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This is the rest of my fantasy. Kisses – Lucy


With all the constant action finally I was feeling a little exhausted when the guys decided it was time to take a break. I think Master might have said something but I never heard it. My mouth was aching and my pussy was a little raw and by then all I could do was let them shove their cocks in and thrust into me. My body was feeling amazing after all that fucking but I could feel I was close to my limit of what I could accept from them all.

So I let a couple of them carry me to a soft leather chair and Master put his coat over me. I got a big hug and a cuddle from Master but he didn’t say much. I could feel his love and the look in his eyes was so amazing that it made everything totally worthwhile for me. Someone gave me a drink and I slowly sipped on it as I recovered from all the work it was taking to be the party slut. I was relieved that they wanted to let me have a little break because somehow I sensed it wasn’t the end of the party. Only one of the guys had shot his jizz.

Master stayed with me for ages and he held me and stroked my hair and told me several times that he loved me. I told him the same back though really I was happy to lie still in peace for a while and just feel his arms around me. I am his submissive and it is the most important thing that I get to serve him and honour him but still I guess I am a woman too and the need for love and affection are still strong in me.

Actually the party did not stop when they put me on that chair. I still don’t know if Master had planned it but after a while Tash got busy and she was taking a turn giving pleasure to the guys. It was kind of funny watching someone so bossy who then was all submissive and going on her knees to suck guys off. I could tell Tash was experienced at it and the guys were enjoying it very much. She sure had a lot of enthusiasm for those cocks and I didn’t even care if they shot off into her mouth instead of mine. Tash looked so sexy with those black leather boots and now I know I that I would obey a woman too if it was the right person.

Even Master gave Tash his cock and I watched from the lounge chair while he pumped in and out of her mouth. Of course Master never asked what I thought but I knew it was part of the price I pay as his submissive. Actually that was the very first time I have ever seen Master get sucked off by another woman and I got really excited by seeing how big and hard Tash made him.

Then one of the guys said he wanted to fuck Tash and I was really excited by that as well. So I got a shock when Tash looked over at me and loudly said that ‘first I want my turn with the dirty bitch.’ I have never been called something like that by a woman and Tash sounded a little angry with me which made me afraid of her. Tash took a big swig from a drink and by the time she had crossed the room I was sitting up straight waiting for her.

She was beautiful and she had those big black boots and as she stood with her hands on hips I saw a thick, black bush just like mine when I don’t shave.

‘Come on bitch. Get down here,’ She was pointing at the carpet. I was not willing to argue so I went down on my knees like a good little slut.

I love it when I can put myself in a lower position than men. Of course that always means my Master and there are some other men who make me feel that way. I have never felt like being in a lower position than another woman but Tash was sounding nasty and bossy and somehow that made it seem so natural for me. I just wanted to please Tash and so I was very happy to submit to her. Later on I realised that Master had been training me to learn how to be totally submissive and to behave the right way so I could follow orders from someone like Tash as well.

Tash pulled up one of the leather meeting chairs and sat in it, slouched down and with her legs hanging out wide over the arms. I could see all of her pussy and even her butt hole and I knew just exactly what was going to happen to me next.

I don’t know how I could get my head around everything that night. I had never even expected a sex party that night or that Master would make me serve all those men but I had sucked and fucked them all. After all that I was on my knees as a humble slut for a woman I had never met before. I just know in my mind I was happy and excited to be degraded and used like that and made to serve everyone.

Tash ordered me to ‘come closer.’ She pointed at her wet pussy lips and told me to ‘put your face in here.’

I knew what Tash wanted and I almost froze. I have never done that to another woman before and I really didn’t know if I could. I have thought a lot about the feeling of another woman putting her mouth on me but because I am a submissive it turned out my first time I had to put my mouth on a woman. In the end I didn’t freeze because I liked Tash and because Master wanted me to lick her pussy. I just knew that he would because most men want to see girls doing that.

Tash smelled good as I got closer and I could see her wetness on her bush. I was intimidated by Tash and her pussy because she had much more experience than me. I stuck my tongue out and started licked her, starting in the middle of her hairy pussy and sliding my tongue up to her clit. Oh my god that felt great to lick such soft, wet flesh and she tasted just fine. Naturally I have tasted my own pussy juices, especially on Master’s cock, so I wasn’t turned off at all and in fact I liked her taste. So I did it again and this time I think I even heard Tash moan. Next time I pressed deeper and actually had my tongue between her pussy lips and her juices were even stronger.

‘Come here and help her,’ I heard Tash order someone. ‘Push her face right in there.’ I am pretty sure it was her submissive Chinese man. A hand pushed against the back of my head and shoved my face right into that hot wet pussy. I was shocked but I didn’t stop licking her even though I didn’t have any idea of what to do. I just tried to please Tash as much as I could and lick her all over her pussy.

The best part was her pussy entrance and licked I her there a lot and sometimes I pushed past her big bush of pussy hair so I could get my tongue inside her. That made her moan louder so I guessed what I was doing was working. I was so unprepared for licking a woman’s pussy that night but down deep I had wanted to try it for such a long time. I really loved that I was forced to do it for Tash.

Tash took a couple of cocks in her mouth while I was licking her and seeing that made me so wet and horny to experience the same for myself. But she kept me working on her pussy for a long time and I know she came at least twice while I did my best to lick her clit and to fuck her hot hole with my tongue. It was hard to do much more since my face was shoved hard into her soft, wet pussy but I did manage to lick her clit a few times which seemed to make her moan even louder.

After a long time Tash must have had enough of me. ‘Now I want a cock,’ she ordered and at last the hand on my head released the pressure and I was free again. I looked at Tash to try to thank her but already she was reaching for one of the guys’ hard cocks to pull him to her pussy. So I went back to the lounge with Master with a woman’s pussy juice all over my face while the guys took turns kneeling in front of Tash and shoving their cocks into her tight little hole.

That was my first ever time to watch a woman get fucked for real and I watched closely because I was imagining how I looked when they were all using me. I couldn’t see very much but I watched her face and I knew each time a new cock pressed right deep inside her pussy. It was the same feeling I had when they placed me on the board table and fucked me in turns. I knew how special it was to have the guys all use my mouth and my pussy.

I am not sure if Tash actually came on their cocks but she made sure she got everyone at least twice. Even Master took his turn and fucked Tash’s hairy pussy. I did feel a little strange about that but I am sure Master fucks other women anyway and I would never be able to say ‘no’ to him. His cock was so big and hard for her and it was very sexy to see his butt moving as he pumped himself into another woman. I wondered if Tash felt the same as me that its right and proper for a woman to be a cockslut.

Pretty soon the guys didn’t want to wait for a turn to fuck so two of them decided to use me and they split up from the group. I got the stranger and the little Chinese guy who had their big cocks pointing at me. No-one even asked me if it was OK and I didn’t want them to because I was happy to be a whore who didn’t need that respect. I knew the reason I was there was to be used and abused for their pleasure.

They pushed me over the arm of the lounge and just started humping like a doggy one after the other. The guys were still really eager and were pounding me pretty hard and my boobs were bouncing around underneath me and that felt really good. Being fucked then was the hardest part of the night though because it felt great but my pussy was sore. I felt a sort of competition with Tash, though, and I didn’t want to say ‘stop’ before she did.

Somewhere in the middle I think a couple of them switched over and I think by then I was being fucked by Master’s friend and by Mr Handsome. They felt so good in my pussy even though there was no way I could cum again. I was just a hole for them and their cocks and I was totally out of control and at the mercy of those guys. I was so tired and sore by then but I got what I wanted by being in the lowest position a woman could ever be in front of men.

I really have no idea how many of the guys fucked me or how many times I got each cock in my pussy. It was more non-stop fucking and violation of my pussy and it was getting so tough on me but I just had to take it all and let them use me how they liked.

A few times I got slapped on my butt cheeks and I didn’t even care since by then I had totally surrendered myself to them. Letting a man slap me on the butt is like an ultimate degrading act for me but whatever they wanted from me and my body was fine because I was too tired to think.

I know that Master took a turn fucking me for a while because I heard his voice and I could just feel it was his cock sliding into my abused pussy and that was better because I strongly felt my love for him.

I really couldn’t take any more and was about to ask Master for mercy when I heard someone say they needed to cum ‘desperately.’ The guys had waited all night and I was amazed they could do that. I guessed that my work was done and that the reason Tash was invited was so she could finish them all off.

So I was a little shocked when I heard Tash giving the guys orders. ‘Remember to give her all your cum you fucks,’ she ordered sternly. ‘The deal is she gets everything tonight.’ So it was my job after all to receive the jizz from all those guys. No matter how tired I felt it was such an honour and the one thing I had wanted most of all that night. I was suddenly feeling a little stronger and energetic.

I was made to sit on a boardroom chair which was good because I knew they weren’t going to use my pussy any more. At least my mouth had recovered a little and I knew I would swallow all their cum if that’s what they wanted.

Tash came close to me then and whispered loudly to me.

‘Are you going to be a cum slut for them all?’

I could only nod in reply.

‘Do you want their cum you dirty bitch?’ Oh yes, yes I did want it so much.

‘Yes, yes,’ I replied quickly. ‘I want all their jizz. I want them all to shoot their jizz for me.’ I wanted to beg them for it because I was afraid I might miss out.

Tash must have had the same thought because I clearly heard her tell the men to ‘fill the bitch with cock juice.’ That made me feel dirty and low and really it made me excited enough that I wanted all the guys to blast their cum all over me.

Mr Handsome was first and he stood in front of me with his beautiful cock looking ready to explode. Straight away his cock pushed past my lips but this time I was surprised that he filled my mouth roughly. Then he grabbed my head just like Master had done earlier and before I could react he was holding me and shoving his cock into my mouth and going deep and fast. I just had to hang on to the chair and try to use my lips and my tongue as if it was a normal blowjob.

Of course it wasn’t a normal blowjob at all and Mr Handsome was rough and going fast like he was using my mouth like a pussy at the end of a fucking session. It was a little scary all of a sudden and was not comfortable for me at all. Even the way he held my head in his strong hands was almost too much for me. It was just like I was being abused and used by the guys and if it wasn’t for Master being there I would have been really scared and humiliated.

There was a switch and the next guy shoved himself inside my mouth and he grabbed my head as well, pulling my hair as he slammed into my mouth. I even found it hard to breathe and he went faster and way too deep and a couple of times I coughed and choked before he stopped and let the Chinese guy have his place. That was a bit easier because the Chinese guy was a little smaller but he still slammed in hard and deep and he even hurt me a little when his cock almost went into my throat.

Suddenly I realised that they were fucking my face. I know some men would expect it in that sort of party but it was my first time ever so I hadn’t thought I would be abused like that. I was filled with pride and I was so excited suddenly I wasn’t tired at all. My first facefucking. Even Master had never really used me like that but he knew from my porn habits I had imagined this being done to me many, many times. Like I say, I don’t think there is any better way for a woman to be used or to serve her men than to accept their cocks into her mouth and especially if she gets their jizz as her final reward.

They all did it to me that night, they all fucked my face. Even Master did it after he let the others take my mouth and use me like that. When Master took his turn abusing my mouth I stopped being scared and started to really enjoy myself. A proper facefucking and so many cocks to give it to me.

I stared to really enjoy myself because they just held me tight and thrust while my drool ran down over my chin and onto my boobs. A lot of times I did have to cough and choke because they were so rough but no-one showed me much care. That was certainly the most abuse my mouth has ever taken but I was not bothered at all and I just tried to keep myself relaxed and use my lips to give them all some extra pleasure. Of course the best part was when Master took his turn again and fucked my mouth without mercy.

Taking a proper facefucking made me feel like a porn star and I even surprised myself at how much I could take as they all took a turn to pleasure themselves brutally in my mouth.

The guys all enjoyed themselves and pretty soon they decided it was time for everyone to shoot their jizz. That was the biggest thrill because I was going to get my dream of being a cumslut and I started getting excited at how much jizz they would dump onto my face. I was ready to receive it all and I wanted to finish the night like a dirty cumslut.

The stranger was the first guy to cum but he chose to fill my mouth. I didn’t mind when he pulled my head way down onto his cock till I started to choke but I was little afraid I might suffocate. He had a strong grip on me and I knew there was no escape and all his sperm was going to go straight into my throat and down to my belly. I was so ready and so excited for it.

Tash came close again and asked me ‘are you ready to take all their filthy cum?’ Oh my god I was almost desperate for it by then.

‘Hnnnh… hnnnh…’ was all I could say with my face stuffed full of meat.

‘You want to be a dirty cumslut and a cum dump for them?’

‘Hnnnh hnnnh…’

The stranger’s cock felt enormous in my mouth and I think it was even throbbing a little so I knew he was really close to giving me his jizz. After a minute the stranger made a lot of noise and I knew I was going to get my big reward. I know I even moaned out loud and I wasn’t even acting. He pressed deeper into my mouth and I felt like I was really going to be a dump for his jizz. I actually felt his cock when he exploded and I had to swallow him as fast as I could so I didn’t choke on his jizz. That was an amazing feeling and I think he shot quite a big load into my throat but he was so far into my mouth it was hard to tell.

I felt his cock twitch as each load of jizz shot out into my throat. He shot about six or seven times and I welcomed every one of them as his balls totally emptied into my throat. I got a little taste of his thick jizz as it slid down my throat and I did the proper thing and I swallowed it all down.

That was such a great moment I’ll never forget since I had just let another man I’d never met empty his balls into my throat. I don’t really know how I let myself be put so low but I was so glad Master at last could see how much I belonged there. It was so amazing to feel so lowly and so degraded that all I wanted was to receive more of their jizz over and over again.

The stranger swore aloud and then I heard him tell me that I was ‘an amazing cock slut’. As he slipped his thick cock out of my mouth I was still swallowing the last of his yummy jizz but I remembered to say a quiet ‘thank you’ to him and I really meant it.

Master’s other friend was next, the one I’d met on the business trip. I knew he was going to shoot onto my face when he grabbed my hair tight and yanked my head back. I got even more excited right then because I love swallowing jizz but a submissive slut like me needs to wear it on her skin.

I watched him wanking his cock with fast, strong movements of his hand. I love watching a guy do that with his cock. Of course I wanted to receive all his juice on my face and I was overcome with the thrill of what was being done. I’ve hardly ever asked a man to shoot on me but I just heard myself say ‘please cover my face with your jizz’. It showed everyone I was fully degraded but I was just thinking of how good it would feel to wear his jizz on my skin.

‘You want my cum do you?’

‘Please. Please give it to me all over my face.’

I saw the first shot come out fast and hard and I felt it slap into the skin of my cheek. I think what I felt at that time is elation. I know that really that one blast of jizz made me a dirty slut but the feeling of his jizz on my skin was what I had waited for all night. That first blast came out so hard there were even some little splashes of his jizz across my face and into my hair. I stayed completely still and hoped for more and more. I was a target for his cum and I was smiling as I felt the heat of his jizz spray on to me.

A shot landed on my forehead and my hair and there were more blasts in my eye and on my nose and my cheeks. Someone said aloud that ‘now she looks like a fucking cumslut’ and of course I smiled harder when he said that. I felt shame and pride to be labelled a cumslut like that.

This guy had a lot of jizz to give and he managed to cover most of my face and then he saved the last drops to put right into my mouth on my tongue. I was a low submissive and a cumslut and right then I could not have wanted to be anywhere else. As the friend let go of my hair I made sure to say a polite ‘thank you’ to him as well. He had given me the wonderful gift of coating my face with his jizz and I wanted him to know I was grateful to be so beneath him. ‘I love taking your jizz on my face,’ I muttered to him.

Mr Handsome was next and he didn’t touch me. He didn’t want my mouth either and he didn’t pull my hair. So I got to watch him stroke his beautiful cock only a couple of inches from my face as some of the others murmured encouraging words to him. They all wanted to see him shoot on me and cover my face with jizz. ‘Give her another load,’ someone said. Someone else said ‘she looks so great covered in cock juice’ and I knew that was really true.

There is a group of girls who have a secret club of facial lovers. They meet every week, and every time they meet, one of them has to bring back a story of being facialized. One is a university student. One is a high school teacher. One is a writer.

The university student talks about how intimate facials can be, and how she never really feels close to any of her male friends until they’ve cum on her face.

“It’s not the same with any other part of your body. There’s a lot of trust involved with the face. I mean, I’ve had guys cum on my tits and still there was no intimacy, no love. It’s best when I finish them. That way, he has to trust me with his penis, so there’s a two-way trust thing going on.”

“I agree,” says the teacher. “That’s why I only let other faculty cum on my face. I feel more seductive and in control with the students, because they’re just kids. With the faculty, I’m vulnerable because I’m the youngest woman there. If the other women there found out, they’d take it straight to the school board. Besides, it’s a little scary letting someone that inexperienced cum on my face. You never know what they’re gonna do.”

“Yeah, but that’s why you like it: you’re scared,” the writer says, grinning. “The young ones are wild, unpredictable.”

“I dunno… have you ever had anyone really young? I mean, since we were?” the teacher says.

“I’ve had my share of youngsters. And besides, I didn’t see you complaining about that sophomore kid you had ram his cock down your throat a few years back.”

The teacher blushed a little.

“God, that was intense. Did I tell you I made him fuck my face?”

“You did. Yeah, I like it when the youngsters facefuck me, definitely.”

“And Daniel doesn’t mind?” the teacher asked, referring to the writer’s husband, a fellow faculty member of hers. He also moonlighted as an occasional lecturer at the student’s university.

“No, not at all, so long as he watches. In fact, just this week Daniel watched while one of the boys in the workshop blew a load on my face. Of course, Daniel’s own dick was wedged pretty tight into your anus, if I remember correctly,” the writer says, pointing a finger at the student. “He may have had his attention elsewhere.”

“It is possible. Thank you for that invite. Your husband’s great, I had a lot of fun,” the student said, smiling. “And I’m glad to hear you liked that guy. He’s a really good friend of mine. In fact, if I were looking for a boyfriend right now, he’d be just my type.”

“So he’s cum on your face a lot then, I take it,” the writer said.

“Oh yeah,” the student said. “Quite a lot.”

“So, do we have tape of this stuff or what?” asked the teacher.

“Oh yeah,” the writer said, brandishing a thumbdrive. “In fact, it was shot by this friend of hers. Daniel got sick of being cameraman, so he handed the boy the camera.”

“Well, plug it in,” the teacher said, pointing to the student’s computer (they were at her house). It had a very large monitor that she used to edit films for her classes.

They watch the video:

A camera is being held to the WRITER’s face as she sits on a couch in an airy suburban living room. There is music playing, and evidence of a fair amount of wine drinking on a nearby table. Other voices can be heard in the background, specifically those of DANIEL and the STUDENT, who are speaking in flirtatious tones.


What don’t you like about cursing in literature?


Well, I didn’t say I didn’t like it, I just dislike it when older writers do it. It seems so forced. Maybe it’s just that I don’t like hearing old men curse, and I always read a book with the writer’s voice in my head. Sometimes I have to go online and find videos of them speaking just so I can understand their speech patterns better.


But you’re okay with younger men cursing?


Yeah… in fact, I find it kind of hot, actually. At the risk of sounding really cliché, ‘fuck’ can be a very sexy word when delivered properly.


Really? The word ‘fuck’ is sexy to you? I’ve always hated it.


Yeah, it’s sexy! Oh my God, you don’t like the word ‘fuck?’ Even in bed?


Yep, even in bed.


Well, that’s a shame.




Well… because… you know.


No I don’t. What?


Well, because you sound really sexy saying it.


I do?


Uh huh.


But I’m not younger than you… or at least not by much.


Well, you’re younger than a lot of guys I’ve slept with.


Say ‘fuck’ again.


Um… okay. Fuck.


(raising eyebrows)





(chuckling, smirking)

Oh-ho!The teacher nervously glances at the phone as she talks.


No, I keep it down. Try to set a good example for the kids.


It must be a nightmare trying to hang onto their concentration now that everyone has phones like that.



Don’t get me started… it’s actually not that much worse than when I was teaching you guys. I remember you texted so much in class that I had to stand directly over you sometimes.


Yeah, yeah… and that one time you could tell that somebody had their phone on because it kept vibrating, and you were so sure it was me?


Oh yeah! I came and stood over you as you worked, and when I heard the vibrating, I put my hand on what I thought was your phone in your pocket…


And then it totally wasn’t my phone…

They both laugh.


So, uh… did anyone ever find out about our little, uh, you know…


Hm? Oh fuck, no! How do you think I managed to keep my job?

“Mmm, I like it when you say fuck,” the writer said.

“Are you guys gonna talk the whole way through, or am I gonna see some dick in this video?” the student asked, unzipping her jeans and sliding them off while still managing to keep her breast in the teacher’s mouth. Once the jeans were all the way off, she got on her hands and knees above the teacher. The teacher’s hands went straight to the student’s ass and panty-covered pussy.

“Oh, there’s dick. Just you wait,” the teacher said after finally taking her lips off the student’s bosom. The student moaned as the teacher’s hands went into her panties.

“What’s this incident you guys are referring to?” the writer asked.

“Well, a few days after I touched his ‘phone,’ I came and stood over him again and asked him if there were any cellphones in his pocket today,” the teacher explained as her finger found the student’s clitoris. The student collapsed onto the teacher, looking up into the older woman’s eyes.

“Fuck me, mommy,” the student said, and laid out beside the teacher, clinging onto her in a fetal position. Because of the awkward position, the teacher had some trouble slipping off the student’s panties, but she managed to before continuing with the story. She threw the wet panties to the writer, who proceeded to rub them on her face and smell them.

“We had a little giggle about that, and he said ‘I don’t think so, but if you want to check, you’re more than welcome.’ So I leaned over his desk, pretending to point out a mistake in his work, and put my hand on his thigh. I reached out and grazed his dick, just grazed it, with my little finger.” As she spoke, the teacher worked three fingers of one hand over the student’s pussy, two spreading her labia open while the third rubbed her clit. “I felt it thicken, and I got so turned on that I had to have one of the seniors fuck me right after that class,” she said, and slipped a finger of her free hand into the student’s ass. Meanwhile, the student fondled her breast with one hand and sucked the thumb of her other hand. “So it became our little thing. He’d ask me to come over to his desk to help him with something or other, and I’d rub his dick through his pants,” the teacher explained.

“Fuck me mommy fuck me mommy fuck me mommy,” the student managed to squeak out when her thumb wasn’t lodged too deep in her mouth.

“Did he ever cum?” the writer asked, toying absently with the student’s panties as she spoke.

“I think so, once… anyway, I’d like to imagine that was his cum I felt through his pants that one time.” the teacher said. “Yeah, if he did cum, it was just the once, though I did notice he was always the last to leave the class on the days I touched his dick.”

“Oh mommy fuck my ass fuck it please mommy fuck my ass,” the student said, and the teacher obligingly worked another finger into the student’s anus. The student sobbed with desire as she got on her hands and knees, ass in the air.

“Poor guy. He must have had an erection like a skyscraper,” the writer said, sticking her tongue out to lick the still-wet patch on the inside of the panties.

“Yeah, I’ll say. This one time, I called him to my desk after the bell rang, and he stood there really awkwardly, book held in front of his crotch.”

“FUCK ME MOMMY FUCK ME MOMMY FUCK ME MOMMY,” the student screamed, her own fingers now buried in her pussy, her plump chest flattened on the couch as the teacher worked four fingers in and out of her ass, almost to the knuckle. Finally, the teacher worked her whole fist into the young girl’s ass.

The student froze, convulsing, her eyes rolling into the back of her head. What began as a breathy, wordless moan worked its way into a massive scream. She dropped onto her back, writhing and clutching at pillows with one hand as she shoved as much as she could of the other into her pussy.

“YES! MOMMY! MOMMY! YES!” she screamed before finally subsiding into a series of moans. After a few minutes, she rolled off the couch and onto the floor, shambling awkwardly on her knees over to where the writer sat. She offered her hand to the writer, dripping as it was with her juices, and the writer began licking the young girl’s fingers.

“Now, where were we?” the teacher asked, flushed and winded. She finally took off her clothes completely and lay naked on the couch, caressing herself lazily. “Oh right, the book. So there we were, alone in the classroom, and I asked him to put down his book for a second. He does, but he sort of hunches over in this weird way.”

“Go on,” the writer said, putting the student’s hand on her chest. The student began unbuttoning the writer’s cardigan.

“So I say ‘stand up straight,’ and he reluctantly does, and boy, does he ever.”

“Big bulge?” the writer asked, reaching under her skirt and raising her ass off the chair so she could pull off her panties before feeding them to the student.

“You have no idea,” the teacher said, laughing.

The teacher is leaning forward on her desk, the young man still standing.


But you were okay with me touching you, right? You didn’t feel molested or anything?


Oh, I had no problem with it. Trust me.


Some days you seemed to like it more than others.


Well, it all depended on where exactly you’d touch me. Like when you went straight for the crotch, it didn’t do much for me, but when you rubbed it more gently, that was heaven.


You mean like when I touch it like this?

The teacher reaches between the boy’s legs, putting her hand all the way up his crotch.


N-no, that’s how I didn’t like it… relatively speaking.


Oh, so you preferred it like this?

The teacher moves her hand slightly, finding the shaft of the boy’s dick wedged down his trouser leg and giving it a squeeze.


Like that?


Uh huh.


Or do you like it when I just graze it, like that?

The teacher runs her fingertips over the bulge, which gets more pronounced as she does it.


(breathing heavily)

Uh huh.

She moves her hand further down, running her fingernails over the lower end of the bulge, which is now throbbing through the boy’s tight pants.


What about this thing right here? You prefer it when I touch this part?





If I just rub it back and forth like this, do you like that?

She starts moving her fingertips back and forth across the end of the bulge, causing it to twitch slightly.



Yeah, that’s pretty good.




The teacher laughs.


This is fun. I kinda wanna see what I’m doing. Do you mind if…

She points to the boy’s belt buckle.


No, not at all, go ahead.

She looks up at him and stops rubbing him so she can lean forward even further and unbuckle his belt.


Are you getting an eyeful?


Yeah… it’s appreciated.


Did you ever sneak a peek in class?


Sure, sometimes.


Ever see any nipple?


Of yours? No… never got so lucky.


You will, later.

She finishes unbuckling, unbuttoning and unzipping him. She pulls down his pants and frees the bulge. She runs her fingertips from the tip of still-clothed shaft to the base and back again, making his dick jerk reflexively in response.

He reaches out and slips his hand underneath her top and bra, cupping her breast and toying with her nipple. She closes her eyes in ecstasy.


Mmmmm… I told you that would have to wait, I’ll get so distracted if you do that.


I didn’t feel like waiting.

Biting her lip, she reluctantly removes his hand and places his fingers in her mouth, sucking on them as she looks in his eyes. Then she puts his hand away and lowers her still-open mouth onto the head of the boy’s clothed cock, sucking on it for a few seconds.

“Bear in mind, that until now, I’d never knowingly touched his cock,” the teacher explained as she masturbated calmly with both hands.

“So there was no actual contact, or even exposure while he was your student?” the writer asked, fondling her now-nude breasts while the student went down on her.

“No… well, sort of,” the teacher said, her eyes wistful as she thought back.

“Did anything happen after you told him to…” the writer paused and moaned as the student’s tongue found her sweet spot. “…to put his book down?”

“Not exactly… I asked him if that was for me, and he said yes. I asked him what he’d like to do to me.”

“And what did he say?” the writer asked, sliding down in her chair and putting her legs over the student’s shoulders.

“Oh, you know, typical stuff, really. Nothing too exciting. Said he’d like to fuck my brains out and make me cum all night long, that kind of thing.”

“Teenagers,” the writer said.

“Hey!” the student said, sticking her head up.

“Calm down, honey. You’re an exception,” the writer said, pushing her head back down. “Wait a second: knowingly? You never knowingly touched his cock?”

“Yeah… a funny thing happened on his senior trip, which I was a chaperone on.”

The writer slides the boy’s boxers down and his cock slaps her in the face. She runs her hand back and forth over it before grabbing it by the head and stroking steadily.


You know, I saw you jerk off on a girl’s tits once. That’s how I know you like it like this.


Yeah, I know…


You do?

She sucks his cock as he tells the story, fondling his balls as she uses her lips and tongue on his cockhead only.


Yeah, senior trip, right? I was with Lorna Barrow and we went out into the woods alone. Lorna didn’t notice because she was… somewhat preoccupied, but when I looked back toward the motel, I could have sworn I saw you watching us from a window. When I pulled out of her mouth to cum on her tits, I thought of you. I’d never cum that hard. Usually, my cum would just go straight down and onto her tits, but this time, it shot out onto her face and into her hair and mouth. She was pretty pissed. She had to wash off in the lake, and pretend that I’d pushed her in it to explain how wet she was.

The teacher pops the young man’s cock out of her mouth, but keeps rubbing it, teasing it, spreading her saliva across it.


I remember that. I confronted Lorna and told her I’d have to tell her parents unless she did me a little favor.

The teacher greedily puts the cock back in her mouth and sucks vigorously, giving off muffled moans and wet smacking noises.


Oh, you did, did you?



She once again removes the cock, but keeps it very close to her lips as she works the head with her fingertips.


I told her to bring me back some of your cum.

She licks the head, teasingly at first, but then crams it back into her mouth.


Oh… so that’s why…

This time, she strokes the whole shaft when the cock is out of her mouth.


Yup. She went right back to your room and blew you, huh?

She puts the dick back in her mouth, and we can tell by the way she works it from the sides that she is teasing it with her tongue.


Yeah… I came to the door and as soon as she was inside the room, she just closed the door and pulled my pants down. Usually, she didn’t like me cumming in her mouth, but this time, when I warned her I was cumming, she just looked in my eyes and kept sucking. I came into her mouth, but it was clearly a bigger load than she expected, and she had to pull me out. I came on her face again, this time on her cheek and chin before she aimed it down at her tits. Then she left.

The teacher continues sucking.


You were outside the door, weren’t you?

The teacher nods, keeping the cock in her mouth.


And she kissed you, giving you a mouthful of my cum?

Again, the teacher nods.


And did you lick off the cum on her face and tits?

Once gain, the teacher nods.


Did you maybe gather some up on your fingers and lick it off?

The teacher nods.


And do you think Lorna liked having you do that, lick cum off her face and scoop it off her tits?

The teacher smiles as broad a smile as she can without letting the cock out of her mouth, and nods again.


And did you maybe put some of my cum in your pussy?

The teacher nods again, more solemnly this time.


Why would you do that?

The teacher finally takes her mouth off the young man’s dick and looks directly into his eyes, grazing the cock with her fingernails.



The teacher looks from his face to his cock, and begins masturbating the young man. As she speaks, she varies her technique, using both hands, running her fingers up and down the bulging blue veins on his dick, fondling his balls, sometimes using just her palms or just the tips of her fingers, occasionally sticking her tongue out and licking the shaft or the head. Her voice gets increasingly frail as she speaks, growing faster and more desperate.


I’ll tell you why. Because I love your cock. And your cum. I adore it. I’ve wanted it since the first time I saw it, since the first time I felt it through your pants. It’s so thick and gorgeous and hot and hard and it tastes so amazing, so salty and I love the way it feels in my mouth, so smooth and yet so rigid and when I feel it in the back of my mouth it’s like I could cum just from the feel of it. Right now, I’m looking at the head of your fucking cock and it’s just so thick and fat and I just want it in my pussy so bad and I want cum to shoot out of it and into me and onto me and everywhere and-

The young man grabs her by the face and forces her to look up at his out-of-frame face. She falls completely onto the desk, supporting herself with her elbows.


You talk too much.

And with that, he shoves the teacher’s head onto his cock, grabbing the back of her head and skullfucking her brutally. She moans onto his dick. With his free hand, he reaches into her top and cups her swaying breast. She fondles his balls.

He stops thrusting for a moment, and they work together to bring his entire cock deep into her throat, where it stays until he pushes her back off the desk and into her revolving office chair, which slams against the wall behind it with the impact.

She tears off her top and reaches under her skirt. She moves her panties to one side and furiously rubs her clit as the young man climbs onto the desk, his face now above the frame. In a second, he is perched on his knees on the edge of the desk, pumping his cock.

Finally, he explodes onto her, the first wad of cum hitting her hair and the side of her face as she continues masturbating. The second burst goes on her breast, and she rubs it into her skin before licking what’s left off her hand. The third lands on her stomach, and she wastes no time in grabbing it with two fingers and plunging them deep into her pussy.

When the spurts become to weak to reach her, the young man climbs off the desk, face still above the frame, and rubs his still-somewhat-hard cock on her stomach and breasts. She raises her arms above her head and spreads her legs, stretching like a dancer. She looks up at his face. He takes her wrists in his hands and rubs his cock on her lips. She moans and takes him back in her mouth. He bucks his hips, fucking her mouth while keeping her hands in the air.

He puts both her wrists in one hand and reaches down to fondle her tit. She pushes him back against the desk, and he lets go of her wrists to steady himself, his cock now fully erect again. The teacher looks into his eyes and laughs a little.


That was fun.

She rolls the chair close enough to the young man to take his cock back in her mouth, sucking on it for a few seconds before taking it back out. She keeps stroking it and rubbing it on her face as they talk.


Oh, God, I’d been waiting for that. Ever since that time at the hotel. You know, that night at the hotel? The night after the thing with little Lorna? I dreamt you were standing over my bed, jerking off and I sucked you off until you came all over my face.


Guess what?


What? You had the same dream?


Not exactly… that wasn’t a dream.

She stops rubbing.




That wasn’t a dream.



Oh, God…

She resumes teasing his cock, rubbing it on her face and licking it as he talks. Her moans rise in intensity as he talks.


That’s right… I broke into your room using a key I got from the lobby… you were on the bed in those weird pyjamas and I very, very carefully unbuttoned them and ran my finger over your breasts… you started moaning in your sleep and your hands went into your pyjama bottoms and I started jerking off… through my pants at first, but then I couldn’t help it, I needed to have my cock near your face, so I took it out and when you actually reached out to touch it, I thought you were awake and I was in deep trouble, but you only kept on moaning and you actually put in your mouth…


(breathy whisper)

Oh God, I thought it was all a dream…


And I think I actually came in your mouth a little before pulling out… some of it shot onto your pillow, but the rest went all over your face and into your hair… I thought I was screwed, especially when you rolled your face right into the wet cum on the pillow, but you never woke up, or at least I didn’t think so, but I guess you were awake, huh? I remember, you slipped your bottoms down and stuck your ass in the air as you masturbated… that’s the first time I saw your ass… God, it was amazing…



Oh, you like my ass, huh?


Oh God, yes…

She pushes his chest, and he sits on the desk, taking the opportunity to remove his clothes. She turns around seductively, unzips her skirt and slinks off her panties. She steadies herself against the chair and presents her ass and pussy to him. He needs no further encouragement, grabbing her by the hips and entering her.

She moans, a long, continuous sound that lasts as long he takes to fill her. Once he is all the way inside, he begins to thrust, slowly at first, then building up speed as his hands explore her, moving across her back and to the back of her hair, grabbing a handful of it. With his free hand, he clutches her ass, then smacks it, drawing a scream of pleasure from the teacher. He grazes her ass crack with his thumb before pushing it into her anus.

“Hey, can you take a picture of us!?” a female voice behind me called out. I turned, surprised and tickled. So rare to be accosted by a woman – let alone two. I was enjoying two of my favorite things – photographing the trees’ fall colors, and a chicken salad sandwich, with extra mayo.

“Why sure. It’s so beautiful here,” I said. I strolled toward them and gestured at the stunning maple trees in their autumn colors. The lowering sun accentuated the reds, greens and yellows.

I walked up to two young woman in the bloom of their youth, college age. One had dirty blond hair, slightly tousled, a carefully composed look of sweet, slight disarray. She wore khaki pants and a white stretchy blouse, which clung like a bathing suit to her toned arms and round, high breasts, like beautiful, smallish cantaloupes. I could faintly make out the lacy pattern of her brassiere and wondered if she was chilled in the cool air in such a sheer top. She had big, flashing eyes, a full mouth, and a fun nose with a little bump in it.

The other woman was a little shorter, and had on a light jacket, unzipped to her sternum to reveal a silky blouse of pinky red, which had a faintly iridescent fabric that emulated wetness. I could not help but think of her vagina, seeing that alluring, fish shaped opening. But what struck me was her eyes and mouth, which flashed with mischief, as if she was about to say something risqué, but didn’t.

They had a smartphone, and saw I had a fancy camera and was taking lots of shots of the trees. They wanted me to take some photos of them with their phone. They seemed happy and excited – and not the least bit hesitant, cautious, or bashful. What a treat.

I asked them to step back, actually into the shade, explaining that direct sunlight was not very flattering. They exchanged brief glances, (oh, okay) and did as I asked. I asked if I could do a low shot (from my perspective) to catch the blue sky, and they enthusiastically agreed.

“So your names are…?” I asked breezily, clicking away.

“Tommi,” said the one in the white top.

“I’m Kitty,” chimed the one with the mischievous eyes and the pinky blouse.

“Well, what nifty luck I’m having,” I smiled, “meeting two beautiful, lovely women here on this beautiful, luminous day!” They smiled wider, taking in the compliment.

“And the leaves aren’t half bad either!” I added as an afterthought. They laughed simultaneously, their girlish tones rising into the trees. Almost it seemed like their laughter was an exhalation after holding their breaths, like a gasp of relief. I liked the way their torsos swayed slightly as they laughed, and their knees bent a little. It reminded me of how marionettes can drop slightly, very charmingly, when their strings are loosened a bit, for a moment.

After a half dozen shots with their phone, I returned it to them, and asked if I could take some shots with my camera, and then I could make them look really beautiful in Photoshop, and then email them to them.

“Because honestly, you two ladies are really gorgeous, and you deserve good quality, high res photos. Kitty, your mouth is very beautiful, and Tommi, you,” I paused, “well, your mouth is also super pretty, and photogenic!”

It was true, but I chose to compliment their mouths because I read that research has shown that getting a woman to think positively about their mouths got them thinking about their pussies in a positive way. Which often leads, said the research, to wet panties.

Kitty smiled at me as she crossed one knee in front of the other one, locked, standing there, like a kid. Tommi smiled and looked down slightly, then grinned at me as if to say “Well, gosh…” It was so adorable I had to chuckle.

“Sure,” “Okay!” they chimed at the same time, and we all laughed at the coincidence.

I started shooting with my camera, circling slowly around them. First I asked them to stand, touching back-to-back, smiling at me. Then shoulder to shoulder, holding hands with their outer hands, best friends.

“Oh, that is really. Nice.” I said, “Good, terrific!”

“Now twist toward each other, like you’re sharing a little secret.”

“Okay,” said Tommi.

“Like this?” said Kitty, with a quick little breath.

“Perfect, really awesome. Or maybe sharing a big secret? Try that on!”

They giggled together. I could see their cheeks get a little red, maybe remembering something they did together that was adventurous, or risqué. As was my intention. It’s called content-free visualization. What fun to subtly get women to think dirty thoughts, and get all wet in their panties!

“This is wonderful. I’m surprised you aren’t models. You are going to love these photos. Kitty, can you pull your hair back a little? Lovely! Tommi, I like that, can you turn toward Kitty a little more? And get a little closer? Totally. Sweet.” I was taking lots of shots. I hoped my low battery wouldn’t die, at this rate. Click, click, click! It was becoming like a fast moving game of Simon Says.

I paused. They paused too, waiting for my next cue.

“Well,” I said, “Aren’t you ladies quite the adventurers! I appreciate that you seem to be the types to try something new and fun.” They giggled, and again there was a tiny pause. They were waiting for my next suggestion! They were gradually becoming acquiesant to me.

“Kids, I’m going to make y’all a star!” I said, affecting a funny accent, like a southern W.C. Fields. Giggles from both, and small knee bobbles.

“Okay, then, try this, this’ll be fun,” their faces lit up with anticipation.

“Just close your eyes – just for a moment – yeah – and imagine something you did that was really fun. Really pleasurable. Remember how it felt… What you heard… What you saw. Good. Yeah. Just something you really enjoyed a lot. Now take a deep breath. And…slowly open your eyes, hold that position, and look at me, holding that energy. Wonderful!” I said, slowing my voice, clicking away.

They looked happy, and just slightly dreamy, their pupils were slightly dilated, faces softened. They were gradually getting more more acquiescent, more subservient.

I decided to try a little experiment, a test drive.

“So Kitty, I want you to act like you’re playfully pulling a lock of Tommi’s hair, like teasing her. And Tommi, you look annoyed but happy. Yes! Very sweet. Suh-weet. Got it, excellent! Now both of you, just get a little closer. Good. Kitty, can you unzip that cool jacked a little more? Your blouse is so neat. Yes, that’s perfect. That’s a cute bra. Nordstroms?”

“Uh, no, Target,” She said, a little surprised, but flattered, to be talking about where she got her underthings with a very new, male friend.

“Do you get your panties there too?” I asked cheerfully.

“Uh, no,” She said, not sure how much to share, “I go to, um, Christina’s, on Canyon.” Nervous side glance to Tommi, who shrugged.

“Oh, yeah,” I said brightly, “Great place, good sales, nice cotton panels for breathability, right? They have some really pretty ones there, and you obviously have great taste in clothes so I bet yours are super cute!”

“They’re okay,” she said with a smile, but I could tell she was flattered. She thought about her new panties. They started to feel a little tight or something. She had a urge to fiddle with them.

“So here’s another fun photo game we can do. It’s really cool. I’ll say a short phrase, and then you close your eyes and repeat it, and then open your eyes and, holding that energy, look at me for the shot. Don’t worry, I won’t make you say anything silly or dumb. Game?”

They agreed.

I said “I’m really cute!” they closed their eyes and said it, then slowly opened them and I got some good shots.

“Say, ‘I love my hair today!’ ” They did. More clicks.

“I have a pretty face!” I said, imperceptibly slower. They said it slower too… Click, click.

“My mouth is cute. (Just say it softly.)”

“My mouth is cute,” they murmured softly, again, a little slower and quieter. So beautiful, almost in unison. They were now thinking about their young mouths – and other sweet, little holes, down between their legs.

“My hips and legs are looking real cute, today. (Now say it softer.)” They did, sort of talking to themselves now. Click.

“My waist is feeling and looking really nice and trim, today!” They just murmured the words now.

“I like the way my body feels right now.” I could see their mouths saying the words, but barely heard them. Good. They were self suggesting. I paused, letting it all marinate. I wondered when was the last time they had masturbated.

“I feel cute and sexy right now.” They weren’t giggling now. Their words we’re coming out slightly breathily. Their breathing was a bit faster, and deeper now, as if they were on a brisk walk.

“Some parts of me are feeling pretty cute and sexy!” Click, click. Their eyes were dilated. I could see the bumps of their hardening nipples pushing through their little bras, through their blouses.

“I like the way my parts feel beautiful and sexy.”

“I like the way…my parts…feel beautiful…and sexy,” they softly intoned, and opened their eyes softly. They looked at me as if to say, “Was that good? Their lips were parted, their jaws soft.

“So Kitty, Tommi, that was terrific. I’m not just saying that. I got some really world class shots. I can’t wait to share them with you. Now, hug, and open up slightly to me – so just half of your torsos are really touching. Let your breasts touch a little. Perfect. Now slowly close your eyes, and say ‘I feel yummy inside.’

“I feel yummy inside.” they finished like a little round.

“And then open your eyes and… yes, great. Oh that’s excellent.”

“Now, try this, okay? A little risqué, adventurers! Cup your hands in front of your breasts, smile at me. A little naughty.” They did this immediately.

“Like this?” Kitty said.

“Pretty much. Closer to them. Act like you are about to squeeze them, or offer them, like a delicious fruit. Imagine squeezing them. Just remember the last time you did. Good. Wonderful. Got it.”

“Now just sit on this bench, and cross your legs, toward each other. One hand between your thighs, a little higher up, perfect. Again, like you’re sharing a secret, get your faces a bit closer. Closer. Great!”

“Now say, just under your breath, ‘I am a really cute, sexy, fun adventurer.”

‘I am a really cute, sexy, fun adventurer.” Blushes and soft peals of giggles. This was fun. They liked being told what to do! What a treat.

“So Kitty and Tommi, both of you need to bring your right and left hands up further betwixt your thighs, right into your….That’s right.” They drew their hands up against their pussies as if I’d asked them to glance at a robin, it was so easy.

“So now, I’m trying to get the light right, just rotate your wrists outward….Ahh, almost. Try rotating them inward. Hm. Outward again? I’m sorry, am I being tedious with this? Should we call it a session?”

“Oh no!” said Kitty.

“No problem!” said Tommi, with emphasis.

“Okay, thanks for your patience here, while I figure this out.” Their nipples were standing out. I could faintly see their colors. Kitty’s were light brown and Tommi’s were pinky-red, just faintly through their blouses. I worked around them feigning some photographic challenge.

“Okay, just rotate your wrists outward, then inward, hm… out…and in… and both of you, pull up a bit more up into your groin.”

They jiggled their feet and squeezed their thighs in girlish excitement. Their legs took on a twitchy quality, as they gave themselves little jolts of pleasure.

They rotated their knuckles outside their pants, into their wet crotches. They were waiting for this nice man to tell them what to do next! What fun! I was in heaven.

I pretended to withdraw a bit, supposedly to fiddle with my settings, and watched them squeeze their legs around their small fists, pushing up into their little pussies. This was without any directives from me. They must feel nice and gooey and horney, I thought.

I came in for a close shot, and inhaled the musky smell of their wet pussies, like seafood. I love clams, mahi mahi, and getting girls hot and bothered and intoxicated with horny hormones.

They were aroused, and trying to not be too obvious.

“So you ladies seem to be pretty turned on by this,”

“Uh…” said Kitty.

“Well…” said Tommi.

“Your nipples are really, really cute, I have to say. You should be proud of tem! I’ll bet they are feeling good, too!” They burst into surprised laughter, looking at each other for permission to be okay with such talk.

“But don’t imagine someone sucking on them!” I joked.

“Oh, stop!” protested Kitty.

“You’re terrible!” said Tommi. But I could tell that they were remembering some good times, when someone really sucked on their tingling nipples!

“I bet your panties are pretty wet! Hey, that’s what washers are for, right? So, try this for grins.”

I slowly took Kitty’s hand, slightly wet, from outside her pants crotch, and gently but firmly guided it inside the seam of her pants, and under her lacy panties. She sighed. I took her other hand, and slowly glided it up to her breast, and gently squeezed her fingers around her hard nipple.

“Now Kitty, just say this: ‘I love having fun with my body. This feels yummy and I don’t care.’ Go ahead, say it softly. You know it’s true.”

She nodded almost imperceptibly and said very softly, “I love…fun with my body…. feels yummy … don’t care.”

“Nice. Nice! So squeeze your little nipple, it is so cute, can you make it happier? And work your little clitty down there, you’re doing great, you naughty girl!”

“And Tommi,” I continued smoothly, “you need to do this,” and I glided her wet little hand likewise down into her pants, under her fish-smelling, lacy panties. A wonderful waft of pussy smell came to me, like sautéed mushrooms, and sardines. So delicious, my dong was huge and throbbing. They acquiesced so easily!

So now I had these two young coeds, on a public bench, hands down their pants, sighing, with their nipples poking out, fingering themselves. Click, click! What fun!

On a whim I came behind Kitty and glided my hand down her stylish pants, to on top of her busy fingers, and felt her rich, funky pussy juice. After my hand was really wet, I slowly disengaged and came over to Tommi, who was emitting soft grunts, as her excitement gradually evaporated her inhibitions. Such a lovely dance to see. Click, click! I got some terrific close up shots of her hand under her lacy panties, soft core, yet very suggestive.

“So Tommi, you seem just a little tense, I’m going to give your beautiful neck and shoulders a little massage.”

“Uh, um, sure, no, I mean yes…” she muttered, quite distracted by the tingling in her nipples and the growing heat in her pussy.

I started massaging her neck and traps, going gradually up into her jaw muscles, and very slowly under her ears with my fingertips. What I didn’t tell her was that my massage “oil” was two handfuls of her friend’s pussy juice. I subliminally reminded her of her horniness, by gradually covering her face with Kitty’s cunt-oil. And it worked. As I gently massaged her cheekbones and the muscles encircling her mouth (the orbicular oris muscles) I could see her nostrils flare like a cat’s. She took a deep breath and exhaled with a sigh. I could feel her melt a bit, as if she was going to lie down. What a cute melty girl! She seemed to be slowly chewing gum, as her tongue moved slowly inside her mouth.

“So,” I whispered softly to her pussy-smelling ear, “You want to have some more fun. Say ‘This is yummy, I want to have more fun!”

“This … yummy, I …more fun!”

“So wiggle your pretty, awesome ass, side to side. Push your sit-bones down into the bench. Side to side. Good. Great. Imagine your sit bones just melting, spreading. Side to side. Feel your pelvic floor just turning to…porridge. Nice.”

“Oh, porridge. Yum. I’m such a…mess…”

“Say, ‘I’m such a happy mess’”

“I’m such a happy… mess. “

“So now, feel your pelvic floor, feel your back door get softer, and happy… Great! Wiggle, side to side. Nice.” I gently insinuated my wet fingers into her pretty mouth. She sucked on them, first tentatively, then with increasing enthusiasm. She looked so sweet, face all shiny with her girlfriend’s cunt oil.

“Say, “My back door feels really nice,”

“Back door feels….really nice”

“I feel naughty in both places, and it feels good!”

“…naughty in both places… feels good!” She murmured, and giggled softly She wiggled and squirmed so adorably.

Her nipples were standing out, like elongate grapes, sweet and taut. I massaged her pussy-smelling mouth with both hands, a bit more, then withdrew to attend to lovely Kitty. She fingering her wet pussy with soft abandon, and quietly muttering to herself. I leaned closer and overheard her words, semi audible,

“Back door …really nice…” I realized she was picking up on my suggestion to Tommi, and was reiterating it, over and over, like a loop. Well, how cool is that? I thought. She must be really getting into fantasizing about both her little holes down there. So I leaned forward and very softly whispered,

“Say ‘I’d love to have my back door get tickled…”

“I’d love … back door … tickled……”

“And again, Kitty. You’re doing great, sweetheart, you are going top flight! And again.”

“Back… door… tickled…”

“And now say “It’d be fun to have a big cock in my back door…!” And of course she did, under her breath, as she tickled her tingling clitty. I noticed she seemed to be sitting in a tiny puddle on the bench. It wasn’t water. Her pussy oil had soaked through her pants. How fun!

She was happily squirming in her vagina goop. I gently massaged her small cantaloupe sized, perfect titties, especially the lower halves (more sensitive there) and nipples, and her sighs became fuller and more guttural. She started rocking her pelvis against her hand, and really lifting her boob as she squeezed her nip, like a small, hard plum.

“So just repeat that, you happy, naughty girl. Say ‘Yummy’ or happy’ instead of sweet. Mix it around. Get crazy.” I whispered.

“Back door..tickled … yummy. Happy backdoor…” she murmured softly. I loved the way her pants were unzipped and a little down, revealing her pretty panties and busy hand under them, diddling her throbbing clitoris and dripping pussyhole. What fun! Click, click! Again, I helped her down there, and my hand came away soaked with her funky oil! I softly massaged it into her nipples. The wetness made her look like someone was sucking on them, very cute, very hot!

“Say this, Kitty, ‘A hot cock in back sure would feel great right now!’ “

“Hot cock…in back…great right now…”

“Just imagine that,” I sad, “imagine it feeling better than anything you’ve ever felt before….back there…”

“Uhmmmm…back there…” she murmured, lost in a very sexy fantasy.

I asked her to stand up and slowly drew her pants down. Her ass was round and high. I pulled her lacy panties aside and slowly inserted my finger into her anus, which contracted and opened around my finger like a hungry animal. When I wiggled it around she started to groan. Her clit diddling started to pick up speed. I leaned forward and whispered,

“Say, ‘I really need a cock up my ass…’”

“I REALLY need a cock up my ass,” she whined.

“Say ‘I really want some hot come up my back door.’ “

“I REALLY need some hot come… up my … back door!” she said urgently. What I needed here was some good lube.

I pulled out my chicken sandwich from my jacket pocket (extra mayonnaise) and applied the mayo into her twitching little backdoor. It was so cute, like a little animal wanting to be fed. She moaned a bit more each time I fed the mayo deeper into her little brownie star-fruit.

It was now one month since Hassan first fucked Payal. She has no regrets about it as she knew it was bound to happen someday, she can’t avoid it for long.

Payal could not face mama that day, Mama was also strangely quiet. Just before Prakash was due to come home she called her and talked to her. She spoke to her like her mom and explained that she should not tell this to Prakash as this will lead to trouble. She cannot agree more, neither did she wanted to tell Prakash. She advised her to avoid Hassan and stay away from him. Payal was not sure if that could happen.

She was right; Hassan barged in the next day and took Payal into her room. Her mother in law watched helplessly. Hassan never closed the door in between and let mama hear Payal’s moans and cries. The rooms were small and every word can be heard on the other side. Hassan enjoyed it even more, knowing that she is listening to everything. However Payal despised it and to avoid it next time she simply went to Hassan’s house.

Later Payal learned that her husband Prakash is indeed a gay and he married just to avoid social stigma attached with being a gay. During the first three months he hardly had sex with Payal three times. Now after Payal learned what sex is all about she knew Prakash could never be the man for him. She confronted him one night and he admitted to being a gay. She has no choice as she cannot fall back on her family and divorce is a big stigma in Indian society. Anyway she was getting her physical needs satisfied from Hassan.

After coming out open to Payal, Prakash felt much better, especially as Payal didn’t make any noise about it and accepted it. He even told her about his male friends and one of them was Hassan.

Hassan increased his control over Payal and fucked her whenever he wanted. Prakash was happy in his own world and his mother was no problem. Payal realised that she all along enjoyed it and even look forward to it. She loved the feeling of a hard cock in her mouth, little did she knew that she will have plenty of that very soon.

Hassan on the other hand was very happy to have her under his control and was planning to use her for his benefit. Hassan at that moment was with Pradhan, a local politician who helps Hassan secure good government contracts.

“You are a lucky bastard, Hassan, I don’t know how you manage to get these beauties without brains,” Pradhan laughed.

“This one is comparatively easy, she loves sex and gets horny the moment you grab her,” Hassan spoke, “and moreover her family is not at all trouble. You won’t have any trouble putting that cunt to good use.”

“I can’t wait to fuck her, the sooner she is ready the better, I have people coming over next week,” Pradhan spoke.

Next afternoon Hassan was with Payal at his house. He was lying on the bed and Payal was bent between his legs, trying to swallow as much of his cock as possible. Hassan was enjoying the magic of her tongue over his shaft.

“Payal, next Saturday I have a party and you have to be there with me as a host,” Hassan informed her while grabbing her hairs and bouncing her head over his cock.

“Ugg,” she tried to answer but as her mouth was full nothing could be understood, however it didn’t matter she has to follow what he says.

On Saturday night Payal was exited as it was a big party and lot of people were invited. Most of the people were business associates of Hassan and not known to her. She went to party with her husband Prakash. At the party Hassan quickly separated her from Prakash telling him that she is the one who has to manage the party being the host.

Payal took special care to dress up for the party. She wore a yellow colour Saree with matching blouse. The blouse was backless and tied behind with strings only. Her long and slender back was naked. The hairs reaching upto the middle of back were partly blocking the view. As she walked around, the movement of her hairs causes more skin to be visible, making men to drool over. Due to the backless blouse she cannot wear any bra. Her boobs were tightly held by the blouse, producing an exotic cleavage. The Saree was worn below the navel giving a great view of her smooth abdomen.

“You are looking hot in this dress, I bet every man in this party wants to fuck you,” Hassan whispered as she walked with him. She smiled feeling somewhat proud.

“This party is very important for me, I have important guests for my business and you have to take good care of them,” he explained. Payal didn’t think anything about it and nodded.

The party was being held in a big hotel and he guided Payal out of the party hall. She looked questioningly towards him.

“They are in a separate suite booked for them,” he told as a matter of fact. Payal felt uneasy.

“I have to be alone with some unknown people in a separate room,” she was hesitant.

“You won’t be alone my daughter Saira will also be there,” Hassan assured.

Payal know Saira, she had met her once. She is a beautiful woman around 26 and stays in the same town with her husband. She was still not sure; Saira was not the ideal woman to be with. She had heard disturbing rumours about her that she uses to be the slut of the locality when she was not married and stayed with Hassan. Payal was hesitant when she entered the suite.

“Don’t worry, just spend some time with them, give them some company,” Hassan assured her.

She didn’t felt comfortable, she saw some four men in the room talking and drinking. Saira was also with them with a glass in her hand and was talking to them as if she knows them from long time. As both of them entered the room they looked up at the hot young woman with admiration.

“Hello,” Hassan greeted cheerfully, “she is Payal my very helpful neighbour,” he introduced Payal to everyone at one go and then guided her along to introduce them to her.

“Philip and James,” he introduced the two white foreigners, “they are the directors of Harig Corporation and have landed today from USA for a big deal with us.”

“Hi,” Philip shook hands with Payal while she was trying to fold hands in traditional Indian Namestay greetings.

“Hello,” James was grinning, “Indian women are very beautiful.” Payal blushed.

“He is Mr Ravi, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and also has a very big business of Iron and Steel and he is Mr Pradhan, the leader of our town,” Hassan explained.

“Come… come,” Pradhan welcomed her with enthusiasm and placed one hand around her shoulders, “lovely girl, must be a very helpful neighbour.” Payal felt uneasy in his strong grip, he guided her along to the couch and sat with her.

All of the four were in the age group of late forties. Pradhan was a big and strong man who has risen from a humble beginning to reach to the present powerful position. He has strong liking for young housewives and looking at Payal his desires increased. He had already fucked Saira on several occasions. He was glad that Saira was there to take care of the guests and he can have Payal for himself.

Payal was flinching, feeling shy as Pradhan was hugging her. She looked at Hassan who was grinning.

“Please excuse me I have to attend to the other guests at the party, you all enjoy,” Hassan spoke and started to leave.

“Uhh, I should also come with you,” Payal tried to get up.

“Where are you going,” Pradhan held her, “stay with us for some time or do you think we are a bad company.” Pradhan has no intention of letting her slip away.

“No, no, I didn’t mean that, I thought I could help him…., ” Payal tried to be polite.

Hassan signalled him to stay and left the room. Payal was worried, at the same time arguing with herself that there is nothing to get alarmed off. Saira was sitting between Philip and James and was comfortable, laughing at some joke. Payal’s heartbeat increased being left between the strangers. Saira was no comfort because she was openly flirting with the two Americans. She can see the lusty faces of the men in the room. Strangely she found out that instead of feeling annoyed, she was feeling aroused at the possibility that they might try something sexual with her.

“Hey Ravi give the lady a drink,” Pradhan asked Ravi.

“I don’t drink,” she looked at the alcohol they were consuming.

“Don’t worry, this is only lime juice,” Ravi spoke and mixed Vodka with the lime juice. He handed over the drink to Payal and sat beside her. Payal took the drink and hesitantly sipped, it felt strange but she was not able to figure out that it’s spiked. Pradhan started to have innocent conversation with her without rushing anything. He was expert and he let Payal settle down and relax. The drinks kept flowing and Payal soon shed her initial inhibition. Saira played some music and invited James to dance. James took the opportunity and took her in his arms and started to sway to the music in the small place they have.

“Saira is a nice girl, knows how to entertain the guests,” Pradhan spoke.

Saira was sensually swaying her hips to the music while James tried to keep up with her. Other guys in the room whistled and encouraged her.

“Wow, sexy ass,” suddenly Philip stood up and decided to be part of the action. He grabbed her ass and quickly pulled her long skirt. Before Saira could react he pulled it up above her waist and her red panty clad ass was visible to everyone in the room. Saira quickly pulled it down and stepped back.

“Ahhh, stop it… you naughty,” to Payal’s dismay she was smiling and playfully pushed Philip away who was again trying to grab her. Everyone in the room burst out laughing including Payal. Saira again started to dance with James.

“You want to dance,” Pradhan looked towards Payal.

“No.. no, I don’t know how to dance,” she felt shy.

“Don’t worry, I am not going to pull your Saree,” he said laughing. Payal flushed and her face turned red. “You are too pretty and innocent for this type of obscenity,” he looked seriously into her eyes, “Saira is too open minded and is ready to enjoy with any man, but you are a doll,” he hugged her tightly and kissed on her forehead.

Payal felt relaxed and somewhat proud of herself for being the better of the two girls. Her heart beat increased as Pradhan hugged her and kissed on forehead. The two of them now had Saira sandwiched between them. Philip was hugging her from behind and the movement of her hips was making her ass grind over his groin. Payal was getting aroused with the effect of Vodka and the scene before her.

Pradhan knew that Payal was getting ready and he can move further. He brushed aside her long hairs and placed his palm over her naked back. Payal shivered as she felt his hand slipped over the small of her back. She looked at him as if accusing him of his action.

“Nice dress,” he spoke softly and slipped his hand lower on her back. Payal flinched trying to remove his hand. Her mouth felt dry and she took a big gulp on her ‘lime juice.’

“It’s OK, Payal, relax,” he hugged her tightly. He looked at Ravi who watching all this and signalled him to go to the other group. He didn’t want anybody sharing his lovely dish tonight. Ravi understood and moved to the three of them trying to dance. Now all three of them held Saira between them, who was giggling and having hard time fighting them off. James already had his hands up her skirt, while Philip was struggling with her blouse.

“I want to go,” she got hold of Pradhan’s hand. She knew where all this is leading to with Pradhan’s hand feeling her naked back from top to bottom. If she did not get out now, she will not be able get out at all. She struggled to get free but Pradhan was too strong. He was not letting her go now. Payal looked at Saira enjoying herself and thought if Hassan knows about this, if he has deliberately put her into this situation. Pradhan was meanwhile expertly caressing her, feeling her entire body. She was leaning onto him when he moved his hand inside her petticoat and grabbed her ass checks. She gasped and buried her head into his chest.

With her head buried into his chest she exclaimed as she glanced at Saira and saw her kicking her skirt out of her legs, “She is totally shameless! How can she….. “

She watched with a lump in her throat as the three of them started to pounce on her like vultures on a piece of dead meat. Her clothes were being pulled out quickly and she was enjoying it. Payal did not expect this, while she was watching Pradhan untied the strings holding the blouse. In an instant the blouse opened and hung loose on her shoulders. Payal let out a screeching cry and covered her boobs with both hands to stop the blouse to fall off.

The group in front stopped their activities and looked towards Payal trying to hold her blouse. When they realised what happened they burst out laughing.

“Pull it out,” Philip shouted and encouraged Pradhan.

“ please,” Payal panted and begged Pradhan. She looked into his eyes and saw raw lust, her heart pounded hard and she knew that she would be soon naked like Saira. She looked at the other guys who were eagerly waiting for the blouse to be out of way.

“Please…. I don’t want all these people to see.”

“Just a little glimpse,” he encouraged. Payal shivered feeling slutty the grip on the blouse loosened. Pradhan quickly pulled aside the Saree draped around her chest and tugged the blouse. Amongst the cheering from the guys she let him slip it out her head. The round C size boobs fall out in the clear view of the waiting audience. They stood tall not requiring support of any bra, nipples erect with excitement. The group erupted into a loud cheer. Payal sat motionless as if hypnotized, she watched the awe struck faces of the guys who were whistling and cheering for more. Pradhan moved his hand under her arms and grabbed both the globes and rubbed them for the view of audience.

“Ahhh…,” she let out a gasp as he massaged the perfect orbs and squeezed the nipples. Her face looked like a maze of agony, her arm hung loose on sides, unable to resist. The four of them were watching her fixedly. Payal’s mouth was open and was breathing hard, pain mix pleasure arose from kneading of the boobs and rippled through her body. Pradhan pulled her up in standing position facing Ravi.

“Payal, you have a hot body,” Pradhan spoke moving his hand around her navel. He humped his groin into her and let his hard dick poke on her ass, “Remove your Saree.”

“No….please,” she was barely able to speak. She looked at Ravi with her half closed eyes and saw him looking at her with wanton lust, begging her to remove her clothes. As if in a spell she moved her hands to the waist and pulled the Saree out of the petticoat. She let it fall on the floor.

“Good girl, now remove the petticoat,” Pradhan whispered and she obeyed him without hesitation and let the petticoat fall on floor. Ravi was sporting a big bulge in his pants watching her undress. She never felt so much aroused, it felt dirty to display herself like this. She needed no further instructions as she inserted her fingers into the waistband of the panties and pulled them down her smooth ass. She stood stark naked, her sweet pussy hidden between the swollen lips. Ravi was rubbing his crotch looking at the innocent young women giving a strip tease show.

“Enough of the show,” Pradhan suddenly pulled her to the adjoining room and pushed her on the bed. He looked at the hot beauty lying on the bed, perfectly aroused and knew that his night was going to be exciting.

He started to undress quickly. A strong body unveiled. Payal let out an audible gasp as the fully erect cock came into view. It was a perfect example of manhood, around eight inches in length, veins bulging around the whole length and the slit at the tip looked like a large eye, oozing precum.

He stepped onto the bed his cock dangling sideways. He placed her hand onto it. It was hot filling her palm completely. He caressed her hairs and let her play with his cock. She was so near, she could smell him, she breathed in as it touches her nose, it was strange smell, not repulsive. She rubbed the entire length of the cock and kissed it at the bottom with a flicker of tongue.

“Ahhh, Payal,” he moaned.

It felt so erotic, she started to kiss the entire length of the shaft, slowly rubbing the red head and kissing the bottom. She licked the bulbous red head again and again until it was completely wet.

“Payal suck it,” he moaned and pressed her head. She opened her mouth wide getting down on him, it was thick, she groaned as the head slipped in. Pradhan looked at the sweet hot lips stretched around his hard shaft; he could not help but jerk forward pushing deep inside her mouth.

“Uggg…,” she groaned loudly and opened wide to accommodate the huge pole, it rubbed against the tongue and palate until it touched the back of her mouth. She was able to get at least the half of it inside before pulling back. As she pulled back the saliva ran out of the mouth wetting his balls. She sucked the head hard before he again pushed her head and his cock slipped deep inside. A slow motion built up as she continued to go up and down on him. Every time he pushed it slipped further touching the back of the throat, she sucked and try to hold as long as possible for the gag reflexes and them pull out.

“Ahhh, you are wonderful,” he was moaning, “suck it hard…. yeah my baby.. take it, ahhh…” Pradhan looked at the sweet naked girl happily bobbling up and down between his legs, Hassan was right she gets aroused easily, he thought.

“I would love to fuck that throat, but not now,” he pulled back. Payal looked disappointed.

“Baby let me open up you cunt,” his voice was hoarse; he pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs wide. Her sex box was open. The pink clit exposed as the lips parted. He quickly kneeled between the legs and rubbed his cock on the wet pussy.

“Ahh, ohh….,” she moaned throwing her head back and pulled her legs up to give him better access.

Payal watched him with her half closed eyes. In one sudden thrust Pradhan banged his entire length inside her.

“Maaaa…. aahhhh…,” her eyes popped wide and she pushed him with full force.

“Slowly…. Mummy…. No.”

Panting, he spread her both legs wide in air and started thrusting deep strokes. Payal gasped for air as her pussy spread wide to accommodate him. With each thrust she let out a moan and arched her body in ecstasy. Pradhan moved his hand below her and grabbed her slender waist. He lifted her hip up at least two feet in air and pulled her onto his thighs impaling his manhood deeper inside her. Payal moaned loudly and humped back clinching the sheets. He held her svelte waist and effortlessly moved it over his shaft simultaneously moving his hips, to impale deep and hard. The cock was glistering with her juices as it moved in and out of the honey pot.

“Uggg….uggggg… you are tearing me… ohhh.. mummy….,” Payal was gasping for breath while Pradhan was ramming like a madman, unable to hold back any more.

“Ahh…. I will flood your pussy with my cum…. take it… ohhhh,” he twitched and groaned as he pumped his load inside her.

He slumped besides her breathing hard. The room went quite except for the hard breathing noise of the two. Payal was lying face down on the bed when she felt someone pulled her ass high up by grabbing her waist. She turned her neck to find totally nude Ravi behind her. His hard cock touched her sloppy wet pussy. She moaned and raised her ass up on her own accord. He pushed and his eight inches slipped inside her with ease. She threw her head on the bed in ecstasy. Slowly he started to move his cock and in just few strokes his shaft was wet with the juices. She accepted the fucking without question and arched her ass back to meet his strokes.

He looked at the open ass and rubbed his thumb on the puckered hole while letting her fuck herself on his tool. She moaned louder as he rubbed harder, feeling his thumb pressing hard opening up her sphincter.

If there was one thing almost everyone who knew her could agree on, it was that Lara was a stone cold bitch. Oh, at first they wouldn’t say that. They’d say she was shy, but good-hearted, quick with a joke and a domestic goddess. That was how she drew people in; made it seem like she was actually worth knowing instead of someone who should have been avoided at all cost. Once you were in her life, the mask came off, but you were already too deep into her web to free yourself. Her friends had learned to fear her and her cold, passive aggressive ways of tearing you down behind your back. She was a housewife, a kept woman, married to a pathetic little troll of a man who thought himself an Adonis. Only to him was it a secret that she was with him for his money. To everyone else, it was a joke. For all her coldness, Lara was, by any reasonable measure, an attractive woman. Nothing to stop traffic or compose sonnets about, but a slender, fair-skinned blonde with a trim—if a bit soft—figure. She had small but soft breasts and a tight little ass, both of which she used to entice her fool of a husband, Jake. Everyone else saw through the game and realized the ridiculousness of a woman like her even thinking of touching a short, overweight little man like him for any reason other than financial security. His touch disgusted her, but during her senior year of college, when she realized that she wasn’t going to pass her final classes and her options after school would be limited, she bit the bullet and agreed to his rather pathetic proposal.

Lara was nothing if not smart. She knew that the second Jake wised up, her gravy train would derail, and she’d be left broke, jobless, and beyond her physical prime. So she’d made sure to get pregnant as fast as possible. Twice, in fact. It was a chore that revolted her. The very thought of Jake’s miniscule cock getting anywhere near her turned her stomach. But it was worth it for the security of knowing that, no matter what, he’d be on the hook for at least 18 years after their last child’s birth. And besides, she’d trained him. She withheld sex so often, he no longer was picky about what he got. Gone were the days when she’d been forced to take his disgusting, tiny prick in her mouth and pretend to enjoy sucking him off, or let him prod at her tender pussy with his fat fingers, making all the right ‘mmms’ and ‘ahhhs’ to keep him convinced she actually enjoyed it. No, it was now just a quick in and out. She didn’t even have to move.

She didn’t feel guilty. She never did, about anything, really. Nothing ever seemed to be Lara’s fault. She was very skilled at being the victim, it was part of how she manipulated people. But even if she had been the type to feel guilt, she wouldn’t have felt it for Jake. He got as much out of their arrangement as she did. He didn’t have any deeper feelings for her than she did for him. For him, she was arm candy. A trophy to lord over his friends and colleagues. There were only two things in the world Jake loved; himself, and demeaning others. He spent most of his time loudly boasting of his accomplishments, especially to people whom he knew had had a streak of bad luck or ill fortune. He enjoyed making them feel small. While everyone started out thinking Lara was a likeable person, no one ever met Jake without instantly hating him. They were just too afraid to say anything, for fear of angering Lara.

All except for two people: Lara’s sister, Bethany, and her husband, Jason. Though older than Lara, Bethany had been Lara’s most consistent victim. She was a kind, caring person, who took her younger sister’s abuse in stride, choosing usually to respond not with anger, but with kindness, convinced that there was something broken inside of Lara, something that could be fixed with love and compassion. Lara hated Bethany. All through childhood, while Lara was unremarkable, Bethany accomplished everything she set out to do. School came easily for Bethany, as did friendships, something Lara always struggled with until she learned how to manipulate people. Bethany had the audacity to be prettier than Lara, too. She had reddish brown hair, fair skin, a slender but curvacious body with full, firm breasts, round hips, and a firm ass that Lara had caught Jake staring at more than once when her sister wore her favorite jeans. People loved Bethany effortlessly, which drove Lara crazy. While she had had to connive and flaunt her body, men had been drawn to Bethany despite her conservative style and unassuming manner. But it wasn’t all men that bothered Lara most, it was one man.

Bethany had met Jason at college, and it had been love a first sight. The two were inseparable from the get go, getting engaged in record time and weathering numerous storms together. Jason had a real, genuine love for Bethany that Lara hadn’t previously thought existed outside of movies. He would truly do anything for her. Unlike Jake, he was tall, fit, and, while not a Greek god, handsome enough to provoke Lara’s jealousy as soon as she met him. She had tried to flirt with him to get him to betray her sister, at first just as another in an endless line of games designed to hurt Bethany. But as time went on, and he continued to be seemingly oblivious to her advances, she grew frustrated and realized that she had actually developed latent feelings for her now brother-in-law. This just made her angrier at Bethany. Who the hell was she to make Lara jealous? Lara had everything: a big house, a rich husband, and more money than she knew what to do with. And yet Bethany, who lived a relatively modest life and worked as a teacher, had the gall to be happier than her. Except in one little area.

It turned out, having kids unlocked more privileges than just throwing a chain around Jake’s neck. Unbeknownst to Lara until after she had had her first child, Bethany, who had all her life dreamed of being a mother, was unable to have children. This was an even better gift for Lara than the gift of financial security. She never missed a chance to boast about her children, or to tell Bethany how ‘lucky’ she was to not have kids. Her sister’s pain was delicious to her. Jake got in on it, too. Jake and Jason despised each other, and unlike most people who were afraid of either Jake’s money or Lara’s influence, Jason had no problem voicing his opinions. He’d tell Jake—and Lara on more than one occasion—how awful they were being. Jake would respond the only way he knew, by being louder and more awful. Lara, on the other hand, would, of course, play the victim. She’d managed to get several members of her family to turn on Bethany and Jason because, after all, she had just been trying to be supportive. How could someone get angry at her for that?

The whole feud had roiled on for years, until finally coming to a head the previous Christmas. Jake had loudly declared in front of everyone that the fact that Bethany and Jason couldn’t have children was nature’s way of telling them they shouldn’t be together. Jason was enraged, but, unexpectedly, so was Bethany. Instead of just taking her brother-in-law’s boorish abuse, Lara’s older sister actually stood up for herself, dressing Jake down in front of the whole gathering. This was one of the things Lara hated most about Bethany’s marriage to Jason; he had made her bold. She was still a warm, loving person, but she was also not afraid to stand up for herself. Usually it took the form of just telling Lara that her feelings were hurt, but that Christmas, something had snapped. Bethany laid into her and Jake, with some help from Jason. It had caught Lara completely off guard, something she wasn’t used to. She and Jake had had to leave the party abruptly, with Jake mumbling some nonsense about suing Bethany and Jason, which even Lara had to admit was idiocy.

Lara had been worried—really worried—for maybe the first time in her life. She had been honestly afraid that Bethany was going to strike her or worse. More than that, though, she worried it was going to mark a power-change between the two sisters. If Bethany was going to stand up for herself or, God forbid, be the aggressor, Lara feared her days as top of the familial heap would be at an end. In a last ditch effort to maintain her supremacy, Lara cut off all contact with her sister.

Her plan, it seemed, worked. Months later, after many unanswered emails from Bethany, Lara finally got the message she was waiting for:

Dear Lara,

I hope everything is going well for you and your family. It has been far too long since we talked. I know you’re angry; you have a right to be. I never should have gotten so angry at you and Jake. I’m ready to apologize to you for how stupid I was, but I would rather do it in person. Would you be willing to meet me at my house this Thursday afternoon? I understand if you don’t, but I want a chance to say I’m sorry.


your sister, Bethany.

Lara read the email over and over again. She knew her sister’s will was still weak. Jason could get her all puffed up, but in the end, Bethany was still the timid little bunny that she’d always been. Lara let the email sit for a day before responding. It would be difficult, she wrote, but yes, she would be willing to meet with Bethany. She was very hurt, you know. Bethany responded right away, and they set up a meeting for two in the afternoon. Lara was giddy. She spent the days leading up the meeting planning out her attack. She would, of course, make sure to drop lots of references to her children, and how happy they made her. But she would also draw out more than just a simple apology. Oh no, her sister had to pay for daring to humiliate her and Jake like she had. She would have to grovel, to admit not only that she was wrong, but that she’d always been wrong. Admit that she’d been secretly sabotaging Lara her who life. Lara would make her say awful things about Jason, just so she would feel guilty later. It was too wonderful for even Lara’s twisted mind to wrap itself around.

The day came, and Lara was elated. She and Jake had spent the whole night talking about how great it would be to hear Bethany plead for forgiveness. Jake made her promise to tell him all about it. Lara had been so excited, she’d even agreed to sex, but instantly regretted it. Thankfully, Jake came almost right away. She’d made him finish on her stomach. Two children was more than enough.

As happy as she was, Lara forced herself to put on a stoic face as she walked up the walk to Bethany and Jason’s house. It was the middle of the day, so Bethany would be home alone, which would work just fine. Jason was off at whatever menial little job he did, so he wouldn’t be around to stand up for his wife. Or to inspire her to stand up for herself. Dressed in a button up blue blouse had hugged her supple curves and snug khakis that accentuated her legs, Lara stood on the front porch and got ready to knock. A note on the door stopped her.


Come on it! No need to knock, we’re sisters, after all.


This was going to be easier than she thought, Lara mused. She opened the front door and entered. She hated their house; it was so small and…poor. It disgusted her to even be in it.

“Hello? Bethany?” Lara called to the empty living room. She was perturbed that her sister hadn’t met her as she came in. She was hoping the groveling would start right then. But patience was a virtue, after all.

“Lara?” Bethany’s sweet voice came back, from what sounded like far away. “I’m in the basement, come on down.”

Lara sighed. Typical. Her sister was beyond making anything easy for her. Oh well, she thought, she’d make her pay.

Lara walked through their kitchen and descended the stairs into the basement. It was dark, almost too dark to see. Across the large laundry room, Lara saw Bethany, sitting on a chair in the middle of a big rug.

“Lara, I’m so glad to see you,” Bethany said. Lara couldn’t help herself from smirking. “Please, come over here.”

“I can’t stay long,” Lara said. “I almost didn’t come. You hurt me last time, Bethany. I hope I came over for a good reason.”

“Oh,” Bethany said, “You did.”

Lara’s heart froze as she saw a broad, wicked smirk spread across her older sister’s face. Suddenly, a strong hand grabbed her right arm and yanked it over her head. Lara yelped as a metallic cuff snapped onto her wrist, just as another hand grabbed her left arm and brought it up to join its partner, a second cuff clicking over it.

Lara screamed and tried to lower her arms, only to find that they were cuffed around a ceiling mounted metal rod.

“What the fuck is going on?” Lara screamed. Just then, two more cuffs clicked onto her ankles. She tried to kick her legs out as Bethany approached her, but found them held fast, the chain connecting the cuffs linked through a metal loop bolted to the floor.

“Payback, dear sister,” Bethany said, walking over to Lara and stroking her face. Lara screamed as loud as she could, her face growing red.

“Go ahead,” Jason’s voice said from behind her as he calmly emerged from the shadows. “We’ve had the basement soundproofed, and the neighbors are all at work, anyway. I took the day off, though; this was too good to miss.”

“What the fuck is wrong with you two?” Lara gasped, trying to keep her voice steady, but failing. Her heart was pounding, and tears were already welling in her eyes. Bethany and Jason stared at her, both smiling that same wicked smile, the one she was used to wearing herself.

“Well, sis,” Bethany said, her voice still calm and serene, “what you’re about to experience is what happens when you finally push someone too far. Even nice people have breaking points, Lara. Congratulations; after twenty-seven years of trying to find mine, you succeeded.

“W-what are you going to do to me?” Lara stammered. Jason and Bethany looked at each other and chuckled.

“Sweetheart,” Bethany said to Jason, “may I do the honors?”

“Of course,” Jason said. He reached onto an old wooden shelf behind him, and picked up a large, serrated knife, which he handed to his wife.

“Oh God…oh God! Bethany, no!” Lara yelped. “Please! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry! Please don’t!”

“Relax, Lara,” Bethany said, approaching her sister with the knife. “We’re not going to kill you. I love you, Lara, I really do. But, you need a serious attitude adjustment, I’m afraid to say. This is just…let’s call it tough love. Now, hold still.”

Bethany inserted the knife’s edge sideways just under the buttons of Lara’s blouse. She slowly brought it up, using her free hand to hold the fabric, letting the razor sharp blade pop the buttons off one by one. Lara’s flat stomach quivered as the blade moved, mere centimeters from her skin. She could feel its coldness as Bethany brought it up under and then over her breasts, the blade brushing against the satin of her bra. Each button made a delicate plip as it hit the concrete floor. When the last one, the one just under Lara’s chin, popped off, Bethany turned the knife around, and then used both hand to tear Lara’s shirt away from her chest. She then reached behind Lara’s back, jabbed the knife through the loose hanging fabric, and slit downward, dividing the silk blouse into two halves, one hanging on each shoulder.

“W-what are you doing?” Lara cried. Tears were flowing down her face. “Stop this! Please!”

“Is this not going the way you thought it would, sis?” Bethany asked. She then slid the tip of the blade upward from between Lara’s small breasts, right between her sister’s pale skin and the black satin bra. Bethany jerked the blade outward, stretching the bra as far as it could, it’s straps cutting into Lara’s back, until it finally sliced open. The bra flew open and Lara’s breasts bounced free, her pale pink nipples hardening and standing erect in the cold basement air. Jason’s hand reached behind her and undid the bra’s clasp, letting the two halves hang free, along with the remains of her blouse.

“Well,” Bethany said, examining her sister’s breasts, “I guess motherhood does have its downsides.”

She was right. They had faded over time, but Lara still had faint white stretchmarks at the bottoms of each breast. Bethany reached out her free hand and placed it on Lara’s stomach, which also still had a few marks, and then ran it slowly upward. Lara winced; she hated physical contact. Hated it. It didn’t matter from whom. Jake had been the first man she’d been with, and that had just been utilitarian. It was the one part of their catholic upbringing that had stuck with her; she abhorred physical contact. Bethany knew that, too. Which was why she enjoyed the pained look on her sister’s face as she ran her hand up between her breasts, and then let it trail down the left one. Bethany let her palm linger on it, feeling the soft, supple bulge of the breast, the gentle poke of Lara’s nipple against the palm of her hand. She tickled her finger tips down the breast, Lara squirming the whole time, and then, suddenly, pinched her sister’s nipple as hard as she could.

“Ow!” Lara yelped. Bethany’s smile grew bigger. She handed the knife back to Jason, reached down and unbuttoned Lara’s khakis. In one quick motion, she yanked them down to her sister’s ankles, leaving Lara standing only in her black satin panties, her body naked and exposed, with the rags of her clothes still clinging to her.

“How’s she look?” Bethany asked Jason, who was standing behind Lara. Jason gave Lara’s ass a long, scrutinizing stare.

“Tighter than I thought it would be,” he said, with a nod. “But still a bit small for my tastes.”

Bethany smiled. Jason was definitely an ass man. She knew it was one of the main things that had attracted him to her when they first me. She had a firm, round ass that he loved to grab and spank during sex.

“You can do the honors this time,” Bethany said to her husband. Lara gasped again as Jason slid the cold knife between her thigh and the side of her underwear. They stretched out and then snapped, gently falling to the floor to join her khakis, leaving her completely naked.

“Not bad,” Jason said, giving her ass a rough squeeze with his hand. “Not bad at all.”

“Looks like you could use a trim, though, sis,” Bethany said, kneeling down and getting her face just inches away from her sister’s pussy. Lara had a landing strip—Jake’s request, one of the few she granted—of light brown hair. It had gotten a bit long, though.

“Oh well,” Bethany continued. Without warning, she plunged two fingers into Lara’s pussy. “Well, what do you know…she’s a bit wet, sweetie.”

“You don’t say,” Jason said. “Do you think it’s time?”

“Yeah,” Bethany said, jerking her fingers back and forth inside her sister’s pussy as hard as she could. Lara screamed again, tears still flowing. Bethany didn’t relent. The feel of her sister’s moist folds around her fingers was nice enough, but the fear on Lara’s face was actually making her wet. That was okay, though; Jason would take care of her.

“Okay, Lara,” Bethany said, still fingering her sister. Lara squirmed, angry at her body that her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. She didn’t want to give Bethany the satisfaction. “Here’s what’s going to happen. We’re going to let you down, and you’re going to suck my husband’s dick.”

“Fuck you!” Lara screamed. “This was your fucking idea wasn’t it, Jason? I always knew you were a perv. Is this some kind of sick fantasy that you tricked my sister into going along with?”

“It is a sick fantasy,” Jason shrugged. “But it’s not mine. She’s the mastermind.”

Lara’s blood froze as she looked back toward her sister, who was nodding.

“Just like I said, dear sister,” Bethany said. “Everyone has their breaking point. And now I need to teach my little sister a lesson. We’re going to let you go, and you’re going to do what we say. Let’s not forget who has the knife, sweetie.”

“Fuck you,” Lara yelled in Jason’s face as he moved to unlock her. “Fuck you!”

Bethany lashed out, smacking Lara across the face with the back of her hand, the one not still finger-banging her. Lara screamed. Her vision was blurry, and she could taste a trickle of blood in her mouth, where her lip had pressed into a tooth.

“You don’t talk to my husband like that, you stupid cunt!” Bethany yelled. Lara was stunned, more by the language than the slap. Before she could react, Bethany struck again, slapping Lara’s right breast, sending a wave of pain through her whole chest.

“Stop!” Lara cried. “You’re hurting me!”

“I’d save that for later,” Bethany smiled. Jason undid the cuffs holding her hands. Not expecting the sudden release, Lara fell to the floor, landing hard on her knees.

“Good girl,” Bethany said, before nodding to Jason. Jason nodded back, and undid the belt that held his jeans on. He slid them down his legs and then stepped out of them as Bethany pulled the scraps of clothing away from Lara’s body. Lara began to lash out, to try to punch her sister, but then remembered the knife in Jason’s hand. Thoughts of the blade, however, were replaced by thoughts of the thick bulge in the front of her brother-in-law’s boxers.

“W-why are you doing this?” she cried, looking up at Jason with pleading eyes as he pulled out his long, thick cock.

“Because, Lara,” Jason said. “Your sister pointed out, you could probably use a good fuck. Might fix your shitty attitude. Now suck it.”

“Fuck you!” Lara yelled. This time, it was Jason that hit her, his large, strong hand smacking into her face. She struggled to stay up, bracing herself on her hands and knees, her feet still chained.

“Fuck y–” she started, suddenly finding Jasons’ cock thrust deep into her mouth. She couldn’t believe how big it felt. She had had trouble with Jake’s tiny penis, which was dwarfed by the massive dick that was currently thrusting against the back of her throat, gagging her. A sharp pain in her scalp was all that distracted her, momentarily.

“Understand something, little sister,” Bethany said, pulling Lara’s head back by her hair, the gleaming knife in her hand. “If you even think of biting, we’re going to have a bigger problem. Understand?”

Lara’s eyes grew huge and she gasped a yes, muffled by Jason’s cock in her mouth.

“Good,” Bethany said. “Now…suck it.”

Lara’s whole body quivered. She looked back up at Jason, who was looking down at her with a cruel sneer. Obediently, Lara started suck as best she could, working on the soft tip of Jason’s thick, cut cock.

“What do you think he is, your prom date?” Bethany said, her voice still eerily calm. “Show her what that mouth is for, sweetie.”

“Sounds good, honey,” Jason said. He grabbed the back of Lara’s head and smashed her face toward his body, her nose hitting his stomach as his cock slammed down his sister-in-law’s throat.

“That’s it,” Bethany said, giving a slow clap. “Again!”

Tears were running down Lara’s face, over her lips and onto Jason’s cock as she struggled to breathe. He grabbed her by the hair, and yanked her head back, right to the tip of his dick, only to slam it back down her throat again.

“Keep going,” Bethany said. “I love to watch you work, sweetie.”

Lara saw Jason smile, right before he pulled his cock out and then slammed it back in again. And again. And again. Lara screamed as best she could as he skull fucked her, his cock bashing against her tongue as she tried to keep him out, pushing past it and hitting the back of her throat. She choked and gagged, trying without luck to push his body away from her with her hands, only to have him start slamming his cock into her mouth faster and faster. Behind Jason, Lara saw Bethany unbutton her tight jeans and slide them down her curvy hips. She had a lacy blue thong on, which, as she lowered herself to the floor, she pushed aside, exposing her perfect, hairless pussy, still tight and fresh. Lara watched, as best she could, as Bethany slid her fingers into her own pussy and began rubbing her clit, pleasuring herself to the sight of her little sister getting mouth fucked by her husband.

“Oh yeah,” Bethany moaned, tickling the little pink button faster and faster, “fuck that little bitch’s mouth, babe. Fuck her good.”

Jason obeyed, ramming his cock down Lara’s throat again and again, then holding it there long enough to hear her sputter and cough.

“Please!” Lara gasped, as Jason pulled back, his cock briefly out of her mouth. “Please no!”

“Do you think we should stop, sweetheart?” Jason asked, with thick, ropey strands of Lara’s spit hanging off of his cock, leading back to her lips.

“Well,” Bethany said, still rubbing her clit. “I’m not without mercy. We can move onto phase two of the learning process, if you want, Lara.”

“Please,” Lara gasped, her face a mess of tears and spit. “Anything!”

“Sounds good,” Jason said. He paused, and pulled back his dick, letting it go and smacking Lara in the cheek with it. She winced as it hit her, but caught her breath, relieved. Nothing could be as bad as having her throat fucked like that, no matter what phase 2 was.

“Let me ask you, Lara,” Bethany said, still masturbating, but slower now. She’d pulled her tight sweater up over her breasts, which were full and firm, her nipples standing at attention. “Do you ever let that pathetic husband of yours fuck you in the ass?”

“No,” Lara said immediately, disgusted by the very thought. “He’s asked, but–”

Her heart sunk again as she realized what was about to happen.

“Then this will be new for you,” Bethany said, standing up and pulling her shirt the rest of the way off. She grabbed the handcuffs that had held Lara’s arms over her head, and then clicked them onto her sister again, this time securing them to a second metal loop on the floor, trapping her on all fours. Her sister walked around her trapped body, trailing her fingers down her back, then smacking her firm ass with full force. Lara screamed out, which earned her another smack, this time from Jason.

“Jason and I do it sometimes,” Bethany said. “Just on special occasions. He’s gentle with me. I know he’d like to go harder, but he loves me. I’ve always felt bad that he doesn’t get to really unleash. So, consider this a gift to both of you.”

“No!” Lara screamed. “No! Anything but that! No!”

It was too late. Jason’s fingers were already probing at Lara’s asshole. His hands held her cheeks apart as he augerred his left thumb inside her tight, virgin ass. She squealed and shrieked as he shoved it in up to the knuckle, and began pumping it.

“Save your screaming, little sis,” Bethany said, sitting down again, this time closer to Lara, and continuing to finger herself. “We’ll give you a treat at the end, but we need to make sure you learn a lesson first. Go ahead, sweetie.”

Lara looked over her shoulder, prepared to beg again, but it was too late. Jason rammed his cock, lubricated only by her own spit and tears, against, her tender asshole. The barrier held, and he rammed again, this time slapping her ass with enough force to drop her from her knees.

“Back up, bitch,” Bethany said, her fingers deep inside her own pussy. Jason grabbed Lara’s blonde hair and yanked her back to her knees, then rammed his cock again. This time, her asshole gave. The hard, thick shaft jammed right up her ass. Lara wailed in pain. She felt like she was being split in half. Jason’s cock was far bigger than what she was used to, but up her ass, it felt the size of a billy club. He didn’t have to be instructed by Bethany this time. Jason began pumping Lara’s ass as hard as he could, his hips smacking against her little ass, his cock ripping into parts of her she had never had touched before. She screamed the entire time, and so did Bethany, but in pleasure. Bethany worked her pussy with her right hand while fondling her own nipples with her left. Lara, through the pain of Jasons’ cock tearing in and out of her throbbing asshole, was fixated on her sister, watching waves of pleasure run through Bethany’s body.

“Oh fuck yes, Jason,” Bethany moaned, her hands moving faster and faster, her body trembling as she came. “Fuck that little bitch, fuck her good. You like that, don’t you, Lara? You like my husband’s big hard cock up your tight, snobby little ass, don’t you?”

“It hurts,” Lara moaned, crying harder. “It hurts so bad.”

“Good,” Bethany said, her hands still moving as fast as ever. “Now you know how you made me feel. Fuck her harder, babe.”

“My pleasure, honey,” Jason said, digging his strong fingers into her ass cheeks and using them to pull her back and forth harder and harder, his cock deeper in Lara’s body than it had been in anyone’s ever before. “May I make a suggestion, Bethany?”

“Of course, sweetie,” Bethany moaned as she came again.

“Move closer to her,” Jason said. “Get your pussy right under her face.”

Bethany’s smile widened as she saw her husband’s thoughts. She moved right under Lara’s face, spreading her legs as wide as she could, her pink, wet pussy right under her sister’s chin.

“Now,” Jason said, grabbing Lara by the hair and shoving her face into Bethany’s crotch. “Eat your sister out.”

“No!” Lara yelled, Jason’s cock still reaming her out. “She’s my sister, you pervert! I can’–”

“Do it, bitch,” Bethany moaned, putting her hand on the back of Lara’s head and forcing her mouth into her pussy. “Lick your sister’s cunt like a good girl. Make me cum, or else.”

Lara looked up at her sister’s face, and knew that she didn’t want to know what ‘or else’ meant. Obediently, she extended her tongue, her whole body quivering. She touched it to her sister’s pussy, almost drawing back as if it were electrified, but stopped by Bethany and Jason’s hands shoving her back down.

“Now,” Bethany said. “Last chance, bitch.”

Lara started licking. Bethany’s pussy tasted sweet, wet from her back-to-back climaxes. Jason was still behind her, every thrust smashing her fact harder into her sister’s pussy.

“How’s her ass, sweetie?” Bethany asked, between breaths, as Lara ate her out.

“Not as good as yours,” Jason said. “But it’ll do. She’s tight as fuck.”

“Better loosen her up some more,” Bethany said with a smile. “She’s a pretty good cunt licker, too.”

Lara felt waves of shame wash over her. There were two things Jake had begged and pleaded with her two do, both of which she’d refused and sworn she’d never do. One was being with another woman, and here she was with her face in her own sister’s pussy. The other was anal. His dick wouldn’t have felt the same up her ass as Jason’s, though. Not as big and hard, and–

Stop it! She thought. Don’t fall prey to their little game!

But she couldn’t. There was something about the position she was in, on all fours, spit, tears, and now pussy juice all over her face, her ass bruised from spanking and her asshole stretched from the fucking it was still receiving. She felt powerless, which was completely new to her. She also felt something else. Something that felt like…

Like she deserved it.

The thought was pushed out of her mind by a hard, painful smack on her right ass cheek from Jason.

“Hey, you’re slowing down,” he said. “Keep licking my wife’s pussy, you cunt.”

Lara obeyed, without even thinking of objecting. Her tongue flicked in and out of Bethany’s pussy, lapping up the flowing juices like spring water. It was coming like second nature now. She felt her sister’s thigh muscles grow tight, and then release as Bethany moaned louder than Lara had screamed the first time Jason’s cock went up her ass. A flood of warm, sweet, juice washed into Lara’s mouth.

“You’re almost too good at that, sis,” Bethany panted. “I think you deserve a treat now. Jason?”

“I think so,” he said. He slowed his pumping, and brought his cock out of her ass. She didn’t have time to react before it was reinserted, this time in her pussy.

“Oh!” Lara gasped. It wasn’t pain this time. After two kids, Lara wasn’t the tightest woman, but she had grown accustomed to nothing larger than Jake’s tiny prick inside her. Jason’s cock filled her up, instead of just flopping around inside of her. For the first time since the whole ordeal began, she felt not pain, but pleasure.

“Do you want my husband to fuck you, Lara?” Bethany asked, as Jason held is cock, unmoving, in Lara’s pussy. “Because you can say no. It’s okay. If you don’t want my husband to fuck you, if you’re happy with Jake and his cock, and don’t need to feel Jason’s cock thrust in and out of your body, you can say no, get up, and go home. So…do you–”

“I want your husband to fuck me!” Lara yelled, not realizing the words were leaving her mouth, but following them with, “fuck me like a little bitch!”

“I thought so,” Bethany said, patting the top of Lara’s head. “Go ahead.”

Jason started pumping, his cock sliding in and out of Lara’s pussy. She hadn’t realized how wet she’d gotten. It felt divine, like nothing she’d ever experienced. He reached around and cupped her breasts, massaging them with expert hands, not fumbling at them like a teenager like Jake had always done. His cock was hitting so many new places in her body, she began to lose track of the world, not even realizing that she’d leaned down again, and was licking Bethany’s pussy.

“I think she likes it,” Bethany said, as Lara’s tongue explored her tight pink folds. “I definitely do.”

Jason continued to thrust in and out of her. Only, this time, he wasn’t alone. Lara’s hips were moving back and forth with him, her ass, still red and bruised, meeting him before he slammed into it.

“Oh God…oh yes…,” Lara panted. “Oh God it’s so big. So…so….big! It feels so fucking good! Fuck me, fuck me like a slut!”

“You’re getting pretty excited, sis,” Bethany said. “Doesn’t Jake fuck you like this?”

“No!” Lara said, through gasps of air, “Fuck…no. Never like this. This…is…so…good!”

“That sound about right, sweetie?” Jason asked, his cock sliding in and out of Lara’s wet pussy.

“That’ll do,” Bethany said, standing up, leaving Lara licking air. Bethany moved into the shadows, out of Lara’s view. She didn’t care, she was so close to cumming for the first time ever. She didn’t care….

Until she heard an electronic ‘beep.’

“W-what the fuck was that?” Lara asked, still on the edge of cumming.

“We have a webcam,” Bethany shrugged. Then she pointed to something that Lara hadn’t noticed, a small, black remote sitting next to the rug Bethany had been sitting on. “I reached over and turned it on right before Jason started fucking your pussy. I sent the stream to Jake’s email. He should get it on that fancy, expensive phone of his.”

“No!” Lara gasped. “No! No no no no!”

“Okay,” Jason shrugged, pulling is cock out. Lara collapsed as he withdrew.

“You’ve ruined my life!” Lara sobbed. “Ruined it!”

“Everyone has a breaking point, dear sister,” Bethany said. “You want us to unlock you so you can start groveling to Jake to take you back, or do you want to get off?”

Lara kept sobbing, staring right into the floor.

“I can’t hear you, little sis,” Bethany said.

“Iwanttogetoff,” Lara mumbled through her tears.

“What was that?” Bethany asked, leaning in.

“I said I want to get off!” Lara yelled. “Fuck me! Fuck me till I cum!”

“We’ll see,” Bethany said. “But right now, I’m getting a little jealous. Here I’ve had to sit and watch you get to enjoy my husband’s big hard cock while I just have to settle for my fingers and your tongue. Not that you weren’t good. I never knew my sister was such a good muff diver. But it’s my turn, now. I’ll give you the best seat in the house, though. Flip her over.”

Jason nodded and grabbed Lara. Unlocking one side of each pair of cuffs, he flipped her body over, landing her hard on her back against the concrete, her sore ass protesting the most. Re-locking her, Jason motioned for his wife to join him.

“God I want you to fuck me,” Bethany moaned, sliding her thong all the way off, and climbing on all fours, her incredible ass over Lara’s face, her large tits hanging against Lara’s stomach. Lara watched as Jason eased his cock into Bethany’s tight pussy, just inches from her face.

“Oh…oh sweetie, yes,” Bethany moaned as Jason slid in and out of her, his hands massaging her as they made love, moving up from her ass to her hips, to her sides, to her back and then sliding around to grip her breasts. Bethany moaned louder and louder as Jason built up a rhythm right over Lara’s face. It wasn’t like when he was fucking her. This was different. Loving, tender. Erotic. It was everything Lara had never had with Jake. She watched her sister’s body shake as she came yet again, and heard her moans, so loud and so pure, not like the ones Lara faked with Jake. Lara wanted desperately for her hands to be free, so she could finger herself like Bethany had been. Her body was still aching for release. They had ruined her life, ruined her marriage, but all she could think about was feeling that cock in her pussy again, watching it pump into her sister. She wanted to cum. For the first time in her life, she needed to come. Everything else could wait.

“I guess I should return the favor,” Bethany said, between moans. She lowered her face to Lara’s pussy, the downy hair tickling her nose as she let her tongue slip down between Lara’s lips, teasing her little sister’s clit.

Lara’s body was on fire again. The pleasure that had waned out of her when Jason had withdrawn was instantly back. But this time, it was her big sister’s tongue that was doing it, bringing her right up to the edge of orgasm, to a place she’d never been. She let the pleasure wash over her as Jason pushed in and out of Bethany’s bare pussy, his muscles visibly tightening.

“Oh…oh fuck yeah,” he moaned, digging his fingers into his wife’s round ass. His balls clenched as he came inside of her, filling her pussy with thick streams of sticky cum. “Fuck yeah…I love you…I fucking love you….oh fuck that was good.”

“Pull out,” Bethany said, catching her breath. “Time for Lara to have another treat.”

Bethany stopped licking her sister’s pussy. It wasn’t as sweet as she’d hoped, and she had bigger plans, anyway. Jason pulled his cock out, sending a stream of thick cum dripping out of Bethany’s freshly fucked pussy, right onto Lara’s waiting face. Lara panicked and squinted her eyes shut, too late to keep at least one glob from painfully splashing into them. The rest ran onto her nose and mouth, some trickling down into her blonde hair. It was sticky and warm on her skin. This was another of Jake’s begged for fantasies that he’d been denied. She wondered if he was watching this one, too.

“Now, Lara,” Bethany scolded. “Be a good little slut and lick that all up, and we’ll let you get off.”

“Okay,” Lara said. “I will. Okay. Just please let me cum. Please!”

Lara began obediently licking all of the cum she could reach with her tongue off of her face. It slid into her mouth, salty and bitter, over her tongue and down her throat, still sore from the brutal mouth-fucking she’d received. There were two clicks, and she felt her arms and legs released. She sat up, but didn’t for a second think of leaving. Out there, there was her ruined life. She could try to blame that on her sister and brother-in-law, but she knew that it was all her fault. Not just how she’d moaned out while Jason fucked her, but for everything, for all of her cruel, self-serving choices that had led her to this basement. And, more than anything, more than repairing her life, or security, Lara wanted to cum. She hungrily pushed Jason’s seed off her cheeks and nose and into her mouth, gulping it down, her eyes stinging from the sperm that had made their way in.

Emmy and I make it home to my front door unseen, much to my relief, our crotches are still soaking wet from Emmy pissing on me not more than 5 minutes before. We stumble in the house punch drunk with passion and I make my way straight to the drinks cabinet to pour us both a stiff drink. I notice Emmy wandering into the kitchen and when I walk through to hand her the drink I’m surprised to see she is looking in my fridge.

“Hungry?” I ask.

“Oh Humphry, I saw you had a trifle and I hoped you would still have some squirty cream left.” she said with a wink. “Oh yay, here it is!” She says holding the can high with a big grin on her face.

I hand her the drink, we both take large gulps and nearly finish them in one. She leans forward and kisses me on the lips and then makes me jump as a large glob of cream from the can hits me in the face. Emmy giggles and playfully runs off as I wipe it from my cheeks. I gladly chase her as she darts for the stairs. As I reach the top of the stairs I just catch glimpse of her dashing into my bedroom. I run in after her and my eyes scan the room quickly trying to find her but she is nowhere to be seen. I stand there momentarily flabbergasted until I hear the door slam shut behind me. I spin around to see Emmy stood against the door and she has that look in her eye again. The look that tells me she is planning something naughty.

“Lay on the bed, my little pantie boy.” She commands.

I sit on the edge of the bed and lay back. My crotch still feels damp with all the mess we made of it earlier but it only serves to wash wave after wave of randiness over me each time I think of it. Emmy walks decisively over towards me and leans over placing her hands on the bed beside me. Her face is above my crotch and she is looking up towards me.

“Take your top off, I’ll deal with your trousers.” She says as she starts to unbuckle my belt.

I throw my top off the bed and look down to see Emmy unzipping my flies and start sliding my trousers out from under me. Her breasts have fallen forward in her top because of how she is bending over and I can see her rock hard nipples poking through her silky shirt. The sight sends a randy shiver down my spine and into my cock and it twitches hard against the inside of my soaking wet lace panties.

“Oh my, now that is a beautiful mess.” She says, admiring my lace panties.

I look down too and can see that they look a darker blue than before because they are soaking wet with her piss and there is an even darker patch where my cum had soaked in too. She takes a moment to stroke my cock softly over the lace. It twitches with eagerness. She runs her fingers up the inside edge of the panties as she leans forward and starts kissing them. She tilts her head slightly so she can look me straight in the eye as she sticks her tongue out and licks me, through the lace, from my balls to the tip of my shaft.

“Oh my god, Emmy you looks so fucking hot.” I say, taking it all in.

“Shhh.” Emmy says. “I don’t want you to talk. I want you lay back, relax and just go with it.”

“OK.” I say intriguingly, not knowing quite what ‘it’ is but understanding enough now to place my full trust in the hands of this sensual woman.

Emmy tugs at my panties and eases them down over my cock and slides them off of my legs. I look down and see her rise up with that look on her face again. She kneels on the bed either side of my legs and leans forward towards my face.

“I said shhh.” she says as she places a finger on my lips. “Now, open up your mouth, pantie lover.”

I open my mouth and Emmy starts feeding my soaking wet, cum drenched panties into my mouth. I am initially horrified but that quickly turns to an altogether different feeling when I look her in the eyes and see that this is what she wants. I am her experiment and she is doing thorough research, pushing all my buttons and seeing how far I will let her go. I think she knows I will go to places she has never been before and I think this is what is turning her on.

“That’s a good boy, Humph. I bet you can taste your own cum now. I just had a lick and it tastes so good.” Emmy says with a glint in her eye.

I smile, as best I could with a mouth full of cum and piss soaked lace, to let her know I am in on her game and want to continue. I close my eyes, relax and let my tongue press up against the lace, feeling around for textures and tastes. I can smell them just as much as I can taste them and it is nothing quite like anything I have ever come across. It just smells and tastes of sex and my cock twitches eagerly in response.

Emmy leans close once again and licks me from my bottom lip, up over the lace poking out of my mouth to my top lip and all around once more before kneeling back up again. She walks on her knees, shifting up the bed until her crotch is directly above my face. I can see up her skirt to her white cotton panties, soaking wet from before and clinging to every contour of her pussy lips.

“Humph,” she says with a whimper. “All of this play has got me so fucking horny I need a quick release.”

She reaches down under her skirt and pulls her panties to one side exposing her plump, swollen clitoris and with her other hand starts to vigorously rub it side to side. She lets out a little moan as she pushes two of her fingers up inside of herself. She doesn’t leave them in long, she is just lubricating her fingers so she can get back to rubbing herself off, not much more than an inch from my panty filled mouth.

I reach up to try and touch this beautiful woman’s body with a view to helping her reach orgasm but find it difficult to move my arms due to her kneeling over my shoulders and her legs pressing my upper arms to the bed. I am able to reach her arse though with my hands and I eagerly cup her cheeks and give her a passionate squeeze. She lets out another whimper as I fumble around with her arse and push her even closer on to my face. I watch intently as her fingers do their work on her pussy, which by now is making a wet slapping noise. I feel helpless as I grope and work my hands all over her arse until I find I can twist my hands and work my fingers down the crack of her buttcheeks and underneath to her asshole.

“Oh yes, Humph, finger my ass!” She cries out.

That is all the encouragement I need and I start to press my finger to her asshole. I start rubbing across her hole with gentle strokes at first and find that her fingers meet mine as she reaches back with her sopping wet cum soaked hand. She rubs her fingers all over her asshole and all over my fingers too which lubricate them slightly.

“Do it now! Finger fuck my asshole as I wank myself off onto your pantie mouthed face.” She says with emphasis through gritted teeth.

I push my finger into her asshole which receives it without any objection and I immediately start working it in and out at a pace to match her own finger play.

“Oh fuck yes!” She bleats.

I can’t help but to let out a moan and feel my hot breath warming the panties in my mouth. Emmy is still furiously working her clitoris and I can feel her adjust herself so she can get a little bit lower to my face again. She lowers her pussy lips right onto the panties in my mouth. These panties are a real focus for Emmys delight. She seems to want to be in contact with them and leave her own stain on them too. She starts rocking back and forth, each time pushing down harder onto my fingers in her asshole, and as she rocks forward her pussy lips come up on my face and over my nose. I revel in this and take a deep breath each time I am enveloped in her labia.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.” Emmy cries repeatedly, each time with more pitch and earnest. “I’m gonna cum!”

She sits down with full force on my mouth, her pussy pressed hard against the lace and cries out a release as she orgasms. I can feel spatterings of her cum hitting my face and eyes making me blink rapidly. I force my eyes open to savour the moment and take in what is happening. I can feel her body go limp and her asshole stop clutching at my fingers which I pull out slowly.

“Oh god yes.” She says with relief as she lifts herself off my face.

She looks down at me and wipes her wet fingers across the lace in my mouth. She wriggles back down the bed on her knees and stops lo lick my lips and panties, now soaked in her own cum too.

“Humphry, look at that cock of yours. It’s got a mind of it’s own and it looks like it is desperate to cum too!” She says, now kneeling either side of my knees.

I look down and can see my cock jumping all over the place and twitching. I have leaked so much precum it is creating a string bridge to my stomach. Emmy reaches down between my thighs and pushes my legs outwards and lifts her legs over so she is between them. She looks at me and that look of hers is there again. She brushes her hands over my arse cheeks and up and down my perineum as she slowly but surely works her way in ever decreasing circles to my asshole. Her finger lightly tickles my hole and it makes me moan uncontrollably. I drop my head back down onto the bed and just look up toward the ceiling focusing on the hands exploring my body.

“Humph, I am going to do something a little naughty and you are to just go with it. OK?” She says.

I know this is a rhetorical question, I was told not to talk and anyway I still have my cum soaked panties in my mouth which I take a moment to saviour once more with my tongue. I think I can taste Emmys pussy juices but I can’t be certain so I just tell myself I can and go with it. I can feel Emmy’s knees now nudging at the base of my bum as she says,

“Humph, lift your hot little ass up a bit for me.”

I oblige and as soon as I do I can feel Emmy has shifted closer and further under me. She keeps wiggling and wedging under me until my arse is up to her stomach. She reaches down and lifts my legs up over her shoulders and says to me,

“Humphry, I am going to fill your ass with cream and fuck it until you cum all over your panty filled mouth.”

My eyes open wide in wonder and amazement and no sooner had I had chance to absorb what she had just said I can feel something cold pressing against my asshole. I know what it is, the squirty cream can from earlier and she proceeds to empty it inside of me.

“Oh fuck, yes.” Emmy says with a thrill. This is turning her on, using me as a toy for her sexual games.

I can feel the cream pour into my ass, cold at first, enough to make my wide eyes even wider. After a second or two it stops being a bit of a shock and starts to feel great. Emmy looks down at me shooting me a wicked look through narrowed eyes. She looks smoking hot and she has a certain glow about her. Being in control suits her and she is basking in it.

I can now feel Emmy liberally spreading the cream about between my cheeks and she starts to work right away with two of her fingers pushing into my ass. It is a glorious feeling, the cream is lubricating my asshole so well her fingers are sliding in and out of me effortlessly. I am a clean guy and I shave everywhere so it is just cream on skin. I feel that if she just keeps on finger fucking me I could reach orgasm without even touching my cock.

“Humphry, my little pantie eater. Can you feel the cream in your ass? It feels great doesn’t it?” I nodded in agreement. “In fact your ass looks good enough to eat!” Emmy says with a certain conviction.

She pulls her fingers slowly from my ass and wraps her arms around my legs pulling me even further up towards her. She nudges under me even more and now only my shoulders are touching the bed. Emmy places her hand on the back of my my left thigh and pushes it off her shoulder and over the top of my head. I feel a little uncomfortable and strained but that all disappears as Emmy buries her face between my ass cheeks and starts to lick my asshole. Her tongue is rigid and moving rapidly, darting across my hole. She licks me up between my legs and my balls where the cream had began to run and then returns to my asshole. My hands are underneath my back on her thighs which I grip in approval as I feel her tongue press on inside my cream filled ass. I can see the top of her eyes, which were closed, just above my balls. It looks like she is concentrating hard on really tongue fucking my asshole.

I suddenly become aware of my cock, just hanging in front of my face, as a bead of precum drips off the tip and lands on my cheek. Emmy notices it too and reaches down with her free hand to dab it up with her finger and wipes it on my lace panties. It seems that every ounce of cum, precum or pussy juice just has to be collected on these panties in my mouth. She brings her hand up and clasps it around my straining cock. She pauses for a moment and returns her hand up to my cream filled ass smearing some on her hand and returns it back down to my cock covering it in the milky white foam. She starts wanking me off with long sloppy strokes, cream is dripping off and hitting my face. Emmy pulls her tongue from inside my ass and starts licking across my hole in unison with her hand movements on my cock.

I think she only manages about eight or nine strokes before I am feeling a full orgasm rising from within. It is making me moan uncontrollably and it makes Emmy stop licking my ass and peer over the top of my balls. She has cream all over her face and yet she still looks fucking hot making me just want to lick it all off of her.

“Right, my little pantie eater. When you cum I want you to spurt it all over your panties in your mouth, understand?” Emmy says with a cheeky grin.

I nod, and just in time too as a huge wave of orgasm rises up over me and I can feel convulsion after convulsion resulting in splash after splash of cum hitting the panties in my mouth. Emmy’s expert guidance ensures all but a few drops land where she wants them to. All the while her other fingers are back on my asshole and she is rapidly pushing them in and out so fast I can feel the cream squirting out of my ass with every thrust.

“That’s it, creamy ass. Cum on your panties while I fuck your hole.” She cries.

I close my eyes in ecstasy and savour the moment. I feel like I have been completely emptied yet the orgasm had not completely passed. Emmys fingers are still in my ass but she is slowing down the fucking to remove them.

“My god, that was amazing!” I try to shout, but it just comes out all muffled through the lace.

“Shhh!” She commands. “Oh Humph, you do look good with your cum on your face, and those panties, oh my well they have been through a lot haven’t they?” She says with a caring whisper as she lets me slip back down onto the bed.

She takes a moment to collect up the beads of cum from my face and wipe them on the panties in my mouth before leaning in and giving it all a big slow lick while looking me straight in my eyes.

“Hmm, I love cum Humph, don’t you?” She says wryly.

She reaches for the panties in my mouth and pulls them out slowly. They are absolutely sopping wet and I can clearly see big globs of my cum on them already starting to soak in.

“Humph, I would like to keep these if I may?” She asks.

“Of course!” I say reassuringly. “What are you going to do with them?”

“Oh, I am going to put them on and wear them home. I haven’t quite finished with them yet.” She says causing my eyebrow to raise.

She stands up off the bed and slips off her white cotton panties and proceeds to slowly and purposefully step into my soaking wet panties. She seems delighted as she pulls them up over her knees to her crotch and as they touch her pussy lips she bites her bottom lip and lets out a little whimper.

“Oh these feel good Humphry. Don’t worry though because I am going to leave you with mine.” She says as she picks up her cotton panties, handing them to me. “I have an idea for how I would like you to use these. I’m going to leave now for home and I want you to wait for me to text you instructions on what I want you to do with them. Are you game?”

“I am game.” I say enthusiastically, a huge grin upon my face.

“Good boy.” She says just before kissing me on the lips.

She turns and starts to walk out of the room. As she opens the door she pauses. She turns back to me with a cheeky grin, lifts up her skirt and shows me my panties she has just put on, they are glistening with all the cum that was soaking in to them. The very tops of her thighs are too where the cum has started to roll down her legs. She giggles, looks me in the eyes and says,

“The game is on, my little pantie slut.”

Author’s note: This was originally intended for Halloween… 2012. It’s a little late but I hope you’ll still enjoy it. Comments and feedback would be greatly appreciated, and will probably make me finish off some more of this stack of unfinished stories I’m sitting on.

- – -

It was when the road was empty like this that most accidents occurred.

The thought, that suddenly rang in her head like an irritating, public service jingle, made her lift her foot off the accelerator sharply. Her high-beams picked out the tangled, clutching branches of the trees crowding the country road a little clearer, and she realised that she probably had been driving a little too fast.

It was the car’s fault of course. This big, macho penis extension that was her brother’s pride and joy seemed to beg to be raced as soon as the key was turned in the ignition. And that wasn’t her at all! What the hell did she care about being the first away from the light? Christ she couldn’t wait for her cute little Honda to get back from the shop, and for this goddamn Christine car to go back under the sheet in the garage.

Ted was hardly overjoyed about the whole thing either, but dearest mother, exerting her maternal authority even now that they had both moved out and ostensibly started their own lives for real, had frowned (over the phone) and that was that. “Your sister can’t survive down here without a car, while you’re hopping on your New York City Public Transport System to get from the bar to class and back again…”

He’d made hollow threats; she’d promised – not a speck of paint displaced from its gleaming red body.

That had seemed a lot easier when she wasn’t driving through a forest in the middle of the night in the pitch-black in a ridiculous pirate costume to get to some terrible Halloween party that her lunatic friend had made her promise to attend. Something small pinged off a wing-mirror, making her physically flinch. She swore under her breath. If Carrie wasn’t already there, and if Carrie wasn’t right about Lou being there tonight… Oh God, if she had to chat and hang out with those idiots from her company and all their… idiot friends…

She had to remind herself to slow down again.

And it was as she slowed a little, her eyes scanning the canopy (because the trees really were forming a roof over the road now, making her feel strangely like a bullet making its way down the barrel of a long, twisting gun), that she saw the girl by the side of the road.

Dressed all in white, her black hair long and messy, partially covering her face, she picked up the headlights like a safety jacket, like a road-sign. She glowed, and Polly winced, fumbling to bring down the beams and not blind the poor girl.

She needed a lift, and Polly needed some distraction to keep her from going crazy.

It was only as she pulled to a stop in the middle of the narrow road that she realised the girl hadn’t flagged her down at all. She had just been standing there, in her retro white dress and gleaming white pumps, and Polly had just felt… that she ought to stop for her.

The road had narrowed to the width of a single car now – still surfaced, but that was the only thing lifting it above ‘dirt track’ at this point. The trees walled them in, sealed them in from above too. The phrase ‘lost in the forest’ shimmered in her consciousness and she felt cold needles prickling the back of her neck as she leaned over to wind down the passenger window. She couldn’t be lost, she reassured herself, there had been no other turnings to take since she left civilization.

The girl hadn’t moved, and only when Polly opened her mouth to speak did she turn to face the car. She turned but… Polly didn’t really see her turn. Now she was facing her, now she was at the window, leaning down, her face blank, unreadable, beautiful, exactly as Polly said: “Hey can I give you a…”

“Wait a second,” the girl interrupted, her voice melodic and hollow, “You’re a girl.”

And suddenly Polly felt as though someone had just snapped their fingers and she was waking up. She hadn’t even noticed she had been asleep! She couldn’t have been asl-

“I said – you’re a girl.” The girl had a quick, arch intonation that made Polly think of old black and white movies. She urged her tongue to life, for some reason eager not to aggravate this strange pale girl.

“Y-yes? Yes I am…” The girl was leaning on the car door now, that strange, expressionless face registering what seemed to be… scepticism? Disappointment?

“What’s with the moustache honey? Who you try’na fool, hey?”

“I’m not…?” Polly stammered, touched the fake, pasted on moustache that had come with the baggy white shirt, the headscarf, the big pants and the faux-leather jerkin of the costume. The girl raised an eyebrow.

“You a dyke hey, honey?”

“No! What the hell is…” Polly shook her head, violently, trying to reclaim her senses “I just thought you might need a lift to the party! Maybe you don’t!”

“Party, huh?” Wait, hadn’t the girl’s hair been long, messy and covering her face? Now it was perfectly neat, coiled and teased in the fashion of a 1930s film star. She was smoking too, but Polly hadn’t seen her produce a cigarette, let alone light it. “I coulda sworn you were a fella,” she mused, looking ruefully back in the direction Polly had come from. “I saw this beast of an automobile, I squinted and saw a moustache and I thought, ‘Oh, Mol, this is the one.’”

“Wait,” Polly was getting more and more irritated with this dizzying forest waif, “were you just trying to pick up a guy?”

“Heh,” the girl, Mol, looked down at her with a strange not-quite-smile, “something like that.”

“Look, if you don’t want a ride then…” Polly looked away, and without that luminous porcelain skin, without that shining spotless dress the forest track in front of her looked a whole lot darker and scarier.

“No, no wait!” The girl chuckled, and it sounded old, not like a girl at all, but like a woman. “A party, you said? At the old Mason place?”

“Well, it’s Halloween, isn’t it?”

“Every year.” The smile in Mol’s voice was so clear and so devilish that Polly had to glance across. The other girl was already in the passenger seat, long, perfectly white legs crossed, her stiff looking dress riding up her thighs, her cigarette hand hanging coolly out of the window. Polly almost flung her door open and jumped out. She stifled her shock with both hands, biting down on the scream before it escaped.

“Let’s go to a party.” Mol grinned, her teeth white as the moon.

- – -

A little way further along the track, just as she remembered from the few times she’d driven up to the Mason place with her friends in high school, the forest suddenly cleared and she was driving along a mountain trail, a cliff wall on her left and flimsy looking barrier on her right separating her from a long, long drop down a terrifying cliff face. People died here, driving too fast, too drunk, every year. She slowed down a little more. At least there were passing points cut into the cliff here.

“So, what…” she started, interrupting her hitch-hiker gazing dreamily out of the window at the precipitous drop, “I didn’t see a car. Do you live out here or something?”

“Not ‘live’ exactly,” again, that older than her years laugh. A laugh that spoke of experience and worldliness, the kind of thing that Polly would never achieve if she didn’t get out of her hometown soon. “Let’s say: I have a strong attachment to the place.”

“But what were you doing out here if you weren’t going to the party?” Molly kept the questions up, not just because the girl made her nervous, and her too-cool way of smoking with the window open was chilling the air in the car, but because this dangerous route put her on edge too.

“Jeez, honey. You’re from around here,” there was no hint of a question in her intonation. “Can’tcha guess? Can’tcha root around in that pretty head of yours and work things out a little?”

“I have no idea…” Polly started, tapping the steering wheel with the third finger of each hand as she drove and biting her lip. This girl was maddening. Something popped into her mind. “Is this about drugs?” Suddenly it made sense – almost. She had heard that some people used the sturdy old abandoned mountain mansion to do drug deals and… all sorts of things. This ‘Mol’ girl had been waiting for a drug dealer!

“Ha! You-” Mol pointed with her cigarette, it was in her left hand then suddenly back in her right, “are a riot, baby. No it’s not about drugs.”

“Well then what…”

“Jeez Louise!” Mol finally straightened up a little in the deep, leather passenger seat. “A strange, beautiful, slip of a girl all alone in the dark forest. A young, muscular – possibly moustachioed – stud in the car his daddy bought him for graduation. He can’t believe his luck, he wants to show off his ride, she says she needs a ride back to her friends up the hill, he’s driving too fast…” Polly’s throat was dry. The list of events, the ‘story’ was… what was this? “…there’s no way the barrier can possible prevent that much horsepower from going over the edge of the cliff, from ending in a beautiful fiery rose a coupla hundred feet later.”

“You… you…” The window was closed but the car was still freezing cold. She had been smoking this whole time, but no smoke was coming from the cigarette, even as it burned down to nothing. Polly’s knuckles were white. She wanted to swallow but couldn’t.

“These urban legend deals are meant to last a few years more than this! What do you kids spook each other out with these days, honey?”

She was dizzy, her heart was pounding, she had to stop…

With a screech the car jolted to a stop in the middle of the treacherous mountain road. There was something next to her in the car, and it wasn’t a girl, and it was making everything cold, and she needed to get out and get away from it.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Molly Mason, honey. Seventy something years ago my darling beau bashed my brains in with a metal bar and tossed my body off of this cliff. I’ve been taking boys down to lie with me ever since.”

“You’re a ghost.” The tremors started in her hands, glued to the wheel and moved up her arms until she was shaking in her seat. There was a breath on her neck, so cold she had to grit her teeth to keep from yelping.

“I don’t know, honey,” Mol crooned in her perfect, empty murmur, “why don’t you take a look, see what you think?”

Polly didn’t want to look, didn’t really want to turn her head at all, but found she couldn’t resist the invitation. And the thing in the seat next to her crept into her field of vision. And when her brain finally processed what it was she was seeing – something that was dead and smashed and broken and bloody, that was perfect and twisted inside in a way that made her ears ring – she screamed. And then, mercifully, she passed out.

- – -

“Oh my God Pol, don’t you think you’ve had enough?”

Polly looked down at the glass on the counter. A squat, square tumbler that was rapidly filling up with what looked like… bourbon perhaps? She looked across calmly at the bottle in her hand – the bottle that was filling the glass. Yes, good old Jackie D. Her eyes moved back down to the glass and she dreamily watched the liquor start to spill over its thick lip.

“What has gotten into you?” Carrie snatched the bottle away from her, shunting her not all too gently aside as she grabbed a cloth and started sopping up the spilt alcohol. Polly almost lost her balance, her head spinning as she took two big steps sideways. Lucky the dirty old kitchen was so big. Even though there were other people scattered around the place she didn’t come close to bumping into them.

She put her hands on her knees and was about to start giggling when she remembered the car. The thing that wasn’t a girl in the car. She was at the party? She was at the party with Carrie and she had no idea how she had gotten there. The laugh shrivelled and froze in her throat and the thoughts started coming thick and fast. She was drunk – really, really drunk and… how? She would never have drunk this much around so many strangers! Oh God, had Lou seen her like this? Did she just black-out and come here on – on autopilot? Was that even possible? Was she schizophrenic? Was there an evil Polly inside her too? Or…

As soon as the thought crossed her mind she felt things shifting inside her like two sheets of silk rubbing against each other. The girl she had picked up – the ghost. Surely that would be the craziest thing of all, but somehow she felt…

“Oh relax, honey,” the sweet, empty voice from before whispered, as if breathing into both ears at once, “just relax, we’ve been having a great time.”


“In fact why don’t you just relax, dream on, and let me keep driving this cute little body of yours around? I can drive a lot better than you can, drunk I mean. It’s been so long since I tasted a good, strong liquor, I’m afraid I may have… over-indulged whilst you were checked-out. Doesn’t really affect me, sadly. You must be feeling pretty woozy though.”

“I just don’t recognise you tonight, Pol!” Carrie’s hand was on her back, the drink nowhere to be seen, helping her to stand up straight. “I thought,” her blonde friend hissed, “that you were going to be Miss Ice Queen tonight? That Lou wouldn’t be able to resist?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Polly felt drunk and detached, like she was herself, and not herself – an observer judging her in some ghostly competition. “I was… I don’t know what happened, I… What did I do?”

“What do you mean, what did you do? You just poured Jack D all over the kitchen! Or do you mean showing up with this phoney tough-girl voice, hitting on guys and knocking back shots like they were going outta fashion?”

“Honey, I’ll show you phon-” The words just burst from Polly’s lips, unbidden, unthought. Her eyes went wide and she clamped both hands over her lips, stifling, but not silencing the invectives she was, somehow, spitting at her friend.

“Oh my God, are you going to throw up now?” Carrie rolled her eyes and span Polly around, guiding her to one of the many doors leading off the cavernous, run-down kitchen. It was a small bathroom she saw, and suddenly she felt like being away from people was the best thing she could do right now.

The curses and insults on her tongue suddenly stopped, and while she could feel this… urge buzzing around in her head, threatening to explode out of her at any moment, she thought, maybe, she could speak for herself again now.

“Ok, ok,” she gasped, recovering her tongue for her own use. “I’ll be ok on my own.” She gingerly pushed Carrie’s hand off her shoulder, wincing as she realised they were sticky from spilt spirits. She watched as her fingers wiggled and rubbed against each other, feeling the tacky, clinging residue.

Then she froze, realising that she hadn’t told them to do that.

“You sure?” Carrie’s voice softened a little, and Polly had to focus, to take control and answer in as normal a voice as possible.

“I’m sorry Carrie, for whatever I did…” supporting herself on the doorframe she looked back, “But can you… hang around out here for, just a minute?”

“Ok,” her friend chewed her lip sceptically, “Just… shout if you need me or whatever. And I’ll start banging if you’re not out in five. So lucky we didn’t run into Lou and his buddies yet.”

Polly nodded, relieved that she hadn’t made a fool of herself over the cool, wolfish guy she’d been mooning over for months, and slumped backwards into the bathroom. Pulling the door shut after her, she locked it, then unlocked it. Frowning, she locked it again.

“See, sweetie? Just giving you an idea of the… ballpark we’re pitching in here.” The sibilant whisper again, as if Mol was leaning down on either side of her, lips brushing her small earlobes. It wasn’t a voice in her head, it was as if she were actually hearing the girl. No, not a girl, a thing.

“What… what are you doing? Are you in me?”

“Oh, honey! I knew you were smarter than you made out earlier!” The invisible lips were smiling, the whisper cutting through the raucous noises of the party that she was only now beginning to tune into. “Can’t just park your car in the middle of a mountain road now, can you? When you passed out behind the wheel I… ah, took the liberty of slipping behind your wheel, as it were, and driving you and your big ol’ beast of an automobile the rest of the way to the party. You should be thanking me.”

“You- you can do that?” Polly’s heart was pounding, every inch of her skin prickling with the dizzying vertigo of the unknown. What… what had happened? What had Mol made her do? What could she make her do? She was talking, out loud to the… the ghost and didn’t know if she should be whispering or screaming.

“Oh, of course honey. How d’you think I get all those pretty boys to drive their cars off-of that cliff? Now, when I got all the way up here and you still weren’t showing any signs of perking up, I… well I have to admit I may have indulged a little. But then,” Mol’s voice feigned good intentions in the most flesh-crawling way imaginable, “it wouldn’t have exactly been safe to leave you sleeping in an auto with all these… virile stallions pulling up in their vans and cars all around you. Now, would it? Huh, honey?”

Polly was leaning, back to the wall, still right next to the door. Head spinning, she urged her self to straighten up, to take the three, impossibly tricky steps over to the washbasin. She reached it and clung on for dear life, bringing her eyes to bear on the thick, cracked mirror above it.

Of course the girl looking back at her wasn’t her. It was the high-contrast perfection of Mol.

“Just think of me as your designated driver for the nighy, Polly honey.” The reflection was smoking, a long, old-fashioned cigarette that got smaller but never gave off any smoke. “In your current state, if I were to, ah, vacate the premises, you’d be an even worse mess than you are now, darling. But Molly Mason is never impaired,” the ghost in the mirror did a the faintest curtsey, lifting the one side of her dress an inch but still smoking with the other hand. “If you just give me the keys for the night we can be the queen of this party. Just leave everything to me and you won’t so much as put a foot wrong. And this dreamboat Lou you’re all starry-eyed about? With me running things? Honey, he’s as good as yours. And then tomorrow… well, it’s a little embarrassing to admit it but, I’m actually kinda stuck here on this mountain, honey. It’s part of the deal I got going on.”

The room was rotating in one direction while the sink, the mirror and Polly seemed to be going the other way. She felt something fade, some part of her come back and with it she suddenly realised she was going to throw up.

Then Molly was back in her and the urge to vomit faded, the fairground room slowed, at least a little.

“Y’see? C’mon, for all I know I’m going to spend eternity up on this stinkin’ mountain, honey. There’s no guidebook for ghosts! I don’t know if Gabriel is gonna swoop down here after I’ve done a couple hundred years and say – ‘You did your time sister, heaven awaits!’” In the mirror, Mol grinned, and to Polly the grin seemed both perfect and stretched far, far too wide. “Then again, I killed a lot of people since I passed. Probably be someone from the other place. Anyway, my point is, let’s you and me have fun. I get one more night in the flesh and you get to let go and just enjoy yourself like you never have before. And I promise your man will be putty in your hands.” The cigarette between Mol’s fingers was suddenly freshly lit again. The room lurched.

Polly gripped the basin, white-knuckled, and hissed through gritted teeth. “You got me drunk, so that when I woke up I wouldn’t be able to stop you. You were… hitting on guys?”

“Well, technically you were, honey.”

“What the hell are you going to do with… with my body?” In the mirror Mol pursed her lips in disappointment.

“I really don’t want to fight about this, sweetie.”

“Fight?” But suddenly Polly’s head was ringing, deafening buzzing chimes that obliterated all sense, all reason. She wanted to scream, but she had a feeling, like someone very strong was holding her hands by her sides. But it wasn’t her hands, it was her, she was being held in place and kept from moving and with these bells, these infinite bells she just couldn’t think of how to get out of this, how to get her arms out of whatever they were stuck in and….

Polly closed her eyes.

- – -

“… feeling so much better, thanks Carrie darling. You’re one in a million.”

For a moment the fact that the nausea and those hellish chimes were fading really did make Polly feel so much better. Then she realised that she was listening to her own voice and that she was walking back from the bathroom, with Carrie, to the kitchen. Her steps were smooth and steady and there was a swing to her hips that… that she never normally put so much into.

Mol was in total control.

“You’re acting so weird tonight, Pol. Are you sure you’re ok?”

“I wanted a change, baby, you know how you get! When everything’s boring and you just wanna stir things up a bit…”

It was surreal, looking at her hands, watching herself fix a drink next to her friend (nothing stronger than a club soda this time), listening to her own voice hold forth, lively and vivacious.

- Are we back, honey?

Mol’s whisper – not Mol’s words in her voice, but the ghost’s voice in her ear. Inside her this time.

- Do you see what I mean? I want us to do this together, it makes everything so much easier. But I can always just keep you locked up in that little box of noise and sickness and have my way anyway.

Polly tried to form words in her mind this time, trying to address Mol without speaking out loud. Not that she was sure she could speak out loud.

- Are you going to make me… hurt myself? Cut myself?

- Gadzooks, baby! Of course not! I am entirely on the up and up when I say that all I want to do is have some fun.

Carrie was smiling. Mol was clearly getting a little more comfortable and making things sound a little more natural through Polly’s mouth, she realised. God, this was horrible. To be trapped like this in your own body, watching your hands move, feeling your legs walk. Only focussing on what someone else wants to look at! But what choice did she have? When Mol had talked about fighting… well the pain and sickness she had felt had been the closest she’d ever been to… the other place, as Mol had put it.

- Ok. For now.

- Oh, sweetie. This is going to be a blast.

- – -

She’d seen a couple of her co-workers, people who she didn’t like all that much but didn’t really have a problem with, and she’d told Mol everything she needed to know to schmooze them and probably leave them with an entirely different impression of her than they had had before.

“Polly! You’re so different outside of work!” one girl had said, “It’s like you’re a different person.”

“Maybe I am a different person!” Mol had cackled through Polly’s lips. “In fact, why don’tcha call me Mol for the night, instead of Pol?” People had burst out laughing.

“You’re unbelievable!”

“I’m finding it hard to believe myself,” Mol answered, “Now which of these fellas has the wherewithal to furnish this young lady with a coffin nail?”

Carrie had looked over at her, eyebrows shooting up. She kept giving Pol/Mol odd looks, but she seemed to accept that this was just Polly letting her hair down, getting drunk and playing silly for the night.

“You’re smoking again?”

- Please don’t, Polly said in her mind, I quit last year, I don’t want to relapse into…

- Relax, sugar, it won’t work like that,

came Mol’s soft whisper in her head. But as soon as the smoke had curled into her lungs Polly knew it had been a mistake. She felt every drag, and it felt so good to be smoking again. She knew she’d have trouble not just keeping on with the old habit tomorrow.

“Real smoke in real lungs.” Mol had said out loud, gazing in satisfaction at the glowing tip of her cigarette. “Even makes up for how weak this is.”

“What are you talking about?” Carrie frowned at her as they made their way away from the office bores.

“Nevermind, sweetie. Now, let’s go find some boys. And let’s go find this Lou fella.”

“You are on a different plane tonight, girl.”

“Sweetie, I’m on every plane.”

- – -

Polly was still dressed up in her baggy, stupid pirate outfit, while Carrie had come as some kind of glittery, sexy witch. But with every group of guys they landed in, despite the legs and the fishnets that made Carrie the first one they looked at, it was always Mol that ended up getting all the attention.

Mol was… she was just sexy, Polly realised. She could make almost anything sound dirty, and she could sound like she was promising everything, while making clear that she wasn’t promising anything at all. The kind of maddening tease that all the guys loved, Mol/Pol really was becoming the queen of the party.

She lost the fake mustache and the bandana, both of them going to guys who looked like ex-college football players in exchange for a kiss on the cheek. She still had the eyepatch that had come with the costume, and she was delighting in all sorts of stupid flirty behaviour with it.

“No, no baby. You’ve gotta flex them one at a time, I can only see one at a time with this eyepatch.”

“Yeah, it’s a sad story, sweetie. I was cleaning the captains mast and it was hard as oak when it slipped and…”

Carrie was getting drunker and flirtier too, like Polly knew she would. Normally it was Cassie that was the man-eater. Tonight, now that she was drunk, she was trying to catch up with Molly. Polly wanted to warn her not to bother trying. And in her weird anaesthetised bubble she couldn’t tell if she was happy or not that they hadn’t run into Lou yet.

“No, you see I’ve got no distance perception, darling. That’s why I need YOU to get me another drink.”

Lou was always so cool, always a little detached and above everything that was going on around him. But not in an arrogant way! Just in a… a cool way. A fun way. Carrie used to work with him and Polly had met him a bunch of times but never had the time or the nerve to put any kind of a move on him.

Tonight she had no doubt at all that “Polly” would have the nerve to make a play for him, it was just… not her that would be winning him. And considering how wild Mol was getting in her body she was nervous as to what would happen if they did run into him.

Maybe he hadn’t come tonight.

This whole time Molly had been drinking. Not enough to be really dangerous to Polly, but enough to keep her head buzzing and to stop her thinking too clearly. Even so, she knew what was happening and she was nervous about meeting Lou, and possibly even more nervous about what Mol would want to do if they didn’t find him. Maybe nothing. The ghost seemed to be happy just flirting and teasing and controlling the muscular dopes and sensitive geeks that littered the party. And, after all, she killed guys. She hated guys.

- – -

It was maybe one a.m. when, after leaving another little clique of guys shooting lustful looks after them, the three girls, Carrie, Polly and Molly, had tripped giggling through the doorway of a weird little mezzanine drawing room, halfway up the main staircase.

And there he was.

Lou, Greg and was it Fred? Freddie? The three friends were chatting with a few other people she didn’t know around a low table under a tattered old Chinese lantern. The whole house was like this. Ten years or more of people just bringing whatever old furniture they had up here to deck out the town’s informal party venue. The walls looked black, the marble fireplace looked dull and wooden.

- Lou.

She didn’t think to stop the thought, and even after she thought it she didn’t know if she should have.

- Show time!

Mol giggled in her ear, and, locked up inside herself, Polly shivered as best she could without a body.

“There he is,” Mol/Pol whispered to Carrie.

“I told you he’d be here.” Carrie smiled back slyly.

“Carrie and Polly!” Freddie, the big guy, had stood up and had his hand up as if they needed help spotting them in this tiny little chamber. There was one low table and a few armchairs that another group was in, playing a drinking game. And Freddie was really big – when he stood up the whole place suddenly seemed almost claustrophobically small.

“Hey!” Lou shot her a grin. He shot HER a grin – her first, and then Carrie. She knew there was something there! Not that she’d be able to work out what it was on her own that night.

“Guys!” Carrie laughed as people shuffled along dusty old sofas and made room for them to join the group. “We were looking for you.”

“Why? Polly was looking for some booty to plunder?” Freddie sat down too, shooting a finger-gun at Polly.

“Oh I’m not sure she’s Polly tonight!” Carrie giggled, “She’s got some whole thing going on… Mol, is it?” With her friends now, Carrie felt like she could tease a little. Polly ached with frustration at how close she was to the truth.

“Oh don’t be silly, sweetie. It’s Halloween, everyone gets to have fun on Halloween. And you can call me whatever you like.” Mol addressed the entire table, but her eyes were locked on Lou. And he was looking right back at her, just how she’d always wanted him to. Was this how easy it would’ve been without this brassy ghost pulling the strings?

There were bottles on the table, just like there were bottles everywhere here, and so drinks were poured and drunk and poured and drunk and people moved around and the people she didn’t know were introduced, but Polly’s consciousness was so focussed on Lou that she didn’t take in any of their names at all. And through it all Molly became the life and soul of the gathering – which was at least a little funny considering she had no life of her own. Her comments were always timed perfectly and always on the verge of being scandalous without actually falling over the line into crassness. People whooped and then more liquor was poured, and Polly wondered if this would go on until morning.

- – -

But after what could have been hours, but could just as well have been ten minutes, something changed around the table. The big group conversation splintered, and for a moment Polly, dazed and doped by Mol, couldn’t keep track. But she saw Carrie around the other side of the table, and watched as the hand of one of their new male acquaintances slid up her thigh and under her dress. She saw another couple leaving the table. And then she realised she was sitting between Lou and Greg, squeezed in between them, and Lou’s arm was draped along the couch behind her.

“So where did you park the ship?” Lou was holding a bottle, waiting to top up her drink. But Mol was still holding her full glass, looking up at him slyly.

- Look at this naughty boy – Pol heard her inside – Trying to fill your glass and get you drunk

- Get you drunk.

- Get us drunk

“Drop anchor,” Greg, tousle-haired and sardonic was chiming in from her other side. “If you’re going to start hassling her with pirate lines man at least sketch out some good ones first.” Mol/Pol glanced over at the leaner Greg, and Pol noticed her gaze lingering on his cheekbones and his jaw.

- I think I like this one more – Mol confided inside their shared mind – He’s smarter. But you know your taste I suppose.

- We’re not choosing here!

“Your eye-patch is flipped up,” Lou noted. “Makes me think maybe you don’t need it at all.”

“Well, see” Mol put her glass on the table, “My problem is that if I cover the left eye I can’t see one gorgeous man, and if I cover the right eye I can’t see the other gorgeous man.” She put a hand on each of their legs, not too forward or slutty, but there. “So, I decided to stop pretending to be one eyed.”

- What are you doing?

The guys shifted under her hands. She felt them move a little, felt the heat of them through their jeans, but she couldn’t move her hands an inch. Mol ignored her.

“What are you guys here as anyway? Don’t you have any Halloween spirit?”

“I’m Batman.” Freddie was leaning over toward them from the other side of the table. There weren’t many people left in the group now, and Carrie was… well she was straddling her new friend in his chair, her long blonde hair obscuring both of their faces. Freddie was wearing a batman t-shirt, hardly enough to qualify as a costume. Mol wrinkled her nose.

“C’mon Polly,” Lou grinned, “it’s just a party really. It’s like you two and half a dozen others are the only people in costume.” Now that she thought of it, Polly realised that barely anyone else was in costume. Wow, if she hadn’t been sedated with booze and psychically restrained by a murderous ghost that had taken over her body she would have been kind of embarrassed.

“Actually,” Mol was moving her hands, slowly, slowly pulling them up the thighs to either side of her. Polly felt the tension in the two men shoot through her fingers like an electric shock. “I’m not really a pirate.”

“What are you then?” Lou’s hand was slipping off the back of the sofa down onto her shoulder. Polly’s heart was hammering but Mol was touching Greg too, and even as Polly tried to form a thought she shot a molten glance at Freddie across the table.

- What are you doing? This is… Lou’s the one! Don’t make him think I some kind of…

Suddenly a single chime of those hellish bells rang in her head again and she flinched.

- Hush now, we’re just having fun. And we are going to have the most wonderful fun…

“If only there were somewhere private I could show you gentlemen…”

- Wait! WAIT!

Again the chime. It made Polly’s very consciousness ache.

“There are so many rooms in this place,” Greg was looking at her, surprise and interest all over his face. “Up on the third floor there’s this whole hallway where the keys are in the doors…”

“How would you know?” grinned Freddie. “Like you’ve ever taken anyone upstairs here.”

“Well there’s a first time for everything,” Mol purred, and suddenly she was standing. She put her hand out for Greg (why Greg? Why not Lou first? Oh…!) who took it with a look of amazement.

- Stop this! Wait!

Lou was looking up at her, looking at her hand in Greg’s and looking almost confused and hurt at the assumed rejection. Then Mol gave him the kind of sultry look that she’d been tongue-tying men with all night and asked: “What are you waiting for?” She turned her eyes to Freddie who was just looking on, mouth agape. “You too big guy.”

- What are you doing?!

- Exactly what I said I was going to do, darling. We’re going to have some fun.

Carrie was too busy matching lips with her guy, she didn’t notice them leave the room, and the rest of their group had long since scattered. No one paid the petite girl and three tall guys much attention at all as they slipped out of the tiny drawing room.

“Now,” Mol linked arms with Lou and Greg and made sure Freddie was following along, “Where can we lock ourselves away for a while?

- – -

Greg turned the key in the door and then it was just Mol and Polly and the three guys she was locked in with. Polly didn’t know whether she could call her heart her own, and whether it was pounding from her fear and frustration or Molly’s excitement – but whatever the situation it was hammering like hell. Her movements were steady though – soft, slow and seductive.

There was a bed (that Polly was instantly, acutely aware of), a couple of chairs and a low, broken down sofa. Lou sat casually, his composure recovered, on one of the chairs. Greg leaned against the wrought iron foot of the bed. Freddie stood awkwardly for a moment before he slumped down into the sofa, making it seem even smaller and lower than it was.

Polly… no Molly stepped right into the middle of them and started lifting up the cheap loose pirate smock she’d been wearing. She bit her lip, looking so naughty, so cheeky. She glanced up at Lou.

“You boys ok with this?”

- Please stop.

“Are you ok?” Lou stood back up and took a step toward her. His hand touched his cheek. For a moment Polly thought he was going to take her out of this – not let her do this. “You had a lot to drink, are you ok to…”

“Oh I want this more than anything in the world,” growled Mol, and Polly’s heart sank as Lou grinned and sat back down.

Polly was fighting, fighting even though she didn’t know how to, but Molly was in her element. She wanted to perform; she wanted to do everything a real, hard, physical body could do. And there was nothing Polly could do to stop her.

The smock and jerkin went flying, leaving her coyly covering her small breasts and the cute little pink lace bra she’d worn. Then she freed her hair from where it had been pinned and held in place and shook it out. For the first time that night Polly saw her own long, dark hair hanging in front of her – through eyes that weren’t quite hers.

“Sexy as fuck,” someone said and Polly would’ve screamed if she’d had a voice.

“So is this the real costume?” Greg was smiling, one eyebrow raised. Molly looked over her shoulder at him as she slipped the pirate pants from around her waist and let them fall to the floor. Standing there, in her matching pink lace lingerie, dark hair tumbling down she pouted and shrugged.

“Fuck costumes baby, let’s just have some fun.”

“Oh yeah,” said Freddie in front of her, and Polly cringed as Molly looked right at his crotch… and… and oh God, she licked her lips.

But then suddenly she was moving, and for Polly this sent the room spinning. For Molly however, she was totally in control. She must have been waiting so long for just this opportunity, to feel how it felt to really move again in a woman’s body.

She danced. She moved to the muffled thud of a bass line coming from far downstairs and she spun and stretched and moved in a way Polly had never done. One moment she was bending over, pressing her cleavage up and together for Freddie on the low sofa, while giving Greg behind her the most perfect look at her pert ass and cute pink panties, the next she was stretching, almost touching Lou’s crotch before pulling away.

God, how was Mol doing this? What had she been, a stripper?

The situation seemed so implausible to Polly that it felt like someone was going to burst out laughing any moment. But they didn’t. They were smiling, sweating, passing around a bottle they’d grabbed from the table and they were wrapped around her finger. Mol’s finger.

- We’re making their cocks hard.

Mol’s not so innocent whisper came from inside.

- You are! You are! I don’t want this!

- I think I know what you want.

Mol turned to Lou, still sitting, so cool. She reached behind herself, to the clasp of the bra, and pinched it. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” she challenged. And Lou grinned even wider.

“With pleasure.” He unbuttoned the checked shirt in moments and threw it over the back of the other chair, sitting there, cocky but with every right to be as Molly let her eyes linger on his gorgeously muscular body.

Then Molly let her fingers go, let the bra fall away and showed the three men Polly’s perky little breasts.

“One more time,” Molly hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and smiled, dirty enough to be arrested, “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“Woah,” whispered Freddie.

“Wow,” Greg agreed.

“Are you serious?” Lou gave her a half smile and brought his hands to his crotch. He pinched the zipper of his fly between his thumb and forefinger and waited.

“Are you ok with these two hunks seeing your cock?” God, Polly couldn’t believe what Molly was having her say. She would never say that! But… but she kind of did want to see Lou’s cock and LOVED seeing him shirtless… but…

Lou made a face and glanced at Greg. “Not really,” Polly felt hope bloom again – was this where it would stop? “But I want to see you fucking naked more than I care about that.” And then he was unzipping, unbuttoning, loosening and suddenly there it was… half hard and gorgeous, Lou’s prick cradled in his strong right hand.

And almost before she had time to enjoy the view Polly was moving. Inside she froze as her hands pushed her panties down off her hips and she shimmied them down to the floor.

Lou was looking at her – looking right at her tidy little bush – and then she was turning again. She was turning her back to him and spreading her legs and bending… oh no! She was spreading her legs and bending over for him like a little slut. She was showing him EVERYTHING and she was stark naked, locked in a room with three guys and the object of her crush was stroking his cock to her slutty display… stroking his cock as she bent over for him and…

“Show me,” Greg’s voice was low and commanding and Polly thought that things would stop, any moment they’d all realise they’d gone to far and things would stop. But they didn’t stop yet, and then she was bending over for Greg, her dark hair hanging down, and her hands were reaching back. What? Why? Oh God, she was reaching back to spread herself… she was spreading her pussy open for him. She would see these guys again and now this is what they would think of. The girl who gave them that slutty, drunken striptease at that party that one time. And would word get around? God it could in this town. She had to leave as soon as she could.

She had just known Molly would ruin her life, she had just known it.

Freddie was dumb and speechless and Greg was stroking himself through the thick material of his jeans as she straightened up and stretched with a pornographic moan. And then Polly realised that things were only getting started, because two steps later she was kneeling in front of Lou, stark naked with her hands on her lap.

“Trick or treat.”

“Trick or treat?” he chuckled.

“Give me something good to eat.” And with that Molly gently moved his stroking hand and leaned over his lap to take the hot, gleaming head of his cock into her mouth. Into Polly’s mouth.

This had to be a dream, Polly thought. She was in an abandoned mansion, possessed by a ghost, stark naked, sucking on her crush’s cock while his buddies no doubt watched her head move, her ass too, trying to catch a glimpse of her naked cunt as she shamelessly felated their pal.

- You have no idea, NO IDEA how wonderful this is.

Molly commented to her, sounding almost grateful. Her real lips couldn’t say anything of course, wrapped, as they were, around the thick, rigid cock-meat of the man she had been pining after. She had him now… in a way.

- You’re ruining my life!

- Sweetie, having your brains bashed in is life-ruining. I’m opening doors for you. And don’t he taste good?

- Stop it!

But something told her that Molly wasn’t paying any attention to the girl she had locked up inside anymore. Instead she was savouring every moment of her night in the flesh.

Polly felt everything. She felt her tongue playfully tease the purpling head of Lou’s prick, then lick from the very base of his shaft to the tip and tease it again. She felt that thick base in her hand as Molly wrapped her fingers around it and then she felt every inch of him as Molly let his length slide over her tongue and filled her mouth with his cock.

And of course he fucking tasted good, but that just… it just wasn’t the point.

Molly was slowly pumping Lou at the very base of his cock, bobbing, sucking, moving and taking him deeper and deeper all the time. She moaned extravagantly, mouth full of dick and shimmied her ass as she rose up on her knees a little more – the better to take him further in.

Polly’s consciousness (she didn’t quite know what to call it – whatever she was at that point) was spinning. She was detached from it all, watching everything that was happening through eyes that she couldn’t control like some point-of-view porno flick. But at the same time she could feel it all. She could feel the dusty floorboards until her knees, the cool air making the hairs on her skin stand up, the hot male member that was pressing now to the back of her throat.

The guys were talking but she was dizzy, she couldn’t process what they were saying. When Molly leaned back she was looking up at Lou, and the eye contact made Polly almost feel like this was real, between her and him, something she could enjoy. But then Mol went back down on that thick prick and all Polly could see was his gorgeous abs and the bush of his hair and all she could taste was cock and suddenly it all felt dirty and wrong.

And if she had been in control of her body she would’ve screamed when she felt the hands on her hips. But she wasn’t, Molly was, and Molly just started swaying and bouncing her ass until she got a short, sharp spank for her efforts. Polly felt it all.

“Up,” Greg said, “Let’s have you up and bending over, Miss P. Don’t you dare stop sucking my man’s thing either.” Mol came up for air with a gasp, and Polly realised that part of how dizzy she’d been getting was from being light headed from sucking for too long.

“I wouldn’t dream of it, honey.” She stood, Polly dazed and knowing that she should be screaming in there, screaming for Molly’s attention, anything to put a stop to this, but feeling less and less like doing so.

“Oh, I knew there was something with you.” Lou caught her eye for a moment as Mol stood up, still the only one naked in the room, then bent over, legs straight and parted in an A, lips already pouting open for his cock. “I hope this doesn’t mean we can’t… see each other again or something.” Polly felt Gregs hands squeezing her pert ass cheeks, groping them, spreading them to get a good long look at her in a way no-one ever had before.

“Mmm-mmm,” Molly hummed, already sucking Lou’s dick. Polly wasn’t sure what he meant, she wasn’t sure about anything. Did that mean he wanted to date her? After this?

“I mean, if it’s cool with her then it’s cool,” Greg said from behind her, still mauling her ass with his strong fingers, making even Molly shimmy and wriggle under his touch, “But then… is it cool for me to slide in back here? With you, dude?”

- No. I only want Lou!

Polly found her voice and screamed inside herself, realising that, yes, she was ok with Molly having her do whatever with Lou, but this…

She missed something. She must have missed some decision made by something because suddenly there was pressure, there was a hot, hard force pressing against her pussy lips and she realised for the first time how hot and wet and ready her body was (and was that Molly’s doing, or her own subconscious?) and then pleasure, undeniable pleasure burst through her as Greg’s cock slipped between her lips and into her ready wetness.

“Aaahn!” It was Molly crying out, mouth coming off the cock, but it might as well have been Polly. Two women in one body both shuddering with pleasure, holding onto the arms of an old wooden chair as a young man slowly eased his member into the tight, hot sheath of their pussy. Lou was seeing that he could push this, and his hand was suddenly on the back of their head, pushing their lips back down onto his cock.

Polly was detached, she had no control. But FUCK she was there, she was undeniably right there, feeling everything as Molly sucked Lou’s thick, lovely prick like a professional, and Greg held onto her hips and slowly, gently, eased his cock in… then out… letting her get used to it.

It felt good. Fuck it felt good, and she felt wrong and good and lost to be doing this. She could sense something else near her, but far away, glowing with exhilaration. Christ, it was Molly! Molly was happy beyond belief, and with every stroke of Greg’s prick (not as thick as Lou she thought, not that Polly had ever had to compare the cock in her mouth and the cock in her pussy before) she was almost screaming in delight.

Soon Greg was firmly in control and just fucking her, fucking her pussy with smooth, even, deep strokes. Lou’s cock was sloppy with spit and precum and every now and then would slip out of her mouth and smear the mess up her cheek – even Molly was having trouble being perfect being fucked from both sides like this.

Every thrust of that prick into her honeyed hole, every time that hot cock in her mouth slipped back so she could lick the head, Polly’s mind flipped. Maybe… this might not ruin her life.

She remembered Freddie, but even though he was the biggest guy he had the least force to his personality. She wondered if he’d even got his cock out yet.

Wait, that was totally unlike her to think that! Wasn’t that what Molly had been thinking?

Before she could figure out just who was thinking what inside her body though, suddenly things changed. Molly was up and gasping for breath, still bent over and being fucked, she was stroking Lou’s piece now and kissing his sweet, hard six-pack.

“How about we go to the bed you guys? My legs can’t take much more of this.”

“With pleasure,” Lou smiled, and with a look at Freddie (who was standing, watching, rubbing himself through his pants, looking like he might be enjoying things) the three of them moved to the double bed.

It looked like someone had prepared the place a little today, thank God, because the sheets looked almost pristine, if a little faded from some original, rich wine-red colour. Molly climbed up on the bed and stretched out languorously, watching her two men kick off jeans and underwear, getting all but naked themselves as they approached.

“Time for a change boys,” Molly said. “I want that thick thing between my thighs,” she pointed to Lou’s throbbing, bucking rod, “and I want to suck on that one,” Greg shrugged and smiled.

“Sounds just perfect, Miss P.”

Molly kept wriggling and crawling over the bed for a moment, and Polly, dizzy and dazed and not sure what she felt anymore didn’t know what was going on. Then suddenly she was lying back, back, back – lying on her back, perpendicular to the bed with her head hanging down just off one side, so she was looking, upside down at the peeling wallpaper.

“Bring it around here then.” Molly said, and yet again Polly had the feeling that things were going to far, she was in over her head and that they had to stop. He was going to fuck her mouth. Greg was going to fuck her face and, oh God she already felt Lou climbing up on the bed, felt his strong hands parting her thighs as Molly helpfully obliged, spreading wide open for him. Greg was in front of her, over her before she knew it, and as he bent so that tip of his cock touched her lips she realised that he would fuck her face and Lou would fuck her cunt and she’d never get to see him do it.

Through her daze she saw what Molly wanted to look at, the way Greg’s cock was shining in the light, so wet and… what was that, how was he so wet…? She got chills inside when she realised. Her own juices. Greg’s cock was slick from her pussy and now he was going to feed it to her.

Molly kissed the tip and then opened wide and relaxed her throat. And then she was tasting him. Tasting her own pussy on this man’s cock. And before she could protest inside there was something else. Something thicker than before, pressing, pushing, thrusting into her.

When Lou’s cock fucked into her, so much thicker than Greg’s, she screamed. And Molly screamed around the cock meat in her mouth. And then Lou pushed her legs up and spread her even wider apart… and fucked her like she had never been fucked before.

Greg’s cock in her mouth, as he gasped and thrusted and slipped over her tongue, almost didn’t register, neither did the fact that all she could see were his cock and heavy balls moving and swaying and filling her mouth again and again. Lou fucked her like this was the fuck he’d been waiting his life for. He kept his hands on her thighs, holding then caressing, not too hard, and he fucked her to the hilt of his weapon again and again with a passion and a force that just sent her to the stars.

His cock was just so perfect for her: such a perfect length, and the perfect width to just… overstimulate her beautifully. And she could only imagine that her pussy was just perfect for him too – the way he was fighting to keep control the whole time – not wanting to go too hard, but unable to calm himself down.

His cock owned her. He fucked her like she was already his, but she knew just as well that he was hers too. She wanted to squeeze him inside her, and felt with delight that Molly was doing exactly that… or maybe she was. But her pussy was his mistress as much as his prick was her master and the way she could hear him crying out made her almost… satisfied.

Molly wasn’t satisfied though. Suddenly Polly realised that her hands were moving crossing her body as Greg took his pleasure from one set of lips and Lou took his from the other. One hand cupped her small left breast, pinching the nipple. The other found her clit and sent Polly’s mind spinning into the void again.

It was so surreal, not least of all because… Molly didn’t know her body. She didn’t know how to masturbate, how to tease Polly’s little clit in the way that she really liked. That was such a weird concept – that the pleasure in Polly’s body would be connected up like that and disconnected from Molly’s actions. But Polly was absolutely not in the right state of mind for any kind of investigation like that, and besides, with that perfect cock driving her insane, it barely took any stimulation of her swollen clitoris at all before she knew she was about to topple over the edge.

As the blood pounded in her ears and the world shrunk around them she panicked for a second. But only for a second as she realised that, out of control as things were, there was nothing she could do about it. Molly, or perhaps a part of her that Molly couldn’t quite control, made her back arch and her fingers slip faster and faster across her swollen, desperate clit.

She grunted and moaned around Greg’s member and she almost felt – rather than heard – Lou’s guttural curses as his own climax started to churn and build inside him. But Polly knew herself, she couldn’t feel her fingers properly and she knew what came next. She knew she would beat him to it.

In the split second before it happened she wondered if Molly knew it too.


The orgasm rushed through her, electric whiplashes of pleasure rippling up from her spine to her brain, surging out in every direction, to the tips of her fingers, to the tips of her toes. Molly kept her fingers moving and it wasn’t perfect but it worked and she kept riding it, back arched like a bow, Lou’s thick cock still fucking her with such perfect depth and strength. She squeezed him inside her and felt his low groan vibrate through her body.

And while that detonation of ecstasy was still echoing inside her, while she was still CUMMING, eyes barely able to make sense of what she was seeing, the heavy balls dangling in front of her face tensed and rose. Fuck, she was still cumming as Greg’s cock swelled and throbbed in her mouth and suddenly his thick, salty seed was spurting into her throat, into her mouth, filling it, overflowing it.

Head hanging back like this, she coughed and spluttered, strained her neck up to keep from choking and felt trickles of his cum on her cheeks, in her nose. And as the orgasm finally faded she could taste again, the unique taste of his cum mixed with hers. He slid his prick from between her lips, and helped lift her head letting her swallow – letting Molly swallow.

And Lou, still fucking her, still between her legs, dominating and taking his pleasure from her, looked positively bestial. Greg helped her shift back onto the bed so she could look up at him, and then it was just her and Lou.

“Oh fuck, Polly,” he gasped.

“Cum in me,” Molly purred, one hand still idly and softly squeezing her breast the other scooping up Greg’s cream from her cheek and feeding it to herself. “Cum for me.”

And he did, helplessly, as if on command. Suddenly he gave one massive thrust that almost humped her back off the bed and then Polly felt him inside her, throbbing and bucking and shooting his thick load into her so-sensitive pussy. He gasped as if on the verge of collapse and he gave her every drop he had.

It was a few minutes before anyone spoke. Polly and Lou were lying on the bed, Molly’s hand resting on his gorgeously muscular chest, and for Polly that was all she wanted. The rest of the room – of the world – could just get lost.

“Wow,” Lou chuckled after a while, “that was…”

“Dynamite, darling.” Molly drew a circle on his stomach with one finger. She reached up to her face again and swiped up another drop of Greg’s spunk. She licked her finger clean.

- And so, so worth it, wouldn’t you say? – Molly’s voice echoed hollowly inside, for only Polly to hear – Don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that you little tart, don’t lie to me!

- It was…

- I’ll be gone soon and you’ll be free and look, it looks like I snared your man for you!

Polly didn’t know what to say. Her mind was tired, so tired and disoriented after a night of struggling and being totally cut off from any control. And her body, her body that she could STILL FEEL, was sore and aching and wonderfully post-coital.

“Y’know,” it took Polly a moment to realise that Molly was speaking out loud, to the guys, “aren’t we forgetting someone?” She rolled onto her front on the bed as Lou sat up, looking around for his jeans. Molly glanced back into the room and Polly saw that Greg had slumped into the low couch and was slouching back, head lolling against the back of the sofa. Freddie, on the other hand, was still just standing. He was near the bed and still stroking what looked like a painfully hard erection through his jeans.

“Oh hey,” he said, “this was hot as hell, you don’t need to…”

“Just this one night,” Molly interrupted, and Polly noticed her eyes flicker to Lou. “Just this one night I’m a different person. And I’m feeling VERY generous.”

- Wait, wait, this is over, this can be over…

Molly was lying face down, alone on the bed now as Lou dressed and took a swig from the bottle. Polly felt his thick cum start to come oozing out of her flushed, fucked pussy and had never felt dirtier. But she was still stark naked on the bed, looking back over her shoulder at the burly Freddie, and then Molly was lying flat on the bed and reaching back with her hands, giving her two cheeks a light little spank.

“I’m sorry to say that I’m kind of a… um, mess down there, Freddie darling. But there’s a cute little place between these cheeks that hasn’t had a cock in it yet…”

- No!

“Holy shit,” Lou said.

- No! I don’t want to, this… this was ok! Stop, you bitch!

- If you’re going to get nasty, honey, I’ll have you suck it clean when it comes back out.

“Polly,” Freddie was almost laughing in disbelief, “You don’t have to…”

“Shhh, I WANT to,” Molly purred, “Let me have this one wild night, Fred. Please? Pretty please? Fuck me in the ass?”

Polly had thought this would be it. She had thought the end was in sight but… oh fuck.

“Is it…” Polly couldn’t see, but she could guess that Freddie was consulting Lou.

“If she’s asking you, man… you’d be crazy not to.”

“I mean, but I don’t even have any… any…”

“I bet you ten bucks there’s some lube and other kinky stuff in those drawers. That’s exactly the sort of thing people would leave up here.”

Gwen, dressed in just her charcoal sweater, knelt on Domenique’s living room rug, her sweet round ass up, her smooth brown legs spread apart and her head nestled in her folded arms. She watched Domenique, still fully clothed, sitting on her chaise, sipping her spiced white wine, and roving her eyes covetously over Gwen’s lovely contours. Gwen, her ass open and waiting; , a sumptuous money shot of smooth creamy brown buttocks, smiling pink anus, trimmed black mons and a narrow width of glistening pink promise, was in three quarter profile to Domenique’s vantage.

Her face betrayed nothing of her desires or intentions concerning Gwen and her luminous, supple flesh. Domenique, as much a fetishist for shapely feet as she was for delectable pussy, eyed Gwen’s expertly pedicured toes, smooth slopes and healthy arches. Like a painter that was in love with her subject, Domenique led her eyes along the composition of Gwen’s image; from the soft pastry puff pads of her toes, up to her lusciously shining sex, down to her sly hazel eyes and lazy smile and back again to those gently sloping soles. Over and over, Domenique’s eyes roved, perusing revolutions, her eyes circling and circling, her pussy pulsing, warming.

“Well,” said Gwen, breaking the silence, “What are you going to do to me?”

It occurred to Domenique that she’d been enjoying the picture perfection of Gwen’s position for at least fifteen minutes.

“Are you getting uncomfortable?” inquired Domenique as she reached to take another mouthful of wine.

“Oh no.” Gwen purred, “Seriously? After that amazing foot rub; God, it’s like you snuck something into my drink.”

“Maybe I did.” Domenique teased.

Gwen laughed a soft laugh; sedate and euphoric.

“Now, now,” she said, “We both know there’s no need for that.”

They’d met over a week before, in the shoe store that Domenique managed. It was busy, but there were plenty of floor staff available. But, inspired by first sight, Domenique decided to find her way closer and closer to one particularly magnetic customer she’d spotted entering the store. Gwen, tall, tanned, bright hazel eyed and luxuriously black haired, met Domenique’s gaze and smiled a warm, welcoming grin. In that instant, she realized the potential was there.

Pairs and trios of mostly female shoppers, young and old, obliviously chattered, chose shoes, milled about or test walked around Domenique and Gwen as they discussed their own trivialities.

A size eight, open toed; of course I’d be happy to help you with that. But, to start off, let’s size you. Please have a seat. Those are lovely shoes you came in with. You’re welcome. Oh, I see you don’t have your own hosiery. No, it’s not a problem. My, but you have the loveliest feet I’ve seen in a very long time. Of course I mean it. Where do you get them done? Seriously? You treat them yourself? I’m impressed. I’m very impressed.

“What did I tell you I am?” asked Domenique as she placed her wine on the coaster she’d placed on her end table.

“A dirty girl,” replied Gwen through a wide smile, still in her odd, submissive position, “A very dirty girl.”

“And what exactly does dirty mean to you?”

“Now that we’ve gotten the formality of testing out of the way,” answered Gwen, swaying her upturned ass lazily to and fro, her smile fading into a straight line of sobriety, “Dirty; means everything to me, Domenique.”

From her position on the floor, Gwen assessed her seductress, eyeing her compact yet lean frame and luminous face. She recalled the first sight of her, her deep, knowing amber eyes, her oval face, creamy olive complexion and artfully bound lustrous auburn highlighted brown hair. Gwen thought fondly on how Domenique had literally shown, like a star, between the mundane, oblivious other customers and assistants passing among them. Before Gwen realized what was happening, Domenique had begun to handle her bare feet, cradling them, subtly stroking them and taking it upon herself to fit them into each of three pairs of the most comfortable shoes she’d ever bought.

From there, the conversation deepening to a healthy shade of blue, they’d shared lunch at a nearby sub shop. Then, after night fall, Gwen had met Domenique for a second time. They strolled together along a public stretch of beach, the black night tempered by the light of a full moon and the city lights beyond the boardwalk. It was Gwen that suggested that they walk shoeless, and it was she that knelt first to remove Domenique’s sandals, caring to touch them with the same gentle longing that Domenique had touched hers in the store. Not long after, slowly making their way between the lazy sea and a private, shadowy mountainous break of boulders, the women stopped to share their first kiss. Their faces remaining very close, Domenique and Gwen breathed each other in, and exchanged shy smiles before engaging in their second kiss. After the third passing of their hungry lips, their appetite slick, swollen and mutually ravenous, Gwen and Domenique agreed to slow it down. And so they did, returning to their cars and driving to the nearest theatre and buying tickets to something worth their time.

Domenique chose something loud and full of action and Gwen, bedazzled putty in her hands, agreed. Other than the cool yet brief stare of a handsome black girl seated two rows ahead, her hair beautifully braided, her eyes glimmering cat like as they reflected the colors on the screen, , no one noticed them continue their kissing, smell the further whetting of their appetites or hear their cryptic conversing over Gwen’s longing for true love or the sweet nothing allusions of the dirty things Domenique wanted to do to her. The movie, guns fired, cars crashed and bombs exploded, blurred quickly to an end. From there, the budding lovers returned to the beach, sat in the sand and constructed a mutual foundation of psychological intimacies.

As the night darkened dawnward, they wanted nothing more than to ravage each other, but Gwen insisted that they play it safe. She clarified that she couldn’t truly be comfortable with giving herself to a beautiful stranger until the worst possible potentiality, namely any STD, was eliminated. Ultimately, maddened with lust for her, her panties saturated with postponed gratification, Domenique robbed Gwen of her keys. Gwen’s options were to either come along for a ride to an undisclosed location or remain stranded.

By three in the morning, Gwen found herself strolling with Domenique into the busy waiting room of a twenty-four hour clinic in the deepest depth of the city. A variety of victims, beaten, bitten, stabbed, burned, anxiety rattled or too drunk to stay awake, waited to be seen. Domenique winked at Gwen before they approached the in-take nurse’s desk. She was pretty; tired blue eyes, red haired, healthy complexion and muscle toned. Beside the desk, sat a very, very old looking lump of a man, who was holding a bag of ice on his crotch.

“Yes ladies,” said the nurse, “Which of you needs to be seen?”

“Uh, both of us.” Domenique announced.

“What’s the problem?” sighed the nurse, turning her gaze to her computer screen and giving her mouse a click.

“Well you see,” answered Domenique, “My friend and I would really like to have amazingly dirty sex as soon as possible, but she won’t let me get my mouth on her most flavorful places until we both get tested for the presence of any negative consequences of having indulged ourselves in the delicacies of others.”

“How poetic.” Gwen remarked.

“How responsible.” The nurse intoned, raising a quizzical brow at Gwen.

“How romantic.” Croaked the little old man, a lurid smile brightening his face.

“Now Mr. Sullivan,” said the nurse, “You’ve had enough excitement for tonight. Think cool thoughts my friend.”

The nurse rolled her eyes away from the old man, and looked Domenique in the eye.

“Have a seat ladies.” She said, “It’ll be a while.”

As they waited, Domenique and Gwen riffled through magazine after magazine while clearing the air about past lovers and other risky business. Yeah, but did he wear a rubber? No. How about you; did she use a dental dam? God Gwen; who the fuck wears dental dams? Ultimately, Gwen confessed to a fair number of bad choices and regrets, as did Domenique, and they had both vowed to themselves that enough was enough. There, at nearly five in the morning, flanked by a hooker in hand cuffs and a zit faced teen-ager with a fairly large iguana attached to his finger, Domenique and Gwen promised one another that they’d would be each other’s clean slate, no pretences, no games; just good clean dirty fun.

The doctor on call eventually met with Domenique and Gwen separately. In the debriefing, the two women giddily conferred that Dr. Glasscock (yes, Glasscock) had made it perfectly clear that he was from the Hampton Glasscocks and not the Worchester Glasscocks, as if they’d been aware that there had ever been of any clashing between any two Glasscocks. He, the good doctor, ultimately ordered their tests for the top menaces of sexual health: Chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes I & II, HIV and syphilis. Then, a couple of cups of urine and a few vials of blood later, Domenique and Gwen were all set. However, in spite of her best efforts, Domenique had to wait five to seven days for the results.

“Well,” said Gwen as the doctor disappeared down the hall, “It was still really fun though.”

Domenique, her arms folded, her disappointment obvious, raised an eye brow, sighed and looked away.

“I’m sorry.” Said Domenique, “I’m so dumb. I just got carried away. I get; very eager. I’m very bad that way.”

“Well, I’m flattered, if it’s any consolation.”

Domenique turned to face Gwen. For a moment, they locked eyes. From Gwen’s expression, Domenique saw sincerity, hope, patience and her anticipation of being sweetly ravaged. From Domenique’s naked stare, Gwen saw the patience of a calculating predator, and the promise that she would be utterly devoured. Presently, a smile came to Domenique’s lips, softening her expression.

“It is.” She said, and then gave Gwen a quick peck on the cheek, “How about we go get some breakfast and then I’ll take you back to your car?”


Domenique drove them to a Greek diner not two blocks from the stretch of beach where they’d begun their night. Choosing a corner booth, they sat beside each other , snuggling and kissing as each opportunity revealed itself. The waitress, a pleasant young blonde; lean, long legged, large breasted, fresh faced with a gleaming stud hanging from the side of her right eye brow,

brought them blueberry pancakes, which they’d lathered in heaps of butter and syrup. Domenique and Gwen ate lustfully, talked, laughed and talked some more. Before they knew it, strangely freshed faced and alert despite the long night, they watched a glimmering pink sun creep over the horizon. A short time later, Domenique paid the bill, and together they stopped in the ladies room. Then, just inside the door, Gwen cornered her and proceeded to kiss her deeply. In the next instant, Domenique realized that she was being dragged into the accessible stall. Once inside, Gwen locked the door behind them.

“Do you have to go?” she asked.

“Sure I do.” Answered Domenique.

“Then let me watch you.”

Domenique paused only scant seconds before going about undoing her slacks and dropping them, and then her musked panties, to the tiled floor. Gwen stepped out of her sandals, let Domenique take her bare beautiful feet in, and then stepped to meet her as she sat on the clean white commode. Domenique peered up into Gwen’s eyes, then watched as she opened her blouse, undid the front snaps of her bra and let her soft sloped conical breasts out for Domenique to see. They were all that she’d imagined, firm, plenty to handle, pallid bronze lobes, tipped with two olive rose areolas and firm, long nipples. Then, as Gwen began to unfasten the buttons of her stone washed Lees, someone else had entered the ladies room. Realizing that the person was at the sink washing her hands, Gwen, smiling with mischief though blushing more than she had at the clinic, continued to reveal the fragrant delight of her fastidiously trimmed dark haired pussy. Domenique stared and, unable to take any more, began to spread the lips of her own pussy, lick the business fingers of her right hand and work furious circles against her rock solid clit. Gwen had begun to roll her nipples between each thumb and forefinger as Domenique eased her face close enough to Gwen’s pussy in order to take in a great breath of it. The woman at the sink had finished up and initiated the blower, which was when Gwen reached her fingers past Domenique’s sniffing nose to spread her own luscious lips. Then she licked her own customary culprit digits and proceeded to work her swollen nub hard and fast until her hips began to quiver with the promise of a climax. Suddenly, the blower stopped, but no creak of the ladies room door could be heard. Nearing her own orgasm, Domenique paused and tried to see if the woman had left yet. Gwen looked over her own shoulder, but turned quickly around, drew Domenique’s gaze, smiled and then mouthed the words “Let’s give her a show.”

With that, Gwen poured it on, her circles suddenly shortened to a tight up and down sprint to the finish line, the stakes raised by the potential new spectator beyond the stall. Domenique, flushed and panting, approached her own peak, during which, in the span of three seconds, caught sight of their waitress peering through the quarter inch of clear view that happened to be between the hinged side of the stall’s door and the panel it was affixed to. Domenique, suddenly slammed by a crashing wave of pleasure, sent a flood of girl come and urine into the bowl beneath her. She rode her euphoria, and then opened her eyes to see that the waitress was still watching, the precious stone stud of her brow gleaming like a beacon. Domenique then quickly redirected her gaze so that she could watch the spectacle of Gwen’s contorting face, bouncing tits, rapid fire fingers and nearly spastic pelvis.

Gwen stared back, wide eyed and panting, her open mouth shaped to utter the name of her pleasure. but the sight, as it was, didn’t last for very long. It was only a few more seconds before Gwen’s wave of ecstasy hit her, sending her head back and squeezing her eyes shut. Then, together they languidly descended. Gwen pressed her spent body against Domenique’s lips, letting her trail kisses along her belly and the upper edge of her pussy’s hair. Domenique reached her hands around to Gwen’s firm ass, caressed their smoothness, and then clutched them greedily. Seconds later, Gwen slowly drew herself down and squatted before Domenique who was still voiding a torrent of piss. There, their lips met once again, and they devoured each other, lapping their cool tongues and smacking each others lips with the animal love afterglow of their shared masturbation.

“The waitress,” said Gwen, still swaying her naked ass slowly back and forth, “At the diner that morning? How much do you thing she saw?”

“Enough to build up a little fantasy fun for herself after her shift ended.” Domenique replied, crawling from the couch to Gwen’s beckoning ass.

“You think?”

“I know.”

Domenique withdrew a wipe, and went about lovingly polishing Gwen’s pretty little pink asshole. She, Gwen, had thoroughly washed, lotioned, primped and dolled up before arriving at Domenique’s apartment. The tests had come back negative, their mutual trust, desire and affection for each other fostered through the week, neither one revealing any fear to the other that the testing would be positive. Domenique tossed the balled up wipe to the end table, and then scooted back to once more fully savor the sight before her.

That night, their first real, anything goes, night together, began as Domenique had promised. After a fine dinner of stuffed chicken breasts, baked sweet potatoes and escarole salad splashed with fresh lemon juice, salt and olive oil, they retired to the couch to start indulging in other sumptuous delights. There, nestled in the plush cushions, Domenique had devoted nearly forty-five minutes to rubbing Gwen’s beautiful feet. The act sent pulses of heat into each of their sexes, though the effect on Gwen’s ardor was visibly more profound.

Domenique had literally massaged the pants right off of Gwen. Of course, the comfort Gwen took in the secured knowledge that it was safe to indulge in Domenique helped more than a little. But, ultimately, there Gwen lay, in the cradle of Domenique’s parted legs, unfastening her stretch jeans, working them down until Domenique gently tugged them from one leg and then the other. Then, after a few more minutes of Domenique’s expert massaging, Gwen pushed her white lace briefs down as well. For Domenique’s own pleasure, she left them around Gwen’s ankles for a time as she sucked her smooth round toes and watched Gwen caress her own belly, thighs, mons and dripping lips. Domenique’s tongue slithered and undulated from heel to ball, toe to toe and each sloping nook in between.

“Get up,” Domenique had eventually instructed, “If you’re not too relaxed, and let me see you walk around the room.”

Gradually, amazed at exactly how relaxed she was, Gwen got to her feet and proceeded to stroll around the room. Domenique changed her position, took occasional sips of her clove infused white wine, and followed every move Gwen made.

“Very nice.” She announced, “Stop right there. Good. Now; face your back to me, drop to your hands and knees. That’s right. Now rest your head on the floor. Yes, just like that. Nice; absolutely beautiful”

“Now what?” Gwen laughed, trailing fingers along her own upturned ass.

“Now; wait.” Said Domenique.

There Gwen waited, relaxed, recalling their first night together, primed and ready. Domenique set the wipes aside, and then lowered her mouth to the beautifully contoured folds, ridges and pads of the bottoms of Gwen’s feet and proceeded to revisit each feature from heel to toe. Then, she lapped her tongue, painting the pad of each toe thrice over, lapping each precious fold and wrinkle until she crested Gwen’s heels. Next, Domenique kissed and licked the smooth contours of Gwen’s lower legs and thighs, breaking the chain on occasion to sniff the fragrant musk of her waiting asshole and pussy. As such, Domenique rose slowly higher and higher, closer and closer to her dirty little indulgence.

“Mmmmm,” uttered Gwen, high on her relaxation, “Are you gonna eat my little asshole baby?”

“Oh yes.: Domenique whispered, “I’ve been aching to munch your ass honey.”

In the next instant, Domenique began to tongue her way into her lover’s sweet pink anus. So she lapped, driving her tongue round and round, relishing the scents and flavors of Gwen’s most secret place, her saliva flooding from her mouth, saturating Gwen’s hole and cascading down her thighs, intermingling with her pussy’s succulent juice. Deeper and deeper Domenique drove her tongue into Gwen’s ass. Presently, she worked her fingers into Gwen’s dripping pussy, and then brought them back out. Her fingers doused slick, Domenique plunged them into her lover’s primed anus. Gwen hummed with pleasure, Domenique being the first partner to literally massage her Skene’s glands to life, flooding her clitoral crura with the blood of love, stimulate her pudendal and perineal nerves and ultimately tickling her swollen red clitoris from behind.

“Oh I had no idea it would feel this good!” Gwen sang, “You truly are a dirty girl, aren’t you? I want to make a video of you doing that to me. I want to see it. Is that what you want me to do to you baby? Do you want me to eat your little asshole all up, huh baby?”

“Yes.” Domenique whispered, her cheeks wet, her chin dripping, as she fucked Gwen’s ass with two fingers.

Since being fucked for the first time, I was obsessed with having my Uncle’s cock inside me as much as possible. I loved the feel of his cock sliding in and out of my tight ass. I loved the feeling of my ass being completely filled and stretched. I enjoyed the pure pleasure of him cumming deep into my ass as he thrust into me.

Everyday after school I would ride the bus to my Grandparent’s farm and rush next door to my Uncle’s house to do my homework. I would rush through my homework and then go into his bedroom to undress and put in a butt plug. I would wait to hear his truck coming down the driveway and would be completely naked when he came into the bedroom. Generally, I would undress him, suck on his nipples, kiss him, and end up with his cock in my mouth once he was naked.

The week after being fucked for the first time, I was at his house with a plug in my ass and watching one of his porn videos when I heard his truck in the driveway. I quickly took my shirt off and laid down in his bed. He came in the house and I could hear him walking down the hallway towards his bedroom. I was laying on my side with a nice hardon and a medium plug buried in my ass.

He came in the bedroom and smiled as he stood there and stared at me. He took off his shirt as he walked towards me. He reached out and grasped my cock and gently rubbed the head, he then grabbed my balls and gently kneaded them as I moaned. He then began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants and pushed them and his underwear down to his ankles. He moved up next to my head and I opened my mouth as he guided his cock to my mouth. I slowly began to suck him, taking more of him into my mouth each time.

His hands began to roam over my body, pinching my nipples, rubbing the tip of my cock, spreading my precum over his fingers and then pulled the plug out of my ass. He slowly pushed one finger into my ass and began to finger fuck my eager ass. I kept sucking his hot cock as his finger pushed deeper into my ass.

I was so horny and eagerly sucked his cock harder as he reached into his nightstand and pulled out a tube of lube. He applied some to his fingers and rubbed some more onto my ass. I spread my legs wider for him as he began to push two fingers into my ass. He began to thrust and twist his fingers into me and it felt so good.

When I couldn’t stand it anymore, I pulled my mouth off his cock and flipped over to my hands and knees and I felt my Uncle climb up on the bed behind me. He spread my ass cheeks wide and pushed two fingers into me again. I moaned out loud and then felt the cold lube drip onto my ass. He spread it around and into my ass and then I felt his cock sliding up and down my ass. I felt his cock head against my ass as he slowly began to press it forward. Mmmm, he slowly pushed his way inside and I felt the sweet, but brief pain as he penetrated me. He stopped for a moment as my ass stretched around him, then he began to slowly inch his way deeper. He would press forward a little bit then stop and wait for a moment, then press forward again. Pretty soon I felt his balls against mine and I reached under me to grasp both our balls and kneaded them together.

I felt completely filled as he stayed fully inside me for a few moments. He then began to slowly pull out until just his cock head was inside before pushing all the way inside again. I loved the feeling of his hard shaft gliding in and out of me, filling me, fucking me! He continued to fuck me in slow, full thrusts as I pushed back onto him with each thrust. He reached around and began to stroke my vary hard cock with the same tempo he was fucking me with. His big hand would stroke down on my cock as he pushed in and he stroked up as he pulled out. In only a few strokes I began to cum hard all over his hand and bed. He stroked me as I came and rubbed his hand over my cock head and covered his fingers in my cum. He reached up to my mouth and I eagerly sucked my cum from his fingers.

When I finished cleaning his fingers, he used both hands to grasp my shoulders and began to fuck my tight ass harder and faster. I was in heaven feeling his meaty shaft drive home with each thrust. He began to thrust sharply inside me and all the way down to his balls. Fucking me hard and deep as I felt him begin to breathe harder. I pushed back with each thrust and he was literally pulling me down on his cock with every thrust. It seemed to on forever it felt so good!

Suddenly, he pounded into my ass with three or four great thrusts, driving his cock as deep into my ass as he could. I knew he was about to cum and as he drove into me and tensed up, I clamped down on his cock with my ass and felt his cock begin to spurt his hot cum deep into my bowels. He ground into my ass with each spurt and I just ground back into him wanting every drop of his cum inside me.

We collapsed on the bed and rolled to our sides with his cock still inside me. I turned my head to his and we kissed deeply as his cock began to deflate. All to soon his cock slipped from my ass and I remember wondering how soon I can make him hard again….

The water was peaceful. Even though I was wrapped in heavy steel chains and was slowly losing all of my breath, I was calm.

I had been sitting under the water for a little over a minute, and was beginning to lose the last amounts of oxygen I had left in my lungs. When I knew I only had a few more seconds before I would pass out, I slipped out of my chains and swam to the surface of the pool.

Cheers greeted me as I broke the surface of the water. I wiped the excess water off my eyes, waved to the large crowd of people, and swam over to the edge of the pool where my assistant Amanda greeted me with a towel.

“Good job, Drew,” she whispered as I pulled myself out of the pool. “You almost had me convinced for a moment there.”

I tried not to grimace as she wrapped the towel around my shoulders. I did my best to ignore Amanda as I smiled and waved at my fans. I thanked my audience for coming to my show before walking away and into my temporary dressing room.

I sat down at the vanity table and began to dry out my brown hair while looking in the mirror. Once I had squeezed all the water from it, I took my towel and wiped off the excess eyeliner from around my chocolate eyes.

“You had a great show today, Drew,” Amanda said as she waltzed into the room.

“Amanda, knock next time. What if I was changing? And how many times do I have to tell you to call me either Andy or Andrew?”

“But everyone calls you Andy!” she whined as she came up behind me. She flipped her fake red hair over her shoulder before she leaned down to whisper into my ear. “I want to be different.”

Right as she was about to lay her hands on my shoulders, I stood up and turned around.

“Amanda, I think I’m going to have to let you go.”

Her jaw dropped and her blue eyes were wide. “What?”

“I’ve told you time and time again the rules, and yet you simply don’t listen.”

She chewed on her lipstick coated bottom lip before replying. “What were the rules again?”

I sighed and squeezed the bridge of my nose, closing my brown eyes. Once I had calmed down, I opened my eyes and turned around so I could look her in the face. She was wearing way too much makeup, even for being on stage. She reminded me of a Barbie doll.

I held up my left hand in a closed fist while looking into her blue eyes.

I put up my pointer finger. “One. No touching me unless absolutely necessary.”

I added my middle finger. “Two. I can be called either Andy or Andrew.”

I added my ring finger, which had a gold band around it. “Three. Absolutely no flirting.”

I put my hand down as Amanda glared at me.

“I was just trying to show you that you aren’t–”

“That I’m not gay?” I said while leaning back in my chair. “I can assure you, I most certainly am. Unless having another guy’s dick in my mouth is completely normal for the average heterosexual male.”

If Amanda had Superman’s powers, I’d certainly be a pile of ash from her laser vision.

“Well, why are you with that guy anyway?!” she asked, throwing her arms in the air in exasperation. “He orders you around and treats you horribly!”

My eyes narrowed and fury started to replace my frustration. “You better not be talking about my husband of three years, Amanda, or so help me God–”

“Drew. Enough.”

Shivers ran up my spine and I quickly stood up and turned toward the door.

There, standing in the doorway, was my husband Xavier. His coal black eyes were commanding me to join him and I could never refuse one of his commands.

I quickly walked over to him, stopping when I was standing directly in front of him.

“How can I be of service, Sir?” I said quietly so that Amanda wouldn’t be able to eavesdrop on us.

“Do people usually believe Amanda’s gossip, Drew?” he asked.

“No, Sir,” I said. “Her stories are often too wild for anyone to believe.”

“Then how about we give her a show?” he said with a smirk.

“Sir?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yes pet?”

“How much did you hear, Sir?”

Xavier sighed, causing anxiety to run rampant through my system.

“We’ll worry about your punishment later, Drew.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

Xavier nodded and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, turning me around and pulling me to his side. We faced Amanda and her scowling face.

“See, this is what I mean,” she said with a sneer. “You let him order you around like a dog. It’s sick. I would treat you so much better than him.”

“Ho, did you ever think that he wants, no, needs to be treated how I treat him?” Xavier asked with a bored tone.

I was getting slightly worried for Amanda. Sure, she was annoying and I didn’t like her, but judging by Xavier’s voice and words, he was about to punch her. Xavier had never cared about not hitting women. He figured that if they got him angry enough to make him need to hold himself back from hitting them, they deserved at least a slap in the face.

I knew he was so angry because he was worried about what Amanda was saying earlier. He was always worried that I was going to leave him, despite my reassurances that I never would.

Right now, the only thing that could calm him down was me showing him that I was his, and always would be. This is probably exactly what Xavier was going for when he said we should ‘give her a show.’

I stood in front of Xavier and quickly dropped to my hands and knees.

“Master, I’m yours. Always and forever,” I whispered as I gently kissed his feet. The position made me feel so much better already; all of my tension from earlier was gone as I relinquished all of my control onto my master.

Xavier took a few calming breaths and began to run his fingers through my hair as though he were petting a dog. It felt wonderful. The combination of my master’s happiness, my submissive position, and Xavier’s fingers running through my hair was causing tingles of warmth to spread through my stomach. Butterflies joined the party and I sighed in happiness.

I had completely forgotten where I was, only to be reminded by Amanda.

“You’re both crazier than I thought!” she shrieked.

I jerk my head up and looked at her. Her mouth was gaping open and her eyes were wide. I whimpered quietly and shifted my body so I was sitting on my calves, head down and hiding slightly behind Xavier.

Sure, earlier I had snapped at Amanda pretty quickly, but usually I wasn’t like that. Normally I was much more meek and introverted. Amanda just happened to bring out the worst in me and made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. Having Xavier here calmed me down so I was acting like my normal self again.

“Now, I would suggest that you leave and never talk about this to anyone. After all, who would believe you?” Xavier said with a smirk.

Amanda huffed, grabbed her purse, and stomped away towards the door.

I tugged at Xavier’s pant leg.

“Sir? May I say something to her?” I quietly asked, looking up into his beautiful coal eyes. He smiled softly and nodded.

“Hey, Amanda?” I said right before she was about to leave.

She spun around and looked at me with disgust.

“Don’t use me as a reference, because I won’t say anything good,” I said sweetly, leaning into Xavier’s leg happily.

She made a face at me and left in a huff, slamming the door shut behind her.

Xavier peeled my hands off his leg and stepped away from me slightly. I fought off the urge to whine and looked up at him curiously.

“Have you already forgotten what you did wrong, Drew?”

I blanched and dropped my head when I remembered. “No, Sir, I remember now.”

I swore, was rude, and told someone else about my private life. Guilt was settling in and I felt horrible. I was also worried.

Not that Xavier would hurt me, of course. No, he only punished me when I deserved it and he always explained why I was getting certain punishments. It made me love him that much more.

No. I was worried because of how much I did wrong. I always tried really hard to do what I was told and to remember the rules, but I felt like I could be so much better. When Xavier praised me, my heart would soar and butterflies would fill my stomach. I wanted to please him so badly, but I felt like I was always doing wrong.

What if that last act of mine was the last straw? What if Xavier had grown tired of me and was going to find a new, better submissive?

I wouldn’t blame him.

Tears rolled down my cheeks and I began to hyperventilate at the thought of Xavier leaving.


My head shot up and my brown eyes met his. “Please, don’t leave me Master! I’m sorry, really! I can do better, I promise!”

Xavier’s eyes softened and he came up to me before kneeling down to be at my level. I squirmed uncomfortably. Xavier should be above me, not on my level. It wasn’t right.

Xavier held my cheek in one palm as he pet the top of my head with the other. “I’m not leaving, Drew. It was an accident, and I understand that you’re not perfect.”

I snuggled my face into his palm, loving his touch. Hearing that calmed me down instantly, and I let out a sigh of relief.

“What will my punishment be, Sir?” I asked, opening my eyes to look into his.

He seemed to think for a moment on what would be appropriate. That was another thing I loved about him: he never made rash decisions. He always thought things all the way through before reacting to a situation. It helped me to feel like I could always trust him.

“Amanda always brought out the worst in you,” he began, hitting the nail right on the head. “That, and you reacted quite well to the situation, besides the fact that you didn’t need to be rude or swear. And you definitely didn’t need to tell her about what we do when we’re alone.”

I dropped my head in shame, knowing that I could’ve handled the situation better.

“That being said, I think nine swats will be sufficient. Three for each of your misdoings.”

I looked up and nodded. “I completely agree, Sir.”

Xavier smiled at me and stood up before walking over to the chair I was sitting on when I freaked out on Amanda. I followed him and, as soon as he was sitting, lay down across his lap.

I had automatically tensed up in anticipation for what was about to happen. Xavier ran his fingers through my hair and mumbled calming words, soothing me and letting me relax my body. Once I was relaxed, he raised his hand and quickly brought it down on my ass.


I flinched slightly, but after the first swat, the rest were much easier to go through. Xavier kept each smack at the same speed, causing them all to hurt in the same amount. It wasn’t unbearable, but it didn’t feel pleasant. It wasn’t supposed to. This was a punishment, and although it was supposed to be a reprimand for what I did wrong, it helped to soothe my guilt.

When he finished, he pulled me up so I was sitting in his lap and wrapped his arms around me. I snuggled into his chest and listened to him give me soft words of praise, saying what a good boy I was and how happy he was to have me as a pet.

Once I had completely calmed down, I slipped off of my master’s lap and sat on my calves below him, leaning my head against his knees.

“Thank you, Sir,” I said with a sigh of contentment.

“For what?” he asked, petting the top of my head.

“For not giving up on me.”

He stood up and pulled me to him, chest against chest. I set my hands on his chest and looked up into his eyes. I could see the swirls of emotion in their murky depths.

“I will never give up on you. You will forever be mine, and mine alone.”

And with that, he kissed me.

It started out slow and sweet. His soft lips guided mine as we sensually kissed. My hands crept up of their own accord and wrapped around his neck. Xavier set his hands on my waist and tilted his head, deepening the kiss. This kiss had no lust, only love, and it made my heart swell wonderfully.

We broke apart for air and I laid my head on his shoulder.

“Let’s go home,” he said, and I couldn’t help but agree.


When we finally arrived home, my body was on fire. I had ridden shotgun, like always, but Xavier was much more… playful than usual.

His hand had started on my knee, and by the time we got home, he was rubbing my hard-on with the back of his hand.

I let out an involuntary whine as he stopped the car and lifted his hand away from me. I blushed furiously as he chuckled and got out of the car before going around, opening my door, unbuckling me and helping me out. I was still blushing as we went up the steps and into our home.

As soon as the front door shut, Xavier turned to me with lust in his eyes.

“Go to our room. Leave your bag of tricks here. Undress and lay on the bed,” he growled out.

I moaned inwardly at his commands and nodded before hastily making my way up the stairs. Once in our bedroom, I shut the door and stripped, throwing my clothes in the laundry basket. I glanced at the mirror on the wall quickly, running my fingers through my hair to fluff it up. I then ran over to the bed and lay down in the middle on my back, my head resting on the pillows.

Just then, the door opened and lifted my head to see Xavier carrying a small black drawstring bag. I was curious, but decided to wait and see. I trusted Xavier completely, and I knew he would never hurt me.

Xavier smiled at me and pulled out two pairs of handcuffs that I used during my shows.

“Sir, is everything in there from my bag of tricks?” I asked politely.

“Almost, but no, not everything,” he said with a smirk. My blood began to boil as lust ran rampant through my system.

He gently pushed me so that I was lying down again before he hooked up each pair of handcuffs to the headboard so that my hands were about two feet apart and above my head. He smiled at my blushing face before climbing off the bed and going back to the bag.

Next, he pulled out a violet blindfold and two small sets of silver keys that went with the handcuffs. He came back to me and blindfolded me. When I could only see purple, he kissed my forehead gently and, after a moment, kissed me deeply. I moaned and opened my mouth as soon as his tongue came knocking. However, once our tongues began to battle, I felt the cool touch of metal hitting the roof of my mouth. I scrunched up my face in confusion as Xavier pulled away from me.

He chuckled and I felt his weight leave the bed before hearing him dig into the bag again.

“Those are the keys to your handcuffs. Unlock yourself by the time I’m done preparing you.” he said.

I nodded and started right away. I heard the rustle of clothing as I separated the two different keys from each other in my mouth. I shuffled up the bed and leaned over to my left with one of the keys sticking out of my mouth. Right when I was about to try it, though, Xavier distracted me.

I felt him leaning over me before quickly swooping down and latching onto one of my nipples. I moaned loudly and froze in what I was doing. I had gone soft while concentrating on the keys, but was now at full attention again, eagerly awaiting Xavier’s next move.

Xavier nipped and licked at my left nipple until it was hard and sore, then moved on to the right one. I was moaning and twitching, my back arching up and pressing my chest further into his mouth.

“What are you supposed to be doing right now, Drew?” he chuckled as he kissed a path down my stomach.

‘Oh right,’ I thought. ‘Escape.’

I quickly moved into the same position I was in before. I tried to stick the key in and, after many failed attempts, found the keyhole.

That was also the moment that Xavier’s lips found my aching shaft.

I groaned and tried to ignore the growing fuzziness in my head and the need to thrust my hips desperately. I tried to shove the key into the lock, but it was to no avail. It was the wrong key.

I switched the keys in my mouth as I felt Xavier change his position. Once I had the correct key, Xavier was licking at my hole, causing me to lose all sense of thought.

He pulled away for a moment and I heard the pop of a cap. I took that moment of him lubing himself up to quickly shove the key in the lock and unlock my left hand.

The lock clicked open and my left hand was free. I reached up to my mouth and grabbed the other key.

Then I felt Xavier’s fingers press into me.

My hands fisted and my left hand slammed into the bed. My back arched and I let out a long moan, thrusting myself down onto Xavier. When I had regained some control, I reached up and unlocked my other hand. Pulling it free, I grasped the sheets and moaned loudly.

“Sir? May I take off my blindfold, please?” I gasped out, finding it difficult to take in much air.

Xavier pulled his lubed up fingers with a soft pop and said softly, “Yes, pet, you may.”

I reached up and yanked my blindfold off, eager to see what was happening.

Xavier chuckled at my eagerness and pulled my legs around his waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and fisted my fingers in his hair, just the way we both loved it. Xavier lined himself up, leaned down to plant a chaste kiss on my lips, and slammed in all the way to the hilt.

I let out a groan of pain and closed my eyes, leaning my head back into the pillow and taking deep breaths. I relaxed my body as Xavier peppered my face with soft kisses.

When the pain had receded, I opened my eyes and nodded to Xavier, who smiled and settled into a slow rhythm. Soon enough, though, I was moaning and begging him to go faster, harder, deeper.

He responded to my begging and began to thrust furiously, making my arch my back and thrust against him, moaning his name and ‘Master’ constantly.

Suddenly, he tilted his hips and drove in deeper than before, hitting a magical spot that caused me to scream and release all over both of our chests. Xavier thrust quickly a few more times before releasing inside me with a groan of my name. He fell onto the bed, rolled onto his back and pulled me onto his chest. I snuggled into him, sighing happily.

“I love you so much, Drew,” I heard him whisper. “I don’t want you to ever talk or even think about me leaving you again, alright? You will always be mine.”

I smiled widely and kissed his chest before cuddling closer to him. “Yes Sir, I understand. I love you too, Sir, so very much.”

He kissed the top of my forehead and we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

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