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The puff of smoke was a cliche. It was a metaphor. I just couldn’t remember which one. My eyes focused on the last puff of smoke I had exhaled from my cigar. It hung in the air heavily in front of me, capturing the focus of my retinas; the background an animated blur. The bourbon and the beer rendered my attention compromised. I squinted my eyes, trying to bring the image into focus, but I couldn’t. I could only see the smoke. The blur? It was my wife rocking back and forth between two of my friends, pleasuring the three of them in a way neither had known before. My mind reeled as I took stock of the situation; how did we get here?

Once a month, for years now, I get together with some guys to play poker. It’s your typical poker night with the boys. No one bets so much money that people leave pissed off, but the bets are high enough to keep things interesting. Arrangements have gotten more complicated over the years, but everyone makes sure their wife or girlfriend is out for the evening and we are free to swear, fart, drink, talk, and most importantly, play poker.

My wife, Anne, has mixed emotions about the game. I always think she’ll be happy to have the house to herself on a Saturday — to forget about me for an evening and let loose, but that is never quite the case. She misses me. It’s really cute and speaks volumes about just how much I mean to her, which I love, but I still need a night with the boys. It was my turn to host the game, making it harder for her to stay away.

She gets along well with Dan’s wife, so the two of them planned to go out and have a margarita while the guys came to our house for poker. I cleaned up the basement a little, pushing old boxes back into the storeroom, making sure it didn’t smell too bad. It was February so it was too cold to play out on the deck, and Anne doesn’t care for cigar smoke in the house. The basement was the perfect venue. It was cement floor, block wall, dirty, dark, and dank. And even better? I stuck an exhaust fan in a window that would blow the smoke out of the room. I had just what we needed: A card table, five chairs, cable TV in the corner playing ESPN and enough stogies, beer, Bourbon and snacks to keep us going as late as we wanted. It was a man cave, and we were men.

By nine o’clock everyone had showed up; Dan, Joe, Chris, and Darren. The perfect card crew. It’s tough to get the right group of guys for a poker game, usually there is the odd brother-in-law or the guy from work that you invite but wish had turned you down. Not in this group –just guys who know all the jokes before you tell them and laugh anyway. Light beer? Try again. Cheap bourbon? Not on your life. Nickel bets? Nada. No one gets bent out of shape if the money doesn’t add up, it never does, because we drink like fish.

Cards are flying, the music is getting louder, and the stories are even more ridiculous than last time. We’re all on our 5th beer, 3rd Bourbon and 2nd cigar. Every good poker night has a window of time when it feels like a runner at peak efficiency; every part in perfect harmony, moving together as one, striding towards a common goal, and that window was now. Right up until a pair of perfect legs begins to slowly descend the stairs.

I’m the first to see them. I know those legs anywhere, I see them every day, and yet they still make my heart beat just a little faster. I’m not sure who follows my gaze first, but one-by-one, everyone else turns to watch a pair of toned, athletic, bare legs make their way down the stairs. My wife, the runner, pushes herself hard on the hilly trails by our house so when she wears a skirt, every male (and sometimes female) head turns. As Anne descends the stairs her head eventually comes into view and she realizes we are all staring. She was hoping for that.

“Are you boys having a good time?” she asks playfully.

“Hell yeah!” Dan says with enthusiastically drunk gusto

“Good,” Anne replies genuinely, “I just got home and thought I would come down to see if you boys need anything.”

I don’t know if it was just me, but I swear there was suggestion as she said the word “anything.”

Joe and Chris tried to look at me nonchalantly, but I wouldn’t return their glance.

“Nah, we’re fine.” Darren said trying to be polite to the host’s wife. As a veteran poker night player, he knows the value of keeping the wife happy. A happy wife doesn’t always equal a good game of poker, but an unhappy one usually spells trouble.

I suspected Anne was hoping to get more involved.

“Honey, I bet everyone would love another round, they are just too polite to impose.”

“Impose?” Anne said incredulously, “I would love to serve your friends!”

I hadn’t misread her enthusiasm.

She made it a point to go around the table and ask each guy, with a hand on his shoulder, “And what can I get for you, Sir?”

Her skirt was fun. What’s “fun?” Its somewhere between flirty and playful. It’s loose with ruffles, colorful, and as a guy you just hope for that perfect gust of wind because you desperately want to find out what kind of panties, if any, she is wearing.

When Anne made her way around to me, I place my hand on her ass, making sure everyone could see, and told her to “guess.”

“Bourbon?” She asked.

“With four ice cubes.” I said authoritatively.

“You know I wouldn’t mess up your drink.”

She is a saint. I know everyone saw me touch her and I wondered what went through their minds. I watched her walk away, so did everyone else, loving her ass swaying back and forth just a little more than necessary.

When she returned a few minutes later, I eyed her blouse. I couldn’t remember how many buttons she had undone when she left, but I swear it was open further than before. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, everyone could tell. She has small but firm breasts with nipples that love to poke out. She slowly sauntered around the room, fully aware of the attention she was receiving — the card game had slowed significantly. “Who had the other bourbon?” Anne asked.

“That’s me.” said Dan.

“You know I can’t resist a man who likes his bourbon” she said with a playful note in her voice. She looked at me when she said this, and I couldn’t help but smile.

This past summer, one of our favorite fantasies became a reality when Anne took Chris and Joe at the same time at our pool, fucking them both wildly before letting me have my way with her. Since then we had cooled down a little with extra-marital adventures, choosing instead to rehash the experience often while having sex, each of us telling the other what they saw and felt to excite us as we made love. We even talked about wilder fantasies, with more guys, and sometimes girls, but hadn’t had the opportunity to try them out in real life. I could tell Anne was thinking about some of those fantasies right now.

She leaned over Dan, putting his glass on the far side of the table so she could bend over and show half the table her cleavage. Her tits pushed up out of her shirt, inviting all eyes at the table to try and look down her blouse.

“Whose deal?” I asked, bringing everyone back to reality while making sure I still had control of the situation.

I could tell Anne pouted just a little as the attention turned away from her and back towards our game. Just to see what would happen, I opened my mouth again; “Anne, why don’t you get some more pretzels for us.. you can even feed the winner of this hand a few as a little extra prize.”

“Oh! Fun!” she said as she scampered back up the stairs.

I could tell the fact that getting pretzels fed to them wasn’t exactly a show stopper as the hand progressed as any other might.. I tried to bluff my way to victory (or maybe I just wanted to lose) but was bested by Joe. Anne was right on cue, walking back down the stairs, still in heels (god bless her) and I swear her skirt was an extra inch shorter.

“Who won?”

“Joe is the big winner; make sure you take care of him.” I said.

“I hope you like pretzels, Joe!” Anne said.

After Joe had stuck his cock in my wife only a few months ago, I made him swear he’d keep it quiet. I wouldn’t have let him if I didn’t think he knew when to keep his mouth shut. This was the first time the two had any kind of sexual contact since then. I could tell there was sexual tension between the two of them. Anne happily slid into his lap, even wiggling her ass a little as she did, while Joe tried to act like nothing was out of the ordinary.

I began dealing more cards as Anne slipped another pretzel in Joe’s mouth. I couldn’t quite see but I would have bet another five bucks his hand found its way up to her leg or her ass. I tried to focus on dealing cards as I realized the thought of Joe’s hand on my wife was starting to give me a hard-on. Then I wondered if I was the only one with the same problem.

“What does the winner of this hand get?” Anne asked, a little too enthusiastically.

“Money.” I said stoically, pretending to be annoyed at her enthusiasm. Anne made a face at me. I knew she was excited.

“Maybe the winner of this hand gets to take a shot of tequila with you?” I asked.

“Tequila!” Anne said bubbly. Anne loves tequila. We both know how horny it makes her and by suggesting it, she knew I was giving my blessing to let things get a little more… out of control. It didn’t take long; Darren bullied his way into the next pot. “Line em up!” he exclaimed enthusiastically.

Anne bounced off and returned in no time with a bottle of tequila, two shot glasses, a few slices of lime and a shaker of salt. Darren started salting the rim of the shot glass till Anne scolded him. “That’s not how you do it!”

Darren looked confused. Anne licked his neck. Everyone’s eyebrows raised and a few glances were cast my way. “How else is the salt gonna stick?” she asked playfully, explaining to the crowd why licking my friend was necessary.

Then she took salt shaker and salted the area of my friend’s neck she had just licked. “Your turn!” She commanded.

Darren didn’t need told twice. He took just a little longer drawing his tongue over the oh-so-slightly-lower-than-the-neck area of my wife.

After they filled their glasses Anne shouted “my first!” slowly licked the salted area of Darren’s neck, tossed back her shot and quickly bit down on a lime slice to rid her of the acrid taste of cheap tequila. The crowd went wild.

Now it was Darren’s turn. He plunged his mouth forward on to Ann’s neck, Anne made it a point to moan softly for him as his lips and tongue cleaned the salt from her skin. The he casually tossed back his shot and made it obvious he didn’t need any lime or other type of chaser.

“Next hand!” Anne shouted excitedly.

“Winner gets to do a body shot off of Anne,” I said as Joe started dealing the cards. The hand was rushed and Joe raked in a pot that everyone, despite bad cards, stayed in till the end. Anne flopped on the table in front of Joe, her head towards the middle and her legs on either side of him. Anne hates panties and I was betting that from the way Joe looked between her legs he got an eyeful of shaved, bare pussy. Anne proceeded to unbutton her blouse from the bottom, up so that only one button held it on her now. Her stomach was bare and firm. She reached for the tequila bottle and made a pool on her belly button. Joe dived forward and sucked up all the tequila. Then he licked her stomach liberally making sure to clean it all. Of course the liquor had run a little farther south than her belly button and Anne made it a point to moan as Joe’s mouth made its way closer to her dipping waistline.

After watching that, I was guessing I wasn’t the only one in the room getting warm.

Darren asked the question that was on everyone’s mind. “What does the winner get this time?”

“Anne does the shot of tequila this time, off the winner… wherever she wants.”

I knew where Anne was going to pour the tequila, Anne knew where she was going to pour the tequila; everyone else would just have to wait.

I took a long draw on my cigar as the cards were dealt. I felt a sudden surge of confidence. I picked up my cards and saw the winning hand already. Time to take control. I bet aggressive. No one was going to drop out now, so I figured I may as well take their money. I could tell everyone was a little disappointed that “Anne’s husband” won a hand, I think they were getting hard watching my wife act slutty with other guys. Hell, I was getting horny watching my wife act slutty with other guys. She grabbed the bottle and made her way to me. I stood up, cigar in mouth and said “Suck it, bitch.”

She moaned, getting turned on more and more as I took a commanding attitude. “Yes. Sir”

She dropped to her knees, unzipped my pants, and fished my rock hard cock out.

“Shit, dude.” I heard Darren mumble.

She grabbed my cock in her left hand, pointing it down towards her mouth just a little, stuck out her tongue, resting it just under the head and then poured tequila on it so it mostly ran down into her mouth. “Yeah!” the roar went up from the gallery.

She didn’t pour a lot, but after she stopped she just sucked the head of my cock into her mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it the rest of the way onto my dick. Anne makes a wonderful gagging noise, just for me, when I hit the back of her throat. I jammed her head down on my dick a few more times in a little show for the guys, who were loving it. When I let go, Anne didn’t slow down one bit, showing everyone how much she likes taking it all into her throat.

Then she slowly slipped my cock back out of her mouth, making a terrific little popping noise as my head escaped her lips.

“MORE!” she demanded.

This time I told everyone the winner would be sucking Anne’s nipples during the following hand. I asked Anne if she would be so kind as to show everyone the goods for a little extra motivation. As the cards were dealt, Anne unbuttoned her last button letting her shirt slide down her arms and exposing her rock hard nipples.

“Shit, you could cut glass with those things!” Darren said.

“Hopefully you can feel them with your tongue for me.” She said at Darren making sure everyone knew how much she was looking forward to this.

Chris won and Anne practically tackled him as she climbed into his lap. I’m sure he could see her pussy from the way her skirt was hiking up around her waist. As soon as his lips hit her nipples, she started moaning.

“mmmmm… bite them for my Chrissy!” she pleaded. Between the alcohol and the attention, Anne was starting to get unmanageable. “Next hand gets a blow job!” she said excitedly.

The cards were dealt hastily. Chris tried hard to pay attention, but with Anne feverishly demanding his focus, it was difficult to play while going back and forth between Anne’s tits and peaking around her to see what was still happening on the table.

I had the winning hand, but folded early. I was really excited to watch Anne suck one of my friend’s cocks. Dan finally won a hand. He looked a little unsure of letting his wife’s friend suck his dick. Anne jumped off of Chris and got on her knees in front of him. “Pull it out, big boy. Let’s see whatcha got!”

When Dan balked, Anne reassured him, “Don’t worry, we’ll make it up to Diane soon enough” and winked at him. He wasn’t sure what that meant, but made no move to stop her as she attacked him. When Anne sucked tequila off my dick, she was content to pull my cock through my fly. With Dan she pulled his pants and boxers down to his ankles, making him stand up for better access, and I’m sure a better show for her rapt spectators.

She grabbed Dan’s cock in one hand, and pumped a few times making sure he was at full attention. Then, instead of going for his shaft, she went straight for his balls. As soon as she sucked one of them in her mouth she moaned heavily, sending the vibrations into Dan. Dan gasped a little, much to the delight of the crowd. She then repeated the same trick on his other ball before sucking them both into her mouth. After a minute it was time to move on to… bigger… things. In one slow, smooth motion, she licked from behind his balls, across his sack, and up the base of his shaft. When her tongue got to the head of his dick, she lurched forward swallowing as much of Dan as possible. Dan’s knees buckled a little.

“Aw, do you need to sit down sweetie?” She asked sweetly. Dan didn’t quite respond, but he didn’t quite stay silent either. He just made a helpless noise as he fell back into his seat. Anne, god bless her, didn’t lose contact with his dick the whole time. She stood up and bent at the waist, now topless, giving everyone a great side view of her trim figure.

“Shit. What does the next guy win?” Darren asked hoping for at least the same treatment.

Anne, for only a brief moment, pulled her mouth off the dick in front of her and said. “Fuck poker! Fuck me instead!” and pulled down her skirt before diving back, face first, onto Dan’s dick.

Darren, dumbfounded looked over at me. Leaning back in my chair, casual, calm, and collected, I took one more puff of my cigar, nodded toward Anne and said “I think she meant you.”

“Shit. You sure Jake?”

“Better hurry before I change my mind.” I said smiling.

I’ve never seen a grown man drop his pants that fast. I’m not sure they made it off his feet before he got his hands on Anne’s hips. As he touched her, Anne didn’t even take a look back, she just moaned loudly in anticipation of what was about to come.

Darren got his dick in her, tentatively at first. I saw Anne bucking her hips back at him, trying to get him to thrust harder. He still wasn’t getting it. Anne finally let Dan’s dick slip from her mouth so she could turn and say.

“What are you, a virgin? Use that thing like you got a pair and fuck me like you mean it, you pussy!” A roar went up from the gallery

Feeling rebuked and a little embarrassed Darren began fucking in earnest, not only horny now, but angry too. His paced picked up and he was literally thrashing now. Anne started screaming onto Dan’s dick which only came out as a loud squeal to the rest of us. It was too much for Dan.

“Oh god,” he said raggedly. The rest of us knew what was happening.

It was about this time that I felt the bourbon, the cigars, the beer, and now the adrenaline too wash over me. For a moment, my eyes lost focus and my mind wandered. I blinked a couple times and it all rushed back into reality, just in time to see the first of long series of orgasms

When the first squirt of cum hit Anne’s mouth, she lost it. Trapped between two cocks, waves of orgasm visibly washed over her as she convulsed. She tried to hold onto Dan’s cum but between Darren slamming into her pussy and her own orgasm washing over her, she couldn’t hold onto all of it and spilled out of her mouth back on to Dan’s cock and balls.

As her orgasm subsided she calmed down and was able to regain control. Darren had been fucking her hard and fast and wasn’t able to keep up the pace. As he slowed down Anne took the opportunity to lick and suck up the loose cum – Dan was in heaven. After she felt like she got it all, she raised her head up and looked Dan right in the eye before opening her mouth and displaying her trophy. Dan looked back both dazed and confused.

“She wants you to give her permission to swallow.” It wasn’t my voice but Joe’s that broke the silence. I smiled remembering the incident earlier this summer at the pool.

Dan, still confused, mumbled, “Ok…”

Anne make a good showing of taking a big gulp and letting Dan’s cum slide down into her stomach. “mmmm… you taste amazing”

“Are you done playing around, little girl?” Darren asked, now getting impatient.

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