Throughout the fabled east there is no land more mighty or more magnificent than Phoenicia. Her ports of Tyre and Sidon are wonders praised by poets; their fame extends throughout the known world. The buildings of these cities are wonders laden with gold and marble. Her colonies girdle the seas from Asia to the distant corner of the world. They are the exotic ports of Panormus, Carthage, Metia, and many more. Each one of these colonies adds to Phoenicia’s power and to her wealth. Her galleys and her biremes sail forth, not for sacking cities as in the age of Odysseus but instead laden with boards of cedar, blown glass and purple dye; all meant for trade. The treasures of Phoenicia adorn the palaces of kings and decorate the temples of gods. Her lands are rich in their own right as well, overflowing with an abundance of fields, vineyards and pastures.

The king of the Phoenicians is a man of taste and property, as befits such a mighty empire. His palaces are filled with brightly painted statues of gods and heroes. Mosaics adorn the floors in nature scenes done in brown and green tones. Frescoes decorate the walls done in shades of blue with scenes of the sea. Their ceilings are fringed with decorations of gold and lapis lazuli. His granaries are filled to the point of bursting. His wives and children are more numerous than the cedars in his vast forests. His cellars are stocked with choice ruby wine. His pastures are filled with cattle, the largest, strongest and most beautiful in the east.

The cattle are his pride and they are pride of the nation. They are all fine beasts, tall and muscular with fair hides. Visiting dignitaries always insist on viewing them, and express their admiration profusely. The herds are so abundant that they are readily shared with strangers who seek hospitality as readily as with as potentates from foreign lands. The immortal gods themselves relish the cattle offered in holy sacrifice. The cattle are of such importance that the king himself will tend to them as his time permits. His children do the same.

His eldest daughter, Princess Europa, was the one most dedicated to the cattle. She spent her days in the fields discussing cattle with hands and slaves. From these common laborers she learned the art of animal husbandry, which she practiced. She tended to the sick cattle, even on the coldest of nights. She carefully paired the best stock to mate in order to produce the strongest offspring. She performed the sacred rites to the gods to perpetuate her family’s abundance. She was a dutiful daughter and obedient to her father. She learned the woman’s tasks of spinning and weaving, but in the fields she was most at home.

She was also the loveliest of the king’s daughters. Her face was smooth, set with high cheek bones and amber eyes. Her skin was rich and dusky, the color of olive wood. Her hair was dark and cascaded down her back in ringlets. Her womanly curves generously filled out her tunic. She had just passed the first blush of womanhood and was now the picture of loveliness herself.

Throughout the Phoenician cities poets stood on the steps of the temple of Aphrodite, whom the Phoenicians call Ishtar, to proclaim Europa’s beauty as they accompanied themselves to the music of the lyre. Inside the temples the sacred prostitutes could only smile with chagrin as they heard these verses. They knew that they were just a substitute for Europa. Every kiss and every caress given to them was really meant for Europa. Even in the midst of the most intimate acts men’s minds would be away, imagining it was Europa’s thighs that held them or her lips upon their manhood. The sacred prostitutes were unable to compete, for all the paints, powders and witchcraft in Aphrodite’s temples could not recreate the loveliness of Europa. Boys dreamt of her in dark, lurid fantasies and many a shameful morning could be attributed to Europa. Even dutiful wives in the darkness of their bedrooms were an imagined substitute for Europa.

The fame of her beauty spread to the colonies, to the cities beyond Phoenicia and even to the heavens. Zeus, the king of the gods, took notice and became infatuated. Like the men of Tyre and Sidon, he too could think of nothing else but her. He had bedded every sort of woman; goddess, nymph and mortal, yet even with his vast experience he became as befuddled over her. He also felt bashful as a schoolboy and dared not approach her. Something about her simple loveliness overwhelmed him. She had the radiant beauty of youth, yet she was filled filled with all the charms of a woman. She wasn’t much more than a child, Zeus realized he should be ashamed of himself, yet he could think of nothing but her wonderful, erotic beauty. He feared her rejection, though he didn’t know why. He formulated a thousand stratagems to woo her, but found a thousand problems with each one. Day and night he watched her, cursing his inability to approach her. One day as he saw her in the fields with the cattle he formulated a plan.

On a spring morning Europa went to a pasture to inspect the herd. She diligently studied each cow, carefully noting their physique and any changes in their appearance. Her ladies-in-waiting followed at first but, being young girls, they quickly grew bored with looking at cattle. As their mistress continued with her inspection, they began playing idle games. They gathered wildflowers and ran between the cattle. Europa paid them no mind and continued with her work. Near the end of her inspection she came to a magnificent white bull. She stopped and gave it a puzzled look.

Some of her ladies-in-waiting were nearby. As they looked up from their games they saw their mistress’s expression and began to gather about her. “What is it, Princess?” asked Melita.

“This bull,” said Europa, never taking her eyes off the animal. “I’ve never seen another like it. I am certain that my Father didn’t have him before.”

The ladies stood in silence for a moment looking at the bull. Ashtoreth suggested “Maybe he just received it. It could be a gift from Egypt.”

“Maybe,” said Europa with doubt in her voice. Such a magnificent tribute would have been the talk of the entire empire. She was certain she would have heard of such a gift; but if it wasn’t a gift how did it come here?

By now all the ladies-in-waiting had gathered around the bull in a semi-circle. Each examined it critically, and each nodded sagely agreeing that this was a most magnificent bull. “Do you think your father plans to sacrifice it?” asked Melita.

The bull was noble in bearing and had remained unperturbed as the young ladies had gathered about him. Yet he seemed to become skittish at Melita’s question. Europa moved forward and ran her hand along the bull’s muscular thighs, gently caressing him. That calmed him.

“Someday, perhaps, but not until he’s studded a number of calves,” said Europa. A faint hint of a smirk gently played upon her lips, as she continued to stroke the bull’s thighs. “The gods must be given their due, but they would certainly want such a magnificent beast to perform his masculine function.”

Again the girls nodded sagely. They had all witnessed cattle mating with their mistress. She always picked the best of the stock to breed, which this bull surely was. Mating was a purely function activity to improve the stock, yet the girls found something exhilarating in watching the act. They felt a nameless joy that the girls couldn’t quite comprehend, but left them each with a secret smile on their face. They would giggle as they talked to each other about what they had seen. In their talks they agreed that both the bull and the cow enjoyed themselves mightily in that endeavor. They all thought that this bull should have a similar pleasure and to give it to many cows.

“He is noble, almost like a horse,” agreed Ashtoreth.

“He is,” said Melita, “I wonder if you could ride him.”

“I wonder,” repeated Europa. She turned and with a graceful leap she vaulted upon he bull’s back so she was sitting side saddle. She felt his broad muscles beneath her shapely bottom. Her ladies gasped in surprise, as their mistress had always frowned upon tomfoolery around the cattle. They became even more surprised when, without warning, the bull began to run, leaving them standing gape jawed. Europa had seemed to sense his intent, and held on with her arms around his neck. The bull effortlessly leapt the tall garden wall.

“What are we going to tell the king?” Melita asked after a few moments, as the ladies continued to stare at the garden wall.

Europa felt the breeze blow back her hair and she heard the wind rushing in her ears as the bull ran. She saw the scenery pass by her in a blur. First came the green and brown of the fields in the countryside. These soon gave way to the bright blue sea. Her breasts bounced up and down with each powerful stride of the bull. They raced on across the surface of the water; the bull ran up and down the waves as though they were hills. Past the surf the ride became smoother. He ran past fishing boats and biremes. The bull ran so fast that Europa could barely make out the astonished expressions of the fishermen and sailors. He went far faster than horses could gallop, even upon the water. Soon there was nothing around her but the sea in any direction. Then an island began to loom in the distance, growing larger as they grew closer until it filled the entire horizon. They came upon a deserted beach where the bull stopped suddenly, kicking up a shower of sand.

Europa looked about and saw the island before her. Scrub trees and grasses lay beyond the beach. She moved to hop off, but before she landed on the ground the bull transformed into a man. He caught Europa and held her in his arms.

Europa put her arms around his neck for support, but didn’t seem surprised. “I had thought you were a god,” she said, “Though which god I cannot say. Are you Poseidon or perhaps Zeus?”

“I am Zeus,” the man replied, “But how could you tell?”

“Bulls don’t become erect at the site of a woman,” she said with a smirk. A cloud passed across Zeus’s face. “Don’t worry,” she added quickly, “I am a virgin, but I am more than familiar with how cattle mate. My slaves say that humans do the same.”

“So they do,” said Zeus and he gave a charitable smile; charmed by such innocence in such a knowledgeable girl.

Even with his kind smile, there could be no doubt as to what Zeus wanted. She had excited him as a cow in heat would excite a bull. He had taken her away to a secluded spot, far from prying eyes and gossip. She was alone and vulnerable, but looking into his gorgeous blue eyes Europa felt secure. He was handsome, though slightly older. He had piercing blue eyes, and a rugged physique. Staring at him she felt flush. “Who was she to deny a god his desires?” she thought, though she secretly wished that he would fulfill hers.

“Is your organ like that of a bull’s?” asked Europa, trying to conceal her excitement.

“Perhaps not so big,” replied Zeus. He let her down so she was standing on the beach. The wet sand felt cool against her feet, but Europa paid no attention. She was focused upon Zeus’s tunic as he raised it to display his mighty organ. It was very much like a bull’s, but somehow having it attached to a god made it much more enticing.

“It is lovely,” said Europa with an appraising eye. “I would be satisfied that a bull with such an organ could perform his masculine function; but I’m not a cow and it’s so large. It looks as though it would split me in half.”

Zeus was amused at such a frank appraisal of his cock, but he had no intention of letting this delicious maiden go. “Give it a chance and it will feel marvelous, I promise,” he replied.

“I’m not so sure…” she was saying but Zeus silenced her protest with a kiss. It was strange but Europa felt all her nervousness disappear. She was no longer awkward or unsure. Instead she felt an overwhelming urge to be in Zeus’s arms. How strong he was, how handsome, how sweet his kisses she thought idly, but her thoughts were sporadic. Rather than thinking she felt a deep animal instinct take over her. She felt the urge to be closer to him, to feel her skin against his. She eagerly raised her hands so that he could slip her tunic over her head. Zeus broke their kiss as he unclothed her. She was gorgeous, her breasts were all that he had dreamed of, standing firm and capped with dusky nipples. He eagerly moved his mouth down upon them, savoring their wonderful texture. Her nipples grew shiny and hard with his ministrations.

“I feel so strange,” said Europa. She found it difficult to give words to her feelings. She felt overwhelmed by desire. “It’s like there’s a fire burning within me,” she panted.

“I know what you need,” said Zeus and he gently guided her down upon the beach. Europa felt the warm sand against her ass as Zeus slowly moved his mouth from her breasts down to her lower lips leaving a trail of kisses along the way. She felt the afterglow of each individual kiss linger as he came to her inner thighs. There he breathed the gentlest of kisses upon her sensitive skin. Europa felt excitement as his mouth neared the dewy lips of her passage. She squirmed with anticipation wanting his mouth on her sex more than anything. He grew closer and closer, but never quite touched it. Europa found herself out of her mind with desire. She began to whimper. Just when she thought she could take no more Zeus gently ran his tongue up her groove reaching her most sensitive button. She shivered in delight as he began to work his tongue over and down her groove.

The fire that Europa had felt inside her before now grew. It became a vast conflagration filling every fiber of her being. She began to writhe about upon the sand, wriggling about with abandon. She had lost control of everything. There was nothing left in her but a deep primeval pleasure. She found herself moaning, her passionate cries mingled with the pounding surf and the call of gulls. She couldn’t hear them. There was nothing in the world but Zeus’s marvelous tongue and her womanhood. She felt and new intense pleasure, a sweet cooling release, and she was shuddering in orgasmic bliss.

After her storm had passed, Europa lay naked, sprawled out upon the beach. She felt more content than she had ever felt before. Zeus snuggled up beside her, and kissed her on the forehead. Her eyes blinked open. “I’ve never felt anything so delicious in my life,” she said as a lazy smile played across her face. “If only the cows knew what they were missing.”

Zeus smiled at that. He was so handsome, she thought. She sat up and kissed Zeus, tasting herself on his lips. She was no longer bashful, but still not quite certain what to do. She reached down to his manhood reveling in its rigid but springy texture. She grasped it gently and started stroking it. She had caught some of her brothers doing that themselves. They had immediately stopped and turned red faced upon seeing her, but Zeus seemed to have no objections. His smile grew broader and his eyes grew distant as she continued. “Marvelous,” he murmured, “You are marvelous.” He knelt up and was about to drive his manhood into her, but she stopped him and said, “No, not like that. Take me like a bull takes a cow.”

It was a wonderfully naughty thought Zeus as she turned over to expose her firm backside to him. Europa bit her lip and waited for his cock. He drove it into her and was buried to the hilt in a few short strokes. She was incredibly tight. His cock felt smothered in her. The sensation was indescribable. Zeus plowed into her, driving deep with every stroke. Europa found his presence difficult at first, but as he continued she found herself slowly beginning to enjoy the sensation. She felt his hand caress her shapely udders gently kneading them with his hands and running his palms beneath her nipples. His cock began feeling so much better at that. Then his hand snaked down to fondle her slit as he continued to pound into her. She reveled in that, it was more wonderful than before and she began moaning again. She heard Zeus bellow and snort like a bull. She knew he was close to his climax; her own orgasm was building. His cock began to quiver and his warm seed filled her, this sensation was too much and Europa felt another climax wash over her.

“That was marvelous,” he said. Europa looked back and smiled at him; “It was incredible.” She felt his penis grew soft and fall out of her. The couple lay down upon the beach both facing the sea. Zeus held Europa in his arms and reveled in the feeling of her ass against his pelvis. He stroked her hair and murmured sweet words of love to her.

“I wish you could always be my bull,” she said, as a sad smile passed across her face.

“There’s life in me yet,” said Zeus. “We’ll do it again.”

“But not for always,” said Europa.

“No, not for always,” said Zeus. He stared out into the crashing waves.


She woke up with a pounding in her head. Nothing made any sense. She was lying in a bed that much she knew. The last thing she remembered was getting out of her car in the driveway. Then nothing..She tentatively opened her eyes. The bed and the room were strange. She sat up with a start and the sheet and blanket covering her dropped away. With a look of dread she realized that she was naked.

Panic overtook her. Her breath came in heavy gasps. “Think” she though to herself “Don’t let the panic get to you.” She began an inventory. She was in a bed and she was naked. She felt an irritation at her crotch. She reached down to scratch her self and got the most titanic shock of her life. Her entire pubic area had been shaved! She stared open mouthed in horror at the expanse of flesh between her legs. She felt a violation she had never felt before in her life.

Forcing the panic away from her mind she began to notice a tightness around her left ankle, She threw the cover off all the way and noticed that her left ankle was encased in a leather-lined metal cuff attached to a chain which was fastened to the metal frame of the bed she was lying in.

She continued her inventory. She was naked and she was chained to a bed. Someone had shaved off her pubic hair. Now she noticed that her wedding and engagement rings had been removed leaving only the callused mark where her rings used to reside. She checked her ears. Her earrings were missing as well. Needless to say her watch and charm bracelet were unaccounted for as well.

She was in a small room with a sloping ceiling and no windows. The only light source was a bank of fluorescent lights on the ceiling. There were two doors in the room one on either side of the bed. She stood up and found that the chain attached to the bed had some length to it. She decided to explore her small universe. The door on the right hand side of the bed was much further away than the door on her left. The chain did not let her reach that door but there was plenty of slack to reach the closer door.

She tried the near door and was surprised to discover that it opened into a bathroom. It was a tiny bathroom with a sink a commode and a small shower stall. On the sink was a small tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush. Next to these was an unopened box of Kotex and a small hair brush. Two small towels hung on a rack next to the shower stall. A roll of toilet paper sat on the floor in front of the toilet. Her chain allowed her to reach all parts of the bathroom with ease.

Suddenly she realized that she needed to relieve herself. She made her way to the toilet and sat down. After she finished she wiped herself. As she wiped she ran her hand over her bare mons. “Who ever did this is really twisted,” she thought to herself. After


finishing she made her way to the bed pulled the covers around herself and started to cry.

While she was having her good therapeutic cry the far door opened. A man entered carrying what looked like a weapon and a tray of food. He was over six feet tall and was wearing a Ronald Reagan mask.

“Good afternoon Mrs. Leanne Porter. Its time for brunch.”

Leanne looked up from her cry and gasped, “Who are you?”

“Obviously Mrs. Porter I am one of your kidnappers. Make yourself comfortable. You will be released once your husband forks over the ransom for you.”

He came close to the bed.

“Now don’t do anything stupid. Here is some food for you. You must be hungry. This item,” he waved the weapon at her, “is a taser. You don’t want to get zapped by this but if you try anything stupid like try to attack me or refuse to eat you food I’ll zap you in a heartbeat.”

Leanne pulled the covers tight around her as the man set the tray of food down next to her. She wiped her eyes with a corner of a blanket.

“Where am I and where are my clothes?”

“Well I won’t answer the first question. The answer to your second question is that everything you had on you was sent to your husband as proof that we have you. In answer to your next question that is why you were shaved as well. We boxed up your pubes with everything else. Nothing like a good DNA sample to prove possession.”

“We know you are a smart woman so you had better start eating.”

Leanne suddenly realized that she was famished. She pulled the blanket tight around her and reached for the tray. The meal was eggs with ham, some cereal and some orange juice. In addition there was a large bottle of water.

“You can keep the water for later,” said the late president. I’m sure you’ll probably want a shower after you eat. I’m sorry that I cannot offer you any clothing but naked people are less likely to attempt escape. Feel free to explore the room it is very secure. You won’t find a way out.”

Leanne began eating. To her surprise the food was quite delicious. She found herself woofing it down.


“I’ll be watching you eat. Don’t try anything stupid like trying to hide a utensil. Your best bet is to be as cooperative as possible. I can’t tell you how long you have been here but I can say that it will probably take your husband a while to liquidate the capital he needs to ransom you. We are asking for fifteen million dollars – essentially three quarters of his net worth. He will do stupid stuff like involve the police and the FBI but our plan is fool proof. The longer he drags his feet, the longer you will be with us.”

Leanne finished the food and downed the orange juice.

” I see that you are finished. There is a toothbrush in the bathroom. We intend to keep you comfortable and healthy. Don’t do anything stupid and you will find captivity a snap. It may be a little boring, but that’s the cross you’ll have to bear. Now before I leave,” He reached for the tray and Leanne grabbed the bottle of water, “Are there any questions that you would like answered.”

“Did you shave me?”

“Now Mrs. Porter, do your really need to know the answer to that? I know that discovering yourself depiliated must have been disconcerting for you but does it really matter who preformed the actual procedure? Better that then shaving your head and sending your husband a much larger bag of hair.”

The president took the tray. He walked towards the far door and opened it. Leanne saw total blackness through the portal then saw the door close and heard several locks click shut.

Leanne ran her hands over her bare mons again. Derek, her husband, had always wanted her to shave but she had refused his every request. Now she wished that she had let him. Shaved by a total stranger. Could there be any violation comparable short of rape? She looked at her left hand. Somehow she felt even more naked without her wedding band and engagement ring. She had not removed her rings except for a few minuets to have them cleaned since Derek had slid them on her finger four years ago. They symbolized everything she loved about him. It was like a part of herself was missing .Because there was nothing else she could do she had herself another cry.

In a short while she began to think, “Who could have done this?” She and Derek did not live a conspicuous life style. In fact they lived at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in a middle class neighborhood. It was a nice house but no nicer than any one else. Derek simply did not believe in flaunting his wealth. They had nice cars and went on wonderful vacations. There was the country club and a few luxuries, but not even most of their friends knew how wealthy they were. Derek liked it that way. The only concession to wealth he made for Leanne was tolerating her somewhat lavish wardrobe. The plan was to have three


children. After that they would buy a slightly larger house with a pool and a designer kitchen. Children … that reminded Leanne that she and Derek were supposed to have another go at conceiving a child on the evening that she had been abducted. Abducted! Such a vile word. How long had she been here? At least a day she decided.

Could one of their closest friends be behind this crime? She began to compile a list of potentials amongst here friends but she came up with nothing. She seriously doubted that any one she knew could pull off something this elaborate… still …

The room had no clocks and no windows. Unless they tuned off the lights at night Leanne would have no idea of time’s flow. They could have at least given her something to read. Apparently they wanted her bored. Perhaps they believed that would make her more compliant. With nothing else to do she decided to take a shower. “At least I’ll be able to wash their fingerprints off me,” she thought. The shower was narrow but the soap was fresh and the water was hot. It seemed like she had showered for hours before she finished. Outside the shower stall hung two medium sized towels. They were not big enough to wrap around herself and were barely sufficient to dry herself off . “They don’t even want me to be able to wrap a towel around myself.” The only place she could hide herself was the bed.

She looked at the walls and saw no obvious holes or cameras to observe her. She wondered if she was being watched anyway. Derek had installed some security cameras in their house and they were very tiny.

Suddenly their watching didn’t matter to her. “What could they see now that they haven’t already seen when they had stripped and shaved me?” she thought. Leanne was nothing if not a resourceful woman. Derek had been turned on by her mind as much as her body. He liked to say “Five foot five and the best combination of brains and bod in the world.”

Leanne wasn’t vain but she knew that she was attractive. She had shoulder length brown hair and long legs. She had 36 C breasts that just filled her out perfectly She was the ideal weight for her height and she worked out five days a week, swimming, spinning, and racquetball. She often beat Derek at racquetball when she did he had to go down on her extra long. She enjoyed receiving oral a bit more than Derek like to give it. She had full lips, a heart shaped face and cool green eyes. Ever since she was a young teen she had turned heads.

But Derek had let her know that what really attracted her to him was her mind. She could follow most of his thoughts and even anticipate him. She even gave him a tip that helped smooth the way for his first patent. Even though his electronics and computer applications had made him a man with a total wealth of about twenty million dollars, Derek felt that he would have none of it if he had not met her.


She had been disconcerted, disoriented and embarrassed, but then anyone would have been had they found themselves in the same situation, but now she was done being played.

“There is a way out of this cage and I will find it she said to herself.”

Leanne rose from the bed and tested the length of her chain again. It was fastened to a massive eye bolt affixed to the floor at the foot of the bed. The bolt had been sunk deep into the wood through a metal plate then welded in place. There was no way that she could spin it loose. Her chains links had been carefully chosen. It was not an especially heavy metal but it was very strong. Derek had once showed her some titanium that one of his companies was using to make lightweight but tough aerospace parts, and she suspected that the chain was made of the same material. There were no gaps in any of the links on her chain. The chain was fastened to a sturdy leather and fur cuff on her left ankle. It had been bolted in place and then the bolts were sheared off and covered with a spot of welding. The bolt side had similarly been filled in with solder. “I wonder how they are going to get me out of this” she though to herself, believing that that might give her a clue as to how to remove it herself.

She already knew that the chain would allow her to reach the bathroom. And that it put her nowhere near the door her captors used. Now she stretched it to see how far on the opposite side of the bed it reached. It went to one of the sloping walls of her prison. The wall was featureless and probably had been recently painted. She planted her hands all over the wall. “I will leave fingerprints to prove that I was here,” she thought to herself.

Her kidnappers she realized were very efficient and quite intelligent. She realized that she lacked the tools or the strength to make an escape in the conventional way which meant that she had to test the resolve of her kidnappers. That way was risky she knew but it could expose some of their weaknesses.

Leanne’s reverie lasted a long time. While caught up in her thoughts she heard the locks of the door opening. She wanted to be as close to it as she could to perhaps see beyond the portal. She also left her hands at her sides. “I won’t give them the satisfaction of thinking that I am humiliated.” She said almost out loud. Immediately the door opened up.

To Leanne’s disappointment it was obvious that there was a black cloth or something outside the door. The view into the portal offered only darkness. Reagan came in bearing another tray of food.

“Back to the bed with you!” He shouted as he brandished the taser. Leanne knew to back off. She also noticed that the president’s vision had swept up her entire body in its glance. He was probably, like most men, attracted to her.

Leanne sat on the bed and took the tray from her abductor. She set it on her lap and glanced at the food in front of her. There was far less food then last time. “Mrs. Porter,


you are a smart woman, you can tell that your portions have been shrunk. Since you will not be exercising regularly you will require fewer calories. It is also our hope to decrease your energy levels.”

She looked at him, startled that he would state so much. Reagan read her expression. You see Mrs. Porter we have no reason not to tell you these things because we have no fear of being caught. Also you will probably comply with us despite yourself if we tell you these things.

“Now you need to eat.”

“Leanne knew that now was the time to test his authority and exert her independence. She threw the tray on the floor and announced, “I would rather starve!”

The pain was instantaneous. Leanne had never felt such pain before. The president had fired the taser directly into her right breast. Leanne found herself gasping for air and

writing in pain.

“That was very stupid Mrs. Porter. You will find it far better to obey us then to challenge us!”

Leanne was still gasping for breath when Reagan stood over her and looked down at her.

“You could have had a nice, but boring, confinement, now we will treat you like an enemy and an object.”

The pain beginning to subside Leanne sat on her haunches on the floor, meeting the gaze of her abductor. “Let me go! I will not cooperate.”

Reagan glared at her. “Yes you will Mrs. Porter. First of all none of this food is going to go to waste you will eat it off the floor and consume every drop or we have things at our disposal that makes this taser seem like a joy buzzer.”

“Now gather up the food on the floor and eat it!”

“Fuck you!” Leanne spat.

“No Mrs. Porter, “Fuck You!”

Reagan gave a loud whistle and a man dressed in a John F. Kennedy mask and black clothing entered the room. “Mrs. Porter is being difficult, John. I think we need to up the ante.” Kennedy brought forth from a pocket on his shirt a hypodermic needle.

“No”, Leanne said I’ll cooperate.


“Too Late Mrs. Porter”

Kennedy was a tall and powerfully built man . In seconds he had pinned Leanna down face first on the floor and emptied the needle into her left butt cheek. Leanne’s world spun and went dark.

Consciousness came slowly. She became aware that she was back in the bed. The covers were pulled up to her neck Her entire pubic area felt strange. She pulled down the sheet and blanket and discovered that something was swaddling her waist. It seemed to be a thick leather garment of some kind. It was padlocked on one side. With dread she realized that she had been diapered and then the diaper locked in place with a leather panty!

At almost the same moment the door opened and Reagan stepped in again.

“Ah! I see that you have discovered your predicament Mrs. Porter.”

“Take this thing off me!”

“No can do Mrs Porter, you forfeited your right to privacy in your bodily functions when you refused to eat the fine meal we prepared for you. You will have to earn that right once again. Remember that we said we would treat you like an animal? It is now as if you are a cat or a dog and we will clean up after you.”

“Please, you can’t do this to me.”

“We can and we are doing it to you Mrs. Porter.”

“What can I do to get you to take this off me?”

“By being very compliant, obedient, and submissive. You will eat every scrap of food offered to you. You will confine yourself to nothing more than exercises to offset the boredom.”

“Please I’ll obey please take this off me!”

“No. A few days in this predicament should teach you a lesson .” He proffered her a small object. “This buzzer is to be used when you need to be changed. You are an animal now and we will change you, wipe your ass and disinfect you crotch. You will only be able to hold out so long. And I’m sure you won’t want to get diaper rash!”

“Please don’t do this!”


“Remember Mrs. Porter, the longer you fight the diaper the longer you will wear the diaper. Think of it as total submission to your captors. We will settle for nothing short of total submission. President Kennedy is about to enter this room with your meal. I suggest that you eat it uncomplainingly.”

With that Kennedy entered the room bearing a tray of food. As he lowered the tray Leanne heard Reagan say “Now eat every bit of this meal. Once you are finished we will

turn off the lights and put you down for the night. It doesn’t matter if you are not tired. If we say it is night time its night time. Hopefully you will sleep well. Remember your buzzer if you need it, as I’m sure you will.”

Leanna had no choice but to eat the meal. Whoever was preparing her meals was a really good cook. Having missed her last meal, she was famished and ate it all.

“Drink your beverage.” said Reagan.

Leanne had been putting that off, but she knew it was useless to refuse. She took a sip

and realized that it was her favorite brand of tea. She realized that she was very thirsty.

She drained the glass and returned it to the tray.

“Now Mrs. Porter, I suggest you brush your teeth and settle in for the evening. We will be extinguishing the lights in fifteen minuets.”

With that both presidents, the tray and utensils left the room.

Seeing as she had no alternative Leanne made her way to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. She tried not to swallow any water as she dead so. Maybe they would let her out of her predicament in the morning before she had to relieve herself.

As she climbed into bed the lights went out. With a start Leanne realized that the buzzer glowed in the dark. She stuck it under the pillow to get it out of her sight and tried to make herself comfortable. The tightness if the diaper and the leather panty made it difficult to get comfortable but soon Leanne was deeply asleep.

In the middle of what she presumed was the night she awoke with a start. Her bowels and her bladder were calling attention to themselves. Leanne rushed for the bathroom and made for the toilet only then did she remember “Oh shit, the diaper!” she thought to herself. She sat on the toilet anyway. She realized that she could not hold anything in. She felt her urine warm the front of her diaper. With dread she realized that she also needed to take a shit. Crying she let her bowels go. “My God they have turned me into a baby!” she screamed into the darkness.

Crying she stood up and felt the contents of the diaper shift. This violation was worse than any of the others she thought. She also knew that resisting “changing” would only


bring trouble. A few hours ( a day? Two days?) ago she was bent on escaping confinement, now she would do virtually anything her captors wanted. With trembling hand she reached under the pillow and pushed the button on the buzzer.

The lights came on. The door opened and both presidents strode in. Kennedy had a large canvas bag over his shoulder. Reagan spoke “Ah Mrs. Porter. I see that you are starting to comply. That is good. We will be ready for you momentarily.”

Leanne sobbed and said, “Please get this over with.”

President Kennedy walked over to the bed and began unpacking items. He laid down

a large vinyl sheet on the bed.

“Mrs. Porter. Lie on the bed and make sure that your nether regions are centered on the sheet that President Kennedy has set down.

With every fiber of rebellion drained from her Leanne did as she was told.

“Just relax Mrs. Porter. We will be finished as soon as practicable.”

Kennedy produced a key and unlocked the small but strong padlock on the left side of the leather panty and unzipped it. He put it aside and then unfastened the tape that fastened the diaper.

“Mrs Porter seems to have quite a capacity.” said Kennedy. “Now bend your legs so that your pretty little butt is in the air” he said. Leanne was now crying copious tears as she did as instructed. The diaper was pulled out from under her and deposited in a plastic trash bag.

“Now I am going to wipe your cute little butt,” said president Kennedy, Afterwords I am going to ask you to put your legs back down and spread them apart so that I can disinfect your crotch. We don’t want diaper rash now do we?”

“Perhaps she will have learned her lesson in a few days” said president Reagan.

Leanne simply tried to imagine herself a million miles away as the man in the president mask wiped her ass with baby wipes. She felt his fingers brush up against her asshole and linger. She could tell that Kennedy was getting turned on by this. She put her legs down and spread them when told to. She felt his hands all over her most intimate parts as he swabbed her with more baby wipes. It seemed to her that president Kennedy was touching her far more than he needed to complete his task, but at last he finished.

“Now Mrs. Porter, a fine dusting of baby powder and we will have you diapered again.”

“Please, I won’t disobey again. I have learned my lesson. I will do anything you ask.”


“Think about what you are saying Mrs. Porter we may ask things of you you may not want to do.”

“I’ll do anything.” said Leanne.

“Very well said president Reagan lets just test that statement. Would rather be re-diapered or you rather suck me off?”

Leanne tried to make sense of the words. “What do you mean?”

“Just like I said Mrs Porter. You can either go back into the diaper or you can suck on my penis until I come in your mouth and you can swallow every drop of my seed. You did say that you would do anything!”

“Your sick! Spat Leanne.

Reagan nodded his head and shifted his stance. “President Kennedy will finish diapering you now. You are obviously a liar Mrs. Porter, clearly you will not do anything as you claimed you would.”

Leanne burst into tears as Kennedy placed a new adult disposable diaper under her butt and fastened it. Her tears became a torrent as he zippered the leather panty into place and closed its lock.

“Mrs. Porter since your word is untrustworthy we have decided that you will wear the diaper for the rest of you stay with us. Keep in mind that that may be some time as you husband is making all of the wrong moves. Why only a short time ago we learned that the FBI is looking exactly where we expected them to; several hundred miles from our current location. They will search for you for days and come up empty. At the present rate your husband will cave into our demands in, at most, two weeks. Once he learns that the FBI and your local police are useless he will make the steps necessary to secure your release. You will probably have been changed at least sixty or seventy times by then. Since you will have to be shaved every three days to prevent diaper rash, President Kennedy will put you under the razor at least four times. That does not sound very appealing to me but that is the lot you have brought on yourself.”

“Please cried Leanne, this is so humiliating! I can’t take two weeks of this!”

“Well then Mrs. Porter you can reconsider my offer. In fact if you suck us off we will remove the diaper and even give you some clothing. Imagine a pair of khaki shorts and a

blouse. Appealing, no? If you don’t want to suck us off we are willing to condom up and explore that delightful quim of yours. The choice is yours. If you decide on neither option then you have decided upon the diaper.”


“We will leave you now. Remember to use the buzzer when you need to.”

Leanne continued to weep once the door had closed behind her and the lights had been doused again. Eventually the tears subsided. He options were clear she realized either she let them keep her a baby or she could service he abductors.

“They have stripped me, shaved me and reduced me to the status of infant and yet they want more,” she thought to herself. She knew for certain that she could not stay in this diaper for as long as they claimed it would take for Derek to ransom her. In fact she felt the urge to pee coming on.

“How many trips do I take to the bathroom during the average day?” She thought. With dread she realized it was at least five or six times a day and she went number two at least once a day.

Her choices were clear either consent to being a baby or let her captors rape her. Neither option had much appeal. The diaper was odious and the thought of letting those men put their penises in her mouth or in her pussy was horrifying. Leanne had not had much sexual history before she had married Derek . She was from a conservative family.

She had had two real boyfriends before Derek. The first, Robert was the first man she had eve seen naked. He was a football player in her high school. Leanne was on the flag squad and she had caught his eye at half time of a game. In all honesty Leanne knew she must have been a sight in her short skirt and high boots. The costume top also nicely accentuated her breasts.

Robert was a gentleman, He dated her for three months before one of their make out sessions resulted in both of them naked. He had a powerful jocks body. When he produced a condom however Leanne freaked out. She ended up crying and reaching for her clothes. Somehow, however, she found herself at his feet gazing up at his erect penis.

Hormones and curiosity got the better of her and she began exploring his sex with her hands and tongue and lips. His orgasm was as unexpected as it was thunderous. Leanne turned her head at the last second and he came in copious waves in her hair.

Robert was as embarrassed as she was and they redressed in silence. Later as he drove her home they both found that they could laugh about what had happened. The next weekend , she let him undress her then she helped him out of his clothes. This time the condom excited her rather than alarming her. He entered her with a gentility that belied his youth. Leanne soon found herself moaning, enraptured in her first orgasm.

The two of them were quite an item for a short time until their romance was stifled by her overbearing father who forbade Robert from dating Leanne. The two tried meeting in secret but Robert was terrified that Leanne’s father, the local police commissioner, would find some excuse to get him arrested and banned from the football team, Robert was in


line for a football scholarship and wanted to play professionally some day. In the end that meant more to him than Leanne did. In total they had made love two dozen times.

The next year, her senior year of high school, she started dating Chuck a boy from their rival school. They had met while she was shopping at the large mall between their respective towns, She had a part time job at Macy’s. . Chuck caught her eye and they had struck up a conversation while he was trying to buy his mother a purse as a birthday present.

Leanne went through the stores selection of purses and finally found one that he thought Chuck’s mother would like. They exchanged glances and their hands met. Chuck had the purse wrapped up and bought it. Before he left the store he got her number.

A few days later he came back to the store, “My mother loves the purse. She wants to know how I figured out how to buy the right one because she always has to return what I buy her. But the real reason I came back was to ask you for a date.”

Leanne agreed , little knowing that she had greatest, most erotic summer of her life

ahead of her.

Leanne and Chuck made a striking couple he was six foot three and well muscled from being captain of the high school swim team. His blond hair neatly complemented her long brunette locks. She just fit under his shoulder and everyone said that the two of them made the cutest couple that anyone had eve seen. Better yet her father absolutely adored him. Partly that because he went to another school and would not be “disturbing his little girl all day.” The rest was his winning personality, he said everything that Leanne’s father wanted to hear and the fact that he was impressed with his family.

Shortly after they began dating Chuck’s parents had invited Leanne’s folks over for dinner. Pete and Sharon Clark completely disarmed the stuffy police commissioner with their charm and manners. Chuck’s sister Ellen was also there. She and Leanne had become instant friends. Chuck was one year older than Leanne, his sister’s birthday was only a few weeks after her own.

Chuck’s family owned a beach house and invited Leanne’s family down for the weekend. Peter impressed the pants of of Leanne’s father. He raised no objection when

they suggested that Leanne stay for the summer and work in their taffy store. They explained that Leanne could bunk with Ellen and that it would be good for Leanne to have a little independence. After all explained Sharon, “She will be a senior next year

and then off to college. She should have some experience living away from home. Pete and I will take care of her as if she were our own.”

Peter and Sharon so won over her father that he though nothing of leaving his “princess”


in the same house and only a few doors away from her randy boyfriend. When not selling taffy in the summer Peter was an attorney. Sharon claimed that he could sell snow to the Inuit. After seeing the magic he worked on her father Leanne believed him.

What the police commissioner did not know was that the conservative face they had shown him was an act. The Clark’s were actually very liberal. When Ellen had first met Leanne she decided that she was just the perfect girl for her son to have regular and steady sex with. They knew that their son would have sex but they wanted to keep it under their own roof rather than have him potentially get in trouble elsewhere.

They saw in Leanne someone they could trust their son with. She was mature and adult enough to take proper precautions in bed. There would be a large supply of condoms in her room and Chuck’s.

Leanne’s parents dropped her of on June 17th the day after school left out for the summer. She was to call every Friday night and the Clark’s invited her parents to come down on four weekends during the summer. Leanne set her things up in Ellen’s room .

Almost as soon as her parents had left Sharon had a talk with Leanne. She could still remember how it went.

“Leanne, let’s have a talk. I see how you and Chuck look at each other and I must say that I am pleased with my son’s choice.”

“Thank you.”

“Judging by the way that my son looks at you, I know that my son would like to explore his sexuality with you. Since last you visited we have bought Chuck a queen sized mattress. Peter and I would be quite pleased if you were to sleep with Chuck in his room.”

“Wh..what? You want Chuck and I to share a bed?”

“Yes dear. There’s a summer’s worth of condoms in his room as well as Ellen’s room.”

“But …”

“What’s the matter? Don’t you like Chuck or are you afraid of sex? Your not a virgin are you?”

“Well no but I’m really surprised about you attitude. Most parents do not encourage their kids to have sex.”

“You will find that Peter and I are not like “most parents” We believe that a healthy sex life is key to good health and life satisfaction. You make an excellent match for Chuck. I think the two of you have the potential for a fantastic sex life together. There is also something wonderful about sleeping with a man. You feel warm and protected.

All I ask is that you promise me that you will make sure that chuck wears a condom each and every time. Of course that’s optional for oral sex”

Leanne was left speechless.

“Don’t look so shocked dear. I’m just more forward than most parents. Peter and I don’t put our blinkers on and pretend that our children don’t have sex. Ellen has a nice


boyfriend as well. Next year he will be encouraged to stay the summer as well. He took a job before we could make him the offer. He will be down for lots of weekends however.”

“You do understand me dear?”

Leanne came out of her trance and said “Yes Mrs. Clark.”

“Call me Sharon, my husband is Peter. And don’t forget about the condoms.”

“But what will happen when my parents visit?”

“Obviously on those days you will move back in with Ellen.”


As Leanne left the room she saw Chuck and Ellen in the living room sitting on the couch playing a video game. She walked over to them.

“I just had the strangest conversation with your mother.”

Ellen said, “She gave you the sex talk, right?”

“Well yes.”

“What’s the matter don’t you want to fuck my brother?”

“I wouldn’t say that its just that your parents are more forward than I am used to.”

Chuck said, “Honey I will treat you with the utmost respect and I will be a gentleman at all times. We will have lots of fun this summer.”

Realizing the full intent of Chucks words, Leanne smiled and said, I’m sure we will.”

She then gave Chuck a big kiss.

Leanne had discovered shortly after she had started dating Chuck that he was uncircumcised. She honestly could not say that she care much for the anteater look but Chuck certainly knew how to use his tool.

The first thing she discovered was how right Sharon had been about sleeping with a man. She felt so protected and loved next to Chuck. Their first night she felt like a bride

she had never spent the night with Robert or Chuck before her summer at the Clark’s house.

Leanne’s mind recalled the highlights of that summer. One that stood out in particular was a Friday night when Sharon and Peter were out of the house for a trip to the city to catch a play and have a long romantic dinner. Ellen’s boyfriend Shane had arrived earlier in the day and had brought his friend Richard and Richard’s girlfriend Jennifer along.

Ellen was a lithe blond, and was miniature version of her brother. Richard was huge, at least six foot four all of it muscle. His girlfriend Jennifer was only five feet two inches tall but had a mane of flame red hair that fell to the middle of her back.

Chuck introduced Leanne to the others. He went to school with Shane, who was on the

football team and Richard often hung around with both of them. Jennifer hit it off with Leanne and Ellen immediately.

The four hit the beach and had a blast. Richard spoke for every man on the beach when he told the girls that they looked great in their bikinis. Leanne couldn’t help but notice the heads they turned that day, everything from pimply 12 year olds to gray-haired old


men. Leanne did the kind of inventory women perform on each other all the time. She noticed that she had the largest bust, that Jennifer had the best legs and that Ellen had the best butt. It was a day of frisbee, swimming and sunning. God is was great to be young and in love.

The Clark’s looked neither upset nor disturbed with the presence of four teenagers in their house. That evening, they announced that they would continue their night as planned and advised the four “There is beer in the fridge. Don’t leave the house tonight and have fun. Please try to not break anything.”

Five minutes after the Clark’s car had pulled out of the driveway everyone had a beer in their hands.

“Well we can’t leave the house. What should we do for fun?’

“We could play spin the bottle,” said Jennifer.

Richard said, “How about cards? Do you have any cards Chuck?”

“Sure,” answered Chuck “What should we play?”

“Hearts.” said Ellen.

“War.” said Leanne

“How about strip poker?” said Shane.

The girls said “no way” almost in unison while the guys said yes! At the same time.

“Oh come on girls.” said Chuck “We’ll make the rules fair for everyone.”

“How? Said Leanne.

“Everybody will start out with the same number of clothes. Everybody deals and we play until there is one winner.”

Jennifer said, “I’m game, but lets add one more rule no one leaves the table until there is a winner.”

“What does the “winner” get”? asked Ellen, “besides every bodies clothes?”

“Well my parents won’t be home until at least 2:00 A.M. so we have lots of time to kill. That gives us a one hour window to put everything back in its place and clean up.

How about the winner gets to choose tasks for the losers to do to earn back their clothes. Kind of like truth or dare. If you refuse the stunt you stay naked until 1:00 A.M. or the next stunt.”

Jennifer said, “I’m really good at cards I’ll have you guys measuring your Johnsons and humiliating the shit out of you three.”

And when I win said Richard you girls will be on the table letting us guys lick your goodies!”

It was decided that everyone would wear six articles of clothing and that socks and shoes each counted as one item. Leanne and the girls vowed to keep everything covered for as long as possible. They wore socks, shoes, panties. bras, and hooded sweatshirts. The guys wore shoes, socks, underwear, pants and two shirts, a tee shirt under a regular shirt..


The game got off to a rousing start as the boys quickly lost their shoes and both shirts before a single girl had lost anything. By the end of the next rounds the girls had lost their shoes and socks and pants while the boys had held their own. The boys were complaining about the girls hoodies Jennifer had borrowed one of Leanne’s and it covered her to well past mid-thigh. Ellen and Leanne’s own hoodies came to their thighs. The girls all lost their pants but the boys had not even gotten a peak at their panties in the process. “Hey we are all playing by the same rules,” said Jennifer. “You guys are going to have to earn the right to see our “goodies,” as Richard so eloquently put it.”

Leanne lost the next round and added her bra to the pile of clothes in the center of the table. She reached up under the hoodie so the boys didn’t get a peak.

Chuck lost next an his pants went into the pot. Chuck was clearly aroused and tried to hide his erection. Jennifer’s saucy wit came to the fore and she said. “Don’t worry darling your sausage will be able to breathe the fresh air shortly.”

Ellen lost the next two rounds and placed her bra and panties to the pot. Now she and her brother were down to a single article. Richard said “Which of our hosts is going to be the first unwrapped?” Richard then lost his pants. And Chuck laughed Leanne next lost and surrendered her panties. She felt so strange sitting there bare-assed.

Ellen was the first naked as she lost the next round. Shane and Richard whistled ad she pulled the hoodie over her head. Everyone could tell that she was a real blonde. Ellen caught her brother staring at her. “What are you looking at?” she asked. “Sorry Sis, I haven’t seen you naked since you were eight years old,” Chuck sheepishly replied.

“Pervert!” Ellen spat. Since everyone had seen her Ellen made no attempt to hide herself

“Go get ‘em girls!” She said as she returned to her seat.

Shane and Jennifer traded loses. Richard was the next to get naked. Leanne stared at his erect penis. Only the third she had seen in person. Richard was circumcised which she liked in addition he was very well endowed. Jennifer was so tiny she wondered how the two of them fit together.

“Well sweetheart, said Jennifer your secrets out. Not too cold is it dear?” Richard grunted a wordless reply. Jennifer then looked at each of the other girls. “See what I get to play with all the time? Ain’t I the lucky one?”

Chuck was the next one naked. “What do you know.” said Jennifer, “A turtle neck!” Very

European Charles.”

To her horror Leanne lost the next round. “Oh no I cant …” She started to say “Give it up girl.” said Shane. Yes said Jennifer, “Rules are rules.” Red with embarrassment


Leanne pulled the hoodie over her head and placed it on the table. All the boys made cat calls. Ellen said “You have very nice tits, Leanne.” Leanne did her best to cover-up. But

Ellen said, “Why so shy girlfriend? Every bodies seen everything. Why try to hide it?”

“Very good advice said Jennifer. It looks like its between Shane and myself. The next round determines the winner.”

The hand went on for quite a while but Shane’s four of a kind could not beat Jennifer’s full house. “All right Shane, strip!” Said Ellen . “Looks like a victory for the girls.”

Ellen reached for her clothes but Jennifer said. “Hold it! Nobody’s getting dressed for a while.”

Leanne and Ellen said, “What! You can’t be serious.”

“Oh but I am girls. I try to hide it but Richard knows how big a bitch I can be.”

Jennifer laughed then said, “Five naked people and me. A girl doesn’t find herself in this situation every day. Richard puts up with me because I’m fantastic in the sack and because I take care of him. I don’t have a tape measure but it appears that Richard has the biggest cock and that Charles and Shane are about equal therefore Richard gets serviced first. Ellen and Leanne if you want your underwear back you each have to blow Richard for five minutes each. If he cums for either of you he gets his clothes back. If he doesn’t cum then you all stay butt naked and Leanne and Ellen have to work on Shane for the same amount of time. After that Leanne has to work on Charles, I don’t think Ellen is into incest. If no guy cums. I’ll up the ante.”

The boys all had huge grins on their faces while Ellen and Leanne looked thunderstruck

“You bitch!” Spat Ellen.

“I told you I was a bitch. But honestly, how often does a girl get to give her boyfriend

two blow jobs from such sexy women? I think you’ll enjoy Richards cock I know that I do.”

“You cunt!” Said Leanne surprising herself in uttering such a harsh word.

“Careful my brunette friend or I’ll get REALLY nasty to you.” Smirked Jennifer,

Ellen as the blond goddess amongst us you get to go first. Since I can see the living room clock from where I sit I will be the time keeper . Stand up Richard. Ellen on your knees and start when I say go,

“You WILL pay for this you know Jennifer,” said Ellen as she prepared to kneel in front of Richard.

Richard was grinning ear to ear as Ellen took up position.

“Yes guys she is a tremendous bitch but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“You may begin now Ellen, I’ll keep track of the minutes and tell you when each is finished.” stated Jennifer. “Start now.”

Ellen went to work on Richard hoping that he didn’t have a quick trigger, She hated the taste of cum. She put her mind to her work figuring that the more she concentrated the faster time would flow. Richard was gently moaning. “One minute gone. You have nice


technique Ellen.” That wasn’t so bad Ellen thought to herself. She realized how enormous this cock was as she worked from the tip to the shaft. “Two minutes gone.” Said Jennifer. “I am such a great girlfriend!” Ellen sucked on each ball in turn figuring that he would last longer then ran her tongue the length of him. “That’s three minutes gone”

Ellen worked carefully for the next two minutes and let out an audible breath when Jennifer said “Time! Nice technique Ellen. Assume the position Leanne”

“Jennifer I agree with Ellen, you are going to pay for this” She knelt in front of Richard and tentatively began licking the tip. Richards penis easily filled her mouth. Not being all that adept at oral sex she followed Ellen’s lead and moved down to the balls. “One minute gone.” said Jennifer. Leanne didn’t like tasting Ellen’s saliva. She tried to put her mind someplace else. “Two minutes gone Leanne.” Suddenly Richard started moaning and Leanne barely had time to react and just got out of the way as Richard shot his load all over the linoleum of the kitchen floor.

“Congratulations Leanne, Richard certainly looked like he enjoyed that!” Clean your spunk off the floor Richard and then you can get dressed and watch the other guys get serviced.”

Ellen said. “But Richard came. We’re done.” “No” replied Jennifer, “Richard is done. You two still have some cock to suck.”

“No bitch we are done!” said Ellen as she lunged at Jennifer. It happened so fast. In one movement Ellen tackled Jennifer and pulled off her hoodie. She then pinned Jennifer’s arms behind her back an stood Jennifer up facing the guys.

“Don’t just stand there Leanne. Grab her legs!” Suddenly understanding what Ellen was doing she dove for Jennifer’s legs and held them fast.

“Take a good look Shane and Chuck.” Why don’t you guys come over here and suck on her tits.”

Jennifer screamed, “Richard don’t you dare let them touch me!”

Richard looked at his trapped girlfriend and said. “You really are a bitch honey and you have never had to pay for your bitchiness until now. Go for it guys. You will find that she tastes very sweet despite her personality.”

“Richard!” screamed Jennifer “We are through!”

Shane and Chuck needed no other prompting, Each took a breast and attacked a nipple.

Rather than scream the other girls noticed that Jennifer became red with anger.

Shane and Chuck’s hands explored Jennifer’s body. Leanne noticed that Chuck was getting even more turned on than he was before.

After allowing the boys to explore every part of Jennifer’s torso and abdomen Ellen said. “That’s enough guys.” She released Jennifer and Leanne followed Ellen’s lead.

Jennifer stood up reared back and spat at Ellen.


“You two are whore’s you “men” are perverts and Richard and I are through!”

She grabbed her clothes and stormed off to her room.

With that the mood was broken and everyone sheepishly redressed. Later that night

as Leanne snuggled next to Chuck she confessed that she had actually been turned on quite a bit by being naked in front of strangers. But since that night Ellen had never been naked with more than one man present.

Leanne thought about that summer with Chuck. During those three short months she went from a girl, puzzled about the mystery of sex to a woman who was deeply in touch with her sexual needs. After that summer with Chuck, She always knew what to tell a man so that he met her needs. Orgasms were never an insurmountable obstacle.

Leanne and Chuck dated for two years before the distance and distractions of attending colleges hundreds of miles apart broke them up.

As she came out of her reverie she realized with absolute conviction that she wanted out of that diaper and panty. Would they actually give her clothes if she cooperated. Even if it mean swallowing their seed it had to be less humiliating than having them change her and control her like a baby.

Steeling herself she called out, “You Win! I’ll suck your cocks. Hello!”

A few moments later the two presidents entered Leanne’s room.

Reagan spoke. “You realize what you are agreeing to Mrs. Porter? We will put a hood on you so that you can’t identify any part of us. You will be sucking us off in the dark. We will come in your mouth and you will be expected to swallow every drop of our seed. Do this and your captivity will become much more pleasant.”

Leann let out a deep breath. “Yes, yes anything just get me out of this ridiculous diaper.”

“President Kennedy, Mrs Porter has agreed to be compliant,” said Reagan

From his bag he produced a black hood. Leanne recognized it from a dirty movie

her husband had purchased. Leann was mostly disgusted with the film but part of it turned her on. That night she had allowed Derek to blindfold her and tie her to the bed. It led to one of their most memorable night together. Derek had wanted to cum in her mouth that night, but as in all other time, she had refused him. He came on her chest instead.

With a cringing thought, Leanne realized that she was going to give this men a gift she had given no other man. Her captors had stripped her, shaved her, reduced her to infancy


and now would force her to surrender to something she had always felt was gross in the extreme.

President Kennedy slipped the hood over her head. The world disappeared. Unlike the mask in the movie, this one did not have a zipper over the mouth. She heard the muffled sound of what she assumed was her captors removing their masks and dropping their pants.

“President Kennedy will go first, said Reagan.”

“Open up!”

Leanne knew better than to resist instead she focused on remembering every detail she could of the cocks she was destined to suck. It might lead to identifying her captors later although Leanne realized that that was unlikely. Leanne opened her mouth.

President Kennedy’s penis seemed huge the only thing she could determine right away was that he was circumcised. She worked with her mouth and tongue. Kennedy moved his shaft in and out of her mouth. In a few minuets she heard him moaning his hands grabbed the back of her head and would not let her pull away. President Kennedy came in copious waves. It was all Leanne could do to keep from gagging, at last she forced the salty viscous liquid down her throat.

She heard one of the men say “Very good. You are very talented Mrs. Porter”

“Now it is time for the Reagan revolution.”

Leanne’s jaw ached from the first fellatio session. She was trying to make lots of saliva to wash away the taste in her mouth when she heard, “Open up.”

Reagan’s penis was probably a little shorted and narrower than Kennedy’s but Leanne realized only that, like Kennedy, Reagan had been cut. To her relief he came quickly. She felt his hands upon the back of her head and he came. Despite her gorge rising, Leanne was able to force down this torrent of cum as well.

“Very nice Mrs. Porter. You will find some pleasant changes for yourself tomorrow. However, there is however one further condition. You will be watched tonight. If you try to induce vomiting to relieve yourself of our seed your current predicament will be continued. Once we are satisfied that our cum has been thoroughly digested you will be given clothing and, perhaps, other freedoms.

Her hood was removed and she noticed that the Presidents were all zipped and that their masks were in place. She had now been violated in a way she could barely tolerate. She felt her gorge rising but stifled it. She hoped that her captors were worthy of their word. She tried to salivate as much as she could to get the taste out of her mouth. Once the presidents left she would go to the bathroom and get a drink of water.


The stress of this was simply too much and once the presidents had left the room she found herself crying in a constant jag until she fell into exhausted sleep.

When she woke up she discovered some changes. The diaper and panty were gone! On the bed were some clothes! There was a blue stripped man’s dress shirt and some shorts.

The shorts had a velcro fastener so that they would slip on past the chain and cuff on her leg. There was no bra or underwear but it felt wonderful to be dressed in any kind of clothing, Leanne still felt nauseated when she thought about those two strangers penises in her throat but at least they had been honest with her .

A short time after she had finished dressing President Reagan entered the room with a tray of food. He also produced a novel from her favorite author. “We told you you would receive a bit more freedoms for obeying us. I believe that you like this author. Something to read to pass the time. Your husband has at last realized that the FBI and the police are useless. All he needs now is liquidate his assets and follow our instructions to have you returned. You see Mrs Porter we have no possibility of failure. Imagine your worth to your husband if he is willing to pay fifteen million dollars to get you back.”

I imagine he had quite a shock when he received that box we sent him. Every stitch of your clothing, your jewelry and a lovey bag of thatch from your womanhood. Had he not done the predictable things of the police and FBI you would have been released already.

That is something you can tell him when you see him again.”

After the president left Leanne paced around the room as best she could. She felt like a new woman with clothes. When she went to the bathroom she noticed that her hair was just sprouting, not quite stubble. She must have been here for a week at least by that measure. She noticed that despite her now crew cut looking pussy, she was hairy everywhere else her legs and underarms had grown wild. In the bathroom she discovered a woman’s razor behind the tampon box. There was no shaving cream but there was plenty of soap in the shower. If she was going to be released soon as was inferred She did not want Derek to find her in this state.

About forty-five minutes later she felt in even greater spirits. Defuzzed everywhere else she felt great, all things considered. She had also realized something. She wanted her fur to grow back in its glory then she wanted Derek to shave her. She wanted him to be to one to expose her most intimate parts. It would put the anonymous depilation she had gone through a thing of the distant past.

With nothing else to do she nestled under the covers and began reading. Before long she was captivated by the fictional world spun by the author. She fell asleep gently hours later. Leanne had lost track of all sense of time but she was sure that several days had gone by. Long enough for her to finish the novel, which was rather large.


On morning? Afternoon? She awoke to President Reagan lightly shaking her awake.

“Good news Mrs Porter! Your husband has finally consented to our plans. We have to get you out of your fetter. You Will be cooperative!”

President Kennedy strode into the room trailing an extension cord and carrying a toolbox. Leanne felt herself being pulled out of bed. Her Wrists were pinned behind her back and she felt handcuffs being slipped on.

“So you don’t think about trying to escape.” said Reagan .

“We are going to wrap a towel around your leg so that you are not burned by sparks as we cut the fetter off of you.”

Though her view was blocked by the men she saw that President Kennedy had taken a tool out of the box. She knew what it was. It was a dremel just like one Derek owned.

“The diamond wheel is going to start cutting. It will be loud and will generate sparks but you are in no danger”. said Reagan.

Leanne stared transfixed at the sparks that cascaded in a arch away from her ankle. In moments it was done. The men helped her to her feet and sat her butt back down on the bed.

“Mrs. Porter here is what will happen. We will put the hood on you again. We have a trench coat that we will put you in over your clothes. You hands will stay cuffed. We will lead you out of here. If you speak, yell, or give us any trouble we will drug you immediately. We could deposit you at the rendezvous point unconscious but it would be much easier for all of us if you are awake. Do you understand me? Nod once for yes.”

Leann nodded. She felt and saw the dreaded hood slid over her face. The Presidents helped her stand and she felt them leading her down several flights of stairs they went up and down several sets and spun Leanne around at regular intervals so that she was hopelessly disoriented. She felt tile and carpet at various times upon her feet. Then suddenly she was on grass. At some point in her journey but she could not remember where a trench coat was thrown over her

“Watch your head.” said Said one one of the presidents who forced her to duck down. Leanne realized that she was in a vehicle of some kind probably a van. She was told to sit and her ankles were chained and linked to her handcuffs by another chain,

There was no conversation in the van as they drove for what must have been miles and hours. Again Leanne lost sense of the directions they were going rather quickly. An unknown number of hours later her arms aching and having to go to the bathroom, the van at last pulled to a stop.


Leanne heard president Kennedy roll Down the window, the air filled her with a chill despite the coat they had thrown over her..

“This is the place.” said one of the presidents.

The van stopped and the men unchained her ankles. She was led out of the van. The macadam felt cool on her feet. She was told to sit down, Leanne realized that she was on a bench somewhere.

Through her hood she heard, “There’s the package? Is it all there?”

“Seems to be.”

Then a moment later.

“Congratulations Mrs. Porter your husband obviously loves you. I must say that he is a very lucky man although we consider ourselves quite luck to have been able to undress you. Shaving you was quite the pleasure. You have a very lovely snatch!”

Leanne heard laughter then footsteps walking away and the van starting up.

Suddenly she realized that she was free! She also realized that she was helpless. Her arms were behind her back there was a hood over her head and she had no idea where she was. Torn between the desire to cry out and fear that she might be in am unsafe place she did nothing.

Then, fifteen minutes later? She had no idea how long she was there. She suddenly heard a siren! The sound came to a stop in the blackness behind her. She heard footsteps and then an unfamiliar voice say “Mrs. Porter?” “Mrs. Leanne Porter?”

She shook her head and tried to scream but it was muffled by the hood. She felt a hand on the hood then, at last the dreaded hood was taken off and, despite the darkness, she looked into the face of the most handsome cop she had ever seen.

The next few hours were a complete whirl. She was in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, two states away from where she had been abducted. Derek was waiting at the police station but Leanne was not allowed to talk to him. The FBI and the police came first. Derek had put the money in a duffle bag on the very bench where she had been found. He had been warned not to linger there if he wanted to see his wife again. After he dropped off the money her abductors had called his hotel and the local police to tell them where to find Leanne which turned out to be one of the town’s smaller parks,

Derek had been frantic. The kidnappers had led him around like a child. In all Leanne had been gone for ten days. Leanne could give the police not a clue as to her captors. She believed that president Reagan was a white man judging by his voice but President Kennedy rarely said a word and wore gloves at all times. Because of where the town was


located her kidnappers could be on their way to New York , and points north, Philadelphia, and points east or in Delaware and points south. With no description of the van, assuming that they were in the same vehicle, there was no way for the police to trace her abductors. As far as kidnappings go this one had been flawless.

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