3 guys

We were all sitting around contemplating the night ahead. It was too cold to go out, but staying at home seemed too boring. We needed something to keep us occupied.

“How bout a drinking game?” I suggested, “We can watch Star Wars and take a shot every time something happens.” It really was a random comment, weird how things develop in the mind, but everyone agreed to play.

With drinks in hand we sat down to watch the movie. I sat on the couch with Gary. Peter and some guy called Ricky sat together on the floor. As the movie progressed we all got pretty tipsy.

Gary’s hand appeared on my leg. He began massaging my thigh, his hand moving up my leg and under my skirt. I parted my legs inviting him to go further. He needed no invitation, sliding up to my panties. “You’re wet,” he said allowed.

The other guys turned around. Peter smiled, moving closer to me to be kneeling at my feet. “Let me see.” He pushed my skirt up to my waist and brought his head down close to my pussy. “You’re right, she is wet. Bet I can make her wetter.” He pulled me by the hips sliding my body over the couch to a point where my pussy as off the cushions. Holding my panties with both hands he ripped them apart exposing my shaved crutch to the other guys.

“Nice,” said Ricky. I looked over to see him in front of Gary. His hand had found Gary’s hard cock and was stroking it slowly.

Peter leaned forward again. I could feel his breath on my lips. It made me wetter. His tongue grazed my slit. I knew he could taste my juices in that one movement. Pushing my legs further apart, he drove his tongue into my pussy. I grasped his head, breathing deeply, enjoying the sensation he had aroused in me.

I looked over to Gary’s cock and watched it slide deep into Ricky’s mouth. Ricky’s eyes rolled back as he took the length of him down his throat. Gary moaned and moved a hand to my breast.

There we were, Gary’s fingers pulling my nipple as Peter’s tongue fucked my pussy and Ricky sucked Gary’s cock like a jawbreaker.

Looking at Gary I said, “We all need to be enjoying this.” He nodded.

I reluctantly pushed Peter away, feeling the emptiness in my pussy, but knowing it wouldn’t be for long. We moved to the bedroom to be more comfortable. I pulled out the strap-on from the cupboard. It had a duel purpose. While a long thick cock sprung out the front, a second dildo was attached to the inside with a clit vibrator. These attachments were for me. I slid onto the dildo, ensuring the vibe was on my clit, and strapped the apparatus to me.

“Who’s that for?” Peter asked. I swear I saw fear in his eyes. “That would be me.” Gary stated. He moved to a position of doggy in front of me. “She knows how I like it.”

With that comment I drove the cock deep into his arse. He moaned with the movement pushing back onto the object. Holding his hips we began to move as one. I’d pull the cock almost all the way out of him, and push in with force as he pushed back. The motion pushed the dildo further into my pussy causing the vibrator to push onto my clit.

“Where do you want me?” Peter was watching, his hand stroking his very ample and thick cock.

I motioned behind me, “Ride my arse like I am riding him.”

Peter moved behind me. I leaned forward so my arse was more accessible. Running a finger under the strap-on, Peter found my juices flowing freely. He scooped up a bit of juice and smeared it over my arse.

“I’ve never fucked an arse before,” he breathed. I could hear the excitement in his voice.

“Please stop talking about it and fuck me!”

Grabbing my hips he positioned his cock at my arse and slid gently into me. His cock was thick and hard and caused me some pain, but it felt fantastic. He waited inside me to get the rhythm before pulling out and thrusting deep in time with my thrusts into Gary. Peter plowed into my arse, stretching me. The pleasure pushed me to drive harder into Gary.

I expected Gary to moan but all I heard was a muffled sound. Leaning further forward I saw why. Ricky had taken a 69 position under Gary. Once again I watched Gary’s throbbing cock disappear into Ricky’s throat. Ricky sucked hard, his tongue lashing Gary’s shaft. I could see Ricky’s hips bucking up and down and observed Ricky’s long muscle vanishing into Gary’s mouth.

The movements created a chain reaction. Peter’s cock pounding my arse caused me to plunge the strap-on deep into Gary’s arse. Gary eagerly sucked Ricky’s cock with each thrust causing Ricky to suck harder on Gary, and Gary to push back onto the strap-on forcing the dildo to drive into my soaking pussy and the vibrator to push against my clit.

I was in heaven. Our body’s got sweaty adding to the tension within us. Each rammed into the other, cock slamming arse, mouth tasting cock.

The scene was erotic. All I needed was a cock in my mouth and I would be set…

The pace quickened as we were all close to orgasm.

Peter dug his fingers into my hips as he pulled me back impaling me on his hard member and shooting his cum into my willing arse. Holding him firmly with my cheeks I fucked Gary hard while Ricky swallowed his cock. With one last thrust Gary came down Ricky’s throat. At that point Ricky drove his cock deep into Gary’s mouth and emptied himself into him. With a hard spent cock still in my arse, and the strap-on still vibrating, Gary pushed back onto me increasing the sensations to my pussy and clit. Peter reached around and roughly grabbed my breasts, squeezing them and tugging at the nipples. I came hard, screaming out as Gary ground his arse back into me. The sensations overwhelmed me and I collapsed against Gary’s back.

The room around me began to fade away to darkness.

At least, that’s how I dreamt it…

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