Davariel kissed the top of Devon’s head through the hood that covered him from everyone’s view. He held his son, although he was securely strapped onto his chest, while Luciel carried Lucien, who tended to be fussier. The soft grey hood on Davariel’s own head covered him well, but he was still nervous. The thought of what would happen if anyone were to gaze upon him made him tremble in fear.

He remembered as a child accompanying the High Priestess, Alya, to the market one sunny day on Seraphia. He was just a tiny chickling, about three sun orbits old. Most Seraphs just smiled at him indulgently and always commented on what a beautiful child he was to the High Priestess who took care of him. That day, unlike others, she took him to the intergalactic market festival so he could see the different types of aliens that visited them regularly.

He recalled how excited he felt as they neared the market festival, his tiny, downy wings fluttering anxiously behind him as he skipped by Alya’s side, giggling in joy.

All eyes turned to stare at him in bewilderment. Everything began to grow silent as they passed stalls of wares, exotic foods, and animals. An orange-skinned Chidadent male scooped him up, without asking the High Priestess Alya’s permission. He hugged Davariel painfully hard, nuzzling his neck as he exclaimed over the child’s beauty. Another alien, this one a white haired Mer, gripped Dava’s pale-gold, corkscrew baby-curls, and begged the Chidident to allow him to hold him. A female Grei tried to pry Davariel from the Chidident, who didn’t seem to want to relinquish the baby to anyone. Alya, who had already unsheathed her sword, tried to regain poor Davariel in desperation. The people almost rioted when he began to cry from fear and pain as they tussled over him.

Alya took to the air, carrying the Chidident. Several other reapers helped her tear a sobbing Davariel from the aggressive orange-hued alien, then they watched in horror as the mob that had been inside the grounds of the market festival began heading toward the holy city of Angelos almost as fast as they flew there. Reapers scrambled to shut the city gates as Alya flew directly to the balcony of Davariel’s bedroom in the castle.

Luciel’s hand caressing his cheek brought him out of his reverie.

Her voice was like a kiss in his mind. Everything will be fine, baby.

He nodded at her, not daring to look up lest his hood fall back.

The cloak covered him fully. It was soft, comfortable, and cool. Still, he wondered when he’d be able to shed the layers of clothing he wore, feeling imprisoned in so much fabric. As a chickling, all he had worn was a little black thong-like garment that covered his loins. When he grew into a fledgling reaper, he wore a soctanal, which was nothing more than a black, satiny loincloth, with a gleaming gold band low on his hips holding it in place. Gold sandals, held on his feet with thin string-like ties that wrapped around his legs, completed the scanty attire. Then, as dark prince, he’d worn nothing at all…ever.

He wondered how much attention they were getting right now with their strange little entourage. The two dragons in human form had accompanied them, along with Drakken, the vampire, and one of the reapers, called Eriel. Remuel alone was enough to draw bewildered stares with his mane of blood-red hair and bright green eyes. He was loud and crazy as well, always getting on one of the were-tigri’s nerves. Already Davariel and some of the reapers had to intercept a bloody fistfight between the dragon and the white tiger named Seshmel. Remuel had even managed to irk the vampire that had escorted them to Sjoria. He’d caught Drakken staring murderously at the red-haired weredragon, and warned him not to consider his obnoxious dragon friend a tasty meal. The vampire had only regarded him with cold, glittering black eyes and said he wouldn’t make any promises.

The vampire’s hand gripped his elbow and guided him through the lobby of the seaside castle. All he could see was an opulent rug that cushioned his steps as he walked through a passageway that sounded cavernous. In the air was the scent of ocean breeze and aged stone.

“You can look up now. There’s no one around.” Drakken’s deep lulling voice said near his ear.

Davariel looked up into glittering obsidian eyes in a striking countenance framed by a lush fall of jet-black corkscrew curls. Drakken smiled at him in his usual seductive demeanor, until Remuel came up behind them and wrapped both arms around their necks in an enthusiastic manner that had the vampire growling in irritation.

“This place is over the top luxurious. Did you see the bosoms of the receptionists?”

Davariel barely registered the rest of Remuel’s words. The dragon’s scent wrapped around him, a scent he hadn’t noticed before. It made his entire body vibrate, his fangs tingle and his mouth salivate. He also grew erect.

“Remuel, your scent,” Davariel gasped grabbing the shocked were-dragon. He buried his nose in Remuel’s neck. “You smell of…sex.”

“You pig,” Zakreel laughed coming up next to them. “I told you to bathe before we left Earth.”

“My love, what’s going on?”

Luciel’s voice sounded far off as Davariel drowned himself in the dragon’s pleasant scent. He inhaled deeply, a strange energy filling him. He wanted more—needed more.

Only when Devon began to cry did he react. As if awakening from some trance, he sprang away from Remuel, who’d been struggling to disengage himself from his grip. The were-dragon stumbled back into Zakreel’s arms staring at Dava as if he’d lost his mind. Davariel frowned in confusion. What in Hades name had come over him? He caressed his son reassuringly, not wanting to look at anyone. He felt like an ass.

“I-I’m sorry. I don’t know what the hell came over me.”

Luciel came over to him. “Oh, my God, Dava. You’re burning up,” she exclaimed feeling his face.

He did feel warm, but thought it was due to his embarrassment.

“Let’s get to our rooms before someone sees us,” Drakken suggested. “And you . . .” he turned to look pointedly at Remuel, who was still leaning against Zakreel with his mouth open. “Stay away from Davariel.”

“B-but why? I don’t understand.” Remuel sniffed at his blood-red locks, then his forearm. “I did bathe.”

Behind him, Zakreel and Eriel chuckled.


When they arrived at their rooms, Davariel claimed he felt tired, which was nothing new, but now Luciel began to wonder at his constant sleepiness. At first she had thought it was from the traumatic ordeal his body had gone through, now with his strange fever and peculiar behavior she was beginning to wonder if it were something much more serious.

“Dava, do you feel ill?” She asked helping him unbind the baby from his chest. Drakken took Devon, and began to baby talk to him.

“I don’t get sick, Luci,” he sighed, continuing to remove the rest of his clothing, not caring that Drakken was still present.

Was it her imagination, or did Davariel’s body look even more muscular? As he passed before the balcony doors of their room to the massive canopied bed, the sunlight caught in his hair and she realized that it had more white-gold streaks in it and the ends were curling in striking loose spiral curls that almost completely covered his taut backside. Stars above. He was becoming even more spectacular. What did it all mean?

Davariel was asleep by the time his head touched the plump pillows. He lay on his stomach, gloriously naked with his legs slightly open. Luciel’s mouth watered at the sight of his upturned ass partially covered by his beautiful blond hair.

“He’s coming of age,” Drakken said in his hypnotic voice.

Luciel groaned in misery. “Drakken, please tell me. Is Dava a child?”

The vampire chuckled making her glare at him. “And if he were, don’t you think it’s a little too late to repent your having…lain with him?” Drakken’s well-shaped brow drew up as he rocked Devon in his arms pointedly.

Luciel turned back to gaze once more at Davariel as he slept on the enormous bed dressed in gold colored coverings and plush pillows. Just looking at him made her ache for him. Again, she groaned in misery.

“Fear not, my lovely Luciel.” The vampire’s voice was like a cool caress against her neck, making her jump in surprise. He moved so fast she never knew where he was going to pop up. Good thing he was a fellow Master Guardian and archangel otherwise she’d have impaled him with her sword at his suggestive advances. “As a Seraphian male, he’s quite of age, just a bit young.”

“How young?”

“In your Earth years he would be analogous to a nineteen year old.” When she covered her face in despair, he continued, “He’s not Earth-born, Luci. He’s Seraphian, fully adult, not some simpering teenage boy. Your sons carry his blood and grow in a similar fashion like him. Before they reach their first year, they will have grown to the size of an Edenian three year old. Their growth spurt almost stops there and they continue to grow normally after that, like any other Edenian until they’re twenty. After that the aging process literally stops”

Luciel looked at baby Lucien with a frown. They were going to grow faster than normal? She didn’t like that.

“Seraphs reach adolescence and teen-hood like any other Edenian, and are even capable of sexual activity.” He let his tongue trace Luci’s ear. She flinched away and glared at his smiling face, as he continued, “Though that doesn’t usually happen until they shed their first layer of baby feathers. When they’re about two hundred years old, they go into full sexual bloom, growing their adult plumage and feeling the full stirrings of desire for the first time.” Drakken continued to circle behind her and sniff at her hair and neck, making her bristle. He laughed at her irritation and kissed her temple. “Davariel is growing weak. He needs to feed… like me.”

“What?” Luciel spun around making Lucien, who was still in her arms, cry in fright. Dismayed at having scared her baby, she pulled her tunic aside and offered him her breast to soothe him. “There-there, my sweet baby. Mommy’s sorry,” she cooed at him as he latched on, blinking tear-filled blue eyes at her. He sniffled a few times, his chin trembling, then forgot about the displeasing episode altogether as he began to nurse eagerly. Luciel stared daggers at the vampire, who was leering openly at her bared breast. She didn’t need to read his mind to know he was dreaming of sinking his fangs into her other breast to sip from her as well. “Explain yourself,” she snapped.

He batted his silky black lashes at her with a mischievous smile that reminded her of Davariel’s. “Davariel’s cambion nature is beginning to manifest itself. As a child, he continuously over-fed on the projected energy from the millions that came to adore him on Seraphia. Then as dark prince, he fed off the plentiful orgies that took place amongst the devils and demons on Megdoluc. Since his rescue, your sexual desire is the only thing that has sustained him. The intake of energy is vastly different from what he’s accustomed. It’s like…using your crude Edenian term…like a junkie needing his usual fix.” Sharp, white fangs flashed briefly when he said fix, reminding her how deadly the enigmatic dark beauty was.

“Is that why he’s always so tired all the time…and the fever he has now?”

“The fever is only due to his going into his adult cambion phase. Once he completes that phase, he’ll draw his energy from erotic dreams versus actual sexual contact. I must warn you that his carnal appetites will become even more voracious than they are now.”

Luciel’s eyes widened at that. “Are you shitting me,” she scoffed, reverting to her New York City street language?

“I shit you not,” Drakken mimicked in his soft lulling voice, brows raised.

Again, she turned to the stunning sight of Davariel’s naked body sprawled out on the bed as he slept. He looked like an ethereal angel from heaven.

“What happens if he doesn’t get his usual…fix?”

When Drakken remained silent, she turned to face him. All playfulness had gone from his demeanor when he answered, “Then, like me, he falls into a deep sleep and turns to stone.”

Lucien must have felt the intense wave of anxiety that tore through his mother because he began to wail without consolation. Even Devon began to fuss in the vampire’s arms. She rocked the baby, trying to soothe him, turning to Drakken. “What must I do? Please. I can’t bear to think of life without him.”

“He needs to feed, Luci,” the vampire answered simply.


Not willing to remain at the castle resort any longer than necessary, Luciel purchased an immense glass and steel dwelling on a hilltop overlooking one of Sjoria’s tropical oceans.

They used a hover cruiser and traveled miles from civilization to reach the secluded home.

The hover cruiser flew through dense rain forests, splotched with colorful foliage. She saw through the windows of the craft a few exotic birds with strange bright plumage fluttering in the trees. They went over rolling hills, within the glass transportation tube, and past rocky cliffs that had lush waterfalls. It was paradise.

Too bad Davariel wasn’t conscious to enjoy the view with her.

It worried her that he slept against her shoulder the whole way. All he did was sleep, eat at her insistence, and make love to her… and that he would do for hours on end, leaving her barely conscious.

Maybe that was it. They were screwing each other to death. She barely had any strength herself, between feeding the voracious twins and satisfying their father’s insatiable sexual appetite. It was a miracle she wasn’t comatose.

Then, there were the bizarre dreams. Drakken had warned he’d start feeding there too.

The one she’d had the previous night had her pressing her thighs together and sighing as she felt herself grow slick with arousal. She dreamt she had a cock.

Davariel had gotten down on hands and knees before her and begged her to fuck him again. And she had. He’d tilted up his ass and taken her deep, moaning and arching his back as she rode him hard. His blond hair swept back and forth on the floor, her breasts bouncing with every thrust she used to fuck her man. She’d come so hard, she thought she’d die.

Davariel’s teeth nipping her earlobe startled her out of her daydream.

“Are you having naughty thoughts about me, pretty girl?” Those electric-blue eyes had her drowning in their intensity.

“Reading my mind again, huh,” she smirked.

He closed his eyes again, his nostrils flared. “No, my love. I can smell how wet you are.”

“Aw, have mercy already. Do you two ever take a break,” Remuel moaned adjusting his crotch. “I implore you not to start fucking again in front of me. Not fair.”

Luciel felt her cheeks burn, remembering the episode on the balcony in their room. Davariel had power bound Remuel in the chaise lounge next to them as he seduced Luciel before the red haired dragon-shifter. She still couldn’t believe she’d let Dava take her in front of Remuel. Poor Remu had come in his pants unable to help himself.

Davariel’s chuckle was mischievous, holding Remuel’s glittering green gaze as his hand snaked between Luci’s legs.

“Dava, no.” She clamped her thighs shut. She still wasn’t used to such public displays of intimacy.

Aside from Remuel, Zakreel sat wide eyed before them next to Eriel, who had a wicked smile on his countenance. Behind them, she heard the rest of the outcast reapers snickering.

She realized all reapers were perverted, especially her Dava. Their imposed celibacy had probably been a necessity in ancient times to keep them from fucking the entire universe. Most of them were bisexual, not caring who they slept with. Like Eriel, who loved to entice Davariel when he thought she wasn’t looking, and then would turn around to blatantly flirt with her.

At the front of the cruiser were the weretigris and in the rear were the werewolves. Drakken had spent the night with a female and would be arriving later in the evening. His skin was sensitive to sunlight.

They arrived at the sparkling masterpiece of glass and metal, but as soon as the doors to the cruiser opened, the dragons, reapers and Davariel ran out shouting in joy at the sight of the beautiful ocean. Clothing began flying everywhere as nine males divested themselves of their garb and raced to the edge of the water down the steep hill.

The reapers took flight and arrived first, diving into the rough surf, followed by Remuel and Zakreel who morphed into dragon form and soared into the surging water. Davariel lagged behind, running on his two long legs, the bright sunlight turning his gleaming hair almost white. Eriel circled back when he remembered Davariel couldn’t fly, and then swooped him up by his arms.

Luciel watched in horror, as Eriel flew straight into an enormous wave. She heard the smack of Davariel’s body as Eriel slammed him into the wall of water. They both disappeared within the surging tide.

“Son-of-a-bitch. That stupid imbecile,” she shrieked yanking her hair and already imagining Dava with a broken neck or back from the hard impact of the wave.

Cursing, she concentrated on his life force and found it still tangled up with Eriel’s. In desperation, she teleported both back to her.

Davariel floundered at her feet, unharmed but disorientated.


She pulled him up, yanking him away from Eriel, who still clung to him, and tried to sense if he was hurt. He looked at her askance, dripping wet.

“Why’d you pull us out?” Eriel protested.

“You little shithead.” She rounded on Eriel, furious. “I was only trying to pull Dava out. If you wouldn’t have been so busy try to weasel your way into his ass, you’d still be in the water.”

The dark haired reaper flinched and instinctively hid his erect cock in guilt, his eyes round with fear.

Davariel gripped her shoulders before she ripped Eriel’s head off.

“Don’t you ever do that again,” she shrieked, shaking.

Behind her, Davariel gaped at Eriel. He covered his mouth to stifle the overwhelming urge to burst out laughing. She’d slapped the hell out of him the last time he laughed in the face of her anger. He was not getting himself—what was that Edenian phrase again? Oh, yes—’bitch slapped’ again.

“Oh, come-on.” Eriel stood, his dark brows drawing over his grey eyes.

Davariel gasped in shock at Eriel. If the reaper had any sense, he should shut up. Dava tried to signal for him to zip his maw, but the fool just continued to yap away.

“You treat him as though he were made of glass. Boo-hoo. Poor little Davariel—yeeeooow.”

Davariel cringed as his woman grabbed one of Eriel’s nipples and twisted, bringing the seven-foot black-winged reaper to his knees.

“Listen, you little scuz-ball, I’ve got better things to do than spend my time repairing all the damage you black winged morons like to inflict on Dava out of boredom. Also, I really don’t appreciate you trying to screw my man. Do you understand me, Eriel of Angelos?”

“Yes-yes. Please. You’re hurting my little teet.” He cried like a girl.

She let his nipple go, leaving it drawn and pink. He rubbed at it, shrinking away from her with a pout.

“The next time, I will telepathically rip every last feather from your pretty wings.”

Eriel’s color drained away. Davariel knew Eriel was already familiar with the horrors of that particular punishment. It had been his penalty after losing his virginity in a drunken stupor to a visiting alien on Seraphia. He’d told Dava he couldn’t help himself. The blue girl had four breasts and made him lose his common sense.

“My love, Eriel didn’t mean me any harm. Don’t get so riled,” Davariel intervened, hugging her.

In order to distract her, he pulled her away toward the house. Stone steps led up the hill, where they passed a sparkling pool, then a garden full of bright fragrant blooms. They entered through the wide double doors at the rear of the mansion. The were-wolf pack and the were-tigri clan also followed, keeping a discreet distance from each other.

They didn’t get along very well. The wolves would growl at the cats who would hiss in answer.

Davariel watched them as they separated once inside to investigate the various rooms in the mansion-sized dwelling. They were all in human form, and he thought it a shame they couldn’t appreciate each other’s beauty. They really were all very attractive.

“I don’t like that bad-boy smile on your sweet face,” Luciel commented dryly next to him. “What naughty perversion are you planning now?”

“Me?” He tried to look shocked, but couldn’t help laughing.

“You are such a naughty angel.” She shook her head in admonishment, trying not to smile, but failed.

Those were the words she’d spoken that morning, reminding him, he hadn’t fucked her in a few hours. His cock demanded to be fed.

He gripped her with a lusty growl, pulling her protesting to the shiny grey floor. Her squeals echoed in the grand entryway, which boasted massive vaulted ceilings with big panes of glass, giving the impression of being outside.

He froze, after ripping off her skimpy panties.

“Davariel. What is wrong with you? We’re going to be caught with our drawers down again. Dava?”

Something shiny caught his attention down the hall. He rose, pulling her up with him, her ruined panties in his free hand.

“Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Is that a mirror?” He frowned.

They walked to the left, passing the glass doors in the parlor beyond the entryway. There was a wide corridor that led past an ultra-modern, food preparation gallery into a round, tower-like, glass breakfast area and finally into a vast gathering hall. Here, too, were ceiling to floor panes of glass that looked out to the ocean. There was a colossal fireplace on the facing wall when one entered. It had a mirror over its mantle that went up about sixty-feet to the vaulted ceiling. The mirror reflected the second and third levels of the house.

A mated couple from the wolf pack looked down, before continuing their exploration of their new home. They had a one-year-old daughter named Anniel, who loved touching the twins saying pwitty baby.

Davariel stared at the mammoth mirror, feeling apprehension. He didn’t like mirrors knowing how easy it was for demons and devils to travel through them. He’d had the ones in their room back at the Edenian were-tigri compound removed for the same reason. This one was going too—as soon as possible.

“Baby?” Her fingers threaded through his wet hair.

He turned and wrapped her in his arms. “Don’t mind me, my love. Have I told you that I love you today?”

“Only about a thousand times.” He felt her smile into his chest. “I love you too, Davariel.” He closed his eyes to revel in those words. “That love is only rivaled by the love I feel for Devon and Lucien.”

He chuckled. “I don’t mind sharing your heart with those two little gluttons—as long as they get their own mates when they’re old enough to fuck.”

“Dava,” she looked at him in shock.

He only chuckled. “Where were we, my love?” He growled as his hand lifted the loose colorful caftan she wore and grabbed her cute little ass. “Ah, yes… I was going to fuck you within an inch of your life.”

She gasped, trying to resist him. It only incited him further. It was a game they played. One he enjoyed immensely.

He pulled her hard against his chest as his hands squeezed her rear. She wiggled against him, feigning to struggle.

“Tell me, woman… your pussy or your mouth?” He nipped her neck, grinding his rigid length against her.

“No.” She opened her mouth to say more, but he shoved his tongue into it.

He kissed her, biting at her lips and thrusting his tongue into her mouth, forcing her to the floor with his superior strength. Breaking the kiss, he turned her over on her stomach. He licked his fingers and probed her anal star. He felt her flinch.

“My love, let me have you here.”

Her wide blue eyes peered at him over her shoulder. “With that twelve inch anti-matter canon? Are you out of mind?”

He chuckled at her strange way of speaking. “It won’t hurt, baby. I promise.”

“Yeah, right.”

She obviously didn’t believe him. Smart girl. “Then I’ll kiss it and make it better.” He gripped her waist and began rubbing against her. He could see the apprehension in her eyes. Davariel knew he could give her pleasure, but she was too frightened to let him. He was just going to have to show her there was nothing to fear.

Davariel awakened amidst a sea of limbs and naked bodies. He felt dizzy, as if he’d had too much to drink. What the hell happened? Everyone around him was unconscious…including Luciel. He struggled to sit up, holding her so that she didn’t fall to the floor. She was lying on his chest. Remuel was lying with his head on her stomach. Snippets of memory came to him, until he finally remembered….

His heart beat loudly as he hugged Luciel to himself. I did this.

He remembered the words from the entity that held him in the dream…I’m a succubus. You, my son, are a cambion.

“I’m a monster.”

Fear curled in the pit of his stomach. He’d been making love to Luci and then he’d just…lost all control. He noticed tigers and wolves laying over each other. Even the reapers were unconscious. Everyone was going to be extremely angry with him.

Crying drew his attention. He scrambled to his feet, scooping Luciel’s sleeping form in his arms and hurried to find his sons.

He found them alone in their nursery.

Luciel had this room prepared for the arrival of the twins. Plush cream carpeting covered the entire floor. There was only one solid wall and it had the holographic image of realistic moving billowy clouds on it. The rest of the walls were glass. The room had cream-colored drapes that were slightly open allowing a bit of the bright sun into the room. Hundreds of toys lined low shelves and in the very center of the room were two round cribs made of brushed silver steel and glass.

Devon and Lucien fussed, their little arms and legs flailing. Already, he noticed Devon trying to turn over. Lucien had part of a pillow stuffed into his mouth as he tried in vain to suck thinking it was his mommy’s breast. His blond son was getting red-faced and riled.

Davariel placed Luciel on a plush couch, then rushed to his baby boys.

He took Lucien first, because the baby was more demanding than Devon, and hurried to Luciel. Half way there he gasped in shock when little Luke latched onto his nipple.

“Ow. Sorry to tell you this, little one, but there’s no milk in there. Wow. You suck hard.”

Lucien’s piercing cry rang throughout the room when his vigorous sucking produced no satisfying milk.

“Don’t cry, my baby boy. Here…here’s mommy’s teet for you.”

Davariel placed Lucien at Luciel’s breast, hoping she didn’t have to be conscious for the milk to flow. Sniffling loudly, the baby latched on. He suckled for a few seconds, but had worked himself into such an anxious state he continued to cry without consolation.

Davariel kissed his downy head and stroked his quivering little body trying to soothe him. In a soft lulling voice, he began to sing a lullaby he’d heard the dragons sing to them.

Lucien calmed down and nursed with a tremulous sigh.

Davariel turned to look at Devon, knowing that he should be nursing too. The baby had managed to turn over and bobbed his head trying to keep it raised. The glowing blue eyes seemed to be searching for something. Was he looking for his twin? His rosy lips began to pout as he sniffled. Soon Devon was crying heartbroken.

Davariel’s own heart twisted in agony. They would suffer if separated. If anything were to happen to Luciel and him…they could not remain together until they were older. It was the only way they would be safe.

Bowing his head, he cursed himself. He’d brought two innocents into this realm carrying his cursed blood. Now they would suffer because of it…because of their father.

What have I done?

Luciel heard a beautiful masculine voice singing.

“. . . Waiting for the winter sun…and the cold light of day….”

She stirred, feeling disorientated. The last thing she recalled was…Davariel and Remuel kissing each other—Holy crap. Dava made Remu go down on me. They both made me c…. She gasped and clamped her thighs tight with a moan. Drakken was right. Davariel was losing control more and more to sate his hunger.

“I throw myself into the sea…release the wave…let it wash over me . . .”

Again, the singing drew her attention. Blinking open her eyes, she discovered herself naked on the cream-colored couch in the twins nursery. One of the balcony’s glass panes was open, making the billowy cream curtains dance delicately with the tropical ocean breeze.

“. . . to face the fear…I once believed…the tears of the dragon…for you and for me.”

She rose, wondering if this was another one of Davariel’s projected dreams, and drifted dazed to the open balcony.

The sight took her breath away.

Davariel sat reclined on a lounger. His hair draped over the back of the chair and moved like the silken curtains in the breeze. His sinewy body was relaxed, naked except for the large pillow covering his loins, upon which he’d reclined the babies’ plump little bodies. They were also naked, moving their chubby legs and smiling up in adoration into their father’s face.

He stopped singing and turned his head to her. She almost wanted to cry, fall to her knees and beg him to continue.

She bit her tongue instead, knowing his ability to enthrall made him uncomfortable. Still, he regarded her with those big, brilliant, blue irises. They barely glowed anymore, revealing how beautiful and rare the original color was; a shock of vibrant blue surrounded by a dark ring.

“Trying to get the boys used to your nudist ways, eh?”

His lips kicked up in a lazy smile. “They don’t like clothes either. Look how happy and free they seem now.” He gripped two little ankles and brought his head down to kiss their pudgy feet. They gurgled in delight, flailing tiny fists. “My love, you’re too far away. Come join us.”

She’d barely finished snuggling up to him when he began devouring her mouth.

“Davariel, the babes.”

“The babes will delight in seeing how much their parents love each other,” he groaned against her lips. “Luci, my Luci…I love you so much it hurts.”

“Oh, Dava….”

She let him kiss her, but then he stiffened and looked down.

Luciel covered her mouth trying to stifle her guffaw. Two little streams wet his muscled belly. The babies squealed in delight at their shocked father. “Oh, yeah. They definitely look free and happy now, Dava. Let’s just hope they don’t free anything else.”

Later, that evening, Drakken returned to find Davariel trying to apologize and convince everyone to gather for dinner.

The vampire didn’t ask anything, only watched in amusement. From what little he heard, it seemed as though he’d missed out on an exquisite orgy. Davariel’s cambion abilities were already manifesting themselves.

“You needed to feed, Davariel. You don’t see them begging their food for forgiveness when they eat,” he finally drawled.

“They’re my friends, not food,” Davariel answered, annoyed.

Drakken laughed. He remembered an Edenian cartoon about fish that said a similar thing. “Okay, Nemo, I gottcha.”

“Now you’re talking weird like Luci.” Davariel screwed up his face in a confused grimace.

Drakken drifted to him, stopping a breath away from his lips. He sniffed at the cambion, rolling his eyes. “Your blood becomes cleaner of the evil that polluted it. You smell like…love, Davariel. I want a sip.” He dipped his head and tasted Davariel’s lips. The golden beauty tasted of chocolate, champagne…and lust in its purest essence. Drakken shuddered, feeling his fangs elongate.

“Haven’t you indulged enough, vampire?”

Drakken ceased licking across Davariel’s lush lips at the angry sound of Luciel’s voice behind them. He frowned at her for interrupting his snack. “Do you ever tire of Davariel making love to you?”

Davariel snickered.

“How could you compare-” she began.

“Because, for me feeding is more pleasurable than sex,” Drakken interjected. “Even Davariel feels more alive when he feeds from the sexual energy generated by others around him. Sex is just an appetizer.”

Davariel snorted this time. When they both looked at him in irritation, he merely replied in Luciel’s Edenian jargon, “not.”


Luciel knew Davariel needed to feed this way as he came of age for a cambion, but seeing how he let others touch him so intimately made her feel jealous.

There were other problems arising as well. Seraphia’s new high priest knew where they were. Ashriel had requested to meet with her in the Master Guardians’ space station orbiting Sjoria.

She’d heard he was young, but she hadn’t expected a boy as young as Abdiel. Ashriel was very impressive, though. Already, he towered over Luciel by at least a foot, and his body was more muscular than Dava’s.

Luciel gave him a curt nod when she finally met him. The reaper looked like he never smiled, his handsome face wearing a perpetual scowl.

He folded his meaty arms over his chest, regarding her with keen, silver eyes. “How is Davariel?”

“In good health. Thank you.” She kept her tone as cold and impersonal as his.

“And his spawn?”

Luciel gritted her teeth, reminding herself that different species of humanoids used different mannerisms of speech. “Our babies are fine.”

Finally, Luciel saw emotion flash in the reaper’s face. His eyes went as round as his mouth, and his wings folded straight back, as if praying. “Babies? Davariel has fathered a brood of demons?”

Luciel clenched her fists. “My babies are not demons.”

Ashriel went back to scowling. “Davariel’s blood was still tainted when he mated you.”

The way he said mated made her feel dirty, like a whore. “He was changing. His blood wasn’t black anymore. It was red.”

Ashriel took a deep breath, his eyes narrowing to tiny slits. “And what color of blood do your babies carry?”

Luciel summoned her divine sword. “What does it matter? They’re just babies. I believe they’re entitled to free will because they carry my blood as well.”

“You can’t protect them forever, Luciel. I’ll be watching…closely…always. If one of them so much as goes near any of the portals to hell….”

“Don’t” Luciel’s words hissed through clenched teeth “threaten my boys.”

“How many are there?”

“They’re twins.”



Ashriel buried his face in his hands and fell to his knees. “God, no. It isn’t over yet then.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Ashriel’s head snapped back up. “Sit, because this is going to take a long time to explain, Master Guardian.”


At dinnertime, everyone made their appearance, subdued. The only ones that laughed and chatted as if nothing happened were the reapers…of course. They had no decency.

Luciel did note, however, that the wolves no longer growled at the tigers and the latter no longer hissed whenever their hands happened to touch when reaching for something on the table.

Davariel’s eyes glittered with happiness as he surveyed everyone around him. He practically glowed, looking more stunning than ever before.

She couldn’t help staring at him. He was an angel. A real one…and he didn’t even realize it…didn’t remember fully. According to Ashriel, two more were missing. Their essences were either within one of the babes, or locked away somewhere else, lost.

God had created seven angels of love; he called them his Alpha angels. Lucifer had become jealous of them and cast them down into this realm.

The first one, the youngest of the seven, he’d turned into a horrible beast, with the head and tail of a lion, the horns and body of an ox, the talons and wings of an eagle, and thousands of eyes covering her deformed body. He then tossed her far, on the very outskirts of creation, alone.

The second angel, one of the stronger ones, had sprouted wings as she fell, trying to fly back up to heaven, but she fell upon a planet and shattered her new body. A kind-hearted humanoid tended to her until she grew strong again. Instead of leaving, she chose to remain because she’d fallen in love with the man. She became the mother of the Seraphian race.

Lucifer tried to seduce the third angel. When she refused his advances, he tossed her into this realm also, cursing her to become a slave to sex by turning her into a succubus.

As she fell, the last four angels saw what happened and confronted Lucifer. He pretended that it had all been an accident and pitched a golden rope down to save her. When the last four angels began pulling their sister up, Lucifer got behind them with the excuse that he was going to tether the rope to a column. What he did was finish pushing the last four into the portal to this realm. As the five angels hurtled down, they began crashing into each other. Since they still had no physical form, their essences combined into one, and finished trapped inside the angel turned succubus.

Davariel was born of her, and, as such, one or both of her babies was an angel in disguise. And one of those missing angels would be the one to set Lucifer free—an angel, with stars for eyes and hair of gold.

That night Davariel wore some of the clothing she had purchased for him; a loose fitting tunic with billowy sleeves that fit tight on his forearms. The tunic had a deep v cut exposing his sun-kissed chest. His blond hair poured like molten gold over his broad shoulders, past his trim waist, the candlelight making the abundant white streaks in it shimmer like silver. He wore a pair of black pants that molded to his lean hips and long sinewy legs like a dream. Knee-high boots finished the look, making him look rakish and sexy as hell.

Luciel watched as he gazed at everyone, his eyes brimming with love…for all of them. This was his true nature. He was an angel of love, after all. He turned his gaze to her and his eyes smoldered. The love he felt for her was special, more intense. He smiled.

After a while, the shyness seemed to evaporate and laughter drifted into the night air, perfumed with the lush flowers that grew beyond the balconies around the glass and steel mansion. The open glass panes in the dining room let in the ocean breeze and she activated the sound system to play soothing music for their entertainment.

Remuel retrieved a few bottles of liquor and soon everyone was pawing at each other again…this time without Davariel’s intervention.

The heightened sensual tension affected Davariel the same way a bleeding wound would affect Drakken. Davariel panted as he watched two male wolves converge on a female weretigri. One fused his mouth to hers and the other slid his hand up her skirt to finger her. She moaned and opened her legs, allowing the male to play with her wet cunt, clearly visible to all since she wore no panties under her short skirt. Two of the reapers chuckled and began kissing, their hands stroking each other’s straining erections. Luciel watched, mesmerized as one of the female wolves undid the ties to their pants, letting their cocks spring out. The girl grabbed both cocks and began licking and sucking each one into her hungry mouth. Both reapers caressed her hair and cheeks, thrusting into her lips as she devoured them.

The feel of her dress tearing had Luciel looking down at herself. Davariel was growling, his tongue lapping at her nipples as he finished tearing her dress off. Pushing her down into the cushions of the sofa they occupied, he crawled up her body and presented her with his cock. Luciel groaned taking his flesh into her mouth, hungry for the taste of it. Her angel moved above her with his beautiful grace, body undulating in an erotic dance as he fucked her mouth with smooth deep strokes.

“Lick her,” he growled, making her frown until she felt the distinct feel of a tongue sliding up her slit. She would have cried out in passion, but Dava chose that moment to push his prick deeper into her throat.

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