2 girls

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It was my 18th summer; and the end of my high school career. It was a beautiful day, if a bit too hot; still, nothing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt couldn’t remedy. I lived in a city in NJ. Here there are no single family houses, that is, all of the buildings touch those next to them and are usually between 3 and 5 stories (that would be 3 or 5 apartments). Mine was of the 5 family variety. My parents owned the building we lived in, so we were on the first floor. On the fourth floor there was Aurora, she was my age, in fact we had gone to elementary school together. But when high school came around we barely saw each other; just a different group of friends I guess.

Not that I had anything against her, I had always thought she was great looking. She was more cute than beautiful, and she had gotten more hot over the last couple years. She had straight reddish hair that went past the shoulders of her petite body. She had a toned body with just the slightest hint of muscle lines. She didn’t have big tits but she wasn’t at all flat chested. At any rate, she was out of my league. Sometimes when I would hear her coming down the stairs in the hallway I would watch her through the peep hole in my apartment door.

One day while I was doing just that I got an added bonus. It was about 10:00 am. and Aurora was with her friend Lisa, as she usually was. They could have been twins except that Lisa was blond and a bit shorter. I heard them in the hall talking too loud for what they were saying…I ran to the the door and watched and listened in. The were wearing matching/opposite outfits. Aurora had on Pink shorts with a black tank top while Lisa was wearing a pink tank top with black shorts. More than what I saw, what they said got my attention.

They were apparently out of camera film and were going to get more. “Who uses film?” I thought. I heard the mention of poses and certain parts of their bodies and I knew I heard them use the word “nude” as the building door closed behind them. What I should have done was hold the image they gave me and jerked myself off in the bathroom like I normally did when I thought of them. But no, instead I did something very stupid. They say curiosity killed the cat. Well it definitely got the best of me and just the very thought that there could be a naked photo of either of them upstairs made me act without thinking. I went to the cabinet holding spare keys for all of the apartments (necessary in case of an emergency), got the ones for the fourth floor and ran up the stairs. I knew both her parents worked and weren’t home.

I opened the door and went inside. I quickly headed to Aurora’s bedroom. On her floor were some clothes, I made note of the underwear and bra among the pile of shirts and jeans. I picked up the panties, they were still warm. I dropped them when I looked at her bed, it was about as unmade as a bed could be, but on the pillow was a small stack of Polaroid pictures. Bringing the pictures closer to my face I got the shock of my life. The top picture was or Aurora, standing with her arms at her sides wearing just a bra and panties, the same ones I noted that I had just been holding.

On any given day I would have been set for life with the memory of seeing a picture of her dressed like that. However, that picture became an instant distant memory as I flipped through the stack. By the third picture Aurora was completely naked (and shaved I couldn’t help notice), the next three had her in different poses from sitting at the edge of the bed with spread legs to standing with her hands on the wall looking back at the camera, what a great ass she had. By the time I got to the pictures of Lisa in similar poses I was beyond hard and ready to explode in my pants.

I thought that maybe I could get away with just taking one or two with me but I was too far gone to wait until I got back home, besides they might notice the missing pictures. I started through the pile again, by the time I was a quarter the way through them my shorts and underwear were on the floor; I easily stepped out of them since I had run up there barefoot. I took my solid dick into my hand and slowly stroked myself. I could have cum on the first touch but I wanted to make it last at least until I saw each picture again. I found that I spent more time on the ones of Lisa, my favorite was her sitting cross-legged leaning back on her arms.

I stayed on that one a bit longer. When I knew I couldn’t hold back any longer I picked up the pace and jerked myself hard and fast. I stopped for a just moment to let the explosion build-up. I started again, when the first wave passed through my body my knees got weak and I shot a long stream of cum across the floor. It was the best orgasm I had had in a long time. My cum must have landed 3 feet away as I continued to finish myself off and my balls continued to pulsate, the stream got shorter until there was a tiny puddle between my feet.

I squeezed out the last drop and a moment later, having been satisfied, my senses came back to me and I realized what I had just done and panic set in. How long had I been there? I wasn’t even sure but there was now a white mess on Aurora’s floor. I ran to the bathroom to get something that I could clean it up with. I looked under the sink and grabbed a new roll of toilet paper and headed back to the bedroom. I stepped through the door, pant-less and holding a roll of toilet paper when I simply heard ” WHAT the FUCK”!?!

I knew I was caught. There were Aurora and Lisa standing there looking quite angry. Of course they knew what I had seen and what I had done about it. I dropped the paper and pulled my shirt down to cover myself. My shorts were no where to been seen and I didn’t dare ask just yet where they were. Without my clothes and 4 flights of stairs to run down, not to mention my house keys being in my shorts and no one home, I knew I couldn’t just run away. Aurora went on a tirade about what I did, from invasion of privacy to breaking in…I could be in real legal trouble here. Lisa was only a bit calmer, letting Aurora have her say, I noticed that her eyes were taking in my lack of dress and she was almost smiling if not smirking.

Lisa calmed Aurora down with a whisper to her ear. Her eyes went wide and her demeanor changed abruptly to one of amusement. “NO WAY!” she yelled. “You think we should?” she added, after another whisper from Lisa. After a few more exchanges between them that I couldn’t hear, their attention turned to me; still covering myself with my stretched shirt, “ok mister, here’s the deal. We won’t tell anyone but you have to do what we say, starting with moving your hands and taking off your shirt.”

I did as they said. Lisa took my shirt from my hand and they both stood cross-armed looking at my completely exposed form. I felt so embarrassed and they knew it. “whats the matter?” Aurora asked, “you think its ok to see us naked but we can’t see you?”. “Now, follow me,” she commanded. She led me to the living room with Lisa behind me, watching my bare ass. In the living room, they had me stand in the doorway we had just walked through while Aurora sat on the couch. Lisa joined her after fiddling near the TV. They instructed me to not block their view of my privates.

“First, we want you to show us what you did in my room while we were out.” Aurora said with Lisa nodding next to her.

“You mean…?” I tried to ask. They wanted me to jerk off in front of them. I felt blood rushing to my face and the room seemed to get warmer despite my nudity; not so much because of the humiliation of having to do that in front of them but because of the humiliation of my answer: “I ummmmm, I can’t” I said quietly with my head down. I had, just 2 minutes ago, masturbated and was in no way able to get hard again. Still, they made me try while they watched, thinking it was funny that I was stroking my limp dick.

“Poor little cock” Lisa mocked “and I was so looking forward to seeing you jerk off. Oh, but wait we could just watch the video you made for us.” They both burst into laughter. I didn’t know what she meant until a moment later when they pointed the remote at the TV, and after some scene skipping saw Aurora’s room and me walking in; when I still had clothes to wear. Apparently the two girls did more than just take pictures of each other, but I was too shocked and embarrassed about what I knew was about to appear on the screen to think about that.

I had to stand there naked in front of these two girls while they sat and watched a video of me jerking off. It seemed like an eternity for it to be done. When it was over they put it on again, their attention alternating between me at the TV. After the third screening they paid less attention to me, I noticed Lisa’s hand on Aurora’s leg, slowing making its way up. She seemed to not be aware she was doing it, Aurora didn’t make any attempt to stop her. I stared as her hand got to the edge of Aurora’s shorts and slightly pushed them further up her thigh. Aurora reflexively spread her legs just a bit and I reflexively moved my hand toward my not-so-limp-now dick.

They both looked over at me. “Now now, you had your chance, we’ll have none of that.” Aurora left the room and came back with a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. She stood behind me and I had to let her put them on me. I thought to prevent me from enjoying what I was about to see too much. I was wrong about the seeing part.

“I think we’ll need our privacy for a bit” Lisa said. Aurora agreed and handed her a cloth from behind me. It was the black top she had been wearing, my heart skipped a beat. Lisa took the shirt and put it on me as a blind fold, but just before she secured it Aurora came from behind me, giving me a moment’s view of her topless body. The memory of that view was all I had as I could hear the two girls and only imagine what they were doing. I was naked, blind folded and handcuffed in the same room with them.

I heard the sound of them sitting on the couch, and the video still playing. Their voices were silent but I could hear them moving around on the couch, hear the sound of clothes being taken off and the sound of wet kissing. The giggling gave way to moaning and I realized that the wet sounds I was now hearing couldn’t be kissing; one of them had a free mouth to moan with. Soon both moans were muffled, were they really doing what I thought they were doing? With me here? How long this went on I wasn’t sure, 20 minutes 30? I wanted desperately to see what they were doing.

I knew they at least occasionally look over at me because they commented on the status of my erection. Just hearing them and knowing what they were doing got me to the point I could explode with the slightest touch; which I couldn’t give myself no matter how hard I tried. Besides, with the way things were I was afraid I’d break a “rule”.

I couldn’t make out much of what the said except when Lisa, yelled out “fuck me.” I could hear and feel one of them walk quickly by me, out of the room and again a few moments latter coming back in. I wasn’t exactly sure what Lisa had meant but I figured Aurora had gotten a toy to play with. Lisa’s screams drowned out all the other sounds they were making. She obviously loved what was happening to her.

A little while after the sounds of her orgasm quieted down, I heard them whispering to each other. I could only make out things like “you think?, should we? and I would love to see that”. Then, Lisa came over and took off the blind fold, I noticed she was now wearing Aurora’s pink shorts and her own top. Aurora wasn’t in the room. “Now we want to have some fun with you” Lisa said. I got excited at the thought, not knowing at the time what they had in mind. My cock begged for attention. Lisa looked at it and smiled but didn’t touch it.

Aurora came back in the room but I couldn’t see her, she was behind me again, this time to take off the handcuffs. She told me to spread out my legs and she got on her knees, still behind me. Lisa bent down to watch as Aurora took both my balls into her hand. My cock was pointing straight up at the anticipation of her touching it. This whole ordeal wasn’t so bad after all I thought. A moment later, she gently pulled my balls down with her finger tips and I heard a click. Before I saw it, I felt the weight of the padlock she looped around my sack.

It wasn’t too heavy but I knew I’d never get it off without the key. If I had had any intention of calling this quits, and just letting them tell everyone it was too late. I was more stuck now than before. My excitement was replaced with a sudden feeling of fear. They led me to face a wall, take a few steps back and then lean over with my hands holding me up. I was too far from the wall and my legs were too far apart to stand up and I needed my hands to keep from falling over.

Lisa came over and attached a five pound neoprene dumbbell to the lock with a few rubber bands. The force pulling on my balls was like nothing I’d have ever felt before. Five pounds doesn’t seem like a lot until its hanging between your legs. Lisa gave the weight a slight push and I felt the pressure on my balls amplify as they and the weight swung front to back. I realized that my punishment wasn’t quite over.

It stopped after a few oscillations, but it let me know that I better stay as still as possible. I could stand the pain and pressure as long as I didn’t move. “If you could only see how awesome that looks” Lisa told me. Lisa opened a bottle of oil and bent over as I was, poured it on my back, she started to run her hands over my ass cheeks and then between them. “Are you ready?” Aurora asked. “ready for what?” I answered in what little voice I could muster. I couldn’t see but I felt her come behind me, her hands on either side of my hips. She placed the strap-on she was wearing between my legs next to my own dick where I could see it while bent over.

“For this” she answered, “what better way to teach you a lesson”.

“Oh my god, please don’t” I begged.

She ignored me and backed up a bit, Lisa took the tip of the strap-on and placed it on my hole. She held my ass spread open as Aurora slowly slid her plastic member into me. I clenched my teeth as I felt each inch of the strap-on penetrate me, it was agonizingly slow and though the dildo was not much bigger than my dick, it seemed to go on forever. Only when I could feel Aurora’s flat, warm belly against my ass did I know that she was in me as far as she could go. She left it there for a moment and asked me how it was, if I liked getting fucked in the ass. “I like seeing it” Lisa answered for me.

The slow trip out gave me some relief and gave me a sensation that I had never felt before. With each push forward Aurora went faster. With a word from Lisa, she was soon sliding into me as fast as she could, her belly making an audible sound as it slapped against my ass. But when she pulled out she did it with deliberate slowness. The force caused the weight on my balls to swing wildly. I couldn’t take the pain and knew that I’d have to keep still to stop it. This meant that I had to push back against Aurora’s thrusts and not move forward when she did. This caused the strap-on to penetrate me deeper and harder. I had to sacrifice my ass to save my balls.

Lisa watched closely, holding me open the entire time. After the longest couple of minutes of my life, Aurora was nearing an orgasm. She gave one final thrust into my ass and used the strap-on to rub her clit. Her gyrations were making her toy stretch my hole in all directions. When she was satisfied she pulled it out of me. I was relived, until Lisa said it was her turn. I could have died. The two of them stood behind me.

“Before I go we need to clean this up” Lisa said, “It’s all too hairy, I don’t like it. We’ll have to shave him.” Aurora agreed.

Aurora let the strap-on hit the floor and left the room. While she was gone Lisa reached under me, she gave the weight on my balls one a long pull, I was terrified that she would let go, letting the weight bounce up and down; I didn’t think I could take one more ounce of pressure. But instead she held the weight down and cut the bands holding it. I immediately felt the pain subside. But the sensation lasted for some time, just as my ass was still feeling the presence of the dildo. By then Aurora was back with the key and she took off the pad lock she was dressed in a pair of sweat pants and a tank-top, she was clearly not wearing a bra.

They brought me into the bathroom which was next to the room we were in, and made me stand in the shower. The two girls knelt on the floor in front of me. I stood still while they got out the shaving cream and lathered up my entire pubic area. I had never so much as trimmed the hair there before but these two were about to shave me bald. They each had a safety razor and carefully began to run their tools along my skin. First above my dick and eventually on the sides and under my balls. My cock was rigid from the constant touching. Their four hands were running all over me, and as my hair was taken away I became more sensitive to their touch.

They had me on all fours as they started to clear the hair from my ass. Aurora continued to shave me in the back as Lisa stopped to get rid of any remaining stubble from my hanging dick and balls. Aurora finished removing the last remnants of hair from me. I was completely hairless, front and back. Lisa’s touch along my smooth skin, aided by the wetness of the shaving cream sent shivers through my body. Aurora blew a cool stream of breath from her lips onto my wet, bald ass. The feeling ran up my spine and immediately made me shoot a load of cum into the bath tub.

I was afraid that my coming would mean more punishment, I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to cum. Of course I had no chance of not coming, not with two hot girls doing that to me. They stood up and had me do the same. They both looked me over, admiring their handiwork. “nice job, huh?” Aurora said. “that’s much better.

He’s like even more naked now,” Lisa added. My cock was now soft again and having them stare at me, really exposed to them made some of the past embarrassment come back. They told me to get cleaned up and come out. They weren’t done with me, Lisa hadn’t forgot that it was still her turn.

The girls left the room while I rinsed off. When I came out, the cold air from being in the shower combined with being hairless for the first time made my dick shrink. I was in the doorway to the bathroom and they were waiting for me, watching from the couch, it was humiliating to be stared at in that state. Before I got back into the room there was a knock at the door. The girls at first looked at each other surprised but a look of realization quickly came upon them. Aurora looked at the clock, “oh my god, I completely forgot” she said.

“Things just got a bit more interesting” Lisa said and they both laughed with amusement.

I went to back myself into the bathroom but Aurora stopped me. “where are you going?” she asked.

” I didn’t want anyone else to see me like this” I said.

“See you? HA! you’re going to answer the door” Lisa said. My face must have fallen to the floor.

“oh don’t worry, it’s just Rick” Aurora said.

Rick was her boyfriend, he was on a few of the sports teams at school, he was much bigger than me. The thought of that fact entered my mind as I pictured him punching me out for being buck naked in is girlfriend’s house. I figured they wanted to see a naked me get trashed around by a bigger guy.

I hesitated but did what they said. I opened the door and saw Rick standing there, our faces met, he looked down on me and then back up at the girls. I closed my eyes waiting to get punched. “What is he doing here?” he said. His voices wasn’t so much anger as surprise.

“Thats for us to know” Aurora scolded him. I opened my eyes to see Rick looking down. I realized I wasn’t going to get beat up, at least not right there. Rick came in and closed the door.

Aurora looked at him and snapped her fingers. Rick nervously answered her voiceless directing, “What? right here? with him watching?”.

“Well of course” was the answer he got.

Without another word, Rick proceeded to remove all of his clothes. I seemed to be forgotten, at least for the moment. I didn’t know what was going on but I figured I’d find out soon, maybe too soon. But something told me that these two girls were used to having the kind of fun they were having with me. They had us stand side -by-side at arm’s length apart, facing them. For the moment they were both staring at Rick, I reflexively looked over too and saw that he was more than half erect. He was shaved like me except he had stubble where I was freshly smooth. His cock was bigger than mine even if I could have mustered an erection after just having cum minutes before.

They left us standing there as they left to room on the opposite side toward the kitchen. They probably thought they were out of ear-shot but we could still hear faint whispering. I figured they were, for the first time since this all began, unsure what to do; now that they had 2 guys to play with. Since it was apparent that Rick had been through this before I followed his lead and didn’t move. Rick broke the silence with a quiet question, “what the heck are you doing here?”. I took a chance and told him in brief about getting caught with my pants down, literally. Instead of getting mad he just chuckled.

So naturally I asked him what his story was. He said that he had been in the school library alone after school one day a few months before and he used a teacher’s log-in to look at porn on the computer there. Aurora and Lisa waked in on him while he had his pants down to the floor and was jerking off. They let him finish before they let him know they were there. He told me how humiliating it was for them to pop up in front of him with his cock in his hand and a puddle of cum on the floor. He swore to do what ever they wanted if they didn’t tell. He was hoping to get an athletic scholarship and knew it would ruin his chances if that got out.

Since I knew he already gotten the scholarship and was on his way to the University, I asked why he was still doing this and how long they expected him to go on. I was curious but also worried about how long they might have me as their slave. He said he didn’t really know, after the first few times of being humiliated and used by them he started to like it and was now boyfriend/girlfriend with Aurora. Naturally she could still do what she wanted with anyone but of course Lisa was there most time so he got to fool around with 2 girls.

He said that he liked that they got off using him, and they could do what ever they wanted to make them happy even if sometimes he got no relief of his own. I wasn’t sure if I understood that.

I wanted to ask how far they went with him, how humiliating it had been, but I was afraid he’d ask me too, and I wasn’t about to tell him that I just been fucked in the ass by his girlfriend. THAT was more humiliating than standing naked next to a guy while 2 girls plotted in the next room. As they talked in the kitchen they slowly got more excited about what they were talking about. We could start to hear parts of their conversation. We both stopped talking to listen as best we could.

They were clearly enjoying themselves and their imaginations, finishing each others ideas:

“naked jumping jacks?”

“maybe we could have them race to the bottom floor still naked”

“yea, and the loser has to wait down there for a pizza we’ll order”

“no no… we’ll ask Tina and Kim to bring one over and the loser will wait for them down there”

“oh my god that would be awesome, but we won’t tell them what we’re doing”

“yea but I don’t think so, no one else can know what we do and besides I don’t want to share them”

“oh yea, ok so how about we we make them suck each other, two guys in a 69?”

“or they could fuck each other”

“is everyone gonna fuck him but me? I still didn’t get my turn”

“ok fine, then where is the other weight, or the double-ender?”

“oh my god what about a tug-of-war?!!”

I didn’t like where it was going and I noticed Rick look at me at the mention of them fucking me in the ass. Was he looking because he was surprised they did that to me? Had they ever done that to him? After that their voices got quieter and we couldn’t hear anything else. It was only a few moments longer before they came back in the living room. They were both smiling unaware that were heard anything they said.

“Ok boys,” Aurora started, “we had an unexpected development in our plans for today, namely two boys instead of just one. However being the brilliant women we are, we have decided how to make the most of our new-found toy.”

Lisa came into view “I need you to have you on your knees….with your backs to each other” she commanded.

We obeyed nervously. She had a stretchable exercise cord in her hand. I was glad it wasn’t a double ended dildo. I looked at her other hand for the weights she was gonna torture my balls with. But her other hand was empty. They had us on our hands and knees about 3 feet apart as they each tied one end of the cord around our cock and balls.

Lisa gave us the instructions as she reached under me and fondled my balls, taking longer than necessary to get them tied securely. I looked at her and she gave me a wink. “ok here’s the deal, when I say go, the first one to their girl wins. I’ll be in front of Mike and Aurora will be on the opposite side of the room in front of Rick.” I was afraid to ask what happened to the loser, I didn’t want to be outside naked. Then it occurred to me, Lisa just called herself “my girl”, that sounded good in a way.

The cord was in place. Lisa started a count-down from three. “Sorry dude but I can’t lose” Rick said just as Lisa yelled “go!”. I tried to crawl to Lisa but Rick was stronger than me and after a few seconds of having my balls pulled behind me I started to get dragged by them. I managed to start going in the right direction but it was excruciating, my balls were still feeling some of the pressure from the the weight earlier, but now the cord was wrapped around my entire package. The gilrs were yelling and cheering us on. I wanted to win this for her more than myself. Rick must have been feeling what I was, I don’t know how he took it, my balls were in agony.

Rick gave a short burst of energy and leaped ahead, we both gave an audible sign of the pain it caused. The girls were watching and commenting just how far back our balls were being stretched, they both said aloud how hot they thought it was. Rick was now far in the lead and my sweaty palms made me lose traction, he was moving forward faster than I could crawling backward, he was pulling me by my cock and balls. A moment later Aurora yelled “winner”. Rick made it across to Aurora and won the tug-of-war. We both rolled over in relief as the girls took off the cord.

Aurora knelt between Rick’s legs and gently massaged his hurt balls with some cream. Lisa did the same to me, the cream made my balls feel like there was ice on them, but it made the pain disappear. It felt good having her hands on me like that. Her attention was so focused on my privates, she didn’t look away as she spoke.

“I’m sorry you lost” she said, “well kinda sorry” she added.

“Me too. what do you mean ‘kinda sorry’?”

“Well you know I love to see and watch things…

“Do I have to run downstairs naked now?”

“You were listening to us huh?. well if you heard more you’d know the answer is no

“then what….?”

“you’ll see, and so will I”

As Lisa said this, our ball massages were done. We were both rock-hard but knew they wouldn’t finish what they started. They had us stand up, Rick was definitely longer and wider than me. I felt somewhat inferior. “Ok” Aurora started, “Rick is our tug-or-war winner. So he gets a blow job….

… from the loser”. She almost laughed when she said this. My heart skipped a beat and I looked at Lisa, almost hoping to get a sign of mercy from her. But I knew that Lisa WANTED to see this. She smiled at me and looked me in the eyes, I could see the desire in them. Then I followed her gaze to Rick’s dick.

Even after everything else, this was too much I thought. I wasn’t gay and I never even thought about another guy, I could have refused; so then why did I find myself slowly going to my knees in front of Rick? I would have expected him to protest, but he just looked down at me, another dude whose face was just an inch away from his cock, and smiled. Either he like this idea or was just so used to obeying Aurora and Lisa that he didn’t say anything. Besides he was about to get his cock sucked, did it matter who’s mouth it was?

Aurora stood next to Rick, also looking down at me. Lisa knelt beside me, I could feel her hot breath on my cheek as she bent Rick’s rigid dick down and aligned it with my mouth. “I never saw a guy do this before” she said. Without being prodded I took my cue; opening my mouth I let Lisa guide me forward with her hand on the back of my head. I saw Rick’s shaved pubic area come closed to my face as I felt his warm cock slide past my lips and fill my mouth.

I looked to the side without turning my head, Lisa stared closely as she watched me start to give my first blow job. Her eyes were fixed on Rick disappearing into my me. It wasn’t painful or disgusting but it was beyond humiliating. Lisa took my hand and wrapped my fingers around his shaft. I knew that I had to do this and I knew the only way to make it stop was to make him come. I closed my eyes and guided Rick’s cock in and our of my mouth, letting my wet tongue slide along his full length. I must have been doing it ok because I could hear him moan with each slow penetration.

I sucked his dick in front of the two girls for what seemed like forever. Aurora had joined Lisa in watching from close up; she was on the other side of me. Looking at them when I occasionally opened my eyes, told me how much this was turning them on. I could see it in their faces. Lisa swallowed hard never blinking and Aurora didn’t even seem to notice the saliva at the center of her bottom lip.

On the next outward stroke, Aurora stopped me and started to kiss me. Her tongue was in mouth where Rick had been just a moment before. As we made out, she led Rick’s dick between us, our tongues danced around each other’s and along his cock. Mine chased hers and hers chased mine often meeting and all the while never losing contact with Rick’s member; at his base along his shaft and all around his head, drops of precum shared in our game. Rick’s body shook with the sensation of having two mouths work his dick.

Without any warning, Aurora stopped and her head disappeared from my limited field of vision. “Like this” I heard her say. Before I could wonder what she meant I felt her hair on my chest, then down to my stomach. I gasped with surprise as she took my own hard cock into her mouth. She was on her hands and knees next to me. She started slow and then upped the pace. I took her lead and did the same to Rick. What ever Aurora did to me I did to him. When she added pressure so did I, when she held my balls I held his, when she went faster, I sped up. It almost felt like I was doing myself. I immediately noticed that Rick was enjoying this more.

And so was Lisa, who had been watching everything from the side until now. “OMG that’s too fucking hot, I can’t take it” she yelled. She then came to the side that Aurora’s body was on. Aurora instinctively took the hint and layed on her back. She continued to lick my balls from underneath me, allowing her hand to gently caress my shaft. I continued to suck Rick’s dick as Aurora had been doing mine.

With Aurora on her back, her head under me and my face against Rick’s stomach, I had a peripheral view of Lisa push up Aurora’s shirt and pull off her shorts, exposing her entire body. While standing, Lisa then got completely naked herself, She stood motionless for a few moments, to make sure I had a good view. Rick must have been watching too because I could feel his cock twitch in my mouth. Lisa knelt between Aurora’s legs and licked her cunt, looking up to make sure I was watching.

Seeing both girls naked brought back the memory of the pictures I had seen just a couple hours ago; I could now see what I missed while blind folded. Lisa was eating Aurora right in front of me. I knew she was enjoying it from the sounds she was making and how hard she was licking my balls and stroking my dick. Without realizing it, I started to do Rick harder too.

Our view combined with the action being played out on our penises was enough to make us come nearly at the same time. My load reached my head and dripped down the side, making its way to Aurora’s face. I was completely lost to Lisa and my own orgasm to realize that Rick was coming too. I got his first explosion right in my mouth and before I could pull out completely, he took me by the hair on the back of my head and held me in place while he fucked my mouth and jerked himself to a finish. Being his first ejaculation since this began he had been worked up pretty good, his initial shot went right to the back of my throat and the rest filled me to the point that I had to swallow twice.

We both backed off from the girls a bit. Aurora and Lisa weren’t yet done and I was glad for the distraction. I couldn’t look at Rick, with my sexual needs taken care of, I realized what I had just done. I just gave another dude a blow job. He not only loved it but made me swallow his cum. Still, knowing that Lisa liked it, made it worth it. I began to understand why Rick kept coming back to Aurora.

They moved into a 69 position, seemingly to forget we were there, but really wanting us to watch them. I was able to move as close as I wanted to watch their tongues play with each others’ pussy’s. Their hands and fingers worked each other’s and their own bare tits. It took another few minutes for them to writhe in ecstacy and have orgasms of their own.

When they were done, the four of us just layed on the floor in a circle, for the moment too spent to move. Lisa crawled over to me and with her naked boby against mine, started to make out with me. I could taste Aurora’s pussy on her face. Our kissing lasted until Aurora broke the silence saying she was hungry, it was about 1:00 by then.

“I want pizza.” Aurora announced.

Lisa looked at me and laughed at the horror in my face. “don’t worry, you won’t have to get it naked, not this time at least. Aurora and I will get a couple of pies”. They got dressed. Rick did too, But they left me still naked. Apparently I still had to wait to get my clothes back. Once again I was the only one naked in front of three other people.

They told Rick he was in charge while they were gone. I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that. What could he make me do while they were gone? A lot, I thought. After they left he told me to get a couple of beers from the kitchen. Even after all that had happened I still felt weird walking naked in front of someone else that had all his clothes on. Especially when it was a guy I had been forced to give a blow job to. I didn’t want him to get any ideas. I felt extremely vulnerable.

I don’t know if he watched me leave the room but when I came back in his attention was on the TV. I was afraid he was watching the scene I had made but he was watching the girls have some fun on their own. I wondred as I drank my beer if they would approve of us watching them.

Luckily Rick didn’t make me do anything, and the girls came back before the TV got to the part with me. The four of us sat at the kitchen table eating pizza and talking about everyday stuff. It was a normal scene except for the fact that I still had no clothes on. When we were done eating we sat and continued to l speak for a little while. Lisa who sat across from me stretched out her leg and let her bare toes fondle my balls. No one else at the table seemed to notice. When she knew that she had gotten me good and hard she asked me to get her a drink from the frig. I had to stand up.

When I stood up Aurora clapped her hands, “look who’s ready to go again”.

With the three of them looking at my full arousal I turned red in the face. Lisa got up and came over to me. She reached out and cupped my balls in the hand, “I’m not thirsty after all” she said. She led me by the balls back to the living room. Standing up we started to make out again. I took her shirt and pulled it over her head and let it fall to the floor. My hand nearly fully covered her tit as I took hold of it. We fell on the couch and Lisa took off her shorts. She sat on the couch and gently pushed me to the floor with her bare foot.

With her feet on my shoulders, I knelt on the floor and put my head between her legs. For the first time I had Lisa’s pussy on my lips. She squimed as my tongue danced around her clit. Aroura and Rick came into the room and watched us. From behind they had a perfect view of my hanging balls and my exposed hole. Lisa then pulled me up to kiss me again. We rolled onto the floor with me on top of her, my body between her legs. “I want you inside of me” she said. She reached down and directed my hard cock into her wet pussy.

I never felt anything like being inside of Lisa. She stared into my eyes as I slid my dick into her. I relished each moment as I slowly went in and out of her, looking into her glassy eyes. I knew that I would do anything for her. All the hell that started off the day seemed like nothing I wouldn’t do for her again.

Aurora came over to us and placed her naked body between or faces. She sat on Lisa’s face making her lick her pussy. I put my head up and licked her tits, sucking her bare nipples. Rick wasted no time joing us. But in an unexpected manner. Lisa wrapped her legs around me, holding me inside of her when Rick came behind me and without warning slid his hard, lubed cock into my ass. “Let him” Lisa wispered to me, and I did, without protest.

His cock was bigger that the strap-on Aurora had used on me but my balls weren’t being weighted down this time. Rick started to fuck my ass, with each outward motion from him I slid out of Lisa and with each thrust I was in her. Lisa was moaning to be fucked harder and faster, Rick did what she asked. Her head was tilted back and she had her lower lip between her teeth. The harder he fucked me the better it felt to Lisa. I was nailing Lisa and Rick was the hammer forcing me into her.

It was surprisingly erotic knowing that what I was feeling was what Lisa wanted me to feel. She was fully aware of what I was going through. I was once more being used and humiliated and I was turned on by it.

Aurora held me by the hair when she came. She leaned way back and rubbed her pussy all over my face. Lisa got a few more licks on her ass before her orgasm subsided and she moved away to watch the rest of us. “c’mon Rick fuck him” she encouraged. Seeing the look on Lisa’s face and feeling her pussy around my dick made me come again. Even though I was done, I had to let Rick have his way until he was too. I was still hard which meant Lisa was still getting fucked while I was.

I didn’t have to endure it too much longer. Soon Rick grabbed my hips and buried his cock deep inside of me. I could feel his member pulsating. My moans got Lisa off and she came too, just as Rick filled my ass with cum. I was wet at both ends from Rick and Aurora. The two of them left and went towards Auroa’s bed room. Lisa and I got cleaned up in the shower, togther. I loved seeing and feeling her whole body. My hands slid all over her soapy form.

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