After knocking on her door two or three times I walked around the side of her house. Going through the side gate I spotted her face down sun bathing in the nude. I quietly walked up to her feet and gazed at her sensuous body. Looking up her long legs to her ass, then up to the small of her back I notice the sheen of the sun tan lotion glistering in the bright sunlight. I stopped at her symmetrical shoulder blades and took in this beautiful sight for a moment or two before I cleared my throat.

She cocked her head quickly and said, “Bout time you got your ass here!”

“It took me awhile to find an excuse to leave the wife,” I responded.

As she turned on to her back she said, “Don’t just stand there. I know you want a piece.”

“Not with you covered with all that oil!” I exclaimed. “You remember the last time we tried to fuck, with you smothered in oil, right?”

“Oh yeah, I laughed so hard I had an orgasm,” she shot back. “Seeing you slide off me and falling on the floor was a hoot.”

“Yeah right, I busted my nose open and had a helluva time explaining that to the wife,” I boasted.

“You? I had to walk around a week with a sock on my foot,” she continued. “My husband wanted to know how our floor got stained with blood.”

Lifting herself up on her elbows she grabbed a glass and took a swallow. She laid back down and spit out an ice cube. It shot straight up in the air and landed right between her eyes. I chuckled.

“You’re a dick!” she shouted.

Then she grabbed another ice cube and spit it out again. This time it landed just above her belly button. She grabbed it and slowly rubbed it down her tan belly, over her clit and she stuck it in her pussy.

“Can you grab that with your tongue please, dear?” she said.

I answered, “I would love to take the tip of my talented tongue and retrieve that. As soon as you take a shower. No telling what’s been in there!”

I noticed she was getting perturbed as she took her hands and started to squeeze her perfectly tanned breasts. She then slowly spread her legs as she ran her hands down her sweat covered stomach and then to her womanly mound and opened her pussy. There she was, covered in oil spread wide and pleasuring herself.

In a sultry voice she moaned, “Fuck me now, baby. Come on I know you want too!”

I turned away and started to go inside saying, “Get up and take a shower. Then you’ll beg me to tie you up and fuck you silly. Not that you’re not already silly,” as an ice cube flew by my head.

I walked into the kitchen and made a drink. I sat down and waited for her to come inside. When she did she slipped and almost fell on her ass. I chuckled again when she said.

“Fuck you! Dick head.”

She made a drink and stood right in front of me and started to play with herself.

“You want to fuck me don’t you?” she said with a smile.

“As soon as you take a shower and beg me,” I answered.

In a pissed off voice she said, “I don’t know why I let you fuck me with that small dick of yours. I’ve seen bigger dicks on the neighborhood dogs!”

“Being a bitch I’m sure you know them intimately!” I shot back.

Giving me a dirty looked she turned and walked towards the bathroom.

“If you want to join me I’ll leave the bathroom door open, prick,” she said.

I gave her a few moments to cool down and went and sat down on the toilet while she bathed. Picking up a Victoria’s Secret magazine I flipped through the pages while taking in the clean fresh smell of her bathroom. The nick knacks placed around gave the room a feeling of million dollar mansion.

And said, “Damn there are some hot looking babes in this magazine. It’s funny…”

“What’s funny?”

“I don’t see you in any of these shots.”

That’s when she pulled back the curtain and a wet rag hit the side of my face. I picked up the rag and handed it back to her staring at the water running down her front. She was covered in soap and started to run the rag over her breasts. She turned sideways and her silhouette was outlined by the sun shinning through the window. The water was running down her chest, over her breast and formed drops on the tip of her erect nipples. The sun was bright enough to see the inverted window in the droplets. I noticed her all over perfect tan with no noticeable tan lines. Her body was bronze from head to toe. Such a delectable body.

Grabbing a can of shaving cream she lifted a leg up and placed it on the side of the tub right in front of me. She slowly made a pile on her palm that reminded me of a vanilla ice cream cone. Staring straight into my eyes without saying a word she spread the cream on her pussy. And gave me a wink. Picking up a razor she began shaving herself pulling her skin tight with the other hand.

When she was done rinsing her self off she said, “Too bad you’re not going to feel how smooth I am today.”

That’s when I knew the battle was on. Who was going to breakdown first!

She got out of the shower and dried off then wrapped her hair with the towel.

Bending over in front of me she remarked, “Be a sweetie and lick my ass will ya?”

I took my open palm and answered, “I’ll lick your ass for ya.”

Smacking her ass as hard as I could. Leaving a red welt on her right ass cheek. She turned around and slapped me. I chuckled. That was the sweetest slap I ever received and the first time she touched me all day.

I followed her into the kitchen thinking how I loved the woman’s movement. Especially when viewed from behind. Seeing her ass move side to side as she walked wearing only a towel, she looked like a Greek Goddess. We made us each a drink and went into the living room taking a seat next to each other on the couch. She turned on a porno movie on the TV.

As we watched a couple fucking she said, “Don’t you wish you had a big dick like that?”

I answered, “I’d need one to feel the sides of that big cunt of yours!”

She punched my in the arm. Then she pulled up her legs and sat cross legged on the couch snuggling up next to me. I looked at her smiling face thinking how lucky I was sitting next to such a beautiful woman. Her eyes sparkled like little diamonds. And her lips were moist and soft. Her complexion reminded me of the finest silk. I glanced at her naked breasts and imagined that a drop of water would run off her smooth skin like a marble on glass. I looked between her legs and notice she was getting quite excited watching the movie. It was the first time I thought about breaking down and having her right there.

I leaned over placing my hand between her legs and resting my other hand on the wall next to her head.

Leaning into her I whispered, “Just beg me to tie you up and we can both have some fun.”

She grabbed me and leaned backwards on the couch pulling me on top of her wrapping her arms and legs around me. Staring at each other nose to nose I could see the lust in her eyes and every time she blinked her eyelashes reminded me of little butterflies stretching their wings. She squeezed harder. I could feel her breasts against my chest and her heart beating a rhythmic cadence. Her warmness of her naked body waned through me. And the smell of her hair was mesmerizing.

“I know you want to fuck me right here right now. I can feel how excited you are,” she said in a sultry voice as she squeezed me again. “Just admit it.”

Pulling back I sat up. She got up and headed back to the bedroom. Being a smart guy I followed her quickly.

She jumped up on the bed and rolled over onto her back and started to play with herself. First two fingers. Then four. Then with both hands she was fucking herself. I walked over and stood next to her nightstand and watched her. She was arching her back and biting her lip. With every thrust her eyes rolled back and I oh so much wanted to have her right then and there. Then she must have had an orgasm as she stopped and smiled at me licking her sultry lips. Looking at me with her hazel eyes she jumped up on all fours and scooted over to the edge of the bed. Her breasts swayed as she stopped at the edge of the King size bed.

With a grin she said, “Bottom drawer under the sweaters. You win!”

I reached over and grabbed the ropes and a bandana. Then I caught her staring at me and we both just looked into each others eyes. We both just stared for a few moments then my eyes roamed her naked body. Her brown hair was long and curly falling down her sides framing her breasts. Her shoulders looked soft to the touch. I saw small goosebumps along her back. And her round ass, oh her lovely round ass was the work of angels. Her slender legs stretched to her lovely feet where ten of the most beautiful toes were waving.

She reach for my pants and unbuttoned them and began to give me head. I watch her lick my shaft up and down. Around the tip and slowly she started to suck my balls. All the while I was again looking at her lovely body. Her long curly hair was flowing along her shoulders bringing my eyes to the small of her back. Her ass jiggled as she jerked and sucked. After a few strokes I had the urge to grab her hair and force me into her soft mouth, but I resisted. I wanted her to do the work for a while.

When I felt I was about to climax I pulled out and told her to lay on the bed. It was my turn. When she laid back spread eagle I almost came right there. She was just so beautiful. Her eyes were sparkling and her naked body shined like a bronze beauty. Her breast were full and perfect. She had a flat stomach and a perfect belly button waiting to be tickled with my tongue. Her pussy was smooth and whispering for attention. But I had work to do.

Grabbing a length of rope I told her, “Babe, bring your lovely feet up to your ass please, Sugar?”

She complied as I wrapped her leg and thigh together and tied it securely. I did the same to her other leg while glancing between her legs.

“The rope feels good touching your skin doesn’t it?”

“Very good!” she answered.

Pulling off my clothes and grabbing the bandana I straddled her belly and gagged her. Even though she likes to be gagged during sex I did it mainly so I didn’t have to hear her complain about my knot tying abilities. She always complained they weren’t pretty enough. Then I grabbed her wrists and tied them to each ankle which pulled her knees to her chest. I stood up and told her how lovely she was laying there so vulnerable and I was about to have my way with her. I could see the corners of her mouth move up into such a beautiful smile.

I knelled so her right leg was between my legs with my cock rubbing against her. Putting both of my hands around her knee I proceeded to massage her leg going so close but not touching her pussy. Reaching under her I felt her ass up. I did the same to her other leg. I could see the wetness of her pussy and knew she was getting very excited. I leaned over her to massage her breast bringing my cock onto her underside of her thigh. As I felt her breasts I slowly rubbed my erection against her. I looked her in the eyes and licked my finger slowly and let her do the same. Then I reached between her legs and slowly massaged her asshole.

After sucking on her nipples for a few minute I worked my tongue slowly down her belly, over her belly button and softly licked her wet pussy. She tasted so fine. Grabbing her feet I pushed her legs back towards her chest bringing her ass up and started to lick her asshole. Then I slowly stuck my tongue in. She was squirming and moaning it at this point.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I grabbed my dick and slowly rubbed her pussy and pushed it in, but just the tip. I moved myself as to massage her for a few seconds the I thrust myself all the way in. Her moist pussy lips surrounded my dick and her warmth encased my shaft. I pumped faster and harder with each thrust. I had noticed that she closed her eyes and laid her head to the side. Her breasts were moving faster as he breathing became deeper with every thrust. I could see little droplets of sweat appear on her skin as I fucked her.

Wrapping my arms around her legs I pushed them as hard as I could against her chest and continued pumping allowing me a deeper penetration. We fucked in unison until I again felt an urge to cum. Then I pulled out and spit on her ass and firmly pushed my dick in her asshole. Very slowly until the head disappeared. With every thrust in her ass she screamed. I rammed as hard as I could. In and out. She was panting and wailing. Pulling on the ropes tied around her ankles. She was shaking her head back and forth flinging her shiny hair. She tightened her muscles just at the right time as I came in her. I looked down still pumping her and saw cum streaming down her ass.

I finally collapsed on top of her as she squeezed me with her legs. Catching my breath I got up telling her, “You’re such a great fuck dear.”

I watched the cum drip from her ass as I dressed and again I was mesmerized how lovely she looked naked and tied. I finally untied her so she could clean up.

“I need to head out of here dear. Hope you don’t mind me fucking and run, but I gotta go,” I said.

She winked and said, “Anytime. I really enjoyed it!”

As I turned away to leave I realized that she had been naked all day and I felt good inside that she spent it with me.

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