Summary: A drunk Mother at the lake ends up fucking all three of her sons.

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It was our first summer without our dad. He passed away of a heart attack last November. We hemmed and hawed for a long time before deciding to continue our annual family camping trip. For over twenty-five years we had spent the first week of August at Lake Wellenchuk as a family. It wasn’t our only family ritual, but it was one we had kept up even as our lives got hectic with college, an almost wedding and the rest of it. So it was with a heavy heart, and only the third time since dad’s funeral that we were all together again (the other two being one Christmas and Kevin, our youngest brother’s high school graduation).

Before I get too carried away about the unbelievable weekend itself, I should tell you a bit about myself, my two younger brothers, and my beautiful mother.

My name is Jackson, although my family calls me Jacks, and I am 26 years old. I am the reliable big brother who has spent much of his life getting my middle brother out of trouble. I was married for three years, but got divorced a month before my dad passed away. They say bad things happen in threes and after the divorce and my father’s death, I kept waiting for the third disaster to hit. Luckily, the third thing was rather small in comparison, a fender bender car accident on New Year’s Eve. Any other year and that would have been a major disaster, but in 2010, it was just a fitting end to one fucked up year. My New Year’s Resolution was to start living life to the fullest, spend more time with my family and meet a woman. I got a loan from the bank and made my dream a reality: I opened an Italian restaurant and named it after Dad— Amelio’s.

My second goal was partly achieved, as I moved back in with my Mother and youngest brother Kevin, although it was difficult getting much quality family time because of the long hours I worked attempting to make my new business a success. My other brother, Adam, had left in January on a six month ‘finding yourself’ trip through Europe and Asia. My last goal had been an undeniable disaster. I had only been on three dates, hadn’t been laid in over a year. Although there were many prospects coming in and out of my life daily, I just didn’t seem to have the time or energy to even attempt a romance. Lastly, I often tended to compare any woman I met with my Mother and that, I have learned, is never a good thing.

Adam was the loose cannon of the group. A wild one from the time he was a toddler, he hadn’t really changed in his wild ways, even at 22 years of age. He took a year off college, dropped out (truthfully he was told to take a year off) and, after Dad died, decided to just travel the world. His goal was to sleep with a girl from every country he visited and, according to his travel blog, he had accomplished that. He returned back just in time for Kevin’s graduation and our trip. He was still exhibiting his usual easy-going attitude.

Kevin, my youngest brother, turned 18 in May and graduated high school with honours in June. He was the geek of the group, a do-gooder who was also a sweetheart to his long time girlfriend Elly. He would rather read than go out, but he greatly idolized Adam, in an almost unhealthy way.

Our Mom Cassie was 45 years old and still in amazingly great shape. She had always worked out and no one believed she had been pregnant three times. Her breasts sagged a bit, but she usually wore outfits and bras that kept them standing at full attention. I would be lying if the majority of my high school wank sessions weren’t about my Mother. But like all guys, fucking their Mother is just a naughty fantasy they jerk off to from the time they learn to jerk off until the day they die. It is who we are. My Mother did pretty well with the life insurance after my Dad’s death and had attempted to keep things as normal as could be.

The first night at the lake was, not surprisingly, emotionally exhausting. We had a campfire and just shared Dad stories. For awhile, seeing my Mother upset, I wondered if this had been a good idea. But the last hour, we shared funny Dad stories and the emotional bubble seemed to burst.

The next afternoon was a scorcher. My Mom, I should note, knows that she still turns heads. For example, the two-piece bikini she was wearing was something the average female teenager looking to get attention would wear. In truth, the minute I saw her come out of her room after lunch in the two- piece, my dick gave her a secret salute.

While at the beach, I noticed many guys, from teenagers to old pervs, checking out my 45 year old mother. I was both proud and protective of her.

The first slight hint of the evening to come, after my brothers went to scope out the chicks playing beach volleyball, was when we laid our towels down on the beautiful soft sand. Mom lay on her towel and asked, “Jacks honey, could you put some lotion on me?”

Dad had always done this in the past, and my dick rose to attention again just with the thought of touching my sexy Mother. I took the lotion, coated my hands and generously and gently lotioned my Mom’s shoulders, neck and back. I then moved down and did her legs and feet.

Once done, Mom asked, her voice seeming just a tad flirty, “Jacks, could you please get really close to my bikini bottom, which is where I always burn?”

My erection begged for attention, so many of my stroke fantasies having started just like this. I put more lotion on my hands, which were slightly trembling, and rubbed lotion on my Mom’s lower back, so low I felt the crevice of her ass cheeks. I thought I heard a moan escape my Mom’s lips, but I assumed it was just wishful thinking. I finished by doing her thighs and again got real close to her prized possession. This time she definitely let out a moan.

“Thank you, Jacks, you have hands just like your father.”

“You’re welcome, Mom,” I said, furtively adjusting my cock in my trunks.

My Mom caught my adjustment and smiled, “Is that because of me?”

I stammered, completely embarrassed, “No, I, um….”

My Mom, her tone soft and sweet, “It’s ok, honey, when Dad lathered me up I often could feel his stiffness on me. I often thought he might just fuck me right then and there.”

“Mom,” I said, shocked by a frankness I had never heard from her.

She just smiled and looked back down and went on sunbathing.

Nothing else remotely interesting happened the rest of the afternoon, but I was greatly distracted. After touching my mom, all I wanted to do was touch her more. All my Mother-fucking fantasies came flooding back and, although it hadn’t occurred to me yet that the fantasy could become reality, my cock was at full mast all day.

That night, around nine, after the four of us had all finished a fair amount of booze, Adam and Kevin said they were going to a party with some girls they met. I argued they should stay and hang with Mom, but Adam, thinking with his cock like he always did, said they were going out. Kevin was just trying to fit in with his cool brother and sheepishly followed. I called them assholes and they left.

Mom and I went out and started a fire in our very secluded and private cabin. We sat by the fire, on a two-person swing and drank even more. About half an hour after my brothers left, Mom clearly was past tipsy and well on her way to really intoxicated. Still in her same bikini, she asked, “So, Jacks, when was the last time you got laid?”

Beer sprayed out of my mouth. “Mom!”

“No, seriously. You have looked after Kevin and I since your father died. It’s time for you to start thinking about yourself.”

“Well, truthfully, work has been more of a hindrance.”

“You work too hard,” Mom suggested, her hand falling innocently onto my leg.

Her soft touch had me distracted and my cock woke up from its slumber. I stammered slightly, “I have no choice if I want this restaurant to succeed.”

Mom’s hand moved up just slightly, “I know, I know, it’s just I want you to find a woman too.”

“Women are exhausting, time-consuming and wallet-crushing,” I sighed, remembering not so fondly my last couple of failed relationships and a divorce I was still paying for.

“The right one isn’t,” Mom suggested.

“Well I am still searching for her, I guess,” I shrugged and finished my beer.

“You know Jacks, you look a lot like your father,” Mom said, her tone changing.

“I know,” I replied, having been told that for as long as I can remember.

Her hand moved up slightly again. I took a deep breath and felt her hand move and rest on my hard cock. “Hmmmm, feels like you and your dad have something else in common.”

“Mom, I…” I began.

“Stop. I haven’t had sex in eight months, and you haven’t had sex in just as long I am guessing,” she argued, her hand now firmly on my fully erect cock. Her face went pouty like a teen girl trying to get her way with her boyfriend. “Haven’t you ever fantasized about Mommy?”

“I-um,” I stammered, before finally thinking ‘fuck it’, “Mom I have fantasized about you since I can remember.”

“I thought so,” she whispered, her hot breath in my ear. Her hand rubbed my cock with a bit more purpose. “Do you want Mommy to suck your cock?”

I let out a grunt in acknowledgment.

Her tongue teased my ear, “I will take that as a yes.”

She moved away from my ear and quickly unbuckled my shorts and pulled out my raging hard-on. “Fuck, I have missed the feeling of a big hard cock.”

She leaned forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth.

I moaned on contact, in pure ecstasy, my lifelong fantasy suddenly coming true. I stared at my mom and her wet lips around my cock. Unlike most girls who sucked cock just long enough to get me hard, my mom sucked on my cock like she actually enjoyed it. After a couple of minutes of just teasing my head with her lips and tongue, she began to take more of my cock in her expert mouth. She continued the slow sweet style, taking just a bit more of my shaft in her mouth at a time.

I don’t know how long she had my cock in her mouth before she finally took my erection out and requested, “Son, I desperately need to taste your cum. I don’t mean to be crass or anything, but I love the taste of cum. Your dad used to fulfill this need. So please, I want you to shoot a big full load of your cum down my throat. Think you can do that for Mommy?”

Still feeling like a horny teenager from every eighties sex comedy, I just babbled a bunch of incoherent words that implied yes.

She took my cock back in her mouth. Unlike the slow tenderness of a couple minutes ago, this time she devoured my cock whole. She deep throated me and then bobbed up and down like a porn star. Not surprisingly, I didn’t last long under such intense pleasure. I grunted, “I’m coming Mommy.” A few seconds later I exploded my cum down my Mother’s throat. Unlike most girls, she didn’t miss a beat, as she continued the fast-paced assault on my cock, long after my cum had all been swallowed.

Suddenly with a confidence I didn’t know was in me, I pulled out and aggressively pushed her onto the grass onto her back and opened her legs. I pulled her bikini bottom to the side and dove into my Mother’s cunt. I licked her hairy pussy eager to return the favour and get her off.

My Mom’s cunt was already sopping wet and within seconds of my tongue on her pussy lips, she got animated.”Oh yes, Jacks, your tongue feels so good on Mommy’s cunt.” She moved her ass up and down attempting to fuck herself with my tongue. I continued to lick and heard her scream, “Fuck, Jacks, I’m coming.” Seconds later I was sprayed by a river of juice.

I continued licking, eager to swallow as much of my Mother’s juice as I could. Finally, she said the words I had dreamt about for years, “Jacks, I want you in me. Come fuck Mommy.”

She quickly pulled off her bikini bottom to give me easier access to her pussy. I didn’t have to be told twice. I quickly positioned myself on top of her and slid easily into her warm oasis. I moved in and out slowly and leaned forward to kiss her beautiful mountains of flesh, which were sadly still partially hidden by her skimpy bikini top. As I kissed and gently sucked on the top of her breasts, she moaned, “Does my son want to suck on the same breasts he once nursed?”

“Badly,” I mumbled, my lips never leaving her body.

She leaned forward and slipped out of her last piece of clothing.

I just stared at her still amazing firm breasts and her big hard nipples. I instinctively took a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. So focused on my Mommy’s delicious tits I had stopped fucking her, my cock resting comfortably deep inside her. I took her other nipple into my mouth and resumed my slow fucking of my Mother. This tender intimate scene lasted over ten minutes before it was interrupted by the shocked words of my middle brother.

“Holy fucking shit!” Adam said, clearly shocked by what he was witnessing.

I looked up and saw my two brothers both staring at the sight of their mother being fucked by their oldest sibling.

Before I had a chance to speak, although I had no idea what I would have possibly said, my very drunk and horny Mother shocked us all. “Don’t just stand there like a couple of wankers. Come and join us.”

Adam, who had a reputation of fucking anything that moved, had no moral reservations about the fact that it was his Mother and was naked and his dick revving to go in a heartbeat. He walked over to my Mom and presented his rod to his Mother’s mouth.

My Mother didn’t say anything, but instead took her middle son’s cock in her mouth.

My youngest brother stood motionless, clearly in a state of shock by what he was seeing. My cock was still lodged deep inside my horny Mother. I was in awe as I watched as Mom gobbled up my brother’s, to my great pride, smaller cock. Kevin still hadn’t moved.

My Mother quit sucking Dave’s cock and looked directly at her youngest, eighteen-year old son, and ordered, like a Mother would scold her son, “Get your ass over here now, young man.”

Kevin seemed to waken from his stunned stupor and shyly walked over to the incestuous act that was currently taking place.

Adam attempted to help, “Get naked, man.”

Mom looked at her nervous son and asked, “Don’t I turn you on?”

Kevin finally stammered, “Y-y-yes.”

“Then come join the party,” Mom suggested before turning to me and ordering, “and you, get back to what you were doing to me.”

“Yes, Mom,” I absurdly replied, and began pumping her pussy again.

Adam said, “Kevin it’s now or never. Time to lose that cherry.”

Mom’s face got even more excited, “My little Kevin is still a virgin?”

Kevin sheepishly whispered, “Yes.”

“Well we better change that,” Mom announced matter-of-factly. Kevin nervously undressed and as soon as he was naked, Mom pulled him in and took his cock, that was slightly larger than either of his older brother’s, in her mouth. She sucked him like a horny slut desperate to get a cock nice and hard. Although Kevin’s mind may have been contemplating resisting, his cock had other thoughts. Clearly horny and in charge, my mother, like a drill sergeant in charge of pleasure, ordered, “Jacks, take a break. Let’s let Kevin feel what it’s like to be with a woman.

I reluctantly pulled my cock out of my Mother. Mom ordered Kevin, “Lay down baby, let Mommy take care of you.”

Kevin lay on the blanket and watched as his Mother straddled him and easily engulfed his cock inside her cunt. She bounced up and down, her beautiful tits bouncing in unison while she took her son’s virginity.

Adam, not one to wait patiently, moved up and offered his cock to my Mother’s mouth. My mom purred, “Oh Adam, you are such a dirty boy.” Without another word, she took her middle son’s cock in her mouth.

After only a couple of minutes of riding her son’s cock, Kevin warned, “Mom, I am going to come.”

Mom took her other son’s cock out of her mouth and ordered, “Fill your Mommy with your hot seed, son.”

Mom continued bouncing up and down on her son’s cock and within a few seconds Kevin bellowed, “I’m coming Mommy!”

Mom milked her youngest son’s cock, extracting every last drop.

As soon as Kevin was done, Adam ordered. “Move it little man, time for a real man to fuck our Mother.”

Mom gave a slutty smirk, “You better not be all talk.”

Adam flipped my Mother onto her back on the ground and drove into her, Kevin getting out of the way just in time. Mom instantly got animated, “You like fucking your Mother, don’t you, you dirty boy?”

“I have wanted to do this for years,” my middle brother growled between thrusts.

“Oh yes, fuck me son. Fuck me hard. Yes,” my mother wailed.

Kevin and I watched our brother hammer away at our Mother, neither of us really believing what was happening. After a few minutes of hardcore fast-paced fucking, my Mother screamed, “I’m coming sonnnnn!”

This made Adam smile and he kept drilling her cunt furiously while our Mother’s orgasm shook through her. A variety of erotic moans and screams echoed as an everlasting orgasm continued to pulse through Mom.

Finally, my brother asked, “Where do you want my cum, Mother?”

My mom shamelessly begged, ” Fill me with your cum, son,”

Adam continued pounding Mom until his face changed and he grunted, “I’m coming Mommy.” He buried his cock deep into Mom and shot his wad inside her.

Both Kevin and I were hard again and Mom, who clearly was insatiable, ordered, “Kevin come lay back down for Mommy.”

I was disappointed. This had begun as an intimate evening with just Mom and I and now I was getting left out. Once Kevin was on the ground, Mom straddled him for a second time. This time though she ordered me, “Get over here, Jacks, and fuck your Mother’s ass.”

I couldn’t believe it. Kevin and I were going to DP our beautiful mother. I quickly got behind my Mother, who leaned forward giving me easy access to her rosebud. I slid my rod between her sweet ass cheeks.

My Mom, clearly impatient, ordered, “Stop admiring your Mother’s ass and fill it with your meat.”

Needing no further encouragement, I slowly began to penetrate my Mom’s rear. It was incredibly tight. Once half my dick was in her ass, she surprised me by pushing back and taking the majority of my cock in her butt. My Mother demanded, “Now stop being a fucking pansy and fuck your Mom’s ass.”

Slightly embarrassed by my Mother’s scolding and determined to make her happy, like I had always attempted to, I began to fuck my Mom’s ass. She leaned forward and began a very non-mother-son-like kiss with Kevin. I leaned forward as well to deeper fill my Mom’s ass. From this position, I seemed powerful and began to thrust in and out of my Mother, giving an extra hard thrust each time. The hard thrusts forced my Mom to quit kissing her youngest son and move her hands out to hold herself up.

“Oh yes, Jacks, that’s it baby, fuck Mommy’s ass. Fuck it deep and hard. Yes,” she moaned.

Her words were quickly muffled by Adam who ordered, “No reason I should be left out of this. Now suck my cock, Mommy slut.”

I looked up, thinking Adam may have gone too far, but instead heard Mom ask, “And how do I compare to all the other sluts you have fucked?”

Adam shoved his cock in her mouth and said, “So far so good, slut. But let’s see how you worship my cock.”

I continued ramming my rod in my Mom’s still incredibly tight ass and soon she adjusted and we were like a well-oiled machine. With each thrust forward, she deep-throated most of Adam’s cock and when I pulled back, so did she. There was a bizarre symmetry to the triple penetration of our mother.

This is an epic story of three people, a mother, father, and son, stranded on a deserted island. It is loosely based on a movie from 1974 stared in and directed by George C. Scott, named “The Savage is Loose.” Gary


Part 1: The Shipwreck: Turn of the 19th Century, Somewhere in the South Pacific Ocean.

It was the early 1900′s and sea travel was dangerous and reserved for the wealthiest individuals, business trade, or the very brave. Danger came in many forms, not the least of which was the unpredictable weather. Reporting of weather was crude or nonexistent and there was rarely any warning when tropical storms formed.

The Tern Schooner, Pacific Trader, had been thrashed for hours by the extreme waves brought on by a deadly typhoon. No one had predicted the storm before the ship left the port of San Francisco ten days earlier. So large and fierce was the storm that even if the captain had received a telegraph it would have been too late for the doomed ship, crew, and its three civilian passengers. The Pacific Trader was a thousand miles from the nearest deep water port, sailing on the wide open Pacific Ocean, headed for the Philippine Islands. While it was a fast vessel, it was no match for the huge and fast moving storm.

Walter Anderson, his wife, Grace, and their son, Thomas, were preparing to undress for the night when they began to hear screams of terror from the main deck outside their cabin. Peering out into the black night Walter saw a flash of lightning which highlighted a giant wave thundering onto the deck. The brief moment of light enabled him to witness the crew struggling hopelessly to free lifeboats. Then another flash of light and another wave crashed across the deck. One moment the crew was there and the next the deck was a mass of turbulent water washing away the six poor souls.

Walter rushed his family onto the deck in a desperate attempt to find a life boat, but they had all been ripped from their moorings and torn to shreds by the angry sea. Seconds later Walter and his family were clinging to the railing for their lives. Salt water stung their skin as the hurricane force winds whipped the salty spray across the deck. Chairs, ship parts, deck equipment, and anything not tied down thrashed too and fro on the swaying deck. Loud crashes echoed from stem to stern of the doomed vessel.

Suddenly a giant lookout tower snapped and crashed just feet from the three desperate family members. Walter screamed for his wife to jump into the water. Grace grabbed Thomas and they jumped over the side, plunging into the dark, churning water and quickly sinking under the thirty foot waves. Mother and son clung together as they somehow pulled themselves to the surface. Now they were above the swirling waves and saw Walter jump over the side and disappear into the murky water as they had done moments earlier.

After a few tense moments Walter surfaced and swam to them, helping Grace and Thomas onto a large plank of wood torn from the rapidly submerging ship. Seconds later the ship moaned like a beached whale and then snapped into two pieces. A loud groan screeched above the screaming wind and thundering sea and suddenly most of the ship disappeared under the breaking waves.

The three survivors clung to each other for their lives as the storm tossed their makeshift raft without mercy. Hours passed as the three lay on their stomach gripping pieces of rope tied to the wood beneath them as the storm raged into the night. Near dawn the sea suddenly lost it’s fury, the rain ceased, and wind abated. Somehow the Anderson family had survived the night.

When dawn finally arrived the sun was shining brightly and a gentle breeze belied what had happened hours before. On the surface lay what remained of the once proud Pacific Trader. Pieces of the ship, equipment, and personal remains of the crew floated on the now tranquil sea. Walter, Grace, and Thomas were the only survivors.

Just before dawn, as the storm had begun to ease, the three had fallen into a deep sleep. Grace was the first to awaken. When she opened her eyes she thought it had been a terrible dream, but the sound of waves lapping at the raft quickly reminded her that it was only too real. She shook Walter and he opened his eyes and briefly smiled before he too realized what he thought was a nightmare was in fact true.

The two stared out at the vast ocean and could see the debris of the ship they had been aboard just hours earlier. Despair overcame them as violently as the storm that had overcome the ship. With nothing but the tattered clothes on their backs they were doomed to die of thirst or be eaten by sharks.

A few minutes later Thomas awaken and sat up, rubbing his eyes. When he saw the fear on his mother and father’s face he knew something was seriously wrong. “What happened?” he asked. Looking around he could see nothing but ocean. His eyes grew wide with fright and he said, “Are we going to die?”

Grace reached to comfort him. “It will be okay. They will be searching for us. There are lots of ships in this area and we will be rescued soon.”

Unfortunately the odds were against them ever being found. They were the only civilian passengers on the ship and, while the company would certainly search for them, there were thousands and thousands of square miles to search. The storm had pushed them hundreds of miles from their original route and now they were a thousand miles from the nearest inhabited land in an area known as a graveyard for wayward ships. Dozens of ships had been lost in this area over the decades and none had ever been found.

Walter cleared his throat so that Grace would look over at him. She saw him nodding for her to look down. She almost gasped when she realized that her shirt had been torn to shreds and her breasts were totally exposed. She tried to pull her jacket closed but it was in tatters as well. She looked at Walter and he shrugged. Her face turned red and she covered her exposed breasts with her arms.

The three of them floated aimless on the wayward currents for several days, without food, water, or the ability to catch fish. Grace, a modest woman, was mortified that she could not properly cover herself, not to mention the embarrassment of having to perform bodily function just feet away from not only her husband but also her son.

On the fifth morning, Walter shook Grace to awaken her. “Look, look, is that land?” he asked excitedly, hoping it was not another mirage. They had begun to hallucinate from dehydration and believed they had seen land on numerous occasions.

“It looks like it,” Grace answered, “But we have been mistaken before.”

“No, no, I think it really is land this time.”

Grace began to feel excitement building. She woke Thomas. “Look, Thomas, it’s land.”

The small dot appeared to be several miles away. Excitedly Walter pulled a piece of wood from their small raft and began to paddle frantically. When he grew tired, Thomas took over. As the land grew closer and closer they grew more excited. It took several long hours of fighting the outgoing tide and the treacherous currents before they eventually reached the island. Exhausted the three of them pulled themselves through the waist deep water and onto the beach before collapsing. They lay on their backs in the sand, gasping for breath, their hearts pounding, feeling exhausted but grateful to be alive.

“We made it,” Grace exclaimed when she had caught enough breath to speak.

“I wouldn’t get too excited yet,” Walter cautioned as he pulled himself to his feet. “We are a thousand miles from nowhere and it is unlikely that this is an inhabited island.”

“But there should be food and water here, right?”

Always the practical one, Walter said, “I hope so. We need to find some fresh water quickly.”

They were extremely thirsty and hungry and the sun had toasted every exposed body part, but other than a few bruises they were okay.

Walter said to Grace, “You and Thomas get out of the sun and I will see what I can find.”

Walter searched for only a few minutes before he found a fresh water spring not far from shore. He realized that this would be a good place for them to make a camp while he checked out the island and found them something to eat. The spring was surrounded by a stand of trees and would provide a modicum of protection from the elements. He hurried back to Grace and Thomas to tell them the good news.

After they were settled Walter explored the island for hours, making his way to the highest point. There he could survey the entire island. It was small, maybe three miles in length and about as wide, and he could see from one end to the other. He could see birds flying and small animals scurrying around in the forest. Although small, the island appeared to have enough wildlife and vegetation for them to survive for some time. Then he saw something on the rocks near the northern most point of the island. It appeared to be debris of some kind. He tried not to get too excited as he made his way down the slope and to the shore. When he was close he realized with growing excitement that it was debris from the ship. In fact an entire section of the ship was perched precariously on the wave beaten rocks.

Amazingly he found a suitcase of clothes belonging to Grace. It wasn’t all of her clothes by any means and most of it was not appropriate for their environment, but it was far better than nothing. He also found various utensils for eating and cooking. They could use what was left of the ship to build a shelter. He knew he had to hurry and strip the remains of the ship before the tide carried the most valuable things away.

Over the next several days Walter found enough material to make a crude tree house in which they could live for the time being. He would have rather built something on the ground, but he didn’t know if there were dangerous animals on the island and wasn’t going to take a chance of being prey to a prowling cat. He used wood and other furnishings from the ship until it ran out. Then he constructed the rest with branches and vines from the island. Over time he added comforts to the house including a means to transport water from the pond up to the house with a lever system. Grace used fabric from sails to create curtains to give them some privacy and a bit of protection from the elements. The house was rustic but nice considering their environment and the lack of tools.

Walter’s ability to build came naturally. Although he worked for an import/export company, his family had been carpenters and builders and he was an engineer by trade.

After several weeks they had established a routine of sorts. Walter and Thomas would gather fruit and editable plants as well as catch small fish with nets and crude spears. Grace made their meager surroundings as pleasant as possible with the limited materials she had found on the ship. She was not a great cook, but she knew enough to put together fairly nutritional meals with fruits and plants provided by Walter. Fortunately the weather was great and vegetation seemed plentiful. The island was beautiful and if they had not been stranded it would have seemed like a South Seas island vacation.

While Grace was happy to be alive and happy for the rustic and crude surroundings provided by Walter, she couldn’t imagine living like this for months or even years. She had never been the outdoors type. Her family was well off and had been able to send her to the best private schools. She married young, and had given birth to Thomas when she was only eighteen. Walter was a good bit older then she was and had turned forty the year they were married. Because Walter worked for an import/export company, they had lived all over the world; some nice places, and some not so nice. At times she lived in places where she didn’t speak a single word of the language. However, she was a dutiful wife and followed her husband wherever he went, never living in one place for more than a couple of years.

Nomad life had been hard on her, but she knew it was even harder on Thomas. They had the money to send him to the best private schools, or even a boarding school, but because they were rarely in one place for more than a year or two, she had taken him with them and had home schooled him. It was the best solution, she believed, under difficult circumstances. As a result Thomas went through his school years without ever experiencing the benefits of socialization that most kids received in public or even private schools. He never had a chance to date, pal around with friends, or even experience the life lessons learned from the mischief kids inevitably got into. More importantly he had missed the dating and courting process that schools facilitated and he had no opportunity to associate with kids his own age. It was something Grace regretted now.

Walter spent his days forging for food and fishing. Grace and Thomas were together much of the day and, while they were already closer than the typical mother and son, they grew even closer. Grace had tried to avoid being over protective but worried that Thomas’ lack of social interaction, due to home schooling, would be a major issue if they were rescued. Thomas, at eighteen, was more immature than his age would suggest.

She had seen Thomas begin to grow and mature while they were in San Francisco. Grace was growing comfortable there and had hoped that it was their last move. But, unfortunately, the Asian branch of Walter’s business had begun to suffer under poor management. Walter knew they needed to take swift action if it was to survive. Grace hated moving again, and all the grief that came with it, but ultimately agreed that it was critical to the business. Thomas wasn’t wild about moving either but he begrudgingly agreed, with the promise that they would send him back to live with relatives in the States if he didn’t like it. So the family packed their possessions and hitched a ride on a company cargo ship bound for the Philippine Islands.

Grace had considered staying in the States with Thomas until Walter returned, but her family were traditionalists and all of her life she was told that a wife obeyed her husband and did as he asked; it was for the good of the family. More importantly she worried about the impact of separating him from his father. While Walter worked long hours he was nonetheless a male role model for his son.

Over the past several years Grace had become disillusioned with her marriage to Walter. The great difference in their ages had placed a strain on them from the very beginning. They were from very different generations, and while Walter had always treated her well, much of the time she felt isolated. Most of his friends and associates were older than she was and it was difficult for her to develop relationships. It was even more difficult for her to identify with Walter and his views of the world.

Her marriage was not exactly arranged but she never felt she had a choice. Her family’s business was having financial difficulties and a union between her and Walter would bolster their prestige as well as their finances. Like a good daughter she obeyed her parents.

Walter was a good man and while she believed she loved him, she didn’t really know what love was all about. She had never really experienced the kind of love she read about in classical novels and plays of the time; the kind where the damsel in distress was whisked away by a knight in shining armor. She knew that was mostly fantasy but wondered if something in between was possible.

Grace was a very tall and attractive woman with a great shape. Her breasts were larger than many of her female friends and stood up proudly with little or no support. Her skin was creamy brown and she had dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Her Eurasian heritage gave her a sultry look and at an early age she fantasized about being a model in the booming garment industry in New York or San Francisco. Her marriage had put an end to that dream. Now she found herself marooned on a deserted island with little possessions beyond the clothes on her back.

While she was ecstatic that Walter had found a suitcase with clothes, none of them were meant for wilderness living. The most protective clothing was a pair of riding pants and boots that she took everywhere she traveled; one of her first loves was horses and horseback riding. Also in the suitcase were three pair of shorts, some pants, which she would have never worn in public, several blouses and tops, and a few pair of panties. There were no dresses or support undergarments, like a corset or bras, and while the lack of dresses was not a problem, the lack of support undergarments could be. Her nipples had always been very sensitive and now, without protection from the fabric of her tops, they seemed to be perpetually hard. She knew that she would have to be careful around Thomas.

Grace had always been a highly sexual woman and at 36 was in her prime sexual peak. She worried that she was going to wear Walter out; now in his late 50′s. He was not nearly as interested in sex as she was. Incredibly, in spite of their desperate situation, Grace found that her desires had not dwindled. She was a woman in her prime and, contrary to how women were supposed to feel, she had a fire inside that seemed to have grown hotter in the past couples of years. She had made several attempts since they reached the island to entice Walter into sex but it hadn’t worked out. Unfortunately they had little or no privacy and had not been intimate since leaving San Francisco weeks ago. If they could get some private time maybe the two of them could slip off and … well, she didn’t want to get carried away with thinking sexual thoughts; she had Thomas to think about and he wouldn’t understand.

Grace knew that Thomas, as a normal teenager, was very aware of her and had seen him studying her recently. Of course she wasn’t surprised that he showed signs that he was aware of the female form; he was a normal teenager with raging hormones. In spite of her sexual desires she was a modest woman and did her best to avoid exposing herself unnecessarily. Unfortunately she had slipped several times and he had seen more than he should have. She was still embarrassed that he had seen her bare breasts while on the raft. Even in that difficult situation she could tell that he had been excited. What she couldn’t admit, even to herself, was how his glances made her feel in her most private place.

Chapter 2

When weeks turned into months and still there was no rescue, Grace and Walter began to give up hope. They kept it to themselves and tried to put on a brave front for Thomas. They were always positive saying that they were sure that many searchers were looking for them and it would only be a matter of time before they were found. They were not sure that Thomas believed them as he was an intelligent boy and could certainly comprehend their desperate situation on his own.

Unfortunately as time went on it became more and more difficult for Grace to keep a positive attitude. Her greatest concern was for Thomas. There was a pain and overwhelming sadness in her heart for him. It appeared that he might never experience all the things teenagers should experience: he would not go to college, learn a trade, or even find a girl to marry. Even worse, without doctors, hospitals, and medicine, his life could be cut short. It was almost too sad to think about.

In spite of her misgivings about being rescued, Grace continued Thomas’s formal education as best she could. She was not college educated, having married so young, and she did not have the skills to go much further with his education, but she believed she could still teach him the more genteel things in life; like how a gentleman treated ladies, social graces, and of course manners. She prayed that he would actually need those skills one day.

Walter, oh the other hand, was convinced that she was wasting his time. He believed the boy needed to learn survival skills; the things that would keep him alive when he was no longer there to hunt, fish, and protect him. He knew that in this hostile environment even a minor mistake in judgment could be fatal. He also did not want his son to be a wimp, but, unfortunately, it certainly appeared that he was well on his way. He saw him clinging to the skirt tails of his mother.

As a result Walter began to resent Grace monopolizing so much of his time. Yet he gritted his teeth and accepted it begrudgingly because he knew coming between a mother and son could be counter-productive under the best circumstances, and family squabbles could divert their critical focus on survival.

Grace, of course, could feel the tension with Walter. In spite of that she had insisted that she continue Thomas’ education. After much discussion they agreed that she would have several hours of uninterrupted time each day with Thomas and then Walter could have him for the rest of the daylight hours.

Walter wasn’t pleased, but took what he could get. Over time he taught Thomas to track and hunt as well as spot the types of plants and roots that were editable. Thomas had picked it up quickly, but Walter that he would rather be reading or reciting poetry to his mother.

Grace made sure that she used the time she had with Thomas wisely and felt it was very important that they not be interrupted. She found a place off the beaten path; a beautiful lagoon with a water fall, where they could have uninterrupted time together. There she worked with him to insure that he maintained his math and reading skills. While they had no writing materials, they had found a number of books from the ship and she had Thomas read to her every day. She would give him math problems to solve mentally and have him recite the times table. She even gave him homework problems.

Beyond the education, she and Thomas came to love the personal time together. Thomas would often brush her long hair as she sat on the rocks overlooking the lagoon. They both enjoyed also him reading and reciting poetry. In addition they spent time talking about life and their feelings about everything from religion to politics. The only exception was sex. Anytime the subject came up Grace would divert the conversation or gently end their session. She did not feel qualified to discuss sexual matters with a teenaged boy. Yet she knew that at some point it would have to come up. Her plan was to send him to his father. Unfortunately she knew that Walter would not answer his questions either. When the subject finally came up it caught her totally off guard.

Thomas was brushing her hair one afternoon at the lagoon when he said, “Mom, I saw you and Father last night.”

“Saw us?” she asked.

“Yes. You and dad were in bed.”

Grace could feel her face flush and she trembled. She knew what he was talking about. She and Walter finally thought they had enough privacy to make love. Obviously it wasn’t so private. “You should not be spying on us?” she said with more anger than she intended.

“I wasn’t spying. I couldn’t help see you two; my bed is just across the hut.”

Grace knew he was right. She and Walter had known it was a risk.

“Will I ever get the chance to do that with a girl?” he asked. “I mean, I have never been on a date, or even kissed a girl, and now it looks like it will never happen.”

“Of course it will, because we will be rescued.” Grace felt a pain in her heart at perpetuating what she knew was a lie.

“Come on, Mom, it is not going to happen and you know it. Nobody is looking for us any longer. We are alone here, maybe forever.” He paused for a few moments before he said in a quiet voice, “You have Dad, and I have nobody.”

Grace turned to him and put her arm around his shoulder. “I’m sorry, Thomas, it is hard on your father and me, but I know it is hardest on you. But we can’t give up hope for our future.”

“What future?” he spat. “We have no future. It’s all Dads fault. I hate him.” He threw the hairbrush down and turned away from his mother. She hugged his back as tears fell. He was silent for a while, obviously trying to control his emotions. He knew it wasn’t her fault that they were there. It was his father’s career that always came first. They never stayed anywhere long enough for him to have friends or put down roots and now he had gotten them into this fix.

Thomas softened his tone and said, “I’m sorry, Mom. I shouldn’t blame you. I’m trying not to hate Dad either. But I am growing up and … I have these all these emotions going through me. I feel like my life is slipping away.”

“I know, Sweetheart, I know,” Grace said.

Thomas continued, “I just … I have these feelings, you know, inside, and I don’t know what to do about them. My body has changed and I have grown up physically but mentally I … I think I am falling behind. I try to think about other things but most of the time it doesn’t work. I sometimes think I am going mad. And then I saw and heard you and Dad. I know you were having sex, but I don’t even know the first thing about it. I tried to ask Dad, but he just yelled at me, saying that I should keep my mind on survival and out of the gutter.”

Grace winced at his words. “I am not a very good person to ask about these things,” she said weakly. “You know that your father has been my only partner and when I was growing up no one talked about those things, at least to a girl.”

“Dad won’t answer my questions and you won’t, so who do I ask about it? Maybe I should talk to the birds or the fish.”

Grace sighed. She knew she had no choice. She would have to be the one to teach him. Still, although she knew a great deal more than he did, she didn’t know that much about sex either. After several long minutes she said, “Okay. But you have to understand that I am no expert.”

“You know a lot more than I do.”

“I was eighteen when I married your father and I had never dated anyone else. Our families expected us to get married, because it was best for them and the two businesses. So, while it wasn’t exactly an arranged marriage, it was not my choice either. In many ways I am like you. I didn’t have my teenaged years. Your father and I only knew each other for a few months before we were married.”

Then he asked a question that shocked her, and she wasn’t prepared to answer. “Do you love him?”

She hesitated for several long moments before she said, “Yes, I … I suppose so.”

“You made love to him, so you must love him.”

“Married people do that.”


“Well, to procreate the species.”

“What is ‘procrate’?”

“The word is procreate, and it means making babies.”


“Procreating is the way the species survives and most people want their family name to survive. It is inbred in all animals, including humans. Without procreation, families and society would end.”

A smile came to Thomas’ face. “You and Dad could make more babies and I would at least have brother and sisters.”

Grace didn’t return his smile. “We tried to have more children for years and years, but unfortunately your father cannot make any more children. He is a lot older than I am and when men get older they lose their ability to make babies. We think it might have been when he got sick early in our marriage. He got the mumps.”

“But I saw the two of you making love, so if you cannot make babies why do you do it?”

Grace sighed. “Because it feels good, and people, men and women, have been endowed with sexual desire by our creator in order to insure that the species survives.”

Thomas looked confused.

“Let me explain it this way. Sexual desire is a natural part of our lives. It is a motivating factor for all species. I am sure the feelings you are having are perfectly normal. Sexual feelings begin in the early teens or earlier. All animals, especially humans, have sexual desire inbred in them. We satisfy that desire by making love and that, in turn, creates babies.”

Thomas nodded. “So is the primary reason for making love to make babies or for pleasure?”


Thomas was silent for a few moments and then he said, “This is going to sound really dumb but how do babies get made exactly? I mean I know a little about it, but not much. You’ve taught me everything, but we have never discussed sex.”

Grace could feel her face flushing hot. “I suppose I was waiting until you were older, or maybe hoping that you would learn it on your own. I’m sorry I didn’t make it a part of your education.” She paused for long moments to get her thoughts together. “Let me see if I can make this simple. When the man gets excited and his thing … uh … penis gets hard, he gets an erection, and then he puts it into the woman. That is called intercourse. He moves it back and forth and eventually he shoots the seed into the woman. The sperm, as it is called, travels up the woman’s canal until it reaches an egg and they mate. Nine months later a baby is born.” She paused, feeling proud that she had made it seem so simple. Then she said, “That is the condensed version.”

“I know what an erection is,” he said with a smile.

“I figured you did,” Grace said returning the smile.

“So sperm is that white stuff that comes out?” he said.

“Yes and no. The white stuff, as you call it, is actual called semen and is mostly protein. It is the liquid that your body produces to protect and carry the sperm. Sperm is the life giving force. From what I understand there are millions of them and each one carries what and who you are on to the next generation. The woman produces one egg per month and the millions of sperm battle to be the one that inseminates the egg, making the woman pregnant.” Grace paused and then said, “There is a lot more to it and it is complicated. Does any of this make sense?”

“Yes, I think so. So you and Dad have the desire to make love and you do it, but not always to make babies. And Dad can’t make babies anyway.”

“Yes. However, even if a man has lots of sperm a baby it not always made. You remember when we saw the baby sea turtles rushing to the water the other day?”


“Many of them do not survive the trip to the water and then many more are eaten by fish once they get to the water. Only the strongest survive and they in turn have been given the desire to mate with other sea turtles and the species lives on. It is the same with sperm. They are all making the dash for the water, so to speak, but the difficulty of the trek and chemicals inside the woman prevent all but a very few from making it to the end. And then only one, or sometimes two, the strongest, are able to penetrate the woman’s egg.”

Thomas summarized what he thought his mother was saying. “So we were given the desire to mate and it is a natural part of our being. You and Dad make love because it feels good even if he cannot make you pregnant. It satisfies a desire.”

“Yes, that is exactly right. It feels good and it is a way to show love.” Incredibly this discussion had made Grace’s heart beat faster and her nipples had grown hard under her top. She was wearing a thin top, riding pants and boots. The shirt was too thin, allowing the soft flesh of her large breasts and pink nipples to be seen if the light was right. The pants were a little too tight on her butt and across her groin and she could now feel the seam rubbing between her legs.

“We love each other, Mother and we don’t make love,” he said with a cock of his head and a little smile.

Grace’s face glowed hot. “That is different. We are mother and son.”

Thomas was silent for a long while before he said rather sadly, “Mother, if we stay on the island forever, I will never get a chance to make love.”

Suddenly the tone of the discussion had changed. Grace felt her heart breaking. His words were true and there was nothing she could say to make him feel better. “We will not stay here forever. We will be rescued,” she said unconvincingly. Then she added as brightly as possible, “Now I think that is enough about the birds and bees for today.”

“Birds and bees … I thought we were talking about men and women making love,” he said, a smile coming to his face.

Grace returned his smile. “Don’t get impertinent, young man,” she said as she reached over and tickled him. Thomas fought playfully and tried to tickle her. In their laughter they tumbled across the ground with Grace landing under Thomas. Suddenly he was on top of her with his hips between her thighs. Just as suddenly their laughter stopped. Somewhere during the conversation Thomas had gotten an erection. Grace felt his hardness pressing to her strangely tingling private parts.

“Is this how you and Father do it?” Thomas asked breathlessly, pressing his erection to his mother’s crotch.

“Thomas, get off of me this instant. This is inappropriate,” she said. She pushed Thomas off and hurried off down the hill toward the camp without looking back.

Thomas wondered what he had done wrong. He couldn’t understand why his mother had gotten so upset. He never wanted to hurt her and he wasn’t trying to have sex with her. He was confused. When he got back to the hut he saw his mother preparing dinner. “Mother,” he said with tears in his eyes, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you mad.”

Grace turned around ready to admonish him again when she saw her son’s repentant tears and her heart melted. She pulled him to her for a tight hug. “I know. I know,” she whispered as tears suddenly streamed down her cheeks. She held him tightly for a long time.

After a few moments Thomas said, “Can we still … talk about … uh … things?”

Grace pushed him to arm’s length and looked into his eyes. “Yes, but you have to promise to behave yourself.”

Thomas smiled through his tears. “I’ll try,” he said as he wiped his eyes.

Grace returned his smile and hugged him to her heaving breasts again, suddenly wondering if she could “behave” herself.

Chapter 3

Grace began to have second thoughts about their meeting place. It was quite private and maybe just a little too remote. The trail leading to the rock was hidden and once they were there they could not be seen. With the exception of the top of the rocks above them, which was difficult to get to, they were totally hidden. Then Grace wondered why she was so concerned. After all the was the adult and she could control the situation … at least she hoped she could.

For several weeks the conversation stayed mostly about the basics of reading and writing. However, she knew that sex was always on Thomas’s mind and she dreaded the continued conversation. But as expected, Thomas brought it up again.

“Mother, uh, I have a question,” he said.

“Sure, you know you can ask me anything.”

“Well, uh … it is kind of personal.”

Grace felt her face flush and knew what was coming. “Uh … go on.”

“You know we talked about … we uh … we talked about sex and stuff,” Thomas stuttered. “Sometimes I get an … you know, an erection and I am not sure why. I mean it is not always when I am thinking about sex.”

Grace giggled. “That happens sometimes in the morning when you have to go to the bathroom. It happens to your father. That is healthy.”

Thomas smiled. “Oh. Then lots of times I have these strange dreams at night and it gets hard. And then I … I … you know get all wet and stuff. Is something wrong with me? I mean it is like I am trying to make a baby without a woman.”

Grace had to smile again. “Nothing is wrong with you, Thomas. What is happening is perfectly natural,” Grace answered with a slight blush.

Thomas thought for a few moments and said, “Sometimes … I … uh … touch myself, but I have been afraid to do it too much. I mean it feels good and the stuff comes out, but … I … don’t want to do it too much because I’m afraid I might hurt myself. Can I do that too much?”

Grace laughed out loud, putting her hand over her mouth, and immediately regretted it. “I’m sorry. It is not funny … it is cute.”

Thomas’s face turned red with embarrassment.

Grace moved to sit next to him and put her arm around his shoulder. “Don’t worry, you can’t hurt yourself. A boy playing with himself is perfectly natural.”

“Really?” he said, his face brightening.

“Yes, really.”

“Do you do it?” he asked.

That sent a shock through Grace. She paused for several long moments wondering if this was too personal. Yet she knew that he didn’t have anyone else to ask. She had to tell the truth. “Yes, sometimes.”

“You don’t have a penis like me, right?” He waited for Grace to nod and then asked, “So how do you do it?”

Grace wondered if he was only acting ignorant now. She couldn’t be sure so she had to answer. “I have a vagina and has an opening where the penis goes.”

“I know that,” he said as if he had not just learned it. After a pause he said, “So how do you do it then, you know, pleasure yourself?”

Grace felt her face glowing hotter. “Well … uh … the vagina is very sensitive and it feels good to rub it. There are lips that protect the opening and they swell with blood and become very sensitive to the touch. Then there is a special place at the top of the vagina and it has the same type of sensation as the head of the penis. In fact it is kind of like a little penis head. Instead of stroking it with my hand I rub it with my finger tips.”

“But since you have Dad, why do you need to do it like I do?”

“Well, sometimes we need to do it on our own. Only we can know what is the most pleasurable to our own bodies. So while many women feel guilty about doing it to themselves, most do. Women, based on our sexually repressed society, are not supposed to enjoy sex.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know. Our backward society says that it is wrong. Women can’t even vote.”

“So all women do it then?”

“Yes, all women masturbate … that is the word for it … masturbate … if they are normal.”

“Sometimes when I do it my thingie, uh penis, gets kind of raw. And sometimes it just kind of goes off too quickly.”

Grace’s face was bright red, but she laughed and said, “That’s because you need lubrication to keep down the friction. As far as doing it too quickly, you need patience and to take your time. It is all about pleasuring yourself while you are doing it and not just climaxing. The climax is great, but it is the end.”

Thomas nodded.

“Unfortunately many men don’t care how fast they climax. That means that many times, when they are done having intercourse, the woman is not satisfied.” Grace thought for a moment and then reached into her satchel and pulled out a coconut that was cut in half but wrapped back together with a vine. She handed it to him. “Here, take this. It has cream inside that I use to put on my body. If you put it on your hand and rub your penis it will make it more pleasureable.”

He took the coconut and said, “What about going off … you know getting off too fast?”

“‘Getting off’ as you call it, is climaxing and you have to practice in order to make it last longer. When you do it, take it slow, let it build up. When you feel too close, slow down or stop. With practice you can solve that problem.”

Thomas smiled and said, “I can do that … practice that is.”

“I bet you can,” Grace returned, holding back her smile this time. “A man climaxing too fast is rude and selfish. So if you practice delaying your climax you will be able to last longer and one day when you meet that special woman you will be ready.”

Thomas chose his words carefully. “Okay. But since I don’t have a girlfriend or a wife, and may never have one, I am not sure that matters.”

“It does matter,” Grace said, trying to keep a slight hysteria from her voice. “First of all the pleasure is better when you take your time, but beyond that, we have to keep up hope that we will get off this island one day. You need to be ready for that in all ways.” Grace felt frustration coming over her and knew she had to end the conversation. “Now run along and find your father.”

The following day they were back at the lagoon. After reading several chapters Thomas paused. “Mom, I tried the cream you gave me.”

“Good,” Grace said, not wanting to ask the next question, but knew Thomas was waiting for it. She said, “And did it help?”

“Well, yes and no. It felt really good and I didn’t get red, but it made me climax even quicker.”

Grace sighed.

“It is frustrating and I don’t know what to do about it,” Thomas said.

Suddenly there were crazy thoughts in Grace’s head. She tried to control her breathing as her heart started to race. The mother in her was screaming no, but her female in her was saying he needs help. The female won. She knew what she was about to do was against all the rules, and maybe she had gone mad, but these were desperate times and she knew that quite possibly they would never leave this island. With her head spinning with illicit excitement she reached into her satchel and pulled out her coconut cream. She opened it and said, “Take some of my cream on your hand.”

With a curious look Thomas took the container and scooped out some of the creamy oil. He held it in his hand and looked at his mother quizzically.

She knew that his father was gathering oysters near the wreckage and would be there most of the day. She turned back to him and said, “I will turn around. You take it … your penis out … and I will tell you what to do.”

“Really?” Thomas said with a wide grin. Hurrying in case she changed her mind, Thomas opened his pants and brought his already erect penis out quickly. He saw his mother glance at him for a second before she turned her head.

Grace’s face turned red when she realized he had seen her looking. She cleared her throat, and tried to calm her voice as she said, “Put the cream on … on your … your penis. Then begin to stroke it slowly, lightly.”

“Mmmm,” Thomas moaned as he felt the slick cream sliding up and down his penis. He started to stroke himself faster, which made a slapping sound.

“Not that fast. Do it slowly. You want to make it last. The buildup is very important to the overall pleasure.” She smiled in spite of what she was doing when she heard his moan of frustration. “Think about your favorite fantasy.”

“You,” he said softly, almost imperceptibly.

Grace heard it and shivered. She felt the heat gathering between her legs. It was insane, but she wanted to touch herself. Her hand secretly moved between her legs and her fingers pressed the seam of her riding britches between her pussy lips.

“I am getting close,” Thomas said breathlessly.

“No, not yet, slow down and make it last. I will tell you when you can finish.”

With another moan of frustration, Thomas slowed his hand movements.

“Stop stroking and use your fingers under the crown of the head and twist them slowly, with a gentle touch,” Grace directed. “That should feel very good.”

Another moan escaped his lips.

As Grace moved her fingers up and down the seam of her pants she said, “Stop for a moment or two.” She heard another moan. A few moments later she said, “Now, start again, but slowly. Slowly.” Grace was light headed now. Maybe it was sun stroke that was making her crazy like this, but she felt she could climax right there, sitting in front of her son as he stroked his cock.

“Mother … I’m getting close again.”

“No,” she said with a commanding voice. “Wait … make it last.”

This went on for about fifteen minutes until Grace knew that neither she nor he could wait much longer.

“Okay, you can do it faster now,” she said with a tremor in her voice. She heard him groan and then she clamped her legs together as her pussy began to pulse. The throbbing grew stronger with every moan escaping her son’s lips. Then she heard a loud groan and knew that he was climaxing. She couldn’t help sneaking a look at her son’s spewing cock.

A gasp escaped her lips and suddenly a strong climax shook her. She squeezed her legs together tightly. It was an incredible climax, one like she had not felt in years. She shook and almost lost her balance. Somewhere in the back of her mind she heard Thomas still gasping and moaning.

When the waves of pleasure finally abated she turned around and saw her son sitting with his eyes closed in post climatic pleasure, his now flaccid penis was lying on his leg. There was juice on the thigh of his pants and a string of it was hanging from the slit. Then she saw that most of his juices had spattered on her boot.

As Grace stared she had an incredible urge to touch herself again.

“That was really good,” he said with a smile.

Grace smiled in spite of the building shame at what she had allowed to happen. “Put yourself away,” she said motioning toward his flaccid penis, her eyes lingering just a bit longer than they should have.

“Oh, sorry,” Thomas said with his face turning red. After he was buttoned up he put his cutest smile on his face. He said, “Mother, can we do this again?”

Grace sighed. Could they? Would they? She wasn’t sure. She said, “We will see. But now you need to head down to the beach and help your father.”

Thomas jumped up and started to leave. Then he paused and quickly bent over and kissed his mother on the lips. “Thank you, Mom. You know, for … well for everything. You are the best mother on this island.”

Grace felt a tingle in her private place, but then she laughed and said, “Only the island?”

“This is our world, so it is the entire world for me.” With that he turned and walked down the trail toward the beach looking back at his mother with a smile as he went.

Grace sighed and leaned back on her hands with her face lifted to the bright sun. The tropical breeze fanned her still heated face and her hair swirled around her. Her nipples remained hard under her thin shirt. Unable to stop herself she moved her hands between her legs and began to rub her pussy again. When she climaxed this time, as much as she fought it, her thoughts were of her son.

Chapter 4

“Mom, aren’t we going to the lagoon today?” Thomas asked the next day when his mother showed no indication that she was getting ready to go.

Grace told Thomas that she wasn’t feeling well and that they would have to wait a few days for any further lessons. She wasn’t entirely lying as her period had started. But there was another reason … she was worried about being alone with him again. She could see that Thomas was upset but she convinced herself that it was unavoidable. She remembered the looks he had been giving her since she allowed him to masturbate and it was disquieting to say the least.

Two days later Grace was at the lagoon for her daily bath when she felt that she was being watched. As she stood ankle deep in the water she glanced up at the rocks but couldn’t see anything. She wondered if Thomas had followed her to the lagoon. Since the incident the other day Thomas had been following her around like a lost puppy dog. She knew it was infuriating Walter but it was also cute.

Grace glanced around the rocks above her again and then the trees circling the lagoon and saw movement. For a while she acted like she did not know he was there. She used a hand towel and her homemade soap to lather her breasts, spending a lot of time on her swollen nipples. She knew what she was doing was wrong, letting Thomas watch her, but she couldn’t stop herself. Suddenly a large rock slipped loose from the higher rocks and plunged into the water about ten feet away from her. “Thomas, come on out. I know you are there. Stop hiding, please.”

A moment later a sheepish Thomas emerged from the bushes on top of the boulders.

“Come down here, now,” Grace said commandingly.

Thomas carefully made his way down the rocks until he was near the water. Grace stood on the edge of the water holding one arm over her bare breasts and her other hand covering her private parts with a wash cloth. “It is too dangerous for you to be up there and I want you to stop spying on me, young man and to stay off those rocks.”

“I’m sorry, Mother. I just wanted to … to … see,”

“I know what you wanted to see.” Grace’s already hard nipples began to tingle when she saw the wide eyed stare of her son. “They are only breasts. All women have them.”

“They are beautiful breasts. They are the prettiest I have ever seen,” he said almost in a whisper.

Grace felt a chill run down her spine and she unconsciously thrust her breasts outward, keeping her arms covering most of her breast flesh. “So how many naked women’s breasts have you seen?” she asked.

“Not many … uh …I mean breasts that were actually bare, but yours are just as pretty bare as they are with your shirt on.”

“Thank you. But whose bare breasts have you seen?”

“Well yours while we were on the raft.”

“Oh,” Grace said. She had all but forgotten that. “Who else?”

“I saw Mabel’s breast once when she came out of the bathroom naked.”

Mabel was their large middle aged housekeeper in San Francisco. Grace laughed. “Of course mine are nicer then hers.”

“Can I see them? I mean I have already seen them on the raft, so it wouldn’t really be anything different.”

Grace opened her mouth to admonish him but then he said, “Your breasts are probably the only ones I will ever see.”

That got her. In an instant she felt a pain in her heart. He was right and they both knew it. Grace felt a rush of unwanted excitement go through her loins. This is crazy her mind screamed. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do. With her heart pounding and her head spinning she slowly lowered her arm.

Suddenly her son was staring at her naked breasts just a few feet in front of him. She could feel juice dripping from her pussy. Then, incredibly, she dropped the hand covering her vagina.

She could see the tent in his pants and knew he had an erection. She allowed him to stare for several long minutes and then trying to prevent her voice from cracking she said, “That should be enough for today.”

“Ah, come on Mom, that’s not fair. You gave me an erection and now you want to cut me off.”

“You got that erection all on your own, young man.” Suddenly she had more naughty and un-motherly like thoughts. Looking at his pouting face she said, “All right show me what you have learned.”

“Huh?” he said.

“What I showed you how to do the other day. I know you have been practicing it.”

Thomas’s face burned hot. Sheepishly he unbuttoned his pants and fished inside for his penis. Because it was hard it was difficult pulling it out of the opening. Suddenly it sprang out, throbbing and dripping juice.

Grace felt her pussy quiver and thought she was going to climax as she stared at her son’s hard cock. It was larger than she had through after the brief view the other day and it was bigger around.

Thomas said, “Can I have some of your … your cream?”

“Uh … what?” she asked, unable to hear him because of the roar in her ears.

“Your cream, you know … to help.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have the cream here, but I have some soap, which is just as good, I think.” She held her wash cloth out to him and watched him take it and rub the soap onto his cock.

Then with his eyes moving slowly up and down his mother’s naked body Thomas began to stroke himself. He did it slowly like she had showed him.

He wanted to make it last today … he wanted her to see that he had learned the lesson; he wanted his mother to see that he could delay his climax and let her know that if he ever got the chance to make love to a woman he would be a good lover.

Grace was breathing heavily now and her pussy was throbbing. She couldn’t help touching her breast.

She watched Thomas work his hand slowly up and down his penis, pausing at the head to twist his fingers under the crown before sliding back down again. He continued to masturbate for a long time, his eyes never leaving his mother’s beautiful body.

“I’m getting close, can I finish?” he asked.

The fact that he asked permission to climax pleased Grace. She felt a rush of pride that touched her core and knew he would be a good lover someday … if he ever got the opportunity. “Not just yet. Stroke yourself some more.” Did she say that because she wanted to watch him longer or was it to teach him? She wasn’t sure. She could feel her pussy begin to pulse and she began to tremble. A few minutes later, with a tremor in her voice she said, “O … kay, you may climax.”

With a grateful moan Thomas thrust his hips forward and he froze. Suddenly his cock throbbed and a huge jet of juice shot from the head, landing in the water a few feet from Grace. As she watched the clear water bring the thick juice close to her she began to climax, without even touching her pussy. She shook and moaned and her eyes suddenly closed very tightly. Her head was spinning so much she thought she might collapse. Before that could happen she opened her eyes to see her son staring at her with wonder.

“Did … did you … uh … do it too?” he asked innocently.

Grace couldn’t lie to him, but she didn’t trust her voice so she only nodded. She looked down at the huge amount of cum that was still floating on the water and shivered again. She handed him her towel and said, “Now clean yourself up and get back to work with your father.”

As Grace left the lagoon she began to feel remorse again. What am I doing, she wondered? He is my son and I am showing him my naked body and teaching him how to masturbate. I have definitely gone mad. By the time she reached the hut she had reminded herself of the unusual situation they were in. Her son had no one but her to teach him … he had no friends, boy or girl, and there was a good chance he never would. What else could she do?

Chapter 5

Thomas and his mother sat close to one another and watched the water cascade from the rocks to the lagoon below. It was a warm and breezy day, like most days on the island, and the sun was shining through the water fall mist creating a gorgeous rainbow of colors. It was a glorious day, but for some reason Thomas seemed morose and sullen.

“What’s wrong, Thomas?” Grace asked.

He skipped a rock across the lagoon before saying, “I was just thinking.”

“About what?”

He sighed and said, “I was thinking how terrible it would be if I were here without you. I mean what if Dad and I were the only survivors and you weren’t here? Worse, if something happened to you, I don’t think I would want to live.”

“Please, Sweetheart, don’t say that,” Grace said and pulled Thomas’s face around to her, her hands on his cheeks. “I’m here and nothing is going to happen to me.”

Thomas had tears in his eyes. “I get depressed sometimes thinking about that and our situation here.”

“We all get depressed sometimes, Sweetheart, but we must fight it. We can never give up hope,” Grace said as tears started to stream from her eyes. Staring into her son’s eyes the rest of the world magically melted around her. There was no more sun, water fall, or breeze, just his incredibly sad eyes. A moment later her lips were pressed to his.

Her mouth opened and her tongue pushed into his mouth. A moan gurgled deep in her throat as she realized that she was kissing her son. Yet that didn’t stop her.

The kiss went on and on until Grace could barely breathe. Her pussy was starting to drip and her nipples were throbbing. Concerned that she might climax she pushed Thomas away. She closed her eyes and took several deep breaths. She was about to say that the kiss was inappropriate when Thomas spoke.

“Wow,” Thomas said looking at his mother with wonder. It seemed that he was as surprised by the kiss as his mother was. Then he added, “Can we do that again sometime.” His mood had suddenly brightened.

“We’ll see,” Grace answered noncommittally. Then she shook her head and wondered if his comments had all been a put-on in order to get her to kiss him. She stared into his blue eyes and convinced herself that it wasn’t. “Okay, it’s time for you to do your reading.”

“After my lessons can I ask you some more questions … you know about the birds and the bees.”

Grace felt a chill run down her spine. “Yes, if I can answer them I will.”

Thomas read his chapters and then several poems before he closed the books and set them aside.

“So now, what did you want to ask me?” Grace said, feeling strangely excited.

“Well, you know I don’t know much about women and will probably never get a chance to, but I have some questions. You explained how making babies happens but not much about a woman. You know, like what are the parts of a woman? What kind of touches do they like, what are the sensitive parts, and what can a man do to really please his lover?”

The chill turned into a tremor as her heart started to race. “Wow, that is a lot for one sitting.”

“You can break it into parts if you want. Take all the time you need, I’m a captive audience,” he said with a smile.

She shook her head in mock resignation and paused to gather her thoughts. “Okay, let me see, first a woman likes to kiss a lot.”

“Like we did,” Thomas added. “I liked it too.”

“Yes, like we did. It is just part of her nature and tells her that she is loved. A woman needs to know that she is loved. She can never be kissed too much.”

“I love you, Mother,” Thomas said sincerely.

“I know, Sweetheart, and I love you too,” she answered, stroking his cheek.

He grabbed her hand from his face. “No. Not like a kid kissing his mother … like … well, it is more than that. I don’t know how to explain it.”

Grace didn’t respond for fear that she might say something she would regret. Instead she said, “Unfortunately your father and I do not kiss much anymore.”

“Why not, I loved our kiss?”

Grace’s face flushed as she remembered the feeling of his soft lips and her tongue searching his mouth. “Your father is older, in his late fifties, and men lose the desire for that kind of thing.”

“I will kiss you anytime you want,” Thomas said.

Grace sighed and said, “I’m sure you would, but back to the lesson. Beyond kissing, all women love to have their breasts played with, especially their nipples. They are very sensitive most of the time and sometimes almost too sensitive.” Grace noticed Thomas squirming around. She could see he had an erection all ready. “What’s wrong?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Uh … I’m just a little uncomfortable … you know … the jeans are tight.”

“I can see why,” she responded looking down at the tent in his trousers. “Why don’t you take them off?” Once the words were out Grace could not believe they came from her lips. Had she really told her son to take his pants off?

Thomas’ eyes opened wide. Really?” But before she could change her mind he jumped up and stripped off his jeans. His cock popped free and bounced excitedly in front of him. He saw his mother’s stare and a wave of excitement rushed through him. The lagoon grew very quiet as Thomas let his mother look. Her breathing seemed heavier and there was a strange look on her face.

Finally Grace said, “Sit down, please.”

“That’s better,” he said. Then he boldly reached for his penis and took hold of it. “Now you can continue.”

Grace couldn’t help but stare at is cock again. It was but inches from her and she could see it pulsing. It was not as long as his father’s was, but it seemed much harder. Suddenly her shorts felt very tight in the crotch.

“Go on, Mom.”

“Oh, yes, sorry,” she said as she shook her head and turned her eyes from his erection. “The breasts are not just for making love, however, they also serve a very practical purpose. Once a woman gets pregnant they become much larger and begin to produce milk.”

Thomas’ eyes opened wide and he said, “I can’t imagine your breast much bigger.”

Grace laughed. “True, but they certainly were bigger when I was pregnant with you.”

“Can I see your breasts again?” he asked. “Purely for educational purposes,” he added with a broad smile.

He has already seen them, so what does it matter, she thought? Grace was wearing a pair of shorts and a button up top that she had tied in a knot below her breasts. Without answering she sat up, untied her top and pulled it off.

Thomas gasped and quickly removed his hand from his cock, fearing he might climax.

Without giving it much thought Grace placed her hands on her breasts and began to play with her hard nipples as she continued. “So the breasts are very practical as well as a very important part in foreplay.”

“What is foreplay?”

“It is what men should do with women before they actually penetrate them. It takes women more time to warm up to sex then is does men so you need to spend time on the breasts. Then of course there is the neck, right here,” she said gently rubbing her fingers across the nape of her neck and around her shoulder blade. “Don’t forget the ears. That is a very sensitive place as well. Truthfully most of the woman’s body is sensitive to the lips and tongue.” Grace could feel her pussy dripping. She took a deep breath and began again. “Then of course there is the vagina.”

“I have never seen one of those … except for when you were standing in the water at the lagoon. But I couldn’t see much then,” he said.

“You are going to have to use your imagination there, young man.”

“That is hard to do when I have never seen it.”

Grace shook her head. “Anyway, the parts of the vagina are the out lips, the labia major and the inner lips, the labia minor. The outer lips are less sensitive then the inner. The inner lips swell with blood when stimulated.” Grace paused. She could see that Thomas had no idea what she was talking about. Her heart began to pound in her chest as she started to have naughty thoughts again. This is crazy, her mind screamed. Then before she had a chance to change her mind she stood up. “I shouldn’t do this, but I can see that you don’t understand.” Suddenly she pulled off her shorts.

Thomas gasped and stared in disbelief. His eyes were wide as he watched his mother drop her shorts onto the rock. He slowed his hand movement on his cock as he stared with mouth agape.

Grace sat back down and leaned back. Every part of her body was tingling now. Her heart was pounding and chest heaving. The excitement of the moment and the look in Thomas’ eyes pushed away any doubt she had about exposing herself to her son, at least for the moment. The world seemed to be spinning around her. The only thing she could hear above the ringing in her ears was the sound of her rapid heartbeat.

Finally Grace calmed herself enough to say, “You can look closer as I explain the parts if you want.”

Thomas scooted closer, never losing his grip on his cock.

There was a tremor in Grace’s voice as she continued, “This area is called the vagina and these are the outer lips,” she said as she ran her finger up and down the smooth skin on each side of her pussy. “Inside are the inner lips,” she said pulling her lips apart for him to see. “The inner lips are much more sensitive and they get wet and swollen when the woman is excited.”

“They look wet and swollen now,” Thomas said innocently.

“Uh … yes … yes they are,” Grace stuttered. Then she placed her index and middle finger around her clit and spread the hood of skin. Her swollen clit popped out. An involuntary moan escaped her lips.

Grace could feel the little nub throbbing. “This little thing at the top is called the clitoris and is the most sensitive spot. See, it looks kind of like the penis head and has the same kind of nerve endings. It should be stimulated by the penis or a finger when having intercourse. It throbs when stimulated.” Grace touched the nub and watched as it pulsed.

Thomas’ mouth was open as he stared in wonder. “Your vagina is gorgeous.”

“Thank you,” Grace whispered as she touched her clit several times and watched it throb.

“So when you masturbate you rub that little thing?” Thomas said. He was breathing heavily now and his cock was dripping juice across his knuckles.

“Yes, and sometimes I put a finger inside as well,” Grace said. Her breathing was increasing rapidly as she watched the fascination in her son’s face. She glanced down and saw him stroking his cock. Then she leaned back a little more and opened her lips wider so he could see deeper into her. She wanted to push her finger into her opening but knew she would climax the moment she did. Juice began to bubble from her opening.

“Is that … uh … pee?” Thomas asked pointing at the juice trickling out.

“No. It is precum, just like the fluid that comes out of the tip of your penis.”

“It is,” Thomas said as he looked at the juice on his fingers and then at his mother’s pussy.

“This little hole is where … where urine comes from,” she said as she touched the opening. It pulsed and opened and closed like a sea urchin grasping for plankton. “And the larger hole is where the penis goes. The walls inside swell and they caress the penis, helping the man to climax.”

Thomas stared in fascination. He stroked his cock faster. “Can you touch your clitoris for me again?” he asked.

“No, I shouldn’t,” Grace breathed, desperately wanting to do just that.

“Please. Let’s do it together.”

Grace was about to explode. She wanted to touch herself more than she ever had, but it was so wrong to be doing it while her son watched. Yet he was right, she was watching him stroke his cock. Losing the battle she moved her fingers to her clit again and rubbed it. A moan escaped her lips. Suddenly she slipped a finger into her wet opening. “This … this is … how the penis goes in,” she gasped as she moved her finger in and out several times. “The vagina makes the penis … penis … wet to make it easier,” she gasped. “Then I just rub the little clit with my … wet finger and … oh, my,” she gasped.

Thomas leaned even closer, his breath coming in great gasps now.

“It doesn’t … take much … to … to … stimulate the clitoris when it is swollen.” It was getting more and more difficult for her to speak. She threw her head back as pleasure rushed through her. She couldn’t believe how exciting it was masturbating in front of her son. Suddenly, before she could prevent it, she began to shake all over as a climax built. It was way too soon but she couldn’t hold back the tide. “Oh God, Thomas, I going to … ohhhhh, ahhhhhhiiiiieee,” she gasped as her body began to convulse. She vaguely heard Thomas moan before she was racked with an explosive climax. Then she felt Thomas’ juice splatter across her chest and her climax intensified.

Her body shook as pleasure rushed from her engorged clit to her brain and back again. Her toes curled and she gasped for breath. Fireworks exploded in her head. Her legs and thighs quivered uncontrollably and juice gushed from her throbbing hole. Once she was over the peak and sliding down the other side she fell onto her back.

A few minutes later she opened her eyes and moved up to her elbows. Thomas was lying on his back with his eyes closed and looked like he was asleep. Then she looked down and gasped; she had his cum all over her stomach, pussy, and the back of her hand.

She fell back with a satisfied sigh and lay there for a few minutes. As always she began to feel incredible shame at what she had allowed to happen. It was difficult for her to open her eyes again, but Thomas had to get back to do his chores. She shook him.

He sat up looking around like one does when awaken from a deep sleep. When he saw his mother leaning over him, he smiled and said, “Wow.”

Grace didn’t respond, still feeling the pangs of regret. “You have to get back to do your chores,” she said without emotion.

He nodded and began to get up. Then he saw the mess he had made all over his mother. His face turned red and he said, “Sorry.”

She looked down again and was shocked again by the sight. She was surprised at how much he had shot. It was far more than his father did. “Don’t worry about it,” she said. She had the sudden almost uncontrollable urge to lick the back of her hand but controlled the impulse. Then she stood up quickly and said, “I have to go into the water to wash off. I will see you back at the house.”

As she turned to go Thomas caught her hand. “Thanks, Mom,” he said and pulled her to him.

She didn’t resist when he pressed his lips to hers. She allowed him to kiss her for a long time, their tongues searching each other’s mouth. Then she felt his cock harden between her legs she pulled away. “Go home,” she said and gently pushed him away.

As she watched him leave she brought her hand to her mouth and began to lick the juice. With her other hand she found her still throbbing pussy. As she consumed her son’s juice she climaxed again.

Chapter 6

As the months passed Grace and Thomas continued their liaisons at the lagoon. For some time she wouldn’t allow the contact to go further than it had already. They would watch one another masturbate but she had a strict rule about touching, other than kissing. And they kissed a lot, which both she and Thomas enjoyed.

She had managed to keep Thomas satisfied with their mutual masturbation practices but could tell that he wanted more and it was getting harder and harder to refuse him. The kisses were making it more difficult to push his hands away when he tried to touch her breasts. It took all of her strength and motherly instincts to deny him.

Then one day at the lagoon she had unwillingly allowed him to go farther. Thomas was naked as he usually was when they were at the lagoon now. They had been playing in the water. She was wearing a blouse that was tied in the middle under her breasts and a pair of shorts that were not much more than panties. The top had become wet from their splashing in the lagoon. Thomas slipped behind her and turned her head toward him. He kissed her lips for a long time. After a few minutes he moved his lips to her neck. Unfortunately she had taught him how erotic that area was to the touch of lips. She trembled in excitement and her hand moved up to the back of his head, pulling his lips tighter.

As his lips trailed down her sensitive skin his hand moved up her stomach toward her breasts.

“Thomas, no,” she gasped, but she didn’t move to stop him.

His hand moved closer.

“No, no, no, Thomas,” she gasped but still did nothing to stop him.

His fingertips moved under the lower part of her blouse and she gasped. Her breathing increased. His fingers crawled higher across the underside of her breast.

Grace could feel Thomas’ dripping cock touch her leg and she knew that the crotch of her shorts would be wet soon, but not with water.

“Please, Thomas, I’m your mother,” she whispered, but held his head to her neck.

Then his hand worked under her top until he was at her breast. “Thomas,” she gasped again but had no strength to pull his hand away. He is my son, she screamed inside her head. Now he had my tit in his hand. This is crazy, this is madness. But she allowed him to squeeze and manipulate her breast until she felt her knees grow week. Suddenly she was startled out of her trance as a branch in the woods snapped. It was only a small animal, but it was enough for Grace to gather the strength to stop her son. She pulled his hand away. “That is enough for today,” she said, still gasping for breath. “We have to get back to the house so I can start dinner.”

Thomas knew when to quit. He smiled and took his mother’s hand as they walked back to the house.


Recently Grace had seen a change in Thomas. While he was sensitive to her, he was becoming more aggressive toward his father. It was obvious that he resented his father’s relationship with her.

It had also become more difficult for her to hide their growing intimate relationship from Walter. She had warned Thomas about overt physical closeness when his father was around, but because he was young it was difficult for him to control his impulses or grasp the seriousness of the situation. Several times when she had been preparing dinner he had come up behind her and hugged her, pressing his groin to her ass. Walter had noticed and while he didn’t say anything his eyes showed his displeasure.

Grace tried to ease the situation by being extra affectionate with Walter. Unfortunately it seemed that Walter was generally satisfied with sex once a month. She tried to force the issue, figuring if she got sex from him it would dampen her ardor when she was around her son. Unfortunately the result was an even greater problem.

One night, after they had all retired, Grace decided she would treat her husband special and perform oral sex. She knew he liked it but it had been years since she had sucked him off. When she thought Thomas was asleep she began kissing Walter. She started kissing down his chest and could tell immediately that he was willing. She had always like sucking him, but somehow it just never happened anymore. She threw her leg over his head and twisted around, trying to give him the hint that he could reciprocate if he wanted. Unfortunately he didn’t like eating her so he didn’t get, or more likely, ignored the message.

As she drew close to his suddenly throbbing erection she heard movement and realized that Thomas had awakened. He had apparently gotten up to get a drink of water. She was right in the middle of sucking his father and it was too late to stop. She knew if she did stop it would cause difficulty between her and Walter. She also knew that she had to make it good for him or he might think that she was only doing it to hide her relationship with their son.

There was no way to hide what she was doing so she looked over at her son as she grasped her husband’s throbbing cock and began to lick the head. She could see Thomas’s eyes staring at her but she wasn’t sure if it was anger or excitement she saw. Then she saw that he had an erection and she felt some relief. She went back to work on her husband, sucking and licking the head for a long time before taking it into her mouth. That brought a quiet moan from Walter. She stroked his cock as she sucked the head and he gasped. She knew he never lasted long when she was sucking him. True to form, within minutes he was moaning and bucking his hips. When he lifted his hips from the bed and froze she covered the head of his cock with her mouth. A second later her mouth was filled with his spurting seed. She drank it down as she had always done and then licked up what she had missed before pulling away. She looked up and saw that Thomas had gone back to bed.

The following day at the lagoon Thomas seemed reserved. Grace knew what was wrong. Jealously was becoming a bigger and bigger problem.

“Thomas, what’s the matter?”

“You know. I saw you with father last night.”

“I am his wife so I should be with him.”

“Did you have to … to … do what you did … you know, suck him?”

Grace sighed. She moved over and sat next to Thomas, putting her arm around his shoulders. “Thomas, I did that for us.”

“For us,” he almost screamed. “You put your mouth on his penis for us?”

“Yes. I am worried about the jealously between the two of you. It is palpable and on the verge of being destructive. I see the anger in your eyes as well as his. The two of you barely talk anymore. I wanted to do something special for him in hope of alleviating some of the tension. I suppose it didn’t work, at least for you.”

When Thomas did not respond Grace said, “Talk to me, Thomas.”

“There is nothing to say. There are two men and one woman on this island.”

Grace sucked in her breath. That comment had summed up the issue in a couple of words. She knew that she should say that he was her husband again, but she also knew that it might make him even angrier at his father.

She decided to try another tactic. “What can I do to make it up to you?”

Thomas did not answer and she knew she needed drastic measures. With her heart pounding and her hand trembling she reached over and grasped his thigh. “Thomas, take your clothes off,” she said as she stood up and began to take her own clothes off. When she was naked she sat back down.

It was obvious that Thomas was trying to continue his anger, but the sight of his mother’s naked body changed all that. He stood up and slowly undressed. When he was naked she told him to kneel. Thomas did not say a word, he simply got to his knees in front of his mother, staring at her.

Grace saw his cock pulsing and her pussy began to moisten. His cock was still not as long as his father’s but it was bigger around. She reached for her satchel and took out her cream, pouring some on her hand and rubbing them together.

For the first time she touched her son’s cock. The feeling of his hard, hot tool in her hand caused electric current to rush through her. Her breathing became heavy and her pussy began to quiver. She tightened her hand around him and began to stroke his cock. With each movement his cock seemed to grow larger. Her head was spinning like the first time she had climaxed with him. The enormity of what she was doing was almost more than she could fathom … she was masturbating her son … she had his hard cock in her hand and was stroking him.

Grace worked on his cock for a long time, slowing her strokes when he showed signs of impending climax. She teased and tortured him, exciting her as well as him. When she finally relented and allowed him to climax, it was a gusher. His juice squirted high into the air, several blasts actually hitting her in the face, more landing on her chest, and the rest hitting the rock below them.

It seemed to be a never ending well. Never had she seen so much cum from his father. Grace had to restrain herself from licking up the sticky substance.

When his cock was soft they both fell back on the rock, lying next to each other, looking up at the sky.

Grace’s body was still tingling and her mind was racing. She was unaware that Thomas had moved close behind her. But she knew it when she felt his hand reach over and rest on her bare stomach. When she turned her head toward him his lips were there.

She felt his tongue in her mouth and she touched it with her own, circling it and playing with it and then sucking it. There was still no strength in her arms when his hand began to move upward from her stomach. She froze when his knuckles reached the underside of her bare breast. Then a loud gasp escaped her lips as his hand covered her tit.

She grasped his wrist, but she could not bring herself to pull his hand away. Thomas took that as her acceptance and began to kneed and squeeze her soft flesh. His fingers found her large nipples and began to squeeze first one and then the other. All the time his mouth never left hers. It was as if he were afraid she would tell him to stop if he broke the kiss. He was probably correct.

Finally when Grace was squirming under her son’s breast manipulation he grew bolder. His hand left her breast and moved downward and then behind her. Grace moaned deep in her throat, as if she was trying to scream. She was unable or unwilling to stop him. Her legs spread as his fingers sought and found her soaked pussy.

With no ability to stop him or the resulting reaction of her body she allowed her son to possess her pussy with his fingers. He was gentle, searching and exploring like a child with a new toy. He had listened well to her instructions.

Finally Grace pulled her mouth from her son and spoke. “Higher,” she gasped. “Rub my clit. Oh God.”

Grace was sailing above the ground clouds. Her hips moved up and down against his exploring finger. “Harder,” she hissed. He moved his fingers faster, worrying the little nub until it was pulsing. His lips went to her neck and he began to gently kiss and bite her. Suddenly fireworks went off in her head. Her body froze and a long and low moan escaped her. The pleasure seemed to go on and on until she thought she was losing consciousness. She fought it. But then, when the first climax ended, Thomas’s fingers slipped into her body again. He pushed in deeply until he was at his knuckles. Then he moved them around as if searching. When Grace moaned he knew he had found the right spot. He rubbed the sack just behind her clit. The explosion shook her body and sent her into convulsions. Her pussy began to squirt juice all over her thighs, his hand, and the stone below. It was gushing out of her. Nothing mattered to Grace anymore, nothing but her son’s mouth and searching fingers.

Chapter 7

As always, after the incident Grace felt incredibly guilty. She had settled one problem, but created another even bigger one. She knew that it was only a matter of time before Thomas would try to go further. There was no way to get away from him, even if she wanted to. In truth, no matter how much she wanted to deny it, she had enjoyed their encounters.

They took another step one evening as Walter lay napping after a hard day of fishing and hunting. Thomas had come up behind his mother and grasped her breasts. She was wearing only a shirt and a pair of panties. Instead of pushing him away she glanced over to make sure Walter was still asleep and then she leaned back into him. He took that as an invitation and turned her head and began kissing her neck.

Before Grace realized what was happening she had turned in his arms and they were pressed tightly together kissing.

She could feel Thomas’s hard cock pressing to her stomach. She pulled away and looked over at his father who was snoring. With a finger to her lips she grabbed his hand and took him outside and down the ladder until they were on the ground level of the tree house. Walter was but ten feet above them inside. Again Grace put her finger to her lips for silence. Then she slowly dropped to her knees intending to masturbate him. She slowly unbuttoned his pants and then fished inside for his hard cock.

Thomas stared down at his mother waiting for her to use her sweet hand on him.

Grace’s trembled when she realized the position she was in; kneeling in front of her son with his cock just inches from her face. A bubble of his clear juice began to drip from the slit in head. She could smell his musk and see his ball sack squirming. She had only intended to jerk him off but like a magnet she was drawn closer and closer to his cock. With a deep moan she took it into her mouth.

“Moooooottttthhhhhher,” he whispered in a long hiss.

Grace paused and reluctantly pulled his cock from her mouth. It was too late to stop now. She had already taken her son’s cock into her mouth. She listened for a moment and then said, “Shhhh, you have to be quiet.”

Thomas nodded dumbly and watched his mother begin to suck his cock again. He rested his hands on her head and closed his eyes. He had never felt anything so wonderful. It has to be a dream his mind screamed. But when he opened his eyes again, there she was, his own mother on her knees, her pretty blue eyes looking up at him, and she was sucking his cock. He almost climaxed right then.

Grace knew the urgency to get him off, but she also wanted him to enjoy it. She took her time, licking and sucking his hard shaft until he was mad with desire. She looked up at him and whispered, “Cum, climax in your mother’s mouth. I want it. I want to taste you. I want to swallow your juice.” She heard the words but couldn’t believe they had come from her mouth.

The words send Thomas over the edge. He bit his lip and grunted quietly as his cock head grew huge inside her mouth. Then the floodgates opened. He heard his mother gag for a moment, but he was too far gone to stop. He held her head to his pulsing and spitting cock as his balls emptied into her rabidly sucking mouth.

For a moment Grace thought she was going to choke, but she swallowed quickly and just in time for another blast. It came and came and came. She couldn’t believe the quantity or how much she loved the taste of her son’s juice. Without touching herself she began to climax as well. If his cock had not been deep in her mouth she would have collapsed. Everything around her faded and all she could think of was the pleasure running through her, the sweet taste of her son’s seed, and the incredible feeling of it sliding down her throat.

When he was drained she sat back and looked up at Thomas. His eyes were closed but there was a smile on his face. She wiped a gob of cum from her lip and then licked it off. Then she rose to her feet. She was surprised when Thomas pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. A moan escaped her lips as his tongue searched her mouth. Breathlessly she pulled away and looked into her son’s loving eyes.

“Thank you, Mother,” he said and smiled.

She kissed him again before they went back into the house to find Walter sitting up on the bed. For a moment they thought he had heard them but then he rubbed his eyes and said, “Where have you two been?”

“We just took a walk so we wouldn’t disturb your nap,” she lied.

Thomas had to turn away in fear that he would break out laughing.

The following evening Thomas and Grace were sitting on a swing that Walter had built on the porch. Walter was upstairs, already in bed asleep. There was a small candle on inside the hut but otherwise it was dark. Grace had put on a shirt and panties after her evening bath.

The jungle was alive with the sounds of the night and the waves of the ocean beat a steady tempo against the shore just a couple hundred feet away. Grace put her head on her son’s shoulder and grasped his hand. Incredible as it seemed she was content at that moment. The tension between father and son had not gotten better, but it had not become worse either. It almost seemed as if Walter had come to realize that he had to share his wife with his son if they were going to survive as a family. But she didn’t think he knew how much he was actually sharing.

Thomas turned his mother’s face to him and kissed her. At the same time he reached for her shirt, quickly unbuttoning the buttons until both breasts were free.

“Thomas,” she gasped, “Your father could wake up at any time.”

“Naw, he sleeps like a log. Kiss me,” he said.

Throwing caution to the sea breezes she fell into his arms and kissed him. As his hand cupped her breasts hers went to tent in his jeans. Mother and son sat on the porch kissing like teenaged lovers on their first date.

Grace pulled away and slowly opened his pants and then pulled out his erection. She looked down at the moonlit shaft she had in her hand and almost drooled.

Then she bent over and took him into her mouth. As her husband and his father slept a few feet above them she sucked her son again.

“Mom,” Thomas said as he pulled her away from his cock.

“What?” she asked, suddenly worried that Walter had awakened.

“I want to do it to you this time.”

“Do what?”

“Use my mouth on you.”

Grace thought she had heard him incorrectly. “What?” she said.

“I want to suck you like you did for me. Then you can return the favor.”

“Oh my God,” she gasped. “I’ve never … I mean your father never has.

“He never did it to you?”

“No. He started to once, but then stopped.”

“Selfish bastard,” Thomas hissed. “So you have never had it done?”


“But people do it, right?”

“Yes, according to my romance novels, all the time.”

“Then I want to do it too.”

“Oh God, Thomas, this is so wrong. I am your mother,” she said as if pleading with him.

“You have sucked me already and now it is my turn.”

With her heart pounding in her chest she said, “But where? We need to go somewhere.”

“No, here. Just lean back and I will get on my knees.”

“Thomas, that is crazy. Your father is right upstairs.”

“You sucked me here just last night, so I want to do it to you here.” Before she could protest Thomas slipped to his knees. He pulled her panties off quickly and then lifted her legs to his shoulders. He grasped her ass cheeks with his hands and pulled her closer. Now he could see her pussy highlighted by the moonlight and thought he would never live to see anything more beautiful. He could smell the scent of coconut oil, soap, and wild flowers mixed with the earthy smell of her special scent. It was intoxicating.

Grace put her hands on her son’s shoulders as if to push him away. “Please, Thomas, let’s wait, we can do it another time,” she begged. Yet deep inside she would have died if he had listened to her. Even she knew that her words rang hollow.

“Tell me what you like. I want to pleasure you with my tongue and mouth. Tell me how you like it.”

“Oh God, Thomas, you don’t have to do this.”

“I want to. Please.”

Grace trembled and sighed. She said, “Use your tongue on the outer lips and do it slowly. Tease me before you move on to the inner lips. Suck them into your mouth gently.”

With a moan Thomas bent his head and placed his mouth gently on her beautiful flower.

Grace almost climaxed. Her swirling brain could not comprehend what was happening … it only knew the pleasure of her son’s mouth.

When Thomas’ tongue found her wet flesh he heard her gasp and her hips arched. He covered the outer lips with his wide opened mouth and licked. A moan told him he was doing it right. After a few minutes he moved on to her wet and smooth inner lips. Another gasp of pleasure slipped from her lips. He licked and sucked the swollen lips into his mouth, teasing the flesh with gentle bites. Then he slid his tongue down, found her juicy opening and plunged inside. Grace suddenly bucked like a mare with a bur under the saddle. She pushed her fist into her mouth to cut off a scream of pleasure. She had never felt anything so good in all her life. His moving tongue was alive in her pussy. A second later she was climaxing. Juice squirted from her convulsing hole and into Thomas’s mouth. He drank it down without pausing. Before she had recovered from her first climax, with her pussy still in spasm, Thomas found her clit with his tongue. The touch of his tongue was like a bolt of lightning to Grace.

“Yes, yes, yes, lick my clit. Gently, please lick me,” she gasped.

Her legs clamped around her son’s head and her hips bucked into his sucking mouth as everything around her faded into a whirlpool of illicit pleasure. She sank deeper and deeper as the waves of pleasure continued their wonderful assault on her body. That was the last thing she remembered.

When Grace awakened she was cradled in her son’s arms. She opened her eyes and looked up at his smiling face. “That was … that was … so, so incredible. I have never felt anything like that. Thank you,” she whispered as pulled his head down for a passionate but sweet kiss.

It took her a few minutes to regain her strength. When she did she slipped to her knees in front of Thomas and grasped his cock. As she took him into her mouth she glanced up and froze. Above his head she could see movement between the cracks of the vine and wood floor. She saw that Walter was standing outside looking down at them. For a moment she thought about getting up, but then realized that it was far too late. She wondered if he had seen everything that had happened. She knew that if he were going to stop them he would have rushed down the moment he saw what was going on. No, he is not going to do anything, she realized with great relief.

Then her mind was no longer on her husband. Her son’s cock was in her mouth and she was going to please like he had done her. She would deal with the consequences later. With renewed enthusiasm she began to make love to her son’s cock. She sucked the head and then licked it. Her tongue found the slit and she worried it with the tip. Then she used her tongue to swirl around under the crown, a place she knew from Walter that men liked. She worked on her son’s cock for a long time, thinking of how proud she was of his ability to hold off his climax. She knew he must be incredibly excited by the amount of juice pouring from his opening. Yet he held out until she began to pump his shaft and suck the head.

“Can I cum in your mouth, Mother?” he asked politely.

Grace moaned her approval deep in her throat. She felt her son’s hands on her head and his fingers in her hair. A moment later his seed was blasting into her waiting mouth. She knew it was going to be a lot, but she was ready for it this time. Her mouth filled and she swallowed, and then it filled again, and again, and once again. Each time she swallowed she felt her own pussy spasm and a little climax ripped through her.

When she had sucked her son dry and cleaned up around his softened clock she stood up. She bent over and kissed him on the lips. “Mmmm, I can taste my pussy on your lips.”

“And I can taste my sperm in your mouth,” he said with a laugh.

“Good night, Sweetheart,” she whispered and then picked up her panties and climbed the ladder to the hut.

Thomas watched his mother leave, staring at her sexy bare ass as she slowly ascended the ladder. He put his feet up and leaned back on the swing reliving the incredible feeling of his mother’s mouth on his cock.

Grace slipped into bed next to her husband and went to sleep almost immediately.

She was having a wonderful dream when she was suddenly startled awake. It wasn’t a dream. Walter had apparently awakened and was kissing her breasts and playing with her pussy. With a sigh of pleasure she gave herself up to his experienced hands. Soon, however, she needed more. She wanted his cock. She pulled him over her and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Fuck me, fuck your naughty wife,” she whispered.

Walter pounded into his wife with a vengeance. It had been a while since they had made love like this and he was more than ready after what he had witnessed.

Grace couldn’t believe how good it felt to have a cock in her. It seemed like Walter was making a special effort to please her. Often he got on her and pounded her for a few seconds before he shot his load. Tonight he was being a masterful lover. He pounded into her until she had climaxed multiple times.

Finally Grace moaned, “Cum in me. Shoot your hot cum into my pussy.”

He did, filling her to overflow before falling onto the bed in exhaustion. Grace had a broad smile on her face as she fell back to sleep.

Part II: Adam and Eve, Kane and Able and the ultimate Taboo

Chapter 1

It had taken a long time but it seemed that Thomas and Walter had reached an unspoken agreement that each would overlook their own possessive jealously for the good of the family. Yet, they did not act like father and son, for that was no longer possible. If anything they acted as equals in all things with the exception of their relationship with Grace. Obviously Walter could have intercourse with her, while Thomas could not. So far she had laid down the law to Thomas there. He was her son and since she had no way to protect herself from pregnancy, intercourse was out. Yet that didn’t stop Thomas from trying.

Their day at the lagoon was destined to be different from the others. Grace had taken a few new books for Thomas to read plus a book she could use to teach him geography. Another one happened to be the Bible. As soon as they arrived, Thomas laid the books down and took his mother into his arms.

“Thomas, we need to get on with your geography lesson today,” Grace said, only half serious.

“We have all day to do that. Dad is off to the other side of the island so we don’t have to worry about him,” he said.

Grace moaned and allowed him to unbutton her shirt and then slip it off her shoulders. He quickly dispensed with her pants before she had time to protest and then he took off his jeans. A moment later he had pushed her onto her back on the rock and spread her legs. Grace had a pretty good idea what he wanted and she wasn’t going to object.

When Thomas paused and didn’t touch her pussy she looked down at him. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing, I just wanted to look at your pussy. I haven’t seen it in the light for a while.”

Grace loved that he wanted to look at her but it was nonetheless embarrassing; after all, she had always been a modest person and more importantly, it was her son staring at her private parts. Yet, she was also incredibly excited.

“Beautiful,” he said. “Your pussy is the prettiest one in the world.”

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“It’s perfect. I love that you only have a little bit of hair around the lips, that way I can see the sun glistening off your juices.” With that he bent his head and began to lick her.

On the rocks above, unbeknownst to them, Walter stood watching. He was a good several hundred yards away, but he could see plainly what they were doing. He knew that they were intimate, but he wondered just how far it had gone. If they were having intercourse then she could get pregnant and that worried him. The island was no place to have and raise a baby. He watched as his son used his mouth on his mother, and in spite of his deep seated belief that it was wrong, he nonetheless had an erection.

Grace’s moans of pleasure told Thomas that he was doing it right. He took his time, kissing and licking every square inch of her pussy. By the time he made it to her clit she was fit to be tied.

“Lick my clit, please,” she begged.

“Sorry, you have to wait like you tell me,” he said and proceeded to kiss down her thighs, leaving a trail of saliva behind. Then he moved up the other side.

“Please, please,” Grace moaned.

Thomas chuckled under his breath and continued to tease her, now working on her outer lips with his tongue and teeth. He took gentle bites all along the swollen flesh before using his tongue to slide up and down the crease between her thigh and pubic mound. He had learned the lessons she had taught him well. A woman needs more time than a man to get ready, she had told him … so he was taking his time. He knew that he was being just a bit mean, but he loved to hear her moans of pleasure.

“Thomas, you are driving me mad,” Grace gasped.

“Okay,” he mumbled and pushed her legs further apart. Then he placed his tongue on her clit and began to flick it.

“Oh, Thomas,” she hissed.

First he flicked it gently with his tongue and received another loud moan in response. Then he sucked it into his mouth. That brought a scream from her. Her hips lifted from the stone as her hands grabbed his head.

“Suck me, eat me,” she screamed loudly. Since she thought Walter was on the other side of the island there was no fear that he would hear her. “Ohhhh, God, Thomas I’m going to climax already.” With her fingers tangled in his hair she bucked and thrashed, causing Thomas to work hard to keep his mouth on her convulsing pussy. He sucked and swallowed her juices and then worked on the clit again. He felt his mother tense again and knew she was climaxing a second time. He was afraid she was going to pull his hair out by the roots or smother him, or both. When she finally let go he pulled back almost breathless. His face was soaked with her copious juices.

A few minutes later, when Grace had caught her breath, she stood on unsteady legs and almost fell into her son’s arms. They kissed passionately. Eventually Grace pushed him away and had him stand in front of her as she knelt between his at his feet. Something on the rocks suddenly caught her attention. She glanced up and realized that Walter was hiding behind the bushes. Incredibly, a strange thrill went thought her. If he wants to watch, then I’ll put on a show, she thought. With her gorgeous eyes looking up at Thomas she took his cock into her mouth. She heard him moan as she sucked and licked the swollen head. She took her time drawing it out, making him mad with the desire to climax … it was payback time for Thomas.

“Mom, please,” he begged.

She paused for a moment and said, “Now where have I heard that before.” Then she giggled.

It was fifteen minutes later when she finally began to stroke his cock rapidly. She watched his eyes glaze over and then he tensed and she knew that he was about to climax. His cock head expanded in her mouth and a moment later he screamed and bucked his hips. Her mouth quickly filled with his thick juice and she swallowed over and over. There was so much that some of the precious liquid slipped from the corner of her mouth.

She caught as much as she could in the palm of her hand, not wanting to waste a drop. When she glanced up she could still see Walter on the rocks. In spite of that she brought her hand to her mouth and sucked up the juices that had deposited there. When her hand was clean she looked up again and saw that Walter was gone.

“Wow,” Thomas said as he sat down next to his mother.

“Okay, I think it is time for you to read to me,” Grace said scooting over next to him.

He groaned but picked up a book and began to read.

Later, as they were leaving Thomas saw a book in his mother’s stack. It was the Holy Bible. “Can I read this, Mother?”

“Sure, but it might be a difficult read since their language was different than what we know today.”

“It should make me a better reader.”

When they arrived back at the hut Walter was already there. He was storing fruit he had gathered from his trip to the other side of the island. Thomas took the Bible and went to the beach to read. When he was out the door, Walter came over to his wife and pulled her to him. She didn’t resist as his mouth came to hers. Then he pulled away and said, “Suck my cock.”

Grace held in a gasp at his words. Then she smiled and slid to her knees. She pulled her husband’s cock from his shorts and put it in her mouth. She liked sucking cock and now that she had two of them she would never have to want for one. As she began to suck she could tell that Walter was very worked up. His pre-cum juice was already pouring into her mouth. She could only guess that what he had witnessed from the rocks had turned him on.

She was about to ask him if he wanted to sit down when he suddenly, without warning, started to climax. His hot juice blasted into her open mouth and on her face. She tried unsuccessfully to cover the squirting head but his cum splattered across her cheek and dripped from her chin.

She would have laughed but she wanted to swallow what was left. For the second time in just a few hours she was swallowing cum.

“Wow, what brought that on?” she asked as she scooped the juice from her cheek and chin and sucked it off her fingers. Of course she already knew.

Walter just shrugged and walked away. He couldn’t admit, even to himself, what had caused his excitement. He wished he had never seen it. He had taken a different route home and had accidentally come upon them at the lagoon. While he knew he should not watch them he found he could not pull himself away. He could not see them well when they were on the porch the other night. Emotionally he felt anger, jealously, and sadness, but apparently excitement as well. He was angry at Grace, but he was also angry at himself. He knew that as the father and husband he should have stopped them. But he had done nothing and wrestled to find a reason why. Was it because it would have caused a terrible scene? Or did he enjoy it. That was just crazy, he thought. Maybe they had all gone mad.

Later that day Thomas came back from his trip to the beach carrying the bible. “Mother, do you have a few minutes. I have some questions about some of the things I read in the Bible.”

“Sure, let me finish dinner and then we can go off and talk.”

After dinner the two of them went to the lagoon and sat on the rock. Thomas kissed his mother tenderly but then he pulled away. “Mother, I read about Adam and Eve in the Bible.”

“It is a nice story,” she said.

“Is it true?”

“Well many people believe it is. You either believe that or you believe that we came from the apes.”

“The apes?”

“Yes, do you remember when we discussed the Theory of Evolution?”

“Yes, oh, now I remember. But if that is true, how come there are still apes everywhere in the world? And why don’t they look like us?”

“Well that is the issue. The big problem with the theory has always been the missing link. Why haven’t the apes disappeared as man evolved? What happened to the ape-like primate that should have existed between cave man and the apes? It is still debated across the world.”

“So the truth could be that Adam and Eve existed, right?”

“Yes. Some people believe that.”

“Is there evidence of that?”

“Well, some say there is, but many do not believe what they cannot see. Believing something that you cannot see or touch is what faith is all about. But what is your point?”

“I am getting to that. The Bible says Adam and Eve were tossed out of the Garden of Eden because of Eve eating the forbidden fruit. Then Eve had Cain and Able. But Cain killed Able. I do not quite understand why, but maybe he was jealous. Anyway, Eve had many children. If everyone is a decedent of Adam and Eve, then Cain had to either marry a sister or … or his mother. I think it had to be his mother.”

Suddenly Grace knew the point he was trying to make and it shocked her to the core.

“So you and Dad are kind of like Adam and Eve and I am Cain,” Thomas said and paused for several long moments. Then he said, “Who do I marry mother?”

Grace felt her face flush hot. “I … I don’t … that is just a story, Thomas.”

“Yes, but you said it could be true.”

“I said some people believe it is true.”

“Do you believe it is true?”

“I don’t know, maybe. But I think you are oversimplifying it. Theologians have studied and written about this for thousands of years. There are various interpretations of the story. Some of those interpreters could and probably did change the story to fit the times.”

“Yes, but many of the basic facts are apparent. If the story of Adam and Eve is true then we all came from an incestuous relationship, either mother and son, father and daughter, or sister and brother. But even if the alternate ‘Theory of Evolution’ is true then the answer is the same, I think. I mean in the beginning there were very few people/apes, maybe only two. Therefore, incest had to be common in order for the species to grow and the earth to be populated.”

Grace nodded, fearing that her voice would fail her.

“There are only three of us here, like Adam, Eve, and Cane. If we are here forever, and Dad cannot give you any more babies what is going to happen to us?”

“We will be rescued,” she said unconvincingly.

“But if we are not, then we will die here alone. We will have no family, and then once you and father are gone, I will be alone.”

Grace did not want to admit it but she could see the logic of his point. “But we are going to be rescued,” she said again weakly.

“Mother, please, we have been here for over two years and not once have we seen a ship, not one. We are far out of the shipping lanes. The only reason we crashed here is because we were blown so far off course by the storm. No one is coming for us and we are going to die here … alone.”

Grace didn’t respond.

“I am a young man, but I have never had a high school graduation, gone to a prom or attended teenaged parties, and, of course, I will never go to college. I will never have anyone to love, I will never get married and have a wife, and therefore I will never have children.” Tears began to stream down his cheeks.

Grace’s eyes filled with tears as well. She didn’t want to admit it but in her heart she knew he was right. Her heart was broken by the truth of his words. What is going to happen to him, to us, she wondered?

“I think the answer is right in front of us,” he said.

She knew what he was suggesting but it was impossible to accept. Would that be worse than dying alone? She wasn’t sure. One thing that she did know was that Thomas’s idea would start the contest between him and his father all over again and that could lead to losing one or both of them. It was too horrible to even comprehend. Tears continued to stream from her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Mother. I didn’t mean to upset you,” Thomas said as he took her into his arms and pulled her to his chest. He continued. “Mother we have to accept the inevitable if we are to survive. In the last several months I have begun to wrestle with our dire situation quite a bit. I know I am still very young, but because of our situation I have had a lot of time to think. I have come to this conclusion; we need to have children. I believe that is our only hope for survival. And since father cannot make you pregnant, I am the only one left.”

Grace began to sob. Incredibly she realized that Thomas had an erection. She looked up at her son. “We can’t … have … have children, it is wrong,” she whispered.

“There are lots of stories about incest in the Bible.”

Grace didn’t answer but shivered in her son’s arms.

“There is one other choice. I know no one wants to think about it, but either father or I could leave. If it is me, then you and father will die alone. If it is him, then we can have many children and start an entirely new family. A big family like Adam and Eve had. While in the beginning the children will have to marry their siblings, eventually it will work itself out. Don’t you see the logic in it?”

Grace sobbed more. Through her tears she said, “You or your father leaving is not an option. Please don’t even speak of that.”

“I do not like the option either, but if Dad or you will not agree to us making babies then we don’t have a choice. We have to try something, and if that means Dad or I take a raft and try to find the shipping lanes, then that is what we have to do or we all die here. I am only asking you to think about it.”

Grace nodded her agreement. She sniffled and wiped her eyes on her shirt.

Thomas smiled. “In the mean time I want to make you feel good.” Thomas stepped back and slipped off his jeans, leaving him standing naked with his throbbing erection. Then he unbuttoned his mother’s shirt, took it off, and then pulled her shorts off. She stood motionless, unable to stop him. He laid her clothes on the ground and pushed her down until she was on her back. Then he lay down with his feet at her head.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I thought it would be nice if we used our mouths on each other at the same time.” With a moan from his mother, Thomas spread her legs and moved his head between her thighs. As he began to lick her he felt her hands reach for him. A moment later they were locked together, her mouth filled with his cock and his tongue in her pussy. Thomas moaned at the taste of his mother’s sweet pussy and the feeling of her warm and wet mouth sucking his cock. He licked in time with her sucking of him. Then he felt his entire shaft in the warm wetness of her mouth. He heard her gag for a moment and then her nose was on his balls.

He couldn’t believe it … his mother had his entire cock in her mouth. He wondered for a moment where it all went but then he felt her throat muscles caressing his shaft … milking it.

Her saliva coated his balls and he could feel them drawing up in preparation for a climax. He knew he had to concentrate on something else or he would go off immediately. He began to focus on her warm and juicy pussy. He placed his mouth on her open hole and sucked, bringing gobs of her thick juices into his mouth. He swallowed and sucked again and received another mouth full. They pleasured each other that way until Grace had achieved multiple climaxes and Thomas had filled her mouth twice with his semen.

Then they walked silently, hand in hand, back to the hut. Before they parted, Thomas simply said, “Please think about it, Mother.”

Chapter 2

Grace went to look for Walter and saw him sitting on the rocks near the ships wreckage. She walked over and paused behind him. Silently she took off her clothes and then sat on his lap. She saw a small smile crease his lips when he realized that she was naked, but he didn’t say anything. They were silent for a long time, staring out at the sea.

Finally Walter spoke. “The last of the ship is being washed out to sea with every tide,” he said idly as if he was talking to himself.

“We have gotten almost everything of any value from it, right?” Grace asked.

“Yes. We have been like vultures picking over the carcass,” he said with a small but sad smile. Then he was silent.

“You know we are never going to be rescued,” Grace said, breaking the silence, still staring out at the vast open ocean.

“Yes,” Walter said.

“What is to happen to us?”

“I don’t know.”

They fell silent again. Then Grace took a deep breath and said, “I know you have seen me with Thomas.” When he didn’t answer she continued. “We have not had intercourse, yet. But you know he wants it. He wants me to have his babies.” Grace was surprised when Walter only grunted. “That doesn’t surprise you then?”

Finally Walter spoke. “It has been building for a long time. I understand that he is a young man with normal desires.”

Grace was relieved that her husband did not seem angry or at least he was hiding it well. “He thinks we will perish and die alone if we do not have children.”

“I could build a raft and we could try to find the shipping lanes,” Walter said.

“But we know nothing about sailing. We would certainly perish.”

“We might. An alternative would be for me to go alone and if I make it to help I will come back for you and Thomas.”

“No!” Grace said almost with a shrill in her voice. “We would go together or no one will go.”

“It is too dangerous for all of us.”

“No more than you going alone,” she said.

“Not really true. If I went I wouldn’t have to take much in the way of supplies and the raft could be relatively small.”

“No, it’s still crazy.”

“But it would solve your problem if I left,” Walter said a bit of a choke in his voice.

Grace saw that he had tears in his eyes. She hugged him and whispered, “No, no, no. Loosing you does not solve my problem. I love you.”

“Do you really love me, Grace?” he asked and then before she could answer said, “I know our marriage was arranged and I know you did it for the good of our families. I am forever grateful for that.”

“That is true and I have thought about all the things I missed, including the deep love that I read about. But that has all changed since we have been here. I see things differently now. I do love you.”

“Grace, I know you are a highly sexual woman and I know I have not always been a loving husband, in more ways than one. I am a lot older than you and that means I do not have the same energy level … sexually as well as physically. It also means that I will die before you and then you and Thomas will be alone. Those are facts. I believe you love me but you love, and lust, for your son just as much,” he stated.

Grace knew that everything he said was true. They both knew the truth. “Yes, it is true. I have denied it, fought it, cursed it, but our new reality keeps hitting me over the head. I have wondered why it happened to us. I wish I could just make it all go away.”

“It won’t.”

“I know. I also know that Thomas is my son and I know I shouldn’t have these feelings for him but I can’t help it. I think this island is making us all mad. I can’t believe we are even having this conversation.”

“I used to think it was madness, but now I am not so sure. Could it be that our situation is just making us face the brutal reality of life on earth. We have lived in what we call civilized society all our lives, but now we are savages. Our basic instincts have risen to the surface. It is like the beast has been released and I don’t believe it can ever be put back in the cage … unless we get off this island quickly.”

Grace nodded her agreement. “What do we do? We don’t have any good choices,” she said.

“I do love you Grace. I love you enough to let you go. I can move to the other side of the island and you and Thomas can stay here.”

“No, that is no better than going out alone on the raft.”

“I would be alive, just not here with you.”

“Yes, but we destroy the family.”

“Then I ask you the question, what do we do?’”

Grace held his hand tightly and stared out at the horizon. Then she heard her voice saying, “Can you bring yourself to share me?” She wondered, did I just say that?

Walter sighed, showing that he had thought about it already. “I am not sure. I have gone through all of the emotions of anger, sadness, jealously, and even rage. I suppose all that is left is acceptance, but it is maybe the hardest emotion to deal with. If all the other options are out, then that is the only one left.”

“So, is that your answer … are you saying yes?” she asked to be sure she was hearing him correctly.

“Yes, it is the only choice left,” he whispered.

Grace felt her heart swell. Now she was crying and hugging Walter. “Make love to me,” she whispered.

Walter started to get up.

“No, here.”

“On the rocks?” he said with surprise.

“Yes right here where the wind, ocean, sky, and sun can see us.” She kissed her husband passionately. “I want you to do something special with me.”

“What?” he asked, his sullen mood suddenly brightening.

“I can’t tell you, but I will show you.”

“Wait,” he said, “I want to do something first. Walter got up and took his shorts off, and then he placed Grace’s clothes on the rock for her to lie on. “Lay down here.”

Grace looked at her husband curiously, but she went to her back on the clothes. Then she watched as he got to his knees between her legs. When he lifted her legs and bent his head Grace knew what he was going to do. “Walter, you don’t have to do that.”

“I want to. I’ve wanted to for a long time, but never knew how you would feel about it. Then I saw you and Thomas at the tree house and the lagoon and … well I want to do it.”

“Oh God,” Grace whispered as she watched her husband bend his head and begin to kiss her thighs. “Baby, Sweetheart,” Grace cried as she felt him begin to move toward her already wet pussy. Then she screamed when his mouth reached her pussy. Her cries swirled upward and were lost in the cries of the seagulls floating on the westward winds.

“Oh God, oh eat me, eat your wife.”

Walter did. He sucked and licked her until she had climaxed more times then she could count. She was a quivering mass of jelly when he finally pulled his mouth from her soaked pussy.

When Grace could sit up she smiled at Walter. He had a sheepish grin on his face.

“Did you enjoy that?” he asked factitiously.

“You know I did. Did you?”

“Yes, very much.”

Now it’s my turn to please you. Sit down.”

Looking curiously at his wife he sat where she had been. He watched as she straddled his waist and then squatted. She reached over and dipped her fingers into her coconut cream that she had conveniently brought with her. She then smeared a handful onto Walter’s cock. She reached between her legs and added more cream.

“We have to take this slow,” she said.

“Take what slow?” he asked. He found out a second later when Grace placed the head of his cock on her tiny rose. Walter’s eyes opened wide when he realized that she was going to take his cock into her ass. “Oh, sweetheart, don’t hurt yourself,” he said with concern.

“Shhhhh,” she whispered. A look of concentration crossed her face. Her eyes closed and she pressed down. “Ahhhhh,” she gasped.

Walter gasped as well as the head of his cock slowly slipped into her ass. It felt like he had a piece of rawhide was wrapped around his penis crown.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Grace gasped. Walter had not moved. It took a moment or two before she began to push again. A long exhale of breath followed as inch by inch his cock, aided by the coconut cream, slipped into her ass.

“Oh God, Grace, I’ve never felt anything like this,” Walter gasped.

Grace couldn’t answer; she was still concentrating, willing her canal to open to ease his cock inside. She had about half of it in her, but was determined to take it all. With a deep breath she pushed harder. “Ohhhhhh, Goddddd,” she cried as the last several inches went inside her tight canal. She had it all; she had his entire cock in her ass. “W … ait … uh … oh God, … ohhhh yes,” she gasped as she slowly became accustomed to his cock stretching her asshole.

Walter was delirious. His cock was being squeezed like it was in a vise and he wasn’t sure how long he could hold back. But he wanted to wait; he didn’t want to spoil it. He thought about anything but the incredible feeling of her ass walls vibrating around his cock.

After a few long minutes, Grace opened her eyes and looked down at her husband. She smiled. “How does it feel to have your cock in my ass?’

“I couldn’t describe it in a million years,” he answered. “It is like nothing I have ever felt before. But don’t move yet. I am so close to going off I will explode if you move too soon.”

They held hands and remained still for a long time staring into each other’s eyes. The waves crashed on the rocks and the breeze caressed their bodies. Above them the seagulls continued to float on the air currents, uncaring what was happening below them. The crisis passed.

Slowly, almost imperceptibly Grace began to move. She allowed a fraction of an inch of his cock to slip out, and then an inch and then another and another until she had only the head inside. She squeezed her husband’s hands tightly and then pushed down hard.

Both of them screamed at the incredible sensation of his cock opening her asshole again. Without pausing Grace lifted up again and then moved back down. “Yes, yes, fuck my ass,” she gasped. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Walter lifted his hips to meet each of his wife’s downward plunges, forcing his cock all the way inside her. Unfortunately for Walter he could not last long inside her incredibly tight asshole. “Baby, I’m … I’m getting … close,” he gasped.

Grace was getting close too. She increased her speed until she was literally bouncing up and down on his cock. “Cum, cum, cum in your wife’s ass.”

“Ahhhhhiiiieeeee,” Grace screamed as she began to climax.

Walter was there as well. He pushed up with a huge lunge as Grace pushed down. They froze.

Grace thought she could feel his cock head expand in her ass. Then there was a pressure on the walls and he screamed. She knew he was shooting his semen into her. The world began to spin as wave after wave of pure pleasure shot through her. The roar of the waves, the crying of the gulls and the sound of the wind all faded away. Her body shivered and shook for long minutes. She had no idea how many times she had climaxed or for how long but the next thing she remembered was lying on Walter’s chest. She could feel his softening cock slip out of her asshole and she suddenly felt strangely empty.

Walter moaned.

“That was amazing,” she said.

Walter brought her lips to his and they kissed tenderly for a long time.

“I guess we had better get back, Thomas will be wondering where we are,” Grace said.

They dressed and walked hand in hand back to the hut. Grace didn’t think she had ever felt so satisfied. Her little rear hole hurt just a bit but the memory of what had caused that hurt more than compensated. She could feel his cum sliding out of her and it somehow felt right.

Chapter 3

“Walter, are you sure about this? It is your last chance to back out.” Grace asked with her heart thumping as they sat on the porch swing. Incredibly she almost felt that she wanted him to say no and that they could go back to being husband, wife, and son, and live like a normal family. A yes answer was going to change everything.

“Yes,” he said after a long pause. “I don’t like it, but sharing you is the only logical way. I am not sure how it will all work out but we have to do something. Do you think Thomas will agree to it?”

Grace smiled. “Unfortunately it is the only way. I believe I can convince Thomas. He gets what he wants and there is no reason for him to be jealous of you.”

“Do you think you can handle both of us?” Walter asked with a slight smile.

“I am sure of it. As you said, you are not that demanding. For quite some time my desire for sex has been off the charts. I know Thomas can be a handful, but so can I,” she said and laughed.

“Well, when are you going to tell him?”

Again Grace smiled. “I will tell him tonight.”

“Okay, then I will leave for the other side of the island today and return tomorrow evening. You and Thomas can have the hut for … for your activity.”

“I love you. I truly do. You are more of a man than I ever imagined,” Grace said as she hugged her husband.

“And you are certainly more of a woman then I ever knew.”

“Then we make a good pair.”


When Thomas came home with several fish from his trip to the fishing nets he saw his mother setting the table. His father was not there.

He put the fish down and walked over to his mother, wrapping his arms around her from behind and grasping her large breasts. “Where is Father?” he asked.

Grace could feel his erection pressing to her ass. “He has gone to the other side of the island until tomorrow night.”

“Really, why?”

Grace turned in her sons arms. “He left to give us time together.”

Thomas opened his mouth but nothing came out.

“Yes, he has agreed to share me with you. He knows it is the only way.”

“Oh my God,” Thomas said excitedly. “Does that mean … that we can … that I can …?”

Grace interrupted saying, “It means that you can fuck me and that you can make me pregnant as many times as you want.” Grace couldn’t believe she was saying those words. She was telling her son he could fuck her and that she would have his babies. Her head began to spin with the implications of all this.

“I can’t believe it. Why did he agree?”

Grace took a deep breath and said, “He didn’t want to lose me … or even you. He said it is the only way we can survive.”

Ignoring the more important issues Thomas said, “When can we start?” Without waiting for an answer he pulled his mother to him and kissed her passionately. But when he tried to take her shirt off she pushed his hands away.

“This is a special night. Go get a bath while I fix dinner. Afterward I want you to leave for a while so I can get ready.”

Thomas had a pout on his face. “I have to wait?”

“You do. Now, go wash, you smell like fish,” Grace said. Then she reached down to his jeans and grabbed the tent in his pants. “Keep this hard for me. I want you to eat hardy because you are going to need your strength tonight.”

Thomas hurried off to take his bath. He did it in record time and came back for dinner. He tried to get romantic with his mother but she wouldn’t allow anything more than several passionate kisses.

After dinner, Grace went to the lagoon to take her bath. She looked around and was pretty sure that Thomas was not there. Then she washed and then creamed her entire body. She looked down at her reflection in the water and saw a pretty woman staring back at her. She, not unlike a new bride, could feel a glow about her. As she walked back to the hut she could feel her pussy swelling and growing moist. Her heart was already thumping and her nipples were like small pebbles on her chest.

She was humming to herself as she searched for an outfit to wear for this special occasion. Unable to find anything she really liked she pulled out a white beach wrap. It wasn’t much, just something to wrap around her lower half. She decided against wearing a top, and instead put on a necklace that Walter had made from shells he had found on the northern side of the island. The shells came down across her breasts almost to her naval. It was strange but she wanted something of Walter’s with her. Maybe it was for comfort, she didn’t know. She also put on a necklace that Thomas had made of metal from the ship using crude tools. It held a silver coin that he had polished to a bright shine.

When she saw Thomas coming back toward the hut she hurried and took out two glasses and a bottle of wine, which Walter had found in the wreckage of the ship. She stood in front of the bed with her hands on her hip, allowing the light from the moon to highlight her figure.

As Thomas drew closer his eyes got wider and wider. He thought she looked angelic and he had never seen her look more beautiful. “God, Mom, you look amazing.”

“Thank you,” she said and flushed just a bit.

They embraced and then kissed. Mother and son stood for many minutes kissing. Finally when they parted they were both breathless. Grace led her son to the bed. She poured two glasses of wine and gave one to Thomas as they sat down.

When the glasses were empty she took her son’s face in her hands and said, “I love you, Thomas. I love you as a son, but I love you as much as my new lover and the future father of my babies. This will be your first time for intercourse and I am so happy it is with me. I want you to make love to me … I want you to fuck me … I want you to pour your potent sperm into me. I want you to fill me over and over. Then I want to have your babies; lots of babies.”

Thomas gasped at his mother’s naughty words. He was trembling all over. His cock, already throbbing and dripping, was about to burst. As he kissed his mother again he stood and pushed his jeans off.

Grace lay back on the bed pulling him with her. A moment later he was lying between her legs. “I want to feel your chest on my breasts as you enter me. I want your cock now. Please fuck your mother, Thomas.”

With a shaking hand he took hold of his cock and he tried to find her opening. After a moment or two he let his mother gently push his hand away and grab his cock.

She centered it on her wet and waiting hole and then looked up into her son’s eyes. “Push your cock into me. Take it slow because I want to feel every inch.

With a little moan Thomas began to push into her.

That’s it, that’s it, slow,” she whispered as she felt Thomas’s cock moving into her inch by inch. “Oh Thomas, oh yes, oh yes, it feels so good.” When he was all the way inside she grabbed his ass and held him there. “Can you feel your mother’s warm pussy … that opening where you came from years ago … can you feel my warm flesh wrapped around your cock.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I can feel it, but it is driving me crazy. I want to fuck you, but I am afraid if I move I will climax.”

“Then wait, hold your cock in me. Let it soak in my juices. It is where it belongs … deep inside your mother. It feels so natural. I love you, Thomas,” she whispered and suddenly started to climax. It came on suddenly with waves of pleasure washing over her and making her body shake. It was a soft and slow climax like the gentle waves of the ocean washing onto shore. Ripples of pleasure traveled from her feet to the top of her head and back down again.

Thomas was concentrating so hard on not climaxing that he didn’t know his mother had … he only knew that her pussy was pulsing around his cock, almost driving him mad. If he had known his mother was climaxing it would have sent him over the top immediately.

When Grace could speak she hissed, “Now fuck me, Thomas. Fuck me hard.”

“God, Mother I am not sure I will last.”

“Its okay baby, you can cum in me quick this time. We will do it again and again.”

Thomas moaned and began to fuck his mother with powerful strokes. Nothing in his young life had prepared him for the incredible feeling of being inside his mother. He pounded into her, his hips a blur. “Ohhhhh, I’m cummmmmiiiinnnnng,” he screamed.

And so was Grace. She wasn’t sure if the first climax had ever ended. When she felt him pouring his seed into her, her climax intensified.

Thomas emptied his balls into his mother, but his cock did not go soft. He kept pumping her and now that he had climaxed he could go on for a long, long time. When he looked down at her, her eyes were closed, her mouth was open, and her body was trembling. He knew she was still climaxing. It went on as he continued to fuck her. Her legs were wrapped around his waist now and her arms around his neck as her hips bucked upward into him. Each time he pushed down she responded by pushing back upward. Inside her he could feel her pussy pulsing and grasping his cock as pleasure continued rushing through her. He was amazed that someone could keep climaxing like this.

For Grace the outside world no longer existed. She was in her own world where there was no right or wrong, there was just pleasure. Her body felt like it was on fire, and it was a beautiful fire emanating from her center where the two of them met. It had been sparked by her son’s seed filling her opening, knowing that his sperm would be looking for her egg. It was not her fertile time of the month, but she had heard that some women generate an egg each time they climax … she hoped that was true because she would have generated about ten in the last fifteen minutes. From somewhere far away she heard Thomas say, “Mom, I’m cumming again.”

Those words fanned the already burning fire. The lights slowly went out for Grace. When she awoke some time later she realized that Thomas was still on top of her and he was still hard. Without missing a beat she pulled herself to him and it started all over. At some point Grace passed out again from sexual overload and exhaustion.

She awoke several hours later to feel her son sucking on her breasts. She smiled and watched him nursing at her tit. She loved the sight as well as the feeling. She trembled as he licked across her chest to the other side and began sucking the other tit. Incredibly she was getting excited again. When she moaned Thomas looked up and smiled.

He quickly kissed her lips before he started kissing down her body. He crossed her breasts and down to her stomach, using his tongue to tickle the smooth skin around her belly button. Slowly he moved lower.

“Thomas, what are you doing,” she gasped as he moved to position himself between her legs.

“Pleasing you,” he said and then went back to kissing her … across her lower stomach and down to her pubic mound. A moment later his tongue separated her still swollen lips and plunged inside.

“Oh, Thooommmassssss!!!” she screamed as she felt her son’s mouth on her soaked pussy. She lifted her hips pressing her gushing pussy to his sucking mouth. She began to climax.

Chapter 4

It was beautiful day as always when Grace opened her eyes the following morning. But this day was more beautiful then all the others. She and her son were now lover’s, but it was almost impossible for her to comprehend the meaning. She wondered if she ever would.

Her heart began to thump and warmth embraced her when she realized that her son was snuggled up to her back. One hand was over her and lying on her breast. She covered it with her hand and closed her eyes. The movement must have awakened Thomas because he began to massage her flesh. She could feel that he already had an erection. When he started to put it into her she halted him. She said, “Thomas, I’m a little sore down there.”

“Oh,” he said and pulled back.

A very naughty thought crossed Grace’s mind. She said, “But there is somewhere else that you can put it that is not sore.”

Thomas thought she was going to suck him, but when she didn’t move he became confused.

She turned to him. “Would you like to fuck your mother in the ass?”

“Huh, in your … your ass?” he said totally astounded. “I … you know, I don’t want to hurt you or anything.”

“You won’t hurt me. Just rub it up and down between my pussy lips and get it wet.”

Thomas’s hand was shaking when he grasped his cock. He never knew that what he was about to do was even possible. But if his mother said he could do it, he was willing to try. When his cock was wet he moved it to her tiny rear hole. He felt his mother separating her ass cheeks and he placed his swollen head on the tiny opening. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes, just do it slowly. It is going to be tight at first. Push hard.”

With a little push of his hips Thomas’s cock moved a fraction into the tight hole. But it was forced back out.

“Harder,” Grace said.

He pushed again harder and kept the pressure on until her sphincter opened and then quickly snap closed around the crown of his cock. Both of them moaned.

“Hold still for a minute,” she said.

Thomas froze with just the head of his cock inside his mother’s asshole. He had an almost uncontrollable urge to push in further, but he waited. It seemed like an eternity before he felt his mother begin to push back toward him. He held firm and let her take the lead, her efforts caused his cock to slip slowly into her very tight hole. “God, Mom, it’s so tight.”

Grace couldn’t speak. She concentrated on taking his cock deeper and deeper into her. “All the way in now,” she said.

With one more shove Thomas felt his cock sink to the hilt in his mother’s asshole. It felt like there was a velvet vise around his cock. He was gasping for breath now, trying desperately not to move.

“Fuck me now, Baby,” she gasped.

“Oh, Mom,” Thomas cried as he pulled his cock out until just the head was inside and then thrust it back in. He moaned again and pulled out. Out and in he moved slowly but steadily.

“Fuck me hard,” Grace cried.

Suddenly he was pounding into her ass like it was her pussy. It was so tight that his thrusts received a lot more resistance. It felt like her asshole was milking his cock.

Grace began to rub her clit as her son pounded her asshole. She had let his father do it to give him something special, not because she thought she would like it. But it had felt good then, and even better now. She rubbed her clit faster and suddenly was climaxing. The climax sent ripples through her anal walls, massaging her son’s rapidly moving cock.

“Mom, Mom, Mom, I’m going to … ohhhhhh … cummmmmm!!!” Thomas screamed. A moment later he was blasting his load deep into her receptive anal opening.

When their mutual climax ended they collapsed on the bed. Grace felt her ass muscles pushing Thomas’s cock out of her ass, followed by a gush of his cum.

When Thomas could speak he said, “Wow, Mom. I didn’t even know you could do that.”

“Well I read about it, but I’m new to it as well,” she said, not telling him that she had done it with his father. “I think women in the old days used it prevent pregnancy. That is not our problem, however,” she said. “Now would my second husband like some breakfast?”

“Second husband?”

“Well, yes, if you are fucking me and I am having your babies then we are husband and wife. I just happen to have two husbands.”

“I like the husband and wife part,” he said and smiled.

Grace stood up and swayed back and forth. “Wow, my head is spinning.”

“Are you okay?” Thomas asked with concern.

“I think I just need to get the blood that was in my lower half back to my head.” She sat back down.

After eating they stayed in bed most of the day with the exception of nature’s call. It was obviously an incredible experience for Thomas, but it was also amazing to Grace. There was never a time when Walter had fucked her so many times or so well. It was almost like she was a new bride and in some ways she actually was.

Chapter 5

Thomas and Grace watched the sun go down from their porch. He had on his jeans and she was topless but with her wrap around skirt on. They had spent much of the day in bed. Now they sat on the swing holding each other close. Thomas turned his mother’s face to him and kissed her for the fiftieth time that day. It felt as good as the first one to Thomas. He reached up and grabbed her bare breast.

“Don’t you ever get enough?” she asked.

“No,” he responded.

“Oh God, I’ve created a monster.”

“I want to put my cock in you again.”

“It’s late and your father could be home any minute.”

“We have time. Sit on me,” he said.

With a fake exasperated sigh Grace stood up and turned around until her back was too him. “I’ll do it this way so I can watch for your father coming down the path.”

“I like that,” he said and pulled her down on his hard cock. It slipped into her much used pussy with ease. They both sighed as her thighs touched his indicating that she had all of him inside her. “Just sit still,” Thomas said.

Suddenly Grace heard Walter climbing up the ladder. In her lust for her son she had not heard or seen him coming. She started to panic. It was too late to pull off of Thomas so she simply turned sideways making it look like she was only sitting on her son’s lap.

When Walter reached the top of the steps he paused. He hadn’t noticed the two of them on the porch. When he did he could easily tell that they had been at it all day. Grace’s face was still flushed and her hair had not been combed.

“Hello, Sweetheart,” Grace said.

“Hi,” he responded without emotion. “Thomas,” he said, acknowledging his son as he continued up the second ladder to the living area.

As soon as he was gone, Thomas lifted his mother and had her turn to face him. With her legs straddling him he slid back inside her and then whispered, “Fuck me.”

“Thomas, your father,” she gasped, but it was too late … his cock felt too good for her to take it out. She bent her head to his shoulder and began to move her hips up and down. The movements made the swing creak in a rhythmic fashion. Anyone not seeing what was going on would still recognize the unmistakable sound. “Oh yes, I love your cock in me,” Grace whispered.

The two lovers worked at it for a long time before they climaxed. By that time even the birds in the trees knew they were fucking.

Walter was already in bed when Grace crawled in beside him. She turned over and blew her son a kiss before she put out the candle. A moment later she felt Walter reach around her and grasp her breast. Then she felt his erection pressing to her bare ass. She almost protested when she felt him searching for her opening, but realized that would cause problems. Instead she pushed back toward him and allowed his cock to slip into her very open and wet hole. Although his father was larger than Thomas, her pussy was wet enough that he could move in and out with ease. Incredibly Grace felt her excitement building. The through that this was the second cock she had taken in her pussy that day was enough to bring her to a small but satisfying climax. As soon as Walter climaxed they both fell into an exhausted sleep.

The next morning Thomas and Grace were up early. They went hand and hand to the lagoon where they stripped and jumped into the refreshing water. They splashed around like two newlyweds on their honeymoon. But soon the tickling and giggling turned into caresses and moans. With Thomas feet on the bottom he lifted his mother and entered her. She gasped and wrapped her legs around his waist. Soon the water was splashing with their rapid movements and their cries of pleasure echoed from the stone walls surrounding the lagoon.

Clean and refreshed the two walked naked back to the hut. When they arrived Grace told Thomas to occupy himself because she wanted to talk to his father.

When she entered the hut she saw Walter bent over working. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“I’m just preventing another problem.”

Grace looked at him quizzically.

“Who are you going to sleep with?” he asked.

“Uh, I have not resolved that. I thought maybe I would alternate.”

“That’s not going to work. I’m expanding our bed so all three of us can sleep together.”

Grace’s eyes opened wide in surprise. But then a smile came to her face. “That is a perfect solution,” she said.

“Well, I hope Thomas agrees with you.”

“He will,” Grace said and hugged her husband. A moment later they were kissing. “Sit on the stool; I want to fuck you like I was fucking Thomas when you came home last night.”

Walter didn’t protest indicating that he knew that they were fucking on the porch. He sat down and Grace quickly sat on his cock.

“I don’t think we have ever done it like this,” she said. It still felt good to have her husband’s cock in her. She love Thomas’s cock, but Walter’s reached a deeper place. “I can take you really deep in this position. It feels so good. I love you.”

“I love you,” he answered.

Chapter 6

Walter was already in bed the following night and turned toward the back of the hut as if asleep when Grace and Thomas came in. Grace smiled at Thomas and motioned toward the expanded bed. He looked at her with confusion and she put a finger to her lips to motion him to be quiet because his father was asleep. Then she took off her clothes in front of him, sat on the bed and reached out to pull him closer. She quickly pulled his shorts down leaving him naked with his ever present erection. With a low growl in her throat she leaned forward and took him into her mouth. She looked up at him as she sucked his cock and saw his look of amazement … that his mother would be sucking his cock this close to his father. Then she pulled away and lay back, pulling Thomas to her.

Walter was not asleep. He had heard the sucking sounds and was pretty sure he knew what was going on. Then when he felt the bed move he knew his son had climbed into the bed as well.

Thomas and Grace kissed and cuddled for a long time … mother and son with their tongues entwined and their naked bodies pressed together.

“I need you to fuck me,” Grace said in a whisper. “But we have to be quiet.”

“Mmmm,” Thomas moaned. Then he slipped between her legs and placed his throbbing cock at her entrance. Biting his tongue to keep from crying out Thomas slid into his mother’s warm opening. A moment later the steady tempo of his hip brought a creaking sound from the bed.

Grace wrapped her legs around her son’s waist and lifted her hips to his thrusting cock. She was incredibly excited tonight and she wasn’t sure why. It might have been because she was having sex with her son as his father and her husband slept next to them. It didn’t take long before she was climaxing around her son’s moving cock. She held in a long moan and let it out in a slow and almost agonizing exhale of breath. That was followed by another climax and then another. Thomas was aware that his mother had climaxed but worked even harder to bring her more pleasure.

Grace lifted her head and whispered, “You’ve made me climax four times, please cum in me now.”

Thomas did not need to be told twice. He thrust into her several more times before he grunted and began to spurt his seed into her waiting pussy. He filled her to overflow before he collapsed and slid off her. A few minutes later he was breathing heavily and deep asleep.

Instead of going to sleep Grace turned over and cuddled the back of her husband. Then she whispered, “I know you are not asleep. I am still hungry for cock. Please fuck me.” God, is this really me, she thought after saying those words?

Walter rolled over and looked at his wife with surprise. Then he kissed her passionately. A few minutes later he pushed her onto her side and moved close behind her.

A moan escaped his lips when his cock slipped into her very wet and dripping hole.

When he began to move the room filled with the sloppy sucking sounds of an already fucked pussy. Walter pounded her as if he was trying to show that he could fuck her better than Thomas.

Grace didn’t care which one was fucking her at that point. Having both of them together was more than she could have ever imagined. Just the sound and the knowledge that her husband was using his sons cum as lubrication was enough to start her climaxing again. She was on number five when Walter moaned that he was going to cum. Then he added his seed to her already overflowing pussy.

Grace had a broad smile on her face as she fell asleep, her two exhausted lovers lying next to her, her pussy bubbling over with cum.

Over the next week Grace was having sex multiple times every day. Thomas would fuck her twice, sometimes three times per day, while Walter soon began to taper off and only had her every other day or so. Grace had had more climaxes in the last couple of weeks than she could remember in all her married life. The men seemed to be enjoying the situation as well.

Up until the last couple of years Grace had not been one that was easily aroused and did not always climax when having sex. But since being stranded on the island her libido had been working overtime and she couldn’t seem to get enough. Maybe it is because I am running around almost naked all the time now, she thought.

Sometimes Grace had mixed feelings about having sex with her son. On her down days she sometimes felt that she was not only a bad mom, maybe the worst kind, but also an unfaithful wife. Then she would look around and see the difficult situation they were in and convince herself that she was doing what was best for everyone. It was an incredible balancing act and it took all of her guile and cunning to keep peace in the family.

Most of the time the men seemed to ignore what was happening between the three of them. Walter and Thomas did not act like father and son, but more like competitors for a woman’s affection. That was fine with Grace as long as it did not turn into overt anger or jealously again. Until recently they had mostly kept their sexual contact private, but with the tight quarters and the small island that was destine to change.

One day when Grace returned from doing laundry she found Thomas lying on the bed napping. Walter was fishing. She slipped over to her son and pulled his cock from his shorts. Then she knelt and sucked him awake. His eyes opened and he smiled. Before she could bring him to a climax, however, he said, “Sit on my face.”

Grace didn’t think she had heard him correctly and said, “What?”

“I want to eat you as you sit on my face.”

Excited by his words Grace got up and looked out of the hut and could not see Walter anywhere around. She came back to the bed and quickly stripped. Then she straddled her son’s face. Looking down at him with love in her eyes she sat her pussy on his lips.

“Mmmmm,” she gasped when she felt his lips and then tongue begin to work on her. Because this was not something she had experienced with Walter she truly enjoyed it. It was also a strange feeling of power; she, superior over her son, her pussy pressing on his mouth. She was closing in on her first climax when she heard a noise on the porch. Suddenly she saw Walter coming into the hut. She tried to pull away from Thomas but he held her thighs tightly. She was almost in a panic when Walter stepped into the room and saw her. She began to climax.

At first he didn’t realize what was going on. Then his eyes grew wide when saw his son’s head between Grace’s legs. He started to turn and leave, and then he paused. He sighed, knowing he was going to have to get used to this. He got a cup of tea and sat at the table a few feet away and watched.

Grace, after she had recovered from her climax, and looked over at Walter with hooded eyes. She began to move again on her son’s welcoming face. A few moments later she mouthed to him “I’m cumming.”

She bounced and shook on her son’s face all the while staring at her husband. One climax led to another and then another until her juices nearly drowned the poor boy. Finally she pulled away and collapsed next to him. When he opened his eyes she was there to kiss him deeply. Then he turned his head and saw his father sitting at the table. He looked over at him and shrugged.

Then to everyone’s surprise Thomas said to his mother, “Suck my cock.”

Grace’s eyes opened wide but she didn’t hesitate. She looked at her husband as she leaned over and sucked her son’s cock into her loving mouth. With her eyes on her husband she made love to his cock. She took her time and made quite a production of it. And when Thomas climaxed she swallowed and glanced over at Walter to see him still staring.

When Thomas was drained dry Grace crawled over top her son and went to her husband at the table. She dropped to her knees and opened his pants, taking his hard cock out. She sucked his cock until he too climaxed in her mouth. In just fifteen minutes she had sucked two cocks and swallowed two loads of delicious cum.

Chapter 7

“Walter, it’s time,” Grace said a couple days later.

“Time for what?” he asked.

“I can tell my fertile period is coming on.”

“Oh,” Walter said.

“Are you still okay with this?” she asked.

“Do I have a choice?” he returned, already knowing the answer.

“I suppose not,” Grace answered. “I would like to start tonight. It generally lasts for two days … my fertile period that is.”

“Okay,” Walter said, not knowing where Grace was going with this.

“Well, I … we … Thomas and I would like a little time together. We want to make sure I am … you know … am filled with plenty of sperm.”

“I see,” Walter said, realizing what she wanted. “Okay, I’ll take a little hunting trip over to the other side of the island. Good luck.”

Grace got tears in her eyes. She touched her husband’s face and said, “Thank you so much. I will make it up to you, I promise. I love you.” She kissed him passionately. When his hands came up to her breasts she gently pushed him away. “That is for our son now, you can have them later,” she said, with a smile on her face.

Walter returned the smile and said, “I’ll hold you to that.” He went to pack his gear.

Later that night when Thomas came back to the hut he found a note on the door. It said, “Sweetheart, your father has gone to the other side of the island for two days. It is my special time of the month … I am fertile. Go to the lagoon and take a bath and come back to me. We are going to spend the next two days making love, and hopefully, making babies.”

Thomas almost fell off the porch in his haste to get to the lagoon. He washed in record time and hurried back to the hut. By that time it was dark except for small torch lights showing him the way inside. Inside the hut smelled of multiple flowers and coconut oil. It took him a moment for his eyes to adjust. When they did he almost gasped. He saw his mother standing near the bed. She was topless but had on a pair of tight panties, showing the indentation of her pussy lips.

“Glad you made it back,” she said looking at his already hard penis. She held two coconut halves in her hand with some type of liquid in them. When he walked over she handed him one.

“It is fermented passion fruit I made. I found the recipe in one of the books from the ship. It is very strong, so do not drink too much at once. It is said to fortify men when they have to perform for their lovers.”

“I don’t think I need that,” he said and laughed.

“You might,” she said naughtily.

Thomas took a drink of the sweet tasting liquid and swallowed. He could feel the burning of the fermented juice as it reached his stomach. Two more drinks later, his cock, which had been hard since he had seen his mother’s note, suddenly pulsed and throbbed and seemed to grow longer. He wasn’t sure it was the liquid or the idea of making his mother pregnant but he didn’t think his cock had ever been this hard. He took a couple more drinks and felt his head begin to swim.

“That should do for now,” Grace said as she stood up and took the container from him, sitting hers and his on the table. Then she moved into his arms, pulling him to her. She whispered, “Are you ready to make your mother pregnant?”

“Oh God, yes,” he returned.

“So am I. I never could have imagined this a few years ago, but I want it now more than anything in the world. I want to know your seed is inside me, searching for my egg … millions of seeds, looking for your mother’s one egg … each sperm alive and battling, fighting to be the one that reaches the egg first … and then to penetrate the protective coating and create life.”

“Oh God, Mom, you are going to make me cum before I get into you. I can’t believe how hard I am.”

With a naughty smile Grace slowly stripped off her panties and dropped them on the floor. She left the boots on. Then she stepped back and sat down on the bed. She grasped her breasts and lifted them saying, “You are going to make my body change. These will get much bigger and fill with milk, which if there is more than enough for the baby, you can drink it. My belly will get bigger too,” she said, rubbing her hands on her stomach. “And the baby will grow in here.” She leaned back further and spread her legs. “In the same place you were conceived and grew. See how wet my pussy is? It is waiting for you. It hungers for your cock. My opening wants your cock to spurt your seed deep inside. I can feel my insides churning, waiting for what is to come.” Grace spread her legs and opened her pussy for him. Then she said, “Thomas, fuck your mother. Make me pregnant.”

With an almost animalist grown Thomas hurried over to the bed and crawled between his mother’s welcoming legs.

“Don’t rush, don’t rush,” Grace whispered. “Slowly, put it in slowly, ahhh, yes that’s it.”

She almost swooned when her son’s cock slipped into her incredibly wet pussy. “Deeper, deeper, so I can feel your sperm filled balls on me. Ohhhhhh my baby, oh yes, stay like that, just like that, deep in your mother. I can feel your cock throbbing. I can feel every inch of it.”

Thomas’s head was floating as if in the clouds and his body was tingling

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, Sweetheart,” Grace moaned, floating on the same cloud as her son.

Thomas fucked his mother constantly for over an hour, his hips never stopping. Grace could not have counted the climaxes she had, but vaguely thought that if this potion really worked then she was sending many, many eggs to be penetrated by her son’s sperm.

“Mom, can I cum in you now?” Thomas finally said.

“Oh yes baby, cum in your mother, my eggs are ready and waiting. I can feel them, I can feel them, ahhhiiiieeeeee,” she said and screamed as another massive climax over took her.

To Thomas it like his balls were as big as coconuts and every bit of milk was pouring into his mother’s pussy. His cock throbbed and squirted, throbbed and squirted, over and over. But when he thought it was over his cock was still hard and he started again. He climaxed three times inside her and his cock never grew soft.

The two of them fucked all night, pausing only to catch an hour of sleep here and there. By morning they were both worn out, but still excited.

“God Mom, look at me. I have climaxed all night and my cock is still hard.”

“Well, let’s let it rest for a while. We need to eat to replenish our strength.”

They ate breakfast and went back to bed to fuck again.

By the end of the second day Grace was almost certain that she was going to get pregnant. Even if she didn’t she had never experienced sex like that in her life. It seemed that she was in a state of perpetual bliss. Her head was spinning and she could think of nothing but her son and his sweet cock.

That night and again the following day they fucked multiple times until Grace’s pussy was sore and Thomas’s cock just couldn’t get hard anymore.

Chapter 6

Over the next weeks the dynamics of the family changed dramatically. There was no longer any pretense or hiding sex between the three of them. Almost every night one or both of them made love to her. It might have been the competition or the possibility that she was pregnant, but Walter seemed to have a new energy. Of course it might also have been because they, for the most part, had dispensed with the wearing of clothes. Sometimes Grace put on panties, but mostly she was naked around the men. That by itself added to her own overactive libido.

Grace, for the first time in her life, was finally getting all the sex she wanted. She seemed to have no difficulty keeping both men happy.

Two months later Grace thought she might be pregnant. She had missed two periods and that never happened. The realization that she was pregnant made her extremely happy, but there was also apprehensive about bringing an infant into this uncivilized environment. She waited for a couple weeks before telling Thomas and Walter in order to be sure she was in fact pregnant. By that time her belly had started to pouch, her tits were larger, and her nipples were very sensitive. They were soon going to notice that her body was changing.

The three of them were having dinner when Grace said she had an announcement to make. Walter raised his eyebrows and Thomas looked at her curiously.

I didn’t think I’d ever woken up to a more enjoyable feeling. Actually, I knew I hadn’t. On one side of me was my cousin Jill, on the other was my younger sister Kelly. All three of us were completely naked and covered only by the blanket we shared. The girls were snuggled up close to me and the their warm bodies were more than enough to keep me as stationary as possible so as not to wake them.

Despite any niggling worries I’d had about how the two of them would take to me having sex with both of them, it turned out not to be a problem. They’d even been comfortable enough with the whole thing that we’d ended up all sleeping together.

Because there were three of us we’d taken the mattress on the floor of the main room in the basement instead of my bed. It wasn’t that it offered more space, both options left us a bit crowded, but more that if one of us did fall out for some reason there was only an inch or two to go.

After a few minutes I became aware of my sister slowly waking up beside me. She shifted around at first and pushed the blanket away from her, then stretched out and rolled over until she was halfway on top of me.

“Good morning,” I said.

“Mmm, morning,” Kelly responded.

“You sleep okay?”

“Yes. It figures, the one night I wouldn’t mind having a little trouble drifting off and I sleep like a baby.”

She kissed me softly, using the opportunity to swing her leg over mine and climb fully on top of me. My cock started swelling to life as she straddled me pressed her pussy firmly against my crotch.

“And they say guys are constantly horny,” I murmured.

“It’s not constantly,” she protested. “It’s only ’cause I woke up naked next to you. It wouldn’t be fair to expect me not to get a little excited.”

“I’m only teasing, and I like it when you’re horny anyway.”

Before long Kelly had something to really grind against as my erection grew to full strength. I knew she was getting as turned on as I was since her pussy juices were leaking across the length of my cock and lubricating it before I was even inside her.

She was definitely more aggressive than Jill, more certain of what she wanted. Rather than detracting from the image of my little sister, it actually added to her appeal. Part of her energy apparently came from me being her brother, and I loved knowing that I was the only one who could ever produce those particular feelings in her.

“You think we could have sex before Jill wakes up?” Kelly asked. “Get away with it without her even knowing.”

I glanced at our sleeping cousin who appeared no more awake than she had been a few minutes ago.

“Guess we could find out,” I said.

Kelly was already adjusting her position before I finished speaking. She grabbed my cock and held it steady while she lowered herself onto it, her wet pussy eagerly accepting me inside.

“Ooh, I love that feeling,” Kelly moaned.

“What, sex?”

“Sex with you,” she clarified. “Having my big brother in me, it’s so, I don’t know, bad. Naughty. Something like that. I can’t think of the right word.”

“I know what you mean.”

As she worked her way down my shaft she wiggled around and sent all kinds of different sensations through me. The mattress even started to bounce a little beneath us as she built up a fairly constant rhythm. It was probably that movement that finally woke Jill up.

“Aw, you guys didn’t even wait for me to wake up,” Jill said, followed by a small yawn.

“We couldn’t wait forever sleepyhead,” Kelly teased.

Kelly still rocked gently on top of me, though she had slowed down when Jill spoke.

“Did you even wait two minutes?” Jill asked.

“Probably not quite that long,” I said.

Jill kicked off the blanket that had gotten piled on her somewhat when Kelly climbed on top of me. It struck me once again just how amazing my life was that morning as her naked form was revealed. I kept flipping between wishing I had a way to record everything and wondering how I could possibly ever forget any of it.

“Maybe I should just leave you two alone then,” Jill said, moving to get up.

“Ah ah, stay,” Kelly said as though instructing a disobedient puppy. “I’ve got a better idea.”

“What’s that?” Jill asked.

“Have you ever tried any… oral sex?”

“You mean like a blowjob?” Jill frowned in confusion.

“Kinda, except the other way around.”

It even took me a moment to catch what my sister was suggesting, Jill was a little slower. Once she did she looked from me back to Kelly.

“You mean like right now? While you’re…” she squeaked.

“Yep,” Kelly said with a wide grin. “Come on, may as well try it while I’m here to make sure he does it right.”

Ignoring the jab at my sexual abilities wasn’t all that hard since I knew for a fact Kelly had no idea how good I might or might not be.

Somewhat hesitantly, but with Kelly tugging on her arm until she gave in, Jill positioned herself over my face with one knee on each side of my head. She had to shift forward a little once she started lowering her body toward me to get us lined up properly, but we soon got that sorted out. Soon enough her pussy was hovering just above me.

I placed my hands on Jill’s hips to help keep her steady, then carefully extended my tongue. My cousin was still a little too far away to reach her properly, but I managed to flick my tongue across her pussy and make her jump slightly at the sudden contact.

“Down a little more,” I said.

“Okay, I just don’t want to, you know, squish you or anything,” Jill said.

“Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I can take it.”

I guided her as best I could with gentle pressure on her hips until she was very nearly sitting on me. She was close enough now that I could lick her pussy easily and I proceeded to do just that.

What I quickly discovered was that Jill was facing the wrong way. Or, more to the point, any girl I’d tried this on before had been facing the other way relative to me. It didn’t change the basic premise of what I was doing, but it did mean a couple differences. In particular her clit was down toward my chin rather than being closer to my nose, which was a little disorienting. I hoped I could still do a decent job at least partly because I didn’t want Kelly to think that I actually did need her help.

As I worked on Jill’s pussy, Kelly started moving on me again. She had stopped while we were getting Jill settled and the feeling of being inside my sister had almost become a background sensation to me. I had remained hard through that interval and she could immediately continue where she left off.

For several minutes my focus was solely on those two parts of my body, my tongue and cock, and the two pussies attached to them. It didn’t even occur to me right away that I was having sex with two girls at the same time, something I’d never done before. And that the two girls in question were my sister and cousin? I absolutely would not have predicted this situation even a few days ago.

However strange the situation might look even to myself in the recent past, I was loving it. Kelly kept rocking on top of me while I buried my tongue in Jill’s pussy and I could hear the occasional moan from above me. Knowing that they were enjoying it as much as I was just made the experience even better for me.

It turned out I really wasn’t doing such a bad job on Jill since she was the first of us to cum. It was another one of her silent orgasms that I was getting familiar with at this point. If not for her legs tensing up on either side of my head and a small gush of girl-cum flooding my mouth I might not have even noticed until she abruptly rose off me and sat down heavily on the mattress beside my head.

“That was pretty hot to watch,” Kelly said. “Think I’m gonna cum soon too.”

She leaned forward and braced herself on her arms now that she had the room to do so and used the stability to fuck me harder. I reached up to cup her breasts in my palms and play with her nipples, giving her a little bit of extra stimulation to get her over the edge.

Kelly buried her face in my chest as she came, purposefully muffling any sounds she made. I stroked her hair through the whole thing and while she recovered. Finally she straightened up and, disappointingly, climbed off me.

“You’re close right?” she asked almost as an afterthought.

“Yeah, kinda,” I said.

“Good. Jill, come over here,” she said, beckoning to our cousin.

I assumed Kelly was going to let Jill finish me off, or something like that. Instead Kelly grabbed my cock and started jerking me off without seeming to have any intention of Jill taking over. The two of them whispered conspiratorially together and I heard a couple small giggles coming from them.

“I’m coming,” I warned them once I felt the familiar sensation inside me.

The two girls leaned over me and Kelly actually aimed the first shot at Jill, catching her across her cheek with my cum. The rest of my semen landed mostly on their breasts as they pressed together directly above me.

It was unbelievably sexy to see them both with my cum sprayed across their breasts and I felt like my erection wouldn’t even begin to soften if I kept staring at them. Then Kelly moved toward Jill and licked at her cheek, cleaning her off in an unnecessarily provocative way.

“Oh god, cut it out. That’s not even fair,” I said. “I’m never going to want to get out of bed at this rate.”

“What do you mean?” Kelly asked in a fake, but not unconvincing, tone of innocence.

As though it was perfectly normal Kelly turned back to Jill and kissed her softly. Jill looked a little embarrassed but returned the display of affection, getting into it more as it went on. All at once they couldn’t keep it up any longer and collapsed together in a fit of giggling.

“Very amusing,” I said.

“It was kinda,” Kelly said. “It’s amazing how little it takes to fascinate you.”

I took that as a good excuse to get up. The girls immediately moved into the middle of the none-too-big mattress, wrapped in each other’s arms. I couldn’t help stopping to watch them for a moment and had to force myself to move on before I stood there all day. Two naked girls cuddling together was better than most anything I could think of for holding my attention.

My older sister Angie seemed to still be asleep as I entered my bedroom. She’d chosen to take my bed last night since I wasn’t using it. I moved quietly through the room trying not to wake her while I gathered my clothes. Despite my efforts I heard the unmistakable sounds of movement from her direction, and when I turned toward her she was looking back at me.

“You guys are kinda noisy for so early in the day,” she said.

“Sorry, Kelly jumped me. Wasn’t anything I could do,” I said as I struggled into a pair of pants.

“Yeah right, more like you didn’t want to do anything to stop her.”

“That too.”

“Oh well, gives my imagination something to do anyway.”

I noticed that while one of Angie’s arms was in plain sight, the other was buried under her blanket and there were signs of movement around her waist-area.

“My imagination’s pretty good sometimes,” Angie said, following my gaze.

I shook my head. “Every now and then I get reminded just how weird this all is. I don’t think I ever saw you masturbating before this weekend, now it’s not even a big deal.”

“Enjoy it Nick, you have something good going on that a lot of people don’t ever come close to. And I don’t mean because it’s your sister and cousin you’re with.”

“I know.”

Even with occasional moments of weirdness, I didn’t regret anything that had happened this weekend. I was happy, Jill was happy, Kelly was happy, and Angie got to perv on us. It seemed like a good deal all round.

I sat down on the bed by Angie’s legs as she continued getting herself off. It wasn’t a frantic, desperate thing for her, but just a calm and inevitable process. She didn’t seem to mind me watching her either, if she did she could have just stopped or asked me to leave.

“You really get off thinking about us?” I said.

“What can I say, I’m a little fucked up. You of all people should already know that.”

“Aren’t we all,” I muttered.

“Could be. Anyway, what are you doing in here when you get be out playing with Kelly and Jill?”

“Those two are gonna drive me crazy. There’s no way we’d ever get dressed if I stayed with them and in theory we still want this to be kind of a secret.”

Angie raised an eyebrow at me. “You think you’re safer in here?”

“Well, yeah. I guess I do for right now.”

I should have known better. All I had done was goad her into action.

With an exaggerated sigh Angie sat up, letting the blanket fall away from her chest. She was topless underneath the covers and her breasts were left completely exposed to me. After pausing long enough to make sure she had my attention she swung her legs off the bed on the opposite side from me and stood up.

My older sister was wearing nothing except for a pair of panties that weren’t doing much to cover her butt. She bent over slowly and took far longer than necessary to pick up her shirt before putting it on. It came down only far enough to not quite reach the top of her panties and left a slight gap of exposed skin. She didn’t seem to mind that her legs were still bare.

“You shouldn’t ever think you’re safe around me, dear brother,” she said.

“I should have learned that by now,” I agreed.

Angie left the room without dressing any further, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I couldn’t help feeling like I needed to go after her for some reason. She hadn’t been upset or anything, so it’s not like I had to apologize. Maybe it was just a reaction to seeing her very close to naked a moment ago.

Whatever the case I finished dressing and made my way back to the main room where Kelly and Jill were still curled up together.

“You going to come join us?” Kelly asked.

“I’m afraid if I do then I’ll never get up again,” I said.

“We’d have to eventually,” Jill mumbled.

Kelly had Jill cradled in her arms and was stroking her hair with a loving, almost motherly, expression on her face. It was so hard to tell that they were only a month apart in age just then, Kelly seemed like she must be older than that. She had certainly been acting as the more experienced of the two the past couple days.

“You talk with Angie?” Kelly asked after a moment.

“A little.”

“You gonna have sex with her too?”

She asked the question so casually it was hard to believe I’d heard correctly.

“Uh, that wasn’t what I got out of the conversation,” I said. “Unless you know something I don’t.”

“Not really, but I think it would be good. Then all four of us would be doing it. It’d be better that way.”

“Okay, even ignoring most of the objections I could raise to that, I’ve seen no real indication that she wants to. What am I supposed to do, just ask her if she wants to fuck?” I said, deliberately using the harsher language to try and make my point.

“Yes,” Kelly said simply.

I wasn’t convinced, but I was having difficulty forming a coherent argument. It didn’t seem like my position should have been particularly hard to defend. At least Jill wasn’t openly siding with Kelly, but she wasn’t helping me out either.

“Angie wasn’t wearing much when she came through here,” Kelly said. “Did she let you see her naked?”

“Kinda. Almost,” I admitted.

“Has she ever done that before?”

No, she hadn’t. Not on purpose. Maybe Kelly was actually on to something. I was pretty sure it still wasn’t as simple as she made it sound though.

“Fine, I’ll see what she says all right?”

Kelly stayed quiet, which I took as being agreement from her.

I took my time walking upstairs and working out what I was going to say. I had no idea how I was going to start this conversation with Angie, maybe I should just bring her back down and let Kelly explain it.

Eventually I located my older sister out on the back deck leaning against the railing and staring off at the distance. She was still wearing only her shirt and panties, seemingly oblivious to anyone who might see her.

“You look good in those,” I said, coming up behind her.

“Such a perv,” Angie said, rolling her eyes. “But so am I, so maybe I shouldn’t complain.”

“You could have put pants on,” I pointed out.

“I could have. I don’t think you really want me to though, not if I know you half as well as I think.” She smirked. “Unless you’re worried about one of the parents seeing me. You think they’d suspect something just because I’m wandering around in my underwear?”

“Probably not.”

“At worst I’ll get told to go get dressed and that’ll be the end of it. You staring at my ass on the other hand, that might attract some attention.”

“It’s a nice ass.”

“I know.”

Angie walked toward me and pushed me back to the wooden bench set against the wall. As I sat down on it she swung her legs on either side of mine and straddled my lap facing me.

“What would you do with it if I let you?” she asked softly.

“Uh, what?”

“My ass, what do you want to do to it?”

She pulled my hands down to her hips, then moved them to her butt. It didn’t take any more prodding than that for me to grab her ass and squeeze gently.

“I really am kind of worried about getting caught now,” I said.

“Don’t worry, I’m keeping watch,” she said, as if that solved the problem. “I want to know what you’d do.”


“Sure, whatever.” She leaned in close to whisper in my ear. “Would you stick your dick in it?”

“I’d definitely consider it.”

Whether or not this was just Angie teasing me, I was getting seriously turned on by it. She was even grinding slowly on my lap and she had to be able to feel my growing erection.

“‘Cause I know you haven’t been using condoms with the other two, and there’s no way I’m letting you get me pregnant,” she continued in a voice that just kept getting sexier.

“So wait, is this not hypothetical anymore?”

“It never really was.”

I let a finger travel down between her butt cheeks, pressing her panties deeper into her crack. Her asshole was there somewhere if I could manage to find it through her underwear. I was really starting to believe that she was serious about having sex, even the anal part.

“Did you work everything out with Kelly ahead of time?” I asked. “You two seem way too in synch this weekend.”

“Didn’t you know? We’re telepathic,” Angie giggled. “I know exactly what she’s thinking. Right now it’s mostly about Jill’s boobs. We need to be careful or we’ll have a little bisexual nympho on our hands.”

“There are worse things in the world,” I said offhandedly.

Obviously my sisters weren’t actually telepathic, but they seemed far too close to it for comfort. Was Kelly actually thinking about Jill that way? It was possible that Angie, once again, had just picked up on something that I hadn’t. The girls had definitely looked cozy, all snuggled up together. Naked.

“Now you’re thinking about it, aren’t you,” she said.

“Yeah.” I nodded.

I was getting more and more horny the longer we sat there and I’m sure Angie could tell.

“Maybe you should take me down to your bed now.”

“I would, but you’re sitting on me.”

She got up and I followed her inside and back down the stairs. I watched her ass pretty much the whole way; her panties were covering even less of it now thanks to my efforts and, unless it was just my imagination, her hips were swaying more than they normally did.

Kelly and Jill were right where I left them, and Jill’s soft snoring told me she had drifted back to sleep. Kelly on the other hand opened her eyes as we passed and gave me what I could swear was a wink.

Having slowed down a little, I was a couple seconds behind Angie walking into the bedroom. As soon as I got through the doorway she tossed me a small object that I only barely managed to catch. It turned out to be a bottle of lube.

Summary: A mother submits to her daughter’s seductive nemesis

Note 1: Thanks to goamz86 and LeAnn for editing this story

Note 2: This story is dedicated to Chris who requested the plot.

Debutante MILF Lesbian Submissive


Miranda walked into the kitchen, slammed her school bag on the table and cursed, “I hate her so fucking much.”

“Mind your language, young lady,” I scolded, surprised by my shy daughter’s language, as I confirmed the times for our flights to Paris. “Hate who?” I asked, looking up and seeing my daughter ready to burst into tears…something I had seen a lot of since her dad’s untimely death in a car accident last year.

“That bitch, Serena,” Miranda said through gritted teeth.

“She just loves getting under your skin sweetheart,” I said, this being a usual rant of my daughter.

“She told the whole school I was a dyke,” Miranda said with venom in her voice.

“She didn’t,” I gasped. Miranda and Serena had always been natural born enemies, both coming from two of the most powerful families in the city.

“This is the final straw,” Miranda seethed.

“Honey, you need to be the bigger woman here. We are a month from the debutantes ball,” I reminded her as we had been trying to prepare her for her formal introduction into high society.

“Fuck that,” Miranda snapped.

I sighed, never seeing Miranda so angry or hearing her swear so much. “Honey, it’s just silly high school name calling.”

“I can’t take it anymore. It is bad enough she mocks me over my fashion, my intelligence and not having a father,” Miranda said, the tears now falling freely.

I pulled my daughter in for a hug, my heart breaking at seeing my daughter so miserable. “High school ends in four months,” I comforted.

“That is four months too long,” Miranda replied.

“Then you will be with people like you,” I said.

“Like me?” Miranda looked up.

I realized my temperamental daughter was easily hurt, especially since her father’s untimely death. I explained, “When you go to college without the silly social hierarchy of high school, kids who have similar interests as you and it will be a fresh start where you can just be you.”

“I’m always me,” Miranda sighed, before adding with a soft laugh, “I guess that is the problem. I’m a nerd living in a plastic world.”

Although the shot wasn’t aimed at me, it hurt. In high school I was way more like Serena, a popular cheerleader, than I was my daughter, a socially shy nerd who I too would have picked on back in the day. Instead I agreed, “Exactly, soon you will be in a whole school of nerds.”

Miranda laughed as her sarcastic humour returned, “You really know how to cheer me up.”

“I love you honey,” I smiled, as I let her out of our embrace.

“I love you too, Mom,” she replied, before adding, “I would still like to publicly humiliate her though.

Just like Miranda and Serena were enemies, Serena’s mother Gwen and I were socialites that tolerated each other because we had to. I hated Gwen as much as Miranda hated Serena, but I had long learned how to play the game. “Honey, that is not the solution.”

“Maybe not, but I am not sure I can handle the daily abuse for four more months,” she said.

“Well, they say revenge is a dish best served cold,” I countered.

“This is not a James Bond movie, Mother,” she quipped.

“I know, honey but the sweetest revenge will be beating her at her own game,” I suggested.

“How?” Miranda asked, curious where I was going.

“By outshining her at the debutante’s ball,” I said. “Now just remember that tomorrow we are heading to Paris to meet with the top dress designer in the world so you can look more beautiful and elegant than her.”

“I still want to punch her in the face,” Miranda said, although her tone was less angry and more playful.

“I want to punch Gwen in the face every time I see her too,” I admitted.

“Maybe we should go to one of those ultimate surrender wrestling matches as a team,” Miranda said smiling, an inside joke when we found dozens of files of girls’ sexual wrestling and then the losers were forced to sexually submit to the winner on my husband’s computer after he passed away.

“Those are lesbian matches,” I pointed out.

“Touché,” Miranda laughed, before adding, “although it would be fun to have Serena capitulate to me completely.”

“I bet it would,” I laughed not completely understanding today’s new bisexual fad.

After a moment of awkward silence, I added, “At least you will have the best dress.”

“I can’t wait to see her face when she sees me in an original Perse dress,” Miranda said, her face lighting up.

“There you go,” I smiled, loving seeing my daughter smiling, something I hadn’t seen much of since the death of her father.

Miranda said, “I just wish I looked more like you.”

“Oh honey,” I said softly, looking at my daughter who received my husband’s red hair and freckles, “you are a beautiful young woman, but you try to hide it.”

She looked at her Baggie sweater, long skirt and clumpy shoes and said, “I just dress for comfort.”

“I know,” I nodded, while I dressed every day in skirts or dresses, Wolford pantyhose, and heels even on days I never left the house. Today I was dressed in an elegant lace and leather-like marguerite dress, beige pantyhose and four inch heels. My blonde hair was perfect, my make-up perfect and I was ready to continue my reputation in high society, for a later meeting I was going to with all the debutante moms. I added, “Your breasts are as big as mine, honey, but you hide them in those bulky sweaters. You have my same long legs but hide them in your long sixties skirts, and you have radiant red flowing hair and hypnotic green eyes, that you hide in pigtails and glasses.”

Miranda said with a heavy sigh, “Fitting in is too much work.”

I laughed, “Agreed, sweetheart.”

“Mom,” she said.

“Yes, dear,” I asked.

“Will you help make me over?”

Those were words I has been praying for forever. “Oh honey, I would love too.”

“I really want to beat her,” Miranda said, which was completely out of character for her.

“And we will, my dear,” I promised. The thought of getting the diva daughter I had always hoped for was finally a possibility. I mean I loved Miranda with all my heart, but we had little in common. She is a reader of classic literature, I read fashion magazines and Cosmo; she watches black and white or subtitled movies, I love Adam Sandler comedies; she never cared what people think, I spent my life keeping up the image of perfect wife, mother and socialite; she dresses in comfort, I dress for high society. Although I admired her greatly for who she was, the thought of being able to help her in something I was an expert in, was thrilling.


After dinner, I went to Bellmont Hall, where all our galas take place, for a parent’s meeting about the upcoming Debutantes Ball. There were seventeen girls who were going to have their official welcome to high society early next month.

The meeting itself was the usual generic reminders. As a debutante myself back in the day, I had been a part of my own ball, and as a member of the Bellmont society I had been involved in running a dozen of these balls already. Yet, it was different when your daughter was one of the participants. I was giddy with excitement for the opportunity for Miranda to join the inner circle. ‘Once a debutante, always a debutante’ is a guiding principle for the debutante as she takes her rightful place in their parents’ society network…even if Miranda was a bit out of the social network with her peers.

Once the meeting was over, I headed back home with the full agenda of the special day now clearly laid out. I was just pulling in the driveway when I realized I had forgot to ask Portia (yes she was named after a Merchant of Venice heroine, just like Miranda was named after the heroine in Shakespeare’s The Tempest) a couple of questions about next week’s fundraiser for breast cancer. I called her on her cell but received no answer and realizing I was heading to Paris in the morning I decided to return to Bellmont Hall where she was sure to still be…she literally lived there it seemed.

It was almost an hour by the time I left and returned with traffic and was thankful to see Portia’s Porsche (I know ironic) in the parking lot. Surprisingly the door was locked, but I had a key and let myself in. The building was dark except, not surprisingly, a light at the end of the hallway where Portia’s office was.

I headed down the hallway and froze in my tracks as I heard Portia protest, “Not here.”

“I don’t believe I was asking your opinion,” a young girl’s voice countered.

“But what if someone comes in,” Portia protested, as I eavesdropped on the curious conversation.

“I locked the door,” the very familiar voice replied.

I moved closer so I could hear better and pinpoint the young girl’s voice.

“I don’t know…” Portia said, her tone implying she was very hesitant.

“In position,” the voice demanded firmly.

“Oh God,” Portia said.

“Oh, don’t you worry, my pet, you will be worshipping very soon,” the voice promised.

I gasped, was I hearing what I thought I was hearing?

“Good girl,” the young voice said a moment later, Portia assumedly getting into a proper position for whatever.

I moved closer to the door that was slightly ajar.

“So I need you do to something in return for the privilege to eating my cunt,” the young voice said, which had my mouth drop open stunned by the implied fact that Portia was a lesbian, I had known her for almost ten years and besides being married with two kids she was the most dignified lady I had ever met. On top of that, I suddenly recognized the young girl’s voice.

It was Serena. I almost laughed at the thought that she called my daughter a dyke earlier today, and here she was seemingly participating in a lesbian act with a much older woman. Portia was in her mid-fifties although she still looked amazing and ten years younger than her age.

There was no way that Portia would stand for such disrespect. Yet, I was wrong as the next words I heard were Portia’s strong British accent answering, “I’ll do anything, Mistress.”

Mistress? Anything? Was I in a Twilight Zone episode? I moved to the door, although not close enough to peek inside.

“I want to be the last debutante introduced at the ball,” Serena revealed.

That bitch. Based on tradition, Miranda would be last since our last name is Zimmerman.

“But how would I defend that? Tradition is alphabetical order,” Portia pointed out, her tone seemingly pleading.

“Is that my problem, cunt licker?” Serena shot back.

“No, Mistress,” Portia replied, her tone so submissive, so unlike her usual strong demeanour.

“So you will make it happen?” Serena questioned, her tone implying the question was rhetorical.

“Yes, Mistress, although Petra will throw a fit,” Portia correctly predicted, as I planned to do more than just throw a fit.

Serena laughed, “Don’t worry, she is all talk no action.”

Rage bubbled through me at them talking about me behind my back. I pulled out my phone to record the conversation.

“Come get your reward, my pet,” Serena said.

I had to see this, to get the visual on my camera and peeked through the open door just in time to see Portia, on her knees, lean forward between the legs of Serena who was fully dressed in her school cheerleader’s outfit.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, nor could I believe the wetness that was forming in my panties. It had been over a year since I had had sex with anyone other than my wide collection of toys, and it had been twenty years since I last was between the legs of another girl.

I watched quietly as Serena put her hands in Portia’s hair and undid Portia’s traditional bun. “Good sluts don’t dress like nuns,” Serena scolded.

“Sorry, Mistress,” Portia replied, her head remaining buried between Serena’s pantyhose clad legs which confused me considering Portia was obviously licking her pussy.

“That’s it slut, lick my cunt. Tell me how much you love my sweet cunt juice,” Serena purred, her smug smile showing how much she enjoyed the power she had over poor old Portia.

Portia responded, apparently not being forced or blackmailed to obey, “I love your cunt juice, Mistress, I can’t get enough of it.”

A couple of minutes later, with more than enough video to crush my daughter’s enemy, I was about to back away when I stumbled (stupid four inch heels) and fell forward into the room.

Portia quickly stood up, her face mortified at seeing me, as she stammered, “I-I-it’s not what it looks like.”

Serena, on the other hand, didn’t move at all, her legs still spread open. She smiled, “Actually it is exactly what it looks like.” Opening her legs more, she asked me, “Were you enjoying the show?”

“What!” I gasped, as I regained my composure after the stumble, unable to be diverted from the vision her shaved pussy.

“Did you enjoy watching my slut here eat my cunt?” Serena asked bluntly, clearly revelling in humiliating Portia.

“That is ridiculous,” I shot back, ignoring the wetness in my panties, as I returned my gaze to hers.

“Well, you staring between my legs suggests otherwise,” Serena said, before adding, “as do your red cheeks.”

“I just can’t believe what I am witnessing,” I said, even as I could feel my gaze lowering, like a train wreck you don’t want to stare but you can’t help it.

“Sure, sure,” Serena laughed, hopping off the desk and moving to me.

I turned to walk out and Serena ordered, “Stop, bitch.”

Suddenly I stopped. I turned around and threatened, “Don’t you ever call me a bitch, you little diva.”

She laughed, reaching me, “I’ll call you whatever I want: bitch, my slut, my cunt-licker.”

“How dare you?” I glared, even though I could feel my body weaken as her hands went to my hands.

“On your knees, you fucking dumb bitch,” Serena instructed.

I tried to move, but my legs were like cement, I couldn’t leave, although I didn’t obey.

“I bet you were envisioning yourself between my legs,” Serena confidently said grabbing my phone from my hand. “Delete the evidence, slut,” she ordered, handing the phone to a clearly humiliated Portia.

“Y-y-yes, Mistress,” Portia stammered, thankful to delete the only real evidence against her nasty transgression.

“So, did you enjoy the brief show, Petra?” Serena asked, her lips moving to my ear.

“What? No, I was just shocked and disappointed,” I answered.

“Your cunt isn’t wet right now?” Serena asked, her hot breath on my neck, something I hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Noooo?” I moaned, which gave away the truth.

“Nooooo,” she mocked, her hand going under my dress and directly to my very damp pantyhose and panties.

“Hmmmm, that is interesting,” Serena purred. “Your cunt is soaking wet, why?”

Ignoring the question, and desperately trying to ignore her fingers putting pressure on my vagina, I accused, “You were trying to use sex to change the order of the debutantes.”

“Yes I was,” Serena admitted. “And the order will change.”

“Over my dead body,” I snapped, going to move away, but she stopped me with her firm voice.

“Stand still,” she snapped, before smiling again, tapping my pussy with her fingers “Actually, you will play a key role in the program change.”

“I won’t be a part of this sick sinister sex play,” I firmly said, even as I allowed my vagina to be molested by my daughter’s eighteen year old arch enemy.

“Actually, this is just the beginning,” she smiled, her right hand pushing down on my shoulder.

I wanted to resist, yet I felt my legs give out and I was slowly guided onto my knees.

“Good girl, get used to being on your knees, my slut,” Serena purred.

I couldn’t believe I was letting her talk to me that way, but somehow I felt the urge to obey, as ludicrous as it sounded.

“Do you want to lick my cunt, Mrs. Zimmerman?” Serena asked, lifting up her cheerleader’s skirt and showing me her shaved cunt framed perfectly in what appeared to be crotchless pantyhose which I didn’t even know existed.

I stared at her pussy, it looked so inviting, and my mouth seemed to water. Yet, I couldn’t speak.

Serena moved closer, her pussy lips so close I could smell her exotic scent enveloping me, drawing me in against my will.

“You sure you don’t want a taste. I know Portia here is very jealous of you at this moment, isn’t that right, cunt licker?” Serena said.

Portia replied instantly, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes, Mistress, what?” Serena sighed.

“Yes, I’m jealous of that bitch Petra getting to pleasure you, Mistress,” Portia answered.

I gasped at being called a bitch by Portia but yet couldn’t leave the beauty of what was directly in front of me, as I flashed back to my college days and being submissive to my roommate Angela all four years.

“Last time I ask, Mrs. Zimmerman, do you want to lick my cunt?” Serena asked.

I don’t know why I said what I did, but at that moment the answer was obvious, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” She asked me, obviously trying to establish her power over me.

“Yes, I want to lick your vagina,” I admitted, even as I couldn’t believe I was saying the words and hated myself for giving her such power.

“Vagina,” she laughed at me. “It’s a cunt.”

My face burned with shame at being on my knees, at not getting up and leaving and being disrespected by a teenager…nevertheless my daughter’s bully.

“What designer dress is your daughter wearing for the ball?” Serena asked, her cunt so close to my lips I couldn’t concentrate properly.

“W-w-what?” I asked, so intoxicated by Serena’s scent and cunt that I wasn’t processing properly.

“What designer is making your daughter’s dress?” She repeated.

I didn’t even think of the consequences as I answered, both to obey and to throw it in her face, “Perse.”

“Really?” Serena asked, sounding impressed. “Have you already gone to Paris?”

“No,” I admitted, “we leave tomorrow.”

“Interesting,” Serena said, before ordering, “Tell me how much you want to serve me, Mrs. Zimmerman.”

I again should have stood up and left, again should have refused to play her game, yet I answered, “I want to lick your vagina, I mean cunt.”

“Have you eaten cunt before?” She asked.

I admitted, reminiscing again to my wild high school cheerleader days and my crazy submissive sorority years, “Yes, but that was a long time ago.”

“But you want to eat mine?” Serena questioned.

“Yes,” I admitted, her scent driving me crazy with hunger. I would do anything to get a taste of her pussy.

Serena dropped her skirt and moved away, sitting back on the desk I first caught her on…which now seemed hours ago when in reality it was a few minutes, if that. “You don’t get my cunt that easy Mrs. Zimmerman, you’ve got to earn it.”

My already red face flushed at yet another humiliating slap in the face.

Serena opened her legs, snapped her fingers and Portia immediately returned to her submissive place between the cheerleader’s legs.

I watched still stunned.

“Of course, Mrs. Zimmerman, you understand this little secret is between the three of us,” Serena said, pointing to a video camera in the corner before her hands went through Portia’s hair.

I remained speechless…helpless…in a daze of sexual hunger and personal humiliation.

“You may go,” Serena ordered.

Bewildered, humiliated and angry, I got off my knees and silently walked out of the room even as I heard Serena say, “That’s it, slut, lick my cunt.”

I scurried out of the hall, to my car and looked at myself in the mirror. What just happened? Why couldn’t I stand up for myself? Why did I say what I said? Shaking my head, I pulled out of the driveway heading home, a million questions ricocheting in my head…and yet no answers.

Once in the house half an hour later, Miranda said, “You’re home later than anticipated.”

I stammered, all my humiliation flooding back to me, “I-I-I, it was long.”

“Are you okay, Mom?” Miranda asked, sensing my anxiety riddled state.

“Yes, yes,” I said. “Just tired and realized we have a lot to do before the big day.”

“Tell me about it,” Miranda sighed, her earlier eagerness to change already seemingly beyond her comprehension.

Immediately an anger grew inside me at myself for what I almost allowed to happen and at for Serena for being such a bitch.

“Oh honey,” I smiled, now even more determined to crush that bitch and slap that smug smile off her face. “We will make you the most beautiful, alluring young woman at the ball.”

“You are just saying that,” Miranda said, not believing my words, her self-confidence not strong when it came to her looks.

“Honey, you are a beautiful young woman. Like I said before, you just have done a great job of hiding your beauty with conservative clothing and a lack of make-up,” I said, before asking, “Do you think I am a beautiful woman?”

“Of course, I wish I looked more like you,” she said again.

“And I wish I was as smart as you,” I said, embarrassed that my eighteen year old daughter was way smarter than me. I then added, “You understand that you look a lot like me.”

“Now I know you are lying,” Miranda said, knowing that we were polar opposites in looks.

“Oh sure our hair, eyes and face are different, you got those from your father, but your body is exactly what I looked like when I was your age,” I explained.

“Really?” Miranda asked.

“Come upstairs,” I suggested an idea suddenly popping into my head.

“Okay,” Miranda agreed, following me up to the Master bedroom.

In the room, I searched the back of my walk-in closet until I found the box I was looking for. Opening it, I pulled out my old high school cheerleader’s outfit. I tossed it to her. “Put it on.”

“You’re kidding?” Miranda asked, catching the outfit and holding it like it was toxic.

“I want to prove a point,” I said.

“I don’t know,” she said tentatively.

“Trust me,” I soothed.

“Okay,” she agreed, moving to the bathroom.

“You can undress in front of me,” I said, “we are both women.”

She again stopped, “Really?”

“Of course,” I said, “plus you will be trying on dresses all day with me in a couple days. It’s just me seeing you in your underwear.”

“Really?” She asked again, her massive vocabulary not overly impressive at the moment, her insecurities pouring out of her.

“Yes, dear, we may as well have a trial run with just you and me,” I suggested, suddenly thinking it was a good idea.

“I guess,” she cautiously agreed, putting the outfit on my king-sized bed. She nervously got out of her sweater, never making eye contact with me, as she quickly put on the white, tighter than she usually wore, cheerleader’s sweater. She then pulled down her long skirt and put on the much shorter and sexier cheerleader’s skirt.

Once on, she looked at me as if expecting me to mock her. Instead, I felt my pussy tingle as I flashed back to being on my knees just an hour ago in front of Serena in her cheerleader’s outfit. I had never considered my daughter in a sexual manner, yet at this moment I couldn’t help it. I complimented her, even as my face flushed, “You look amazing, Miranda.”

“I do?” She questioned, not able to fathom herself as anything other than plain.

“Look in the mirror,” I pointed, as I wasn’t lying, the outfit really accentuated her figure like it did me many years ago.

She stared at herself in the mirror as if seeing herself for the first time.

I added, “Of course, we can make the outfit literally shine.”

“How?” She asked, still staring at her reflection.

“Well, tights don’t really go with that outfit,” I pointed out.

“I suppose,” she laughed at herself.

“Do you have pantyhose?” I asked. I didn’t do her laundry, Cecilia, our maid did.

“Maybe one black pair,” she shrugged, before adding, “somewhere.”

I went to my dresser, pulled out a pair of tan Wolford pantyhose still in the package and brought them to her. I said, “These pantyhose will make you instantly feel sexier.”

Miranda looked at me perplexed, but pulled off her tights and put on the pantyhose.

Again my mind wandered to earlier today and the image of Serena’s pantyhose clad legs. Frustration bubbled in me at the reality that I couldn’t stop thinking about Serena and yet I held it in, even as my pussy begged for attention.

“You see the pantyhose completely brings to life your lovely legs, my dear,” I complimented, which was true.

She returned her gaze to the mirror and said, still surprised by her transformation just by changing her clothes, “I guess they do.”

“Can I make one more suggestion?” I asked.

“Sure,” Miranda said, clearly enjoying this rare mom-daughter time.

I went to her and took out her pigtails. “Pigtails are cute, my dear, but they are not sexy.”

I allowed her hair to fall and cascade down. As anticipated, it changed the whole look of her face.

“You see, Miranda, you are a beautiful young woman and at the debutantes ball we will reveal that to high society,” I said, proud of my daughter and myself.

“I can’t wait to see the look on Serena’s face,” Miranda said, still staring at herself in the mirror.

“Me, either,” I said, although the face that popped into my head was Serena smugly looking down at me as I was mesmerized by the sight of her bared pussy.


A day later we were in Paris and shopping at many of the fanciest shops in the world. It was the perfect place to begin Miranda’s makeover as well as shop for the debutantes ball. Besides a designer dress, I wanted to get her new undergarments and heels that would match. We only had two days, before Miranda was going home, a day before me as she had a test on Wednesday and she refused to miss that. It was hard enough to convince her that she would miss two days of school, never mind three and a test.

Away from home, old Miranda surfaced. She was giddy, she was smiling and her youthful exuberance returned as she was in awe of the beautiful city.

We reached Perse’s shop and I gasped, as the first person I saw when we entered the shop was Serena. Guilt and anger instantly hit me when I realized why she was here. I told Serena in my brief moment of weakness and she used that information against me and Miranda.

Serena smiled, her greeting so fake I wanted to slap her across the face, standing in a gorgeous cocktail dress, “Hi, Mrs. Zimmerman, Miranda.”

Miranda’s face dropped and instantly she went from the excited and jubilant to her old shy self.

I said, faking happiness in seeing her, “Hi, Serena.”

“Thanks for the tip about Perse,” she added, throwing fuel on the fire.

Miranda looked at me with a look of devastation in her eyes.

I said, ignoring her last words, “Where is your mother?”

“Back home,” Serena answered, “she couldn’t make it on such short notice.”

I sighed, realizing this was all my fault. I turned to Miranda who was speechless and clearly upset, and said, “Let’s go see Perse.”

“Thanks again, Mrs. Zimmerman,” Serena called out, adding salt to an already open wound.

Once alone, Miranda accused, a look of devastation and betrayal in her eyes, “You told her?”

I admitted, although not adding the details of my almost sexual submission, “Yes, but I was trying to rub her smug face in it.”

“Well, as usual she gets the last laugh,” Miranda sighed.

“No,” I said firmly. “I will still make sure your dress is better than hers.”

“But now I will look like I copied her, especially since I go last,” she said.

“Well, they are thinking of changing the order,” I pointed out.

“What? That is tradition,” Miranda replied.

“But maybe we should go before her if we are both wearing a gown from the same dress designer,” I said, somehow fighting for Serena’s order change even though I had promised myself to not allow it to happen.

“Whatever,” Miranda said flippantly. “It doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Oh honey, this is still your day and your time,” I said.

“I just want to get my dress and get out of here,” she said, clearly her exuberance crushed by the surprise of seeing Serena.

“Okay, honey,” I agreed, just as Serena called my name.

“Mrs. Zimmerman, may I speak to you for a minute,” Serena called out.

I sighed, not having any idea what she may have to say, but happy to be able to talk to her without Miranda listening. “I’ll be right back, honey.”

Angry, I went to the other room as some young woman measuring the dress was just leaving.

“Just so you know, I told Perse I was your daughter,” Serena revealed.

“Why?” I asked.

“Perse would not make two dresses for the same ball, you know he is a bit of a diva,” she explained acting rather diva-like herself.

“Are you saying that my daughter won’t be getting a Perse dress?” I asked, realizing the full consequences of my actions.

“Not your real daughter anyway,” Serena shrugged.

“I will be telling Perse immediately that you are not my daughter, but an impostor,” I threatened, already turning to deal with the issue.

“I would look at this first if I were you,” Serena replied, her tone dripping with smug confidence.

I stopped and turned to see her holding her phone. I grabbed it and watched in dismay as I saw a photo of myself on my knees, looking up a girl’s legs. The camera never showed the identity of the girl in front of me. I felt sick to my stomach…this was my fault. Yet, deciding to call her bluff, I said, “So what, that doesn’t prove anything?”

She laughed, “If you say so. I will just tweet the picture out and later the video and see if everyone agrees with you.”

Realizing that I would be publicly scorned, and Miranda would be ousted from the Bellmont Society, I had to shift my defiance into pleading.

“Please, we can work something out, this has been Miranda’s dream forever,” I pleaded.

“And now it is mine. I mean I already had a great dress, but this was too good an offer to refuse,” she replied.

“What am I going to tell Miranda?” I asked.

“You could tell her that you are my submissive pet,” Serena shrugged.

“I am not,” I firmly protested.

“Not yet,” she laughed, before repeating ominously, “not yet.”

I sighed as I tried to figure out how to overcome my current predicament. “I can’t believe you did this.”

Serena laughed, as I began walking back to my daughter, “Don’t worry, I’ll reward you later.”

I got back to my daughter, grabbed her by the hand and said, “Let’s go.”

“Where?” Miranda asked surprised, as she followed me out, past Serena and out of the store.

Once outside, I explained, “We know what Serena’s dress looks like. Now we have to find one that is even better.”

“We are not going to work with Perse?” Miranda asked confused.

“Not if that bitch is,” I replied.

“Mother, watch your language,” Miranda said, suddenly smiling.

“Bitch, bitch, bitch,” I cursed, smiling now too.

“So where to?” Miranda asked laughing.

“Devilles,” I said, where I often went for much of my wardrobe.

“Cool,” Miranda said, knowing my preference for Devilles’ fashion.

As we caught a taxi, Miranda asked, “What did that bitch have to say?”

I lied, “She apologized.”

“Apparently Hell can freeze over,” Miranda quipped.

“So it seems,” I replied.

We watched the plethora of people and cars as we travelled to our new destination, a place where we already planned to go to get the shoes and undergarments anyways. Now we could get it all in one place.

Arriving at Devilles, we walked in and I was instantly greeted by Marilyn, the owner, who said, after giving me the usual kiss on both cheeks greeting, “You are early, Mrs. Zimmerman.”

“We were not happy with the options there,” I said, which was technically true, as Marilyn greeted Miranda the same way.

Marilyn said, “Aren’t you an adorably cute young lady.”

“T-t-thank you,” Miranda stammered not used to compliments or the touchy feely nature of a complete stranger.

“So you’re looking for a dress as well?” Marilyn asked.

“Indeed we are,” I confirmed.

“Great,” Marilyn nodded, assessing my daughter.

Miranda was obviously uncomfortable with being stared at as Marilyn did a 360 around her before she finally spoke, “Well, she may have different eyes and hair, but her body is almost identical to yours, Petra.”

“That’s what I told her,” I agreed.

Miranda’s cheeks were so adorably red.

Marilyn continued, cupping Miranda’s breasts nonchalantly, “Is she a 36C as well?”

“I’m not sure,” I shrugged as I watched Miranda’s eyes go big at being felt up by Marilyn.

Marilyn asked Miranda as casual as if she were talking about the weather, “Are you a 36C, my dear?”

“Y-y-yes, ma’am,” Miranda stammered, obviously bewildered by what was currently happening to her.

“All right, come with me, my dear,” Marilyn said, taking Miranda’s hand and leading her to the private change rooms reserved for special guests like myself. I followed behind and once we were in the change room, Marilyn instructed the mid-twenties brunette, Allison, “get Mrs. Zimmerman some Chardonnay.”

“Of course,” Allison agreed, one of Marilyn’s employees, immediately going to the corner bar to get my usual Chardonnay.

Over the next two hours, Miranda tried on over a dozen dresses, had her first ever glass of Chardonnay and her second, another dozen sets of shoes and clearly enjoyed herself. For a day, she was a princess and she was bathing in the glow of being treated like royalty having forgotten the disappointing early sight of Serena.

By the time Miranda was done playing princess Barbie, she had picked an ensemble that would definitely outshine whatever Serena ended up getting made by Perse. Her white gown was traditional and sexy, conservative and yet tempting. Diamonds defined her voluptuous bust and draped across the bodice. Strapless, with a sweetheart neckline, puffed out, a ball skirt that went to the floor and a lace-back, the white dress made Miranda look sexy, dignified and radiant. We finished the outfit with a variety of accessories to complete the transformation of my shy, reserved daughter:

-a strapless push-up bra that made her voluptuous, always hidden, breasts stand out even more, accentuating her awesome cleavage

-three inch opened toe heels so her green painted toenails (that matched her eyes and jewelry I already had in mind) could be showcased

-a white thong that Miranda had no idea what it was when Marilyn first gave it to her and blushed when she learned what it was

-white thigh high stockings as Marilyn explained the logic of the thong and the thigh highs: dress like a debutante on the outside, but like a sexual being underneath…thus exemplifying the commonly accepted oxymoron that is the debutant is the unlikely combination of the demure and the sexual.

Miranda said, slightly tipsy after two glasses of Chardonnay, “Thanks Mom.”

“Oh we are not done yet,” I smiled. “I have some jewelry accessories that will compliment your ensemble as well.”

“Oh Mom, I love you,” Miranda said, hugging me.

“I love you too, my dear,” I said back.

That night, we went to Le Meurice for a fancy dinner and hit an opera as well. The next day we went jewelry shopping where we purchased her emerald and diamond crown, matching earrings and bracelet. I decided the Tiffany necklace she loved that she saw in New York I would purchase for her as a surprise on the big day. The rest of the day was Miranda’s to do as she wished and ended up spending hours at the Louvre Museum a place I had never been all the times I was in Paris. After I explained fashion to her the past couple of days, she explained art and history to me. It was an amazing day, an amazing couple of days, and it would be some of the last normality that existed in my life.

The next morning, Miranda flew back home while I did some shopping for myself and visited a couple of old friends, fellow eighties debutantes themselves.


I was in line to get my first class ticket the next evening on the red eye flight, when I heard the undeniable voice of Serena. “Petra, it is so nice to see you again.”

Feigning politeness, I replied, “You too, Serena.”

“It is Ms. Madison,” she corrected, as if she was the adult and I the teenager.

I ignored her power play and asked, praying the answer was no, “Are you on this flight too?”

“I am, but sadly there were no first class seats left,” she sighed dramatically.

“That is a shame,” I said, unable to hold back my sarcastic tone.

“It is,” she agreed, before adding, “for you.”

“Excuse me?” I questioned.

“You are going to give me your first class ticket and I will give you my regular seat,” she said.

“I don’t think so,” I said, I had only once sat in the regular seats and I vowed I would never do it again.

“I am not asking you, Petra, I am telling you,” she said, her tone shifting from her fake pleasantries to firm bitchiness.

“Look you got the dress, but I am not going to be blackmailed by you,” I said.

She laughed. “You are so adorable.”

I glared as I asked tersely, “What is that supposed to mean?”

“You think you are still in control,” Serena explained as she moved right into my face. “You are my pet, my plaything, my MILF toy, my trophy bitch, my cunt muncher,” she listed, each one more crude than the next and yet each making my pussy twitch against my will.

“Enough!” I said, louder than I meant to, making a few heads turn.

Her tone suddenly ice cold, her eyes even colder, she leaned in and asked, “Are we really going to have this out here?”

Somehow her tone and look weakened me, as did her hot breathe on my ear, and I said, “No.”

“Good, because any more attitude from you and I will discipline you right here in this airport,” she threatened.

Somehow I knew she wasn’t bluffing and I also knew I wasn’t sure I could stand up to her, my wet pussy already causing me distractions. I didn’t say anything as I was lost in limbo between being the proper upper class woman I was and the hungry pussy pleasing woman I was so long ago.

“Good, now go to the fucking desk and get me my first class ticket and before you think about taking a different flight, I expect you to take my ticket and be on the same flight. Is that clear?” She said.

“Yes,” I nodded.

“Yes, what?” She asked.

“Yes, Ms. Madison,” I reluctantly replied.

“Good, now go,” she ordered. “I’ll be right behind you.”

I did as I was told, although I was embarrassed, especially when I got the perplexed look the lady at the ticket booth gave me at my odd request. I handed Serena my ticket and started walking away.

She asked, loud enough for a few passersby to hear her, “Did I give you permission to leave?”

I froze, turned around with burning fire in my eyes and through clenched teeth said, “No, you didn’t.”

“I didn’t think so,” she said. “That is one.”

“One what?” I asked annoyed.

“One disobedience, at three you will be punished,” she explained.

I rolled my eyes.

“Two,” she said with no inflection in her voice.

Suddenly scared of what Serena may try and make me do if she hit three, I didn’t say anything, just waited to be told what to do by an eighteens year old bitch.

“Go get me an Avian water, a Cosmopolitan and Godiva truffles,” she instructed, as she walked away towards our gate.

I watched her walk away still trying to figure out how I got myself into this situation and how I was going to get out of it. I reluctantly did as commanded, purchasing the items as requested, furious at myself for not standing up to her, at getting myself in such a ludicrous predicament and for being undeniably horny at the same time.

Reaching gate 70, I saw Serena sitting in a chair, on her phone, her long legs in shimmering black pantyhose and five inch heels impossible not to notice; every guy nearby was checking her out either slyly or staring at her. Again, against my better judgement, against my moral fibre, my long neglected pussy dampened at the thought of submitting to Serena, just like I had long ago submitted to Angela who also was a blonde, debutante bitch with long legs.

Serena seeing me standing, still staring at her smiled and waved me over.

I walked the few feet, an anxiety overwhelming me unlike any I could recall in years. Reaching her, I handed her a bag with the items she had requested. She took them and said, “Thank you, my Petra, my pet Petra, how adorable is that?” She laughed as she added, “Even your name was made to be mine.”

I sighed and said, her voice loud enough to have others hear, “Could you please not call me that.”

“What? Petra or pet?” she asked smiling.

“Pet,” I whispered, sitting down beside her.

“But you are my pet,” she purred, “My Pet Petra.”

“Please,” I said, her tone making my pussy damper.

“Please, what?” she asked.

“Let’s just pretend that brief moment of weakness never happened,” I said, unable to look her in the eyes, instead focusing my gaze on her legs.

She asked, “Is that really what you want?”

“Yes,” I said, my head answered, ignoring the burning down below.

“I am not sure I believe you,” she said, as she slid one foot out of her heel and moved her right foot up her left. I followed her nylon-clad foot like a hypnotist’s watch. “Are you sure, you’re sure?” she repeated.

“W-w-what?” I stammered, not really processing her question.

“Massage my feet, Pet Petra,” she ordered.

“E-e-excuse me?” I questioned, hearing the words but praying I hadn’t.

“Massage my feet, these heels are a killer,” she repeated.

“Here?” I asked, looking at her.

“No better place like here,” she shrugged.

“I can’t,” I pleaded.

“Two and a half,” she threatened.

I looked around, there were lots of people surrounding us, there was no way to not be seen if I obeyed. Yet, I was compelled to obey, now with an all consuming urge to touch her nylon-clad legs, and not wanting to find out what may happen if I disobeyed and caused her to say three. “Okay.”

“Well, get on your knees, Pet Petra,” she said, before adding, “that really does have a ring to it.”

Shame overwhelmed me as I avoided eye contact with any strangers, moved off my seat, onto my knees and took her foot in my hands and started massaging. Glancing up at Serena, she was smiling down at me as she grabbed the Cosmopolitan magazine I had purchased for her. Her foot was so soft, the nylon so silky, that it was easy to just move to my own world and forget where I was or that I had an audience watching me massage a teenager’s feet. Thankfully, after only a couple of minutes, an announcement came that all first class members may board.

Serena moved her foot back into her heel, stood up and looking down at me, said, “We will finish this later, Pet Petra.”

I nodded, not getting off my knees until she started walking away.

I got off my knees, grabbed my carry on and went directly to the restroom never looking up to make eye contact with any of the strangers who had witnessed the humiliating act. Once in a stall, I broke down. Tears rolled freely down my face at allowing myself to be humiliated like that.

I am a strong woman.

I am raising a daughter on my own.

I am keeping the family name alive since the passing of my husband.

I am soon releasing my daughter to the world.

I am a strong woman.

Yet, I pulled my jeans down, yanked my panties down, and began relieving the burning fire in my pussy. I closed my eyes, my mind immediately replaying the moment that just took place, imagining Serena pulling me between her legs, me unable to resist even in the crowded airport and making me pleasure her. I had just begun to pleasure myself when I was brought back to reality when my phone buzzed.

I stopped, sensing this was a sign from above, and quickly pulled up my panties and jeans, leaving my burning flame torching me. I looked at my phone and saw it was a text from an unknown number.

I clicked on it and gasped again. It was from Serena.

Pet Petra,

Don’t you dare go to the bathroom and get yourself off…your cunt belongs to me now. You come when I say you come.

Mistress Serena

I reread the text a dozen times. Each time got me angrier; each time got me hornier. My own secret rebellion decided, I again tugged down my jeans and panties and furiously rubbed myself determined to disobey, and to finish what I started…even as the words ‘Mistress Serena’ echoed in my head.

The forbidden lust, my anger, the memories of submission and my fingers had me coming in less than two minutes and I bit my lip to avoid screaming in the restroom and announcing to whoever was in here of my own self-pleasure.

I sat on the toilet and allowed my orgasm to wave through me as my reality again became clear as the fog of submission and Serena’s control faded away. Cursing myself, I pulled up my panties and jeans just as I heard my boarding call. I composed myself, left the stall and looked at myself in the mirror.

What was becoming of me?

Why could I not resist her? I fucking hate the bitch!

No more, I said to myself as I washed my hands to get rid of any evidence of my self-pleasure and got in line. As I got closer to boarding, my resolve hardened, as I knew I must stand up to her. I must regain my pride, my dignity.

Handing my boarding pass to the woman, she smiled and said, “Enjoy the flight.”

I thanked her and headed down the long hallway and into the plane. Once on, I saw Serena, in my seat, the first row which I always request, sipping on a glass of wine, even though she is too young to legally drink. She stared at me the whole time I walked by, but never said anything, her smug fucking smile saying all she wanted too.

The first two hours of the eight hour flight were pure hell. I was in the middle of three and felt cramped in. I was borderline claustrophobic and being in such confined seats only enhanced the fear. I tried to watch the movie playing, but couldn’t get comfortable. Thankfully, I eventually fell asleep. I was awoken by a soft touch and looked up to see a young stewardess, from first class, say, “Mrs. Zimmerman.”

“Yes,” I said, groggily awakening from a good sleep and confused of my surroundings briefly.

“Ms. Madison one of our first class passengers would like to speak with you,” she explained.

“Oh,” I said, where I was, my indiscretions and my predicament came flooding back instantly.

“Will you please follow me,” she said.

“Of course,” I said, thankful for the opportunity to get out of the passenger sandwich I was in and to stretch my poor legs. Yet, nervous to why Serena would want to see me and what she may have in store for me.

Once in the first class section, the woman sitting beside her stood up and asked, clearly embarrassed to be asking such a question, “What is your seat number.”

“32b,” I said.

She walked away, assumedly to my seat, as Serena said, “Come sit down.”

I did, thankful to be in a comfortable seat and to have leg room.

“There really is no comparison to how people like you and I travel and the rest of civilization,” Serena said.

“Agreed,” I replied, finally able to agree to something the bitch had to say.

“So did you obey?” She asked.

“Obey what?” I asked, thankful there was no one across from us, another thing I liked about the front row seat in first class.

“Did you refrain from coming,” she asked.

“Of course,” I lied.

“You’re lying,” she said, before adding, “how disappointing.”

“I am not?” I adamantly replied.

“I can tell by the look in your eyes you are lying to me,” she sighed. “That really is a shame because you know what that means.”

“No,” I sighed back, before responding sarcastically, “Why don’t you enlighten me on what it means.”

“Three,” was all she said.

“Four,” I replied.

“Okay, four it is,” she countered.

“I’m done with this game, Serena,” I firmly said.

“What game?” She asked innocently.

“You know exactly what game. Go ahead show the pictures or the video, this is 2013, it will probably make me more famous. It is chic to be bi now,” I replied, calling her bluff even though I didn’t remotely want that picture or whatever other evidence she had on me released.

“Ooh, does my Pet Petra have a backbone, how adorable,” she said, talking to me like she was talking to a child or a puppy.

“I am not your fucking pet,” I snapped, standing up.

“Sit down,” she ordered, her voice sharp.

I stared at her; she stared at me. It was like a Wild West showdown except no one would die…except my dignity.

She spoke again this time softer, “You can pretend to be strong, but I can see through that exterior.” She slipped out of her heels which had me break eye contact and glance at her nylon-clad feet.

She continued, “You are submissive, Petra. You crave it. I can see it in your eyes, in your posture and in your longing.”

Her words rang true as I remembered the happiest time in my life was at the feet of my roommate, Angela. Yet, I countered, “Apparently you need glasses as you can’t read a thing.”

“Can’t I?” She asked. “Be honest then if I am so wrong. Did you masturbate in the bathroom after I left?”

“Yes, fine, I did. What does that prove?” I admitted, annoyed by her condescending attitude and at the reality that I was getting wet again. Why couldn’t I control my sexual appetite?

“That you are controlled by your sexual desires,” she shrugged.

“But I disobeyed you, thus I am not submissive,” I countered smugly.

She laughed, “It’s not that black and white. First off, if we are being so completely honest, tell me the truth, were you not a submissive in college?”

“Not really,” I said, even though I definitely was.

“Not really, means yes,” she said.

“Does no mean yes too?” I sarcastically questioned.

“With you, yes it does,” she said seriously. “Now sit back down.”

For some reason I did.

“Good girl, Pet Petra,” she purred. “Now for your punishment.”

“Look,” I said. “Yes, I had a wild past; yes, I had a momentary lapse of judgement. But I am not your pet.”

She ignored my words and said, as she pulled out a vibrator from her purse, “My vibrator is out of batteries. Please go to the dregs of society and offer someone twenty dollars for two triple A batteries.”

“You got to be kidding,” I said.

“I don’t kid,” Serena said. “Now go before I double your punishment.”

I sighed.

“If you want to earn the right to eat my cunt like the hungry cunt-licker you are you will do as you’re told now,” she said.

As soon as she said the blunt words my cunt leaked, my mouth watered and I wanted to obey, as frustrating and infuriating as that is to say.

Sensing my weakness, she added, again moving to my very vulnerable ear, “You like being called names, being put in your place, don’t you, my little cunt-licker, my slave, my slut, my whore?”

Unfortunately, during the litany of names as well as her hot breath on my ear, I moaned.

“Mmmmmmm, there it is,” she purred, her mouth tugging gently on my ear, her hand on my leg, “Say it, Pet Petra, tell me you want to eat my cunt, that you yearn to submit to me.”

“Oh God,” I moaned again, unable to think straight with her lips teasing my ear and her hand on my leg creating a warmth I could not control.

“Oh God, what?” She questioned, her tongue swirling in my ear.

“I caaaaan’t, I doooon’t, dammit, fine, yes,” I babbled, as her hand moved towards my jean crotch.

“Yes, what?” She questioned, pushing me to the brink as her hand reached my crotch and put pressure directly on my cunt.

“Shiiiiit, yes, I want to eat you,” I admitted, frustrated beyond all measure.

“Here, in the plane?” She asked.

“Anywhere, please it has been so long,” I whimpered.

“So long since what?” She asked.

“I have been with a woman or been with anyone for thaaaaat matter,” I admitted, her hand causing me to struggle to focus.

Moving her hand away, and returning to her seat, she said, “Then go earn it. Get me batteries.”

The vibrator in my hand, I asked, “Do I need to take the toy?”

“Of course, that is part of the punishment,” she said, closing her eyes making it clear this conversation was over.

I took a deep breath, my mind muddled by our conversation and my conflicting emotions and decided, fuck it I would do it! The problem and the good news was that it was after midnight on the plane and many of the passengers would be asleep.

Standing up, I walked past the curtain to suburbia hell and saw the first couple rows were sleeping. In the third row was a middle aged man reading his kindle. I went to him and asked, “You wouldn’t happen to have any triple A batteries, would you?”

He looked at my hand with the toy in it and smiled, “Sorry, I don’t, but I could replace that thing for you.”

My face flushed and I replied, “Good to know.”

I moved down the aisle, past a teenage girl who saw the toy and gave a look, but I wasn’t going to ask her. In row seven was a woman my age watching the movie. I asked her, “I hate to be a bother, but you wouldn’t happen to have any triple A batteries?”

She looked at the toy, gave a surprised look, but smiled, “It is a long trip. Let me see if I do.”

She pulled out her purse while I stood there with a sex toy in my hand both embarrassed and yet exhilarated by what I was doing. I strangely felt free even though I was completely bound.

“I think this has triple A batteries,” she said, opening a small flashlight. “It does.”

Handing them to me, I said, “Thank you, you are a life savor.”

“Oh I imagine right now, that thing is a life savor,” she joked.

“That it will be now,” I joked back. I handed her a twenty dollar bill.

“No, no,” she waved the money away.

“Thanks again,” I whispered as I put the new batteries in the toy and turned it on. “It works.”

“So it does,” she smiled as I winked at her and returned to first class.

Returning to my seat, I sat down unsure what to do as it appeared Serena was asleep.

Yet, a minute later, she opened her legs and without ever opening her eyes she ordered, “Get your treat, Pet Petra.”

Again, for the millionth time my mind played good brain, bad brain. Good brain pointed out all the common sense consequences of obeying. This included getting caught by stewardesses, pilots or other passengers, obeying would also pull me deeper into the sick and twisted world of Serena and of course would potentially threaten my image and high position in the social hierarchy of the privileged. Yet, bad brain reminded me of my sexual liberation in college, how long it had been since I tasted pussy or had sex with a person, and how I was naturally submissive and needed to take risks on occasion…after all it wasn’t like I knew anyone on this plane nor likely to ever see any one of them again.

Serena said impatiently, “it’s now or never, cunt-licker. If you are not going to get into your natural position between my legs, return to your original seat and bring Jasmine back.”

“Jasmine?” I questioned.

“Yes, the woman who was sitting here. She is a teacher from Canada and was eating my pussy rather eagerly in the bathroom earlier,” Serena explained still not opening her eyes.

Oddly, the feeling inside me was jealousy and even as good brain screamed ‘nooooo’, I felt my body lowering to the ground and between Serena’s nylon-clad legs, the vibrator still in my hand.

“Good choice, Pet Petra,” she said, as she lifted up her ass, pulled her skirt up and revealed thigh high stockings and a lack of panties, her shaved pussy now right in front of me.

Bad brain said, “Dive in,” and I listened as I leaned forward, drawn in by the beauty of her cunt and an exotic scent, and began licking.

“That’s it, slut, worship your Mistress’s pussy,” she moaned softly.

The word Mistress had me cringe at the implications and yet turned me on simultaneously.

One taste and I was nineteen again; one taste and I was hooked; one taste and I knew there was no going back. I explored her pussy, my tongue moving up and down, in and out. I was in no hurry to make her come, no hurry for this moment to end. My own pussy was on fire, yet I let it burn as I concentrated on pleasuring Serena.

After a few minutes of slow pleasuring, she said, “You like Mistress’s taste, Pet Petra?”

“Yes,” I admitted, between licks.

“Yes, what?” She asked, putting her hand on my forehead and pushing me away from her delicacy.

“Yes, Mistress,” I quickly corrected, before adding, “I love your pussy.”

“And you will be an obedient pet from now on?” She questioned, still not allowing me you return to my task.

“Yes, Mistress,” I agreed, without a second thought to the full breadth of my agreement.

“Let’s see if that is true,” she smiled, again testing me.

“How?” I asked, me on my knees in an airplane with a vibrator in my hand a seemingly pretty good example of obedience.

“Take off your jeans,” she ordered. “By the way, sluts like you do not wear jeans. That cunt of yours should always be easily accessible.”

“Understood, Mistress,” I said, standing up, slipping out of my heels and taking my jeans off glancing to see if any of the other passengers were awake…they weren’t.

“Thigh highs under your jeans, how sexy and slutty,” Serena approved.

“I’m a debutante, dress classy on the outside, trashy on the inside,” I shrugged.

“How poetic,” she quipped, before adding to her expectations of me, “Your panties too, sluts don’t wear panties.”

I again obeyed, my hands trembling at what she was expecting me to do next.

“Becky, you here?” Serena called out.

“Of course,” the young stewardess said appearing out of nowhere.

Handing Becky her phone, she said, “Could you please record this.”

“Of course,” Becky agreed, taking the phone even as she smiled at me.

My face flushed red again as I pleaded to Serena, “I will obey, but please don’t record me.”

“I won’t use it against you,” she smiled, looking up at me, “unless you disobey me. No, the video is just for my own collection of MILF slut submissions.”

My face burned with shame and yet I knew I wasn’t going to disobey whatever order she gave me.

She reached in a bag under her seat and I watched as she pulled out a big dildo with a suction cup and put it on the ground. She ordered, “Come sit, my Pet Petra.”

Horny as hell, I didn’t hesitate, even with the knowledge I was being filmed, as I returned to my precious position on my knees in front of Serena and lowered myself on the long, thick dildo which easily slipped inside my wet pussy.

“Good girl,” she smiled, “Fuck yourself, slut.”

I closed my eyes, riding the cock, my orgasm building after simmering for so long.

“Don’t you come, slut,” Serena warned.

“Okaaaay,” I agreed, knowing holding back would be never difficult.

“Are you hungry for submission, cunt-licker?” She questioned.

“Yeeees,” I admitted, wanting to taste her again, to make her come and also to get off myself.

“Open your eyes,” Serena ordered. “A good pet slut isn’t ashamed of obedience.”

I opened my eyes and looked at the smiling Serena, as almost all the dildo filled me.

“What are you?” Serena asked.

“A submissive,” I admitted.

“More,” she instructed.

“A slut, a pet, your pet, your cunt-licker, slaaaave,” I moaned, saying such words so naughty it only enhanced my pleasure and submission.

“And what am I?” Serena questioned.

“My-my-myyyyy Mistress,” I stammered, not liking admitting such a thing.

“And what do you want to do right now?” She asked.

“Eat your cunt,” I admitted, her legs still open and her captivating cunt was right in front of me.

“Your daughter’s arch enemy’s cunt?” Serena questioned, pushing me deeper into her web of twisted submission.

I froze, the dildo deeply in me. Submitting to Serena had happened rather easily, but far away from the reality of home and of my daughter. Serena was clearly testing me by bringing Miranda up at such a moment.

“Is something wrong Mommy cunt-licker?” Serena questioned.

“W-w-what?” I stammered, my head spinning in a million directions. Hearing my daughter’s name brought my shame instantly back, a reminder that I was more than just a sexual being, but also a mother. Yet, the exotic scent of Serena’s cunt, to the sexual thrill of submission, to the toy currently filling my cunt, I was too overwhelmed to do the right thing for Miranda, instead doing the right thing for my sexual hunger and weakness. “Yes, Mistress, I want to eat my daughter’s arch enemy’s cunt.”

“And you will obey every order,” Serena clarified.

Continuing riding the dildo, I agreed, “Yeeeees, Mistress.”

“Lean forward and finish what you started,” Serena ordered, grabbing my head and pulling me back between her legs.

I just let the toy in me linger there as I concentrated on pleasuring Serena. Her cunt taste and scent was so uniquely exotic I couldn’t get enough. I licked, I probed and I explored with my tongue, lavishing in her beauty. I have no idea how long I was between her legs before she ordered, “Fuck me with the vibrator, slut.”

I grabbed for the toy I had left on my seat, turned it on high, and easily slid it inside Serena’s wet cunt. Understanding by her moans she was getting closer, I took her clit between my lips and concentrated all my focus on it as I fucked her with the toy.

“Thaaat’s it, cunt licker,” she moaned, her breathing increasing.

A moment later, reminding me again of my betrayal to my daughter, she moaned, “I’m going to come, Miranda’s mom.”

She grabbed my hair, held my face firm on her cunt and I could barely breath as her cum flooded out of her and splattered my face. I kept trying to lick, wanting to taste and savour every drop of her juice. Her cum even stronger in scent and taste, my taste buds exploded with pleasure at the unique, yet appetizing flavour. I kept licking and sucking, even as I struggled to breathe, my nose awkwardly plugged against her skin.

Finally, she let me go and I looked up at her awaiting further instructions and her approval.

Looking down at me, she complimented, “Apparently you don’t lose your ability over the years of neglect to eat cunt.”

“Thank you, Mistress, I aim to please,” I replied, flashing back to saying those exact words to Angela all those years ago.

“Do you want to come?” She asked.

“God, yes,” I admitted, the dildo in me still dormant.

“Well, fuck yourself for the camera, but refer to yourself as Miranda’s mom throughout,” she instructed.

I hated the constant reminders of my betrayal, yet it turned me on too, and I began riding the dildo again, putting my hands on Serena’s nylon-clad legs.

“Talk dirty slut,” she ordered, after a minute of me moaning as I rode the plastic toy.

“Oh yes, a Mistress Serena, Miranda’s mom loves fucking herself for you,” I moaned, the nasty talk only enhancing my submission and my pleasure.

“Who owns you?” She asked.

“Serena Madison, my daughter’s bitch arch enemy, owns Miranda’s mom,” I admitted, getting more and more turned on.

“Bitch?” She questioned her eyebrow raised.

“Yeeees, lovely, dominant, bitch,” I added, taking most the cock in me with each downward thrust.

“And who are you?” She questioned.

“Pet Petra, or Miranda Zimmerman’s mom,” I moaned.

“And you are a slut,” she said.

“Yeeeees,” I agreed, my orgasm rising.

“A dirty mommy whore.”

“Yes, yes,” I babbled.

“A slave.”

“Your slaaaave,” I moaned, so close to orgasm.

“Stop,” she demanded.

I obeyed reluctantly, sweat dripping off me.

“Since you came without permission earlier today, you may not come until next time we meet,” she said, shocking me.

“Please I’ll be a good girl,” I begged, desperate to come.

“Sorry, you need discipline,” she said, ignoring my pleas. “Stand up.”

I reluctantly obeyed, juice leaking down my leg.

She leaned forward, her face so close to my cunt that I could feel her breath as she said, “Shit, you are so fucking wet.”

“All for you, Mistress,” I replied, praying sucking up would change her mind.

“Will you ever disobey me again?” She questioned, as her tongue flicked my clit.

“Neeeeever,” I moaned louder than I meant to.

“Good,” she said. “Becky, do you want the slut for anything.”

Becky answered, “I’d love too, but it’s time for my rounds.”

Becky handed Serena the phone as Serena said, “Well, she is yours if you want.”

“Good to know,” the young stewardess said, looking at me.

“Miranda’s cunt licking mom,” Serena said, turning her attention back to me.

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, praying for permission for sexual release.

“Sit down and shut up, I need some sleep,” she said, closing her eyes and denying me the orgasm I so desperately needed.

I obeyed, sitting down still without any panties or jeans. I wanted to ask permission to put my jeans on at least but was scared to disobey an order. Instead, I grabbed a blanket that was on the floor, covered myself up and tried to calm myself down. Exhausted, I crashed rather quickly once my cunt simmered. I slept for hours until I heard over the intercom we were beginning our descent.

I opened my eyes and Serena said, “Good morning, slut.”

“Good morning, Mistress,” I replied quietly, assuming people behind me were awake now.

“You really are obedient, aren’t you?” She said.

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered, curious though why she said that.

“You didn’t even put your jeans back on,” she said.

“I didn’t have permission and you told me to shut up so I couldn’t ask,” I explained, the words ludicrous.

“I’m impressed,” she said which somehow made me happy.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I said.

“In public, you will refer to me as Miss Serena,” she instructed me.

Although odd to speak to her in such formal ways, Miss Madison would be proper if I was going to speak formally, I didn’t think it would cause any harm. “Of course, Mistress.”

“You may put your jeans on,” she said, handing them to me.

“Thank you,” I said, awkwardly putting them on without standing up.

She turned away, looking out the window, our conversation apparently over. Once we landed, we went our separate ways and I wondered as I got in the limousine to return home what lie ahead.


The next week I was on pins and needles as I kept expecting Serena to call, text or somehow contact me. Every night I dreamt of Serena, always waking up wet, yet I obeyed her order to not come, knowing she would somehow know if I lied. Every time I saw Miranda I felt guilty for what I had done, yet she was oblivious to it.

Instead, we continued her makeover. I took her to a tanning salon to get her a perfect tan before the ball; we went shopping for a new wardrobe for school…still casual but less frumpy. Miranda was becoming a woman right in front of my eyes and I was so proud of her.

I was at Tiffany’s ten days after I last saw Serena purchasing the special necklace that Miranda had adored every time we went shopping. It was going to be her gift from me the day of the ball, and it would perfectly work with the diamond studded dress we purchased in Paris.

“Mrs. Zimmerman,” I heard from behind instantly knowing who it was.

I turned around and said, seeing she was with her mother, “Hi Miss Serena, Mrs. Madison.”

“How formal,” Gwen said looking at me perplexed, we always called each other by our first name.

I joked, “just practising for the ball.”

“Two weeks,” Gwen said, “I can’t believe our girls are becoming women.”

Serena’s cunt popped into my head and I said, “Oh, I think our girls are already women.”

After a couple more minutes of generic conversation about the upcoming debutantes ball, I said, “Well, I need to finish my shopping if I am going to get everything done before tonight’s meeting.”

Gwen agreed, “See you tonight.”

Serena asked, once her mother was out of ear shot, “What do you have there?”

“Oh, just something for Miranda,” I said, moving it behind my back.

“Let me see it Pet Petra,” she ordered.

“Please not here, your mother is just over there,” I said.

“Then obey simple fucking instructions,” Serena snapped.

Reluctantly, I showed her the diamond necklace I was planning to purchase for Miranda.

She shrugged, “Cute,” and walked away.

Rattled, I quickly paid for the overpriced piece of jewelry and left before I could get in any more trouble with Serena.

I was half way to my car when I got a text. I knew without even looking at it who it was from. I considered not reading it or responding to it; yet, I was intrigued to read it and compelled to respond.

Pet Petra,

You left in a hurry.

Are you hungry?

Craving some cunt?

Meet me at Bellmont Hall in one hour…I know you have a key.

Mistress Serena

Like Pavlov’s theory, the words now in my mind, my mouth instantly watered, my legs weakened and my mind shifted from dignified upper class woman to hungry, obedient submissive.

I replied, even though trepidation coursed through my very being:

I’ll be there Mistress.

Pet Petra

I was in my car when another text came. I checked it:

Of course you will be.

A chill went up my spine at her assumptions, her correct assumptions, as I shifted into drive and drove to my next stop.

An hour later, I was walking up the steps of Bellmont Hall giddy with excitement of what I was about to do. I hadn’t come in almost two weeks and my cunt was definitely in the driver’s seat. I also had accepted, like it or not, my need and lust for Serena. My dreams were always of her since that fateful day, my thoughts were always of submission and my hunger was overpowering my day to day life.

I unlocked the door and was surprised to see not only Serena, but her mother, Gwen, too. Instantly, I shifted from eager to please, to strong willed mother, praying that Serena was not going to humiliate me in front of her mother.

My prayers were not answered.

“Pet Petra, on your knees,” Serena ordered.

This was the moment. It was one thing to submit the first time in front of an already submitting Portia; it was also one thing to submit and give in to my held in lust and desires on the airplane, but in front of Gwen, in Bellmont Hall, was a completely different, life altering, power shifting decision.

“Now, cunt-licker,” Serena demanded, her voice stern, clearly not appreciating the delay in obeying.

Reluctantly, my need to obey overriding my dignity, I lowered myself onto my knees, avoiding eye contact as my face burned with shame.

“Holy shit,” Gwen gasped, “You really did it.”

“Of course, I did. There has not been a MILF bitch I couldn’t turn into my personal plaything,” Serena confidently said, glancing oddly at her mother.

Gwen’s face went red but she didn’t say anything which I thought was odd, but I was brought back to my own situation when Serena asked me a question.

“Have you come since I ordered you not to?” Serena asked.

“No,” I answered, this time honestly.

“Look me in the eyes when you answer me slut,” Serena ordered.

I lifted my heavy head up and looked at her, trying to avoid eye contact with Gwen.

“Now, answer me again. I need to see your eyes,” Serena said, walking closer to me.

“I have not come since ordered not to, Mistress Serena,” I answered, drawn in by the beauty of Serena.

“You haven’t, have you?” Serena said impressed.

“No Mistress,” I admitted, happy she believed me.

“Well, you deserve a treat, my pet,” Serena purred, again talking to me like I was a real pet. “Does pet want a treat?”

“Yes,” I whispered, ashamed by her belittling tone, and yet desperately hungry for a treat.

“Mom, do you want your cunt eaten?” Serena asked, surprising me.

“I have wanted to put her in her place for years,” Gwen not surprisingly said. “Crawl to me, bitch.”

Horrified, I looked up at Serena for a reprieve, but I wasn’t really expecting any, before I began the humiliating crawl of shame.

Reaching Gwen, she said, “Beg to eat my cunt, Petra.”

Even after all the humiliation I had suffered at the hands of Serena, this was worse. Yet, my need to obey overrode my shame and I begged, my cunt getting wetter, “Please, Gwen, may I lick your cunt.”

“Is that the best you can do?” Gwen condoned.

Serena said, “I’m going to visit my other debutant slave.”

I glanced to watch Serena walk away as Gwen snapped, “Focus on me bitch.”

I turned back to Gwen.

“Beg bitch,” she ordered again.

“Please Gwen, may your bitch serve you and lick your cunt,” I replied trying to say the right things even as my head spun with disastrous consequences of what I was about to do.

“Follow me,” Gwen ordered, walking over to a couch, pulling up her dress and sitting down. She too was wearing thigh highs and was sans underwear. Reluctantly, I crawled, even as pussy juice leaked out of me. Was I turned on by submitting to my arch enemy too?

Reaching her, I stared at her heels and awaited further instructions.

“You always thought you were better than me, didn’t you?” Gwen asked.

“No,” I lied.

“Tell the truth, bitch,” she snapped.

Looking up, I admitted, “No more than you think you are better than me.”

“But I am better than you,” she said condescendingly, grabbing my hair and pulling me between her legs.

Her scent was much stronger than her daughter’s and less intoxicating, she also had a hairy pussy, and yet my mouth watered with hunger to taste her.

“Start licking, bitch,” Gwen said, as she shoved my face into her hairy cunt.

I obeyed, as I began creating a path in her pubic hair to her cunt. More awkward than a shaved pussy, but twice as pungent scent wise, I began licking her pussy. Her taste, like her daughter’s was addictive and as soon as it hit my taste buds I wanted more.

“You are an eager cunt-licking bitch,” Gwen moaned a couple of minutes into my submission.

I moaned at the name calling against my will.

“You are such a pretentious little uppity bitch,” Gwen laughed, adding, “judging others all the while you are the biggest fake of them all.”

Her words were sharp like knives. I had always been critical of other women and their two faced personas and now she was calling me one of them. Yet, on my knees between her legs it was tough to argue. Instead, I kept licking.

“Got nothing to say?” She chuckled, the question seemingly rhetorical.

I didn’t. My hunger to please, to submit was way too strong to break. I was handcuffed by my sexual desires and I was no longer the pretentious woman judging others.

“I didn’t think so,” she said, adding, “especially with your mouth full.”

Being humiliated by Gwen was worse than being humiliated by Serena, yet the pleasure pulsing through me was equally as great. I took her clit in between my lips and applied pressure on it and she moaned, “Shit, you got me close, biiiitch.”

I concentrated on getting her off, on fulfilling my appetite for her pussy juice, as I flicked her clit with my tongue again and again.

Her moans increased exponentially, high pitched whimpers actually that were quite entertaining, as I brought her to the brink of euphoria.

“Oh God, you biiiitch,” she squealed, “Don’t you dare fuuucking stoooop.”

I didn’t and was rewarded seconds later with her cum as it flowed out of her and onto my lips and tongue. Her amusing whimpers continued as I continued licking up all her pussy juice like the addicted lesbian I was.

Finally, she pushed me away and said weakly, “Too sensitive.”

My face sticky with her cum, I sat there on my knees, awaiting further instructions, exactly like a pet.

A minute later, she looked down at me as she stood up, allowing her dress to drop back down, and smirked, “Well, this changes everything.”

I didn’t say anything, as she walked to the bathroom.

On my knees I was unsure what to do. Was she done with me? Did Serena want me? My need to be needed was leading my emotions and paralyzing my ability to make a decision on my own.

I sat on my knees for almost five minutes before Serena walked back into the ballroom. She laughed, “You really are obedient, aren’t you?”

“I guess,” I agreed, even though the answer was obvious.

“You guess,” she laughed even harder as she reached me. She slipped out of her heel and ordered, “Lick the sole of my heel.”

Another humiliating task, yet I obeyed, leaning down and licking the sole of her heel. My pussy leaked, the more humiliating the act the wetter I became it seemed.

Gwen’s voice startled me, “Fuck, you really are one submissive bitch.”

I continued licking like a cat licking milk, the sweaty sole somehow turning me on even as I was humiliated in front of my arch enemy.

“Enough,” Serena ordered, as she slipped her foot back into her heel. “Do you want to come?”

“God, yes,” I said, my pussy again on fire.

“On your back,” she ordered.

I obeyed without hesitation.

Gwen scoffed at my obedience.

“Get yourself off, Pet Petra, with the heel of your shoe,” Serena ordered.

Permission to come given after almost two weeks of simmering, I obeyed the extremely embarrassing order, bending my leg, slipping out of my high heel and moving it directly to my burning pussy. I frantically rubbed my clit with the heel of the shoe, my eyes closed, ignoring the reality I was masturbating in front of Gwen and Serena.

“Fuck yourself with it, cum slut,” Serena ordered.

I obeyed, so far gone that the idea of fucking myself with the five inch heel seemed natural.

“Slut,” Serena said.

“Bitch,” Gwen added.

“Cunt licker,” Serena continued, each name sending jolts of electrical pleasure to my cunt that was already on the rise of euphoria as I pumped the heel in and out.

“Bimbo,” Gwen called me, a term I had used against many of the other mothers in our group.

“Slave, pet, cunt, whore, dyke,” Serena listed as my moans increased with each one, the tidal wave of pleasure crashing down on me with earthquake power.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” I screamed as the orgasm riddled through me.

I heard the click of heels fading away as my body quivered with the afterglow of pleasure. I heard the door open and close and I quickly turned around worried someone was coming in, but thankfully it was them leaving.

I remained on the ground for another minute before weakly standing up and slipping my foot back into the new fuck toy. Taking a deep breath, I was about to leave when Portia said, “She got you too.”

I turned and said with a reluctant smile, “So it seems.”

“I am to announce at the meeting tonight that the alphabetical order tradition is to be changed,” she said.

“I figured that may happen,” I sighed, the consequences of my indiscretions coming to light. “What is the rationale?” I asked.

“She is writing a script for me to read,” Portia sighed back.

“Really?” I asked, although it shouldn’t surprise me.

“I am just a pawn in her game of debutante power,” she admitted, before adding, “I am so sorry I got you pulled into her sinister web.”

I laughed, “You didn’t make me fall to my knees in front of her.”

“I suppose,” she said.

“So are there others?” I asked.

“I believe so. She implies there are, but she has kept her word of keeping my submission to her a secret to all, except of course you and her mother,” Portia explained.

“I just got to get past the debutantes ball without my daughter being drawn into my mess,” I said.

“Be careful,” Portia warned.

“Why?” I asked.

“She never said as much completely, but it seemed obvious to me that she has plans for Miranda,” Portia said.

“Fuck,” I cursed, guilt washing over me at the thought of Miranda getting drawn into this sick circle of sin.

“I never told you this,” Portia said.

“Of course,” I nodded, my head already spinning with how to protect my daughter from the predator that was Serena.


That night, in a new outfit after dirtying the last one while writhing on the floor, I went with Miranda to a parent and debutant meeting. I purposely avoided Gwen and Serena during appetizers until the meeting was called to order. Just a few minutes into the meeting, I got a text. I usually don’t check my phone when I am in such a meeting, but I forgot to turn my phone onto vibrate.

I apologized to Portia who I interrupted, and checked the message.

Pet Petra,

Go to the bathroom now and masturbate yourself to orgasm.

Mistress Serena

I sighed at the task and cursed myself for forgetting to shut my phone off. If I had, I never would have known I had a task.

I looked over to Serena who just nodded implying I needed to obey now.

I whispered to Miranda, “I need to deal with this.”

“Now?” She asked, surprised I would leave.

“Oh honey, I have heard all this a thousand times,” I smiled, squeezing her hand before heading to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I went directly to the far stall when my cell buzzed again. I laughed to myself that I didn’t turn it off after the last buzz.

Pet Petra,

Since you enjoyed fucking yourself with your heel…you may not use your fingers to reach orgasm.

You can use the new plunger sitting in the corner of the last stall I imagine you are currently in.

Mistress Serena

P.S.: Take a picture of your new fuck toy.

I sighed as I read the addition to the task. I glanced at the plunger which was sitting in the corner upright. She has got to be kidding? The long wood handle was the width of a cock, but still how humiliating. I wasn’t sure if the text meant I must use the plunger or I could use the plunger. Hoping the latter was the case, I searched my purse for items that would be good to fuck myself but all I had was lipstick which would hardly do the trick. I sighed, as I grabbed the least likely sex toy in the world, lifted up my dress/skirt and sat on the toilet. I was just about to start rubbing myself when I received another text. I prayed it was Serena saying she was kidding, alas it was more instructions.

Pet Petra,

Text me for permission when you are close.

Mistress Serena

I sighed again, worried I would get close and she would again leave me brimming to come and yet not let me. Deciding to just complete the task, I began rubbing the top of the plunger up and down my already very wet pussy lips. Surprisingly, the wood makeshift cock felt good and after less than thirty seconds I wanted to feel it in me. I slid it slowly inside me and moaned at having something inside me even if it was a plunger. Closing my eyes, I lifted my legs up (thank you aerobics) and began slowly fucking myself. I pumped the plunger in and out of my cunt, again ignoring the humiliation of what I was doing and instead getting off at obeying. I pumped my cunt for a couple of minutes before grabbing my phone and texting, albeit slowly as I continued fucking myself:

Mistress Serena

May I come?

Pet Petra

I kept fucking myself while I waited with bated breath for permission. She responded:

Picture first Miranda’s Mom.

I didn’t hesitate, or worry about the consequences of sending such a photo, as I snapped a picture of the plunger, a good five inches plus within me. I sent the picture, eager to get permission at any cost.

A moment later, she responded again:

Pet Slut Cunt-licking Dyke Petra,

You may come when I phone you.

Put your phone on your clit and hold it there until you come.

Let Mistress Serena make you come.

Again I obeyed, putting the phone on my clit and waiting for the vibrations that were bound to follow. I continued fucking myself with the plunger that was the best cock I had had in a long time and as soon as my phone began playing the song, Katy Perry’s ‘Hot and Cold’ my second orgasm of the day shuttered through me. The double pleasure of the plunger and the phone created an orgasm unlike any other I had ever experience as I clamped my mouth shut in case anyone else entered the washroom.

The phone kept ringing, the vibrations kept buzzing and I kept coming, as the sensations created the longest orgasm of my forty plus years. Finally, the phone stopped, and a text followed a moment later.

Slave Miranda’s Mom,

Your daughter is looking around for you. Maybe you should stop being a complete orgasm whore and be with your daughter.

Mistress Serena

The harsh words were like throwing water on a fire. I pulled the sticky plunger out of my cunt, put the phone, slightly sticky, in my purse, stood up, fixed my skirt/dress and left the stall. I looked in the mirror. My cheeks were red, but otherwise I looked no worse for the wear.

I returned to the meeting and joined my daughter.

“I was just about to come looking for you,” Miranda said, clearly annoyed at how long I was gone.

“I came back as soon as I could,” I replied, almost laughing at my accidental pun…the reality that I did come back as soon as I came.

“They change the alphabetical order tradition,” Miranda said.

“Really?” I asked, acting surprised.

“There will be a drawing at the end of the meeting which will detail the order,” Miranda explained.

“I will have a talk with Portia once the meeting is done,” I said, pretending to be confident I could influence a decision I couldn’t change.

“Good,” Miranda said. “I want to go last.”

“As you will,” I promised, giving her false hope.

The meeting went on for another forty minutes, my pussy juice leaking slightly from the aftermath of my orgasm.

Finally Portia announced, “And now for the order draw.”

Another debutant mother, Cameron, brought out a gold box and Portia began pulling out names and announcing the order as Cameron wrote the new order on the board.

I didn’t know then if it was pre-arranged or not, but the final two names left were Miranda and Serena (I would learn later that was indeed on purpose). Of course, Miranda’s name was called and Serena, getting what she wanted, would go last.

When Miranda’s name was called, she cursed, “Dammit, she wins again.”

My heart broke at knowing the role I played in allowing it to happen. Yet, I whispered, “this is even better.”

“How?” She questioned.

“Now you go right before her and the new you will outshine her,” I promised, praying it was true.

“That’s unlikely,” Miranda said, knowing that Serena had a beauty that surpassed not only her but almost everyone.

I squeezed her hand and I said, “I’ll go talk to Portia now. You go mingle.”

“With these girls?” Miranda said, her own pretentious attitude that she was better than them coming through.

“Just for a few minutes,” I said, standing up and heading to Portia.

I chatted with Portia about other debutante ball details knowing there was no changing the order.

I returned to my daughter who was standing alone, as usual, and asked, “Ready to go?”


“Me too,” I said.

Just then Serena said, “Thank you, Mrs. Zimmerman.”

Not wanting to ask why, I replied, “You’re welcome.”

“I really appreciate you suggesting we change the order tradition,” Serena said, stirring the pot.

“It’s nothing,” I said, glancing to Miranda who looked completely betrayed.

“No, breaking tradition here is harder than finding a needle in the haystack, but your willingness to lead change is really inspiring,” Serena said, her phoniness dripping with syrupy sweetness.

“Again, it’s nothing,” I said, desperate to get out of this conversation and come up with some explanation to Miranda, even though nothing came to mind.

“I really owe you,” Serena said, hugging me and whispering in my ear, “Come three times at home tonight. Each time without your fingers or a sex toy and I want pictures cunt.”

She moved away and said to Miranda, “Your mom really is something.”

Miranda, barely holding it together, said, “She sure is…something,” stressing the word something.

Once outside, Miranda asked, furiously, “What the hell was that about?”

“I have no idea. I had nothing to do with the change, I swear,” I explained, which was technically true, although I probably could have stopped it…I didn’t have anything to do with the change.

“Then why did she say you did?” Miranda asked.

“She is a manipulative bitch who is trying to stir the pot,” I said, which was also true. “I just can’t fathom what her end game is.”

“To humiliate me,” Miranda said, breaking down.

“Oh honey, you need to be the bigger girl,” I said. “Remember in a few months you will be far away from all this drama.”

“If I survive,” Miranda said over dramatically.

“You will outshine her on the big day,” I promised, even though I wasn’t sure that was true.

“I don’t even care if I go anymore,” Miranda said disillusioned again.

“Then she wins,” I pointed out, not wanting to see my daughter give up. I wanted my debutante daughter.

“She always does,” Miranda said as we reached the car.

“Well, let’s end her winning streak,” I quipped, wanting to make my daughter feel like a woman, a lady.

“And how do we do that?” She asked skeptically.

“We start by dressing up in some of your new fashions from Paris,” I suggested. “We continue your makeover.”

“Fine,” She said, although I couldn’t tell if she meant fine ‘good idea’ or fine ‘whatever’.

We drove home no longer discussing the debutantes’ ball instead talking about school, summer plans in Europe and college…while I tried to figure out how I was going to deal with Serena’s declaration of her intent on my daughter.


That night, I barely slept due to a mixture of sex dreams of Serena that often ended with my daughter submitting to her too.

I woke up in a sweat my pussy burning and yet mortified at the sight of my daughter being pulled into Serena’s sick twisted game.

Determined to protect my innocent daughter from the clutches of Serena I decided I would confront Serena the next time the possibility presented itself.

Over the weekend, Serena didn’t contact me and I again prayed that maybe she was not going to push this any further, even though I was craving submission again as I went through my own sexual withdrawal like an addict trying to quit.

Monday morning, I received a text from her. Relief and anxiety clashed inside me. I read the text:

Pet Petra

Five days, five tasks.

Complete each and I will give you a very BIG treat!

Mistress Serena

My cunt instantly tingled at the word treat which worried me. Yet, after a year of no sex, I yearned for intimacy no matter how twisted a form it came in.

I replied with only a brief moment of hesitation:

I am ready Mistress.

Pet Petra

Typing ‘Pet Petra’ felt both liberating and binding, just another example of the tornado of feelings spinning through me.

A few minutes later, I received the first message.

Task 1:

This afternoon:

Fuck yourself for five minutes without coming with both ends of a cucumber.

Then Insert ten carrots in your cunt. Let them marinate inside you for half an hour while you cut up the cucumber and put it on a plate.

Then rub yourself to orgasm with the carrots inside you.

When done, take the carrots out and put them on a plate with the cucumber…serve to your daughter.

As I stared at the humiliating task, one that would draw my daughter deeper into my sin, a second task came moments later:

Pet Petra

of course I want a picture of the cucumber in your cunt, one of your special plate of vegetables and one of your daughter eating them.

Mistress Serena

I didn’t move for minutes as I read and reread the first task. I surely couldn’t do it. I could fuck myself with a cucumber, I could even fill my cunt with carrots, both sick…both twisted…both turning me on…yet making my daughter unknowingly eat vegetables with my pussy juice on them was too much.

I texted back:

Please Mistress. I will obey the vegetable tasks but please don’t make me feed my daughter them.

Pleading Pet Petra

I received no response for a couple of hours, Serena was obviously in class, like my daughter would be. Then it came, of course I wasn’t expecting any mercy and I didn’t get any:

Pet Petra

The pet obeys, the pet DOESN’T question.

That is one.

Annoyed Mistress Serena

I sighed. I knew in my heart she wasn’t going to change the task, yet I asked anyway. I went to the fridge to make sure we had a cucumber and carrots which we did before I headed out for a lunch date with a couple of other debutant mothers.

During the lunch, I wondered if either of them were Serena’s pets too. Was I the only one besides Portia? Were there more?

I returned home at two, after a bit of shopping, and went to the fridge to complete my task. Taniesha, my maid, I had sent out for groceries and thus I had the house to myself. I grabbed a plate, a knife and pulled the cucumber and carrots out of the fridge, I put them on the island, lifted up my dress, sat down on a chair and rubbed the cucumber up and down my pussy lips. They were lubricated quickly, and I slowly, awkwardly, slid the thick green fuck stick in my cunt. A rush of naughtiness coursed through me at obedience and I began slowly pumping the vegetable in and out of me. Closing my eyes, I forgot it was a cucumber and imagined it was a strap-on and it was not my hand controlling the cock but Serena’s. I took a picture of the cucumber half in me, which somehow only turned me on more…the grater the submission, the greater the humiliation, the greater the pleasure.

I don’t know how long I was fucking myself but it was definitely over five minutes. I pulled the cucumber out, put it on the counter, and grabbed the bag of baby carrots. Slowly, I slid one after another inside me until the whole bag was gone. I felt so full, so horny and so bad. I cut the cucumber, shame washing over me at what my intent for cutting the cucumber was. Once done, I grabbed my kindle and began reading, again, 50 Shades of Grey, imagining that instead Grey was not a dominant Master but a Mistress.

So drawn into the story, my own twisted version, I lost track of time and was surprised when I heard the front door open. I quickly moved my hand to my cunt and frantically rubbed myself to get off and fulfill the task instructed. Thankfully, the naughty task and the porn I was reading had me already at a fever pitch and I came quickly just as Taniesha walked in…my cunt still full of carrots.

“Hi, ma’am,” Taniesha greeted, her arms full of groceries.

“Hi, Taniesha,” I greeted, flushed, my orgasm still sending twitches through my body as a carrot leaked out of my cunt and hit the floor.

She put the groceries on the counter opposite of me and said, “I got two more bags to bring in.”

“Okay,” I said, thankful as I urgently pulled the carrots out of my cunt, which was ridiculously awkward, difficult to do and put them on the plate. I still had a couple in my cunt when Taniesha returned, but I had twelve on the plate. I stood up, one more carrot slipped out of my cunt, and I reached down and grabbed the two sticky cum coated carrots on the floor. I held them in my hand as Taniesha reached me again.

I still had one more carrot in me and prayed it wouldn’t fall out as I walked to the bathroom. I said, “I cut some vegetables for Miranda, you are welcome to have some.”

“Thank you ma’am,” Taniesha nodded, as she grabbed a cucumber and put it in her mouth.

I froze watching with both perverse pleasure and nervousness as she ate it. There was no facial expression change and I sighed thinking maybe it wasn’t as obvious as it looked to me.

I went to the bathroom and with much difficulty I got the last carrot out of my cunt. For some perverse reason I can’t even begin to fathom I popped it into my mouth. It still tasted like carrot, but it also undoubtedly had a coating on it.

I returned to the kitchen once Taniesha was gone and took a picture of the plate and noticed a carrot and more cucumber was gone. I smiled to myself at the reality my sweet maid had unknowingly tasted my cunt, I should have felt sinful; I should have felt guilty; yet, I felt naughty, but a good naughty, a very good naughty.

That goodness faded when I came downstairs an hour later and saw Miranda at the counter eating from the plate. I earlier had sent the two pictures to Serena but wasn’t sure how I could or if I wanted to take a picture of Miranda eating them. Yet, from the stairs I inconspicuously took a picture of Miranda with a carrot in her hand going to her mouth. I felt guilty, yet I watched as she ate a carrot coated with my pussy juice. I watched as she took another, obviously oblivious to the special coating I had made.

Curious as hell, I joined her at the kitchen and greeted, “How was your day, Miranda?”

“Another day of painful drivel with insipid people,” she said.

Somehow her pretentiousness to people like me when I was her age irked me and I asked, “Any Serena sightings?”

“No, of course she doesn’t take any classes I take,” she said, again her condescending attitude suddenly annoyed me. It used to be a sense of pride that she was so smart and yet now it seemed to bother me.

“Well everyone has their strengths and weaknesses,” I countered.

“Yes, we need bimbo actresses, vapid cheerleaders and trophy wives,” Miranda quipped. I realized then she was just as pretentious as Serena, just on opposite sides of the scale.

I also winced at the shot at other girls in her school as I was briefly an actress, I was a cheerleader and I supposedly had been a trophy wife by definition, although I married him out of love, not money. Deciding to change the topic, I asked, “Like the carrots? They are organically coated.”

“Is that what makes them taste differently?” She asked. “They are really unique.”

“Unique good?” I asked.

She popped the last one in her mouth and joked, “Are there any more?”

“I can get some more tomorrow I imagine,” I answered.

“Since when did you go organic vegetable shopping,” she asked.

“Oh Miranda, I am full of surprises,” I replied, the innuendo dripping like the pussy coating of my carrots.

I sent the third picture to Serena without hesitation, annoyed at Miranda’s pretentiousness and wanting to finish task 1, already curious what task two was.

Serena didn’t respond until after ten at night:

Good slut.

That was all I got for completing my task. I was a bit crestfallen as I expected more. Disappointed, I went to bed curious what tomorrow’s task would be.


The next morning I woke up feeling guilt at what I did to my daughter and at being angry at her for not liking her bullies. Yet, just as that guilt was overbearing me, a text came. Instantly, I shifted from guilt ridden to eager and I clicked on the text.

Pet Petra

Did Miranda enjoy her special snack?

Mistress Serena

I replied, remembering her praising the unique tasting carrots:


She loved them. Said she wished there were more. I told her they were organic, which is technically true. I promised her I would get her more.

Perverted Pet Petra

My cunt tingled at the naughtiness of the conversation and yet guilt hit me at selling out my daughter.

Serena replied:

Well get her addicted to your cunt juice. Maybe one day she will be getting it directly from the source.

My pussy twitched at the unthinkable incest reference. Yet, my naughty mind was playing tricks on me as an image of Miranda on her knees between my legs flashed in my head. I quickly shook it out as I realized that my withdrawal was making me cross one too many lines.

I replied back:


I could never commit incest.

Pet Petra

A moment later as I ignored the growing fire down below, Serena responded:

Silly Pet,

You already have let her taste your cunt juice…thus you have already committed incest…plus if I know you your cunt is wet…is it slut?

Frustratingly she was right on both counts. I technically had committed the ultimate sin of incest and my cunt was a burning inferno of desire.

I sighed, as I admitted:


Disturbingly, yes.

Pet Petra

A moment later another response:

Dumb Pet,

It is who you are. A submissive cum hungry slut regardless of whose cunt or cock is in front of you or in you,

Do you want to come?

I typed as fast as I could, praying for permission for sexual release:

Yes, Mistress.

A moment later, task 2 was sent to me:

Task 2:

Every hour on the hour until she comes home you will go to Miranda’s room, lay on her bed and get yourself off. Each time you come you will wipe that slut box of yours on her pillow or anything else on her bed that she sleeps with.

My desire to come as usual overtook common sense or consequences as I looked at the clock it was five to nine.

I replied:

I will obey, Mistress.

She replied, as I prepared to commit another sick sin:

One more thing whore,

You will find a pair of Miranda’s soiled panties and wear them on your head each time you pleasure your slut box. The crotch of her soiled panties on your nose and mouth.

I gasped. The sick and twisted task became more twisted at the addition. Yet again, common sense on leave, I left my room and went to make sure Miranda had left for school. She was often gone before I got up; like her father she was an early riser, which I wasn’t.

Taniesha didn’t start till noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I had the house to myself.

My cunt still burning with need, I went to Miranda’s room and directly to her laundry basket, which I never touch, found a pair of her pink panties and went to her bed.

Still in my nightie, I slipped out of my robe and lay on Miranda’s bed. I looked at her panties and noticed they were wet at the crotch. Instinctively I moved them to my nose and inhaled her scent. She had obliviously masturbated this morning. I instantly wondered what she pleasured herself about and what triggered a morning orgasm. Did she usually come in the morning?

Obeying another humiliating order of submission, I put my daughter’s panties over my head, her wet remnants of self pleasure on my nose and lips, I began rubbing myself. Her scent overpowering to my senses, I closed my eyes and began licking, sucking my daughter’s panties hungry to retrieve any lingering remnants of her cum. My orgasm hit me hard again as I imagined licking Miranda’s cum directly from the source.

As my orgasm hit, I reached for her pillow, put it between my legs, and fucked the pillow to completion.

Once spent, reality set in and I quickly pulled Miranda’s panties off my head and pulled her pillow out from between my legs.

Guilt again hit me and I went directly to the shower to, like Lady Macbeth, wash away my sin. Of course, Lady Macbeth couldn’t wash away her sins and neither could I.

An hour later, I repeated the self pleasure in Miranda’s room, this time riding her childhood teddy bear she called Snuggles to orgasm.

I replicated my naughtiness at eleven and just before twelve, before Taniesha would arrive, coming all over Miranda’s pillow both times.

I left and went and got carrots as I already envisioned my three o’clock masturbation plan.

Returning a couple minutes after one, Taniesha was outside doing gardening and I scurried to Miranda’s room, put the now thoroughly licked by me panties on my head and had my fifth orgasm in five hours.

At two o’clock I again repeated the task, this time finding another pair of Miranda’s panties, blue this time, and putting them on my head.

It was at three o’clock, with a dozen plus baby carrots in my cunt that life got even more complicated. The orgasm with my cunt so full was more intense I screamed and Taniesha came rushing into Miranda’s room asking, “Are you okay, ma’am?”

I looked up, Miranda’s panties over my head, her pillow between my legs and was speechless.

She stammered, her face showing complete shock, “S-s-sorry ma’am,” and left me a muddled mess of embarrassment.

I pulled the carrots out of my cunt, put them on the plate I had brought with me and headed downstairs. After putting the carrots on the counter, I pulled out a cucumber and cut it up and saw that Taniesha was back outside but I decided I had to clear the air with her.

I called her into the house and she came in and asked, not making eye contact, “Yes, ma’am.”

“I just want to explain what you saw and apologize,” I said.

“No need, ma’am,” she said, still clearly uncomfortable,

“I do need to explain. It has been a long time since I have been with anyone and well I couldn’t resist any longer,” I explained, before adding, “but you shouldn’t have had to see that.”

“Understood, ma’am,” she nodded.

“This will remain between the two of us, I hope?” I asked.

“Of course, ma’am” she agreed.

“You may go,” I said, confident that my little indiscretion would remain between the two of us.

I again watched Miranda eat my cum covered carrots, this time more turned on by it and less guilty. Would I commit the act of incest? It had never remotely been a thought in my head but as I watched her eagerly saviour my cum without her knowledge and reminisced again to her wet panties on my head as I began to have inappropriate thoughts of my daughter.

It also didn’t help that she had listened to my advice and was dressed way more provocatively than she ever had before.

That night, I texted Serena:

I completed the task Mistress. I even got caught masturbating with her panties over my head by the maid.

Pet Petra

After ten, she replied:

Good girl slut. You are 2/5 on your way to your BIG reward.


The next morning I slept in late, accountable I am sure to too many orgasms yesterday.

My phone was flashing I had a message:

Task 3:

Tonight you will go to 69 Playhouse, tell Bill at the counter that Serena sent you and then you will go to a gloryhole where you will suck five cocks.

Have fun

Like the first two tasks, I stared over and over at the words. I hadn’t sucked a cock in over a year and even that was rare as Dave liked to just fuck. Yet, I did love sucking cock back in high school and to a lesser extent college, as I spent most of my time between Angela’s legs. I liked the power of knowing I controlled his orgasm, I had all the power even when I was in a submissive position like on my knees.

Also, like the two tasks at first I was mortified…sucking stranger’s cocks is not what a classy lady does. Yet, I also felt my pussy tingle at the thought of obeying a command, of sucking a cock again reliving my past more carefree days.

A bit later, Serena texted me again:

Pet Petra

Don’t worry about photos this time. Bill will tape all your transgressions. I will get you your own blu ray copy if you wish.

Mistress Serena

My face paled at the reality of it all being videotaped…by someone I didn’t know. Yet, I figured Serena already had enough evidence on me to disgrace me…this would only compound it.

I texted back:

Mistress Serena

Will only you have a copy?

Paranoid Pet Petra

A few minutes later, as I was about to shower, a response came back:

Pet Petra

Like I own you, I own him.

Be good and your true slut nature remains just between you, me, Portia and my mother.

Mistress Serena

P.S.: Feel free to fuck yourself to orgasm with a gloryhole cock if you wish after you complete your task.

Strangely, the added permission, instead of adding to humiliation, added to my excitement. I hadn’t been fucked by a real cock (a plunger and cucumber not withstanding), in over a year and the thought of a real cock, even a stranger’s cock had me very wet.

Without instructions, I went to my daughter’s room and found a new pair of panties. Like yesterday, they were very wet and indeed she had come this morning.

I took them to my room and put them under my bed for later.

That day, I had a school board meeting and I saw Serena down the hall talking with other cheerleaders. Thankfully, she didn’t see me as I turned into the office where the meeting would be.

At home, I made Miranda special carrots again and watched her eat them again which got my cunt wet.

After dinner, I told her I had a meeting, which was not out of the ordinary, and dressed in a black dress, thigh high stockings and five inch heels I headed to suck cock.

Oddly, I was not remotely nervous, but rather eager for the chance to suck anonymous cock.

I reached 69 Playhouse, which was almost an hour away from my home, and walked in. The store was classy as adult shops go and I went to the till and asked, “Are you Bill?”

The older gentleman said, “I am, who is asking?”

“Serena sent me,” I whispered, as another man moved behind me in line.

“Oh my,” he said, suddenly checking me out. “Follow me,”

I did, down a side hallway and to a room. The room had a water cooler on the side, a stool, and just above, a hole.

He said, “Are you ready? There is a longer than usual line today?”

My cunt dripped at his words even as trepidation coursed through me at another twisted task I was obeying for an eighteen year old bitch. “Ready and willing,” I smiled, trying to sound like this wasn’t my first time.

“Great,” he said, “get comfortable. You can stay as little or as long as possible.”

“Thank you, sexy,” I flirted.

“Oh no, thank you,” he replied ominously, before leaving.

I poured myself some water and when I turned around there was a cock already poking through the hole.

I smiled, moved to my seat, sat down and took it in my mouth.

A moan on the other side sent a chill down my back as I began slowly sucking his cock. It felt strange having a clock in my mouth, but like riding a bike or eating cunt, you never forget how to do it.

I focused on the first three inches, bobbing back and forth, getting accustomed to a cock in my mouth.

A voice on the other side ordered, “Take it all, slut.”

As usual, name calling only enhanced my eagerness and I began taking more of his cock in my mouth, eventually taking all six inches in.

“That’s better, slut,” he groaned, as I bobbed back and forth wanting to taste his cum.

A couple more minutes of deep throat cocksucking and he grunted, “Swallow bitch,” and I of course obliged.

He sprayed his hot seed down my throat and I eagerly drained his cock. Once spent, he pulled out and a moment later a smaller, older cock appeared.

I sucked cock after cock for forty-five minutes taking seven loads down my throat before deciding to deal with the fire down below. A black cock popped in front of me and one of my items on my long ago made sexual bucket list was possible. Fuck a black guy. I took it in my mouth and got it nice and hard for me. Then I asked, “Can I fuck your big cock?”

“You a white bitch?” he asked from the other side.

“Yes, sir,” I responded, desperate to convince him to let me fuck myself on his cock.

“And let me guess you have never had a nice big black cock in that tight white cunt of yours?” he properly assessed.

“No sir,” I answered, “I have not.”

“Go ahead, bitch,” he said.

I quickly stood up, lifted up my dress and moved backwards toward his cock. It was awkward at first, and it poked my never touched back door first, but once it slid inside my inferno of lust I moaned and moved back more letting myself take as much of his nine inches as I could.

“That’s it, bitch, swallow my cock with that white cunt of yours,” he demanded, seemingly used to having white girls eagerly fuck him.

Wanting it all, I continued bouncing back on his cock until my ass was hitting the wall and I was taking all his cock. “Fuck, yeeeeees,” I screamed, the biggest cock I had ever experienced going deeper than I imagined possible.

“Keep riding slut,” he groaned, as I fucked myself on his cock.

My moans increased and for the first time in my life I came from intercourse (I had only come from oral sex, my fingers and toys before now). “Fuuuuuck,” I screamed, “I’m cooooooming.”

The euphoria quaked through me as I slowed down, resting my ass against the wall. He took over thrusting his big sword in and out of me even as my orgasm continued its trickle-down effect.

He grunted, “I’m close, bitch.”

Not wanting to have him inside me, I moved away, knelt down, took his cock in my hand just as cum shot out like a rocket and coated my face.

I felt so dirty and exhilarated at just letting go and being a slut, I licked the black lollipop to retrieve the last of his sweet cream.

Exhausted, body aching, I ignored the new cock in the hole, stood up and went to the table and wiped the cum off my face with a tissue. Cleaned up, I headed out of the gloryhole room, where a Bill was waiting and said, “If you want to hide your identity, go out the side door here.”

“Thanks, Bill,” I smiled.

“No, thank you,” he smiled back.

I wonder if I sucked him off, assumed I did, and left out the back door radiating in submissive contentment.


My phone woke me up, at seven-thirty as it rang and rang, I grabbed it, and groggily answered, “Hello.”

“Check your text slut and get your ass over here,” Serena ordered, before hanging up.

I clicked on my texts and saw I had a couple of new ones. One was from a friend Beth, the other was from Serena.

Task 4,

Today you are my mother’s maid for a day. Get your ass over here now.

I sighed. This didn’t look like fun.

I got up, quickly showered and headed downstairs. Miranda was still home.

She quipped, her sarcasm already wide awake, “I didn’t know you knew being awake this early was possible.”

“Coffee, get me coffee,” I said, still not really awake and not myself until the caffeine kicked in.

Miranda got me some and said, “I’m off.”

“Have a great today,” I said, as I took my first drink of coffee.

“You too,” Miranda said, dressed in a short leather skirt that really showed off her legs.

I complimented. “I like the new fashionable Miranda.”

“So do the boys,” she quipped with a smile, before heading out.

I smiled at her transformation as I drank my coffee before heading out for a day I was very nervous about.

I drove to the Madison’s mansion, which was smaller than ours I was proud to say, and nervously walked up the long walkway to my fourth task.

Reaching the door, I rang the doorbell and was greeted by their maid. She said, “Follow me.”

I was surprised by her blunt demeanour, but followed her down a long hallway and to a small room. “Mrs. Madison wants you in this outfit.”

I cringed as I saw the maid outfit. Apparently task four was about humbling me. I nodded as she left and I undressed out of my designer clothes and put on the polyester maid outfit. I felt humiliated at being treated like a servant and the day hadn’t even began.

I walked out of the room and the maid said, “Your first task is cleaning the washrooms in their entirety.”

“Really?” I questioned, grossed out by the task.

The maid, treating me like I was one of them, said, “Yes, and do a thorough job.” She led me to the bathroom cleaning supplies and gave me a map of the five washrooms in the house.

I sighed, but spent the next two hours cleaning bathtubs, sinks, mirrors, floors and toilets. I understood suddenly just how hard Taniesha works and got a newfound respect for her work.

Finished, I put the supplies away and the maid said, “Now you are to wash Ms. Serena’s floor by hand.”

Another hour passed by with me on my knees, but not in a good way.

Gwen showed up just as I was finishing and she asked, “On your knees where you always should be, I see.”

I still hated Gwen but I ignored her words instead finishing the cleaning.

“When you are done here, meet me in the kitchen,” Gwen instructed.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, staying in my maid persona.

Gwen walked away and once I finished a few minutes later I headed to the kitchen. Her maid was making lunch and Gwen was at the table.

Gwen asked, “Are you hungry?”

“Somewhat,” I answered.

“Your lunch is under the table and between my legs,” Gwen said nonchalantly.

My face flushed as I looked to the maid who didn’t seem fazed at all.

“Now, bitch,” Gwen ordered.

Reluctantly, I moved to the table, got on all fours and crawled between her legs. Gwen instructed, “Take your time, bitch.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, as I began licking and naturally shifting into my submissive role.

I don’t know how long I was under there, over forty minutes, licking slowly as Gwen had lunch and talked on the phone. Finally, she ordered, “Finish your lunch, bitch.”

I switched from slow and steady to hungry as I sucked on her clit and got her off in a couple of minutes. She came hard flooding my face with her pussy juice.

Once done, she stood up and said, “Crawl out from under the table, bitch.”

I obeyed, my face shiny with her juices.

“Vacuum the house, do the dishes and you may go,” Gwen said.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, getting off my knees.

Gwen left again and I finished the tasks, desperate to get out of this outfit and out of this house.

That night, I went to the movies with a couple of friends, forgetting ever so briefly, my submissive new life.


I was already showered before the task came along after nine o’clock. I curiously read it, looking forward to finishing the final task and receiving my promised treat:


You are to go to Satin and Sin on the strip. There you are to purchase me a toy to use on you. You will also buy a sex toy for your daughter as a debutante gift and give it to her this weekend (using it on her is up to you). You will also choose a sexy outfit to wear tonight when you receive your special treat for your obedience.

I read the task and found it tamer than previous tasks but two things were bothersome;

-it was called 5A implying there was more to come

-giving my daughter a sex toy would be super awkward

A second text of the task came moments later:


In addition, also buy a toy that needs batteries. Go door to door once you get home, with your toy in your hand and ask to borrow some batteries until you get some.

A chill went down my spine at that one. Although being a widow now, relying on a toy would not be judged that harshly I hoped…although walking about with a toy might.

I was just getting ready to leave, I had a brief meeting at the bank, when another text came.


Book a room at the Ritz for tonight. Be there at nine o’clock. Be dressed in your new outfit. One that should ‘wow’ me with your sluttiness. One that makes it clear you are my slut.

P.S.: Also, there will be a bag already there for you. Ask for Janie. DO NOT OPEN THIS BAG. BRING IT TO ME WHEN WE MEET TONIGHT.

I quickly booked a room at the Ritz, a five star hotel as my body quivered with trepidation and my cunt leaked with anticipation at the day ahead.

I grabbed my keys and was just getting in the car when I got yet another text.


Obey EVERYTHING Janie orders you to do.

I sighed as I assumed I would soon be in all likelihood submitting to yet another stranger.

Two hours later I was at Satin & Sin, a fancy upper class sex shop. Truthfully, I could use some new toys for myself, my sexual appetite rekindling excessively since the first partial submission to Serena.

I had a few sex toys from a toy party actually at Gwen’s house a few months before my husband passed but none of them prepared me for the options women have now.

I won’t go into long boring detail but I bought myself some crazy things:

-a wall suction cup cock (the idea of fucking myself from behind a major turn-on…especially after the one I rode on the airplane)

-a wi-vibe which apparently has the power to pleasure both inside and outside my cunt

-a vibrating egg with remote control

-a strap-on cock that I hoped Serena would use on me tonight

-a waterproof vibrator for Miranda (actually I bought two…one for me as well).

Choosing a costume was harder. What was she expecting me to dress like? There was slutty everything, but I decided to go a bit out there when I choose a naughty nun outfit. In case, that wasn’t slutty enough for her, I also bought a slutty nurse outfit and a slutty cowgirl outfit.

I finished by buying a dozen pairs of thigh high stockings in a variety of colours and headed to the cashier. I asked the plump but pretty girl, “Are you, Janie?”

“You must be Pet Petra,” she smiled, looking me up and down like I was a piece of meat.

“I am,” I said, sensing her predatory needs.

“Cameron come up front please,” Janie called out.

A moment later, a young woman in her early twenties came out.

“Please cover the register for me, I have to help a customer with something in the back,” Janie explained.

“Sure you do,” she smirked back, any doubt that this was going to be sexual gone in three sarcastic words.

“Behave and maybe I’ll let her service you too,” Janie said, talking about me, a complete stranger, as if I weren’t there.

“You better,” Cameron said, checking me out with intrigue.

“Follow me,” Janie ordered.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied by repulse.

Once in the back room, Janie said, handing me a dildo contraption, “Have you ever seen one of these?”

“Is it a strap-on?” I asked.

“Of sorts,” Janie said, as she pulled down her skirt and panties before sitting down on a leather couch.

“Um, I, don’t,” I said, trying to complete a sentence.

“Don’t worry, slut, Serena told me I could use you as I please,” she revealed. “And now it is time for you to please.”

I stared at her hairy cunt that was spread open. Obviously she had never even had a trim. “Knees, slut.”

I obeyed, my ability to reject orders seemingly long gone, my cunt already leaking at submitting to this chubby, pretty stranger.

“Crawl,” she instructed.

I, of course, obeyed, until I reached her feet, the toy still in my hand.

“Hand me your new toy,” she instructed.

I gave it to her.

She leaned forward and put it on my head. I knelt helplessly as I realized my face was being turned into a cock.

Once done, she looked down at me and said, “I’m assuming by the stunned look on your face this is a new contraption for you.”

My mouth covered and replaced with a cock, I nodded in the affirmative.

“Fuck me, slut,” she ordered, as she lied back on the couch offering me her hairy cunt.

Oddly, my mouth watered with the hunger to taste her, but that was impossible in my current predicament, and instead I awkwardly moved my head until my cock was at her pussy. She moved her hands to get my cockhead at her entrance and she ordered, “Slowly push forward.”

I just obeyed again, my face moving forward as I watched the cock slowly disappear into her forest.

“Thaaaat’s it, slut,” she moaned, “fill my cunt completely with that cock.”

I obeyed, until I could smell her wet exotic scent captured by her pubic hair.

“Good slut,” she moaned. “Now, fuck me with your face, cunt.”

It was awkward; it was humiliating; it was exhilarating. Her moans, which were more like squeals, echoed around and after only a couple minutes of face fucking, if that is what it is called, she began bucking her ass forward to meet my forward thrusts.

She squealed, “Don’t stop sluuuuut, don’t you dare fuuuucking stop.”

I didn’t and she screamed a few seconds later, loud enough the customers on the other side had to hear her, “Oooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees.”

Her high pitched squeal was funny and yet I refrained from laughing as I continued fucking her cunt as she came.

Once she was finally done, she pushed me away and I fell haphazardly onto my ass.

She said, “That toy is on the house.”

“Thank you,” I said, already imagining what it would be like to fuck Serena with it.

“Clean my cum from the cock first though,” she ordered as she stood up and got dressed.

I took the strange contraption off my head and put it to my mouth. Smaller than the many cocks I sucked a couple of days ago, I easily cleaned her juice off it.

“Stay,” she ordered, like I was a dog as she giggled at her order and left.

I waited like a loyal dog for instruction my mind in a cumulus fog.

The young Cameron came in and said, “So you are a pet?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I admitted, even as she looked at me condemningly.

“And you will obey my every order?” She asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I agreed, remembering task 5d.

“Roll over,” she ordered.

Shame burned through me again as I did indeed obey by rolling over.

“Play dead,” she said.

I fell onto my back, my arms and legs up in the air, my naked cunt in clear view to the stranger.

“Chase your tail,” she demanded, laughing slightly.

I crawled in circles as if I had a tail.

“Hmmmmm, you probably need a real tail,” she said. “Stay.”

I again obeyed, the humiliation this time somehow more extreme and yet more erotic than all my past submissions.

She returned with a strange looking thing and a bottle of lube. She lifted up my dress and poured lube down my ass cheeks which was when I realized her devious intent. I wanted to protest, my ass something I had always refused to give up, even to Angela, even when drunk.

Yet, now I seemed compelled to just give in. My body was no longer mine, it was a possession of Serena’s and it could be used however she or her friends felt.

“Ever had a butt plug in your ass?” Cameron asked.

“No, ma’am,” I admitted.

“Well then we will change your answer for future questions,” she said, as I felt a plastic toy between my ass cheeks. “Relax or this will burn more.”

“Okay,” I whimpered, in anticipation of the pain.

“Here it goes, soon to be ass slut,” she said, as she pushed forward and my ass was filled by a thankfully thin plug. She explained, “I started you small but I know there are bigger ones in your bag Mistress Serena had made for you.”

My eyes went big as she stood up and ordered again, “Chase your tail and bark.”

It was humiliating, yet I obeyed like I always do, pussy juice leaking out of my cunt from the degrading act. I barked at my ass as I chased what I learned was a dog tail as I spun in circle after circle…trying to make the impossible possible.

“Good puppy, does puppy need a treat?” She said, talking to me like I was a brand new puppy.

“Woof,” I replied, before even realizing I had done it.

Cameron burst out laughing as she, lifted up her skirt, sat in the exact same place Janie had earlier. “Come here,” she tapped her legs.

I crawled to her hungry indeed for my treat.

Between her legs was a completely shaved pussy that gleaned with a slight shine assumedly horny from my obedience. I didn’t wait for more instructions as I took my treat by extending my tongue and begging to lick.

“That’s it, enjoy your reward,” she purred as I began exploring her pussy with my tongue.

I started slowly parting her pussy lips, once I could taste the wetness created by me, I moved my mouth onto her clit and pulled it between my lips.

“Oh God,” she quivered, from the shift from tender teasing to concentrated pleasure.

I wanted her to come…to get off because of my lips and tongue; I wanted to taste her…to savor the rush of cum as it flooded out of her.

I was rewarded a little while later as she grabbed my head and began grinding her pussy up and down my face. It didn’t take long before her juices flooded out of her and coated my face. She continued fucking my face for another minute or two until her orgasm subsided. She pushed my head away and said, “Not bad for a prima donna bitch.”

She stood up, as I remained on my knees, wishing I could come now too.

She seemed to recognize my hunger as she quipped, “Oh, does rich bitch want to come?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I admitted.

She looked at her watch. “You have five minutes.” She slipped out of her heel, offered her nylon-clad foot and ordered, “Fuck yourself on my foot.”

Yet another humiliating task, and yet I again eagerly obeyed, my hunger to come and obey, overriding any sense of shame…as if I had any shame left. I lifted up my dress, straddled her foot, and moved her toes to my cunt. It was awkward at first, but I began rubbing my pussy up and down her nylon-clad toes.

“You are the dirtiest little submissive Serena has sent here yet,” Cameron said, amused at watching me fuck myself so ludicrously.

I asked, curious to understand the full breadth of Serena’s power, “H-h-how many have there beeeeen?”

“More than a dozen,” Cameron answered, before adding, “all of them rich and older like you. I don’t know how she does it, but she does.”

I wondered if other members of my debutante community were caught in the web of submission to Serena. On one hand I hoped so, it made my submission less humiliating; yet, I felt a rush of jealously at the thought that I wasn’t the only one, even though I knew of Portia already.

I continued bucking my hips back and forth on her toes, desperate to get off.

She added to her instructions, “Take my foot in that wet box of yours, rich bitch.”

Again the name calling, this one new, only added to my lust and I grabbed her foot and lowered my cunt onto it, slowly allowing her toes to slip inside me.

“Now fuck yourself, rich bitch. You have two minutes or you go home without an orgasm,” Cameron informed me.

I knew I would be a muddled mess if I didn’t come, so I obeyed, awkwardly moving up and down, her foot somehow going deeper into my cunt than I thought imaginable.

“Holly fuck, rich bitch, you really are taking it,” Cameron said impressed.

“So close, Mistress,” I moaned, my orgasm building at an escalated pace.

“Come rich bitch, come from a foot fucking, come like the dirty whore you are,” she continued, each nasty name causing additional pulsations to trigger through me and a few seconds later I came, flooding her foot with my cum.

A moment later, even as my orgasm continued to pulsate through me, she said, pulling her foot out of me, “Clean my nylon rich bitch.”

I sucked my pussy juice off her nylon-clad toes the mixture of sweaty silky nylon and my cum yet another first of sexual submission.

Finally, she slipped her foot back into her shoe and said, “Meet you at the front slut.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied weakly.

“No Mistress?” She questioned looking down at me.

“Sorry, Mistress,” I quickly corrected.

“You really are adorably slutty,” she said walking away before adding, “Keep that butt plug in your ass until you see Serena.”

I considered saying thank you, but that seemed too absurd as I slowly got off my weary knees.

I grabbed my new head dildo toy, returned to the front, and paid for my items as well as the special bag Serena had pre-arranged for me.

674 dollars later, I was walking out of the store as a woman stared at me with a strange look on her face.

I quickly returned to my car and gave a yelp as the plug went deeper into my ass. I looked in the mirror. My hair was a mess, my make-up smeared, I looked like I had just eaten pussy…which of course I had.

I returned directly home and reread the tasks for today. Beth was a good friend of mine two doors down and would probably not raise an eyebrow if I came and borrowed batteries, although holding a vibrator would make it strange.

After fixing my hair and reapplying my make-up so I didn’t look like a lesbian whore, I took a vibrator I bought and headed to Beth’s house. Her maid answered and I asked if Beth was home. Thankfully she was.

“Hi, Petra, how are you today?” She greeted, coming to me and giving me her trademark kiss-kiss cheek thing she picked up while in Europe a couple of years ago.

“Pretty good,” I said, before adding, “although pretty crazy with the debutantes ball for Miranda next weekend.”

“She is turning into a woman,” Beth said. “Oh, how the time flies.”

“Isn’t that the truth,” I laughed. We chatted for a couple more minutes before Beth noticed what was in my hand. The plug in my ass beginning to slip out.

Her facial expression implying something I just couldn’t put my finger on, “And what may I ask is that for?”

I joked, “I hear they are all the buzz.”

“I imagine they are,” she smiled, before adding, “I assume you need batteries.”

How would she know that? Unless…was she under Serena’s spell to? “Actually, I do. I bought a few new toys today, but sure didn’t think about batteries.”

“Been lonely since a Dave died?” She asked sympathetically.

“Yes, and I am not into the whole dating thing,” I said.

“Well, I am just heading out for a while, I’ll be right back with some batteries for you,” she said.

“Thanks, you’re a lifesaver,” I replied, dying to know if Beth was a submissive too. As soon as I was alone I lifted up my dress and pushed the toy deeper in my ass.

I waited a few minutes before she returned. She handed me a few batteries and joked, “You can never have enough.”

“I so agree,” I laughed.

“We should do lunch one day next week,” Beth offered.

“I’m game for anything,” I replied, hinting ever so subtly at more than just lunch.

“Great, it’s a date,” she said. “I’ll give you a call.”

“I’ll wait for you to buzz,” I joked.

“You’re so bad,” she said, squeezing my shoulder.

I added to my subtleness, “Oh, if you only knew.”

We finished chatting and I headed home wondering if Beth was a submissive too. She was younger, only twenty-nine and didn’t have kids. So she wasn’t in the debutante circle that Serena was in. Thus, the more I thought about it the more I concluded it was unlikely she was under Serena’s sexual spell.


I texted Serena the room number and arrived a good hour early with a bottle of wine. I felt giddy like I was going on a first date, which was ludicrous since this was anything but a date.

I dressed in the naughty nun outfit. The one piece dress was so short that the curves of my ass were showcased if I bent down at all. The black and white dress, with long sleeves, also came complete with a black and white wimple headpiece. I slutted it up even more with black thigh high stockings and five inch open toed heels.

Of course, she was an hour late and I was on my third glass of wine when she arrived.

“Well, what a creative costume choice, my pet,” Serena smiled.

“Thank you, Mistress,” I replied, happy she approved of my costume choice.

“Let’s see what you bought for today,” she said going over to the bags on the bed.

She pulls out each toy and once checking them all she said, “A very nice variety. The suction cup cock is great for when you are alone and need to get fucked, the wi-vibe is the best toy out there, the egg will be great for later on, the strap-on will be great for tonight, and the vibrator is your battery choice I assume?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I admitted.

“Who did you go to?” She asked, as she held up the head cock contraption looking confused.

“Beth Saunders,” I answered.

“Oh you did, and how is Pet Beth?” She asked.

‘I knew it,’ I thought to myself. “She was very helpful.”

“I imagine she was,” Serena said, before asking, “and what is this?”

“It was a gift from Janie,” I answered, before explaining, “I wear it on my face to fuck you with it.”

“Oh my, how delicious,” she purred. “This I need to see in action.”

She slipped out of her skirt and blouse, soon naked except for thigh highs.

“Come fuck me, my pet,” she ordered, as she climbed onto the king-sized bed and opened her lovely legs.

I grabbed the strange contraption, put it over my head, crawled onto the bed between her legs and moved my face cock to her pussy. I moved my head up and down to tease her and to get her wet. I wanted her to beg me to fuck her.

A couple of minutes of teasing and she demanded, “Don’t tease me slut, fuck me.”

I obliged as I moved my head forward and the cock slipped inside her cunt.

“Hmmmmm,” she moaned.

Although awkward, I began fucking Serena’s cunt. I wanted to get her off quick as my neck was getting stiff rather quickly.

After a few minutes, my neck burning, Serena ordered, “Get on your back.”

I obeyed, thankful to be in a different position. I went to take the toy off but Serena said, “Keep it on, slut.”

A moment later, she straddled my face, lowered her cunt on the plastic cock and began literally riding my face. My head bounced back and forth on the bed as Serena took all my face cock in her cunt.

“You like this?” she moaned, as she continued riding my face.

“Yeeeeeees,” I said, talking difficult from this position.

“Do you want your Mistress’s cum?” she moaned.

“Yesss,” I said, my head really bouncing up and down.

“Here it coooooooomes,” she screamed a few moments later.

As she came, she sat on my face the whole cock still in her, pussy juice leaking out of her cunt. I was thankful to just lay there and not have my head fucked anymore.

Finally, she moved off me and said, “Go get your suction cup cock and fuck yourself while I recover.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed, taking the head gear off.

“But don’t you dare come,” she added.

“Yes, Mistress,” I again agreed.

As I grabbed the suction cup cock, I pondered where to put it.

Serena snapped her fingers and pointed to the wall near the television.

I went there, put the cock on the wall with a bit of difficulty and turned to ask, “Mistress, may I take the plug that Candace put in my ass out?”

She laughed, “That Candace, always trying to be helpful. You may take it out if you wish…for now.”

I took it out and felt a sudden emptiness after hours of having it in. As I moved my body back towards the wall dildo I heard Serena ask, “Are you hungry?”

I looked up and saw she was looking at the room service book. “Um, sure,” I said.

“Great,” she said, as she picked up the phone and ordered room service. “Get busy fucking yourself.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I obeyed, the cock half way in me already.

Over the next half hour, I slowly moved back and forth on the wall dildo, as Serena chatted on the phone to friends and watched television. By fucking myself slowly, I never got close to coming, instead more mortified that I was being completely ignored.

A knock on the door had me freeze. I looked up at Serena praying for a reprieve, yet she just smiled and said, “Keep fucking yourself.”

I obeyed, as she put on a robe and went to the door and opened it and a young waiter rolled in the food.

Seeing me, he stopped briefly, but didn’t say anything as he turned to Serena and asked, “Will you please sign here.”

“Of course,” Serena said politely.

Once she had signed it, she asked him, “Do you want my pet to suck your cock as a tip?”

“P-p-pardon,” he stammered surprised.

“My pet loves sucking cock, don’t you?” Serena asked, looking down at me.

My cheeks burning with shame, I admitted, as I continued to fuck myself, “Yes, Mistress, I love sucking cock.”

“I-um-need to get back to work,” he said quickly and left, rejecting the offer.

“Well, that was disappointing,” Serena sighed, as she began making a plate for herself. “You may come and have a bite to eat if you wish.”

“Thank you,” I said, which was absurd considering I was paying for the food. Yet, I got off my knees and made myself a plate. We ate in silence as she texted at the same time.

Once we were both done, she asked, “Ready for your obedience present?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, the term ‘obedience present’ another shot.

“Get on all fours on the bed,” she ordered.

I obeyed eager with anticipation.

She went to the unopened bag and opened it. First she pulled out a collar with a leash. She smiled, “I should have put this on you when the waiter was here.”

She pulled out some lube, a strap-on cock, some long thing I didn’t have a clue what it was, a vibrating egg, and what I was pretty sure was a set of butt plugs.

She walked up behind me, lifted up my dress which was barely necessary it was so short, poured lube on my ass and said, “Since Cameron already began preparing your ass for me, we will start with the medium plug.”

“I’ve never done anal before,” I admitted.

“We will change that tonight,” Serena said, as she pushed a wider plug in my ass than what was previously in me.

I whimpered.

Serena then grabbed the collar and said, “I think it is time to make you a real pet.” She put the collar on my neck and hooked the leash onto it. I was mortified again, yet as always I was also turned on.

She sat beside me and spent the next ten minutes texting before silently pulling the plug out of my ass. Grabbing the strange looking toy she moved back behind me. She lubed my ass and seeing my confused look said, “These are anal beads.”

“Oh,” was all I could say.

Slowly she pushed them inside, each round ball causing a new burning sensation when it slipped inside me. Six balls later, my ass felt so full.

Suddenly, her phone rang. “Sit still,” she joked as she reached for the phone.

As I sat there, my ass stinging and full, Serena chatted on the phone before eventually agreeing she would be there in an hour. Hanging up, she sighed, “Apparently, we are going to have to speed up your ass training.”

Serena moved back behind me and slowly pulled the anal beads out of my ass.

“Oh God,” I screamed the first time a bead was tugged out of my ass.

“Relax, my pet,” she said as a second bead was pulled out.

I tried and slowly all six beads left my ass. Serena grabbed the strap-on from her bag of toys, put it on her waist and moved back behind me. “Ready to get ass fucked, my pet?” she asked.

I wasn’t. I imagined an even bigger burning pain. Yet, I also wanted to give my body unconditionally to her. “Please, be gentle,” was my response.

She again generously lubed my ass and said, “I’ll go slow, slut or at least until you are begging me to fuck your ass harder.”

I felt her hands on my hips and her plastic cock poking between my ass cheeks. “Now, relax your ass.”

“Okay,” I said filled with trepidation.

Slowly she pushed forward and her thankfully thin cock sodomizing me.

It didn’t hurt at all, much to my surprise, the butt plugs and anal beads preparing me for the smaller cock.

“That’s it, my pet, take all my cock in that ass of yours,” she purred as her legs met my ass.

“Yeeees,” I moaned, the pleasure of a cock in my ass not as exhilarating as in my pussy, but a riveting sensation of submitting to the ultimate taboo of giving myself to my Mistress completely.

“I should have brought the bigger cock,” she laughed as she began to slowly move in and out of my ass.

Obedience and submission taking control, I moaned, “Fuck me harder, Mistress,” and I meant it.

“You really are a slut,” she laughed, as she obliged my request.

“Oh yeesss, your sluuuut,” I responded as her body slammed into mine.

“I’m going to fuck your ass until you come, Miranda’s mom,” she said; always ready to add to my sexual submission.

“Yes, fuck Miranda’s mom,” I begged back, wanting to come so badly.

For a few minutes she slammed into me the only sounds were my moans, whimpers and begging. Eventually, I could feel an orgasm coming, and I moaned, “I’m going to commmmme.”

“Come my pet, my slut, my ass-fucking whore,” she rattled on and then finished with, “You incest wannabe dyke. You want to have sex with Miranda, don’t you?”

“I-um,” I babbled.

“To eat your daughter’s pussy or have her eat yours,” she added, continuing to slam into my ass.

“I, um, I,” I stammered, the idea only getting me hornier.

“Admit the truth and you can come,” she declared as she tugged on my chain and collar.

“Yes, dammit, I want to eat Miranda’s cunt,” I admitted, the orgasm no longer able to be held back. I screamed as I came at the thought of having sex with my daughter. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.”

She continued fucking me throughout my orgasm until I fell onto my side out of exhaustion.

Standing up, she said, “I’m out of town until early next week. You are not to come unless it is at the mouth of your daughter.”

“Okay,” I weakly said, barely hearing her words.

Five minutes later she was gone and I was a complete mental mess. I stayed the night at the hotel enjoying the beautiful room of shame.


All weekend I couldn’t get mind off so many things. But mostly, a recurring dream of submitting to Miranda or her to me consumed my thoughts. Thankfully, I didn’t let it go any further than fantasy as the final week before the debutante’s ball arrived.

It was Wednesday, when I finally got a text from her:

Pet Petra

What are you getting me as a gift to your Mistress for the debutante’s ball.

Mistress Serena

I sighed. I had no idea what would be the correct answer to such a question. I longed to submit to her again, I only felt alive, as crazy as that sounds, when I was around her. Although she treated me like a pet, I revelled in that type of attention. Yet, with the debutantes’ ball so close, I was beginning to worry my indiscretions may negatively impact my daughter’s big day.

Before I could respond a second text came:

Pet Petra

Actually, I know what I want…the necklace you bought at Tiffany’s.

Mistress Serena

I gasped at her request. The necklace was a one of a kind that I purchased as Miranda’s present for the ball. It was going to be a surprise the day of the ball. A necklace she had personally pointed out a while ago.

I replied:


That necklace is for my daughter. I will meet you at Tiffany’s to choose one of your liking.

Pet Petra

I finished getting dressed and heard the doorbell ring. A moment later, my maid, Tineasha, knocked on my door.

“Mrs. Zimmerman, you have a guest at the door,” Tineasha said.

“Who is it?” I asked, not expecting company this morning.

“A Ms. Madison, ma’am,” Tineasha answered.

My face paled and yet my cunt instantly tingled, another mixture of emotions and feelings at the thought of Serena.

“Thank you, I will be right down,” I said.

“Yes, ma’am,” Tineasha responded and walked away.

Flushed, I finished getting ready and heading down the stairs and to my surprise guest.

“Good morning,” Serena said pleasantly. “We need to talk.”

I asked, looking over to Tineasha who was in the living room dusting, “Do we need privacy?”

“No, no,” she smiled, “I am going to be late for school.”

“What can I do for you?” I asked.

“I want my gift now,” she said.

“Do you want to go to Tiffany’s now?” I asked, even though I knew that was not why she was here.

“You know what I want,” Serena said, “Now go get it.”

“Please, I bought it for my daughter,” I pleaded.

“Choose, cunt licker,” Serena said, raising her voice. “Your daughter or me.”

“Don’t make me choose,” I continued, “I’ll buy you whatever you want.”

“Good, I want the necklace you already bought,” she repeated.

“Will you leave my daughter out of this if I give it to you?” I asked, thinking I could obey her and protect my daughter at the same time,

“If she wants me to,” Serena said, as if implying Miranda would eagerly submit to her.

I gave a sigh of relief. “Okay, as long as you leave Miranda alone and stop picking on her.”

“I don’t pick on her, I just call it as it is,” she countered.

“As it is?” I questioned.

“Like mother, like daughter,” she quipped.

“What does that mean,” I shot back, not liking what she was implying.

“You’re a submissive cunt licker, it is only natural that your Harvard bound brainiac daughter is a cunt-licker too,” she replied.

“This is done,” I said, furious at her implications of my daughter.

“Knees, slut,” she countered.

“No,” I firmly said.

“Now!” She raised her voice, with made Tineasha look over.

“I can’t,” I said weaker than my last response.

“Fine,” she said, walking out of my house and leaving me completely lost at what I had just done.

All day I was on pins and needles expecting retribution from Serena for standing up to her. Yet, none came.

That night I was a nervous wreck. Worried about what Serena would do; worried that Miranda was not home on time and not answering her phone; worried that finally doing the right thing would lead me to getting publicly outed or blackmailed; yet, above all, worried that Serena would dump me as her submissive…the longer the day went the more I yearned to see her, to submit to her, to please her. I began second guessing my decision. The necklace was just a piece of jewelry and I could buy an even more expensive one for Miranda. Yet, I knew I had done the right thing. These conflicting feelings created anxiety for me and every phone call or text had me jumping, hoping it was Serena.

Miranda came home two hours late, after supper, which only added to my inner hysteria. Had Serena got to her somehow? Alas, she had a Club UN meeting she stressed she told me about.

That night, I tossed and turned, tossed and turned my body demanding satisfaction, my mind soothing me with righteousness.


Thursday morning I was awakened to my cell phone ringing and ringing. Groggily, I answered it:

“Hello,” I said.

“You will bring my necklace to me at school as a punishment for your disobedience or the consequences will be big,” Serena said and then hung up.

In an instant my morning was full of havoc. I was damned if I did and damned if I didn’t. I didn’t doubt she would be vindictive enough to humiliate me and my daughter in a heartbeat and yet giving in was a betrayal to my daughter. Now no doubt I had betrayed my daughter several times already since the first incident, but somehow this was personal. It was an attempt by Serena to play my daughter and me off each other. Yet, the more I thought about it the more I knew I had little choice. I couldn’t risk whatever Serena would do…not so much to me, but to Miranda.

I showered and spent the morning deciding how to go to her school and slyly give her a Tiffany necklace. At lunch, I texted Serena:

Mistress Serena

I have the necklace, where can we meet to give it to you?

Pet Petra

I was heading to my place when she responded:

Good choice you disobedient pet.

You may meet me in the cafeteria.

Mistress Serena

My face paled. This would hardly be inconspicuous. I asked:

Mistress Serena

Are you going to out me?

Pet Petra

Again a quick response:

No my slut, but I do need to show you there are consequences for disobedience.

I drove to the school. Being there at any time was not uncommon since I was involved with the PTA and the upcoming Christmas dance. Arriving, I felt like everyone was watching me, felt that everyone knew what I had become and why I was there. Reaching the cafeteria, I saw her with other cheerleaders and some good looking guys and headed to her. Reaching her, I said, “Ms. Madison, may I speak with you in private a moment?”

“What about?” She asked, feigning innocence.

“It’s about this weekend’s debutante ball,” I said, which was actually the truth.

“Oh. Okay,” she smiled, standing up and leading me out of the cafeteria.

Once alone, I handed her the package and said, “So we are good now?”

“For now,” she said ominously, taking the package and leaving me without a word.

I quickly got out of the school, avoiding seeing Miranda and drove straight to Tiffany’s to buy an even better necklace for Miranda.


Friday night was the usual dress rehearsal although that isn’t a fair name as NO one wore their dresses, keeping them as a big surprise on Saturday.

Although I was high strung all night expecting some sort of duplicity from Serena none came. I figured she was too busy with her own debutant concerns to worry about me or Miranda.

I hoped, I prayed, that Saturday could go without a hitch…alas the whole day was a disaster.


I was again woken up by my cell as Serena said, “Get your ass over here and bring your salon stuff.”

A click followed and I looked at the clock. It was almost ten. I was to do Miranda’s hair at twelve. In previous years I was often hired out to do some of the debutante’s hair, but I said early I wouldn’t be doing any since I would be spending it with Miranda.

I quickly got ready and told Miranda who was reading the newspaper, “I got to go out and grab a few last minute hair supplies.”

“Rather last minute,” Miranda said.

“Sorry, I thought I had it all I needed to make your hairdo perfect, but I don’t,” I lied.

“Well, I guess that is a pretty good reason,” she smiled.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can,” I said.

I headed straight to Serena’s. Once there, she said, “Make me look perfect.”

I joked, “You already are perfect.”

“So true,” she agreed, before adding, “I want something unique.”

“Do you want your hair up or down?” I asked.

“Down and curls,” she said.

“Hmmmmm,” I pondered, before the perfect hairstyle popped into my head, although it would be time consuming and almost surely make me late for my appointment with Miranda. Yet, as soon as the idea came into my head, I knew it was the only one for Serena….even the title of the do, the Tendril Temptress, was undeniably Serena.

The key to this a mixture of a long swoops of bangs to show off up front and yet have one side of your hair pulled back…and curled. The issue is the many layers of curls that had to be done. Thus I spent the next forty-five minutes curling Serena’s hair with a one and a quarter curling iron. Then using a mixture of braiding and bobby pins, I secured her hair back to one side of her head. Once done, I fixed her bangs in front, hair sprayed enough to kill the ozone layer and ta-dah – I was done.

Serena looked in the mirror and said, “Wow!”

A chill went up my spine at her one word response. I had succeeded in making her even more beautiful than she already was. I would be lying if my pussy wasn’t dampening at the thought of pleasuring her.

Gwen added, “Slut Petra, you really have outdone yourself this time.”

Serena snapped, “Knees, Mother.”

“Pardon?” Gwen asked, her eyes suddenly big.

“Now, slut,” Serena demanded, her eyes bearing into her mother’s.

“You said you wouldn’t do this,” Gwen pleaded, even as she lowered herself to her knees.

“That was before you disrespected my pet,” Serena explained. “And I think my pet deserves a reward for doing such a lovely job.”

“Please, don’t,” Gwen pleaded.

“Is that how you speak to your Mistress, Mommy-slut?” Serena asked tersely.

“S-s-sorry,” Gwen stammered, the pretentious bitch apparently also under the spell of her daughter. She was no better than me…if anything she was worse. She had obviously committed sins with her daughter.

“Sorry, what?” Serena asked, perturbed.

“Sorry, Mistress Serena,” Gwen answered, not looking up at either of us.

“Tell your friend Petra what you love to do the most,” Serena instructed, her tone suddenly playful.

“Oh God, Serena, why are you revealing this?” Gwen asked, looking up with pleading eyes.

“Well, I have been training Pet Petra to be an incestual Mommy-slut and it will help her if she sees it in action and understands the concept as a living, breathing idea,” Serena said.

“But she could ruin me…us,” Gwen tried to rationalize.

“I don’t think my pet has any thoughts of betrayal, do you Pet Petra,” she asked me.

“No, Mistress, I am your greatest, most obedient, pet,” I said, wanting desperately to outshine Gwen.

“Hear that Mother, she is my greatest, most obedient, pet,” Serena repeated my words.

Gwen glared at me. “Mistress, I was your first, I am your most loyal and obedient submissive.”

“Prove it,” Serena ordered.

“Tell me what to do,” Gwen requested.

“Lick Pet Petra’s asshole,” Serena instructed.

Gwen’s face scrunched up into a ball and yet she said to me, “Lift up your dress and let me see that fat ass of yours.”

“Beg bitch,” I instinctively ordered.

“Hmmmmm, pet has some dominance in her…delicious,” Serena said amused.

Gwen’s glare could kill the average person, but I was revelling in my moment of power over a woman I hated so fucking much.

“Now, Mommy-slut,” I said, even though I wondered if I was going to soon join her with that label.

Through gritted teeth Gwen begged, “Can I lick your asshole?”

I bent over, offered her my ass and ordered, “Lick my asshole good, Gwen.”

She put her hands on my waist, pulled my ass cheeks apart and tongued my butt hole. I had never had such a thing done to me and it was exhilarating. Knowing she hated it, I added, “Tell me how much you love licking my asshole, my slut.”

Begrudgingly, Gwen responded, “I love your asshole.”

I looked to Serena who was watching amusedly and asked, “Can I have your Mother-slut eat my cunt?”

“Of course,” Serena purred. “She is yours until you leave today.”

“Thank you Mistress,” I said, as I grabbed Gwen by the hair and pushed her awkwardly to my fevered cunt. “Start licking, bitch.”

Gwen surprisingly, obeyed without hesitation, licking hungrily on my wet pussy.

Serena explained, “Mommy is a very good cunt licker, almost as good as you.”

I was flattered at the compliment. “I aim to please, Mistress.”

“That you do,” she smiled, standing up and stretching.

For the next few minutes Gwen licked and licked and just as I was close to orgasm she slipped a finger into my ass and I screamed, “Fuuuuck, you biiiiiitch.”

“Come like a nasty ass slut,” Gwen said, pumping my ass with her finger as I began quaking and coming.

“Damn iiiiiit,” I screamed as I came from her tongue and finger in my ass.

“You two Mommy-sluts were made for each other,” Serena laughed, clearly amused at the nasty lesbian act she was witnessing.

Just then my phone rang. Serena grabbed it and answered it as my eyes went big. “Hi, this is Petra’s phone.” After a pause, she said, “This is Serena. Your mom is just finishing cleansing herself after doing my hair.”

‘Oh God’ I thought to myself, my lie had been revealed.

Serena said, “I think she will be on her way home soon. Okay, bye.”

Looking at me, Serena said, “I think she is mad at you.”

I sighed, “Shit, I told her I was just going to get more hair product for her.”

“Hmmmm, you shouldn’t lie to your daughter,” Serena shrugged, before adding as she sat down and opened her legs, “Mommy-slut, come get your lunch.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Gwen obeyed, crawling between her daughter’s tanned legs.

I watched in awe at the incest act right in front of my eyes.

Serena smiled, “Don’t worry, you will soon be between your daughter’s legs too or she yours.”

“Mistress, I am not ready for that,” I replied, as I stood back up.

“I wasn’t asking your thoughts on the issue, but I do suggest you go home and calm down your daughter,” Serena ordered.

I sighed, but quickly headed-out of Serena’s house and back to mine…almost an hour late.


Arriving home, Miranda was on the couch reading, her eyes red from crying. I greeted, “Sorry I was late, but I got some intel about what the bitch Serena is doing with her hair.”

“I suppose you should since you did it for her,” she shot back bitterly.

“But only to make sure we could make yours even better,” I countered, which wasn’t true, but could be now that I knew what Serena was doing.

“So you did Serena’s hair and lied to me to help me?” Miranda asked not believing a word I was saying.

“I know I have been acting weird lately,” I sighed, joining her on the couch. I put her legs on my lap and massaged her foot. “Honey, I am sorry for my behaviour lately. I can’t completely explain it, but I just miss your father so much.”

“Oh Mom,” Miranda immediately softened.

“This is your day, honey,” I said, squeezing her foot. “We can talk about everything else another day. Let’s get you looking like a queen…my queen.” Thoughts of sexually submitting to Miranda suddenly at the forefront of thought after witnessing Gwen going down on Serena I took a glance between her legs.

“Okay,” Miranda agreed, suddenly bubbling with enthusiasm.

The next hour plus I created a look I called the Braided Beauty which gave a sexy look of sophistication and class. Plus the braid across the front keeps the rest of her hair out of her face. It was the perfect do for Miranda’s adorably cute face.

“Just a second,” I said and hurried up to my room and grabbed the new Tiffany necklace I had purchased for her.

I returned downstairs and handed her the gift box. “A gift for a princess.”

“You didn’t have to,” Miranda said as she took the box.

“Yes, I did. You had a dress, a crown, earrings and heels, but you didn’t have the final piece to wow everyone,” I said.

She opened the box and said, “It’s lovely.”

I think it will perfectly complete your ensemble for tonight,” I said.

“I imagine it will,” she agreed.

“Wow, it looks amazing,” I said, once it was on. Although it wasn’t the first one I had chosen, it was a very pretty extravagant necklace and she would be the envy of most of the debutante’s tonight. This would indeed be her coming out party.

Looking down at her legs, I gasped, as I asked, “When was the last time you got your legs waxed?”

“Just past never,” she answered. “I don’t believe in all that girly overpriced diva crap.”

“Show me your legs,” I ordered mortified.

She did and I gasped. “Honey, I book you a salon appointment every month.”

“And I use that money at the book store every month,” she replied.

“You can’t go to a debutante’s ball with hairy legs,” I said mortified by my daughter’s lack of understanding of proper etiquette.

“Lord forbid,” she mocked.

“My bedroom now,” I instructed.

“Yes, drill sergeant,” she joked, actually saluting me, but she did follow me to her room.

Once in my room, I instructed, after laying a towel on my bed, “Take off your skirt and lie down.”

“Really?” Miranda asked.

“The makeover is not yet complete it seems,” I said, grabbing my razor and cream.

She reluctantly agreed and as I saw her in her blue panties I flashed to licking her wetness from them last week. Shaking my head, I got to the task at hand. Forty minutes later, I was lotioning her legs when I wondered something.

“Honey,” I asked.

“Yes,” she asked, seeming to enjoy the pampering her mother was giving her.

“Tell me you at least shave your you know what,” I said.

“Why would I ever do that?” She questioned, seemingly baffled by the thought.

Before I even realized I said it, I quipped, “No one wants to eat a hair pie,”

“Mother!” She gasped and then shocked me back when she added, “And I have never had any complaints.”

“Miranda!” I gasped back.

“Mother!” She mocked. “I’m eighteen, you don’t think I am a virgin, do you?”

“You’re not?” I questioned.

“You know in American Pie and how the nerdy band geek was rather sexually experienced even though she acted all innocent,” she asked.

“Yes,” I recalled the movie.

“Well debate club is a lot like that,” she revealed.

“But your partner is a girl,” I said, these new revelations more stunning than all I had learned before now.

“Yes, yes she is,” she smiled, seemingly enjoying the shocked look on my face.

“Miranda are you saying what I think you are saying?” I asked, still in shock.

“I don’t know, what do you think I am saying?” She questioned, clearly enjoying my discomfort.

“You’re a lesbian,” I said.

“I’m bi Mom, isn’t that what you said was all the rage,” Miranda joked.

“Wow!” I said stunned, before clarifying, “So you are not a virgin?”

“Depends how you define virgin,” she vaguely replied.

“Have you been with a guy?” I clarified, somehow her playing with girls not phasing me at all.

“I’ve given head a couple times,” she paused before rephrasing, and pointing to her cunt, “But no penis has been down there.”

“Thank God,” I said.

“Although I have had fingers, a brush and a beer bottle up there,” she added to my shock.

“You are full of surprises today,” I laughed, both impressed and shocked by my daughter’s sexual history I didn’t know existed.

“As are you,” she ominously replied.

I ignored the vague words as there was a brief moment of silence between us.

“Are you going to shave my hair pie for me, Mother?” Miranda asked.

“You want me to shave your vagina?” I asked.

“You did the rest and I am sure Stacey will be thrilled to be able to get directly to my vagina without the hair,” Miranda added, clearly enjoying her sudden power over me.

“If you want,” I said, in a daze, trying to figure out how this conversation had taken such a strange and unpredictable turn.

She tugged off her panties and tossed them aside.

I carefully trimmed first and then shaved Miranda’s vagina, noticing the undeniable wetness on her pussy lips as I shaved her. My own pussy was wet also and my mouth watered with the unthinkable thought of licking my daughter’s pussy, the thought now unable to leave my nasty mind.

I half expected her to order me to eat her cunt, to be her Mommy-slut and yet once she was completely shaven she said, “Thanks Mom,” and got up and left me alone in my room, a highly stimulated mess.

I calmed myself down although not easily and got myself ready with my hairdo, make-up and classy dress. Eventually, we were driving to Bellmont Hall when Miranda said, “Sorry for the TMI. It’s just once I started I couldn’t stop.”

“You’re eighteen and are old enough to make your own decisions,” I said, before adding, “although that was a lot to take in for a first talk about sex.”

“Have you ever been with a woman?” Miranda asked a couple of minutes later.

“P-p-pardon,” I gasped, again shocked by her sudden candour.

“That answers my question,” Miranda replied. “Has it been recently?”

“Oh my God, Miranda,” I said, not remotely liking where this conversation was going.

“It’s just you have been acting strange lately,” Miranda correctly assessed. “At first I thought maybe you had a met a man, but the more I think about it….”

“Enough, Miranda. I am not having a conversation with you about my sex life,” I firmly replied.

“Fine,” Miranda said. “I thought I could ask you anything.”

After a moment, guilt riddled through me. I had always prided myself on being open and honest with my daughter. I apologized, “Sorry, honey, it’s just I am not proud of some of my actions over the past couple of weeks.”

Miranda was quiet a moment as if pondering what to say next. Finally, she said, “I’m here if you need to talk.”

“Thanks, honey, that means a lot,” I said.

We drove in silence until we reached Bellmont Hall.


“Well here goes everything,” Miranda said.

“Just focus on you, my dear. For each of you it is your special day,” I comforted.

“Easier said than done,” Miranda replied, getting out of the car.

As soon as we entered the hall, photos were taken. The next hour was photos with mom and daughter and a plethora of photos of the debutantes. I never saw Serena or Gwen during this whirlwind time. It wasn’t until the girls were called for lining up that Serena set the ball rolling on her grand end play.

“Miranda you look lovely,” Serena complimented.

Miranda turned and froze as she saw the necklace around Serena’s neck. It is clear Miranda recognized her necklace.

Serena deciding to add fuel to the fire said, “Yes, your mom got it for me. She is a very generous woman.”

Miranda glared back at her, “And you’re a bitch.”

Serena laughed as Miranda walked away. I quickly followed Miranda into the bathroom.

“You gave her my necklace!” Miranda accused.

“I had no choice,” I said. “She was threatening to out me.”

“Out you how?” Miranda said, surprisingly more angry than sad.

“She has a video of me in very compromising positions,” I admitted.

“Like what?” She asked.

“Sexual, it would ruin me and by association, you,” I explained.

“So you were protecting me?” She asked her tone dripping with sarcasm

“After my indiscretions, yes I have done everything I could to keep you out of her line of fire,” I answered.

“I don’t have time for this,” Miranda said, walking back out of the bathroom.

Feeling awful, I stayed in the washroom for a few minutes before joining the rest of the guests for the grand revealing of our debutantes.

To her credit, Miranda shined when she was introduced, no evidence of her earlier anger. She looked beautiful, graceful and perfectly like a debutante. It should have been the greatest moment of my parenting life and yet my insides were churning with guilt.

I let Miranda have her moment. I watched from afar as she chatted with other girls and danced with a few of the boys. She never looked my way and I sat back like a wallflower on this special day.

Gwen asked me, smiling, “So ready to fuck your daughter?”

“What? God, no,” I gasped, even though it had been a lingering thought for a while.

“That will be your next task,” Gwen said.

“How did you end up under her spell,” I asked.

“Everyone eventually does,” Gwen shrugged, as if it were inevitable.

“It can’t be that simple,” I said.

“Isn’t it?” Gwen asked. “How long did you resist? How long will your daughter resist?”

“Please leave Miranda out of this twisted game,” I said.

“Too late for that,” Gwen said. “Way too late for that.”

She walked away and I wondered what she meant by her ominous last words. Had Miranda already submitted to Serena? It seemed so unlikely. Yet, so did her being sexually active before our conversation today. Still…it seemed unlikely.

Eventually, I saw Miranda alone and went to her. “You look beautiful, Miranda.”

“Thanks, Mom,” she said, finally looking at me.

“I’m sorry for everything sweetheart,” I said. “You deserve the truth and I will give you the entire truth once we are home.”

Just then Serena again interrupted our conversation. “So that was fun.”

Miranda replied sarcastically, “It was lovely.”

“As are you,” Serena countered. “Adorably cute.”

“Is that an insult?” Miranda asked.

“Being called lovely and adorably cute?” Serena asked.

“That is like being called nice,” Miranda countered.

“Well, you are very, very nice,” Serena said, knowing exactly what she was doing.

“Enough,” I said.

“I won’t take any disobedience from you, Petra. That is one,” Serena threatened.

Miranda looked at me and said, “You are such a bitch Serena, you are not even worth it.”

“Is that true, Petra, am I not worth it?” Serena asked.

“Not here,” I said.

“Two,” she said.

Looking at my daughter, I said, “I’m sorry Miranda, but she has too much influence over me.”

“Good, Pet Petra,” Serena purred.

SMACK! Miranda slapped Serena across her face…hard. “Fuck you, bitch,” Miranda said, loud enough for many nearby to hear, before she grabbed my hand and dragged me away.

I looked back and saw Serena’s face wasn’t stunned but amused as if she got exactly what she wanted.

Miranda led me right out of the hall, to the car and demanded, “Drive.”

The drive home was silent and once we got home she simply said, “I’m going to my room.”

I broke down in the living room realizing my decisions and weakness had completely ruined her special day.


Half an hour later, I was still on the couch when the doorbell rang. I went to it and was shocked when I opened the door and Serena pushed past me into the house.

“Knees, now!” She ordered, once I closed the door.

I obeyed.

“Where is your daughter?” She asked.

“In her room,” I answered.

Serena walked up the stairs and ordered, “Follow me, slut.”

I crawled up my stairs and to my room where she was waiting at the edge of my bed.

Serena opened her legs and ordered, “Come lick me, my pet.”

“But Miranda is right next door,” I protested.

“Three,” Serena sighed, before calling, “Miranda, get in here.”

“Please, no,” I gasped, beginning to get up.

“Get back down now and crawl to me!” Serena ordered firmly.

Her tone firm, I lowered myself back down and reluctantly crawled to her even as I heard my daughter’s door open.

“Now lick me, bitch, or I will make this much worse for you,” Serena threatened, as she opened her legs.

I obeyed, even as I heard footsteps coming to my room.

I had just begun licking when I heard Miranda’s voice, “What the Hell?”

“Hi, Miranda,” Serena greeted sing-song. “I just came over to reward my pet for her obedience.”

“Your pet?” Miranda asked.

“My pet, my submissive, my slave, my sex toy,” Serena listed. “You can choose the term if you wish.”

“Mom, what are you doing?” Miranda asked.

Serena grabbed my head and pushed me back a bit. “Go ahead, tell your daughter what you are doing.”

My face burns with shame even more extreme than my many humiliating moments already. “I’m so sorry Miranda, I can’t resist her.”

“Can’t resist what?” Serena questioned.

“Pleasing you,” I admitted.

“Mom, I can’t believe you would submit to…her,” Miranda said, her tone dripping with disgust.

“I couldn’t help it,” I tried to rationalize.

“Really, she forced you to be her cunt-licker!” Miranda snapped, her severity again rather unlike her.

Serena laughed.

“Shut the fuck up, slut,” Miranda cursed. “Why her? Why are you so determined to always usurp me?”

“Usurp you?” Serena laughed. “I don’t even know what that means. I can’t help it, girls and women just submit to me.”

“Yeah, right,” Miranda scoffed.

“Don’t pretend you are not thinking about my cunt right now. I can see past your hate, I can see what you really crave,” Serena said calmly.

“Yeah right, because every girl is a secret dyke dying to serve you,” Miranda sarcastically replied.

“Well, not all, but most it seems,” Serena shrugged, as she grabbed my hair and pulled me back between her legs where I eagerly returned to licking like the mindless submissive I had become.

“Mom, stop that right now!” Miranda demanded.

“Why? Do you want her to lick you? She is very, very good,” Serena asked.

“So am I,” Miranda countered with a smile, “not that you will ever find out.”

“I knew you were a rug muncher,” Serena replied.

“More of a receiver than a giver, truth be told,” Miranda smugly answered back.

“Come join your Mother,” Serena offered.

“Excuse me?” Miranda scoffed.

“You are just like your mother Miranda. I can see it in everything you do,” Serena smugly said, as her hands went in my hair and drew me deeper into her cunt.

I licked and licked, my hunger to please her, still compelling me irresistibly.

“I am nothing like my Mother!” Miranda snapped.

That hurt, but at the moment her words made sense.

“Tell you what, Miranda. Want to play a game?” Serena asked.

“Oh, what are we twelve?” Miranda mocked.

“You think you are smarter than me, don’t you?” Serena asked.

“I know I am smarter than you,” Miranda smugly replied.

“And you have more self-control than me?” Serena continued.

“Obviously my legs are closed,” Miranda responded.

“Good for you. Tell you what, I am so confident I know you that I am willing to bet my best new pet,” Serena said.

My eyes went wide.

“Keep licking,” Serena ordered and I obeyed.

“If I am right about you, I win. If I am wrong, you win and I will leave your mother alone completely and I won’t pick on you anymore at school,” Serena propositioned.

“And if you win,” Miranda asked, getting drawn into a battle with Serena she didn’t even realize she was being drawn in to.

“You do what comes naturally to you,” Serena said.

“Which would be?” Miranda asked.

“Submit to me like your mother does,” Serena revealed.

I was shocked by Miranda’s next words, “Fine, what do you think you are right about?”

Serena pushed me away and snapped her fingers for me to stand up.

I obeyed and she whispered in my ear, “Retrieve Miranda’s panties for me.”

“Pardon?” I asked.

“You heard me,” she glared, pointing back to the floor.

I sighed, humiliated, and lowered myself back to the floor. After a brief pause I crawled to my daughter.

Miranda looked down at me. I expected to see her mortified, yet the look on her face was amused.

“I predict that even though you feign disgust at your mother’s submission to me or the idea of having your own Mommy-slut pet to play with, your panties are soaked right now,” Serena predicted.

“That is your prediction, is it?” Miranda asked seemingly amused.

“It is,” Serena smiled. “If your panties are dry. I am wrong and I will free your mother of her sexual chains of submission. But, if I am right and let’s be honest, we all know I am right, you will join your slut mother on all fours ready to serve me.”

“You think it is that black and white?” Miranda asked.

Serena stood up and said, “Go ahead slut, retrieve your daughter’s panties for me.”

I looked up at Miranda and mouthed, ‘I’m sorry,’ as I moved under her dress.

“Mother!” Miranda gasped, although she didn’t stop my hands as they pulled down her panties. Miranda even lifted up her feet to allow me to get the panties off.

Serena ordered, “Give them to me, my pet.”

I handed the very damp panties to Serena who said with a mixture of excitement and fear, “Wow, not just wet, but drenched,” Serena smiled.

Miranda shrugged, walked to Serena and kissed her.

I stared in stunned silence at my daughter making the first move.

Breaking the kiss, Miranda explained to a stunned Serena, “Did you know that there is an exception to every rule?”

“What?” Serena asked, surprised, for the first time not in control.

“Well, for one. There is always a stronger Domme for a Domme and I wasn’t horny thinking of submitting to you, I was horny thinking of you submitting to me,” Miranda revealed, as she took her panties back and shoved them in Serena’s stunned open mouth. Then her tone shifted greatly. “Now kneel, bitch!”

Serena’s eyes went big.

“Those were all one syllable words, slut, even you should be able to comprehend,” Miranda said harshly, as she put her hands on Serena’s shoulders and guided her to the ground.

I expected Serena to refuse, twist the situation to her advantage, or something, yet instead I watched Serena fall onto her knees.

“Good girl,” Miranda purred. “Does my little slut, want to taste her Mistress?”

Serena couldn’t speak with panties in her mouth so Miranda pulled them out and said, “I know I have a special taste, don’t I?”

“Miranda please,” Serena begged desperately, suddenly on the other end of a shocking power play.

“Please what?” Miranda asked amused, as she slipped out of her dress.

“We can work something out,” Serena tried to bargain.

“Oh, I couldn’t agree more. First you can eat my cunt. I imagine you are not that good at it yet, but they say practice makes perfect,” Miranda said, as she moved her newly shaven cunt into Serena’s face, grabbed Serena by the back of her head and pulled her in.

Finally acknowledging me, Miranda said, “You see Mom. I learned early on, being smart, that to avoid being bullied I had to stand up for myself. You either are the bully or the victim most of the time. I tried to always play politically correct, but unfortunately life isn’t fair, especially high school. Thus, after I concluded Serena had somehow made you her bitch, I knew I had to get her back. But I had to make it dramatic, I had to draw her along where I could get her exactly where I wanted…on her knees licking cunt like the little lez-slut she is.”

“But how did you know she would come here?” I asked.

“She is a stereotypical diva…always wanting to not only win but make sure the losers know they lost,” Miranda said.

“How did you know about me?” I asked.

“Your reaction around her mostly, although going through your phone messages confirmed my suspicions,” Miranda revealed. “Did you really wear my panties on your head?”

“Yes,” I admitted, ashamed.

Summary: Daughter catches Dad and then decides she must have him.

Note 1: This is a Summer 2013 Contest Story so please vote.

Note 2: Thanks to MAB7991 for editing this quickly when time was running out.

Summer with Dad

Mom and dad divorced when I was in my senior year of high school; I was old enough to understand that they were really only staying together for me. I was also old enough to understand it had nothing to do with me…they just fell out of love with each other.

It should have been obvious; seriously, I can’t even fathom how they ever fell in love with each other. They are polar opposites. It is a miracle they ever got together in the first place.

The only thing they seemed to have in common is that they are both ridiculously attractive for their age and they have me.

That said their differences are numerous.

Mom was born into a very wealthy family in New York City, grew up with everything and followed in both her mother and father’s footsteps…becoming a lawyer. She is a no nonsense prosecution lawyer for the city that spends more hours at work than she does with her family. She seldom smiles and has clearly become disillusioned with the legal system and the many loopholes if you have enough money or the right lawyer. She doesn’t have a sense of humour, hates television and movies and is a neat freak.

Dad, on the other hand, was born in Hawaii and grew up living forty feet from the ocean. Dad has always been carefree and relaxed about everything…actually I never once saw him get mad or lose his temper…which drove Mom nuts. She called him emotionless which is not true; he is simply a laid-back surfer kid who never really wanted to grow up.

Dad tried, he really did. He left the only home he ever knew to move to the block buildings and smog of New York City. He took a job working with grandpa, but it was obvious he wasn’t really a suit and tie type of guy.

As soon as they decided to separate, he moved back to Hawaii and was working as a bartender at a bar on the ocean. It was a simple life, the one he had sacrificed for mom and me.

The agreement was I would finish twelfth grade and then spend the summer with dad before starting school in the fall at Harvard, just like my mother had before me and three other generations of Billings.

After dad left, mom buried herself even more into her work, which I didn’t think was possible, even missing the first half of my graduation, but arriving in time to hear my Valedictorian speech. Dad, of course, flew back and was on time, although rather underdressed for such a formal ceremony.

Before, I get into my real story, I should tell you a bit about myself. First off, I was always a daddy’s little girl. I adored my father and this too I think drove my mother nuts. Yet, when dad left, just two weeks after I turned eighteen, I rebelled a bit. I desperately tried to get my mother’s attention, but to no avail.

I kept my marks up, actually top in my class, but otherwise I did all I could to test the boundaries of my life. I got drunk for the first time (I know I was such a goody-goody I had never had more than a glass of wine until a month after my eighteenth birthday), I tried pot, got my fake id and started going clubbing.

Sexually, I was a virgin when dad left, but soon lost my virginity to the father of the girl I was babysitting; I dated a college senior for three months when I sucked my first cock and had my first threesome when he, his roommate and I got high and drunk and my inhibitions faded; I lost my anal virginity after I broke up with him and ended up in a hotel room with a mid-forties lawyer I met at a sports pub…it was also here I learned two things:

1. I only liked older men. As they:

A) Knew how to pleasure a woman unlike my college boyfriend, who never once got me off

B) Knew what they wanted and were not afraid to ask for it…or better yet order me to do it

2. I was apparently a submissive. After he shot his first load in my mouth, while he talked to me the whole time calling me his high school slut and teenage fuck toy, he ate me out and got me off bringing me an orgasm unlike any I had ever experienced. When he said, after fucking my pussy for an eternity, “It’s time for my slut to take it up the ass,” I didn’t hesitate. I got on all fours and when he ordered me to beg to get ass fucked, my SAT vocabulary disappeared and my slut vocabulary replaced it. “Yes, baby, take my virgin asshole. Shove that big cock up my tight back door and fuck the shit out of me.”

After that night, I rejected overtures from anybody still in school…unless they worked there. I fucked a few other older men, each who quickly figured out I was an obedient submissive slut willing to obey almost any order.

That also led to my first lesbian encounter when a man and his wife took me back to their house for a lengthy threesome which included my first time eating cunt, getting DP’d for the first time (albeit the cock in my cunt was a strap-on) that ended with me getting fisted for the first time.

Sadly, mom never once caught me coming home late, or the next day for that matter as she was pre-occupied with work and not me.

I should finish this ridiculously long prologue by at least telling you what I look like. I don’t mean to sound like a self-centered bitch, but I come from great genes. Besides being very gifted academically, I am also a great athlete having lettered in swimming, volleyball and track. Lastly, my DNA gave me natural blonde hair, aqua blue eyes and firm 36c breasts. That said, until my slut phase, I always wore my hair in a ponytail and wore sporting attire most of the time, none that even remotely flattered my body except when I was actually playing the sport. Was I the most attractive girl in high school? No. Was I pretty close? Yes, if I would have done myself up for school like I did when I was on the prowl for a DILF (dad I’d like to fuck). At school, I still dressed conservative, really living two lives:

-by day, I was still a scholar student and state championship athlete

-by night, I had become a slutty teenager on the prowl

By the way, I found DILF’s perfect. Besides the earlier things I mentioned about them knowing how to please a woman, they were not clingy like my college boyfriend, not insipid like almost all high school boys and they didn’t want to date me…they just wanted to fuck me.

Finally, I am ready for the actually story I was meaning to tell…how I ended as my dad’s fucktoy.

I arrived in Hawaii excited for a summer of fun in the sun, one last wild time before college started and according to mom I would have no social life. When I quipped back that’s what she had now she didn’t laugh, rather sighed at how I got what she considered my dad’s lame sense of humour.

Now I decided to surprise dad by arriving two days early, but it was me who was in for a surprise. First, my flight which was supposed to arrive at midnight didn’t land till just before two am, thus I missed surprising dad at work. By the time the taxi dropped me off at dad’s beach house on the ocean it was just after three and I was wiped.

I was walking up the front steps to his rather secluded house in comatose mode when I heard voices. Jerking me awake, I listened closer and gasped as it was obvious two people were fucking.

I moved slowly, as I listened to a woman beg, “Harder, fuck me harder with that big dick of yours.”

I had never watched a sex act, unless you count the Internet, and my curiosity was piqued. Strangely, it never occurred to me that maybe my dad was who the woman was begging to fuck her harder.

As I slowly crept my way around to the back, I heard an aggressive male voice say, “Beg for it, slut.”

“Oh please pound my pussy with that big horse cock of yours,” the woman quickly obeyed, her voice clearly hungry for a good hard fucking.

As I peeked around the corner, my mouth dropped open as I saw my dad, butt naked, fucking some young looking redhead from behind as she leaned on a tree. I stared at his tanned body and tight ass, realizing instantly why I was drawn to older men…I had daddy issues.

“How about your ass, slut?” He questioned, his big hands firmly on her hips.

She giggled, “Betty said you would want my ass and that no one can make getting ass fucked feel amazing like you can.”

“I’ll take that as a yes,” my usually laid back dad said as he pulled out. Strangely, I wanted to see his cock, but from this angle it was impossible. Thankfully, he ordered, “Get my cock ready for that ass of yours, slut.”

My dad repositioned himself so I got an amazing side view of his rock hard cock. It was massive. Way bigger than any of the men I had been with. The redhead quickly turned around and dropped to her knees taking dad’s cock in her mouth and bobbing back and forth as if she was in a porno movie. She deep throated his cock and I was in awe of her ability. My hand went under my shorts and directly to my burning cunt as I watched the sexual act in front of me, suddenly wide awake. I rubbed my pussy quietly as the scene in front of me continued.

“Are you ready for a good ass fucking, my little ass slut?” My dad asked, as he pulled her up and bent her back over.

“Oh God yes, but I’ve never had anything as big as your snake in my ass,” she said, her tone both obedient and yet cautious.

“I hear that a lot,” dad chuckled, as he positioned himself behind her.

I instantly wondered what he meant by ‘a lot’. I couldn’t fathom dad being a player, yet I also couldn’t fathom dad fucking girls half his age or being a Dom. Yet, that was what I was witnessing right in front of my eyes.

My whole body ached with need as I watched him slowly push forward and into the young redhead’s ass.

“Mother fuuuucker,” the redhead screamed as her ass was split by dad’s long, thick cock.

“Just relax, whore, it is going to burn for a while,” he said, before adding, “but when it stops you’re going to get the fucking of your life.”

His confident tone, his promise of sexual pleasure, had my orgasm building at an accelerated pace even as I imagined it was me he was using for his own personal enjoyment.

“Okkkkay,” she whimpered, her ass obviously in some major discomfort.

“So are the rumours true,” he asked, a minute later, as he began slowly moving in and out of the redhead’s ass.

“Fuuuuuck yes,” she moaned. “Although I didn’t believe iiiit.”

“But you believe it now,” he said smugly as he shifted from slow strokes to faster, more aggressive ones.

“Yeeeeeeees, daddy,” she screamed, in a strange mixture of pleasure and pain.

Hearing her call my daddy, daddy, pissed me off; only I got to call him daddy. My hands on my pussy, I closed my eyes and envisioned it was me bent over getting fucked by Daddy.

“Have you ever come from getting that tight ass of yours fucked?” Dad asked, as he began slamming into her his whole cock somehow fitting in her ass.

“Nooooooo,” she screamed.

“Well, we better change that. Real cock sluts like you can come from a good hard ass fucking,” he said rather matter-of-factly.

“I’ll try,” she whimpered, clearly trying to get used to dad’s huge cock ravaging her.

“I wasn’t asking your opinion, slut. You will come like the hungry whore you are,” he said, his tone authoritative and rugged, which only turned me on more as he grabbed her hair and pulled on it. I was close to coming but slowed down my inevitable orgasm by slowing down myself pleasure so I could continue to watch my father fuck this skank.

“Okay,” she agreed, her moans increasing slightly as the pain seemed to begin to fade.

“Rub that fat clit of yours, Carrie,” he demanded, continuing hard deep thrusts into her.

“It’s Caroline,” she whimpered, although she obeyed the order, her left hand going directly between her legs as she used her right hand to balance herself against the palm tree.

“Whatever, let’s stick with slut,” he shrugged, clearly not in it for a relationship.

I couldn’t see her face or her facial expression but such blunt words had to hurt. Yet, after a few seconds of silence, other than the slapping of bodies meeting, she said, “Call me whatever you want daddy, as long as you keep fucking me with that big cock of yours.”

He chuckled as he continued to pound her from behind. Her moans getting more animated, it was obvious she was close to coming. Finally, he ordered, “Come my little girl, my little ass slut.”

Hearing him call her ‘my little girl’ made me jealous as that endearing term was supposed to be exclusively to me.

“Oh God, I’m so close,” she screamed, as she frantically rubbed herself.

“Now daddy’s whore,” he demanded, firmly slapping her ass so loud I could hear it.

My eyes closed, my hand again frantically rubbed myself, as I listened to his words and imagined I was daddy’s whore.

“Yeeeees, harder, fuck my ass haaaaarder, oh, oh, oh, shiiiiiiit,” she screamed sounding like a hyena in heat.

I almost laughed at her ridiculous babble, but instead continued the fast-paced rubbing of my clit wanting to time my orgasm with his.

He continued fucking her throughout her orgasm, which always made my orgasm more intense, until he grunted and said, “Here’s your first load up that slut ass of yours.”

I quickly stopped holding back my orgasm as I began spanking my clit.

“Oh yes, fill my ass with your cum,” she whimpered, like the slut she obviously was.

“Aaaaaah,” he grunted shooting his load in the slut’s ass, simultaneously my own orgasm hit and I had to bite my lower lip to hold in screaming and alerting them I had been watching them.

A moment later, he pulled out and ordered, “Clean me off whore.”

She didn’t hesitate as she turned around, dropped to her knees, and devoured his cock just seconds after it had been in her ass. I had never done that before and yet would in a heartbeat if told to.

My orgasm still trembled through me as I watched the slut continue to clean dad’s cock. Suddenly worried I would be caught; I slowly backed up and returned to the front.

As expected, the front door was unlocked; dad always said when I was young that he never locked his door when he lived back on the island and hated the fact that people no longer trusted each other. I put my suitcase inside and was just about to look around when I heard the back door open. I quickly fell onto a nearby couch and pretended to be asleep.

“Why is the door open?” I heard dad say a few seconds later, as I opened an eye to see I hadn’t closed the door.

A second later, I saw his naked ass as he closed the door and paused seeing the suitcase.

“What the? Josie?” He questioned to himself.

My one eye barely open, I saw him turn around and see a sleeping me on the couch, his large semi-erect cock only a few feet from me.

“Oh shit,” he said, quickly covering himself up and moving out of my view.

I chuckled to myself at his shift from dominant stud to embarrassed dad in seconds.

I lay there replaying the bizarre yet undeniably hot scene I had just witnessed. I was just fading into slumber when I felt a nudge. Opening my eyes, I smiled, “Hi, Dad.”

“Hi, my little girl,” he smiled, like he always did and like he had just used on that whore a few minutes ago.

“I’m eighteen Dad, I’m no longer a little girl,” I countered.

“Well, you will always be my little girl,” he said softly, my mind flashing to his fucking that floozy. After a couple of seconds, he asked, “When did you sneak in?”

He was obviously curious if I saw or heard any of his late night extracurricular activities. Relaxing him a bit, I lied, “Oh a couple hours ago I wanted to surprise you but the flight really wore me out and I just crashed on the couch the second I walked through the door.” After the lie, I wondered if he had come in after work which would make my lie get caught, but I doubted it.

“Well, you definitely caught me by surprise,” he said, his tone clearly sounding relieved.

“I am full of surprises,” I said, hinting at all the naughty things I could let him do to me, even though he had no clue at all.

“Good to know,” he laughed. “We can catch up more tomorrow. Get some sleep.”

“You too, I plan to wear you out,” I quipped back, this time the innuendo more direct.

He laughed, “That I look forward to.”

Once he was gone, I shook my head, was I really just flirting obnoxiously with my dad? Obviously I was, but I doubted he caught on to the true meaning of my words. Why would he?

Shaking my head again and laughing at myself, I closed my eyes and indeed did quickly drift into slumber.

I was awakened to something touching my lips.

Opening my eyes, I saw a big stiff cock and heard Dad say, “If you enjoy watching a slut be used then I am sure you will really enjoy being a participant.”

As I opened my mouth to speak, he shoved his long, thick cock between my mouth and began fucking my face, although thankfully slowly at first.

He explained, “I saw you watching us, your hand between your legs rubbing yourself while you watched.”

My eyes went big realizing he had seen me watching him.

“Yes, I saw and if you are anything like your mother then as soon as you saw my big cock you wished it was you bent over taking it up either of those fuck holes,” he continued.

My head spun with the reality that he definitely had caught on to my innuendo and had obviously knew I was watching. His slow strokes began to pick up as his balls began slapping against my chin and I had to focus on not gagging as his full cock filled my mouth unlike any other.

“Rub yourself, my daughter slut,” he ordered.

I didn’t hesitate as I obeyed like a good girl, a good slut, my hand sliding inside my underwear and to my surprisingly already wet cunt.

“Good girl,” he said, like he had so many times before. Hearing the endearing words warned me and yet made me feel dirty as I realized the sin I was committing, albeit completely out of my control.

Wanting to be a good girl, a good cocksucker, a good slut, I focused on his piston like cock going in and out of my mouth. I had learned pretty quickly how to give an amazing blow job, it all had to do with pacing, which I currently had no control over, and saliva which I did. Although awkward in my on my back position, I slowly created the extra saliva needed to create the whirlwind sensation I had perfected.

He groaned, once I began creating the sauna sensation, “Oh my, good girl, you have been very naughty since Daddy last saw you.”

I moaned on his cock in response as I rubbed myself furiously as he began really fucking face me which only made my desire to please him and come myself increase.

“Ready to swallow daddy’s load, my little princess,” he asked, using another of his nicknames for me.

I again moaned on his cock as my own orgasm was bubbling just below the surface and was ready to erupt any second.

“Here it comes,” he groaned and seconds later I was swallowing dad’s salty seed.

My own orgasm followed and hit me hard as I opened my mouth, even as the last squirt of dad’s cum shot out, and screamed, “Yeeeeees daaaaaaaddy.”

I jolted myself awake as I realized I was having a very realistic wet dream, my hand was in my panties, and the orgasm I dreamt was apparently real.

I looked around confused by my surroundings for a moment before last night’s memories came flooding back. I looked at the clock and saw it was five-thirty in the morning; shaking my head again, I laid back down and tried to get back to sleep.


The next morning, well afternoon truthfully, having woken up at 12:30, I stretched and headed to the kitchen finding a note on the dining room table which said:

Hi sweetheart,

Out surfing…just walk out the back door.


I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed out to the ocean. Dad taught me to surf when we came to Hawaii to visit my grandfather back when I was ten. We returned a couple more times before grandfather passed away when I was sixteen. Surfing was my favourite activity with dad and also my favourite activity to do on my own. In the water it was just you and the waves and although I peed myself the first time I surfed, eventually it became the most relaxing thing I could do. My mind just shut down and I relaxed completely…reaching a serenity I never experienced when I was at home. Letting go I didn’t stress about my marks, my reputation or which college I should go to. I just was there and that was enough.

I grabbed a surfboard and looked out to the waves. A dozen surfers were out enjoying the waves and there was no way to tell which was dad from here. I walked into the warm ocean, I was always amazed how warm the water was down here, and began heading towards deeper water.

A few minutes later, as I waited for a wave to ride I replayed last night in my head, as well as my eerily authentic dream. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was and how I threw naughty innuendoes at dad last night. Not at all horny at the moment, both the conversation and the dream were ludicrous. I didn’t really want my dad, it is just a crazy bit of my sexual awakening the past few months, mixed with missing my dad so much and, of course, seeing him in the throes of sexual depravity didn’t hurt any either.

When horny though, it seemed my 180 IQ dissipated and I became a different person being controller by my libido. I wasn’t proud of my hunger for sexual fulfillment or my daddy issues, but no matter how much I tried to control myself, I only ended up repeating the same cycle of sexual submission again and again.

And based on my past relationships, it suddenly became obvious I was trying to deal with dad leaving by getting an older man who would give me the attention I no longer got at home with dad gone and mom a shadow of a parent.

I concluded, just as a nice wave approached, that last night was a crazy exception to the rule and I would just pretend it never happened.

I got ready for the wave and just let go.


An hour later, I was back on shore and saw dad on his balcony watching me. I quivered as I pondered him looking at me in my two piece swimsuit as a woman and not his daughter. I sighed to myself as I continued to have these silly thoughts no matter how much I tried to deny them.

“Enjoy the waves?” Dad asked even though he knew the answer to the question.

“I miss them a lot,” I admitted.

“I miss you a lot too,” dad smiled.

“I miss you too, Dad,” I said, moving to him for a hug.

He pulled me in and said, as he squeezed me deep into him, “I am so happy you are here for the summer.”

“Me too,” I replied. “Nice to get away from the stress of school and the obliviousness of mom.”

“She’s still working too much?” Dad asked, letting me go.

“Paying rent is a waste of money,” I quipped, my usual sarcasm back.

“I see you haven’t lost any of that quick wit of yours,” he chuckled.

“I see you got a six pack since I last saw you,” I joked, putting my hands on his abs. ‘Dammit I am doing it again,’ I thought to myself.

He laughed, “It was always there, I just didn’t walk around without a shirt on too often.”

I couldn’t help myself as I replied, my hand tracing his abs rather in-daughterly, “No these are definitely more defined.”

He laughed again, “Thanks for noticing.”

“No problem,” I shrugged, reluctantly moving my hand off his perfect abs.

“Want to go for a tour of the island?” He asked.

“Sure, but can I shower first?” I asked.

“Oh, I suppose,” he teased, like he always did. It was obvious I got my sarcasm from him.

I leaned in, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and said, “I’m really looking forward to bonding with you dad.”

“It’s only been a few months,” he said.

“It’s been a lifetime for me and a lot has changed since then,” I added, clearly unable to stop myself from flirting with my father no matter how much I told myself I wasn’t going to anymore.

“I can’t wait to hear everything,” Dad said.

I left him with the words most fathers never want to hear, “Oh, I don’t think you want to hear everything.”

I smiled to myself as I returned inside and to the shower emotions again confusing me. Part of me saw him as the same old sweet, caring dad he was, while another part saw him as a sexy older man who could treat me like the submissive slut I was. Although I thought I had control of my desires, it appeared they were controlling me.


The trip around the very small and beautiful island was amazing. Grandfather had lived in Maui which was amazing, but touristy. This small island was super relaxing and seemed like the last unknown island. Oh sure, there were tourists, but they were all younger it seemed. The locals all were really friendly and I instantly fell in love with this reclusive island. It was just such a liberating change from the intense rigour of my normal life.

At three, dad dropped me off at home and said, “Sorry sweetheart but you came a day early and I took the next few nights off, but not tonight.”

I almost quipped, ‘I did indeed come early’ but I refrained, instead saying, “No worries Dad, I will find something on this retched island to pass the time.”

“Funny, you brat,” he said, playfully slapping my shoulder.

“I learned from the best,” I quipped back.

“Touché,” he laughed.

“Will I get carded if I come to your quaint establishment for a cocktail?” I asked.

“First off it is the biggest drinking establishment on the island,” he disputed.

“Isn’t it the only drinking establishment on the island?” I countered.

“That is beside the point we are still the biggest,” he said, laughing.

“You have always been a half full type of guy,” I said.

“Secondly, since when did you start drinking cocktails?” He asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Forty-five minutes after you left me with workaholic,” I quipped back, still smiling.

“Ouch,” he said, his hands going to his heart.

“I miss this,” I laughed. “Just the two of us.”

“Me too, sweetheart, me too,” he smiled gently.

After he left, I went and took a nap still kind of tired from arriving so late last night. When I woke up I had a quick shower, dressed in a plaid skirt, a lace bra and orange t-shirt that should make me stand out in a crowd and after watching a bit of television until eleven, I headed to dad’s work.

When I arrived there I saw dad at the bar talking to a very pretty, very well-endowed, almost naked brunette who was clearly smitten with him, her hands touching Dad’s arm. Dad didn’t seem to mind the attention of another woman young enough to be his daughter.

I watched from afar for five minutes surprised by the overwhelming jealousy I was feeling. As dad flirted, I didn’t see him as my father anymore but as a sexy older man I suddenly, without a doubt, wanted to fuck.

Dad said something to the other bartender who just laughed and nodded. Dad hopped over the bar, wrapped his arm around the slut and led her through the kitchen. I wondered where it led. It was obvious he was going to fuck her here since he could no longer bring sluts home with me there.

Desperate to stop him from fucking the bitch, I pulled out my phone and texted him.


Your little girl just walked into the bar and I don’t see you anywhere. Are you here?


I hoped he would get the text before he began banging the bimbo.

A minute later, I got a text back:

In the back. Be out in a couple of minutes.


I kept watching the door for Dad to come out, but after a couple of minutes of staring at the door it seemed he was going to finish his quickie first. I wondered if the slut was sucking or fucking him, both made be envious as I decided then and there I was going to get dad to fuck me.

I was distracted by a pretty brunette in her early thirties who said, “You must be James daughter.”

“I must be,” I smiled back.

“You look a lot like him,” she smiled warmly. “My name is Tia.”

“I’m Josie,” I said, glancing back at the door.

Tia followed my gaze and she said, “They probably ran out of something at the bar.”

“I think he’s filling something up,” I replied sarcastically, before realizing what I said.

She laughed, clearly understanding my implication, “He is very popular here.”

“So I am learning,” I said.

“May I join you?” She asked.

“Sure,” I shrugged, although I would have rather been alone, there was something about her that intrigued me.

Once she moved in the booth and sat beside me, she asked, “How long you on the island for?”

“Six weeks,” I answered.

“Lovely,” she nodded.

Her tone was strange although I couldn’t put my finger on it. “So what do you do here in this metropolitan?” I asked, trying to be polite.

She laughed, “I’m your dad’s boss.”

“You own this place?” I asked.

“I do,” she smiled.

“Nice,” I said, imagining how nice it would be to live here full time.

“Yes, it’s a lot more relaxing then my last job,” she said, drawing me in.

Curious, I asked, “What was your last job?”

“A lawyer in New York,” she revealed.

“Wow, quite a change,” I said, unable to fathom the shift from big city lawyer to island bar owner. “What led to such a dramatic location change?”

“It was too stressful and fast paced, this on the other hand is laid back and relaxing,” she answered, her hand falling to my leg as she gave me a squeeze.

Before I had time to ponder if she was hitting on me or just being friendly, she said, “Oh, there’s your dad.”

She gave my leg one more squeeze, the meaning unclear, even though her brief touch shot a spark to my pussy, before moving her hand away.

“Hi, sweetheart,” Dad said, “I see you have met Tia.”

“I-I-I have,” I stammered, feeling as if he had caught me in a compromising position when he, of course, hadn’t.

Tia said, her hand returning to my leg, the intent this time more obvious, “Yes, she is a beautiful young lady.”

“That she is,” Dad concurred, oblivious that his boss was hitting on his daughter.

Her hand moved closer to my now damp pussy as she said, the innuendo obvious to me, but not to dad, “She is absolutely adorably delicious.”

He laughed, agreeing to something a lot different than he meant, “Yes, she is.”

My face burned red at both the innuendo and her hand slithering ever so slowly towards my cunt.

Dad said, “You are abnormally quiet.”

I shrugged, trying to play it cool, yet trying to flirt back and hint at my eagerness to the sexy older woman, “I’m just enjoying the ambiance.”

“You and your SAT words,” he quipped.

“You and your easy to impress personality,” I joked back, as her fingers moved under my skirt, still painfully too far from my burning pussy.

“You two are hilarious,” Tia said, her fingers slowly moving closer and yet so far away.

“Want a tour of Tia’s establishment,” Dad asked.

“You and your SAT wooooords,” I joked, a finger touching my pussy lips, as I silently cursed my decision to wear panties.

Dad laughed, “I guess you are wearing off on me.”

The distraction of Tia’s hand had me shifting from good girl to promiscuous slut as I quipped back, “I do like to wear off peeeople.” My body quivered on my last word as Tia’s fingers, slipped underneath my panties and made contact on my wet burning pussy.

“Is stressing the last word of your sentence something new?” He asked, his expression showing he was confused.

“So it seeeeeeems,” I replied, her finger at the entrance of pleasure.

“Tour?” He asked.

Just as quickly as her finger appeared under my skirt it was gone, creating an instant emptiness and hunger.

Tia slid out from the booth, stood up, and said, “I should go cover the bar, it seems I’m short a bartender.”

“Sorry, I’ll be back in fifteen,” Dad apologized.

“No worries,” she said. “Give her a tour and then I’ll show her around the beach.”

My cunt tingled in anticipation of continuing where she left off. “I really look forward to it.”

“Me too,” she replied, smiling an all too innocent smile.

As dad gave me a brief tour, first of the outside patio, he warned, “Be careful, Tia is a predator.”

“Pardon?” I asked, feigning not understanding.

He stopped and said, “She likes to turn young girls.”

“Turn young girls?” I repeated in question form.

He continued, “She is a lesbian.”

“Ooooooh,” I said, nodding my head, before adding, “that explains her hand on my knee.”

“Already?” He asked.

“I didn’t think much of it at first,” I said, before continuing my sudden plan to seduce my dad, “but then her hand went under my skirt.”

“I can’t believe it,” Dad said, not really annoyed, but more amused.

“What?” I asked.

“Oh, I just thought that she would know you were off limits,” he explained.

“So her finger shouldn’t have been teasing my vagina while talking to you?”

“Oh my God,” he gasped, clearly uncomfortable with where the conversation was going.

“Actually, she got me pretty horny,” I continued, which was true.

I followed dad as he ended the brief tour in the room I earlier saw him enter with the floozy.

Dad didn’t speak, clearly uncomfortable with the information just provided. I noticed a pair of blue panties on a table and wondered if those were from the girl he just assumedly fucked.

I asked, picking them up, realizing they were still wet, “Is there usually wet panties lying around?”

His face went red as he clearly tried to come up with an excuse.

I let him suffer a bit before compounding his embarrassment. “I assume these are that pretty girl’s you went in here with a little while ago.

Already red, his face somehow went redder, as he realized I knew what he had just done. “Honey, it’s not what you think.”

“You didn’t take some young barely legal slut and bang her back here?” I asked, as I moved her panties to my nose. “Hmmmm, she was definitely primed beforehand.”

“Josie,” he gasped again. “What has got into you?”

“Almost Tia’s finger, but obviously not what you put in the slut,” I said, really enjoying pushing my father, as I continued my full-scale attack on seducing him.

“J-J-Josie, I can explain,” he stammered.

“Oh no need to explain, Daddy, you have needs that need to be satisfied and I assume Mom never really was one to satisfy them for you. I am guessing you are just living your wild carefree sex years you never got to because of mom and I,” I said, moving closer to him trying to look sultry.

“It was never about you, sweetheart,” he said, seemingly not noticing my predator approach.

“Is it about me now, Daddy?” I asked, now directly in front of him as my hand reached for his cock.

“Josie!” He gasped, but didn’t move my hand away.

“Wow! It is as big as it looked last night when you were fucking that slut in the ass,” I smiled coyly, revealing all I knew even as my hand remained firmly on his cock through his shorts.

“I’m so s-s-sorry,” he again stammered.

“Do you want to make it up to be, Daddy?” I asked. “That dyke boss of yours got me pretty revved up.”

“Josie, you’re my daughter,” he pointed out.

“And you are my Daddy,” I said, dropping to my knees. I looked up and said, “They say incest is best, it’s time to see if that is indeed the case.”

Before he could respond, I fished his cock out of his shorts and took it in my mouth.

He groaned, his protest weak, “Josie, we shouldn’t be doing this.”

I took his cock out of my mouth and said, my tone pouty and insecure, “Am I not good enough to please you, Daddy?”

“It’s not that, sweetheart,” he began before I cut him off.

“Call me slut, Daddy, I want to be your slut like all those other whores,” I said, before deep-throating his cock desperate to show him just how good a slut I could be.

I sensed dad was having the internal struggle between his two heads: one saying how wrong this was, the other saying how hot this was. For me it was the latter; I wanted to taste his cum, to feel him spray his seed in mouth, to be called his slut.

After a couple of minutes of silence, as I bobbed back and forth on his stiff cock, Dad finally spoke. “Faster, my slut.”

I obeyed instantly, shifting from slow, deliberate teasing to fast, deep pleasing.

“You like Daddy’s cock?” He asked as all this cock went in and out of my mouth.

I moaned on his cock not believing I had just seduced my father.

“Answer me with words, slut,” he ordered, the exact same authoritarian tone he had used last night.

I took his cock out of my mouth, looked up from my submissive position and answered, “I love Daddy’s cock. It is so long and thick, although it tastes like dirty cunt.”

He laughed, “Sorry, she wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“I never say no either,” I smiled before taking his cock back into my mouth.

“My daughter has really grown up since I left,” he said, as he pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulled me up from my knees and ordered, “Get those panties of, sluts don’t wear panties.”

“Yeeees, Daddy,” I eagerly said, my cunt already dripping with anticipation of getting fucked.

Once I had removed my panties, he ordered, “Bend over the table.”

I again obeyed as he complimented as he flipped up my plaid skirt, “Fuck you have a nice ass.”

“You made it,” I quipped, getting turned on by the incest taboo.

“I guess I did,” he laughed, as he moved behind me.

“Are you going to fuck your slut daughter?” I asked, wanting to hear him say the words.

“I think that my daughter actually needs a spanking for turning into such a slut since I left,” he said, surprising me as his hand made contact on my left ass cheek.

“Whaaaat?” I began to ask, but it turned into a scream as he spanked my bare ass.

“You obviously need some discipline you so clearly lacked at home with that mother of yours,” he said as he slapped my other cheek.

“Yeeeeees, Daaaaaddy,” I replied, the pain both burning and beautiful, an oxymoron I couldn’t begin to understand.

“Are you going to be a good girl for Daddy?” He asked, a third slap searing my ass.

“Yes, I’ll be a very obedient daughter,” I replied.

“Good, now get your ass home and wait for me to finish your punishment,” he ordered, giving me one last slap on my red ass.

“Yes, Daddy,” I said, disappointed that the fucking I thought was about to happen was prorogued…hopefully only for a short time.

He squeezed my ass and said, his tone back to normal, “It’s great to have you here Josie.”

“It’s great to be here,” I replied, confused by the sudden shift.

“See you after work,” he said, leaving me still bent over the table.

I didn’t move at first as I tried to understand what just happened. I seduced my dad, I sucked his cock, I obeyed his orders, bent over the table to get fucked, got spanked instead and was now left horny as hell.

I stood up, a slight pain burned through me, as I grabbed my panties and added them to the other pair. I walked back into the bar and saw dad was already chatting with two pretty young girls. Clearly he had a reputation already. Jealousy burned through me as I stared at them.

I was distracted again by Tia who said, “He is a wanted man.”

“So it seems,” I concurred, turning to her.

“Want the rest of the tour?” She asked invitingly.

“Sure,” I agreed, my cunt still burning and if dad wasn’t going to use his hose to squelch the fire I may have to find another way. Plus, I wanted him to be jealous like I was feeling. I called to Dad, “Going out with Tia,” and turned around before I could see his face.

I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into going out with a woman who obviously was a lesbian and obviously had her eyes set on me, but the idea of being wanted always got me wet and I was ready for an adventure and hopefully a release for my needy cunt.

Surprisingly, over the next half hour she actually showed me around the small downtown strip, introduced me to a couple dozen people, and showed me the best place to see the sun set. Although the sun had long set, she brought me to this very secluded spot.

She smiled as she took my hands, “You have the exact same eyes as your father.”

I blushed, knowing that was a compliment because dad’s eyes pulled you into him with sincerity and sweetness. “Thanks,” I replied, shivering slightly as the breeze hit me.

“You are cold, my dear,” she said, moving closer to me, “there is one way to warm you up.”

Then her lips were on mine, her breasts crushed against mine and her hands wrapped around me. I melted into her as her tongue slipped into my mouth and we both started exploring each other slowly, neither in a hurry. The kiss lasted a while, neither of us in a hurry to progress any further. After a few minutes of raw, rough sex with my dad, this soft intimacy was a surprisingly pleasant change. As much as I enjoyed being fucked hard, verbally assaulted and dominated, I was completely drawn into this soft, gentle seduction.

When she broke the kiss, she looked into my eyes, “You are a lost girl, aren’t you my dear?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, surprised by her words.

“You spend so much time trying to be the best at school, that you really don’t know who you are,” she smiled so softly, “inside…the real you.”

‘The real me?’ I thought to myself. Of course, she was correct and it was why I had moved from man to man over the past few months trying to find myself and to avoid the obviously longing I had for my now gone father.

Tears began to form as I said, “I really miss my dad.”

“As you should, he is a wonderful man,” she said, squeezing my hands softly.

Although the moment was tender and sweet, it was my dad’s cock that popped into my head. “He was always my rock,” I replied, the innuendo to the rock hard cock in my mouth way to vague for her to catch, but saying it was exhilarating to me.

“He still can be,” she said, kissing my cheek.

“Oh, I hope so,” I said, his cock now the only thing in my head, wishing it was here right now.

“Let him know exactly what you want, my dear,” she said, kissing my other cheek.

“That is advice I plan to take to heart,” I again agreed, us having two completely different conversations.

“I want to taste you,” she whispered, as her mouth went to my ear.

“I want you to taste me,” I whimpered back, my ear being one of my weak spots.

“Lay down in the sand, my dear,” she instructed gently.

“Okay,” I nodded, my mind clouded and my pussy wet by her soft breath and intent.

I lay down on the sand, and watched as she lowered herself and joined me. “I don’t bring many people up here,” she said, as she kissed my neck.

“Why me?” I asked, unsure why she hit on me so quickly.

“I could just tell you needed some motherly attention,” she responded, as she lifted my shirt over my head.

As she kissed between my breasts, I trembled, while asking playfully, “Is this how you give your daughter attention?”

“Of course, my dear, Bethany’s first orgasms came from these fingers,” she said, as they traced the top of my bra, “and these lips,” she continued as she leaned in and kissed me on the lips again.

“Oh my,” I gasped, her touch causing euphoria throughout my body.

“Don’t you want to fuck your dad?” She asked, her knee now putting pressure on my cunt.

“Whhhhhat?” I asked, shocked by the question.

“It’s pretty obvious, my dear,” she purred.

“H-h-how?” I stammered, as she splattered my neck with kisses all the while slightly moving her knee in a circular motion.

“The way you were jealous of the younger girl, as well as the look in your eyes,” she whispered, before adding, “Plus watching you suck his cock made my hypothesis rather correct.”

“What?” I asked, my eyes suddenly going big.

“Even your daddy doesn’t know I have a camera in that room. I put it in a few months ago for insurance purposes.” she explained, before adding, “It was am investment well worth it.”

She kissed me softly again as my head spun at the knowledge she knew of dad’s and my incest activity. Trying to protect him, I pleaded, “Please don’t fire him, it was all me.”

“That’s not what the video shows,” she smiled, as she somehow unclasped my bra, before continuing, “Plus I just told you I have sex with my daughter. I am not going to fire him, he is my best bartender and clientele is up almost fifty percent since he showed up.”

I sighed in relief even though I was still mortified she knew I had sucked Dad’s cock, although I was intrigued that she had sex with her daughter. “How old is your daughter?” I asked.

“Nineteen,” she said. “You two will get along lovely when she gets back into town in a couple of days.”

I couldn’t tell if she meant as friends or sex partners, but as she took my breast in her mouth I didn’t really care either way.

After a minute of making love to my left breast with her lips and tongue, she said, as she moved to my feeling neglected right breast, “I originally just planned to tease your dad by flirting with you, but you are so adorably cute, that I had to have you.”

“I’m yours,” I moaned, as she gently bit my nipple.

“I know you are, my dear,” she said, giving my nipple a firm tug.

I just closed my eyes and allowed her to make love to my body. Each touch kindled my already burning inferno of lust and caused me to fall deeper under her spell.

Finally, she asked, “Have you ever been with a woman before?”

I admittedly my one very submissive time. “Only once when a married couple picked me up and I pleased both of them.”

“You’re submissive are you?” she smiled.

“I can’t explain it but pleasing others sexually turns me on so much,” I admitted.

“I understand, it is your body and mind overcompensating for your high stress life,” she said, as she pulled my skirt off. “You really are beautiful, Josie.”

I had heard men say it, but always with the intent of bedding me, hearing her say it I believed her and I felt my sexual self-worth raise. “Thank you,” I whispered.

“Did you eat her pussy?” She asked, as she slowly slithered my panties down my legs.

“Yes and she fucked me with a strap-on while her husband fucked my ass,” I admitted, somehow wanting to impress her.

“Did she eat you in return?” She asked, her body between my legs.

“No,” I admitted, that night being about the married couple’s pleasure and not mine. “Actually, truth be told I never got off that night.”

“Well I won’t let that happen again,” she said, as she repositioned herself between my legs.

My body trembled with anticipation.

She looked at me from between my legs, and said, “I am about to blow your mind, my dear. There is no better orgasm in the universe than one from another woman.”

“Kkkkkk,” I weakly replied, as her hot breath so close to my cunt had me desperate to feel more.

“What do you want me to do?” She asked.

I didn’t hesitate as I begged, “Please eat my pussy, I need it so bad.”

“Did your Daddy get you horny?” She asked, her tongue gently touching my pussy lips.

“Both of you, dammit,” I replied, my frustration at the teasing driving me crazy.

“Do you want to fuck your Daddy?” She asked, her tongue tracing my wet pussy lips.

“Yes, I want to be my Daddy’s slut,” I admitted, wishing he was here to hear my declaration.

“And my slut too?” She asked, suddenly sucking my clit between her lips.

“God, yeeeeeees,” I screamed, thankful we were in a very secluded location, the sudden pressure on my clit making my legs twitch.

Just as suddenly she let go of my clit and said, “Just lay back and enjoy, my dear, I am about to take you places you can’t even imagine.”

“Kkkkk,” I whimpered, letting go completely to her touch.

I don’t know how long she was between legs, it seed like an eternity as she would build my orgasm to volcanic eruption and then stop allowing it to simmer back down. I was a sexual yoyo as she brought me back and forth so close to sexual euphoria I could taste it and yet couldn’t swallow it.

My body dying for eruption, I begged, “Please, Tia, I need to come so baaaaaaaaad.”

“Tell me what you want your daddy to do to you,” she instructed, as two fingers parted my wetness and easily slipped inside.

“Oooooooh, I want to suck his cock,” I began, as she began exploring inside my cunt. “I want to be fucked hard and made into his sex peeeeeeet,” I continued as my orgasm again began bubbling to a near explosion. “I want to taste his cum, to feel him cum inside my cunt and be used as his personal daughter cum buuuuuuucket,” I screamed as she found my g-spot, and I came instantly, my hot lava flowing out of me like a dormant volcano.

It was easily the most intense orgasm of my life as the pleasure continued to course through me over and over again. No one had ever found my g-spot, no one had actually even looked for it, and I had to agree with Tia that only a woman knows exactly how to touch another woman.

All good things come to an end, both literally and figuratively, and so did this as Tia pulled her fingers out of me. “You taste as good as you look, my dear.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” I smiled.

“Oh, that it was,” she smiled back, as she stood up, straddled my head and lowered herself onto my face. Her skirt easily widened and I was soon staring at her panty less pussy.

I didn’t need encouragement as I leaned up slightly, extended my tongue and began licking.

“Good girl,” Tia moaned, after a couple of minutes of hungry exploring. “You are a very quick learner.”

The compliment turned me on knowing I was giving her pleasure was the ultimate high. I parted her wet lips, widening them with my tongue. I tried to make my tongue a small cock as I tried to get inside her.

“Oooh, you naughty little girl,” she moaned, again making me even more eager to please her.

A couple of minutes later I moved my head up more and sucked her clit between my lips. I wanted to finger her, to find her g-spot like she had mine, but I was handcuffed in my current position.

“That’s it, my dear,” she moaned, “get Mommy off.”

The incest reference made it hotter, the thought that I would soon fuck my dad, I surprised her by quickly moving her off me and onto her back.

She laughed, “Aren’t you an aggressive little one.”

I buried my face between her legs and slid two fingers easily into her wetness.

“Oh yes, finger fuck me, you little slut,” she moaned, her own breathing escalating.

I pumped her cunt while sucking on her clit which had her getting more and more animated.

“Oh yes, doooooon’t stoooop,” she moaned, her orgasm on the brink.

But I wanted to find her g-spot, so even as I sucked and nibbled on her swollen clit I searched for the great unknown.

Sensing my intent, she pleaded, “To the left, my dear, to the leeeeeeeeeeeeeft.”

Finding it, I tapped on it, and her orgasm flooded out of her and onto my lips. I was instantly addicted to her heavenly sweetness as I lapped up her cum.

Like mine, her orgasm seemed to last an eternity as her moans continued although slowly subsided over time.

Finally, she sat up and said, “Well, that was amazing.”

“As were you,” I smiled.

“You look absolutely adorable covered in my cunt juice,” she smiled back.

“Does it bring out my eyes?” I joked.

“Indeed it does,” she laughed, as she pulled me towards her and we kissed again.

Breaking the kiss, she said, “Damn I taste good.”

“No argument here,” I smiled.

She pulled me into her arms and I just laid there looking up at the stars allowing my brain and body to just be.


Twenty minutes later, give or take time being rather irrelevant at the moment, we were walking back towards the bar.

We chatted about my future as if nothing sexual had just transpired. Tia was so warm and caring that it felt like I had known her forever.

Back at the bar, remembering instantly dad’s order, I excused myself feigning exhaustion and headed back home, after agreeing to meet her daughter in a couple of days.

Once home, a sudden anxiety hit me. No longer letting my libido rule me having come rather gloriously from Tia’s tongue, I realized what I had done, what a can of worms I had opened up. I couldn’t believe that I had actually been so sexually aggressive with my father. I had come onto him; I had sucked his cock; I had bent over and let him spank me. OMG!!! Yet, as the images of earlier this evening played in my head, my pussy began to tingle once again.

The clock seemed to be moving in slow motion. For the next couple of hours my mind was a mess. Was my Dad really going to come home and fuck me?

Finally, I heard the front door open…I took a deep breath and waited.

“Josie,” he called out, “are you still awake?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I called back, as I headed from my bedroom to meet him.

“So, we need to talk,” he started, once we were both in the living room.

“Okay, Daddy,” I agreed, continuing to keep my tone submissive and obedient.

“What happened earlier, that was a mistake,” he began.

“What was?” I asked, playing innocent.

“You know what,” he said, clearly uncomfortable talking about it.

Realizing I was going to have to up the ante to get what I wanted, I said, “Did you know that Tia and her daughter have sex.”

“What?” He asked.

“Tia told me all about it on her late night tour after also telling me about the camera she has placed in that office room,” I revealed.

“Oh God,” he said, clearly stressed by this new information.

“She made me say those exact words tonight,” I smiled flirtatiously.

“Josie,” he said, as I continued to pile on the too much information card.

“Dad,” I said, taking his hands. “Since you left I have desperately tried to fill the hollow part in my heart when you left. I have made a lot of bad choices trying to replace you Daddy. But when I saw you with that girl yesterday, and when I saw you go into that room with that girl, I felt extremely jealous, until I realized you too are lost.”

“Oh sweetheart,” he said, tears willing up into his eyes.

“I realize Daddy that incest is considered wrong, illegal and there are probably another million reasons why what I’m about to suggest is a terrible idea. Yet none of those seem to trump the underlying feeling I am feeling right now. I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, angel,” he replied, both of us now freely allowing the tears to fall.

“And it seems obvious to me that what I have been searching for is you and I think that this wild man party guy you have become is mostly you looking for me,” I said, as I leaned in and kissed him.

I was worried he wouldn’t kiss me back, but he did. At first, the kiss was tense and slightly awkward as we tried to separate dad and daughter from potential lovers, but as the kiss continued it shifted to tongue exploration, hands groping and increased breathing. Again, like in that room the label of dad and daughter disappeared and was replaced with a man and a woman in lust.

Eventually his hands were firmly on my ass and my right hand squeezed between us and grasped firmly onto his very hard cock.

“Josie,” he whimpered in my mouth.

“Yes, Daddy,” I asked coyly.

“You really want this?” He asked sincerely, backing up a bit and looking seriously into my eyes.

“More than anything,” I smiled back, my fingers tracing his pulsing erection.

“Fish out Daddy’s cock, little girl, you’ve got it all awkwardly positioned in my pants,” he ordered, firmly but with a smile on his face.

“I’m not such a little girl anymore,” I countered, as I fell to my knees and eagerly retrieved his cock from his shorts.

Once the snake was out of its cage, he asked, as I gently stroked it between my hands, “What does my not so little girl want to do with her Daddy’s cock.”

I looked up, wetness already forming between my legs, “I want to feel it in my mouth, I want to feel its cum spraying down my throat, I want to feel my face covered in Daddy’s sweet seed that made me, I want to feel his big cock in my pussy and ass, I want to be your loyal live-in plaything.”

“Shit,” he groaned shocked by my rather detailed answer to his question and the fact that I had taken his cock into my mouth.

I understood the power of being a good cocksucker. It didn’t matter that I was submissive; when a cock was in my mouth, I controlled the situation, the pleasure, and could usually decide when the man would come, expect for the occasionally face fuck where I just focused on not gagging. I started slow as I drew him into my mouth with my most favorite blow job style which I called Whirlwind Wish as I created extra saliva in my mouth to literally create a whirlwind sensation as I bobbed slowly back and forth while swirling my tongue around the cock. The extra saliva somehow enhances the sensation for him and they seldom last long.

“Oh God, Josie, that feels amazing,” he said, his breathing already escalating.

I moaned on his cock in response, which I knew always created extra pulsations, on the cock.

Over the next minute or two, while I continued sucking him, slowly increasing the pace until I was taking all his cock in my mouth. Finally, he grunted, “Shit my little slut, where do you want Daddy’s cum.”

I wanted to taste him and feel it on my face. I admitted, “I want it all, Daddy. I want to taste you and feel my face covered with your jizz.”

“Shit,” he grunted, as he shoved his cock into my mouth and began fucking. “The first load is for your belly, my slut.”

I again moaned excitedly, as his balls bounced off my chin with each forward thrust.

“Here it comes,” he grunted, before I felt the sweet sensation of cum spraying into the back of my throat. I eagerly swallowed his cum which seemed to continue spurting long after the first blast.

“That’s it, Josie, take all of Daddy’s cum,” he ordered, his hands in my hair keeping me from removing my mouth from his exploding cock, not that I wished to escape.

“That’s it, Josie, take all Daddy’s cum,” he ordered, his hands in my hair.

I obeyed, continuing to retrieve every last drop of his cum.

Finally, he pulled out, lifted me up and carried me effortlessly to the kitchen. He put me on the counter and asked, “Is my little girl horny?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I answered, my voice sounding like it did when I was five.

“Does my little girl want Daddy to eat her wet pussy?” He asked, as he parted my legs and stared at my wetness.

“Oh please Daddy, please eat my pussy,” I pleaded, using baby talk.

“Fuck this is so wrong,” he said, as he leaned forward and began licking my pussy.

“But it feels soooo right,” I retorted, the naughtiness of incest making the sex so much hotter.

Dad was not as gentle as Tia was earlier in the evening, but it was equally stimulating because it was father, my Dad, licking my pussy.

It didn’t take long before he sucked on my clit, while roughly pumping two fingers in and out of me. He didn’t search for my g-spot, but he did seem focused on my pleasure.

My breathing increased as my orgasm began to bubble just below the surface. “Yes, Daddddddy,” I moaned, “I’m so close.”

Suddenly I screamed as he forced a finger up my ass making me come like the slut I was. “Fuuuuuuck, Daddddddddy!!!”

He continued licking and fingering both my holes as my orgasm coursed through me. My legs began to spasm, my head went light, and my whole body quivered.

When he pulled his fingers out, a gush of cum leaked out of me, as he pulled me off the counter and returned me back to my knees.

“Get Daddy ready for that wet cunt of yours, Josie,” he ordered, his semi-erect cock directly in my face.

I didn’t hesitate as I opened my mouth determined to get his cock hard as a rock so it could soon be in my cunt fucking me. “Good, slut,” he complimented, as I sucked his quickly stiffening cock.

After Rachel’s mind-blowing night with Toni, she could hardly think of anything else during the rest of the weekend. She knew she wanted to be with Toni again, but she was also craving the feeling of a rock-hard cock between her legs.

During first period on the next Monday, she sat quietly in her calculus class thinking of ways to fulfill her next fantasy. She knew Toni would want to fuck again; she had been extremely horny and anxious to be fucked for as long as the two had been friends. Rachel knew that being with a girl for the first time would have definitely piqued Toni’s excitement and sex drive.

Rachel looked around her class, thinking of who she’d like to hook up with next. She’d already hooked up with Jack, a medium-sized guy with a sharp face and short brown hair, when she had been a sophomore. He only wanted to get his dick sucked though and wasn’t too great at returning the favor. Thomas, the tall, blue-eyed blonde with firm muscles and a sleek build, was another story. Most of the girls fawned after him, and she’d love to have his supposedly huge, pulsing cock in her increasingly wet pussy.

“Rachel, can you help me derive this equation?” Miss Hendricks asked.

With that, Rachel was brought back to reality from her reverie.

Later that day at lunch, Toni had already formulated a plan, which she was in the process of explaining to Rachel. Toni was wearing a tight pink tank-top and a skinny mini-skirt, revealing her bronzed legs and bulging breasts.

“This weekend Rach, there’s going to be a huge basketball party at Greg’s. It’s on Friday night. I was thinking after our last movie night…. we might want to go on the prowl. If you’re ok with that?”

“Absolutely,” said Rachel, who had been thinking the exact same thing.

“You know me, I like a good cock every now and again,” Toni said.

“You want a threesome?” Rachel asked, flushing with excitement.

“Yeah, I’d absolutely love one. You know me too well, Rach. I’ve been checking out Simon for a while, and I know he likes you a lot. Maybe we could get with him. I’d love to have him inside of me. I’ve heard he’s tall in more way than one.”

Simon was the basketball team’s leading point guard. He was 6′ 3″, had rich black skin, a close shaved head, and a well-defined face. He had soft eyes, a thin and well-shaped nose, and a high jaw bone that fully accented the beauty of his profile. Rachel had always thought he was the nicest looking player on the entire team. Simon often noticed Rachel as well, wearing her usual black miniskirt, with a pink thong peeking out of the top and gorgeous legs and firm ass beautifully shown off.

“Sounds like we have a plan,” Rachel said as she finished her drink.

The week seemed excruciatingly long and Rachel often had to rely on her pink, egg shaped vibrator to get her through the more difficult moments. Toni was having similar problems, but she preferred her massaging showerhead for giving her a helping hand.

On Friday night, brimming with excitement, the girls drove together to the party. They were both wearing tight designer t-shirts and short, spandex shorts, meant to reveal their supple, young bodies. They were succeeding quite easily at this goal. Rachel looked like a blonde goddess with tits standing at attention and her long legs running up to a pair of firmly cupped ass cheeks, barely hidden by her shorts. Toni’s massive chest was straining against the fabric of her light t-shirt, providing an excellent view of her pink nipples. He ass seemed to be even less well covered than Rachel’s.

Once they arrived, Rachel and Toni made a beeline for Simon and began to drink beers and chat. Simon was ecstatic that the girls were so interested in him. After her third beer, Rachel was feeling one hell of a buzz. She and Toni had been flirting with Simon for a while now, all three standing in a corner.

“Wanna head up to a place a little more private?” Rachel asked with the help of her liquid courage.

“Yeah, why don’t we,” Toni seconded.

Simon was a bit surprised both girls wanted to head off to get some privacy, but he was still hoping he get some alone time with one of them.

Once upstairs, they all went into the empty master’s bedroom, adorned in flowery sheets, and expensive rugs. The two girls sat down on the bed, while Simon stood facing them.

“Well, what’s so secret we needed all this privacy?” Simon asked.

“Well, Toni and I were just wondering if you wanted to have a little fun….”

“What kind of fun were you thinking?”

As the words came out of Simon’s mouth, Toni reached over and pulled Rachel into an embrace, forcefully and passionately kissing her beautiful, blonde friend. As he watched, a bulge started to form in Simon’s pants. The girls took off each other’s shirts, then bras, and finally their spandex shorts revealing a lack of panties, as Simon looked on in awe, cock at full attention, beer in hand.

The girls were kneeling, facing each other, tongues intertwined and hands exploring each other’s luscious breasts, teasing the nipples and massaging up and down the entirety of the breast. After a minute of this, Toni pulled away, and with a sweet look in her almond eyes, asked Simon, “Wanna join the party?

Before Simon could respond, Rachel had moved to the edge of the bed, pushed her hand inside Simon’s shorts, and grabbed his granite dick. Setting his beer on the dresser, he quickly pulled off his shorts and shed his boxers, revealing a well-groomed dick that must have been at least eight inches long; not too big but definitely not too small: the perfect kind of just right. Pulling his shirt off, he revealed a sleek physique and a set of tightly formed abs.

Rachel, rubbing her hand up and down his big cock, caused his dick to pulse as the sensation of her soft hand moved up and down his shaft. Simon looked down in ecstasy as her hand ran its way up and down his entire cock, causing a slow dribble of precum to form at the top of his dick. With a quick motion of her head and a swish of blonde hair, she took him into her mouth. She started at the top, rubbing her soft tongue up and down, back and forth, around and around his dickhead. She poked in and around his dickhole, rubbing down his shaft the entire time. Then she began to take him deeper and deeper into her mouth, finally sucking his long cock all the way back into her throat, making soft gurgling sounds as she went, tongue still working sensually up his shaft. While she sucked his hard black cock, he pressed her beautifully blonde head deeper, and watched as Toni began to eat her pussy from behind. Simon loved the feeling of his cock moving deeper and deeper into Rachel’s wet throat as her tongue teased him, and he pulled quickly in and out.

Rachel loved the slightly salty taste of cock in her mouth as she forced Simon’s cock deeper and deeper into the back of her throat. The tight feeling of his cock filling her mouth as she ran her tongue along the shaft turned her on immensely, causing her pussy to become even wetter. She also loved Toni’s tongue in her pussy, making slow circles around her clit and flitting into and out of her slit. Toni’s soft pink tongue caused increasing amounts of bliss and wetness in Rachel. Occasionally, a finger or two would explore their way into the depths of her slit, causing her to let out a gargled moan and spurring an irrepressible contraction as Toni brushed against her g-spot.

After five minutes of multiple layers of bliss, Toni and Rachel switched positions. Toni excitedly put Simon’s glistening black cock into her mouth as he let out a gasp of pleasure. She worked his cock at a much faster rate, moving her head up and down at a quick rate, letting his thick cock pound into the back of her throat. As he fucked her face, Simon rubbed her massive, bouncing tits from above, as she was blowing him on all fours, so Rachel could eat her pussy.

Toni let out constricted moans as Simon’s cock shot in and out of her throat like a gorgeous black piston. Rachel, learning from her last experience, started by briefly tonguing Toni’s pussy with quick, crosswise strokes of the tongue, before she moved to her friend’s asshole. This brief pussy eating, with tongue moving across and throughout the folds of Toni’s pussy and occasionally brushing across her small, beadlike clit, caused a flow of rich, sweet, warm juice to trail from Toni’s slit to her ass. Rachel continued to slide two fingers into her friends slit as her nimble tongue maneuvered to make deeper and deeper circles into Toni’s asshole. Toni could feel her ass and pussy make slight contractions as her friend worked her way into them with her tongue and fingers.

Simon joyfully watched the girls pleasuring each other as Toni continued to bring his hard cock deeper and deeper into her throat as he thrust his hips. Toni’s blowjob was far more intense and slightly more stimulating than Rachel’s had been. As he was pumping, Rachel’s head emerged from Toni’s glistening ass cheeks.

“Would you like to pound that hammer into something else?” Rachel asked saltily as she turned around on the bed, ass in the air, pussy facing Simon.

Toni came up from Simon’s cock, and moved to the front of the bed so Rachel could continue to eat her out.

“Let me find a condom,” Simon mumbled as he continued to stroke his dick.

With a mischievous smirk, Rachel said, “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill. I want to feel all of you inside of me. Every last rock hard inch.”

Excitedly, Simon moved forward to fuck Rachel with all of his might. With his strong hands, Simon gripped Rachel’s firm, white hips, and slowly drove his thick, black cock into her pink honeypot as she let out a low sigh of ecstasy. His cock slid in easily, but he could feel the tight resistance of her young and dripping pussy as he pushed forward. He had never been inside a girl bareback before, and he had never been inside such a beautiful blonde before. From his vantage point, he had the perfect view: Rachel’s tight white ass and athletic back culminated in her shining blonde head, which was currently buried in Toni’s pussy (and ass, depending on the tongue stroke). Toni, who had changed positions, was on her back, head thrown back onto a pillow, with her large tits, two perfectly formed globes with pink points on top, bouncing as she convulsed with pleasure. Her smooth stomach ended in Rachel’s glowing hair as her friend continued to alternate between quickly whipping her tongue into and out of Toni’s pussy and flitting it into her puckering asshole.

Simon was picking up his tempo, sweat glistening on his muscles as he continued to pound in and out of Rachel’s slit. His thick, black dick shot into and out of her pink hole, faster and faster as his tempo picked up. He could feel an incredible amount of pressure building up in his cock and his balls as he came closer and closer to the point of blowing his load. Rachel’s pussy felt like a magnificent type of wet silk, with just the right of pressure added, as he pushed in and out of her. He moved his cock up and down and from slightly different angles each time he reentered Rachel, causing her to let out small gasps as she ate Toni’s ass. He could feel each stroke of his cock bringing them closer to climax.

As he was reaching his zenith, his concentration was broken as Toni sat up and moved to the end of the bed. She reached off the bed and slid a thin tube out of her purse.

“Are you close, babe?” she asked.

Simon gave an affirmative grunt.

“Me too. How would you like to finish in my ass? Rachel’s loosened it up nicely.”

Simon’s eyes lit up as he slowly pulled out of Rachel. Toni was already lying on her back, using the small tube she had grabbed to squirt lube into her asshole. She seductively pushed her lubed middle finger into her small, clenched sphincter.

She turned to a panting Rachel, “Sit on my face with your back to Simon. I want to show you the magic of a rim job.”

Rachel obeyed almost immediately as Simon moved over. Before Rachel took her place, Toni, with knees up and to the side, back arched slightly, rubbed lube onto Simon’s quivering cock as she slowly guided his massive rod into her firm asshole. With each centimeter of cock that entered her, Toni shook slightly and let out a slightly higher-pitched moan. Once Simon was fully inside of her, he began to slowly push in and out of her asshole, never fully coming out for fear of not being able to get back into this tight and mystical cavern.

From this moment on, he knew he could never love pussy in the same way. Although Rachel was mind blowing, the blissfully surrounding pressure of such a tight ass and the very excitement of being in a girl’s ass were bringing Simon to new levels of arousal. His erection was almost painfully hard as he began to pick up speed, forcing Toni’s asshole wider and going deeper. He cupped her supple tits, feeling their firm interior and soft exterior simultaneously. Toni had wrapped her legs around Simon, bringing his hard cock as far as possible into her now gaping asshole. She loved the rough, albeit slightly painful, sensation of a cock filling her ass. She could feel arousal shooting through her body from every nerve in her ass, sending waves of excitement to her soaking pussy.

At this point, Rachel had fully assumed the position. She was slightly nervous at first as she felt Toni’s tongue reach into her asshole, but within a half second she let out a gasp of excitement and arousal. She was being stimulated in a whole new way. A finger was rubbing her G-spot, as a tongue first pumped deeply in and out of her asshole and then circled around the entrance to her brown eye. With a second, louder gasp, she felt Toni’s lubed index finger probe into her asshole, rubbing her on all sides. This continued for a few seconds and then transformed back into a soft, yet deeply searching, tongue. She had never gotten so close to orgasm this quickly.

Simon, one hand on Toni’s left breast, one now rubbing her clit in circles, was pounding as fast as possible in his position. He could feel Toni beginning to heave upwards, and he knew he couldn’t last much longer.

“Fuck my little ass. Oh, oh, sweet Jesus fuck me Simon!” came the muffled scream from Toni as she began to enter a massive orgasm, wave after wave crashing through her body, causing her to undulate with pleasure.

With the first tight contraction of her ass muscles, Simon felt his floodgates open like a blissful dam. With strong strokes and pumps, his throbbing black cock shot load after load of cum into Toni’s asshole. She could feel his warm juices filling her ass to the brim as her entire body shook from orgasm. Her tongue was still in Rachel’s ass as she writhed in pleasure. After what felt like eons of ecstasy, Simon pulled his still hard black cock out of Toni’s ass. Glistening white cum began to drip slowly onto the bed from her asshole as she moaned deeply.

To his surprise, Simon found out he wasn’t done. Rachel, tits at full perk and pussy sopping wet, had yet to cum. She almost scrambled across Toni to reach Simon’s still hard cock. Like she was starving for cock, Rachel took Simon deeply back into her throat, disregarding the fact he had just been in her friend’s ass. Even though Simon had blown a huge load and he was tired from fucking like a workhorse, Rachel’s desperate desire to be fucked turned him on immensely. After a couple minutes of throat pounding cock sucking, Simon could feel his cock regaining its fully rock hard status. He saw Rachel smile as she felt this. Toni was still lying on the bed, eyes closed in blissful remembrance.

When she felt Simon’s cock regain full hardness, Rachel pulled her soft mouth away, handed Simon the lube, and pointed her ass in his direction. After applying more lube to his dick, and rubbing a bit into Rachel’s asshole, gently probing into her ass and pussy with his fingers, Simon slowly guided his once again throbbing dick into a begging asshole for the second time in his life. Simon saw Toni had regained a bit of libido as well, and was now standing above Rachel on the bed, pussy in range of Rachel’s stroking tongue.

Simon was a big fan of the new doggy style position. Hands firmly on Rachel’s jumping breasts, Simon quickly picked up speed as he rammed his ebony cock into her little white ass. Taste of pussy in her mouth, steel cock in her ass, Rachel was in absolute bliss. She felt completely full. Although Simon’s cock was stretching her ass and it was a quite painful, it was definitely a good hurt. She had never taken it in the ass before, but her enjoyment was magnified by the size of the oncoming orgasm she was holding back. Simon could feel Rachel was even tighter than Toni, probably from playing less with her own ass. He loved the strong resistance on his cock as he fought his way back in with every push and the walls of Rachel’s ass massaged his dick. Once again, with Rachel’s head bobbing and disengaging from her friend’s pussy, he could feel the asshole open and close quickly around his cock as Rachel let out loud shouts of pleasure and came around him. This time, he rode his bucking partner for half of her orgasm, until his cock could stand the building tingling, sensation of bliss no longer. He felt his own orgasm rock through him as he dumped any remaining cum into Rachel’s contracting asshole.

After a few final thrusts, Simon fell onto the bed between the two still panting girls. He had barely noticed that Toni had reached a second climax from Rachel’s quick moving tongue and the sight of Rachel getting fucked in the ass by Simon. Simon could barely believe his luck as he lay between the two gorgeous girls. He wasn’t even sure if the team would believe this story—or if he would even want to tell them about his weekend escapades.

I knew darned well that I was going to cave eventually. I just didn’t know how quickly it would happen and how it would be accomplished. My ex and I adore each other — just not in the same city. Not in the same province, for a long time. The sex was always good and every time we tried to get back together, two things happened.

1) We ended up in huge terrible arguments that led to horrible breakups.

2)We ended up producing another daughter, three girls that we both love dearly but who are determined to drive the pair of us to an early grave.

Case in point: our middle child, Heather. She is a beautiful child. She’s a dark-skinned brown-eyed brunette (my ex, Monique, is black). Heather is intelligent, funny and a Straight-A student. Never a problem, she has a part-time job and banks her money religiously, spending only small amounts on herself.

Heather is also spoiled and willful, when she wants something or sets her mind to it, she can be disturbingly single-minded. In this case, the object in question was something I wasn’t caving on in a million years. My beautiful daughter wanted a motorcycle.

There was no way, not in a million years, not ever, not going to happen, not a chance that I was going to let Heather have a motorcycle.

I am sure all of you fathers with daughters know exactly what’s coming.

I knew somehow she would manage to find a way to wrap Daddy around her little finger and get herself a motorcycle. I was determined to hold off for as long as I could. I couldn’t really stop her from buying one as she was then 20 and an adult, but she was an adult living under my roof RENT FREE. I held the trump card.

Or so I thought.

“You know she’s going to win, Sean,” Monique said to me over the phone. “I’m just curious to see how she does it.”

I had to admit to curiosity about that myself. Heather may be spoiled and willful, but she isn’t petulant. She wouldn’t sulk or anything like that. She did try debating my point but I think they’re dangerous and I didn’t want her riding one. When she pointed out my hypocrisy (I had ridden one when I met Monique) I reminded her that I had been in three accidents and now drove a much more sedate Lamborghini.

I did not expect my daughter to win me over with seduction. Please readers, I am not a child molester and although I knew my daughter was beautiful, I never thought of her in that way. Not until I came home one night and found her curled up in my bed wearing a tiny white teddy and a feather boa and white stilettos that all looked incredible against her dark skin. Heather is more beautiful than her mother; she got the best of both of us. “Daddy,” she purred in a husky, sensual tone. “I’m here to make you a little — proposition.”

My daughter stood up and even her way of moving had changed. It was now sensual and alluring and she wasn’t averting her gaze. “You like my outfit, don’t you Daddy? I will wear things like this for you — and ONLY you — as often as you want. Do you understand what I mean, Daddy? I’m willing to become your lover. You get what you want if I get what I want.”

Okay, you can all think it because I thought it too. Consider this if you will — I was a 43-year old bachelor not dating anyone seriously. My work at the Lamborghini dealership I co-owned with my brother kept me busy and I hadn’t had a chance to go out and meet a lady in a while. In front of stood a mocha-skinned beauty with dark, curly hair and the body of a Playboy centerfold. She’s an adult, I’m an adult and dammit, I wanted her! I pulled her close and snarled “Okay, you devious little bitch, you win!” There is a saying “a stiff prick has no conscience” and mine sure as hell didn’t seem to.

Heather walked to the bed and stretched out on it. “No Daddy, we BOTH win,” she told me. “I’ve wanted to find a way to fuck you for a long time; I’ve wanted to know why mom kept fucking you over and over. Show me Daddy — make me your little slut, your little biker slut.

How do you argue with something like that? I sure as hell couldn’t, so I joined Heather on the bed. She showed me skills that proved to me she wasn’t a virgin. I wasn’t taking advantage of her; she drove me crazy with a tongue skilled beyond her years. I was being undressed at the speed of light and when I was totally naked, by cocoa-kitten climbed on top. “I’m going to fuck you so well Daddy, you won’t want to fuck other girls,” she purred. “I’m the kind of girl that gets in deep and makes a man want to come back for more and more.”

She was telling the truth about that, my Heather was. Her body almost seemed to slither on top of mine and when she moved, she also seemed intent on taking my breath away. Heather’s body was demanding that I gave her my best work and she writhed and twisted, her ebony beauty catching the light every so often. It gave her a beautiful glow and I knew that as wrong as this was, it was going to happen again and whenever she wanted it too. I knew as well that this wasn’t just about a motorcycle, that was only a small part of it. My middle child really wanted Daddy to fuck her and she had set out to fulfill her wish.

I spent hours in bed with my daughter, making sure she got as much out of me as I got out of her. When we finished, we went down to the dealership and she picked out the bike she wanted. To my surprise, she didn’t want me to buy it for her as I had expected, only co-sign the paperwork. “You silly man,” she laughed as we drove home. “Did you think all this time I wanted you to pay for it? No Daddy, I had the money saved for a large down payment, I just wanted to get your approval.”

Okay, I felt like a huge schmuck.

I should have known things weren’t going to be that simple either. I mistakenly assumed that Heather would keep our little liaisons to herself. I never counted on the fact that she would share them with one of her closest confidantes and that, in turn, would lead to a further complication.

I was home by myself one night; my girls had gone out with friends. Frankly, I was glad to have a night free from Heather; although it was possible she might sneak into bed with me later. The sex had been non-stop and in the interest of full disclosure, it wasn’t always my daughter who initiated. The first time I saw her in those slinky leather pants and black boots, I nearly tore her apart in bed. Heather didn’t seem to mind a bit.

I was surprised to receive a visit from my oldest daughter, Nicole. She had been living with her boyfriend, Terry. From the expression on her face, things were not going well. My 22-year daughter knew all-too well how I felt about Terrance. Look up “asshole” in the dictionary and you’ll likely see his picture beside the definition.

“I want to move home, Daddy,” Nicki said after hugging me hello. “Terry wants to control every facet of my life and I just can’t stand it. Would it be okay if I came back here to live for a while, until I save up enough money to afford a nice apartment of my own?”

I looked at her quizzically. “How do you plan to do that if you’re going to be paying me rent?” I insisted that once the girls graduated high school, they had to contribute to the expenses of the house, including our cable, electricity and phone bill.

Nicole looked at me with her big brown eyes and wiped a stray auburn curl from her forehead. She looks like my side of the family and is taller than Heather by almost 5 inches. “I was hoping that maybe I wouldn’t have to pay rent, if we could work something out,” she asked me with a crafty smile.

“Work something out, how do you mean?”

“I mean, an arrangement that is kind of like the one you have with Heather,” she stated calmly. “A one where I get what I want and you get what you want.” All of my daughters are lovely and Nicole is no exception. In a short black mini, spangly, silver-sequined top and black high heels, all against tanned skin with great legs, she knew what she was selling. Okay, she knew about Heather and me. I should have expected that. Now, the only answer would be was I dumb enough to go the extra mile and succumb to my oldest daughter’s sexual advances?

I think you know the answer to that or you wouldn’t be reading this story, right?

In bed with Nicki, things were much different. Nicole had always liked to be pampered and it was no different during sex. She liked Daddy to undress her and she enjoyed having me make a fuss over her body. It wasn’t hard to enjoy the sweet curves of a 34D, long-legged brunette who was into sex. Like her younger sister, Nicole seemed to exude sexuality and she wasn’t shy about expressing herself when I did something that turned her on. I loved the way she breathed when I was eating her pussy. I thrilled to her digging her nails into my scalp and clamping her thighs around my head as I went down on her. I had committed a cardinal sin with two of my daughters and I can’t honestly say I gave a damn! I was getting something I desperately needed, a hot sex life and the girls were willing to give me something for something they both wanted. Nicole wanted to live with us again, fine! Not only would I have two hot pieces of ass living under my roof, but Nicole loved to cook. I just wondered how I would co-ordinate things between Nicole and Heather. Knowing Nicole and her dominant personality, she would insist on having more of me than her sister, as she was the oldest child.

Nicole loved cock as much as her sister did. She made a big fuss over my cock before she sucked it and she sucked it until I gushed down her throat. For a while, she just stroked my body and then she began to stroke my cock again. Wouldn’t you know it; the little bitch had me hard again and ready to fuck her. Unlike Heather, Nicole wanted me to do her in the traditional position first. She spread her legs wide apart and wrapped them around me once I started to fuck her. “Really go in deep, Daddy,” she grunted as I started to fuck her. “Make me feel your cock, every inch of it.”

“You got it, my little whore,” I told her. She laughed at that and told me she’d be my little whore any time. I fucked her with slow, practiced strokes and let her feel me. She turned her head from side to side and whimpered her pleasure as her Daddy fucked her hot, tight pussy. Either Terrance didn’t fuck her very much or he must be hung like a chipmunk, because my gorgeous daughter was almost as tight as a virgin!

I wasn’t getting off that early. She moved away from me and got on all fours. “A whore should be fucked from behind, Daddy,” Nicki told me. “Make me feel it too and spank me and pull my hair. I don’t mind it if you get rough with me, I’m in good shape.”

My bed was creaking in protest as I fucked her and the only thing louder than the bedsprings were the shrieks coming from my daughter’s lips. I don’t care what anyone says, making your own gorgeous daughter moan and groan like that is a thrill. When Nicole came, I wasn’t far behind her. She cleaned up as much as she could and then went off to shower.

When Heather came home the next morning, I announced to her that her sister was going to be moving back home for a little while. I saw a few curious looks pass between them and I was pretty sure that either they knew what had happened or the old man had been set up in advance. It really didn’t matter, we only had one obstacle left to deal with and in the end, it proved not to be an obstacle at all.

Pepper is my youngest daughter and she’s completely different from her two older sisters. For one thing, she’s a pale-skinned, freckled redhead. I have auburn hair; Monique is black — so where did Pepper get all of this? We did check and yep, she’s my kid. My mother thinks my youngest is a throwback to our Irish roots, but we all love her anyway.

Pepper is also the one of my kids who will state flat out what’s on her mind. A few days before her 18th birthday, she told me straight out what she wanted. “It’s a very special gift, Daddy,” she told me with an impish smile. “I want what Nicki and Heather are getting. I want you to fuck me and be my first man.”

Obviously, at this point I was too far gone to refuse. I nodded and told her “okay”. Her older sisters took her shopping and to the salon. When she came home the day of her birthday, I saw my daughter transformed. On their dime, the girls had turned their little sister into a vivacious sex kitten. In a pretty pink skirt and white blouse with a pink scarf and heels, her makeup and hair all done, I was almost drooling. How did a guy like me earn three such smoking hot babes? The girls each gave their little sister a hug and a kiss and told us they’d be out for the entire evening. We two had the house to ourselves.

I still wanted my daughter’s first time to have some magic to it, so I had arranged a limo to take us to a swanky restaurant where I wined her (I figured if she was old enough to have sex, a few drinks wouldn’t hurt) and dined her and spoiled her rotten. I had gotten her a small silver chain she could wear around her ankle — sex couldn’t be my only gift — and we sat and talked and laughed. I had no idea Pepper was so bright. In some ways, she is the giddiest of my kids, but here she was, impressing me with knowledge of the world I did not know she had.

She was also very flirty, a lot more so than her older sisters. I was mesmerized by this now-18 year old beauty who kept running her foot up my leg. I loved fucking Heather and Nicki, but I really wanted to fuck Pepper. We finished our meal and I asked her if she wanted dessert. She shook her head and whispered naughtily “The only thing I want is what’s in your pants. Come on Daddy, take me home and show me what I’ve been hearing through the walls for the past few months.”

I sighed. I had hoped she wouldn’t hear us, but Nicki’s a screamer when she gets really into it. I nodded and we had the limo take us for a ride so that the champagne could wear off. Once we were home, I think Pepper set speed records in racing upstairs. I tipped the driver and followed my impatient daughter.

She was in bed already, her clothes in a messy pile on the floor. Seeing her, I didn’t care because she was now wearing peach-colored lingerie and those heels. I joined her on the bed and she sat up so that I could take her in my arms. She tasted sweet as we kissed and I couldn’t stop kissing her. I wanted to consume my youngest child and I was thrilled that she seemed as into it as I was.

“Oh God Daddy, my sweet darling Daddy, this is just what I wanted,” Pepper chirped happily as she began helping me out of my suit. “Just you and me, fucking and doing whatever we want. You’re a lucky man Daddy, to have 3 daughters that want to fuck you. I know you love fucking Heather and Nicki, Daddy, but I’m going to give them a run for their money. You’re going to love fucking me Daddy, and you’re going to be the first.”

That part caused me no little trepidation but I did try to push past it. I am not the kind of man who wants to be the first. I was Monique’s first, but thankful that both of our girls had enjoyed boyfriends before me. Being the first can be a bit of a hassle, but as Pepper … well, peppered me with kisses, I just enjoyed the thrill and the flattering thought that this gorgeous young thing had chosen me for the honor. I started kissing her back and told her how sexy she looked. I had told her that several times throughout the night because it just so happened to be true.

Pepper loved stripping me and when she saw my cock, she gasped. “I don’t know if that will fit,” she said to me, looking at me with her baby-blue eyes. “I want to try Daddy, but you’re big!”

I know I’m only a bit bigger than most guys, so I assured her that pussies were elastic and it would fit. I also got the thrill of giving my daughter her first pussy licking and I sucked on her nipples until they were pink, erect little pegs. She loved each and every minute of it until she asked me to stop. “I’m so turned on Daddy that it hurts,” she groaned. “I’ve never sucked a cock before, but Nicki and Heather tell me to just go slow and listen to you. I’m ready to do it now, but don’t laugh if I don’t do it right.”

I assured her that I wouldn’t and watched in amazement as that adorable little face of hers bobbed up and down on my shaft. She didn’t miss a beat, she was almost as good as her older siblings and furthermore, she seemed to like it. I was starting to cum and moved away, but she pushed me back down and to my further amazement, swallowed my cum. “Yuuuummmeee, Daddy,” she said to me, licking her lips and smiling. “I’m going to want a lot of that from now on.” She must have been talking a fair bit with her sisters because she just touched me and massaged me until my cock began to stand up again. Then, she crawled over and straddled my waist.

“The girls say this is probably best for my first time, Daddy,” Pepper grinned. “It will still hurt, but not as much. They also say for a tiny girl (Pepper is only 5’2″) it’s the best way to fuck. I’m finally going to do it — I’m going to fuck my Daddy!”

I wonder if she knew that every time she said “fuck”, my cock danced a tiny bit? When that elfin body of hers slid down on to mine, I felt a bit of resistance. I heard her emit a tiny grunt and the deed was done. Now, she began to rise and fall on my cock. I was now a man who had screwed all three of his kids. Or been screwed by them, it can be a bit confusing at times.

Pepper seemed to know what she wanted. She used her tiny hands to brace herself against my chest and moved at a nice pace. I loved having her gorgeous tits in my hands and I slipped one nipple back into my mouth. All of my girls are special, but there has always been a connection between Pepper and me. I’ve always thought she “gets” me better than her older sisters. Now that connection was physical and I could not have been more thrilled. I felt her body convulse and knew that she had achieved orgasm.

“I came too fast, sorry Daddy,” she grinned sheepishly. I told her not to be so foolish, there wasn’t a proper time to cum, and besides, we could go again. That seemed to placate her and soon enough, we were going again. I hadn’t cum yet and my little wildcat proved to be insatiable the second time around. I was astonished that she wasn’t a bit sore, but she said no. After our second fuck, she went to shower and just as I heard the water running, the bedroom door opened and in rushed Nicole and Heather.

“What are you two doing here?” I asked. “I thought this night was supposed to be about your sister?”

“Who do you think called us, Daddy?” Heather asked.

A minute or so later, Pepper entered the room, holding her cell phone. “I hid this in the bathroom Daddy, just for this occasion. I wanted Nicki and Heather here. So far, we’ve been making demands of you and you’ve never really asked anything of us. You have three sexy daughters, Daddy — don’t you think it’s time you enjoyed a threesome or a foursome?” She walked over to Nicole and started kissing her. Heather started removing her leather mini and heels and joined me in bed. Her sisters followed seconds later.

What are you going to do with three daughters like mine, right?

I did it — and more — until the sun came up the next morning.

We had been chatting for a few months. She was a young, playful college student from the next state over. Everything about her exuded sexiness, even her soft erotic voice, though she’d never admit it. Her body, nice and thick in all the right places and her ass, from what I gathered from various playful picture text messages, was divine! After months of chatting, I finally found myself outside of a bed and breakfast in the suburbs waiting for her car to pull into the lot. I’m a bit nervous, but even more horny and excited that we were finally meeting.

I see her car pull up and I take a deep breath. “This is it!” I thought as she parked and walked up to me, sporting a smile that hinted at the same emotions I felt.

“So what’s up?!?”, she asks confidently.

“Oh, you’ll see in a minute…”, I quip, as we embrace and share the first of many kisses we would eventually share that weekend.

We walk into the establishment and pay for the room. These people can’t swipe my credit card fast enough I’m so damn horny at this point! I feel her eyes sizing me up as they’re running my card and could have sworn I heard a low but erotic moan from her, which put my nervousness slightly at ease. I almost snatch the key card from the guy at the desk. He looked at the sexy woman with me, and gave a smirk as if to say “I understand, bud…”

As we’re walking to our room, she says, “it’s been kind of a long drive, so I probably need to hop in the shower”. My mouth said, “that’s fine”, my head, “Ha! Yeah, like you’ll get that far when you’re naked in front of me…”

We get to the room after what seems like forever! After we drop our bags, she walks over to the bathroom and I hear the shower start. I look that way and see her just outside of the doorway, pulling down her pants to reveal the smoothest, roundest white girl ass I’ve ever seen! Those pics didn’t come close to doing it justice! My cock didn’t think so either, as it was hard and pressing against my zipper. I was able to slip my pants off just in time to get behind her before she stepped into the shower, pressing my pulsing cock against the crack of her wonderful ass. She let out a slight moan of approval. “Shouldn’t I shower first” she whispered erotically. “Let me give you a reason to first…”

With that, she lifted one leg onto the rim of the bathtub as I slid the head of my cock between her pussy lips, relevling in every subtle splash of her juices. She let out a deep moan, grabbed my cock and directed it inside of her sopping wet pussy. My GOD she felt amazing! I grabbed her hips and slowly slid my cock back and forth inside of her, relishing in every squishy noise her pussy juices let out. She let her leg down and grabbed the sink for more leverage, now giving me a perfect mirror view of the both of us as I fucked her. She was so tight, so wet, so…perfect! “Oh God! Fuck me! Fuck me with that black dick!” She moaned. I took a deep breath, clutched her hips and started ramming my cock inside of her, my pelvis smacking against her ass. People in the next room had to have heard us, but I couldn’t have given any less of a fuck! I felt her pussy start to tighten around my cock head, contracting in anticipation of a toe-curling orgasm. “Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh… FUCK!!!!!” She screamed as she squirted on the floor, cumming in waves on my cock. It was too much for me to take. I couldn’t hold it any longer! My dick head swelled, my body felt the warm tingle past the point of no return. “Oh SHIT!!!!!” I screamed as my thick, hot cum filled her squirting pussy. Wave after wave filled her hot, teenaged pussy. We both grabbed for something to hold us up in lieu of our weakened legs. She sat on the bathroom floor in a pool of her cum, her legs spread eagle. “Now can I get in the shower”, she asked through exhausted breaths.

“Make it quick”, I answered with an impish smile as I briefly left the doorway, went to my bag, pulled out a small vibrator and returned with it. “I’m not done with you…”

To be continued…


This is a pure fantasy series about the experiences of a middle-aged man schooling an EIGHTEEN year old girl in the ways of eros. Any similarities between the characters portrayed here and real people is purely coincidental. Hope you enjoy!

His Teen Consort — Chapter 1

Jack had an arrangement with his wonderful wife. Ever since her accident had left her paraplegic and nearly paralyzed from the waist down she’d not been terribly interested in sex. She would give him oral pleasure every once in a while; but it was only because he practically begged. Being the loving wife, she agreed that he should have access to sexual satisfaction, and that she would allow it as long as his ‘exploits’ remained private. She preferred that they occur within their own home.

Two years after that agreement they took in a young teen who was both curious and impressionable, and who had an eye for Jack in particular. She was virginal in every way, having zero experience with sex of any kind, and no contact with sexual organs of either sex. Susanne had a discreet conversation with her, and suggested that she and Jack could ‘get closer’ if she wanted it. The girl was practically giddy with anticipation, as was Jack when Susanne made the suggestion.

Leslie was attractive, pretty while not quite beautiful, with a body that drove boys her age mad with hormone-driven lust. Long legs, perfectly firm breasts, and a derriere that made the simplest clothes sexy. When his wife suggested that he put his bedroom expertise to good use by training the girl, his erection was immediate. Then he realized what this meant and asked a lot of questions. How would this ‘training’ be carried out? Would she be open to uninhibited sex acts? Was there a form of contraception in place or were condoms needed? Were oral and anal acts a part of the curriculum? So many questions. All Susanne could tell him was that all the details were between him and Leslie, and that the girl seemed eager to ‘try things’ with him.

The first ‘session’ would be interesting. Susanne had made arrangements to be out of the house for the evening after first bringing Leslie over to the house. “Have fun you two.” she said as she departed. “I’ll be back about eleven.” she added, locking the door behind her. Five hours should give them enough time for a first ‘class’.

Jack sipped his bourbon while Leslie thumbed through the illustrated Kama Sutra. He and Susanne had decided that would be a good way to get her started, and it appeared to be working. She was next to him on the couch, getting closer each time she came upon a ‘position’ she found interesting. It didn’t take much time before her thigh was pressed against his, her hand resting on his leg when it wasn’t turning pages. The bourbon helped him maintain some level of control as his libido kept telling him to take this girl then and there.

She turned the last page and closed the book, placing it on the table and turning to him. “So… um… Mister Fa..”

“Jack.” he said. “Call me Jack when we’re here.” he told her.

“Oh.. okay.. so Jack, lots of that stuff looked like it might be fun.” Leslie began, squirming her backside on the sofa as her fingers gripped his leg. “But… um… I don’t know… you know… anything… at all…”

Jack smiled. “Don’t worry Leslie. I will do my best to show you what you want to know about… well…”

“Sex?” she finished his sentence.

“Yes, sex.” Jack said. “So you’ve looked through the big book. Do you have any specific questions?” he asked her.

Leslie thought about it for a few moments. “Um… well yeah; but… um… what does it feel like?” she asked, unsure of the words to use. “I mean, you know.. an orgasm or whatever.”

Jack chuckled. Perfect he thought. “That is a perfect place to start Leslie. I can show you how an orgasm feels and you don’t really have to do anything.” he replied. “Why don’t you take your shirt and pants off and we can begin.” he said, licking his lips out of necessity.

“Oh. Okay.” she responded, standing up in front of him. She pulled her t-shirt up over her head revealing her pert boobs in a plain white bra, then quickly unfastened the waist snap on her jeans and unzipped the fly. She turned around to face away from him, thinking that was more modest…

Jack watched as she tugged the jeans down over her pantie-clad bottom, suppressing the desire to reach out and fondle the firm orbs of her butt. The jeans were tight enough that they took the panties down below her cheeks and she bent forward slightly to make that adjustment, giving him a very brief look at her wrinkled anal port before the panties were back in place. He would get there in time. Leslie stepped out of the jeans and turned to face him. Jack held up his hands. “Okay, that’s enough for now. Why don’t you come sit by me and let’s work on our kissing.” he told her.

Leslie laughed. “Kissing? Seriously? Why?”

“Oh my dear girl, kissing is a very important part of passion and lovemaking. Done right it can raise your passion in minutes. Do it wrong and it can end any chance of physical intimacy.” Jack told her. He smiled at the puzzled look on her cute face. “Really sweetie.”

She sat down next to him, allowing his arm to reach behind her shoulders. His lips nibbled at her forehead, her ears, and down to her neck. When they found hers she was ready, and a very nice extended kiss was enjoyed by both of them. Jack pulled back, noting that her eyes were closed – a good sign. “Nice?” he asked politely.

“Yes… very nice..” Leslie replied.

Their lips met again, and this time Jack introduced his tongue. It shocked her at first; but she caught on quickly and before too much time had passed the two were in a lusty embrace, their tongues dueling in a passionate oral dance. Jack found the clasp of her bra and opened it, giving his fingers access to the most perfect little titties he’d felt in a very long time. Her nipples responded instantly to his caress, growing stiff and sensitive as he pulled away from their kiss again.

“J-Jack…. I-I….” Leslie stammered.

“Relax sweetie. I’m just going to show you what a real orgasm feels like.” Jack told her, lowering his head to nibble his way down her neck toward her breasts.

“J-Jack… I’m a…”

“A virgin, yes I know sweetie. I’m not going to do anything to disturb that until you say.” he told her. “And not tonight for sure.” he added, realizing what he’d suggested. That seemed to quell any resistance, and he captured a nipple between his lips and began to flick across the sensitive tip with his tongue. His fingers kneaded the soft flesh of her breast, squeezing and massaging the peach-sized orb as he sucked on her nipple. She began to moan softly, her hands reaching for his head to pull him closer. Jack could already sense the musky emanating from her young pussy, and knew she would be an excellent ‘student’.

“Ohhhhh Jack… I’m feeling… um…” Leslie stammered, her lithe form shuddering in response to his expert ministrations.

“Hot?” Jack suggested.

“Uh… yeah… hot… I guess…”

“That’s good Leslie. Just relax and don’t worry about anything you might feel. A lot of it will be new; but you have to trust me.” Jack told her. He tugged at her bra, pulling the already unfastened garment over her arms. “You have such perfect, beautiful breasts Leslie.” he told her, fondling one in each hand. He noted that her eyes closed once again when he made that contact. Her scent became stronger with each passing moment. Jack let one hand roam down over her belly, sensing her body tensing as he got closer to her crotch. He ran a finger lightly over her mound to find the wetness between her legs. “Oh my sweetie, your pussy is very wet and hot.” he told her, gently rubbing her lips through the thin fabric.

“Oh my god Jack… that feels… so good…” Leslie stammered, letting her legs part to give him better access. She squealed at first when his hand snuck down the front of her panties and she felt the skin of his finger in her wet lips. “Ohhhhhhhhhgodddd…” came her gutteral groan.

Jack refrained from pushing his finger into her cunt. He didn’t want to go that far just yet. But Leslie’s pussy was hot, and he would have to do something so she wouldn’t be disappointed. He put his mouth next to her ear and whispered “Now I’ll show you what it’s like to have your pussy eaten.” She moaned as he slithered down to the floor and gently pulled her legs apart, pushing her knees up to splay open her wet crotch. His fingers deftly pulled the panties aside and he was inches away from her eighteen year old virgin pussy. Her scent was intense, drawing his tongue to her labia and his lips to her clit.

Leslie had no idea sex would feel like this. Her loins were on fire as her ‘uncle Jack’ worked on her private parts with his mouth. Her hands reached down to grab his head, pulling him harder against her cunt. “OhgodohgodDDDOHGODDD…” she cried as Jack’s tongue whipped around the sensitive little nubbin she hadn’t known about until now.

Jack had gotten her well on the way to her first real climax, and it had only been a few minutes. He wanted just a quick taste of her little browneye, and quickly moved his tongue down to wriggle and tease at her tiny ring before resuming his attention to her pussy. Leslie let out a low mewl, her hands pushing his head back down there. Jack knew he had to continue with the cunnilingus for now. Get her off the first time without too much other activity. She had responded positively to the quick oral probe of her rear, so he knew she wouldn’t mind it the next time.

She had never expected him to put his tongue there; but it felt amazing when he did. She wanted more; but his attention returned to her pussy and was making her feel things that were so intense it was incredible. Wave after wave of intense pleasure began to sweep over her body. “ohhhhhhhhhgoddd… J-Jack… ohGODDDDD… OHGODDDDDD” she squealed as she experienced orgasm for the very first time. Her hands held his head in place as her hips ground her mound against his lips. Jack, in turn, held her hips in place so he could concentrate his tongue on her clitoris. The contact remained as Leslie’s body shook and bounced in a passionate dance of lust.

Jack slowly reduced the intensity of his oral ministrations, letting the girl gradually come down from the peak of her climax. After a couple of minutes he pulled back, kissing her inner thighs as his fingers trailed lightly over her lithe hips. Her fingers tugged on his ears and he looked up. She gave him a warm smile which he returned. “So now you know.” he said softly.

“God that was incredible Jack. I had no idea.” Leslie told him as he joined her on the sofa. “You need a drink?” she offered, slowly standing up. She wriggled her hips before finally pulling her panties down and off. “They’re a little soggy.” she laughed, heading for the bar.

Jack watched her naked butt jiggling across the room. He’d tasted her little back door and knew she liked it. Soon enough he would taste it again, this time for an extended visit. His cock throbbed in his jeans and he licked his lips, loving the taste of fresh young pussy. She was returning with a drink for each of them, her perky titties bouncing just enough as she walked. He could see her juices running down her inner thighs, and knew this was just the first of many sessions with Leslie. She arrived at the sofa and handed him his glass, tipping hers against it. “Here’s to orgasms.” she laughed, taking a long sip of her soda.

“To orgasms.” Jack responded, sipping his bourbon mixer. “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it sweetie. They can all be like that with the right partner.” he added.

“Um… okay… but you didn’t… you know…” she stammered.

Jack chuckled. “No. I didn’t; but there’s plenty of time for that.”

Leslie rested her hand on his thigh, giving it a gentle squeeze. She glanced at the clock. “Well it’s only eight. We have plenty of time now, don’t we?” she asked.

Jack wrapped his arm around her shoulder, letting his hand roam down to cup her firm breast. “I suppose we do at that.” he replied. “So what would you like to do now?” he asked.

“Uh… I’ve never seen a p-penis before.” she told him.

“Really? Not even a boys penis?” Jack queried.

“Nope. But I’ll bet you have a nice one. Can I see it?” she asked, letting her hand roam upward along his thigh until she encountered the sizeable bulge. She gave it a squeeze. “Ooooo, Jack… it’s so big!” she squealed, running her fingers along his shaft through his jeans.

“Go ahead then sweetie. You can take him out if you like.” Jack told her. “Just be careful, he’s very sensitive.” he added.

Leslie tugged at his zipper, carefully pulling it down before unsnapping the waistband. Her fingers now traced his cock through his boxers, bringing his organ to full erection in a matter of seconds. “Oh wow…” she said softly. She looked up into his eyes, waiting for him to accept it. Jack nodded, and her fingers slipped through the fly opening to touch the smooth skin of his dick for the first time. “Oh geez, it’s so smooth and soft… and hard at the same time.” she giggled, stroking his length as if she’d been doing it her whole life.

“You’re a natural Leslie.” Jack told her as she gently worked his meat. “Go ahead and pull him out of there, so you can see what a penis looks like.” he suggested. He watched her fumble a little with his shorts; but she managed to pull his member free. “So what did you see in the book?” he asked, hoping she would suggest a little oral attention.

“Well, I saw a lot of pictures where the woman had the man’s penis in her mouth.” she replied. “But I don’t know about that. He’s kinda big for my mouth.” she added, her fingers absent-mindedly stroking him. “Can I just kiss him?” she asked.

“That’s a perfect way to start honey.” Jack replied.

Leslie dipped her head down, touching her lips to the head of his cock as her fingers wrapped around the shaft. She looked up and he nodded his approval, so she did it again. His cock twitched, and she jumped. “Oh geez… did I hurt him?” she asked.

“No sweetie. He likes what you’re doing. Try licking him like a big lollipop.” Jack suggested.

She stuck out her tongue and lapped at the shaft, accidently brushing across the sensitive underside of his cockhead. Again he twitched. Again she giggled, then began alternating kisses and licks up and down his length. Jack closed his eyes and put his hand on the back of her head, not to pull her down but rather to let her know he was enjoying her actions. His eyes opened when he felt her lips engulfing the head, and he watched as she gently suckled on it. “Mmm… that feels really nice sweetie.” he said hoarsely, trying to resist the temptation to thrust his hips upward.

Leslie’s fingers found his balls by accident and gently squeezed them, her mouth still wrapped around the bulbous head of Jack’s organ. She began to use her tongue, and took about an inch inside her mouth. He seemed to like it, and it made her feel good to know she could make him happy too. His penis did taste kinda good, a little salty maybe; but kinda good. He would occasionally twitch in her mouth, his hips jerking as she sucked. Then he suddenly pulled her head away. “Um… did I do something wrong?” she asked.

“Oh now sweetie. I just didn’t want to surprise you by … uh… ejaculating in your mouth.” Jack told her.

She had a puzzled look again. “W-what is e-ejaculation?”

“Ejaculation is when a man releases his semen at the point of his orgasm.” Jack told her. “That’s what makes babies.” he added.

“I’ll get pregnant if you … ejaculate in my mouth?” she asked innocently.

“No no honey, you’ll only get pregnant if I cum in your vagina.” he replied.

“My pussy?” she queried.

“Yes, your pussy.”

“Okay, so let me taste it.” she told him, lowering her head to resume sucking on his penis.

“Just let him into her mouth a little more honey.” Jack suggested, gently holding her head as his hips moved upward. She was taking a good three inches of his dick now, and it felt wonderful. Within minutes he was back at the point of no return. “I’m going to cum now sweetie. Get rea… AHHHHGAWD… OHYESSSSSS…. OHBABY… SUCKME…” he growled, keeping her mouth on his cock as he splashed his load into her. She quickly pulled away as soon as his hand left her head, spitting the slimy white ooze from her mouth onto his leg.

“I… um.. sorry… I didn’t know…” she stammered, reaching for a tissue to clean him up.

“Don’t worry honey. No need to be sorry. It was your first time, and I understand.” Jack said softly, running his fingers through her hair. “And that was very nice.” he added.

“Nice… .for my first time?” Leslie suggested, wiping around her mouth.

They sat together finishing their drinks, Leslie still naked, Jack with his dick outside of his shorts. “Maybe next time I’ll show you sixty-nine.” he told her.

“What’s that?” Leslie asked.

“Well, you know what we just did to each other?” Jack queried.

“Yeah, you ate my pussy and I sucked your dick.” she responded, matter-of-factly.

“Exactly. Sixty-nine is a position we use to do both of those things at the same time.” he explained.

“Oh my god… how do you… I mean… what happens…” she stammered.

Jack reached over and opened the book, finding an illustration that answered her question and pointing to it. “That is one possibility.” he told her. It happened to be his favorite, with the woman on top.

“That looks like fun Jack. When can we try it?” she asked excitedly.

He smiled and said “Next time sweetie. Next time.” And he couldn’t wait to have that sweet butt just inches from his face, even if all he did was look at it.

They both dressed and Jack took her back to the boarding house where she lived, giving her a hug and accepting a quick kiss on his cheek from her before bidding her good night. He watched her walk up the path to the door, her backside looking a little different now. She turned and waved before opening the door and disappearing through it. Jack drove home slowly, his cock hard the whole way. He was relieved that things had gone as well as they had. She wasn’t freaked out about anything and had even taken his penis in her mouth, something he hadn’t expected until some time later.

He looked forward to their next session, and the thrills that would surely be his…

It was about 10 o’clock that Dylan started feeling he’d bitten off more than he could chew with this whole waiting in line overnight thing.

He’d never done it before, and as he had rocked up outside the Apple Store just after dinner that evening, around 6pm, he’d seen all the hardcore techy geeks already camping out there, and he was given the distinct impression that he was packing rather light for the night’s wait.

But it was the summer, school was out for good – until they headed off to college in the autumn – so where was the need to stress about anything? He had his kindle packed full of books he could quiet happily bury his head in for hours and hours on end, it was wonderfully warm out, without a cloud in the sky.

What did he need sleeping bags or tents or camping stoves for?

He got quite a good position in the line, considering – just around the corner from the store entrance, and the speed the line was forming, in no time he could consider himself toward the front of the queue.

He settled down just behind a gaggle of lively, talkative girls, and ahead of a gloomy bunch of black-haired emo types.

The girls all seemed to be close friends that had overlooked the possibility of one of them waiting in line for all of their purchasing needs when the next iPad officially went on sale. Well, on the news that morning they’d been saying there would be limited supplies – the Apple guys would probably restrict it to one iPad per buyer.

It wasn’t the most comfortable place to hang out – sitting cross-legged with only a backpack holding a paltry few snacks and drinks to keep him comfortable. But hey, he’d waited in airports in worse places for longer periods before. And having the gentle scent of perfume wafting past his nose every now and again from a group of undeniably attractive girls was mildly pleasant.

Gazing back on the great long line, it seemed that those waiting there were all circling into their own little cliques to wait out the night. It made Dylan feel very much on his own.

He found some distraction in flicking surreptitious glances over to the girls if he started feeling solitary. There were five of them – two blondes, an Asian girl and two brunettes – all pretty and smiley and bouncy and perky. Behind, the emo crowd was less entertaining – sullen, moody, and difficult to tell even what gender many of them were. Those nearest to him turned their backs on him as they focused on their own little world of depressing ipod tracks, black clothing and random piercings.

Each to their own, however. Dylan had always been a little envious of those students who’d found their own sense of identity – he was just an average guy who really had nothing special to write home about.

Perhaps college would be a chance to shine.

Sure, he did regret failing to check whether any of his friends might have wanted to come along, keep him company in the line. Isaac was never going to vacate a warm bed for even one night, of course, but Clyde and Justin were always able to find a hint of adventure in even the most unfortunate of circumstances.

But, they’d probably cackle at him for being a big geek, waiting all night just to get his hands on a new iPad. Why can’t you just wait until the next day, or the next week, when the rush will be over? They’d probably say something similar, anyway. Even if he told them it was his sister’s birthday was the following day, and it was seriously important that he get her desperately-desired tablet before then, they probably wouldn’t understand.

For the first couple of hours he tried to focus on his book – a chunky Stephen King tome he hadn’t gotten around to reading yet, even though it had been out for a while.

“Hey, how’s it going?” his mom called at about eight o’clock, worried about her little man.

“Oh, fine, yeah. I got a good place in line.”

“Are you warm enough? Do you want me to bring some more clothing?”

“It’s sunny out.”

“It won’t be for much longer. It gets cold at night when there’s no clouds, Dylan.”

“I’ll be fine.”

He talked quietly into his iPhone, not wanting to be overheard, especially by the girls up ahead. He didn’t think they’d be listening in – they had their own constant stream of conversation about this album or that album or the latest relationship status of friends not currently present to protect themselves from gossip. Even so, he didn’t want them knowing the only person who knew he was here was his mother.

A little later, as the sun started to drop rapidly drop the other stores of this open-air mall, and the breeze took on a slight chill, he started to regret not asking his mother to bring something warm. He had a thin sweatshirt he could put on – but he’d been using that as a cushion the past couple of hours, after his butt went to sleep on that hard concrete sidewalk, and he was loathed to go back to bare ground.

But seriously, when he glanced over and saw how attractive those girls were, and how much more stylishly they were dressed – and clearly more popular than him at whichever school they attended, you could tell from their bounding self-confidence levels – there was no way he could have faced a visit from his mom in front of them. How humiliating that would be.

So he’d suffer in silence.

The light faded, and the light of his kindle came on. Stephen King was always good for passing time – his conversational style had never failed to comfort Constant Reader Dylan, even if it was supposed to be horror fiction.

While he did his best to respect their privacy, some of the girls’ conversation did catch his ears from time to time.

About 10 o’clock, a group of three guys turned up to say hello to the girls, and Dylan found himself trying to work out if any of them were actually dating. The girls were batting their eyelids like crazy as the guys were standing above them, hurling out gentle taunts about waiting in line all night with a bunch of tech geeks, the guys pushing out their chests like big pidgeons to flaunt their athleticism, and Dylan had no doubt the three of them had been on the school football team or whatever. Probably had sports scholarships to somewhere impressive.

Dylan had never had particular ambitions in the field of sports, but he did find himself envious of the easy way in which the guys just walked on over here and started up a conversation with these girls.

He’d been sitting here for hours, and hadn’t even introduced himself. Well, their backs were facing him. They hadn’t exactly invited it. Probably would have thought it pretty weird.

The guys weren’t going to stick around too long, however, after they discovered that nothing they could say would persuade the girls to bring their queueing ambitions to a halt and come hang out. They certainly weren’t going to join the girls and risk being mistaken for geeks – as if that could ever happen.

What made Dylan actively stop reading was the conversation after the guys withdrew.

The girls started gossiping about one of the guys having dated a girl they knew from Spanish class, and how he supposedly had the biggest cock, like, ever. Dylan was mildly shocked at how dirty the conversation went all of a sudden. He was a little surprised at how easily the girls discussed such things, that they were so apparently involved with sex, that it was so easy to talk about for them. Well, they were college girls now, pretty much.

A few of them seemed to be envious of the girl from Spanish class, but then the brunette in the turquoise top caught Dylan’s attention when she dismissed all of the guys out of hand.

“You’re insane!” her friends were of the same opinion about her.

“Are you kidding? They’re so much hard work!” she laughed. “Give me a vibrator and a pack of double-A batteries any day.”

The whole group had a good squealing laugh about that.

“Guys are so useless,” the brunette said. Dylan had already figured out from earlier conversation that she was called Noelle. There was something about her that made his heart tighten a little when he laid eyes on her, his breath catch, his pulse quicken a little.

“But they’re so nice-looking,” countered one of her friends – a blonde named Chrissy.

“Sure, but they just lie there and look nice and expect you to get all hot and sweaty until they’re ready to fuck – and then they’re in and out so quick. Where’s the reward?”

The other of her blonde friends, Sasha, added: “Yeah, and when they’re done, they really aren’t interested in anything. Except maybe sleep or a cigarette.”

“You just need to learn to get yourself going while you’re getting all hot and sweaty with them,” the Asian girl, Ellie, said.

“I guess so,” Noelle flashed her eyes. “But that kind of gets me back to the point that you’re better off with a Pocket Rocket.”

Dylan found himself gasping, blushing furiously, actually shocked at what these girls were talking about – especially Noelle. He couldn’t help but find himself heating up inside at their startling frankness, particularly when the pretty brunette in the turquoise top was talking about her own desires and experiences.

It did make him feel like a bit of a loser that he’d never really done anything with a girl before. Strange – he’d never been bothered by that before, figuring he was young, there was plenty of time at college to go looking for that kind of thing.

He found himself envious of whichever boys had been lucky enough to be with Noelle – and actually baffled that they wouldn’t want to be more careful about making sure she was satisfied in bed. God, if it was Dylan, he’d want to spend hours exploring her, finding out how to make her moan and shake and come like crazy. Putting his illicit after-dark reading into practice.

“Josie Bannister said she had an orgasm when she slept with her piano teacher,” Ellie said.

“Yeah, but he’s like 42. I mean, ewww.”

“35, she said.”

“Still. I’ve seen him – he looks like he’s 50.”

“So you’re gonna wait until you’re 35 to get an orgasm?” Sasha nudged Noelle with an elbow.

“Did you not hear me when I said I’m quite happy with my little Rocket?” Noelle replied.

Oh God, the thought of Noelle lying back in some bed, touching herself with some little piece of vibrating magic – Dylan had to change his position a little to give himself some room inside his pants.

He shook his head, knowing he was only setting himself up for disappointment by listening into their conversation. He fixed his eyes back on the continuing narrative of Stephen King, and the tale of a small town in Maine that is cut off from the outside world by a strange invisible forcefield.

But then Noelle’s words just cut through the air, “They’re all just lazy – they don’t care. They know as soon as they’re inside you, that’s it, they’ve scored another notch on their bedpost, and they don’t need to worry about anything else.”

Dylan ducked down, trying to stop himself from eavesdropping. Yet he was beginning to feel like sticking up for his gender – or at least, the members of his gender that attractive girls like these would never ever think to date.

“So you’re not going to ask Bobby Marrs out, then? You know he’s after you.” Another voice – Marie, one of the brunettes.

Noelle said: “I guess we can hang out before college. He’s probably just as pathetic as the rest of them.”

“He can bench 400 pounds apparently. You don’t want a piece of that?”

Noelle sighed. “I don’t really have any choice, huh?”

“If you don’t, people will say you’re frigid…” Ellie with a sing-song warning.

“I guess. He’s going to suck just like the rest of them.”

Dylan was again surprised. That someone as attractive as Noelle should have no other option than to go for the gym rat who was pursuing her, because otherwise her peers would think her some kind of loser.

He said: “Why don’t you just tell him how to make you feel good?”

Silence. Dylan felt his insides go into total nuclear meltdown. His inner temperature must have soared into the millions of degrees, his stomach was bubbling as the flesh boiled, his kidneys were merging with his liver and his heart was having seizures. Any moment the President was going to have to call FEMA, evacuate the area, declare a state of emergency.

Had he really just said that out loud?

Had he really said it loud enough for them to hear?

Oh. My. God.


He felt five pairs of female eyes slowly descend on his slight, cowering form. The air was thick with the tension of unrestrained anger and venom. How dare this stranger listen in on their conversation? How dare this loser geek infringe on their own private gathering! What a complete freak for butting in!

He could imagine all the insults flying his way, the squeals of horror, the cutting criticism.

But there was only silence.

Then Noelle said: “Uh… I don’t think so. Guys do not want to hear a girl telling them what to do. Especially when it comes to that.”

It was as though being right was far more important to Noelle than pointing out what a complete loser Dylan was for eavesdropping and butting in.

Dylan again found his mouth betraying him. “You ever try it?” he asked.

Having been sitting side-on to him, the pretty brunette turned her head to him now, her gaze fixing right on him. He felt a burst of searing energy jolt through his heart as her stunning blue eyes latched on his face, and she was actually looking at him.

“I don’t need to try it to know they can’t handle it,” she said.

“And you can’t force them to deal with it? To do what you want?”

“Uh, no. I do want to have a social life.”

“What’s the point in sleeping with them if they don’t satisfy you?”

He could not believe he was talking to such a gorgeous girl about sleeping with someone.

“Because let’s face it, we’re not going to get better elsewhere,” she said.

Her friends were silent, not quite knowing what was going on. Who was this stranger? Why was he arguing with Noelle? Was he nuts? Was he drunk? Was he abusing his prescription?

“Sure you are,” Dylan said, then felt his mouth really running out of control again as the words just seemed to fall out: “Someone as attractive as you could get better anywhere.”

He saw Noelle’s cheeks flush slightly, and suddenly felt bad, that he’d embarrassed her in front of her friends. He didn’t mean to do that, not at all.

But she seemed to brush past it, re-asserting herself to regain the high ground, insisting: “If a girl tells a guy what to do, it’s like demeaning his masculinity.”

“And that’s based on what evidence? Gossip Girl?”

Noelle rolled her eyes, and Dylan heard one of her friends chuckle. She said: “You have no idea.”

He felt his insides cooling down a little, but they were still fluttering full of butterflies. Jeez, he was being bold. This was actually fun. Talking back to a member of the opposite sex like this – who would have thought?

Dylan got the feeling he’d never see these girls again – so what the hell if he made a fool out of himself in front of them?

He said: “Because I’m a guy, I have no idea what guys think?”

“That’s not what I said,” she huffed.

“That’s what it sounded like.”

She rolled her eyes. “Now you’re just pissed because you know you’re completely replaceable in the bedroom by a piece of vibrating plastic you can get for $9.99 on Amazon.”

“Oh, I can do more than just vibrate,” he said, surprising himself again with his own boldness.

He heard Noelle quietly gasp at that, and look away mild outrage at one of her friends. It made him feel all tingly inside to provoke her – had he really meant to sound quite that dirty and suggestive?

Noelle tried to conceal her reaction by taking the argument back a point or two. She said: “Guys feel all small and pathetic if girls tell them what to do. They can’t handle girls who know what they want.”

“You’re obviously not hanging out with the right guys,” Dylan said.

She shook her head, insisting she had it right. She said: “We shouldn’t even have to tell guys how to do it. They should know. Girls spend all their time reading magazines and stuff about how to please their man – and guys just look at the pictures and jack off.”

“That’s not true – plenty of guys read up on how to do it.”

“I’ve never met any.”

“You have now.”

Noelle sniffed, and then turned away from him, back to her circle of friends, ignoring him again. Somehow, he could tell he’d irritated her, that he’d infuriated her, that she hated not having the last word. Dylan felt a little pang of regret that he hadn’t done better at keeping her onside. It had made him feel all warm and creamy inside when he was talking with her.

But now her friends were talking about going to get food, and Noelle seemed just as eager to get something to eat.

Dylan felt his stomach rumble – the thought of the packet of chips and can of diet Coke in his backpack, along with a measly Hershey bar, did not particularly appeal to him. The girls looked as though they were preparing to leave the line entirely to go hit the McDonalds around the corner. Surely they wouldn’t risk losing their spot in the line?

Somebody piped up – he didn’t hear who – about the very issue he was currently pondering, and there was a discussion about one of them needing to stay behind to protect their precious place in the queue.

Dylan felt his chest warm up a degree or two as Noelle volunteered for the job, so long as they brought her back a Chicken McNugget meal. For however long those girls spent getting their fast food, Dylan would be sitting alone with Noelle. Why had it been her that volunteered to stay behind?

Nerves flickered in his belly, but he tried to settle them by telling himself he’d got it wrong – there was no way Noelle had volunteered to wait in line for everyone else.

Yet the other girls all stood and gathered their things and at their leisure departed, leaving the feisty brunette there sitting no more than five feet away from him, all cute and curvy.

He tried not to look, tried to focus on his Kindle. She’d think he was some kind of pervert if he stared now that her friends weren’t around to shield his gaze from her. Oh, but she was so sweet on the eye, with those big blue eyes, flowing figure and long legs revealed by her summery skirt.

“So who are you, anyway?”

He almost missed it – almost dismissed it as his imagination. She was looking at him. She’d said something to him. She’d asked him who he was.

“I’ve never seen you around school,” she added, and Dylan felt his heart do a little somersault.

“Dylan Winfield. I go to St Joseph’s,” he said. “You guys are from Marchmont, right?”

She nodded. “But you live around here?”

“My Mom does. She split from my Dad maybe six, seven years ago?”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, and sounded genuine.

He shrugged. “Best thing that could have happened to them – now they’re actually kind of friends again.”

“But you live with your Dad most of the time?”

“They didn’t want me to change schools.”

She nodded. “Sometimes I wonder if my parents will split up some day – they seem to argue all the time.”

There was a slight pause, Dylan didn’t know what to say about Noelle’s parental strife. Oh, but he didn’t want the pause becoming awkward. He was talking to an attractive girl one-on-one! Okay, so it shouldn’t have been a big deal for someone of his age, but he had to concede that he was shy, that was his nature. Now he was worried she was going to think he was dull, he’d run out of things to say.

He opened his mouth and just said the first thing that came to his mind: “Hey, look, I’m sorry I interrupted your conversation with your friends.”

“Oh, no, that’s okay,” Noelle said, and actually smiled. “Oh, I’m Noelle, by the way. Noelle Shaw.”

And then he nearly jumped out of his skin as she suddenly picked herself up and moved closer to him, so she was sitting right next to him, leaning up against the wall of the store as he was.

“It’s kind of nice talking to someone different for a change,” she said. “I feel like I say the same things to the same people all the time.”

He caught a hint of her fragrance on the breeze, and couldn’t help but melt a little inside. She was so gorgeous. She had a girl-next-door freshness, a small-town sweetness, but the confidence of a glamorous catwalk model.

Dylan felt she’d mistaken his own reckless bravado for a similar innate confidence. Women liked confidence in a guy – he’d read that often enough – and yet the irony of it was, most really confident guys their age were the kind of selfish idiots that would never bother to please anyone but themselves, even if they had a goddess like this interested in them.

Oh, he felt all weak in the knees to have Noelle sitting so close to him, but he knew he had to attempt to portray some kind of confidence if he was going to maintain this veneer that had somehow enticed this princess from the school across town to come talk to a lowly frog.

“So it sounds as though girls at Marchmont are being hard done by when it comes to the guys,” he said, trying to sound casually headstrong.

“I guess we are,” she said, smiling broadly. “So are St Josephs guys so different?”

Dylan shrugged. “I think we probably have our own fair share of idiot jocks interested in noone but themselves.”

“But there’s also guys who could… you know… out-compete a vibrator?”

Was she being flirty with him?

“I should imagine there’s a few of us,” he said, once again surprising himself at how brazen he could be.

“And wait,” she said, “Are you saying that’s because you guys hace read up on how to do it, or are you saying St Josephs men can actually handle a girl telling them what she wants?”

“Both, I’ve no doubt at all.”

She flashed her eyes at him. “Intriguing,” she said. He saw her fingers fidgeting with the hem of her skirt, drawing his eyes down to the alluring sight of her thighs. “You guys must have girls queuing up for dates, huh?”

“Not especially,” Dylan said, his mind scrabbling for some kind of explanation other than – well, most guys who know how the biology of the female body works are so shy and socially awkward they won’t manage to even talk to a girl until at least college graduation.

Instead, he said: “Trouble, I think a lot of girls don’t seem to know what they want.”

There was another pause. Dylan wondered if he’d offended her by suggesting girls didn’t know what they wanted in a guy. That all their problems were their own fault.

But she broke the pause by saying: “I know what I want.”

“That’s good. I like a girl who knows what she wants.

Jumping Jehoshaphat – where did that come from? That was flirting, wasn’t it? Class-A, triple-distilled. Where on Earth did that come from?

Noelle said: “So Dylan, do you like it when a girl tells you what she wants?”

Dylan felt all aflutter – so light, he could have floated away if there had been any kind of breeze. Doing his utmost to keep calm and collected, maintain the pretense that he had some kind of confidence going on, he answered: “I can’t think of anything better. It usually means I can give her exactly what she wants – and then everyone’s happy.”

Oh, that wasn’t good. A white lie – making her think he was actually experienced. But she wouldn’t want to keep flirting with him if she knew he was a virgin, would she?

She nodded, buying his lie. “It doesn’t damage your manly reputation?”

“Of course not. If I know what a girl wants, I can make her feel amazing, and surely that makes me more of a man?”

She gave him a mock swoon, fanning her face with a hand like a Southern lady. “Lord have mercy,” she said. “Where do I sign up for whatever college St Joseph’s boys go to?”

Dylan smiled, feeling so warm inside, he didn’t even need an extra sweater now. “This time of year? Good luck.”

She laughed.

Then he looked up to see Noelle’s friends all returning bearing brown paper bags stuffed full of fast food, and his heart sank. Was that it? Now that her friends had returned, she wasn’t going to want to be seen talking to someone who looked like him, a guy with no puffed-out chest or anything – just unkempt black hair and old clothes that were kind of fraying at the edges.

But as the other girls approached, she didn’t move an inch, remaining sitting right where she was beside him.

“Guys, this is Dylan,” she called out. “He’s cool.”

“Hey, Dylan!” Dylan flushed a little, though he tried not too.

“And Dylan, this is Ellie, Chrissy, Sasha and Marie.

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“We had the feeling you might be joining us, Dylan,” Chrissy said, and to his utter surprise handed a brown paper bag to him. “Quarter-pounder okay? We figured if you’re man enough to stand up to Noelle here, you probably wouldn’t want anything less.”

“Seriously?” he asked, but felt overjoyed at being included in the meal.


As proper darkness came, Dylan was surprised to find people in the queue actually bedding down in sleeping bags and – a few – in tents. It seemed ripe for some unscrupulous types to find ways to jump the line, but he supposed that everyone knew well who was in front and behind them in the queue, so it would be easy to self-police the line.

Over a pleasant supper, Dylan found himself fitting into his new circle of adopted friends comfortably. They seemed to make certain social assumptions about him based on the fact that he was hanging out with them – that he liked certain bands, that he must be a regular party-goer and all round social alpha-male at St Josephs.

He did his best not to lie, but saw no reason to correct their views of him, either.

He found out more about Noelle and her friends – they seemed so normal to him, even though they were all like minor deities to him. They didn’t seem to talk much about the whole reason they were all there – the upcoming iPad launch – and he began to suspect that only Chrissy was anything close to being an Apple geek.

They seemed quite impressed that he was queuing through the night on behalf of his sister – that got him some brownie points, and a lovely smile from the enchanting Noelle.

Conversation was easier when there were more people to share in it, and Dylan found that although he was grilled quite a bit as the newcomer to the group, he was able to leave the talking to the others when the subject came round to areas in which he was not an expert.

Compared to everyone else in the line, their group seemed to stay up much later – into the small hours. Until midnight came and went, the girls’ conversation appeared to steer clear of the kind of dirty subjects they had been talking about before Dylan came along. But as they passed into the day on which the mighty iPad would be launched, things began to loosen up a little again.

All through the evening since he’d joined them, Dylan had been given the strange sense that the other girls were trying to get him interested in Noelle. He thought at first that it was just his ego going nuts because a pretty girl had actually shown him a tiny bit of attention that night.

But as things drew on, it was hard to mistake it.

There were the unabashed attempts to impress him with something about her.

Ellie saying at one point, “You know, Noelle’s, like, one of the best swimmers in the Marchmont team?”

Chrissy telling him: “Noelle’s going to get into law school, you know that, Dylan? She’s so brainy. She’s Ivy League brainy.”

Or the fact that she’d once been on Good Morning America as a seven-year-old, or the fact that she used to be the best gymnast in middle school before she took up swimming because it was less traumatic on the joints.

There was the way that every now and then when some small detail about Dylan emerged – his passion for travel, for example, or his love of movies – they tried to point out how his interests fit so well with Noelle’s.

“Noelle drags us to the movies, like, all the time.”

“Hey, haven’t you been to Italy, Noelle?”

Noelle seemed to be good at fending off the more obvious attempts, and Dylan just found himself ignoring it in order to protect himself from blushing. What was going on?

After midnight, and a lot the queue-goers around them seemed to be fast asleep, all bedded down and blanketed up, and the girls’ voices might have gotten a little quieter out of respect for the sleepers around them, but their conversation topic took a distinct turn for the filthy again.


Somebody had said there was a rumor that St Josephs people had regular rainbow parties, or at least that’s what Chrissy had asked Dylan about once things started getting more relaxed and there were less concerns about the queuers around them overhearing.

Dylan wasn’t entirely up to speed on what rainbow parties were, but he had five faces eagerly after information on whether he could substantiate or deny these rumors.

He was a little put out that they should assume a normal guy would know what one of these ‘rainbow parties’ was. Was he so sheltered? Did normal guys know all about this?

He assumed it was some kind of drug thing. Psychedelic drug-taking, perhaps. People seeing rainbows as they hallucinate. Or maybe it was a gay thing – wasn’t a rainbow flag a symbol for the gay community?

“Sure, I’ve heard they happen,” he said dismissively. “It’s not really for me.”

“Not for you? You ever been invited?” Chrissy pushed him.


“So what, you said ‘no’?”

“It’s not really for me.”

There were a few eyebrows at that. Noelle gave him a funny look, and he couldn’t quite work out whether she was somehow impressed at him – no doubt for keeping his nose out of drugs – or baffled as to why he should pass up such an opportunity.

Or maybe she could tell he’d told a white lie hoping they’d just drop the subject.

She said: “I thought you said guys from St Josephs were above all that demeaning stuff.”

He was a little confused himself. Maybe he’d got the meaning of the term ‘rainbow party’ wrong. He said: “I didn’t say all of us, did I?”

She said, with a skeptical note: “And you’re seriously telling us you turned down a whole night of free blow jobs?”

His ears burned. A whole evening of what-what? Now he suddenly found himself wanting a quiet corner where he could consult Google via his iPhone.

“I don’t know, sounds like a weird thing to me,” he said.

She said: “Doesn’t it?”

He felt a sudden drop in tension in the air – he did not like lying to this girl. It really was not worth it. Ellie said: “Robbie Fallon and Archie Settler have been trying to talk girls in our school to throw one for ages.”

“It’s an urban myth,” Sasha said. “Nobody really does that.”

“But they do at St Josephs?”

“Well, I’ve never actually seen one,” Dylan said, feeling himself hot under the collar, really wanting them to drop this subject.

“I bet you have,” Ellie said. Were they taking the wrong interpretation of his blushing?

Noelle looked at him and gasped, putting her hands to her mouth – was she kidding around again? She said: “You have, haven’t you?”

“No, I – “

She said: “I thought you said you were all read up on, you know, how to please a girl in bed. You’re all in tune with how to make them… you know. And you’ve been to a rainbow party?”

Dylan felt sick. Maybe he had been wrong to think Noelle had ever really liked him, and that this group of girls was simply setting him up for a fall. Toying with him. He was disappointed in the revelation that he was an idiot, though.

He said, pointlessly, “Maybe some of those girls like it.”

Jesus, he was defending an urban myth now.

“Like it? A whole evening of giving guys blow jobs? And what do they get for their trouble other than a face full of jizz?” Noelle huffed again. She said: “That’s the thing, isn’t it? Girls will do that sort of thing to make guys happy, but guys won’t do it for girls.”

“Sure they will,” he said. Well, he didn’t have the experience to back it up, but he read around the subject enough. There were plenty of male authors of erotic fiction writing about that kind of thing for him to know there were some guys out there who liked it.

The whole idea thrilled Dylan himself no end – if only some willing girl would let him.

“They will? Can I quote you on that, Rainbow Boy?” Noelle’s friends laughed at that, at her new nickname for him.

He wasn’t sure why they called it ‘rainbow’, but he was sure it probably wasn’t the best nickname someone could have.

Dylan felt awkward, he felt cornered. He let his mouth wander again, and that was always dangerous. It said: “Here’s the thing – a lot of guys love doing that, but there’s no way any of them can if girls won’t ask them to.”

Noelle rolled her eyes. “Here we go again,” she said, seeming to coil herself up ready for a return to the earlier argument.

“No, hear me out,” he insisted. “Girls can assume if they offer a guy a blow job, he’s never going to say ‘no’. But girls have all kinds of paranoid fears of letting a guy do it for them, that he won’t like it, that he won’t like how it tastes or smells, that he’ll never want to see her again. So they never seem happy to let guys do it, so guys figure they don’t like it anyway, so they don’t offer to do it. It’s a vicious circle.”

“You’re saying it’s our fault?” Noelle was irritated at him again.

Dylan heaved a sigh. He didn’t know what to say now, every word that left his mouth seemed to be the wrong thing.

He said: “Look, you know what the teachers told all the guys in St Josephs when they were freshmen?”

“I don’t know, what?”

“They took all the guys aside, and sat us down and explained to us that we might be starting to like the look of the girls right now, and that we might find ourselves tempted to do something about that, but that if we laid a single finger on any of them, there was a chance we might be accused of rape.”

Dylan spoke the truth. St Josephs might not be like most high schools out there, with its strong Catholic traditions, but that particular ‘sex ed’ class had certainly left an impression on its male students.

“Seriously?” someone said.

Noelle remained quiet, one eyebrow raised skeptically.

Dylan said: “We were told fairly clearly that if we touched a girl on the god damn ankle, and she wasn’t happy about it, she’d be capable of going to the authorities – and that would be the end of our hope to get into college, the end of our future careers, everything.”


“So you know what?” he said, “For the guys I know, if a girl doesn’t explicitly ask him to do something to her, they’re pretty nervous about doing anything with her.”


That was Noelle. Dylan looked up, and he could tell she’d believed his story – why shouldn’t he? He’d sounded as earnest and truthful as he was.

She said: “And that’s why guys at St Josephs like girls to tell them what to do?”

“I guess.”

“Sounds kind of nice,” one of the other girls said. Sasha, Dylan thought.

“Nice? Those poor guys! Probably scared out of their heads!” That was Ellie.

“Not about the sex ed class – about liking girls telling them how to do it.”

“But it probably got the message through their heads about assaulting girls, though, huh?” Noelle said. But then she looked at Dylan, and her expression seemed to soften. “So what would you do if a girl asked you to?”

He felt his insides turn to molten led, his manhood thickening up quite suddenly in his pants. Somehow, everything seemed to have gone quiet, yet his ears were ringing. Nothing quite seemed real.

He heard himself say: “Anything she wanted me to do, if it was the right girl.”

Noelle’s friends seemed to have gone deathly quiet.


He felt a little stupid when Noelle finally unrolled her sleeping bag, and it was quite clear that he was the only person in this part of the line who was going to be without any form of bedding to help him through the night.

She was the last of them – by the time she’d got her sleeping bag in place, her friends were already bedded down, Ellie and Sasha already asleep.

“You’re going to be cold,” she said, looking over at his modest little place between her sleeping bag and the nearest emo.

There was a distinct chill in the air – his mother had been entirely correct about the heat suddenly evaporating after the sun went down. He was shivering a little already, though trying not to show Noelle.

“I’ll be okay – the sun’ll come up in a few hours.”

“You’re insane.”

Then suddenly she seemed to make a decision, silently to herself, looking at him and standing up, saying: “I have some emergency blankets in my car.”


“I have them in case I ever break down, you know? If I have to wait for roadside assistance in the cold. Come on, let’s go get them.”

“Oh, really, you don’t have to – ” He protested, but she flashed her eyes at him.

“I thought you were okay about the whole girl telling you what she wants,” she said, tapping her feet. Dylan heard a stifled giggle from one of her friends.

“Sure, of course I am.”

“So come on, then.”

Another soft giggle from somewhere over toward Chrissy’s sleeping bag.

She held out her hand for him, and for the first time he touched her.

He tried not to show it affected him, though it was hard not to. It wasn’t just that her hand was so delicate and soft – somehow the touch made her real to him. The evening had taken on a magical quality ever since he’d intruded on the girls’ conversation, and Noelle hadn’t turned her back on him.

As an ordinary run-of-the-mill guy without any kind of lofty position in the school social hierarchy, he had been frankly astonished that these girls would give him the time of day, let alone share a meal and spend all night allowing him in their circle.

Now, the prettiest girl he’d ever laid eyes on was helping him up, ushering him away from her friends, out toward a dark parking lot to fetch a blanket so he could sleep beside her.

He felt so nervous walking away from the Apple Store with her – it wasn’t that he might lose his place in the line, he was fairly confident that was safe, it was that now they were rounding the corner and heading away from the actual mall, into the parking lot, he didn’t quite know what to say.

Noelle stifled a giggle.

“What?” he asked, worried he was supposed to have done something.

“You really do do what you’re asked, don’t you?” she smiled at him – and now took hold of his hand again. Even in the low light of the street lamps, she looked so beautiful it made his chest tighten up so it was hard to breathe.

She was holding his hand.

Oh, it felt so incredibly right – but what did it mean? She really was interested in him? There was a storm of butterflies now howling inside his stomach. He felt a curious mixture of sheer excitement and a slight tinge of nausea from his jangling nerves.

“Of course,” he said, and then as he was going about the process of closing his mouth, it suddenly went off on its own accord again: “For you, I’d do anything at all.”

That secured another of her incredible smiles – dazzling, even in the half light.

“Most guys would have sat there and probably grunted at me that they were all right, they’d be okay even though it’s freezing cold,” she said. “The guys I know, anyway.”

“I think your friends were amused that we’ve gone off together,” Dylan said, thinking he might make her smile again at the thought that her friends were already making baseless assumptions that this whole trek to the car to find blankets was some kind of pretext for some kind of romantic –

“They’ve been trying to set me up with various guys for months,” she interrupted his thoughts. “I think they’re just excited I actually found someone worth talking to.”

Dylan had to conceal a gasp.

Found someone worth talking to?

What was going on? He felt as though he was walking on clouds, somehow. Were his ears deceiving him now? She was excited about being with him?

He tried to change the subject, if anything to distract himself from all the confused feelings he had, to calm himself down and prevent himself from misunderstanding this situation.

He said: “So are you actually excited about this new iPad?”

She gave him a blank look, and nearly dropped his hand.

“Only, I’m sitting there in the line trying to mind my own business…”

“And not doing so great at that, huh?” she flashed him a grin.

He shrugged, “Kind of hard to keep my ears to myself when you’re talking about vibrators and stuff like that.”

“I guess it must be. Pervert.”

“Hey, it wasn’t me talking about sex toys in a queue for the new iPad.” She smiled and rolled her eyes, and he said: “The emos sitting behind me in the line were talking about iPads the whole time – you can’t blame me for trying to distract myself from that.”

She laughed. “That doesn’t get you horny, talking about 4G and Retina display?”

He couldn’t quite tell whether it was going to turn her off that he wasn’t completely obsessed with Apple products like his sister, or whether it was a good thing.

“Well, I mean they’re handy to have…”

She laughed, “You’re worried we’re all geeky girls and I’ll find you boring because you’re not in the waiting list to work on the Genius Bar?”

To be honest, he’d never thought any of them might be termed ‘geeky’.

She said: “It’s Chrissy. She’s a total tech geek. And she has to have the latest new anything the minute it’s out.”

“Oh, right, I see. My sister’s just the same.”

“Only it kind of sucks waiting in line on your own all night – so we all came along for the ride.”

“That’s very nice of you.”

“Hey – it’s the summer. Not like we have to do anything else tomorrow,” she said. “Your friends didn’t feel the same way, then?”

“I didn’t really tell them. Don’t think they’d be quite so understanding about the whole sitting around all night for an iPad kind of thing.”

“You’re very sweet to do it for your sister.”

“If it gets me in her good books for a few weeks, it’s a price worth paying.”

“Hey,” she said, as came to a halt between two SUVs. There weren’t too many cars in the parking lot, but Noelle had pulled them over to a cluster that he’d assumed belonged to her and her friends.

She stopped him, pulling him back to her.

“Are you still up for letting me tell you what to do?”

“Letting you?” he joked. “I don’t think you get how to do this.”

She rolled her eyes again, but then she said: “Fine. Then I’ll just tell you.”


“Kiss me. Now.”

Something like a small hand grenade went off inside his upper chest. He couldn’t hear it, but the burst of intense heat and shock from the blast was quite clearly detectable.

What did she just say?

But he hardly had a moment to process what she’d demanded of him as she pushed him back against the black four-by-four vehicle, launching herself at him. Complete surprise and overwhelming confusion made him putty in her hands.

“Okay…” he said as she pulled him down to her level, placing her hands on his chest.

His chest filled with her sweet perfume, and his whole body trembled with pent up desire and shock. She was so close to him, he could see her individual freckles, even in this low light. Her eyes, highlighted by mascara and eyeliner, were astonishingly beautiful – so bright and sparkling with intelligence.

Then suddenly he felt the heat of her face on his, and her soft breath dancing on his skin, and then her lips were nudging against his, so he could feel the slight waxy texture of her lipstick.

She was kissing him. The most attractive girl he’d ever met. Kissing. Him.

It wasn’t quite his first kiss, but it might as well have been.

She sucked gently on his lips, and then he found his hands moving up to hold her head, almost checking to see if she was real, solid, not some kind of wonderful dream as he lay sleeping crumpled in a queue outside the Apple store.

More than a little insecure in his inexperience, he took his cues from her, he tried to learn from her, he mirrored her moves, gently sucking on her sweet lips, nudging his nose against hers, reveling in the velvet softness of her cheeks against his, inhaling her tantalizing scent with every fathomless breath.

Time just seemed to slow down and stop, as they entered a little world of their own.

Noelle smiled at him even while they continued kissing, and it sent his temperature skyrocketing. He felt her press against him, and to his horror realized she must be able to feel the massive erection that her incredible attention was causing. Yet she didn’t seem horrified by it – she actively pressed herself tighter against him, and suddenly as her kiss lingered, he felt her tongue delving between his lips – oh God, she was so hot.

“Oh my God…” she said, breathless like she’d just run the 100 metres in the Olympics, her eyes flickering all over his, her brow creased as though in confusion. “How did you learn to kiss like that?”

She didn’t give him a chance to answer – thankfully, since he didn’t know what exactly to say. Probably not a good idea to tell her he’d only really ever learned anything from her. She was kissing him, pressing herself up against him, her tongue sliding inside his mouth, now, not holding back.

He tried to give as good as he got, but her passionate energy was intense, and like lying under a refreshing waterfall, he just had to let the incredible power flow over him.

As she kissed him, he found he did really enjoy her taking control. Ever since his blundering fumblings in eighth grade, the few times he’d been lucky enough to find another girl interested in a little smooching, the girl had always pretty much opened her mouth and sat there.

This was electric. And now as he found himself sucking on her tongue, Noelle was grabbing his hands, and forcing them up her chest, demanding he touch her breasts.

“Just there…” she breathed as his fingers closed around the sensational shape of her cleavage.

Oh God in Heaven, he was actually holding her beautiful round breasts, and she actually wanted him to. He could feel the stiffness of her nipples, even through her bra and top.

Dylan took direction from her, and at first she seemed to find it strange, leading him. Putting his hands where she wanted them, guiding the speed and intensity of their kiss. For a moment, she looked at him, her eyes open, trying to figure him out. Perhaps check whether he was only allowing her to lead as some kind of lame follow-up to his earlier suggestions, all one long strategy to get her interested in him.

But he could see her come to believe that this was wonderful for him – he didn’t feel any sleight against his masculinity, how could he? He was entangled in the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen.

He touched her tenderly, and she seemed to respond to his gentle coaxing of her sensationally soft breasts, writhing and emitting the sexiest moans. But with the incredible sweetness of her kiss, he found himself slipping into a strange kind of dream state, lulled into a strange calm by the exquisite dance of the senses, and somehow he was losing himself in her.

When he realized her shirt had ridden up, and her bra had slipped down, and his hands were sprawling over her smooth, soft bare flesh, grazing over her hard nipples without hindrance, he was surprised and a touch confused about how they’d got to that state. Noelle appeared ecstatic that he was touching her like that, however.

“Kiss me down here,” she said softly, almost a whisper, and he found himself kissing down her soft neck, breathing in the gentle sweet scent from her skin as he moved down.

And then he was taking her nipple inside his hot mouth, tasting her soft flesh, brushing his tongue over her sensitive bud, drawing out a deep long sigh as he began sucking on her.

“Oh, that’s it… just like that…”

Caressing her hot flesh with his lips, teasing her with his tongue, sucking with increasing intensity, her sighs turned to moans, and Dylan found that confirmation of her pleasure the hottest thing he could remember.

“Oh, don’t stop…”

Why should it somehow demean a guy’s manhood to make the girl’s pleasure his priority? Surely succeeding in achieving this genuine delight should be taken as demonstrating real and proven manhood.

After a while, her moans were almost yelps, and Noelle furiously pulled his face to hers, kissing him with wild abandon, her hands closing over his to force him to virtually crush her cleavage in his fingers.

At last, she let out a big long groan, her body seeming to shudder as he held her, as though someone had switched on an electric current to flow through her shapely frame.

“Oh my God,” she said, completely struggling for breath. “Oh. My. God.”

“Are you okay?” he asked her, a little confused at the apparent look of shock in her face. Had he hurt her somehow? Had he gone too far?

Was he in trouble for touching her breasts like that?

God, all those warnings from his teachers at St Josephs came flooding back – he heard the words of some imagined judge somewhere: inappropriate touching, forcing himself upon her, non-consensual molestation…

But then her pretty face broke out into the most enchanting smile, her big blue eyes so wide and filled with joy, and she looked at him as though he’d just given her the most amazing gift ever.

“That’s not supposed to happen,” she breathed, her voice full of wonder.

“I’m sorry…” he said, still not understanding.

She shook her head. “It’s a myth, an urban myth,” she said. “You’re not supposed to actually be able to do that.”

“I kind of got carried away, I guess…” he said, beginning to see that he wasn’t in trouble, even finding it amusing how apparently slow his brain was being after being so doped up on the extraordinary experience of kissing Noelle.

“I mean, I never did that before, not with a guy,” she said, then kissed his lips briefly again. “And you did it just by kissing me and touching me.”

He felt incredibly warm inside. And how was it that making this girl feel this way felt more of a satisfying achievement to him than getting into Stanford?

“We should get back to the line,” Noelle said, pulling up her bra and pulling down her top. “They’ll all be talking about us, I bet.”

“We haven’t been gone that long,” he said, but fishing his iPhone out of his pocket was rather startled to find they’d been gone nearly an hour.

“I wish we could, but I will never live it down if those guys knew you just made me come, and we haven’t even had a first date yet.”

Oh wow. He felt himself blush all the shades of scarlet as she took his hand and showed him over to where her car was parked. The undeniable confirmation he’d made her come seemed to set off fireworks inside his whole body – and her use of the word ‘yet’, suggesting that they would be having a first date at some point in the near future, that just made him fizz all over.

He was vaguely disappointed that they couldn’t just abandon the whole idea of waiting in line for an iPad. Go off and try a little more kissing, a little more touching. Only his mother knew he was there at the Apple store anyway – he’d just tell her the competition for iPads had been so intense, there hadn’t even been enough for all the people in the queue.

He’d think of an alternative present for his sister – sure it wouldn’t be as great, but hey.

He knew that was a selfish feeling, and his head was able to override his heart even before Noelle grabbed his hand and led him on to a tiny little beaten-up Volkswagen that seemed like a very down-to-earth car for a girl as hot as Noelle to drive.

“It’s my baby,” she said, proudly patting the roof. “Say ‘hi’ to Rowena.”

“Hi, Rowena,” he said, and made her giggle.

“The others tease me about her,” she said. “But she’s the most reliable old girl you’ve ever seen.”

“Reliability’s so much more important than anything else,” he said, being nice about her car.

“Completely. Having something that’ll do what I want is so much better than something flashy that conks out after two minutes,” she grinned, and he wasn’t sure she was talking about her car any more.


Walking back, Dylan already felt better – and not only because of the most incredible kiss of his life. Holding those blankets made him feel so much better about how the rest of the night was going – it was getting seriously cold by now.

They stopped off at the McDonalds on the way back to use the bathrooms, thankful the place was open 24 hours.

Back in the queue, almost nobody was awake. Dylan found himself feeling a little down-hearted all of a sudden. They were going to find their places in the queue again, and then most likely get some sleep – and that would be it for the night.

“That’s horsecrap – guys don’t like doing it.”

“Some do. I read about it in a magazine.”

“What, like you read about Sasquatch being seen in Tempersfield?”

As they found their places, although Ellie and Sasha were still asleep, it was hard to miss the fact that Chrissy and Marie were still awake – Chrissy because she was so excited about getting hold of the new iPad, Marie because Chrissy couldn’t shut up.

“It was in New Look.”

“Well I think it would be weird. I’m not sure I want them that close up.”

“Are you kidding? It’s supposed to be amazing.”

Heavens knew what the two girls were talking about, but they brightened as soon as they saw Noelle and Dylan making a return.

“Hey, you two!” Chrissy said, quietly, although it didn’t look as though even shouting was going to wake up Ellie and Sasha.

“What are you guys talking about?” Noelle said, affecting a tone of mock-exasperation as she set about laying out the blankets for Dylan directly alongside her sleeping bag – one for him to sleep on, two to go over him.

Marie nudged Chrissy, and the two of them giggled, then the blonde said: “So Dylan, Chrissy really wants to know if St Josephs girls give head.”

“Marie!” Chrissy and Noelle hissed in unison.

Marie only chuckled.

Dylan tried his utmost not to look embarrassed. “Sure,” he said.

“No!” Chrissy and Marie said together. Noelle busied herself getting into her sleeping bag.

Marie said: “They don’t really, do they? Nobody I know has ever been with a guy that did. Guys don’t do it until they’re married and they have to.”

That made him laugh. He wasn’t particularly experienced, but there was no way if he had the choice in the matter that he’d refuse it until marriage.

He said: “Why should we wait until marriage?”

“Because you don’t like doing it,” Marie said.

“That’s not true,’ Dylan said categorically, and then suddenly felt rather embarrassed, having opened up a little too much in front of the girl he was hoping might agree to a first date. And it wasn’t as though he was opening up about his own experience.

He caught Marie flashing a look of – what, envy? surprise? congratulations? – directed at Noelle, who rolled her eyes, but then cast a curious glance Dylan’s way.

“So why don’t guys just do it?” Marie asked.

“Half of them think they’re probably not allowed to, because girls have so many hang-ups about it.”

“There are some guys that don’t like doing it.”

“Sure, there probably are.”

“You like it?”

“Chrissy!” That was Noelle, chiding her friend, but now looking at Dylan with the kind of expression that stated clearly she wanted him to answer.

“What could be better?” he said simply.

Noelle seemed to catch her breath, but Dylan tried not to look at her, worried he’d be caught out in another half-truth. He wasn’t telling a lie that he would be very keen to try it, but hinting that he enjoyed it was getting ahead of himself – he wanted to enjoy it. The idea of going down on a girl was so sexy, it made him tremble with lust. But he’d never had first hand experience.

Chrissy gave a loud yawn that made them all laugh, and seemed to suitably distract from the awkward zone the conversation was heading toward. Telling the others that she was going to rest her eyes for a little while, she asked Dylan: “Have you got any gorgeous friends that are just like you, Dylan? Can you give them my number?”

Noelle grinned at him, seemingly with pride. It made his ears burn a little, but in a good way.



“Night, Dylan!”

“Night, Chrissy.”

He made himself comfortable, and tried his best to relax enough to allow sleep to overcome him. He could hope that when the morning came, he might get Noelle’s number, and perhaps the most unlikely of nights would lead to the most unlikely of first dates for an ordinary guy from the other end of town.

But maybe when the Apple Store opened its doors, and the line surged ahead, he’d lose track of her in the scramble – and that would be it.


It was a little later that he heard the whisper: “You awake?”

He hadn’t been able to get to sleep – not even slightly. He was so incredibly buzzed by his evening with Noelle – and could not get that kiss out of his head. He’d just been lying there on his back, staring up at the stars.

Now he could detect her perfume again, and then he was startled by a hand snaking over his chest.

“Yeah, I’m awake,” he said.

“Come here,” she said.

He was a little unsure what she meant – she was right there, after all, right next to him. It wasn’t as though he had to walk anywhere to be with him.

But then her arm was across his chest, and she was pulling him over toward her sleeping bag – which was unfastened to allow him entry, the cold air kept out by the way she appeared to have draped the blanket over them both now. When had that happened?

He found his hand brushing over a sensationally smooth thigh, and the apparent fact she wasn’t wearing her skirt any more made his heart-rate soar.

It was much darker here in the line than it had been in the flood-lit parking lot, but the mall’s stream lamps were still enough to shed light on her pretty face as she pulled him in for another powerful kiss.

Oh how incredible she was – he felt he could have been happy just to be allowed to kiss her for the rest of his life, it was so exhilarating.

“You’ll wake the others,” he warned as they eventually came up for air, concerned that her little sighs as they kissed would become louder as she lost herself in their embrace.

“I won’t,” she said. “Promise.”

Then as they continued taking it in turns to gently suck on each others’ lips, and tangle their tongues together, Noelle brought the hand that wasn’t cradling her head up underneath her top once again, brushing over her smooth stomach, and then gliding up over the scintillating slopes of her bare breasts – she’d removed her bra, and now he was completely free to caress her shapely breasts, tease her hard nipples between thumb and fingers, drawing out soft little moans despite her promise to be silent.

“Will you really do whatever I want you to?” she whispered as they came up for air again.


“Even… what we were talking about with Chrissy and Marie?”

“Your wish is my command.”

She flashed her eyes at him, a little shocked, a little hopeful, a little disbelieving.

“Do it,” she said with a devilish grin. He felt a fireball overcome his insides.

It was warm beneath the sleeping bag, but felt safe from the outside – he was concealed from prying eyes, secure to pursue the dream of kissing his way down her chest, her top pushed up and then gone entirely, leaving this divine nymph in nothing but a pair of panties, lying there for him and only him.

Taking her nipples inside his mouth for a moment or two, before he felt her writhe, her breathing so deep it made her entire body rise and fall like the surface of the ocean, he tried to pause, calm himself, though everything inside him felt as though it was alight.

He needed to calm himself – his heart was pounding in his chest, he was going to drop dead if he wasn’t careful. He couldn’t believe she actually wanted him to go down on her.