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The response to my first story has been overwhelmingly positive. I cannot begin to say how grateful I am for the all of the support I received by so many people. At the time of my writing this, it received over 11,000 views, nearly 60 votes with a ranking of 4.41. My great hope is that you enjoy this story as much, if not more than, my first.

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As a final note, in my fantasy world men aren’t afraid to show off their bodies or wear clothes that accentuate their assets. The world has long since accepted this; rarely are boxers and board shorts ever worn.




After spending most of the afternoon with my Dad at the Pines Motel, I was finally dressed and on my way to the boat. Given the state of my suit and dress shirt, I had changed into gym clothes. My cover story was that after the interview, I had gone to the gym and worked out not realizing what time it was.

I watched the upscale shops and old oak trees sweep by me as I gunned the engine towards the marina on the north shore. The boulevard was light with traffic, and I let the jeep chew up the road. Thinking about Lorenzo, I had to smile. While part of me was happy for my mother in finding a guy like Lorenzo, I was completely jealous. There was nothing I could do to stop myself from crushing on him.

They met while my mother was vacationing in Italy, and when her time there ended; Lorenzo came back with her. While most women would leave their foreign affair overseas; bringing Lorenzo home extended her adventure. She brought him home like you might bring home a pair of Prada loafers, or some Murano glass. It’s not that I thought she didn’t care for him, but it wasn’t love. Recently divorced from her second husband, I thought a boyfriend would be the farthest thing from her mind.

Lorenzo’s youth and virility were clearly central to the relationship, but I think she was equally charmed by the mental and social stimulation he provided; everyone was, and I was no exception. The youngest son of an aristocratic family, he was the artistic type.

While appreciative of her gifts, he had always known and experienced luxury so he wasn’t flabbergasted by her extravagant lifestyle. Lorenzo indulged with her, as her equal, and sometimes exposed her to new delights she hadn’t yet discovered.

When I first saw Lorenzo, I was hooked. I hadn’t thought much about my attraction to men before, thinking maybe it was a phase. Even though my first time wasn’t with him, seeing Lorenzo, I knew. I would always be a sucker for a gorgeous man.


After graduating from boarding school, Mom was taking me to dinner with her new boyfriend at the Marina. It was a really beautiful May night, warm enough to wear short sleeves, but breezy enough for light pants.

On our way to the hostess station to announce our arrival, we passed the bar. With a casual stance, this tall blond adonis with broad shoulders tapering to a slim waist, took my breath away. Dressed in a crisp blue linen button down, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and the top two buttons open, his naturally light tan skin was accented subtly. The whitest trousers I have ever seen graced his thighs, hinting at a firm bubble butt and a prominent bulge. When his light green eyes met my hazel ones, I could have creamed my briefs.

“Lorenzo! Ciao Bello!” My mother suddenly called out at my shoulder.

With a wave, my steamy wet dream crossed the room, a twinkle in his eyes. Kissing my mother romantically, he turned and held out his hand to me.

“You must be Rod, it’s so good to finally put a face to the legend!” Lorenzo’s voice seemed to caress and stroke every syllable as it left his mouth. The kind of voice that could recite the phone book and be absolutely captivating.

I hadn’t blushed since I was a kid. Yet with Lorenzo, I was always blushing. It started that night when he teased me about all the things my mother had told him about me. It wasn’t mean or anything, just him being playful. That was just the kind of person he was. He had a charming mischievous streak that was tempered by a warm attentiveness. It seemed to me that Lorenzo sought not only to enjoy his own life, but to see the people around him enjoy theirs as well.


Finally, I was parking the jeep and noticed my phone buzzing beside me. I picked it up and read a text from my mother.

MOM: Have a migraine. Enjoy some ‘male bonding’ with Lorenzo. He picked you up some things in case you forgot to bring a bag. CU tomorrow.

I totally forgot that tonight we were supposed to spend the night aboard the “Toy,” and felt like a total jack-ass that my mother and her boyfriend already figured I’d forget and planned accordingly.

Sighing, I got out of the jeep and threaded my way through the cars in the parking lot, and showed my ID to the security guard on duty. Walking along the docks, I spotted the luxurious sailing yacht the Toy, and caught her skipper stretching. Lorenzo was dressed in a pair of high cut, but loose red shorts with a clingy white polo over it. Facing away from me, I loved how his stretch was causing his taut but bubbly ass to strain against the material. As I got closer, he turned towards me more. The hem of his shirt rode up, revealing his lower abs and his sexy adonis belt. The late afternoon sun was backlighting him, suffusing his sun-kissed skin with a sultry glow. The sight of him like this caused my prick to twitch in my black nylon basketball shorts.

I walked slowly to enjoy the view as long as possible, but the stretch finished all too soon. Seeing me, he raised a hand in greeting. As I came closer, Lorenzo called out to me.

“Ciao, Rod! You made it.” His genuine smile was sweet and warm.

“Wouldn’t miss it.” I smiled nervously at him.

“I see it’s good I picked you up some things, you forgot our excursion was an overnight, yes?” Lorenzo’s eyes shimmered with playful mirth.

After I stepped aboard, Lorenzo pulled me into a “man hug” complete with the hand shaking and the back slapping. Pulling back he looked at me over the rims of his tortoiseshell sunglasses and smiled appreciatively at me.

“Go below and change, I will get us past the breakwater.”


Lorenzo’s boat was what I would call an “old money ship” because it wasn’t the biggest or flashiest one in the marina but it was easily the nicest. What it lacked in size and outward panache, it more than made up for in the details. Below decks had three staterooms, two aft and one forward. In the center was a lounge with a fully equipped galley that was larger than most Manhattan kitchens.

With Lorenzo it was always about the details. All the wood was teak and shined to a warm golden hue. All the fabrics were an off white with pale blue stripes. The fixtures were all well crafted and of superior quality. It all felt very grand without feeling overdone.

Going down below, I went towards the bigger of the two aft staterooms and saw a note on the door saying “Wasn’t sure what you’d like so I bought extra.” Opening the door, I saw the bed covered with bags of all shapes and sizes. Letting out a chuckle, I started going through the bags.

The first bag I opened revealed some brand new Sanuk boat shoes, probably better for the ship than the ankle socks and trainers I was currently rocking. The next few bags were plain white tee shirts in a few different styles, but they were all the right size. So were a couple of pairs of shorts. Finally I got to the underwear and swimsuit bags, and had to smile. Lorenzo had bought me enough underwear and swimsuits to go on a week long cruise. To be fair, both underwear and swimsuits ran the gamut from mild to wild. But more wild than mild. The first swimsuit I pulled out was a laced up pair of blue Sauvage square cuts, the next was a distressed flag brief by Clever, the last was a racy turquoise speedo that revealed as much as it concealed. All the underwear was either bikini briefs or skimpy hip briefs.

Deciding to up the ante, I got out a pair of scissors and got busy on the shirts and shorts.


When I finally made my way up on deck, I could feel the ship smoothly tacking at a brisk clip. Using the handrail for support, I shaded my eyes and saw Lorenzo. The blonde Italian was behind the wheel, and though it was hard to tell where his eyes were looking, his slack jaw gave me a good idea.

I made my way back towards him smiling as I went. In my time below, I took the loosest of the plain white tees and had cut off the sleeves, making huge arm holes. The neckline was now a rough v shape, and I also trimmed off a bit off the bottom so it barely skimmed the top of the cut offs. When Lorenzo bought them, the shorts were on the modest side of provocative. After my scissors had done their work, they hinted more than they hid, and teased more than they tamed. I wore the Sanuks until I was able to get to my seat, at which point I got rid of them.

Sitting on the chair beside Lorenzo’s, I spread my legs out and away from us. I showed off my tan legs, highlighting the tone I worked hard to achieve. The way my legs were spread, it was clear if he were sitting opposite me he could have gotten an eyeful of what I was wearing underneath. Stretching my arms, I felt the thin cotton ride up, and hoped my mother’s boyfriend got as good view as I got earlier.

Lorenzo only smiled, regaining whatever composure he had lost. We made small talk for awhile, which caused me to relax a bit. But I also started to like the guy more as I got to know him better.

As we talked, I asked him about his art, which everyone raved about but I hadn’t seen. Lorenzo was self deprecating about his own work, saying it was a pleasure to make art, but so many others were better than him. For years, he told me, his dream had been to open a gallery.

By this point we were entering the quiet inlet that he had discovered shortly after arriving to the states. A natural sandbar kept the expanse of water clear of debris and small sharks, and the terrain that bordered it left a small sandy beach that was all but nonexistent in high tide. With practiced efficiency, Lorenzo had the sails taken in and the ship anchored just off the sandbar.

Watching him scramble across the deck, first getting us moored and then making his way towards me, I was reminded of how young he was. It was one of the harder parts of accepting their relationship, Lorenzo was at most five or six years older than me. Standing in front of me grinning, it was impossible to ignore.

“Relax, make yourself at home. I’m going to start on dinner.”

“Do you want me to help?” I asked

“No, no. It’s a small galley; I’d be all over you.” His enigimatic smirk got me blushing again.

Having made me blush, he clapped me on the shoulder with a wink, and descended belowdecks to make our dinner at sea.

As Lorenzo began to cook down in the galley, I listened as he put on some soft music. Chris Botti, I thought to myself. I moved to the foredeck, and found the deck loungers a little wet. Stretching out on the white lounger, I actually liked the cool wetness of the fabric along the skin of my legs.

Closing my eyes, I laid back and pillowed my head on one arm. Slowly drifting in and out of a doze, I thought back to the Fourth of July. Letting my right hand drift across my thigh, up over the denim of my crotch; I remembered it was scorching hot.

My mother and sister were off at the market picking up extra party stuff and charcoal, leaving Lorenzo and I alone in the house. It would be at least an hour before they came home.

A cool breeze blew across my skin, but thinking about what I saw that day had me getting warmer. My hand trailed up my body, threading its way under my shirt, pressing it up. Teasingly, I traced the edge of my left nipple.

I was emptying the dryer and folding stuff in the laundry room when I looked out on the yard. From that vantage point, I could see most of the pool and accompanying deck. Where I stood, it would be hard for anyone to see into the small room. Just glancing up, I saw Lorenzo pulling himself out of the pool.

As the afternoon sun attempted to warm my exposed skin, a salty breeze caressed it. With the crisp air hardening my nipples, I dragged one leg across the other, luxuriating in the contact. Letting out a soft sigh of pleasure, I delved deeper.

Sun kissed arms flexing as they propelled the tapering body out of the pool. Water sluicing down his back in streams before I saw his strikingly black speedo clad ass break the surface. Somehow or another, he twisted and stood gracefully. In profile, as he slowly turned, the curve of the swimsuit seemed barely able to maintain its grip of his luscious ass. Towels forgotten now, I cursed him for wearing a black swimsuit. All it did was flatten out any contours in the pouch from this distance.

Moaning in remembered frustration, I laid my head against the cushion, allowing my left hand to trail down my chest, angling for the top of the cutoffs. Squeezing harder on my sensitive nipple, I dragged my nail across it before going for my right one. My other hand wasn’t slacking off either.

As I watched, Lorenzo straddled a chaise lounger and sat with his legs spread out, a foot on either side. From my hidden view, I watched as he played with his nipples. My mother’s boyfriend let his hands slide down his perfectly tanned washboard stomach, the tips of his fingers slid under the waistband of the black speedo.

I popped the button of my cutoffs, and stroked the flesh just above the waistband that was now peeking through. Another pleasing twist on my nipple, sent an electric shock of pleasure directly to my concealed cock. Digging my fingers down under the waistband, my fingers glided through my closely shorn pubic hair.

Yearning for a better view, a closer look, I watched as my wet dream began to stroke his cock. I wished I could see more, maybe to tell if he was cut or uncut. I pretended that I could see the head of his meat, popping out of his fist on the downstrokes. Soft red lips moved, moaning out what, I couldn’t hear. The shorts I was wearing were getting tight as I watched this private show.

Extracting my hand from my cutoffs, I slowly stroked the bulge my cock was creating. Looking down I could see a wet spot forming as my precum bubbled up from the memory.

I watched as he lifted up a bottle of suntan oil and poured a copious amount into his open palm. Setting the oil aside, his dry hand slid in under the waistband of the speedo. I imagined those fingers were rolling his balls around. The oily hand was now working his meat, I couldn’t see how big his cock was, but by the way his hand gripped it, it looked thick. Thicker than me.

My hands were teasing all the right spots and I was hard and dripping. Looking behind me, I decided to take the risk. I was too horned up not to. I pushed the material aside, and poured suntan oil over the head of my big cock. As I began to work the slick, oily substance into my skin, coating my shaft, I went back to my memory.

Standing in the laundry room, I kept absentmindedly stroking my aching cock inside my cargo shorts. The sensation of the silk of my green striped boxers rubbing against my sensitive glans was intoxicating. As I watched Lorenzo work his piece, I imagined that it was his hand working my cock instead of his own.

Precum began to mix with the suntan oil making my cock extra slippery. Licking my index finger, I brought it down to my nipple. Swirling it around the rim before I firmly squeezed it between my fingers. As I did, my cock belched out more precum, adding to the mix I was stroking with.

I couldn’t help myself, I unzipped my shorts and fished my cock out of my silk boxers. Trying to think of what I could use for lube or something, I saw in amongst the stuff that just came out of the dryer was a pair of Lorenzo’s skimpy speedos. Fingering the light material, it was still warm, almost hot to the touch. They also had an almost slick feel to them, and a wet look besides in a deep blue.

As I swirled my fingers around the corona of my cock, I tightened my fist for the downstroke. Twisting them around my shaft as I rose back up, I squeezed my glans hard, pumping more precum into my fist for another tight down stroke.

Wrapping the slinky material of Lorenzo’s speedo around my cock almost got me to shoot on the spot. Turning my attention back to my wet dream outside, I pumped my cock into and through the steamy hot material. Groping myself, I imagined that that warmth was Lorenzo’s hand, no mouth engulfing me whole.

He was so close to me, Lorenzo was practically under my ass, cooking dinner. I had to be quiet. Biting down on one fist, I pumped my cock into the other one like it was an exquisitely tight mouth. I watched the head pop out of my fist over and over again, until my eyes rolled back into my head.

Lorenzo was really working his cock hard now. I could see his fist was a blur, and his other hand groped his nuts that were still teasingly hidden by the black swimsuit he wore. The way his speedo rolled over my shaft, gripping it, tangling it up in delicious silky warmth was causing my toes to curl. I wouldn’t last much longer.

My teeth almost drew blood as I bit down on my fist. I could feel my climax building in my sack. Any second, just another few strokes.

I was leaking like a faucet all over his speedo, I could feel my balls tightening up. Fuck his mouth was glorious. Watching his full lips moaning out by the pool, I couldn’t hear what he said but I imagined those full lips were wrapped around my cock right now, sucking the life right out of me.

Hearing Lorenzo assembling and plating our dinner was too much. I exploded all over my chest; great geysers of cum erupting across my abs up to my pecs.

Two car door slams signaled my mother and sister’s return. But it was like a gunshot for my nerves. Maybe Lorenzo heard it too because his whole body seized as we both began to spurt. Blowing my load into the hot speedo, saturating the material, it felt like I was marking my territory. Footsteps getting closer to the laundry room, I calmly threw the speedo into the washer with some of my clothes I was going to wash. Folded my dick back into my boxers and zipped up my shorts.

At that moment, I heard Lorenzo begin to walk up the steps from belowdecks. Hurriedly I dragged a towel across my cum coated chest, deciding I would deal with it later.

“Dinner is served!”

When I heard Lorenzo coming up the stairs behind my back; I quickly zipped up my cutoffs, and let my shirt drift back into place. I hurried to sit down, hopefully hiding the rapidly deflating, but satisfied, bulge in my shorts before he noticed.

Lorenzo came up from the galley carrying a tray laden with food and wine. Laying it across the table situated in the on deck lounge in front of the steering wheel, we sat down to eat.

Fresh focaccia, still warm from the oven, sat in a basket beside some olive oil. In front of each of us was pasta primavera with a colorful array of vegetables and beside it, thinly sliced skirt steak.

“You like beef, yes?” Lorenzo smirked at me, and I felt myself blushing.

“Yeah, I love meat!”

“Good, I have plenty more.”

For all his teasing, Lorenzo was an excellent cook, and the wine was refreshing. Although my focus wasn’t really on what I was eating, but on Lorenzo. Always Lorenzo. Fucking Lorenzo. Not much conversation intruded on the quiet eating and stolen glances. From time to time, as the boat moved, our legs would brush under the small table. Each moment of contact sent shocks of excitement and pleasure through me.

At last, Lorenzo looked up to me with a smile as our plates were largely empty. “Why don’t you go for a swim? After I get this all put away, I will come out and join you.”

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

Standing up, I moved to the the rail, and tossed my shirt to the side. For a moment I reveled in how my skin looked in the slow onset of dusk. I could feel his eyes on me but I didn’t meet them — lest I lose my wine suffused courage.

“Don’t take too long,” I said as I turned away from him. The sound of my voice was huskier than it was a moment ago.

With that, I went for broke. I unbuttoned the top button of the cut offs, and sank the zipper down. In one smooth move, I slid the frayed denim shorts down and off, bending slightly with my ass in the air. Hearing a breath taken behind me, I stood and moved to the railing. I wasn’t wearing one of the provocative swimsuits Lorenzo had picked out for me to wear.

Expecting to have been waiting for my father at the pool at the Pines Motel, I had packed my skimpiest bathing suit. Which when I left there this afternoon, I decided to wear as underwear. And decided to wear swimming this evening.

The pale yellow “aqua jock” rode low in front, the soft pouch cradled my semi hard cock and shaved balls loosely. As I adjusted the straps which framed my still milky white ass cheeks, I knew I heard a sigh. Having delayed long enough, I stepped over the rail and jumped overboard.

Plunging into the water feet first, I was happy to see the water wasn’t too deep or too shallow. Surfacing with a splash I laughed in pleasure. The feeling of the cool water sluicing across my chest and caressing my ass without fabric in between was exhilarating.


I was floating on my back, and had been for a awhile. The boat lights had come on, as the sun was easing itself down for the night. I stroked the skin above my cock, softly rubbing my hand over the material of the water jockstrap. Suddenly I heard someone clear their throat above and beside me and I looked up.

“Do you think I can still join you, or is it too late?” Lorenzo called from the side rail.

My prick plumped up at the possible double meaning to his words. Then as I looked up, I could see my mother’s Italian boyfriend, shirtless lit up by the fiery setting sun, the purple sky and the boat lights accentuating each muscular curve, until my eyes settled on his waist.

Slung low on his hips was a shimmering matte gold speedo, which glowed with the last rays of light. How his delicious ass filled out the back end of the suit was almost as exciting as the front. Even in this surreal light, I could see the bikini brief was stuffed with his genitals. The slinky material almost seemed overwhelmed by the weight of their burden.

“No, it’s not too late.” I called out.

He nodded as if I had granted him permission to more than just swimming, and I suppose I had. Lorenzo was at the rail, stepping up and smoothly diving into the water. When he surfaced, he did so behind me with a small splash. Twisting in the water, I watched as he slicked back his formerly blond, now light brown hair.

“Race you to the sandbar!” Lorenzo challenged me.

Having been on my school’s swim team, I went off instantly. My arms and legs working in tandem to propel me faster and faster to the sandy barrier. Getting in the zone, I didn’t look for or check on my competition. When my feet hit the smooth sand of the bar, I reached my hand up. With a fistful of sand, I cleared the water and saw Lorenzo just coming up now.

“I won!”

“You cheated.” Lorenzo smirked at me in the fading afternoon light.

“I did not, don’t be a sore loser.”

“Fine, fine.” Lorenzo playfully sighed in defeat.

“So what do I win?”


Lorenzo leaned in, and brushed his lips against mine, gently at first. Tentatively I slipped my tongue out, grazing his full lips that tasted of salt. When our tongues connected, he moaned deep in his throat, and pushed me down against the sand. As we kissed, he straddled me, our wet bodies sliding against each other. Finally, I brought my hands low, and lower still down his back until I could caress his exquisite ass.

Breaking the kiss, Lorenzo pulled back, looking me in the eyes and smiled. He dove in at my neck, his mouth licking at my skin, nipping at my flesh. His hands were raking up and down my chest, tickling my abs, and stroking my chest. Growling lightly against my neck, his hands reached out, searching for my arms. His warm wet hands rubbed down my shoulders, following the curves of my arms until he had my wrists pinned up at right angles.

“Flex for me…please…” Lorenzo whispered hoarsely.

Without thinking, I started to flex my biceps for my mother’s boyfriend. Swooping in, he kissed and licked my arm muscles as they moved beneath his wet tongue and seeking teeth. I was so turned on, but as he moved to the other arm, I felt cold lying there on the wet sand. I tried to hold it in, this was my fantasy coming true.

And then it happened.

My traitorous teeth began to chatter in my mouth, causing Lorenzo to stop.

“Let’s go back to the ship and get you warmed up.”


Standing on deck, dripping water where I stood, I didn’t know what to do. My fantasy felt like it was within my reach; but what if it didn’t live up to my dreams?

As I over analyzed the situation, I felt Lorenzo wrap a thick towel over my shoulders and chest. With his chin resting on my shoulder, and his arms encircling me, I felt myself tremble slightly. A shiver from the cold, or a shiver from the touch, it wasn’t entirely clear to me.

“I should have done that so much sooner. “

“But…” I started to interject.

“Shh…let me finish…okay?” I felt him kiss my neck gently, and I couldn’t think clearly anymore, let alone speak.

“There is something about you, Rod.” His whisper broke the silence “I’ve felt this magnetism to you since I saw you at the Marina bar, that first night I met you. Then I saw you on the 4th. Watching me stroke off, did you I know I could see you?”

I began to sputter, but again, he kissed the sensitive skin on my throat, stilling me.

“I saw you checking me out after I got out of the pool. So I decided to give you a little show, but I had to get off. Knowing you were there, watching my every move made me so hard.”

I felt his tongue dragging along my throat to the skin just below my ear, shivering slightly, I grabbed his arms and pulled them tighter against me.

“When I started stroking off, I got so hot knowing you were watching me. I moaned out your name, and fantasized about you doing to me what I was doing to myself. Nothing could stop me then.”

“Tonight… I wanted you so very much; but only if you wanted me too. I gave you so many outs, so many ways to end this before it ever began. But every time you declined to take them, every time you flirted back; it reassured me that you felt the same way I do”

“What about…what about… Mom…” It came out of my mouth as a reluctant sigh.

“She is a great lady, and I care for her. Really, I do… but she doesn’t care about my being bisexual or sleeping with men, if I am safe.” He paused for a second,”and I never had this chemistry with your mother.”

I felt him pressing against my bare ass, his wet speedo clad cock nestled against the cleft of my ass. The towel stopped just above the small of my back. Lorenzo’s fingers slid gently across my abs, one hand up to one of my nipple, the other lower still.

“Seeing you in this…” Lorenzo snapped the waistband of the pale yellow aqua-jock, the sound was loud in the night air. “Drove me mad with lust.”

“I wanted to join you then and there. But I took my time, I thought maybe I was wrong.” Lorenzo continued, his fingertips stroking my abs lightly.

“But I couldn’t live with myself, if maybe I was right, and did not pursue you.”

Lorenzo felt so good behind me, the feel of his plump cock, barely contained by his abbreviated swimsuit, which felt so slinky against my ass. This is what I wanted tonight, but I wasn’t as sure as I was at the Marina.

“Let’s just lie down for a while down below. If you want to stop, or don’t want me at all, just say so, or walk away.” Lorenzo whispered softly.

I shivered as I felt the cool air on my backside as he pulled away from me. I wanted nothing more than to feel his body pressed against mine, but I paused. A slight pang of guilt still present despite his reassurances. Despite all of that, the way his wet speedo clung to the curves of his hips and ass, drove many doubts from my mind.

It was several minutes before I went below decks myself. Standing in the lounge, equidistant from the forward and aft cabins, it brought new meaning to the adage about rocks and hard places. Either direction was a choice I would have to live with permanently. Going forward would change my relationship forever with Lorenzo. Going aft, I would never know what might have been.

Placing one foot in front of the other, step by step, I began slowly walking towards my decision. I adjusted the straps of the jock as I went, until finally I was at the stateroom door. Leaning against the door jam, the towel dropped and pooled around my feet as I asked the question.

“Do you think I can still join you, or is it too late?”


The forward cabin was dimly lit from the moon and the starry sky reflected on the waves. I could see Lorenzo laying on his back, bare chest faintly dappled by the flickering light, staring up at the ceiling of the luxurious stateroom. His light green eyes turned to look at me, and he cracked a small smile. Instead of speaking, he just lifted up one edge of the coverlet as his answer.

Before I could change my mind I sat on the bed, and scooted in beside him. Down came the sheet, and with it, his arm wrapped around my chest, drawing me closer. My back pressed against his chest, I sighed. At that moment, I put aside who we were, what our lives were like, I just absorbed his lightly furred chest pressed against my smooth back. The way his legs tangled in my own, and how his speedo covered cock pressed at the cleft of my ass.

Lorenzo’s lips and tongue soon worked their way into the hollow of my throat. I could feel him nuzzling and sniffing at my hair as he went. Finally, his lips latched onto my earlobe, nipping it slightly before he breathed gently into my ear.

“Stop me or slow me down if I go too far, too fast.”

I couldn’t speak anymore, could only nod my head in understanding. Whether he knew it or not, at no point tonight was I going to slow him down, let alone stop him. I expected many things, but what happened next was a total surprise. Lorenzo gently rolled me onto my stomach, and lifted the blanket off of us. Goose pimples suddenly covered my skin in the cool room. Leaning down by my ear, gently stroking my shoulder, Lorenzo whispered to me.

“I will warm you up soon, I promise.”

I heard a cap being popped and was disappointed, and a little worried. I wanted more than just fucking with Lorenzo, and I was scared because I had never taken a cock in my ass, and Lorenzo looked very thick.

“Lorenzo…I’ve never… Um … Taken before…”

“Then we don’t have to. Stop me anytime you feel uncomfortable. Right now, I just want you to feel good. This is about you right now.”

I felt him drizzle something warm across my shoulders, and part way down my back. Once he had straddled me, he began working the oil out from my shoulders, down across my arms, one at a time. Soon my skin was glistening on both arms, and the room was enveloped in the scent of cinnamon and clove. When he dug into my shoulders and back, I sighed at how good it felt. Slowly, so very agonizingly slow, he worked his way down my back, inching closer to my ass. Just as his fingertips were brushing under the waistband of my swimmers jockstrap, he pulled away and moved to my feet. I hadn’t realized fully how much I wanted him to touch my ass cheeks until he didn’t.

I giggled as he touched my insoles and between my toes, jerking on the bed slightly.

“Ticklish, huh? Going to have to remember that for later.” I could hear him chuckle evilly as he said it.

His magic fingers repeated their slow progress from my right foot all the way up to my inner thigh before starting on the left. I was so hard, and so desperate for him to touch me at my center. Yet he wasn’t rushed as he worked his talented fingers into the muscled grooves of my legs, ferreting out any pain or soreness that lingered in my body. By the time he reached my upper left thigh, my body was half melted and half electrified. The smell of cinnamon and clove, mixed with the entire experience was leaving me feeling drunk on my lust.

“Turn over onto your back” was Lorenzo’s whispered request.

Although I had never been so frustrated in my life, I rolled over. Then I blushed, as I felt the head of my steel hard cock pop above the wide waistband of the pale yellow jock. Why I felt embarrassed was beyond my comprehension, but I was with Lorenzo. Which meant I was ticklish and prone to blushing.

“Is that for me, Rod? Because of me?”

Lorenzo’s voice was soft as he bent down and lightly brushed his lips across my exposed glans. Those lips that were so kissable were like velvet being run across the head of my cock. Achingly aroused, my dick pumped out a drizzle of precum in response to his ministrations.

“As tasty as that is, I’ll have to come back to that later.” He chuckled as he sat back on his haunches.

My eyes slid upwards, taking in the toned thighs, up to the obscenely packed speedo, up his tanned chest to his smiling face. Taking the oil up in his hands again, Lorenzo upended it over my chest. A line of the oil poured between my shoulders and down my pecs to my abs. His methodical massage continued, running his fingers along my arm muscles, Lorenzo bent to kiss each bicep when he finished an arm.

Spreading the oil across my clavicles and down my pecs, I enjoyed the view he was treating me too. On my back, I could watch Lorenzo while he worked me over. Those bright green eyes were focused upon his large yet graceful hands and the sensuous massage I was being given. Looking further down, I saw his chest expand and contract with his breath under a downy blond patch of hair between his pecs.

Smiling, Lorenzo swirled a finger around first one nipple and then the other. They quickly became hard eraser points. Seeing this he pinched them at the same time, causing a strangled moan to emit from my lips. Shaking his head, he continued the massage down my body, his hands luxuriating in each ab of my four pack.

When his hands skipped past my crotch again, I let loose a moan of frustration. My hands reached for him, to tug him to me, just to touch him. Anything, it didn’t matter to my lust crazed mind. But Lorenzo was on me in a flash. Lightly pinning my wrists on either side of my head he kissed me lightly on the lips.

“Going somewhere, bello? What’s your hurry…we have all night…just enjoy it”

With that I watched him go back on his haunches, the matte gold speedo distended with his thick dong. Following my gaze, Lorenzo laughed.

“You have that effect on me… but it can wait.”

For all his talking about waiting, the leg massage wasn’t as deep or as thorough as the backside had been. When he was finished, Lorenzo flipped me onto my stomach again, as gently as he could, but his desire was getting the best of him too. I heard, but didn’t see, him get off the bed. By the sounds of it, he took off the speedo; rustling material and clearly stepping out of stepped out of them. I didn’t have long to think about it because he was back on the bed and spreading my legs wide.

His first touch, palms squeezing my ass cheeks, felt scalding hot. In spite of my earlier fears, I lifted my ass up, for his inspection, his use, it didn’t matter so long as he touched me there. Rolling the flesh of my tight butt beneath his slightly calloused hands had me wriggling under his touch.

“Do you want me to stop or slow down? Just say the word…”

As he finished speaking, he spread the half globes of my rear, exposing my hole to the cool air of the cabin. Lightly blowing across my rosebud, his mouth moved from the top of my crack down to my taint. Driving a shiver down my spine, I couldn’t think let alone speak.

Again he dragged his wide flat tongue from my lower back, down to the jock pouch that was cradling my churning balls. One hand snapped a strap on my jock causing me to jump a little and him to snicker. Back and forth his tongue worked my trench, skipping the hole however. Now all I wanted was to feel his tongue on my cherry hole. Bucking against him, my hands helping to pull my cheeks further apart to give him access.

Just as I thought I was about to lose my sanity, I felt his tongue swab a circle around the rim. Spiraling closer and closer to the center like water down a drain, his tongue swirled around my ring. Finally I felt the hard point of his wet tongue press fully against my hole.

“Oh, fuck!!” I gasped.

Waves of ecstasy seemed to radiate from it, some were directly synced to my dick, but everything started to tingle. Pressing his lips against my rim, I could feel Lorenzo’s tongue burrowing deeper into me. Darting back and forth, the hard little muscle kept on fucking me with short jabbing strokes. The pleasure was maddening, I could feel my diamond hard cock belch out more precum onto the very sheets I was clenching in my fists.

Feeling him pull back I whimpered, pressing back, trying to find his tongue. His hands stroked my ass, sliding under the straps he took them in hand and yanked. Combed cotton jerked across my dick, rubbing me with sweet friction.

“Mmm, your ass is so sweet, Rod…did you like your rim job?” He coyly teased me.

“Oooohhh fuck, why did you have to stop…” My voice was husky with lust.

“Because I’m not done with you yet.”

With surprising manual dexterity, without even watching what he was doing, Lorenzo had my cock out the side of the jock pouch. Moving beneath me, I looked down and saw his beautiful blond head come up between my legs and blow all along the length of my cock.

“Lorenzo, please let me suck your cock…. I-I really want to…I’ve dreamed of doing it…”

“If it will bring you pleasure, bello, anything.” Was all Lorenzo said as he shifted so that his pelvis was under my face, and I could rest some of my weight on his chest.

The blond downy hair that trailed between his pecs became a thin line before coming down to his pubes. The pubes were trimmed very low over his dick, while the skin at the base of it and his balls were smooth and soft to my exploring touch. I gently stroked his scrotum, letting my eyes take in his monster. While not as long as my prick, his was the thickest I had ever seen outside of porn. Due to his girth, his foreskin only covered only the lower 1/3 of his glans.

“Wow,” I whispered in wonder, “I don’t know how much of this I can take…I’m sorry, I’ve never seen one this girthy.”

“Hey..hey.. Do what makes you happy, whatever you do, it’s going to make me happy, I promise.” His hands gently stroked my flanks.

With that said, Lorenzo kissed the head of my dick, and lapped at the piss slit, flicking all of my precum into his mouth. When he moaned softly, it seemed to vibrate my cock in his warm mouth. I quivered in pleasure. I could feel him smiling around my dick as he sucked in more of it, tracing his tongue over my flesh inch by inch. Foregoing his fat dick, I began tongue bathing his balls.

Once they were dripping with my spit, I sucked one ball into my mouth, then the other, and finally I tried to get both in my mouth, but that didn’t work so well. So focused was I on his sack, I didn’t hear the pop top on the lube, I just felt a slightly cool gel caress my hole on the tip of a finger. I thought it would freak me out, but I just sighed with pleasure and lifted Lorenzo’s heavy cock to my lips.

The finger was applying light pressure to my hole, gently teasing the outer ring, massaging it as his hands had worked my knotted shoulders earlier. As before, the tension slowly washed away, only to be replaced by a relaxed pleasure. Until his finger penetrated past my sphincter, than my ass seized. It wasn’t so much pain as discomfort. Leaving his finger where it was, he began slurping loudly on my cock, taking half of my cock deep into his sweet mouth. My cock belched out more precum thinking about whose lips were wrapped around my pole.

As I began to relax, I started lashing my tongue up and down his shaft, soaking it with my spit. A sweet pearl of precum bubbled up on his immense helmet shaped cock head, and I swooped in to lick it up. Where mine always tasted salty, Lorenzo’s was almost sweet and creamy in texture. As I started to suck the head into my mouth, I felt not one, but two fingers slipping in and out of my ass with ease. Sensations I never knew existed were rolling across me, all from my ass. I knew from the guys I had fucked in the ass that their asses were hot zones of pleasure, but I never quite realized how good it could feel.

When Lorenzo added a third finger, I closed my eyes, trying to shut out the pain. But once again, he was stroking my abs and thighs, caressing my ass cheeks as he murmured quietly to me.

“Shhhh, baby, just relax… I promise it will feel good in a second… Just relax….”

Eventually the pain subsided, and I relaxed a little, and started sucking his cock again. Try as I might I could only get a few inches into my mouth, so my hand went grasping out for the lube. My fingers closed around the tube, and I squeezed out a bit too much along the length of his cock. I giggled around his cock as I smeared the excess around his balls, inner thighs, a little even made it on to his taint. Which caused his dick to leak more precum into my mouth.

“Baby…” He chuckled “I don’t think I’m going to go that deep.”

In response, I twisted my hand around his shaft, smearing the gel around it, with a stroke upwards. At the same time, I swirled my tongue under his foreskin, eliciting a quiver of pleasure.

“Mmmmmmmm hmmmmmm” was the only answer I received, as Lorenzo was worshipping my cock, sucking most of it into his mouth, and the head slipping in and out of his throat. Now his three fingers were spreading out from each other when they weren’t fucking me. I was in sensory overload when I felt his other hand reach up and twist my nipple. I spat out his cock and groaned out,

“Fuck…no…Lorenzo stop… I’m going to shoot any second.”

Good to his word, he stopped his oral and nipple assault, and stilled his fingers, even if he left them in.

“How fast can you get it up again?”

“Umm, if I’m super turned on? Ten, maybe twenty minutes?”

Lorenzo laughed in his silky sexy voice. His fingers began to saw in and out, and when they were plunged deep inside he spread them out as far as they would go. His lips pulled back, he nibbled lightly on my glans. The fingers of his left hand stroked my chest lightly, before sliding down, and slowly circled the base of my cock. With a feather light touch, he began to stroke my cock.

“Then let it go. Let me swallow it down my throat. Unless spraying it over my body would turn you on more?”

Talk about hard decisions.

“I want to spray it over your chest.” I whispered, almost shyly.

“Okay, then get over here and straddle my waist.”

I thought for sure he was going to take his fingers out of my ass, but once I was in position, he sank all three fingers into me, causing my to shudder. Batting my hand away from my cock, he started to stroke me in earnest. It didn’t take long before I was rushing towards climax.

“Ohhhh…mmmm….Lorenzo, I’m cumming, Lor-enz-ooooo”

Cum erupted out of my cock like it had never done before. It was as if my cock had become a canon, and every rocket that exploded out of my cock caused me to almost see stars, the climax was so intense. As I came, I could feel Lorenzo jerking me deftly, pumping out every ounce I had. The way he twisted and played with my cock had his whole chest coated in white stripes of fresh semen. At last, the final aftershocks dissipated, his fingers slipping from my ass. I laid half on him, half off, temporarily drained of energy. Looking down, I saw Lorenzo smile. Dragging a finger through my jism he brought it to his lips and licked it clean.

“Not bad, but you should eat more fruits.”

I don’t know why, but a blush was creeping up my throat again. It prompted him to chuckle, and smear some of my cum across my abs.

“Do I make you so uncomfortable? You realize how much I’ve wanted you too, don’t you? Don’t be so nervous around me — you can’t offend me. I hope I haven’t offended you?”

There was a tenderness in his voice, in his touch, I had never known before. All the times in the past, sex was a purely physical act meant to do no more than to scratch an itch, to relieve some build up. But with Lorenzo, it was elevated, somehow. It all still worked the same, was still intensely pleasurable, but deeper. I suppose everything Lorenzo touched, he made it more profound in a way.

“You have, actually.”

“I have?” Lorenzo’s light green eyes showed concern.

“Yes, you have.”

“Rod, I’m sorry — I … tell me what I can do to make it right?”

“Well. You can get your fingers back in my ass and finish prepping me to take that baseball bat you call a cock.”

A rueful smile was all I got in return as he rolled onto his side. Then his fingers slid back into my rectum. As his fingers sawed back and forth, in and out of my ass, we kissed each other lightly. Stroking my cock slowly, Lorenzo had me in the palm of his hand; but never let me fall. All too soon the exquisite twisting digits, that would spread apart periodically, left again.

I watched fascinated, as Lorenzo applied lube to his cock, jerking it up and down, up and down. The sound of the package on the condom ripping open sounded loud in the room, as the whiff of latex filled my nostrils. While I had rolled a condom down my cock loads of times, including earlier that day, the way Lorenzo sheathed his cock was erotic. After pouring a more moderate amount lube onto my hand, I smoothed the slick gel all over his hard as steel dick, and hoped it would be enough.

“The best way to start is to ride it, later we can get creative and try other positions, but especially with bigger guys, riding is best. You can set the depth and speed of things until you get used to it. For me, I’m just happy to be the one to be here with you; even if we stop.”

I didn’t trust myself to speak, only managing a nod. Straddling Lorenzo’s hips facing away from him, a knee on either side of him, I raised myself up a little. Without urging, he used his hands to support me in this slightly awkward position. Taking his heavy cock in hand, I found my asshole and guided the helmet shaped head to rest against my rear entrance.

“Just ease your weight down on it a little and push out … ” I could see him struggling for an elegant word.

“Like I’m taking a crap?” I grinned over my shoulder at him.

“Yes, like that.” He smiled back.

Taking a deep and calming breath, I started to lower my weight and push out with my ass muscles. Feeling his spongy head was kind of sexy. Pressing down, it slipped past my hole, causing Lorenzo and I to laugh a little. But with a sense of purpose and stranglehold on his dick, I pressed the big head into my hole and almost screamed.

If I thought three fingers had been difficult to get through, I wondered if I could get past the head. A baby’s arm holding an apple was an understatement for how it felt. It felt like a bowling ball. Tears pricked my eyes and I was glad he couldn’t see my face. I felt one of Lorenzo’s warm hands stroke my flanks.

“Take your time…it’s okay… we have all night, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” I chuckled.

The tension in the air eased a bit as we both shared a laugh. I managed to get the head past both portals without dying, but then I sank too fast. Tears welled up in my eyes in pain and I frowned in frustration.

“Shhh… bello …. take it easy…”

“I just want it all, I want to show you…”

“Hey… tonight is about you, this is about you. You have nothing to prove.”

Holding myself in position on my heels with Lorenzo’s hands holding my ass, I wanted him deep inside me, but was nervous about getting there. I guess I clenched my ass muscles because Lorenzo let out a sigh of pleasure.

“Mmm… that feels so good baby, mmm you’re doing so good, only about half more to go.”

With this encouragement, I took another inch. The burn emanating from my backdoor wasn’t too bad when I rested a few seconds. We continued the push-stop-adjust-repeat process for a while. When at last my balls were resting on Lorenzo’s, I sighed deeply.

“Fucking hell …. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this full in my life.”

“Oh Dio! Ci si sente così bene!”

Lorenzo’s sultry exclamation was followed by his curling his toes and his ass lifting off the bed. Taking a breath for a moment, I swatted his ass cheek playfully.

“Hearing you speak Italian is hot, but I don’t speak it.”

Pitching forward, I held onto his thighs and lifted up, sliding more than half of his dick out of my hole. As every latex covered inch of ridges, bumps and veins rubbed against my anal walls, sparks of pleasure shot through me.

“Mmm … that’s it, bello … ” his soft murmurs were getting me even more excited.

Plunging back down, my balls slapping against his skin, my entire being fixated on the shocks of pleasure my body was taking from it’s contact with this enormous dick. I rose up and fell, smoothly taking the whole length with relative ease. The girth still caused me some trouble at first if I went too fast.

“…mmmm…Holy Shit!”

Lorenzo had suddenly rolled us over and was withdrawing his cock from my hole. As I fell back, I felt his deft fingers cradle my head so I wouldn’t bang it on the bed frame.

“Too close…too hot…” He rasped, discarding the condom.

Pressing his body down on top of mine he rubbed our chests and cocks together, which definitely caused my cock to twitch. As his face left my neck, I pulled his face in and kissed him.

Tracing my tongue across his lips, my eyes drifted closed and I was once again overwhelmed by just touching Lorenzo. My tongue slid across his lips, brushing sensuously over his, my body quaked with need. With a growing heat, our kiss intensified. Dueling for dominance, tongues lashing, lips bruising in their pressure. Just when I thought I could cum just from his lips on mine, Lorenzo began to slide down my body.

“Everything about you…tastes so good…” He whispered.

Lorenzo’s lips dragged down across my jaw line, following the hollow of my throat; bathing my skin in little nips and licks until he came to my nipples. Arching my back under his touch, he twisted pulled on my eraser sized nipples until I was gasping for air.

“It’s so hot to watch you respond to my touch.”

Every word he spoke was caressed by his sexy accent, but augmented in a wonder I knew was special to me. Watching his face descend past my navel, I felt my cock pump out some precum onto his chin.

“Mmm… that’s it bello…” Lorenzo whispered.

He scooped up the cum on a finger and fed it to me, anointing my lips with it before he sank the digit past my lips. It tastes bitter and salty, but it was so erotic. Making eye contact with him, I began to nurse his finger.

Grinning, Lorenzo swooped down, and took my cock into his mouth. Rolling his tongue across the swollen head of my leaking glans, it was hard to keep eye contact with him. Moaning around his finger, I watched his handsome face take more and more of me in.

I couldn’t help it, my eyes drifted closed in pleasure. As soon as my lids closed, I felt Lorenzo pull on my balls, causing my eyes to fly open. Shaking his head, he swirled his tongue all along the ridges of my cock and gently rolled my balls between his fingers.

Letting my cock slip from his mouth, Lorenzo came up my body slowly, running his hands across my chest, until his face was nestled into the crook of my neck. Breathing across my ear as his teeth dragged themselves gently across my earlobe, my cock twitched as it rubbed against his.

“Come on lover, I want to see your face when we make love.”

Pressing a soft kiss against my lips, he didn’t see the effect of his words on me. Recovering, I watched as he rolled over onto his back, taking the lube and pouring a generous amount on his cock, working it in. As Lorenzo reached for a condom, I took it from his hands.

“Let me?” I whispered.

“Always, whatever you desire…”

Taking the condom in my hand, I tore it open with my mouth. When my hands began to roll the latex sheath down his girthy prick, I heard him gasp.

“I love it when you touch me…”

Smiling, I straddled him again with a knee on either side; but now I faced him. Taking a little more lube, I brushed it across my still relaxed hole, and hoped it would be enough. With his hands resting on my thighs, Lorenzo smiled up at me.

Returning his smile, I positioned his cock against my back door and pressed against it. I looked up at the ceiling during the initial penetration, willing myself not to tear up again. It still felt like a bowling ball was trying to get up my hole, but I held it together. Besides, my attention was focused on what I found on the ceiling and the idea it gave me, so the pain wasn’t so bad.

“Oh god almighty… so tight…” Lorenzo exalted softly as I slowly slid down the full length, my balls resting on his abs.

Resting for a second with my ass pressed down against his lap, I pressed my hands against his chest, running my fingers through the dried streams of my cum. Getting a grip on his pecs, I slide up his thick shaft. Again the pleasure exploded across my body in waves.

“Oh fuuuckkk yesss…” I hissed.

Pulling out as far as my position allowed, I plunged back down, savoring the ecstasy of re-entry before rising back up. Over and over, I rode his cock up and down. But I wanted so much more, knew there had to be more pleasure in this.

“Shiiiitttt, your asssss is soooo sweet!”

Twisting Lorenzo’s nipples as I repositioned my feet so they were flat on the bed, so I could change how much I could take in a stroke. Watching what I intended, I felt warm hands grasp my ass, giving me more support. Hands on my knees, I rose up higher than before, impaling back down the length of his fat prick.

“Goddamnit….I want MORE.” I growled.

Looking over my head, at the brass bar, I lifted my hands up, and gripped it between my fists. Smiling down at Lorenzo, I dragged my body up like I was doing chin ups. When I felt his glans about to leave my ass, I sat back down heavy, grinding my cheeks across his trimmed pubes.

“Like that baby?” I grinned madly.

Before he could answer, I was rising all the way up again before I was dropping back down onto his steely erection. Lifting myself up again, I clenched my ass tight together, the whole way up his cock. My cock belched out a stream of pearly precum as I felt every single bump and ridge of his cock as it slowly left my ass.

“Ah Dio, yesss…. I love it… unnnghhh”

I watched in satisfaction as I saw Lorenzo’s head twisting back and forth, his hands still on my knees. Looking over my shoulder, I saw his toes curling in pleasure. Unclenching my ass, I rode back down, and repeated my clenching as I lifted myself up and down.

“…I never…knew…it could…be sooooo….goddamnit….good…” I groaned in pleasure.

Whimpering I felt my grip loosening from sweat and fatigue. Just when I thought I was going to lose my grip, Lorenzo had wrenched his body up, quickly teasing a nipple between his lips. While pleasing my chest, his arm slid up my back slick with sweat until he had a grip on my shoulders.

Our chests pressed together, I felt his lips meet mine. Bruising each other’s lips, I could feel Lorenzo’s hips begin flying upwards, fucking me as we fell back on the bed.

Twisting, Lorenzo rolled us over so I was on my back. His dick never left my ass, and he kept on thrusting as he assumed a position like he was doing push ups. I spread my legs as far as I could, looking up into his light green eyes, sweat dripped off our faces with exertion.

“Cum with me, Rod… tell me when you’re close…”

Lorenzo had moved a hand wet with lube and sweat, encircling it around my rock hard shaft. His warm palm and fingers felt like a tight orifice I was fucking as he pounded into my ass.

“JESUS CHRIST!” I bellowed

At that moment, I felt Lorenzo’s unbelievably thick cock slam against what had to be my prostate, not once or twice, but repetitively. It felt as though he was trying to fuck it right out of my mouth. With every press, it felt like minor orgasms were erupting through me.

Eyes locked on each other, I didn’t need to say I was close. He knew, just as I knew he was closing in on his climax. Clenching my ass around his cock, working it like I had when I was riding it minutes ago. His remaining arm collapsed to his elbow, he brought his lips down to me again, his hand a blur on my shaft.

The moment our tongues connected, I moaned. Feeling his dick buried up my ass, his hand all over my cock, his tongue on mine, Lorenzo’s sweat mixing with mine, crashed down on me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Hitting my zenith, I felt his first shot of cum dump into the condom, it was so forceful; and the first jet of my orgasm hit us on the chin. I wrapped my fingers through his hair, clinging to his body as another round of shots burst from our cocks. Wet hair slipping through my fingers and slick tongue exploring my mouth, I moaned my soul into his.

His hips never slowing, Lorenzo fucked each shot of cum into the condom, deep inside my ass, as hard as he could. Finally, as my balls expended the last of their load across our chests, his dick slowly started slipping out. All strength having been sapped from his limbs, Lorenzo fell on top of me.

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