It was role playing gone awry; she was still bound to the staircase, but she was no longer playing. She was scared. She had answered an ad on Craigslist and gotten to know me a bit before requesting an actual meet.

We had traded pictures and we sent actual photos so as not to lie to the other. She was black haired, steel blue eyed and had a killer body. She was only twenty-one, but had experience beyond her years. She was currently between jobs so she decided to play a little.

She taught me the knots, the positions, the teasing, but I guess I got carried away with the feeling of power and control. She had no family, no one looking for her and no one missing her. She was nude, held captive by the very knots she showed me and now I was using her body as my personal cum dump.

I guess it’s safe to assume that I had crossed the line from role playing bondage into rape. I figured that if I was going to go to jail for rape, I might as well enjoy myself now, before I became Bubba’s bitch.

I fucked her ass repeatedly, making one deposit after another. Her pussy was my playground as I stroked her mercilessly. She sobbed into her gags as I used her body like the cheap slut she portrayed.

After ten hours of abuse, I decided to cut her loose, let her go and await my fate.

Once loosened, she ran to the bathroom, ran a shower and cleansed her body of my sperm and cum. She douched and took several enemas, then stood in the pouring flood of warm water for half an hour letting the pulsations and warmth caress the aches and pains away.

She was dressed when she passed me as I sat on the first step of her previous jail cell. She stopped adjacent to me, grabbed my hair in a fist and said, “Now it’s your turn, fucker!”

She was amazingly strong for a petite girl, and she caught me by surprise, cuffing me to the oak banister by one arm whilst straddling my chest with her legs. I would have paid good money to see the expression on my face at that time.

I looked up to see her bare labia practically in my face, her skirt hiked up by her outstretched legs. I could smell her arousal and that’s when I realized I wasn’t in legal trouble, but I was in peril of being abused by her.

There was an unmistakable twinkle in her blue eyes, a look that struck some amount of fear in my heart as I realized that now it was indeed my turn.

She stood and walked away saying, “Don’t go anywhere.”

I replied, “Like I have a choice.”

She retorted, “You! Fucker! Shut the hell up! You’re really in for a rough time so keep your pie hole shut.”

She was back in less than a minute, brandishing a pair or shears, exercising them in her hands as if to threaten me: Snip! Snip! Snip! She showed them to me, light glinting off the chrome surface as she continued to work them. I felt my blood running cold with each snip.

The smile curled her lips up until her teeth shown in the hall light; eyes still sparkling as she watched my face for signs of horror and despair. When she finally saw what she desired, she traced the tip from my penis to my ankles, teasing me with terror.

Then to my surprise she caught the cuff of my jeans in their terrible jaws and in one snip she sheared the cuff, followed by a slow succession of cuts that left one leg of my pants wide open along the entire length of my inseam.

She then moved to the other leg, this time pricking my skin repeatedly with the tip, drawing blood with each snip as if to say, “I could do much worse.”

She seemed to have some amount of compassion mixed with passion as she kissed and licked each scissor prick, seemingly excited by the taste of my blood on her tongue. It made her eyes deepen in their lust with each savory drop.

With my jeans draped around my waist, held in place by my belt, she raked her nails up and down my legs, scratching trails in my flesh as she seemed to enjoy the perversion. Then, without warning, she snatched my boxers and rent them in two, leaving me exposed, and extremely horny.

I couldn’t explain my arousal when my mind questioned, but I was indeed turned on. She took my penis and placed it menacingly between the open blades of the shears and smiled. I felt the razor edge as it slowly severed skin just from my erection and its swelling. The pain made me even harder, increasing the pressure. She saw the red line develop along the incision and smiled as she removed the tool of her trade.

Her tongue flicked out and tasted my blood and then she engulfed my cock between her lips. She licked and sucked on my enlarged member until she staved the flow, enjoying not only my blood, but my precum. She said, “You surprise me. You like to inflict pain, yet you like pain to be inflicted upon you even more. We are going to have a lot of fun over the next couple of days.”

I thought, “Couple of days?! I’m fucked!”

She said, “I hope you are ready for me. I did rather enjoy my raping today, but now it’s my turn…to rape you.”

I can’t explain it, but I wanted her to rape me, abuse me, make me her sex object and yes, I wanted to feel pain. I longed to feel her hurt me physically and yearned to bleed for her. I like pain, to the point of self infliction. I like how my blood feels as it oozes from my body and the taste is amazing, coppery, salty, warm and delicious.

You’d think I’d be covered in tattoos, or even piercings, but I have none. I prefer scars, scabs and cuttings. I want to inflict the pain, taste the blood and see the scars, over and over, inflicting them myself; so I can be proud of them.

She took a pocket knife and held it up for me to inspect the blade, sharp enough to cut, but not sharp enough to slice through skin effortlessly. She cut my tee shirt loose, nicking skin as she went, causing me pain and some bleeding. Her mouth on my body was an aphrodisiac as she tended to the wounds she was creating. Once I even felt her teeth as they sunk into my flesh, searing and tearing flesh as she opened new wounds. I imagined her as my own personal vampire and I her feeding ground.

I risked more pain, “Are you a vampire?”

She looked up from my body, her meal, “No, but I will feed on your blood and cause you pain. I hope you are prepared for me.”

I answered her, “I like the pain. I crave it and desire it. I lust after the abuse you are to inflict on me. Hurt me lover, make me bleed, quench your thirst with my blood as I satisfy my lust for your treatment.”

Her eyes locked on to mine, as if reading my mind, “You do like it, don’t you? I’m so glad we met like this. I will make you a happy man. You are going to want me back again and again.”

I continued the gaze, “I might not want to let you go. Would you have a problem with that?”

She leaned down and kissed me, my blood fresh in her mouth, tasting amazing as it mixed with her saliva. I wanted to bite her too, taste her blood. I bit her lip, she yelped but maintained the French kiss, sharing her blood with me as we sucked face, her hands finding my cock and began to stroke me up and down.

She adjusted her body and impaled her vagina on my penis, sliding down until I was fully inside of her. Her teeth sunk into my shoulder as I bottomed out inside her, striking her cervix. I got even harder as the pain coursed through my torso.

I felt her nails, like sharpened knives, scratching and cutting my back as she rode me into her first self-induced orgasm. The pain was incredible, good and bad as she raked them across my lower back, her teeth once again tearing at my shoulder.

Her lips sucked at the crimson liquid as it seeped to the surface. I felt euphoric, almost giddy from her sex and sucking. She brought me to the point of orgasm and then stood up, denying me of my release. She had more than just physical pain in mind.

She smiled cruelly at her actions as she produced another cutting device. It resembled a fine toothed saw, like a coping saw for metal. It was pristine clean; she said she had it autoclaved before bringing it to me.

Its touch was pure heaven; digging into my flesh as it moved across my biceps. Her tongue bath followed and it made me hard again. I wanted her, wanted to fuck her, rape her and abuse her, but it was no longer her time, but mine.

She stood me up and bent me over the banister, my ass her next target as she produced a small dildo. She was careful to use copious amounts of lube before insertion, though it was like throwing a hotdog down the hallway; my ass accustomed to something much larger. Most men wince at a finger inserted, but I can take three without pain. I love anal play and enjoy a good female pegging.

She quickly realized that a large toy was in order and the inch and a half dildo soon loomed behind me. Its six inches of length well lubed as it began to make its entrance. I ooo’ed and ahh’ed as she pushed the hard intruder into my ass; my own cock was now just as hard as I began to enjoy the anal rape.

She saw my enjoyment and a snarl escaped her lips, “You need more I can see. I hope you are ready for the next step.”

I saw her bag of tricks finally and the next item up for bid was an eight inch snake of two inch girth. She always lubed her toys and this time was no exception. Its entrance was definitely felt as it stretched and strained at my sphincter. It was pain, but a good pain as she slowly inched the monster in.

She felt the resistance and was satisfied that she was in the ballpark, so to speak in size. After the requisite waiting time for size accommodation, she began to stroke it in and out, giving me intense pleasure now that I was past the pain. I happened to see through my legs and the rungs on the banister and saw her fingers working her clit slowly as she pegged me.

I was about to cum from the stimulation when she withdrew the intruder, again leaving me just short of satisfaction. She raked her fingers from shoulders to waist, making more blood flow for her thirsty tongue. I felt safe in her hands, willing to accept any pain, or pleasure she was willing to deal to me.

I saw one more toy in her bag and asked about it, “What’s that long monster in there?”

She said, “I thought you’d never ask.” She produced the black leviathan, a silicone dildo of two and a quarter inch girth and fourteen inches in length. I knew I could only physically take eleven inches, so the final few would be for holding on to as she raped me with it.

I moaned in lust, “I can’t wait to feel that filling me and fucking me. I bet I can take about three fourths of that or more.”

She kissed my ass cheeks, “If you do, I’ll release you and we’ll make love in the conventional way, for the next 24 hours. If not, then I’ll work it in you until you do and make you take it for the same time period, being careful not to let you cum.”

I said, “It’s a deal.”

She came around to the front of me and took my cock in her mouth for a few minutes. Afterward she said, “Deal.”

She carefully lubed the leviathan up and inspected me for proper lubrication. When she was satisfied, she pressed the tip against my gaping hole and gave it a push. The lifelike head popped inside, followed by the first seven inches. She whistled at my capability and then rubbed my back as she slowly inched more into me. She got to ten inches and said, “Only half an inch more. I don’t think you have it in you.”

I laughed, “Oh baby, it’s in me. Can’t you see it?”

She too thought that was funny and laughter filled the hallway. She grasped the end and twisted it a little giving me great pleasure from the venal texture. She gave it a little shove and another inch slipped inside making it a full eleven inside. She was incredulous and pushed a little more, watching as yet another full inch crept in until it stopped.

She said, “God Damn! You can take more than I can. I can’t wait to spend more time with you. I want to get this mounted in a strap on so I can fuck you properly.”

I replied, “Bring it bitch. I can take what you got, obviously.”

She then stroked the entire length in and out, making me so hard and so aroused that I came in great gobs all over the floor and on my face. I licked at the drops and found them to be kinda tasty.

She said, “That’s it fucker, eat it all up. I’m not quite done with you yet.”

She continued to rape me, stroking in and out, in and out until she was satisfied with my depth of lust. She removed the toy and marveled at the gaping hole and my desire to take it all.

She removed the cuffs and helped me into the bathroom to shower. She stepped in behind me and we made love in the shower as the water stung my cuts and scratches. The pain just made me want her even more.

We fucked in every room of the house, even my marriage bed. Blood, cum and sweat soaked every surface we touched as we consummated our friendship in every way.

At the end of our day of fucking, she packed her toys, and we said our goodbyes. She said, “I guess your wife will be home later?”

I answered, “Yeah. She says she’s excited to be coming home after being with her brother inSt. Louis. She says she misses me and can’t wait to fuck me.”

She smiled, “Think of me?”

I nodded, “You bet. When can I come to you?”

She grinned, “After you fuck her. I want to taste her and give you something to remember.”

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