My loving owner and I share a beautiful home near a lake in a very secluded spot. It’s not all that far from the rest of our tiny neighborhood but, set apart quite a way. It’s one of two that we own. My handsome man chose it for privacy, which is good because, there are times that privacy is paramount in our lives.

I’ve stated before that my owner is a man of varied tastes when it comes to fun and this time was no exception. He enjoys taking the time to select specific temporary additions to our private routines. Temporary additions that have similar endowments as well as similar discretion’s. I don’t know the screening process my love initiates but I trust him with all my heart.

I feel the need to say that because, there are times when my love brings someone to one or the other of our homes and I have heard more than one gentleman express awe in how my love keeps every aspect of things exclusively, yet warmly private. They never truthfully know exactly where they are other than in one of our homes.

On this particular day, my owner and I had just finished breakfast when he got a call on the cell that he uses specifically for our special times. He gave me that sweet half lidded expression and secret smile of his that let me know something uniquely exciting was about to happen.

“I’ll be right back sweetie.” he whispered as he quickly kissed me and hurried out the door, phone to ear.

I knew he’d be true to his word and felt a thrilling tingle at what might come next.

I cleared the table from breakfast and began running the dish water when I heard my love pull into the drive. Knowing enough of how my beautiful owner likes to do things, I knew to continue with what I was doing until he bid me otherwise.

Sometimes, the thought of his control alone is enough to get me sopping wet.

My loving owner snuggled up behind me, sliding his hands up and down my sides and whispered in my ear,

“We have a guest pretty girl. I want you to be nice as can be okay?”

I nodded in agreement and went to turn when he stopped me.

“I want this to be a little different so don’t move until I tell you to.”

The bulge I felt nudging itself to my backside had me eager to please him so much! I had an idea of what he had in mind for this get together. We’d shopped online for a few new items and thought carefully about how we wanted to implement them and now, he was orchestrating a beautiful game for us!

I stood still as I heard him beckon someone into the room. I heard another man’s voice, low and rumbled in a tone of appreciation at my rather ample shape. I’m not tall, nor am I stick thin. I’m very curvy with long dark wavy curls. This being summer and our home being so near the water, I’m sure our guest thought of tropical fantasies come to life.

I stayed still as my loving owner breezed beside me to issue out a few of our standard rules while showing me off to our guest.

“As you can see,” he began, “I like it when my wifey wears precious little.”

With that, my love moved to stand in front of me, easing his strong hands over my curves. He kissed me and lifted my sundress so that my ample ass could be displayed through my lacy panties. I, in turn, caressed his lower stomach and massive bulge and revelled in watching his mouth drop slightly open.

“Wow! That is one impressive ass!” our guest exclaimed. His voice was deep with a pleasant resonance but I didn’t turn to see him… I could feel that this was part of the new game and I wanted to make sure I played to my owner’s satisfactions.

My handsome love smiled at the new found appreciation of his property as well as my centered attention on him, holding me in his strong arms, taking my breath away as he did so. His slight nod to me a wordless approval of my actions thus far.

“Like I said on the phone, there’s more.” he said over my shoulder.

“And, I just call her ‘wifey’ too?”

My owner’s face grew only faintly serious.

“No, you can call her ‘M’. And just to be clear,” his smile returning to his handsome face, “that stands for ‘mine’. Isn’t that right sweetie?”

“As you bid my love. Always as you bid.” I said as his smile grew even more.

“That’s my sweet girl. Now then, something new for you.”

He pulled a bit of cloth from his pocket and let me see it. A blindfold! And not any blindfold either, one that I’d been wanting for the longest time!

My thoughtful owner and I enjoy spending time going through online catalogs and shopping in out of the way adult stores to find just the right playthings. Sometimes, we enjoy custom creating things for one another.

This time though, he’d surprised me with the most beautiful brown suede blindfold decorated with lovely burnished paisleys and velvet inner trim. It was soft and delicate and I grew even more excited because I knew it was only one part of a very special set.

“Ooooooo!” was all I could muster when I saw it but the expression on my lover’s face was worth all the money in the world and then some.

He chuckled a bit at my reaction.

“I’m glad you like it this much. Now, hold still while I put it on you.”

I closed my eyes but could not close off the thrill of how it felt to have him touch my face after my blindfold was in place. Suddenly, the scent of him was more intoxicating than usual. I was aware of our newest guest coming closer and realized that perhaps, it was he who did not wish to be seen. Being so private, I sometimes forget that our temporary collaborators also have needs for seclusion and discretion.

I felt him kiss me once more, his hands roaming over my body. The desire to please my love felt even stronger than ever.

“It’s okay to come over now, she can’t see you. Can you pretty girl?”

“No love, I can’t.”

I could smell a man’s cologne, somewhat pungent. It reminded me of what high end bankers think money-men ought to smell like. As always, it was something small like this that made me inwardly appreciate the habits of my man even more. He’s not the cologne type.

“She’s really beautiful and what an ass!” our new collaborator muttered to my love.

“And that’s the only thing off limits. This ass is never shared, it’s exclusively mine. You can caress it and watch me go there but that’s all.”

“Good deal. I’m just happy to have found someone as private as me for this.”

I listened to the exchange of words between them with such happiness. It feels good to know my owner protects me so well. He does so much for me.

I heard a rustle of cloth. My owner guided my hand to his now exposed cock and had me stroke him slowly, his hand covering mine.

“Reach your other hand out sweetie. I want you to feel how fat you’re making our new friend’s cock.” he whispered to me.

Doing as he said, I reached out and heard a hasty zipper being pulled down before feeling a thick member touch my palm. I folded my hand around it and stroked it in tandem with my owner’s larger member. This new cock felt thinner and not quite as long as my owner’s but still larger than some. Rubbing my thumb over the head of it, I could feel the pre-cum leaking out. By the sighs and light moans, I could tell things were going well so far.

“Keep stroking his cock sweetie, I’ll be right back.”

I stood as bid and kept stroking while I heard my owner from somewhere in the living room behind me. In no time at all, he was back and had dropped something soft onto my feet. I could feel him take hold of my hand and arm and guide me gently downward.

“There’s a pillow for you to kneel on right in front of you sweet girl, let me help you down.”

Once I was comfortable on the pillow, my man kissed me deeply. I could feel his happiness and excitement in that kiss. He then guided my free hand back to the beautiful thick length of his cock.

“Open up nice and pretty sweetie.”

I tilted my head towards his voice and opened my mouth, my reward of course was his tasty cock. I could feel him pulsate in my mouth, breathing in his scent, I reached for his balls to caress while I sucked. I enjoy going slowly as I know this pleases him plus, he tastes so wonderful, I like savoring every moment. I switched things up a bit, pulling my hot, wet mouth from his hardness and licking each ball before sucking each one in to twirl my tongue around them. Hearing his groans and feeling his fingers through my hair got me even more wet than before. I went to suck more of his beautiful cock but he stopped me.

“Time for our guest to sample that pretty mouth sweet girl.” he said as he turned me around and kissed me.

I opened my mouth and took in our guest. He was smaller, as I’d noted, but muskier too. Not too unpleasant but certainly not my owner. Telling the two apart blindfolded just got much easier. I treated him to the same oral delight as I’d given my owner and this time, was rewarded with loud and heavy groans.

I was almost positive my owner was smiling at that.

I was drenched by this point. My juices slowly making their way down to mid thigh. I know my owner is very perceptive to my needs and knows just when I begin to get almost too wet to bear. He knows that when I get to that point, almost all my reason goes out the window and I’ve no more pressing desire than to see him pleased with his hard steel-like cock embedded deeply within me.

“Up and over pretty girl” I heard him say as he gently guided me by the arm to stand and bend over the kitchen table.

“Ohhhhh shit that ass is incredible!” our guest murmured low as my owner tenderly flipped up my sundress.

My dress was a pale lavender with tiny floral design while my panties, I’m sure my love was happy I wore that day, they were a deep grass green, a colour he loved to see against my light toasted copper skin. I could hear our guest draw in his breath at my love pulling my panties slowly over my ample ass. The stretch lace giving only the slightest of tugs against my flesh. The contrast in colours bringing to mind tropical delights. Still sopping wet, like honey through the lace, my wetness now being smeared along the insides of my thighs even further as my panties came off.

I could hear a condom being opened with haste and could feel my owner’s hand on the small of my back.

“Spread those beautiful legs open sweet girl, I want our new friend to have first dibs with that pretty pussy of yours. He ought to sink in easy with how wet you are. I want you to be nice and let him fuck that pussy as hard as he can, okay?”

I nodded my head as I felt hands on my ass, rubbing in circles and then stroking the sides of my upper thighs. The hands were long and smooth, very different from my owner’s more strong grip. These reminded me of someone who did no physical labor at all. They smoothed over my ass once more and I felt the tentative push of his cock to my hot pussy. Slowly, he eased himself in while my owner, at my side, held on to the small of my back.

Our guest gave a long slow push forward and felt as though he was in to the hilt. I could feel my ass being pried apart as he moaned very lightly, I imagine he was watching my hot wet box engulf his cock as he slowly began fucking me. He had a steady pace, not uncomfortable but not at all what I was used to. He felt good in my hot box but I yearned for more.

Much to my disappointment, he did not last long. I felt him jerk a few times, give a groaning sigh and pull out.

“Holy fuck, that was GREAT! Her cunt is so tight! I couldn’t last looking at that ass, just seeing that was amazing!” he exclaimed in satisfaction.

My owner knew, of course, that I was no where near being pleased. This new man may have been almost as big as my love but he had no idea how to cut loose and use what he had. That sort of animalistic passion was something he was very masterful of.

“You want amazing? Watch.” I love when my man says things like that! “Pretty girl, I want you to reach out and hold onto the edge of the table and don’t let go. Understood?”

I nodded, “Yes, as you bid.”

I did as I was told, grabbing onto the edge of the table as my owner slid around to my eager backside and slowly filled my drenched pussy with his cock. Thick , hard and throbbing, he let me take a few breaths before pulling nearly all the way out only to plow into me as hard as he could. Again and again and again, he pulled himself away from me only to slam into my pussy with such force that I could do nothing but scream my pleasures and hold on. Then he sped up, fucking me wildly. Soon, I felt a certain pace begin… he slowed a little, his breathing was different, I knew he’d gotten close to cumming and held back. Pulling his magnificent cock out of my pussy, he told me to stay put.

“Oh my God, she’s used to that kind of fucking? You hit pay dirt man!” I heard our guest say.

“Not done yet my friend!” my owner replied. “Right my sweet girl? We’re going to let our new friend know just how things get done around our household, right?”

“Mmmm, yes love!” was all I could happily say while catching my breath. I could sense my owner looking for something below me, something in his pants pocket on the floor. I heard a snap of plastic and felt something cool on my ass, slipping between my cheeks. He’d brought the lube! I wriggled about for him as he rubbed his huge cock over my pussy, into my pussy and back out to rub between my ample ass cheeks. He ran his strong hands over my cheeks, pushing them together to squish the lube everywhere. I could hear his low moans of appreciation at how slippery things were getting.

“You aren’t serious, are you? Can she take that much cock up the ass?”

“I’ve trained her well, it’s still a very tight fit but when she’s as worked up as she is now, yes, she can take all of me up her beautiful big ass, isn’t that right sweetie? You love how I fuck this ass don’t you? And you want the nice man who’s cock you sucked and who banged that pussy to watch me fuck you up the ass don’t you?”

I was delirious with passion at this point! “Yes my love, I do!”

“What do you want sweetie? Tell me. Tell me nice and nasty.”

“I want your hard cock up my ass! I want to feel your thick cock up my tight hole!”

“Do you want me to cum up that big pretty ass?” his grip on my ample cheeks tightened as he rubbed his cock between them. Swirling his thumb near my hole he added, ” Do you want me to stretch you open honey? You want me to open that ass fuck it like your pussy? Want me to fill that sweet ass with cum for you?”

I was beside myself with need! Tingling from his filthy-sexy words! “Yes! Please, please use my ass like a pussy! Stretch me wide open and fill me with cum!” I’m positive my owner was smiling at that! Slowly he pushed his cock against my hot hole. Slower still, my ass swallowed more and more of him, widening, stretching around his hard, thick cock.


I heard my love grunt loudly as he seated himself as deeply as he could go up my tight, hot, greased up ass. He began thrusting cautiously at first, gaining a stride to let me become accustomed to and then, when he knew I was ready, going for broke with everything he had, his heavy balls slapping my dripping pussy mercilessly with each heaving thrust.

Pounding faster and faster, his groans and my squeals of delight echoing through the room. Pistoning harder and harder into my eager flesh, his cock like a hot steel dowel, long, thick and probing. Leaning over me more than he already had, grabbing my hips harder for more leverage, tipping them up slightly for deeper penetration, plunging repeatedly in and out of my tight, slick and slippery hole. I imagined his cock gleaming with lube, shiny and masterfully taking utter control of my ass until at last, I felt him tense up, shooting his hot thick cum deep within me. He collapsed on top of my back, kissing my shoulders and neck, whispering how much he loved me while disengaging from my now sloppy hole. Pulling himself up, he pushed my cheeks together as I felt his cum ooze out, dripping over my pussy and down my trembling thighs.

“Wow… you were right, that WAS amazing!” our guest stated.

“Stay where you are sweetie.” my love called to me.

I could hear an exchange of words and a door opening and closing. My owner was right at my side after that, helping me up and removing the blindfold.

“I’m SO fucking proud of you sweetie! SO fucking proud! I’m going to get him back to where he needs to be and I’ll be right back after that, okay? You go ahead and get cleaned up. I love you so much!” He enveloped me in a massive bear hug and kissed me deeply.

After a few minutes, he and our guest were on their way. I cleaned myself up with a nice long shower and gave myself a treat of a bowl of strawberries. After a little while, I heard my love return home.

“He was really impressed with you sweet girl!” he said. “Though it might have been nice to have lasted longer, I’m glad it was quick. He didn’t seem to please you much. I’m sorry about that.”

Pouting like a petulant little boy, my lover’s blue eyes seemed to deepen with regret.

“Don’t let it bother you my love.” I softly said to him. “I doubt if anyone will ever measure up to how you feel inside of me. I don’t think anyone can ever come close to how good YOU make me feel.” His blue eyes once more held the happiness I’d come to crave and love.

After his shower, my love and I spent the next few hours wrapped in each other’s arms, talking over what had occurred, planning for what we’d like next, satiated by an extremely good breakfast.


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