a deal

By the time mid-afternoon came I had shifted as many rocks as the others, who had been there all day, and hadn’t spoken to anyone. As I began to think that the boss had just set the morning up to get me alone after what those two guards had said he surprised me by appearing, as if out of thin air, behind me.

“Put that rock down Julez I need a word,” he said, “in the office.”

I jumped at the sound of his voice, and spun to face him.

“Why what have I done?” I asked.

“The governor’s coming in a couple of hours and I want to talk to you about this morning,” he replied. “Make sure we both tell the same story.”

“No worries about what I’ll say,” I responded. “I’ll tell him we came straight back.”

“What if the guards or other cons mention the time we got here?” He sounded on edge.

“Then we will just say we got a puncture on the way back and had to fix it.”

“Just follow me Julez,” he finally said, after thinking for a second or two.

Guessing the real reason that he wanted me in the office I put the rock that I had been holding down and followed alongside him silently, neither of us talking.

Once back at the office, and inside, he sat behind a large oak desk, and told me to sit in the chair opposite.

“Look Julez your idea was sound except for one small problem,” the boss said.

“What’s that boss?” I replied.

“All the tires are in perfect condition, including the spare.”

“So you stick one of the tools in it and say we ran over a sharp stone on the way back.”

“I couldn’t do that I’d get fired.”

“Then I’ll do it,” I said.

“If you do I know nothing about it,” the boss said.

“Fair enough,” I said and turned to leave.”

“Did I say we were done?”

“No boss,” I said turning back to face him.

“Sit down Julez.”

Doing as he said, and eyeing him up suspiciously, I was surprised when he stood up and went to the cupboard behind his chair. As he opened the doors his back blocked virtually all of the cupboard’s contents from my eyes, and I couldn’t tell what he was doing so when he turned around holding two, large glasses, both three-quarters full I was surprised.

“Here Julez,” he said offering one of the glasses to me.

Taking it I cautiously sniffed the liquid, causing the boss to burst out laughing, before lifting it to my lips. Taking a small sip the strength of the Jack Daniels shocked me, it was definitely straight, and a shiver went through my body.

“Come on Julez you can do better than that,” the boss said, draining his glass in one.

Not wanting to look like I couldn’t handle my drink I quickly lifted the glass again, and copied the boss.

“That’s more like it,” he said.

We had a couple more drinks, in silence, before he stepped forward and took the glass from me, and returned them to the cupboard.

“Best we don’t let the governor catch us drinking,” he said smiling and glancing at the clock. “He’ll be here in just under an hour.”

“I best get back to work then,” I said and went to stand up.

Placing his hand on my shoulder, to stop me, he shook his head.

“Not so fast Julez,” he said. “I need you to do one more thing for me.”

“I know get the tire sorted.” I said and went to stand again.

This time his hand clamped tightly on my shoulder, hurting me slightly. Lifting my head I saw his free hand fumbling with the zip on his trousers, and knew exactly what the ‘one more thing’ was going to be.

Once he had his zip down he reached into his pants, and brought out his massive, hard cock.

“Suck it Julez,” he ordered with authority.

Knowing I had no choice and the fact that the drink had made me horny, like Jack Daniels always did, I reached forward and slowly wrapped my fingers around his thick shaft, looking up at the boss as I did so.

Slowly I began to move my hand up and down, along his hardness, using my free hand to massage his balls as I did so. The boss groaned and closed his eyes as I began to wank him quicker, before bending my head forward and darting my tongue out across the swollen purple head of his cock.

“Oh yes Julez,” the boss moaned lightly.” Suck my fucking dick.”

Opening my mouth wide I fed inch after inch of him past my lips, before closing them around him and sucking gently.

“Fuck that feels so good,” he said gripping my head in his strong hands.

Keeping hold of his cock with one hand, I began to move my head back and forth, using my free hand to caress and massage his balls. Sliding my hand between the boss’s legs I slid a finger along the crease of his ass, slowly going closer to his hole, before eventually slipping the tip of it into him.

Letting out a long, low groan the boss pulled my head forward hard, almost causing me to choke on his cock, before I managed to regain control of my sucking. Back and forth my head went, and as it did my finger slipped further into his ass, and eventually brushing over his prostrate causing him to jerk his body up involuntarily.

“Fuck Julez no-one has ever done that to me,” the boss moaned. “Don’t you fucking dare stop.”

I had no intention of stopping, the control I had felt so good, and I continued to suck, and finger fuck his ass until he couldn’t take it anymore. Bucking his hips a couple of times was all it took for him to be unable to hold back any longer, and he unleashed the first jet of cum deep into my throat.

Swallowing his thick, salty liquid quickly I took all he had to give before slowly removing my mouth from his cock, and flicking the last of his cum from the slit in the end.

I wiped my mouth and stood up as the boss just stood there, his huge cock still fully hard, and went to leave the office for the third time.

“Changed my mind Julez,” he managed to gasp. “There is one more thing you have got to do for me.”

Thinking I knew what he meant I walked over to his desk and dropped my trousers. As I began to bend over he put his hand on my shoulder, and pulled me up, before dropping his own trousers and bending over like I was about to.

“No Julez,” he said. “This time I want, no need, you to fuck me.”

Unsure how serious he was I moved cautiously behind him and parted his legs a little with my feet.

“Come on Julez,” the boss said impatiently. “Get that cock in my ass and fuck me hard.”

Moving a little closer I was amazed as the boss gripped his own ass cheeks, one in each hand, and pulled them apart for me. Staring down at his hole, and seeing it puckered slightly, I gripped my cock and pushed it against him, quickly entering him.

As the boss gasped loudly I gripped his hips and began to thrust into him, furiously, remembering that the governor was arriving shortly.

Frantically I pounded into him, desperate to cum before it was too late, and very quickly I felt my balls tighten.

Gripping him tightly, and suddenly remembering what he had done earlier when we fucked on the way back, I lifted my hand as I pulled my cock back, before bringing it crashing down against his ass as I thrust forward as deep into him as I could and began to cum. Twitch after twitch from my cock released more and more cum into the boss’s ass, each twitch causing him to moan in ecstasy, until I had nothing left to give, and quickly pulled my cock from his tight ass.

“The governor will be here any minute,” I gasped, sweat dripping from my forehead.

“Just give me a minute Julez,” the boss said, still bent over the table, cum beginning to leak from his ass. “You go and sort the car.”

Pulling my trousers back up I left the boss where he was and went outside and, making sure no-one could see me, over to the car that we came back in. I looked around for something on the ground to puncture the tire with, but found nothing.

Heading over to the work truck I carefully removed a pickaxe, that I assumed the staff used to alter the size and shape of the rocks, and went back to the car.

Taking a last look around, to make sure no-one had started to come to the office, I placed the pointed head of the pickaxe under the front tire and quickly pulled back on the handle. The point of the handle went straight into the tire and, as the air starting expelling from the hole the car began to lower on the ground.

Struggling I tugged at the handle and after, finally, managing to free the pickaxe I crept back over to the van and put it back. Hurrying back to the office, before the governor came, I burst through the door to find the boss sitting behind his desk.

“Don’t you ever fucking barge in here again without knocking!!!” He screamed as I stopped breathlessly in front of him.

“Fucking hell I am so sorry,” I said sarcastically. “Car’s been done anyway.”

As I turned to walk out of the office, and go back to join the others, the boss called after me.

“And talk to me with respect boy.”

Slamming the door on my way out I thought how much of a bastard he really was. Although we had just sucked and fucked like lovers the reality was that we were never going to be anything other than boss and yet another con.

I joined the others and had just started to shift my rocks when a car pulled up alongside us, and the governor climbed out. He virtually ignored us, just giving a quick glance our way, as he headed towards the office, leaving his driver to chat with the other guards.

As we continued to work word quickly spread that something must be wrong as the governor had never been to The Quarry in all his time in charge and soon work was forgotten as we all grouped together to discuss what the matter could be.

Ideas ranging from a death of a prisoner right through to an escapee went through everyone’s minds, and we were still huddled together when I heard the boss scream my name out.

“Julez get your ass over here now!!!”

Looking at the others I shrugged my shoulder and slowly trudged over to the office, wondering what the hell I had done now.

“Get in there,” the boss said once I had reached him.

“Why what’s wrong?” I asked.

“Just do it Julez,” he repeated.

As I wondered what had got into the boss I headed into the office, to be greeted by the governor.

“Sit down Julez,” he said his face looking like thunder.

Walking past him I sat in front of the desk and waited, as he walked around the other side and sat down opposite me.

“We do seem to have a problem don’t we?” The governor said his eyes never leaving mine.

“What do you mean sir?” I asked.

“Vandalism of state owned property for a start.”

“What the fuck do you mean!!!” I shouted at the governor jumping out of my seat.

“Putting a pick axe through that car tire out there,” he said. “And sit the fuck down and remember who you are talking to boy.”

Just then the boss came back into the office, totally ignored me and went and stood next to the governor.

“Who said I did the tire?” I demanded to know.

“You were seen taking the pick from the works van, going over to it and deliberately puncturing the tire,” the governor continued. “By one of the guards.”

“How do you know it wasn’t one of them looking to cause trouble for the new boy?”

“What would be the point?” The governor asked. “Are you saying it wasn’t you?”

I stared at the boss, pleadingly, but all he did was shrug his shoulders.

“You will be taken back to the prison,” the governor began. “And placed in solitary confinement for one week, a week that will be added to your sentence as you will not be able to work off your debt to society.”

“You can’t fucking do that,” I screamed at the two men.

“I’m afraid, as the governor, yes I can.”

Staring back at the boss I hoped he would come to my rescue, but nothing, he just stood there emotionless as two guards came into the room, handcuffed me and led me out to the car the governor had arrived in. As I waited in the car, sandwiched between two guards, I watched as the governor and the boss came out of the office, had a few words and shook hands. The governor then returned to the car, replaced one of the guards in the back, and the journey back to the main prison, and my time in solitary, began.

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