This audio includes cheating spouses – if this offends you, then please do not listen to it.

The Awards Banquet by TexasAce and AudioDiva

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The awards banquet at the club is always fun. It’s often the only time you ever see people in anything but tennis outfits. But that night everyone was dressed up and ready for a great meal, more than a few drinks, and dancing under the stars.

The junior tennis players operated the valet parking, and the whole event was really well planned and staged, and showed the promise of being a wonderful fun filled evening.

When my husband, Ted and I arrived, I saw that my mixed doubles partner, Ace and his wife Evie, were already there. As we greeted and hugged each other and exchanged air or cheek kisses… Ace and I exchanged a sly smile. I could tell that he was in one of his super dangerous and rare moods. It’s true… we had a secret. Knowing that we were to receive the trophy for the Mixed Doubles, we had already talked on the phone earlier in the day.

We discussed and laughed about it during one of our 2 or 3 time a week super hot phone sex sessions. We both love our mates, and wouldn’t leave them for anything, but we have a libido that is way outta’ wack with our spouses’. My husband Ted is a super nice guy, and his wife Evie is a lovely young lady, but they don’t have a clue about exploring the sexual limits and dealing with a super high sex drive. They are both perfectly content with once or twice a week, pretty vanilla sex. And, it seems they aren’t really interested in trying anything more, or becoming more active. Ace and I have marveled about how many couples we know who fall into this same category. One of the couple has a high sex drive, and the other can take it or leave it.

On the other hand, I get hot when I hear Ace’s name or just thinking about him. He has told me that he sometimes goes into the men’s room to stroke his cock after a short phone call, even when we don’t talk about sex at all. He says that just the sound of my voice is enough to get him hard and ready.

Our table was in the front with the other award winners. It so happened that I was seated next to Ace while our spouses sat on either side of us and we were all facing the award podium and the stage. I mentioned that Ace was in a rare and playful mood, and it wasn’t 2 minutes after we were seated that Ace reached over and slid his hand under my dress and rubbed my pussy lightly. It wasn’t a real shocker, because he liked to surprise me, and he knows how much I love it … especially when other people are around, and we risk the embarrassment of getting caught. I did look sexy in my mini skirt and a thong with garter belt and thigh highs.

Occasionally Ace will call when he knows that Ted is out of the house, and attempt to disguise his voice. And when I answered the phone he will say something like – “someone at this number just ordered a rough reverse cowgirl FUCK… and our SPECIALITY… a long slow pussy eating session. If this is your order, and you are ready for a hot suck and a rough hard fuck now, press one and get neked”. Yep… Ace is not only a fine tennis player but he is also the hottest and most creative pussy sucking, ass fucking, cum licking, hunks that I have ever met or heard of. All of our opponents say that I look like I get my tennis outfits from Victoria’s Secret, and that that is one of the reasons that Ace’s package is so fuckin big.

I don’t think I mentioned, but I am a flight attendant with a major airline and often when I’m on an overnight flight I call Ace. We have a code to identify if the coast is clear to talk or not. When it is clear we have our scorching hot explicate phone sex. Ace says that I have the dirtiest and the most erotically creative talk that he has ever heard. He tells me that I can almost make him cum and shoot his load just by listening to me talk… and he knows I fuckin luv to talk dirty and to hear his dirty sexy talk. I didn’t start out so uninhibited, but the longer we have been carrying on, the more comfortable I have gotten. At this point I can say incredibly nasty things without a thought and relish the reaction I get. We can go on for hours, creating scenarios and setting up scenes where we are able to do anything and everything to one another. Listening to each other get more and more excited as the night wears on, building up to fucking amazing orgasms. He especially loves to hear me play with my pussy as he strokes his cock, imagining that his hand is my cunt wrapped around him. I talk about how wet I am and how hard his dick feels as my body responds just as if he is there inside me as we cum together.

I am not sure everyone will understand this… but Ace and I share a love every bit as strong as our love for our spouses. But, it is a totally different love. Ours is a dangerous, forbidden, exciting, and expressive love… especially compared to the traditional home life and the love we have for our spouses and families. They are different… but both are totally wonderful. Some people can deal with only the home and family, spousal-type of love that comes from years of familiarity and holds a level of comfort. However, there are those who need the combination of the two varieties for a totally fulfilling and exciting sex life. Ace and I fall into that category. We both have an insatiable need for sex, but also cherish our spouses.

The quiet conversations around the table were interrupted with the MC’s announcement: “And, for the second year in a row the winners of the Mixed Doubles tournament is… Dawn Johnson, and Ace Martin.”

I think we were the 10th award announced, and by this time everyone was saying “enough already” lets start the dancing. The makeshift podium was a box about 4 ft wide on top of a banquet table and draped with a table cloth. There was a wall just behind us as we took our place at the podium. We approached the table and microphone to give our thanks for the award, and as is custom, to give a little story about how and why we won.

Ace looked at me and said… “Ladies first”. As I thanked the members for their support of the tournament, and for the award, my face must have gone beet red when Ace reached under my mini skirt and grabbed my bare ass and started to squeeze it. But being unshakeable, I didn’t miss a word, and returned to total control of the situation. I coughed as I composed myself, and then even spread my legs a little to allow Ace to get to my now wet slit. It was like… OK big boy… ya’ wanna play rough do ya!!! You fuckin don’t scare me even a little!!

With about 200 club members watching, Ace fingered my pussy while I talked about how we came back from a 2 set deficit to win the finals. Oh, oh… now it’s Ace’s turn to talk, and after a big shit-eating grin, I handed the mic to Ace so he could add his 2 cents. I figured it was pay back time for the teasing he was doing at the table by rubbing my thigh and pussy. Looking straight ahead, I slipped my hand behind Ace, and cupped and squeezed his ass cheeks. Then…not to be outdone, shielded from the audience by the podium, I grazed my hand over his fly and stroked his hardening cock through his slacks. As he talked about overcoming a ferocious serve and a great net game…I was stroking and squeezing his cock. He wasn’t quite as composed as I was, because he new that when he finished talking we would have to return to our table… WTF was he going to do with this raging hard 8 inch cock.

I realized the problem that I had created, and as I always do… I came up with a solution. Not the normal sticky hot milky white solution that I normally cum up with… but a good one anyway. I took a drink of ice water, and pretended to have the glass slip from my hand as it poured down on his throbbing cock. “Oh my gosh, I am sooooo sorry Ace… here let me wipe it up.” As I brushed the water off with my hand. With the front of his pants wet, and his cock going into hiding, he adjusted himself … and we returned to our table. Everyone was either laughing or saying, “Oh poor Ace… he will have wet pants all night now. It’s a shame that DAWN is so cute, but so fuckin’ clumsy”.

The music started… and the band played a tribute to the ’80′s. I was so convincing with my apologies, that now everyone, including Evie and Ted were feeling sorry for me. I said, “I can’t let my doubles partner walk around in wet pants all night… come with me to the locker room, Ace. I’ll put your pants in the dryer for you and you can wear one of the club robes while you are waiting. I feel like such a clumsy klutz, it’s the least I can do.”

Evie said, “You don’t have to do that” and I said… “I caused the problem, so I have to try and fix it”. Evie thought that I was talking about the problem of the wet pants. Little did she know that I was talking about the problem of a gigantic fat cock that had just been drenched with ice water and now needed to be in a warm and friendly place. It didn’t matter if it was a warm wet pussy cunt, or a warm and wet mouth. I had entertained this cock and drained his balls with both of them many times before, and not to mention what may be my favorite… when he fucks and shoots his cum in my ass!!

I think that is when I am most vocal… Like Ace always says… I have a nasty fuckin’ mouth… and he LUVS it!! Ted is only too happy to see me and Ace gone for a while, because he has a thing about Evie, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up fuckin each others brains out one of these days. Ted and Evie left for the dance floor while Ace and I left for the locker room. We didn’t say a word during the walk there. As soon as we got into the laundry area I turned to him and began undoing his buckle, pulling down his zipper and peeling off his pants. I bent down so my face was even with his crotch, looking up at him as I commented. “Even you underwear are soaked, I guess we’ll have to dry those too” and hooked my fingers in the elastic and pulled them down as well, revealing his swelling cock. I flicked my tongue across the tip and pulled back, making him step out of his pants and underwear. I picked them up off the floor and went to the dryer, bending down to put them inside and start the machine. I felt him come up behind me but wasn’t prepared for what happened next. I was still bent at the waist when I felt his hands as he pushed me forward on the dryer.

“You really are a brazen little slut aren’t you?” his hands slid up under my short skirt as he lifted it, revealing my panties. “I can see exactly how excited you are, those panties have a nice delicious wet spot already.” As he said it he slid one finger along the edge of the lace and slipped it underneath. A moan escaped as he rubbed my wet slit before pushing his finger inside. “Tell me what you want”

“Oh Ace! I want you! I want your cock NOW! Fuck me you bastard” I push back against his finger, trying to get it deeper into my hungry cunt. He roughly pulled his finger out and then yanked my panties down, my garter belt and thigh highs framing my ass as he plunged his rock hard cock into my dripping pussy. It happened so quickly I barely had a second to gasp — “God YES! Fuck!” As he began to pound into my cunt I goaded him “You can do better, come on and fuck me hard! Ram my cunt!”

My juice was coating his cock as he asked “Is this what you want? Come on baby I know what you really want” he pulled out of my gaping pussy and before I could protest he shoved his cock straight into my ass. It slid in easily after being in my sopping pussy. He pulled on my hips, pushing your cock in to the hilt. His balls slapping against my cunt, the heat and vibration of the dryer adding to the sensory overload as I held onto it as he fucked me.

“Oh yeah that’s what I want! Cumon Ace… fuck my little rosebud pucker hole… pound it hard, you son-of-a-bitch… ram it all the fuckin way in, you cunt licking bastard… rub my clit while you ram that fuck pole that you call a cock in my ass…make me cum, you pussy sucker.”

I could feel him ramping up, thrusting harder — we were both too worked up to hold out long

“That’s it — YES! I am coming with your dick in my ass! FUCK! Come on Ace – Fill my ass with your cum you mother fucker! Ugh!” I could hear him groan harshly as he thrust, pushing me hard into the vibrating dryer, my ass milking his cock as it convulsed around him “That’s it give it all to me”. I could feel his cum spurting deep into my ass as he thrust one final time. It was dripping down my thighs as he pulled his softening dick out of me a few moments later. My own juices joined his spunk as it ran down towards my knee.

My legs were shaky as I stood and reached over to pick up one of the towels folded nearby.

“Sorry about the wet pants”

“I’m not” he replied.

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