on her hip to keep her steady as his other hand guided his cockhead into her. Sandy squeezed her eyes shut and then gasped at the sudden feeling of fullness and pain when whole head of his cock entered her.

Oscar quickly withdrew and applied more lube to his cock and her ass. That seemed to do the trick. Sandy began to relax as Oscar slowly began to inch his cock into her.

At some point, Sandy looked up at my face and grinned. “I am glad you came in me first. I mean…Oscar is sooo big.” I just smiled and nodded as Sandy pushed her butt back and began rocking back and forth on Oscar’s cock

When Oscar increased his rhythm, Susan began moaning and her breathing got heavier. I could tell from the expression on her lovely face that an orgasm was quickly building inside her ass.

Oscar could tell, too. He bent his head down and around and kissed Sandy’s mouth passionately, as he alternated between pounding and grinding his meat in her ass.

When Oscar pulled his mouth away, he began fucking Sandy’s ass even faster. Sandy tried to push her ass back to meet him, but that was impossible. Oscar not only had had a firm grip on her hips, he was pulling her ass back onto his pounding cock to get maximum penetration.

The only thing Sandy could do besides lie there and get fucked up the ass – was put her hand under her pussy. She did and began rapidly rubbing it.

A couple of minutes later, Sandy cried out and arched her back. When she did, Oscar bellowed, “I’m going to cum…I’m going to shoot my baby gravy into you, Baby! Aaahhh!”

“Yeah, that’s right…cum in my ass…let me feel you cum inside of me…I want your hot fucking cum, I want all of it, every… last… drop…”

Sandy’s actions matched her words. Oscar’s body shuddered uncontrollably with every sperm shot into her cock-milking rectum.

Watching her ass bear down on Oscar’s cock, I was sure Sandy squeezed every drop of cum out. Her young ass was much stronger than Susan’s was. I often had to squeeze Susan’s ass cheeks together to get the same pressure Sandy’s ass exhibited on Oscar’s cock.

“That was intense, Baby…” Oscar panted out as he wrapped an arm around Sandy’s waist and kissed her sloppily on the cheek.

“I’m glad you liked it.” Sandy responded with a hint of innocence in her voice. “I’m always all too happy to give you what you want, Baby.”

I nodded, too. There was more to cum and immediately so. Watching Oscar and Sandy fuck so passionately had made me horny again. I began to masturbate. When Oscar and Sandy heard me, they turned their heads toward me and watched.

After only a couple of minutes, I could feel a third orgasm growing. It was going to be intense.

When I got close, Sandy licked her lips and sleepily opened her mouth. I quickly made a beeline for it as my sperm raced up the length of my cock.

Yes, it was intense, but it did not last long. I shot only twice and then let Sandy nurture my now very tender cockhead for a couple of minutes, before I removed it from her reluctant mouth. I then laid down beside Sandy and Oscar and quickly went to sleep.

Sandy was the next queen of the house. She was fun to be with, but I missed having my own special someone around. I moped around awhile, until I met, not only my own special someone, but my own personal nurse!


As Terri hung the black pumpkin enema bag with its five-foot hose on the rack, she told me to lie on my side facing the wall, and pull my left knee up to my tummy. Upon doing so, I felt vulnerable, excited, and nervous at the same time.

I always knew that Terri would have me like this – eventually. Everybody she knew ended up in this position, except Oscar, but he stayed away. For everyone else, it was just a matter of time. Sandy hated it and refused to talk about it. I never asked why.

Curious to see what Terri was doing, I looked back over my shoulder, just in time to watch Terri put on a latex glove. When she snapped the wrist of the glove, I jumped. Terri giggled and then reached for the KY, uncapped it, and squeezed the gel out all over her gloved fingers.

Terri then moved around behind me and slid her hand down my exposed butt crack. Although Terri didn’t have to, she gently pushed my left cheek up with one hand while she slowly inserted her well-lubed, gloved finger into my butthole. I closed my eyes and sighed as my tight sphincter muscle tightly grasped Terri’s finger, before relaxing.

When Terri’s finger was fully inserted in my anus, she gently wiggled it around, coating me with lube. Her finger waving felt good and made my ass squirm.

“So…you like doing this?”


“I’m glad. That makes it a lot easier.”

“Why? In what way?”

“If you enjoy it…then I don’t have to feel bad or guilty.”

“You are so beautiful and sexy Terri…I can’t imagine anybody NOT enjoying this experience with you…”

I had met Terri through an acquaintance a few weeks ago. Terri had immediately decided she liked me. As a result, she made a few things very clear right up front. She liked sex and a lot of it. She also liked to be in charge and if my little ego couldn’t handle that – then she would keep on looking. Terri was one of the most beautiful girls that I had ever seen, much less dated and I was her latest boy toy.

Just as I was really getting into it, Terri removed her finger. I looked up at her with a childlike frown. My butt wanted more.

Terri didn’t respond as she withdrew her finger only to push two into me. This insertion was not as tender as the first one.

Terri seemed to have unlimited patience when it came to stretching my asshole for what was to come. She tirelessly lubricated my ass, working her fingers in an out as if she was fucking me.

When Terri began to concentrate on my prostate, I was in heaven. This unbelievable pleasure caused my sphincters to relax and open fully, as if welcoming her whole hand! My anal response provoked Terri, again.

“Ohhh, you really love this don’t you! Such a sensitive little ass! No wonder you like it up the ass!”

When I felt Terri lean forward, I looked down. A bubble of clear liquid had formed on the tip of my semi-hard penis.

“I think we need to relieve a little pressure…because I want a long ride later…and I don’t think that you are up to that right now. Oh, when you think that you are getting close, let me know.”

Terri then lowered her mouth and engulfed my wet cockhead, sucking it to the back of her throat while continuing to massage my prostate. Terri gives great blowjobs, but this beat anything that I have ever felt!

All too soon, Terri stopped sucking and withdrew her fingers from my clenching ass. “Stroke it awhile,” she said. “I don’t want you cumming just yet…I am gonna lube the nozzle.”

When Terri finished greasing the long nozzle with KY, she asked me if was ready, I looked up at her and then at the nozzle. The nozzle was penis-shaped and about five inches long. Its diameter was easily about two inches. My curiosity satisfied, I nodded and turned back over.

As soon as Terri kneeled down by my side, l felt the nozzle press against my sphincter. A second later, Terri twisted and pushed it in at the same time.

The lube and stretching was worth it. My rectum twitched as the greased nozzle smoothly slid all the way up me.

“Done,” Terri announced. “That feel okay?”

“Mmm,” I muttered. That nozzle felt more like a man’s penis than an enema nozzle.

“Okay, here comes the water…”

Right after I heard Terri unclamp the hose, I let out a surprised grunt as warm water gushed into my bowels. Almost immediately, I began to sweat and feel slightly nauseated as more and more water continued to flow into me.

I looked back at Terri. I could easily see she was stimulated, too. Her nipples looked like headlights through her t-shirt as she sat on her legs, hands on her hips, alternating her gaze from the nozzle in my ass to the big, full bag.

Although the bag was gradually compressing, I wondered how many gallons it held. Would Terri stop the flow? Was I expected to take all that? Eventually, my throbbing cock and balls made me think of something else. “Something’s not right,” I said.

“What Honey? You getting a cramp?”

“A little, yeah, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m lying here naked and you’re clothed. I’d like to see you naked while I’m getting my enema…

“Hey,” she responded, “I am a nurse.” Yea, an enema nurse I thought.

“Your bag is empty.”

I sighed in relief as Terri reached down and gently pulled the nozzle out. I looked down for a second at the large penis-shaped nozzle she was holding in her hand and then quickly got up, waddled into the separate toilet room, and shut the door.

After about a stinky 30 minutes, I felt confident to get up and go find Terri. First, I took a quick shower and then liberally sprayed air freshener all over.

When I opened the door, I smiled. Terri was standing in the bathroom and completely naked. Boy, she had perfect breasts…her skin was so smooth… she had such a sexy figure!

I looked down at her shaved pussy. Her clit was sticking out from between her lips. As I imagined licking it, my cock began hardening as I continued to stare.

My smile did not last long. “You need another enema, Honey,” Terri sweetly said. She jiggled the empty enema bag in her hand to get my attention.

“Great,” I said resignedly. On the other hand, Terri was starting to get into it I thought. I didn’t comment on her nudity.

When Terri turned her back to me refill the bag, I looked down at her shapely, dimpled ass cheeks. Terri had a gorgeous ass, too. Her ass cheeks began curving, moderately, out from her waist, and then curved deeply back into her thighs. Although round and taut, her cheeks had a little, sexy jiggle, when she walked.

As I fantasized about sliding my thick cock into her little, pink, coin slot and stretching it to the max, I reached down and began stroking my now, fully erect boner. Hopefully, I would do everything she asked today, so I could fuck her ass.

Terri had just learned to cum from anal and as a result, she wanted it up the ass, often. Laughingly, she told me she had a lot of anal orgasms to catch up on.

Terri did not say anything when she turned around and saw me stroking. She ignored me as she grabbed the KY, lubed the nozzle, and then asked me to get back into my former position. I thought I did see a slight smirk on her face, though.

As I got into my enema position, I heard Terri kneel down on the floor beside me after hanging the bag. Moments later, I felt her fine fingers applying KY to my now somewhat swollen anus.

When Terri stopped, I looked over my shoulder. She had her face level with my ass as if inspecting my butthole. It did not take me long to find out why.

Terri spread my left cheek with her left hand and slowly worked the penis nozzle in, again. My eager rectum sucked the last couple of inches of it in.

After Terri made some adjustments, she reassuringly patted my thigh and then opened the enema clip. I let out a long, deep moan as warm liquid, rapidly spread out in my intestines, again.

At some point, I felt Terri straddle my calf. I could feel her wet pussy pushing against it. I didn’t have time to wonder why because the water seemed to pouring into me unimpeded. After just a minute or two, I felt like I was going burst.

I looked up at the bag. It was empty. “Thank goodness,” I thought. I then turned to Terri, expecting her to remove the penis nozzle. No! Her eyes were closed and she was masturbating!

Terri was feverishly rubbing her clit as she ground her wet pussy against my leg. I watched her for a while, hoping she would cum quick, but that did not appear to be the case.

I gently cleared my throat. The three liters of water in my guts quickly outweighed any feelings of remorse.

Terri quickly came back to the present and when she did, she smiled so lovingly at me. However, when Terri reached for the nozzle and gripped it, instead of removing it, she began to pump my ass repeatedly with it and as she began ridding my leg!

Don’t get me wrong, I loved it when Terri played with my ass. She would grab my hair and pull my head back ask, “How do you feel with my cock in your ass?” I would say, “I love you fucking me in my ass!” We’d repeat that sort of explicit dialogue a few times, getting more worked up each time.

Terri really liked it when I would lick her clit as I finger-fucked her pussy, until she was on the edge. Then I would turn her on her left side and begin sliding my hand up and down between her silky ass cheeks, before inserting my tongue directly into her sweet, clean asshole. Terri would moan considerably, and get very wet as my tongue probed her posterior. Eventually, she would ask me to “butt-fuck” her.

Knowing the game plan, I was ready. While I tongue-fucked her ass, l lubed my cock with my free hand, so that I was immediately ready to penetrate her.

When my cock went up her ass, Terri usually started cumming. The longer I fucked her, the more she came, until she exhausted herself.

The very first time I butt-fucked her, Terri came, and then immediately began crying – with my cock still hard and up her ass. “Oh my God!” she sobbed. “I’ve never cum like this! Can you keep going? Please don’t cum, yet.” I’ll never forget that. Terri was very a passionate lover.

Usually when Terri was through cumming, I either came in her ass or in her mouth. I liked the latter, although sometimes I could cum twice in her hot, asshole.

Watching Terri gratefully suck the cockhead that had just popped out of her poop chute, after making her cum 20 times – was very special.

Hoping that height would help keep the water in me, I decided to arch my back and thrust my ass high into the air. All I did was encourage Terri to skewer my humping ass, even harder.

To make matters worse, I was fast approaching an orgasm. I could easily tell because my prostate was tensing up in anticipation.

When my body began to shudder, Terri suddenly stopped plunging the nozzle into my ass. She collapsed her arms and leaned forward onto my back, gasping for air.

I realized her heaving breasts indicated she’d probably just cum – in the middle of my enema! Despite the fact my balls aching for release, I was so glad she had stopped. I wanted desperately to sit on the pot and release all the water that was bubbling around inside my guts.

I was about to get up and expel the water, when Terri began to move the nozzle around inside my ass, again. Seconds later, Terri was vigorously pumping my ass. I had been so close to climaxing the first time that it only took a few moments to build up another full head of steam.

Terri was just as turned on. I could feel her pussy leaking like a broken faucet on my leg. Most likley Terri was starting to build up for another orgasm, too, but I came first this time.

After a few more minutes of her wild thrusting, a prostate orgasm ripped through me. I hollered out, “Momma! Ahhh! Ohhh! I…I’m cumming!”

Terri immediately bent over me, squeezed my balls, and slid her greedy mouth over my cockhead. Terri’s determination to catch and swallow all my hot, salty, ejaculations would not be forgotten.

My orgasm was mind shattering and seemed to last forever. I felt like a little girl as my eyes teared from the emotional intensity.

When my ass finally stopped shaking, my eyes fluttered open. I saw Terri eyes grinning up at me as she continued to milk my cock firmly with her hand while her ruby lips nurtured my swollen cockhead. The enema water in my stomach was a distant memory.

A couple of minutes later, Terri was finally content that she had sucked all the cum out of me. As she let my limp cock slip out of her mouth, she gently began caressing my ass cheeks. Her touch was very soothing. Only a woman could do that I thought.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you,” Terri sweetly said as she continued to caress me. “Are you going to be able to get to the toilet okay?”

“I, I, uh, think, I think I can,” I gasped. I was still slowly returning to earth and trying to gather my composure.

“Are you ready for me to remove the nozzle?” Terri asked as her hand reached for the rubber handle.

“One second, I whispered, as I took one last deep breath, trying to prepare myself. “Okay, I’m ready now.”

Even though Terri slowly pulled the nozzle out of ass, it hurt. My rectum was still locked around the penis nozzle.

I rested for a moment, and then struggled up, while holding a hand over my violently twitching anus. As I slowly shuffled to the toilet, Terri playfully informed me, “You know…your ass…is mine, now. Right?”

I got to the toilet just in time. It was one noisy release! Yes, I was slightly embarrassed as water spewed out of me.

After I had emptied myself, Terri joined me in the shower. As we soaped each other, Oscar joined us, too. When Terri saw his hard-on, she turned her back, braced herself against the tiles, and pressed her curvy ass back against his huge erection.

All Oscar had to do was reach down, position his cockhead against her juicy cunt, and push until his balls rubbed against her cunt lips. As usual, Terri immediately began cumming.

As Terri groaned in ecstasy, she turned her face to meet Oscar’s lips. Moments later, Oscar pumped several loads of cum into her pussy.

I am not sure I had ever seen Oscar cum that fast. No wonder he wanted to join us in the shower. He must have been super horny.

As Oscar and Terri continued to make out, I knelt down beside them. I placed Oscar’s softening cock in my mouth and gently sucked the remaining cum out of it. Then I spread Terri’s butt cheeks and gave her anus a few quick strokes, before I dug my tongue into her farting, wet pussy in search of Oscar’s cum.

Terri developed a crush for Oscar, but it was not mutual. Although Oscar and I fuck each other’s girls, we do not get emotionally involved with each other’s girls. Terri never got to be queen of the house.


Oscar’s small ABS theater was crowded. It was the first warm Friday night. Everybody had spring fever. You could not avoid the contagion. The long winter was over and thethoughts of wanton sexual escapades permeated the air.

The allure of unrepentant sexual gratification literally drove men and women to Oscar’s, where men and women could purposefully provoke each other with sexy attire and enjoy the consequences. Oscar, Marna, and I were smitten by the fever, too.

Marna had the fever really bad. She was young, beautiful, athletic, and had more sexual stamina and energy than I care to think about. Marna loved to be fucked multiple times. Another words, Marna loved gangbangs.

We stood in the back of the theater, up against the wall. There was no one around us for about twenty feet.

Even though it was late in the evening, it was still warm outside. Both Oscar and I were wearing colorful tank tops and shorts. Marna was still in her business clothes having just gotten off work.

Anxious to get the ‘party’ started Marna calmly unbuttoned her blouse. As I helped her slip out of it, Oscar cupped her breasts through her bra. He gave ‘her girls’ gentle squeezes. They were firm, but silky soft.

“Let’s get a better look at those beauties, Baby,” Oscar whispered.

Marna willingly turned sideways so Oscar could unsnap her red, semi-shear, plunge bra. When he did, Marna removed it as a stripper would. She was always the life of the party.

Marna’s firm 34 C’s had areolas that looked like large, elliptical buttons. Her light brown nipples were rock hard. Oscar and I did what any man or woman would do if Sandy’s naked breasts were right in front of their face – we greedily sucked and kissed them.

After a few minutes of feasting on Marna’s luscious tits, we both grabbed the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up to her waist, exposing her sexy, red, sheer mesh thong.

Oscar immediately began massaging and squeezing Marna’s tiny, well-rounded bottom, as I glided my hand down to her pussy. Marna shuddered a few times as Oscar and I tenderly stroked her clothed sex organs.

Eventually, Oscar slipped a finger inside the top of her red thong and eased it down her smooth, soft legs. Marna was now completely naked in the middle of a crowd of about 40 people.

Shivers of sexual excitement ran rampant through all three of us as Oscar stepped back to gaze upon Marna’s naked body. Oscar spoke for both of us when he observed – “Fuckin’ beautiful!”

Marna smiled graciously, stepped out of her g-string, and arched her back signaling that she was ready for the real show to begin.

With her smooth, little, bubble butt propped up into the air and waiting, I kneeled down behind her and uncapped my gel tube. I was about to apply it, but Marna looked so darn sexy that I had to taste her first.

I thrust my face forward between Marna’s thighs and deeply breathed in the musky scent of her wet pussy. Wanting to taste her even more, I pushed my face forward harder, until my mouth was directly over her puffy pussy.

Marna must have wanted to be eaten out badly, because she reached down and spread her labia open for me. Sensing she was in a hurry, I immediately stuck my tongue directly into her pussy and went to work – joyously.

I was right. It seemed I had only begun lapping Marna’s sweet, juicy pussy, when it began to spasm against my face. As the spasms became more pronounced, Marna’s body shuddered and her legs buckled slightly. I felt her grab Oscar’s arms for support.

No sooner than Marna’s orgasms had subsided, she rotated her hips a little to encourage me to do it again. I obliged, but directed my tongue to her anus. I licked around her rim briefly, before I pushed my tongue into her tight, wet, anal hole. Apparently, the penetration surprised her because she jumped right into Oscar’s arms, again.

I held Marna’s ass tight to my face, as I continued to tongue-fuck her hot ass. It tasted just as good as her cunt.

When my tongue tired, I spread Marna’s cheeks with one hand and began applying the gel to her wet anus with the other. I developed a little rhythm by gently dilating her sphincter with the very tip of my finger and then rotating it around in a slow circular pattern.

I maintained the rhythm for a couple of minutes, until Marna’s sphincters had completely relaxed. Then I pressed my finger into her moist ass. Surprisingly, Marna immediately pushed her ass back against the entire length of my long forefinger. This was going to fun I thought.

Although Marna had been stroking Oscar’s monster cock, Oscar wanted to get in on the action. He penetrated her sopping pussy with his big, middle finger. The double-penetration caused Marna’s body to begin writhing on our fingers. As I watched her, I remembered the song lyrics…”dance little sister dance…”

After a couple of minutes of watching Marna hump our extended fingers, I withdrew mine. Since I was closest to Marna, she pulled my shorts down, first. When my hard cock sprang out, she cooed, “Ooo. You have a nice big one, too!”

I flushed with pride as Marna took my cock in her hand and gently stroked it. When it became diamond cutter hard, I pressed my precum-bathed head between her firm ass cheeks and pushed against her slick anus.

As Marna’s little ring of muscle began to expand, I eased forward, and without too much effort, my cockhead popped inside of her. Marna had been well prepared for my anal invasion.

I deliberately paused for a moment to allow Marna’s stretched sphincter to adapt to my cock. I had just read that the dilation of the rectal walls initially causes the sensitive anal nerves within the walls to stimulate the urge to defecate. Resisting that urge makes anal penetration painful because the anal walls are squeezing instead of relaxing.

When Marna looked back at me with her baby blue eyes and mildly freckled face and nodded, I winked at her and then watched her blink as I began to apply a little more pressure. I didn’t slow or stop until my cock was fully inserted into her tight rectum.

Feeling my heavy balls resting against Marna’s smooth cheeks as her entire ass grasped my shaft was so heavenly, that I bent forward over her. I wanted to kiss Marna’s red lips, but they were now wrapped around Oscar’s meaty cock.

I watched her mouth travel up and down Oscar’s cock in awe. At the top of her stroke, she would suck hard on the head and then push her tight mouth down his shaft, until her lips almost reached his pubic hair. I couldn’t believe she could take so much without choking!

When Marna saw my face, she withdrew her mouth from Oscar’s cock to meet my lips. She gave me a deep, supercharged kiss, before returning to her and Oscar’s oral gratification.

Marna’s sweet perfume and the smell of male and female sex and sweat poured in through my nostrils after our kiss. I attempted to savor the scent, but I was pleasantly distracted when Marna had an anal orgasm.

As I watched Marna’s beautiful, young ass squirm on my cock and felt her internal organs convulse around it, I realized how lucky I was. Apparently, Marna was one of those rare women, like Terri, who was always within about sixty seconds of an orgasm.

After her orgasm, Marna’s sphincter was not quite as tight. Although I wanted to take advantage and start banging her hard, I decided I should let Oscar have some. I reluctantly withdrew my cock from Marna’s warm and comfortable rectum, even though her gaping anus appeared to beckon me back. It was Oscar’s turn. We swapped positions.

Despite the fact I had loosened Marna’s rectum, Oscar liberally covered his plum-sized cock head with lube. Countless experiences had taught Oscar that opening up the sphincter muscle enough to allow his fat cock to enter was not going to be easy.

Sure enough, as Oscar slowly pushed his cockhead into Marna’s gaping anus, her blue eyes bulged out and she gasped, pulling me into her. Marna’s little asshole did not want Oscar’s big cock.

After a couple of more failed attempts, I assumed Oscar would have to settle for Marna’s pussy. This was certainly not the first time that Oscar could not fuck ass.

My little smirk immediately vanished, when, without warning, Oscar gave Marna’s ass a hard, stinging slap. As Marna’s ass recoiled, she looked up at the ceiling hollered, “OUCH!”

When I looked back down, I was amazed to see how wide Marna’s little asshole had been forced open. I then realized Oscar had distracted Marna enough to allow him to push his fat cockhead into her, unabated.

A couple of minutes later, Marna was moaning like banshee and Oscar’s face was frozen in a mask of complete concentration. Pushing his monster cock up her anal canal, while taking care not to hurt her, was exhausting work – for both of them.

When Oscar’s cock was in Marna a good six inches, he slowly began to fuck her. Marna’s hands went to her tits and she began to maul them, much harder than I would have.

After a minute or two, Oscar winked at me as he gently pushed Marna’s head down to my still hard cock. After a series of kisses, my cockhead was soon swabbing Marna’s tonsils. I reveled in my new pleasure. Oscar then closed his eyes to absorb his own glorious feeling.

Marna closed her eyes, too, as she sucked my cock and strummed her clit. Her mind was now focused on another clit orgasm and not on her beleaguered ass.

As Marna’s ass loosened, Oscar picked up the pace. I positioned myself, so that I could watch Oscar’s fat cock go in and out of Marna’s reddened ass. My throbbing prostate made me envy her.

A couple of minutes later, a ring of white foam had formed on the rim of Marna’s dilated anus. Marna’s ass juices, KY jelly, and my and Oscar’s precum was being forced out of her ass.

Breathing hard and gritting his teeth, Oscar was on the verge of cumming, too. His final thrust went deep and then he froze in place as he waited for his large nuts to begin spewing their contents into Marna’s bowels.

When Oscar came, Marna announced it to the world. She withdrew her mouth from my cock and began blabbing, “…he’s cumming in my ass! Oh, yes, that feels so good. Fill my ass up! I’m going too…I’m cuminnnggg!”

As Oscar’s sperm flooded Marna’s intestines, I grabbed her head and forced my cock into her mouth. Moments later, my sperm was flowing down her throat as I looked into her big blue eyes. I should have given her warning, but I was feeling nasty. Besides, my sperm loads went straight down her throat. She did not even have to swallow.

This is when the orgy really started. Several men had already been congregating around us, watching, and stroking their hard cocks.

When Oscar pulled out of Marna’s sperm-soaked rectum and I her mouth, a muscular young man immediately positioned himself behind her. Marna looked back over her shoulder at him and then down at his rock hard cock. It was standing straight up. Marna then closed her eyes, turned her back, reached behind her, and spread her cheeks wide. She offered him either hole.

The man immediately accepted Marna’s invitation. He chose her pussy and immediately began to plow it with gusto as the men surrounded her and ran their hands all over her body.

In no time, Marna was sucking cock for all she was worth. Gobs of spit and saliva were dripping all over the place as she serviced the cocks placed in front of her hungry mouth.

After about eight men had filled Marna’s pussy to the brim with sperm, her young ass was next. Oscar and I smiled each at each other, as one of the men Marna was sucking wanted first crack at her sweet ass.

The man jerked his cock out of Marna’s mouth, bumped another man out of the way, and mounted her from behind. Marna yelped as he pushed his thick, short cock into her backside. He was a fast fucker. He pounded her butt for a minute or two before dumping his load.

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