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My loving owner and I share a beautiful home near a lake in a very secluded spot. It’s not all that far from the rest of our tiny neighborhood but, set apart quite a way. It’s one of two that we own. My handsome man chose it for privacy, which is good because, there are times that privacy is paramount in our lives.

I’ve stated before that my owner is a man of varied tastes when it comes to fun and this time was no exception. He enjoys taking the time to select specific temporary additions to our private routines. Temporary additions that have similar endowments as well as similar discretion’s. I don’t know the screening process my love initiates but I trust him with all my heart.

I feel the need to say that because, there are times when my love brings someone to one or the other of our homes and I have heard more than one gentleman express awe in how my love keeps every aspect of things exclusively, yet warmly private. They never truthfully know exactly where they are other than in one of our homes.

On this particular day, my owner and I had just finished breakfast when he got a call on the cell that he uses specifically for our special times. He gave me that sweet half lidded expression and secret smile of his that let me know something uniquely exciting was about to happen.

“I’ll be right back sweetie.” he whispered as he quickly kissed me and hurried out the door, phone to ear.

I knew he’d be true to his word and felt a thrilling tingle at what might come next.

I cleared the table from breakfast and began running the dish water when I heard my love pull into the drive. Knowing enough of how my beautiful owner likes to do things, I knew to continue with what I was doing until he bid me otherwise.

Sometimes, the thought of his control alone is enough to get me sopping wet.

My loving owner snuggled up behind me, sliding his hands up and down my sides and whispered in my ear,

“We have a guest pretty girl. I want you to be nice as can be okay?”

I nodded in agreement and went to turn when he stopped me.

“I want this to be a little different so don’t move until I tell you to.”

The bulge I felt nudging itself to my backside had me eager to please him so much! I had an idea of what he had in mind for this get together. We’d shopped online for a few new items and thought carefully about how we wanted to implement them and now, he was orchestrating a beautiful game for us!

I stood still as I heard him beckon someone into the room. I heard another man’s voice, low and rumbled in a tone of appreciation at my rather ample shape. I’m not tall, nor am I stick thin. I’m very curvy with long dark wavy curls. This being summer and our home being so near the water, I’m sure our guest thought of tropical fantasies come to life.

I stayed still as my loving owner breezed beside me to issue out a few of our standard rules while showing me off to our guest.

“As you can see,” he began, “I like it when my wifey wears precious little.”

With that, my love moved to stand in front of me, easing his strong hands over my curves. He kissed me and lifted my sundress so that my ample ass could be displayed through my lacy panties. I, in turn, caressed his lower stomach and massive bulge and revelled in watching his mouth drop slightly open.

“Wow! That is one impressive ass!” our guest exclaimed. His voice was deep with a pleasant resonance but I didn’t turn to see him… I could feel that this was part of the new game and I wanted to make sure I played to my owner’s satisfactions.

My handsome love smiled at the new found appreciation of his property as well as my centered attention on him, holding me in his strong arms, taking my breath away as he did so. His slight nod to me a wordless approval of my actions thus far.

“Like I said on the phone, there’s more.” he said over my shoulder.

“And, I just call her ‘wifey’ too?”

My owner’s face grew only faintly serious.

“No, you can call her ‘M’. And just to be clear,” his smile returning to his handsome face, “that stands for ‘mine’. Isn’t that right sweetie?”

“As you bid my love. Always as you bid.” I said as his smile grew even more.

“That’s my sweet girl. Now then, something new for you.”

He pulled a bit of cloth from his pocket and let me see it. A blindfold! And not any blindfold either, one that I’d been wanting for the longest time!

My thoughtful owner and I enjoy spending time going through online catalogs and shopping in out of the way adult stores to find just the right playthings. Sometimes, we enjoy custom creating things for one another.

This time though, he’d surprised me with the most beautiful brown suede blindfold decorated with lovely burnished paisleys and velvet inner trim. It was soft and delicate and I grew even more excited because I knew it was only one part of a very special set.

“Ooooooo!” was all I could muster when I saw it but the expression on my lover’s face was worth all the money in the world and then some.

He chuckled a bit at my reaction.

“I’m glad you like it this much. Now, hold still while I put it on you.”

I closed my eyes but could not close off the thrill of how it felt to have him touch my face after my blindfold was in place. Suddenly, the scent of him was more intoxicating than usual. I was aware of our newest guest coming closer and realized that perhaps, it was he who did not wish to be seen. Being so private, I sometimes forget that our temporary collaborators also have needs for seclusion and discretion.

I felt him kiss me once more, his hands roaming over my body. The desire to please my love felt even stronger than ever.

“It’s okay to come over now, she can’t see you. Can you pretty girl?”

“No love, I can’t.”

I could smell a man’s cologne, somewhat pungent. It reminded me of what high end bankers think money-men ought to smell like. As always, it was something small like this that made me inwardly appreciate the habits of my man even more. He’s not the cologne type.

“She’s really beautiful and what an ass!” our new collaborator muttered to my love.

“And that’s the only thing off limits. This ass is never shared, it’s exclusively mine. You can caress it and watch me go there but that’s all.”

“Good deal. I’m just happy to have found someone as private as me for this.”

I listened to the exchange of words between them with such happiness. It feels good to know my owner protects me so well. He does so much for me.

I heard a rustle of cloth. My owner guided my hand to his now exposed cock and had me stroke him slowly, his hand covering mine.

“Reach your other hand out sweetie. I want you to feel how fat you’re making our new friend’s cock.” he whispered to me.

Doing as he said, I reached out and heard a hasty zipper being pulled down before feeling a thick member touch my palm. I folded my hand around it and stroked it in tandem with my owner’s larger member. This new cock felt thinner and not quite as long as my owner’s but still larger than some. Rubbing my thumb over the head of it, I could feel the pre-cum leaking out. By the sighs and light moans, I could tell things were going well so far.

“Keep stroking his cock sweetie, I’ll be right back.”

I stood as bid and kept stroking while I heard my owner from somewhere in the living room behind me. In no time at all, he was back and had dropped something soft onto my feet. I could feel him take hold of my hand and arm and guide me gently downward.

“There’s a pillow for you to kneel on right in front of you sweet girl, let me help you down.”

Once I was comfortable on the pillow, my man kissed me deeply. I could feel his happiness and excitement in that kiss. He then guided my free hand back to the beautiful thick length of his cock.

“Open up nice and pretty sweetie.”

I tilted my head towards his voice and opened my mouth, my reward of course was his tasty cock. I could feel him pulsate in my mouth, breathing in his scent, I reached for his balls to caress while I sucked. I enjoy going slowly as I know this pleases him plus, he tastes so wonderful, I like savoring every moment. I switched things up a bit, pulling my hot, wet mouth from his hardness and licking each ball before sucking each one in to twirl my tongue around them. Hearing his groans and feeling his fingers through my hair got me even more wet than before. I went to suck more of his beautiful cock but he stopped me.

“Time for our guest to sample that pretty mouth sweet girl.” he said as he turned me around and kissed me.

I opened my mouth and took in our guest. He was smaller, as I’d noted, but muskier too. Not too unpleasant but certainly not my owner. Telling the two apart blindfolded just got much easier. I treated him to the same oral delight as I’d given my owner and this time, was rewarded with loud and heavy groans.

I was almost positive my owner was smiling at that.

I was drenched by this point. My juices slowly making their way down to mid thigh. I know my owner is very perceptive to my needs and knows just when I begin to get almost too wet to bear. He knows that when I get to that point, almost all my reason goes out the window and I’ve no more pressing desire than to see him pleased with his hard steel-like cock embedded deeply within me.

“Up and over pretty girl” I heard him say as he gently guided me by the arm to stand and bend over the kitchen table.

“Ohhhhh shit that ass is incredible!” our guest murmured low as my owner tenderly flipped up my sundress.

My dress was a pale lavender with tiny floral design while my panties, I’m sure my love was happy I wore that day, they were a deep grass green, a colour he loved to see against my light toasted copper skin. I could hear our guest draw in his breath at my love pulling my panties slowly over my ample ass. The stretch lace giving only the slightest of tugs against my flesh. The contrast in colours bringing to mind tropical delights. Still sopping wet, like honey through the lace, my wetness now being smeared along the insides of my thighs even further as my panties came off.

I could hear a condom being opened with haste and could feel my owner’s hand on the small of my back.

“Spread those beautiful legs open sweet girl, I want our new friend to have first dibs with that pretty pussy of yours. He ought to sink in easy with how wet you are. I want you to be nice and let him fuck that pussy as hard as he can, okay?”

I nodded my head as I felt hands on my ass, rubbing in circles and then stroking the sides of my upper thighs. The hands were long and smooth, very different from my owner’s more strong grip. These reminded me of someone who did no physical labor at all. They smoothed over my ass once more and I felt the tentative push of his cock to my hot pussy. Slowly, he eased himself in while my owner, at my side, held on to the small of my back.

Our guest gave a long slow push forward and felt as though he was in to the hilt. I could feel my ass being pried apart as he moaned very lightly, I imagine he was watching my hot wet box engulf his cock as he slowly began fucking me. He had a steady pace, not uncomfortable but not at all what I was used to. He felt good in my hot box but I yearned for more.

Much to my disappointment, he did not last long. I felt him jerk a few times, give a groaning sigh and pull out.

“Holy fuck, that was GREAT! Her cunt is so tight! I couldn’t last looking at that ass, just seeing that was amazing!” he exclaimed in satisfaction.

My owner knew, of course, that I was no where near being pleased. This new man may have been almost as big as my love but he had no idea how to cut loose and use what he had. That sort of animalistic passion was something he was very masterful of.

“You want amazing? Watch.” I love when my man says things like that! “Pretty girl, I want you to reach out and hold onto the edge of the table and don’t let go. Understood?”

I nodded, “Yes, as you bid.”

I did as I was told, grabbing onto the edge of the table as my owner slid around to my eager backside and slowly filled my drenched pussy with his cock. Thick , hard and throbbing, he let me take a few breaths before pulling nearly all the way out only to plow into me as hard as he could. Again and again and again, he pulled himself away from me only to slam into my pussy with such force that I could do nothing but scream my pleasures and hold on. Then he sped up, fucking me wildly. Soon, I felt a certain pace begin… he slowed a little, his breathing was different, I knew he’d gotten close to cumming and held back. Pulling his magnificent cock out of my pussy, he told me to stay put.

“Oh my God, she’s used to that kind of fucking? You hit pay dirt man!” I heard our guest say.

“Not done yet my friend!” my owner replied. “Right my sweet girl? We’re going to let our new friend know just how things get done around our household, right?”

“Mmmm, yes love!” was all I could happily say while catching my breath. I could sense my owner looking for something below me, something in his pants pocket on the floor. I heard a snap of plastic and felt something cool on my ass, slipping between my cheeks. He’d brought the lube! I wriggled about for him as he rubbed his huge cock over my pussy, into my pussy and back out to rub between my ample ass cheeks. He ran his strong hands over my cheeks, pushing them together to squish the lube everywhere. I could hear his low moans of appreciation at how slippery things were getting.

“You aren’t serious, are you? Can she take that much cock up the ass?”

“I’ve trained her well, it’s still a very tight fit but when she’s as worked up as she is now, yes, she can take all of me up her beautiful big ass, isn’t that right sweetie? You love how I fuck this ass don’t you? And you want the nice man who’s cock you sucked and who banged that pussy to watch me fuck you up the ass don’t you?”

I was delirious with passion at this point! “Yes my love, I do!”

“What do you want sweetie? Tell me. Tell me nice and nasty.”

“I want your hard cock up my ass! I want to feel your thick cock up my tight hole!”

“Do you want me to cum up that big pretty ass?” his grip on my ample cheeks tightened as he rubbed his cock between them. Swirling his thumb near my hole he added, ” Do you want me to stretch you open honey? You want me to open that ass fuck it like your pussy? Want me to fill that sweet ass with cum for you?”

I was beside myself with need! Tingling from his filthy-sexy words! “Yes! Please, please use my ass like a pussy! Stretch me wide open and fill me with cum!” I’m positive my owner was smiling at that! Slowly he pushed his cock against my hot hole. Slower still, my ass swallowed more and more of him, widening, stretching around his hard, thick cock.


I heard my love grunt loudly as he seated himself as deeply as he could go up my tight, hot, greased up ass. He began thrusting cautiously at first, gaining a stride to let me become accustomed to and then, when he knew I was ready, going for broke with everything he had, his heavy balls slapping my dripping pussy mercilessly with each heaving thrust.

Pounding faster and faster, his groans and my squeals of delight echoing through the room. Pistoning harder and harder into my eager flesh, his cock like a hot steel dowel, long, thick and probing. Leaning over me more than he already had, grabbing my hips harder for more leverage, tipping them up slightly for deeper penetration, plunging repeatedly in and out of my tight, slick and slippery hole. I imagined his cock gleaming with lube, shiny and masterfully taking utter control of my ass until at last, I felt him tense up, shooting his hot thick cum deep within me. He collapsed on top of my back, kissing my shoulders and neck, whispering how much he loved me while disengaging from my now sloppy hole. Pulling himself up, he pushed my cheeks together as I felt his cum ooze out, dripping over my pussy and down my trembling thighs.

“Wow… you were right, that WAS amazing!” our guest stated.

“Stay where you are sweetie.” my love called to me.

I could hear an exchange of words and a door opening and closing. My owner was right at my side after that, helping me up and removing the blindfold.

“I’m SO fucking proud of you sweetie! SO fucking proud! I’m going to get him back to where he needs to be and I’ll be right back after that, okay? You go ahead and get cleaned up. I love you so much!” He enveloped me in a massive bear hug and kissed me deeply.

After a few minutes, he and our guest were on their way. I cleaned myself up with a nice long shower and gave myself a treat of a bowl of strawberries. After a little while, I heard my love return home.

“He was really impressed with you sweet girl!” he said. “Though it might have been nice to have lasted longer, I’m glad it was quick. He didn’t seem to please you much. I’m sorry about that.”

Pouting like a petulant little boy, my lover’s blue eyes seemed to deepen with regret.

“Don’t let it bother you my love.” I softly said to him. “I doubt if anyone will ever measure up to how you feel inside of me. I don’t think anyone can ever come close to how good YOU make me feel.” His blue eyes once more held the happiness I’d come to crave and love.

After his shower, my love and I spent the next few hours wrapped in each other’s arms, talking over what had occurred, planning for what we’d like next, satiated by an extremely good breakfast.


Even though he had just masturbated, it wasn’t enough. Amazingly he still needed a cunt to actually fuck. Dan Michaels almost ran down the stairs to the bedroom where Angie was sleeping. His ears were humming and his brain spinning. “Good old Nancy and Steve,” he said aloud to imself. “So, they’ve been fucking their way in to the senator’s office.”

He was in a hurry now, for he had an idea that he thought would be fun, not to mention thoroughly exciting. He could feel his cock throbbing hard again and demanding between his legs as he made his way to the small bedroom at the back of his house.

Dan eagerly sought out the right door in the narrow hallway, and without hesitating, he knocked softly. After getting no reply, he turned the handle of the door and, finding it open, stepped in.

Angie had awakened at Dan’s first knock. Now she lay wondering in her narrow bed what Dan was up to as the good-looking young man entered. He was dressed in his pajamas. His dark hair was charmingly out of place and a large lock clung to his forehead. His dark blue eyes glinted and his expression was amicable as he moved swiftly to her.

“Dan, what you are doing?” she cried, holding her covers up against her chin. Beneath, she was clad in a simple thin nightgown that came to her ankles and had a white ruffle around the hem.

“I think I’ve found something that you would enjoy seeing and hearing,” Dan said, sitting down on the bed.

Angie started to answer, but he would not let her. His laugh resounded throughout the tiny room, and Angie wondered what on earth it could be that Dan wanted to show her that could cause him so much amusement.

“Dan, tell me what it is!” she cried out.

His head bent low, and he kissed her with a hard, burning pressure, until her head sank back into the softness of the pillow. Her eyes were closed and the lids fluttered as his kisses did their work in arousing her body. His tongue boldly thrust between her parted lips, touching her own tongue mercilessly and making her want to die from the bliss it created inside her.

“Wait … Dan, hold it … Tell me what’s so funny …” she murmured, moving her head from side to side in an effort to escape his mouth.

“Yes …” he said suddenly, pulling away from her. “I’ll tell you, but you have to come with me … Come on! Hurry!”

Impatiently, he pulled her up and spun her toward the door, not even giving her time to put on a robe over her thin nightgown.

“Where on earth are we going? What’s wrong with you, Dan?”

“Nothing’s wrong with me. I just want to show you something I think you’ll enjoy. In fact, I know you’ll enjoy it about as much as I do.” Once more his laugh echoed through the empty house.

Dan was pulling her so fast that she could only stumble along behind him, curious in spite of herself as to where the impetuous Dan Michaels was taking her.

He clambered up the stairs, taking them two at a time, not stopping to see if the small girl was able to follow at such a pace. She had no choice, and together they arrived at the top of the landing both out of breath and panting hard.

“Shhhhhhhh …” Dan cautioned her, and together they tiptoed down the hall until they got to the door to the Connors’ bedroom.

“I sure hope they’re still fucking,” he thought to himself. And then he knew they were, for through the slight crack in the door which he had left ajar the rising voices of Steve and his beautiful young wife could be clearly heard.

Angie stood with her mouth gaping open as Dan pushed her closer so that she too could hear everything. Her foot had stepped into something wet and sticky. “I’ve stepped into something” she whispered.”

“Don’t worry about that. It’s just my sperm. I got so hot listening to everything going on in there that I masturbated.”

Inside, Nancy winced forward, jumping slightly as she felt Steve’s fingers prodding in between her widespread ass cheeks. This was something that he had only done once, one wild night when he and Dan had both fucked her at the same time. He had never done it on his own, nor had Dan. Nancy sensed what her husband was thinking of doing–he had fucked her there once before, but it would still hurt. She felt obscenely naked and unprotected back there as she could feel the strained skin around her tiny puckered asshole being pulled apart. He had been kissing her and gently nibbling at her trembling anus, and Nancy was surprised to note that his finger now up her ass did not hurt as she had anticipated, but rather sent a sensation of muted pleasure swelling through her.

Steve moved his middle finger around in the tight but expanding hole, sawing in and out, widening the tiny canal more and more. Nancy found herself wiggling her hips back against it, her nails digging into the mattress under her. When the determined young husband forced a second finger in, however, she winced aloud from the pain and tried to bounce away from him on the big bed. She could feel the sheets crumpling beneath her damp body.

But Nancy had little time to relax, for her demanding husband followed her, kneeling up against her own kneeling body, pinning her down with his other big hand on the small of her back. Nancy could feel that he was warming to his task and that shiver of excitement that she always got when she realized that she was about to be thoroughly fucked now ran through her body. Momentarily he was still behind her, and then the fingers began to work together inside her tight clinging asshole. Nancy’s mouth fell open as she began to groan excitedly, wriggling back onto the obscenely invading fingers of Steve’s probing hand. A strangely appealing defeat swept over her. She could feel him back there deliberately stretching her. His voice came to her ears, loud and ringing.

“I’ve only fucked you in the ass once, and I hear that the second time’s the charm!”

“Yes … yes … fuck me there! Fuck me up the ass, Steve!” She twisted her neck and cried back to him.

Outside the door, Angie gasped as she heard the unmistakable sounds of what activities were going on in the bedroom. She felt her legs grow weak and she would have fainted from the sudden fire in her cunt at the sound of the intimate goings on in there if it had not been for Dan’s strong grip around her waist. He would not let her go and she was glad of that for she was afraid that her legs wouldn’t hold her up.

Dan was delighted. It was much, much better than he had hoped. They’d fucked together at one time or another, but this listening secretly at the door seemed somehow more obscene and arousing.

His fingers began a rhythmic massage against the naked softness of Angie’s quivering tits beneath her thin nightgown. They felt good to his fingers, and he pulled her closer and closer to him, forcing the hard, hot spear of his cock against her curved ass. He knew that even beneath their clothing she could feel the hardness of his prick, and that she would remember what it had felt like to have his huge, cunt-splitting cock fucking deep into her willingly widespread pussy.

The young blond girl moaned and was silent, but Dan could feel her trembling against him, her body beginning to respond to his forward thrusts as he held her tightly to his loins. They stood just outside the door in the hall, listening to the sounds and words coming from inside the bedroom, and Nancy’s breath became heavier and heavier to match the intensity of the actions inside. He could sense Angie’s total nakedness beneath her nightgown, and their very position there beside the open door began to excite him more and more.

Inside the bedroom, Steve Connors pulled his fingers out of Nancy’s hot asshole, the rubbery skin of her anus clinging to them and making a sucking, hissing noise.

“Kneel up more,” he said thickly. “Get your ass up higher!”

Obediently, Nancy drew her knees further up under her, presenting him with the fully stretched cheeks of her ass as she felt his hot, hard body move in between her open thighs. A shiver of anticipation surged through her limbs as suddenly she felt the giant swollen head of his cock resting within her wide split crevice. Obediently, she reached her hand back through the arch of her legs and began to gently stroke and cup the heavy sac of his cum-filled balls.

“Put my cock in your ass!” he hissed at her, and she took hold of the throbbing cock, feeling its width between her fingers. There was semen dripping from its tip. It seemed too big to go inside her back there! Yet she wanted to have it fuck her ass, and she held her breath as he clutched at the top of her trim, widely separated thighs while she placed the thick pulsing head of his prick against the tight, hairless opening of her asshole.

Steve began to push against her, straining into the tight near-virginal hole of her ass. She was about to tell him that it was no use, it would never go in, when the tiny muscle of her asshole gave way and the persistent head of his cock burst into the sanctity of her nether flesh. Desperately, she tried to pull away from him, but he held her tight.

“Oh God, Steve … it hurts … I’m too small back there!” she cried.

But he ignored her pleas, shoving mercilessly as he hugged her shapely hips in his savage attack and growled, “Push back! Come on! Help me out. Push your ass back!”

Nancy could hardly think. Every way she turned there was pain and more pain. The agony was unbelievable!

“Back … BACK!” he urged heatedly, but she was afraid to move for fear of the pain inside her. Nevertheless, she tried to move her ass backward, and with a deliberate, mind-shattering effort born of love, she allowed his slithering cock to surge into the spongy resistant flesh of her back passage.

“Aaaaaannnnnggggghhhhh!” she groaned as his pelvis smacked loudly against her upturned ass cheeks. She heard him give a harsh whine of passion as he began to fuck deep into the soft confines of her fully presented asshole.

Listening in the hall outside the bedroom door, Angie had begun to really respond to the sounds of the lewd fucking by writhing backward against Dan’s thrusting loins, and when his hands began to lift her nightgown up, she could not protest.

Her flesh burned with desire as his fingers revealed the creamy nakedness of her soft white body. When her nightgown was way up around her hips and her soft quivering ass was bared to him, she felt him pull her in against him once more, and to her shocked surprise she felt the hardness of his cock pressing fervently into the split of her ass cheeks.

Oh no, she thought. He’s not going to do the same thing to me; he can’t. Not here. No! But she did not know what to do as he began to push and slide the massiveness of his cock in between her trembling crack, bending her body this way and that as it pleased him so that he could get the desired sensual effect. She was relieved that he did not try to enter her there, for she could hear the horrifying sounds of Nancy Connors being sodomized by her husband. She knew that she could never recover from such an act if Nancy couldn’t, and tried to convince herself that Dan Michaels would never dare do such a thing to her without her consent. He forced her to bend forward, letting his hot throbbing cock fit smoothly into the spread entrance of her hair-lined cunt, and Angie shivered with mounting desire. She wanted to be fucked in her pussy.

Yes, she thought, oh yes, fuck into me now, right now! She felt so excited that she began to push her ass back, and as she did so, the huge mass of Dan’s cock fucked high into her willingly opened cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmnnnnnnghhh!” she moaned, twisting back onto him as she felt her cunt being filled by the swelling shaft of Dan’s cock.

Oh, it’s huge and wonderful and I love it! she thought wildly.

His hands firmly planted on Angie’s hips, Dan Michaels began a slow fucking motion into the young girl’s hot gushing pussy, feeling his cock speeding along the entire length of her tingling narrow channel and listening to her soft moans of pleasure. But this was not all he had wanted of her, and boldly, after once more assessing the sounds coming from inside Nancy’s bedroom, he began to push forward into the room, carrying Angie along with him still firmly attached to him by the penetration of his pulsing cock inside her tight clinging cunt.

Angie realized what was happening, but she was too aroused to care. Nancy and Steve wouldn’t mind anyway. He held her so hard that she could feel sharp shooting pains where his fingers dug into the soft fleshy area of her hips. Yet, as he moved, his hard cock jiggled and thrust within her wet confines in a most exciting way.

To her alarm, she could hear the noises of the wildly fucking couple on the bed very close by. She and Dan were now almost right next to them, she was certain of it. But Nancy and Steve were so preoccupied that they didn’t know that they had company.

By degrees, the pain was lessening within the stretched walls of Nancy’s stuffed asshole, and a certain stimulation began to blend with it. She bared her teeth and wagged her head from side to side, her auburn hair a crazed tangle hanging over her face as Steve fucked hard into her again and again and again.

“Unnnnnnngh! Unnnnngggghhh! Uuunnngggghh!” he grunted animal like behind her. “Move your butt!” he commanded. “Can’t you do better than that?”

His words stung Nancy as she tried to comply. He was sodomizing her. Her own dear Steve was fucking her mindlessly where she had seldom been fucked before. She tried to think, but each time his brutal thrust would drive her forward and she would squirm back onto his deeply fucking cock until soon she was filled with an all pervading joy. The pain had become pleasurable! She began to move backward with vigor; in a tempo to meet her young husband’s brutal thrusts. It was getting better and better, better than she remembered it to be. She marveled at the power of her body to bring her new sensations when she thought she already knew them all.

It was then that the piercing shriek stunned them both, and Steve’s surging cock stopped, plunged to the hilt within the gripping narrowness of Nancy’s wide split asshole. Directly behind them, right there in the room, a woman had screamed. And now immediately following the scream, the sharp sounds of sobbing and the noises of flesh slapping against flesh met their ears.

“What the hell!” Steve cried out.

“Never mind!” Dan’s panting voice replied. “Go on with what you’re doing. It’s just Angie and me. Damn, your asshole is tight, Angie!”

Angie’s cries of pain lifted to the ceiling, and Steve could feel Nancy trying to continue the fucking movements Steve had stopped. He had to chuckle as he heard Angie’s moaning noises and envisioned the two of them fucking there at the foot of the bed. He turned his head around, still without releasing Nancy from his strong grip on her upper thighs, and in the darkness could make out the shape of the other two gyrating bodies, the white of Angie’s uplifted nightgown and the outline of Dan’s head. He had to hand it to Dan Michaels. He had an original sense of imagination. No wonder Nancy liked him so well!

Nancy could hear Angie’s mounting moans of utter pleasure, and she guessed that Dan was touching her body in such a way as to alleviate the rising pain between the young girl’s cock-spread asshole. Her own ass was once more stretched and the long insertion of her husband’s throbbing cock fucking deep within her arching asshole made itself felt again as the painfully embedded prick recovered from its temporarily softened state and grew harder by the second.

“Come on, sweetheart, fuck me back good …” he growled at her. “Draining my balls into your ass will only make my cock slide easer.” “But first, turn on the light!”

In a second the room was flooded with a soft yellow glow from Nancy’s night table, and Steve nearly knocked her flat on her face as he shoved up into her tight clinging asshole again, this time turning his head so he could watch the occupied couple behind them.

It was true, they were ass fucking too! Dan was fucking his little blonde mistress right up her ass, and from his position on the bed, Steve could see Dan’s large fucking cock sliding in and out between the full, firm rounded moons of white flesh that formed the blonde’s ass. He could even see the pink flesh of her round little asshole draw back with Dan’s cock on the outstroke, greedily clasping at it as if to keep it from escaping. He stared in sadistic delight as his wife’s lover’s cum-laden balls smacked resoundingly against Angie’s tight little blonde-haired cunt each time he sank his huge prick to the hilt in her wide-split asshole.

Steve felt his own dangling balls palpitating almost painfully and his throbbing cock felt as if it were charged with electricity each time he fucked into Nancy’s uplifted ass. Now she was moaning like a madwoman, her beautiful face flushed, her eyes rolling in her head, and Steve knew he couldn’t last much longer.

They had all fucked in the same room before, and they had had some good times together and some pretty wild fucks. But Steve couldn’t remember ever having done anything nearly as exciting as this dual sodomizing! He had wanted something special for this night and he was getting it. He could see Dan watching him too, even while he thoroughly impaled the writhing young girl in front of him, and Steve realized that they were in a kind of contest together. Who would last longer; who would cum first?

Steve’s hand came down on Nancy’s ass in imitation of a jockey with a thoroughbred horse coming down the home stretch toward the finish line.

“Eeeeeeee!” Nancy wailed in painful protest, but the excitement had begun to swell within her again and she reached back under her, tickling Steve’s swinging balls and turning her face sideways so that he could see the effect he was having on her. Sweat poured from Steve’s face as he rode her wildly and impersonally. She felt herself to be a mere vessel for his pleasure, and this contributed to her own growing pleasure. What could be more important than receiving his huge cock because, after all, she was using him for her own selfish pleasure just as he was using her. She knew that the presence of Dan and Angie was making him reach new heights of pleasure, and she herself found in the depths of debasement a greater desire than she had ever known filling her gyrating loins.

Dan watched her, fascinated, as up on the bed Steve’s probing cock disappeared all the way up into Nancy’s trembling ass with every cruel thrust. None of it was left visible to his eyes as it fucked its full depth into the passage, straining its head as if to burst asunder in her tight clasping asshole.

Dan had always wanted to fuck Nancy in the ass because he knew it was the only hole she had rarely been screwed in, and that in itself was enough to send his cock rising toward the ceiling. But in all the times he’d been with her, he had never dared to mention it. Now there would be no problem, though it wouldn’t quite be the same. For the moment, though, it was enough to watch and to feel Angie’s quivering little ass smacking against his loins, to know that once more he was bringing the young blonde to the point of cumming with his fucking cock.

Angie moaned and cried as the thick penis churned within her straining asshole. He had fucked into her there with one swift, devastating thrust, taking her by surprise after exiting from her cum- drenched pussy. And now, she found herself filled with a sense of total abandon.

What did anything matter anymore? She was in effect enjoying the obscene act of being gored in her asshole. She had allowed herself to be taken in the crudest, most obscene manner known to man or woman, and in the same room with another couple who were doing exactly the same thing! Her mind went spinning in sexual abandon at the thought.

Our Tale continues. Martin is not sure of all the why’s. He is beginning to understand the realities though. The Tale continues to twist it’s way through logical answers to unreal questions and expectations.

Things are subtly changing…………Hmmm


Martin didn’t want Missy to leave. The realities of his situation were now too much. He reluctantly signed the papers and Missy promised to get back to him on the annulment as soon as she could. She led him back to the house reassuring him along the way.

“Mother……I don’t want to go back in that house,” he kept telling her as they walked up the sidewalk to the door. His dress swaying as he walked in the heels struggling to keep up.

“There’s got to be an easier way out of this. Take me with you, now!” he insisted. When they got the door, Missy adjusted the large bow on his sash, and then the one in his hair. He was still dressed all in white and dressed in such an innocent manner.

“Be strong Martin,” she said. “I promise you, we can get this all taken care of, and soon.” She then kissed him on the neck softly. Missy walked away leaving him standing there, alone. Martin looked back over his shoulder at her as she walked away. He turned as he heard the door open.

“Have a nice visit with your mother Mrs. Vargos?” Leanne asked as she took his elbow and led him back in the house. Leanne checked him over quickly pulling on the hem of his dress, smoothing the skirt of his dress and patting his hair with her palms.

“Yeah, it was fine,” he said. “I’m back in the house now. Take this stupid thing off my face,” he said in an even unemotional tone.

“I’m sorry ma’am, the mask must stay on for now.” Martin turned his head in frustration.

“Did your mother comment on how pretty you looked today?” Leanne asked with a smile. “After all, she is the one that requested you wear a petticoat and have bows in your hair for your little garden get together today.” She smiled as Martin’s eyes met hers. “Did she like it?” she asked as she fluffed his sash bow.

“My mother asked you to do this?” he sounded surprised……and pissed “She asked you to put a bow in my hair?” he glared at her through the mask.

“And the petticoat. Yes ma’am,” she said as she stood back and admired his appearance now.

“That bitch. Does she have anymore plans for me that I should know about? Tell me Leanne. Why did she say she wanted me wearing a petticoat? Just so she could get a good laugh probably.” He turned away recalling how she had laughed at his appearance as he approached in the garden.

“I don’t know Mrs. Vargos. I didn’t ask her. I suppose she felt you would enjoy being in pretty petticoats and bows for the afternoon,” she said as she motioned for him to go ahead of her into the study. As they walked his mind raced with questions and contradictions. Why did Missy request he be dressed in such sissy things if she was really trying to help him get out of here? She had to know how humiliating it was for him to be dressed like this. Adding those bows and a petticoat just made it worse, even here in this place. He became even more concerned about those papers he had signed now. Was there a twist that he had missed in signing those papers? He didn’t trust her. Not at all. She had convinced him she was helping him, but now he knew she was just having fun at his expense.

As they entered the Drawing Room, Martin hesitated. Two of the security assistance were there waiting for him. One was the man Martin had dealt with earlier, and the other was a woman Martin recognized from his preparations before the wedding ceremony.

“What’s going on here Leanne?” he asked as she urged him forward. “What are these two goons doing here?” Martin now knew whenever he saw them around, that he wasn’t going to be real happy about what came next. The two took Martin by his arms and pulled him to one of the chairs in the room. Leanne patted him on the back and turned to leave without saying a word. Martin looked over his shoulder to her.

“Leanne! What’s going on?” Panic set in as he struggled. “What are they going to do?”

All kinds of things ran through Martin’s mind as he was handled firmly. Martin was bent over the back of the chair. His dressed flipped up in the back.

“What are you doing?” Martin yelled. “Let me up!”

Martin felt his stocking being detached from the garters and his open bottom girdle rolled up over his butt. His panties were pulled down.

“Stop it,” he growled, but the woman ignored his appeals and continued her work as the man held Martin over the chair.

She put on a surgical glove and lubricated a finger and slowly worked into Martin’s ass as he fought back. Were they preparing him for some kind of afternoon delight with the Baron? His mind was moving too fast, but all he could think of now was getting her finger out of his ass.

“What are you doing?” he hissed looking back at her. The woman said “OK, I’m ready.” and she took a rather large object from table. It was two foot in length with a rubber penis on the end of a two inch diameter chrome pole.

“Oh know you don’t,” Martin said as he kicked at the woman with his heels. She parted his cheeks and he soon felt the pressure of the rubber penis at his new love hole and was unable to resist it’s entry for very long. He felt his butthole began to expand to accept the lubricated device, though he desperately tried to squeeze tighter. As it entered Martin felt pain as it worked it’s way inside him widening the path as it intruded into his rectum.

“AGGGHHHHH!!!!” Martin grunted in disgust. Martin tried to stand up as the penetration continued, but the firm hand held him down.

“OOOWWW!!!!” Martin wailed again as the object slowly reached it’s final penetration of 7″ up his sore rectum. The rubber dildo had disappeared leaving the chrome pole now just at his cheeks. They stood Martin up now, the chrome pole dangling just behind his knees. He couldn’t stand quite all the way up straight, as the discomfort in his ass caused him to instinctively to want to squat.

“Take it out!” he whimpered as he was slowly turned. “Why are you doing this?”

They took his arms and led him slowly over to the door that led out to the Drawing Room deck that looked out over the back of the estate. His dress still was pinned up in back as he walked. They walked slowly, the pole swaying painfully hanging from his ass as he walked slightly squatted and bent forward. A metal pedestal was positioned by the rail of the deck, and it had a large metal plate with a another chrome pole projecting straight up.

“Oh no you don’t!” Martin shook his head realizing what they wanted to do to him.

“Don’t put me up there on that thing,” he yelled as he pulled against their grip. “Why?” he asked bewildered, as they prepared to have him step up on the small pedestal.

“Owwww!!!” Martin hissed as he was forced forward. Even though he balked and pushed against them, he found himself stepping up painfully onto the platform, the rubber penis causing great discomfort in his ass as he did. He was positioned on the pedestal and the poles were lined up. The bottom pole was slid up over the pole that now dangled above it. The thumb screws were tightened to create a single erect pole from the base to his ass.

“You are all PERVERTS!!!” Martin hissed as he just stood there, allowing them to finish their deed. His panties were pulled back up and his girdle pulled down over his thighs. Martin looked out over the back of the estate and noticed a few of the gardening staff had stopped what they were doing for a moment to see what all the commotion was, and watched as Martin was being placed on the second floor deck. When they realized it was Mrs. Vargos, they all immediately went back to work. After all Mrs. Vargos was now their boss and could fire them all if they were just standing around and not doing their jobs.

Martin’s dress was unpinned and lowered. The woman slowly pushed Martin to stand up straight, and there he stood. Very erect in posture now, as the pole would dictate. He couldn’t get off of the pole. He couldn’t raise up on his toes high enough to get it out of his ass. There was nothing around to grab hold of. He couldn’t tilt the base forward either as he was standing on the plate the pole was attached to. So Martin was now helpless, as he stood on the small pedestal, in is white dress, petticoats, and 6″ heels, looking out over the estate. The two attendants, there task having been completed, looked him over one last time and prepared to leave.

“I hope you two perverts are happy with yourselves.” he said as they began to walk away. “Oh you leaving now? You have to go jerk off now after your fun.” He looked back as best he could over his shoulder.

“Had enough of your little torture the guy in the dress game?” He jerked his hands and flipped them a finger. Martin’s hands were still cuffed to the chains and he could move them every bit of 18″ when he tried.

Martin became more distressed as he stood there. His feet ached in the peep toe heels. He adjusted each foot trying to get some kind of relief. Shifting his weight slightly caused pain in his ass, so it was a matter of which was easier to endure, the large rubber penis, or the damn heels he was wearing. The mask was the most aggravating part of all. The frustration and just pure degradation of being told his face can’t be seen, and then having this mask forcibly put on him. He couldn’t get it off. He didn’t know how long he’d have to wear it, it was like he didn’t exist as a person anymore. Martin heard the door open, and the sound of high heels walking up behind him.

“How are we doing Mrs. Vargos?” Leanne said cheerfully. “Enjoying the view? It’s a lovely day to look out over this beautiful estate you have.”

“Get me the fuck down off this thing Leanne. Right now.” he hissed without looking at her. Leanne looked up at him as she unlocked his cuffs and took the chain from around his waist.

“There…………..Is that better Mrs. Vargos?” she put the shackles aside. Martin’s hands were now free. He had total movement for the first time.

“Yeah. Now get this thing out of my ass.” He reached for it, but even with full movement of his hands and arms he could do nothing to get off the pole. He started to pull up the skirt of his dress, but was stopped by Leanne.

“Mrs. Vargos! Do we need to put your jewelry back on?” she pointed to the shackles.

“Why are you doing this to me?” he growled at her. “This has no purpose other than to make me look foolish in front everybody. If you want me to stand here, OK, I’ll stand here on your little pedestal, just get me off this pole,” he insisted.

“Please Mrs. Vargos, try and relax. Enjoy the view. It is a wonderful day. The pole is a needed device so you can be left alone and have some nice quiet time. To reflect on all the wonderful things in your life, and I know you will be here when I come back. At least for now, you have to use the pole,” she mused.

“I said I’d stand here. I won’t go anywhere, just get me off it, Leanne.”

“Mrs. Vargos. You have a call from your mother. Would you like to take it?” Leanne asked ignoring his request. Martin looked at her through the mask.

“Oh, you’re asking me? I get a choice in something? How special is that?” he spat out with venom in his voice.

Leanne ignored his little tirade, not even looking his way.

“Yeah. I’ll talk to that sneaky bitch.”

Leanne stepped inside and brought the phone out to Martin. She smiled and handed it to him.

“I’ll step inside so you two can talk privately,” she said as she left him alone.

“Hello.” he said in a dead tone, taking a deep breath, trying to control his anger, and looking out over the estate. His toes were aching.

“Hi Martin. It’s mother calling. How’s it going sweetie?” she was her regular cheery and concerned self.

“Oh mother, it’s so lovely. I’m just standing on the deck here, wearing that pretty dress, and those painful, but cute, high heels with a large pole stuck up my ass, watching the gardeners working.” he mocked in a high falsetto voice. “Oh yes, and I was wondering why you might have asked Leanne to have me wear a petticoat and a bow in my hair today. You know how I like a pretty bows in my hair. It’s so wonderful being your son, YOU FUCKING LYING BITCH!!!!!” What are you trying to do to me? You’re suppose to be helping me,” he yelled in the phone turning a few heads in the garden.

Missy was laughing on the phone. “Oh Martin. You are truly an idiot aren’t you. Dressed as a girl or a man, you are the same idiot,” she kept her cool.

“Yeah an idiot for ever trusting you,” he spat back.

“No sweetie your an idiot for NOT trusting me! It’s time for you to shut up and listen. First of all, yes I did request for you to wear a petticoat and and that pretty bow. I talked with Leanne and told her you secretly liked dressing in women’s clothes and have been doing it for years.”

“What the………..”

“Shush Martin, I’m not done. I told her that was why one of your wives really divorced you, because she couldn’t deal with the fact you dressed as a woman at home.”

“Oh, you cunt! I’ll never believe another word you say again.” He wanted to strangle her, but strangled the phone instead.

“Martin! Shush!…Let mommy finish talking.” she was being condescending in her sweet tone now. “I told her all your reluctance to dress as a woman was the fact you were being dressed to entertain a man you had no feelings for and the whole thing is just overwhelming you emotionally right now,” she said. “I suggested a few sissy things might cheer you up, when you saw me since you’ve dressed up in women’s clothes around me before.” she paused.

“It’s all lies. You are a liar Missy!” He was beside himself now with anger. Who knows what else was being said behind his back. “You’ve been scheming behind my back. I never did those things and you know it.”

“You want out of this marriage with the Baron, Martin?”

“Damn right I do. And I will get out of it, no thanks to you just pushing me deeper and deeper into it. I hate you Missy. The next time I get a chance I’ll take down that bitch Leanne and take my chances on getting out of here on my own.”

“Just SHUT UP Martin! You will NOT try and run. A runaway bride will make things very difficult. You will do this the way I’m telling you. A sex change.” She was losing patience with him now.

“First of all, do you really think that you are going to be able to go in and convince everybody you want a sex change, without some explanation for your lack of cooperation in being dressed like a woman. Huh? Think about it Martin. The sex change? That’s the idea you have to place in their heads to get out of this mess the quickest and easiest. So I started it off for you. You are just so upset with the marriage. It’s not the dressing you hate. Leanne now thinks you secretly don’t mind dressing up like a woman, and even prefer it. At least in private, so calm down. ” Martin listened confused trying to follow her reasoning.

“You don’t have to like the marriage, after all that is what we want to change anyway, but you need to at least pretend you want to dress like a girl. Get everyone here thinking that way. Then when you reveal your desire to have a sex change and that you actually want to be a girl, it will be easier for them to believe. So flow with it Martin. It’s complicated and as I said before, you are an idiot. But I know that, don’t I sweetheart.” She had explained her reasons.

Martin was quiet for a moment. Her statement made sense in a weird kind of way, at least logically. But he just couldn’t find it in himself to accept this kind of thinking. “I can’t convince them of something I hate so much. I don’t want everybody to think I’m some sissy faggot that wants to be turned into a real girl,” he stated. She laughed and said,

“Oh Martin, honey, they already think that.”

“Stop this Missy! The story won’t work.” He was furious.

“Yes it will, but if you don’t get your head out of your ass you will end up spending a lot more time with the Baron’s dick in it. This could take awhile Martin. You signed the papers wrong and they have to be redone.”

“I signed where you told me to sign,” he grumbled.

“You signed them Martin Hastings. Sweetheart, that’s not your legal name anymore. Your name is now Marcia Vargos, and you have to sign the papers that way, or the papers are not legal,” she lectured him now.

“I don’t want my name changed and I never agreed to let it be changed.”

“I know you didn’t sweetie, but the fact is, your name was changed, and changed legally. You are now Marcia Vargos. I may have added to the confusion by still calling you Martin, but you are my son, and you will always be my little Martin,” she said lovingly.

“I don’t care. I’m not…..”

“Just shut it Martin. You are who you are, and you will do this properly.” she raised her voice irritated with his excuses. “So, I have to get you to sign these papers… again. You will sign them as Marcia Vargos, or you will have a long and not so happy marriage to the Baron I’m sure,” she lectured him.

“Once again Martin, this causes a delay in the process. I won’t see you again till the Coming Out Banquet. Just be prepared to do the right thing. OK honey? I have to go now. Remember, just put that male ego of yours aside. It would be even better if you could just try and act like a woman till this is resolved. Just for now. Once we get you out this, it can all be just a bad dream, and you can go back to your old self.”

“I need to get out of here now!” he yelled.

“Love you sweetie,” and she hung up the phone.

Martin threw the phone into the back yard from the terrace he was standing on.

A light breeze blew Martin’s skirt as he stood with his arms folded under his D-cup breast, staring off into the distance fuming. He wasn’t going anywhere. Leanne was right, he’d be right where she had left him.

Sian was at work on the Saturday when a tearful Tara arrived at work. She had told her boyfriend of 2 years what she was now doing for a living while she was away at University. She had been away from her Yorkshire home for over a year now and had been pretty homesick at first. She had settled in now though.

“What’s happened?” Said a shocked Sian when Tara burst out crying.

“I told Simon what I’d been doing working here.” She said through her tears.

“And he didn’t take it well I’m guessing.” Sian replied, stating a bit of an obvious fact.

“No.” She went on. “He called me some horrible things, then threw the phone down, saying he never wanted to see him again.”

“That’s horrible.” Sian said, hugging her in an effort to comfort her. “Don’t take any notice of what he said, don’t start hating yourself for what you do again.”

“But I am just a whore.” She cried. “He’s right, I’m worth nothing.”

“Don’t ever believe that.” Sian told her. “You’re a strong, independent woman. You’re in charge of your life, and don’t ever forget that.”

Tara calmed down soon enough. She was still upset, but Sian’s kind words and plenty of coffee from Rose the made helped her feel better. She had really loved him, that’s why he didn’t want to deceive him anymore. She had kind of hoped that Simon would understand and cope with it like Ross had with Sian. He didn’t though, and Tara could see why. Who would way a girlfriend that slept with men for money?

Sian and Rose urged her to take the day off and curl up at home in front of the tv, the best remedy for a split according to Sian. She told her that Alison would easily cover her shift. Tara refused though, saying that she would only sit around moping more. She was determined to work this shift and keep busy. The more men the better was her way of thinking.

Tara’s first couple of customers were just standard personal services, just the quick suck and a fuck service. She really gave them a good seeing to though, thinking that Simon was going to call her a slut, she would act like the biggest slut she could.

She then got the sort of client she needed, a double with Sian. The man paid the full £300 for the full service, lesbian show, the full works. This would be the first time she had been with Sian, she had worked with the other girls, but not her.

The man was in his mid 30′s, nice looking, with a reasonable body.

“Let’s be really dirty for him.” Tara said to Sian. “I’m going to give this bloke the fuck of his life.”

“Come on then, let’s do it then.” Sian agreed. “You sure you’re ok for this?”

“Yeah, it’s the only way I’m going to forget about what’s happened.” Tara replied.

The 2 girls decided to undress on the landing, giggling like schoolgirls as they did. They walked in absolutely naked, giving the man quite a shock as they did. His flaccid cock was soon getting hard as he caught an eyeful of the girls lush bodies, his eyes unashamedly looking and their tits and pussies.

“Would you like to watch us for a while?” Tara asked him. “You can joint in any time you want.”

The man nodded, he seemed happy for her to take control.

Tara and Sian started off with a sloppy, wet kiss, exploring mouths with their tongues, running fingers over naked flesh. Tara lovingly licked and caressed Sian’s breasts, she could feel herself starting to get really wet now.

Sian was also soaking by the time they fell into a 69 and tasted each other. Tara went on top, holding Sian’s lips apart so she could work on her better. When she did finally look up at the man, he was staring intently, slowly wanking his rock hard 7″ cock. She smiled at him and motioned for him to join them.

Sian groaned louder again when she felt the man’s tongue start working on her hole. Tara still concentrated on her clit while her tongue fucked her.

“Lick her arsehole while I make her come.” Tara instructed him. Sian had never heard or seen her like this before, maybe this was just the way she decided to deal with her heartbreak, the client just thought it was his lucky day!

He did as he was told, expertly rimming Sian, ocassionally probing a little deeper inside her anus. When Sian came, she nearly leapt off the bed. She clamped her lips over Tara’s clit, rolling it gently between her teeth. This in turn triggered off Tara’s orgasm, making her grind her pussy onto Sian’s face

When Tara opened her eyes, the man was now standing and wanking much harder, his cock level with her face. She put her lips around his tip and stopped him from wanking, making it clear that she was going to see that he came.

Tara immediately deep throated him down to the stump, making him shudder with pleasure. She wasted no time, sucking him as hard as she could, taking his entire length in her mouth each time.

Within a few strokes, Tara felt the familiar warm, salty taste of spunk hitting the back of her throat. She took the first 3 jets in her mouth, swallowing them, before moving her head away and letting the remaining semen go over her face & Sian’s pussy.

“Sorry to keep you down there so long darling!” Tara said to Sian, finally letting her up for air.

“Don’t worry about me, that was lovely.” She confirmed.

The man also looked pleased with himself, he had 2 girls that were going well beyond what most working girls would do.

The 3 of them spent the remainder of the hour sucking, licking and fucking. Both girls took the man anally and vaginallly before Sian made him come in her mouth, sharing his seed with Tara before they swallowed it.

“Jesus!” Sian exclaimed after they had seen the man out. “You were like a woman possessed then!”

“Well, he thinks I’m a whore so I’m going to act like a whore.” Tara replied. “I hope I wasn’t too over the top!”

“Course you weren’t babe.” Sian said, giving her a hug and little kiss on the cheek. “I really enjoyed that. And don’t worry about what he said, you enjoy yourself however you want. It’s your body.”

Tara felt better. She kept on having down moments thinking about what Simon had said to her, but she knew the worst was over. The job may have cost her a boyfriend, but it was all she had at the moment. She made up her mind that she would steer clear of relationships for a while, she also made herself promise to be up front with the next man she got close to.

For the whole shift that day, Tara acted like a complete slut. She swallowed come from at least 4 different clients, and again let a man have her without protection. She didn’t seem to be able to control herself.

Over the next few days she carried on like this, giving the ultimate service to her clients, and also picking up random men in bars for sex. Tara knew that this was risky be she went ahead and did it anyway. Within a week of the split, she picked up 3 different men in bars around town, 2 that she took home for the night, and 1 gave a blowjob in the toilets.

The following weekend Sian was again working with her. Tara confessed to what she had been up to in the week, which shocked Sian a bit.

“You really need to be careful.” Sian told her. “Look, I don’t want to sound like your mother or anything, but you need to look after yourself.”

“I know.” Tara agreed. “I just couldn’t stop myself. I told myself no but just couldn’t help it.”

Sian could see her beginning to fill up as if she was going to cry again. She didn’t though, biting her lip and stopping herself.

“I went and had an STI test today.” Tara told her. “I have to confess, I’ve done a couple of the customers without condoms too. I’m really sorry.”

“Bloody hell Tara.” Sian said. “You’ve really put yourself at risk here.”

“I know.” She replied. “I just lost it a little bit. Have you never done that then? You must have slipped up at some stage.”

“Well yes.” Sian admitted honestly. “I’ve done it a couple of times and felt awful afterwards. Don’t say anything to Ross though will you?”

“Course I won’t.” Tara said.

“Just promise me you’ll look after yourself.” Sian urged her. “Get this check back and draw a line under it.”

Tara took it on board, she made a promise to herself to stop taking risks and start using protection again. She stuck to it as well, going back to protection with customers and cutting out the one night stands.

It was the Friday of the next week that Tara got results back, they were negative. She felt a huge relief. She also knew that she needed a follow up test in 6 months, but the negative was a big boost for her.

The following weekend Rose got a call from a man wanting to make a booking. He had a special request, he wanted to film a video, set in the parlour.

“What do you think?” Rose asked Sian after she had explained his proposition.

“I’ll have to run it past Ross first.” Sian answered her. “I’ll do it though, why not.”

Sian explained it to Ross later that night. Basically, the man wanted to film a Bukkake scene. He said that he had between 20 and 30 men lined up, and wanted them all to fuck the girls, then come over their faces. It was pretty extreme but most girls wouldn’t consider this.

The director offered them £2000 to film the scene, and said it probably wouldn’t take more than a day to film. This seemed like the easiest £500 they would ever earn.

“What do you think?” Sian asked Beth on the phone that night.

“Sounds like easy money to me.” Beth replied. “I’ve done porn once before, it wasn’t that much fun but it pays well.”

“That’s the main thing.” Sian said. “Tara is on for it, I just need to check with Alison tomorrow now.”

Sian and Alison were working at the house on the Monday, this gave Sian plenty of time to run the idea by her.

“Bloody hell!” Alison said. “I think that’ll be a bit much for me.”

“Oh come on!” Sian begged her. “It’ll be fun! Ross and one of his mates are coming over to keep them in line, and they’ll all be tested beforehand.”

“I don’t know.” She said. “Let me sleep on it.”

Alison called and accepted the offer a couple of days. Sian had predicted that she would. Alison always seemed to be the most reserved of the 4 girls that worked there, but she too could be wild when she let her hair down.

Sian called the director and let him know the job was on. They sorted out the date on the following Sunday. The man explained that the session would be very simple. He would just film the oral and fucking, then the men would line up for the cumshot at the end.

On the Sunday, the girls arrived at 12pm, followed by the director and 2 other men with cameras. They allowed them to set up in the main bedroom, getting the light right, and the angles all sorted.

The director introduced himself as Joe, he was about 40 and in good shape. The other 2 lads were in their early 20′s, skinny looking men that didn’t have a real job. They probably didn’t get paid much but did get to have some fun on the set.

The girls were now ready in their underwear as the men started to arrive. They were young, old, fat, thin, black, white, everything. Some were good looking, others clearly not so. It was a real mixed bag of men. The girls even recognised a few of the faces.

“Right people.” Joe started. “I want the girls in the centre of the room obviously. Only rule is that no-one comes until the end. If you think you’re going to blow your load, stop. I need you all to be ready for the big finale.”

They all agreed. The girls then took centre stage, peeling off their underwear, waiting for the men to join them. The first few stepped forward, bringing a selection of different sized cocks for them to work on. The smallest was a tiny 4″, the largest about 7. The girls began to suck them, switching back and forth between them.

More and more men were now arriving at the flat. Rose was seeing them in, inviting them through to the living room area. Ross was now overseeing the organisation. He was filling the men in on what was needed while Joe and his assistants filmed the action. A few of the brothel regulars had also called by and been invited in to join.

When Ross went back in to see what was happening, all of the girls were now being taken in a variety of different positions. Each of them also had a cock in their mouthes, lazily giving blowjobs, trying not to make the men one yet. As men pulled out, another was always ready to take their place, the girls never had time to think about what was happening.

This carried on for the best part of an hour before Joe called to cut the action. He had always said that he wouldn’t stop the action too often, so it was more natural. The girls were just about ready for a break by now. When Alison made her excuses and went to the loo, one of the cameramen followed her to film it. Despite her weak attempts to tell him where to go, he persisted, Alison eventually letting him film her pee.

“Would any of you girls consider doing a golden shower scene?” Joe asked them.

There was no reply at first, then Tara came forward and offered her services.

“I’ll do it.” She said. “I don’t want any on my face though, just aim it at my tits.”

Six of them went through to the bathroom to shoot, Joe, Tara and four of the men. They all took turns to pee

over her tits, sending their warm, golden streams over her pert chest. Tara smiled and played with her tits as they peed on them, washing herself thoroughly with the stuff. Joe was delighted with the stuff he was getting here, all of this was a complete bonus.

Back in the bedroom, Sian was chatting to Ross, while Alison and Beth were deep in conversation with a few of the lads.

“Will any of you girls do Anal or DP?” Joe asked them.

All of them shook their heads to agree it was ok, the thought of the £500 spurring them on.

“Don’t worry.” Joe continued. “This won’t take long. The way we edit it makes it look like we got more footage than we have.”

Joe got the girls lined up on the bed on all fours. They spent the next 10 minutes being fucked anally by a large selection of men. Each man took no more than about 30 seconds before letting another in. It was a filthy sight, the girls were beyond caring who was about to enter next by this point.

They were once again given a bit of a break while Joe and his crew got ready for the DP scene. Joe kept this much more organised. He kept the number down to 3 men for each girl, making it much easier to supervise. He had the men rotating positions for the next 5 minutes until he signalled that he had enough.

The girls all now looked pretty worn out, they had been going for a good 2 hours now and they were all getting a bit sore by now.

“Right then.” Joe announced. “It’s Bukkake time.”

He was ready to film his grand finale now. For this part, the men would simply file in, come over one of the girls and then leave. As crude as it was, that was it, the reality of porn. Joe also now stripped down, announcing that he too would be joining in for this part. He also signalled to Ross and his friend that they were welcome to join in.

The girls all knelt on the floor as the first gang of men came to join them. There were about 10 of them in the room at any one time, all working on their erections, getting ready for the action call.

The first of the men came over Beth’s face within seconds of Joe calling action. He was one of the older men, his come dripping out onto her chin. A second man then came over Beth a couple of seconds late, spurting a large load over her. Other men were soon firing loads of spunk over the other girls. Joe and his crew were filming happily filming as an ever growing line of men filed through the room, dumping their loads all over the girls.

After about 15 minutes around half of the men had fired their loads over the girls and were leaving. Joe was urging the rest on, as were the girls, talking dirty to the men, telling them to come over them. Each of them looked a complete mess now, there entire bodies splashed with the sticky liquid.

Ross had now made his way in and picked his wife to join. Sian sucked him, looking him in the eye, covered in strangers come. It was a surreal situation that Ross would never have believe he would be in just a year ago. He soon grunted and let go a torrent of semen over his wife’s face. She now had the stuff all over her face, in her hair, and all over her body.

After another 10 minutes it was done. Pretty much all of the men had deposited their loads over the now messy girls. All of them were thoroughly smeared in come, looking and feeling like a complete mess. Joe was delighted with the footage he had got. He promised to be in touch as soon as the film was edited, leaving with a huge grin on his face.

The girls cleaned up and sat to enjoy a well earned beer in the living room. They had actually quite enjoyed their day, and were delighted when Ross handed them each a large roll of notes.

Tired but happy, the new porn stars left work. They would have to go some to top this.

Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction. The events within this story never happened and are solely created for the reading pleasure of this website and its members.

I lost my temper with my contractor the day before, pitching a fit because he tried to tell me that the price to complete the job was going to be almost double of his original estimate. Not only did I refuse to pay for the extra estimate, I refused to pay him the money I still owed him. That is when things got ugly cause I told him that he would not see a dime unless he stuck to his original estimate and finished the job we agreed to. Upset by my refusal to accept what he had said, the contractor and his men left early that day and I thought I would never see them again.

So I was very surprised when they showed up the next day for work. The contractor had brought coffee and bagels for everyone and had a smile on his face. Since he was eager to get his men back to work I had assumed that he was going to honor his original estimate that we had agreed to. I felt proud of myself for taking a stand and stood there drinking my coffee and watching the men as they all got back to work. A few minutes after things seemed to be back to normal, I started to feel dizzy. As I fell down on the floor, the last thing I could hear was someone coming over and asking if I was all right.

When I started to come around, I finally figured out what had happened. My coffee had been spiked. The contractor wasn’t here to work, he was here to hand out a little payback to the bitch that was refusing to pay the bills. Everything was still a little hazy as I started to wake up, I realize that I was gagged. There was a rubber ball in my mouth and when I tried to touch it, that was when I found out that I had been cuffed to my own bed. I was tied up and drugged, and there was no telling what these men were going to do to me. I could hear them talking, something about how amazing my breasts looked, and I got the feeling that they were going to do a lot more than just look at me, and it scared me. They realized I was beginning to wake up and seemed eager to get started. They wanted me to be awake for what they had planned. That scared me even more. I tried to talk and scream at them but they merely laughed.

There were six men in the room, and it was the contractor who came forward and took a seat right beside the bed. “Today this bitch is going to get a good attitude adjustment and I’m just the man that’s going to give it to her. She’s going to learn that you pay hard working men what they earn, or we will take our payment through other means.” after he said that, the contractor stood up and began to remove his overalls. “Now it’s time for her to pay her bill. Take her pants off.”

I could feel the hands of the other workers as they tore my jeans off with little or no effort. I watched in fear as two men grabbed my legs and forced them apart as wide as they could possibly be. I was still wearing a thong, but that was going to put up little if any resistence to what this man wanted to do to me. He climbed ontop of me, and I could feel his hand started to feel my thong, and then with a quick movement, he pulled the loose pair of panties out of the way, expsoing my clean shaven pussy to entire room. “This is what we do when bitches refuse to give us our pay.” the contractor whispered in my ear. Just after he finished saying that, I could feel the head of his cock rub against the lips of my pussy and I started to shake and squirm, hoping and praying that I could get out and escape. It was no use, as the restraints on my hands and the two men holding my legs held tight, and I started to cry as the contractor slowly started to push his cock inside me. I could tell the fucking bastard wasn’t even wearing a condom, as I could feel his skin as he started to push deeper and deeper inside. His cock was huge, and after several probing strokes, he was balls deep inside me.

“How does that feel bitch?” the contractor asked, “I can tell your husband has a small cock, you’re cunt is squeezing the shit out of my meat.” I started to moan as the tears were falling down my cheek. “It’s too late for that, you’re going to pay for the work we did and I’m going to my money’s worth right now.”

I wanted to respond but I couldn’t and right after he said that he began to thrust back and forth as hard as he could. He began to pound my pussy with little or no concern for how I felt as he balls slapped hard against my ass with each thrust. His cock was pumping me harder than I had ever been fucked by anyone, and I bit hard into the ball gag as I could tell I was beginning to have an orgasm. I didn’t want to give that bastard the satisfaction of hearing me moan, but he could tell what was going on as my pussy was getting wetter with each stroke, and his cock was covered in it. I could hear how wet it was getting down there and the contractor laughed as he kept fucking me as hard as he could. That fat, smelly piece of shit leaned over and whispered to me as he was pounding the shit out of me, “Your cunt is so fucking wet. I bet you’re loving this!” I didn’t respond and turned my head away from him. He grabbed my head and turned it back to face him. “I just wanted to let you know I’m going to cum inside you now, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

After he said that I started to fight back, shaking and trying to squirm free like I had before, but like my previous attempt it was in vain. The contractor began to moan and I started to feel his cock throb and with one final thrust, that bastard shoved himself as deep as he could before blowing his unwanted seed inside me. I had never felt so much sperm inside me, as it just exploded like a fire hose, filling me up and leaking out and down the crack of my ass. I cried some more, being humiliated in front of his crew and violated for doing nothing more than stand up for myself. The contractor finally pulled his cock out but I could feel how stretched out I was, as the cool air shot inside as the head of his cock released with a pop. I looked up at the contractor as he started to put his underwear and overalls back on. He had a grin on his face that disgusted me, proud that he had taught me a lesson for standing up to him. He had demonstrated his authority to his men by raping a woman in front of them. Taking what he wanted and doing it by force. He looked down at me, “Now the real fun begins, little lady.”

I looked back up at him, a confused look on my face.

“Tyrone, you’re next.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My nightmare wasn’t over, it was just beginning. What looked like rape had suddenly developed into gang rape. The contractor was going to share me with every man in his crew. The two men holding my legs turned me over, so I was no longer on my back but instead on my stomach for my next assault. They also took the two cuffs that were binding me to the bed and detached them from the bed. The placed my arms behind my back and cuffed both cuffs to the other arm… binding them together. I looked to the side and I could see Tyrone getting ready to go next. He had removed his overalls, and was stepping out of his boxer shorts. I could see why the contractor wanted to go first, as Tyrone’s manhood made his bosses cock look tiny. I had never seen a cock that huge, and he was also black, something else I had never done before. I started to struggle, but I was held down to my own bed, forced to take it again by force.

Tyrone came in from behind, eager to take me like a dog, and I kept my legs closed, refusing to go willingly. He grabbed me by the hair and yanked my hair back. “Listen up bitch.” Tyrone growled. “I’m going to fuck that pussy hard, so you better spread cause the tighter you make it, the more it’s gonna hurt.” He was right, and I had no choice. He was going to rape me anyway, and as much as I didn’t want to submit, I spread my legs out, exposing myself to be taken from behind. I could feel the weight of the bed shift as Tyrone got into position and seconds later I could feel the head of his cock rubbing against my already violated pussy. I love fucking my husband in doggie style, but Tyrone wasn’t my husband and his cock was bigger than the contractor’s and the thought of never being able to fuck my husband like that the same again made me feel sad. Tyrone wasn’t in the mood to wait, and was aware that I was stretched out a little as he just shoved most of his cock inside with one giant thrust. Again my teeth grit into the ball gag as the pain from Tyrone’s thrust sent a shock that went all the way up my spine, and then I began to feel him pump in and out, fucking me like a dog and doing it as hard as he could. His thursts hurt more with each pump and I thought it was never going to end, but it did without warning as Tyrone pulled out. He didn’t even orgasm so I was confused to what was going on.

The answer came seconds later when I felt a lubricated finger enter my asshole. Shocked that I was being violated in a new fashion, I began to wiggle and resist, but there was nothing I could do. I was being held down by two men, and Tyrone was now putting two fingers inside my asshole, lubbing up my ass. I had never let anyone fuck me in the ass, and I think Tyrone could tell by how tight my ass was when he was fingering it. “This bitch is an ass virgin!” Tyrone called. The other guys in the room whooped and clapped as Tyrone began to put some lube on his cock. I felt two hands grab my ass and pull my cheeks apart exposing my virgin ass to Tyrone. Mere seconds later, Tyrone pushed the head of his cock inside my asshole and I screamed for the first time. If felt like someone had shoved a piece of glass inside my ass and I really thought his cock was gonna rip my ass apart. He went slow at first… fucking my ass with just the head of his cock. Then with each throbbing pulse Tyrone began to thrust deeper and slowly fill my entire asshole, stretching my little ass to its limits. There was nothing I could do about it, as his enormous cock began to fuck my ass harder and harder once he got balls deep inside. My ass was being ripped apart, and just when it couldn’t get any worse, I could hear Tyrone groan just before feeling a rush of liquid squirt deep inside my ass. My ass was so tight around his cock, Tyrone had to literally force himself out, causing a gush of his sperm to seep out of my ravaged ass and dribble down my pussy and legs.

Before I could even get my breath back, the two men holding my arms lifted me up in the air off the bed. I looked down and watched as another worker laid down on my bed, the same one I made love to my husband on, and waited for me to come back down. The two men holding my arms lowered me down on their co-worker, forcing me to straddle him. His already hard cock entered my pussy and filled me back up, and the two men bent me over my new rapist so that he could fuck me harder and fondle my breasts at the same time. After the ripping that came at the hands of Tyrone, this man’s cock while big was not as harsh to take as took my pussy to town again. I was started to lose the will to fight, realizing that there was nothing I could do. I stopped making any sounds, and just prayed for the end to come soon.

They were never answered because while being fucked from below, I felt a new finger probe my asshole from behind. I could hear the guy below me talk. “Joe, what are you doing up there?” he called up.

“Since she was a virgin before Tyrone went in there, I’m sure she’s never taken two at the same time. Let’s give this bitch a double pen.”

“Right on, shove it in there.”

I started to squirm at the thought of being fucked in both holes at the same time, and the two men holding my arms were too strong, and without warning, I felt a new cock enter my asshole, and again I was in pain. Two cocks were pounding me at the same time, and despite the pleasure it was creating inside me for the first time, I refused to give either of these assholes the satisfaction to think they were doing something for me.

Then I heard a familiar voice as the contractor walked back into the room to enjoy the view. I was being fucked in both holes, and he gave out a chuckle at the site. “That bitch is getting it good but I think she wants more.” he walked over and pulled my head up by the hair. “I’m going take this off, and if you scream once I will make you regret it. Understood?”

I nodded and he removed the ball gag. “Please, stop! I’ll pay anything you want, just tell them to stop!”

“It’s too late for that bitch, but you will know not to say no to me from now on.” as he was saying that, he was taking his overalls off again and I looked at him in shock as he pulled his big cock out again. I was going to say something to him, possibly beg him not to do what I thought he was going to do, but at that time Joe rammed his cock into me harder than before and my mouth popped open with shock. The contractor shoved his cock inside and started to fuck my face while my other two holes were being fucked by his men. With both hands on my head, the contractor forced his big cock down my throat causing me to gag as he was pumped my throat. He pulled out on occassion to let me breath, but shoved his cock back in before I could muster the energy to say anything.

With his hands on my hips, Joe was slamming my asshole as hard as he could so much that I forgot there was another cock pounding my pussy. Both men began to groan and I knew what was coming, as both cocks exploded inside me at the same time, and I whimpered softly as I had again been forced to take someone’s seed inside me. The contractor didn’t care as he kept fucking my face, shoving himself deeper inside with each thrust. I was tempted to bite that fat fucker’s cock, but was afraid of what he would do in response. At this moment, my only goal was to survive. The contractor began to moan and for the second time that day, he was going to force his semen inside me. He grabbed two handfuls of hair and pushed my head down hard, shoving his cock deep inside my mouth. I couldn’t breath, but felt multiple shots of hot cum squirting down my throat. After he finally pulls out, I gasp for breath and sob uncontrolably.

“That’s enough guys. We’re finished here.”

After the contractor said that, the man underneath me got off the bed and the two men holding my arms tossed me onto my bed. The contractor walked over after putting his cock away and knelt by the bed so that his face was less than a few inches from my own. “We are going to get back to work. You are going to take a long, hot shower. Stay in there for at least thirty minutes and I want you to scrub that body down as much as you can. Then you are never going to speak to me or any of my men ever again. Are we understood?”

I nodded to him that I understood.

“You will tell your husband to handle the finances of this job from here on and you will never tell anyone what happened here. If you do, we will make what happened today look like a picnic. Are we clear on this?”

I nodded again. “I hate you.”

“You are entitled to that opinion.” the contractor said as he stood up. “Have a nice shower and do as you’re told.”

I didn’t want to anger the man again, so I gathered what was left of my clothing and left my own bedroom and into the bathroom that was attached. I locked the door and for the first time, I was safe. I paused for a few moments and listened to what was going on outside, and the contractor was true to his word. They were going back to work on the house and chatting like nothing had ever happened. I considered calling the police, but the thought of having to tell my husband what happened scared me. How would he ever look at me after what I had been through? After thinking about it for a while, I walked over to the shower and turned it on. I walked in and started to clean off the dirt and sperm that had been forced upon me. I wanted it all to go away, and I was afraid of the wrath I might inflict on myself and my husband if I defied that contractor again. He had won the day, and I would have to accept that… for now.

Although she had been doing it for past two months, still her limbs went weak, palms got sweaty and her heart rate shot up whenever she thought about it. Sitting in the living room, intently waiting to hear the click of the door closing, she rubbed her hands against the jeans, took two or three deep breaths, and thought how lucky she has been.

Eighteen-year-old Kathy was well aware that if caught it would not only ruin her relationship forever, it would also put her in an extremely bad situation, but her mind and body was concentrating on the door and not on repercussions. Finally, she heard the door close, and knew it was time. Wiping the sweat off her face with her T-shirt, she rubbed her palms against the jeans and tip-toed to the wall.

Slowly and quietly removing the poster hanging on the wall she peeped inside. It took Kathy’s eyes a second or two to adjust to the light, and then she saw a pair of smooth well-rounded thighs with water glistening over the soft skin. Kathy had seen those thighs many times in the past two months, but it was worth it every time. Moving her head a little, she enjoyed the view of the long legs, tight bums, flat stomach and voluptuous breasts. She was gorgeous, no doubt about that, thought Kathy.

After shampooing her thick long black hair, she took the soap and started rubbing it on her body. She began with her cleavage, then her pink nipples, her neck, her hairless armpits, her lovely back and then washed her shaved pussy, which was shining under the light and water.

When Kathy began watching her, she didn’t give her much time to enjoy because she always took showers in a hurry. But lately she was not only taking long showers, she was also swaying her hips and ass a lot and was also paying a lot of attention to her huge breasts and pussy, which meant Kathy was really able to enjoy the view.

Initially Kathy was only able to do watch her on weekends because she used to take shower in late mornings when Kathy was in school, but for the past few days she was taking showers in the evenings, which meant she was able to watch her naked body every day.

Kathy was on her knees, peeping inside the bathroom, and she was standing barefoot on the floor, with her body turned toward Kathy, and was drying herself with a towel. After drying her legs and thighs, she moved the towel toward her pussy and after rubbing the towel against it, slowly started to dry her voluptuous breasts, including her pink nipples.

Kathy knew the after drying herself up she would go to the attached room to change, so it was time to pull the curtain down, so to speak, therefore she readjusted the poster, tip-toed back to the living room and sat down in front of TV.

The next day was a Sunday, and Kathy was taking a shower in the morning when she felt as if somebody was watching her, so she looked around but there was nobody. But after two or three minutes, she again felt that somebody was there, so again looked around and saw what seemed like a pair of eyes looking at her from the same place she used to peep from.

She instantly froze and after keeping the soap down, walked toward the gap she had made in the wall and now she could clearly see two eyes peeping at her from the same spot. First, she thought she was imagining things, but when the eyes didn’t move or shift, even when she got closer to them, a chill ran through her whole body. She grabbed the towel, wrapped it around her as fast as she could and went to look behind the wall. When she reached there, she saw that the poster was in its place, but there was something written on it. She came closer and the second she read it, all her senses froze, heart started beating so fast that she could clearly and loudly hear it and her legs went weak.

For a second she thought she was in a dream or some nightmare, so she read it again and it was still there, written in bright red clear bold letters: “You thought only you can play games?” — Mom

A feeling of shame, fear and anger overtook her. She began feeling so weak that she had to sit down on a chair near the poster and began cursing herself for being so stupid. She was sitting there in that state of utter fear for well over ten minutes when somebody came from behind and put their hands on her eyes and closed them.

She tried to move the hands, but before she could she heard her say: “I know the peeping game much better than you. Don’t forget I’m your mother.”

Kathy had no idea what to say or do or even what to think, so she just sat there with her eyes tightly closed. Mother moved in front of her, told her to sit still and then she removed her hands from Kathy’s eyes.

Kathy took few seconds to open her eyes, primarily because she was too ashamed/afraid to look at her mom, but when she opened them, she saw Mother standing there in front of her with her hands on her hips, one leg in front of the other and her whole sensuous, full-figured body clearly visible in her cream night gown.

When she saw Kathy looking at her, she gave her beautiful smile, curling her full red lips.

“Honey, don’t be afraid, mommy is not angry at you. It’s not natural or OK for you to look at mommy when she’s in shower, but you were just curious to see how mommy looks, so I’m not angry. Now give mommy a kiss and a hug,” she said kneeling down and placing her hands on Kathy’s thighs.

But Kathy didn’t move and her gaze remained fixed on the floor, so she gave her a peck on her cheeks and hugged her. Then she sat down on the floor, near Kathy’s legs, and tried to make her comfortable with small talks, and when she was somewhat at ease, she asked her whether it was her idea to drill a hole in the wall or her brother Zach’s.

“I saw a man on TV drill a hole just like this one, so I also drilled one, but didn’t do it to watch you,” replied Kathy after remaining quiet for few seconds.

“I know, honey, you didn’t do it to watch me. And why did you hide it with a poster?”

“I was afraid that you might get angry for drilling a hole in the wall.”

“OK, I’m not angry at you, but answer all my questions honestly otherwise I’ll be?”

Kathy didn’t say anything, only nodded her head in agreement.

“Why did you start peeping?”

“One day you were humming some song and I wanted to hear it, so I put my ear near the hole and then accidentally saw you in the shower.”

Mom knew she hummed a lot in bathroom, plus she also understood that she couldn’t have made up the whole story sitting in this state, so she knew she was telling the truth.

“Does Zach know about the peeping?”

Kathy looked down at the floor and nodded.

“How did he know?”

“He caught me looking through it,” she whispered.

She took a deep breath, braced herself and asked whether he had seen her.

Kathy nodded her head.

“For how long have both of you been peeping?”

She just sat there with her head bowed.

Mom repeated the question again and this time sternly.

“Nearly two months.”

She was taken aback by the realization that both of them have been watching her naked for two months, but she didn’t allow her face to betray the surprise.

“Don’t worry, Kathy, mommy isn’t angry at you. Now go and put on some clothes,” she comforted her by kissing her flushed cheeks.

While talking to Kathy, Mom had realized something but wasn’t sure about it, so she called her childhood friend and while talking to her about her work, her children and other things, she slipped in the question.

She asked Jenny whether she would call her antics at school pranks or exhibitionism.

“Exhibitionism,” she replied replaying Mom’s antics in her mind.

“They were just pranks, not exhibitionism,” Mom tried to defend herself.

“Prank is when a girl takes off her bra once; exhibitionism is when she hardly wears it,” said Jenny.

“Pauline, you used to take off your bra in classroom, on the bus and even on the playground. You used to moon boys, you used to flash your breasts to cooks and gardeners at school, you even came to my house, in front of my father and brothers, in that cropped T-shirt without a bra. My father and brothers kept asking about you for months.”

“Did they?” Mom asked suddenly forgetting the peeping issue.

“Of course, they did. Both mother and I knew why they were so interested in you.”

“I guess that qualifies as exhibitionism,” admitted Mom.

“Not only that, you used to drop all your clothes at first chance of skinny-dipping. Don’t get me wrong, we all were impressed by your don’t-care attitude.”

“But I’ve changed.

“Of course, you’ve changed; now you’re a mother.”

“What if I again start exhibiting those tendencies?” wondered Mom faking a laugh.

“No, now you’ve changed.”

I took a deep breath and replied:

“Yes, now I’m not that Pauline,” answered Mom taking a deep breath.

After talking to her for five or six minutes more, Mom hung up the phone and lay down on the bed thinking that her desire to show her body was as alive inside her today as it was back then.

She was still on the bed when Zack came back after meeting his friends and went straight to his room. After five minutes, she knocked on his door and went to talk to him. He was smoking a cigarette which she took from him and took a long drag.

“Kathy has told me about the peep hole,” she said sitting down on a chair.

When he heard her, he adjusted his pillows, turned toward her and gave her a blank look. Mom knew he was a tough nut to crack, so she repeated herself.

“So?” replied nineteen-year-old Zack shrugging his shoulders.

“I’m not here to confirm anything; all I want is an honest answer to two questions that is all. If I don’t get an honest answer, you’ll be in big trouble. And, remember, Kathy has told me everything, so your answers should better match with hers.”

He flinched a little and raised his eyebrows.

“Have you seen Kathy in the shower and has she seen you?”

“Why don’t you ask her?” he replied in a calm voice after mulling over the question.

“I’ve, but just want to see whether you’re as honest as her?”

“Go and ask her,” he said taking the cigarette from her.

“Zack you’re making things difficult for yourself. I know you hadn’t drilled that hole, so I’m not holding you responsible. All I want to know is whether you guys have seen each other or not.

“Don’t know about her, but I might have.”

“She has admitted seeing you in the shower,” Mom said changing tack.

“Yes, she has, but we were just playing, nothing else,” he finally admitted.

Mom looked at him, got up and went back to her room. By now Mom was sure of two things. First, that she still loved showing her body and maybe that has passed on to her children. Second, if she gave Kathy and Zack enough it might help her in her more important plan.

In the morning, she went to them while they were having breakfast and told them that since they had been so honest, she wasn’t angry and if they behaved themselves and end all this peeping business they might get a bigger prize but only if they behaved themselves.

In the evening, just before dinner, she came to the living room and handed Kathy two boxes. In one of the boxes there was blue sleeveless top and red skirt and in the other was a green backless dress.

“Really, Mommy?” asked Kathy looking at Mom in surprise and giving her beautiful smile.

While Kathy was busy looking at her gifts, Zack was waiting for his. Mom took the third box from the table and gave it to him. He immediately opened it and saw a black T-shirt and coat.

“Now, go and wear them, let me see how both of you look.”

Kathy came back wearing them and the top was so tight that the shape of her young perky breasts was clearly visible and the skirt was revealing all the charms of her smooth thighs.

Zack’s muscular body was on full display in that T-shirt and the coat was making him look more handsome.

When they came back, Kathy asked her mother why she hadn’t bought something for herself.

“Who said I haven’t bought anything?” she replied going to her bedroom and coming back in a brown dress that had such a deep-neck that nearly all of her breasts were naked and slits that ran up to her panties.

When they saw her, they just couldn’t take their eyes off me, especially Zack.

“You guys are acting as if you’ve never seen me before,” she said walking toward them. “Stop staring at them,” Mom told Zack looking down at her boobs and smiling at him.

At the table, all three of them were in good mood and couldn’t stop looking at each other. After dinner, they sat down in front of TV, but instead of watching it we were more interested in watching each other, especially Kathy and Zack who were pretty shamelessly admiring each other’s bodies and Mom’s.

Zack, who was turning out to be as shameless as his mother, came for dinner wearing just a T-shirt and underwear, but she shooed him away.

Mom was making them slowly comfortable with their bodies, while all the time dangling the promise of better things to come.

Then the phone call came that she was expecting and had been preparing for. It was her ex-husband.

He asked her why Zack and Kathy weren’t going with him to the month-long holiday as planned. She replied that she had no idea why they were refusing to go with him, that he should ask them and, just to irritate him, added that maybe they don’t want to with him because of his new wife, Rachel.

That set him off and he started saying that he will take the kids with him no matter what happens, that she can’t stop him, etc.

After he was through with screaming, she put the phone down and applauded herself for executing the plan to stop the children going away with him on a holiday, which was just a first step to keep the children with her permanently.

When Kathy and Zack came home, they asked Mom whether they should go with Daddy and Rachel for holiday.

“It’s your choice. If you want to go, you can. By the way, I’m going to take a bath, so you guys decide whether you want to go with him or not.”

While Mom was taking bath, she called Kathy to come to bathroom as she needed her help.

“Honey, could you please rub soap on my back?” Mother requested her when she opened the bathroom door.

She hesitated for a minute, but when she again pleaded with her, she stepped inside and closed the door behind her. Mom was in tub and her body was partially hidden by foam and water, but when Kathy started rubbing the soap on Mother’s back, she lifted her body a little and now Kathy could clearly see everything, even the shaved pussy.

Kathy was rubbing her mom’s back and neck, but her clothes were getting wet, so Mother asked her to take them off, but she said she was fine. So, Mom turned around, her breasts were now near her daughter’s mouth, and said: “So, you had no problem in watching me, but now you are all shy? Come on, take them off, or they will get more wet. Take them off. I’ll keep my eyes closed.”

Mom closed her eyes, while Kathy took off her clothes and quickly got into water. But she wasn’t able to keep her modesty on for long because once she was in water Mother could clearly see everything of her body; including her round perky breasts, her pink nipples and also that her pussy was clean shaved like hers.

Mom saw Kathy looking at her vagina, so she asked her whether she started shaving herself after watching her in the shower.

“Yes,” whispered Kathy.

“Has Zack done anything?” asked Mom rubbing her toes on Kathy’s bare shoulders.


“He only watches and doesn’t do anything?”

“He has tried some stuff, like kissing, touching, etc. But I don’t let him.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t fancy him.”

“Whom do you fancy?”

But she kept quiet. Mom took the soap from her hand, asked her to turn around and began rubbing it all over Kathy’s neck and back. While they were rubbing and admiring each other’s bodies, Zack knocked and asked if he could come in. Both instantly shouted no. He again asked, saying that he just wanted to pee, but they again told him that he can’t come in, knowing fully well that peeing was the last thing on his mind.

They washed each other’s backs and although both of them wanted to stay like that, Mom got up, giving her daughter a good view of her pussy, and handed her a towel. Wrapping their wet bodies in towels, they went to bedroom where Zack was waiting for them. Mom could tell from his eyes and raised eyebrows that he was angry at not being part of the session, but she ignored his looks and told him to get out as they wanted to change. He sat there staring at them, but when he saw no response from either of them, he stormed out.

At night, Mom was in bed wearing a white deep-neck night gown and reading a book, when Kathy came in brown T-shirt and blue panties and asked her if she could sleep with her. When Mother said yes, she snuggled up against her, throwing one arm over her stomach and buried her head into her neck. Mom wanted to continue reading the book, but Kathy wanted to talk, so she kept it away and started talking to her. They talked about this and that and then the talks turned to boyfriends and although Mom prodded her but Kathy denied that she had any boyfriends.

Then Kathy turned her face toward Mom and asked her whether she was a good kisser. Her question caught her off guard, so she asked her why she wanted to know that. She replied because she wants to be a good kisser and would love it if somebody could teach her. Mom looked at her blue eyes, baby-like cheeks and taking her face in her hands kissed her soft lush lips. Placing her arms around Mom’s neck, Kathy locked her mouth with Mother’s full red lips and began kissing her and pushing her tongue as deep as she could.

After kissing Mom several times, she buried her face into Mother’s big breasts and kissed her cleavage. Then lifting her face, she looked at Mom’s brown eyes and slowly touched Mother’s pink nipples over the white gown with her lips and then moved her hand inside the gown, but Mom stopped her. Kathy went to sleep with one hand on Mother’s stomach and her naked thigh on her legs.

In the morning, Mom had a towel around her full-figured body and was going to take a shower when Kathy asked her if she could join her. Once in bath, both started rubbing each other’s bodies, kissing each other and were fooling around when Zach opened the door and walked straight in.

When they saw him enter so brazenly both shouted at him to go away, but he ignored them and joined them in the tub, although he did keep his underwear on. When Zack joined them, Kathy got up, with water and foam dripping from her naked body, and sat down behind Mom on the edge of the tub and began kissing and cupping Mother’s breasts right in front of Zack.

Zack was obviously enjoying the sight. He tried to shove his toe inside Mom’s pussy, but she blocked the entrance with her hand and that didn’t go well with him. Putting his hands in the water, he dragged Mother toward him and started kissing and fondling her boobs and nipples. While his hands were all over her body, Kathy’s were on her face and was kissing her passionately.

He again tried to finger Mom’s pussy, but she again stopped him, so he got up and took off his underwear. Cupping her left breast in his hand, he held his erect cock in his other hand just inches away from her mouth and began stroking it. Mother knew what he was doing, so she closed her eyes as Kathy held her face straight in front of Zack’s dick. Within seconds, Mom felt his warm cum all over her boobs, neck and face, including her lips.

After couple of seconds, Mom saw him standing under a shower and Kathy was holding his still erect cock and washing it. His cum was floating all over in the tub, so Mother washed his semen from her body, cleaned the tub and got ready.

At night Dad was leaving with his new wife and that night Kathy and Mom were in bed only in their night gowns and were talking about romance, etc., when Zack joined them, wearing only shorts. Without even saying hello or anything, he started kissing Mother’s lips. When Kathy saw Mom respond to his kisses, she pushed him aside and shoved her tongue deep inside Mother’s throat. Zack wasn’t going to take this lying down, so he turned his attention toward Mom’s big breasts and began squeezing, biting and kissing them.

Summer Wayne, a high school English teacher, has fallen under the direction of a high school student after he has discovered her recent postings at a public website. The poor English teacher has just finished a weekend where she has received piercings in her ear, nipples and pussy lips. She has been forced to buy a complete new wardrobe that is both sexy and tight fitting, which is not what she would ever wear to school. Summer’s best friend has discovered her submissiveness and has planned to take complete control of her mind and body. Summer’s Master, has plans for his new slave beginning with school on Monday.


Summer, still feeling the effects of the beer, tequila and the sex with Lisa and Steve stumbled to her bedroom. She could not believe that her Sunday afternoon had seen her be subjected to domination by her best friend and her husband. To make matters worse, Summer was sure that her next door neighbor, Sam Johnson had seen the whole episode as Lisa forced her deeper into submission. Summer was confused by how her body reacted to the insults, degradation and forced sex. As she lay her head down onto her Egyptian cotton pillow case, Summer’s hands began to roan over her body, first stopping to tweak her erect and pierced nipples. As she became more aroused, her right hand found her hardening clit that continued to be stimulated by the events of the day.

Summer’s hands were working their magic on her body and it did not take much effort to have her on the brink of yet another orgasm. Just as she reached the edge, Summer’s cell phone buzzed. “Damn, who the hell can that be at this time of the night,” she quietly said to herself.

Summer looked at the phone and saw Master T’s name pop up on her phone id. Summer hesitated for a few more rings as she pondered whether or not to answer the phone. Just then the buzzing stopped and Summer smiled to herself believing that she had avoided a late night confrontation from her young Master.

Summer was jolted from her deep sleep by the morning alarm clock and its aggravating buzz at her customary 5:30 AM wake up. She hit the snooze for ten more minutes of rest before she started her day. When the alarm sounded its aggravating tone again, Summer hit the off button and crawled out of bed. As she walked into the bathroom to empty her bladder, Summer looked into the mirror and she was stunned by the size of her nipples and how the piercings made them look so much more profound. After relieving herself, Summer walked up to the mirror and gave each nipple a tweak and examined the reaction each had to her touch. She paid particular attention to the piercings hoping to find a way to remove them. But, the size of the bars on each end was too large and she remembered the soldering job performed by Marcos in his shop.

Summer slipped on her white silk robe, her house slippers with the one inch heels and headed for the kitchen for her first cup of coffee. On her way to the kitchen, Summer went out onto her porch to retrieve the morning newspaper. Because hers and James’ house sat so far from the street, they paid the paper boy a little extra to place it on their porch each morning. Summer thought it was strange that the paper was propped against the door, but she thought nothing more about it.

As Summer reached the kitchen, the aroma from her dark South American coffee beans pleasantly filled her nostrils. She added half and half creamer, took the paper from its plastic wrap and opened it to read. That is when she found the manila envelop. On the outside of the envelop were the chilling words, “SLUT, YOU DID NOT ANSWER YOUR PHONE LAST NIGHT. CALL ME IMMEDIATELY BEFORE YOU OPEN THIS ENVELOP.”

“Oh my god,” was all Summer could say.

Without taking a sip of her coffee, Summer headed for the bedroom to retrieve her cell phone. She saw the missed call reflected on the touch screen of the phone and her whole body shuddered with fear of what may happen to her. As her fingers pressed the speed dial number for Master T, tears welled up in Summer’s eyes as the reality of her situation once again thrust upon her.

Master T simply answered, “What took you so long to call me slut?”

Summer did not know what to say other than, “Master T, I only just now found your note. I went to sleep last night and did not hear your call.”

“Because of your non-compliance and refusal to take my call, I have taken the liberty of posting several pictures to an email and have sent it to you. Go to your home computer, take the envelope with you and call me when you have opened my email. Do not open the envelope,” and Master T hung up.

Summer stumbled down the hall way to the office that was just off her the master bedroom. The office consisted of the desk that she shared with her husband James, two wing back chairs, a credenza and pictures of her family from various trips they had taken together. She logged onto the computer and opened her email. Summer called Master T as she had been directed.

Master T, answered in a harsh tone, “Slut have you opened your email from me?” Summer quickly replied that she had. Master T then instructed her to read the email and then call him after she had complied with the emailed instructions.

The email read:

“Slut, you have disobeyed me for the last time. You knew that you were to talk to me before you went to bed last night to get your instructions for today. But because you are a worthless cunt, I have had to send you this email and driven across town to give you instructions for your fist day in school as my slut. Your first day was going to be a little easier, but now things are different. Your non-compliance has forced me to alter my plans for you and your servitude at school. You may now open the envelope and read its contents for further instructions.” The email was signed Master T

Before she could open the envelope, Summer had to compose herself. She had woken up with a better feeling about herself and the he that Master T would not interfere with her morning routine. She was not naïve enough to think that he was done with her, but she had been hopeful to drink her morning coffee and prepare for her day.

Summer opened the envelope and she poured its contents onto the desk in the office. The manila envelope contained two smaller envelopes. She looked at both of the envelopes and as she expected, they were to be opened in order. She opened the envelope marked “Open First”. The envelope contained several folded sheets of paper. As she opened them she realized that they were pictures downloaded from a camera and printed on regular stock paper. The pictures were of her and Sarah from Saturday at Marcos’ piercing salon. One of the pictures plainly reflected Summer’s face buried in Sarah’s pussy, the second showed her lying on the table playing with her pussy with the gold lip rings clearly visible and the third picture showed her with a cock jammed down her throat with her eyes wide open.

Summer opened the second envelope and was almost relieved to find only a one page letter written by Master T. It began, “Slut, you have seen some obvious proof that you are a slut, that you enjoy being made to please and that you have no will of your own. Unfortunately, you do not fully grasp the depth of your submission. So, today we will begin re-enforcing your position of a complete submissive slut and my position as your Master. You are to get dressed in the black skirt and white blouse that you purchased on Saturday. You are to wear the yellow see through bra and thong panties along with the black garter belt and back seamed hose. You are to wear the four inch black pumps. You are to apply a heavy amount of make-up so as to highlight your eyes and cheeks. Your lips must be covered by your reddest lipstick. Finally, you will make sure that your hair is wildly styled making sure that your new left ear piercing is visible all day. You will meet me in your class room at 6:30 AM. Do not be late.”

Summer raised her hand to her mouth when she realized that it was now 5:45 AM and the drive to the school took her fifteen minutes. She quickly shut the computer down, took the pictures and tore them up. Summer ran down the hall to the bedroom and quickly took a shower to wash the cum stains from the day before. The water caused her nipples to become even more erect. After her shower, Summer quickly applied her make-up the way Master T had demanded by paying particular attention to her eyelids and giving them a dark blue tint to highlight her eyes. Ordinarily, Summer would take a great deal of time in transforming her hair from a weekend style that was free and flowing to the conservative bun she usually wore at school. But today, she used lots of hair spray and mousse to force her hair to hold its place and allow her gold loop earring with the three red beads to be clearly seen.

When Summer was satisfied that she had met Master T’s requirements, she quickly slipped on her garter belt, adjusted the clasp and attached the black back seamed hose first to her right leg and then to her left leg. Once she was satisfied that the seams were straight, she pulled on her yellow string thong. Summer noticed that the thong seemed to touch her clit and spread her pussy lips. She looked down and the new lip rings were clearly visible. Summer adjusted the thin material of the thong and was able to slide the gold rings inside the material. Next Summer slipped on the matching yellow bra. Immediately Summer noticed that the material of the bra made it quite obvious that her nipples had piercings and that her nipples were very prominent as they stood very erect, which she was sure is why Todd had ordered her to wear the yellow lingerie. Summer told herself to not worry about that right now and get dressed.

Summer quickly slid the white blouse on and believed that it was almost see through. As she stood before the bathroom mirror, Summer began buttoning the blouse and it was quite possible that anyone paying just the slightest attention to her would be able to make out the details of her nipples and would almost certainly be able to see the gold rod piercings. Summer quickly grabbed the black skirt and slipped it on. Immediately Summer knew why Master T had requested this particular skirt. The slits on the sides stopped at just below the lace tops of her hose and would not be noticeable when she stood, but when she was seated, Summer was sure that anyone would be able to see the very tops of the lace of the hose. The skirt was very tight and would cause her all kinds of trouble walking the halls of the school.

Summer gathered her make up into her daily bag, grabbed her wooden brush, checked her hair one more time and rand down the hall. As she started the engine in her BMW, she saw that she only had 10 minutes to make it to the school by 6:30 so she knew that she would have to exceed the speed limit to make it on time, hoping all the while that she would not encounter a police patrol.

Summer pulled into the school parking lot at 6:35 thankfully having successfully dodged any traffic mishaps or police cruisers as she roared down the back streets to her school. Summer grabbed her pocket book and school bag and made a mad dash to the school. She was able to get into her classroom in less than 5 minutes, but Master T was not in her room. She looked at the school clock and noticed that the time was actually 6:40 and wondered where Todd, err… Master T was.

Summer was startled when she heard the door to her classroom slammed shut. She turned from her desk and saw that her Master had entered the room. She stared him directly in the eyes and could feel his anger at her being tardy. Summer then heard his first words, “Slut, what took you so long to get here?”

“Todd, I drove as fast as I could to get here. I only now noticed that my watch is 10 minutes slow. I thought that I was on time’, Summer replied.

“How dare you refer to me as Todd? What is my name slut?”

Summer began to cower just a bit and quickly responded, “Your name is Master T, sir.”

Todd walked up to his submissive high school teacher, grabbed her by each nipple and screamed into her face, “Slut when I tell you to be some where be there on time, no matter how long it takes to get there or what obstacles you have to avoid, DO NOT BE LATE, EVER!”

Summer could only muster a “Yes Sir” as Todd continued to pull and twist her nipples through her blouse and bra. He was being careful not to rip the nipple piercings out of her flesh, but Todd was driving home the point that she would do as he demanded.

Todd released the poor teacher’s nipples and directed her to the middle of the classroom, where she was told to take her blouse and skirt off. When Summer hesitated, Todd uttered only, “NOW”!

Summer lifted her hands and began unbuttoning the top button and worked her way down the blouse until all of the buttons had been opened and the blouse had been pulled from the skirt. Without waiting for further instructions, Summer shrugged her shoulders and let the blouse fall away from her body. She placed the blouse on the nearest student’s desk and then reached around behind her and unzipped the black skirt and began pulling it down over her hips until it lay on the floor at her feet. She reached down to retrieve, it, but Master T said, “Leave it there slut.”

Then Summer’s Master ordered her to bend over her desk. Without objection, Summer moved to her desk, leaned over and placed her palms on the top of the desk. She was ordered by her Master to lay flat on top of the desk. Summer was wearing her black garter belt and hose, the yellow lingerie and her four inch black pumps. Summer looked up and pleaded, “But Master someone might come in and find me in this position. Please do not make me do this.” Todd’s silence told Summer everything she needed to know. As she placed her chest onto her desk, she felt frightened about the possibility of being discovered by a colleague, the janitorial staff or an early arriving student. She closed her eyes and listened to her Master.

“Slut, you have displeased me and that is an unfortunate event for you. I have told you that you are to be punctual and do what I say when I say to do it. Last night you did not answer my call. Today you were 10 minutes late reporting to me. For each offense you will receive ten strokes with your wooden hair brush. Where is your brush slut?” Todd demanded.

“But Master, someone will hear the noise from the strokes and my screams. Please, please I beg you. I will do anything you tell me to and I promise to never be late,” pleaded the poor English teacher.

Todd looking down at his conquest replied, “I know you will do all those things and more for me slut. But right now, you are going to be punished for your non-compliance to ensure that the next time you think about not complying, you will remember my lesson to you. Now where is your brush slut?”

Summer told Todd that her brush was in her pocket book. As he retrieved it, he gazed down on the outstretched teacher with her ass exposed for anyone to see. As he moved behind his slut, Todd looked down between Summer’s legs and he could see the pussy lip rings peaking out from the thin material of her yellow thong. He put his feet between Summer’s legs and forced her legs even further apart. Todd then stepped to the left side of Summer and using his right hand he brought down the brush harshly onto her left ass cheek.

Summer screamed, but it was a low, barely audible scream. Todd did not dare risk being discovered so he reached into his back pack and brought out the black egg that he purchased for Summer over the weekend. It was a remote control version that was roughly two inches in diameter. Todd walked to the side of the desk where Summer’s head was and he told her to open her mouth. As she did, Todd forced the black egg into her mouth. Then Todd said, “Hold that in your mouth so that your screams cannot be hear slut.”

Todd checked his watch and it was getting pretty close to the time that the other teachers on his slut’s hall began arriving for the day. He rushed through the twenty strokes with the hair brush making sure to mark the ass in the same place. When he finished he ordered Summer to stand before him.

Todd then instructed Summer to take the egg out of her mouth and to insert it into her pussy. When Summer hesitated, all Todd did was begin to pick up his back pack and while looking straight into Summer’s eyes said, “Okay slut. If that is what you want it, I will be more than happy to send the emails that are already in my personal and private email folders to everyone in your address book as well as Principal Harding. I am sure that Mr. Harding will be quite surprised to find out that the head of his English Department was having sex with one of her students as well as seeing her actively enjoying sucking another woman’s pussy. And let’s not forget your poor husband James, who is working so hard for my father’s company in Asia. I wonder what he will think when he sees pictures of you with the shoe salesman.”

Summer realizing her fate was tied to her submission to her student quickly replied, “No Master, please don’t leave. I promise to do as you tell me.”

With that, Summer lowered the egg to her pussy, pulled aside the small patch of material between her legs and pushed the black egg inside. She noticed that coming out of one end of the egg was a black wire. She reasoned that it would be used to pull the egg back out should it go to high up inside her.

When she had full inserted the egg into her pussy, she pleaded again, “Master please do not go. I promise to do anything and everything you tell me to whenever you tell me to do it.”

Todd turned around at the door to the classroom and said, “Ok slut. We will see. Now get dressed and enjoy your day.”

Todd opened the door to the class room and walked away without closing it back. Summer quickly realized her predicament and ran to close the door. As she turned to walk back to her desk, the egg in her pussy began vibrating. The egg’s vibrating jolted Summer so much that she had to grasp the side of her desk to steady herself. Just as quickly, the vibrating stopped and Summer realized that the black cord was not for retrieving the egg, but it served as a receiver wire for the hand held transmitter that Master T would have with him today. Summer thought to herself, “Oh my god. What will he do to me today?”

Summer hurriedly pulled on her skirt and slipped her arms into the sleeves of the white blouse. The skirt of course was slightly wrinkled because she had been ordered to leave it in a pile on the floor. As she completed buttoning the last button, the morning announcements for staff came blaring over the intercom system. Summer looked at the school clock and saw that it was now 7:00 AM.

Summer went about her morning routine in her room. At about 7:20, someone from the office called over the intercom and requested that Summer report to the office. All Summer could think about was that Todd had sent the information anyway and that her life as she knew it would be over. Summer quickly adjusted her blouse and tried to pull her skirt down so that the tops of her hose would not show as she walked. The tightness of the skirt across her ass and her four inch pumps made walking a new adventure for Summer. She had to learn how to put one foot in front of the other like the models she had seen on television late at night. Summer got the hang of it by over exaggerating the swaying of her hips, which made walking somewhat easier. She noticed the looks she was receiving from the other teachers, men mostly, in the hall as well as some of the early arriving students. Those glares and stares unnerved, but somewhat turned Summer on as she continued her walk down the hall.

Once she reached the administrative office, Summer was surprised by the number of students in the office as well as the number of adults, some parents and other teachers. Summer felt all of the eyes in the office on her. She walked up to the front desk and asked who had requested that she come to the office. Shirley, from back in the office blurted out, “Ms. Wayne we have a package that was delivered this morning and that it was marked urgent.”

Everyone in the office turned to look at Summer as Shirley slowly walked across the office floor to reach her. As she handed the package to Summer, Shirley was able to look directly at Summer’s blouse and she thought she could see the outlines of piercings. Shirley held the envelope a little too long and Summer had to pull it from Shirley’s fingers.

As Summer turned to walk away, she heard Shirley say, “Ms. Wayne I love the new piercing that you have. When did you get your ear pierced?”

Summer was both embarrassed and relieved to be able to answer, “Shirley, I got the new earring this past weekend as sort of a surprise to my husband James. He will be home in about a month, and I wanted it to be something that he would love.”

As Summer continued on her way out of the office, she felt the eyes of every person there on her. The hallway was now over crowded with students and she could hear whispers and caught the boys gawking at her while the girls all seemed to view her with disgust.

As Summer reached the door to her classroom, the bell rang for the first period to begin. As she walked to her desk, she glanced around the classroom and for the first time in several days, she seemed to have everyone’s full attention. Summer sat behind her desk because she did not want to dare give the students too much of a view of her legs and the opportunity to see the tops of her stockings. She began the period by instructing the students to turn to page 210 of the novel they were currently reading as a class project.

As Summer followed along silently at her desk, she suddenly felt the egg in her pussy begin to vibrate. The strength of the vibration caused her to gasp out loud. One of the students in the first row heard the gasp and asked if she was ok. Summer could only nod and tell the student she was fine. As the egg’s vibration continued to work its magic on her pussy, Summer felt her body begin to react to the stimulation and she was fast approaching an orgasm. She tried to squeeze off the approaching orgasm, but it was too no avail as her body paid no attention to her brain and erupted in orgasm. Summer grasped the edge of her desk and pushed her pelvic region down into her office chair to try and suppress the urge to scream out loud. She felt sweat beginning to form on her forehead as the intensity of her orgasm began to subside, but the vibrations of the egg only intensified. As she began to approach a second orgasm, Summer stared intently at the book on her desk paying no attention to her class with every eye now firmly affixed on their English teacher.

Summer was startled when the vibration in her pussy stopped just before her body succumbed to the second orgasm. Summer could not see, but Todd was standing just outside of her classroom and his remote control’s range was just perfect to affect her from outside of the room. Summer looked up from her book and found the eyes of her students all fixed on her. She cleared her throat, stood up and excused herself to go to the bathroom. She instructed the class to continue reading and keep the room noise down to a dull roar.

After their teacher left the room, Cindy, the head cheerleader was the first to ask, “What in the heck is wrong with Ms. Wayne?” The girls to her left and right all shook their heads and said they had no idea. The boys in the back of the room were only able to speak about the outline of her nipples that they could see directly through Ms. Wayne’s blouse. One of the boys whispered that he swore that he saw Ms. Wayne’s nipples with piercing. The other boys just pooh pawed that comment saying that she was to uptight to have something like that done to her. About that time, the bell indicating that it was time to change classes began to ring. All of the students in Summer’s room packed their things and headed out of the door.

Summer was leaning against the stall door of the faculty bathroom when Shirley, from the front office came in. She was clearly concerned with the way Summer looked and asked, “Ms. Wayne are you ok? You look like you have been put through the ringer.”

Summer was brought out of her stupor by Shirley’s interruption in the bathroom. Summer looked at Shirley and said, “No, nothing is wrong really. I just felt a little faint and rushed in here from my class.”

Summer caught Shirley giving her the once over taking in the clothes that she had on. Shirley then asked, “Summer, I have never seen you dressed the way you are today. What has come over you dear?”

Summer looked down and she could see that her nipples were poking through her bra and it was very evident that her nipples were pierced as the balls on each end of the bars were pressed against the material of the yellow bra and sheer blouse. Summer also noticed that her run to the bathroom and her pose against the stall had caused her skirt to hike up above the tops of her stockings and it was very evident that she was wearing a garter belt.

Summer lied and said that she was going to a cocktail party for James’ company after work and did not think that she would have time to go home and change. Summer walked over to the lavatory and began washing her hands. After drying her hands, Summer ran her hands through her hair making sure that the earring was still clearly visible. As she steadied herself to head back to her classroom, she pulled at the hem of her skirt, but before she could get out of the door, Shirley asked, “Ms. Wayne I am not sure if you are aware, but your yellow bra is quite visible through your blouse. And, if I am not mistaken, I can make out the outline of your nipples. Have you had your nipples pierced also?”

Summer stopped in her tracks and tried to pose a reasonable response to Shirley’s probing questions. Summer knew that she was Mr. Harding’s pet and if you ever got on her wrong side, life at the school would be awful. Summer spun around and looked at Shirley, who had a smug look on her face.

“Well Shirley, you are right. I did get them pierced this weekend because James asked me to. I am having to be careful with what I have pressed against the piercings as my nipples are still a little sensitive, so that is why I am wearing the yellow bra. I did not realize that I had worn this particular blouse until I got here this morning. I just did not have time to change,” replied Summer.

Shirley, looking incredulously at Summer said, “Ms. Wayne I would have never thought that you would be the type of woman who would desecrate her body with piercings. I think that you are like those women who hang around bars and look for men. I do not believe that that is the type of person who should be teaching at this school. I am afraid I am going to have to tell Mr. Harding about this Ms. Wayne.”

Summer quickly replied, “Now wait a minute Shirley. I have only done something for my husband and it has nothing to do with how I teach or work. I am sorry that you find the idea of piercings offensive, but that really is none of your business.”

Summer could tell she was walking on thin ice with Shirley because even if Mr. Harding did not really care whether or not she had piercings, Shirley would not let up. Summer had to do something to keep Shirley from going to Mr. Harding. As she moved away from the lavatory towards the door, she looked at Shirley and asked, “Shirley, why can’t we just leave this between us. I can appreciate your issues with my piercings and you can appreciate my desire to please my husband.”

“I do not see how I can agree to that Ms. Wayne as I just find it too disgusting to allow it to go unreported,” replied Shirley.

“Please Shirley, can’t we work this out together and not get Mr. Harding involved?” pleaded Summer.

Shirley quickly answered, “I just do not know how that would be possible.”

Summer then asked, “What about the piercings do you find offensive, Shirley?”

Shirley told Summer that just the fact that she would do that was disgusting and she could not see how the piercings could be anything more than disgusting body desecration. Trying to find a way to avoid Shirley going to Mr. Harding, Summer thought she saw an opening and said, “Shirley how about I let you see the piercings so that you can see that they are meant to be erotic and for my husband’s private pleasure?”

“No, I do not want to see them Ms. Wayne,” replied Shirley.

“But, Shirley, won’t you at least let me prove to you that they are beautiful and will bring him pleasure,” Summer questioned.

Shirley’s body language began to give her real feelings away as her eyes were going from Summer’s breasts to her eyes. Summer could see a few drops of sweat developing on Shirley’s brow so she pushed the envelope with Shirley. “So, Shirley, I am going to unbutton my blouse for you to be able to get a clearer view of the piercings” Summer said as her fingers immediately went to the top button on her blouse. Summer watched Shirley’s eyes follow her hands as they moved down her blouse unbuttoning each button. When Summer completed unbuttoning her white blouse, she pulled it open and pressed her chest forward so that her nipples would strain against the sheer fabric of her yellow bra. Summer noticed that Shirley was now just looking from nipple to nipple without even glancing up at her eyes.

Summer looked down and she could see her nipples were erect and she knew that Shirley could see the full outline of her nipples as well as being able to clearly make-out the gold posts of her nipple piercings. She paused for several minutes gauging Shirley’s reaction and then she pressed further feeling like she was control of events around her for the first time in several days. Summer says to Shirley, “Why don’t you just reach out and touch the gold bars. Touching them will not hurt me.”

Shirley seemed to be in a trance. In all of her fifty years she had never been so close to such beautiful breasts. She had always admired Ms. Wayne whenever they were close and she was envious of the way she had been able to keep her body in such fine shape. Shirley, was not an old prude or dumpy in anyway, but she represented Mr. Harding and so she had to be careful about her desires and needs, especially after her husband died prematurely of cancer three years ago.

Summer said again to Shirley, “It is alright. Go ahead and touch each one. I promise not to bite.” With that Summer edged closer to Shirley and deftly took Shirley’s right hand and moved it up to her breast. Summer then moved Shirley’s index finger and lightly touched the outline of the piercing of her right breast and then she moved Shirley’s hand across her chest to her left breast where she again touched the outline of the piercing as well as the her nipple with Shirley’s index finger.

Summer could see Shirley’s chest moving and her eyes darting from one breast to the other. Summer released Shirley’s hand, but she did not move it away from her breast. Shirley slowly circled the pierced nipple which made Summer’s erect nipple harden even more. Without evening offering any encouragement, Summer felt Shirley’s left hand cup her right breast and she began to lightly squeeze the breast. Meanwhile, Shirley continued to touch the nipple piercing in Summer’s left breast.

Summer seizing the moment instructed Shirley to pull on both nipple piercings so that she could see that they were permanently fixed in place and that she could see how the nipples would be stimulated by James’ touch. Almost on cue, Shirley began to lightly tug at the English teacher’s nipples. Summer took Shirley’s left hand and slid it to the flesh of her cleavage and then helped Shirley slip inside the sheer bra to Summer’s nipple. Summer grabbed the back of Shirley’s left elbow and pulled it towards her chest. Shirley’s breathing continued to get deeper and Summer could hear slight moans emanating from Shirley’s mouth.

“Shirley, take my breast out of the bra so that you can gain better access to it,” Summer instructed. Shirley did as she was told using both hands to free one and then the other of Summer’s breasts. Now Shirley was lost in Summer’s breasts and because of their height proximity, Shirley was slightly bending over to be able to look more closely at the piercings.

“Shirley, go ahead and touch my nipples with your tongue,” Summer whispered. At the same time she placed her hand on the back of Shirley’s head and moved her towards her breasts. Shirley offered not resistance and quickly took Summer’s right nipple into her mouth. Shirley began tonguing the piercing first and then started to rotate her tongue around the large areola of Summer’s breast. Summer then instructed Shirley to take the other breast into her mouth so that she paid appropriate attention to both nipples. Shirley did as directed without any resistance. Summer quietly enjoyed this new found dominance and quite liked having power over a helpless person.

As Shirley continued to worship the breasts, Summer began to feel her pussy moistening more than when it was first stimulated by the egg that was stuck up into the far reaches of her pussy.

Summer continued pressing Shirley by instructing her, “Shirley I want you to pull on one nipple while you suck the other. While you are doing that, I want to hear you breathe so that I know you are enjoying pleasing me.”

Shirley pulled her lips away from Summer’s breast, looking up into Summer’s eyes said, “Ms. Wayne, I have never ever tasted another woman’s breast before, but yours are wonderful.”

Just then the bell rang signaling the end of second period, which was the shortened period for a high school homeroom. “Shit”, Summer exclaimed as she pulled Shirley away from her breasts. She then said to Shirley, “I do not think we will have a problem with you knowing about my piercings. If you do, I will give you another opportunity to touch and suck my breasts. Are you willing to do that for me Shirley?”

Shirley quickly responded, “Yes Ms. Wayne, it will be our little secret.”

The two women smiled at one another and Summer quickly buttoned her blouse, tucked it into her tight black , checked her make-up to make sure it had not be smeared by her bathroom encounter, checked her hair to make sure the earring was still visible and then gave Shirley a hug as she headed out of the bathroom. Summer smiled to herself and thought that she might have some fun at Shirley’s expense some time in the near future. It was nice to be able to force someone to do something for her pleasure for a change.

Just as she entered the class room, the egg in Summer’s pussy went off. She grabbed the door frame and was thankful that the students had already left for their third period classes. Summer had a planning period right now so she would not be disturbed by any students. But, Summer’s tormentor entered the classroom right behind her as the egg was continuing to work its magic on her pussy.

Todd placed his hand on Summer’s back and moved her towards her desk. Once she reached the edge of the desk, Todd applied pressure to force Summer onto her belly flat down on the desk. As Summer’s breasts touched the desk, she could feel Todd between her legs placing his feet against the insides of her feet as he applied pressure to force her legs open. Because of the tightness of the skirt, Todd had to set the controller down onto Summer’s desk so that he could use both hands to pull the skirt up over her hips.

Once Todd was satisfied that he had complete access to his slut teacher’s ass, he turned off the vibrating egg buried deep in his teacher’s pussy. When she realized that the egg was no longer vibrating, Summer let out a soft moan and quickly said, “Master please turn it back on as I am so close to coming.”

Todd said nothing as he stepped away from the very tempting ass displayed before him. He reached into his back pack and pulled out a red Sharpie medium point pen and he quickly wrote in block print letters, “I am” on Summer’s left ass cheek and “A Slut” on her right ass cheek. He then pulled his handy digital camera out of the back pack and began taking pictures of his outstretched teacher.

Summer, realizing that she was once again being subjected to degrading pictures said to her tormenter, “Master, please don’t take anymore pictures. Don’t you have enough already?”

All Todd did was to walk around to the end of the desk where his English teacher slut’s head was, unzipped his pants, pulled out his now fully erect cock and instructed his slut to raise her head up off the desk and suck his cock. With his camera, Todd was able to catch Summer’s opened mouth just as his cock slide forward. He glanced at the view finder on the back of the camera and he was quite pleased with the image of his cock resting on his slut’s lips.

Todd began fucking his cock in and out of his slut’s mouth and as he grew nearer to orgasm, he reached down and picked up the remote controller for the egg in Summer’s pussy. He flicked the switch on to level 10 on the controller and he immediately saw Summer’s hips press down hard against her desk. He could feel her moaning around his cock that was now deep down his slut teacher’s mouth.

Summer began sucking on her Master’s cock in rhythm with the vibration in her pussy and her hips as she fucked down against her desk. The vibration in her pussy was drawing her ever closer to orgasm, but she remembered that she was not allowed to cum unless she was given permission by her Master. The vibrations were getting her ever closer to the point where she would not be able to control her orgasm.

Todd saw that Summer’s hips were pressing hard down against her desk and he guessed that she was very close to orgasm because of the deep moans emanating from around his cock in his slut teacher’s mouth.

Todd pulled his cock out of his teacher’s mouth with some difficulty as Summer did not want to let it go. He heard her moan a quietly as he pulled away. Summer lay her head back down onto the desk and concentrated on the vibrations in her pussy. But, she knew she could not cum so she begged, “Master please let me cum.”

Todd replied, “Not yet slut. I am not through getting my pleasure and we still have 15 minutes before your next class starts.”

“Oh Master, please let me cum. I am so close,” pleaded Summer.

Todd did not pay any attention to his still outstretched slut. What a picture this was: his teacher laying face down on her desk, her skirt pulled up over her hips, yellow thong stretched tightly against her pussy lips, the gold ring pussy lip piercings quite visible and the hand drawn tattoo on her ass cheeks.

“No slut, I am not through with you yet. Do not cum or you will be very sorry,” said Todd as he slid back between Summer’s spread legs.

Todd reached down and pulled the thin material of the thong and rubbed his fingers against his slut’s pussy lips. The juices from her pussy had soaked the small crotch of the thong and he was able to soak the middle finger of his right hand. He moved the finger to the poor slut’s anal passageway and slowly began to insert his finger. He pulled the finger back out and once again soaked it with the teacher’s pussy juices. When he was fully satisfied, Todd inserted the middle finger back into Summer’s ass and began to slide the finger in and out of the puckered ass hole. Summer realized that the anal stimulation was bringing her ever closer to orgasm began pumping her ass against Todd’s finger and hand.

Todd withdrew his finger and pressed the tip of his cock against the puckered lips of his teacher’s ass hole. Summer pleaded for him to stop, but Todd continued to press against the poor teacher’s ass hole. His cock head suddenly slipped inside and in a matter of seconds Todd was able to slide his cock all the way into his slut’s ass.

Combined with the increasing sensation from the vibrating egg and Todd’s cock now fully imbedded into her ass, Summer pleaded again, “Master, please let me cum.”

“Ugh. I hate group jobs. I swore after the last one, never again.” Molly groaned, pulling a pillow over her face. She and Shayla were lying in a queen-sized bed, taking full advantage of the five hours left on Molly’s last trick’s luxury suite.

“These guys are different.” Shayla sighed dreamily, twirling her long, blonde extensions. She had been acting strange since she got back from last week’s group gig. “They’re not frat boys–to them, its like, spiritual or something.”

Molly raised a suspicious eyebrow. She loved Shayla, but they were in the business for different reasons altogether–Molly started working as an “escort” to pay for school, Shayla because she was had dropped out of high school and found herself with no other skills. She got fucked often enough, she reasoned, why not get paid for it? Molly, alternately, didn’t date at all through school–too busy with research and writing. She didn’t mind sex with clients, it wasn’t much worse than waitressing, and paid much better, at least. She thought she’d fall right into a good, straight job as soon as she graduated–two years ago. The economy was, she joked bitterly and often, literally fucking her.

“You do remember my last, and only, private party?” Molly asked Shayla. It had been a sad little frat affair–five or ten fat, loud, drunk guys who attempted to gang-bang her, but only two or three managed to keep a hard dick. She’d had to suck limp cocks that dripped with early ejaculate, while sticky, soft hands searched her body, groping her breasts and sloppily slapped her pussy. Molly had slept with old men, with very old men, with men whose disabilities caused her to manually erect their penises with pumps or fingers in their asses, and she’d taken it all in stride. Men like that usually treated her with respect. They were happy just to have a pretty girl treating their cocks nicely in their bed–happy to have her lithe, firm body next to them, to watch her dark, curly hair bob in their laps. She didn’t even mind the occasional face fuck from these guys, or the odd “bitch” and “whore” thrown out at the height of passion (so long as the apologized before their load had gone cold inside her). But those entitled assholes groping her, without the decency to even stay hard in front of her beautiful, pert tits? No thank you.

“I swear these guys are different.” Shayla giggled, rolling over. “God, just thinking about it makes me wet. Wanna feel?”

“Nice try, lady.” Molly pushed her away.

“Oh, come on.” Shayla said, licking her lips enticingly, her hand creeping to Molly’s breast.

“What’s so different about them?” Molly asked, sighing, acquiescing to Shayla’s hand under her robe, feeling the warmth radiating from her tweaked nipple.

“I’m not allowed to say.” Shayla answered, beginning to suck Molly’s nipple. She moved an expert hand to Moll’s cunt and started to massage. This, Molly had decided long ago, was a perk of the job. She liked sex–when her partners were good at it–and Shayla as good at it. Gender didn’t matter as much, these days. “Part of their deal. But its a thousand a guy.”

“Fuck!” Molly exclaimed, as Shayla’s finger slipped inside of her, in response to both the sensation and the price.

“Okay, I’ll do it.” Molly said. “After I do you!.” The girls laughed and pulled off one another’s robes, as Molly buried her face in Shayla’s shaven cunt.

The address was not what Molly had been expecting. Usually, group jobs were in back of a bar, or at some sad little frat house or ranch style in a cheap suburb. This place was nice– an older, somewhat Victorian house. She hadn’t even been instructed to go in a back door. She had quite a list of instructions. Not to bathe, to show up dressed modestly, with complex undergarments. The man, who called himself Brother Heavener, had specified complex, he didn’t seem to care about sexy.

She rang the doorbell, and was happy when it was answered by a handsome man in his mid thirties, with clear blue eyes, a broad chest and shaggy hair that fell to his broad jaw line. He smiled, and in a strange way, Molly trusted him immediately.

“Brother Heavener?” She reached her hand out to meet his.

“Yes, beautiful girl. And your name is not Starla.” He kissed her on the cheek. Starla was the name Molly used for tricks, and only seldom was it questioned.

She smiled, and allowed herself to be led inside. The house was lavishly decorated, and she wondered what kind of person would fill their house with gorgeous antiques and gang-bangs.

“No, you’re right about that.” she said.

“For this to work, we’ll need to know your real name.” Brother Heavener said.

“Like Heavener is your real name.” She teased.

“It is now.” He looked into her eyes intensely, and to her great surprise, Molly found herself getting wet.

“For what to work?” Molly changed the subject.

“We’re a group that specifies in…well, transcendent experiences for women. May I kiss you?”

Molly was flustered. She had never been asked this before. “Sure.” Heavener kissed her deeply on the mouth, sucking her lower lip, looping her arms around her and pulling her in close. She expected to feel a raging hard on, but there was nothing. As if sensing her misgiving, Heavener said :

“We all have excellent self control. Until you’re ready, I’m not ready. Thank you for the kiss. You’re a very sensual woman. Are you ready to meet the group?”

Brother Heavener placed a strong hand in the small of Molly’s back and led her to the next room, where five other men waited. Molly blanched a little, realizing with a group this small, each would expect a turn, probably in all of her holes. At least with awful frat jobs there were a lot of spectators–nothing wore her out quite like too many customers in one day. Sensing her distress, Heavener leaned and whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. We can give you time.”

Time for what? Molly wondered.

Heavener led her to an old fashioned chaise–upholstered in leather, lying on it arced her back, and, she knew, would offer easy access when the men began straddling her.

The other men stayed quiet, and instead of rubbing themselves as she was so used to men doing when they saw her laid out, could not take their eyes off her.

“Goddess Shayla was right about you.” One finally spoke. He was smaller, with dark hair and eyes, and broad hands. Goddess? Molly thought.

“She said you were gorgeous.”

The other men nodded in assent.

“Did she say anything else about me?” Molly asked, teasingly. It helped her to take on a persona of playful sexuality in these situations, despite her usual reluctance.

“She said you’d try to joke your way around this.” Another man answered. He was dark-skinned, with wide shoulders and a sly smile.

“You need to be yourself, Goddess. Be honest.” One of the remaining men, identical to the one sitting next to him twins?! thought Molly said, and the brothers nodded their close-cut blonde heads together.

“Enough talk.” Heavener said. “Let’s get started. ” James, ready our Goddess.”

The dark-skinned man nodded, and removed Molly’s outer coat. He brushed his lips across her neck and she shivered.

“Not ready yet?” Heavener asked. “That’s fine. Let me tell you what we do here.”

Molly felt James’s big, strong hands slide down her sides, feeling the taught shape made by her corset. His fingers started on the laces, loosening them, but he did not yet expose her breasts.

“We show women how far they can go. Tim, get the oil.” Heavener gestured to the small man, who produced a bottle of a sweet-smelling oil he began to rub between his hands.

“We make them come.” Heavener continued, as James’ hands eased Molly’s stockings off, as she lifted each leg obediently. He was nuzzling his nose against her neck again, and now she acquiesced. Somehow, she felt more comfortable already. ” It’s almost a…spiritual experience for us.” Heavener said, as the man he’d called Tim began to massage the oil into Molly’s legs. She let out a little moan, and allowed herself to be lifted by James’ strong arms and laid her down on the chaise. Tim massaged in wider and wider strokes, nearer and nearer Molly’s shaven pussy. Involuntarily, she arced her back toward the sensation.

“Does that feel good?” Heavener asked.

Molly nodded. It was rare that a trick actually made her feel good–but she could feel herself getting wet. She wanted a hand on her cunt.

“Ask.” Heavener demanded.

“Rub my cunt.” She gasped, feeling Tim’s hand immediately move to her mound, holding her whole pussy. He kneaded it firmly, and she felt herself slipping.

“Goddess Molly, do you give us permission to make you feel good?”

Molly nodded desperately, grinding her hips against Tim’s eager hand.

“You won’t be able to respond later. You need to be sure.”

James slipped her corset off, flicking her nipples. Molly moaned and instinctively started pushing her tits up toward him.

“Yes, yes. Make me feel good, make me cum!” She leaned her head back and James kissed her upside down, long and sensually, sucking her sweet bottom lip. The twins moved to her tits, each taking a nipple in their mouths and sucking deep. Molly gasped and looked to Tim desperately. As if reading her mind, he moved his head between her legs and began to lick. He was merciless, and talented. She had never been eaten so well. The twins continued sucking, as James offered deep kisses–and Molly was shocked to feel she was close to coming. She gasped.

Heavener laughed. “First one of the night. Do her, boys.” Molly’s body flushed, and she writhed beneath the men–only to feel them pull away.

“What? Please, please! Finish me!” She pleaded. Heavener himself smiled, and gestured to the men. She looked around and saw all their erect cocks, and knew what they were asking.

“You!” She said to Tim “In my pussy! And you!” She looked up at James “Get that cock in my mouth.” Secretly, Molly loved giving head, loved the feel of wrapping her lips really thick, really hard, pulsing dick. As if they had practiced a thousand times before, she felt both holes filled up at once–Tim slid in and James pulled her head back, shoving his giant cock inside. Molly had never felt so filled up–the men moved in perfect rhythm, as the twins moved their hands all over her body.

“Faster! Harder!” She shouted frantically, before pulling James’ cock back inside her mouth. Tim pounded harder, faster, as one of the twins rubbed her clit with his thumb.

“I can’t hold it anymore!” Tim shouted, grunting. With one final thrust, he let lose a huge, hot load of cum into Molly’s pussy. Feeling the stick sperm inside her pushed Molly over the edge, and she came again, her contracting cunt pushing some of the load out.

She lay panting. She couldn’t move any more–she paralyzed with pleasure.

James grabbed her head, and roughly shoved his cock in over and over. Molly didn’t care, it felt so good to be wanted so badly.

“Shoot it.” She muttered, unsure if he could understand. “I want to eat your cum.” She sucked as hard as she could muster, and feeling James’ balls jerk, swallowed the hot spurt of cum from his thick black dick.

“Goddess has a sweet mouth.” He said, and kissed her, even as his own cum dripped from her lips. Molly felt so satisfied, sucking on his lips with savor. She was limp with pleasure, exhausted with the force of her pleasure, as she felt herself lifted from the chaise.

“We always share.” One of the twins whispered, his breath warm on her neck. She leaned in to kiss him on the mouth, and used what little strength she had left to reach back and stroke his brother’s hair. She’d heard Shayla talk about this kind of experience before, being passed back and forth between two cocks–Shayla, of course, loved it. It wasn’t until she felt a hard cock pushed against her asshole that she realized what the men intended to do to her.

“No…” she gasped “No DP.”

The twin to her back began to massage her ass, stroking her hole.

“We only want to make you feel good.”

The men had proved themselves at this, Molly thought. She felt him push again at her anus with his thick cock tip. She was so wet from her cunt, dripping with both her juices and Tim’s cum she felt it slide in easily, and out again just as easily.

“Do it. Pound my ass and pussy together.” She moaned, as the twins worked together, bouncing her on their identical dicks. She’d expected a sawing motion, being pushed back and forth between the men, but they worked in perfect rhythm, thrusting as one. They grunted, she could tell they were feeling their cocks rub together as they stretched her holes–she’d never been part of something so dirty. She began to thrust on her own, finding her second wind, winning another orgasm that gushed her own fluids and the cum inside her. The brothers, for their part, reached around Molly, pressing her close between them as they simultaneously unloaded into her raw cunt and her virgin asshole, kissing either side of her neck, their tongues occasionally finding one another. They kissed her gently on her cheek and forehead as they withdrew they cocks and lay her back on the chaise, where she sprawled, her holes oozing with cum, red, swollen. On her breasts and ass were small, thumbprint bruises of passion that matched a few she’d laid on the men too.

Brother Heavener approached her.


Molly shook her head.

“I can’t, I can’t come anymore, I can barely move!”

He shushed her.

“You don’t have to. Nothing I love like a spent Goddess.” He stroked his penis, as Molly watched it get thicker even than it had been as he watched her. She was too exhausted to demur, to say it was bad form for an escort to just lie back and take it.

Brother Heavener slid into Molly’s newly-widened pussy, sluicing through his associate’s cum. Molly lay panting as Heavener picked up speed. Strangely, she felt her clit stirring again–there was no way she could come one more time.

“Ah, you like that, right?” Heavener asked, and she nodded weakly. He put a thumb to her clit and rubbed with his rhythmic motions. “You’ve been beautiful, you know that?” He asked her, leaning down to lick her nipples of the sweat and cum that soaked them. “One of the best.” He said, a final thrust, and she felt his cock pulse, twitch, hot, thick jets inside her –

But more than that, she felt a tingling that started in her toes, a warmth that spread up her legs, through her chest, getting hotter at her cunt, and she felt herself squirting–something Molly never believed possible–as her body shook with the force of the strongest orgasm she’d ever felt.

Molly fainted.

“Wake up, sleepy-slut.” Molly heard Shayla call in a sing song voice.

“What happened?” Molly asked “Where are the boys?”

Shayla shrugged.

“They’ve gone. That’s how they do their thing–but they called me to pick you up.” Molly thought to be embarrassed, as covered in cum and sweat as she was, but found herself quite clean. Someone had obviously bathed her carefully, gently even–the soreness she felt after a group job had been assuaged by a salve one of the kind men had massaged into her over-worked pussy.

Molly tried to stand, but Shayla stopped her.

“Don’t try, lady. Or should I say Goddess.” she laughed.

“They called you that too?”

Shayla nodded.

“They aren’t a cult, I don’t think. just, hangers on. Worshippers of the Goddess.”

“Temple Goddesses are hard to come by, these days, I guess.” Molly laughed, letting Shayla lead her toward the door.

“Oh, no. I think they make us come pretty easy.” Shayla smiled, as the two women hobbled back to their car, both aglow with sex and vitality.

I bowed my head as the judge stared down from his chair to me.

“I cannot believe that somebody without any previous convictions could have snapped the way you did over one small comment,” he began.

“But sir…” I started to reply.

“Silence!!” The judge roared. “No matter what he said, or did, you had no right to leave him fighting for his life in hospital.”

“So you’re saying it was okay for him and his friends to try doing what they had planned?” I asked my rage starting to boil over.

“You and your friend should have walked away and gone for help,” The judge continued. “Instead you used excessive violence and for that I have no choice but to hand you the severest sentence that this court will allow.”

I stared at the judge, the veins in my neck throbbing with rage, as I waited to hear what his sentence would be. I just hoped that he took my previous flawless record into account.

“The only thing that has managed to reduce the sentence I am handing you,” the judge began. “Is the fact that you admitted your guilt at the earliest opportunity.”

I held my breath as I waited for his next sentence.

“So taking everything into account I sentence you to three year’s hard labour at The Quarry.”

Quickly raising my head I stared at the judge.

“You have got to be joking,” I said my body trembling with rage.

“I can double it if you would like me to,” the judge roared down at me.

“Three years, no parole, and maybe in the future you will think before you do anything like this again.”

As soon as he had finished speaking two large, tattooed, security guards appeared, from out of nowhere, either side of me.

“Take him down.”

Suddenly my arms were clamped in the vice like

grip of the guards and I was dragged from the dock, out to a waiting van and bundled into the back. There were two other people, one man and one woman, already in the van and as the guard handcuffed me to the restraining bar I noticed them both staring at me, silently.

It wasn’t until I was fully restrained, and the guards had claimed into the front of the van, that either of them spoke, and then it was the woman.

“What did you get?” She asked.

“Three years at The Quarry,” I replied.

“Fucking hell man,” the male prisoner said. “What the fuck did you do to get that?”

I stared at him, sizing him up before deciding whether to tell him. He was a scrawny looking man with long straggly hair and he was skinny as hell.

“Put someone in hospital,” was all I said.

“Must have been bad,” the man responded. “Normally The Quarry is eighteen months maximum.”

“So what about you?” I asked him.


Turning away from him as he put his head down I looked back at the woman. She was muscular, had long golden hair, immense breasts and tattoos down both arms and on her legs.

“What did you do?” I asked her. “The name’s Julez by the way.”

“I’m Sabrina,” she replied. “And I you must know I murdered a man that was trying to rape me.

“So where are you being sent?”

“Same as you, only the woman’s side, but he’s right I only got eighteen months there then I’m getting transferred to a regular woman’s prison.”

As she spoke I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. The thug I had battered was still alive yet I got double the length o time that she had, it didn’t seem right.

“Where are you going?” I asked the man looking back at him.

“Rehabilitation for six months,” he replied. “At the new drug rehab place this government have had built.”

During the rest of the journey the three of us sat in silence, my mind racing as to why I had been punished as severely as I had, until we came to a screeching halt and the back door opened.

Two men dressed in hospital whites climbed into the van, took the man out roughly and slammed the door shut again before the van started up again. The rest of the journey took about an hour and when we finally pulled up I stared out of the window, at the imposing stone walls that I saw before me.

The doors were thrown open and the two guards that bundled me in stood there, an evil smirk on their face, and then climbed in to unshackle Sabrina and me, before pushing us out into the blazing sunlight.

As we walked towards the entrance the large wooden door swung open and two more guards, this time female, came out and took Sabrina in one direction while I was led the opposite way.

“Make the most of her,” one of the guards said. “That’s the last woman you’ll see for three fucking years.”

I smiled to myself at the thought of the guard thinking not seeing a woman for three years was going to bother me, they had no idea that being locked up for three years with men would normally be my idea of heaven.

The thing was the reason I had been sent to The Quarry was because some homophobic thugs thought it would be funny to try and get me and a straight friend to fuck each other in the streets, getting nasty when we refused, and I had given the ringleader the pasting that had left him lying in a hospital bed.

Trudging along white corridors I was led to what was named the welcome suite and told to sit and wait to be formally signed in. The guards then walked away, muttering to each other, leaving me alone in the room.

Looking around I was impressed with how clean and tidy everywhere was. The things I had heard about this place gave me images of a dark medieval style prison, run by violent thugs that either broke the inmates or killed them.

Eventually a well dressed, cleanly shaven, man walked into the room and over to me. He looked me up and down without saying a word before he finally spoke.

“Stand up and strip,” he ordered as he turned to the table behind him.

Doing as he asked I slipped my boots, socks, jeans and t-shirt off, leaving me in front of him in just my boxer shorts. When he turned back around, and saw me standing there like I was he smiled.

“When I said strip I meant everything,” he said. “NOW FUCKING DO IT!”

Taken aback by the sudden outburst of anger I hooked my thumbs into the boxer shorts waistband before sliding them slowly down my legs.

“See that wasn’t fucking hard was it?” The man said slipping his hands into a pair of latex gloves.

Walking over to me he began to check my head, running his fingers through my hair roughly, before lifting my arms and giving those a thorough examination as well. Once he was satisfied with my upper body he dropped to his knees, pushed my legs apart, and ran his hands up them slowly, getting closer and closer to my cock. Looking down it would have been so easy for me to grab his head and force myself between his lips, but I resisted the urge, although the thought had started to stiffen my cock a little too rapidly.

As he lifted his head he couldn’t help but notice my state o excitement and he looked up at me.

“Impressive cock,” he said. “I can see you being very popular here.”

He laughed out loudly once he had finished his sentence, before flicking the swollen head of my dick hard with his finger, causing it to soften quickly.

“Turn the fuck around and bend over the desk,” he said standing back up straight. “And open your legs.”

Cautiously I did as he said and, without warning, felt a cold, sticky liquid squirted onto my ass before he rubbed it into my hole and roughly inserted a finger.

“You would be surprised what some of you people smuggle in here,” he said as his finger worked around the inside of my ass, brushing over my prostrate, and instantly hardening my cock once again.

As he continued to probe, far longer than I thought was really necessary, the throbbing in my cock got worse and a small amount of pre-cum leaked from my cock’s slit. Finally he removed his finger, turned back to his table, and began to write.

When he turned back around he told me to go through to the net room, pointing at the door in the corner, and I did as he asked without saying a word, desperately trying to make sure he didn’t see the effect his anal probing had had upon me.

The next room was just as clean as the first only there were already four other, fully naked, men standing in a line with their hands protecting what little modesty they had left. Joining the end of the line I waited as one by one the men in front slowly moved forward, through an x-ray scanner, which after the anal intrusion I assumed we had all gone through I didn’t think needed, but kept my mouth shut.

Once we had all moved through we were ushered through yet another door, into what turned out to be a shower room. The five of us lined up and, without warning, the showers were switched on and a jet of freezing cold water cascaded down over our bodies, eventually warming up just enough.

None of us spoke as we washed ourselves all over quickly, but I noticed a couple of the other men looking at each other with a look of longing I their eyes. Slowly the other two and me left the shower, leaving the two that were staring at each other alone, moved to yet another room, and dried off.

As we began to walk through the next door I could hear the moaning and groaning of the two that we had left behind in the shower, and smiled to myself as it was obvious what was going on.

The next room looked totally different to the crisp, clean whiteness of all the other rooms so far, instead this was dark, smelt damp and was where we were to be handed our new clothes for the duration of our stay.

Walking to the counter, where two large men were handing out the clothes I was handed me a pile of clothes and a pair of boots.

“Put them on and be quick about it!” the man ordered.

I stepped back from the counter to the benches behind me and placed my clothes down, before beginning to get dressed. At least the clothes all looked new, there was no way I would have worn some boxer shorts that had already been used and I stepped into them, before the socks, jeans and vest top followed quickly.

Once I was dressed I was ordered to leave the room by a door at the far end and as I did I found myself greeted by yet another guard in a long corridor.

“Follow me,” the guard said. “And you better keep up.”

I did as he said until he stopped in front of a door, knocked and then swung it open.

“In there,” he said pushing me in the back roughly.

I was about to turn and say something but a door opposite opened, and in walked what I assumed was the governor.

“You must be Julez,” the man said.

“Yeah that’s me,” I replied.

“First of all when you speak to me you will address me as sir,” he said before sitting behind a large mahogany desk. “Secondly your say here will be as pleasant for you as possible providing you don’t cause any trouble.”

I shuffled in front of the governor, trying to keep my eyes on the floor, a task I was finding increasingly difficult considering how handsome he was.

The governor had a large muscular frame, was clean shaven with short, dark hair and film star looks.

“I think it would be polite if you actually looked at me when I was speaking,” he said, snapping my mind away from the thoughts that were beginning to enter my head.

Looking up at him I felt the first stirring of yet another erection in my jeans and was grateful that they were quite loose around the crotch area.

“You will start earning your keep tomorrow, at 7am,” He said. “Today you settle into your room and make sure you understand the rules of this place.”

With that he walked over to me and handed me a thick book with an image of the walls I first came through on the front.

“Follow everything in there and your next three years will fly by,” he told me. “If not then what happens will be your own fault.”

As he walked back to his desk I stared longingly at his ass, the outline perfect in his tight trousers, and my cock grew a little more.

“That’s all for now,” the governor said. “Don’t let me see you in here again. GUARD.”

“Thank you sir,” I said keeping hold of the book.

The door flew open and the same guard that had brought me to the office came back in.

“Take him to Block C.”

“Yes sir,” the guard said and led me out of the room.

As we walked I kept my eyes fully alert, checking out every inch of the place seeing, what each room was called until we finally arrived at Block C, where I was handed to yet another guard, who proceeded to take me to my ‘room’.

Pushing me through the door I looked around. The room was no bigger than eight feet square, with just a bed and wash basin in. the bed was just a standard metal framed single bed and the sheets and blankets were folded neatly on top.

“Get the fucking bed made and start reading,” the guard said before pulling the door closed behind him and locking me in.

Putting the book on the side of the wash basin I made the bed quickly, before picking it up again and lying back. If this was to be home for the next three years I thought I might as well get myself comfortable and began to read.

Although I was trying to read my mind kept wandering back to the governor, and his hot tight ass, and I felt my cock harden rapidly. Kicking my boots off I slipped under the covers and, holding the handbook in one hand, slipped my other one under the cover and opened the zipper and button of my jeans.

Slowly I wrapped my fingers around my thick, hard shaft and began to stroke myself slowly, all the time listening out for anybody coming. I continued to stroke slowly, thoughts of the governor wrapping his gorgeous lips around my hard shaft filling my head and I began to move my hand quicker, the feeling of imminent ejaculation rapidly filling my body.

Tensing my legs I gripped my cock tightly and stroked really fast until I couldn’t hold back any longer, the first jet of cum erupting from my cock onto the sheets next to me. I continued to stroke, milking every last drop that my body had to give, not caring about the state I was getting my sheets into until I was finally spent, and not a moment too soon either.

I heard the door out on the wing open again and just managed to get my cock away as another guard walked past, with yet another new inmate. Breathing heavily I went back to the handbook but it was no use, I just couldn’t concentrate so I got of the bed, made sure I was all zipped up correctly and dropped to the floor, where I proceeded to do some press-ups.

By the time I had done fifty two or three more guards had walked past my cell, with new inmates, and soon all but one of the rooms, the one directly opposite me, was occupied and the noise on the wing began to get louder and louder. I listened carefully, trying to make out anything that was being said, but it was virtually impossible. All I could make out was the sound of sobbing coming from two rooms down from mine and I walked to the front of my cell.

Placing my arms through the bars I rested my head against them and began to wonder if anything other than being locked up was going to happen during the day, as I could see myself going stir crazy.

Soon though the shouting, and two cells down’s sobbing had stopped, and all that could be heard was the sound of breathing and pages of the handbook being turned. Deciding I ought to continue with the handbook I was about to turn back to my bed when the door at the far end of the wing flew open and two guards came into the room. Striding past my cell they continued to the last cell on the opposite side of the room.

“For fuck’s sake Jeff can’t you keep away from this place,” one of the guards said to the person behind the bars.

“You know why I can’t,” the man called Jeff replied.

“Surely you can find someone on the outside,” the other guard said.

“Why would I when I can get all I want here?”

One of the guards took a quick look around and I stepped back so he didn’t see me.

“Okay tell us what you want Jeff,” the guards said.

“You know what I want,” came the reply.

“We want to hear you say it Jeff,” the other guard said. “NOW SAY IT!”

I listened and couldn’t believe what Jeff next said.

“Please sirs let me suck your dicks.”

“That’s better Jeff,” one of them said as both guards proceeded to unzip their trousers and take their, already, rock hard cocks out for Jeff.

“You know what to do now Jeff.”

I watched, amazed, as Jeff reached through the bars and took both of the guards cocks in each hand and began to stroke them slowly. As he did the guards turned to face each other and began to kiss each other passionately, their hands reaching forward and stroking Jeff’s face as his hands continued to work their cocks.

“Get on your knees Jeff,” one of the guards said once he pulled away from the other one’s lips. “Get down and suck my cock.”

Jeff didn’t need telling twice and I watched as he dropped to his knees and brought his head forward to the cell bars. Slowly he wrapped his lips around the guard’s thick, swollen cock and began to move his head back and forth, all the time continuing to stroke the other guards cock as he sucked.

My own cock was rock hard again but I was too afraid to do anything, in case they all heard me, so I just continued to stare, but wished that it was me with a mouthful of hard cock.

Suddenly, and without warning, the guard being sucked let out a loud, audible moan and pulled Jeff’s head as far forward as possible with his hair and bucked his hips aggressively.

“Oh fuck Jeff that’s it,” the guard moaned. “Swallow it all you dirty little cocksucker.”

Jeff’s head moved quicker I it was obvious that the guard had finally cum, and was filling Jeff’s mouth with his thick, white, milky liquid.

“Fuck Sam hurry up,” the other guard said. “I need to fuck his tight ass hard.”

With one last thrust into Jeff’s mouth Sam groaned loudly, before withdrawing his cock.

“You heard him Jeff,” Sam said. “Stand up, drop your pants and turn around.”

Without saying a word Jeff did as he was asked and I watched as the guards gripped his shaft and guided it slowly between Jeff’s ass cheeks before thrusting forward quickly, which caused Jeff to cry out.

“Oh yes your ass is so fucking tight Jeff.”

“That’s it Mark fuck him and fuck him hard,” Sam said still stroking his cock.

Placing his hands either side of Jeff’s hips Mark began to thrust quickly back and forth, Jeff moaning with each forward thrust, until he couldn’t hold back any longer. Reaching into the cell he grabbed Jeff by the hair and pulled his head back.

“I’m cumming Jeff,” Mark said breathlessly.

“Oh fuck yes do it, fill me sir,” Jeff called over his shoulder.

With a final thrust forward Mark grunted loudly and both he and Jeff started to moan as he unloaded his seed deep inside Jeff’s ass. Once Mark was fully drained he pulled his cock free and quickly zipped himself back up just as Sam, who had been furiously wanking while Jeff was being fucked, came again, his cum splashing against the cell bars and Jeff’s ass.

Once both guards had put their cocks away Jeff turned to face them.

“Thank you so much sirs,” Jeff said his breathing slowly returning to normal.

“Here Jeff we will see you tomorrow,” Mark said as he handed Jeff a packet of tobacco.

“Oh I hope you do sirs.”

With that the guards turned away and, as I backed up onto my bed, began to walk back up the wing towards the exit, before Sam stopped outside my cell.

“Hope you enjoyed the show new boy,” he said staring at me. “Who knows you may just be lucky enough to get the same treatment while you are here.”

He then walked away and left me, alone and with a massive hard on, to think about what he had just said. As hot as it had been watching the two guards have their way with Jeff, and seeing them unload their muck into and onto him, neither of them were the sort of men I ever went for, and I just hoped that they would stay the fuck away from me.

Julie Smith sighed contently as her husband, Frank, pulled their car to a stop in the driveway. Her happy emotion was a result of the family evening they had just spent with their eighteen year old daughter, Cindy. After attending one of the girl’s last high school performances they had gone out to dinner, during which they talked about her performance and plans for college. It had definitely been a pleasant evening and Julie was looking forward to ending it by making love with her husband.

Exiting the car the trio strolled to the front door. Julie, a brunette who wore her hair a few inches past her shoulders, walked holding onto her husband’s arm. Her small, five foot six frame was adorned by a short summer dress that barely reached her thighs and had little buttons running up the front. It’s low, cup-style opening exposed her full, firm cleavage. The dress, along with her heels, announced that she liked showing off her body.

Their blond daughter followed just behind them. Built almost identically to her mother, except with a slightly smaller chest, the girl also enjoyed showing off her body, and she was not naïve about what men liked. Tonight she wore a tight skirt which showed nearly as much thigh as Julie’s dress, and a plain blouse. The top’s thick material hid the fact that she was braless. Also like her mother she kept her hair a little past her shoulders, preferring to wear it loose and free as well.

The three of them were jumped as they walked through the front door. In the shadows Julie sensed some bodies, some movement. She was grabbed from the side and a hand was clamped over her mouth. Next to her she heard a groan and a thud.

Filled by shock and fear she was carried backward into the living room. A light switch was flipped and the area became bathed in the soft light from a couple of lamps. Still confused and scared she scanned the room. Cindy was being hauled to the loveseat by one man and Frank was being set in the straight back chair by another. Her husband appeared groggy, his head lulling to the side. She guessed that the groan and the thud had been him being knocked out and falling to the floor. The third and final man continued to hold her. His strong arm around her waist kept her from running to her family’s aid, the hand over her mouth kept her from cursing at the men.

This was not what she’d had in mind and she wanted to tell them so, wanted to explain that they had gotten their communications mixed up. That this was not supposed to be happening with Cindy present.

She knew Dan, the one holding her. Actually the two of them had been lovers on and off for the last couple years. Not that she was unhappy with her husband or did not love him, Dan simply provided the occasional extra thrill that Frank could not. During the same couple years Frank had started sharing some fantasies about watching her being gangbanged. His words had worked at her sub-conscience, making the idea more and more appealing to her, until she had asked Dan if he knew someone he could invite to join them. That was how she met Sid, the one placing Cindy on the loveseat, a few months earlier. Then one day, when she had stopped by Dan’s unannounced she had also met Tom, the man tying Frank into the chair.

These experiences, the two men taking turns with her body, had fueled her own fantasies as she began thinking about being with the three of them at once. Finally she and Dan had devised the presently unfolding plan, a way of satisfying Frank’s fantasy as well.

But she had expressly told them that it was to either happen when Cindy was at a friend’s, or the girl was to be stashed away back in her bedroom. She was not meant to witness anything. Not that Julie had any misconceptions about her daughter being pure, she knew the girl was sexually active, she had even taken Cindy to get on the pill. Nor was she concerned for the girl’s safety, she knew she could trust the men. But she did not feel it was appropriate for Cindy to watch her mother being fucked by these men, or any man for that matter.

While thinking about all this she watched as Frank was tied sitting up and Cindy was bound by the wrists and ankles. Gags were then placed over both of their mouths. When this was complete Sid and Tom turned to her and Dan.

She tried to figure out someway to either get Cindy relocated or to cancel the entire thing.

“Okay honey, we’re here,” Dan whispered in her ear. “No backing out now. And this is how it’s going to be.”

The way he said it let her know that he was well aware of the ‘confusion’ concerning Cindy, and that he was overriding her instructions. The arm around her waist suddenly became loose and she was turned to face him, while his hand slipped so it remained over her mouth. Looking into his eyes she saw that Cindy was still safe, the men had simply decided it would be more fun to have a second audience member.

Locking her gaze on his she defiantly glared at him, silently telling him that he had better enjoy this, as it would be the last time he was ever with her. His grin told her he had already foreseen this and accepted it.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw his accomplices standing about a foot away, their eyes tracing up and down over her body. Reflexively her natural defiance flared up in her and she further scorned Dan with her eyes.

“And now we’re gonna have some fun with you,” he chuckled in response. “Ain’t that right guys?”

“You bet,” Sid agreed.

“Oh yea,” Tom said.

Now Dan’s hand slid away from her face to slowly roam down toward the top of her dress and the exposed skin there. Along the way his fingers lightly trailed their way across her throat’s flesh causing a small shiver to run through her body. His other arm released her waist and slid up along her side, those fingers joining the others to dance over her cleavage.

One of the other men stepped up behind her and started running his hands up and down her arms. Immediately she felt her body warming even as another shiver tingled through her, their touches sending small electrical pulses along her nerves. A second later she saw Sid step into her peripheral vision and she knew it was Tom behind her.

Sound and movement to the side drew her attention to Frank. She saw that he had regained consciousness. His eyes were still slightly dazed but they were comprehending the scene before him. She quickly imagined what he was seeing; his scantily-dressed wife standing in the center of three strange men, being touched by two of them. She wondered if this was close enough to his fantasies and hoped that it would please him. Glancing his way she tried to communicate that she would be alright with her eyes.

“Yes sir,” Dan pulled her attention back to him. “I do like a woman who shows what she’s got.”

His fingers moved down to trace along the sides of her breasts through her dress and bra before slipping around to their front and back up across the bared tops.

“You are going to be good to us, honey,” he told her. “You’re gonna be real good to us.”

Turning back to him she stared defiantly into his face, her mouth in a firm scowl. Dan simply grinned mischievously back down at her.

His fingers began concentrating all of their attentions to sliding back and forth along the sides of her breasts. While applying soft, firm pressure, enough to make small indentations, they traveled from the two mound’s back edges out to her nipples again and again. After every couple of passes the pressure he was applying grew firmer.

She felt Tom lean into her and start to lightly kiss her shoulder. He moved her hair out of the way so that his lips could travel up her neck to nibble on her ear lobe, his warm breath blowing into her ear.

The attention they were giving her body parts, the two sets of hands and one set of lips running over her, were affecting her. Shiver after shiver tingled through her. Her breathing was growing shallower, and her nipples were starting to harden and ache.

After several minutes of this treatment Tom’s hands stopped running up and down her arms and gripped them instead. She only had a second in which to wonder why before Dan grabbed the top edge of her dress with both hands and gave it a yank. The garment gave easily under the attack. It ripped down the center, rapidly exposing more of her bra and more of her flesh. Cool air blasted against her skin. The suddenness of all this caused Julie to inhale sharply, her breasts heaving with the action. She stared at Dan in shock.

“Oh yeah,” he smiled.

Following his gaze downward she looked at her breast. Her nipples poked at her low riding bra’s material. Dan still gripped the dress and he jerked at it again, ripping it further. Now it hung open about halfway down. He then released the dress to return his hands to her breasts. Again applying soft, firm pressure he traced the edges of her bra, his fingers sliding along her flesh.

“Nice,” he sighed, watching his own fingers against her exposed flesh. “So nice.”

Tom released his hold on her arms and started caressing them again. Pushing her hair off her shoulder once more he kissed her shoulder, her neck. He nibbled her ear lobe. His lips were light on her skin, his breath warm on her flesh.

“What a beautiful woman you are,” he whispered in her ear. “So hot and sexy.”

“Just so damn nice,” Dan breathed, still staring at her breasts.

Still upset by their changing part of the plan, Julie continued glaring at him but it was becoming more and more difficult to fuel the anger in her eyes. Their actions were affecting her. She was loosing her control. She felt a fire smoldering deep inside her and her breathing was growing even more shallow. Without thinking she leaned her head a little to the side, giving Tom easier access to her neck and ear.

“Oh yeah, don’t you worry, honey,” Dan grinned. “We’re gonna take real good care of you.”

With that his hands reached behind her, under the dress, and gripped her bra strap. When he gave it a hard yank the clasp let go easily. This time when she inhaled sharply her tits slid out from under the garment. Cool air licked at her nipples, causing yet another electrically charged shiver in her. The scowl she had been working to maintain slackened, her mouth dropping open just a little.

Dan’s hands moved back to her front where they cupped her breasts, his thumbs sliding across her flesh and over her nipples. The already hardening little nubs stiffened even more in response. Julie breathed deeply. As he continued to hold the fleshy mounds Dan moved his thumbs over and around her nipples, his eyes gleefully watching them grow harder and harder with each passing minute.

Tom’s hands slid from her arms to her ass where he started to rub and massage her through the dress. His lips continued to run along her neck which was slowly bending further to the side. Whenever he got to her ear he would run his tongue around the inside of it and whisper to her. She listened to him breath dirty things to her, things involving their cocks and her body. As she imagined how these things would feel she grew even more aroused. Soon Tom’s lips just stayed by her ear, his tongue flickering inside of it between dirty words. Reflexively she pressed her head into him now. Feeling her legs grow weak she leaned back against his chest for support. Dan continued cupping and lightly caressing her tits. Her chest heaved in his hands as her breathing grew shallower and shallower. Her nipples, now fully swollen, poked straight out. She heard low, small moans rattling in her throat.

“Ohhh,” one of these moans escaped when Dan suddenly tweaked her nipples.

Seeing, and now hearing, her body giving into the desire they were creating Dan chuckled. His fingers started alternating between lightly touching and actually twisting her nipples while his hands cupped and massaged her heaving mounds. He leaned forward and put his lips against her mouth, kissing her lightly. The fire inside Julie flared into a full-on flame. Reflexively she pressed her lips back at him. Their mouths opened, she felt his tongue slide across hers and another moan escaped into his mouth. As their kisses continued, their mouths locking onto each others, she realized that she was actually pushing her chest into his hands.

Behind her Tom still massaged her ass while his dirty words filled her ear with heated breath. Her legs weakened more, and she leaned back harder against him.

One of Dan’s hands moved away from her tit to her arm then slid down it to grip her wrist. He pulled her hand forward and placed it on his crotch. She felt the bulge straining his pants. Once again she moaned into his mouth. Automatically she wrapped her fingers onto the bulge and started rubbing, trying to stroke his hidden cock. Dan’s hand returned to her tit and twisted her nipple again.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned.

Until then she felt certain that her couple of little moans had only been audible to herself and Dan, and maybe Tom. But she knew this one was heard by nearly everyone in the room.

Dan’s hands massaged her tits, caressed her nipples, his lips on hers were soft and sensual. Tom’s words in her ear created a collage of images and ideas, his hands kneaded her ass through her clothes. Her desires were growing hotter and hotter. She felt the flames burning inside her, felt herself loosing more control. She no longer felt any of her earlier anger, only her building passion. She had nearly forgotten that Frank and Cindy were even present. She was loosing herself in the moment, in the experience, in the sensation of their attentions. Giving into her desires she reached back toward Tom’s crotch, her free hand seeming to move on its own. She found his straining bulge with a little searching and began rubbing it the same way she was Dan’s. The two bulges she desperately grasped at were hard and inviting.

For several minutes the trio remained like this, two sets of hands and lips manipulating her while she rubbed at their throbbing cocks. This fueled her lust, fanned the flames deep inside her so that she nearly whimpered when Dan did pull his lips away from hers to take a step back.

Through glazed eyes behind heavy lids she saw him standing there staring at her heaving body. His eyes locked on the hard nipples between his fingers, a growing smile on his face. Julie could no longer muster any semblance of defiance in her expression, it was to hungry with lust and desire. Her hands mauled at their crotches. She pushed her ass back into Tom’s hands.

“Get on your knees,” Dan told her a minute later.

She knew what he had in mind and she felt her fires flare higher with the thought of sucking his cock. But she did not want the present attentions to end either.

“No, please,” she moaned lightly through her open lips even as her grip on their bulges tightened. “N- No.”

Releasing her nipples Dan grabbed a handful of hair on top of her head and pushed her down roughly. “I said, get on your knees, bitch. Get down there and suck my fucking cock,” he growled.

She dropped to her knees quickly under his strength. She felt tears welling up in her eyes and briefly wondered if they were from the pain or something else. But she did not dwell on this for long since it did not really matter at this point.

Once on her knees with a hidden cock bulging beneath a pair of pants at eye level she needed little more encouragement. With his hands still tangled in her hair Dan stepped forward and Julie’s hands rushed at his belt and zipper. She tugged at his pants, pulling his under shorts down his thighs along them. In response to the appearance of his nearly rigid cock one of her hands shot forward to encircle it and she started leaning in.

“Whoa,” he stopped her with his handful of hair. “Slow down bitch.”

Confused, she raised her eyes to him questioningly, a couple tears still present in the hunger filled orbs.

“I don’t just want you to suck my cock,” he grinned down at her. “I want you to do it right. Take my pants off, spend some time at it. I want to feel you all over down there. Give it a build up and make sure I enjoy it. You understand me?”

As her mind comprehended his words she slowly nodded. Reluctantly she removed her hand from holding his cock and worked to pull his pants the rest of the way down his legs while he removed his shirt. Once he was completely naked she started to pay homage to his body with her lips and tongue. While she kissed and licked her way across his thighs and entire pelvic region she slowly stroked his now fully erect cock with her hand. She steadied herself by holding onto his ass with her other hand. Her actions, coupled with the anticipation of actually sucking his cock, fueled her desire. Low moans came from her as she opened and closed her lips, planting soft, wet kisses on his skin.

“Yea, honey, now you got the idea,” he assured her, both his hands now in her hair. He was obviously enjoying what she was doing since she could hear low moans coming from him as well.

Each kiss caused her to grow hotter. Each lick fanned her lustful flames. She felt her pussy start to ache and each time her mouth drew near to the hard cock she felt hungrier. She wanted to feel the rigid pole pass along her lips, wanted to suck on it. Seeing a drop of precum leak from its tip she reflexively reached out her tongue to swipe it away and taste it. As she did this she looked straight up into Dan’s face. Freezing in place she waited there, silently asking his permission to take him into her mouth. His answer was him pushing her face forward. Her lips parted as they neared the cock. Slowly she slid them over the stiff member to deliberately crawl down its length until they touched her fingers still wrapped around its base.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, holding her head still and sucking deeply.

For a few seconds she remained like this, but once she had grown comfortable she removed her hand and slowly slid her lips along the rest of its length. Her throat became stuffed with the first couple of inches.

“Oh God yes,” Dan groaned in response. “Fuck yeah.”

She held him like this for a few moments feeling it cause her pussy to quiver hungrily. She felt her juices leaking out to dampen her panties. Then she slowly slid back and dislodged most of him. When only the first inch remained in her mouth she pushed herself forward, then withdrew again. Her hand grabbed the cock’s base once more as she slowly pumped herself back and forth while sucking on it. As she gradually increased her pace her other hand held onto his ass. Soon she was sliding her mouth rapidly along the cock, pumping it into her mouth.

“Oh yea, honey. Suck my cock. Suck it you little whore.” Dan’s hips started rocking back and forth in unison with her movements. “Fuck me with your mouth, baby. Fuck me with your mouth.”

As their pace increased his hands tightened in her hair and his hips pushed harder, taking over more and more control as his orgasm neared. Julie simply gave into his force. As she held onto him tightly, her mouth pumping at his cock, her body rocked with their motions. Now a near continuous stream of quiet mewing came from her throat.

“Oh yea, baby. I’m gonna cum in your mouth.” Dan moaned. “Fuck me with your mouth, baby. Swallow my cum.”

Now Dan held her head firmly in place as he proceeded to roughly fuck her mouth. His hips pounded into her face, the hand gripping his cock’s base the only thing stopping him from shoving the thing all the way into her throat. The mixture of pain and pleasure caused her to whimper through the assault as she continued to suck on the member as best she could.

“Yea, let me fuck your mouth, you little bitch.” Dan growled. “Fuck your face while you suck on my cock. Suck it, you little whore. Suck my cock until I cum in your mouth. Yea, bitch, suck it like a whore. I’m cumming. Swallow my cum you slut. Swallow my cum.”

Suddenly he froze, his entire body tense. His hips were thrust as far forward as possible, cramming her lips against her fingers. He gripped her hair hard, holding her firmly in place and groaning happily. As his jism shot into her mouth she swallowed as fast as she could. The fingers wrapped around the cock’s base tugged and squeezed. As the last squirts of cum sprayed out she continued suckling while the member started to wilt. When it finally slipped from her mouth she whimpered.

“She’s a good little cock sucker, guys,” Dan chuckled, pushing her off of him. “Who’s next?”

“Let’s see how she handles two at once,” Tom declared.

Both he and Sid had disrobed while watching her suck Dan off and now they stepped up to either side of her. As she straightened up on her knees she turned and looked at the two approaching cocks. Instinctively her hands reached out, gripping and starting to gently tug on them both. First she turned her face to lick Sid’s cock, then she turned to Tom’s. For the next few minutes she alternated her attention from one to the other, licking and slowly stroking them.

The lustful thrill of simultaneously having two hard cocks at her disposal after everything else that had already occurred overpowered her rational senses and she was now in a kind of trance. Somehow she understood what was happening, what she was doing, yet at the same time she was not truly aware. In this foggy mindset all that really mattered was the hunger and desire burning inside her. Feeding the need these created she licked one cock, then the other a few more times before slowly sliding her lips over the head of Sid’s. With only a couple inches in her mouth she started to suck on it deeply. While she slowly engulfed it she moved her tongue along its length. Her extremely slow pace made it seem to take forever for her to get most of it in her mouth, but it was also amazingly pleasurable. As she concentrated on Sid’s cock she was unable to continue stroking Tom’s and instead she held onto it, giving it firm, regular squeezes. Just like with Dan, she waited until she was comfortable with most of Sid’s cock in her mouth then loosened her throat. She then slid it in further until her nose became buried in his pubic hairs. She felt her throat muscles squeeze his cock.

“Oh yes,” he growled at the sensation, his hands now gripping her hair loosely. “Oh fuck.”

She held him there for a couple moments then started slowly sliding back off the member. Again, as her mouth reached the head, she moved forward. She gripped the cock’s base and pumped her mouth along it, swallowing the first inches of him with each forward thrust.

“She is good,” Sid sighed between pleased grunts.

After a few minutes of fucking him with her mouth she pulled it out completely. Instantly she turned to Tom’s cock and proceeded to perform the same acts on it.

“Fuckin’ A,” he whistled as she deep throated his cock. “What a slut.”

The thrill of working on the two cocks caused her fires to rage with a nearly scorching heat. She felt her pussy grow hotter, felt her panties getting damper. Instinctively her hips ground the air, trying to make her undergarments press into her clit. Moving her mouth from one cock to the other she sucked and bobbed her head on each for a few minutes while tugging at the opposite. As the cocks slowly grew stiffer with their nearing climaxes she felt herself grow more and more excited.

She was pumping her mouth on Tom’s cock when Sid let out a tell-tale groan and his hips started to jerk oddly. Realizing what was about to happen she popped her mouth off Tom’s cock and tried turning in time to get it onto Sid’s, but she was not fast enough. The first shot of semen sprayed across her face even as her mouth closed around the erupting member. Somehow this made Tom cum and his cock jerked in her hand, spraying her face as well. She continued to suck on Sid’s cock while she pulled madly at Tom’s, pumping his load out and onto her flesh.

As she knelt there with one cock erupting in her mouth and the other spraying semen across her face she heard a familiar sounding groan elsewhere in the room. This sound registered somewhere in the back of her mind, but it was merely a fleeting recognition. She remained focused on milking the two cocks dry, the duel sensation of their eruptions making her moan excitedly.

Even when the two cocks had finished releasing their loads she could not stop herself from sucking and stroking them, hungrily trying to fill the need she was feeling elsewhere. Only when she heard Dan laughing did she finally relinquish Sid’s cock from her mouth. Refusing to release them though she retained her hold on them as she turned to look for Dan. She spotted him standing by her husband. Frank still sat tied in the chair and his eyes were staring at her hungrily. Slowly her gaze dropped to where a tent grew between his legs, his cock pushing at his slacks. For the second time that night she imagined what he was seeing. His beautifully aroused wife kneeling between two men, their half-hard cocks in her hands, her torn dress exposing her heaving breasts, cum drying on her face and in her hair.

“Looks like hubby’s enjoying the show,” Dan laughed. “He must like seeing his wife be a little slut.”

She could not help staring at the bulge in Frank’s crotch. Even from across the room she saw it jump with the blood pumping into it. The sight of this made her whimper quietly as she felt her hunger being doused with fuel. Kneeling with a cock in each hand, her eyes filled with wonton lust, she reflexively licked her lips. Forcing her eyes to rise back up she saw her own desires reflected in Frank’s.

“What do you think, hubby?” Dan chuckled. “Isn’t your wife one hell of a beauty? She really got into sucking us off, didn’t she?”

Frank slowly nodded in agreement, his eyes never leaving her.

“I tell you, I’m not quite ready to put my cock in her pussy yet,” Dan announced. “What say we let her suck you off while I rest up a bit more?”

The familiar groan came from behind the gag again. The desire in her husband’s eyes fanned Julie’s own. She felt her pussy throb with a burning ache. She could no longer think about anything other than having her hunger appeased. Not Cindy, not the men’s disregard for her instructions, nothing. Just having her lustful desires slated.

“How bout it honey?” Dan called over to her. “You want to crawl over here and suck off hubby before we take turns fucking you?”

Without acknowledging him or his question she released his friend’s cocks and started crawling across the carpet on her hands and knees. Her eyes bounced between Frank’s crotch and his face as she neared. When she got over to him she crawled up his lap and dug at his belt. Tied to the chair as he was, he managed to lift his ass just enough so she could pull his slacks down to his knees. As his rigid shaft was revealed she grabbed hold of it, dropping to run her tongue along its length and to swirl her tongue over its head where she swiped away the precum coating it. Looking up she saw his lust filled eyes watching her and she moaned needfully in response. Quickly she sucked him into her warm mouth, immediately sliding down to deep throat him. Above her, he groaned. Beneath her, his hips tried humping up into her face. She knew he was already reaching his orgasm. Her body was now starving for what would happen when she finished sucking Frank off and so she wanted him to shoot his load into her mouth as soon as possible. She pulled back so that she could grip and squeeze the cock’s base, tugging it toward its explosion. Mewing hungrily she started pumping her mouth on it, sliding her lips up and down its length as she sucked and swirled her tongue across its flesh. No longer able to look at him and maintain her actions she just concentrated on rhythmically fucking him to climax. Her aching body leaned into him, smashing her tits against his legs.

She soon felt his climax boiling up inside of him. When she felt the cock jerk and the first spurt of cum blow into her mouth she locked her lips around it and swallowed hard, devouring that and every following spurt. When he was spent she kept him in her mouth for a few moments, suckling on his softening member.

“Yea!” Dan exclaim

When she eventually allowed the limp cock to slide from her mouth she laid her head on Frank’s thigh and stared at the cock as she continued gently stroking it. She felt her fires raging, the desire in her loins blazing with hunger. She also felt her pussy soaking her panties.

“Alright, I think it’s time for some pussy fucking,” Dan announced.

His words sent a thrill of excitement racing through her. The evening’s activities had her to the point of exploding with an orgasm and she desperately wanted it released. When Dan stepped forward to wrap his arms around her she whimpered with the sensation of his touch. She allowed herself to be lifted to her feet then led to the couch where Tom and Sid waited. It was there that they slid her torn dress off her shoulders. When it and her bra lay in a pile at her feet she stood with her nearly nude body on full display feeling completely vulnerable and exposed for the first time that night.

“Wow, would you look at how wet she is?” Dan exclaimed.

She knew what he meant without looking, knew that her white panties were dark with her wetness. She also felt her swollen labia visibly pressing against the weakened material. She stood there, anxious and excited, her bare chest rising and falling as she panted shallowly, her legs partially spread and shaking ever so slightly. When Tom started removing her panties his fingers on her flesh sent a series of quivering shivers coursing through her. Then the others joined him in maneuvering her onto the couch and the sensation of their added touches caused her to whimper.

They placed her with one leg up on the couch’s back and the other down on the floor. She lay there, legs spread, breasts topped by swollen nipples heaving from her panting, her head on the armrest. From beneath heavy lids she stared up at the three men’s stiffening cocks and her hips began to roll slightly upon the cushion as hungry moans escaped her open lips.

“Does the slut want to be fucked?” Dan chuckled.

“Mmmmmm,” she whimpered in response.

She watched him reach toward her, watched his hand lay on her inner thigh, and she felt her flesh burn with the touch. Slowly his hand slid up along her thigh until it cupped her mound, two bent fingers penetrating her barely to the first knuckle. His thumb hovered just above her clit, nothing except a thin space of air between the two pieces of flesh. Her hips jerked, rose up trying to force contact.

“Ohhh,” she cried.

Tom and Sid each began massaging one of her tits; Sid from behind the armrest, Tom from beside the couch. They cupped the fleshy mounds, squeezing and manipulating the pliant flesh, their palms and fingers rubbing against the sensitized nerves of her hard, red nipples.

Her orgasm teetered on the very edge, just waiting to be nudged over, and that was exactly what she wanted. She whimpered again and again, her hungry desperation growing with each second as her body quivered and tensed with feverish anticipation. Through her slitted eyelids she saw Tom’s semi-erect cock dangling near her. Whimpering louder she reached for it, her fingers wrapping themselves around it and tugging.

“You want a cock in your pussy?” Dan asked as he stared down at her.

“Yes,” she sighed.

While she squeezed and pulled at Tom’s cock her hips rolled and pushed more insistently at Dan’s hand, physically begging him to touch her aching, throbbing clit. But he refused her body’s pleas, keeping his thumb just near enough to tease her without actually making contact.

“Ohh. Ohh, ohhh,” she whimpered and mewled as she felt the cock in her hand reach full erectness and her orgasm teetered ever closer to the brink.

“You want it, slut?” Tom chuckled, squeezing her tit. “You want me to fuck you? You want my cock in your wet little pussy?”

“Yes. Oh God yes.” Her back arched off the couch to push her tit into his hand and she tugged hard at his cock. “Oh God yes.”

Her orgasm slipped forward. It now hung precariously over the edge, threatening to explode without any additional coaxing. Then her hips jerked, rolling and popping upward simultaneously. The action was too quick for Dan to keep his thumb from bumping her clit or his fingers from sliding further into her, and the orgasm was freed. It crashed through her body with an amazing amount of force. Her body tensed as her back arched up off the couch, her breasts being crammed into the set of hands fondling them. Her ass twisted into the couch cushion, her hips rolling and popping again and again as they humped her sex on Dan’s fingers, ground her clit against his thumb. The hand holding Tom’s cock pulled and jerked hard enough to make the man grimace. Her other hand gripped a mass of the couch’s back cushion. Her head rolled back on the armrest, her mouth falling open as a combination of both audible and silent moans flowed from her.

“Ohhh,” she whimpered as it started to subside moments later, her body slowly dropping back to the couch and relaxing once more. “Ohhh God!”

For Julie it was the most powerful orgasm she could remember having experienced, and at the time she doubted it could ever be topped.

“That was fucking beautiful,” Sid cheered.

Tom released her tit and started moving toward her open legs. A soft whimper escaped her as Dan pulled his hand from her sex and stepped away to allow him access. Climbing between her legs Tom placed the tip of his cock against her entrance. Being so soon after the explosive orgasm Julie did not expect her body to react too quickly, but she was surprised. As the cock’s head parted her lips and entered her she felt her excitement refreshed, a second orgasm being immediately awakened. Her legs snapped around his waist, her hips driving upward to rapidly push him inside of her.

“Oh God,” she moaned as he filled her.

They started to rock into each other, their lower bodies quickly finding a rhythm together, their pace gradually quickening. A wet sloshing noise came from where his cock pumped in and out of her pussy. With his hands on the couch back and armrest Tom held himself up so he could stare down at her lustful expression and rolling tits.

“Oh God. Fuck me, fuck me,” she encouraged him, her head lulling from side to side. “Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy harder.”

The new orgasm was quickly building, making her hungry for its release. Her ass bounced up off the couch, fucking her pussy at him.

“Fuck my pussy. Fuck me with your cock.” She told him. “Oh God yes. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Having recently cum once himself, Tom’s own second orgasm was nowhere near as close as hers so he did not rush his pumping of her pussy as much as she wanted. This made her look up at him. What she saw only served to fuel her heated loins and pending orgasm. He was hovering above her, leering down at her lust filled features and bouncing tits while his cock pounded in and out of her wet pussy. The idea of this caused her orgasm to suddenly explode inside her.

“Ohhh God,” she cried out.

She crammed her pussy against him, burying his cock inside her, her pussy clenching at the rigid member. Her body arched up off the couch again, lifting her chest into the air, her swollen nipples shining atop her bouncing breasts. The site of them was too enticing for Tom to pass up and he clamped his mouth over one of them. This sent her orgasm into overdrive. She tried to simultaneously cram her pussy even further onto his cock and more of her tit into his mouth.

“Ohhh God,” she cried, one hand grabbing the back of his head and shoving it against her breast. “Ohhh God yesss. Suck my tit. Fuck me. Suck my tit. Ohhh God.”

The orgasm crashed through her with wave after wave of pleasure, causing her body to shake and tense.

Then, as it slowly faded, her body relaxed again. But his lips around her nipple, his tongue licking the hard nub, felt too good to loose so she held his head in place, making it follow her tit down. As her hips dropped he began pumping his cock into her again and she pumped her hips back at him.

“Oh yes, fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck my pussy with your cock. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Yes, fuck me.”

His mouth remained locked firmly on her nipple, sucking. She felt the force of his thrusts growing harder as his own fires were stoked. His cock slid easily in and out of her soaked pussy, his pelvis bumping into her clit every few strokes. She whimpered and mewled with pleasure between urging him to go faster even as her pussy muscles clenched at his cock. Soon he was pounding his cock into her roughly, ramming it into her harder with each forward thrust.

“Oh yes. Oh God yes,” she cried. “Fuck me. Fuck me with your cock.”

Suddenly his mouth released her breast as his head roared upward. His hips slammed between her legs. His pelvis ground against hers, bumping into her clit. His cock became buried inside her as deep as possible. She felt it twitch and jump, felt it start to pump his semen into her hungry pussy. And she felt his explosion kindle the embers of yet another orgasm in her.

“Oh yes,” she whimpered with its first, initial shivers.

“Damn, that was good,” Tom grinned as the last of his load was released.

He remained hovering above her until his cock slowly slipped from her pussy then he climbed off and stepped back. She remained laying with her legs spread, her now puffy labia red and swollen, a mixture of their juices visibly leaking out.

“Damn good,” he re-affirmed.

“I’m next,” Sid announced, stepping forward.

Turning, she saw that his cock was fully erect and ready to be shoved into her. Through her half closed eyes she watched him climb between her legs. Reflexively she reached down to grip his member and guide it to her waiting pussy. When the tip of it pressed at her opening he slid forward, burying himself deep inside of her fast and coaxing her newest orgasm forward.

“Ohhh yesss,” Julie sighed.

The two of them worked toward a rhythm, finding a tempo that they could each match, their bodies moving against each other. Looking up she saw that Sid was also holding himself up to stare down and enjoy her lustful expression and bouncing breasts.

“Fuck me,” she told him, pushing herself up harder against him. “Fuck my pussy. My wet pussy. Fuck my wet pussy with your cock.”

“Fucking beautiful,” he moaned, watching her ride up against him. “Just fucking beautiful.”

The pace of their humping steadily increased until they reached one steady rhythm. Their pelvises pounded into each other, her clit receiving a straight-on, solid contact every few pumps. She felt her need growing, her orgasm building.

“Oh God yes. Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Harder, harder,” she moaned, urging him like her own desires were urging her. “Fuck my wet pussy harder.”

Like Tom, Sid was in no hurry to cum this time and so he failed to increase the pace or the force of his humping any. Still, their constant rhythm pushed her orgasm closer and closer to the edge. Her muscles tightened every few moments as she felt it teeter precariously. Her head rolled upon the armrest, her features a mixture of pleasure and pain. From beneath her heavy lids she caught glimpses of Sid staring down at her, watching their bodies move against one another, her tits bouncing and rolling with the action.

Her orgasm reached the brink, teasing her with its promise of an explosive release. She wanted it to crash through her body, to feel its waves of ecstasy. Reaching up she wrapped her arms around his back, giving her better leverage. Then she began making her hips jump up off the couch at him.

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