After our heated session in the garage Ann went into the house and went to the shower to clean up. I went to the frig to get a cold drink and to sit and think about what has happened in the last few weeks.

My wife of 10 years has gone from wanting sex 2 – 3 times per month to wanting it everyday and sometimes 2 times a day. She has gone from never liking to suck my cock to liking it and swallowing. She has gone from the faithful little housewife to a wife who has fucked a complete stranger. She has also gone from the conservative dressing lady to an outright exhibitionist.

Was this going way too fast? What was next in her now scheming mind?

Monday thru Thursday passed with no more incidents and more back to normal except for the sex. She wanted it every night. Now I am not complaining I was thoroughly enjoying this.

Friday came around and she said, “Isn’t Saturday night your once a month poker night?”

“Yes and the guys are coming to our house this month, is that ok?” She usually goes out with the girls on my poker nights and catches a movie or some drinks.

“I better get some snacks ready for the boys I know how they like to eat. I would not be much of a hostess if I wasn’t prepared.”

“Are you going out with the girls like you usually do?”

“They are all busy so I will just stay out of the way and play hostess if you don’t care.”

“No I don’t care if you do not mind getting beer and snacks all night?”

She shrugged, “I’m fine with that.”

Saturday night came and at 7pm the guys started showing up. Dave was the first one and I have known Dave since college. Shortly after Tom rang the bell and coming up the walk behind him was Sam. Tom was a client of mine and Sam was a coworker of mine.

I had the table set up and grabbed everyone a beer and Sam said, “Let’s Play.” Sam was a little older about 42 graying hair and a strong build for someone in their forties. Tom was about my age and what women would consider a handsome man. Dave was also my age and was shorter and stocky.

We sat playing cards and Dave asked, “Did Ann go with the girls tonight?”

I said, “No she is around somewhere she said she would play hostess and stay out of the way. I guess our hostess is not around yet so I will get another beer for everyone.”

Suddenly, Ann came out from the kitchen with 4 beers in her hands and my jaw nearly hit the floor, the room went silent. Ann was wearing the little black dress we had bought at Victoria’s Secret. The one that barely covered essential parts and laced up the front from her waist. She also had on her new red shoes.

She spoke to break the silence, “I guess I have not been a very good waitress tonight so far. I hope you boys will forgive me.”

She took Tom his beer first and bent slightly to put it on the table. When she bent over her ass was showing. She then gave Dave his beer and again showed her ass to everyone. She brought my beer to me and “accidentally” dropped the coaster and bent over to pick it up bending at the waist. The front of her dress fell open and you could see her tits hanging down and her ass was completely uncovered. She walked around the table and gave Sam his beer.

She said, “If you boys need anything else just whistle I will be in the kitchen.” She started to walk away and Tom wolf whistled.

She turned, “Yes?”

Tom said, “Nothing now I just wanted to see if it worked.”

Ann went into the kitchen and the guys looked at me in amazement. I looked back at them stunned.

Sam said, “You don’t look like you expected that either.”

I shrugged, “No I was not expecting that. But is does not surprise me either. The last few weeks have been really different for us. To tell you the truth I am loving it.”

We played a few more hands and needed some more beer. I believe the guys were drinking faster than normal so we could get our hostess back out. Dave let out the whistle and Ann came around the corner.

Dave asked, “Would it be possible to get another beer?”

She smiled, “Sure, would you boys also like some snacks?”

Dave said, “That would be great if it’s no trouble.”

Ann came back around the corner with the beers and this time she made sure she brushed her tits against the guys when they got their beers. Dave having known Ann the longest reached out and put his hand on the back of her thigh and patted it saying, “Thank-You Ann you make a great waitress I will have to leave you a tip.”

Ann responded, “Well thank-you Dave and I am counting on it.”

She then came back to the table with the snacks and put a small serving dish by each one of us and served up the snacks. In doing this she was showing her ass each time. She then set the snack tray on the side table, which was lower, and when she did this she again bent over at the waist and not only her ass but also her thong-covered pussy was showing.

By now my cock was rock hard and I am sure I was not the only one. There seemed to be a lot of adjusting of crotches going on at the table.

I am very proud of my wife and how sexy she is. I had come to the point where I was thoroughly enjoying our new sex life. I knew that Ann liked showing off for herself and for me. I also knew where she was hoping this all was going.

This went on for a while and each of us had 6 or 7 beers. We were drinking a little more heavily tonight than usual. I decided that now was the time to let Ann have her complete fantasy.

This time I whistled for our hostess. She came around the corner with the beer and when she served me I reached around and grabbed her ass and let my fingers reach for her pussy. She was absolutely drenched she was so wet. In fact when my fingers entered her pussy you could hear the squish noise and all of the guys knew what happened. Ann just moaned.

If what she wanted was to show off and get fucked then so be it. If all she wanted was to be an exhibitionist then she was going to be surprised.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and said, “Why won’t you be a good little hostess and suck my cock for me you little slut.”

She looked at me with an “are you sure” look and dropped to her knees in front of my chair. She looked up one more time and then sucked my cock into her mouth.

I looked at the guys around the table and they were wide-eyed and silent.

I asked her, “What kind of a slut hostess are you leaving our guests.”

She stopped sucking my cock and went to Sam. She swallowed Sam’s cock in one breath, as he was not very large probably 5 – 6 inches. Sam’s eyes rolled back and he was enjoying her throat on the head of his dick.

I broke in and said, “Slut you better move on to our next guest and she went to Tom. When she got around the table to Tom she stopped and said, “Oh my god.”

Tom scooted away from the table and I thought “Oh my god” He had the biggest cock I have ever seen. He put Mark to shame. This monster was at least 10 – 11 inches long and reached up past his belly button.

Ann reached down with both hands and could not wrap her hands around it. She opened her mouth wide and put the head of it in her mouth. She slowly worked about a third of it in her throat and gagged once trying. She was using both hands to pump it while she sucked.

I told her, “Slut I know you like that one but we still have Dave over here waiting his turn.

Dave’s cock was like him short but thick. Ann bent over to shove his cock down her throat and suck. I got up and walked over behind her lifted her skirt and slapped her ass. She let out a moan on Dave’s cock. I slid her thong panties out of the way. I sunk my cock into her wet pussy with one plunged.

She rose off of his cock and said, “Yes finally someone is going to fuck me.”

I again slapped her ass as I was sliding in and out, “For being such a naughty girl everyone is going to fuck you tonight.” I kept plowing deep into her pussy and she went back to Dave’s cock.

I pulled out of Ann just before cumming and shot my load on her back and ass.

I told the guys, “I didn’t want any of my buddies taking sloppy seconds on this slut. Sam your next, get over here.”

Sam looked like I cannot believe you are asking me to fuck your wife.

“Come on you better have at it before Tom puts his meat into her.” Sam got up and lined up his cock and slid it into Ann.

She rose off of Dave’s cock and a “YESSSSSSSSSSS!” came from her mouth. She bent over again and swallowed Dave’s cock. Dave could take no more and started cumming shooting load after load into Ann’s mouth. She took all of it and then scooted up and put her tits in Dave’s face.

She told him, “Suck and bite my tits.” Dave gladly started working on her tits.

Ann started to let out yelping noises each time Sam slammed into her pussy. Sam, leaned his head back and closed his eyes and said, “Here it comes slut.” He then started cumming in my wife’s pussy.

When he was done he said, “I figured I better lube her up for Tom.”

Tom got up and his huge cock was like a sword leading him to Ann’s pussy. He grabbed her hair and said, “Are you ready for this you little slut?”

Ann gasping “Yes fuck me Tom, fuck me deep and hard.”

Tom stepped up and bent her over even further and pushed the head of his cock into Ann’s pussy. It was so big that I thought there is no way she can take all of it. It looked like just the head was going to split her in two. Tom then leaned forward and put about 4 inches into her. Ann was grunting and squirming under him.

She reached back for his cock in her pussy, “For god’s sake fuck me!”

Tom slammed his cock into her pussy until it completely disappeared and Ann’s knees buckled. She went to the floor with Tom in her and she bent over doggie style.

Her face was against the floor and she said, “Do It!”

Tom withdrew some of his huge cock and I swore as he was pulling out he was pulling part of her pussy with him. He then thrust forward and planted all of it back into her and she screamed like a wild animal. Ann then started to violently shake and she screamed, “I’m CUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMING!”

Tom then just pistoned in and out of her pussy. Ann came 3 times during Tom’s assault on her and then he started to orgasm. He pulled out and went to her head and was jacking off then started to cum on Ann’s face and hair.

While Tom was cumming on her face Dave who had not got to fuck her yet went in behind her as her ass was still stuck in the air. He rubbed his cock on the cum I had previously deposited and grabbed hold of Ann’s hips. He then inserted his cock in her ass. He popped the head in and really gave her no time to adjust to it and pushed his cock all the way into her ass. Ann at first was in shock. She had never had her ass fucked before so she was an anal virgin. When it finally hit her what had just happened and the pain flashed through her brain she tried to pull away and Dave held onto her hips like he was riding a wild bull. He just stayed planted in her ass. She then made a change and started pushing back against his cock and the said, “Dave fuck my ass!”

Dave started to drive in and out of her sweet ass and Sam got underneath her and started licking her pussy. Sam was under her so that his cock was at her face and she started sucking his cock while he ate her pussy and Dave fucked her ass. I sat in a chair with my dick rock hard again and was stroking it and Tom was standing again looking for someplace to put his cock.

Dave started to cum and grunted and shot a load into her ass. When he did Ann started to cum on Sam’s face and Sam shot his load into her mouth.

Ann fell flat on Sam and I got up and helped her off of him. I told Tom to get on the floor. He laid down and I sat Ann on his lap. She was in a daze from all of the sex. I raised her up and Tom grabbed his enormous cock and guided it toward her pussy. As the head disappeared I let go and Ann sunk all the way down on it. She leaned forward and Tom started sucking on her tits.

It was then my turn. She was so turned on last week by watching the double fucking that Denise got that I was going to let her feel it. Now between my cock and Tom’s cock she was getting a bigger bang. I may not have been the one to burst her cherry ass but I was going to be the second.

I put my cock at her ass and she started to say, “I can’t do both—-” and the head of my cock slipped into her ass. She screamed, “OH FUCK!!” and I leaned in for more. She was setting deeply on Tom’s cock and I could feel it inside her pussy as I slowly kept inching mine deeper into her. I was finally all the way in. Ann had an 11-inch cock buried in her pussy and a 7-inch cock in her ass. We just stayed that way for a moment and then Ann started to gyrate on both of our cocks. She was squeezing and it felt like a vise on my dick. Ann started to buck and scream. “OH SHITTTTTTTT I AM CUMMMMMMMMING!” at the same time Tom and I lost it together and planted cum deep inside both of her holes.

I pulled out and her asshole was gaping open from my cock just leaving it. Ann had passed out on Tom.

Sam helped me get her off of Tom and I carried her to bed. I took off her clothes and covered her up cum and all.

I went back to where the guys were and they were dressed and getting ready to leave.

Dave said, “Man, I never had any idea Ann was so hot.”

I replied, “It has only been in the last few weeks that we have been playing around like this and we both really enjoy it and our sex life has never been better.”

Tom said, “You are a very lucky man.”

I said goodnight to the guys and went to get in bed with my wife who was out like a light.

The next morning I woke up and Ann was still asleep. I went in to run a hot bath for her and then went in to wake her up. She woke up slightly and I kissed her. I carried her to the tub and set her in the warm water. I then bathed her as she laid there and enjoyed it.

She finally said, “Honey I am sorry if I acted like a complete whore in front of your friends but I have always had a fantasy of getting gang fucked.”

“Sweetheart you were beautiful, sexy and a complete hostess. I am sure that we will be the choice of homes for poker night from now on.”

She replied, “Next month maybe I can get some other people to help me hostess.”

I told her, “I am sure nobody will complain.”

I got her out of the tub and dried her off and we then went into the kitchen in what is becoming our natural state “naked” and had breakfast. I looked across the table at my beautiful wife and said, “I Love You.”

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