This is Chapter 2 of a literary fiction series. As in the previous chapter, the characters have been based on real people with real feelings, fears, emotions and of course body parts. Therefore the 36DDD dumb blond with a perfect silhouette who wanted to screw all of China in a single night is STILL NOT in this story nor will she ever be. I suggest you look elsewhere if you want to find her.

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Chapter 2 – The light after the storm

I awoke in pitch black darkness to the most vivid wet dream I’d ever experienced. It was so real; I could still feel her wet lips encompassing my rigid rod from the amazing blowjob I had dreamt about. Yet, they were still there, bobbing up and down in the darkness on my pole, a feeling of euphoria overcoming me. Was I still asleep? Had I not actually awaken?

Chassidy, the older brunette of my two younger sisters both of whom had declared their undying love to me in the middle of a cat-5 hurricane the night before, was still sleeping soundly next to me. Her nude flesh pressed against mine, her right breast resting on my chest with the left pressing into my ribcage. Marissa, the younger Latina-Caucasian mix sister and admittedly the one I had fallen in love with first several years ago was gone though.

I felt a warm wet softness run the length of my rigid manhood from base to the tip and I realized I was not in a dream. Marissa had taken it upon herself to give me a blowjob while I slept and didn’t realize that I had actually awoken from it. Enjoying the sensation of her twenty-three-year old eager yet inexperienced mouth, I laid back on my pillow and let her enjoy herself. After all, she had been disappointed when Chassidy had taken and swallowed my load the night before during our first session of love. Marissa had declared the next one to be hers and I wouldn’t want our new special family situation to begin tainted by jealousy after just one day.

It was perhaps the hardest thing I’d ever done, to stay quiet while she eagerly engulfed my rod. I wanted to breathe heavy, to encourage her on, to let her know how much I was thoroughly enjoying her work, to grab her beautiful black hair and make love to her sweet mouth. She thought I was asleep though and thus I bit my tongue to make not a sound. If she wanted my cum load in secret, she was going to have it alright.

I felt the stirring in my groin, the tell-tale signs of my impending explosion to come but still I stayed silent. Unawares of the eruption to soon come though obviously hoping and prying for its arrival, Marissa continued her continual sucking spree, teaching herself to take just a little more in her mouth with every downward stroke.

There was another sound in the room though as well. I heard a distinct wet, slippery sound that was increasing in both volume and speed and being accompanied by a slight jiggle to the bed. When Marissa actually broke off from her oral work for a moment to let out a quick series of short breathes, I realized then that she was touching herself too while she worked my pole and was nearing her own orgasm. Her renewed oral vigor on my prick when she returned to it told me she wasn’t far from orgasm which sped up my own orgasmic progression two-fold.

I couldn’t help but grunt when the waves of pleasure hit me, causing me to empty all my love into my eager sister’s mouth. I was delirious, hallucinating, flying through the clouds of heaven. The surprising force of my unannounced load caused Marissa to yelp and then moan incessantly as she tried to keep it all in. The bed around my legs shook uncontrollably as I knew her moans, which sent heavenly vibrations through my engulfed staff, were the signs of her own ripping orgasm.

She sucked me like a milkshake, trying to get that last little drop of sweet vanilla from the bottom through the straw. In this case it was more like a salty vanilla shake I imagined. When convinced that she hadn’t missed a drop, she let me go, my thoroughly cleaned manhood falling exhausted onto my pelvis.

“That was amazing,” I said once she had taken her rightful place on the bed to my left. She wrapped her leg around mine and I felt the sopping wetness of her matted bush against my skin.

“You were supposed to be asleep,” she whispered back with a giggle. “But Chassidy was right; you are absolutely delicious. Guess there goes that innocence thing you loved so much about me though.”

I kissed her on the forehead. “Nah…, you still look innocent and that’s all I wanted. I think I prefer your naughtiness.” She laid her head on my shoulder, her hand on my chest.

“I love you, Jerry.” Marissa sighed. I told her I loved her too more than anything in the world. Chassidy stirred on my right, her arm extending across my chest hugging me closer to her like a teddy bear. ‘My sweet love, Jerry,’ she was speaking in her sleep, obviously dreaming about me as well.

“Wow, she really loves you just as much as I do, Jerry,” Marissa whispered giving me a little jab in the ribs. “I bet you’re feeling pretty good about yourself right now. Not many guys can make that claim.” It was the greatest feeling; being loved and loving back two beautiful women at the same time. Life just couldn’t get any better than that.

“Yeah, I’m feeling pretty good alright; like a king really.” Marissa leaned over and kissed me on the mouth, a similar salty taste to that which Chassidy had a few hours before when we had finished the first time.

“You deserve it, really. So any pointers you got for me? How’d I do for my first full blowjob?” Her hand snaked down my body and finding my now flaccid and exhausted manhood, she tickled the tip with a few fingers.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were a pro.” She giggled at my response.

“Can I ask you a question?” She didn’t really wait for my answer to continue. “What was it about me that made you fall in love with me so long ago? For me, it was your strength and protection that I always felt when I was around you. I knew I would always be safe with you nearby.”

“For me, it was his eyes, his smile and his amazing, fun personality,” Chassidy spoke apparently having woken up as well and hearing our conversation.

“Sorry we woke you sweetie,” I replied squeezing her closer to me. “You both really thought that, huh?” Chassidy kissed my cheek and then rolled over, stretching her arms in a yawn. “I’m flattered.”

“For you,” I was looking at Marissa first, “it was the sweet innocence like I said. You were always so sweet and cute; you made me feel like I really was someone important for you.”

“You always have been very important,” she replied, “I needed you more than anybody. I need you now even more.”

I smiled though she couldn’t see it and continued, “…Not to mention your beautiful black hair, amazing chocolate eyes and sweet Latina ass.” That got a giggle from her but Chassidy was feeling a little left out as she leaned up on her elbow and directed my face toward her.

“What about me? You said you realized you were falling for me when you heard me say I loved you yesterday. What was it about me that made you fall then?” There was a slight tone of jealousy there and I started to realize that I’d have to be careful with just how much time I spent with either one of them alone. They were willing to share but they both loved me and jealousy could easily ruin everything.

“Oh sweetie,” I caressed her face with my hand, letting her nuzzle it with her cheek. I had seen the day before that she really liked nuzzling. “You’ve always had an amazing energetic spirit, full of life, ready to take the day. You’re strong and outgoing which I love about you. Yet at the same time, like I saw last night, you’ve also got that bit of innocence and timidity about you too.”

“Don’t worry, Jerry baby,” she replied leaning forward for a kiss on my lips. “You’re always going to be my king too. You can watch over me and keep me safe until your heart is content and then some. Still…,” I felt a soft flesh brushing against my cheek in the darkness, realizing she was dragging her breasts up near my face. “You love Marissa’s hair and ass though…, there’s nothing physical about me that you particularly enjoy?”

“Oh there are lots of things,” I replied, nearly tripping over my tongue. “You are just absolutely stunning to begin with; your brunette curls, your hazel eyes, your delicious lips, your astounding breasts, your shaved pussy…”

“You shave your vagina?” Marissa butted in incredulous to the fact. “Doesn’t that hurt?”

“Not if you’re careful sis. I thought all girls did it though.” Chassidy sounded like the older sister again, teaching her younger sibling about the ways of the birds and bees.

“Well apparently I never received the memo,” Marissa answered. Her nervous tone had returned. “So I guess you preferred hers to mine last night, did you Jerry?”

“Not in the least baby doll,” I stroked her hair with my fingers. “I loved Chassidy’s shaved pussy just like I loved your natural one. They were both absolutely divine, trust me.” This was going to be a little harder than I thought keeping a balance between them.

“Well, what do you prefer? I can shave it too if you want. Chassidy can show me how,” Marissa had rolled over to be leaning above me now, her bush pressing directly with force into my leg and her cone-shaped breasts pointing like daggers with her long erect nipples directly at my chest.

“Listen,” I tried to sound as reassuring as I knew how. “I love you both for exactly who you are. You are both so beautiful, absolutely amazing women and I will always love you and find you incredibly sexy; shaved,” I directed that word toward Chassidy, “or natural.” I looked back at Marissa.

That solved the problem, at least temporarily, as they both said ‘awww, how sweet’ and ‘you’re the best’ while wrapping their arms around my neck and hugging me dearly. “We love you, Jerry.”

“And I love you both dearly,” I squeezed them tightly to me on the words ‘you both.’

“Sounds like the storm is gone,” Chassidy remarked when they had released me. “Want to open up the door and get some light in here? I’m also a bit hungry. What do you guys say about breakfast?”

“Is it really time for breakfast? What time is it even?” Marissa asked. We all agreed that we had no idea but that I should get dressed and check out the situation outside; start taking off the shutters if it was safe. In the meantime, my ‘two little women’ as they referred to themselves would see about making something to eat like a sandwich or the like.

We found the flashlight but before I was able to shine it on them and actually see their fantastic figures in the flesh, they stopped me short. “I know you’ve felt every part of our bodies with your hands, Jerry, but you’ve never seen us with your eyes. I’d like it to be special the first time; not like this with a flashlight. Please?” Marissa asked. Chassidy immediately agreed with her and so it was decided that I would search out my clothes on my own and dress, then bring them back the light to dress while I was outside.

To say that I was a little disappointed in not seeing their naked flesh immediately would be an understatement. Still, I had read enough articles on the internet to know that in a relationship between a man and a woman, or in my case women, the fairer sex made the rules if there was to be harmony in the home.

Besides, it was a simple request and the more I thought about it, the sweeter I held it to be. After all, that moment of sharing your nude body with the person you love for the first time was very impacting, usually being remembered in the mind forever. If they wanted to set the stage to make it the best possible moment for our mutual enjoyment, then who was I to say different? After all, it was no longer a question of if I would see them both; it was when.

I found my jeans and a shirt, left the boxers aside since they weren’t readily available where I was searching and took the flashlight back to them, making sure to shut it off before I entered the room.

“Here’s the light. I’m going outside now,” I announced. They wished me luck and to be very careful. I then received a full lip kiss from Chassidy who had to lift herself up on her tip-toes to reach me now that we were standing. Marissa then had her turn; I even had to bend down a few inches to reach her even though she stood on her tip-toes as well. That’s what happens when you fall in love with someone who is more than a foot shorter than you. I was strongly tempted to just lift her up by her bare ass and spread her legs around my waist to give her a more comfortable kiss but I figured that was not the moment for such sexy embraces.

After leaving the room, I unbolted the front door preparing myself for whatever shock I might find outside. The light that poured in though was unbearably painful after having been in complete darkness for so long so it took a good five minutes to accustom myself to seeing once more. Finally my eyes adjusted and I walked out the door, closing it behind me.

The first thing I noticed was the overcast sky and the still air and then I saw the flooded road. The swales had filled and spilled over the road with water rising most of the way up my front yard. A little further down the street, someone had left their car in the road which had turned out to be a big mistake as the hood was completely underwater, not to mention the tires. That car was never going to start again.

There were trees toppled everywhere and others were leaning severely to the right. Palm branches floated down the road along with the occasional turned over trash can. There was also a downed electrical wire going straight into the lake that had been Whitney Drive. I hoped nobody would be so stupid as to actually step into that electrified water.

I walked around the house, found the tree that had toppled in the neighbor’s back yard. Lucky for us, the tree had fallen in the opposite direction saving my back fence and potentially my third bedroom from damage. Aside of that, there wasn’t much wrong with my yard at all. A few palm leaves to take off the pool cover was about the extent of our issues. My neighbors to the east, however, had been better off returning to their home up north the week prior. Their roof was completely blown off, peeled back like an opened tomato soup can.

Finishing my initial round of the house, I started taking off the shutters from the windows. It took a long time and it was hard work, made worse by the still muggy air which made me sweat profusely. Still, I focused on the fact that my two beautiful sisters were inside and my work was going to make their lives, not to mention my own, a little more comfortable. Being the man of the family, especially with two women to care for, meant a lot of responsibility for me now but it was one that I gladly accepted. Marissa and Chassidy were definitely worth it.

“Care for a drink there handsome?” Chassidy had stepped outside with a tall glass of juice. I was amazed just how chilled it still was though I knew we’d best be careful how many times we opened the fridge. It could be awhile before the power came back.

I was even more amazed to see Chassidy in the light though. She was even more beautiful to me than before even if her hair was a little out of order at the moment. She had put on a red knee-length dress with a white belt and a deep v-cut neckline offering an enticing view of beautiful cleavage. She had always been pretty but I figured it must have been our intimacy that we shared which made her look extra hot to me now.

“Thanks,” I gave her back the empty glass.

“Looks pretty bad out here,” she said glancing around. “I’m so glad we were safe. Looks like we were lucky though compared to the neighbors.” I agreed.

“Um…, listen Jerry,” she sounded solemn and worried so I stopped my work to concentrate on her instead. “I’m thinking my condo probably didn’t fair well in all of this. If that’s the case, could I maybe… just move in here with you?”

I looked at her a little confused. “Didn’t you and Marissa just say a little while ago that you were now my women? Well how are we going to be a family if you two aren’t living here with me? I thought we had already established that as a given.” A huge smile spread across her face.

“Well…,” she batted her eyes at me playfully, “Marissa and I were thinking so…, but we figured we’d better check to be sure. Thanks Jerry, you’re the sweetest.” She turned to go back inside but stopped short just a moment. “Oh…, Marissa said to tell you that the water is definitely out so we’re going to have to figure out bathing arrangements.”

“Ah,” I saluted her with two fingers. “I’ll take the cover off the pool and we can all bathe there.”

“Ooohh,” she feigned a timid modesty like she was afraid of the idea. “A public bath with you two? I don’t know about that.” She smiled at me and blew me a kiss before going back inside. Damn it was good to be me!

It was the hottest, muggiest time of the day when I finally finished removing the shutters and then the pool cover. That water definitely looked inviting but I figured I ought to wait on them. After all, they were possibly planning something for us to do and I didn’t want to spoil it by jumping in early.

“My loves?” I called out to them upon entering the house again. It was still hot inside but at least we could see and the heat could escape a little.

“In the bath amor,” Marissa’s voice rang out. Chassidy’s followed from the same area. I was a little disconcerted as I thought we were going to save that water for flushing the toilet. Since they were bathing though, I decided to go ahead and freshen up myself with a dip in the pool. I had sweated way too much for my own good.

I stripped off my clothes never having put on boxers and dove into the refreshing water fully nude. The cool water was like ice on my hot body and with only a few dives to the bottom and back up I felt completely renewed. “Jerry?” Chassidy’s voice called out looking for me. “Where are you sweetie?” Honestly, the little cute names of love we were calling each other was getting to be confusing but I figured that happened to all new couples while they settled into that ‘special’ name for each other. Well, in my case there were going to be two special names I’d have to decide on.

“Out here, Chass,” I called to her. “Needed to take a bath after sweating so much.”

She put her hands on her hips and pursed her lips out. That was classic Chassidy when she was pretending to be upset. “But… I thought… weren’t we…didn’t you want all of us to go together?”

“You guys were already bathing in the bathtub…, weren’t you?” I swam to the edge of the pool, my arms starting to tire of just floating in place.

“No,” she threw her arms in the air, exasperated. “I was just helping Chassidy with… a girl thing. We’ve got sandwiches made in here, Jerry.”

I felt like an ass. Of course they had common sense enough to save the water for its intended purpose after all. “I’m sorry, love. I’ll be out in a minute to eat.” Just then Marissa appeared at the door as well, dressed in a pleated skirt and sleeveless blouse. She was also even more beautiful than the day before. Even my groin in that cold water agreed as he started to recuperate from his shriveled cold state.

“Hurry mi amor,” Marissa called out, tugging on Chassidy’s arm. “That means ‘my love’ by the way, baby. That’s going to be my little name for you. I’ve got a little… game set up for us while we eat.” The way she had said the word game left me thinking a million dirty thoughts. Was this it? Was this the moment I was finally going to lay my eyes on them both? Oh, I sure hoped so.

I wasn’t even thinking about my own nude state when I stepped out of the pool. I was so used to swimming nude on my own that I didn’t even think about them standing there. When my wet body was on the deck, both girls clasped their hands to their mouths in astonishment. Just my fantasy thoughts of the game had had a strong effect and I was in that in-between state of not being hard yet still being fully filled out.

“Wow love,” Chassidy exclaimed. “You’re giving me second thoughts as to that game. Part of me just wants to strip and take you now!”

“You’re like a work of art mi amor,” Marissa added. “A fantastic Greek god who has descended to make all the women of Earth fall in love with him. Heaven knows I have! Damn!”

I blushed, still unaccustomed to that kind of positive feedback from girls though these two had loaded me with compliments, kisses and reasons for feeling like a king all night and day. I dried off with a towel I kept on the porch for when I felt like a dip and then dressed with my back to them both into my jeans and shirt once more much to the audible disappointment of them both. If they wanted to see more, it was going to have to be through the game I figured.

We all sat on the tile floor where we had first begun our loving adventures the night before. The rising of Marissa’s skirt teased me with the sight that was just beyond my vision under her crossed legs. I tried to sneak a peek of her panties beneath but she caught me and pushed her skirt down just enough to prevent my viewing anymore.

“You’ll see them soon enough, amor,” she said. Chassidy set the plate of sandwiches on a short table nearby and we each grabbed one. They had obviously worked hard on those delicious sandwiches, some of which were actually cut into little heart shapes and I complimented them on a fine job.

“Well, here’s the game,” Marissa explained after thanking me for the compliments. “It’s something they play at school but… I’ve modified it a little for us. Each of us will decide four actions that are going to be associated with four of the cards. I’ll take deuces, Jerry threes, Chass fours and so on up to kings. Aces are going to be winner’s choice.”

I was already thinking of what action I wanted to put on the cards though Marissa obviously read my thoughts and stated that complete stripping wasn’t allowed. The actions could only be one specific article at most but when the cards ran out, we would each be able to change two penalties a piece. They were both wearing skirts and dresses so I knew one of mine already.

“Once that’s done, we’ll each receive three cards. One will be the play card; the other two will be penalty cards that we apply to each of the other two players. Then each player’s play card will be compared to the others’ cards and the loser between the pair would end up doing the penalty that the winner’s card stated.” Honestly, I was a little confused but the idea of my two beautiful sisters having to do penalties was definitely nice. I figured I’d learn as we went anyway.

For the twos Marissa chose 10 jumping jacks; the threes I wanted to choose just a random article of clothing but Marissa explained that it had to be specific so I went for the bra. Fours were jeans, obviously mine as no one else was wearing any, and fives were a French kiss. Sixes were my choice so I decided to make it a pose – knees up to the chin and legs spread wide. It wasn’t lost on either one of them exactly what I wanted to see by my pose choice either.

Chassidy went with the classic doggy-style pose for sevens and Marissa said shirts for eights; nines became panties and Chassidy chose a sexy dance for tens. Marissa decided to make Chassidy’s dress be jacks. I made the most difficult pose in the game for queens, the feet behind the head which made both of them cringe. Chassidy fired back with skirts for kings.

It was an interesting mix of penalties, many of which would not apply to me of course while some didn’t apply to them either. It was the setting for a very interesting game to be sure and I couldn’t wait to get started.

Marissa dealt the cards just as she said, three to each. I received a seven, a six and a jack. Apparently we had to set the cards down face down, the play card in the middle with each penalty card on either side for that particular player. I chose my jack for the play card, afraid I would lose if I went lower and put the six to Chassidy and the seven to Marissa. After all, Marissa had that Latina ass that I so loved to see.

On the count of three, we all flipped the play card. My jack beat Chassidy’s 10 but Marissa had played a queen. I flipped over the six I had chosen for Chassidy and Marissa flipped over the eight for me and the three for Chassidy. She was going to have to lose her bra AND give that lovely pose I designed whereas I just had to lose my shirt.

Honestly I didn’t mind at all. They had already seen me naked and that was inevitable anyway so I just yanked it off and tossed it to Marissa. She had won it after all.

Chassidy announced that she was in luck as she wasn’t even wearing a bra anyway which caught my attention quickly but she raised her knees up as high as they would go and then parted them in a wide split that showed Marissa and me both her black satin panties covering the beautiful vulva that I had so enjoyed playing with the night before. With her panties on full display like that, my groin jumped into action, growing in strength quickly as I became quite excited.

My brunette baby went to close her legs when Marissa dealt the cards again but she was stopped, being told by Marissa that she would have to stay that way until the end of this next hand. I was still anxious to get a nine but alas, I didn’t on that round either. I got instead a king, an eight and a jack.

They were all interesting choices; Marissa’s skirt would be great for the king, the jack definitely had to go to Chassidy for her dress but that left only an eight which meant I probably wasn’t going to win against either of them. On the other hand, the eight would make Marissa lose her shirt and the king would make sure I won so I decided to play it that route — the safe route.

On three we flipped the play cards again. Chassidy and I had both played kings while Marissa had gone with just a ten.

“What do we do now?” I asked Marissa looking at the tying numbers. She explained that they voided each other out and no penalty was given. Marissa on the other hand had to lose her shirt from my eight and her bra from Chassidy’s four. I clapped my hands together in excitement. At last, I was going to see those beautiful peaks and find out if they were chocolate or strawberry!

Marissa crossed her arms and grabbed the hem of her blouse slowly, sexily, enticingly pulling it up her abdomen, her white bra beneath and finally over her head. As if being a final straw of gorgeous sexual femininity, she cocked her head to one side pulling the blouse through her long strands of black hair, slowly letting it fall back in place, then shook the hair free, running her fingers through it on both sides.

“Damn, where’d you learn to be so sexy like that?” I asked, unable to hold myself back about it. She smiled and blew me a kiss.

“I’ve watched a lot of movies,” she replied, “paying close attention to how the women seduce their men. I wanted to be ready for if I ever had a chance with you.” She winked at me, then sensually glanced to the left, pushing her bra strap down her shoulder and gently pulling it down her arm. Then she did the same on the right.

“Do you want the honors?” she asked me, turning around such that her smooth silky back was pointed at me, the final clasp of her bra that held it in place enticingly placed just inches from my fingers. I jumped at the chance, my fingers fumbling with the clasp for nearly a minute before I finally was able to undo it completely. With her back to me, Marissa tossed her brassiere over her shoulder and covered herself with a hand and arm before turning around.

“Now that’s not fair,” I exclaimed but she said there was nothing in the rule that said she had to show them off yet, just had to lose the bra. I saw where she was going with this, a sensual tease that was doing wonders to my groin as it stood on end in anticipation.

She wanted to pass the cards to me to deal but I refused, telling her she had to do it herself thinking that might make her let go. It didn’t though; she just dealt with one hand only, the same as she played the hand. I got what I wanted that time though, the nine I had so longed to get. The problem was I got not just one but two of them and a four.

The four was only good for jeans; my jeans to be precise while the nines were for panties. I so wanted to play both nines as penalties but I knew that four wouldn’t win a thing so I had to choose. Play a nine with one penalty not applying while the other lost her panties IF my other nine would actually beat her; but which girl did I play it on?

I chose Chassidy for no other reason than the fact that she was bald down there. If I was lucky enough to win, at least I’d actually see something whereas Marissa’s hair would cover it all from view anyway. ‘Not that I preferred Chassidy’s shaved pussy’, I told myself. It was just the simple fact of being able to see one more than the other. On the count of three, I flipped my card as did they. I should have gone the other way!

My nine lost to Chassidy’s ace but beat out Marissa’s eight and my penalty from Chassidy was a four — my jeans were done for! Marissa’s penalty was a queen, she was going to have to put her legs behind her head. If ONLY I had switched the two, that pose would have given me a perfect view of pink lips inside her naturally hairy cunt but no, I had gone the wrong way. Still, I looked forward to the panty shot I was soon to receive — after I had to take off my jeans first.

I slid them down, acting as if it was no big deal at all. In reality though, I was fully stiff by then; not throbbing, but definitely defying gravity which was received with a wild round of applause by my onlookers. Since they liked seeing me so much, I playfully gave them a stripper’s view, placing my hands behind my head and shaking myself back and forth for quite a show.

Both sets of eyes were glued to my stick; Chassidy’s hand sliding down between her crossed legs as she tensed her thighs around it and bit her bottom lip. Marissa’s hand that was over her breasts started squeezing and tweaking her left nipple, allowing the right breast to be openly viewed finally. I had been right! She did have Latina-brown nipples and on top of it, they looked like little puffy cotton balls at the tip of a triangular cone mountain, the erect nipple extending from there a solid full inch.

“Oh my God, Marissa,” I exclaimed upon seeing her. “That is the sexiest most delicious looking nipple I’ve ever seen. Damn!” My prick became even stronger as well, bouncing a little north of horizontal by the sight.

“Do you really like them?” she asked, covering herself once more. “I’ve always thought they looked really weird… all puffy and stuff. I used to think something was wrong with me until the doctor told me I was just fine.”

“They are amazing…, it’s almost like they’re designed to be sucked on…, a little sign there saying ‘place mouth here.’ I commented taking my place and crossing my legs though my rod was sticking straight into the air.

“Well, as long as you like them…,” slowly she lowered her hands away from her breasts to show me both sides. “They’re really sensitive though… you were driving me wild last night just by rolling them between your fingers.”

“Just wait ’til I roll them with my tongue then,” I chuckled and her eyes went wide, obviously enjoying the thought.

“I know what the next penalty’s going to be when we change at the end of the next two hands,” she replied and grabbed the cards. She was obviously looking forward to it as was I.

“I think you forgot something,” Chassidy reminded her and Marissa blushed.

“Damn…, I was hoping you’d forget.” She sighed and laid on her back, her knees pointed in the air. Letting as much air out of her lungs as she could, she pulled back on her knees, then grabbed a foot and slid it behind her head with obvious discomfort then followed by the other one leaving her beautiful ass pointing straight at me and her white covered panties pulled tight across her muff, outlining its contours. She was obviously wet and excited too as the moment they touched her, a darker spot began to grow in the middle of her panties.

“Oohhh,” I nearly collapsed over myself trying to hold back the excitement I felt. I was completely throbbing now, wishing deeply to plunge myself into that sweet canal and just make love to her right then.

“You’re a little worked up there, eh Marissa?” Chassidy asked with a devilish smile. Marissa blushed when her sister pointed out why it was so obvious.

It was quite interesting seeing Marissa deal the cards from that compromising position. As had been pointed out before, she couldn’t move until the next turn and my eyes weren’t moving from her either. It was the closest I’d seen as of yet and I was so looking forward to getting another nine, I could just taste it.

I received my cards and couldn’t believe my luck; a nine, a jack and an ace. There was no hesitation on my part to play the jack on Chassidy, the nine on Marissa and the ace as my play card and with great enthusiasm I turned over my ace play card….

Except Marissa had played an ace too, blocking me from winning that penalty. I just couldn’t believe my luck. Chassidy on the other hand had played a queen and so lost to both of us. Quite happy to finally move, Marissa popped out of her awkward position and turned over the penalty card for her sister. It was a nine!

In one quick swoop, Chassidy went from being the most dressed in the game to completely naked just like me. Her face was classic when she realized the powerful combination against her; the jack and nine together. She went backwards from what I expected though, removing first the panties from beneath her dress and tossing them to Marissa.

Chassidy then stood up and placed herself directly in front of me. She had every intentions of showing me all that she had. “Stand up,” she held out her hand to me. “You’ve been waiting long enough so now you’re going to get all of me.” She placed my hands on her straps that had held up the dress and then undid the belt while I pushed the straps to the side in a manner similar to what Marissa did with her bra earlier. In a matter of seconds, Chassidy’s bare breasts were exposed, their beautiful modest teardrop shape enticing to be caressed; her little strawberry nipples fully erect and excited though nothing compared to her younger sister’s in size.

When I stopped to admire the scenery up close, Chassidy put her hands over mine and guided them slowly down her body, pulling the garment down as we went. About halfway down, I had to bend my knees and squat so as to continue the downward play. That put her pussy lips directly at eye level when they were at last revealed.

They made a perfect ‘W’, tightly closed though each side of her vulva being quite rounded and full, the lips retreating upward a noticeable amount before finally meeting and pressing tightly against its sister. The only break in the perfect crack of her tight lips was at her clitoral hood which forked the crack to either side the last inch or two of her pussy up to her bare pubic area.

I couldn’t help but lay my hand on her, gently rolling my finger along that beautiful snatch which I noticed had been shaved more closely than the night before. The throbbing of my cock was obvious as it wavered back and forth in the open air and before she knew what happened, I leaned forward and gave her a peck kiss on those sweet Venusian lips.

“Oh my!” she exclaimed when I did. “I might have to start kissing you with those lips from now on.” She backed away from me and crossed her legs to sit down, not bothering to cover herself in the least. “Especially a good French kiss, what do you say?” she asked me excitedly, her eyes wild with the possibilities of passion.

“It’ll be the best penalty I’ve ever been forced to do,” I replied. “That’s a VERY sweet pussy, love. Damn…, damn…, damn!” I had wrapped my fingers around my cock, slowly caressing myself without realizing that I had done it. Marissa was watching me, her hand also finding its way down south.

“Last hand before we change penalties,” she announced, taking in a deep breath. I looked at her and she looked back. There was a twinkle in her eye and a mischievous look upon her face as she fiddled with the cards. I saw her slide a card into place after having looked at it but I didn’t say a word. We were having fun whether or not we played by the rules after all.

I wasn’t truly surprised to see that I got an ace and another nine. The two somewhat surprised me but I figured it would be nice to see naked jumping jacks after all. Now if I wasn’t paying attention, perhaps I might not have noticed but this was in fact the fifth nine in the deck or so she would have me believe. It was plainly obvious what she wanted at this point as it was the last hand before we switched penalties. I played the ace with the two for Chassidy and the nine for Marissa.

Chassidy played a king which I had the feeling was supposed to be the penalty for herself that Marissa had planned. She had played a lowly seven after all against my ace. The penalties: Chassidy had 10 jumping jacks, Marissa lost her panties and… it turned out Chassidy had played the six; the knees up, upskirt pose! Hell yeah!

“Well shucks,” Marissa said with a wink at me then turned to Chassidy. Though it hadn’t been a rule outright, we had basically established that the single penalty person would go first and Chassidy stood up. Turning directly toward me, she did 10 jumping jacks though each one seemed to have an extra jump to them allowing her breasts to bounce and jiggle to the maximum much to my delight before she sat back down again crossing her legs.

Marissa technically could have done the split first but she had planned this out perfectly and so chose to stand up and remove her panties from beneath the skirt before sitting back down, her knees together and up near her chin.

“I believe this is what you’ve been waiting to see,” she said scooting a lot closer to me so that I was only a foot away. “Feel free to lay on the floor first if you’d like a closer inspection,” she offered, her knees still together. I decided that was a superb idea and laid on my stomach only inches from her toes. It was a bit uncomfortable for my rock solid hard-on but I didn’t care. This was the moment I was waiting on.

Marissa pushed her bottom into her feet a little tighter and then slowly spread her legs eagle. The very first thing I noticed was that her entire bush was gone!

“What do you think?” she asked. “Chassidy showed me how earlier.” I was speechless, only my heavy panting which I’m sure she felt between her lips could be heard. Whereas Chassidy was rounded, Marissa was a lot tighter. If she were standing, I was sure her vulva lips would have made more of a straight wide ‘V’ than the typical ‘U’ of most women. I could tell she was tighter though because in her spread state, the lips were actually spread open as well forming a tight oval but with a pointed top and bottom. The outer vulva was also a darker brown than the rest of her body while her vaginal orifice and inner lips were a soft pink. Her clit was peeking out from its hood and, like her nipples further up, was a bit longer in length than most pictures I had ever seen online. It also had a little throb to it, marking the accelerated rate of her heartbeat.

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