a bet

This is another in the continuing adventures of Dylan James, Hollywood stuntman and stud. You don’t need to read part 1 of Another Bet to understand what happens, but it will help. Dylan’s adventures started out with the “One For The Road” series. Please check all his adventures out. Thanks for the interest and support. And please remember to vote. All emails are welcome.

Dylan walked back inside Bergin’s and located Birthday Girl at the other end of the bar sitting with the thin guy who had been with Anne earlier. The bar was still crowded at 12:30 AM, but many of Birthday Girl’s party seemed to have left or drifted off to other places in the bar.

Dylan ordered a pint of Bass from Charlie, the bartender, and headed for the restroom to cleanup. He had used Kleenex from Anne’s car to clean-up a little, but he was still sweaty and his cock was covered with Anne’s and his cum from their fuck-a-thon on the hood of her car. He had bet with Tony, his good friend about which one of them could get two certain married women’s phone numbers first, and then use that entrance as a way to seduce those women in a week. Dylan had not even gotten Anne’s phone number, but he had fucked her stupid within an hour of meeting her right here. Tony was going to be so pissed off in the morning when Dylan showed him Anne’s panties that he had collected as proof of winning the bet.

Dylan washed his face and ran his hand thru his messed up black hair. He grinned to himself in the bathroom mirror as he thought back in amazement at how he had seduced Anne right on that neighborhood street and fucked her three times on the hood of her car. God that had been exciting to fuck in plain sight like that! The fear of being caught had just made him harder and more determined to give her the fuck of her life. He was sure that he had managed that fact because of how exhausted she was from the pounding and end to end orgasms that he had given her. She had been barely able to drive home.

He took a wet paper towel and washed the scum off his still sizable prick. The thought of trying to fuck Birthday Girl was what was keeping him from going home. He had to be on the set tomorrow at 7:30 AM, but the body that was concealed in that backless little black dress just looked like more fun. Anne had told him as they walked toward her car that Birthday Girl thought he looked like a good lay, so he was going to try and make that come true for her.

He checked himself in the mirror once more, straightened his clothes and went out to the bar. He picked up his beer and crossed around to where Birthday Girl was seated. She was faced away from him, but he had a great look at how sexy her dress was. It was completely backless, cut in a deep V that came to a point just above the crack of her ass. There were deep cut vents on each side of the dress that showed revealing looks of the sides of her good sized breasts and threaten to show her nipples with any movement that she made. Her hair was long and blond and put up in a French twist. Her skin was a golden tanned color and looked to be very silk smooth to the touch. As he came up on the side of her, he could see that the hem of her short dress had ridden up on her golden thighs revealing a pair of killer legs. All in all, Birthday Girl was a very lovely woman, and the way she was dressed tonight made her smoking hot.

“Excuse me, I don’t mean to interrupt your conversation. I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday.”

She turned toward him and as soon as she saw him her eyes grew wide in astonishment.

“I thought you left with Anne.”

“I just walked her to her car.”

“You have been gone a long time.” She said coyly.

“We had a few things to … “discuss.”

“How did that discussion go?”

“Let’s just say, she seemed to really enjoy the exchange, and seemed satisfied with the outcome.”

Birthday Girl laughed and smiled at him, “I bet she did. I’ll call tomorrow and find out how much you “talked” about.”

“I think that she will say that is was wide ranging and very in depth.”

She laughed and extended her hand, “My name is Erin.”

Dylan took her hand, “I only knew you as Birthday Girl, so I am glad to know you indeed have a name. Mine’s Dylan.”

“This is my very good friend Dominic, who is keeping me company on the last drink of the night.” Erin indicated the tall, thin guy next to her. Both men nodded at each other.

“Erin, I have to go. Got to be at work early tomorrow. You okay to get home?”

“Yeah, thanks Dom. I am fine.” Dom kissed Erin a light kiss good-night, and walked toward the front of the bar. Erin patted his empty seat, inviting Dylan to sit down.

“So you and Anne got along fine?”

“Yeah. She is a great woman, but she is very married.”

“Hasn’t stopped her yet.”

“It didn’t this time either.”

“OH! So you scored with her already?”

“I’ll let you ask her that. A real gentleman doesn’t discuss that stuff.”

“I can’t wait to make that call.”

“Well, let me ask you something? Are you married?”

“Would it make any difference?”

“Not to me.”

“Let’s just say that I am involved.”

“Where is Mr. Lucky tonight?”

“Well, ‘HE’ won’t be lucky tonight, but you will be if you are nice.” Dylan felt his prick lurch down his pant leg. This situation was heating up real fast.

“You are kinda of fast aren’t you?”

“You don’t seem to be much of a wallflower yourself,” said Erin. She placed her hand on his upper thigh, right on top of his 9 inch monster, and squeezed. Dylan’s prick lurched against the pressure of her hand. Erin’s face showed surprise at first, and then a large smile came on her face. She leaned forward, lightly kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear. “I want to suck you prick right now.” Erin got up from her bar stool and moved toward the back of the restaurant. There was an archway that separated the darkened dining area from the bar. She stopped in the archway and looked back over her shoulder at Dylan. She smiled and then nodded for him to follow her. With that she disappeared into the darkness of the room.

Dylan looked quickly around the bar and saw that no one had noticed her little show. He slowly got up and walked toward the archway and through. As he entered the darkened room, two hands grabbed him and forced him against the wall. A warm body pressed itself against him and two hot lips covered his mouth in a scorching kiss. Erin forced her tongue deep into his mouth searching for his tongue. Dylan relaxed against the wall, while Erin’s hands were busy undoing his jeans. She undid his pants and pulled his zipper down. She reached her hands into his underwear and released his engorged prick from its hiding place. He could hear her intake of surprise as his large, thick manhood sprang out of its hiding place.

“Man, you are packing! Anne took all of this little beauty?”

“Everywhere I could put it.”

“Boy is she going to be sore tomorrow.” She continued to stroke his prick and give him little butterfly kisses as she worked her hands up and down it length.

“Wife?” She asked.





“I don’t think so given the situation.”

“Well, I think this is going to be the best birthday present I have gotten today.” With that Erin dropped to her knees and using her tongue began to lick the great mushroom shaped head coating it with her saliva. Dylan just groaned to himself. When his knob was dripping with her saliva, she licked her lips, and slid his great length into her mouth. Like any spoiled Hollywood slut, Erin excelled at giving head and she attacked his dick with abandon. Somehow she managed to get her mouth and throat wrapped around his entire girth and soon had her nose was pressed against his taut stomach. Dylan thought he was going to lose his mind as she relentlessly bobbed her head back and forth, letting him slide down her throat. “This bitch is very good,” Dylan thought to himself as she continued to feed her face with his great prick. He let her do all the work, enjoying the feeling of her wet and warm mouth slid back and forth on his turgid joint while she massaged his giant balls. A good five minutes had gone by when suddenly, Dylan felt that tell-tale feeling in the back of his balls letting him know that he was close to cumming. She had gotten him to the edge much faster then he had thought possible considering he had already cum earlier. He put his fingers in her golden blonde and tried to slow her oral assault. “Erin, stop please, I am so close.”

Pulling her mouth from him, she gently stroked his cock. “How many times did you cum with Anne?” she asked.

“Just once,” he replied.

“How many times can you cum in a row?”

“Usually several.”

“Well, what’s the problem?” as she got ready to take him in her mouth again.

“Because I want to cum inside your ass, not down your throat.”

Erin gave the great mushroom head one more lick and then rose up in front of him. She pressed herself against him, opening her lips to his, her tongue boldly seeking his. Dylan’s hands cupped her face, pulling her to him as they kissed deeply. Her hand still slowly slide up and down his saliva covered cock, gently stroking him. Breaking their impassioned kiss, she said, “You say the sweetest things to a girl.”

Erin stepped back from Dylan with her hand wrapped around his jutting cock and pulled him after her. She positioned him in front of a restaurant chair and pushed him into it. He sat back with his massive cock poking out of his jeans, the large mushroom head pointing straight up at her. Her liquid blue eyes followed the slightly waving motion of his great manhood, and a wicked smile came to her lips.

“You are such a naughty boy,” she playfully teased. “Are you going to fuck me good and hard with that big tool?”

“I am sure going to try,” Dylan smiled back.

His eyes followed her hands as they raised the hem of her short black dress. From the reflected light from the archway, he could see that she only had only a tiny red silk thong covering her pussy. She hooked her thumbs in the thin waistband and slowly pulled the silk thong down her golden legs revealing a fully shaved mound. The lips of her pussy glistened in the soft light with the dew of her secretions. As she stepped out of her thong, her dress dropped back into place covering her exposed cunt. She handed the red thong to him and stared at him. Dylan brought the slightly damp soft silk up to his nose and inhaled her musky scent.

“Why don’t you hold on to those for me,” Erin whispered.

She stepped over his lap with her legs on either side of his powerful thighs. She raised the hem of her dress again, and he could seed that the lips of her cunt were slick with moisture. His giant cock was pointed straight at her leaking pussy. She reached down between his thighs taking hold of his excited prick. Spreading her thighs, she bent her knees bringing the tip of the great mushroom head to the slick opening of her steaming cunt. She rubbed the head of his great cock along the wet lips of her entrance lubing the tip up with her free-flowing juices. Then she used the tip to part her slick pussy lips, and pressing down just a bit, began to slide his massive cock up into her hungry pussy.

With a deep groan, she slid his great cock into her welcoming heat, her tight wet pussy gripping him all the way in. Pausing for a moment about mid-way down his hard pole, she had to catch her breath before continuing his slow penetration. Slowly, inch by inch, she pushed down on his massive tool until she took all of his length and girth into her slick warm cunt. “God damn, you feel good!” she moaned when he was all the way inside her with the head of his prick crammed up against her pulsating cervix.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and hungrily sought his mouth with hers. Their tongues dueled with each other as the passion of the moment built. Her hips were slightly ticking back and forth gently moving his massive head back and forth against her womb. Breaking the kiss, she hotly panted into his ear, “Oh, I want you to give it to me baby. I want you to ram that big fucking cock right into me!” Then she kissed him again, savagely driving her tongue deep into his mouth. Dylan slide his hand up her bare back to the straps of her dress, and slipped them off her shoulders revealing her beautiful 34C breasts. The nipples were like candy, rose colored, very hard and pointed. They looked good enough to eat

The warmth of Erin’s vagina enveloped his hard-on coating it with her juices. Erin began bucking her hips, moving up and down. Soon, Erin was bouncing up and down, slamming her pussy down on his cock each time, her ass slapping his lap with each motion, in and out, and back in, driving his entire throbbing cock deep inside of her.

“Ohh God!!…yess….mhmm!” she softly moaned.

As Erin bounced contently on Dylan’s surging cock, he ran his hands down her smooth ass cheeks, slipping his fingers into the tender crack of her ass. He lightly pushed against the tight ring of her anus. “Mhmm,” she moaned at his touch. He slowly circled her asshole with soft movements of his fingers, all the while, pressing against the opening of her rosebud. Finally, he slipped a finger into her ass and slowly began to saw in and out of her tight asshole.

“Ohh…mhmm, fuck yess,” she moaned as she pushed against his finger.

Erin continued to fuck herself on his great prick, picking up the pace and slamming his cock in and out of her welcoming vagina. He was lost in the moment, the feel of Erin’s wet warm pussy around his throbbing cock was driving him crazy, and her tight cunt had him on the verge of exploding inside her. That’s why he was relieved to hear her begin to shake uncontrollably as she slammed her body down on him to meet the dual thrusts into her body. Erin’s pussy gripped his cock and a wave of warm juices flooded out of her pussy. To keep from screaming from the pleasure as she came, she yanked a napkin off the nearby table and bit down on the cloth.

“Ohh fuck…yess…aghh!”

She continued to ride Dylan’s cock until her screams and moans and pussy had settled down. She sat on his lap with his 9 inch monster still stuffed up her creaming cunt and just stared at him.

“WOW!” she exclaimed.

“You like it hard and fast?” he growled.

“Oh yes,” she answered breathlessly, “I love it.”

“You’re a dirty girl,” he hissed in her ear.

“Yes, oh yes, I’m a dirty girl, a dirty slut. Fuck me baby,” she moaned.

Dylan got her to pull herself off his raging cock. She groaned as emptiness replaced the fullness of his big cock. Sitting her down in the chair, he dropped in front of her. He gripped her legs and moved them apart so he could see her puffy and very wet pussy wink at him in the reflected light from the bar. With his hands holding her thighs apart, he lowered his head to her waiting vagina. With a loud gasp, Erin’s head fell back, dangling off the back of the chair as he began to eat her hot cunt.

“Oh God, yes, oh yes,” she breathed as he began to flick his tongue across her clit. His fingers plunged deeply into her hot, wet hole as he drew her clit into his mouth.

“Oh fuck!” she moaned as his teeth suddenly bit down on her clit, his fingers continuing to plunging deeply into her. “Fuck yes!” she cried stuffing the napkin back in her mouth, her back arching up off the chair, her pussy grinding in his face as she came hard, her juices smearing his face. Glancing up at her while he sucked her clit into his mouth, he saw her pencil-tipped nipples of her golden breasts pointing to the ceiling as her back arched. She continued to whimper as his teeth and tongue continued to suck and bite her quivering mound, Writhing in the chair, Erin couldn’t even think as Dylan continued to drive her to new heights. Only aware of the magic that Dylan was performing between her thighs, she came like she had never before at the lips or hands of other men she had been with. And she had been with a few.

At last, he raised his head from her gushing cunt and wiped her essence from his face with the back of his hand. He stood up pulling her with him. As she stood, her little black dress slid down her body and pooled at her feet. She was totally nude in a public restaurant, except for a pair of 3 inch heels. Sure they were in the dark part of the eatery, but anyone could come in. But that is not what they were thinking about at the moment.

“God, you are so hot and wet,” he said as he pulled her to him and kissed her passionately, his hands running all over her naked golden body. As they kissed he brought one hand down to her soaking pussy and slipped two fingers up her smoking cunt bringing a moan from Erin.

“I want your ass,” he whispered in her ear as his fingers pushed inside her.

“Oh God, oh yes, take my ass, you bastard, fuck me,” Erin whimpered.

He turned her around and bent her over the chair. Without waiting, he thrust his hips forward, burying several inches of his rock hard cock inside her liquid pussy. Dylan loved the feel of driving his wedge into her hot tight pussy, the feel of her slick cunt walls gripping and sliding the length of his cock as he drilled into her core. Erin loved it too, as she pushed against his driving prick until he was buried in her to the root. Dylan knew he was going to have a lubricant to help slide his giant cock into her super tight ass. As he looked around, he saw some pats of butter that had not been cleared from a nearby table. In between stroking into her tight cunt, he grabbed the pats of warm butter. He used the pats to grease two of his fingers with butter and slowly slid them into her ass. She was very tight, but she moaned and pushed her ass against his fingers, loving every moment as he pushed them deeper into her back passage. He was drilling deep into her pussy on each thrust and finger-fucking her ass. His cock set the pace as he drove into her pussy and asshole.

“Oh God! Fuck, yes!” she cried into the napkin as another orgasm ripped through her and both her ass and pussy clamped down on him. He continued sawing all of his appendages into their respective holes working her up for the big show. As she shuddered against him from her third cum, he pulled his juice covered cock from her dripping pussy and gazed down at her butter cover asshole. He took his fingers out of her ass and again coated them with warm butter. He began to grease the outside ring of her puckered hole.

“Oh yes, yes!” she moaned.

When she was greased up enough, Dylan took his raging hard-on wet with her juices into his hand and guided the tip to her slippery asshole. Pressing her tight rosebud, her hole began to open from the pressure of his iron cock. Suddenly, the great mushroom head popped into her anus, and she let out a small cry. Gripping her hips tightly, Dylan worked sliding his cock further inside her. Pulling back slightly, then he would push in further. He kept fucking her slowly, pulling back a little and pushing in until he was in to the hilt, his large balls pressed against her leaking cunt.

“Do you like that, you dirty slut? Me deep in your ass?” he whispered in her ear.

“Oh Yes. Fuck My Ass Good And Hard.” She gasped from the feeling of pressure in her ass.

He moved his hands from her hips to her swinging tits and cupped them, pinching her nipples as he did. Her hips bucked in response. He slowly pulled back until only his great head was still inside her. Then taking a hard grip on both her round soft tits, he slammed his full length back inside her in a single thrust, causing her to cry out loudly.

“Oh God, Give It To Me Hard,” she pleaded.

Dylan didn’t hold anything back as he drove his cock deep into her dry heat. He plowed his cock into her, pistoning his hips as he fucked her tight ass with all his might. He looked down at her round ass cheeks, watching his iron rod slid in and out with her tight buttered hole stretched around him. Erin pushed her ass back at him, meeting his rough thrusts. The thickness of his giant cock was spreading her ass, and the length of his plunging prick deep inside her ass was driving her crazy with lust. She loved the feel of his big cock inside her, ramming deep in her ass. “Fuck my tight ass,” she gasped. She started climaxing repeatedly, her clenching ass squeezing his cock seeking his male cream. But Dylan continued to drill into her hot ass. He had promised himself that this would be her best birthday fuck ever, and he wasn’t done with her yet. As he plundered her ass, he plowed into her with the full length of his big cock again and again. She was going from one orgasm to another as she exploded around his spearing cock, flinging her ass against him, wanting him to fill her ass with his cum.

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