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Summer stood before him as she peeled the last garments of clothing from her lithe form, dropping the black dress and matching lace underwear at her feet. Thomas’ eyes wandered down her body, following the valley between her pert breasts, down her stomach and over the light brown thatch of neatly trimmed hair to her stocking clad thighs and sculpted calves, coming to a stop at her feet, still encased in their black pumps. She made a move to pull the black thigh-highs down and kick her shoes off but he quickly rose to stop her, pulling her against him as his mouth crashed down upon hers, their lips hungrily sucking, their tongues briefly caressing before he moved down along her jawline to kiss and suck at her neck. Soft gasps issued from her mouth as he made his way lower, sinking onto the bed as he pulled her with him, one arm wrapped around her taught back, the other kneading a handful of soft breast, his fingers teasing and twisting the brown nipple he found there before he replaced them with his mouth, gently swirling his tongue around the hard little nub. He pulled her against him and reversed their positions, setting her down as he moved to stand.

They’d been together for almost a year now and he didn’t have to hint at his desire. He could feel himself grow harder as he watched her lean forward and grasp the base of his cock, her smooth hand slowly stroking him from bottom to top, her lust filled eyes looking up at him briefly with his before she turned her attention completely on her task. Her breath tickled the head of his cock as she leaned closer in, teasing him with hot, controlled huffs before her tongue darted out from between parted lips, caressing the sensitive flesh on the underside of his cock before making her way up and over the crown. Her tongue dipped into his piss hole, lapping at the precum she found there, causing his hips to buck at the action and he held back the desire to tangle his hands in her hair and pull her mouth down on him, instead letting her set the pace as she continued to swirl her tongue around the thick, engorged head of his cock before moving forward and enclosing it within the confines of her hot, wet mouth. Her head bobbed as she nursed on the tip, her darting and swirling tongue teasing another buck from his hips and a groan from his throat. His eyes glazed over as he watched Summer continue until her lips had slipped down the top third of his shaft, the sounds of her gentle sucking and faint moans filling the room as she fellated him. His cock twitched in her mouth and a pang of desire ran through his stomach as she moved lower, sliding her lips smoothly over another third of his shaft, the salty skin now covered in a thin mixture of his sweat and her saliva.

“God you’re sexy.” He whispered as she continued bobbing her head, moaning occasionally with each twitch and buck of the flesh filling her mouth.

She brought her free hand up to brush the errant strands of hair in face aside before she moved it around to grasp his ass, pulling him in closer. The sounds of her oral ministrations grew louder as she settled into a quick bob, her hair cascading down her shoulders and sticking to the thin layer of sweat that had built up on her chest as she worked. Her breath grew ragged as her desire built, and she moved a hand down to the junction between her legs, dipping a finger into her folds, working it briefly before she brought it up to caress his swinging sack, feeling the weight of it as she slowed her pace.

Another groan escaped Thomas’ lips as her brown eyes looked up at him and she withdrew her lips, dragging them painfully slowly along his shaft, sending shivers up his spine as she worked over each bump and vein before stopping at his crown. The hand that had been kneading his balls lifted to join her other, now wrapped around the base of his cock as she pressed against his pelvis, forcing his length to stand straight. She paused, her tongue gently swirling around his head before she slowly began to work her way back down his shaft, each few inches she took in followed by a slow withdrawal, followed by another few inches until she had most of his length within the sucking confines of her mouth. He groaned as he felt the head of his cock press against the back of her throat, and a half-moan half-gasp escaped her as she slowly pressed further, her tongue working the underside of his shaft as she slowly took the last few inches of his shaft into the convulsing confines of her slick throat. She held him there, taking slow breaths before she slowly began bobbing her head back and forth, her nose pressing into his pubic hair as she worked the full seven inches of his length.

Thomas brought his hands up to tangle in her hair as she moved, and his hips started bucking slowly to her rhythm, their combined movements working her mouth along his shaft in long, smooth strokes. The sounds of her sucking and their gentle gasps and moans grew in intensity as he neared his release, his cock twitching in her mouth as she once again slowed her pace, sliding a hand up his thigh, massaging it as she returned to grasping the base of his flesh.

She knew he was close as his strokes became irregular, and she held most of his cock in her mouth as she worked the exposed remainder, her hand smoothly sliding along his saliva slick shaft as she began another slow withdrawal along his length. His hips bucked involuntarily as the first rope of thick cum shot forth into her sucking mouth, hitting the back of her throat as she held him in place, her lips pursed and her hand slowly milking his shaft as his release continued. She moaned around him as the second shot came, filling her mouth and she began swallowing the remaining spurts, each one shorter than the next until she was left stroking the remaining drops from his cock as it softened in her mouth. Her eyes locked with his as she swallowed the remainder of his seed, giving his head one last lingering suck as she pulled back, releasing him from her lust swollen lips. A thick strand of her saliva remained connected to the tip of his cock and her lips as he pulled back slightly, her hand continuing to slowly work his shaft before he leaned in, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her up, crushing her lips in a series of increasingly kiss hungry kisses before he turned her around, placing a hand on her shoulder as he pushed her down onto all fours.

Summer’s hips swayed as she adjusted herself on the bed, pulling a pillow closer to rest her head on as she waited silently, her breaths becoming shorter with every moment as in increasing anticipation. Thomas’ hands slid along her smooth, sculpted back and defined shoulder blades before he gently pushed her upper body down lower to the bed, gaining him better access as he spread her knees apart with his own for support. A throaty gasp issued from her throat as he knelt down and buried his face in her flesh, his tongue sliding up and down her silky folds, her viscous juices quickly coating his face as he worked her heated sex.

She groaned and her eyes closed as he pushed his tongue inside her, twirling and nipping at her flesh before he found her clit, flicking at it before his lips closed around the hard little nub, causing her to moan into the pillow her face was now pressed into. A muffled gasp emanated from the fabric as he pushed one, then two of his fingers inside her, twisting and thrusting in time with the motions of his tongue before he pulled them free. He repeated the process twice more, his fingers coated in her slick fluids. He could feel her hips trembling beneath his other hand as he moved them higher to his intended target, pressing the tips of his fingers against the taught starfish of her asshole, pushing gently until his fingers broke the ring’s resistance. He earned a soft groan as he slowly slid his fingers deeper, twisting them gently within her, coating and stretching her flesh, while he continued his explorations of her folds. He began slowly thrusting his fingers, earning a nearly constant sting of gasps and soft groans from her as he fingered her back door, the tight ring of flesh and her burning heat causing him to grow painfully hard hard as he grew excited for what was to come.

“Fuck me.” Was all that came from her lips as she looked back at him through the dark curtain of her brown hair, swaying with each thrust of his fingers within her rectum.

Thomas complied as he rose from his position at the foot of her bed and knelt behind her, one foot beside a stocking clad knee, his other knee between her calves. He moved one hand to grasp the soft flesh of her hips as he gripped himself with the other, slowly stroking himself before he pressed the head of his cock to her sex, teasing the tip along her slick folds before he found her entrance. They both groaned in approval as he slowly, teasingly pressed himself inside until he was fully rooted within her before returning his fingers to their previous task. She ground her hips as she pressed herself back against his pelvis, slowly twisting from side to side as he began to thrust within her, slowly withdrawing his shaft before pushing the full length back inside, each one in time with the motion of his fingers. Her hips rolled as she pushed back against him, meeting each of his thrusts with one of her own, their soft gasps and groans growing with intensity as the sound of slick flesh slapping against flesh began filling the room. His fingers left her tight ring, wrapping around Summer’s as he leaned over her, moving to place wet, sucking kisses along her upper back and shoulder blades, while his other hand slid under her chest to knead her breasts.

“I love you.” He whispered between ragged breaths. She was far too gone to respond in kind and instead craned her head back to meet him as his mouth met hers with a searing kiss. He continued his steady thrusts as he moved back along her trembling jawline to suck and lick at her neck, each touch earning a satisfied gasp as they continued moving against each other. She moaned her disappointment as his thrusts slowed while he straightened himself up from her back, returning his hands to her hips as he began to deliver a series of long, deep and fast strokes, feeling her sex sporadically clench around him as her body trembled in release, her gasps muffled as she pressed her face into the pillow grasped in her hands, her knuckles white from exertion. He remained rooted within her as he watched her shoulders rise and fall, her hair tousled and swaying as she raised herself up, arching her back as she turned her head and brought a hand up to brush it over her shoulder and away from her face.

“Finish what you started.” She managed in between heavy breaths, slowly pressing herself back into him as they both regained their breath, his hips occasionally giving her a long, slow thrust as she came down from her high.

“You really want to go through with this?” He asked her, and she nodded in response, gasping as she felt two of his fingers slip into her sex, still stuffed with his flesh. He worked his fingers slowly, feeling her clench around them before he pulled them out and pressed their now slick tips to the rosy starfish of her back door. He once again twisted them within her, earning more soft gasps as he began slowly thrusting them back and forth, causing her back to arch as he hooked them, grazing the tender membrane that separated her sex from the confines of her tight back channel.

As much as he enjoyed the tightness of her cunt, he could no longer resist the urge to replace the fingers he was still working within her ass with his shaft, and she moaned as he pulled himself free. He briefly missed the slick, hot wetness of her sex, shivering slightly as he grasped the head of his shaft and guided it higher to press it against the still tight ring of Summer’s asshole. He could feel it twitch as he pressed himself against the taught ring of muscle, slowly giving way as he worked himself forward. A gasp of discomfort issued from her lips as he did this and he stopped his advance, waiting as she relaxed and adjusted to the head of his cock.

“Are you ok? We can stop if it’s too much.” Thomas asked.

He remained still as her channel clenched around his tip, and he gently kneaded her cheeks, spreading them apart when he felt the need for a better view. His cock twitched free in response and he dropped a dollop of spit on her tight bud before pressing his tip back in. She pushed back at him in response, and he restarted his slow advance until his engorged head finally broke through the resisting ring of her sphincter. She gasped as the thick crown made its way inside, her ass clenching tightly as she slowly adjusted to the intruder, tiny gasps and groans accompanying her every movement as he remained still, his hands grasping her hips. When he felt her once again move back on him him, he began to push forward, slowly driving his shaft further into her back channel, stopping as he let her adjust to each inch he forced into her. He removed a hand from her hip, pressing his fingers into the folds of sex as collected her thick juices and spread them on his shaft and her distended asshole before returning to her hips. She gasped as he pushed the last few inches smoothly into her, before bringing his hands to her cheeks, kneading them gently, spreading them as he began his slow withdrawal, earning more gasps and muffled moans from her lips as he pulled out until only the thick head remained in her. His stomach clenched with desire as he began his slow push back in, her tight ring and hot inner flesh dragging along his shaft before he bottomed out, her burning insides rippling around his shaft as he paused briefly before withdrawing once again, this time slowly pulling himself free from her grasp. He watched as Summer’s tight ring began to slowly close, and he earned a sharp inhale from her lips as he pressed himself back in, driving himself forward in one smooth, long stroke, his length once again buried within her. She moaned her approval as her tight back channel clenched and massaged his length, and he began to slowly thrust within her, moving his hands back to her hips as he gave her short, smooth strokes, slowly increasing his pace as she fully adjusted to the length and width of his shaft.

He leaned over her back, placing wet, sucking kisses along her spine as he moved within her, earning more gasps, moans and whimpers from her throat as she began to move back against him, meeting each of thrust of his with one of her own.

“Harder. I want it faster, make me feel it.” She gasped in between breathes, and Thomas readily complied as he straightened his back and returned his hands to her hips, increasing the pace as she herself began move faster in compensation. Her hips rolled into him as he pumped her ass with long, smooth strokes, their moans and gasps barely louder than the wet slap of his pelvis as it met her cheeks, barely louder than the wet slap of his swinging sack as it met the slick folds of her soaking wet sex. He could feel himself growing closer to release as her insides, hot and rippling with each movement they made, dragged along the thick head of his cock and his shaft as he drove himself in and out within her tight back channel. He could tell she was close too, her own movements becoming weak and sporadic, and he compensated by grasping her hips harder, his knuckles growing white as he drove into her with ever increasing speed, earning an endless string of throaty moans, gasps and whimpers as he continued to work her asshole until he felt her body tremble in his hands, her insides clenching and releasing him as he continued his movements. He slowed his thrusts as she came, holding on to the feeling of her hot, tight, smooth ass surrounding his flesh as he began slowly withdrawing from her, watching her ring drag along his shaft, leaving only the tip inside.

He remained still, catching his breath as her shoulders rose and fell, her hair falling in knotted strands across her slick back. He waited until Summer’s breathing calmed before slowly pushing himself forward, driving the sweat slick shaft of his cock fully into her still clenching back door before restarting his thrusting, working his way back toward his own release. She ground her hips back at him slowly as he again began pumping her ass with long, slow strokes, clenching her asshole with each withdrawal and loosening with each push back in, gasping loudly as he too neared his own release. He groaned as his hips bucked, each erratic thrust driving himself deeper into her slick depths, her moans joining his as he slowed, moving his hands to knead her cheeks as he withdrew slowly, her clenching ring gliding along his shaft until only the top third of his cocked remained in her. He collected his breath as he began again pulling back, her hot, slick insides tugging at him, finally pushing him over the edge. A series of soft gasps issued from Summer’s lips as each thick rope of his cum shot forth, coating her tender back passage as she continued clenching around him, milking the last of his release as he pulled himself from her. He watched with ragged breath as her tight ring slowly closed and the last strand of his come broke free from the tip of his cock, falling to slide down the inside of her stocking clad leg.

They remained still, each gathering their breath before Summer collapsed to the sheets, rolling onto her side as Thomas lowered himself down to join her.

“I never… thought… I’d enjoy it that way.” She managed in between breaths, arching her back as he pulled her into his arms, pressing his stomach against her.

“I guess that means… we’ll be doing… that again… sometime?” He rasped.

She murmured yes in response.

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