Thank you to Eviant, a wonderful editor!

Lt. Col. Bradley Lawless, United States Marine Corps, sat at gate 34 at Miami International Airport. He looked at his watch and then out the window, only to see the rain still coming down in buckets and lightening illuminating the sky. He went back to reading his Time magazine until the PA system announced that flight 786 to Charlotte was canceled and that passengers should report to the Customer Service Desk in order to rebook their travel. Lawless looked up at the ceiling as if he expected an explanation from God as to why his flight was canceled. After a short pause, he stood up and straightened out his uniform. He placed his cover under his arm, picked up his luggage and headed over to the Customer service Counter where he took his place in line.

When he approached the counter, he was greeted by Patrick, a somewhat nerdy looking young man behind the ticket counter. “What can I do for you sir?”

“My flight to Charlotte was canceled and I need to rebook.”

Patrick started typing. “Well there are no flights this evening due to the storm; I will have to book you on a flight in the morning.”

Lawless grunted an indistinguishable reply as Patrick continued to type. Lawless looked down in disbelief and examined his rugged hands. The year in Afghanistan had taken a toll on them. He noticed the tan line where the wedding ring used to be. His marriage was another casualty of the tour. Do I really need to go back to Charlotte to sign these divorce papers, he thought to himself angrily? He couldn’t believe that his wife could not hold on for another few months.

“Ok, Sir, you are all set for tomorrow on Flight 726 to Charlotte, departing at 9:05 am. Here is your boarding pass and your luggage can be picked up downstairs on belt 7. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“Yes,” Lawless replied. “I need a hotel room for the evening.”

“Well, I am sorry sir; I can’t help you with that.”

Lawless took a deep breath and looked into Patrick’s eyes. He leaned over the counter and motioned Patrick to come closer with his finger. “I am going to go to the head, that’s the naval term for bathroom, to take a piss. When I come back you will have called someone that you know at a hotel close to the airport and get me a room paid for by the airline. If you don’t, I will rip off your head and shit down your throat. Do I make myself clear?”

Patrick was stunned and in no way doubted the threat based on the look in Lawless’s eyes. He meant every word and probably would not hesitate to carry out the threat. Without waiting for a reply, Lawless turned and walked toward the restroom. After 5 minutes he returned to the Customer Service Counter.

“Colonel Lawless sir, I made you a reservation at the Hilton. Here is the address, sir, and we regret any inconvenience caused by this canceled flight. Is there anything else I can do for you?” The thin nervous looking Patrick swallowed visibly and his hand shook with tiny tremors as he held out a small white card.

Lawless took the address, thanked Patrick, and began to walk toward the baggage claim. After collecting his bags, Lawless got in a cab and headed to the Hilton. Arriving at the hotel, Lawless saw that the lobby was packed. Each receptionist had a line of 5 people, all looking for rooms. A manager saw Lawless in line and wanted to facilitate the Marine’s check-in. He walked over to Lawless and asked him to come to his desk. There, Lawless was given the card key to suite 1206. Lawless thanked the manager and was walking toward the elevator when he came across a woman with tears streaming down her cheeks. “Are you okay miss?”

Kim was wrecked. The past week had been non-stop stress and she had just reached her limit. She was very afraid that, in the morning, she wouldn’t be boarding a plane for Haiti, but instead on one back home to Memphis. At the moment, the urge to tuck tail, go home and crawl back to Daniel was much stronger than to go on and live the life she had dreamed of.

At the sound of a strange man’s voice, she wiped tears from her eyes and looked up. Standing in front of her was a tall, good looking man in a Marine’s uniform. Her first thought was, Oh god he looks so hot in that uniform, followed closely by embarrassment at getting caught crying her eyes out. Shaking her head in a quick “no”, she returned to her huddle on the small hard chair.

She couldn’t stop the flood of thoughts going through her mind any more than she had successfully stopped the tears. Was she really making a mistake by taking this job in Haiti? Kim had worked as a nurse at the same hospital for five years now and felt like it had just turned into a paycheck. All her life, she had dreamed of being a nurse and actually helping people. The routine of the job had put her in a rut she was afraid she would never escape.

When the announcement that the hospital was taking applications for three nurses to go to Haiti to work in a newly built, sister hospital, Kim knew that was where she needed to go. The tiny country was still struggling horribly after the devastating earthquake there and they desperately needed help. The decision had been very easy for her to make. Telling her family and Daniel, her fiancé though, that was not as easy.

They all thought she was crazy. Giving up her safe secure job and her safe secure life to go to a shaky, unstable country, rife with disease and crime, was simply the most stupid thing Kim could do. She had been told that repeatedly by family, by friends and worse by Daniel. Not one person outside the hospital supported her decision. Hell, some people in the hospital even had told her not to go.

She looked down at her ring-less left hand. If she squinted she could see a tiny indention where her engagement ring used to sit. She still couldn’t believe that she had given back the small pretty ring she’d worn with such pride.

But Daniel had finally given her an ultimatum. They had fought long and hard for weeks over her decision. When he told her it was him or Haiti, her heart had simply broken in two. She’d pulled off her ring and handed it to him. They hadn’t spoken since.

Suddenly she realized the Marine was still in front of her. He knelt on one knee before her. “Miss, are you sure you don’t need any assistance?”

She looked into concerned brown eyes and felt another tear slip down her cheek. In this whole awful trip, this was the first nice person she’d come across. “I don’t think you can help me. But thank you very much.” Her soft voice carried just a touch of southern twang.

“Mam, I’m not leaving you until I’m sure you’re okay. Is there someone with you? Are you alone?” His voice was strong and rich and seemed to soothe her frazzled nerves. Just then another resounding crash of thunder rattled the hotel windows and Kim nearly jumped out of her skin.

Closing her eyes against the old fears crawling around inside her, she took a shaky breath. Once she felt she could talk without screaming hysterically, Kim tried again to send the Marine on his way. “I’m fine, really. I just need a few minutes before heading back out.”

“Back out? Don’t you have a room here?” Lawless narrowed his eyes. This woman was scared out of her mind and she was going out into a tropical storm? He didn’t think so. He wouldn’t leave a wounded man behind in the war he just left, and he wasn’t going to abandon this scared and crying, and rather pretty, young woman.

Kim could only shake her head “no” and try to calm her shaking limbs. “There’re no more rooms here, or anywhere in the city. I have to go back to the airport and just wait it out until morning.”

“No. You’re not going out in this. You’re already scared out of your mind I’m not leaving you alone until I know you have somewhere to go.” He stood and strode back over to the desk. Kim watched him speaking to a clerk.

He really was being awfully nice. He really was mighty good looking. She guessed him to be about 5’10″. Not too tall, but certainly tall enough. He was trim and fit like all the military men she had ever met. His dark tan and short black hair coupled with those gorgeous brown eyes gave him an almost exotic look. The broad chest of his jacket was nearly completely filled with colorful ribbons, the gold airborne pin above shining with pride. Kim decided he was older than her by quite a few years and must have been in the military for a long time to have such a collection of decorations.

She noted the exchange at the desk didn’t seem to be going well. When the guy behind the desk was joined by another guy Kim knew it was hopeless. She’d already been told there were simply no rooms left anywhere. The storm had all the planes grounded and all the passengers scrambling for shelter for the night. She broke down again burying her face in her hands.

She looked up to see the Marine returning from the desk. Kim could see that he was thinking as he was walking. She buried her face as she continued sobbing. When he arrived in front of her he again got down on one knee. She looked up at him and he brushed her brown hair away from the front of her face. He presented her with a card key from the hotel. “I would like you to have this room. It is a suite and it will help you relax and get yourself together so you can continue your journey tomorrow.”

Kim started to reach for the piece of rectangular plastic and then stopped. “How did you get a room when they are all occupied?”

“Well this is the key to my room; I would like you to have it.”

“But where will you sleep? I can’t do that.”

“Miss, I have lived and slept in many places, both good, but mostly bad. There is a USO lounge at the airport and they have some comfortable chairs and that will be an improvement from the accommodations I have had for the past year.”

“No, I can’t do that.” Kim said shaking her head and tucking her hands together as if to keep herself from taking the refuge this stranger was offering.

“I insist, young lady.” With that, the Marine sat the key card in her lap, got up and picked up his luggage. He walked towards the door, knowing that the USO lounge was going to be packed as well, and that he would probably end up sleeping on the floor.

Kim was truly impressed by the chivalrous Marine. She couldn’t let him go out in that mess and sleep on a chair. “Wait!” Kim called out. “You said this was a suite?”

“Yes.” He replied.

“Can we share it?” Kim inquired. “It must be large and may have a second bed or sofa bed. Please, I insist.”

Lawless, knowing that his back would appreciate something better than the floor, contemplated the offer.

Then Kim said without thinking, but blurted out a thought that came from her subconscious. “Please, I could use the company.” She bit her lip as if amazed the words had just left her mouth.

Lawless gave it some thought while looking into a pair of pretty, green eyes. With an inner shrug he wondered what was the worst that could happen. “Okay, but you get the bedroom.”

Kim beamed with joy. The first smile of the evening and it struck the heart of Lawless. She wasn’t a super model in looks or physique. She was an attractive, hometown girl with a beautiful smile that touched his heart and stirred his loins. He had been without a woman’s touch or sex of any kind for over a year. He tried to get any idea of taking advantage of this nice young woman out of his head.

Lawless got the attention of a bellman. “Please load this young lady’s bags on the cart with mine and take them to room 1206. Lawless held his hand out to help her out of the chair. When she placed her hand in his, it was if the circuit was closed and an electrical charge went from his heart to hers and then back again. He gently grasped her soft gentle hands that immediately soothed the Marine’s hard heart.

“Are you hungry?” He gave a jerk of his head in the direction of the restaurant. “Let’s go grab a bite to eat. It’s still a bit early.”

Just then Kim’s stomach growled loud and long. She quickly grabbed herself around the middle and gave an embarrassing giggle. Lawless couldn’t hold back the laugh; this girl was a breath of fresh air sweeping through a tired body. Keeping her hand snug in his, they headed for the restaurant.

Kim’s insides were still quaking like she was experiencing an earthquake from inside her body. What had she just done? Oh god, she’d agreed to share a hotel room with a strange man. Kim was no prude; hell she was nurse and you simply couldn’t be shy when a bunch of crazy nurses got together to talk men. She and Daniel had a nice sex life, but he was the only man she’d ever been with.

This Marine even smelled good. The hand holding hers was hard and rough and was causing exciting tingles all through her arm. She felt hysterical bubbles of giggles rising in her throat and fought them back. She was freaking 30 years old and acting like a silly girl! She had to get a hold of herself, and fast.

They had reached the door to the restaurant but a crowd of people stood blocking it. The Marine told her to stay there and he went to talk to a frantic looking employee trying to control the crowd. When he came back moments later, the scowl on his face was a bit frightening.

“There’s no getting in there, probably not for hours.” Lawless rubbed his hand over his head in frustration. He didn’t regret his offer of helping this little lady, but spending hours sitting around a hotel room with her and keeping his hands off of her was going to be more of a challenge than his mind or body wanted to undertake.

Kim’s mind scrambled for a solution but she was starting to feel the effects of the emotional roller coaster she’d been on today and couldn’t seem to focus. When another couple walked past carrying a small basket of dinner rolls and complaining about having to use room service, the Marine and Kim looked at each other and smiled. At Lawless’s smile, a flutter of sexual excitement whispered through Kim’s body.

“Be right back.” he said and left her in line again. Kim spent the time lecturing herself over her body’s reaction to the stranger. Now was not the time to get freaky over someone she’d just met. When Brad returned carrying his own basket of warm fragrant rolls, Kim’s stomach growled again in response.

He took her hand in his again and started leading her to the elevators. “This is it; I got as many as they’d give us. They also said room service will take at least an hour, if not more.”

“It’ll be fine.” Kim’s voice seemed to pick up a bit more of a southern drawl as her exhaustive day seemed to be settling on her shoulders.

They had to squeeze into the elevator as it was crammed with people. Lawless pulled her back against him and kept a light hand at her waist. The fact that his hand was causing a warm wave to wash through her body was a bit worrisome. She really didn’t think this room sharing idea was a good one, but she also knew that she really didn’t want to be alone tonight.

Lawless couldn’t stop himself from taking a deep breath of the softly fragrant hair just under his nose. This soft tender woman smelled like heaven and felt even better. After a year of hot sand and sweaty Marines, he just couldn’t stop smelling her sweet fragrance. A drifting scent of something that seemed almost sparking, but with a musky undertone that went straight to his gut.

He tried to shift back a bit from the firm round butt pressed into his groin. He was afraid that once she felt his body’s reaction to her, she’d run screaming out into the storm. They may have been in a crowded elevator, but his body only recognized the female form gently pressing into him. He wanted to curse his wife again, but Kim simply felt too good. Maybe he should thank her instead, he thought with a rueful grin.

Finally, they reached their floor and squeezed out through the crowd into the hallway. A short minute later they had found the room and Kim used the key card to open the door. Stepping inside, Kim looked around in dismay. This was a suite?

The small sitting room held a very uncomfortable looking green couch, a small wooden table with two chairs and a large dresser with a fairly big TV. She walked over to another door and found the standard white hotel bathroom with a door there leading into the bedroom. It was about the same size as the sitting room, containing only a king size bed with an ugly maroon spread, nightstands and a mirrored closet. So much for luxury, she thought.

Going back into the sitting room she found the Marine separating out their luggage. He placed his bag beside the couch and hers beside a second door into the bedroom. Looking into her dismayed green eyes, he shrugged. “It is what it is and it’s better than an airport floor, right?”

“Oh my,” she said. “I don’t even know your name.”

“Lieutenant Colonel Bradley Lawless,” he replied, “but please, call me Brad.”

“I am Kim Foster. I’m a future nurse at Mercy General in Haiti. I just left St. Francis Hospital in Memphis.”

“Pleased to meet you Nurse Kim.” This time when he smiled Kim caught a little glimpse of dimples in his strong face. Her stomach gave another of those quick flutters in response.

As if scripted, another boom of thunder shook the room. Kim closed her eyes and took a deep breath. At least he would be close by…there was no way to get away from each other, she thought, fighting a hysterical giggle. She crossed to the table where Brad had set down the basket of rolls.

“I’ll go find us some ice and see about drinks. Anything in particular you like or don’t like?” Brad asked grabbing the ice bucket from the dresser.

“Anything would be wonderful, really.” Spotting the tiny coffee maker she asked, “Would you like me to make coffee?”

Brad considered. “Probably should hold that until morning. I don’t see things getting any better and that may be all we get for breakfast.”

“You’re right. My flight’s at 8:20, when’s yours?”


“Then unless we get up at 4 or 5, there won’t be any breakfast here. But I can grab something at the airport. You can have the coffee in the morning.”

Brad smiled. She really was the sweetest thing he’d come across in years. He gave her a quick salute, waved the ice bucket and taking the key card, left the room. As he walked down the hall, he adjusted the semi erection his pants, trying to find a bit of relief. He took a couple of deep breaths as he filled the ice bucket knowing that he will have to use all of his discipline to stay a distance from Kim. The selection in the soda machine reflected the hotel as a whole. Everything was sold out with the exception of Dr. Pepper. “Hmmm, let me see. Two Dr. Peppers please,” he said to the vending machine, mocking the hotel.

He returned to the room to find Kim sitting on the couch, watching the weather. She had already taken the initiative of buttering each of the rolls and was licking the butter off of her fingers when Brad walked in. There was a pregnant pause as Brad looked at her with her index finger in her mouth. When she realized what she was doing, she pulled her finger out of her mouth and wiped it off on a napkin, turning a light shade of red. “The storm is going to be over us for the next few hours,” she said, trying to divert attention to a new subject.

“Well we have Dr. Pepper and some rolls,” Brad said, placing them on the table next to the rolls. “That should get us by until tomorrow morning.” Brad began to undo his belt and unbutton the blouse of his uniform.

Kim watched, well actually, stared as undid the last button and took it off. He hung it in the closet, straightening it out on the hanger. Next Brad took off his tie and hung it over the blouse. He turned toward her and caught her stare, but thought nothing of it. He unbuttoned the first two buttons of his shirt and walked over to the ice bucket. Brad grabbed a couple of glasses, put a few ice cubes in each and then sat down next to Kim on the couch. Kim’s heart was racing now and she could feel herself breathing heavily. Get ahold of yourself, she thought. You can’t let this happen.

He opened both drinks and filled the glasses. He handed her a glass and then touched it with his while saying, “Here’s to a clean and comfortable night in Miami.” She laughed at the nuttiness of the statement, eliciting laughter from him as well. Brad looked at her closely, as if he was looking through her eyes and into her soul. “You look much happier than earlier,” he said.

“Thanks to you.” She put her hand on his. Now, it was Brad’s turn to become excited as her hand lingered on top of his. A woman’s soft touch was the subject of many of his dreams while deployed. Brad could feel it begin to stir his loins, but didn’t want to move his hand. Kim must have sensed something was wrong and took her hand off of his and grabbed a roll. They sat on the couch devouring the rolls and soon were done.

They sat again in uncomfortable silence before Kim announced, “I am going to take a shower,” before glancing at her watch and noting with dismay how early in the evening it still was.

“Sure,” Brad said, standing up as she left the room. He was secretly relieved that she’d be away from him for a while to allow him time to get back under control.

Kim went into the bedroom and picked up her small bag of shower necessities and dug a pair of comfortable pajamas from her suitcase. Going into the bathroom, she carefully locked both doors to keep accidental sightings down to a minimum. Striping off travel weary clothes and dropping them on the floor, she started the shower and set out her shampoo and stuff.

Kim relished the feel of the hot water. The spray wasn’t very strong, typical of hotels everywhere, but as the day’s grime and worries began to wash away, it didn’t matter anymore. Soon, she had suds of soap and shampoo trailing down her body. She paused as her fingers brushed over the carefully trimmed mound between her legs.

With one hand cupping her full breast and lightly playing with the nipple, she slid a finger into the moist folds between her legs. She quickly bit her lip to quiet the moan that slipped out. At the thought of Brad hearing her, Kim pulled her hands back into safer territory. She’d simply die of embarrassment if she knew he had heard her relieving herself. The ache between her legs would just have to stay there.

When Daniel had broken up with her, Kim was afraid that she’d never again find someone that could make her juices flow. She never dreamed of running into a wickedly good looking man in uniform, though. Picturing the dark good looks of the man sitting in the other room, her breathing quickened and Kim stuck her head back under the hot spray in an effort to rid herself of the image.

She quickly finished up, washing her soft brown hair. She’d had it trimmed to just below her shoulders before the trip since she didn’t know what kind of conditions she’d be up against in Haiti. Rinsing soap from her body, she pushed on the slight pouch of tummy and full hips. Kim wasn’t happy with the extra ten pounds she was carrying, but was depending on all the hard work she was facing to trim it off.

Flipping off the shower, she got out and quickly dried off. Still standing naked, she reached into her bag and pulled out her favorite body lotion. The room was soon filled with the scent that had enticed Brad earlier. Putting everything away, Kim slipped into her favorite soft pink pajama shorts and tank top and then grabbed the hair dryer hanging on the wall to fluff out her hair into soft waves.

She went back into the bedroom and set everything aside to be dealt with in the morning. As the storm still raged outside, Kim was grateful once more at Brad’s presence in the other room. Her childhood fears still plagued her and she really needed a friendly face. Plus, it was still way too early to try to sleep so she headed back out to the couch and Brad.

When she entered the sitting room, she found Brad sitting on the couch in a pair of shorts and a tank top. When he looked up, he had to do a double take at the young woman in a tank top and pair of pajama shorts. Her firm “C” cup breasts jiggled a little as she walked in and he could see that her nipples were barely erect. She was an attractive woman with curves in all the right places. Not like some of those models or his soon to be ex-wife that was a marathon runner and had no shape to her. No, Kim was certainly a woman. When she got closer to the couch, the scent of her body lotion hit him as it did earlier. It was womanly, but not flowery. He liked it and the whole Kim package turned him on. He maneuvered a little bit on the couch to give her room, as well as readjust his growing member. He didn’t want her to think he was a pervert or anything.

They watched the news and weather, hoping that the rain was going to stop soon. Neither of them wanted to spend another day or night in Miami. The weather story was gloomy and there was still a large band of bad storms heading over Miami. “Enough of that,” Brad said. “What would you like to watch?” Just then a bolt of lightning struck the top of the hotel, just 4 floors above them, making a deafening crash. The lights flickered on and off briefly. Kim screamed and jumped, ending up against Brad, who immediately wrapped one arm around her and put his hand on her shoulder, telling her all was going to be okay. Brad could feel her shaking and put his other arm around her to comfort her. Another strike nearby lit up the room and Kim was practically in his lap. Brad gently rubbed her soft arm with his calloused hand. Before he could tell her all was going to be okay, another bolt of lightning hit the hotel and the lights went out.

Brad tried to get up, but Kim wrapped her arms around his firm torso and lay her head on his chest. His heart was beating slowly despite the lightening and it gave her a soothing comfort. “Kim, I am just going to get up for a moment and get something out of my bag. I am not going far and will be right back.”

Brad slowly and gently got up, dug a couple of light sticks from his bag and returned to the couch next to Kim who immediately closed the distance so she had body contact with him. Brad ripped open the plastic packaging and snapped the first stick. He did the same for the second and in no time there was a little light in the room. He looked down at Kim and could see the tears still streaming down from her eyes. He reached toward her cheek and used the middle joint of his index finger to gently wipe away her tear. She watched as he brought his finger to his lips and tasted her tear.

“You must be on a low sodium diet.” he said with a smile. Despite all that was happening, Kim laughed. She wrapped her arms around him and squeezed. She felt so safe and secure in the arms of this man. She didn’t know in what kind of shape she would be in if he wasn’t here. Brad lay back against the couch and wrapped his muscular arms around her holding her tight. There, in his safe and secure arms, Kim fell asleep.

Not wanting to wake her, Brad waited for about 10 minutes before picking her up and taking her into the bedroom where he laid her down and covered her with the sheet and blanket. He quickly returned to the sitting room and flipped the couch into an uncomfortable looking sofa bed. Wanting to wash off some of the grime he acquired during his journey he retrieved his shaving kit from the other room and grabbing the light sticks, made his way to the bathroom to take a shower. He left the bathroom door on his side of the room open just a crack so he could hear if something happened to Kim.

When he entered the bathroom he couldn’t help to notice all of Kim’s lotions, shampoo, conditioner, make-up, etc. that took up half of the counter. He ruefully shook his head over women and their stuff, laid his shaving kit down, set the light sticks around the room so he could see, and got into the shower. Brad allowed the hot water to run down his back for a while and then scrubbed himself clean. He opened the shower curtain and stepped out onto the mat.

When the lights suddenly blinked back on and the TV came back to life, Kim jerked awake. She sat up and looked around in confusion, wondering how she’d ended up in the bed. Her fear that Brad had left her alone, had her jumping from the bed and scrambling from the room. Standing in the center of the sitting room, she saw him in the bathroom.

Looking through the slightly open door she watched him dry off and her body began to tingle once more. His member was no monster but a good 7 inches semi-erect. His body was toned but not overly muscular. There were a few large scars on his back and an indentation that was a little purple. She knew from experience that the indentation was a scar from a bullet wound. She couldn’t move fast enough as he started to exit the bathroom and got caught staring at him.

Embarrassment turned her cheeks a bright pink, but her body seemed out of her control. Without a word she moved behind him and reached for the scars on his back. Her heart ached at how close he had come and how much pain he must have been in. She gently ran her fingertips over them and placed her lips against the puckered scar. Brad gasped and pulled her around to face him. It was when she looked up at him that he leaned over and kissed her.

The first kiss was soft and a little more than a peck on the lips. The second was a little sultrier and then it turned into unbridled passion as her head tilted slightly and their mouths were sealed together. His tongue ran over hers flicking it and swirling around it. Brad took Kim into his arms and held her tight as they continued to kiss. She could then feel his 7 inches growing as they kissed and her hands roamed over his muscular back. He tried to back his hips away so she could not feel just how excited he was, but she realized it and grabbed his buttocks and pulled him against her.

She then backed away from the bathroom door to the sofa bed, pulling him with her and sat down aligning her face with his pulsating manhood. Kim stroked his cock with her soft hands. Brad’s penis appreciated the change from the calloused hand that pumped it during periods of masturbation when he needed relief. She then lowered her mouth onto what was now a fully erect 8 inches.

Although Kim was no master at oral sex, Daniel hadn’t cared for it. She had read numerous articles and the book “Oral Sex for Dummies”. Brad’s hands rested comfortably on the side of her head and he moaned at the soft warm sensation of her mouth sucking on his cock. His breathing was picking up and he could feel that he was losing control. He didn’t want this to be a slam bam thank you ma’am experience for her. He grasped her under her arms and picked her up. His cock made a popping noise when it left her mouth.

She looked at him confused. “Am I doing something wrong?”

“No,” Brad replied, “The problem is you’re doing it too damn good.” This brought another bright smile from Kim as he pulled the tank top over her head and kissed the side of her neck while he began to caress her breast with his hands. Although his hands were rough they felt so good on her breast that she let out a pleasurable sigh. Brad alternated kisses and short flicks of his tongue from her neck down across her breasts and over her abdomen where he outlined the top of her shorts.

While kissing her soft abdomen, he slowly pulled down the shorts, revealing a small patch of blond pubic hair. Brad guided her right leg onto the sofa bed and gently trailed kisses and flicks of his tongue to her pussy, the lips of which were already swelled with blood. With Brad’s broad tongue, he started at the bottom of her pussy and traveled over her lips and then over her clit. Another moan of pleasure from Kim who believed she never in her life experienced something this erotic. After a few more strokes of his tongue, he sucked her clit into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it.

Kim’s hands went straight to the back of his head and pressed his face against her pussy. It took only a couple of more swirls of the tongue and Kim shuddered in orgasm. Brad lay her back on the sofa bed to let her recover and lay beside her continuing to caress her arms, shoulders, breasts, and abdomen. He spotted a glass on the end table and retrieved an ice cube from it. He started at the side of her neck. Initially the ice made Kim shriek and giggle, but she grew used to it as it traveled down the side of her neck and over her shoulder leaving a thin line of water. Brad then traced around the outside of her breast and then under it until it came up between her breasts and over to her right nipple. Brad traced her areola and watched her nipple respond by growing firm. He removed the ice cube and put his warm mouth over her nipple and gently swirled his tongue around it. Kim’s hand made its way to his head where she ran her hand through his short hair while he warmed her nipple with his tongue.

Brad put the ice cube in his mouth and placed a trail of kisses from Kim’s breast down to her abdomen and then to her clit. By the time he got there the ice cube had melted but left his tongue cold. Brad slid his tongue out and flicked it against Kim’s clit. Kim gasped and had to catch her breath as he eased two fingers into her pussy. When Brad added a third finger, stretching her pussy, she responded with a deep moan. “Oh my,” she added as he began a slow steady rhythm. Kim could feel her orgasm start to build. “Oh God,” she said as her breathing was shallow and rapid.

Brad curved his finger hitting her “G” spot just right. “Yes, oh yes, please don’t stop,” Kim cried. Brad concentrated on her “G” spot while sucking her clit driving, her crazy and making Kim moan continuously. Kim’s hands went to her breasts, the nipples erect between her fingers, as she massaged them. It was moments later that Kim arched her back and shuddered, exploding in an orgasm that took over her body making it convulse and shake. Brad eased his attack on her pussy and lowered her back to the bed.

Kim struggled to get her breathing back under control. She was gasping and panting, her body surging through wave after wave of orgasm. Daniel may have been the only person she’d ever been with, but what they had was nothing compared to the intense passionate assault this stranger had just put her through. As she started to relax once more, insecurities flooded her mind.

How was she going to give him the same pleasure he had just given her? With her head nestled on his shoulder, her fingers began to explore his chest, lingering over the hard little nubs of his nipples. They sat flat on his well-formed chest and in curiosity; she slid over his body to have a taste.

Flicking her tongue out, she lightly licked his male nipple and heard his sudden gasp. Feeling naughty, she very lightly bit down. Brad groaned and his hands shot into her hair. Kim couldn’t tell if he was pulling her away or urging her to do more. She continued to lick and suck the nipple before kissing a trail over to test out the other one.

Her leg slid in between his and she felt his throbbing hard rod against her thigh. Shifting, she positioned her very wet pussy over it and slowly began to slide up and down its length. While her mouth was busy leaving kisses and nibbles across his neck, up to his ear for a little bite and back down again, she slowly coated his penis with her juices. Kim could feel the tension building in Brad’s body, but he made no move to take over.

She laid her lips over his, sucking his tongue into her mouth while at the same time, lifted her hips just enough so his bobbing penis lined up with her entrance. Keeping her mouth fused to his, she pressed down, carefully taking him inside her. She captured Brad’s deep anguished groan with her mouth and felt his hands grip her hips hard.

Kim sat up, taking Brad deeper inside her body. The orgasms she’d already had took the edge off so she was able to keep her movements slow and sure. He was big enough that it was a tight fit and she had to work her hips a bit, up and down, taking him deeper and deeper. The pleasure was intense, filling her, stretching her tight.

Finally she had him as deep as she could get him, and looked down into his eyes. They were nearly black with need and control, but still he let her set the pace. His hands left her hips to latch onto her thighs, giving her more freedom to move. Her full breasts bounced lightly and she reached up to cup them and gave her nipples a squeeze as she began to ride.

She slowly moved her hips back and forth, rocking against him. She could feel the fat head of his penis as it rubbed deep inside her, catching her “G” spot with every thrust. The passion began to build once more and her breathing quickened. Brad’s fingers dug into her plump creamy thighs until finally he could lie still no longer.

The woman was surely part witch, Brad thought, to be able to drive him to such heights as this. Her slow rocking was only inflaming him and he was afraid he’d soon lose all control. He couldn’t remember ever being so worked up, so freaking ready to explode. But she held him just on the edge, not letting him over. Reaching up, he slid a hand behind her neck and pulled her roughly down, fusing his mouth to hers.

Holding her tightly against him, he flipped them over on the bed so she was tucked underneath him. “God you’re driving me insane woman,” he whispered. Taking a moment to draw tight tasty nipples in his mouth and lave them with his tongue, he drew up his knees. Slipping his arms under her knees, he pulled them up high, lifting her hips slightly.

Bracing himself with his hands, he secured her legs and began to move. Her pussy was so tight, she was so wet. He pulled out of her completely and then swiftly plunged in deep causing Kim to nearly scream. Brad repeated his action, pulling out and then slamming home, driving Kim higher and higher.

As he moved faster and faster, pounding into her soft tight body, Kim began to wonder if her head was going to completely explode. She was gripping her breasts and squeezing, reaching for his body, raking her nails down his chest. Becoming more and more frantic as he pounded into her, she pulled on her knees, arching her hips up higher, meeting his thrusts.

The pressure built so hard, so hot. In an effort to find release, Kim slipped a hand down and began to furiously rub at her clit. With louder and louder keening wails, and with Brad nailing her “G” spot almost continuously, she finally exploded around him. Shaking and quivering, her pussy walls grasping and milking, spasms rocking deep inside her, Kim felt wave after wave of the most intense orgasm she’d ever had slam into her.

Brad gave a harsh shout and felt his own world implode. As his release rocked through him, he shot load after load deep inside her. He began to think his balls would never run dry, as his orgasm just keep on going. Eventually though, his body had enough and he collapsed weakly down on top of her.

They were covered in sweat and their mingled sex juices and neither could seem to move. The only sounds were the storm outside and their ragged breathing. Kim drifted off to sleep once more, safe, secure and sated in Brad’s arms. He laid a hand over soft breast and stared at the stark tan line circling his finger. He wasn’t divorced at this point and that meant that he had just been unfaithful to his wife. How could he look at her straight in the eye when they met? Would she see the deceit in his eyes, in his face, his actions?

He looked over at Kim, she was an attractive woman, the kind of woman that would make any man proud, including of course himself. She had the world in front of her though and was off to fulfill and dream, a desire, and nothing should come between her and that dream. Brad didn’t want to ruin that for her. He didn’t want her to feel anything for him, just be glad that they enjoyed a night together, a night that could have been miserable for the two of them.

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