“I don’t want to fuck around in your mother’s bedroom.”

“Come on… It’ll be fun!!” Tina half pleaded with me and tugged at my arm.

I reached up and cupped one of her perfect breasts squeezing it gently and making her shudder and sigh. This had been quite an audacious day as we had spent most of the day mentally sparring first as mortal enemies and later exploring one another’s bodies as out and out lovers. Tina had evolved right before my eyes from a heinous shrew into … “something else entirely”.



RECAP: I’m staying with my Mom’s Best friend while she’s away on vacation, and we’ve ended up in a strange sexual relationship which is in jeopardy of being exposed by her shrewish bitch of a daughter … Tina, my Arch-enemy of sorts.

Things have taken a turn for the “better” as I have braved a fierce brawl with certified black belt Tina and emerged victorious … Somehow, I have also entered into a slightly HARDCORE sexual exchange with Tina as well.

…This Sensuous Encounter is becoming something … MORE? …

Tina leaned back on the sofa arching her back towards me and causing her cut off t-shirt to ride up along her chest revealing both of her taut breasts with both erect nipples jutting out like small pencil erasers. I couldn’t help myself and took a nipple into my mouth savoring the salty taste of her sweat. Her hand cradled the back of my head guiding me to her buoyant breast. In short order, Tina was actually nursing me as I cupped both magnificent tits and slurped eagerly.

“OOOHH fuck … That feels soooo FUCKING GOOD.”

She moaned and allowed herself to fall back onto her back. I was lost in my lust and began sucking on her nipples as hard as I could … Both of my trembling hands greedily cupped and kneaded her boobs and I climbed on top of Tina pressing my cock against the crotch of her little cotton panties.

We began to grind and rub against one another with a feverish glee as I alternated between her tits and full complete spooning with my homely concubine. I could actually feel the heat emanating from Tina’s crotch. This increased my lustful twitching tenfold as I sucked on her tongue and licked and slurped on her earlobes. I got so worked up that I even stuck my tongue deep inside her ear. This made Tina squirm and laugh out loud.

She was suddenly pushing me away with some force and breathing heavily. I was confused … “What-the-Fuck” ran through my mind in a stereo chorus as I watched Tina scoot away from me with a wide, open mouthed smile on her ugly mug.

“Fucker … (She half laughed) … Whoa there!! … You’ll be fucking me to death in a minute!!”

“And?” I was starting to get pissed as I casually rubbed the aching head of my swollen penis through my jeans and glared at Tina.

“No baby, don’t get mad. I want you to rub that fucking beautiful dick all over me and fuck the spit out of me for sure!!”

I slipped one of my fingers inside her soaking wet pussy and she let out a loud sigh and snatched my hand away. I tried to stick the other hand inside her, but she wrested that one away as well with some considerable force. I was reminded of her status as a serious practitioner of the martial arts.

Why the fuck was the bitch “teasing” me?!! It had only been a few moments but for some reason an insurmountable rage had built up inside me.

“I want to fuck in my mom’s bed … I’m not going to take NO for an answer.”

She was firm in her statement … It was a definite line in the sand as far as I was concerned. I silently wondered how she would react if she knew that a day earlier, I’d fucked her mom up her monstrous ass on that very bed.

She’d probably rip me into pieces.

“It’s no big deal lover … I just REALLY want to do “IT” in my mother’s fucking bed.”

“Why Tina?”

“It just needs to happen … Please fuck my little pussy on that bed.-COME ON!!! Only you can help me with this lover … ( She had begun rubbing the crotch of my pants.) .. I’ll make it good. I swear … Just come with me and I promise you … “EVERYTHING”.

Tina rose from the couch and walked towards Etta’s bedroom. She stopped at the entrance to the living room and looked back over her shoulder at me.

I stared at her heart shaped ass sitting perfectly at the bottom of her narrow waist and was instantly mesmerized. The panties had ridden up into the crack of her dark chocolate and baby soft ass.

I could swear that my cock grew another seven inches or more.

It was at that moment that I noticed that Tina was motioning with only her slanted brown eyes … towards that juicy bubble butt.

“Holy Fuck.” I whispered.

Suddenly, Tina was gone from the doorway in the blink of an eye. I heard the door of Etta’s bedroom creak open. My Id had fully awakened and was making death threats if I didn’t follow that bitch into her mother’s room and beat the snot out of her corn hole.

“NIGGA! GET YOUR FUCKIN GOOFY ASS UP OFF THIS COUCH AND GET INTO THAT FUCKING PHAT ASS!!” My grip on sanity had probably loosened as I sat their fidgeting uncontrollably at the thought of banging Tina’s ass.

I jerkily got up from the couch and walked towards the hallway.

I found Tina’s small half t-shirt on the hallway floor.

A few steps after that, I discovered her small cotton panties where she had kicked them off and scooped them up. I kneaded my fingers in the soaking wet crotch of the cute little panties and looked towards Etta’s doorway which was half open.

Tina’s sickeningly sweet and pungent musk filled the hallway.

“I’m waiting.” She called to me in a taunting manner from her mother’s bedroom.

I pushed the door open and the sight inside the bedroom almost made my raging cock leap from my pants.

Tina was laying across her mother’s bed facing away from me in all of her nude glory. If ever there was a time that I wished I had a camera … The time was now. She was almost a perfect Greek sculpture laying there innocently waiting for me to ravage her perfect body.

The image of me pounding away at her mother’s monstrous backside popped into my head for a moment and gave me pause.

Tina rolled onto her side and regarded me.

“Why are you still fucking dressed?” She asked plainly.

“I don’t know.” I really didn’t … maybe guilt was holding me back.

Tina then sat up on the bed and looked at me with an inquisitive glare.

“You REALLY have a PROBLEM with this don’t you?”

“Nall girl … It’s just that it’s wrong to disrespect your mom like this.” I couldn’t believe that shit had just spewed from my mouth. My id was screaming bloody murder inside my warped mind.

“What the FUCK would you know about it?!!” She sounded pissed.

“Nothing-I guess …” I fumbled my words.


Tina’s sudden reversion to her prior “EVIL” persona shocked me and I backed towards the door.

She had risen from the bed and was standing there stark raving nude glaring daggers at me. Me … I noticed that she had “shaved “if you get my meaning.

“Fuck it Tina.” I turned to leave her alone in the room.

“PLEEEEAAASSE!!!” Her desperate wailing tone stopped me in the hallway. I looked back and saw her standing at Etta’s window facing away from me. She was magnificent.

“Could you just hold me then?”

Her child like voice touched something in me and in short order I had wrapped my arms around the disturbed girl. She melted against my body as I drew her closer … For some time we just stood there watching the street outside of Etta’s window.

Some kid who I’m sure was mentally disabled was riding a bike around in circles in front of his house. The kid was riding at a dangerous clip and finally wiped out in a comedic display worthy any of Chevy Chase’s opening skits on Saturday Night Live.

We laughed.

“That kid’s fucking retarded you know.” Tina informed.

“I was gonna ask you know.”

“Yeah, he’s definitely retarded. There’s a rumor around here that his parents are related.” She continued.


“Seriously … they’re like brother and sister.” Tina laughed at my uncomfortable shudder.

“Come on Tina. Quit it.” She turned to me grinning and just like that, my Tina was back.

“Hey-you think he’d fuck my ass on mom’s bed?” I playfully smacked her juicy ass cheeks and we began to make out. It only took us a few moments to get really hot and heavy as both of my hands kneaded her juicy cheeks. The fingertips on both of my hands began to find their way inside Tina’s dripping wet vagina.

That was one of the things that I loved about Tina. Each voluptuous round butt cheek was almost a complete oval shape. Her ass was soft yet muscular.

“FUUUCK … Hurry up and give me some dick motherfucker. ” She hissed in my ear as I grabbed her small waist and sat her on the window sill next to one of Etta’s plants. I reached behind her shapely legs at the knees and pushed them apart as far as they would go.

Tina was surprisingly limber.

She had already yanked my cock from the opening in my pants and was scooting forward a little to accommodate me. We sighed in unison as I effortlessly slipped inside her.

“Damn … Your pussy is so fucking hot.” I whispered in her ear as we started slowly and began to pick up the pace. I guess I had really “put in work” … Tina’s juices ran freely down my cock and dripped partially on my pants.

I was half worried that she was taking a whiz on me or something.

She planted her legs flatly on the window sill and wrapped her toned arms around me … Then, Tina began to “put in work” … She began to bounce on my cock while perched on the window. In fact she bounced so hard that I nearly lost my balance … I tripped causing my cock to bend at an unnatural angle inside her.

“AAAARRRGGHH!!!!” … to say it hurt like a motherfucker would be an understatement.

Fighting the pain, I somehow gingerly sat Tina back on the window sill and whimpering checked to see if I now had an L Shaped penis.

“I’m so sorry baby … Let me see.” She motioned towards my dick and I flinched a little bit.

Tina knelt in front of me and examined my pecker with a mother’s care. She held the still erect shaft in her hands and cupped my balls.

“Let me make it feel better lover.”

Tina buried my cock in her throat without one gag and began softly retracting her throat muscles around it. It took a few seconds but I began to feel myself becoming larger and I started pumping my thighs towards her face. This made her gag a bit, but she was a trooper as she took the length of my manhood while pumping her hand on my balls.

“Shit Tina, you’re REALLY good at that … FUUUCK!! GIRL!!- You gonna make me -…FUCK ME!!! FUCKING FUCK!!! .. OH SHIT TINA…. I love you girl… UH-UH!!”

Tina stopped and wrapped both of her hands around my cock as she slowly disengaged my meat from her throat. A thick web of gooey saliva and pre-cum ran out of her mouth as she looked up at me.

Fuck … I said it.

I said the “L” word and now I was royally fucked. She was probably gonna start making out the marriage invitations.

“It’s okay … I know why you said it baby. Don’t worry about anything … I know better than to fuck up a good thing.” Her tone was reassuring as she coated my cock with the copious amounts of saliva and cum that had run freely from her thin lips.

We stopped talking and the room fell silent other than the slick wet sound made by her hands sliding up and down my shaft. It was starting to get dark in the room and I began to feel a load of cum traveling the length of my cock.

Tina stopped playing with my cock and stood facing the window.

“Come on.”


“You know … come on, do it.” She had placed both of her palms on the window sill and was looking out of the window. She looked magnificent.

I placed both of my hands on her small waist and drew her closer and closer until her gorgeous rump was parted by the head of my penis. I could feel the heat emanating from her unexplored anus as she leaned forward pushing that juicy ass right out at me.

“Ready… Fuck me in the ass.”

I carefully worked the head of my cock into her ass with a bit of difficulty as she winced and squirmed slightly.

“Fuck my ass.”

“You uhm, you “sure” about this?” I asked out of consideration secretly knowing I was going to do it regardless.

“Yeah, fuck this ass you love so much.”

“Uh, okay.”


I had shoved the entire length of my well lubricated cock into her virgin brown-eye as she let out a quick yelp of pain. Her knees bent a little putting pressure on my dick and I reached down and raised her level so that I could get a straight shot at her ass.


I had bent my knees slightly and was railing the shit out of Tina’s fat juicy ass. After about five minutes she began pushing back on my cock. I reached under her and cupped her breasts pinching the erect nipples.


“YEAH BITCH!!! I LOVE YOUR MOTHERFUCKING ASS!!!” … maybe this would throw her off that love shit I’d blurted out earlier.

She leaned forward as I put more force on her tight little shitter.



She had really got into this “Dirty Talking” thing we had going on. I felt her clench her anus vise like around my cock almost effectively paralyzing my unit.

“SHIIIIT!!! UUURRGGGHH!!!!” I unloaded in Tina’s juicy ass and nearly broke the window when I weakly leaned forward in a complete orgasmic haze. My head bumped the window and I tumbled backwards onto my naked ass.

“Are you okay?” Tina sounded genuinely concerned in a way that touched something deep inside me. She rubbed my head and planted a kiss on the spot where I had slammed into the window.

Tina excused herself and half ran to the bathroom. In a few moments, I heard the shower running.

She was one hell of a girl.

I was smitten …. Seriously, I thought about her horse like visage and she didn’t seem so ugly any more. Her saccharine sweet voice caused a stirring in my groin.

“What was happening to me?”

I hadn’t noticed, but I was lying on Etta’s bed massaging my cock at the thought of this fantastic lover I had accidentally stumbled across.

“Well what do we have here?” Tina was standing in the doorway dripping wet with a towel wrapped around her perfect hour glass figure.

“Can’t you see for yourself?” I wagged my erect penis around in front of her.

She dropped the towel to the floor and hopped in the large bed beside me. We both turned on our sides to closely face one another.

“Tina … I-I uh …” I didn’t know what to say as I looked at her slit like eyes and noticed tears running from their corners. I wiped away some of them.

“Yeah, I know … It’s hard to look at my fucking face. I got everything below the neck, but God keeps me honest with my dad’s ugly mug.” She cast her gaze downward touching my heart.

“That’s not what I was going to say Tina.”

“But it’s true … so fucking true. Ask yourself this … If I was pretty, you’d be on bended knee proclaiming your undying love for me … wouldn’t you?”

I jumped out of the bed and knelt at the foot of it.


Tina smirked as more tears ran down her face.

“You asshole.”


I knelt forward and kissed the soles of her soft feet. Showered her feet with kisses.

“Okay, that’s enough.” I had got caught up in my goofy act attempting to placate this young, curvy love toy of mine. I just wanted to see her smile.


Tina had slipped back into her old persona for a mere moment to get me to stop making her feel foolish I guess. I slipped back into bed with her and massaged of her rounded hips.

“Sorry, I just don’t want you to make a fucking joke out of my feelings … okay?” Her tone was somewhat desperate.


“What?” Tina sounded shocked by my response and flinched a bit.

“We’ve been fucking the shit out of each other all damn day and you don’t even know me.” Her brow began to wrinkle up and she began to frown.

“What are you saying? I want you to fucking explain yourself.” She demanded.

I leaned forward and passionately kissed her for what seemed like an eternity. She closed her eyes, yielding to me, melting into the palm of my hand that cupped the side of her narrow face.

“Do you understand now?”


She smiled and more tears ran from their narrow corners capturing my heart. I REALLY didn’t want to FEEL ANYTHING for this WOMAN … but she just -I really don’t know how to explain it all. I was all mixed up inside … FUCKED UP … thinking like a bitch… I REALLY CANT EXPLAIN IT!!

I hopped out of bed to escape my own uncomfortable, conflicted emotions but Tina only saw a surface smile I projected in her direction. I needed something to distract the both of us from this uncomfortable situation.

Tina rolled over on her stomach and retrieved her mother’s faithful bottle of liquid courage from the floor where she kept it stashed. It was a particularly volatile concoction known as “Canadian Mist” … That shit is so powerful that it will put hair on your chest and your fucking back.

“Drink with me.” She smiled nervously as she held the bottle out.

Six drinks… Yup, that’s all it took for both of us to get “fucked up stupid drunk”… Normally, I wouldn’t have wanted to drink and probably would have tried to get Tina to put the bottle away … but, my time in this household had yielded so much in so little time. We had the giggles and I hobbled over to Etta’s dresser and retrieved the bottle of baby oil I’d used on Tina’s mom days earlier… I fumbled with the cap splashing the greasy concoction everywhere as I hobbled back over to the bed.

“What-the fuck you gonna do with that?!!” Tina half laughed, half hiccupped.

“Ahm’… I-am-going-to-shine-you up … REAL NICE BABY.” I blurted out making both of us laugh uncontrollably.

I began to pour the baby oil all over Tina covering her head to toe and creating what I thought (In my inebriated state at least.) to be my shining masterpiece. I rolled Tina over on her belly and continued rubbing the oil into her back and juicy ass until less than a third of the bottle was left.

Predictably, my fingers lingered on her juicy buttocks and began to probe the swollen cleft of her anus.

“HOLD ON!!! HOLD ON HOLD ON!!! … Geez man, you and my ass.”

Tina shoved me on my back and mounted me … I found the whole thing hysterical as she slid around on my pelvis and chest contaminating me with copious amounts of baby oil as well.

“I-WANNA FUCK YOU LIKE YOU FUCK ME ASSHOLE!!” She laughed sliding around on my crotch until my penis slid inside her. It was a familiar feeling by now. We “knew” each other so well by now and my cock sprang to life inside the well lubricated walls of her cunt.

Tina leaned back until my cock was nearly wedged at a forty degree angle and began slowly (at first) riding me… She really knew her business by this time; I guess I “trained” her well.

“I’m addicted to your cock.” Tina moaned and arched her back dangerously further away from me so far I thought it would break. I nervously reached forward and pulled her forward on top of me. She responded to the slightest touch placing her mouth over mines and caressing my tongue with her own.

Tina rotated her pelvis in a small circular fashion as she grinded on top of me. I can’t describe the sensation, but it was pure pleasure. Her mouth never left mine as we moved together meshing into one withering mass of lust and passion.

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