Once Todd left I turned and looked in the full length mirror on the closet door. My hair and makeup were a mess, my ponytail had come loose, my hair was damp with sweat and cum and my lipstick and mascara were smudged. I had dried cum on my face and neck. My pussy and thighs were caked with cum. I turned around and saw a line of cum running down the backs of my legs, from my ass to my ankles. My whole body was covered with layer of massage oil, perspiration and cum. I looked like a woman who had been repeatedly fucked long and hard. And I loved it.

After a nice long hot shower I got dressed for the pool. I put on my favorite white bikini, chiffon beach cover up, and sandals. I filled my beach bag with tanning oil, the latest steamy novel, hair clips and other essentials and headed for the pool. The pool was area wasn’t crowded and I easily found a nice chaise lounge chair on the far side of the pool. I sat down, put on my dark sunglasses and indulged in one of favorite activities, people watching. Except in my case I wasn’t studying human behavior, I was looking for new sexual playmates.

I looked around and saw Eric, the young waiter who brought my room service order and had fucked me this morning. He was waiting on a couple who were sitting on the other side of the pool. As I watched him I noticed that he kept glancing in my direction. When he finished with the other couple’s order, he quickly headed over to me.

“Good afternoon Ms. Taylor, can I get you…anything?” He said with a flirting smile.

“Hello Eric, you said you would call me Brandi, remember our secret, your bosses aren’t around,” I said.

Eric quickly looked around before saying, “I’m sorry, Brandi, it just that they’re real strict about the help being proper with the guests.”

“I understand but I don’t consider you help, I think of you as a friend, a very good friend. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. I don’t want you to get in trouble with your bosses,” I said.

“Thank you Brandi, I’m happy to be considered a friend. Anyway, can I get you anything?” He asked.

“Sure how about something frozen? Like a frozen margarita. I know it’s early but I’m on vacation and I am here to have fun. Yeah, a frozen margarita would be nice,” I said.

“Excellent choice Ms., um I mean Brandi. Anything else, like some towels or something to eat? He asked.

“No thank you, just the drink please,” I answered.

“And thank you,” He said as quickly glanced around the pool area. “For the fantastic tip this morning,” He added.

“You’re welcome, I’d love to give you another but I don’t think your bosses would appreciate me giving it to you here,” I said with a laugh.

“No I don’t think so,” Eric laughingly said as he walked away.

I returned to people watching as more people entered the pool area. I looked over to the bar and saw Eric at the service area waiting for his drinks. He kept looking over at me.

I was startled when a feminine voice with a lovely French accent said. “It looks like you have a young admirer.”

I quickly turned to the side and saw the handsome young couple I had shared the elevator with the night before. They were standing next to the lounge chairs next to me.

“Excuse me,” I said.

“I’m sorry, I thought you noticed. The handsome young waiter, over at the bar, he keeps staring at you,” The woman said.

“Oh, I don’t think so. Maybe he is looking at you. You’re young and very attractive and you’re a lot closer to his age than I am,” I said.

“That is nice of you to say but no, he is looking at you. We were sitting at the bar when you came to the pool. He has been watching you since you came here. And why not, I maybe young and attractive as you say, but you, you are a very beautiful woman,” She said.

“Thank you and that was very nice of you,” I said.

“No it is true, you are very beautiful. Excuse me, my name is Aline. This is my husband Rene. Do you mind if we sit here?” The young woman asked pointing to the chairs next to me.

“No, please do. My name is Brandi. It’s nice to meet you,” I said.

“Hello, it is nice to meet you,” Rene said.

I took the chance to check them out as they put down their towels and bag and sat down. Aline was in her early twenties. She was tall, four or five inches taller than me and thin. She had blue eyes and long light brown hair that was pulled back in a ponytail. She had full sensuous lips and I envisioned them wrapped around a fat cock or better yet my wet pussy. Her tiny bikini barely covered her small but beautifully shaped breasts and ass. Her legs were long and well-toned.

Rene looked a couple of years older than Aline. He was tall with a thin muscular, swimmers build. He had medium length black hair and dark piercing eyes. But I was mostly interested in the large bulge in the front of his small European style speedo bathing suit.

“I am sorry. I did not want to make you uncomfortable when I mentioned your admirer,” Aline said.

“Yes, please forgive my wife. Sometimes she speaks without thinking,” Rene said laughingly.

“Not at all, in fact it would be a boost to my ego if such a handsome young man found me attractive. I mean, I’m old enough to be his mother,” I said.

“No, if you were his mother you would have been… naughty at a very young age,” She said and smiled.

“I was… and still am,” I said smiling back and laughing.

Eric was walking toward us with a tray holding my drink. I couldn’t give him a tip like this morning but I could tease him a little. When he got near our chairs, I sat up and pulled the back of my chair up. I stretched my arms out the back, pushing my breasts fully out. Eric’s eyes grew wide as he gazed at my chest.

“Oh Eric, you’re back, great. Would you be a dear and get some drinks for my friends, Aline and Rene, please. Aline, do you guys know Eric? He’s the best waiter here. He gives the greatest… service,” I said with a smile as I reached out and took my drink.

“Um sure, Ms. Taylor, anything you want,” Eric blushed as he replied.

“Now Eric, I told you to call me Brandi. We’re all friends here, right Aline,” I said.

“Of course, we would love to be…friends,” Aline said as she lifted her sunglasses and looked Eric’s body up and down.

I looked at Eric through my dark sunglasses. He was clearly becoming anxious, his eyes pleading with me to stop. I couldn’t resist teasing him some more. I picked up my bottle of sun tan lotion.

“Eric maybe you could help me later by putting some oil on my skin. You have such strong hands,” I said with a flirty smile.

“Um sure, Ms. Taylor, I mean Brandi, anything you want,” Eric replied.

“Anything, mmm, I’ll have to think about that. In the meantime how about a couple of frozen margaritas, Rene, Aline, would you like that?” I asked.

“Yes, that would be lovely,” Aline said.

“Um sure thing, Brandi,” Eric said and he quickly walked away.

Aline laughed and said. “Brandi, you are a very naughty woman. You made that poor young man blush.”

“I know, I couldn’t help myself, he’s so cute. I just had to flirt with him,” I answered.

“Yes he is cute, but I was right it appears he has a… growing interest in you,” Aline said with a mischievous laugh.

“Growing interest?” I asked.

“Yes, It was growing,” She said again with a louder laugh.

Rene shook his head and said. “My wife is trying to be what you Americans call cute. She means your young waiter, his penis was growing in his pants when he talks to you.”

Now it was my turn to blush and become anxious. I didn’t want anyone knowing that I had seduced Eric. I didn’t him getting in trouble.

“Oh Brandi I am sorry if I made you upset. He seems very much taken with you. I thought you might want to take Eric as a lover.” Aline said.

I was flustered for a second and didn’t respond to Aline. She looked at me and smiled as if an idea popped into her head.

“Unless you have already taken him as a lover?” Aline asked.

When I didn’t answer, she knew the answer.

“You have…but why do you hide that you have taken a lover?” Aline asked.

“Please don’t say anything. Eric will get in trouble if his boss finds out,” I pleaded.

“Oh, yes I forgot America is so provincial. In France many women take young lovers when they are on holiday. Our attitude about sex is much more liberated than in America,” Aline said.

“Yes, I’ve heard that about France. It’s one of the many things I loved about my trip to France,” I said.

“Yes, I remember you said you were to France when we met you on the elevator last night. You must tell us about your trip and your…adventures,” Aline said. “And do not worry, we would not like to see Eric get in trouble, here he comes with the drinks,” She added.

When Eric arrived with the drinks, Aline engaged him in conversation. She asked him about himself. She slipped in questions about his age and any girlfriends. He was working to save money for college. We also found out that he had just turned nineteen and didn’t have a steady girlfriend.

We spent a couple of hours drinking, tanning and talking. I learned that Aline and Rene were from the Champagne-Ardenne Providence in France. Rene’s family owned a winery that produced fine champagne. Rene ran the sales end of the winery and his older brother ran the actual vineyard. I also learned that they were on an extended honeymoon. They had gotten married three months ago and had gone to Jamaica on a two week honeymoon. When they returned his father had set up a long sales trip for Rene. Not wanting to be without his new wife, Rene brought Aline along.

I told them about my husband taking me along on his business trip to Nice. While my husband was attending business meetings, I went sightseeing and visited several spas. I also told them about meeting a very nice couple who were on holiday. I went to Paris and stayed them while my husband finished his business.

When Rene jumped in the pool to cool off, Aline’s questions became more personal.

“Last night, you were with a lover just before you got on the elevator, no. Was it Eric?” She asked.

“No, someone else,” I answered.

“So you have other lovers besides Eric?” She asked.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Did you take a lover while you were in Nice?” Aline asked.

“Yes, and in Paris too,” I answered.

“That is good. You are much more liberated than most Americans. Does your husband take lovers also?” She asked.

I thought about my answer before deciding to be completely truthful with her. Something about her made me trust her. I felt she genuinely cared and was not just interested in hearing salacious details. I told her that my husband and I used to have a wonderful love life sharing several different partners but my husband got sick. He lost interest in sex. I told her that I miss the good times with my husband, but I can’t see myself not having sex again so I have had quite a few adventures on my own during my business trips.

“Good for you Brandi, You are still young and beautiful. You should have fun and many adventures,” Aline said.

“Yes I know. I have had many adventures,” I said.

“Rene and I have each taken lovers. We do that because we love sex. We married because we love each other,” She said.

Rene came back to the chairs and I tried to change the subject.

“How long will you be away from home?” I asked.

“We are heading home tonight. We have a light night flight tonight,” Rene said.

“I really enjoyed this trip. We get to see so many interesting sights, meet so many interesting people and had a few… adventures of our own,” Aline said as she glanced at Rene and smiled that same mischievous smile I remembered from the elevator.

“I understand that. I love to travel and for the same reasons, the people, the places and… especially the adventures,” I said as I smiled right back at her.

Aline giggled, then I giggled and Rene looked at us like we were crazy.

“You’ve got to tell the name of your champagne. I’d love to try a bottle,” I said trying to change the subject again.

“We have several in our room. Would you like to come up to our room and try some?” Rene asked.

Aline turned, looked in my eyes and pleaded. “Yes Brandi, please come to our room.”

“I’d love to,” I answered with a smile.

We gathered up our belongings and headed into the hotel. I waved to Eric as we left and he blushed. We got on the elevator and headed to their penthouse suite. The penthouse was beautiful. It had a balcony that looked out at the ocean and a four person Jacuzzi tub. It also had a fully stocked bar and two separate bedrooms.

We went to the bar and Rene opened a bottle of his champagne. He looked very proud as he quickly explained only wine from the Champagne-Ardenne Region of France can legally be called champagne. Everything else is called sparkling wine. He also explained the wine making process from the planting of the grapes to final tasting. He really enjoyed his work. When he handed me the bottle I recognized the label.

“I tried this before when I was in France. I loved it. It was one of my favorites but I haven’t been able to find it America,” I said.

“Thank you, I am glad you liked it. That is the purpose of our trip. We are going to sell our champagne in America,” Rene said.

“Great, I can’t wait for that,” I said.

“Would you like to go out to the balcony and enjoy the champagne, we have a lovely view and perhaps we could use the Jacuzzi tub,” Rene suggested.

“That is a fabulous idea,” Aline said as she hurried out to the balcony.

Rene told me to go with Aline and he would bring the champagne out to the balcony. When I got there, I saw that Aline had already taken off the top of her bikini and was removing the bottom. I took a second to admire her lovely body. Her breasts sat high and firm on her chest. Her prominent nipples were protruding from the darker skin of her areola. I also noticed that she had shaved her pubic area.

“I hope you do not mind Brandi, but Rene and I always go nude in the Jacuzzi,” Aline said as she sat on the ledge and swung her legs into the tub.

“Not at all, in fact I’d love to join you,” I said as I took off my bikini and got ready to join her.

Rene came out with the champagne in an ice bucket and put it on a shelf near the tub before he dropped his small speedo bathing suit. I took second to check out his cock. Soft, it was at least six inches long and uncircumcised as most men in Europe were. It wasn’t as fat as Todd’s but not many were. I couldn’t decide which I like better, circumcised or uncircumcised cocks. I guess I like whatever cock is available. His balls were big and hung low. Rene had also shaved his pubic area.

Aline motioned for me to sit next to her. I climbed in and I sat down allowing the warm water and powerful bubbles to soothe my body. Rene refilled everyone’s glass. He climbed in and sat on the other side of the tub as we chatted and drank. The warm water and champagne had a stimulating effect on me. I could sense the all too familiar erotic desires growing in my pussy.

“Ah this is an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, relaxing bubbles, excellent champagne and two beautiful women to share it with, vous, mes belles dames, To you, my beautiful ladies,” Rene said as he held up his glass in toast.

“De nouveaux amis, To new friends, “Aline said.

“At les amateurs, And lovers,” I said as I turned my head toward Aline.

She turned toward me and leaned her head to me. Our lips brushed in a soft sensuous kiss. We pulled back for a second and put down our glasses. We looked into each other’s eyes, sensing that both of us were delighted with where this was heading and moved back together. Aline slid her arm around me as our lips meet in another gentle embrace. I slid my tongue through my lips and traced it across her soft full lips. She parted her lips and my tongue slid into her mouth and past her teeth, searching her for her tongue. Aline gently bite my tongue as she sucked it into her mouth. She moaned when I slid my hand across her flat stomach and circled one of her breasts. I rolled my thumb across the nipple, lightly rubbing and pinching the sensitive nub as it grew and stiffened. Aline turned and moved her body closer to mine as our passion grew. Our legs intertwined as our hands began roaming all over each other’s bodies. Her tongue snaked out and tangled with mine as our lips melded together. We broke our kiss and looked into each other eyes again.

“Wow, that was amazing Brandi. You like women also? I am so glad,” Aline said.

“I’d never give up men, but I do love to be with women,” I answered.

“Brandi loves men and women, Rene. Does that make you happy?” Aline asked her husband as she turned to look at him.

“Yes, I enjoyed watching. You two looked so beautiful together,” He said.

I looked over at Rene and saw that he was indeed happy. He was sitting back with his arms on the edge of the tub. His cock had grown hard and the tip was sticking out of the water.

“I can see that you’re very happy, Rene. It seems your penis is swollen. Aline, do think we should do something to help him?” I asked laughingly.

“Oh yes, we cannot let him walk around like that, he may poke something with it,” Aline said with a laugh.

“Well I hope he pokes something with it, but later. I think we should do what we can so it safe,” I said as we all laughed.

Rene got up and sat with his ass on the edge of the tub with his legs wide open. He leaned back on his arms. His cock had grown to it full length, about eight or nine inches with a distinctive curve to the left. His big balls hung so low that they almost touched the water.

Aline and I moved across the tub and knelt between his legs. She grabbed his cock with one hand and peeled the foreskin back, exposing the head. She slid her hand up and down the shaft leaving the head exposed.

“Come on Brandi you are the guest, you go first,” Aline said as she held up his cock.

“Thank you,” I said as I leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss before moving to his cock.

I flicked my tongue on his frenulum on underside of his cock where the head and shaft meet. Rene moaned as I flicked my tongue faster and faster. I then licked my way across the silky head and through the opening. His pre-cum leaked out inflaming my taste buds. I licked around the whole head before taking his cock into my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down about a dozen times until I was swallowing about half of his cock.

I took my mouth off his cock, looked at Aline and said, “Mmm, your husband has a delicious cock, Aline. But you know that. Let me hold him while you suck him.”

I grabbed Rene’s cock and slid my hand up and down the shaft a few times. I loved to slide the foreskin on and off the head. Rene trembled and groaned as I tickled and fondled his balls with my other hand. Aline licked around the head before taking the cock in her mouth. She worked her mouth up and down until she had about half the cock in her mouth.

She pulled her mouth off Rene’s cock and said, “It is your turn Brandi.”

We traded back and forth. Aline would jerk her husband’s cock and fondle his balls while I licked and sucked his cock. Then I would stroke and fondle him while Aline used her mouth to please her husband. Rene was in a man’s heaven, leaning back, moaning and enjoying while two beautiful women used their mouths to make love to his cock.

I let go of Rene’s cock and Aline grabbed it. She jerked her hand along its length before stopping and holding it at the base. I started at her hand and licked my way up the shaft to the head. I then put my mouth over the cock and slowly worked it down my throat. I suppressed my gag reflex as his cock slid further and further down my throat until my lips touched Aline’s hand. Rene groaned as I slid my tongue along the underside of his cock. I gasped as I pulled my mouth off his cock.

“Oh my god Brandi, you have most of Rene’s cock in your mouth. Do you think you can take it all?” Aline asked.

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