1000 islands

This picks up the next day from the end of Ch. 3. As in the previous chapter, italics indicate telepathic communication.

Although this is categorized as incest, be warned, it also includes anal intercourse, non-consensual oral, anal and vaginal sex. and mind control.


It was nearly one o’clock, and Mom and I were just sitting down to have a cup of coffee and discuss dinner plans. From the back of the house, we heard the toilet flush and a few minutes later Pan sort of staggered into the kitchen. Not really staggered, like a drunk, but in the sort of unsteady gait one has when they’ve slept too long, or too hard, or, well you know what I mean.

She was dressed only in nature’s robe, looking absolutely beautiful, in spite of the fact her hair was a mess, her eyes puffy from sleep, and her body covered with the various souvenirs of a night of wild sex. Coming into the kitchen, she caught the aroma of the fresh coffee, and her eyes opened wide, matching her smile. “Coffee! Yes! God bless whoever made the coffee.”

She crossed the floor to the table where she greeted, first, Mom and then me with a more than friendly kiss. Mom’s reaction was a puzzled look and then a smile. When Pan got to me, I understood. The pungent taste and aroma of pussy was so intense it nearly overpowered my other senses.

“Pan,” I said, with a grin, “not to be unkind, or anything, but you have a bit of a B.O. problem.” Mom had poured her some coffee and set the cup down in front of her.

Pan gave me the ‘duh’ look, as if to say “Of course I do! Are you stupid?” and took a long drink of coffee. “It’s your fault,” she said, her eyes closed as she savored the hot brew, “and if you think I smell bad, wait until Lande gets here. I smeared your late night gift all over her before she woke up.”

I heard that! Where are you, you perverted bastards? One of you goes about abusing sleeping women and the other destroys the evidence by mixing it with her own fluids and using it as body wash. You’re sick, both of you!” We could feel her stretch, tensing all the muscles in her body and releasing them. “I loved it! Will, can you bring me some coffee? I’m going to shower and make myself presentable before I force myself on you and Connie.”

She was just coming out of the bedroom when I got there with her coffee. “Thank you,” she said, reaching up to give me a kiss. “Next time we have sex, can it be at a time when I can really enjoy it? Not so aroused that a breeze could make me come, or so out of it that I could have been fucked by an elephant and not been aware of what was going on, although I do seem to remember a rather nice variation of clit massage.”

I just grinned and nodded, thinking about burying Charlie in that auburn colored carpet. I bent down to kiss her and caught a whiff of her odor. “Pan was right; you do smell worse than she does. Hurry and shower. Mom has waffle batter ready for you two. Shall I send Pan to join you?”

She laughed. “Not if you want to see us again today. I think that woman has a snake for a tongue. Whenever I got my pussy within two inches of her mouth, I couldn’t get away from it.”

“I’ll tell her to behave…”

“But I’m not sure I would,” she answered with a smile.

“Okay,” I laughed, “but hurry; she needs to shower, too.”

When I got back to the kitchen, I saw what Lande meant about Pan’s tongue. Mom was on the table on her back, with Pan’s head buried between her thighs. Mom’s hips were bouncing off the table, while her hands, tangled in Pan’s hair, were pulling the brunette into her pussy. The sounds coming out of Mom’s mouth weren’t human.

Between the sight of them fucking, and Pan’s pheromone-laden odor, Charlie was bone-hard in a second. I walked up behind Pan and grabbed her hips. “About fucking time you got back here. Hurry and get in me; we’re almost ready to come!”

I saw the butter on the table. On impulse I grabbed a some and smeared it over Charlie. I positioned him at Pan’s pucker and pushed. “What?! No! Will, I’ve never…no, don’t!!”

I pulled back on her hips while she tried to tell me to stop, but the butter worked just fine, and my glans slipped in before she got to “don’t.” I continued to push, while Mom and I played tug o’ war with her body. From somewhere deep down in her belly, Pan groaned “Uuunnnnngggghhhh!” as my pubes bumped up against her butt, setting off Mom’s climax..

I stopped and held still for a bit, letting Pan accommodate to having Charlie in her hitherto virgin place. “Bastard,” was all she said, followed by a low moan. I began to pull back and continued until I felt her anal ring against my coronal ridge. I pushed back in slowly and immediately started to back out when I hit bottom. I kept that up for a dozen or so strokes each way, until it seemed to go easier.

I added some more butter and began to pick up speed. It was then I noticed Pan’s head lying on Mom’s stomach, and her ass moving with me. She was making small, short grunting sounds which got louder the faster she moved.

“Oh, shit, Will! I’m gonnna come I’m gonna… gotta… got… g…g… ooohhhhhnnggghhhhaahhhooowwww!!!!” If the neighbors had been home, I’m sure, they would have called the police to report a murder.

“What are you doing to my poor cousin?” I heard Lande laughing behind me, but wasn’t able to answer right away as Charlie began to spew his cream all over Pan’s bowel walls. Her hips jerked in reflex to its splashing heat as she let out a low soft moan.

“Get out of here, Lande,” Pan panted. “We’re not done yet.”

“But I was promised waffles,” she pouted, smiling at the same time.

“Then get us out of here, Will, so the witch can eat,” growled Pan, “and don’t you move away from me as much as an inch.”

And then the doorbell rang.

Shitfuckpissgoddam!” cried Pam. “It’s the cops!”

I pulled clothes from the bedrooms for everybody and had us presentable in seconds. Mom went to answer the door.

“Will, they want to talk to you.”

I went to the door where I was introduced to one Agent Carl Henry of the FBI. I invited him into the living room, the only room the odor of sex hadn’t yet permeated. “Would you care for some coffee; it’s fresh?” I asked him.

“Ahh, no thanks, I’m over my daily limit, but thank you.” He pulled an envelope from the inside pocket of his suit coat.

“We’ve had a request from our Albany office to trace the activities of a Miss Eileen Greene, aka Eileen Colie. We’ve been told you may be acquainted with her?” He handed me a photo.

“Eileen? Yeah, we’re fairly good friends. Has something happened to her? You’re FBI? Has she been kidnapped?”

“We’re not sure. You asked that pretty quickly. Are you aware of any threats made against her?”

“No, just what she told me about her childhood. She ran away from an abusive person who had also abused her mother and forced her to abandon Eileen to him. She told me he demanded sex from her two or three times a week from the time she was twelve until she ran away when she was seventeen.”

“That would have been Earl Colie?”

“I don’t know. She never mentioned his name. What happened?”

“We don’t know. She left her apartment a week ago to go to her work and never showed up, nor has she been seen since then. Her car was found in the parking lot of a small shopping plaza in Schenectady, with her keys locked inside. Was she involved with anyone else, to your knowledge?”

“You mean, was she dating anyone?” I shook my head. “No one steady, no one seriously.” I paused, thinking.

No, Will, you can’t tell him about us, me and Pan. We can help you find her, but the police cannot know about us. Technically, we’re both illegal aliens”

I gave Lande a mental nod. “Have any of Colie’s neighbors seen him around his place recently? From what Eileen told me about him, he’s not the kind of guy to forgive what she did.”

“What she did?”

“She left without telling him, after he supported her for nearly seventeen years, even if he was raping her for the last five, and she took some money from him, money she said her mom had been sending for her.” I paused, then asked, “Hey, I’ve got some friends who claim to be psychics. They’re pretty good at finding lost things, keys, pets, kids, and so on. Would it be alright if I ask them about Eileen?”

Agent Henry gave me an exasperated look. “As long as you don’t interfere with the official investigation, you can ask anyone anything. If you learn anything useful, here’s my card,” he said, taking out his business card.

“Okay, Agent Henry. I might have something by tomorrow. Oh, Eileen told me Colie kept his van registered in his mother’s name, Swenson. Claimed that way, if he was ever in an accident, they couldn’t take his house.”

“Swenson, huh. Thanks, that might help.”

“That would be the name on the Thruway auto pay gizmo, wouldn’t it?”

He gave me an appreciative look. “Yeah, I think so. You wouldn’t know his address would you?”

“Some weird town name, is all; Henrietta, or something like that.”

“That’s good enough. Thanks, you’ve been helpful. If you think of anything else…” He got up and walked to the door. “Or if your psychic friends…” he added with a wry smile and waved good-bye as he walked off the stoop.

Back in the kitchen, I found Mom and the witches gathered in a tight circle, arms around each other, with Lande muttering something just below my comprehension threshold. When they noticed me, Lande and Pan separated and pulled me into the circle. “Think about her the last time you saw her,” Pan directed.

I was able to generate a mental picture of Eileen, lying on the bed, nude, her legs akimbo, waiting for me. “Something not quite so graphic, Will,” suggested Mom.

“No, Connie; that’s perfect, Will. Now, if you can, I know it was before you discovered your power, but try to get inside her mind, to get a sense of her, her mental fingerprint, as it were. Can you do that?”

Given the crazy kind of intimacy we had developed over the last couple of years, it was easier than it might sound. “I think I have it. Now what?”

“Since we have no idea where they might be, we will feed you power, like you did for Pan, while you search. Why don’t you start with that man’s home town?”

I nodded and began stretching out my mind, seeking Eileen’s engrammes. It took nearly twenty minutes of intense concentration. It’s certainly a hell of a lot easier to read a mind when the person’s in the same room, and more or less conscious. When I finally recognized her, I realized I must have passed her over two or three times. I could barely read her until the women joined with me.

She was in that twilight state between sleep and awake when I finally was able to tap into her consciousness. The next next part of this narrative is her story, told to me by her when it was all over.

Eileen’s story:

She hurried down the steps of the converted residence. Originally built as a double, it was now a five flat; the attic, converted to a loft which she shared with a friend from school. The street was almost empty since most of the people in the neighborhood were either young singles or empty nesters.

She was digging in her purse as she walked to her car. Part of her morning had been taken up with a telephone conference with her advisor, who had told her about her friend Will’s grandfather. She planned on going out at lunch to get him a sympathy card and wanted to be sure she had enough cash.

She had just dropped her wallet back into her bag and unlocked the car when she sensed someone behind her. “Don’t turn around,” she heard a voice she’d never wanted to hear again say. “Get in the car and move to the passenger seat. No funny business or this ends here and now with you dead.”

The voice brought back all sorts of emotions from the past. It was Earl, the man who had taken her and her single mother in after her grandfather, an evangelical preacher, had thrown them out of his house. Later, she had learned Earl demanded sex from her mother in return for his ‘hospitality’.

Her mother had been required to participate in all sorts of degrading acts, including simultaneous multiple partners. Eileen had been forced to watch videos of her mother with four or five men at once using her body. When Eileen was twelve, Earl had tied her mother in a chair and forced her to watch as he raped Eileen. By the time he was done, the pre-teen wasn’t any kind of virgin, and, by the end of the week, her mother had been forced out of the house.

For the next five years, through browbeating and physical intimidation, he had forced compliance from the young girl, educating her about his wants and needs by forcing her to watch the videos he had made of her mother. By the time she was seventeen, Eileen knew as much about sexual perversion and deviancy as the most debauched libertine.

Aware of her probable future with Earl, she had planned and executed her escape. Somehow, he had found her again. As he took the driver’s seat, she resolved to do whatever she had to do to survive. “Earl…”

“Keep your fucking mouth shut, unless I ask you something, bitch!”

She cringed, hoping all he wanted was a revenge fuck, to get back at her for leaving and taking the money her mother had been sending for her. She recalled his routine the last several months she had been living with him, her senior year of high school.

He would come home from work, take off his coat and boots, grab her and drag her to the bedroom where, without saying a word, he waited for her to strip both of them. If she was too slow getting them undressed, he’d hit her, first a slap across the face, then a body blow if she didn’t speed up.

Once naked, he forced her down on the bed, pushed a finger into her and finger fucked her to start her moisture, then he’d shove his 4-inch dick into her and pump until he squirted his juice. After ejaculating, he’d withdraw and pull her face to his groin and force her to suck him clean. Not until then would he say anything, and that was always, “How soon is supper?” She had learned early on that it had to be within the next fifteen or twenty minutes or she would get hard fucked again.

She expected him to drive to one of the cheap motels which ringed the city, but he surprised her. He headed into the Capitol District and continued into S-town, where he drove around for several minutes, as if he was looking for something. Finally, he pulled into a large strip mall, and parked behind the stores, next to a vehicle she immediately recognized as his work van.

Earl opened the door and turned to get out. “You come out this way, cunt, and no funny stuff; I’m warning you.” His voice was low, and filled with menace. Eileen’s stomach sank. She was sure this would turn out to be more than just the revenge fuck she had expected.

Earl dragged her to the back of his van and forced her inside. He was right behind her and forced her to her knees. “Give me your panties, cunt,” he demanded. She reached under her dress and worked them down to her knees. He pushed her down onto her stomach and pulled them off her feet, balled them up and shoved them into her mouth.

“There, that should keep you quiet. Now, we’ll have a little payback. I been missing your pussy and mouth since you been gone, ‘n’ I figure you owe me about three years worth of all-out fucking. It’s time to start collecting.”

She heard his zipper as he pulled it down, then his hand was rubbing her vulva, searching out her opening. His thick finger invaded her pussy and began to massage her cuntal walls, stimulating them to produce her lubricating fluids. “Fuckdam, girl, you’re still as tight as a pinch purse! Ain’t you been getting laid. Well, don’t worry, Uncle Earl will see to it that you get plenty of cock up your slutty twat.” And with that, he shoved what Eileen now recognized as a pitifully small dick into her. She almost laughed when she felt his penetration.

Earl fucked like a rabbit–several flurries of quick short strokes. True to form, it took barely a dozen such and he was squirting his spend in her. As he pulled out, she readied herself for the distasteful task of cleaning his prick, but he again surprised her. He pulled her hands behind her back, wrapped her wrists with some kind of tape and then went directly to the driver’s seat, started the van and pulled into traffic.

There were no windows in the sides of the van, and when she attempted to move to see out the front, Earl snarled, “Get down and stay down, if you know what’s good for you.” From the stop and go, she realized they were still in city traffic. Eventually, she felt the van speed up and the traffic smooth out. She guessed they were on the expressway. Based on the angle of the sunlight coming in the rear windows, they were headed West, back toward the town where he had raised her.

From the traffic sounds she could discern through the sides of the van, Earl must have been driving relatively slowly, taking his time, letting even the tandem trailer trucks pass him. With nothing to distract her, or keep her attention, she fell into a troubled sleep, not waking until Earl pinched her nipple. “Hey there, cunt, did you miss me? I’m here to collect another one of the fucks you owe me.”

He pulled her legs toward him, opening them, and pulling them over his shoulder. “Man that sure is a pretty little pussy you got there, Weenie,” he observed, invoking a hated pet name he had used for her when she was a teenager. He positioned his face right over her vulva and drooled a large amount of spit directly into her vagina. He laughed and looked at her face, locking eyes with her, then straightened up and sank his dick into her, watching her eyes. She didn’t flinch or react in any way. “Liked that, huh. I’ll have to remember that.” He paused, “so I don’t do it again.”

He repeated his rabbit like fuck, but before he squirted his seed in her, he pulled out and moved up to straddle her chest. “You bite, you die,” he warned her, brandishing a box cutter. Reaching in her mouth, he grabbed the panty-gag and pulled it out. As she worked her jaws, he moved his hips forward and shoved his cock into her mouth. “Shitdam, girl, I missed this almost as much as I missed your cunt.” He pushed his whole cock into her mouth and began his rabbit dance. It was only a matter of seconds before she felt his glans swell and her mouth was filled with his bitter deposit.

She looked up at his face, to see a look of evil anticipation, waiting for her reaction. With a total lack of visible emotion, she swallowed. “Good cunt. You keep cooperating, you might just live.” Earl stood up, zipped up while straddling her, then reached down to retrieve the panties from the floor of the van. He shook the dust off them and balled them up again. “Open up,” he ordered.

“Please, don’t,” she asked. “I’ll be quiet.”

“I know you will. Open up.” He placed his foot on her chest, pressing just a little. He felt her body slump as she opened her mouth. “That’s right; you just do as you’re told. You’ll get free of the gag soon enough.” He pushed the panties back into her mouth. “Why not? It’s not like I wiped your ass with ‘em. Maybe I should, next time, or mine.” He was sniggering at his own joke as he made his way back to the driver’s seat. And they were back on the road.

There are seven rest stops between Albany and Rochester on I-90, the major East-West expressway between NYC and Chicago. Earl stopped at each of them. With some significant differences, they all followed the same pattern.

He’d park away from the other cars and make his way back to her through the van. Using the straps and other paraphernalia in the van, he’d arrange her like a porn star in some low budget production, then do his little rabbit dance, sometimes coming in her pussy, sometimes in her mouth. Once he fucked her ass and let his spend spatter all over her back. Without cleaning her up, he had just pulled her dress back down over her and returned to the road. Another time, he had pushed her dress up over her head and fucked her tits, the only time he paid them any attention. That time he had wiped the cum from her face with his finger and pushed it into her gag-filled mouth.

Once, after he had come in her pussy a few times, when he was done, he had extracted the gag. Expecting him to push his cock into her mouth for cleaning she left it open. Instead, he used the damp fabric to wipe their discharges off his member and shoved it back into her waiting mouth, laughing at the expression of distaste which flashed across her face. “Hah! Didn’t like that one, huh. I’ll have to remember that, and do it some more.”

The next time he had shoved the panties into her cream filled cunt and stirred them around inside her, soaking up his cum before returning the garment to her mouth. “Mmm, I bet that tasted good. You better suck all the cum outta them you can. We won’t be eating until I get you home.”

After that, even though he experienced a climax each time, there was no discharge of semen. Earl had laughed at that. “Goddam, girl, looks like you fucked me dry. That must be some talented pussy you got there. When I tell the guys what you did, I’ll be able to charge them three or four times what I got for your ma. C’mon now, suck me clean; get your cunt juice off me. I don’t want to smell like a pussy.”

Five or six hours later, she couldn’t tell, but it was just after sundown, at that time of day when it’s dark out, but the sky still looks blue, they had pulled off the X-way and made their way into a quiet residential neighborhood.

Eileen couldn’t tell anything about where they were. Unable to see any road signs, there wasn’t enough traffic for her to get any sense of where they might be. Except for the frequent turns, they could have been driving to a farm for all she knew.

Earl was driving slowly when she felt the van suddenly turn, and drive over a small bump; a few seconds later, another bump and it stopped. She heard Earl get out, then the back door opened and he was pulling her feet towards him. “Come on, bitch; time to show you to your new work room,” was all he said to her. He led her through a crowded garage and into a dirty kitchen. Immediately, she recognized the house where she had been raised. Without a word, he directed her to the stairway leading to the cellar.

When they got to the bottom, he dragged her by the arm to a locked room, which was new to her. Inside was a double bed, positioned in the middle of the room. Without saying a word, he pulled a jackknife from his pocket and cut her dress at the shoulders so it fell around her feet. Her bra was quickly dispatched the same way. Roughly, he pushed her onto the bed and positioned her, on her back, in the middle of the bed.

After tying her hands and feet to the corners of the bed, he pulled out the gag and tossed into the pile of clothes. “Time for some more payback, Weenie.”

He pulled some pillows on the bed under her head and pulled out his cock. “I dare you to bite me,” he said, brandishing his knife. “I’d just love a reason to slice up that pretty face of yours. Where you’re gonna wind up, they don’t care if you look like Godzilla, as long as you’re white.” He shoved his 4-inch boner into her mouth and began to fuck her face.

By this time, his balls had produced a small amount of new cream, and just before he climaxed, he pulled out of her mouth and aimed his mini-monster so his spend was deposited between her nose and her upper lip. With a grin he got up and left the room, without saying a word.

She had no way to keep track of time. Sometimes Earl was gone for what seemed like hours, sometimes he was back in a few minutes. When he came down with food , Eileen had to cooperate and fuck him first, before she could eat. After he fed her, she had to endure another fuck, often, in her ass.

Her only gauge of time was her bodily functions. She recognized that she was being fed twice a day, barely enough to maintain her daily bowel routine.

Earl’s care in that regard was the only time he showed any trace of kindness. When she needed to empty her bladder, he would hold a urinal for her; for her daily BM, he placed a disposable bed pad under her to catch her stool. After her BM, he would loosen one leg and half turn her onto her side and clean her up with baby wipes, and replace the pad with a clean one.

Twice, Earl brought someone down to see her. Both of them were encouraged to play with her tits and finger her cunt, but, although they both offered Earl money, he wouldn’t let them fuck her. He did, however, let them use her mouth, forcing her to blow them, for which they did pay.

On what she figured was her sixth or seventh day in the cellar, Earl came in, quite agitated. He loosened her hands and feet, then pulled her into a sitting position, on the edge of the bed. He retied her hands, then slipped what can only be described as a sleeveless smock over her head.

He forced her to her feet, the first time she had been vertical in a week. She felt weak as a kitten and nearly fell, but he caught her and pushed her to the door and stairway.

“Come on, cunt! We gotta get out of here. You being missing is on the local TV. It’s time to take you to my contact in Chicago; from there, you’ll probably wind up in some Asian whorehouse, where they’ll sell your ass for a dollar and give you a dime.

“You’ll be a right popular fuck, until you get AIDS or something, then they’ll put you on a cart and drive you around to the labor camps, where they’ll rent you out for a quarter and give you a dime for every five men you fuck. Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll get to star in some of their porn movies. They just love to gang bang white women, especially by two and three men at once”

He shoved her into the back of the van and tied her feet. “A word to the wise, cunt; keep quiet and stay alive. Kapeesh?” Eileen nodded, feeling really afraid for the first time since she had been grabbed. Earl slammed the door shut and went around to get in the driver’s seat. Ten minutes later, she realized they were back on the X-way, headed West.

Earl had really missed his breakfast fuck; after all, having her pussy available whenever he wanted it had got him into the habit of just taking what he wanted from her, when he wanted it. His balls were feeling heavy with their cumload and all he could think about was that available pussy, or ass, or…he had a thought of what would be the ultimate insult to a woman. He laughed and pulled into the Pembroke rest plaza when they got there.

As usual, he parked away from the other cars so the noise, if any, wouldn’t be noticed. He didn’t get out of the van, but made his way back to Eileen, over the equipment and baggage he had thrown into it before they left.

He turned her on to her stomach and pushed her smock up to her shoulders, exposing her tied hands. He pulled her up on to her knees and forced his cock into her hands ordering her to grip him tightly and started fucking them.

“C’mon, you cunt bitch, hold me tight, or would you rather I do this to your tits, so I can come all over your face?” he growled. Given that as an alternative, she tightened her grip as much as she could, and sure enough, in a dozen strokes, he was spritzing all over her back.

“Goddam, that felt good. Hope you enjoyed the cum shower, Weenie. I’m gonna really miss you. Having you to fuck this past week has really been fun, but with the Feds looking for you, you’re just too dangerous to keep around.”

He pulled out of her grip and turned her over, to shove his cock in her mouth. “Clean me up, girl, so we can be on our way.” With a feeling of dread sinking into her stomach and soul, Eileen used her tongue to swipe around his organ and pulled back. Earl saw the resignation in her face and laughed, returning to the front of the van.

She found the bouncing and rolling around in the back tiresome, and there weren’t any windows, so, with no distractions, and no knowledge about the future to use to make plans, she started to fall asleep. Then she heard a voice.

“Eileen, Eileen, can you hear me? This is Will.”

“Will,” she muttered, then she heard, “Don’t talk, just think what you want to say.”

Is this a dream, Will? I hope so; I could use a nice dream.”

“It is if that’s what you want, Eileen, but I need you to answer some questions for me. Where are you?”

“In Earl’s van. He’s driving me to Chicago, to sell to some pimp.”

“Are you on the Thruway?”

“I think so, I think we just passed Buffalo. I could tell with all the stopping to pay the tolls. We’ll probably stop at the rest stop in Angola so he can fuck me again. Will you stay with me so I don’t care, Will?”

“I’ll be right here, Eileen. What does the van look like?”

“It’s one of those utility vans businesses use. Bright blue with white letters. Colie’s heating and plumbing. We’re slowing down; oh, it must be construction, we’re changing lanes.”

“Okay, Eileen, I’ve contacted the police; they might get there in time to stop him from raping you again, but maybe not. Don’t make him angry, and don’t tell him about me, not even the dream me. Understand?”

“I guess so; don’t tell Earl about you, not even dreaming about you. I don’t understand why, though.”

“That’s okay, Eileen, just trust me.

The voice disappeared, but she still felt Will’s presence with her. It was comforting, and she began to feel hopeful. She didn’t understand how the disembodied voice could alert the police about her situation, but she somehow had faith that it would.

Several minutes later, she felt the van turning off the X-way and slowing. She realized it was another rest stop. She heard Earl’s door open, and his hand as he rubbed it against the side of the van as he approached the rear door. The door opened, flooding the inside with sunshine, momentarily blinding her. Then the door closed again and Earl was rolling her back on to her stomach.

She heard his zipper as he pulled it down, then the smock was pushed up to her waist. His hands pried her ass cheeks apart, exposing her rosebud, which he spit on and promptly breached. Just as she felt his pubes against her ass, the interior of the van was again flooded with sunlight.

“Earl Colie?” came a commanding voice. “Eileen Greene?”

“Yes! Oh, thank God, yes!” she sobbed. The worst of her ordeal was over.

Eileen was sitting in our living room. She paused to take a sip of her drink. ” When Earl got out of the van, he grabbed one of the officer’s gun and tried to run away. He ran in front of a truck just pulling into the parking lot and was killed immediately. They called for an ambulance, sent me to Buffalo General, where I was examined, treated for STDs and tested for AIDS. Other than being abused, bruised and battered, physically, there weren’t any lasting effects.

“Emotionally, after the shock of the initial assault, his performances were more pitiful and annoying than anything else, partly because he didn’t do anything to relieve the need all his poking around caused. If it did anything, it brought back all the bad memories from when I was a teenager and he was always on top of me, humping his ass up and down, trying to prove what a manly man he was.” She shook herself with a shudder sat up straight on the couch. “I don’t want to talk about him anymore. Good riddance to bad rubbish, as my mom used to say.

“Tell me, that was really you, I was talking to in the van, wasn’t it, and you really did contact the police and tell them where to find me?”

I looked at her with what I hoped was an amused expression. “What? You think I’m some sort of super telepath, able to communicate with someone over two hundred miles away? I’m sorry, Eileen, but as much as I’d like to be your hero…” I shook my head and locked eyes with her. In a couple of seconds, I saw her pupils dilate and her face went blank. She slumped a little, and then straightened up again.

“Yeah, it does sound silly when you put it that way. It must have been a dream. It was just funny, all coming together like that. The one good thing that came out of this is that FBI agent you talked to found my mother. I’m going to see her the day after tomorrow. Turns out she works for your agency; isn’t that weird?”

“Works for us? We don’t have anyone named Greene.”

“No, but you have Marie Gruen, which is the German cognate for Greene.”

“Marie, our receptionist? Wow, who’da thunk?”

“I know, weird. Anyway, Will, besides my silly thoughts about you talking to me long distance, I wanted to talk to you about us. I’ve really appreciated our relationship, and how accepting you’ve been of me and my moods.

“After this thing with Earl, though, I think I need to kind of draw back and sort of reassess my life. I want us to still be friends, maybe even date now and then, but I’m going to give up sex until I have a better sense of who I am and what I want. Can you understand?”

“Of course; I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some sort of, I don’t know, self examination. Are you going to see a counselor, or someone?”

“The only ones I can afford are the ones at school, and I don’t have a lot of faith in them.”

“If Marie is willing, you’re still eligible for family benefits. I can see that the extra premiums are paid for by the agency.

“That’d be great. Thank you, Will, for everything, for my dream, for understanding, and for the insurance.” She stood up and picked up her purse, getting ready to leave. I stood up and waited until she was ready, then moved to give her a hug.

“Eileen, if there is ever anything I can do for you, just ask. Sometimes, there’s a point in a relationship, when, if a spark hasn’t happened, it’s pretty obvious it isn’t going to, and I think we’re a few months past that point. But I will always think of you as my very good friend.”

Her smile was almost blinding. “Thank you for saying that, Will. I’ve felt that way for a while, but didn’t know how to say so to you.” She reached up and kissed my cheek. ” I’ll be seeing you around. This isn’t good-bye, just adieu.”

I nodded and walked her to the door. As I watched her walk to her car, I felt Mom mentally tapping me on my shoulder. “Did she say she was Marie Gruen’s daughter?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I think you should talk to Rose,” she said, with a laugh. “That is so weird.”

I walked back to our bedroom where she was lying on the bed, reading. “What’s so weird?”

“No, it’s Rose’s story to tell. She only told it to me because I forced it out of her.” She closed her book. “Where are Lande and Pan?”

“They said they were going shopping for clothes for Pan. All she has are the clothes she was almost wearing when I teleported her out of that hut.”

“Good. It’s been exciting having them here, but knowing they might be eavesdropping when were making love is a little inhibiting. Since we’re alone, how woul…”

I had us stripped in less than the time it took to think about it. Mom laughed the most joyous laugh I’d heard from her in long time. I knelt on the bed and levitated her so her pussy was at mouth level and began to apply my tongue to the most delicious spring I’ve ever tasted. I probed her mind and pulled her into mine so we were each aware of the others perceptions.

Mom turned herself over in midair without losing contact with my tongue, then bent down to take my cock into her mouth. We moaned in harmony as her tongue began servicing my glans. As she began to slide her mouth up and down my staff, I had a mean idea. I flashed it to her. I felt her laugh shake her body and her head movements added a strange bobbing motion I took as a nod.

I turned her back over and slid my cock into her as I levitated us both. We began one of the greatest fucks I have ever experienced. We must have floated all over the room. I know we bounced off the ceiling at least four times.

We kept our minds in contact so we were able to synchronize our orgasms. Just before we came, I reached out and linked to Lande and Pan. As it happened, they were walking down the main aisle of the mall. I guess they created quite a scene. They said the ambulance service received three calls, and the police were notified of a murder in progress based on the screams.

When they got home to tell us about it, they were laughing so hard they peed themselves. Twice. Each. So did Mom. And me.

I called Gramm the next morning and invited myself for lunch, something I had never done before. When I got there just after one that afternoon, she looked puzzled. “So, how are things working out with your two visitors? Everything okay?”

“Oh, yeah. Things have settled down and everybody’s cool. It just took a couple of days for everyone to find their place in the pecking order. You know how folks are.” She nodded, and smiled, a tight little smile which just made it to her eyes


“So, what brings my favorite grandson to me today? Not that I’m complaining, mind you.”

“What can you tell me about Marie Gruen?” Gramm’s eyes immediately narrowed, and her smile disappeared.

“Who…Why do you want to know about Marie?”

“I asked first. Is there something about her I shouldn’t know?”

Gramm sat down at the kitchen table. “Get me a CC and ginger would you, and something for yourself. You’ll probably want it by the time I’m done.”

After a sip, and a request for more CC, she began.

That weekend I told you about, when Bess and I first had sex with your father, Thad had brought along a Truth or Dare card game. You had your choice which deck you drew from, and if you refused the question or the dare, then you had to chug a bottle of beer, or a large glass of wine. I don’t remember if it was the second or third night we were there when he brought it out.

We were all about half lit when we started, and everyone had refused the first question and I guess the second. It was Dan’s turn and he drew from the Truth pile. It seemed like an innocuous question, “How many children under the age of five do you have?” As the saying goes, ‘in vino, veritas’; Dan paused a second or so to think, then answered, “two,” paused, and added, “and a half.”

I swear, we were all stone cold sober in a second. I remember Thad was furious, and he and Dan glared at each other…if looks could kill, it would have been a double homicide that night. Finally, Dan sat back and held his head in his hands and started , not so much crying or sobbing as whimpering. Thad said, “They have a right to know.”

Dan nodded, and began to tell us about a high school girl he had seduced up near Rochester. You were a little over a year old and literally draining the life out of your mother you were nursing so much. She just plain didn’t have the energy for him, plus she was pregnant.

Thad sent him up to Rochester for a week long training seminar, and he said he met this cute waitress. She was working in a restaurant which served alcohol, so he thought she was over twenty-one. With her hair done and in her uniform and make up, I guess it’s possible to make that mistake, especially if you’re horny.

Flirting led to a baby, which led to quite a brouhaha. Her father was an out of work evangelical minister, who was determined that Dan was going to jail for spoiling his little girl. They were able to track him down through the seminar enrollment. He confided in Thad who helped him convince the father to withdraw the complaint and see the girl through the pregnancy. They hoped that when he saw his grandchild, he’d accept his daughter’s mistake and continue to support her and her child.

A few weeks after the girl, Marie, got home from the hospital, he was watching her get the little girl ready for bed. The baby was covered with a mild red rash which bloomed when she was put into the warm bath water. Papa immediately decided it was the mark of Satan, and the little girl was not only cursed, she was already a witch. He forced them out of the house that night.

Somehow, she got hold of your father and Thad and they found her a safe place to stay, and a job. Over the next eight or nine years I’d hear about her occasionally from Dan. One Sunday he was over, and we all got a bit tipsy. I wound up as the filling in what was once called a pussy sandwich.

That’s when your grandfather and I learned about his sideline. He told us Marie was one of his more popular escorts, and that she often made videos of her dates. He laughed so hard he nearly pissed himself when he told us about her using her ‘employer’ as her security and cameraman.

“Her employer?”

“Yes, Thad found her a job as a live-in housekeeper with a client of one of his friends.”

A few months before the accident, Dan came over to talk with Thad. It seems the man she was living with, or working for, was beginning to become more controlling, more demanding. Marie had told Dan that he was demanding sex from her, even forcing her in front of the little girl, and he was booking dates for her on days and nights when she wasn’t scheduled by Dan. Usually those dates were with multiple partners, Dan told us she said, often with six or seven men at a time.

Dan went up to talk to him, and I guess it got better, until the accident. Seven or eight months after Dan died, Marie showed up at the office and asked to talk to Thad. She looked, the only word to describe her is beaten, like life itself had run over her. They were in his office for over an hour, and then he had me reschedule all his appointments for the next two days.

They drove up to Rochester to see the man, Colie, I think his name was. When they came back, Thad looked furious. He told me that weekend, the man had made copies of all the tapes, and that if he didn’t contact someone on a regular basis, or if they didn’t see the little girl where she was expected to be for more than three days running, the copies were to be mailed to the authorities, the news outlets, churches, everywhere to cause the greatest amount of embarrassment possible.

Thad said the only thing he could do was to protect the youngster from commercial exploitation. He said he managed to get Colie to agree to that, that he would not prostitute the child, and that he would take precautions to see she did not get pregnant. He was, I hear, already using her sexually, and she was bnarely pubescent, and him in his late forties.

Thad gave Marie her job as our receptionist and switchboard girl, and helped her find a place to live. She’s been with us for eight years now, and really is one of our bright spots, in spite of the rocky start. Is there a reason you’re asking about her?

“As it turns out, I’ve been dating her daughter for the past two or three years. She was kidnapped in Albany several days ago, and using some information I was able to give the FBI, they caught up with her and the guy who took her, on the Thruway, about a week after she was taken.”

“Marie’s daughter, your half sister? Am I correct in assuming…Yes, I can see I am. Well it hardly makes any difference in this family. Will you be continuing to have sex with her?”

“No. We’ve talked, and we’ll continue to be friends, but without benefits. She doesn’t yet know about our relationship. Do you know where Marie lives? I think it would be better if I told Eileen about us. They’re going to meet tomorrow for the first time since Colie forced Marie out of his house. I need to talk to her first.”

“She has a small house on Elmhurst, near the grade school, but you should be back to work in time to see her there. You should be aware, Will, when she had her pre-employment physical, she tested positive for HIV. Thad insisted the agency pick up the cost for her treatment. He included her in the family provision.”

I nodded. “Given what happened to her, not unexpected, but it certainly sucks big time. Did she know who…”

Gramm shook her head. “She didn’t think it was Colie. The symptoms didn’t show up until just before she came to see Thad. That was the impetus for her visit.”

I called Marie at the office and made an appointment to see her later that afternoon, then took Gramm out to lunch.

I had been back in the office about an hour and a half working on a medical plan proposal for one of the medium sized businesses in town. Marie knocked at the door and asked, “Is this a good time, Will? If not, I can come back when we close up.”

I glanced at my desk clock. I had asked her to meet with me in the conference room at four-thirty, and I was a quarter of an hour late. “Horseshit! I’m sorry, Marie. This is fine; please come in. Can I get you something to drink? Tea, soda, coffee?” I put my papers away and stood up to usher her to a chair.

She looked at me, an expression of concern on her face. “Is something wrong, Will? Am I in some sort of trouble?”

“Not at all. I understand you’re having lunch with your daughter tomorrow. Do you know how she found you?”

“How she found me? How…”

“And did you hear about Earl Colie?”

“Oh; you know about him and what he did…”

“To you and to Eileen. Yes. When she was a teenager, and what he did last week.”

“What do you mean, last week?”

“We’ll probably never know how, but he tracked her down in Albany and kidnapped her on her way to work, Tuesday before last. He held her captive until her story made the news on Rochester television stations, then he tried to move her and was caught at a Thruway rest plaza south of Buffalo.”

“Was he arrested?”

“No, he tried to run away and ran into the path of a tractor trailer exiting the highway. The front wheels ran over his chest.”

“The bastard got off too easy!” she whispered, her face grim and set, making her look years older than the forty she was. She shook herself and sat up straight. “God forgive me for saying that.

“So, you know about me and Earl, and Eileen. May I ask how? I’ve tried hard to keep my personal life a secret here, except for people who had to know in the beginning.”

I swallowed hard. At first, when I thought about how to tell her about me and Eileen, I thought I’d just blurt it out. And then thought that wasn’t too cool, given all she’s been through, and tried to think of any smooth way to say it. And came up blank. So…, looking at my desk, I said,

“Eileen and I have been, uh, dating for the past couple of years.” I looked up at her and caught her recognition of the meaning behind my words.

“Umm,” she cleared her throat, “by dating you mean, uh, you two were, mmm, physically involved.”

I nodded.

“You are aware…”

“Yeah, I learned this morning, err, early afternoon.”

“Does Eileen know?”

“Not that I’m aware of. I haven’t spoken to her today, and in a way, it is kind of weird. When we last spoke, yesterday morning, we agreed our relationship wasn’t going to develop into anything more than it was and we decided to just stay friends, without benefits, as it were.”

“Thank God for small favors. I’m sorry, Will, that wasn’t very nice of me; it’s just, after everything she’s been through, and I’ve been through, the last thing she needs to be doing is screwing her half-brother. Excuse my french.”

I sat and looked at the woman in front of me. Except for a wariness around the eyes, and some lines around her mouth, she could have easily passed for Eileen’s (not much) older sister. The sense of exasperation she was obviously feeling, and expressing, brought some color to usually pale cheeks, highlighting her blue eyes.

“I suppose I should tell her tomorrow. Is that why you asked to see me today?” Her eyes sought mine.

“No, actually. I wanted to know if you wanted to tell her, or if you wanted me, or the two of us together, to tell her. I do know she remembers you with love, and is happy to have found you. In all our time together, she never talked about her father. And whenever she mentioned Colie, she just referred to him as that bastard.” She nodded, a small smile on her lips.

“She also talked about getting some counseling, but can’t afford it. I told her, if you’re willing, we can get her on your policy, in a manner that doesn’t cost you anything.” She nodded again, this time with a wider smile, one that took years off her face.

“Thank you, Will. Of course I will. Can you join us for lunch tomorrow, and we can introduce her to her half brother then?” I nodded.

“What time?”

I was parked across the street and down the block from the restaurant where we were to have lunch, watching for Eileen to arrive. When I saw her enter, I got out of the car and walked into the restaurant just in time to see her arrive at Marie’s table. Marie got up to welcome her with a hug, and signaled that I should join them.

Just as I walked up to the table, I heard Marie say, “Eileen, I’d like you to meet your half-brother.”

Eileen sort of half turned in her chair to look back over her shoulder. “Hi, Will,” she said, looking past me. Turning back to Marie, she asked “Who…” and looked back at me. “No! Oh my god! He is…” and broke into a mixture of giggles and coughs, interspersed with full out laughs.

“OMG! Will, and…all this time, and you didn’t know, either? That is so freaking weird…and you, Mom, did you know he…of course you would, but you didn’t know we…oh, fuck! I need a drink!” We flagged the waitress and ordered drinks all around. It was enough of a break for Eileen to recover slightly. She looked at me.

“That helps explain some things, doesn’t it? You’re a real nice guy, Will, and whoever nabs you is going to be one lucky girl. I could never figure out why that spark you talked about the other day never developed. Now we know why. Of all the single men in the world, why did it have to be you?”

She paused as the waitress set our drinks down. “I love you, and frankly it is more than sisterly love, but as you said, I’m not in love with you. I’ll fu…mm..screw you at the drop of your pants, but marriage with you isn’t in our stars, regardless of the blood tie. And I’m a little sorry about that.”

I turned her face to me and leaned over to kiss her. Far from a lover’s kiss, it was definitely more that brotherly. “I know what you mean, and feel the same way.” As I was talking, a bee began buzzing in my bonnet. I reached over and took hold of her arm, just above the right elbow, and entered her mind, looking for some kind of switch. I became aware of Lande in my head.

Don’t be angry, Will. I wondered about her , too and thought you might need help activating her abilities. What you are looking for is a spot on the brainstem structure, just below the medulla. It sort of ‘looks’ like the g-spot feels, small and spongy. Connect with me so I can help you ‘see’ what you’re looking at.”

As Lande spoke to me, I wondered what in hell she was talking about. How was I supposed to go looking for something when I could not literally see inside Eileen’s head. But, as she guided me along the neural pathways down into the lower brain, it was like I could see the nerves as we traveled along them, leapfrogging across the synapses between the dendrites to speed along the axon to the next synaptic juncture.

Along the way, I was aware of Eileen’s confusion from the news she had just received, and her thoughts as she attempted to process and integrate that information. There was also her awareness of her surroundings, and of me in her mind. She tried to contact me, but for the moment I had to ignore her requests, and felt her begin to panic at the strange presence in her head. As best I could, I sent her a calming message, telling her I’d explain in a minute.

We headed deeper into the more primitive areas of the brain, the part that dealt mainly with housekeeping chores for the body, keeping it running and safe. There, also, were the areas dealing with emotions, probably the scariest part of the journey. Then we entered the brainstem structure, and Lande alerted me to lookout for a ‘bumpy ride’ as she put it. We passed over the medulla and almost immediately Lande screamed “Yes! There it is! We found another cousin!”

She showed me how to activate Eileen’s powers, and then wished me luck. Before I exited, I spoke to Eileen. “Besides your mother and me, do you see anyone here you know?”

“Will? It was you! O thank God, I thought I…

“Yes, and I’ll explain in a minute. Do you see anyone?”

“Umm, yeah, there’s a girl from my Econ class. She’s a bit of a snooty bitch, but we’ve talked.”

“Don’t laugh, but see if you can tell what she’s thinking.”

“???” In her mind I could feel the uncertainty, then there was a lot of chatter, like you get when tuning the old analog radio sets; slowly one signal came into focus, along with a sense of wonderment. When I was certain she was able to read the girl’s mind, I pulled out.

“Hey, sis. Now you know how I found you. The ability runs on our father’s side of the family.”

“What ability?” demanded Marie. “I’ve been sitting here for the last five minutes talking to myself while you two have been acting like you’re on some kind of honeymoon, staring into each other ‘s eyes and mooning over yourselves.”

I looked at her. “When you were with Dad, did you ever experience this?”

Her eyes opened up so wide, they looked like sandwich plates, as she nodded. “Every time I was with him. I mean, whenever I saw him. I can remember he’d greet me with a hug and I’d hear this voice, then everything would be a fog until he was leaving.

“A couple of nights a week, I’d have the same ‘foggy’ experience and wake up the next morning, obviously having had sex. Then I had the idea to ask Earl to go along and videotape me doing whatever I was doing. That’s how I learned what your dad had turned me into. And gave Earl the means to do what he did to us. I loved you dearly, sweetheart, and hated to leave you with him, but I didn’t have a choice. But frankly, I hated Dan after I discovered he hypnotized me and made me a prostitute.”

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t hypnosis, but within the experience of 99.999% of the population, it was the closest concept which explained what had happened to her, so I didn’t disagree or argue the point. “I don’t blame you, Marie, but I hope you won’t hold it against me. I’ve just shown Eileen how he did what he did to you.”

“No, Will, I don’t. At least, not yet. I heard that Thad kept your father’s stable in operation. Have you been in contact with your managers, or with the girls?”

I shook my head and was about to explain when Eileen asked, “What stable? Will’s family doesn’t have any horses.”

“Escort stable,” I flashed to her.

“Oooohh, that kind of stable,” she said, causing her mom’s eyes to widen again in wonder.

“How did you…the voice, in my head…you can…” I nodded. “That’s how he…and you just did it to Eileen. Will, I swear to you, if you put her in harm’s way even a little bit, I’ll cut off your balls and feed them to you,” Marie hissed at me.

“Don’t worry, Marie. That ability runs in Dad’s family, but it has to be turned on by someone who already has it. Once it is turned on, it protects the individual from being taken over in that way. I can communicate with her telepathically, or I can link our minds so we can share our physical and emotional feelings, and I can, in a sense, hypnotize her, but unlike your experience, she would be completely aware of what is happening, and if she wanted to, simply wake up and reassert her own control.”

“That may very well all be true as gospel, but I repeat, you cause her any harm, and…” her expression left little doubt what would happen.

I nodded and stood up. “I understand completely, Marie. You two need some time together. Take the rest of the day, indeed , the rest of the week, to get reacquainted. And don’t worry about the time. I’ll find some way to account for it.

“Eileen, I’m glad to welcome you to the family. As you try to use your power, you’ll have questions. One will be just what they are. The telepathy seems to be universal. Beyond that, there is some variation. Call me next week and I’ll set you up with someone to help you discover your limits.”

“Thank you, Will. I’ll call you.” Eileen and Marie stood up to walk me to the door.

“Me, too, Will. I don’t mean to sound like a harridan, but after all we’ve been through…I hope you understand.”

“I do, Marie. Don’t worry about it. I’d be a little surprised if it were otherwise.” I gave them each a hug. “I’m just glad Colie is out of your lives and you have found each other again. Have a good week.”

For the next few days, Pan, Lande, Nana, Mom and I were busy exploring the limits of our mental powers. I had already arranged with Pan to work with Eileen, and she was ready as soon as my new sister called. As we neared the end of our extended workshop, Gramm called and invited herself for dinner.

Pan and Lande offered to cook, and prepared a Moroccan tagine with lamb shanks, summer root veggies, some dried apricots, and prunes. Over dinner Gramm asked about Eileen and Marie, and why I had given Marie so much time off.

“Well, you know a little bit about Eileen’s childhood, and how she was sexually abused. That went on from the time she was twelve until she ran away from the guy when she was seventeen and on her way to college.

“Somehow, this Spring, he found her in Albany, kidnapped her and held her captive for a week, raping her several times a day. He was transporting her to what I guess is a white slavery procurer in Chicago when he was caught at the last westbound rest area on the Thruway. He ran in front of a truck and was run over.

“Given all that had happened to the two of them, I thought they needed some time to heal and bond.”

How is she doing dealing with the assault?” asked Lande.

Not sure. She said after the initial shock of being kidnapped, the worst thing was dealing with his small prick because he would get her to the point of arousal, but wasn’t big enough and didn’t have enough staying power to make her climax. Beyond that, it was pretty much of a replay of her childhood experience with him. We’re going to get her hooked up with a counselor who can help her deal with it all.”

“Good. She seems like a tough girl, like the rest of the Body.”

“Amen to that,” added Pan. “Will has asked me to help her learn what her abilities are. Starting some time next week?” she asked, looking at me.

I nodded. One of the great things about telepathy, even though reading it takes as much time as talk, thinking is done in a flash. Concepts, not words, are transmitted. This entire exchange took less than five seconds. Mom and Nana were following it along with us, and their eyes were bouncing around looking at the ‘speaker’ throughout the conversation.

Gramm noticed, and, laughing, asked, “What’s up with you two? It’s like you’re watching a tennis match, or a play with some real fast dialogue, the way your eyes are moving.”

Before Mom could answer, I stepped in. “They’re waiting for me. I told Mom I was going to take some time off to show Lande some of the State, maybe take her up to the cabin before she has to go back to Dublin.”

“Ohhh, lucky you, Lande. It’s beautiful up there this time of year; anytime, really. I haven’t been up there since Danny died. I take it somebody has, making sure the cabin is okay.”

“Yeah, Gramm; Gramps and I went up for a weekend three or four times a year to fish after I got out of high school.” I turned to Lande. “We have an island, almost on the Canadian border, near Goose Bay. It’s about twelve acres, about twice as long as it is wide. It has two cabins so two families could go up at the same time and not stumble over each other.

“That was the theory. In reality, the far cabin, as it was called, sort of devolved into the kids cabin at some point. Since Dad died, we’ve loaned it to friends who needed a getaway.”

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