My wife is intelligent, witty, loving, thoughtful, considerate, intelligent as well as beautiful and sensuous and voluptuous – everything any man could want or hope for. And she and I are very much in love. She has a strong, dominant personality while i am quite submissive. Over the past several years, our marriage has naturally evolved into a Female-Led Relationship – she has gradually taken over as the head of our household.

Imagine an old-fashioned marriage in which the husband’s rule was law and his wife was required to be obedient, wait on him hand and foot and be available to him for sex any time he wanted. The husband was free to enforce his authority in any way he saw fit, including disciplining his wife physically. Often, the husband felt he had the right to pursue other women – even to have a mistress – while the wife had to simply grin and bear it without having the same kind of freedom. Well, OUR “old-fashioned marriage” is one in which i have the “wife” role and she is the “husband.”

There is also a “kinky” side to our relationship and we engage in a lot of BDSM activities. Of course, she is the “Mistress” and i am the “slave.” In that facet of our relationship, i am required to do anything she wants, submit to her physical dominance, and “worship” her in every way possible. In fact “Goddess” is how i am required to address her when we are alone or in the Company of friends and acquaintances who understand and so, for the rest of this story, i will call her “Goddess.”

As a result of the way we have introduced kink into our Female-Led Relationship, we have some interesting dynamics. For example, Goddess spanks me quite frequently. As the head of household, She unquestionably has this right. As the Mistress or Dominatrix, She has this power. However, to make things clear, each time She spanks me She first tells me whether i am being “punished” for displeasing Her, or She is spanking me to maintain discipline and reinforce Her authority, or simply for Her amusement. Usually, punishment or discipline spankings hurt but are mercifully short. They are typically over-the-knee with Goddess using Her hand, a leather paddle or a hairbrush. After punishment or discipline spankings, i am usually sent to bed, or made to do some chore or errand, or give Goddess a back rub. “Amusement spankings” are MUCH more extended and painful – Goddess usually restrains me and uses a belt, a cane, a switch or a wooden paddle and may strike my ass 50 or 100 times trying to give me a set of nice, red, painful welts. Goddess usually gets quite turned on giving me amusement spankings and so they usually end up with me being allowed the privilege of licking Her Pussy to orgasm or strapping on a large dildo and servicing Her that way. Afterwards, Goddess usually permits me to pleasure myself, provided i have performed to Her satisfaction.

We can’t practice this lifestyle as much as we’d like. Goddess has two teenage sons who live with us. i have a more-than-full-time and very stressful job. We have friends and family, not all of whom would be comfortable with our lifestyle. So, we have to be somewhat careful. i have often shared with Goddess my fantasy in which the boys are out of the house – perhaps away at college – and we are comfortable enough financially that i don’t have to work but i can stay at home all day worshipping and serving Her. If that were the case, i trust completely that She would still be the loving and considerate person She is and has always been and would allow me freedom to pursue my hobbies, hang out with my friends and watch a little sports on TV. After making sure Her needs were met and, of course, after obtaining Her permission.

On to my story.

One Saturday morning Goddess surprised me by telling me that we were going to be alone the following weekend – the boys’ dad (Her ex) was going to be in town (a VERY rare event in itself) and wanted to have them spend the weekend with him. She told me with a wink that She was going to have to think of something for us to do during our unexpected two days of freedom. She sent me to the grocery store later that morning. When i got into my car, i saw that there was an envelope on the driver’s seat with note from Goddess:


i was so flustered by Her “invitation” that at first i was unsure how She wanted me to respond. Eventually, i grabbed my cell phone and texted Her, typing “YES, GODDESS” three times in response to each of the three questions. I immediately received Her reply: “PRAY THAT GODDESS SHOWS YOU MERCY.”

i was so excited i could hardly contain myself. On Monday, i had an idea and asked Goddess’s permission to take off of work the following Friday, which She granted (after making me wait almost the entire day) All week long i kept looking for clues as to what Goddess was planning, but She kept me completely in the dark.

This is a chronology of what happened that weekend.


The morning started exactly the way every weekday starts, with me waking Goddess gently while kneeling next to Her side of the bed, naked (which gives Goddess access to my nipples, penis – which She calls my “little pee-pee” – and balls if She wants to perhaps give me a little pinch or twist or kick to start Her day). After i help Goddess with Her robe and place Her slippers on Her feet i throw on my jeans and run downstairs to get Her breakfast ready … cereal on most days … and freshly-made coffee (i am required to drink any dregs left in the pot from the day before). The bowl and spoon must be Her favorites and laid out a certain way, or there are “consequences.” Everything must be perfect because that’s what makes Goddess happy and is therefore what i, as Her servant and slave, want more than anything.

After breakfast Goddess had me go upstairs and take a shower. As soon as i turned the water off, She came into the bathroom with a small package in Her hand. “I have a surprise for You,” She smiled. i opened the box, which contained a beautiful, new stainless steel chastity device. i already have a plastic chastity device that Goddess makes me wear from time to time. It is smaller and designed to be worn comfortably and invisibly under clothing. Most importantly, it has a large opening that allows me to pee easily without removing it (i can’t remove it, of course, without Goddess’s permission). The metal one was larger and looked like it would be quite obvious (and quite uncomfortable) to wear under any but the loosest trousers. Most frightening, there was no hole out of which to pee.

i knelt and kissed Goddess’s feet, thanking Her for this gift. She ordered me to put it on, which i did. She broke out laughing when She watched me struggle. “Good grief,” She exclaimed. “That thing must be made for an AVERAGE-sized penis … NOT one as tiny as yours!” She locked the padlock; the key was already on a chain and She hung it around Her neck. She told me to keep my clothes off and stay in the bathroom as i would be required to attend while She took a shower. She had me shampoo Her hair, then kneel next to the shower and serve as a towel rack. When She got out, i was allowed the privilege of rubbing lotion all over Her body.

After She was dressed, Goddess decided to go to the mall for awhile and gave me instructions. While She was gone i was to do the dishes, clean out the refrigerator and sweep the floor. I was to remain naked, except for my chastity device, while doing my chores, then get dressed and go to the grocery store to get food for Goddess’s lunch. i hustled through my chores but they still took me quite awhile. When i was finally satisfied that i had done a good job … to Goddess’s satisfaction, i hoped … i quickly got dressed and went shopping. Goddess wanted a turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato and mayo and some pasta salad from the deli counter. I made it home just as the phone rang; it was Goddess telling me She’d be home in about 15 minutes. i had just enough time to make Her sandwich, put the pasta salad in a salad bowl, pour Her Diet Coke and turn the TV to the Food Network just as Goddess walked in the door.

i knelt by Goddess’s side as She began eating. Before She had even taken a bite of Her sandwich, She opened and saw that i had buttered the bread. “Butter?” She exclaimed. “I can NOT believe you put fucking butter on my sandwich … I mean, seriously, You know I don’t like butter on sandwiches … what the fuck is wrong with you?” i cast my eyes downward and apologized. She had me bring a knife and scrape off the butter as best i could.

When She bit into the sandwich She grimaced. “And, idiot, you used fucking Miracle Whip instead of Mayo … if I wasn’t starving right now you’d be making me another sandwich.” She added “of course, you’d probably fuck THAT one up, too.”

Then, She took a forkful of the pasta salad and got a disgusted look on Her face. A shiver ran up my spine … “what can possibly be wrong?” i thought.

She didn’t say a word. She leaned toward me, Her mouth still full of pasta salad. She took my chin in Her hands and then spit the entire mouthful in my face.

“You got the WRONG pasta salad, you idiot! This tastes like SHIT! And don’t even TRY to wipe that off your face. Now, get out of my sight,” She commanded. i thought i was being obedient when slunk off to the living room, but She called me back. “I did NOT tell you to leave the room,” She said. “Are you too stupid to realize that you are to remain here to serve ME. I just don’t want to have to look at you.”

“And,” She continued, “why are you fucking still wearing clothes?” i quickly got undressed and knelt behind Her. She reminded me that She was very disappointed at my carelessness.

Goddess finished Her lunch. As i began to clear the table, She grabbed my wrist. “Awwww, slave didn’t get any lunch, did he?” i shook my head “no.” She grabbed the hair on the back of my head and, after spitting a couple of times in the pasta salad and pouring some of Her Diet Coke in the bowl, She made me ask permission to eat. As soon as i did, She shoved my face in the disgusting mess and held my head there while i ate every bit and licked the bowl clean. While i was eating, She alternately berated me for being stupid and thoughtless and inconsiderate and taunted me by telling me that a dog would be a better slave. “As least a dog would behave better and he DEFINITELY would be a lot smarter.”

When i finished, She lifted my head and looked at me and with a devilish smile on Her face. “Maybe i need to TRAIN you like a dog, what do you think?”

“i-i-i’m not sure what You mean, Goddess.”

She smiled. “For example, dogs have to be HOUSEBROKEN.”

i must have had a questioning look on my face, but inside i was dreading what Goddess was planning to do. She stood up and walked over to the patio door and slid it open.

“Get out there and do your business,” She commanded with a snicker.

It was late fall and even though it was unseasonably warm for that time, it couldn’t have been more than 45 degrees outside. i shivered at the thought.

“Goddess, please, no” i whined. Then i lied and said “i don’t even have to go.” For that i got a slap on the face. In a stern voice, Goddess scolded me: “I will decide when to let you out. If there’s some other time when you have to go you can tell me by going to the door and whining. Otherwise, you will go when I PUT you outside.”

i was resigned to do as i was told; after all, i had pretty much been asking for this treatment for quite some time. i began to walk toward the patio door when Goddess stopped me and told me i wouldn’t be able to pee with my chastity device on. She unlocked the padlock and removed the device then ordered me to go outside. As i took my first step toward the door, Goddess kicked me in the back of my knee, causing my leg to buckle, and reminded me that “dogs have FOUR legs, not two, stupid!”

Our patio and an adjoining patch of grass are surrounded by a fence that i could see over while standing but was tall enough to hide me from the neighbors’ view as i crawled across the cement and knelt there on the patch of grass. It took me a long time to force myself begin to pee. Goddess was watching me. The minute i started She slid the patio door open. “Hurry up, stupid bitch!” She called loudly. Of course that made the stream stop, which was exactly what Goddess intended. She laughed heartily. She continued watching while i finished peeing and then i crawled to the door. She let me in immediately.

Goddess told me i had to put my chastity device back on. i thought it would be on the kitchen table where She had set down when She removed it. i looked around. “It’s in there,” She said, motioning toward the refrigerator. i looked at Her, puzzled. “In the FREEZER, stupid!”

i was horrified. i got the metal device from the freezer where it had frosted over like a beer mug. It was excruciatingly painful putting it back on and i swear i almost fainted. She took advantage of my unsteadiness and made me lie on the kitchen table, with my arms spread and my feet on the floor. She opened the utensil drawer and pulled out a couple of items and came back and stood behind me.

“You know you disappointed me, bitch. You fucked up my entire lunch because you are stupid and thoughtless and inconsiderate.” i was silent. “AM I RIGHT, BITCH?” She screamed as She smacked my bare ass with a large wooden spoon. “Yes, Goddess,” i replied. “You are always right.”

She proceeded to give my ass a beating. There was no question this was a punishment spanking. She continued to lecture me about my carelessness (accompanied by 5 hard smacks with the wooden spoon) my thoughtlessness (followed by 5 hard smacks with a large plastic spatula) and my stupidity (followed by 5 UNBELIEVABLY hard smacks with a plastic cutting board). My ass HURT! Goddess ordered me upstairs.

At least it was warm in our bedroom. She had me kneel while opened the bags She had brought home from Her shopping trip and modeled Her new outfit. She had purchased a gorgeous black sweater and a pink camisole that, together, showed a LOT of sexy cleavage. She also bought a pair of tight sexy jeans. She looked awesome.

“Remember,” She said. “I’m going out with Meg for drinks tomorrow night. I had to have SOMETHING to wear.”

There’s nothing much to describe about Goddess’s friend, Meg, other than she is tall and sort of attractive and her long blond hair gets her noticed by a lot of men. Not to say that Goddess doesn’t attract Her share of attention, She simply isn’t as obvious and “Barbie-cliché” as Meg. In fact, one night when they were out a guy tried to pick Meg up, but when Meg excused herself to go to the bathroom, he immediately told Goddess that SHE was the real reason he had come over to talk to Meg … he was just a bit shy around the REALLY hot women. Luckily, the guy had a friend with him who was happy to hit on Meg. Goddess told me when She got home that She had kissed this guy goodnight and gave him Her phone number, and he DID eventually call, but that’s an entirely different story. Meg also knew about our lifestyle.

After i had hung up Her new clothes, She called me “doggy” again and had me haul the large dog cage from the garage up into our bedroom. We had bought it several years ago for just this sort of occasion and it had never been used.

As soon as i had set up the cage, Goddess informed me that She had planned to buy Her favorite brand of lipstick and matching nail polish but the department store She usually went to was out of both. She gave me an errand: i was to drive to another mall on the far side of town and pick these items up for Her. “Take this with you,” She said, handing me the camisole “and make sure the color is right.” I got dressed and left. Now, Goddess doesn’t use the brands of cosmetics that one can buy from a local Walgreen’s so i had to consult a pretty but rather botchy salesgirl at the department store. She seemed both annoyed and amused as i got very was very fussy about the colors. She was snickering with the other salesgirls as she rung up my purchase and i must have turned as red as the lipstick i was buying when i saw her.

I arrived home at about 3:45. The boys’ father had already picked them up and we were alone at last. i showed Goddess what i had purchased and, this time, She was satisfied. She informed me that She was going to take a nap and i was to wake Her at 5:00 sharp. She had me undress (except for my chastity device) and lay a blanket in the tray at bottom of dog cage and put me inside. She left door unlocked so i could wake Her up at the appointed time.

After getting comfortable (the cage was large enough that i could turn around in it) i lay down and dozed off myself. When i awoke the room was dark. It was 5:20! i was horrified – i had allowed Goddess to sleep an extra 20 minutes.

I woke Her up by nuzzling Her. I was of course naked and kneeling on Her side of the bed. When She saw the time and the fact that i had let Her oversleep, She made me put my hands behind my back and hold still. She gave me a swift, hard kick right in the balls, which made me double over.

After i recovered She had me get washed up and dressed because She was taking me to dinner and movie.

We had a very nice time at dinner and enjoyed the movie. Goddess didn’t bring up anything about what had happened that day and i wasn’t going to. However, we stopped for a drink on the way home. As we sat at the bar, She whispered in my ear “Thank you for the nice time … you were very well behaved … but don’t get any ideas … you are going right back under my heel the instant we get home.” She pinched the back of my upper arm – something i find VERY painful and which She did especially hard this time – until i said “yes, Goddess.”

When we got home i was privileged to give Goddess a half-hour backrub, until She was nice and relaxed. i had poured Her a glass of wine and lit candles in the room because i know She likes that. Then, She had me lick Her Pussy until She came with my head squeezed between Her thighs and Her hand on the back of my head. Goddess usually has me lick Her and allows me to control the pace and intensity, and She has tremendous orgasms that way, but once in awhile (that Friday night included) She merely used my mouth to get off. i find both alternatives to be very exciting and became erect. It was somewhat uncomfortable getting a hard-on while wearing the chastity device but i have to admit Goddess was right – it was made for a much larger man – because i was able to get almost fully erect inside it, even though it is specifically meant to STOP the wearer from getting hard at all.

i got excited when Goddess had me remove the cold metal from my pee-pee, but my excitement was short-lived. She had only done that to allow me to use the bathroom and, as soon as i had peed, She made me put it back on. She fastened the collar i wear to bed every night around my neck and had me crawl to my cage and put me inside, with instructions to wake Her at 8:30 on Saturday morning.


After i awakened Goddess precisely at the required time and thanked Her for being my Goddess, She dismissed me. When i started to put my jeans on, though, She stopped me and reminded me that slaves are NOT allowed to wear clothes unless told to by their owner. But, i WAS required to keep my slave collar on, and of course, my chastity device.

The first thing Goddess did after She got downstairs was to make me go outside on the patio. When i came back in, She laughed “I’d like this – I really would. You would have your place to go make your mess and the bathroom would be pretty much mine!”

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