On an erotic forum, CandyCane gets a private message from someone who wants to play with her and tells her she is beautiful and would love to meet her.

Candy, being the naughty girl that she is decides to answer the private message and see who this “Amylin” was and if she was for real. She tests her by sending her a message on the forum which included her cell number and a request to send a picture…a naughty one.

A day passes and Candy forgets that she even dared Amylin to send a picture to her phone when her phone buzzes with a message as Candy is about to take her afternoon bath.

The message reads; “I didn’t send any message to you but I did read your biographical page and it’s so sexy.” She goes on to say;”I’m lying here on my silk sheets fresh from my afternoon bath with my dildo in my ass and want to see if you find my picture sexy?”

Candy scrolls down on the message but there is no picture attached to it.

Within a few seconds the phone buzzed again and it said; “Sorry, forgot the picture” and as Candy scrolls down on her phone to the picture she gasps as the picture appears on her phone of a smooth round beautiful ass being stuffed full of rubber cock, “mmm” Candy moans!

It was breathtaking and Candy could see that the dildo had to have been 4 inches in diameter and the rim of Amylin’s ass was stretched around that plastic monster barely visible except for the on off panel she was barely holding onto at the very end and the skin of her butt hole was bright pink all around the edge of the dildo.

Candy started to feel the heat rise in her thighs and her shaved sack start to get hot and full and her manpussy began to tingle.

She could feel her own anal juices started to flow as she bites her lip with excitement. Candy wanted to see more of this naughty girl and her toy and decided to text her back and asked “how does it feel to be so full of cock?”

Candy still wondered to herself…”is she playing games with me not admitting to the private message?”

As Candy waits for an answer, she starts to rub her shaved cock in the hot sudsy water and leans back to feel her hand sliding up and down her shaft. She opens her phone again and tried to zoom into the picture of the rubber dildo in Amy’s ass for a better look.

Just then the phone rings and startles her and Candy can see that it is an unlisted number. Should she answer? Candy would never answer unlisted numbers but,she hoped it was Amy? Candy clicks the answer button and could hear someone say in a lust filled very feminine voice breathing very hard,”Candy, Candy, please come and fuck me, I love you Candy and want to feel your cock in my ass!”

Candy thinks for an instant, “How does she know how I look” and remembers the pictures she had posted on the forum web site dressed as a slut.

In as low a voice as possible Candy answers “is this Amy? I loved your picture too”…hoping it was her.

Amy replies in gasps, “Yes, Candy it’s me and I’m still fucking myself with my dildo real good and I’m imagining it’s you fucking my brown eye so good Candy. Would you like to play with me, uuh, uuh” she says as she slams the rubber cock in her ass harder and harder?

Candy could hear the sounds Amy was making fucking herself with that big cock and she begins sliding her hand faster and faster up and down her cock.

The water starts splashing out of the tub and Amy kept hammering her ass with that cock saying “fuck me Candy, fuck me!”

The breathing on the phone was getting hotter and heavier by both girls and Candy could feel the lava starting to rise into her shaft saying “yes, yes, Amy make me cum.”

Amy began to cum on the phone line …”uuuhhh, I’m cuming Candy, oh my god, I’m cuming, I’m cuming, cum with me please, please!”

At the same time Candy let loose a long gut wrenching moan of pleasure “uuuuhhhh” as her cum shots all over the sudsy tub water and her hand.

Once the two girls began to subside and their breathing slows to a normal pitch, Amy said in a low voice “are you still there Candy? I’m sorry to call you in this fashion but I needed you after seeing your pictures on your biography in the forum.”

As Candy sat up in the tub, she whispers back “Thank you for the good cum and phone sex Amy, call me again sometime” and hangs up exhausted from the good cum.

Candy didn’t want to seem too eager to continue the relationship or to meet just yet and still wondered about Amy not admitting she sent the forum message. What if Amy wasn’t who she says she is?

What if Candy’s threesome lover’s Javi and Cheryl found out, what would they say?

A day or two passed and while shopping for sexy clothes, Candy’s phone buzzes and the message reads; “Can we play today?”

Candy knows instantly who it is and starts to imagine how Amylin looks and her juices start to boil inside her and her tummy starts to get jittery. She ignores the call for now, turns off the phone and puts the phone back in her purse and hurries home paying for her lingerie!

Once home, Candy prepare her bath as usual. She remembers the phone call and goes to her purse for the phone. She fill the tub and slides her clothes off and gets into the hot soapy water. She turns it on and opens the phone to find a picture of Amylin!

She is gorgeous…a young looking asian woman with black hair and very cute perfectly shaped lips.

She is impressed with her makeup and the way she is posing and loves her hair cut…a wedge. It fit her perfectly.

She looks about 5’7″, slender build and very sexy legs in white fishnet stockings and gorgeous thigh high hot pink stiletto boots. She has her hands on her hips leaning slightly to one side with one leg in front of the other in a very girly pose. She is wearing a black patent leather mini-skirt and a cute white blouse.

The sleeves are long and ruffled at the cuff and her jet black hair angles beautifully on the edges of her jaw line. Her eyes are dark like a panthers eyes, like black coal looking hungrily at Candy. Her makeup looked perfect…hot pink lips stick which matched her boots.

Her eye makeup is immaculate and of course hot pink nail polish on her feminine hands. She has pink eye shadow with white highlights on the upper part of her eyes and inside corners, Candy was impressed. The note attached to the picture simply said, “You like?”

Candy started to tremble thinking what to reply and decided to see if Amy wanted to have phone sex again.

Candy texts “Let’s play again in one hour, I’ll be waiting for your call after my bath” and closes her phone. Candy quickly finishes her bath and runs to her bedroom to get her naughtiest outfit on and realizes they could web cam each other if Amy has a computer!

She quickly texts her back and says “Do you have a web cam?”

As Candy grabs her laptop her phone buzzes and Amylin answers, “Yes, I can’t wait Candy, let’s play!”

Both girls are hurriedly getting their most slutty cloths on and getting more and more excited by the minute. Candy quickly puts on her lipstick, first the “V” with the lip liner at the center of her top lip then edges her top and bottom lips with the lip liner. Then the Red lipstick she loves to wear and now her plum eye shadow with the white high lights on the corners of her eyes.

Next she puts on her plum garter belt and matching bra and thong panties,her white thigh high boots and opens the drawer with all her toys next to her bed. Candy can’t resist and pulls out a 5″ inch long vibrating butt plug that is 4″ at the fattest part and slides it past her bright red lips wetting it in her mouth and slides it into her wet butt hole with a moan “mmm” as it slides in all the way to the groove at the base but, doesn’t turn it on yet.

Candy makes sure the string from her thong is over the end of her butt plug so it doesn’t slide out and grabs her feather whip and her elbow length gloves that match her bra and thong and tosses them on the bed. She gets her laptop computer set up on the bed and waits…tick, tock, tick tock.

Amy gets her peach teddy from her closet and slips it on over her cleanly shaved body then her thigh high hot pink fishnet nylons and grabs the anal lube and her dildo. The one she loves to stuff up her ass. She looks at herself in the mirror while she sucks the head of her plastic cock, “wondering if Candy is this big and how good it’s going to feel in her ass.”

She hurries to get her laptop set up on her bed.

Once she gets it set up, she starts on her makeup and quickly applies her makeup base. The she applies her eyeliner and peach eye shadow and applies her pale pink lip stick, having very plump lips she doesn’t need lip liner. She applies blush on her cheeks, her jaw line and her brow. She applies mascara with two strokes each eye and her black lashes stand at attention.

She quickly runs a brush through her freshly cut hair and it falls perfectly against her cheeks and jaw line. She grabs her white stiletto ankle strap heels and buckles the two straps on each side. She slips her peach garter under her teddy and clips her hot pink fishnet nylons to her garter and jumps on the bed with her toy cock and her computer and waits…tick, tock, tick tock.

Now the two girls are ready and both dressed like little sluts watching the clock till it’s time to play…tick, tock, tick, tock!

As the clock ticks away and approaching the hour mark, Amy is sucking her plastic lover lying on her bed and trying to deep throat it so she can impress Candy when they go on line. She slides it in deep but feels it stops at her narrowing of her throat where her throat ring is.

She tries to relax and closes her eyes and imagines its Candy in her mouth.

She is feeling so horny and cant wait and slides the cock out of her wet mouth and down her butt cheeks. She decide to push it in her hole just a little bit till its time but, it goes all the way in her now juicy butt hole.

As she begins to fuck herself the laptop rings “bling, bling.” She looks at the clock, its time, and she flips it open to see Candy dressed like a hot little slut. The screen is so close to Candy’s face and see’s she is licking her lips and blowing kisses and Amy can’t stand the seduction and she shoves her cock deeper in her ass and gasps Candy, you look so sexy!

Candy sees her new friend dressed so cute with her plastic cock buried in her smooth round ass. Candy turns her ass to the screen not to be out done and shows Amy her butt plug buried to the rim and reaches down to it and slides the fat butt plug in and out showing her butt rim getting stretched wide as it goes in and out.

The two girls start to fuck each other in rhythm and Candy flips on her plug to medium, bzzzzzz sending chills up her own spine.

Amy can hear the sound of Candy’s butt plug and wants to feel hers and flips hers to high BZZZZZZZZZ.

Now the girls are wreathing on their beds and both have their legs in the air jamming their asses full of plastic cock.

Neither girl expected to get right into fucking on the web cam but it felt so natural and their heightened pitch of lustful breathing becomes unbearable. Candy turns over with one hand on her butt plug and Amy glances at the screen and see Candy’s big dick in her other hand as she starts a erythematic stroking.

Amy shouts to the computer, “Let me suck your cock Candy, I want to taste it, I want to taste your lavasicle” and Candy rolls to one side shoving her cock to the screen.

Amy slides her tongue up the screen as Candy’s cock head rubs up and down the screen glistening from her precum and can see Amy’s wet saliva drip down the screen and Candy feels her cock stiffen as Amy continues to licks the screen and fucks herself hard with her dildo.

Candy points her cock at the screen and shoots a gooey glob of cum on her computer screen and Amy cums right on queue imagining how Candy’s cum tastes…”mmm, Candy fill my mouth up, I want your lavasicle in my mouth you little slut,” as she made licking sound on the screen “slurp, slurp!”

Candy squeezes her eyes shut and flips her butt plug to high BZZZZZZ and screams,”suck me you little cunt, suck me Amy, suck me dry, drink my lava baby girl!”

After a gut wrenching cum by both girls, they drop their legs totally spent and try and look at each other on the computer screen, both giggle because the screens are a mess as they wipe the screens off.

Once they turn off the their plastic cocks and finish wiping off the screens they both get comfortable on their beds and began to chat.

Candy of course being the dominate female starts the conversation, “Amy you are so beautiful, I love your toy?”

Amy replies “I’ve dreamed of meeting someone like you, your pictures are so beautiful and sexy” and Candy replys “Thank you.”

Their chatting revels that they are not that far apart and they both worked at the same business. They start to plan a naughty night out at a central location halfway between their locations in the western part of the country in person.

I wonder if they suspect I’m watching them and the one who initiated the forum private messages hee, hee, hee…time will tell, tick tock, tick tock!

Navi Sorab

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