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My first wife, Emily, and I flew to San Francisco to look at a house we owned near there and planned to spend two days dealing with contractors. My lawyer Larry and Laura had business up there as well, so they flew up and we agreed to meet for dinner.

Larry was wildly out of control (maybe that’s why he’s in prison now). He worked with an accountant, Laura, who looked like the sultry librarian in soft-core porn; just not quite too voluptuous; glasses; medium brown hair she usually wore up, and slightly dated suits. They were together a lot, and I’d always assumed they were a couple even though then never showed a PDA.

We’d managed to finish our business in one day, so we chatted over dinner about what to do; Larry suggested we rent a car and drive down instead of flying. We all thought that was a great idea, and so we arranged a one-way rental.

We stopped in Monterey for breakfast and ate at a forgettable waterfront restaurant. I somehow started feeling crummy, so Larry offered to drive most of the way. Emily curled up next to me in the back seat and Laura sat in front.

We drove and I dozed for a while; we were south of King City on the 101 when I woke up — awakened by Emily having unzipped my pants and gently playing with my cock. I may not have felt good, but my genitals were apparently feeling just fine; she had a serious erection in her hands.

She leaned down and began to lick me, then started seriously sucking on me. I may have moaned, or maybe it was the gentle slurping that could be heard over the wind noise, but suddenly I saw Laura’s hand reach back between the seats, rest on Emily’s bare thigh, and move up her leg.

It was a warm summer day, and she was wearing a sundress and no stockings. Soon Laura’s hand had pushed her dress up to her crotch and was obviously working around Emily’s pussy; she began to roll her hips in time to her pushing her head down on me and she began to breathe more sharply through her nose.

Suddenly she sucked me deep into her mouth and held me as she shook her hips back and forth under her dress. Watching her come sent me over the edge, and I groaned loudly as I felt myself coming deep into her mouth and throat. Emily gulped it down, and the gently started licking me clean as I kept pulsing small drops of come onto her tongue. Laura turned to Larry and said “Someone just got a really good blow job…” and then to Emily, who was wiping her lips with the back of her hand and said “I didn’t think you were that kind of girl!”

Emily was definitely that kind of a girl…

We drove through lunch and got to Los Angeles in the midafternoon. We stopped for takeout Thai food in the Valley, and then drove up Laurel Canyon to Laura’s small house to sit down and eat.

We set the table and set out food, and Larry went back into the bedroom. When he came out, he had a small glass bottle.

“What’s that?” Emily asked.

“Black opium,” he answered. “Want to try it? Van, it’ll fix your headache for sure…”

I looked at Emily and shrugged. She shrugged and said “Sure!” and Larry poured a capful into each of our tea.

We stirred it with our chopsticks and drank. It was bitter going down, and we killed the taste with pad thai.

By the time dinner was over, I was feeling a lot of warmth radiating from my stomach, and beginning to feel like I was floating a bit. Laura took my hand and we slowly ran out hands over each other’s hands and forearms, just feeling the smooth warm flesh, and suddenly I was quite horny.

I stood up, took Emily’s hand and said we were going to lie down for a bit if that was OK. Larry and Laura smiled at us and said “Of course”.

Once in the bedroom, I stripped Emily and began running my hands over her muscular body.

Emily was a perfectly curved woman who had been stretched sideways to be 10% wider than ideal; broad muscular hips and shoulders, a narrow waist, incredibly strong legs and arms. She had hand-sized round breasts with small pale pink aureoles and bright pink nipples that hardened quite pleasantly, and to go with her short blonde hair, thin light-brown pubic hair that made two perfect curls that barely covered her labia. She had bright pink inner lips that hid inside her outer ones, and a small clit that always peeked out from its hood — maybe that’s why she came so often and easily.

She was a brilliant and quick-witted woman, but as soon as she became aroused, her brain turned off and she was simply a beast in heat that intended to be satisfied by any means available. If I ever left her unsatisfied, she’d simply straddle the edge of the bed and rub herself into an intense orgasm or four; she’d used bottles, fruits, and hairbrushes as sex toys when the mood had struck her, and while she was sometimes happy with one orgasm, most often it was just a prelude to five or six.

And at the moment, she was seriously in heat. She undressed me and neatly piled my clothes on top of hers. We pulled down the covers and slipped onto a strange bed together. Our focus had narrowed to the small world of the bed and each other. She straddled me and I entered her and she shoved down on me and came almost immediately, her pussy spasming around me. She sat straight up, hips wrapped in blankets, breathing deeply as Larry and Laura walked into the room, and stood on the opposite side of the bed, just watching us. We were a bit exhibitionist, I remember looking at them and thinking, “Well, let’s see what happens…”

Usually, when Emily was in that state, she would immediately keep coming – one after another – and after a bit I would have come several times as well. The drug seemed to have slowed things down for us, so that we spent a long, ecstatic time with me sliding in and out of her and then suddenly she was seized by a massive second orgasm that made her arch her back above me and drive her hips down onto me as her pussy tightened around my cock like a fist.

That started me driving upward rhythmically into her as my cock hardened and thickened and my orgasm built from my balls to the tip of my cock. I reached up and pulled her down to me, kissing her and holding her head to me as I drove into her and came for what seemed like forever, feeling my cock pulse ever so slowly against her warm softness and leak my arousal out into her flesh. I felt like I was swooning — it felt like the bed beneath me tipping backward and slowly falling through space.

Finally, we lay quiet, with her limply on top of me as Larry and Laura stripped and joined us in bed pulling the covers off of us and climbing onto the bed.

To my surprise, Laura had a slender body — soft, as opposed to Emily’s musculature. She had large breasts that drooped pleasantly onto her chest, with large dark (and right now, very hard) nipples that pointed up. Her belly was soft, and her full bush was slightly lighter than her medium brown hair.

Larry oddly, looked like he had a child’s penis; small genitals with bright red hair around them. He took Emily took in his arms then she scooted down to take him in her mouth.

I was lying on my back and like every other muscle in my body, my cock was totally limp. Laura took it in her hand and commented “Interesting cock — short and thick!” then, as she fondled it, I felt myself begin to get erect and soon she was running her hand up and down and saying “…or maybe not.” She leaned down and took me in her mouth for a moment, and then I pulled her to me and reached between her legs. Her pussy was soaked. I ran my hands up and down it, feeling the juices cover the bump of her clit and her ass. I rolled her onto her back — her head resting on Emily’s breast (Emily was laying back as Larry ate her pussy), and moved myself over her to enter her. Her pussy was much further forward than I expected so my cock found the wrong hole and I slipped the head into her ass; she pushed me away and said “Later…” I came out and wiped it with Kleenex next to the bed; she licked it again and guided me into her sodden cunt.

Her pussy was not small, but also not loose around me; it held me gently. As I rolled in and out of her and she rolled her hips into me more strongly, I began feeling her cervix harden each time I poked it with the tip of my cock, until it was so hard it was almost uncomfortable.

Just at that moment she rolled her head back onto Emily, grabbed my ass and pulled me into her and grunted and came. I felt the tightening at the innermost ring of her pussy, just above the cervix, and at the mouth. She kept coming, moaning “mmmm…mmmm….mmmm” and then crushed me to her for a moment. We kissed passionately, and then she slipped her tongue into my mouth and began to drive her hips into me again. I responded, and my orgasm built and then suddenly fell onto me and when I came, it felt like I was coming directly into the mouth of her cervix and we both gasped. The room did the swimming slowly down and forward thing again, and I rested my head on Laura’s shoulder until it was still, looking at the hard nipple pointing up and to the side from the breast I’d pushed to the side with my chest, and feeling the glow that seemed to start where we joined and spread up our bellies to our chests. Emily rubbed my head and brought her hand up and put a finger on my lips in a kiss. Then she took her finger and put it on Laura’s lips. I had kept my erection after this orgasm, and slowly pulled out of Laura.

Emily sat up and took my cock in her hand and gently rubbed it, feeling Laura’s and my juices coating it.

She turned to Larry and kissed him and then asked if he had any lube. Laura opened the nightstand and took out a tube. Emily pulled Larry down onto his back and covered his cock with lube and rubbed it until it was hard, and then moved her ass over him and slowly slid down so that he entered her asshole. I moved so that I could see it, and Laura came over with me. She reached up and began rubbing Emily’s pussy and clit and she immediately shuddered. Then Laura leaned down and began licking her and almost immediately her legs started shaking, she breathed out a soft “Oh!” and threw her head back and came even harder. Larry was lying under her slowly moving his cock in and out of her ass, and then I pushed Laura aside and slid my cock into my wife’s familiar pussy.

She had a massive orgasm on the third or fourth stroke. Her legs began to tense and then shake, she grabbed my shoulders painfully hard, and then her face contorted with pleasure. She gasped “Oh My God…Oh…Oh…” I could feel her clenching my cock, and feel Larry’s cock through her pussy wall. We began to move in and out of her, just out of sequence; he’d enter her as I pulled out and I’d push in as he pulled out.

I felt my balls resting on his midstroke, which gave me pause for a moment, but we kept this up until Emily had another orgasm, this one stronger than any of the others — she screamed out, her body writhing and sweating and then soaked and limp between us.

I pulled out of her and pulled Laura to me. She’d been lying apart from us, watching. I lay on my back and pulled her over me, straddling, and entered her. Larry came out from beneath Emily and knelt behind her, entered Laura’s ass from behind. Almost as soon as he did, he came, and so did she moaning into my mouth as we kissed.

She lay on me, breathing hard, and Larry rolled off her. I slipped out from beneath her and added lube to my already slick cock.

Between her juices, Larry’s come, and the lube, I slipped easily into her ass. Emily scooted over under her and began kissing her breasts and fondling her clit. She came again, pushing her face down into the blankets and gasping, and her asshole clenched hard around my cock — immediately triggering a loud “Oh!” from me and an orgasm that felt like it lasted ten minutes as I kept spasming and coming in her ass.

After we recovered, we all got up and the women stepped into the bathroom to shower. Larry and I went to the kitchen and used soap and warm water to clean off our cocks. I couldn’t think of what to say to him about the size of his cock, but my thought was that it was perfect for anal sex….

The women came back showered and clean, and I decided to jump through the shower as well. I did a gym shower — 30 seconds to soap and rinse, and out toweling in less than a minute.

Larry replaced me in the shower, and I stepped into the bedroom to find the women sixty-nining. Laura made Emily come, and then came herself.

I’d once made Emily come fourteen times in a long evening and night, so I knew that she was not yet done. Laura was on top of Emily, so said “Here, come move this way,” as I pulled her around to they lay facing the same direction, with Laura on top. Emily spread her legs, and Laura bent her knees and wrapped them under Emily. Their pubes were pressed together and I knelt behind them and slowly licked up two dripping pussies and then down and then up again. Laura’s lips stuck out; they were purple, slick, and swollen, poking out from her curly pubes. Emily’s were a fine red line between her outer lips with drops of thick sex fluids along them. I looked up and could see Laura kissing Emily’s nipples.

In an instant, I was hard and slipped into Laura who gasped and pressed her head onto Emily’s shoulder. I slid in and out of her, and then moved my cock down slightly and slid into Emily. She arched her back and wrapped her arms around Laura’s waist. I moved back and forth, savoring the feeling of the different pussies — the texture, temperature and contours were so different. Soon I started moving faster in and out of Emily and in just a moment she was coming again, kissing Laura as Laura kneaded her breasts.

I slid out and back up to Laura and started ramming her as hard as I could feeling her open to me and then feeling the tip of my cock at her cervix mouth again. Feeling that tipped me, and my balls emptied into her again. I pressed myself into her holding tight to let the last pulse of the orgasm drain into her.

I slid onto my back on the bed and Larry took my place. He’s been rubbing himself and was hard again; he entered Laura and she began squirming atop Emily and kissing her.

He was moving back and forth between them the way I had, and they were kissing and fondling each other’s breasts. I scooted over next to them and began playing with one of Emily’s breasts and she pushed me away and said “wait your turn”.

In a moment, Larry pulled out and lay back, rubbing his cock.

I leaned in and started kissing them, and they pushed me onto by back on the bed. The two of them began licking my cock and balls, taking turns taking me into their mouths and running their tongues over my tip and balls at the same time. Soon I was moaning and arching my back, and then I leaned up and pushed Emily back onto the sweat-soaked mattress, and began fucking her mouth, running my cock in and out of it as I knelt over her. I began to shudder, and pulled out and came on her neck and breasts…a thin stream of mostly clear come, all I had left in my body at this point.

I lay back and panted as Laura leaned forward and licked the come off her, beginning with her neck and moving on to her breasts and nipples. Emily moaned, and I wondered if she’d be able to come just from having her breasts licked. Laura wasn’t about to wait to find out and moved down her body until she could lick her clit and pussy.

Emily took longer to come this time, maybe because she was sated, and maybe because Laura brought her to the edge several times and pulled back, slowing her tongue and making the stimulus gentler. Emily begged her aloud for release and tried to move her own hand between her legs to satisfy herself and Laura pushed it away laughing.

Suddenly, Emily arched her back and lifted herself partly off the bed and began to moan louder and louder. She reached up and began to pinch her own nipples as she moved her hips under Laura’s tongue and held her back and belly off the bed.

Larry had been masturbating and he moved next to her and began jerking off over her face, dripping come into her mouth as she panted. She choked once and then began swallowing, as she lay back down and her arms and legs shook from the intensity of the orgasm’s aftershocks.

I pulled Laura around, moved my head between her kneeling legs and started eating her dripping pussy. She tasted of my come and her own musk and soon she was flooding my face as she rocked her hips over me and in a moment came one more time, making a high-pitched sound that wasn’t words and wasn’t just a moan either.

Al of us were drained — of fluids, of energy — and lay back. Emily spooned my back and I spooned Laura who in turn lay her arms over Larry and we all fell into a state that wasn’t sleep but was not consciousness either.

When the sun came up, Emily and I got up, showered quickly, and drove home smiling and a little sore.

I debated whether or not to put this up here but was encouraged… I had done an audio in response to Playful Little One’s audio she posted on the Lit forums and it got me pretty worked up… Of course then I decided to work myself up even more.

So there really no story here – just me being me. :)


*kisses and hugs*


P.S. Thank you for all the amazing feedback on the Boundary piece… it was a departure for me, but also pushed me creatively and that is always a good thing for me.

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“Amen.” Maya said completing her prayers before she stood back up and climbed into her neatly made bed.

She tucked herself under the warm blankets and plumped the pillow under her head. Reaching to the bedside table she turned off the table lamp. The room was plunged into darkness with the only light source being the over sized glowing numbers on her digital alarm clock. It was ten thirty at night. She always went to bed on time. Her alarm was set for six in the morning. She got up early to work out before showering and dressing for work.

Maya signed to herself in the darkness as she rolled over several times. She had had dinner with her younger sister, her brother in-law and their two kids tonight. She had had a lovely time, but it left her feeling a tad jealous. Jealousy was disgusting and a deadly sin, but Maya couldn’t deny that was exactly how she felt. Her sister, at just twenty five years old, had everything Maya wanted. A loving husband, two beautiful children, and a cozy home to enjoy them in.

Maya at thirty had the cozy house, but none of the rest. In fact, having been raised by extremely religious and strict parents she was even still a virgin. Maya felt her face flush with embarrassment even though no one could possibly know that particular truth. She never told anyone! Of course her family assumed she was, since she had never married, but the rest of the world she let believe she was normal.

Normal was not something she felt. Maya had urges she didn’t understand. Every so often there would be an itch between her legs that needed soothing. She didn’t allow herself the sin of masturbation. The very thought repulsed her. Only weak people did such depraved things. She was strong and would remain chaste until her wedding night.

Tonight was one of those nights though. She felt hot, flustered and filled with needs she couldn’t even put words to. She tossed and turned until the clock read midnight, and then thankfully suck into a fitful sleep filled with dreams that made her feel ashamed.

She wasn’t sure if it was the dream or a sound that woke her in the middle of the night, but suddenly her eyes flew open. Maya sat up in the dark and clutched her blanket to her chest. Her nipples were hard and she could feel a wetness in her panties. Her dreams still clung to the recesses of her mind making her feel hot and shameful. The room seemed still and calm. She listened for anything else that might have woke her. She felt as if something had. There was no dog barking. No noisy cars outside. No sounds at all.

Maya forced herself to take deep measured breathes. Licking her lips she glanced at the bedside clock and noted it was two thirty in the morning. If she was going to get up on time, she needed to get some sleep now. She was about to lay back down when she heard a sound that sent chills up her spine.

It was soft but it was there. Breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Bile rose in Maya’s throat as her heart slammed hard against her rib cage. Whoever it was they were in her pitch dark room with her. She squinted into the shadowy corners of her bedroom. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. He didn’t care if she heard him. She didn’t even know how she knew it was a “him” but she knew all the same.

Clutching the blanket tighter she drew her legs up to her body and pressed herself into the headboard. She cursed herself for not keeping a knife or something in her bedside table. She very slowly and silently reached for the phone on her bedside table.

“Don’t bother.” Came a deep voice just above a whisper.

Maya cried out in fear but snatched her hand back to her body. “P-p-please just leave! I won’t tell anyone!”

It was stupid. Maya had watched enough TV to know that never worked, and furthermore if he did leave she would tell everyone!

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. “The phone won’t work, and I am not leaving until I get what I want.”

Cold hard dread slid through Maya’s body. She knew instinctively what he wanted, but she had to try. “Take anything you want. I will tell you where I keep my valuables. Please just take whatever and leave.”

Two heavy footsteps and she could see the shadows move. He was big that much was evident. Her mind went into overdrive. Could she make it to the door before he stopped her? She doubted it. In fact he was between her and the door anyway. It was still had to discern exactly where he was, or even exactly how large he was.

“I know what I want already, Maya.”

Her head snapped up. “How do you know my name?”

He laughed a soft, deep laugh. Maya felt indignation slide up her spine. “Don’t you laugh at me! How do you know my name?”

“I want you, Maya. I am going to have you.”

He wasn’t laughing now, and Maya’s indignation turned to sickening fear again. “Please don’t do this!” She pleaded into the darkness.

“This is going to be an experience like nothing you could ever imagine. It won’t hurt. It will forever change your life.”

“Don’t rape me.” The word “rape” came out on a squeak. Her entire body trembled.

He moved again. He was closer to the end of the bed. She could make out that he was well over seven feet tall and had linebacker shoulders. He was a monster of a man. Maya knew she couldn’t fight this man. He was going to be able to defile her and she could literally do nothing to stop him. She was far too petite and ill equipped. She also knew he was wrong, this was going to hurt.

She didn’t see him move but felt her bedclothes being tugged steadily away from her. She held on tight, but it did nothing to stop him. Soon, she sat in her dressing gown and panties pressed against the headboard.

“Why me?” She asked.

“I need to have you.” He answered simply. His breathing sounded heavier with excitement.

“You’re sick!” Maya shrieked. He didn’t try to silence her. There was little chance of anyone hearing her. Her neighbor’s home just wasn’t that close. “Don’t do this to me!”

There was a movement and it was so sudden but her ankles were snagged and tugged hard toward the end of the bed. Maya’s eyes rounded like saucers, as her jaw dropped open to scream but she couldn’t force more than a pathetic squeal. It was not hands that grabbed her ankles, but something slithery and smooth. Her mind scrambled for the right word. Like an squid! Like an octopus!


The slid effortlessly around her slender ankles and wrapped firmly. They held her legs straight out in front of her. Maya tried harder to see in the darkness. She was squinting when the light on her bedside table lit to its most dim setting.

IT was a man. Well, it was mostly a man. She was speechless in both fear and awe. She had been right, he was enormous, but what she hadn’t expected was he was stunning in the most unearthly way. His hard was jet black and thick. A little too long to be conventional, but not so much so that he would be unconventional. His skin was smooth and pale. It was his eyes that were most amazing. They were an icy blue that was somehow made you feel cold and hot all at the same time. Maya noted he was shirtless, and his chest and stomach was beautifully defined with strong muscles.

The tentacles were black and coming from his back. They looked smooth and soft. Maya knew she should be horrified, but somehow she found herself feeling oddly calm and completely intrigued. She studied him and he seemed to remain still so she could. The lighting wasn’t good, but she could see him. He was watching her as well, but she could see he had already known what she looked like even before he had turned on the light (without even moving closer).

Maya counted the tentacles that swayed and moved around him. Including the two wrapped around her ankles she noted that there was eight of them. The ones touching her were warm, dry, soft, and most certainly powerful. Maya shuddered a little as she brought her eyes back to his.

“Maya…” he said deeply. His voice rumbled with need.

“Don’t do this.” She whispered, halfheartedly.

“I have fought this since the day I first met you. I can’t fight it anymore. I am just not strong enough.”

There should have been tears and screaming. She should be attempting to escape, and instead she found herself just sitting there like a waiting duck. Her mind felt clear, but maybe too clear. She felt a sense of calm that shouldn’t be there. It dawned on her that somehow this man, this creature, was controlling her emotions.

“Are you controlling my mind?” She asked.

He shook his head side to side. “Not exactly. I can’t control your mind, but I can use my mind to put you at ease. I am calming you so you are not scared of me, or what is going to happen. Logically you will understand you should feel scared, but you won’t actually feel scared.”

Maya blinked. If this was a nightmare, it was a dozy.

“I don’t want to hurt you, Maya. I won’t hurt you. I am going to give you great pleasure.”

His tentacles moved and Maya watched as two came closer to her. They wrapped around her wrists and drew her arms up above her head. On tentacle wrapped snugly around both wrists and held them firmly over her head, and the other moved to wrap around her waist. Maya felt her body being pulled back down the bed so she lay on her back, with her wrists and ankles secured.

Maya cried out in surprise, but it still didn’t register as fear. Her body was being moved effortlessly as if she weighed nothing at all. He never moved and just remained at the foot of the bed. All at once his tentacles were everywhere and tugging at her nightgown. The flimsy gown didn’t make for much resistance and soon she wore only her panties.

The beast gasped at the sight of her breasts, sounding more man than beast. Much to Maya’s horror her nipples tightened into hard peaks when his tentacles wrapped around her breasts and flicked over her sensitive nipples. Her eyes could barely comprehend as she watched the tips of the tentacles change shape and then suction cup themselves onto her nipples. She felt a steady sucking sensation. It actually felt quite amazing and Maya couldn’t bring herself to protest.

“You’re every bit as beautiful as I knew you would be.” He whispered reverently.

Maya protested when she felt her panties being tugged down her legs. His tentacles moved her with absolutely no effort and the panties were pulled away from her body. She was completely naked now and sprawled on her own bed. His strong tentacles held her, and the ones on her nipples still sucked without mercy. Maya’s breasts somehow felt as if they were getting larger and heavier, but she knew that was impossible. He grunted as he used the tentacles around her ankles to spread her legs nice and wife. His eyes burned with desire as he looked at her most intimate place.

She blushed from her head to her toes. No one, other than her doctor, had seen her so exposed her parents still bathed and dressed her. She felt vulnerable and shy. “I am a virgin. Please don’t do this.” She made one last plea, but realized immediately that confessing to being a virgin was likely a huge mistake.

His head snapped up as his eyes met hers. He was gauging if she was telling the truth. “You’re far too beautiful to have never shared this with anyone.” He said quizzically.

“Proper ladies don’t do such things before marriage.” Maya explained. She attempted to raise her chin in indignation, but that was hard to do in her current position.

“I am going to do things to you that no virgin would even imagine trying, but I promise you that none of it will hurt and you will feel amazing during and after.”

The tentacles on her lips kept up their sucking and it was making it hard for Maya to think. When she opened her mouth to speak all that came out was a long whimper full of desires she didn’t even understand, and could scarcely comprehend.

The beast maneuvered her into more of a sitting position, and this time Maya was certain it wasn’t her imagination. Her breasts really did feel heavier. She looked from her breasts to the beast in confusion. He nodded at her and lowered his gaze to her chest. She followed his gaze and watched as the tentacles pulled off her nipples. The nipples were a deep shade of pink almost even purple. They were distended from the prolonged sucking. A shocked sound bubbled from Maya’s chest as she noticed what looked like milk leaking steadily from her nipples.

“What?! What is this?” She cried out. She still didn’t feel fear, but she did feel confusion. Her eyes shot to the beast’s face. He was looking at her almost lovingly.

“Don’t worry. It’s breast milk and it is natural. The female body is built to create milk.” He explained with ease, as if it was normal that her breasts would suddenly be so full of milk they were leaking non-stop.

“I have never been pregnant, nothing about this is normal! Make it stop!” Maya demanded.

The beast man had the good sense to look at least somewhat contrite, but still shook his head no. “It will have to stop naturally over time.”

He manipulated her body again so now she was laying on her back again, her hands above her head and her legs spread good and wide. Maya noticed a coolness between her legs and realized she was a bit moist there. Shame washed over her and she closed her eyes. This had to all just be a bad dream and at anytime she would surely wake up. The two tentacles that had been suckling on her nipples were now massaging and squeezing her breasts making streams of milk squirt from her. The sensation was not unpleasant.

This almost distracted her from the tentacle that was now sliding up her leg and caressing her skin the entire way. It was moving toward her most private spot, and there was literally nothing she could do to stop it. She tried to look at the beast’s face but he had her so that her bottom half was elevated higher than her top half. She supposed this was to give him a better view and access to her virginal opening. When the tip of the tentacle finally reached her there it caressed her gently and intimately. There was not denying that it felt deliciously good.

Maya moaned and writhed in the beast’s grip. He grunted hungrily in response. “You are so responsive. You need this Maya.”

“No… ” she barely managed to grit the one word out between long moans and whimpers.

The tip of the tentacle searched her between her legs and found a most magical bundle of nerves. It began to do the most amazing thing. If Maya had to describe the sensation she would liken it to a tongue licking her there. She was disgusted and enthralled. Repulsed and yet drawn. She wanted to all stop, but she knew secretly she craved much more. Her heart was racing in her chest and she could hear the blood pounding in her ears. Maya’s body was betraying her.

It licked and licked her at that perfect spot. She wanted to understand. “What…what are you doing to me?” She asked.

The beast almost chucked. She could hear it in his voice. “That’s your clit. I am enjoying it.”

“My clit?” She said the word like it was forbidden. “It feels like you are licking me there.”

“That is sort of what I am doing. I take it from your breathlessness that you enjoy this?”

Maya refused to answer, but she didn’t need to. Her virginal hole was leaking wetness. Her nipples were engorged, hard and squirting milk constantly. The tentacle at her clit picked up its pace and it’s ministrations became a fever pitch. Soon enough, Maya was gasping and moaning tumbling headlong toward what she could only assume was an orgasm. She had never had one before, and knew little of what they entailed, but surely this had to be what the beast was doing to her.

Just on the brink Maya could scarcely breathe. She couldn’t form proper thoughts. She wanted to hurtle herself head first into all the sensations he was building inside her, but that wouldn’t be. He stopped.

“Nooooooooooooooo!” Maya cried out at the injustice. She had felt so close to something incredible.

“Shhhh sweet one.” He said gently. Once again the beast used his strong tentacles to move her body into a new position. Once he was done moving her, she was upright above her bed. Floating suspended in his strong grip. She was fully supported and felt completely safe and comfortable. Her legs were held spread and she could feel she was dripping with wetness there.

Two tentacles returned to her nipples and began feeding from her milk. Maya closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of the milk being drawn from her swollen breasts. It felt so incredible that she didn’t even remotely think to fight or protest when one of his tentacles began to probe at the opening to her vagina. It wiggled at the opening as if waiting for an invitation. One wouldn’t come, but nor would an demand for it to stop. Maya was giving herself over to the beast’s needs, but also, secretly her own needs.

“This won’t hurt. A human man would hurt you, but I won’t hurt you.”

Maya wanted to ask how that was to be, but it was too late. The tentacle at her opening was pushing inside her. The tip made its way past her tight entrance but the tentacle kept pushing. He was right in that it didn’t hurt at all. In fact it felt amazing beyond anything Maya could have ever expected. She felt so full, but the fullness felt right. It was as if an ache she never knew she had was finally being completely and irrevocably soothed.

He pulled her closer so he could really see her and see his tentacle disappear up inside of her. Maya noted he smelled like a man, fresh soap and musk. She cried out so loudly when another tentacle returned to her clit and once again began its maddening licking sensation. He moved her any which way he wished so he could see all the things he was doing to her.

He tipped her bum up toward him as he pressed a tentacle to that opening. Maya’s eyes flew open and she looked at the beast who was now her lover. She knew he had said it wouldn’t hurt, and somehow she believed him, but still this seemed wildly naughty. She was about to try to ask for mercy, but then realized he wasn’t going to heed her pleas.

She could feel the tentacle at her back entrance spread some slippery wetness over her there. Soon after it pressed against the puckered opening until it spread and he now had access to her anal canal. It possession there was immediate and he filled her there deeply. It didn’t hurt in the least even though the tentacle was wide and was holding her very much open there. Stretching her anus and filling her beyond what she ever believed possible.

The real pounding began. The beast was grunting as his tentacles thrust in and out of her vagina and anus. They were taking turns so that one whole was always filled. Then both tentacles would plunge so deeply leaving her feeling filled to the brim.

The tentacles at her nipples sucked and massaged. Milk leaked down her body. Maya felt wanton. Her bones felt soft and she just let him use her body. She opened her mouth to scream in pleasure, but found a tentacle with a head much like a penis sliding between her lips. Without thought she began to suck. It tasted good and she liked the feel of it in her mouth. She felt built to take all of this. As if her body had been created to take this beast’s tentacles. It was ridiculous and incredible.

An orgasm came crashing down on Maya so fast and so hard she was left almost unconscious. She moaned, wiggled, writhed and screamed her way through it. Her pussy flooded and squirted around the tentacle. Her nipples squirted jets of milk all over the place. It was the most intense experience Maya had ever had, and one she would sell her soul to have again.

The tentacles slowed but didn’t stop their maddening toying. She struggled to catch her breath. As she finally came back to her senses the merciless sex picked back up. Maya found herself being taken hard again by the tentacle in her vagina, the one in her ass, and the one that returned to her mouth. Her nipples were being sucked hard. This was an onslaught and there was going to be no compassion . The beast had needs too, and he was racing toward satiating them.

I’ve been a wedding videographer for many years. I have videoed every kind of wedding from the traditional to jumping out of an airplane wearing a helmet camera to record the nuptials of a pair of skydivers. Recently, I received the most unusual request to date.

It was during the prenuptial planning meeting with the happy couple that the request was made. His name was Mack and he was an extremely handsome young man, close to thirty years old. He had buttermilk blonde hair with a deep tan. He wore a blue shirt that matched his blue eyes. His jeans were so tight you could tell he was well hung. He was very photogenic, I thought.

She was even better looking than him, her name was Skylar. She was twenty-three years old with a gorgeous body that she didn’t mind showing off. She was dressed in skin tight black yoga pants which worked a sultry magic on her body, hugging her every curve. She wore a crop top that didn’t cover her midriff. Standing at just five-feet tall and with her narrow waist, her breasts looked humongous. She was one of those little bitty gals, that was all boobs and butt that you could tell just loved to fuck.

I popped up my laptop and played them some samples of my work. I explained that I could video their wedding in one of three styles: traditional, documentary and storytelling. I downplayed the traditional style by explaining that the finished product just wasn’t worth the cost. I joked, “If you want a traditional wedding video then give a camera to your Uncle Lou because mine won’t look any better.”

They both laughed, appreciating my honesty. Skylar subtly touched my bare forearm, sending goose-bumps racing to my elbow. She asked, “What’s the difference between the documentary and storytelling styles?”

Looking into her eyes, took my breath away and I had to clear my throat before I answered, “They are pretty similar, but the story-telling style takes more pre-production work, because it uses a lot of voiceovers from your friends and family. The voiceovers are then edited into the recorded wedding day festivities. It’s the most expensive style.”

“And, the documentary style?” asked Mack.

“With documentary style, the raw footage is edited after it is shot to create continuity. The finished product is a polished documentation of the happy day as it unfolds, most of the work is done post-production. It’s the style I recommend, but it’s up to you. It’s your wedding after all,” I said flashing Skylar my best sales smile.

She touched my arm again, sending another wave of goose-bumps up it. Her brilliant white teeth sparkled in a smile as she asked, “What footage do you shoot?”

“Usually, I shoot some pre-ceremony footage, maybe an interview with the bride and groom’s parents and perhaps the best man and bride’s maid. I can include the rehearsal dinner, if you want, but remember, the more footage I shoot the more I have to edit, adding to the cost of the production. Then of course the wedding ceremony itself followed by the reception up until the groom whisks the bride away for the honeymoon.”

“Have you shot any footage of the honeymoon?”

Chuckling, I said, “No, but I did shoot footage of the bachelor party once. The bride ended up using it in divorce court against the groom two years after the wedding. I guess if you want some footage of the honeymoon, you could shoot that yourselves and I could edit it in to your video when you got back from your trip.”

“I’m not talking about the honeymoon trip. I’m talking about the wedding night, the consummation of the marriage.”

My mouth fell open. I narrowed my eyes to look into Skylar’s face. I wanted to ensure she was serious, she was. None-to-subtly, I said, “I don’t shoot porn.”

Skylar’s eyes flared as she glared at me. A flush of red filled her cheeks as she seethed, “When we have sex, it is not pornography. It’s a beautiful physical act of our love.”

“Come on babe, I told you these wedding guys wouldn’t do stuff like that, we’ll get a video camera and shoot it ourselves,” Mack cut-in, taking Skylar’s hand and gave it a squeeze. He looked directly at me and added, “I’m not comfortable with some stranger watching us do it, anyway.”

Skylar shook her head vigorously, sending her ponytail whipping through the air. “No, I don’t want to do it ourselves, because then it would look like amateur porn. I want a professionally shot and edited video of the consummation of our marriage.”

“Why?” I asked, my eyes avoiding hers.

She folded her arms across her ample bosom and asked, “Do you know of the tradition behind the bridal garter?”

I shook my head.

Her eyes fixed on me and with a steady voice she explained, “In olden times, at least two people, usually more, would adjourn from the wedding reception with the newlyweds to the bed chamber and witness the consummation of the marriage. After the fact, each of the bride’s garters were given to the newlyweds families, as proof that marriage was consummated and that their families were indeed united.”

“Wow,” I said then asked, “So you want a video to be your witness for your families?”

“No silly, that’s more than a bit perverse by the way. I simply want a record of the physical love we have for each other. I mean look at Mack, he’s a fine figure of a man, but in thirty years he’s going to be bald and have a potbelly.”

“Hey…” objected Mack.

“Look at my breasts,” Skylar cupped both her breasts with her hands and my breath caught in my throat. She continued, “Their perfect 36Cs and in thirty years after I have nursed a couple of kids, they’re going to be drooping down to my knees. I want to be able to look at that video thirty years from now and remember that when our bodies were young our love held a fiery passion. And, I hope it will still be glowing then.”

Nodding my head, I said, “That is romantic. Maybe, I could edit in the footage you and Mack shoot of your wedding night yourselves. How would that be?”

“Unacceptable. Neither of us knows anything about shooting a video. Sure we could get set a couple of cameras, but it would still look like…what did you say? Oh yeah, it would look like Uncle Lou shot it and would be a waste of money.”

Chuckling, I conceded her point, “I guess I could video your wedding night, if you really want me too. But, please understand, I’m not comfortable with being a voyeur, so I’ll factor that into the price.”

“I’m not at all comfortable, having sex in front of a stranger,” protested Mack, clenching his jaw.

Skylar’s eyes narrowed as she turned to her fiancé. “You already agreed to this…”

“I didn’t think you could find a videographer that would actually agree to do it.”

Their conversation quickly escalated into a full-blown verbal brawl. I excused myself to go to the restroom. In the hallway, I noticed a security camera keeping sentinel. Returning, I interrupted the dueling duo saying, “I have an idea. I can set up remote cameras…”

Skylar shook her head and sniveled, “It will look like cheap porn…”

“No, it won’t. They will be remote cameras, just like security cameras that I can control from another room. I can set up multiple cameras from multiple angles that will give me plenty of footage to edit together. I’m sure I could produce a finished product you will like, if not the whole job will be free.”

Mack perked up, “Free?”

“The whole package free, the ceremony, the editing, all of it free. If Skylar isn’t happy with the way the consummation is presented on the video then it will be free.”

Skylar pulled my face down to hers and kissed my cheek, her warm breath on my skin made my cock grow hard. Her smile was contagious. She sighed, “Deal.”

As I gathered up my laptop and the freshly signed service contract, I watched the pair leave, paying particular attention to Skylar. With a mischievous smile, she glanced over her shoulder and caught me ogling the undulating globes of her ass in the tight yoga pants.

Stopping and turning around, she gave me a full-frontal view of the scrumptious camel-toe the stretchy pants had created. Realizing, I had been busted I swallowed audibly. She giggled out loud, as my lust-filled eyes drank in the contours of her outlined cunt. Teasing, she said, “In a month’s time you’ll get to see it, bare.”

With my heart racing like it might burst from my chest, I watched her snag her fiancé’s arm and lead him out the door, putting a little extra swing into her step as she left. My cock hardened in a natural response to the wanton wiggle of her buttocks. I chuckled and said aloud, “And, I look forward to seeing it bare, too.”

Later, that night as I slept spooning with my wife, Skylar visited me in my dreams. From the recesses of my mind I found myself sitting in a fitting room at a bridal shop. Suddenly, the curtain of changing stall ripped open and Skylar sauntered out saying, “I’m so glad you’re here. I want your opinion concerning what lingerie I should wear for the consummation. What do you think of this nightie?”

Sucking in a quick breath, I stammered, “Very nice.”

“I was hoping for naughty,” she said with a laugh. Slowly she spun around modeling the sheer white baby doll negligée. The transparent garment revealed that her humongous pale breasts contrasted nicely with her dark sun kissed body. In the center of her areolas, her nipples stood rigid and tented the nightie’s translucent material. Her white thong and bare butt cheeks were also clearly visible beneath the flimsy material. Sighing she said, “I guess this one won’t do.”

The sheerness of the nightie allowed me to watch the rise and fall of each of her buttocks and the sideways sway of her hips, as she returned to the changing stall. She looked over her shoulder at me with a flirtatious grin, my cock got rock hard. The curtain made a zipping sound as she closed it.

I caught a glimpse of Skylar smiling at me in the mirror. With a slow disbelieving shake of my head, I realized, she had left the curtain ajar on purpose. Winking at me, she shimmied out her thong. Momentarily, she stood in front of the mirror to give me a full frontal view of her nakedness before she tried on the next bit of lingerie. I squirmed in my chair and crossed my legs over my hard-on.

Skylar slipped her legs into a white teddy and pulled it up her body, I loved the way the lace snuggly hugged her torso. There was a heart shaped hole from her naval to just under her bust which allowed me a peek at her taut tummy. She placed each of her ample breasts into the white lace cups of the teddy. Her nipples seemed to harden that much more with the material’s lacey embrace. She adjusted the G-string rear of the teddy, so the flimsy material rested snuggly in the crevice of her ass. Satisfied, she pulled up a pair of sheer white thigh-high stockings then slipped into a pair of white high-heeled shoes.

Pulling back the curtain of the changing stall, Skylar emerged and gracefully spun in front of me. She enhanced her seductive look, by sliding a strap of her teddy down to her biceps. That side of the garment fell down, to give me a tasteful glimpse of her areola and exposed her hard nipple. She posed her hand on her tummy below her naval in such a way as to call attention to her simmering snatch barely concealed by the lacey material. She asked, “What do you think of this one?”

“It looks real nice on you,” I voiced my approval. I smiled at her like a kid at the circus.

Stepping back into the changing stall, she winked at me and completely closed the curtain this time. Being sexy comes from a confident attitude as much as it does from looks and Skylar definitely had plenty of both.

The curtain ripped back and Skylar’s attire literally took my breath away. She was wearing a white under-bust corset that left her breasts bare. They looked heavy and full. Her hard nipples begged to be sucked. She wore white sheer thigh-high stockings atop white high-heeled pumps. She wore no panties and her vulva glistened with anticipation. Her pussy was perfectly framed between the corset and stockings. Her strip of pubs seemed to point the way to her pleasure pit like a neon sign at a roadside diner. With a silky slutty voice she asked, “Do you like my outfit?”

I couldn’t find my voice and just nodded with wide eyes.

Skylar moved steadily towards me, her hips swayed seductively from side to side. Her breasts bounced with each swing of her hips. She stopped in front of me and handed me a string of white pearls. With a quivering voice, she said, “I want to wear these on my wedding night, but I need you to put them on me.”

I took the string of pearls from her. I found out they were actually a pair of nipple clamps connected to each other by the string of white pearls. Nodding I asked, “Are you sure?”

She looked at the clamps, across her beautiful face a bright flush raced like a fever. Her expression was clouded with unease, but she nodded in the affirmative.

I gently squeezed each of her firm breasts before lowering my mouth to her nipples. I lightly bit and sucked each of her nipples until they were hard enough to cut glass. I knew her pussy was drenched with desire. The scent of her sex permeated the fitting room. I opened the clamps and clipped them to both of Skylar’s nipples at the same time.

She emitted a low groan of pleasure that rose steadily into a scream of agony. “Ouchhhh!”

A stab of pain erupted in my belly. Another shot of pain quickly followed the first, as I woke from sleep. My wife’s elbow made sharp contact with my gut for a third time. I sat up rubbing my mid-section and glared at my wife. I snapped, “What the fuck?”

“What’s wrong with you?” she snapped back. She had sat up too and was vigorously rubbing her breasts. Her brazen expression of pain and outrage trumped mine and I wilted beneath her harsh gaze. She continued to massage the pain from her breasts and huffed, “You were pinching my nipples like a vice. What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m so sorry, dear. You have such beautiful breasts, I guess I just can’t resist them, even in my sleep.”

“More like you were dreaming of some big breasted, bimbo bride,” she scoffed. Then she punched her pillow a couple of times before laying back down. “Keep your hands to yourself, asshole.”

I lie down and quickly fell asleep again. I was able to pick up my dream right where I had left off. Like a desert mirage, Skylar shimmered into view from the depths of my imagination. My eyes lingered on her huge breasts, taking note that her rigid nipples had been ravished by the alligator clamps. The string of pearls connecting the clamps danced through the valley of her cleavage with each hot breath she panted.

With a pouty voice, she said, “I know you want relief, but I can’t be unfaithful to Mack. But, since an ex-president declared that oral sex wasn’t really sex, I guess I can give you a blow-job and still remain faithful to Mack.”

Dropping to her knees in front of me, she unzipped my shorts and my cock sprang out like a horse bolting from a barn. Pre-cum drooled from its tip. I could actually see the big blue vein on top, dancing as blood surged through it.

“Your cock is so hard,” Skylar said and watched it sway for a moment. Her eyes shifted to mine as her hand steadied my cock. She kissed my bulbous head without taking her eyes off mine. Her eyes laughingly glimmered with naughtiness, as she licked the underside of my shaft. Her hand shifted to my balls and she gently squeezed them. She engulfed both of my bloated balls into her mouth. The suction she produced on them would have put a vacuum cleaner to shame.

I curled my toes to keep from cumming. I babbled, “Oh my.”

She spat my balls out and licked back up the length of my cock to its head. Grapping my cock again, she tantalizingly darted her tongue into my piss slit. Now, she had me standing on my tip-toes.

My cock disappeared into her mouth and she began to suckle. My mind was overloaded with gratification as she bobbed her head up and down on my cock, while rolling my balls in her hand. Signaling I was close to climax, my cock twitched.

Suddenly, Skylar jammed her finger up my ass and spunk gushed out of my cock like a fire hose. She didn’t even try to catch my cum in her mouth, she just let it wash over her face and drip down to her tits.

I bellowed like bull and struggled to stay conscious as white light tore through my brain. When I finished spewing, I looked down at Skylar gasping for air.

She rested on her bottom and looked up at me. One of her eyes was completely closed, her eye-lashes glued together by cum. Her face and tits were quite literally covered with my cum. She smiled up at me and said, “Feel better now.”

It was the most erotic thing I had ever envisioned, but my gratification was short-lived. My wife shook me awake.

“What the fuck?” she seethed. Waving her palm in front of me, I saw that it was smeared with a white gooey substance.

I shrugged and asked, “What’s that?”

My wife pointed at my boxers. Somehow during the night my cock had worked its way out of my underwear. My cock was still hard and cum dripped from its mushroomed head. My look of astonishment contrasted with wife’s look of outrage.

“You had a wet dream, what are you thirteen?” she ranted pulling her nightie off. The back of it was smeared with my spent seed. She glared at me and harangued, “You cummed all over me.”

As my wife stomped off to the shower, I lay back on my pillow and recalled my dream. I sighed with a deep satisfaction, “Skylar, I imagine you are a beautiful cocksucker.”

Over the next few weeks, I found myself thinking more and more of Skylar and Mack while, I videoed and edited other people’s weddings. As I planned the consummation shoot, I realized I needed to inspect the bridal suite to figure out the correct lighting scheme and camera placement.

I made arrangements with the hotel to check out the room. I stood before the huge king-size bed reeling in my tape measure and scribbled the measurement down on my pad. I examined the bed. It had a luxurious pillow-top mattress with plush bedding and lines. Closing my eyes, I imagined Mack’s chiseled body lying nude upon it.

His cock was hard and so large it nearly touched his navel, I surmised it would give his new bride a lot of pleasure. Seeing his wife emerge from the bathroom in her bridal lingerie, he hoarsely choked, “You look so beautiful, babe.”

Skylar was wearing an extremely erotic and elegant body-stocking. It was made from a soft white transparent fabric that exquisitely exposed her feminine form. The shear white garment revealed her beautiful breasts. Her nipples were hard and tented the translucent material. The bodysuit was crotchless, divulging that her pussy lips were enflamed with excitement and glistened with anticipation. To accentuate her outfit, she wore a sheer white wedding veil that hung below her very sexy butt.

My cock was so hard, I thought I was going to pass out. I could hear my pulse in my ears and actually feel it pounding in my cock. My mouth was dry and I was panting.

Skylar climbed onto the bed and took her groom’s colossal cock firmly in her hand. Studying it for a moment, she kissed its huge head before twirling her tongue around it, lapping up its seepage. She licked the underside of Mack’s massive manhood like a lollipop while gently squeezing his bloated balls. Her new husband moaned his joy.

My face flushed with envy. I had imagined what a great cocksucker Skylar would be and I blushed with very real jealousy. I clinched my teeth and said, “Lucky fucker.”

The vocalized pleasure of her husband seemed to motivate Skylar. She looked ready to fuck. She spat out his cock and it slapped his belly with an audible smack. Swinging her leg over Mack, she straddled him backwards in the reverse cowboy position. She announced watching my reaction, “I want you to have an unobstructed view.”

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Please do not reproduce this original work in any form without written permission from the author.


I wonder what she’s doing right now. It’s 8 p.m. on the East coast, so her conference is over and she’ll have eaten dinner by now—probably with Melissa. I know they haven’t seen each other lately, so my love will have enjoyed spending time with her friend.

Is she reading about financial management? Although it’s her least favorite part of her job, I know she’ll do it brilliantly—like everything she does. Partly because she has a hint of OCD, but mostly because she’s conscientious. Her ability to concentrate astounds me, but maybe that’s because my call letters are ADD. She’s also much smarter than I am. She denies it, but we both know it’s true.

It’s hard not to talk with her for a few days at a time. Years ago we decided not communicate while she’s at conferences. Absence makes the heart and body grow fonder. In any case, it’s exquisite torture. When she comes home, the sex―and our emotional connection―is stunning.

So I wait. And remember. And breathe. And miss her. And fantasize.

Alone in our bed, I think about the first time we was physically intimate. We’d been together a couple months. She was hesitant because of her history. But I’d been gentle with her, reassuring her that I love her and wasn’t going to leave. Then one evening after dinner she took my hand, led me back to our bedroom, and started peeling off my clothes.

“Are you sure?”

She nodded, her brown eyes on mine. Then she carefully removed my bra straps from my shoulders. She cupped my breasts, then leaned in to gently bite my shoulder. I still wasn’t certain, until she kissed me, her mouth hungry. Then I gave in.

She nudged me backwards onto the bed and straddled me, her dark hair hanging over her eyes, breasts swaying with her movement. I grabbed one dark pink nipple in my mouth and the other with my hand, sucking and squeezing. I saw her eyes start to glaze over and her breathing deepen. And then suddenly, without asking or giving any warning, I plunged two fingers deep into her. She gasped in surprise, then groaned deeply. She met my thrusts over and over until she shuddered and shook on my hand, her juices flowing down my arm and onto my stomach as she came.

I fantasize about her return. Out of thoughtfulness for me, she’ll take a taxi to the house so I don’t have to pick her up at the airport late at night. She’ll try to be quiet when she comes in, but I sleep lightly and will be waiting. I’ll hear her in the kitchen and call to her. She’ll tell me to shush and go back to sleep, though she knows I won’t. I’ll stay half-awake until she slides into bed. We’ll spoon, my breasts to her back, and fall to sleep, warm in each other’s arms.

The next morning I’ll start nuzzling her neck. Even though she’ll be tired after the flight and the week-long conference, she’ll want it as much as I do. I’ll kiss behind her ear and down her neck as she murmurs she loves me.

I’ll run the tip of my tongue around her earlobe and breathe into her ear. There will be a hitch in her breathing. Then I’ll lick the side of her neck and roll her over onto her back.

“I bought something for us.”

Her jet lag will give way to intrigue. I’ll see anxiety in her eyes too. She doesn’t like surprises, so she’ll be quiet as I show her the butt plug and a harness I bought while she was gone. She was embarrassed the first time she admitted anal play excited her. Perhaps she’ll think I’ve forgotten. But I love her, so I pay attention. I remember everything.

The plug will make her more anxious than the harness. But she’ll take her cue from me. And I’m comfortable with the idea. I’ve been thinking about both for a long time. I won’t use either until we’re together though. She and I can learn and explore together. She’ll blush—a rare and beautiful sight. We’ll have to talk about it as she gets used to the idea. But I know she’ll be interested.

Her eyes will be an intoxicating mixture of nervousness, uncertainty, and excitement. She’ll want to use the harness on me, of course. It suits her butch nature. She’ll have trouble containing her anticipation once I suggest that she take me doggy style; my ass turned up excites her tremendously. She’ll strap on the harness and I’ll try to sooth her uncertainty by giggling. That will put her more at ease. I’ll get on my hands on knees for her and she’ll groan. She’ll guide my favorite dildo into my pussy from behind gently.

She’ll start to thrust into me, hesitantly at first. When she hears my eagerness, she’ll begin to push more quickly, teaching herself as she moves in and out of me. She’ll learn quickly, and start to move with more assurance. I’ll hear the sound of her entering my wetness over and over again. When she hears me start to moan, she’ll reach between my legs to stroke my clit. I’ll beg her to fuck me, faster, deeper.

After only a few strokes of her fingers around my most sensitive spot, my legs will start to shake. Then I’ll strain and buck as I come, my cunt tightening around the silicone cock. I’ll collapse on the bed breathing heavily, thanking heaven for my butch lover.

Her butch attitude is partly her birthright, and partly a response to a childhood I can’t begin to comprehend. I see beyond that to her vulnerability. She knows she is safe to be all of herself with me, not just the tough part. She’ll still be embarrassed that she’ll want me to fuck her with the harness. Her love of being penetrated conflicts with her butchness. It’s one of the things I’m drawn to about her—that contradiction between her dominance and her enjoyment of being fucked. I embrace it all—her butch attitude, her hidden softness, even her wounds. I love all of her.

She’ll grab the back of my head and pull me towards her in a passionate kiss. The kiss will grow in intensity; I’ll crawl on top of her. Because of her history, we’ll never play rough. But over the years she’s becomes more comfortable with my passion.

I’ll suck on your lower lip while I take her hands in mine. Bringing one hand to my lips, I’ll take her fingers into my mouth one at a time and suck on each of them, running my teeth over the tips. She’ll moan.

Then I’ll run my down to the soft pillows of her breasts, while I breathe into her ear, then suck on her neck. She loves when I bite gently on one nipple and squeeze the other hard enough that she’ll gasp. , and keep doing it until I hear she say “Please.”

Like the first time we loved each other after her surgery. She said it felt like she was a virgin all over again. I touched she, rubbed her clit until she couldn’t take it anymore. She needed me inside her. A pleading, urgent, “Hurry.” Not said in an attempt to be sexy, no hushed whisper. It was, ironically, the sexiest thing I’d ever heard; I could have come right then.

I’ll run my hands down the swell of her hips and grab her ass.

“So…do you want to try it?”

We’ll take time out. To put lube on the plug and on her adorable ass. Then I’ll ease it in, checking with her, watching her face.

Once it’s inside, I’ll check again.

“Is this ok?”

“Yes. Ohhh….”

I’ll shift onto her left side so I can run my right hand down to her wetness, touching her outer lips. Teasing. I’ll run one finger up her labia from bottom to top, feeling her heat. Again. And again. Each time, pushing in to her hot cavern just a little more, feeling more of her juices on my fingers. I’ll stop touching her for a few moments, then start again.

I figured her out years ago. I know how to love her to get the response I want. Sometimes I’m too impatient, eager to have her explode. But when I take my time, the reward is glorious. When her breathing starts to get ragged, I’ll stop, stilling my hand for a moment. Then I’ll start again. It does something to her. Her orgasm is much stronger and sobs wrack her body when she finally comes, wrapped in my arms.

I’ll stop and start. This time, just before she comes, I’ll reach behind her and tap the plug.

We’ll be in gloriously uncharted territory. I can’t wait to see what she does.

How many of you have heard the joke about blonds and the Green Bay Packers?

Q: What do Blondes say after sex?

A1: Thanks Guys.

A2: Are you boys all in the same band?

A3: Do you guys all play for the Green Bay Packers?

While most people just laugh, I get horny. No, I am a red head, not a blond…

I have always dreamed of being taken by the entire football team. Slipping off my clothes in the locker room, laying down on the bench, and having all the sweaty, hot football players walk in to find me laying there, naked and wet, ripping off their clothes, and having their way with me in every way imaginable.

One day, I and one of my occasional older lovers were talking about this, and we started cooking up a plan.

Everything when according to plan, but you will have to read on to understand exactly what we came up with.

We went to a nice hotel downtown and he reserved the penthouse suite. We went up, and I proceeded to strip completely naked.

Once I was naked, he took and handcuffed my hands behind me. I purposely had him use the fuzzy ones, because the normal ones hurt my wrists.

Next, he put some ankle cuffs on me with a bar in the middle. This hobbled my movements. I could get around, but it was very awkward, causing me to waddle instead of walk, swinging it from side to side. It also made it difficult to keep my balance if I tried to move fast.

Then, he slipped on a ballgag, so I couldn’t speak.

Next came the eye cover. I have enjoyed them, but honestly, I would always peek. These, however, let almost no light in. They were similar to swimming goggles, but the lenses were completely black. I could see a little light around the outside, where they didn’t seal around my eyes exactly perfectly, but I could see absolutely nothing. I was effectively blind.

Last, he slipped over some noise canceling headphones. I am not sure if they actually worked as headphones, all I knew is I could hear almost nothing.

So, here I was, standing naked in the middle of the room, unable to use my hands, to move around effectively, to see, to hear, or even to speak. It is a very frightening experience, to have almost total sense deprivation.

Beforehand, we had agreed on certain touches to signify intent. They are common sense, but, a slight push on the back to move forward, right shoulder blade push to move left, a left shoulder blade push to turn right. Push down on left or right shoulder to kneel. A push down on both shoulders to lay down on my back. Touch on right or left side to flip over. Pull my hair slightly to stop. We figured anything else, and he could physically move me in the position needed.

He took me to the restroom and proceeded to give me an enema. Now, I had never before had an enema, so this was a very new experience, and did not feel a bit like anal. It was a bit disturbing, to be honest.

He put the tube in my anus and squeezed the warm water up and into me. I felt odd, my rectum full of water, which is the point of an enema…

He moved me over and sat me down on the toilet. In a few minutes, I suddenly knew why. I suddenly has an assplosion, as if I had ate a bad Taco Bell meal. I felt like I was spraying all over the the place. I hated thinking of myself, covered is gooey brown, watery poo as I felt it splash off the toilet bowl and back onto me. I stayed there, alternating between needing to go and feeling like I was done. I will admit though, it felt good, it felt like I had been emptied.

He then stood me back up. I could have cried. I had hoped he left, but he was there. Maybe he had just waited outside in the hotel room while I exploded all over the toilet, but the thought of him seeing me, my ass all covered in the remains of my enema and bowl material embarrassed me to no end. I thought I would die then and there from embarrassment.

He took me into the shower and washed me down, having me bend over so he could scrub my ass and pussy. Eww, did I really get some in there?

He took a fluffy towel and dried me off, although I think he spent a little too much time drying off my pussy. Maybe it was innocent, or maybe he enjoyed rubbing the towel against my pussy and watching me squirm.

He played with me for a little bit. I was standing there, nothing, then all the sudden his hand reached out and grabbed my breast. Not hard, he knew the rules. Sorry, I am just not into pain. No spanking, pinching, poking with anything more than a finger, hitting, or any other kind of pain inducing treatment.

He then signaled for me to lie down, and then left me there. Suddenly, something cold, wet, oily was being rubbed on my pussy.

He then started thrusting into me, out of me, back into me. He was really ramming my pussy, and in no time, I could feel him cumming inside me.

He stood me back up, removed one side of the headphones, and asked me if I really wanted to do this, was I really sure? I shook my head yes, and he reminded me that if I wanted to stop at any point, just to shake my head no and he would stop it.

He then left me, standing there, naked, for the next stage of play.

He went downstairs to meet up with some friends, and then brought them up. He then left again a few more times to pick up more friends. Now, I do not know who his “friends” were, they could have been guys, girls, young, old, attractive, ugly. It didn’t matter. That was part of the play, that I had no idea who the people using me were.

As per the rules, no one touched me. I can bet they were saying many wickedly naughty things about me, looking me over, eyes probing every part of my naked body, but they did not touch. Eventually, my friend came up to me and removed the headphones.

“One last time before we start. Are you sure you want to do this? Are you absolutely sure?”

I shook my head yes.

“Ok, we are starting. Please remember to shake your head no if you want to stop for any reason. I will watch to make sure all the rules are followed.”

So, you can probably guess what we arranged. He contacted some of his friends, I did not want to know the exact number, and their job was to do anything they wanted to me outside of harming or hurting me. I don’t mean the “He is a little ruff” type of hurt, but the “slap, smack, spank, pinch, poke, hit, kick” type of hurt. Since we had all night, they could do whatever multiple times, at least until I stopped them, or they decided to stop themselves.

I stood there, the minutes dragging out, wondering what was going on, why wasn’t anyone doing anything.

Suddenly a hand caressed my left ass cheek. It was so unexpected I almost jumped. I would have squeaked, or screamed, or something, if not for the gag in my mouth. My heart was racing as if I had run a hundred miles.

Then, another hand grabbed my right breast. Jump, but this time less, since I had some connection to the world again through the hand playing with my ass.

I suddenly felt hot breath on my neck from the left side, followed my kisses on my cheek, a tongue occasionally licking my cheek. Then the person moved down, kissing my neck, and then nipping slightly. It was not painful, more ticklish, and it drove me both wild with lust and with the sudden urge to laugh.

My left nipple was grabbed, and I felt hands moving down my belly towards my fur. Suddenly, the hand caressing my ass cheek disappeared, and another hand showed up between my thighs.

The hand between my thighs moved up and the owner started probing my pussy, moving my outer lips aside so his fingers could move further within me. By now I was getting very wet, as his hand played with me.

I could feel his fingers pushing into me, out of me, back into me, trying to push deeper, go further, as if he was trying to map my entire pussy with his touch. It was intoxicating, it was violating, it was dirty and exciting. I started shaking like a leaf blowing in the wind.

All the hands left me suddenly, and I was left suddenly without this limited, outside world connection. It felt like being abandoned suddenly, with no one in the world.

The headphone again came off my left ear a couple minutes later and my friend whispered, “Are you ok?”

I shook my head up and down violently, wanting to make sure he knew I was fine, I was ready, I wanted to continue.

“You are shaking though. Are you sure you are ok?”

I was shaking because it was overwhelming. Not being able to see, to hear, to do anything but smell and feel helped enhance the smell and made me notice the sensations of touch even more. In some ways, it almost felt like too much, but in other ways, it was intoxicating, enthralling. Every touch felt like a violation, every touch felt like the most exquisite caress.

Again I shook my head up and down frantically. He placed the headphones back over my ears.

It took a couple more minutes until I was touched again, but this time it was not a caress, a kiss, a fondle. This time it was a slight push to the back.

Obeying the command, I started moving forward, slowly, since I was afraid I would fall down since my balance was already so tenuous.

Suddenly, I was embraced by someone from behind, his hands wrapped around my torso, like he was about to give me a hug, his hands just below the breasts.

I was suddenly lifted into the air. I am not sure if I was moving too slowly for his taste, or if he was worried I would fall over, but he decided to carry me over to a couch in the room.

I was set back down and the hands left me. Now someone was pushing me forward by both shoulders. Not a light push, but one that made me move forward until suddenly I ran into something. It was slightly lower than waist high, and I guessed it was the couch. He kept pushing, forcing me to bend over it, so my ass was above my head and my face was lying against the cool leather. While it was slightly awkward, and made it a little harder to breath, it was not a horrible position.

Again, the hands disappeared, and I was left there, feeling the leather against my breasts and face, my ass and pussy exposed to everyone in the room, propped up on the back of the couch.

Suddenly, I could feel a hand, covered in slick, oily lubricant, working its way between my ass cheeks and then down to my pussy.

A penis started pushing between my ass cheeks, while hands grabbed each cheek and spread my ass wide.

The head hit my rectum and pushed. This was the first thing to be done? I wasn’t ready! I wanted to be played with more, to have my pussy filled. I panicked a bit, sucking air through my nose.

Even with the lube it was a bit painful, and the penis was being pushed forcefully, as if he wanted to be in me right now, no matter what. I would have cried out, but was unable. I wanted to shriek “Slow down asshole!”, or maybe it was “Get the fuck away from me”, but could only scream it in my mind. I almost started shaking my head to signal I was done when his penis slid all the way in.

My mind reeled in semi-agony, semi-lust, and I wanted nothing more than to shit that penis back out. Then he started pumping me, and the longer he went, the less it hurt. The pain, receding back, was replaced by a sense of utter intimacy, utter violation. I could really “feel” him. I could feel every single thrust, could tell you exactly how deep inside me he was. It was wild and o so dirty.

After a few minutes, he came. I could feel his cum spurting inside me, warm and wet. He stayed there until his penis started getting soft, until it popped out, no longer able to resist my anus squeezing it out.

Then, I started feeling the goo leak from my anus. Utterly humiliated, I kept repeating in my mind “Get it off, get it off, wash me off! I don’t want people to see me like this!”. Fortunately someone, my friend or one of the other people in the room, came over and wiped me down with a wet cloth. I wanted to kiss them, right then and there. Well, if I could have used my mouth.

Meanwhile, while someone was shoving his penis into my anus, someone else had sat down next to me. I could feel the couch move slightly, pulling me towards the person who sat down just a little bit. He reached under me and started fondling the side of my left breast. He didn’t even need to move his hand, with me being bounced back and forth by the guy thrusting into my ass. Leaning over, he started kissing my back. Hot, wet kisses. What made it even more exciting was that these weren’t the lust filled, licking, rough kisses, but more like the soft kisses that an intimate lover uses. Between the violation of my ass and the soft lover’s kisses on my back, I almost felt like I was with a kinky lover, not some stranger.

It helped calm me, stop me from panicking. It felt wonderful. Maybe that was the intent, or maybe my friend had picked someone who wants to honestly make love, rather than just get off.

He pushed his hand under my breast and moved it so he had access to my nipple, then started to alternate between pinching it and pushing it in. With a penis in my ass and my nipple being stimulated, I started absolutely gushing. I wanted nothing more than for the penis to get out of my ass and into my pussy.

Once I was cleaned up, a finger started pushing against my pussy lips. This time it wasn’t rough, just a gentle push until it sunk into me. The finger came out, and something cold was put in its place. It started vibrating, tickling me, then was pushed inside me to replace the removed finger. The vibrator was turned up, and I could feel the tingling pleasure building in me again. Two fingers slid my lips apart at the clit and started to slowly work it. Rubbing up and down, then back and forth, in small motions, exhilaration shot threw me. It felt so good, god I wanted to cry out. My eyes rolled up and I could only sit there, shuddering, basking in the pleasure. I climaxed again.

Two down, and we just started. This night was so wonderful already.

There was a long night ahead of me.

The vibrator was removed and something was again pushing against my anus. This time I felt a plastic ball being pushed into it. Once past the entrance, a finger pushed it in deeper, then another ball was being pushed in. This was repeated until all the anal beads were inside me, filling my rectum. Since there was no pumping, thrusting, pushing, pulling, the pain went away much quicker, and I was left feeling like I needed to go poo. After a while, even this sensation subsided to a general awareness that something foreign was up my anus, but it started to feel like it belonged.

Warm, sticky fluid landed on my back. It seemed someone had decided they were excited enough just watching me.

A soft, warm head was pushed against my cheek (face) as someone began rubbing the tip of his penis against it. Someone else opened my pussy lips with their fingers and started pushing their penis into my now spread pussy. He started slowly, and for some reason, started rubbing the cum still sitting on my flesh, spreading it out, running his hands all over my back, then a slight pulling on my hair He thrust at a slow rate, long, even strokes. I panted with longing, wanting him to speed up, to cum inside me.

He continued with his long, even strokes for a few minutes, and then started thrusting harder, faster. Finally, he spasmed once, twice, and was pulling out, having came inside me.

Someone pulled on my shoulders, urging me to stand up again, then brought me back where I started. Pushing my shoulders down, I felt hands reach under my back, supporting me as they laid me gently on the floor, and then pulling my knees up and slightly outward.

Someone pushed something inside me, covered in lube, and kept pushing until it was as far as his fingers could reach. I could feel the cord from it hanging out of my pussy, and instantly knew exactly what it was, since I have done this before with lovers. A bullet vibrator had been pushed inside me as far as it could reach, and the wonderful thing about these is that, if the man is careful, you can leave it inside, vibrating away, with enough room to still have normal sex. It is thrilling, and wonderful, and realizing that I got to do this, I got wet again.

Settling between my legs, I was pulled up slightly with my ass resting on top of someone’s legs. He spread my pussy and pushed his penis inside, thrusting back and forth. The head of his penis pushed the vibrator back, against my cervix, and because I was resting on top of him, his movements were limited. With the added vibrator, happily buzzy away, it didn’t matter. My brain melted, leaving me unable to say anything, as I became a single, pulsing erogenous spot, with his penis also rubbing against the beads.

Cum rained down on me, landing on my breasts, my stomach, my legs, my face, while the man continued thrusting inside me. It seemed a few people decided to just jerk themselves while watching me being pounded. I wondered how of the other men’s cum hit the man penetrating me.

The man move faster, occasionally shoving the vibrator hard against my cervix. Finally he pulled out, and I could feel more cum being deposited on my pubis.

He moved me back on the floor and I could feel him leave the area between my legs.

I was touched on the side, and tried to roll myself over. Unfortunately, I was unable to do it on my own, so three sets of hands lifted me to the side and rolled me over, one at my shoulder, one at my ass, and one at my legs. The one at my ass, when I was halfway up, put his fingers between my ass cheeks and gave the last bead a little push.

After rolling me over, my hips were pulled up, so my face was against the floor, with my breasts hanging down and my ass was angled upward. Three different guys, one by one, took me from behind. The first came in my pussy, with it leaking out and oozing down my leg. The next pulled out before coming on my leg, so I had cum dripping down both legs now. The third, thrusting into me and pushing the vibrator against me with every thrust was greeted with a surprise when I suddenly tightened up on him, shaking, as I climaxed again. I don’t even think he would have had a chance to pull out before cumming, so deposited it in my pussy immediately after my climax.

After the three guys finished, I was helped up again, the vibrator was removed, and they started moving me. I could feel the two men’s semen leaking out of me, running down my legs. I could feel the cum dried on my breasts, stomach, face, slightly tugging at my skin. They kept moving me, and I began to wonder where we were going.

Cold tile suddenly met my feet, and I realized I was in the bathroom. Now someone picked me up, and when he put me down, I felt cold, slick porcelain under me and against my arms. Why on earth did they lay me in the bathtub?

I found out very quickly, some people are into some very strange things.

Warm liquid was streamed down on me. Some went on my face before it was suddenly stopped, so I could smell the stink of pee, even taste it as some went into my mouth, past the gag. Fortunately, I don’t mind pee, it was just a shock that someone was doing this. I am familiar with golden showers, but that was not a fantasy I have ever had. It turned me on slightly, the thought of me being used as a toilet, but I could think of many things I would rather have done to me.

Either the person who likes this drank alot, or another/others decided they liked this idea, because soon the bathtub stopper was put in and soon there were a few more streams, coming about two or three at a time. I could feel them peeing all over me, some aiming at a particular spot. One person seemed like he wanted to pee everywhere on me, moving his stream up and down. One person had even peed in my hair. I could feel it around my back, a slight amount that caressed the skin not touching the bathtub. It seemed they weren’t doing a good job of filling the tub, but my back was now laying in pee.

I reached over and shut the hot water running out of the faucet on the bathtub off. I stripped off my coffee shop uniform and threw it into the washing machine in my apartment.  I walked around the apartment in my white bra and panties; I couldn’t believe I had lived here for a whole year already.  I was nearing the end of my Freshman Year at UCLA.  I couldn’t wait to see my friends back home in Minnesota and tell them about my year, about school, about working, and mostly about Ryan.

As made my way back into the bathroom stripping off my bra and panties, I stopped to look at myself in the mirror.  I took my shoulder length black hair out of the ponytail it was in and looked with my bright blue eyes at my pale skin and features.  I have perky B cupped breasts with puffy nipples; I was always self-conscious of them.  I have a thin frame, but not too thin, not a lot of bones showing. Everyone tells me that my stomach is flat and that I look great, though I think I could stand to lose a few pounds.  Looking down, the hair between my legs was shaved off clean, I just never liked the way it felt.  My legs were long and fairly thin, then I turned, I hated the way by butt looked.  Every guy I ever dated said I had a great ass, I never thought so, and it sticks out too much.  No matter how much running, walking, or other exercises I did, nothing would get rid of it.  I padded off to the bathroom thinking of Ryan again, I laughed at how we met that day I started at the coffee shop right after I moved here and how our relationship grew so quickly.  As I stepped into the hot water and lowered myself down into it, my thoughts of Ryan made my urges surge and my pussy begged to be touched.

I remembered it was the summer after high school graduation, I moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA, my parents couldn’t afford to have me live on campus, so I decided to get an apartment very close by.  After some searching online I found a girl, Sara, who was looking for a new roommate and it was right in the area I wanted to be in.  We conversed via email and did talk via Skype.  Once I felt comfortable I took a trip out to Los Angeles to meet Sara, and to find a job so I could afford my half of the rent and utilities.  

I was amazed how quickly my job search ended, almost immediately after it had started.  After my plane landed in Los Angeles I took a cab to the apartment Sara and I would share.  We spent the remainder of the day talking and getting to know one another.  Sara showed me around the area and II noted the places which had “Help Wanted” signs in their windows.  

The next day, I remembered, I woke up in the morning and decided to head to the little coffee shop I had seen the day before to get some breakfast and to plan my job hunting attack.  I walked the few blocks the shop was from the apartment building and opened the heavy glass and metal door. I remembered stepping into the coffee shop was like stepping back in time to the 1950′s, the decor of the place felt really authentic to the period.  The coffee shop had a few customers, but wasn’t busy, so, I had a seat at the counter and perused the menu while I waited for someone to take my order, immediately after sitting down I heard shouting coming from somewhere in the kitchen.

I couldn’t remember all of the details of the conversation, but, basically the manager had found out that one of his waitresses was getting married and would be quitting her job.  Something about how her soon to be husband didn’t want his new bride working.  When the waitress came over to take my order, I asked her what was going on.  The waitress, whose name tag read Donna, explained that it was just a little disagreement over her leaving and she showed me her shiny new diamond ring.  I called the manager over and explained that I was looking for work starting in a couple of weeks when I moved out to Los Angeles, that I had no experience, but was a fast learner.  The manager was still so upset about the situation he hired me on the spot and said that I could learn from Donna for the beginning of the week before she left.  I could pick up any remaining knowledge from the other waitresses once Donna was gone.   I couldn’t believe my luck; I was thrilled to start working and living on my own.

A few weeks later I had moved into the apartment and tried to settle in before school started.  I couldn’t believe that I was 18 years old, living out of my parents’ house, and starting my first job, everything was exciting and new, little did I know how exciting things were about to get.

My first day was a Monday that was the day I met Ryan. After I arrived and met everyone Donna showed me around the front as well as the kitchen and food storage areas.  She told me that later that day the coffee shop would be getting a meat delivery and it would be good experience for me to deal with that, mainly the delivery person did all of the work.  She then proceeded to show me how to wait tables and what to wear that was in good taste, but would elicit good tips from customers.

“You’re lucky, you’re young, most of the morning crowd are businessmen and laborers, keep an extra button undone on your blouse and they’ll open their wallets for ya.”  She told me.  ”Just remember, you don’t have to give them anything, just being really nice and showing just enough will do the trick and keep them coming back.”  Donna continued.

I nodded my head taking mental notes, there was a lot to remember, but Donna’s shortcuts really helped. Later that day, right on time, the meat truck pulled up in the back of the shop.  Donna and I headed to the back of the shop to open the door for the driver.

“Always check first to make sure that it’s not some thief or creep.  We don’t get many of those, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”  Donna told me.

I looked out of the peep hole in the rear door; I saw a white truck that looked like a converted UPS truck with the words “Smokehouse Meats” written in large letters on the side.  I opened the heavy metal door and used the door stop to keep the door open.  I heard the door open and then shut, then I saw him walking toward me.  Ryan was older than I was, tall, about six feet with tanned skin, dirty blonde hair and green eyes.  Ryan had the kindest eyes.  He was medium build, with well-defined muscles; he must have worked out after he was done hauling meat around Los Angeles.  He was busy reading his clipboard and opening the back of the truck.  To me, he looked like a dream California boy.

Donna stepped in front of me as I was scanning Ryan’s body, taking him all in.  She called out to him, “Hey Ryan.”  

“Hey Donna, how are things?”  Ryan asked in reply not taking his eyes away from the back of the truck, he pushed the back door of the truck up; it rolled up in a fluid movement.

“Just want to let you know, this is my last week here,” she told him.

Ryan turned around a little stunned “Oh no!  You’re kidding right?  Please tell me you’re kidding, where are you going?”

“Yeah, I’m getting married, so, I’ll be home for a while until I decide what I am going to do.”  Donna told him and used that moment to introduce me.  ”So, this is my replacement, Becky, you make sure to be nice to her.”

I peeked out from behind Donna after she announced me; my cheeks were flushed with embarrassment.  ”Hi.” was about all I could muster.

“Hey there, no reason to be shy, I don’t bite, unless you ask nicely.” He smiled; he could see the redness on my cheeks deepen.

“Wow, Donna, I’m really going to miss you, you’ve been here since I started.” he adjusted his view to Donna who was taking the clipboard from him and checking things off.

“Yep, it’s been six years, I’m 25 now, time to move on and start my life.”  She said to him with a bit of exhilaration in her voice.  ”But, you take care of my girl here, no funny stuff, you hear?” She continued, patting me on the back.

Donna turned to face me and handed me Ryan’s clipboard.  ”OK, I’ve checked the list to make sure that everything we ordered last night is here, all you have to do is check it off as Ryan brings it into the cooler.  You can handle that right?”  She said giving me my first big task.

“Absolutely, no problem,” I replied taking the clipboard from her hand.

“OK, if you have any problems, just holler, I’ll be waiting on customers.”  She said walking back into the kitchen.

Ryan did exactly what Donna had said he would do, “no funny stuff either” I thought to myself, though I did catch him looking me up and down a few times.

When he was nearly through, Ryan looked around the corners to see if anyone was nearby and then got a little closer.

“Hey Becky,” he said taking the last of the meat off of the truck

“Yeah,” I replied, I was just the slightest bit curious what he was going to ask.

“I deliver every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I got a deal for ya,” he said putting the meat into the cooler.

“Oh really, what is it?” I smiled figuring it was some kind of joke.

“Well, I was thinking, after my deliveries are done, if you could give me free coffee when I deliver, I could give you free meat.”  He said with a straight face.

“Really, what kind of meat are we talking about?”  I asked, still thinking that he was joking.

“I could give you some good sausage,” he told me.

“Oh, so you want to give me your sausage huh?” I replied, my eyes rolling, I figured he was making a sexual joke to break the ice with the new girl.

“No, seriously, it’s a fair trade, coffee for meat,” he said innocently.

I looked at Ryan’s face; he was the cutest boy I’d seen around since moving to L.A.  I knew we gave out free coffee to upset customers all of the time, so what was one more?  Besides, he did stock our cooler really neatly for us.

“Well, let me think about it, I don’t want to get in trouble my first day on the job.”  I flirted with him twisting my toe on the floor.  I gave him my best innocent eyes.  I could tell from his look that he was having fun flirting right back.

“OK, well don’t take too long thinking about it, the offer may not last forever.” he kidded right back with me.

The rest of the week went well, I learned a lot about the shop and the regulars who came in every day.  Wednesday was Donna’s last day, Ryan came on schedule, this time Donna let me handle the process by myself after she handed me the list of what the manager had ordered the night before.  Ryan and I continued to drive each other wild flirting as he put the meat into the cooler.  Before he left he asked out the deal he had proposed on Monday.  

“OK, I’m in.” I said giving him a free cup of coffee.

“Great.” he said taking the cup from my hand, as he did our hands touched and it was as if we were statically charged his hand felt rough, but yet so gentle on my skin.  His touch raised goose bumps along my arm and I shivered a little.

“I’ll give you the meat on Friday after your shift, what time do you get off?”  He asked.

“5:00 P.M.” I informed Ryan.

“Perfect, I’ll see you at 5:00 on Friday, meet me in the parking lot across the street” he said.

Friday came and I worked my morning shift as usual, and Ryan came and made his normal delivery accepting the free coffee I handed to him.  As he left to continue his deliveries, I told him that I would see him at 5:00 in the parking lot across the street from the coffee shop.

Finally, it was 5:00 and time for me to leave.  I took off my apron and put it in the break room beside the kitchen in the shop.  I let everyone know I was off for the night and that I would see them in the morning for my first Saturday shift.  I headed out of the door and there was Ryan’s truck, parked in the parking lot across the street from the shop, just as he said it would be.

I knocked on the door of the truck and he slid it open with a smile.  

“Hey, you made it,” Ryan said to me, his teeth were perfectly white.  

“Yes sir, right on time, as requested.  Now, I’m here for my meat.”  I smiled back at him

“Right down to business, I like it.” He said smiling at me “Right this way little lady.”

Ryan leaned past me and shut the door of the truck, then opened the door leading to the back of the truck and ducked in.  I was only too happy to watch him from behind as he made his way down the corridor toward the back of the truck.  There were a couple of lights that lit up the back of the truck so that it wasn’t dark at all.  I looked around and saw metal deep freezers on either side of the truck, on each of the freezer sliding doors were neatly printed labels indicating what was inside.  I spun around losing sight of Ryan as my eyes looked around at what was Ryan’s work space.  

“Wow, it’s a little cramped in here with all of the freezers.  Is it difficult for you to work back here?”  I asked not yet making eye contact.

“Nah, it’s not bad, you get used to it,” he told me.  ”Your meat is right here,” I heard him say.

I turned around and there was Ryan, standing at the back of the truck with his pants unbuttoned and unzipped.  He had pulled his boxers down just enough to allow his penis and his balls to hang over them.  I had never seen a penis before, well, I had on T.V and on the internet, but not close up.  Ryan’s cock seemed really big to me, the ones I had seen in movies and online porn were always good sized, but this seemed extraordinarily big.  I wondered if he thought I was just some scared little college girl from the mid-west who would turn and run at the sight of his gigantic cock.  So, I think I surprised him when I walked closer toward him and dropped to my knees.

“So, what am I supposed to do with this?”  I asked him in a sultry voice.

Ryan smiled down at me and said “Give it a taste, you might like it.”

I hadn’t ever gone down on a guy before but, I knew plenty of my friends who had.  I had seen plenty of videos online of girls sucking guys off, it seemed that they always started with licking, so I decided to follow suit to hide my inexperience.

I took him gently in my hand and I was a little surprised when it jumped at my touch.  I used my soft hand to stroke him a little, I looked up and saw that Ryan had closed his eyes and leaned against the wall of the truck, his stiffening cock was right in my face.  I could see that he was long, maybe seven or eight inches; the skin of his cock was slightly lighter than of his body.  The mushroom tip was dark and starting to swell from the increased blood flow.  I was a little scared, but I wanted to try this.  Ryan was so good looking; I was hoping he would treat me gently.  I gave the head of his cock a kiss and then a lick with my tongue.

“Ryan, I haven’t ever,” my voice trailed off and I looked down.

Ryan opened his eyes and looked down at me, “Don’t worry about it, you’re doing wonderfully so far,” he assured me.

I looked back up, nodded my head and went back to licking the tip of his cock lightly.  At that moment I decided to go on instinct, to do what I had seen and if I felt him jump a bit or moan then I would keep going.  I wrapped my small hand around his cock and put the head in my mouth, I could feel the heat of him against my tongue.  It felt nice, so, I went further, alternating my hand and mouth movements so they were in rhythm.

Ryan was moaning again, he moved so that his body could rest on the long freezer cabinet on the floor of the truck.  His hands gripped the front of the freezer as I increased the speed of my head bobbing up and down on him.  Each time I moved, I backed my hand off a bit and let more of him into my mouth.  I let saliva build in my mouth which lubricated his cock; Ryan seemed to like that feeling against my lips.   At one point Ryan lifted his right hand and was almost petting me while I sucked on him.  I went a little too far down on him and I gagged a bit, I was afraid I’d choke or worse, but once I backed off I was OK and went back to sucking on him.

As I continued to take him into my mouth, I felt the heat growing between my legs.  I had the urge to touch myself.  I used my free hand to pull my skirt up around my legs.  I reached down and touched my lips through my panties, instantly I got wet.  I wanted more, I needed more, and as I touched myself I wanted him to take me.  I was a little afraid of having such a big cock being my first, but my body ached to be taken, to be penetrated.  I could taste the salty liquid dripping from the tip of his cock; I knew it was a preview of what was to come.

I pulled him out of my mouth and looked up at him as I continued to stroke him.

“Ryan,” I looked up at him keeping the rhythm of my hand going.

“Yes?”  He said opening his eyes and thrusting his hips into my hand.  He looked down and could see me pleasuring myself.

“I want you inside of me, but, you have to be slow, I’ve never done that before.”  I explained to him.

Ryan nodded; he looked into my eyes and said, “I’ll be very gentle baby.”

Ryan stood up and pulled his pants and shirt off.  He carefully guided my arm up and helped me to remove my shirt.  I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor of the truck.  I stood there in my bra and panties, Ryan turned me around so that I was facing the freezers.  I heard him kneel down so that his face was in direct line with my ass.  Ryan placed his fingertips into the white waistband and tugged my panties down slowly, revealing my pale cheeks.  After he removed my soaked panties, he bent me slightly forward and then he put his fingertips on either side of the cleavage of my ass and spread it apart.  I gasped as I felt Ryan pull me open; I felt the lips of my pussy part allowing my juices to run down my inner thigh.  I felt my ass pucker a little bit as if giving a wink to Ryan.  I had never felt so open before, it was exhilarating to feel so open to the air. I was excited and nervous all at the same time

“My God, you’re beautiful.”  Ryan said to me

I flushed at his words.  I would have chucked a little except that I felt the heat of his breath on my pussy as his head moved closer to me. I felt Ryan’s tongue meet the outer lips of my pussy and slowly lick upward, parting my pussy with his tongue.  Ryan continued to lick all the way up until I felt his tongue run over my puckered ass.  I gasped again and then bent forward more, pushing my ass into his face.  Ryan made a few circles with his tongue around my asshole and proceeded back down to my pussy.  He plunged his tongue in between my lips and darted in and out, fucking me with his mouth.

 My body responded immediately, I rocked back and forth slightly.  He repositioned himself so that his tongue could find my clit.  As soon as it did I felt a surge followed by a need for more.  He rubbed my swollen clit with his tongue; my body moving in rhythm with his mouth.  I really thought I was going to have my first real orgasm right into his hot mouth.  

Suddenly, Ryan stopped licking me, and I felt him stand up.  I knew in my mind this was it; I was going to feel him inside of me.  I anticipated the feeling of being filled up. I turned my head around to look at him.

“Please be careful with me Ryan.”  I said to him with a little anxiety in my voice.  

He nodded and took his cock in one hand, he used the other hand to take the cleavage of my ass and spread it apart.  Ryan took his cock and rubbed it up and down the length of my pussy mixing the saliva and the juice that was running from me like what felt like a leaking faucet.  He placed the head of his swollen cock at my entrance and stopped.

“Are you ready?”  Ryan asked in a sweet voice.

I nodded my head and moaned my acknowledgement, I don’t remember saying anything.  Ryan eased his cock into my pussy slowly, my lips parted with a soft moan that escaped from my mouth.  I felt my pussy open to allow for his width to enter me.  He was so careful, so slow with me, so tender.  He stopped periodically so that I could get used to the feeling, then he continued inching himself into me.  It hurt a little, but each time he stopped I was able to recover and it started feeling really good again.  I started to feel really full when I felt my ass cheeks start to feel his stomach.  He pushed on until he was all the way in me. I cringed a little and pressed my teeth together tightly.

I was in my mid 40′s and divorced and living a great life. I ran my own successful from home and lived in a large house in it’s own grounds at least 5 miles from my nearest neighbour.

Whilst I was single I had an active sex life having been lucky enough to know 3 ladies who were unattached and had no need for a long term relationships but were happy to meet up for sex or go away for a break all no strings attached. They all knew of each other and I was aware they saw other men or ladies if they wished.

Debi was 50 a successful lawyer and very dirty. Helen was 60 a retired business woman sexy and great in bed and Sarah was my age a nurse who loved sex and could use me all night.

What I kept quiet and has since I was young was that I cross dressed. I now had a locked closet full of ladies, clothes, lingerie, shoes and wigs and make up. I would indulge myself and dress as my alter ego Paula at least once a month and enjoy time being a sexy lady. The dressing relaxed me and I had never really seen myself as gay or bi it was just my bit of fun.

I had only ever been seen twice in ladies clothes. Once, shortly after my divorce, when I visited a dressing service as I knew I would be dressing more often and the other time I visited an escort and wore panties and stockings when we had sex.

He dressing service helped me look quite passable. I was only 5 feet 7 and slim and fairly hair free. I now kept myself completely waxed which I explained was due to the fact I did a lot of cycling (no lie).

I had found myself drawn more to cross dresser porn and often fantasised about sex with men but apart from dressing cam sessions I had never had a sexual encounter with a man and saw myself as curious only.

It was a December day and I had decided to be Paula for the day. I had put on white lace lingerie including lacy boy shorts. I had put on suspenders and cream stockings with black seams. I slipped on a short little black dress which showed off my slim legs and some black stilettos. I applied some discreet make up and my block bob wig. I was not worried about surprise visitors as the only way on to my property was through security gates and I has a sophisticated alarm system which would warn of intruders.

I did some work during the day enjoying the thought of clients and my broker talking to me unaware that I was dressed up as (even though I say so myself) a sexy milf. By the afternoon I had done my work and logged onto my computer and started looking at some of my favourite porn sites and enjoyed the films of some hot cross dressers I stroked myself through my panties but held off cumming as I planned a long night of porn and cum as I was not expecting to see anyone that evening. Pre-cum oozed through the lace panties and I decided to stop for a while and get a drink and watch the news. Due to my location I rarely closed the curtains and I could see outside that snow was falling so I decided to pop out and get some logs for my wood burner. I slipped of my shoes and put on my trainers but otherwise I went out as Paula. I got some wood from my store I went back into the house. I slipped off my trainers and padded in my stocking feet to my wood burner and began to put wood in the stove. As I closed the door a hand was clasped over my face. I went rigid with shock.

“Surprise!” rasped a husky voice. “I bet you thought all that security was fool proof didn’t you you sissy fag?”

“Well it isn’t. I’ve been watching you online and through you stupidly big windows for weeks, Nice of you to give me those shows,”

“I’m going to take my hand away. No point in screaming no one will hear.” He laughed as he turned me around.

I saw a man in his 30′s about5 feet 11. Muscular, hairy and dressed in a blue overall with the logo of my alarm systems installers on them/

“I haven’t any cash in the house but take any valuables you want,” I whispered.

“I’m not here to rob you I’m here to have you,” he leered.

I gasped and tried to break free nut he was far stronger than me.

“You’ll go to prison,” I said.

“Not when people see the videos I have of you dressed up and camming for men asking them to fuck you.. Your whole house is wired and some of your cam games were for me Tommyboy1245.”

My head was reeling I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I thought I had been so discreet. Scandal would ruin me.

He moved over to my sofa and undid his overalls revealing a very hairy naked hard muscular body with a cock already hardening. It wasn’t huge but for the first hard cock I’d seen in real life it was scary.

“On your knees Paula I need a warm mouth around me,” His hands forced me down and he sat on my sofa legs spread. He pulled me towards him and my head moved towards his glistening circumcised cock.

“Start sucking baby or your world gets blown apart,”

I slowly lowered my mouth and put my lips on his cock. I tasted salty muskiness and began to take more into my mouth, I wanted to gag but somehow kept it in, I remembered the films I’d seen and began wanking and sucking the cock,

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah baby I have wanted this for weeks. I knew you were a sissy cock sucking bitch” he moaned.

Despite myself my cock was rigid in my lace panties. After a few minutes he groaned and I felt him go rigid and a gush of hot spunk hit my mouth. I tried to pull away but he held me tight and made me swallow. The salty seed slid down making me feel sick but smutty and horny. I had often had this fantasy the reality was scarier and more exciting.

“Nice work Paula you suck cock like a pro. Now lets have scotch and you the you can take that dress off.”

I fixed his drink and then slowly took off my dress revealing my sexy lingerie and hard cock.

“Your a big gurl for a sissy. “Tommy said looking at my 7 inch cock, It’s size surprised all my partners.

“Come over here and sit on the sofa.” he said and patted the seat. As I walked over he removed all of his clothing and sat down next to me completely naked, He took me in his arms and pulled me to his mouth and began to kiss me his tongue sliding into my mouth. I had never kissed a man and found myself responding to him and began using my tongue. His rough hands ran over my body and I found my hand on his hard again cock. I stroked him and he moaned and kissed me harder. His hand slid into my panties and a finger found my ass and slid inside me. He worked my ass and I found I was moving myself on his now 3 fingers, He pulled away and lay pushed me down on to my back and he reached into his overalls and brought out a tube of lube. He pulled my panties aside and began putting lots of lube in my ass.

“Time to lose your cherry Paula.”

He took his time entering me until I could feel him fully in me, At first it was painful but the more he worked me the better it felt. After 20 minutes my legs were around his back as he fucked me. Eventually he stiffened and shouted out my name as a gush of cum filled my ass. He collapsed on me and we kissed again. I could not believe I had enjoyed it so much.

The rest of the evening was spent with him using me in every position. He must have cum 5 times and I had cum in my own panties.

We feel asleep on the rug in my lounge with Tommy caressing my cock.

I heard a bleep and woke with a start. I was covered in a blanket and alone, I was wearing cum covered lingerie and the room smelt of sex. I had no idea where Tommy was,

In heard the bleep again and looked at my computer. I saw Debi’s smiling face.

“Hi darling didn’t I tell you a £1000 spent at Fantasies Cum True was worth it. Thanks for telling me about Paula and putting the cam on. I frigged my cunt so hard last night watching your deflowering. I will be over tonight to meet Paula” She stood up showing her fit naked body wand the 8 inch strap on dildo she was wearing.

I smiled “looking forward to it sexy.”

“Maybe we could book them for some joint fun,” she said.

“That would be great “I sighed,

I drifted off to sleep again dreaming of last night.

“We shouldn’t have done that.”

I was still breathing heavily and still feeling incredibly horny, but at the same time I felt bad, dirty, as if I’d let someone down and I suspected that someone was probably me.

Trevor’s cock softened quickly, and he sighed as it slipped from my well used cunt.

“Happens all the time in this game love, don’t worry, it’s a perk of the job,” he quipped as I felt him wipe the end of his cock on my bum, leaving a slimy trail on my skin.

I still didn’t move when I heard him zip up his jeans and only turned my head when he counted out five crisp, new twenty pound notes onto the desk beside me.

“And here’s one more,” he whispered into my ear.

I shuddered as he placed a crumpled and dirty twenty carefully on top of the others.

“I’m not a prostitute,” I said sulkily.

“We all are darling, one way or the other,” he chuckled, patting my bare bottom.

I heard him take a couple more shots and then there was silence.

“Are we done?” I asked.

“Hmm? Oh yeah, yeah, got some good stuff today Sarah, thank you very much. Same time tomorrow?”

I stood and pulled my knickers up before heading back behind the tatty old Japanese screen without looking at him.

Could I do this again? I certainly needed the money and the portfolio sounded like a good idea, but I didn’t doubt I’d have to keep letting the dirty old bugger have his way with me.

“Yeah okay,” I replied as nonchalantly as i could manage.

“Good girl, told you you were a natural. Love it don’t you?”

I had to admit, I had enjoyed it, no matter how bad I felt now. ‘Maybe it would get easier’, I thought to myself.

Soon dressed, I took a deep breath before stepping out from behind the screen to face Trevor, but he was concentrating on his computer screen now, flicking through the images he’d just taken.

I watched for a moment or two until he reached the dirty ones and noticed that he lingered longer over these particular shots.

“Some great shots here for you portfolio babe,” he chuckled.

“The dirty ones?”

“Well, it’s up to you, but I don’t mind knocking together a couple of different ones for you, say a clean one and a naughty one? You’d stand a better chance of getting work if you went out armed with both.”

“I’m not sure if I want anyone to see those ones.”

Trevor instantly picked up on the hesitancy in my voice, the thought of lots of dirty old men wanking over my pictures made me horny beyond belief.

“Course you do girl, you love it, I told you you’re a natural.”

“But what if someone I know sees them?”

The thought of my friends or, God forbid, my mother seeing them made me feel sick.

“Nah, not where these are going Sarah, I sell them on to website content providers, chances are you’ll never even see them again no matter how hard you look.”

“I’m not sure…”

“You signed the forms love, my pics now!”

Trevor turned and smiled his unfriendly smile again.

“Look babe, don’t worry, I’ve been doing this for years so trust me, everything will be fine. You’re a good model and with a bit of experience you could be really good, I can help you with that, make a bit of money for us both and we can have a bit of fun along the way. You won’t be the first and you won’t be the last, but you could be one of the best, and as if I’d want to fuck that up!” he laughed.

I stood still undecided, chewing my lip.

Trevor looked at me for a moment then stood and held out his hand, I sighed and held mine out to him but this time he did shake it, quite firmly.

“You won’t regret it babe, I promise,” he lied.

All the way home I went over the conversation again and again, thinking myself into knots.

I stopped at a newsagent on the way home to buy some chocolate and noticed the magazines on the top shelf, that was me now, a dirty girl who let blokes take pictures of her naked for other blokes to wank over.

I felt a twinge between my thighs again and desperately wanted to adjust my knickers or take them off altogether, Trevor’s cum had soaked the gusset completely.

Hurrying to the counter I pulled out my purse to pay for the chocolate and saw the dirty twenty pound note there, a reminder of what went on. I paid with one of the clean ones instead and pushed the offending note into a pocket in the purse.

The shopkeeper handed me my change with a smile, I blushed, what did he know? Had he seen me looking at the porn magazines? I almost ran out of the shop as I headed for home with tears in my eyes.

To my great relief, my mum wasn’t home when I got back, so I headed straight upstairs and started to run myself a bath before heading into my room to get undressed.

Moments later I stood in front of my full length wardrobe mirror looking at myself, I was the same person alright, but I felt different and I realised I was looking at myself in a different way, more critical, and to my surprise I found myself worrying what Trevor would think of a small blue bruise on my thigh.

Then I looked more closely between my legs and saw his dried cum on my pussy lips and I felt a sudden overpowering urge to fuck, the same urge that had driven me to beg Trevor for his cock earlier.

I ran to the bathroom, turned off the taps and quickly returned to my room, closed the door and took my vibe out from its hiding place in my wardrobe drawer before falling onto my bed, closing my eyes and thinking about Trevor’s hard cock as I jammed the vibrating plastic phallus into my wet hole.

Forty minutes and two incredible orgasms later I knew I’d be back there tomorrow and as far as I was concerned I now had a new career.

The next day, as I was getting ready to go out my mum came into my room.

“Where are you off dressed like that?” she demanded.

I hadn’t told her about the modelling the previous evening, not being sure quite how to broach the subject, but I guessed that now was the time.

“I’ve got a job Mum,” I replied as nonchalantly as possible as I applied the finishing touches to my mascara.

“What as, a prostitute?”

I coloured at this and was instantly transported back to yesterday, Trevor’s pounding cock and the dirty twenty pound note.

“I’m sorry love,” she sighed as she noticed my change in complexion and sat next to me on my bed. “Your skirt is very short though and that blouse doesn’t leave much to the imagination you have to admit.”

“It was yours Mum,” I replied crossly.

“So it was,” she laughed. “So…what’s this job then?”

I told her and braced myself.

“Modelling? What sort?” she asked sharply.

“Like this,” I said, pulling my laptop over and opening a stock photography website up to show her.

“People pay for this do they?” she remarked, her temper obviously abating as she looked at a few pictures not too dissimilar to the cleaner ones that Trevor had taken of me yesterday.

“Yeah, I get a fixed fee and then the photographer sells a licence for them. They get used on websites and in magazines and things.”

“Well it seems okay, is that all you do though?” her voice was sharp once more.

“Yes,” I hissed, somewhat too defensively, turning away at the same moment to hide the lie in my eyes.

My mum took a deep breath and softened, touching my shoulder gently before she went on.

“Look Sarah love, I’m really pleased you’ve got a job and I’m sorry about all the questions, I just worry that’s all.

“I have lived a few years more than you have you know, I’ve plenty of experience of people and in general, and blokes especially, they’re usually either after your money or what’s in your knickers.”

She laughed when I turned to look at her with a look of surprise on my face.

“Just be careful and if you have even the slightest doubt, don’t ignore it, come and talk to me.”

I smiled and hugged her briefly, then stood and picked up my handbag from the bed.

“Thanks Mum,” I mumbled, trying my best not to cry and ruin my makeup.

“That’s alright my darling,” she smiled and I saw a twinkle in her eye as she held her hand out. “You can start paying towards the bills now.”

Twenty minutes later I was forty pounds worse off as I approached the dirty alley off the high street once more, my legs feeling like jelly and with butterflies in my stomach, however the nerves I felt on this occasion were mostly down to excitement at the prospect of the afternoon’s session.

Trevor buzzed me in and I had a feeling of deja vu as I walked up the narrow stairs to his studio, his eyes burning a hole in my bum, only this time I walked more slowly and wiggled my bottom in what I hoped was a sexy manner.

“Lovely,” he chuckled as he followed me up and I smiled to myself as I felt his hand cup my left bum cheek, it felt good to be paid to do something I enjoyed and the attention felt great, now I was completely sure that what I was doing was right for me.

The studio door was open so I walked straight in and put my things down in the corner behind the screen.

“Which outfit first Trevor?” I called out.

“You choose darlin,” he replied now openly watching me strip in the mirror.

I looked at the costumes hanging on the clothes rail that he’d prepared for me. There was a school uniform, complete with blazer, tie, hat and knee high socks and a nurse’s uniform.

When I stepped out from behind the screen a few minutes later I was a naughty schoolgirl, my hair in pigtails, my blouse unbuttoned halfway down my chest and my tie loose around my neck.

“Want to do some clean shots or do you want to get straight down to the dirty stuff?” Trevor laughed.

I looked at him silently for a moment, painfully aware of my erect nipples rubbing against the material of my bra as my chest rose and fell with my quickened breathing and in answer I slowly lifted the hem of my skirt.

Trevor chuckled as he began taking shots once more.

“That’s it babe, nice and slutty.”

I turned my back to him, looking over my shoulder into the camera, holding my skirt up at the back and showing my knickers.

“Arch your back more, poke your bum out as if your inviting me to fuck it, that’s it babe, you’re a natural.”

“A natural what?” I asked playfully.

“A natural slut,” Trevor replied, openly massaging the bulge in his jeans between shots.

“Now how about some open leg shots?”

I turned and sat back on the desk, resting my bottom on the edge as I peeled the knickers down my thighs.

“That’s it Sarah my love, nice and wide, you’re lovely and wet too so there’s no need for the spray.”

I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was begging for his cock again, I was almost panting as I spoke.

“The spray?”

“Yeah, for these shots we want the girl looking wet and not all of them get as turned on by it all as you so we have to use a spray to moisten up their cunts.”

He was close to me now, taking shot after shot between my wide open thighs and I longed to pull him forward into my body.

“Lovely, now lift your legs up and let’s see that tight little bum hole.”

I did as I was told without a second thought, placing my feet on the table either side of me and grasping the edge while pushing my hips up and forward, giving him full view of everything I had.

“Nice arsehole,” Trevor commented absently as he continued to shoot up close. “You’ll be wanting to get it bleached though if you want to get more work.”

“Bleached?” I asked puzzled.

“Yeah, it’s nothing major, just gets rid of the brown bit around your hole.

“You ever had anything up there?” he asked, quickly changing the subject.

“Anything…oh no…” I blushed.

“Fancy it?” Trevor lowered the camera slowly and looked at me in the same way a T-Rex would look at a beef burger.

“I dunno…doesn’t it hurt?” I almost whispered.

“Not if you do it right,” Trevor breathed as he slowly unzipped his jeans.

I looked on unable to move as everything seemed to happen in slow motion.

Trevor reached for the spray bottle he’d mentioned earlier with one hand while the other fished his already stiff cock out of his pants.

I gasped slightly as he squirted cold liquid onto my upturned bum hole and I felt it begin to trickle down between my buttocks.

“Just hold it there and try to relax,” he whispered as he quickly positioned himself between my thighs.

He pushed his erect cock forwards and down, lining it up with my back passage and I peered down to watch as he began to gently rub it around the hole, fighting the urge to let my hips fall and capture his cock in my aching cunt.

“How does that feel?” he smirked.

“Ahh nice,” I moaned and let my head fall back.

Trevor saw his opportunity and pushed forward firmly.

My head flipped back up and I cried out as I felt my anal virginity taken away, it burned as he pushed, a burning stinging pain, but then I remembered his advice and relaxed as best I could and the pain began to lessen and became more bearable.

“That’s it girl,” Trevor breathed as he set to work unbuttoning the rest of my blouse, before dipping his hand into my bra and lifting out my heavy breasts one by one.

“You’ve got lovely tits Sarah,” he commented as he pushed forward once more.

I gasped, feeling a slight pop as his cock head pushed past my sphincter slowly but relentlessly and I found that if I pushed back, as if I was going to the toilet, the discomfort almost completely disappeared.

“Yes,” Trevor groaned as he pushed past the half way mark. “Told you you was a fucking natural, you gorgeous little slut.”

I moaned when I heard him calling me that and pushed forward onto his cock involuntarily.

Trevor just grunted, falling forwards and jamming his cock in my arse up to the hilt as he began to suck and bite at my soft warm tits.

Then he began to thrust, gently at first but soon harder and harder as he began to lose control and I experienced a massive orgasm, crying out in pain and pleasure as my muscles clamped hard around his cock as he continued to pump my bottom.

My moans changed to whimpers and I flopped backwards onto the table, my legs falling either side of Trevor as he buggered me, he picked up the pace of his strokes, breathing heavily now and I knew I was about to get the first of many loads of spunk up my arse.

Right on cue I felt his cock swell inside me, I felt so full and so fucked that I could barely breathe but he just continued to plough my anus, there was no stopping him now and he emptied his balls into my rectum with a loud grunt, his red sweaty face twisted in ecstasy as he filled me up.

Minutes later we were still coupled, his cock softening slowly until it slipped from my stretched hole, leaving me feeling empty and strangely lonely.

“Oh…oh…my God,” I panted. “That was amazing!”

Trevor laughed breathlessly, “There’s plenty more where that came from my love. Now let’s get some shots of that hole of yours while it’s still freshly fucked.”

I was powerless to argue and just lay there as he took picture after picture of my stretched and cummy bum hole.

“Stick your finger up your cunt for me,” the old man directed as he clicked away.

Weakly I reached between my thighs and slipped a finger between my wet pussy lips.

“That’s it girl, get yourself off while the cum’s still dripping out of your arse.”

I moaned and began to frig myself with my other hand, digging and twisting my fingers into my wet hole as I did so. The orgasm came soon and hard, and my hips bucked and twisted, lifting off the table as my back arched and I saw stars for the second time in quick succession. Then my hands were pulled roughly away from my hole and I felt Trevor’s stiff cock pressing inside me once more.

“Oh God, fuck me Trevor, fuck me!” I moaned as he rutted between my thighs, his heavy balls swinging and slapping my arse as he pumped my juicy pussy.

“You’re a dirty little cunt aren’t you?” the old man growled as he fucked me.

“Yes…ah…yes, I’m a dirty cunt,” I moaned, as I cupped and squeezed my heavy tits, offering them up to him to suck and bite.

He did just that, leaning forwards over me and burying his face in my chest, alternately grinding his crotch into me and then thrusting deep and hard once more.

There was a strange buzzing sound from somewhere but I was too far gone to really pay any attention until I saw Trevor lean across me and pick up the handset for the intercom.


The photographer looked down at me and grinned, not missing a stroke.

“Yeah mate,” he panted, “I’m on the job now with that new one I mentioned, come on up.”

He reached across me again and pressed a button as I began to push him off me.

“Stop, stop,” I panted urgently.

“Don’t be soft I’m nearly there,” Trevor laughed and pushed me back down onto the table. “Slut like you can handle more than one cock at a time anyway, just enjoy yourself.”

He thrust into me hard again and I moaned as he plumbed new depths with his iron hard cock, then it was too late, I heard footsteps and the door opened.

“You dirty old bastard!” the newcomer laughed, I turned my head away from him, not wanting him to see my face even though I was curious to see what he looked like, but I was embarrassed, no one had ever seen me like this before.

Trevor was still ramming his cock into me, the table creaking and groaning beneath me as we fucked, but he still managed to laugh as he replied, “Come and have a go on her I could do with a breather.”

I looked at Trevor in shock but he just laughed as he pulled his cock out of me and at the same time I heard the other man’s zip being lowered.

“Much obliged mate,” the other man chuckled, “What’s her name?”

“Terry meet Sarah, Sarah that’s Terry’s cock going up your hole right about now!”

Both men laughed and I groaned as I felt the newcomer’s stiff penis slide easily into my wet cunt.

“Nice fucking tits love,” Terry remarked, digging his fingers deep into my soft flesh as he began to slide his cock in and out of my pussy.

I looked up at Terry, my mind telling me that I should put a stop to this right now but my body telling me the exact opposite as I locked my ankles behind his back and fucked back onto his deliciously hard prick.

He was older than Trevor, or at least he looked it but was almost the same build, in fact he looked very similar in a lot of ways but was better dressed and had a deep tan.

Trevor noticed my expression and laughed, “Ever been fucked by two brothers before?”

I shook my head and moaned again, the pace had quickened and Terry was fucking me hard now, slamming into me with a snarl on his reddening face.

“You dirty fucking slut!” he growled and then gasped.

I felt his cock swell and pulse as he shot his load inside me, I reached up for him, grinding my clit hard onto the base of his cock and feeling another orgasm fast approaching.

I came just as Terry finished and came so hard that I sat bolt upright, clinging onto him for dear life as the wave washed over my body.

“What’s she on?” Terry laughed.

“She’s just a horny young girl, bit of a nympho I reckon, fucked her arsehole for the first time before as well she fucking loved it.” Trevor replied as Terry withdrew, I fell back onto the table and he regained his place between my thighs once more.

“Lift up love, I’m going up your arse again,” Trevor grunted.

I ignored my shaky legs and did my best to lift my hips up for him once more crying out gently as I felt his cock slide easily into my arse up to the hilt.

“Go on lad! Fucking give it to her!” Terry laughed as his brother began to slowly but very deliberately slam his cock home before drawing it out slowly and repeating the process over and again until I was a quivering, moaning wreck and unable to do anything about the rough buggering he was giving me. And neither did I want to, I’d never felt so completely fucked in my entire young life. ‘If this is a taste of things to come,’ I thought to myself, then I knew that I’d made the right career choice.

Authors Notes:

To appreciate The D’Orgasmic Chronicles, one should have a familiarity with Cherry Takes on the NFL and The Screamer series. As these characters came to life, the stories demanded that they become combined into this series. I hope you will enjoy and I look forward to your feedback.

Disclaimer: No celebrity appearances in this series are in any way to be considered realistic. They are included for the entertainment of open-minded adults only. Their thoughts, words, and deeds are in no way indicative of the real celebrity. They exist here only to build a story around.


“This brings back fond memories,” Rose laughed as she and Wendy were lying out by the pool.

“You’re telling me,” Wendy quipped as they listened to the uproar coming from Gary’s office. They were almost two hundred feet away and the sound was intense. Raw, animalistic, guttural screams of wanton, unbridled sexual demands permeated the grounds.

“The amount of stress they are both under, I’m surprised they aren’t louder,” Debbie laughed as she pulled up to the pool in her golf cart.

Tammy, Tia, and Bobbi came out of the main house laughing at the sounds.

“Get over here,” Rose smirked. “You’re listening to the sounds that made all our lives so much better. Lick my pussy and let me revel in this bliss baby.”

“Rose, you don’t need to hear Holly and Gary to have a wet pussy and I’ll lick you anytime you want,” Tammy grinned as she sank between Rose’s thighs and lovingly soaked her tongue into this Asian goddess.

Tia and Bobbi joined in and the women listened to the duo so much in heat.

“Your cock, dammit, I want your cock,” Holly screamed. “I need it baby. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Yes you fucker. Shove that hard cock into me. I need you to fuck me hard. Oh, God yes, that is it. Stretch me. Make me scream baby. I want your hot cock everywhere. I’m going to ride your white ass like a bronco. Yes! That is good, so good, don’t stop! Fuck me! I’m cumming baby!”

Wendy looked around and started laughing. Tia was lovingly licking her pussy and people were pairing off all around the complex in an unplanned orgy. Cocks were hard and pussies were filled as Holly, the resident loudspeaker, led the charge unintentionally.

Gary smiled as he split her drop-dead gorgeous body on the tip of his shaft. Her juices soaked his cock with the hottest, softest pussy possible. He smiled as her volume level increased. She had to be really stressed because she was exceptionally loud this morning. Her breasts heaved. Her nipples elongated deliciously and her pussy grabbed his cock hard with each thrust.

“Motherfucker, I’m cumming so hard. Fuck my hot cunt baby. Yes don’t stop! Holy fuck honey. Yes, yes, yes baby, slam your cock into me. I need your cock, I love your cock, I live for your cock and you’re going to give it to me harder, deeper and faster. Fuck me.”

Gary slammed his steel into her dripping wet pussy and with each thrust; she screamed louder and squirmed harder. Her body convulsed on his cock repeatedly and he loved the way she rode him. What was supposed to be a serious business meeting had turned into a full-blown fuckfest in an instant.

“You love my tongue don’t you Debbie?” Bobbi asked. “I sure love your pussy.”

Debbie smiled at her as her legs weakened and her stomach tightened. Bobbie was a sexual being who could and did create the most wonderful orgasms. Her tongue was magic and Debbie moaned as the first of many wonderful orgasms washed over her.

“My ass needs your cock darling,” Holly yelled. “Fuck my tight asshole and give it to me hard. Stretch my ass and give it to me deep. OH yes, ream me baby. I need your cock in my ass right now. Oh fuck, that is so good baby. Drive that cock deep inside me. You know what I like; you know what I need. Give it to me deep and give it to me fast. Make me cum so hard I pass out baby. Yes! Oh, God that is so good. I love it! I know you love my ass baby. Stretch my ass and give me what I need. I love your cock. I can feel every bit of it. Slam that cock deep into me baby. Yes!”

“That was what made me fall in love with him,” Wendy cooed as Tia was lovingly licking her ass. “I was lying on Rose’s floor listening to them in his bedroom. I think Rose was licking my pussy when she yelled that. I came so hard I almost fainted and I knew then and there that I wanted him for myself.” Tia slid her fingers into Wendy’s ass. Wendy positively went nuts and gushed all over Tia’s lovely hand.

With each long stroke, Holly was cumming rapid-fire and her ass was inhaling his cock with a passion that surprised even her. She loved a cock in her ass but when it was Gary’s, it was purely special. He was a concert pianist and she was his Steinway. He could play her and bring her experiences by far, beyond what any other man could do.

“I adore you; I crave that cock every minute of every day. Oh baby, I’m cumming so hard. Yes baby, Do it, do it, oh fuck, DO IT!” she screamed.

And do it, he did. His hands held onto her hips as she bounded, jumped, and flailed on the hard shaft buried deep into her subtle body. She slammed her ass back onto him with a force that surprised him. It astounded him. He felt her tighten, clamping fully onto him as he slammed into her gorgeous ass. Her shrieks of joy hit decibel levels unheard of in civilized society.

“The next scream won’t be from her,” Tammy said as she looked up from Rose’s lovely clit and laughed.

“Oh baby, don’t we know it,” Rose giggled. “It’s going to get quiet for a few minutes and then look out.”

Holly extracted herself and turned to him. Her body glistened with passion and she crushed her breasts against his hard body. Her arms snaked around his neck and she kissed him deeply and with a love so full and true that it took her own breath away.

She shoved him back onto his desk and her hands ran over his body, teasing and tantalizing him. Her breasts felt wonderful as they traversed his form; her nipples tickling him and pleasing him. She too could play his body as well as he played hers. She knew what really turned him on. Her fingertips traced his body, hitting those secret spots only a longtime lover really knew about. She kissed him deeply and spent time seductively sucking his tongue. This woman could raise the dead. She was a vamp, seductive in every manner. Bringing him pleasure was all that mattered to her. Her hands caressed him as she worked her way to his very rigid, engorged manhood and its two very full companions. He felt her breath, hot and sensual. His broad shaft twitched as her attention started to turn in that direction. She had the softest touch. Each contact designed to tease and to please. His cock twitched and she giggled.

Gary looked at her in awe. She was adorable. She was sexy and she was insatiable. What a combination he thought. He knew what was coming and he loved it. Her hands ran down his chest and her eyes locked onto his. She smiled as she stroked his body. Her nipples were so hard and her eyes twinkled as she caught him admiring them. She knew he loved her tits and he could and had over the years, sucked her nipples for hours.

Her hands moved to his abdomen and her touch was feather-like and erotic. His cock twitched, swelled, and begged for her attention.

“Does my baby want me to wrap my lips around your hot, hard cock and swallow it?” she purred.

“Oh yes I do, I really need your lips wrapped around my cock and to have you suck me dry. You are without a doubt one of the finest cocksuckers I have ever known. I love it when you do me and please me darling. Nothing turns me on more than watching you open those pretty lips and take my cock into your lovely face. No one sucks cock as well as you do. You are such a sophisticated woman but when you have a hard cock in your mouth, you look so wonderfully slutty and that turns me on. I love watching you suck cock,” he whispered.

“You know how to get and keep a girl wet don’t you baby. Do I really look like a slut with a cock in my mouth?”

“You look like the most beautiful slutty cocksucker on the planet. I love it when your eyes roll up in your head and your breathing becomes ragged. You open your throat and let me face fuck your nasty slutty throat. The only thing better is when you are fully airtight and I am fucking your throat. You look like such a nasty, yet elegant whore. I love cumming down your throat.”

Her eyes never left his. Her hands stroked his thighs and her body erupted in a massive orgasm as he talked to her this way. This was their secret and he played it to the max. She loved having him tell her how nasty she looked as she was fucking and sucking cock. Her body exploded non-stop as he told her all the devilish things she had done and how slutty she looked. Of all the ways he could make her cum, this was her true favorite.

Her hands came up the insides of his thighs and she touched his large bloated ball sack. He twitched. His cock swelled and a large dollop of sweet, clear, slippery love sat atop the massive shaft. She loved his cock. She could suck him forever and never quit. His balls fell into her hands and she caressed them gently. They felt full and heavy with the prize she demanded. She teased his balls and his cock twitched. The shaft pointed directly at her mouth. Her lips were glistening. Desire built as she looked into his eyes. She leaned forward to run her tongue over the tender flesh of his balls.

“You’re so good baby. I love this,” he purred.

Her lips washed his balls and her fingers caressed his ass. The dollop grew and she was not about to waste it. Eyes locked, her lips opened and she wrapped them around his cock. Her mouth rewarded immediately with the first taste of his lust. She took him to the back of her mouth and allowed him to lubricate the opening of her throat. She wanted his balls in her mouth and his cock in her stomach. She wanted to eat this man totally. The deeper he got, the better her orgasms were as well.

Her fingers caressed the pucker of his tight ass and she pushed him back onto the desk. She raised his leg and spread him wide. She loved his ass and she was going to eat that ass for all she was worth. Her tongue circled the tightness and her tongue flicked into him tentatively at first. He moaned. She drove her tongue deeper and he moaned again. She spread his muscular cheeks and opened him up. He relaxed and her tongue slipped deeper into him. He loved it when she ate his ass. His cock was twitching wildly as her tongue dug into him.

She needed that cock. She moved to his balls, taking her index finger and placing the tip just under the head. She flattened her tongue and slowly, deliciously ran her tongue from his balls to the tip of his cock. His beautiful, carved, sculpted cock thrilled her as she tongue washed it, loved it and toyed with it. She really was a cocksucking slut and she loved it. She wanted to be the greatest slut imaginable. She wanted him to use her, She wanted him to feed her and she wanted him to abuse her lips, face, mouth and throat. God, she loved the thought of his cock slamming deep into her throat.

She released the head and his cock sprang right toward her face. Wasn’t that a lovely sight? Strong, steel-like and velvet in texture, it was her favorite meal. This morning, she was going to have it her way. She opened her mouth and placed her lips over the slit. His precum was flowing profusely and she was hungry and greedy. She loved his flavor and made no bones about it.

Her lips opened, eyes locked onto his as she fell forward, gazing deep into his eyes. Her nipples grazed his thighs and his cock descended into her warm, wanton mouth. Every ridge and vein thrilled her and her pussy gushed profusely. Holly could cum just thinking about sucking cock but actually doing it was paramount to turning on Niagara Falls. She took him fully into her mouth, never breaking eye contact.

“Do you know how nasty you look with that cock in your mouth? You are a gorgeous slut, so wanton and wild. Do you like that cock in your mouth woman? I love watching you suck cock. Can you swallow that hard cock? Can you whore?”

Her eyes glazed over, her lips trembled, and she never blinked. She leaned forward. He felt himself touching the back of her throat. She held him there, trembling and he knew she, herself, had just cum. Her eyes burned into his and he felt her throat open. She fell forward and he inched his manhood into her throat. She set the pace opening her throat to allow him entry. She trembled again and this time it was much harder.

“Did you just cum slut? Did you just cum on my cock? Did you?”

She nodded.

“You’re such a good cocksucker. Your throat is warm and wet and you look so nasty. Can you take all of it? Can you?”

She exploded dramatically and her lips fell fully onto his cock. Her eyes laser locked onto his and she saw the smile on his face. That was enough. She came again just holding his cock in her throat. She pulled him out and she fell back again onto him. She loved the feeling of his cock in her throat and she picked up the pace.

He moaned.

She came.

He moaned again and her pace quickened. Her throat opened fully. She was lost in lust as she rose and fell on his manhood. She was better than great. She was phenomenal. He pounded her face; his balls slamming off her chin. She began to cum in earnest. This is what she lived for…a hard, strong cock filling her throat and balls bouncing off her face to boot. Nothing could make her cum harder than that.

He reached down and grabbed her ears. She screamed on his cock. She was wrong. Doing this while he held her ears was the ultimate to her. She seldom gave up this kind of control but with him, she never worried. She loved him and he loved her. She was continuously cumming. Her legs were drenched, She flowed freely down her thighs. Nothing thrilled her more than this.

“What a world class cocksucker you’ve become my little harlot,” he spoke as he fed her every inch of his cock. “I love your tongue as it washes my cock. Your throat is so talented. I love how you swallow my cock and massage it. Keep cumming darling. Cum on my cock, flood the floor and I’ll reward you with such a huge prize my darling.”

Holly lost it completely. She rattled around on his cock and she sucked and massaged it every way she could. Her body convulsed dramatically and her breathing nearly stopped. She gathered her composure and her fingers slid into his tight ass.

“Yes darling, fuck my ass with your fingers while you suck my cock. You know I love that.”

She did. First, one finger then two and then three. She fucked his ass and swallowed his cock all the while she was beyond orgasmic bliss. She loved fucking him with her fingers or anything else she could find for that matter. He loved it and she loved doing him excessively. She began to massage his prostate and he jumped. She knew what he loved and she never failed to please him.

“You are such a great little whore. You make me feel so good. Are you ready for your prize darling?”

She never said a word. Her eyes said it all. She poured her heart and soul into it and she felt his body tense. His legs began to quiver, his breathing became ragged and his stomach tightened like an over tensed coil.

“Fuck yes!” he screamed. “Suck it baby! Oh, God! Yes!” His body erupted.

She felt his balls lift and the massive load of his sweet, wonderful cum flowed from his balls. She felt his shaft swell over her tongue. When he erupted, he filled her throat and mouth with a huge sweet prize. Her body convulsed as he came and together, they lost all sense of time and space. This was one for the record books.

She drank him down, savoring every delicious taste. Her senses heightened and she loved the taste of his cum. She swirled his cum around in her mouth, loving the flavor and the texture. She had no plans to waste a single drop of the love he had just bestowed upon her.

He picked her up and pulled her to his lips. Their kiss was passionate, loving and he tasted his cum on her lips. They locked in a passionate embrace, hearts pounding; their bodies drenched in the lust they had just shared. They held each other tight as their breathing normalized. They kissed, touched, and embraced their shared intimacy, savoring the moment when the intercom came to life.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the eagle has landed,” Linda, announced.

A roar and applause erupted outside. Holly and Gary walked to the windows and burst into laughter. Everyone was naked and cheering them.

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Gary, laughed.

“Honey, everyone says I can wake the dead. I guess they are right.”

“Okay you two. After that marathon, I figured you’d need nourishment,” Linda said as she walked in with a tray of pastries and a pot of coffee. “You know what is great around here? You never know when an orgy is going to break out. We love you two.”

“Thanks hon, this was supposed to be a serious meeting,” Gary said as he poured coffee. “I’m curious, how did everyone know what was going on in here?”

“Congratulations Holly, you finally did it. You fucked his brains completely out of his head. We have a pool going. We’re betting you make the evening news in Miami. We know they heard you in Daytona,” Linda giggled.

“Ah, we weren’t that loud were we?” Gary smirked.

“Of course not, what you heard was only a figment of your imagination,” Linda laughed and left them to get to business.

“There are only six weeks to go before we open in Orlando. We have to finalize this today,” Gary said. “I know you have looked at several options but we need to have a definitive answer today darling.”

Holly sighed, “I’ve been holding off, hoping we’d have something positive but nothing has happened. As a result, I’m going to gamble on what we originally wanted. Mark may not like this but it’s going to be The Country Girl Saloon and The Velvet Glove. Country Girl was a no brainer. Mark told me about the Velvet Glove after she was injured. I think it is the perfect name for a dance club.”

“The Velvet Glove — Orlando and The Country Girl Saloon — Orlando it is then. The restaurant will be Holly’s BBQ Diner and the Plazas will be The D’Orgasmic Plaza. Is that the final decision baby?” Gary asked her.

“It works for me. I just want only one thing. I want you to go to Las Vegas and get that woman. I don’t care what you have to do. Get her to come back into the fold. If you don’t, Mark will not be with us much longer. I am very worried about him.”

“I am too dear, very worried actually. Let me see what I can do. I had the artwork done for all of the names on the short list. I like them, what do you think,” he said as he handed her the signage illustrations.

“They are perfect Gary, I really love them. Everything is in place. Brenda has been amazing. She has the professional dancers hired and trained. She has the club dancers all trained as well. Red and Nancy are ahead of schedule and Jim has everyone trained on the computer systems. Linda is finishing the Orlando restaurant and she’ll be heading to Las Vegas in three days to start on that one. Damn, you’re going to have to cook again. Sorry darling.”

“I’m happy as hell. Construction is going on all over the country. Shannon has the entire employee collections designed and they are in production. Ainsley has beaten her schedule and the new product line is amazing. We still have some store staff issues remaining. Other than that, we are in good shape. Brenda and Joy are getting everyone trained. We are almost good to go,” he said.

Jill buzzed him to tell him Lori was on the line. He kissed Holly and took the call.

“I need something from you darling, can you get me Loretta Lynn’s private number? I would like to speak with her,” he asked her.

Lori said she would make some calls and call him back.

Fifteen minutes later, he was on the line with the Queen of Country Music. They had a long and lovely conversation. He thanked her so much for the photograph she sent Ainsley. He told her it meant the world to her. To that regard, he asked if she would be so kind as to meet with them as they had something they would like to present to her. She agreed immediately and a time and date were set up.

Gary called Mark and told him when to pick up Ainsley. He told him to tell her they were going to inspect the Nashville property. They had to go to Nashville anyway as the property was scheduled to open November 1st.

Michelle, Mark, and Lori were wheels up and Gary, Holly, Jill, Ronnie and the girls were enroute as well. Both jets landed within minutes of each other. They entered the limo and headed to the property. They met with the onsite supervisor and were very pleased with what they saw. Nashville was ahead of schedule and they were pleased.

They returned to the limo and drove out into the countryside. The properties they saw were amazing. They turned into a lovely piece of property and pulled up to the front door. The door opened and Ainsley let a scream out of her that was heart wrenching.

Gary walked up and introduced himself and then everyone else. Loretta looked at Ainsley and gave her a big hug and kiss. They sat and had coffee and Loretta told them stories about when she first met Bill Norris. She was a young singer and he was just starting his company. She loved the designs and even though she really couldn’t afford it back then, she ordered her first pair of custom-made boots. They were beautiful and they developed a life long friendship.

Loretta laughed and excused herself for a few minutes. When she returned, she was carrying a garment bag. She began to tell them a story. She had recently met Patsy Cline and was sitting in a coffee shop worried about what she would wear when she appeared with her for the first time. Patsy was such a huge star; she was an unknown.

“Two women were sitting in the next booth and they overheard the conversation. They didn’t want to intrude but they had heard what she had said. They explained that they were designers and that they would be thrilled to design something for her to wear. I took them up on their offer,” she handed the garment bag to Gary, “This was the result,” Loretta said.

He opened the bag and looked at the dress they had made for her. It was definitely 50′s country but it was gorgeous.

“Look at the label Gary,” Loretta smiled.

He looked and his jaw dropped. “Are you kidding me?”

“No dear, your mother and Maggie Carter made that dress for me. They knew I could barely afford food at the time. They never charged me a dime for it. They were getting started too and they figured that if they could help me, it would be good for them someday. We stayed in touch over the years. I’ve lost two very dear friends but you have made me feel so good, just being here,” Loretta said. “I read all the trades and I understand there are some very big things in the works for you. Tell me all about this huge project you have.”

What was supposed to be a half-hour meeting lasted well into the evening. They explained everything to her. She was excited that the focus was on finding new, hot talent for both Pop and Country artists. When she heard about the VIP areas of each club that would allow record company executives to come in and see the new people without their knowledge that excited her.

“Believe me, there is nothing that will throw you off your game faster than standing on stage knowing that your career is in the hands of someone in the audience. That is the greatest idea I’ve heard of,” she said as she turned to Ronnie.

“You look so familiar to me, have we met before?” she asked.

“No Loretta, believe me, this is an honor for me. I never dreamed I would be sitting here in your home. You’re everything I always thought you would be.”

“Thank you darlin, it is just that you look like someone.”

“Loretta, have you seen Luke Bryan’s video of Country Girl?” Lori asked her.

“That is where I know you from. You were great in that video. He is going to be a huge star soon. I love him,” she said.

Gary explained that she was not the girl in the video but as far as he was concerned, she was her double. He then told her about the people who would be managing the clubs and restaurants and the dance they did to that song.

Loretta laughed, looked at Ronnie again, and shook her head. “Luke would be blown away to see you. The resemblance is amazing. I love this idea more than anything I’ve heard in years. How can I help?”

“We came here today to give you this,” Jill said. She handed Loretta the credit card. “This is for you dear. Order whatever you want, anytime. You’ll never get a bill. We just appreciate the kind words you wrote on that photograph so much.”

“Thank you Jill, thank you very much. This means the world to me. Let me see if I understand all of this properly. You are creating these clubs all over the country to showcase new talent. Gary will have the retail stores. Holly, you’ll have the clubs and the restaurants and Mark, you’ll be representing the new talent. Is that about right?”

“Yes it is,” Mark said. “I am so fortunate to have Lori as head of my entertainment division. She is an amazing woman.”

“Oh, trust me; everyone in the business knows who Lori is. I just wish to God that I had her when I was getting started. I would have done so much better than I did. Too many people out there promise you the stars and never deliver. Mark, your reputation is well known. This will pay dividends beyond your wildest expectations,” she told him.

“Lori, I can open doors where no doors exist. I want to help. I don’t do many personal appearances anymore and I am, frankly, tired of doing nothing. You tell me when Orlando, Las Vegas, and Nashville open. Send me the complete schedule. I would like to open the clubs for you, if that is all right with you. Who do you have to open the Country Clubs?”

Gary gave her the schedules and she excused herself. She returned in a few minutes and she had her signature smile on her face.

“The opening act for the first three clubs on the country side is in place. When my friend heard about this, he was all over it. He is honored to be able to help. He has a dancer he’d like to bring. Would that be okay?”

“That would be wonderful. We have four great new groups we are going to be highlighting but yes, definitely, that would be wonderful. Who is it?” Gary asked.

She walked over to Ronnie, sat, and grabbed her hand. “His name is Luke Bryan and he would dearly love to open your clubs providing this lovely lady will dance for him.”

Ronnie’s jaw hit her lap. She was speechless.

“Better get over that girlfriend. I am betting that you’ll meet all of my friends and they will definitely want to meet you too,” Loretta smiled. Does that work for you Gary?”

“Ronnie is not the only one who is speechless. Thank you so much. We never expected anything like this. Thank you so much Loretta. I will send my jet for you. You’ll have a wonderful place to stay both in Orlando and in Las Vegas. I can’t thank you enough,” he said as they said goodnight.

“I don’t believe this,” Gary said as they headed back to the airport. “Nothing like this ever crossed my mind. To think she would do that for us is amazing to me.”

Ronnie sat in stunned silence. Rose started laughing and she elbowed her. “Are you with us Ronnie? Are you going to be alright?”

“I’m in shock, I seriously think I am in need of something,” she wheezed.

“You’re always in need of something darling,” Gary laughed. “Have we ever let you down?”

They arrived back at the hangar and said their good-byes. Mark, Michelle, Lori, and Ainsley headed back to Fort Worth and Las Vegas.

Gary hugged Michelle and she whispered, “I’ll see you later darling. Good luck. I love you.”

They boarded Gary’s jet and watched as Jack and Tom taxied Mark out onto the tarmac. Gary kissed everyone and they all wished him good luck. The girls were adamant that this trip had to be a success. He kissed Jill and told her to fly home because Ronnie needed something. Jill laughed and told him she had planned on it. As he was getting off the jet, Ronnie blocked the exit way.

“Bookend boss, don’t you dare come back without my bookend. Tell her she has a twin that she’s never met but who loves her and needs her,” she said as she kissed him.

Gary walked off the jet and onto his G3, which was waiting next to the hangar. Gina and Brianna gave him a big kiss and got in line behind Jill.

They took off and headed for Las Vegas. They would be there long before Mark landed. The time difference would definitely work in his favor. He just prayed that this would work. Gary called George and he confirmed that she was dancing tonight.

“How long have we been friends Gary?” George asked.

“Damned if I know George, probably twenty years, why?”

“Then I figure I can say this without hurting your feelings. What the fuck took you so long. I expected you to do this the day after she arrived in Las Vegas,” he said.

“I know. If you really want the truth, half of my company wanted me to do this in Dallas the day she came out of the coma,” Gary told him.

“Call me just before you land, I’ll send my limo to pick you up. I am going to hate to lose her if she decides to leave. Without a doubt Gar, she is the most phenomenal woman I’ve ever met in my life. Don’t you agree?”

“Are you sitting down buddy? I’ve never met her. I saw her on TV. I have photos I had shot of her but she has no idea who I am. Mark kept her hidden from me and then the shit hit the fan after they got back from Hawaii.”

“Tonight, you’ll be a very special VIP then. That is all I am going to tell her. If she agrees, what do you want me to do next?” George asked.

“I want you to call Mark and ask him to come over. Tell him it is important and you need to talk to him immediately. If she is feeling the way I think she is, she’ll want to do this as much as we want her to. Michelle is going to text me when they are on their final approach. I’ll have an answer by then.”

He hung up and poured himself a stiff drink. The cockpit door opened and Gina walked out with two coffee cups in her hands. She refilled the cups and sat next to Gary.

“We heard what you are trying to do. I do hope you can convince her. We know we don’t know you guys as well as the others do but we can see how much this has Mark upset. Are you all right?”

“I’m just stressed out. Everything is happening so fast. We knew it would and that doesn’t bother me but when my right arm is broken, it just takes a lot out of me.”

She kissed him and took Brianna her coffee. When the cockpit door opened again, she walked out wearing a nothing but a gorgeous new pair of high heels. He saw her coming and smiled, “I like your outfit, it is stunning,” he laughed.

“This old thing, thanks, it’s given me a lot of pleasure in the last little while,” she grinned as she knelt between his legs. “I know it is not normal to give orders to ones boss but this is not a normal job so you stand up right now.”

Gary looked at this lovely Greek goddess and laughed, “Yes Captain, your wish is my command.” He stood and her hands crept up his legs. She undid his belt and his slacks fell to the floor.

She rested her head on his thigh and looked up into his eyes. “I have never seen you nervous before. If you’ll remember, I’ve seen the photos of her and yes, she is a gorgeous woman but Gary, she is just a woman. Mark loves her and everyone knows that. Why the hell are you so worried? You charmed the pants off me without even trying. Women like you, they respect you and once they get to know you, they love you. You’ll do fine with her. Remember something please, you have backup right here. Brianna and I are not just pilots, we are lovers and we are friends. Together, we will make this happen.”

She licked the inside of his thigh as she took his long, soft cock in her hands. She felt the blood flow and he firmed in her grasp. “That’s my man; I love your cock.”

She licked him and stroked his ever-hardening shaft. Her eyes bore holes in his head as her pink soft tongue wrapped around him. She licked him and ran her tongue around and along each deep ridge and vein. She smiled at him and licked the velvet head of his cock. Her lips opened and she closed them over the tip. Her tongue slid through the dollop of pure delight that sat upon his long slit. She loved the taste and the silkiness of that drop of nectar. His cock inched deeper into her mouth. She inhaled as the thrill sent subtle shockwaves throughout her body.

Gary watched as her nipples hardened and her face accommodated his length. Her eyes spoke volumes as he filled her throat. This lovely woman definitely had a calming technique that he enjoyed tremendously. He filled her lips and stroked her throat and the uneasiness drifted away.

Gina felt his mood lift and she smiled as she began to suck him with everything she had. His hips were moving into her and his substantial ball sac was bouncing off her chin. She moaned with each seductive slap and his legs began to quiver. Her hands slid up his stomach and onto his chest. Her lips buried him completely and her tongue danced all over his pole. She felt him inhale and she braced herself.

“God, you’re good Gina. Suck me all the way darling. Oh yes!”

His balls lifted and the rush of cum exploded in her sweet face. Gina was on fire and her greedy, wonderful lips let nothing escape. She drank his cum and pleaded for more. She held his cock between her lips and sucked him gently as he softened. She swallowed him completely and held him in her throat. He twitched and gave her one last sweet drop of his seed.

As his softened shaft departed her lovely face, she cooed, “When we get to Las Vegas, you just charm her like you did me and she’ll be in Mark’s bed tonight darling. Thank you, I needed that.”

Gina kissed him and walked back into the cabin. A few minutes later Brianna walked out similarly dressed. This perfect blonde walked up and sat beside him. Her hands caressed his legs, leaned over, and kissed him deeply. The curve of her breast, her stunning nipples, and her sweet blue eyes never ceased to amaze him.

She put her heels up on the back of the seat in front of her and she looked into his eyes. His gaze had flowed from her face to her breasts and down to her rock hard abdomen. She definitely was in perfect shape.

“You love looking at my body don’t you baby? I love it when you do. It makes me wet to know that you are looking at me and wanting my body.” She spread her legs wide and her perfectly smooth pussy opened like a lotus blossom, pink and sweet. His eyes fixed on her generous, lovely lips and the meaty, long sweet clit that simply begged to be licked.

Her long manicured fingers traveled through her valley, “I used to think I was a sexy woman until I met you. I discovered, my darling, that I had much to learn. What I determined was that I had the entire concept of love and sex backwards. You see, today, I have become much like Rose. I am a greedy woman and I am in absolute love with you. I sit for hours with my fingers in my pussy, just like this. I stroke myself and cup my breasts and dream of you being inside me, loving me, licking me, and making passionate love to me. I may be sucking another cock or licking one of the beautiful pussies we have but my heart is yours. At first, it scared me but now that I know each and every woman back home feels exactly the same way, I feel so much better about my feelings.”

He leaned over and kissed her again. She sucked his tongue and bit his lips. Her fingers sank into her pussy and he watched as she brazenly sat there, finger fucking herself.

“At night, before I can get to sleep, I have Gina lick my pussy the way you do it. She has really learned baby. She can get me cumming in just a few minutes.”

He grabbed her hand and walked her to the bedroom. He knew what he had installed in Miami. He reached up into the ceiling and released the lever. The bar dropped and he took her hands and placed them on the bar. He flipped the switch, her legs spread on the special mat, and then he adjusted the height.

“What is this baby? It looks kinky. I think this has possibilities.”

He sank to his knees and looked at one of the most spectacular pussies ever created. His hands traveled her body. His tongue began to devour her; bringing massive shrieks throughout the jet. He used every luscious technique and Brianna was on fire. She held that bar with all her might and flowed rivers of wonderful honey down his throat. He licked every inch of her body, teasing and pleasing her in every way possible. She exploded constantly. When he entered her, she was enflamed. He fucked her spectacularly. As he turned her around, her ass screamed for fulfillment.

“I love how you touch me, how you love me, and in particular, how you fuck me darling. Don’t stop baby please don’t stop. Oh this is good, oh, oh, uh oh!”

Gina clicked on the intercom and told them they would be landing in thirty minutes. Gary kissed her and poured another drink. He called Dani and told her that he was on final approach.

Brianna kissed him deeply and told him she loved him.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you, on the trip home, I get to blow you and Gina is going to fuck your brains out all the way home. Now go get that girl and don’t come back here without her. That is an order.”

“Aye, aye Captain,” he giggled as he kissed her again. She walked back into the cockpit and the wheels hit the tarmac shortly afterwards.

Dani arrived, running up the ladder and kissed him. “Here is what you wanted baby. Are you okay with this?”

“I am Dani, I definitely am. I want to see that smile back on his face. I’ve never met her. Everyone tells me she is adorable. Is she as nice as people say she is? I need to know.”

“She is everything you’ve heard and more. She is scared to see him. I may be dead wrong but I don’t think I am. I have the feeling that she really is sorry for what happened but she is too proud to do anything for fear he’d reject her,” Dani spoke from the heart. “Bring her back and give us our man back Gary, please darling.”

Dani ran into the cockpit and told the girls she would be back for them soon. They were going to have the jet refueled. Jackson was going to call her to tell her when they were on final approach. Everyone in this conspiracy had to stay invisible for a while.

She pulled up to Sapphires and George was waiting for him. They shook hands warmly and walked into the club. The deep blue and crimson lighting gave the ultimate in intimate, sensuousness. They stopped at the bar and George looked around.

“There she is,” George said as he pointed to the center stage. “She is gorgeous.”

Gary looked in awe. He had seen the photos, seen her on TV and in print but the woman he looked at in the flesh was beyond his wildest imagination. The lights were low but he saw nothing to indicate she had ever been injured in any way at all. One look gave him every answer he needed. He knew why Mark was so affected.

“Let’s do it George,” he said.

“One question Gary. Rum Runner of Snake Bite?” George asked.

“Snake Bites and make them doubles please.” Gary walked into George’s VIP area and made himself comfortable. He watched as George called her over and walked her to the bar. He talked to her for a minute and sent her into the room. A waitress followed, served the drinks and left.

Gary looked at her and smiled, “Please have a seat. George tells me that you are Cherry. It is a pleasure to meet you. I must say, you are quite an impressive woman. George and I have been friends for almost twenty years. He told me a lot about you.”

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