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God, it felt good to be out in the sunshine! The sun stroked Monica’s back with heat that spread throughout her body like a hot steaming mist. Her simple gauzy cotton skirt brushed her thighs in a complicated syncopation with the wind and the length of her stride as she walked down the busy street. Her long straight auburn hair lifted a little in the breeze, teasing her bare arms and face with its dancing strands.

She stopped, closed her eyes and smiled, slowly turning right there on the sidewalk, lifting her face to the pulsing sun. Passersby circled around her, but she was only slightly aware of their presence. She listened to the street talk: the sounds of cars and trucks circulating through the streets, a dog barking in the distance, laughter coming from the corner coffee house café and the telltale exhalation of breath from men passing her.

The men took her closed eyes as an excuse to boldly eye her cleavage and the daring expansive swell of breasts visible above the tight white paper-thin tank top. Her top did little to hide the perfectly centered nipples that boldly jutted forward, merrily teasing, begging to be touched, to be suckled.

Her back arched as a sudden stiff breeze lifted her long skirt and swept up her legs to tickle her naked pussy.

Something clutched and immediately released her right breast.

She gasped and snapped her eyes open, staring into the smiling brown eyes of a young man who sheepishly apologized and grinned. He would have pleasant thoughts and a hard on for the rest of the day, remembering that he actually copped a feel of a beautiful redhead’s huge breasts right there on the street.

She smiled knowingly, her face dazzlingly bright, and turned to continue her walk.

A few yards down the street she squinted at the sun which seemed to suddenly brighten, burning. She stopped and reached into her purse for her sunglasses and slipped them on, unaware she had stopped on a wide concrete driveway.


A voice issued from the dark recesses of an open fire station door. The gleaming red of two fire engines dissipated into inky blackness in stark contrast to the brightness of the brilliant hot summer day outside.

She turned and peered into the darkness, sliding her sunglasses down off her nose to see better into the gloom. Man sized shapes gradually emerged from the darkness.

This was interesting. She didn’t think she actually knew any firefighters. She had always admired them, of course. They were local heroes who worked tirelessly during the yearly wildfires that seemed to spring up like malevolent forces early every summer. This summer had been no exception; five separate fires had licked huge swatches of the local mountains black.


They were closer now. She could make out four figures as they came closer to the light. “Yes?” She looked at them in puzzlement and still managed to appreciate their rugged good looks and well-muscled hard bodies nearly bursting from black tee shirts and jeans. One held a basketball under one arm and she imagined they glowed a little from recent exercise. Her eyebrows lifted and she pursed her lips in appreciation and her blue eyes flicked up, down and around to touch each one in turn.

The tallest one stepped up to her, his eyes registering surprise, delight and a touch of lust. His chest rose as his breath deepened, grabbing and discarding air hungrily.

“It IS you… Monica Majors?” He eyes traveled leisurely down her hourglass form and casually back up and lingering on her half exposed breasts and finally back to stare into her eyes. His eyes were a startling grey-blue in contrast to black hair and tanned handsome face.

“Yes? Do I know you?” She inhaled sharply, her eyes huge, shocked by a sudden sexual punch. She blinked, her breasts seemed to strain forward toward this man of their own accord as if alive and demanding to be touched.

“I told you it was her!” The fireman turned to speak to the three men behind him.

Monica felt his eyes leave hers with an almost physical wrenching pain. Her body was suddenly alive and tingling, her nipples so hard they ached, her cunt filling with lustful juice. Every square inch of her skin strained forward and animal lusting anticipation ran a little sticky line down her inner thigh.

“We know you!” one of the other men laughed. “We are some of your biggest fans!”

Monica looked at the one who spoke, her eyes feasting on his good sculpted dark good looks and licked her lips. God, they were ALL beautiful! Her hands itched and her fingers twitched as if already caressing those magnificent arms.

She snapped back to reality when his words reached through her lustful haze.

They recognized her!

She had always known this could happen. Until now she had managed to stay safely anonymous in her own home town. It was too late to disavow her name as she had already answered, and it would be pointless to deny that she was Monica Majors, suburban housewife, erotic writer and Web Porn Model with a personal website membership in the thousands. She had been, after all, practically licking them all up with her eyes, and their perusal of her was just as sexually charged.

She looked at all of them, closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Well, she had to admit, if she was going to be recognized, being seen by four gorgeous firefighters was probably the most exciting way for it to happen.

She dipped her head and looked up through her lashes at the men and smiled. Well, she had always had a warm sexy spot in her heart for men in uniform, especially firefighters. Hadn’t her erotic story “Firehouse Rock” proved just that?

“My biggest fans? Well this is a surprise! I never expected to be recognized in my own neighborhood!”

“I’m Jim.” The tall one reached out for her hand. She automatically extended her hand and watched it disappear into his warm grip. He indicated the men behind him with a careless sweeping gesture, “this is Roy, Simon and David.” Voices of the men behind him rustled and rushed over her skin. Wordless, caressing, anticipating, warm.

“Very glad to meet all of you,” Monica smiled and shook hands with each of them in turn. The last one, David, pulled her palm to his lips, lingering deliciously. When they finally released her, her body was singing. Each handshake was a caress, each touch of flesh against flesh a promise.

Jim stepped up close she had to look up to see his face. His eyes devoured her. “We have your posters up in the dorm. And we all really loved that story, ‘Firehouse Rock’.” He grinned. “It’s kind of funny; this almost plays like in the opening scene.” He stepped forward, closing the distance between them. His breath was hot and sweet and hinted of coffee.

She tilted her head and smiled ruefully. “Yeah, um, I noticed that, too.”

Not only paying members of her website, but members who read her work and bought her merchandise! This was exciting and a little scary.

Her second career as a nude model and web entrepreneur had given her more financial security she had ever achieved in her former businesses. But she still had to live in her hometown and doubted that many of the committees she sat on would appreciate this overtly sexual side of her, if this got out.

His voice dropped to a whisper and he gently, almost reverently brushed away a lock of long red hair that had blown into her face. Her skin tingled where he touched her. “We could give you a tour and prove what big fans we are, if you are interested.”

This was obviously more than a simple invitation. Monica knew he was asking for more, asking for all of her that bright July afternoon.

They knew her body in pictures and videos. They knew her fantasies in her erotic stories and pictorials.

They knew that this exact scenario — being recognized, being offered a “tour” and then thoroughly, gorgeously fucked by a group of lusty uniformed men – was a favorite fantasy of hers.

They were asking in their burning eyes and tense postures, if she wanted to make that fantasy a reality, right here, with them.

She could feel the yearning and fire radiating from them with an intensity that rivaled the sun… that same sun that suddenly burned at her back, causing her to take an involuntarily step forward into the cool darkness of the fire station. A sudden breeze licked her legs, whipping her skirt and long hair forward, cooling and pushing her deeper into the darkness, out of the light, out of reality. So. Even the elements were nudging her forward, toward the men who stood breathlessly waiting.

How far could she really go? She brushed her hair out of her face and considered. Four men. Could she honestly handle all four? As the writer in her story, she controlled the men’s actions, their movements, their lusts, carefully guiding them where SHE wanted them. She knew she could handle two real men – she had before with wonderfully wild and insanely orgasmic results. But four? Could she taste, touch, stroke and allow herself to be tasted, touched and stroked by these men, these four strangers?

And what of Jason? Her wonderful husband who encouraged her darker lustful side and loved to watch her with other men… He had proven to her that he loved to see her get off with other men, but he was always right there, watching.

Hmmmm. She was little on the spot today. Jason was out of town on business and these wonderful men were right here… right now.

She knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to make one of her favorite fantasies come true… a fantasy that Jason loved to hear about, over and over again. Their nightly phone call while he was out of town always included Monica relating one her fantasies or real sex adventures while they both masturbated. Ironically, last night’s phone call has been a retelling of this very scene. What did he say when they were both panting and mellowing after their communal masturbation had reached it climax? Oh yes. He said he wanted that story to come true; he wanted to hear about the EXPERIENCE rather than a mere fantasy.

Of course, Jason is pretty clear about one thing: that he always wanted to be there for the sex, even if he just watched… Would he forgive her, this once, for doing it without him?

Monica struggled for a moment. Jason would, if he were in town, tell her to go for it and watch with a huge grin and even bigger hard on, waiting for his turn. But today he was in a conference and could not be reached. This decision was hers and hers alone.

She looked the men over once again. They waited patiently, staring at her with admiration and lust. Heroes. Gorgeous. Young. Wanting her. Four men. Should she? She smiled. How could she not? She WAS Monica Majors, sex goddess and web porn star. Monica Majors could handle anything. And Monica knew in her heart that Jason would understand as long as she gave him a detailed report tonight. He did so love her recitations of her sexual adventures…

So, tonight she would give him a new adventure!

She tilted her head and laughed, her blue eyes twinkling merrily, and surrendered to the moment. “I would love a tour!”

Jim’s eyes widened and he exhaled noisily as he turned and led her into the darkness, with the other three men following close behind. The big outside doors rumbled slowly shut. Reality receded with disappearance of the visible outside world the door slowly barricaded from view.

With the gentle final bang, the door hit the pavement. The firehouse had swallowed her whole.


Monica looked around her with interest, her eyes already adjusting semi-darkness. Yes, they had two big red fire trucks that sparkled even in the dim light, with a dizzying array of hoses and chrome boxes and gauges and gismos and, what was that over there? A shiny silver pole that descended from the upper story! Monica laughed and turned to grin at the men following her. “I always wanted to do this!” She skipped over to the pole, her long gauze skirt fluttering behind her. She grabbed the pole with one hand and dashed around it, giggling as the five men blurred around her. Their laughter joined hers. She went faster, until her long skirt billowed and rippled, offering tantalizing glimpses of thigh and split second winks of white bare ass.

She slowed and, dizzy, started to collapse, and was caught by several pairs of strong arms that steadied her. She grinned up at their smiling faces.

“That was fun!”

She stood up and made a show of smoothing her skirt over hips and legs, fully aware that four pairs of eyes followed her hand movements with interest. She deliberately brought her hands up gracefully and lightly brushed under and over her breasts, trailing up her chest and neck to her chin before throwing them over her head in delight. “I feel great!”

“I’ll bet you do!” one of them whispered. Three men mumbled assent, their eyes bright.

Monica looked at them, her eyes huge with feigned innocence. “Sorry for the detour!” She looked at Jim, who stood shock still, staring, a prisoner of sudden overwhelming lust as he had watched her spin around the pole. He shook himself with an exhalation of surprise and with one eyebrow cocked in acknowledgment of her affect on him said, “Okay… let’s go!”

Each step echoed hollowly on the hard concrete floor. The air was thick with sexual tension, the silence electric, as if the merest word could spark each man to spontaneously combust into a ball of sexual lust.

Monica followed Jim up the stairs. She tilted her head and appreciated his tight round ass as he walked up in front of her. All she had to do was reach out and just… grab a handful. She smiled at the thought and contented herself to concentrating on how his ass moved with each step. She imagined that ass bare and flexing as she wrapped her legs around his waist… Her cunt flooded at the thought.

Behind her, the three stragglers fought to be the one to directly follow her up the narrow stairs. Roy, his dark skin still slick from his workout of earlier, won the short scuffle and hurried to follow her. The others followed and strained to catch glimpses of Monica’s ample ass undulating and swaying under the long thin skirt with each step.

The stairs opened into a large common room, complete with two couches and a couple of easy chairs, a large dining table with several chairs pushed neatly in, a large screen television and a state of the art stereo system arranged comfortably on shining hardwood floors. They walked the length of the room and Monica peered into an office, cluttered with maps pinned to the walls and stacks of papers in neat piles, a few more steps took them past a wide opening that led to a sparkling functional kitchen.

The door at the end of the room, their obvious destination, was closed. Jim opened it, leading her into a large dormitory. About a dozen beds, with bookcases, chests between them outlined the perimeter of the room. A large dark wood desk with a huge flat screen computer monitor stood in the far corner of the room. A bank of lockers painted yellow filled one wall next to an opening to a large locker-room style shower of gleaming white ceramic. From what she could see, Monica counted six shower heads and had the distinct impression there were more further into the room.

Jim stopped in the middle of the room and indicated the walls with a bemused smile. “See? I told you we were fans.”

Monica looked around and laughed. She turned in a circle and counted six posters of her in various poses and several 8×10 photos carefully pinned to the walls around most of the beds. One bed seemed especially decorated. She stopped and counted eight photos arranged artfully above the bed. “Who sleeps here?” she asked.

“I do,” Jim said coming up right behind her. She imagined she could feel his breath in her hair.

She turned and looked up at him. Placing her hands on his wide chest and spreading her fingers, she moved her hands across his wide chest, watching her hands as they traveled the wide expanse of his hard chest. She could feel his heart beat beneath her hands. She allowed them to travel up to the side of his face and she guided his face close to hers. “Thank you for the compliment,” she whispered.

She kissed him. The world fell away in spinning tornadoes. His lips on hers were warm and soft and delicious. At first he was tentative, taken by surprise, but as the heat of their lips pressed together became unbearable, he moaned and dove into the fire, his tongue tasting, exploring, wandering. Her fingers snaked onto his hair and she pressed her body into his, her soft curves conforming to his hard sculpted mass. She hummed.

Monica pulled away from him and touched his lips with her fingers. “Wow,” she said. She turned to the other men looking on with barely concealed jealousy, keeping one hand caught in his hair as if for balance. “Do you all kiss as well as Jim?”

A chorus of promises and challenges erupted. Monica laughed lightly and turned back to Jim. She reached up and kissed him again, lightly, and caressed his head before letting go reluctantly. “I guess I will just have to find out!”

She put out her hand to the men and one of them stepped forward eagerly (Simon?). Using her hands like a master musician, she ran her hands all over the front of his tee-shirt and over his broad shoulders and up to his head. He was already straining to kiss her, his green eyes half closed with lust. She smiled and darted forward to give him a little lick across his lips. He followed her blindly. She dove in again and planted a small kiss on his cheek, he turned his head to her, moaning, whimpering even. Monica took pity on his hungry mouth and greedily pressed her lips on his. His tongue lunged into her mouth with searing heat.

The room was spinning again.

Monica had to hang onto the firefighter in order to keep her balance. He tasted different, but so good. Hot, musky, salty, she let the sensations tear at her senses and ended the centuries-long kiss with a small bite on his full lower lip. He moaned deep in his throat as she pulled away

Monica extended her hand to the next man in line. Just as she twisted out of Simon’s grasp facing the next man who eagerly reached for her, he grabbed her hips and pulled them to him so her ass ground into his pelvis. She laughed and wiggled her ass over his obvious huge hard on and beckoned to the man in front of her.

“Come on baby, kiss me! Show me what you’ve got!” she whispered. He obliged, diving into a deep soulful kiss that made Monica gasp in surprise. The man behind her thrust his hips forward and moved one hand to her belly, pressing her to him. The other hand stole up and almost reverently cupped her ample right breast, his hand circling its immense mound slowly, savoring this actual touch of what he had only seen in photos before.

As if that first sexual touch had released them all from polite restraint, hands were suddenly all over her. There were hands on both her breasts, cupping her ass, running over her belly down toward her clit, hands cradling her head while she was being thoroughly kissed, and, oh god, hands on her bare legs, running up her inner thighs.

She moaned and spread her legs as the questing fingers found her wet naked cunt and demanded access. Fingers probed her clit, circling expertly for a tantalizing moment then continued inward, parting her swollen labia and finally tickling at the entrance to her waiting body.

She pulled away from the man kissing her just long enough to glance down and see the man whose fingers were probing her suddenly completely disappear under her skirt. Hot breath seared her aching clit and his warm tongue made delicious contact. The fingers at her cunt multiplied and rhythmically plunged into her. In and out, while the tongue at her clit licked and sucked, and the mouth on hers plundered.

She moved in to the other half of my duplex two months ago. I remember when I interviewed her, that she seemed nice and respectful. I really don’t care what color, religion or sexual preference you are as long as you are respectful. Is it too much to ask? In this day of arm chair bloggers; it seems that anybody with an idea, feels it necessary to cram it down your throat. I think we were better off before Face Book and Twitter. Back then people didn’t think that their opinion was the most important in the world.

Lauren was different. Not that she was quiet at all. She bubbled with effervescence and her smile was almost contagious. Her sandy blonde hair was trimmed in a most becoming pixie style and her facial features were somewhere between cute and hot. Her body was really nice with a few curves thrown into the mix, not that I would notice something like that. Hell, who am I kidding? I am a man and have a pulse.

Her references, from out of state, were good so I gave her the rent agreement and the key. My duplex is partially furnished and said she would stay the night and her belongings would arrive in the morning. She said she had been living with someone since she moved to Michigan, four months ago.

Upon rising in the morning, I saw that boxes and items were dumped on the front lawn overnight. I am surprised that the commotion didn’t wake me up. I couldn’t understand why somebody would just dump her stuff on the lawn. When I saw her moving her stuff inside, I went out to help.

“Morning Lauren. What asshole did this?” I picked up a box.

“You don’t have to help me Rick. I can do this.” There were tears in her eyes.

“Like Hell I don’t. Let’s just get this stuff inside.” She nodded and in a little over an hour we had everything stacked up in the living room. Lauren was strangely silent all the while we moved boxes. I grabbed a couple of soda’s from my fridge and returned to her side of the dwelling. We talked for a little while, but she seemed sadder somehow. I just let it go.

“Thank you Rick. That was nice of you to help.”

“Not at all, Lauren. We are neighbors now and we help each other.” She just showed a half smile.

It was nice having someone next door again. It just wasn’t the money I got for rent. Shit, I have plenty of rental properties. But somehow Lauren filled a void in my life. I do the handyman work for my properties, but because I keep up on everything, I don’t have much to do. Lauren moving in next door livened things up a bit. Now all I had to deal with was Tina; my very jealous girl friend. We didn’t live together and she was out of town at the present.

A few weeks later Lauren had just came home from work and she knocked on my door. “Can we talk Rick?”

“Let me check my calendar Lauren.” I closed my eyes for a moment. “I think I can squeeze you in.” I laughed. I grabbed a couple Smirnoff’s from the fridge. We sat at the table.

“I need to tell you something. My ex-boyfriend will be over tonight.”

“You mean that jerk that kicked you out and threw your stuff on the lawn?”

“Believe me, I would rather he wouldn’t. But he accidentally threw some of his stuff in with mine. He’s going to pick his things up tonight.”

“No problem Lauren. You want me to hang around?”

“I should be fine Rick.” She looked a bit sheepish. “But there is something I have to tell you, before you find out from another source. I am a transsexual. Except for the last four years, I went by the name of Larry.”

I took a long look at her. “You are trying to tell me you use to be a guy?” She nodded. “Like those women on Jerry Springer?”

“Rick. If you want me to move, I’ll understand.”

I shook my head. “No Lauren, you just surprised me, that’s all.” I paused. “Besides, you’re my renter, not my girlfriend.”

“I don’t want to put you in an awkward position.”

“Too late for that.” I chuckled. “But really, I want do you to stay. Please.”

She smiled back. I couldn’t really think of her as a he. “Thanks Rick.”

Two hours later I heard a loud crash from next door. I was there a few moments later and I saw Lauren laying on the floor, with her ex standing over her. I was pissed. There was no way in fucking Hell I was going to let him hit her again. He turned around to me as I drew back and hurled my best haymaker at him. I held nothing back.

Next thing I knew, my face was cold and it hurt like Hell. My hand reached up and I felt a cold compress. I heard Lauren’s voice. “Rick, you’re on my sofa. He’s gone and not coming back.”

She slowly helped me set up and handed me some Motrin as I opened the one eye that would open. “I guess I showed him who’s boss.” I groaned sarcastically.

Lauren looked at me and smiled. “That was the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me. Nobody has ever come to my rescue before.”

“Some rescue.” I muttered. “There were two hits. He hit me and I hit the floor.”

She smiled. She looked so cute when she smiled. She sort of reminded me of Gwyneth Paltrow. She leaned over and kissed my cheek and I didn’t mind at all. “I think you were very brave.” She averted her eyes. “Did you —– ah–know that Steve was —–special forces in the army?”

“Ouch!” I put my hand to my face. “I guess that fact didn’t came up before I kissed the floor.”

Lauren softly giggled. “Poor Baby. You know, you scared the shit out of him.”

I brightened up. “I did?”

“Yeah, he thought he had killed you.” She giggled some more.

“Oh, hardy har, har.” I replied. She smiled again. “How bad is it, Lauren?”

She took my chin in her hand and checked both sides of my face. “There is some swelling, but your eye socket doesn’t appear to be broken.” She was a RN at a local hospital. “I think you’ll live.”

I noticed it was dark. “Maybe I should go back to my side.”

“To be safe, I think I should stay with you. You can take my bed, or you can go back to your side and sleep in your own bed. Either way I get the sofa.”

“Lauren, you don’t have to—-.”

“Doctor’s orders, Rick.” She interrupted.

“Yes Ma’am.” I acquiesced.


I was fighting an Army of space aliens. They kept coming at me and my punches just batted them away. After they had all been defeated, a man in gold and red armor dropped out of the sky. His facemask flipped up. He had dark hair with a close cropped mustache and goatee.

“How do you do it Rick? Even I couldn’t take on that many foes at once. You didn’t even break out into a sweat.”

“Just clean living Tony. You just have to do your best.” Suddenly I saw her falling. I leaped into the sky and caught her. Lauren had her back to me and I held hold her close.


My vision swam a bit and I felt a dull throb of pain, in my face. But I also smelled something clean, like soap and lavender. My eyes opened and I realized that somebody was spooned up against me and the back of their head was close to my face. My arm was wrapped around them and the fingers of a hand were interlaced with mine. I shifted slightly and the person groaned and rolled over to face me. It was Lauren. Her eyes snapped open. She quickly arose from my bed. She wore a night shirt that barely covered her ass.

“Sorry Rick.” Lauren looked apprehensive. “Your sofa sucks to sleep on.”

There was no way I could be mad at her. I gave a half ass, smirk. “You know, if we keep meeting like this, people are going to talk.”

Relief graced her features and she smiled. “Let’s have a look at your face, shall we?”

“How bad is it?”

“Not too bad.” she replied. “But I wouldn’t be hitting anybody’s fist with your face for a while.”

“Sounds like good advice.” I slid out of bed and headed for the kitchen. “Breakfast?” My head swam again and I must have wobbled a bit. Lauren was there in an instant to support me. I put my arms around her. I heard a noise behind us. It sounded like someone cleared their throat.

“I go out of town for a couple weeks and you already have a bitch in your bed. ” Fuck it was my girlfriend, Tina. First it was last night and now this. I can’t catch a break.

“This isn’t what it looks like sweetie.” I backpedaled.

Lauren stepped in. “Rick, was hurt last night and I stayed with him, to make sure he was okay.”

Tina smiled like a snake. “Oh, I am sure you ‘nursed’ him back to health.” Her arms were crossed and she looked like she could spit venom.

“Tina, Lauren was really helping me.” This wasn’t looking good.

“From my point of view, she looked like she was helping herself, RICHARD!”

I was tired of this. Tina was always accusing me of indiscretions. I was always having to watch my step around her. I never cheated on her once, but you would never know it the way she acted. Anything had to be better than this.

“Okay Tina, you caught us! We just finished making wild passionate love.” Lauren turned and gapped at me like I just grew a tail.

“I figured as much.” Tina sneered. “Hope your tramp makes you happy, bastard.” She turned and stormed out the door.

“I am not a tramp!” Lauren yelled after her.

A few moments later, Tina was pealing her Camery out of my driveway. ‘Good riddance’ I thought.

“Rick. I am so sorry. I never meant that to happen.” I could tell that she was sincere.

“Not your fault Lauren. This has been coming for a while now. I am just sorry that you got caught in the middle of our mess.”

“I still feel bad. Seems your luck hasn’t been the best lately.” I really looked at Lauren. Maybe it wasn’t so bad. She looked so cute when she pouted.

“Well, if you wanted to cheer me up, you could let a lovelorn, slightly used handyman take you to breakfast.” Lauren showed a wisp of a smile.


Without Tina around, most of my problems seemed to vanish. The relief was almost intoxicating. I guess I never realized the pressure she put me under. Tina was a beautiful woman, but she turned out to be very high maintenance. Her removing herself from my life, left a much smaller hole than I had first thought.

Now Lauren was another matter entirely. It seemed that she was on my mind quite often. I found that I liked having her around. She was always positive and loved to laugh. She worked 12 hr shifts at the hospital, which left her with almost 4 days off a week. We were both home, many days, at the same time. And somehow, I didn’t mind at all.

One night I had a couple steaks on the grill as Lauren’s car pulled into our driveway. I have a real knack with flavor rubs and the delicious aroma drew her through her living space and into the back yard.

“My God, that smells heavenly!”

I smiled. “Strange thing, I thought there was only one steak in the package, but I found two. I guess I’ll have to throw one away.” She knew I was teasing her.

“Don’t you dare.” She scolded. “I brought home some potato salad.”

I chuckled. “Go get changed and I will make up a couple of plates.” Moments later we were setting on the picnic table enjoying dinner.

Lauren glanced up at me. “Rick, what did you ever see in Tina?”

“You mean other than the fact she was beautiful?”

“I guess so.”

I though about it. “I guess I don’t know. What about Steve?”

“Steve reminded me of a china saucer; pretty but shallow as hell. Maybe some day I will find somebody nice, like you.” She softly giggled as I blushed.


The next day, I woke up and the late spring morning was already sultry. I headed for the kitchen. I had a cold pitcher of ice tea in the fridge, that was calling my name. I poured some tea into a plastic tumbler. I strolled over to the French door that led into the back yard. We lived out in the country. A beautiful forest of hardwood trees overlooked a sizable back yard. No matter what the season, the view was always spectacular.

This morning’s view almost made me drop my tea. Lauren was sunning herself on a chaise lounger in the back yard. She lay front down and her Bikini top was undone. Damn she looked fine. She started to rise and turn over. I quickly backed up and went ass over tea kettle, tripping over a chair I had recently pulled out. I hit the floor hard.

Moments later, Lauren appeared over me, her top back in place. She smirked as she helped me up. “You okay? Seems helping you off the floor is beginning to be a habit.” Her eyes danced with mischief. “Beautiful view this morning.” I turned red and she giggled.

What was wrong with me? I found Lauren completely fascinating. The more time I spent with her, the more time I wanted to spend with her. Her eyes sparkled and her smile was something I looked forward to seeing everyday. Shit, I felt more at ease around Lauren than I ever did with Tina. But why was I attracted to her? I mean, she use to be a guy, right?

We began to spend more and more time together. Going out to dinner, checking out flea markets and riding bicycles. Shit, she even got me to rollerblade. Lauren was so fun to be with. Some nights we would watch TV or rent a movie. One day I came to the conclusion that it that it didn’t matter who she use to be. My only worry was what she felt about me. Could I risk telling her what my heart was telling me?

We both looked forward to movie night. We had similar tastes, which made it even more fun. We both sat on either end of my sofa. We sat closer and closer to each other as the days went by. One night, we were watching Titanic and it was the scene where Rose lost Jack to the sea. Lauren had tears in her eyes as she cuddled up to me. It felt so good to have her next to me. I wanted to tell her what I felt, but I was so afraid that it would spoil what we had together. Lauren drifted off to sleep as the credits rolled by. I had my arm around her shoulder as she snoozed against my chest. Her blonde hair was so soft and clean.

“How can I tell you how I feel Lauren?” I spoke softly so not to wake her. “I cherish the time we spend together. When we’re apart, I count the moments till I can see you again. You have filled such a huge void in my life. But I am so afraid that if I tell you the truth, you will leave me. I don’t care who you use to be. I just care who you are now. Maybe one day I can tell you how much you mean to me —-and that I love you. Sweet dreams Baby.” I whispered and kissed her head.

Lauren raised her face to mine. Her eyes told me she had never really been asleep. “Rick—-.”

“Oh, my God. I’m sorry Lauren” I interrupted, “I didn’t know you were awake.” My face felt flush.

Lauren smiled. “Sorry I deceived you, but I had to know how you felt about me.”

“Lauren, I —-.”

She put her fingertips to my lips. “Remember when I said I wanted somebody like you?” I nodded. “I lied, Rick.” She cupped the side of my face with her hand and looked into my eyes. “I didn’t want somebody like you. I wanted you, Baby. I was so afraid that you might reject me if I told you how I felt.” A single tear graced her cheek.

Tears stained my own face. “I would never reject you. You are so precious to me. I think I started falling in love with you, the night I woke up on your sofa. Tina would have left me in on the floor, but you actually cared.”

“How could I not care about the only man that ever stood up for me?” Her beautiful eyes were glassy with tears.

Our first kiss was soft as a whisper. I don’t know who was trembling more; her or me. We pulled apart and we were both in awe. “That was really nice, Lauren.”

She smiled. “Only nice?”

“How about spectacular?”

“Much better.” We kissed again. This time it wasn’t so tentative. Her arms encircled my neck as mine pulled her tight to me. This wasn’t a man in my arms, it was Lauren; and the way she responded, was pure magic.

We broke apart again. “How do you like me now?” She purred.

I was damn close to breathless. I swallowed. “I— think it will do.” I swallowed again. “Are you always this passionate?”

The lust in her eyes was apparent. “I’m just getting warmed up, Baby.” Lauren raised off the sofa and held her hand out for me. I rose up and with my hand in hers, we moved to the bedroom. I followed her close enough to feel her warmth. She pulled the bedding back and slid into my arms.

We kissed and held on to each other. I tasted her tears as I played over her cheek with my lips. Lauren shivered as my tongue grazed her collar bone. She stepped back and pulled her blouse over her head. Our eyes locked together until her bra dropped from her hand. Her medium sized breasts were perfect. She started working the buttons on my shirt.

“You won’t be needing this Baby.”

“What if I get cold?” I teased.

“Won’t be a problem.” Lauren responded, as she pulled me into bed. I felt her hand on my hard cock as her tongue danced with mine. I was so aroused! She felt so alive in my arms. I couldn’t believe that this beautiful woman wanted me. We were soon, both naked and she practically purred when I licked and sucked on her nipples. “I’ll give you an hour to stop that.”

Lauren eventually turned away and slid toward me to spoon. She pulled my arm around her and her fingers interlaced with mine. I nuzzled her neck. “You like this, don’t you?”

“I have a confession to make. Your sofa may not have been as uncomfortable as I said before. I just wanted to lay next to you like this. I felt so warm and safe in your arms; I didn’t want it to stop.”

“You, my dear are a little conniver. What am I going to do with you?”

Lauren rolled to face me. Her eyes were pleading. “Make love to me Baby. Like a man makes love to a woman.”

I was more than ready. “Tell me Lauren. Show me what you want.” She had me roll on my back. Her hand encircled my hardness and stroked me.

“I need to get some help, Baby. I will be right back. Don’t go away.”

I anticipated her need. “There are some wet condoms in the nightstand Lauren.”

She smiled. “Well mister Boy Scout. Looks like you are going to get a treat for being prepared.” She leaned over me and reached for the drawer. The nipple of her breast drug across my face. I wasn’t going to let that go. I inhaled the taught flesh and Lauren sighed.

She let out a low throaty giggle. “That wasn’t the treat I was talking about baby.”

Her nipple popped out of my mouth. “Worked for me.” I teased. Lauren slid down my body and she rubbed my erection against her face. “Damn girl.” I breathed.

“Can I play with this?” Lauren looked so fucking sexy.

” Only if you put your toys away afterwards , Baby.” “Oh, I have a place to put this.” She swallowed me in one gulp. My God, she was so hot as her lips slid up and down my cock. Her eyes danced as she knew full well the intense pleasure she was giving me.

She pulled off my cock and smiled. “Does Ricky like to have his cock sucked?”

“You keep that up girl and I will show you just how much I like it.” She went back to work on me. I marveled at how beautiful and seductive she was. She was completely making me forget about my former girlfriend. I was close to losing it when I pulled her up to me. We kissed and I knew in that instant that I would always want her in my life.

“I wasn’t through Baby.” she pouted. I looked into her eyes and counted the freckles on her nose. Lauren smiled. “What, Baby?”

“You are so damn beautiful Lauren. Why did your ex ever let you go?”

“I guess he never knew what he had.” She kissed me. “But I want you to know that you are not a substitute. I never loved him but I do love you.”

I couldn’t help it. I felt tears welling up. “You make me feel so alive Lauren. I don’t understand it, but there it is.”

“What’s there to understand Rick? It’s just me and you.” She kissed me again. “Care to take me for a test drive?” She giggled.

“I guess this would be a bad time for me to kick the tires?” I teased. She rolled her eyes.

After putting on the condom, Lauren turned over on the bed and arched her ass. The view I saw was wonderful and she knew it. “Nice upholstery.” My hand stroked her ass.

I’ve a hell of a story to tell. It’s fucking unbelievable. I can hardly believe it now, after what’s happened to me, but I can assure you this shit did happen. It’s pretty freaky, pretty funny I guess, although for a long time (far too long, friendos) I didn’t see nothing funny about it at all. Oh, and it also gets pretty hot which is why I’m passing it onto you dudes and maybe if you like it some of you can send me in some advice about what to do next. I could sure do with it. I don’t want any ‘what you should have done’ jive either. I can do without that. I know what I should have done.

What I should have done was kick the fucker out the first time I clapped eyes on him, that’s what I should have done. Given him a kicking and kicked him out. But you don’t do that to old men do ya? Especially not to tiny old men, like a dwarf. You wouldn’t do that to someone like that would ya? Although I should have sussed something wasn’t right the day he walked into my shed, but then I was suffering a mighty head from the night before and I was fed up wrestling with a really fucking ancient brake master cylinder on one of my customer’s ancient fucking pick-ups. Why do these fucking things exist and why do they always end up in my workshop the day after the night before? I was not happy. My fingers were just not doing the business. I dunno how long I had been fucking around with the socket bar and cursing louder and louder when this cracked, wheezy voice burst out from nowhere all of a sudden.

‘How ’bout ye?’

What.The. Fuck? – was my first thought, and then my second thought was, who the fuck talks like that?

I rolled out from under the prehistoric number I was working on and sat up. I found myself face to face with the owner of the voice — that’s how short the fucker was. Couldn’t have been more’n two or three feet high. An old boy, the size of a toddler. The strangest fuckin apparition you have ever seen. Fucking weird. I should have known there and then that this weren’t right but the late night beer fug was heavy in my head and I wasn’t up to thinking things through, I was up to taking the easy route on things. It was as much as I could do not to laugh in the old badger’s face. Come to think of it, he did look a bit like a badger! He had one fuck of a wide, sloping nose with a pair of sharp grey eyes that just bored down his nose at you and made it hard for you to disagree with him. Maybe that’s why I didn’t laugh at him straight off, but mind you it was a close run thing there for a bit cos he just looked funny. I mean he was short, okay, with a gnarly, old face and all but he also had the most out of place clothes on as well. You know I’m no fucking historian or anything but what he had on looked like the sort of thing old boys wore a hundred years ago, shit, maybe two hundred years ago. It was a suit right out of history and to top it all he had on a pair of boots to match. They were of the sort that nobody wears anymore cos they just ain’t made anymore. They were tough looking, hardy and they went well up over the ankle – which I could tell cos of the cut of his ancient looking fucking trousers — and they were the sort of colour you just couldn’t name easily. I mean they weren’t brown, but they weren’t black either.

‘How ’bout ye?’ he barked at me again. I noticed that some of his teeth glinted and some were well black.

‘Woah……woah………not so fucking loud motherfucker!’ I replied as loud as my throb of a head would allow.

‘Motherfucking, huh? Is it the motherfucking you’re knowledgeable about is it?’ he sniffed in a knowing sort of way and then he winked. I can assure you now that it was not a trusting wink, it was not reassuring in any way.

‘Yessir! There’s many a man would like to do a bit of the motherfucking,’ he continued fixing his eyes on me, ‘oh ….they never come around to admitting it but I can tell you…, what’s your name son?’

‘Uhhhh…………….Craig’ I said without thinking about not giving him my name. See what I mean about not being able to say no to him and those eyes of his.

‘Craig, huh? Well I bet you’re like any other red blooded, well blooded man and there’s been many a time that you’d like to give your mama a good beefing up between her legs with your stiff un……lie her down and get her all juicy and then sli…’

‘What the fuck! Listen you old cunt if you don’t shut the fuck up I’ll wallop you outta her with the biggest fucking spanner I have.’

I gotta tell ya that I should have fucking lamped him there and then. What is it with these old fuckers? I was thinking to myself. Just the other week I’d had another old buzzard in here talking dirty. My workshop is well out of town but each summer, when visitors come into town then one or two would get out as far as my place and maybe idle the time of day before shuffling back on into the train station or bus station or wherever the fuck they came from. This one old boy had turned up each summer so I thought he was okay, harmless enough but the last time he was in he started bumming on about catching his neighbour’s daughter on in her garden getting her Alsation to fuck her on a hot day. Now, that is just weird shit ain’t it? Dirty weird, unwanted shit that a body just doesn’t need to hear. As far as I could tell the old fuck was living out some fantasy of his and I was fucked if I wanted to hear what got the old goat off. So I fucked him out good and quick and I won’t be seeing him again and if I do I shall fuck him out again. Anyway, here was another old bastard who was rapidly placing himself on the very same railroad.

‘Ssshh, sssshhh, sssshhh’ he wheezed. I eventually realized he was laughing. So then I did hit him. With the socket bar I still had in my hand. Well I told you I was only thinking of easy options, my head was in that mood. So I clubbed a three foot high old man cos he laughed at me. I know, I know……….I told you at the start that I didn’t give him a kicking and kicked him out. Well, I didn’t. I just clubbed him, that’s all.

It was a few seconds before I realized what I’d done. I looked at the bar in my hand for a few moments and then snorted and cleared my throat and wiped my nose greasily on my overalls. Fuck off, I told you I was suffering. Anyway, I ended up staring at the soles of his boots since they were the closest things to me. The nails that ran around the outside of them looked copper, or bronze which was different. In fact, some of them were well shiny the closer I looked, like they were gold or something………..uh, hold on a minute here, I thought, let’s get my shit together here this here old boy is something out of the ordinary but he ain’t that out of the ordinary. He is not a fucking leprechaun, Craig you moron of a mechanic, not a fucking leprechaun. You geddit, brother, not, not, not. They do not exist.

Then I noticed that his faded duds were green. You wouldn’t have noticed it at first but, now, with him lying there in a patch of sun coming through the skylight, I could see there was a colour to the suit he had on, like it was faded moss.

I took in a deep breath, held it and then puffed my cheeks out. I steadied my head a bit. There was no way he was a leprechaun. Where was his funny hat, they were supposed to wear, huh? Where was his little club stick thing he was supposed to have? Where was his fucking pipe, then? It was all a crock of shit. He was an old man, a dwarf and I had just laid him out, that’s all — and that was bad enough — but there was one sure thing. He was not a fuckin leprechaun. Then he groaned – thank fuck I hadn’t killed him – and he gave off to me.

‘Strike one of the little folk would ye?’

Fuck, I damned near freaked. He’s just using that term loosely, I thought, he is not a leprechaun.

‘I am a leprechaun’ he says and struggles up to his elbows.

This presented me with two problems. One, it sounded as if he could read my thoughts and two, it sounded like he was a fucking leprechaun even though they don’t exist. All I knew was that my morning had taken a turn for the worse and that I had better watch myself here cos to play safe I’d better look on the dark side. It’s a trick I’ve learned. It helps with work. I assume the worst case scenario. I always look on the dark side and then work according to that. It means that I always come out winning cos I never get to the lowest levels of the worst case scenario. What happens on the few occasions that I have encountered the rock bottom situation is that, because I am prepared, then I usually break out even.

So I was shifting my ground very, very quickly. I was prepared to accept that this old boy was a leprechaun just so I was not going to be caught out. I was ready for the old cunt. Mind you, if he could read my mind he knew that by now. I stared at his wrinkly face as he sat up to face me. Then I waited. Damn if I was gonna speak first and let him trip me up. Unfortunately, he was thinking the same so he just sat there staring right back at me with those pointy grey eyes of his. This went on for quite some time. We could hear each other’s breathing rhythms and I can tell you that mine were a lot more laboured than his. Must be cos I smoke……….ah, there’s an idea! That’ll pass the time. I fumbled in my top overalls pocket for my ciggys, taking my eye off him for a second. When I looked back, with my fag in my mouth, he was already setting a light to a pipe (fuck, no, nooo) that he now had stuck in his gob. One minu….wait…one second ago it wasn’t there and now there it was!

If I ever needed confirmation that he was what he claimed to be then the pipe was a pretty good sealer of the debate. It was, much like the rest of his appearance, the most outlandish article for the purposes of smoking you have ever seen. I mean, I know those bongs you get for smoking dope with all the pipes coming out and the decorations and all, I know they look pretty wild. But his pipe had the beating of that or anything. It looked like a fucking tree root, bent in an S shape and it had three bands of thin silver wrapped tight around it with some fine engraving work on them. A thick cloud of smoke was pumping out of the bell end of a funnel. It was a fucking wild pong.

‘Fucking smells like horseshit you’re smoking’ I said, breaking our silence battle.

‘And ye would know what that smells like wouldn’t ye, ye big shite ye’ he replies, clearly back in shape. I have knocked men out for less and my hand reached out for the socket bar.

‘Ah, you don’t want to be hitting me again, it was bad enough for you the first time.’

‘You deserved that, talking dirty about my mother. Jesuuz, man what do you expect for that sort of talk? A shake of the hand? Here……what do you mean, it was bad enough for me the first time?’

He didn’t answer straight away. He took a long slow puff on that twig thing he was using for a pipe and his shifty eyes went shiftying around my workshop before they settled back on me.

‘Well, y’see now, any person that lays a hand, or weapon, upon one of the little people will end up being justly punished by the aforementioned little people, or little person, should he or she survive such an attack……..which I clearly have…….so I shall be seeking my revenge upon you’ and the little bastard grinned at me. Horrible grin it was, not good — it made ya want to be sick.

‘And ‘ow do you mean to get me back even though you asked for a whacking in the first place’ I demanded.

‘Secondly, I did not ask to be whacked and….’

‘You were well out of order saying what you said’ I interrupted.

‘You have a short temper’ he countered.

‘I have a hangover’

‘No excuse, and firstly I will not be telling you how I plan to get you back but here’s a clue……..I’ll find out your weakness and exploit it.’

‘You are a nasty wee cunt of an old man’

‘My name is McHaragarty’

‘I don’t care! Whoever or whatever you are! I don’t give a fuck about what you plan so just get out of my shop and leave me alone!!’ I shouted.

And do you know what? He did get out of my sight. Just like that. He disappeared before my eyes. There one minute…wait… second, and gone the next. I dropped the socket bar again — oh yes I had picked it up again ready to smack him, he was pissing me off so much. I puffed out the last of my cigarette and made a managerial decision. Fuck work, go to the Bar. I needed that hairy dog to calm my body and now my mind. Just forget about today it never happened.

So I left, locked up and went and got pissed again. It was the least I could do for myself and it erased the day. Unfortunately it was never going to be that easy.

It was a gradual thing. It was hard to pin down at first. Y’know the kinda thing where you think afterwards ‘was I imagining that?’ and you tell yourself that you were cos if you weren’t then the truth was uncomfortable. Sorry, that’s not a good explanation. Here’s the long and short of it. During the course of the next week or so, any woman that came into the workshop got all flirty with me. Well, duh Craig, how come you didn’t spot that and, also, what’s bad about that? Firstly, my little critical cubs, there ain’t too many women customers come all the way into a garage workshop. You get me? It is a male thing — the scuzzy car mechanics workshop. Oil, grease and a smutty calendar somewhere just out of view but you know its there. Women tend to stay outside and do business, sit in their cars, tell you the problem with car, pay quickly at the office window or pay sitting in the damn car. So I didn’t get too many in with me, see? Mostly, middle aged plump ones and a retired old goose or two. So, you see the answer to yer second question? I don’t get a whole lot of hot female customers and even if I did, I got a hot one I can see from time to time if I’m short of that sort to thing — Dee, down at the bar, who gives just about the best blowjob on this Earth. And a man can’t ask for more than that.

So whenever one of these customers had left the workshop I would be standing there wondering what the fuck was she just doing there with her arm all pressed up against me? Or was it me, or did she just come on to me? It was hard to tell. Until I got proof one day. Boy did I get proof that something was definitely going down.

Often I can expect a rush of customers dropping vehicles with me first thing and then rushing to get away to wherever they have to get to. This morning though, there was no-one until well after I had the big door open and the radio and kettle on. I heard the tyres on the hard core come to a halt — the engine sounded fine, no rattle. Then a high voice, young.

‘Craig? You in? I’m in a rush, school an’ I got a fuckin flat!’

I knew the owner then. There was all the information I needed. The Christie’s lived up the road, a mile or so. Big, rich house, nice enough people, the father a bit of a pain but never see him, the mother as hot as any woman you could hope to meet, and a couple of daughters in school, kinda nose in the air but not bad, could be much worse given the circumstances. You know what I mean, don’t ya? The rich really cannot behave properly with other people, they ain’t got the capability. The Christies, as I said, was sorta alright. This was the eldest daughter since she could drive being nineteen, though still in school, the last year. Yup, sure enough, I see it’s her as she steps through the door.

‘Hi Marie,’ I says, ‘got a flat, bring it on in and I’ll put air in or change it here for you.

‘Sure. Thanks’ and she skips out into the sunlight. I spotted her sister then, sitting in the front passenger seat. She gave a wave. Shit, what was her name? Gotta think. Selena! That was it.

‘Hi Selena!’ I said as the car pulled alongside. She was only a year younger than her sister. Their old man must have been banging his wife every single day twenty years ago, probably still does, she still that hot.

‘You girls can stay in there, I’ll be quick here’ I shouted at them as I ran the jack in underneath the front.

‘Oh, sure Craig, you take as looong as you want, honey’ one of them called out.

I suppose I should have copped on there and then. Cos that was a wild flirty voice if ever I heard one, and the Christie girls were never ever like that. Calling me honey? But I just wasn’t thinking, it being first thing in the morning and no visit yet to my system from Mr. Caffeine.

There was more than a bit of giggling going on in that car. Schoolgirls. What can you expect. I thought they got better at not fucking giggling as they got older but these two, though eighteen and nineteen, weren’t above that it seemed. Then the car bumped about a bit, more than once. Shit did they have a trampoline in there?

‘Girls, quit the trampoline in there, huh. I don’t want the car slipping on the jack’

‘Oh, we’ll get out then, Craig. Couldn’t have anything slippin on your jack now, could we?’

See what I mean? That was damn flirty! I heard both the car doors open and shut and heard their footsteps come around and stop by me.

‘Hmm, that is a big jack! What you think Marie? I wouldn’t like for that to get slippy?

‘Slippy big jack. U gotta a bigger jack than that Craig?’ asked Marie.

‘No, no. This is the biggest one I ha……’ and I’m afraid my voice tailed off just like that. I had made the mistake of looking up. Now prepare yourselves. But when I looked up to one side of me all I seen was the shapeliest pair of long legs known to man no more than a foot from my head. They just went on up from my vision to end up at a school skirt that I just knowed was not at regulation height. That Marie had hitched and folded it at the waistband or something and her naked thighs was all out on display. Plus! She had no tights on. Shit! I quickly looked away. Too enthusiastic like cos I turned my head right round to the other side of me — you know what’s coming doncha? — yeah, the other sister was just the same.

Oh boys, Oh girls. I knew then that some shit was going down. What were these two respectable girls doing all of a sudden? They had been messing with their clothes in that car and now they standing next to me, just sorta waving their legs at me. And though I like to think I am one sexy hunk of a guy, hell I ain’t that much of a pull. Get real. I had better get this tyre on and fixed or I am in deep trouble. Oh, fuck you, you dirty people. No, I am not gonna fool around with schoolgirls. Legal though they might be. It is just trouble with capital T.

Soon as I could I got the spare round and was on my hunkers working the and off the punctured tyre didn’t Marie only come and sit on the fucking bonnet right over where I’m working.

‘This alright, Craig? That jack won’t notice me sitting here will it?’

‘Nope, I don’t expect you weigh enough to trouble it’ I joked looking up at her. I quickly looked away again. She had the strangest far away look on her face that I found left me nervy and she was smiling in a mischief making way and that really fucking made me nervy. It weren’t right, not right at all. She din look right at all.. I worked the wrench on the nuts and tried to concentrate. Then the car shifted down a bit and Dee’s voice came from above me.

‘Alright if I sit up here and watch too Craig?’ Selena asked me.

‘Yep, yep. Fine. Just don’t be jumping around’ I really wanted to ignore them and get on with the job as quick as poss. But they weren’t letting me off that easy. First one set of bare legs appeared either side of the wheel arch and then another. Bare and white against the red paintwork. Goddamn, but they were fine looking pins. As I kept working both pairs of legs flicked out and back against the car. Then they flicked the sandals off their feet. I coughed and shifted them away from my work area.

‘Mind your feet there, girls, I’m working.’

‘Ah, don’t worry Craig, we know what we’re doing’ said one of them and they both giggled.

‘You do, huh?’

‘Yeaaaahh we’re relaxing………see’

I guess, now with hindsight that I really shouldn’t have looked up, but how the fuck was I to know that at the time. When I raised my head I was greeted with the finest sight a man can rest his eyes on. They had both pulled their feet up onto the edge of the wing and that wasn’t all that was raised. Those skirts were just hiked up so far I couldn’t even see ‘em anymore. They had their calves folded back against their thighs and then angled out like big capital V’s and my eyes just followed their nakedness all down to the centre. They had no panties on. They was both shaved clean as a whistle. Sort of pink plums sitting there, slits moist and inviting.

‘What do you think?’ one of ‘em whispered, ‘good enough to lick, huh?’

‘Uh-huh’ I said slowly, not really thinking at all.

‘Why don’t you just go ahead, then’ she invited in an even quieter whisper. She placed her hands either side of her legs and rubbed herself backwards and forwards a little. I could see a steamy smear being left on the bonnet as she inched her pussy closer to me. It surely was the most crazy honey I had ever clapped eyes upon. She stopped right on the edge of the wing, so close I could smell her. Then her sister did the same except when she slid to the edge of the car she brought both hands around under her and slowly and firmly pulled at her inner thighs. Her pussy just opened up, the pink flesh juicing like the fresh fruit it was. Then the aroma hit me like a wall coming at ya.

‘Go ahead, Craig, anytime you want.’

I licked my lips. They had gone awful dry and so had my throat.

‘Just a minute, there, Marie……I have a thing or two to do here’ I managed to rasp. But I was having severe trouble, you gotta believe me, severe fucking trouble with my conscience, like I couldn’t could I? You should, shouldn’t you? No, I fuckin can’t. Yes, I fuckin can. This went on in my head for quite some minutes and all the time I kept on changing the wheel over cos I needed something to do, something solid and sure, not something unsure and flighty and downright dodgy in some way or other. I couldn’t analyse it but it felt dodgy.

By the time I had the second nut on and all but fully tightened there was already one pair of feet planted square on my shoulders. I looked up a few times and that was a severe hindrance, I can tell you. They was both frigging themselves with a whole lot of fingers and I don’t have to tell you that a garage is continually stinking of oil and stuff but all I had around my head was a cloud of pussy smell. They was so on heat I could see a double line of wetness making its way down the bodywork and a drip or two would eventually fall off the top of the wheel arch onto me as I worked. They was groaning somethin wild too, quiet like, but persistent, never ending.

How did I resist? I tell you how I resist. I fucking twigged somethin’ was up, it weren’t too hard to figure. No female makes that much of a push on for me, ‘specially ones so young and pretty and fresh. No sir. Never happened and never will. Some fuckin fishy shit was going on and I knew by the time I had that last wheel nut locked on tight that the little vermin monster old cunt McHaragarty was at the bottom of it. Somehow or other. Cos young Marie Christie and younger Selena Christie boning themselves with their fingers on the bonnet of their car after inviting me to tea on their daisies just ain’t in the natural order of things, know what I mean brothers and sisters?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not that good at behaving. When I finished I stood up and stepped back and got me an eyeful of them both lying there panting and moaning with their booty just sort of pulsing away before me. Hell, I was still as stone there for almost a minute getting me an eyeful! But I knew it was badness going on. And I knew if someone arrived and saw that then I was going to jail. I think. Or some bad shit. So I dropped my wrench with the loudest clang I could ring out of it.

‘Job done Marie!! You’re ready to go!!’ I bawled at her. It didn’t work. They never snapped out of anything. Shee-it. They was almost writhing on the bonnet, they been playing with themselves that hard.

What the fuck was I gonna do? That wee lep shithead was fuckin with me big time. Any minute now someone could just pull up and these two girls look like they are the victims of molestation or evil spiritual possession or….or something. It just was not a healthy scenario. Well. What would you do? I thought quickly. I decided on a course of action. I got my cock out.

Oh yes, that’s what you dirty whores wanted to hear isn’t it? But hold onto your own vitals. I told you I wuz above knobbin schoolgirls, legal age though they wuz. I walked on around the car to the side there heads were laying on the bonnet.

‘Look wot I got for you girls’ I sorta cooed. Their eyes snapped open and they both grinned really dirty like. One of ‘em, Marie I think, made a grab for my magic wand but missed. I pulled back and explained to them the deal.

‘Up you get now and follow old Uncle Craig to the back if you want some of this’ and I shuffled away to the back door of the workshop, first waving my dick at them and then watching as they both slid of the bonnet and waltzed their way towards me. God damn if they both didn’t put their hands on their hips, underneath, their skirts so they held the garments way up, just leaving their business out their on display.

I got round the corner of the shop and punched the exit bar on the fire door and kicked her open. Outside the early morning summer sun was sparkling off the weeds out the back. I felt them both come up behind me. Then their breath either side of me. They each of em snaked a long, naked leg out around mine and pressed their hips in hard. I was sandwiched each side of my waist by hot, wet pussy. One of them put her hand on my shoulder. The other one put her hand down in front of me, and well, yeah, ok. I admit it, I let her do it. She slowly encircled my cock with thin, delicate fingers. She squeezed firmly once and then pulled back.

‘Aaahh’ shit it was my turn to groan.

‘When you gonna do us Craig’ one of ‘em said.

‘Right now!’ I replied and I quickly reached down, cupped me a good piece in both hands of pristine, white young woman buttock — and by all that’s holy, it did feel handsome — and I pushed and bucked Miss Christie and Miss Christie out the back door. Which I then kicked shut. I turned and put my back against it and breathed out one very, very long fuckin sigh.

I wasn’t sure if it was gonna work or not. I snuck around to the window, rubbed the grime from the corner with my cuff and peered out back. One of them had stumbled from the force of my push so the other sister was bending down to pull her up. They still had their skirts raked up so they had their butts naked to all the world. Then they stood up. They looked shocked. They started to say some things to each other then both stopped and pointed at each other. Then they hurriedly pulled their skirts down, they looked away from each other, then laughed a bit, then looked a bit puzzled. That was it. I moved quickly. My suspicions had been confirmed. No shit Sherlock. There was some hex on my building. It didn’t work outside the building. That old McHaragarty had fixed on my weakness. I love fucking. So he had done something to make every woman come into my shop to get the hots on me. He was figurin that sooner or later, whether or not I took advantage of my new found magnetism, I was gonna get into serious shit. And he was right. One thing my old man told me, in fact the only thing he told me of any worth, was ‘there’s two things get a man in trouble, his signature and his dick’ I been careful with both.

Speaking of which, I looked down and I was still fine and upstanding, yes siree, waving like a cobra about to strike. I put myself quickly back inside my overalls and rushed to the car, wanged the last nut on, jack down with a real thump, I jumped in, gunned her and reversed like a demon straight out into the bright sunlight. Them girls weren’t even in sight. Perfect. I stood just inside the shop pretending to be doing something. They appeared, didn’t see me, but saw the car fixed. They jumped in and after a few seconds I seen Selena, in the passenger seat reaching down and then holding up something to Marie. It was tights and panties. There was a bit of an argument, then they got right down to bustling. I waited until they finished putting their stuff back on. Just as Marie gunned the engine I stepped out and waved at them. She pulled the car up a bit and I walked around the side. She had the window down.

‘Thanks Craig. On account yea? Someone from the house will be down to sort you!’

‘That’s fine Marie. Don’t drive too hard’

She laughed, they both did, although I seen Selena cut short her smile and a puzzled look came on her. Then the car reversed and took off down the road with a tyre squeal. The tyre that I had just put on, thank you.

I flew into the toilet, popped all the poppers off my overalls in one sweep of the hand and clamped hold of my cock. I didn’t even have to pull once. It just shot out like a fuckin water cannon and I let out a groan like I hadn’t done since…. oohhh, lemme see, since the second time Deirdre gave me a blowjob…….in the bar toilets, if you please.

‘Ye-eess………funny coincidence that’ said a horribly familiar wheeze behind me. I whirled around to spot the horrible little man perched on the handbasin, his grotty boots swinging over the edge. I hastily tucked my tackle away from his leering eyes that were leering a bit too much at my crotch. Yeuuggh! Was there nothing nice about this old cunt?

‘What are you playing at you devil dwarf? What’s the game?’ I hissed at him.

‘Sssh, sshh,sssh,sssh’ which I had worked out was his way of laffin. ‘Ye worked it out for ye self, Craig! Ye struck me down so I’m getting me own back. Sooner or later yer old boner is gonna get ye into trouble. Then we’ll be even. Maybe ye’ll get to jail fer messin with underage, or maybe ye’ll get shot by some husband of the female customer that ye are bound tae pork. Ye won’t be able to help yeself!’

And pouf! He disappeared again.

I slumped down onto the bog and stared at the empty space where he had been. I stayed that way a long time. Eventually I worked the rest of the day with no further (ahem) events. I took myself down to the bar afterwards. It was only after the third beer was slippin down that I lightened up. Deirdre looked across from behind the bar and she moved up to me and said quiet like, so the others couldn’t hear.

‘That’s a real dirty grin you got on ya there soldier, care to share?’

‘Nah, not this time, Dee, not this time’

Truth is I couldn’t tell her or anyone what I was grinning over like a dirty demon. Oh, you think you know? Not quite, my compadres, not quite, but since I’m in a telling mode, then I’ll tell ya. Remember I fired those two girls out the back door, my hand on each of their perky asses? Well, when I looked out the window to see ‘em start coming back to reality and pulling their skirts down I couldn’t help but notice that both of ‘em had a black smutty handprint from yours truly sitting loud and proud on their buttocks. Shit, that might land me in trouble yet! But just at that point I didn’t care.

‘One more Dee, one more’ I called. Then I was going home and maybe take a holiday. Leave that bewitched fucking workshop for a week or so. Leprechauns? Fuck that shit.

Like I said, I was wise for the little old bastard’s game now. I could see the lie of the land and adjust my battle plan cos I knew one thing and that is if I gave into the temptation he was working on me then he was ready and waiting with some fuckin godawful revenge. And I wasn’t gonna let him have that.

I went back to work after 14 days. It was busy, seems their vehicles was just itching to do down with ailments cos I was away.

So I was managing alright until the third day. Just packing up almost key in the lock when she pulls up in that big jeep of hers. Mrs. Christie, Marie and Selena’s mother. Remember me telling ya she was the hottest woman around. She steps out so I see the miles of long legs before the rest of her. She’s in her early forties and those legs are fit and tight. Dark hair in a bob sort of thing, no messing, no nonsense sort of way about her always. She’s got on a tennis skirt and a sports top bra thing cos she must have been playing tennis — they got a court up at the big house. She’s also got on a real business like look on her face. Real business like. Usually has. There’s not too much fun about Mrs. Christie really. Everything must be just so. But I thought she looked kinda stern and pissed off as well as business like.

‘Craig!’ she called out. Like a pistol shot.

Shit, I thought. She is gonna get me. Does she know about her dearest daughters down here. Did they complain about what certainly appeared to be dirty mechanic pawprints on their backsides? And mama has come to bust me. She probably got the cops in tow. She marched up to me standing at the door. Her arms pumping so hard that her big bust was wobbling even within that tight sports bra top she had on. I tell ya I was crapping it so much that I forgot about the hex and the new regime I had employed to tackle it. Namely, that no female whatsoever crosses the threshold.

‘Mrs…Mrs. Christie?’ I jabbered like a kid done wrong and I stepped back a pace or two as she advanced with purpose. Oh, Craig, you dope. Wrong fuckin move. She kept on coming and walked into the shop. Then I knew my mistake. Her face just melted before me. It softened, her eyes narrowed, her lips pouted.

‘Craaaig’ she sort of breathed. ‘I owe you something don’t I?’

‘Tomorrow will do’ I blurted.

‘I want to settle with you further inside….now’ she commanded softly, ‘but I think we can do it different this time don’t you?’

‘I’m really not sure about that Mrs. Christie’

‘Oh no? You soon will be’ and with that I stood there mesmerised as she put her thumbs in under the straps on her shoulders and simply hoisted that sports bra top thing right down to her belly button.

Her tits were simply perfect, the almost red nipples sticking out at me in a sorta accusing way. She grabbed one of my hands and placed it on one of them. It was like cupping heaven. I didn’t let go. Well you wouldn’t would you? She smiled back at me.

‘Gooood,’ she crooned, ‘now my turn.’ And with that her head disappeared as she went down. Boy did she go down. With one sweep of her hand she had the overalls open and pulled my dick out like she was hooking a fish out of water. I wasn’t even properly hard but that did not remain an unchanged situation. She had those lips around me in no time and she didn’t fool around either. No kissing or blowing or licking. She just wrapped her mouth around and sucked hard like she had a pop in her mouth. I nearly came there and then, but she must have sensed that and she stood up.

‘Now it’s your turn…….I bet I know what you’d love to do’ she said and with that she dropped her tennis skirt. She stood up, smile again and pushed her panties down. They made a hiss as they went down over her legs. She was now totally naked and unashamed. As I said she had a totally fit body and I drank the sight in. She smiled back at me as I lifted my gaze from her pussy. There was one of the neatest Brazilians I ever seen. I think it suited her cos it was business like. It was there to do a job.

‘Like that?’ she murmured, running her fingers over the smooth track of dark hair. She stopped and two fingers disappeared into her mound. I could only nod, like I was dumb.

‘I…….I think you should have some, Craig’

And with that she draped herself belly down on my bench. As I stood there she shifted her weight up onto the surface, reached her hands behind her, caught hold of her ankles and lifted her feet from the floor. She opened her legs out wide, wide and bent her legs back on themselves..

‘You go ahead now…….be as naughty as you want.’

I gulped. I moved closer, I couldn’t help it, I was sort of hypnotized. I lowered my head and must have breathed on her cos she sorta moaned.

‘Go on…..stick your tongue in somewhere.’

So I did. Her pink folds just opened like cushions to the pressure of my tongue. Hell, it was so sweet there I stuck my nose in for good measure. That made her groan some. I moved out and took a look and then I couldn’t really help myself, I just had to do it. I bent in again and run my tongue up her rear and over her star pinched anus. I felt it open up almost immediately and she gasped, ‘yessss, go on….in there’.

Now, I’ve never been one for the old dirtbox that much, just a touch of action now and then but there was something different about hers. She’d spent some time cleaning herself out for a start. It was lashed with some perfume but it couldn’t totally cover the earthy taste that was coming out, but that was more than made up for the tightness. I don’t think she’d had too many visitors that way, even though she was asking for it, so her anus was tight. I had to work some and she just loved that more. She was pushing my head in harder and groaning and getting so worked up that soon her ass was well opened up. I was starting to get two and then three fingers in her.

Eventually I stood up and worked my hand on her. It helped that I spotted my jar of hand cream on the bench so I soon had that lathered on her butt cheeks and worked that in. Christ, soon I had four fingers poking up her ass and she was still bucking her hips and widening her legs as if wanting more.

‘Tie me! Tie me!’ she groaned and she flailed her arms about behind her until she grabbed her feet. I couldn’t see what she meant.

‘My bands! You can use them!’ she gasped. Then I saw what she meant. She had sweat bands on both wrists. I pulled them out, gave them a twist and there was just enough of a tight loop left in ‘em for me to push her feet through. She had her limbs bound tight behind her now, I don’t think she could of ever got out on her own. The position meant her head and back was arched back to her feet in a bow.

‘You sure that’s what you want?’ I asked a bit worried.

‘Yesss….fuck my ass now Mr. Meccano Man!’

I have to confess that I didn’t need any more encouragement. Well would you? The finest woman of this town, or any other town for that matter, lying naked on my bench with her butt in the air quivering like a horses flanks after a gallop. Well, if you’ll excuse the pun I took up the offer of a ride.

I practically jumped out of my overalls and then stepped forward, my dick leading the way by what looked like ten feet. First, I ran my hands over her backside real slow. She moaned. I ran my fingers along her wetness and stopped to finger her lips apart. God, she groaned with a sound you never heard. It would have made a dead man come. Then I gave her ass a slap. She cried out, ‘yess’. So I did another. ‘Aaahhh….yesss’. Then I lifted her hips gently and pulled her back towards me. There was no weight to her, I told you she was fit in the figure.

I went for the front door first, so to speak, to get me some juice and let me tell you, her pussy was running free. She was open and easy and took me all in with a growling noise in her throat. Her anus though, that was a different story. That took more time, even though she wanted it. I slipped out of her and went pulled her cheeks apart some. She wriggled back on me, we found each other and both began to push real slow. I had to lie down on her and my head sat along with hers. Every so often she would murmur, ‘Now’ and I’d push a little more, and then a little more. We had the head of my cock in but it was taking some sweaty rubbing against each other to work any further. I reached under and pinched her nipples some and with my other hand went down and rubbed the top of her pussy. She panted, loud and then said, ‘Now, now’

“Come on baby, why won’t you give me a blowjob?”

“I just don’t want to, Ok babe? So just drop it!” she replied with an angry tone in her voice.

“Okay fine! I’m going to get myself something to eat from the fridge.”

I got out of bed, grabbed my glasses and headed downstairs.

My name is Joshua. Vanessa and I have been dating for five weeks now. She’s 19, has short brown hair, pale blue eyes, delicious full lips, the cutest little bubble-butt and hypnotic D-cup breasts with pink areolas and these dark nipples that are bordering on perfection and I love sucking on them.

I, on the other hand, also 19, look very nerdy. I have black hair and dark brown eyes and a slightly below average body, but at least I have a 9-inch cock to boost my ego a bit and it looks even larger compared to my under-developed frame.

So there I was, walking downstairs in my girlfriend’s home, only wearing boxers, with my cock still standing at attention. The only other person in the house was Ms Adams, Vanessa’s mother, but I was so frustrated; I couldn’t care less if she saw me like this. I arrived in the kitchen, swung the fridge door open and before I even had a good look inside, I heard a voice behind me saying;

“Good morning Josh.”

I turned around to see Ms Adams leaning against the island counter, wearing a purple blouse and a short black pencil skirt. At that point my dick had deflated, but not by much & now seeing Ms Adams, it started growing again.

Ms Adams is a total Milf. She has long curly brown hair, DD-cup breasts, a glorious bubble butt, her genes are obviously strong, and dark blue eyes.

“Oh, hi Ms Adams”

The top two buttons of her shirt were unbuttoned and I had a great view of her cleavage, so my dick just kept growing. Ms Adams glanced down briefly then said;

“Please, call me Amanda.” with a knowing smile on her face.

“Okay.” I replied

“You seem a bit down, is everything okay Josh?”

“Yes, everything is okay Ms Adams.”

“Amanda” she corrected

“I-I mean Amanda”

“Are you sure Josh? You can talk to me about it”

“No, not this”

“Does this involve Vanessa?”


“Then all the more reason why you should talk to me about it”

Joshua kept quiet for a while, but eventually gave in and told Ms Adams that Vanessa won’t do oral, even though he loves giving her oral, but she won’t return the favour and that it seems a bit unfair to him. He waited for Ms Adams’ reply.

At this point she was seated on the island counter with her legs crossed.

“That’s just not right, is it honey? And I can’t believe she doesn’t want to suck on that big cock of yours” She said while staring at the obvious bulge in his pants.

She licked and bit her bottom lip and gave him a lustful look that even Vanessa couldn’t pull off and said;

“So you say you love performing oral?”

“Uhmm… Yeah” he started blushing.

“How much do you love doing it?”

She said while uncrossing her legs and pulling up her skirt then spreading her legs, giving him a great view of her red thong. She curled her index finger, signalling for him to get closer. As he walked up to her, she grabbed his head and pulled him to her lips, forcing her tongue into his mouth. She brought her hands down to his ass, giving it a little squeeze and pulling him into her. His rock-hard bulge made contact with her clothed cunt. She moaned into his mouth at contact then detached her mouth and leaned back a little and started grinding her crotch onto his bulge. Josh was enjoying the view of her cleavage jiggling up and down and side to side. After a few seconds, he grabbed hold of her hips and started thrusting into her crotch, intensifying their movements and Amanda’s moaning. She stopped humping Josh, grabbed his head again and kissed him again then she shoved his face into her juicy cleavage.

His mouth was roaming all over her breasts, planting little kisses on all the visible areas then he grabbed her blouse and pulled out her right nipple, which was slightly darker than her daughter’s nipples, and shoved it into his mouth.

I started sucking and licking her nipple making her moan. I pulled out her left nipple and did the same then I squeezed them together and sucked on both of them making her moan louder.

“Ohhhmm… That’s good baby, suck on mommy’s tits” cried Amanda.

After a minute, I let go of her breasts and went down to her crotch. I spread her legs some more and shoved my face into her crotch till my nose was against her panties. Her musk was strong and I couldn’t resist taking a big audible sniff of her cunt, enjoying her heavenly scent.

“Mhmmm yeah, you like that? You like the smell of my cunt?” she said while grinding her crotch into my face.

“Yeah, I love it,” I replied “It’s intoxicating.”

I started licking her panties, that’s when I felt a damp spot in her panties. I licked the spot a few more times then I pulled her panties off, placed them on the counter. I looked at her fat pussy lips, which were glistening with her juices. I dived back in and planted my mouth on her clit, which was already poking out of its little hoodie. I sucked the little knob a few times and she moaned some more then grabbed the back off my head and force her cunt into my mouth. I started lapping at her cunt and then I sucked on it. This caused her to cry out;

“Yes! Eat my pussy you dirty little boy! Lick mommy’s pussy!”

Her dirty talk was driving me crazy and I couldn’t hold myself back anymore. I was licking and sucking her cunt like a starving man.

“Oohhhh… I’m Cumming!”

She suddenly cried out as she started convulsing. She grabbed my head and rode my face as she exploded over and over. She squirted her pussy juice all over my face. After what seemed like forever, she finally calmed down. I was soaked in her nectar and loving it. I rubbed my face into her crotch enjoying the feeling of her very wet pussy, lapping up her delicious juices.

“Mhmm… give me some of that sugar”

She pulled me up and started kissing me, moaning into my mouth, enjoying the taste of her own juices and licking them off my face.

“Mhmmm… time for some cock now.”

She jumped off the counter, turned around and bent over the counter, pulling her dress up to her waist.

“You have the best ass I have ever seen” I blurted out and she replied;

“I’m glad you like it because I want you to stick that big juicy cock of yours right up my ass”

In a flash I had my dick out and aimed at her asshole. I spit into my hands and started lubricating my cock. Amanda turned around and squatted in front of me, her face inches from my rock hard cock. She spit into her own hands, grabbed my cock and started applying some more lubrication to it.

“Oh yeah, we can’t forget to lube up this big boy if we want it to fit into my tight little asshole.”

Her dirty words caused my dick to jump and pre-cum started oozing out. She took the head of my dick into her warm mouth and reached behind her with her right hand and started fingering her asshole, moaning as she stared into my eyes and sucked the pre-cum out of my cock and thrust her fingers in and out of her hot asshole. Then she ran her tongue along the underside of my cock, down to my balls, flicking her tongue over them and sucking on each one, one at a time then licking back up to the head before plunging my whole nine inches down her throat.

I was balls deep in Ms Adams mouth! Just the thought had me on the verge of blowing my seed down the back of her throat, but I didn’t want this event to end, not like this anyway. Amanda sensed I was struggling to hold back my cum, so she pulled her mouth off of my cock and took her fingers out of her ass. She then returned to her very inviting position, bent over the island counter. She stood there, legs shoulder length apart and her hands reaching back, spreading her ass cheeks, her puckered little anus winking at me, begging for my hard cock to penetrate it. Before she could even say a word, I had my cock against her asshole, which was well lubricated thanks to her over-flowing juices from her orgasm earlier. I pressed against her asshole, applying more pressure and then her asshole gave way and my cock head popped in, causing her to moan. Again I almost blew my load right there, her ass was unbelievably tight. I held on to her hips and pushed forward, slowly going as deep as I could into the depths of her ass.

Suddenly Vanessa walked into the kitchen and cried out;

“Oh my gosh! What the fuck? Josh! Mom!”

I pulled my dick out of Amanda’s ass and blurted the first thing that came to mind.

“Vanessa! It’s not what it looks like”

I couldn’t believe I actually said that. Amanda stood up, walked up Vanessa, grabbed her by the arm and led her to where I was standing and commanded her to get on her knees in front of me.

“What! What for?” cried Vanessa.

“Josh told me what a naughty girl you have been, that you don’t want to give him a blowjob. So I’m going to teach you how to suck this beautiful cock of his.”

“Eww, I’m not sticking that into my mouhmmn-”Amanda shoved Vanessa’s mouth onto my dick, causing her to gag as my dick hit the back of her throat.

“Don’t be stubborn, just suck it and enjoy you naughty girl” Said Amanda while pulling and pushing Vanessa along my dick.

“Mhmm…” I let out a moan, with my eyes closed.

I reach out & grabbed hold of Vanessa’s head, taking over control of her movements. I opened my eyes & looked down at her. As my eyes made contact with hers, I blew my load.

“Aaarhh!” I cried out.

“Mhmm… Yes baby, swallow his creamy goodness, that’s a good girl” commented Amanda.

I suddenly remembered Amanda was in the room. I looked over at what she was doing and I saw her fondling her left breast with her right hand, squeezing and pinching her nipple. With her left hand, she had three fingers thrusting in and out of her cunt while she watched as her daughter sucked on my cock and swallowed my seed. As that thought crossed my mind, I felt another wave of cum spurt out of my throbbing cock. I looked down at Vanessa and saw her chocking as my cum filled her mouth and started dribbling out the sides. At this point Vanessa grabbed hold of my cock, pulled it out of her mouth and the last spurt of my cum landed on the bridge of her nose. She sat back on her heels catching her breath.

“Aaaaarhhh! I’m Cumming!” yelled Amanda.

Vanessa and I looked over at Amanda and watched as she rode out her orgasm, fingers flying in and out of her cunt at a high speed until her knees gave out and she collapsed onto the floor.

I felt Vanessa’s tongue lapping up the remains of my cum on my deflating dick. I looked down to see her staring up at me, with a twinkle in her eyes as she sucked on the head of my dick.

“Mhmmm… Your cum is so delicious” said Vanessa.

“Leave some for me baby” said Amanda as she started crawling towards Vanessa.

She spotted the cum still on the bridge of her daughter’s nose and lapped it up then they both had their mouths on my cock, sharing the dirtiest, sexiest tongue-kiss I had ever witnessed, with their mouths locked in a creamy embrace, sharing the last traces of my cum. My dick started growing again and Amanda noticed, looked up at me and gave me a slutty grin and said

“Looks like little Josh, or should I say big Josh, wants to play again”

“Mhmm… Time for round two” said Vanessa excitedly.

Days later, Sir had Cassie attached to a padded bench, riding a dildo. Cassie had refused to move on it at first, but Sir had already planned ahead. If she didn’t move fast enough Sir zapped her with an electric wand. So she rode the dildo best she could. She had never had sex being on top and her movements were jerky and uncontrolled.

Sir had set the wand aside and put his hands on her hips, he helped her find a good rhythm and pace. He held onto her long after she had figured it out and squeezed her hips as the dildo hit a spot deep inside her that set her blood boiling. She hadn’t noticed when he removed his hands, but yelped when he zapped her with the wand.

“No coming without permission.”

Damn him. Sir knew Cassie struggled with asking permission for anything. She didn’t want to be a participant in her own training. She didn’t want to be involved or begging for orgasms or scraps of food.

“Ask me, Cassie,” Sir said, shocking her again when she had slowed. Cassie redoubled her efforts and found herself back on the edge, knowing she could come at any moment but Sir would make sure she wouldn’t until she had asked him permission.

“It’s easy really. All you have to say is ‘Sir, may I come?’”

That wasn’t easy. Cassie was pretty sure that would hard for her. She had barely had any sexual experience before her capture and, she was still shy about her body and about her needs. Deep down, she was upset she had needs she would have to beg to get. She had never experienced anything like this with any other guy. But then again, the boys she had been with before were only worried about themselves. Sir had made sure she knew pleasure. Knew it and then made her crave it.

Cassie struggled as she kept up her pace, not to fall over the edge without permission. Cassie tried to slow down a little to ease back on her pending orgasm and received a shock for her trouble. Cassie squealed when the wand had zapped her sensitive clit.

“Cassie,” Sir sighed. “If you continue to refuse, I can always add another dildo. I know you will learn to love having a dildo or cock up your ass. Now is as good a time as any to get you used to it.”

“P-please, Sir…” Cassie whispered.

“Louder, I can’t hear you.”

“Please, S-sir,” Cassie said, only marginally louder. “Please, may I… may I…”

“Come, Cassie. Say it. Say, may I come?”

“P-please, Sir, may I…” Cassie gasped out and finally managed to whisper the last word. “Come.”

“Now, Cassie, all at once and loud enough to be heard.”

The rotten bastard! “Please, Sir, may I come?”

“Good girl. Let’s hope it doesn’t always take this long. Come for me, Cassie.”

Cassie increased her pace as Sir’s hand crept to her tender pussy and ran a thumb over her clit and sent her over the edge. Cassie screamed out her orgasm while she continued to ride the dildo furiously. Cassie finally slowed and slumped over. If Sir hadn’t been next to her, she would have fallen to the floor.

“Good girl,” Sir whispered in her ear as he held her up and worked on releasing her legs from the bench.

“Marvelous,” Mr. Mason said, catching them both by surprise. Mr. Mason was standing in the doorway, clapping. Cassie tensed up in Sir’s arms as he helped her off the bench.

“It seems you have made some progress, Luke.”

“Yes, Mr. Mason. Some. She’s a bit resistant in some areas, but excelling in others.”

“I see. I think I want to see how far she’s come. I’m holding a party tonight. I want her by my side tonight. And Luke, don’t forget the tail. I want to show off my new toy.”

Cassie paled as Mr. Mason turned and left the room. Sir swept her off her feet and cuddled her to his chest.

“I’m sorry, Cassie. I must do as he asks. You will do fine as long as you do nothing to warrant a punishment from him.”

Sir set her down on the floor next to the French doors so she could look outside. He had brought her to his suit. It made training her easier. He said she was going to stay here for the rest of her training, so he had packed up her things this morning and moved her in here. He made her a pallet of blankets next to his bed. She would have to sleep with an ankle chained to his bed, but she felt better knowing he was close by.

Sir returned with a wet wash cloth and had gently cleaned her up. There was a knock at the door and then a servant walked in carrying a tray. She put it at the small table and left.

“Come, let’s eat lunch, and I need to tell you what to expect tonight.”

Cassie shakily got to her knees. She had to admit, she had grown more graceful about it. She no longer just plopped down. But after the orgasm she just had, it was hard not to let her body go limp to the floor since she felt boneless anyway.

“Good girl.” Cassie was starting to like the praise Sir gave her when she did something right. It shouldn’t, she knew, but it made her feel better for doing something that pleased him.

“Tonight is unavoidable. As you saw on your first day here, Mr. Mason has peculiar tastes.” Sir fed her a few bites and took a bite of his own. “You will at no point walk upright. You are to stay on your hands and knees at all times. He will walk you on a leash, people will treat you as if you were a real dog, not a poor girl who would rather be a million miles away. He may ask you to perform tricks.”

Cassie gasped and looked Sir in the eyes. Sir took a moment to eat some more and to feed her more food. She had finally gotten the point where she no longer rebelled at the idea of him hand feeding her.

“Cassie, I can’t stress this enough. Do what he asks. Any punishment you earn there will be given in front of all the whole party. And Mr. Mason isn’t exactly gentle and caring either.”

No, he wasn’t, she thought. She knew she had been wrong about Sir when she first got here earlier this week. He was strict, but he cared. He made sure she was alright, made sure she was fed and warm and that nothing was wrong. But Mr. Mason scared her. She felt safe with Sir, crazy as it seems. She felt like Mr. Mason was the very opposite of what Sir was. Safe, in control.

Sir held a glass of water to her lips, and she drained half the glass. Sir looked at her with concern.

“Were you thirsty earlier?”

“No Sir, just after… just after… the session.”

“Ah, I see.” Sir replaced the glass with food, and they ate the rest of it in comfortable silence. When they were finished, Sir beckoned Cassie to follow him. He had led her to the bathroom. It was a bathroom that she envied. Her father’s house had been built decades ago, and while she missed her home, she also had a hope of one day having a whole afternoon to herself in this bathroom. The bathtub was big enough that she could probably swim in it when it was full and the shower had multiple heads to hit every part of the body.

Instead of leading her to the shower, Sir started the bathtub and poured generous amounts of bath bubbles and scents in the running water.

“You have several hours before you need to be ready for tonight. You can relax in the bath for a while. Don’t get used to it and don’t even think about touching yourself. I will know, and you will end up at the party with pretty marks to show off.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Good.” Sir helped her step into the hot water and she sank down into it with a blissful sigh. Her shoulders still ached from whenever Sir had seen it appropriate to bind her hands behind her back and her ass. She was ashamed to admit she had yet to go a day without earning a punishment. She had closed her eyes but opened them when she felt Sir’s hand on her head.

“Shhh, I’m just going to get you cleaned up and then you can have all the time you want to relax.”

Sir had taken a cup and wetted down her hair. With shampoo in his hands, his fingers slide through her hair and Cassie was unable to swallow another blissful sigh as his fingers massaged her scalp as he washed her hair. And then the strangest thing happened. Her nipples puckered and she started to feel an ache between her legs. Who had thought that something like this would turn her on.

Wanting to avoid a punishment, Cassie brought her hands up to the edge of the tub and gripped the edges as hard as she could. Sir had rinsed her hair and smoothed conditioner in her hair and was finally rinsing that out as well.

Cassie gasped when his hand went from her hair to her breast. Sir gently pinched her nipple and squeezed her breast. A moan escaped her mouth and Cassie was glad the hot water already had her flushed or Sir would see her blush.

“You are so beautiful like this,” Sir told her. Cassie looked up at him and for once Sir was wearing his feelings on his face. She saw naked desire there. And for the first time since she came to be here, she felt like she had some power in her sexuality.

“Please, Sir, I need…” Cassie trailed off as he pinched her other nipple.

“Need what?” Sir asked, his voice thick with lust


“I need to come, Sir, please!” Cassie gasped as both hands worked her breasts, playing with her nipples, pinching, squeezing and driving her absolutely crazy.

“Don’t you want to relax for a bit?”

He had her in such a state that relaxation was out the window. Cassie shook her head as she thrashed in the water, making sure to keep her grip on the tub.

“Get out and bend over the edge of the tub,” Sir commanded.

Cassie shot up quickly, bubbles running down her body and complied. She had just barely bent over the tub when Sir’s tongue thrust deep in her pussy. Cassie gasped and started to thrust her hips back at him before his hands came up to hold her still.

Sir licked and nibbled at her, his tongue swirling around and inside of her before sliding his tongue through her slit and circling her engorged clit. Sir tried to keep her still but her hips were still grinding against his face and then she screamed when Sir sucked her clit into his mouth.

“P-please, Sir,” Cassie gasped out.

“You are free to come whenever you like for this session,” Sir said before diving back into her pussy.

He sucked her clit back into her mouth and laved it with his tongue and finally with his teeth. Cassie screamed out her orgasm and Sir kept going, making her ride it out. After she came down he didn’t let up. His tongue found her entrance and slowly circled it. It wasn’t long before Cassie felt herself building up again.

“Wait! No,” Cassie cried out as his tongue drew up higher and higher to her rosebud. His tongue swirled around her hole and forced its way inside of her. Sir had kept Cassie from pulling away as he tormented her with his tongue. He licked and prodded her as his fingers found their way to her empty pussy. With his fingers inside of her and a thumb on her clit, he soon had her mindless with pleasure while his tongue assaulted her ass.

Sir withdrew his tongue and Cassie felt oddly empty. She was sure she didn’t want anything inside her ass, but she had to admit to herself, maybe not to Sir, that it wasn’t painful this time. Actually, she had enjoyed the new sensations with the lack of pain.

“Stay there,” Sir commanded as both hands left her. Left her with her right on the edge and crying out her frustration as she was sure she was about to explode again. It felt like an hour before he came back into the bathroom and touched her again.

Cassie was so far gone it hadn’t taken her long at all to get back to the edge of orgasm. Sir’s fingers entered her pussy and his thumb stroked her clit masterfully. When she felt like she was about to go over, he slowed his pace, her pleasure slowly fading back.

“Please, Sir! I need it!”

“I know you do, I know.” Sir comforted her. But he continued with the slow pace as she felt something nudge her rosebud. She felt something slick and rubbery. She had a fairly good idea what it was but at the moment, she didn’t care. All she wanted was to come again and again.

Sir slowly worked it inside of her, keeping her the on edge to make it pleasant. He had worked it most of the way inside of her before he pulled it out and slowly pushed it back in. He fucked it in and out of her for a few minutes before finally pushing it all the way inside of her and let her ass close around the end of the plug.

Cassie felt incredibly full. It hadn’t hurt at all this time around and having the plug inside of her only made her hornier. When Sir’s thumb left her clit she tried to push back to follow but a slap her ass kept her still. When she felt his cock at her pussy, Cassie moaned. Sir slowly worked his way inside of her and took long leisurely strokes inside of her.

“Please, Sir! I can’t take it! I need it faster!”

Instead of picking up his pace, he withdrew from her. Cassie cried out. She wanted to come; she wanted him inside of her.

“Climb on top of me,” Sir said. He had laid down on the rug, his erect cock beckoning her to him. Cassie moved away from the tub and straddled his hips as he guided his cock to her pussy. All of a sudden, Cassie was glad for the lesion earlier today to prepare her for this. Cassie lowered herself onto his cock. It felt better than the dildo. And the plug in her ass actually made it feel even more amazing.

“Play with your nipples,” Sir said huskily.

Cassie’s hands went to her breasts and she started to pinch and pull at her nipples, the way Sir had played with them as she started to move on top of him. Her pace increased and finding the rhythm she had earlier on the bench, Cassie was soon thrashing on top of him, mindless as she approached her orgasm.

“Come for me, Cassie,” Sir said. And she obeyed. Cassie screamed out and collapsed onto his chest. Sir gently rolled her under him and soon he was grunting out his own release. Sir lowered himself onto Cassie and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He gasped into her chest and she waited while he regained his breath and strength. She ran her hands in his hair and he closed his eyes and relaxed fully on top of her. After a few minutes, he raised himself up to look into her eyes.

“You are beautiful when you come.”

Cassie blushed but she felt pleased he thought so.

“Looks like you will have to get cleaned up again.” Sir withdrew his softened cock and stood up. He helped her up and kissed her forehead. “I will come to get you to get ready for the party tonight. Relax and enjoy yourself until then.”

Cassie had felt a moment of affection for the man as he walked out of the bathroom and left the door open a bit so he could look in on her. She was sure it was a bad idea to fall for her captor, but sometimes you wouldn’t help things like that.

The truth is, I want to be hurt.

The red plastic cup of beer in my hand is damp and sweating. The bass is pounding so loudly I can feel it vibrating inside my veins. My shirt is sticking to my skin along my spine, my skin tired and dewy and angry. God, I hate my life.

My head is spinning, but I’m not tired. I am so very, very alive. My pulse is buzzing and my fingers are twitching: I need to do something. Someone. I need this wild energy inside me to be calmed. I need this raw hatred to be sucked out of me. I am too angry. I am too alive—too alive for a girl who’s dead inside.

I brush my hair—long, glossy, the color of sunlight on water—out of my eyes and head to the bathroom to freshen up. It smells like vomit and sadness. I splash icy water on my wrists and wipe off the smudged mascara under my eyes. I look at the girl staring out of the mirror at me: enormous navy eyes smudged with inky kohl, a delicate half-teardrop nose, lips so full and flushed they don’t need lipstick, and luminescent milky skin. A pretty face. A face I despise. The body that goes with it is slender, with that same moonlit skin, long legs, a flat stomach, perky breasts, a smattering of small black tattoos. I hate it too.

I want to be hurt. I want my soul to feel as alive as my body.

I walk out of the bathroom, adjusting my short black leather skirt and look around at the hollow, paper-doll creatures that dance and laugh and flirt around me. I hate them.

I walk out into the cool, dark alley. The night wind greets my face like a slap. The chilly air rushes into my lungs like its trying to drown me. I throw my head against the wall a little too hard, hard enough to make my eyes water. Ugh. I need to get out of here. I need to go somewhere.

The quiet, nasty voice in the back of my mind perks up at the looming danger of the dark alley. I want to be hurt, it hisses again.

I start to walk. My shoes—caged leather booties with five inch heels—aren’t exactly cut out for the job: my feet are aching within minutes. I relish the pain. It distracts me from the pain in my head.

In the tiny, narrow street ahead, I see the glowing butts of lit cigarettes. Four of them. My body screams at me: danger, stop. I approach the figures easily.

Three men, probably not much older than my nineteen years. Handsome enough, wearing clothes that show that they care, but not too much. Eyes that are just a bit too alive. Perfect.

“Hey, baby,” one of them croons at me. His smile is crooked, devilish, disarming.

“Hey,” I gasp back, out of breath.

“What’s your name, kitten?”


“Pretty name for a pretty girl.”

I nod. I don’t want to talk. I want to be fucking hurt. I look around at the other men. Their faces are interested, a little lecherous.

“What’re you doing around here by yourself, baby?” It’s another man speaking. The tallest one.

“Yeah, it’s not safe here,” the blonde one chimes in.

“You might run into danger,” the first man finishes. His smile is predatory.

“I’ll be more careful,” I answer, although it’s a lie. My palms are sweating. I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting myself in over my head here.

The first man—the leader, the alpha—touches my cheek with the back of one of his hands. “Maybe we can take care of you, baby.”

“Maybe.” My voice is wary.

His hand trails down my neck and rests on my shoulder. “Do you know who walks these streets at night, love? Not nice girls.”

“No,” I agree.

“Whores,” he says. “Slutty little girls looking for men like us. Naughty girls. Are you a naughty girl, baby?”

“No,” I whisper.

“I bet you are,” the blonde man interjects.

“Let’s find out,” the tallest one suggests.

“Come on,” the blonde man urges. “Find out if she’s a naughty girl. Show us.”

“I’ll do it,” the blonde man offers, too eager. I’m trembling.

“Quiet.” Alpha shakes his head. “I’ll do it.” He turns back to me. “Come on, angel. Be a little naughty for us.”

“No.” I’m breathing hard. I want this. I don’t want this. My cheeks are flushed. My cunt is hot; my lace panties are soaking with the evidence of my excitement.

They’re all too close. I can smell aftershave, whiskey, peppermint gum, and sweat. The tall man steps behind me, so close I can feel the head of his body against my back. I’m surrounded. There’s no going back now.

The alpha’s hands grip my hips. He leans in and kisses the side of my neck. His stubble scratches my skin; his breath is hot and moist.

“Stop,” I order, but I don’t try to move.

“Shh, baby, shh.” The alpha runs a finger over my lower lip. “Be a good girl, now.” He moves his hands to the straps of my tank top and pulls them down my arms. My tits are on display, held up by my black-lace bra.

“Fuck,” the blonde moans appreciatively. He reaches forward and squeezes my tits in his hands, hard.

I push his hands away.

“Hold her,” the alpha orders. The man behind me holds my hands behind my back. The blonde man pulls my bra down, tucking it under my breasts. My nipples—small and pink as pencil erasers—stiffen in the cold air.

“Fuck, you’re sexy.” The alpha kisses my neck again, pushing the blonde man out of the way. He kisses his way across my chest, fondling my tits between rough fingers. He tugs at one of my nipples with his teeth, hard enough that it hurts a little.

Finally. More. With one hand, he twists and pulls at my other nipple, kneads my breast hard.

“Come on, come on,” the blonde man urges, impatient.

The man behind me is breathing quickly. I can feel his erection pressing against my ass. He grins it against me, lowers his mouth to my ear. “I’m gonna pound you so hard, baby. Feel how hard my cock is for you?” He licks my ear, tugs my earlobe between his teeth. I’m shivering. I’m so wet.

The alpha’s hands find my skirt and pulls it down roughly. They crow at the sight of my black lace panties, the shape of my mound, my pierced bellybutton.

“God, you’re hot,” the blonde whispers. I can see the bulge in his slacks, see the lust in his face.

I’m getting what I wanted, but I’m afraid. These men are so hungry. They’ll eat me alive. Good.

The alpha rubs his hand over my panties, surprised when they come away wet. “You’re soaking!” He laughs. “Jesus Christ, do you like this? Do you want us to fuck you like the dirty little whore you are, right here in this alley?”

He can see the answer in my eyes. I don’t bother saying no.

He pulls his jeans and underwear down. His cock springs forward: eight inches and thick, the veins standing out against his skin. A bead of precum is glistening at the tip of his mushroom head.

“Do you want my cock, baby?”

I shake my head no. Yes, I want it. Yes. Fuck me. Now.

“Yes, you do.” He pulls my panties down and thrusts two fingers up inside my cunt, moaning at the tight wetness of my cunt squeezing around his fingers. “You’re so tight. I’m going to stretch that tight little cunt wide open, baby.” He brings his cock between my legs, slides the tip of it over my clit. I moan.

The blonde man is bug-eyed. “What a slut.” There’s admiration in his voice.

The alpha thrusts his cock into my cunt in one fast motion. I cry out—he’s so big!—and the man behind me covers my mouth with his hand.

“There’s a better way to keep her quiet,” the blonde interjects. “Put her on her knees.”

The alpha pulls out, running the head of his cock over my clit again. I’m on fire. They push me down onto the cold concrete. I’m on my hands and knees, a whore in the alley. A toy. The alpha positions himself behind me, his hands hard on my ass cheeks. He shoves his cock into my cunt again, hard. I cry out. The blonde boy pulls his jeans down and drops to his knees. His cock is shorter and thicker, still huge, so red and hard it looks angry. He shoves his cock into my mouth so hard I gag.

The third man is stroking his cock—longer, thinner, a little curved—as he watches us. He watches my ass cheeks shake as the alpha drives his cock into my pussy, watches my tits bounce in the air, watches my eyes water as the blonde man holds my head and shoves his cock down my throat. I can’t breathe.

My pussy is throbbing. I’m choking, gagging, slobbering all over the blonde man’s cock. He’s grinning wildly.

“You’re so fucking tight,” the alpha moans delightedly. His hands are squeezing my ass so hard I know he’s leaving bruises. He lets go to spank me, hard. “Ungh!” I moan against the blonde man’s cock. I love being spanked. My clit is quivering.

The blonde man pulls his cock out of my mouth and slaps me with it, hard. My eyes are watering. I’m crying out. I’m not even aware of where I am anymore. It’s just sex, just feelings. I can’t think. It’s heaven.

The alpha reaches forward and grabs my tits, using them as handles while he fucks me. I scream out with pain, the sound muffled my the blonde man’s balls in my face. His cock is buried deep in my throat. “Lick my balls!” he orders. Obediently, I stick out my tongue, licking his balls as best I can with his cock filling my mouth. “Fuck, that’s good.” He’s shaking. He’s going to cum. He pulls out, showers my face with hot, sticky, salty liquid. He runs his softening cock across my lips, pats the top of my head. “Good girl!” he hums, grinning.

The last man takes his place, shoving his cock into my tired mouth. Behind me, the alpha is still slamming into my cunt, his cock stretching my pussy tight around him. He pulls out, sending spurts of creamy liquid all over my ass. “God, that’s beautiful, baby,” he shouts, slapping my ass again.

The tall man pulls his cock out of my mouth and forces me onto my back. He pushes his cock into my mouth again that way; his balls are pressed against my forehead.

The blonde man pushes one, then two fingers into my cunt. “What a hot cunt,” he whistles. He explores my pussy lips, my clit, his little finger sliding across my tight pink asshole. He pushes the tip of his finger inside. I yelp with protest.

“Every had this hole fucked, slut?” he asked. I shook my head wildly, mumbling “No’s” around the tall man’s cock.

“You’re about to,” he informs me coolly.

The blonde man leans down and licks my clit in careful little circles, his tongue darting down my slit. I’m trembling. God. Without warning, his hot tongue slips down to my asshole, licking circles around my little virgin rosebud. He presses his face right up against my ass, forcing his tongue inside. I’m squirming, gasping, shocked, and wanting.

The tall man stops fucking my mouth as if the blonde man was giving him an idea. He shifts forward. “Lick me ass.”

“No!” I’m gasping for breath already. “No.”

The alpha man reaches under me, slaps each of my tits hard. “Go on,” he demands, angry. “Do what he says!” He pinches and pulls my nipples, so hard I’m struggling not to cry. He moves up and shoves my face down, pressing my face between the tall man’s ass cheeks. Finally, I let my tongue dart out, circling the man’s asshole the way the blonde man is circling mine. The tall man moans delightedly as the alpha presses my face deeper into his ass.

“Ugh, yeah, stick your dirty little tongue up my ass!” I try to obey, stiffening my tongue and forcing it into his tight hole. He’s wriggling with delight, his cock throbbing between his hands. “God, that’s so hot, so fucking hot.”

The blonde man presses his middle finger into my ass, then adds a second and a third. My asshole is burning. There’s no way I can take any of these cocks ion there. There’s no way.

The blonde man spits on his cock and spits on my asshole. He presses his mushroom tip against my rosebud and pushes in—too fast, too fast!—I’m screaming. My asshole must be tearing. Oh god, oh god, oh god. He moves out a little and then back in, slowly stretching my ass around himself.

“She’s so tight,” he marvels.

Tears are streaking my cheeks. The tall man presses his ass down hard, taking my breath away. My tongue licks his asshole furiously: if I don’t make him cum, I’m afraid I’m going to suffocate. He cums all over my tits, the hot liquid burning swirling patterns across my nipples. He slides off of me. “God you’re hot.”

I gasp for breath, but the alpha is already pushing his cock into my mouth. “My turn, baby. Suck me hard.” I obey him quickly, stretching my lips wide to accommodate his girth. He thrusts deep into my throat, his hand forcing my chin up. “Look at me, while you’re sucking me,” he orders.

I look at him.

The tall man begins fingering my clit as the blonde man fucks my ass and the alpha fucks my mouth. It’s so intense, being fucked from both sides. I’m so degraded. I hate it. I love it.

The alpha pulls out of my mouth and forces his body under mine, shoving his enormous swollen cock into my pussy again. I scream: I’m too full. I’m so full. The tall man is watching, practically drooling. “I want you again,” he grins to me, “but shit, I have to piss.”

The blonde man, balls deep in my ass, looks up. “Piss on her!”

The tall man stands over me. “Open your mouth.”

Cringing, I open my mouth. He begins to piss immediately, filling my mouth so I choke and sputter. Trails of piss leak down my cum-covered tits and into my hair. When I’m really coughing, he switches to my hair, soaking it with piss.

The blonde man shouts and slams into my ass, filling me with his cum and then pulling out. My asshole is gaping and burning, trying to shrink to its normal size.

The alpha strokes my clit as he fucks me, pushing me closer and closer to an orgasm. He’s talking the whole time: “I know you want to cum, baby. Let go. Cum for me. You’re going to be thinking about this later, aren’t you? It’ll make you cum then too, won’t it?”

Shivering, shaking, I can’t hold it back. I cum explosively, my pussy clutching his cock and squeezing it so tightly it pushes him over the edge too: he fills my pussy up with cum and pulls out.

I’m shaking, tired, humiliated, as they gather up their clothes and walk away. But I’m also… calm. Satisfied. The rage within me is quiet. For now.

I’d like to say that Vanessa and I quickly showered and promptly made our way to our appointment at the health spa, but it would be a lie. Me and her, together in a hot shower, that usually leads to some sort of sexual hijinks. This time was no exception. Somehow the big black rubber cock joined us in the shower and we each took a turn getting fucked by it.

We were more than a half an hour late to the spa. Luckily Vanessa was a very good customer. She had sent them a lot of business in the past. She was always rewarding the dancers in her club with free trips to the spa.

The spa was a professional run medical health spa. We got the full treatment, massages, facials, body treatments, waxing, and manicures/pedicures. The only strange thing to happen was Vanessa insisting that I get French tips on my nails. We left four hours later feeling and looking great, if I may say so myself.

We went back to the hotel and decided to dress in our finest clothes, our finest slut clothes that is, and hit a local happy hour. Vanessa wore a purple, tight fitted, strapless, ruched mini dress and matching five inch high heels with ankle straps. I wore a short red halter mini dress with a plunging neck line. I also put on my sexist red strappy high heel ankle wrap sandals. Neither of us wore any undergarments, Vanessa loves going naked under her clothes as much as me. We put on some of our sluttiest jewelry, hoop earrings, wrist and ankle bracelets, and of course our wedding and diamond engagement rings.

We walked around the corner from our hotel to nearby bar/restaurant. We got an outside table and ordered a round of drinks. We weren’t there five minutes, when Vanessa let me know that two handsome young men, who were sitting behind me were checking us out. I sat back and watched Vanessa go to work, long distance flirting with them. She’s an expert at using seductive eye contact, coy smiles and other flirty actions to land any man she wants.

It didn’t take long for one of them to come over to us. I finally got a look at him. Vanessa was right he was very fit, handsome and appeared very confident, just what I like in a man. He was a light skinned black guy. He was about twenty five years old, 5’10″ with a well -toned muscular build. He had short black hair and piercing blue eyes.

“Hello, I was wondering if you ladies would like to join my friend and me for a drink,” He asked.

“What do you say Brandi, do you want to go over and join them?” Vanessa asked me after giving him a mischievous smile.

I turned around to check out the other guy. He was white and looked to be about the same age, size and build as his partner. He also was very handsome. He had short blond hair and brown eyes.

“Sure,” I answered.

“Ok,” Vanessa answered. “But I got a question, how did you decide who was coming over to ask us,” she asked our new friend.

“It was easy, I’m the lead. My friend is the wingman,” he said with a smile.

“I figured that was it,” Vanessa said with a laugh. “What are you, Navy pilots?” She asked


“Good guess, my name’s Devon,” He said as he held out his hand.

I looked at the two of them with a confused look on my face. I couldn’t guess how Vanessa knew that they were pilots or in the Navy. Vanessa laughed and shook her head. “You’ve been away from San Diego for too long Brandi. Remember, it’s a military town, lots of Navy and Marines. Lead, wingman, it’s all pilot talk.”

“I’m Vanessa, she’s Brandi,” Vanessa added.

Vanessa and I got up and walked over to their table. Our new friend, Devon introduced his friend who stood up as we approached.

“Brandi, Vanessa, this is my wingman Gator. Gator say hello to Brandi and Vanessa,” Devon said.

“Hello ladies, nice to meet you. Have a seat,” Gator said as he held out a chair for Vanessa. Devon pulled out a chair for me.

We all sat down and Devon ordered another round of drinks. We talked, flirted and traded double entendres for a while. We found out that Devon and Gator were Navy fighter pilots assigned to an aircraft carrier. We also found out that Gator’s real named was Josh and Gator was his call sign, the nickname pilots give each other. Devon’s call sign was Demon. They were leaving on a six month cruise the next day and were out for a last night of fun. Like Cinderella they had to be back at the base by midnight. Vanessa and I told Devon and Josh a little about ourselves and that we were also out looking for fun. When we told them that we used to work as dancers at a strip club they begged us for a private show. How could we refuse doing our patriotic duty to entertain the troops?

Our hotel was close by, so we headed back to it for the show. One thing about fighter pilots, they are very confident and very aggressive. The doors to the elevator had barely closed when Josh grabbed Vanessa and Devon grabbed me. They began making out with us right away. They were quick to get their hands roaming all over our bodies. I’m sure they were surprised when they realized that neither Vanessa nor I were wearing a bra or panties.

When the elevator reached our floor, I broke my embrace with Devon. He already had my dress pulled up, exposing my naked ass. I turned and saw that Josh had Vanessa’s top pulled down and he was caressing her tits.

We hurried to our suite. Once inside I told the guys to make themselves a drink and get comfortable on the couch. Vanessa went over to the entertainment center and found us some music. Then we went into the bedroom to change into outfits better suited for a strip show.

Since neither Vanessa nor I had any of the clothes from our stripper days with us we made do with a few items from our current wardrobe. Vanessa made a micro mini skirt by folding the top panel of a mini skirt down several times. She put on a thong and one of my bras. Even though she is petite, her chest is bigger than mine and the bra barely contained her beautiful tits. I put on a red mesh baby doll top with a matching thong. The top I was wearing was tied closed by two ribbons, one up over my breasts and the other across my stomach. We waited until the start of the next song before we made our appearance.

Vanessa and I danced our way from the bedroom to in front of the couch. Vanessa wound up in front of Josh and I was in front of Devon. We had worked together so many times in the past that we easily fell into a familiar routine. Devon and Josh hooted and cheered as we moved close and shook our tits and asses in their faces. We rubbed our bodies against each other as we danced away from them, switching back and forth between our new friends. I danced behind Vanessa and wrapped my arms around her chest. She unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the ground as my hands covered her tits. We moved together as I slowly uncovered her breasts. I slid my hands down her body to her hips and slipped my fingers in the waist of her mini skirt. Vanessa turned around and I slowly slid her mini skirt down. Now all she was wearing was a tiny string thong and her heels. The guys went crazy clapping and cheering.

Then it was Vanessa’s turn to strip me. We turned so that I faced Devon and Josh and she was facing of me. She squatted down and used her teeth to pull the bottom ribbon holding my top opened. Then she kissed and licked my belly as she moved up to the top ribbon. Vanessa took her time, kissing and caressing my body before she pulled the top ribbon open with her teeth. She slid the baby doll off my shoulders and it fell to the ground. She stood in front of me, blocking the guys’ view of my body as she kissed and licked my nipples. When she stepped aside and revealed my naked breasts, my nipples had grown into glistening hard pointy nubs. I could feel my pussy start to get hot and moist. Devon and Josh broke out in another round of cheers.

Vanessa and I continued dancing. We embraced and ground our naked bodies together. When I slipped one of my legs between Vanessa’s legs and rubbed it against her, I could fell the warm dampness emanating from her pussy. I guess she was as excited as me. We moved back close to the guys and shook our asses and naked tits in their faces. Judging by the growing bulges in their pants, Devon and Josh appeared to be as turned on as me and Vanessa.

“How about a lap dance?” Devon asked as he slipped a dollar bill into the string of my thong.

“Yeah, does this place have a VIP room?” Josh added jokingly as he slipped a tip into Vanessa’s thong.

“Sure, but it’ll cost you twenty bucks,” I said with a smile.

“What do we get for it?” Devon asked.

“Normally it three songs, but for our boys in the Navy, you get four songs… and you can only touch bare skin,” Vanessa replied.

“Fuck yeah!” they both exclaimed as they quickly produced two twenty dollar bills.

Vanessa and I danced close to them, took their money and slipped it into the strings of our thongs. Then we pushed their legs apart so we could dance between them. I was in front of Devon and Vanessa was in front of Josh.

I started by standing between his knees; slowly swaying my hips from side to side in time to the music. I took my hands and slowly started to rub my boobs, pinching and pulling on my hard nipples. Soon the hard nubs were sticking out about a half an inch. I slowly rubbed my hands down my abs to my hips. I turned around, bent forward with my butt sticking out and rubbed my hands along my hips and ass. Devon reached out and stroked his hands up and down the sides of my hips. I turned back around to face him. I put my hands on his knees and leaned my chest into his face. My tits were inches from his mouth. Each time he tried to move his mouth closer I teased him by backing away. Back and forth we went until finally I climbed up and knelt on his thighs. My breasts pressed into his face and he took a nipple in his mouth. I moaned in pleasure as he used his tongue, lips and teeth to delightfully torture the hard nub. Devon reached around me, grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against his hard muscular body. I was pleased when I felt a large hard cock press against my leg. I knew I would to do my patriotic duty and fuck Devon’s brains out before he left on his cruise.

I looked over at Vanessa and Josh. She was standing with her back to him, bent over at the waist and sliding her hands down the backs of her legs. Josh was sitting up on the couch rubbing his hands all over her ass as he leaned forward and kissed her lovely tush. I knew Vanessa would also do her patriotic duty.

When Devon went to switch to my other tit, I pulled away from him and turned around. I sat back on his lap crushing his large hard cock between my ass cheeks. I ground myself back against him drawing a deep throaty groan from him. Devon reached up and caressed my breasts. He pinched and pulled on my nipples as he kissed my neck sending jolts of pleasure cascading throughout my body. I leaned my head on his shoulder and tilted it back. Devon turned his head toward me and kissed my lips. I slipped a hand down to my crotch and pulled the small patch of my thong away from my pussy. It was wet with my juices. I used my other hand to pull one his hands down to my crotch. Devon uttered a gasp of surprise as he slid his fingers across my wet naked pussy.

I groaned as his fingers parted my wet pussy lips and he worked one, then a second finger inside of me. I continued grinding my naked body against him as he worked his fingers in and out of my pussy. He rubbed his thumb back and forth across my clit sending more jolts of pleasure firing throughout my body. I cried out groaning and panting, rolling my hips and working my pussy against his hand, adding to my building excitement. Devon plunged his fingers deeper into my pussy and I almost came. I started fucking his fingers, moving my hips back and forth, trying to get his long thick fingers to fill me up. I was on the verge of a tremendous orgasm. Devon moved his hand and slipped a third finger into my pussy filling me even more. He laid his palm on my clit and rubbed his hand in a circle. I felt myself bracing for a powerful orgasm. My body tensed up and I cried out that I was cumming as multiple contractions wracked my pussy.

Devon held me tightly as my orgasm passed and my breathing returned to normal. I turned my body slightly and give Devon a passionate tongue filled kiss. I broke the kiss, slid off of him, and turned to face him on my knees.

“Hey that was only three songs, you still owe me one,” Devon said with a laugh.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m not done yet,” I said as I unbuckled his belt and opened his pants.

I reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. It was long and fat, just like I love them. Also he was uncircumcised, it doesn’t matter to me if a guy is cut or not but I do kinda love covering and uncovering the head. I ran up hand up and down his length a couple of times and he grew to his full length about eight or nine inches. I let go of his cock and grabbed his pants. Devon lifted his hips as I pulled his pants off his legs. Then I told him to take off his shirt as I pulled off his shoes and socks.

Once he was naked I stood up and began dancing again. I seductively slid my thong down and off my body. I faced away from Devon and backed up to him. He reached up and held my hips as I rested my hands on his knees. Slowly I lowered my naked butt into his lap once again trapping his cock between the cheeks of my ass. I worked my ass around, grinding his hard cock up and down and side to side. Devon lifted me up and his cock slid up and between my legs. When I sat back down his rock hard cock was standing up between my legs. I grabbed his cock and rubbed it against my wet pussy. His hard hot cock sent shivers of pleasure through my pussy.

I glanced over at Vanessa and Josh. Both of them were naked and Vanessa was kneeling between Josh’s legs. Her head was buried in his lap. I could tell from his moans and the look on his face that she was sucking his cock and doing her usual excellent job at that.

I got up off Devon and fell to my knees between his legs. I reached a hand between my legs and rubbed it across my pussy. It came away wet with my juices. I grabbed hold of his cock and slowly slid my hand up and down his length. Each time I slid my hand down the head of his cock appeared.

“So Demon, want me to suck your… joystick?” I jokingly asked.

“Oh yeah baby, be careful it might fire off a rocket,” Devon said with a laugh.

“I’d love to see it go off,” I replied.

I slid my hand down his cock and pulled the foreskin off the head. I leaned forward and flicked my tongue around the head of his cock. One thing I like about guys with an uncut cock is that the frenulum, the area on the underside of their cock just below the head is super sensitive. I’ve made men cum just by flicking my tongue back and forth on that sensitive area. I didn’t want Devon to cum right away so I made sure to vary my techniques by kissing and licking other areas of his cock. I began focusing on top of his penis, prodding the tip of my tongue in and out of the opening. Devon’s cock started to leak precum so I simply lapped up the tasty morsels. His balls got equal attention. I continued stroking the length of his cock as I kissed and sucked his balls. I wanted this to be a blowjob he would dream about on his six month deployment.

I knew Devon was close to cumming; his moaning and heavy breathing gave him away. I glanced over at Vanessa and Josh. From his grunts and the look of ecstasy on his face I knew he unloading a load of cum into Vanessa’s mouth. I moved my mouth back up to Devon’s cock. I held the base and swallowed about half of it in one motion. I worked my head up and down on his cock with my tongue sliding along the bottom of that hard shaft. Every time I pulled Devon’s cock out of my mouth, my tongue glided along the underside of his big tool. He didn’t last too long after that. He grabbed my head and held me with about half his cock buried in my mouth. He cried out that he was cumming and fired off a massive stream of cum into my mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could but couldn’t stop a little from leaking out of the side of my mouth.

When Devon stopped cumming I pulled my mouth off his cock. I licked up any cum that had spilled on his cock and balls and looked over at Vanessa and Josh. They had moved off the couch to the love seat. Vanessa was lying on her back across the loveseat. The throw pillows were under her shoulders and her head was hanging off one of the arms. Josh was bent over straddling her head, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth. His cock was long, even longer than Devon’s but thin. Vanessa has had a lot of practice deep throating long cocks but even she couldn’t fit the whole thing in her throat. He was easily twelve inches. His balls kept bouncing back and forth, slapping against her forehead on each thrust of his hips. He also had a hand in her crotch playing with her pussy.

I got up off my knees and moved over by them. I leaned over the other arm of the loveseat and put my face in Vanessa’s crotch. Josh moved his hand away and I dove in, mouth first, right into her pussy. Josh pulled his cock out of Vanessa’s mouth; it was covered with her spit. He moved around behind me and rubbed his cock head up and down through lips of my pussy. Then he lined it up with opening of my pussy and slipped about half of it inside me. He held onto my hips and began sliding his cock back and forth in my pussy, driving it deeper and deeper on each stroke.

“Hey flyboy, get that big black cock over here. I need to get it hard so you can fuck my pussy.” Vanessa ordered Devon.

Devon may have been used to taking orders but he still had that flyers cockiness. I looked up from licking Vanessa’s pussy and saw him jumped up off the couch. He came over to us but he stood with his cock about a foot away from Vanessa’s mouth. Over and over he leaned in and rubbed his cock all over her face. Vanessa tried to grab him and pull him close but he was too quick. It took a few tries but Vanessa learned that she could catch more cocks with honey than vinegar.

“Devon, can you please can move your cock closer to me so that I can suck it and get it hard. After it gets hard, maybe you’d like to use it to fuck me. I could really use a hard cock in my pussy,” Vanessa asked sweetly.

“Why sure ma’am, a navy officer is always willing to help a woman in need,” Devon replied with a laugh.

Devon moved close and slowly feed his cock into Vanessa’s mouth. He also leaned forward and caressed her breasts. I could tell because her moans from my licking her pussy were muffled by Devon’s cock. Her moans increased in intensity when Devon leaned forward even further and began kissing and sucking her nipples.

While all this was happening Josh was still fucking me from behind. Now he was driving the full length of his cock into me on each stroke. He had reached his hand between me and the arm of the loveseat and was rubbing it on my clit. The combinations of pleasures had me close to an orgasm. Several more strong powerful thrusts sent me over the edge. I cried out in agony and pleasure as my body quivered and shook. Josh held on to me as my whole body tensed up and I rose up on my tippy toes, panting and moaning.

Once my orgasm passed and my breathing returned to normal, I realized that Josh hadn’t cum. His cock was still hard, still in me and he was still sliding it in and out of my pussy. I returned my attention to Vanessa’s pussy. She was still moaning around Devon’s cock as he slid it back and forth in her mouth. I slipped a couple of fingers in her pussy and located her g-spot. My fingers had been her pussy enough times that it was like they were on auto-pilot. Vanessa knew me enough to know what I was going to do next. She pushed Devon away as I flicked my tongue across her clit, which set her off. She grabbed my head and held it against her pussy. I continued flicking her clit, driving her wild with orgasmic frenzy. She wrapped her legs around my head as her body shuddered and shook. She cried out, gasping and groaning as she came.

Geri came home after the last day of her long summer internship at the horticulture institute in nearby Dalton Township. It had been what she needed to finish up her doctorate in the fall. She sighed as she knew she would spend several months computing and analyzing her studies there, not to mention lectures and papers throughout her final school year. But because there were 20 days left until she had to make the long drive to Texas to conclude her college career, she planned on doing absolutely nothing productive. That was of course after she finished up on her notes. This is a task that would take her the better part of the day tomorrow.

Geri dropped her keys on the table and started to head upstairs to shower. It had been a hot day and she desperately needed it. Her parents wanted her to learn the value of working hard. She had admitted that this added value had served her quite well. After all, she was going to finish her doctorate in three years, instead of the usual four, being given the title of Dr. next June at age twenty six. Her parents being well off could have just given her everything and anything. When she was younger it was so nerve wracking for her being surrounded by luxury in this home of 5000 square feet and a swimming pool on 25 acres, not counting the 300 acres of fields, and have her parents make her earn even the smallest things like a new CD. But she loved her parents and even thanked them a week ago for giving her this work ethic. However, both her and her parents have similar habits when it comes to letting loose. Of course that’s mainly what this story is about.

Geri had spoken to her parents this morning for probably the last time for the next few weeks. They had left for a planned trip to The Northwest Territories with their very close neighbor friends. By close, it should be clarified that they are swingers. They are joining other groups for a presumably bareback backpacking trip in the wilderness. Geri mildly winced at the thought knowing that she has had a few multiple partner episodes, but not in the scale of her parents. Of course she knows the son of her parent’s swinging partners as they had off and on dated since middle school. She had ended it last summer when she caught him hot and heavy in their backyard hot tub with a girl they had went to high school with. It was also the same day she had discovered that he had posted the nude photo she had give him on an online bulletin board. He had told her it was an accident, of course right after she punched him in the gut. They have not spoken since.

With her parents gone, Geri knew she could unwind, and do as she pleased. She decided to do exactly that. Because she has always had a fetish for nudity, even before she made it all the way up the stairs, Geri was halfway undressed. She planned on letting loose and not wearing a thing until it was time to write her notes the next day. She had been doing this for many years whenever she got a chance. She even thought about going to a nudist event or retreat once, but then decided against it. She was rather solitary in this behavior and didn’t share it. This was of course other than her parents coming home early one day several years ago and finding her sunbathing near the pool in such a way to avoid tan lines. She knew very well of their behavior, but was shocked when all they did was give her a warning about too much sun. She shrugged it off, and they would see her out there regularly after that. Geri had always been a little nervous that they would ask her to join their sexual Olympics, but they never did.

Because she had been anxious to get out of her dirty clothes, by the time she reached her bedroom, all she had to do was toss her clothes in the corner. Looking briefly into her wall mirror she examined her form. Her long light brown hair flowed down her back to about mid way. She turned around a bit and looked over her slender figure. She cupped her medium breasts as she examined her belly just to make sure the crap meals she had been having at the institute wasn’t going to her hips. Being satisfied at the moment, she looked down and pressed her hand against her thin shaved landing strip noticing that it will need a trim soon. She keeps the thin inviting patch because she never liked losing it all.

Geri smirked a moment after concluding that she looked good, and grabbed a towel from a hook near the door after deciding to forego a regular shower. Casually she flung the towel over her shoulder and walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Opening the door to the back yard, she tossed the towel in a chair. Her hips tightened and her back arched as she stretched out. She then decided to indulge in the exhilarating experience of using the outside shower her dad had installed many years ago. It was just a shower head behind the house that was fully exposed to the back yard. When she was younger he had told her it was used for people to rinse off the chlorine. It was soon after that she accidentally observed what it was really used for. Although she didn’t have the standard reaction kids normally have when viewing their parent’s in action, but she didn’t go out of her way to think about it either.

Geri smiled as she felt the water spray over her naked body. It had been a long day and she was happy to get cleaned up. Her parents may not have intended for her to use this shower that could be seen as an exhibitionist’s dream, but that didn’t stop her from using it. Of course they knew about it too and didn’t say a word. Feeling the water wash the soap off of her body she smiled at the erotic feeling of being outside in such a way. Being completely comfortable this way in the private backyard, Geri always enjoyed the experience. As she finished up, she rubbed her hands between her legs. She had lingered there more than just a moment, but then stopped knowing that her usual ritual of self satisfaction would come soon enough in the lounge chair by the pool. But with all these things she was doing and still had to do, it was her way of building the experience.

When Geri finished, she dried off, and put her feet into a pair of tongs beside the shower area. She had been looking around a bit and noticed that her mother’s plants just outside the long glass windows to the side look dry. Standing near them she looked around and took a deep breath. The clean country air filled her as she walked around the yard. Being so secluded here, it had always been a relaxing and liberating experience for a solitary nudist. She smiled knowing she had always been completely free to be like this. Picking up a water pitcher she stooped down to the outside tap and fills it. As she walks along watering her mother’s flowers, she hums softly. Birds chirped softly nearby, and it almost seemed like they were whistling at her. After finishing she figured that the front plants needed it as well. After filling up on water again she headed around the corner of the house and to the front yard. Humming softly she serviced the front yard plants as well. Geri smiled as the birds chirped in the nearby trees. It was almost like cheering and whistling for her being able to maintain her health and tight female form.

With a sharp grin, she stretches her arms out with a smile as the warm air permeates her. As she started to walk around the house again, she saw that the blueberries along the side lawn were ripe. Geri skipped over to the back of the house and dropped her watering tool and picked up a small bowl. As her knees were bent, she gently ran her fingers along her skin between her legs from front to back for just a moment. Lingering around her back side, she thought a moment that she might give this some attention today. She doesn’t very often, but was feeling like she was building up an afternoon to remember.

Skipping over to the bushes she quickly picked some blueberries and returned to the house. After she set the bowl on the table by the pool, she sighed. She knew she was definitely building a fantastic climax to this ritual. In the past she would do it before she would go out on a date, so that she would be dynamite in the back seat later on that night. It was her way of teasing herself so much that not only could she pleasure with magnificent ability, but also to heighten her own experience. At the height of arousal she had even once been described as scary. But recently and after some unmentionable experiences in college, Geri realized that she needed to have some more control and rely more on solitary time.

However, this gradual build of need and want that would be created by walking around the yard in the nude, sometimes rolling around in the grass, and eventually lying down on a blanket or the lounge chair with a magazine, would give her intense orgasms. She never needed anything other than that and her own fingers. Her play time was definitely working today.

It was just then that she heard her phone ring. She had left it on the kitchen counter and decided to run in to get it just in case it was her parents. As she grabbed the phone, she accidentally pressed the button to take the call but frowned deeply as she saw who she had mistakenly picked up.

“Tim, yes they left already. Your parents and mine most likely all hand in hand in blissful anticipation,” I sighed, “Bye.”

“Wait!” Geri heard him say as she started to pull the phone away from her ear.

“Make it quick,” Geri sighed.

“I’m just kicking back in the backyard wondering what you’re doing. “Wanna hang out a while? I’ll make some steak.” he asked.

“You mean in the hot tub no doubt,” I said.

“Up to you. I just want to hang out,” Tim said.

“The same hot tub I caught you in last summer, kissing and getting a hand job from Suzy in?” Geri asked.

“Yeah well about that,” Tim started.

“The only reason why I’d want to see it again is to relive a fond memory,” Geri said.

“Yeah we had lots of fun in it,” Tim said.

“No actually I mean when I punched you in the gut and watched your naked ass fall over the back side of it, fun,” she snarled.

“Yeah you paid me back so let’s just hang out,” Tim said.

“What’s wrong? Not getting much these days?” Geri asked, “Find yourself another playmate.”

Geri set the phone down and steamed inwardly knowing that her ex-boyfriend had ruined her mood. She had to get back into it before she lost it completely. For just a moment she thought about what had happened between them. It was last summer and she had walked in on her boyfriend of over 6 years in action with a girl they went to high school with. She had always thought cheating was unacceptable and never talked to him after that day. Most people that she confided in told her that her reaction was a bit extreme. But she had her own beliefs and stood strong.

Still she would use him in her mind right now to get back in the mood. Geri couldn’t deny that their intimate time together was both magical and often extremely intense. It wasn’t just because of his decent size, but also the skill he possessed. She remembered the side of her face pressed into a pillow drooling, with her back side up in the air and hoarse from moaning and screaming so loud. The first time that had happened, she wept with joy and was unable to get up afterward. He could be so tender and they would make it last an entire night. Or as what happened one time, suspended on the roped hay lift in her barn, nearly fifty feet off the ground. She had enjoyed that so much that she rewarded him by sneaking under the table while they were eating dinner with her parents the next night and as she put it afterward, get a proper desert. She remembered him being so nervous and didn’t have the heart to tell him that she suspected that her parents knew about it.

“Damn he had skills,” Geri panted as she knew she was on track again, “But it isn’t enough.”

As Geri briefly rubbed between her legs again, she went over to the clothes dryer and started folding clothes. Sighing softly, she gathered her parent’s clothes up and went upstairs. She entered their room, which she thought of as more of a cave, than just four walls. She set the clothes down on the edge of the bed, and turned. But she did a double take as she spotted something unusual in a half opened drawer.

“What the…” she started to say as she opened the drawer, “Oh wow”.

She knew that her parents had an interesting sex life. She would sometimes hear them. Between the slamming up against the wall, to spanking, and so forth, it was not exactly a secret that she could hear through the walls at night and had occasionally and briefly seen. But this was a deep drawer. Her eyes widened as she opened it up fully. She started pulling things out, not thinking that it might all be in some kind of special order.

“What the hell is this for?” she said out loud.

Geri had pulled out a device with a long curved shaft, but it also had a smaller shaft nearby. She switched on a button that made it vibrate. Giggling a little in disbelief, she turned it off, and kept digging. A whip, three other wiggly dildos, a bunch of lotions, and one really strange looking thing sat at the bottom. She picked it up and looked it over. Her eyes grew wide as she examined it. It was elongated, but had what looked like a mouth at the other end. She flipped the button on the back and a long tongue slowly extended from it, and moved around rhythmically.

“Oh…my…Gosh”, she said as she turned it off, “Frigging horror film.”

Looking over the rest of the things, she found several large tubes of something. The entire stock of exotic toys should not have surprised her knowing how much adventure her parents had. But she never knew it had gone to such extremes.

“Slippery glide,” she started to read, then found a large pink tube, “Saliva lube for personal tongue number five hundred.”

Geri concluded that the substance was apparently used with the tongue massager. She remarked inwardly at the weirdness of it. And put it all back in the drawer. She knew that she was invading her parent’s privacy but was intensely curious and it got the better of her. Even though she had never used devices before, just holding them in her hand made her desires for her ritual self satisfaction progress.

Geri looked around the room some more and decided to open the closet. Pulling out some black leathery stuff she looked it over. There were various outfits such as Wild West costumes, doctor’s scrubs, a maid suit, and a police uniform. She thought it all very strange, but it did get her wondering what it would be like to use all that stuff.

As she was about to leave the closet and room, she spotted a meter tall black upright cabinet in the back corner at the end of all the naughty outfits. Again curiosity caused perhaps an error in judgment and she opened it.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding,” Geri giggled.

As soon as the cabinet doors were pulled open, a light turned on inside it. There was a mirrored back face with a glitter substance on the sides. But it was what the cabinet held that gave her such a reaction. Geri’s eyes widened as she made a mental count of over thirty devices both large and small, and one in the category of supersized.

The devices also varied in color. Geri casually picked a few up to examine them. A few would buzz, and others not. But she soon found the most peculiar one of all. It had a switch on the bottom but it didn’t look like the rest of the vibrating ones. The simulated skin was very soft. As soon as she took it off the pedestal it started to feel warmer in her hands. Geri was intensely curious and decided to press the button on the bottom, but frowned when it seemed to do nothing.

A bit disappointed that it seemed to be broken, Geri frowned a bit but kept examining the device. It now felt quite warm, as if it were the real thing. Running her fingers along the sides of it she was amazed at how it seemed to feel so real. As her gentle touch happened, it was then that the device started to work. She felt a light thumping inside of it almost as if it had a pulse. As her fingers caressed it, the pulsing became a bit faster. Proceeding to wrap her hand all the way around the device she stroked it up and down in her hand. It was mainly because it felt so real and it was making her desires for the attention she would give herself soon, completely skyrocket.

The device continued to pulse in her fingers, and she held it up to her cheek and rubbed it along it. Closing her eyes she imagined the real thing and the sensation she had once enjoyed. In the past she would often start slowly by gliding it along her cheek, across her lips, and then show off her amazing skill. As she pushed the realistic device along her skin, she sighed suddenly longing for a real one, thinking how much she would love to feel the end result of all the pulsing one would give. When it was done mutually with Tim, it would create the most intense endings.

“Dammit I miss his cock so much,” Geri sighed as she spoke out loud, “The look in his eyes when I would take every drop.”

She would never have him again for real, but Geri started to imagine it. As she did, she pressed the device against her lips and kissed the head. For a moment she imagined slowly descending to her knees and pulling his boxers down. Geri pressed the device into her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. She felt the fake pulsing as she tried to relive a fond memory. Slowly she began to press the device in and out of her mouth. It was slow at first, but she sped up faster and faster as she had done so many times for real.

Now at the height of her arousal, she quickly grabbed another one of the devices at random with the intention of using it on her wetness. But just as she put it in her hand, the special one she had been servicing suddenly changed. It began to throb and pulse wildly. A bit frightened, she pulled it out of her mouth. It was then that the device gave off its best secret.

“Ah, Oh my God!” Geri exclaimed as liquid flew out of the end of it into her mouth and against her face.

Lowering the device she watched as the remainder sprayed onto her chest then stopped. With her mouth wide open in surprise, she looked the device over amazed at its incredible hidden feature. It was then that she realized that what it had expelled was grape flavored and had the consistency of breakfast syrup. Laughing wildly, she looked herself and the device over in disbelief.

As the shock of what had happened started to subside, she began to think that she was going to have to use this thing again. She started to wonder if she could use it to fill herself in other places. Examining it some more, she saw that a red light was flashing on the bottom, which she thought might indicate it was empty.

“Sophisticated shit,” she giggled as she frantically looked around for the possibility of an instruction manual.

After several minutes of looking, Geri smiled as she located it and at the same time some extra bottles of what she would consider, flavoring. However, she realized that she wasn’t making sno-cones. After reading the booklet she was able to follow the instructions and reload it. This time she made it banana flavored, which seemed to her more appropriate. She would use this thing like it was real, when the time came. There were sentences in the instructions that interested her. She smiled as she read, ‘Official Real Friend flavorings are safe to consume and expel into vagina and/or the anus. Not intended for ears and eyes. Please see flavoring refill bottles for nutritional information’.

“Fantastic,” Geri smiled.

Just as Geri was about to leave the closet, she noticed that there were three more devices identical to the one she had in her hand. Pulling all off them off their pedestals, she reloaded them with different flavors and then grabbed a small, buzzing device as well. With all of these in her hand, she smiled widely as she left the room and descended the stairs. Even though she never had an interest in these kind of devices before, at this moment she found them quite intriguing.

Setting all of her chosen toys on the kitchen counter, Geri went out to take another quick rinse off shower using the same towel that was nearly dry already. Then she walked back into the house and entered a small closet to the side of the kitchen used as a laundry. She grabbed a long night shirt from the dryer top. But before putting it on she had one more interesting thought. With all of these new experiences she was feeling even more adventurous than usual. It was then that she remembered that she had forgotten to get the mail before she came up the driveway. Smiling deeply, Geri suddenly knew what she needed to get the most heightened sexual experience she possibly could. It would cause such exhilaration, and she was quite certain it would help to create the greatest solo day of her life.

Giving it no more thought, she held onto her night shirt, and grabbed her keys on the counter. Heading out the door, she draped the shirt onto the driver’s seat. The placement was to serve two purposes: Because the seat was probably dirty, and just in case someone came along. After all, getting arrested for exposure would really put the brakes on.

All along the winding driveway, she felt an odd vibration in the seat beneath her. She had never noticed it before, but also she had never driven like this either. It was mildly pleasurable, and also did not give her any want to need to switch gears. Geri even revved the engine once with a giggle. She smiled heavily with the fantastic and erotic experience she was creating. Reaching down, Geri toyed with a mild wetness she had created. Twirling her fingers around her g-spot, combined with the vibrating seat, and the open late afternoon air, she knew she had found the experience of a lifetime.

As Geri reached the mailbox she looked around and didn’t see anyone. She turned the car off and listened for traffic and heard none. The main road that intersected the driveway was paved, but it was an old secondary farm road with very little traffic. It was a long stretch of road, with no curves for miles in both directions. Kids use to use the road for drag racing before the speed bumps were added right in front of each property’s driveway. She remembered that her parent’s had paid for it all after their long time neighbor had once pulled out of their driveway only to be tagged by a street racer.

Jumping out of the car she went over and pulled the mail out of the box. Thumbing through it lazily, she found nothing for herself. Tossing it through the window into the passenger seat, she stood next to the car and looked at the corn fields to one side. Geri noticed a new scarecrow on a post on the edge of the Jenkins’s property. She knows that he always comes up with these very realistic dummies out here, so she decided to take a look. There was no one around, and it seemed for the most part safe.

Walking along the road a bit, she found spot to walk a bit into the corn and get a good look at this new creation. It was then that she turned suddenly to see a car off in the distance heading toward her. Quickly she ducked into the row of corn stalks and peeked around them as the car passed. She had not been noticed. However, it still added to the excitement of the experience.

Resuming her quest to see the new scarecrow, Geri turned and walked toward it. Only thirty or so feet into the stalks, she stopped and looked up at the lifelike creation. Its face and body structure were so realistic, that it gave her the chills. She couldn’t help noticing that it even had a bulge and a decent one too. For just a moment she wondered how a fantasy with a scarecrow coming alive would play out. But she was soon awakened from the daydream by a rustling noise nearby.

Geri began to get nervous. Suddenly something caught her eye off to the side. Walking forward, she peered around a few of the corn stalks to try to see what it was. She thought about just heading back to the car considering her lack of apparel, but thought she better check it out in case it was trouble. She could always escape quietly and deal with it after. There was movement, so she glanced over, and her jaw nearly dropped to the ground. Stepping back a bit as to not be seen she looked over only to see Tim. She stared in disbelief. His shorts were down to his ankles and he was moaning softly as he stroked himself. There appeared the nude photo she had given him last summer hanging on a stalk of corn. Geri shook with a chill as the weirdness of it all surrounded her. Of course she was angry and felt a little violated, especially with the realization that he had actually made a hardcopy of it.

Geri watched his hand move as he stroked. She looked him over in curiosity but with a hint of anger and disgust. Her gaze focused on his goods for a moment noticing that he finally got around to trimming that forest of his. She stared at Tim, fully erect and ready. It is after all in its size, the one thing she does miss about him. Remembering briefly, she thought of how it use to make her sweat and scream. But she was still a bit angry that he would be using her picture like this. She knows that if she were clothes, she would be running over there and probably push him over. Because she did indeed miss the feeling, she even thought about going over there to give it up for him once more. But she knew that would complicate things, and her mission of self satisfaction was already well underway. She clenched her fists as she looked. He closed his eyes a bit, and moaned heavily.

“Oh Geri, I love you…uh, oh yeah!” he uttered.

Geri watched as he shot a good three feet into the corn stalks. She remembers her first experience with his powerful first jolt. One time on her knees for him, that first jolt slammed halfway down her throat and nearly made her choke. It was her first time doing that and though it disgusted her at the time, she went right back down on him the next day. She remembers teasing him for a long time, knowing that when he would let go afterward it would be the sexual equivalent of a bullet being fired. She couldn’t help thinking how she missed that experience with him. She wondered if he really knew why she went down on him so often.

Geri knew why he was out here. They use to walk through here for hours when they were kids pretending they were jungle explorers. They shared their first kiss not too far from this exact location. They had even been out here for other things. Geri realized that it must have held more significance than she knew before.

Suddenly Geri saw that he had finished up and had pulled his shorts up. He started to walk in her direction, still not aware that she had been watching. Quickly she walked backward and ducked behind a thick row of stalks. Tim walked within just a few feet of her and kept going. Geri waited several minutes before she moved to make sure he was gone. He had headed right through the middle of the fields in the direction of his house.

Slowly Geri walked through the stalks in the direction of her car. She began to wonder if he did this often. Perhaps he had the same kind of fascinations as she did. As she approached the edge of the roadway, she heard some voices. Stopping she looked around a row of stalks. As it turned out, a road crew was fixing the single streetlight that stood directly across from her driveway.

“Ah dammit,” Geri said out loud, “It’s been broken for six months and they pick today?”

Walking further along, Geri managed to get within several feet of her car. She peered around the stalks to see three guys across the street and a truck. One of them was extending a lift up to the light, while the others she assumed were just there scratching their heads or other things. As their attention was focused in the work, she decided to simply go for it.

Walking slowly and in plain view of the workers for several seconds, she quickly walked toward her car. At any moment they could turn and see her. But she was able to reach her car and get in. As she turned the key she felt a wave of exhilaration and even thought about getting out and doing it again. Quickly she started to back up, all the while the guys never noticed, mostly due to the noise from their truck engine.

“Oh hell yeah that was hot,” Geri panted as she reached down between her legs and inserted two fingers into her wetness, “Oh my God I’m ready.”

Geri turned around quickly, nearly hitting some corn stalks and sped up the long road back to home. Her heart was racing, as a combination of what she saw, and almost getting caught by those guys. Her fingers caressed her clitoris as she moaned softly. Speeding along, she turned quickly into her usual parking space and turned off the car. Halfway out of it, the car started to roll backward because she had forgotten to either leave it in gear or set the brake. Jumping back in, she pushed the clutch in and slammed it into first. Quickly getting out of it she closed the door, even leaving the keys in it. Panting from the excitement, she cupped both of her breasts in anticipation as she hurried into the house.

For some reason, the image of Tim in the fields at his climactic moment swam in her head a moment. Even though she was a little freaked out by it, she was also mildly flattered. Geri tried to put it out of her head, but she kept seeing it. She wondered how it would feel to have him again. But soon she realized that this was really the only fond memory she had other than their jungle adventures when they were kids. Trying to pass it off as simply not enough to get with him again, she walked into the house.

But as she passed the front doorway she suddenly remembered the night of their senior prom. They had had an amazing time right here in the family room. It was a night of intensity because of what had happened just the day before. It had been her eighteenth birthday and during the big party her parent’s had for her, they both decided that they would head out to the barn for some fun. But with frustration it had never happened because there were so many people and so much attention. The result was tearing up the family room on prom night the next day. She had no idea at the time that her parents were upstairs and heard the whole thing. They were supposed to be at Tim’s parent’s house overnight. All they did was tease her a bit at the breakfast table the next morning. It had started with her mom asking her to clean up what she called, ‘love tracks’ on the hardwood floor. Her parents had laughed at her expense of course, and caused her to have a nervous laugh as well. Her father’s only comment was telling her that she should perhaps become an opera singer. After that day, they looked the other way as Tim often spent the night there. Suddenly she thought of a comment that her mother had said to her right at the breakfast table. At the time she didn’t understand. But now she does. Geri remembered it vividly, ‘If you need any play things, just let me know’.

Geri had been daydreaming again, as if it were becoming a psychosis. But she could barely stand the warmth between her legs. Entering the kitchen she gathered up the toys she had taken from the sexual stronghold upstairs and headed for the backyard. With a lazy smile on her face she set them all at the edge of the pool, and then dropped into it backwards. Swimming underwater for several seconds she came up with a gasp. Further exhilarated from the cool water, she swam over to where she had set her play things. Taking one of the loaded weapons, and the small, long vibrating one, she waded over to the shallow end with the stairs. As she walked she noticed that the one with the special gel had two settings on the bottom labeled ‘quick’ and ‘slow’. Flipping it to slow, she hoped that this meant it would not pop off early like before.

Sitting on the steps in the shallow water, Geri took her special new best friend and kissed it softly. Gently licking a spot just under the realistic head made the device activate and it warmed in her hand. Licking the length of it, she felt a small pulse and giggled a little.

“Can I suck it baby?” Geri played out loud as she stroked it once, “Mmm, it’s so warm.”

Geri licked it up and down, and then gently inserted it in her mouth as she closed her eyes. Moaning softly, she enjoyed the realistic texture, so accurate, from the shape, right down to the soft spot under the shaft. She enjoyed that place especially and wiggled her tongue over it. With it in her mouth, the head pulsed once then settled down. Geri remarked inwardly at how sophisticated this thing was.

“Oh I didn’t see you there,” Geri smiled as she picked up the hard and thin toy and turned it on, “The more the merrier.”

Because she couldn’t resist the fascination she had, she momentarily returned her attention to her new best friend, and sucked it vigorously for a moment then licked it up and down. But it was time to start reliving a memory of one night in college when she couldn’t have just one. She had somewhat regretted it the next morning, but still remembers the amazing attention and satisfaction.

“Oh ok, be gentle,” Geri moaned as she turned around, spread her legs a little and slowly inserted it into her rectum.

Pushing it in and out, Geri started remembering a one night incident where she had been drinking and actually managed a triple timing. At the time she considered it charity, but felt bad about calling it that later on. The three guys where from the computer physics class she was required to take and all three were virgins. She had invited them to the party, and then felt bad that they didn’t open up enough to talk to anyone. So she gave them a night to remember back in her dorm room, complete with instructions. Of course there were complications and one fell for her and wouldn’t leave her alone for a month. She spent the night with him again, but after telling him she was not interested in a relationship. He was the one with the thin but long appendage that at the time after the party had gone where none had gone before.

“Is my ass tight baby? Oh there it is,” Geri moaned as she pressed the vibrating toy deeper.

Still servicing herself from behind, she returned her attention to her realistic new friend. Moaning softly, she licked the length of it, and then slowly pushed it in and out of her mouth. Completely loving the experience, she exercised the oral skills she had mastered and enjoyed so much. Moving her mouth faster and faster, she tightened her lips around it then pulled out. She hesitated for a moment because for some reason even though she wasn’t touching herself yet, an orgasm was building. It puzzled her, but she kept going.

“Come on baby, I’m ready,” Geri said as she decided to speed up the process and flip the switch in the back.

The device warmed up even more and began to pulse more rhythmically. Faster and faster she simulated her pleasure until she felt the device tense up. In an instant she felt her insides explode with pleasure. In nearly the same moment the toy pulsed wildly and expelled its simulated liquid. A second later Geri wrapped her lips around it and closed her eyes until it was finished moving her hips so much that the other toy dropped out and fell into the pool.

“Didn’t know that was possible. You eat a lot of bananas by the way, “Geri giggled as she licked it clean, “Yum.”

Geri decided that she would go for a grand finale. Reaching down, she grabbed the other toy out of the water and exited the pool. Gathering all of the devices together she plopped down on a poolside lounge chair. Setting the spent one on the table beside her she focused on the others. Activating each of the devices she tried to decide what was going to go where. Making sure the two remaining loaded weapons were set to slow, she pressed the vibrating one back into her exit hole, and let go. It seemed to be held in place by the seat cushion. Satisfied in its placement, she rubbed one of the others that she had already decided she had to own for herself on her wetness. Just the simple touch made her pulse gently. She remarked inwardly again how she had never been this easy to get off before.

“Take me baby,” Geri panted as she slowly pushed home, “Oh you’re a big boy.”

Enjoying the feeling of pushing the device in and out of herself, she concentrated on this and the buzz she was getting from underneath. It had warmed up so much inside of her and she felt the rhythmic pulsing. As her insides exploded once again, she slowed her wrists in order to concentrate on the final piece.

“Yeah I’ll suck it, “Geri moaned as she kissed the head gently, “But you’ve got to come on me, k?”

Gently kissing it up and down, Geri began to gently suck, and then moved faster and faster. She felt the pressure building inside once again, moving both of her hands faster and faster. Opening her mouth with a gasp, she moaned with a raspy loud voice.

“Fuck me!” Geri whined at the top of her lungs, “Give it to me!”

Moving her hands vigorously, the intensity grew as she grew impatient for the end. But she didn’t have to wait long. The device inside her womanhood began to pulse wildly as she felt the warmth spray into her. Her own insides erupted with fury as she screamed with pleasure, flailing her arm out that had been holding it and knocking over the table beside her. Her voice had been so loud that she heard it echo off the back of the house. She had already pulled the other device out of her mouth but it was still pointed at her face. A second later, long drawn out sprays slammed into her face, a bit different than the other one. The timing had been amazing, and later when she was reading, she learned that the devices communicate with each other with infrared.

“Oh yes!” Geri hollered loudly as she laughed.

As she began to settle, the vibrating toy popped out of her as she felt the other two slow their pulsing until they finally stopped. She happily licked the cherry flavor from the one that had violated her face. And set it aside. Laughing loudly she turned off the last of them and dropped her head backwards looking up at the sky.

Long moments passed as her expression faded into a daze of complete satisfaction. She began to think about the experience and how much she enjoyed it and would enjoy it again. But she also realized that it was missing the kissing and a warm body against her. She missed that as well. But she couldn’t deny a feeling of satisfaction she had needed for so long.

After a rather long time, Geri decided to get up and clean up the aftermath of her pleasure. As she straightened up she also took another rinse off shower outside. Grabbing a towel, she gathered the devices and returned them to her parent’s room, assuming they needed to be recharged. She would definitely need them in that state.

A while later, she had been thinking the entire time she had made a quick dinner and ate it. As she was cleaning up she had come to a decision. It was long thought out but she was confident in her thoughts. The only question that remained was whether or not her parent’s toys could be implemented into her plan, if it would even be agreeable to him. But it would be done her way. Picking up her phone she dialed nervously.

“Hey,” Tim said at the other end of the connection.

“Tim are you home and by yourself?” Geri asked.

“Yeah,” Tim perked up.

“Don’t get any ideas. I need to talk to you. I’ll be right there.” She said then pressed the button to end the call.

Geri took her long night shirt and pulled it over her head and grabbed her keys. Quickly she got in her car and sped down the driveway. As she drove into Tim’s driveway she could see that he was already outside on his porch waiting for her. She would have to remind him not to show so much anxiousness. As she stopped her car and turned it off, he approached her and she didn’t have to get out.

My phone buzzed. Looking down at it, I saw that it was a text message from Emma. Looking in the rearview mirror, the blue and red flashing lights of the state trooper that had just pulled me over spiked into my eyes and the high beams made my eyes water. Pushing the button on the phone, I read the message. ‘Where are you?’ it said. Where am I, I thought angrily. I’m on the side of the fucking highway about to get a ticket for speeding on my fucking birthday. God damn it. That pisses me off. Looking down at the phone, I felt like throwing it out into traffic, but I couldn’t afford to replace the damn thing again, so I texted back, ‘Getting a ticket, be home when I can’.

The cop came up to the side of the car and I rolled down my window. “License and registration, sir,” the cop said, bored. I handed him the documentation. He looked at my license, then looked at me, then looked at my license. “Happy birthday, sir, do you realize you were speeding?” he said, a little more interest in his voice. The phone buzzed; another fucking text message from Emma. “I’ll be right back sir,” the cop said. I waved at him, anything to get away from this prick. I leaned my head back on the headrest and closed my eyes. God, I wanted a joint right now. The phone buzzed again, a reminder of a message. I picked up the phone and punched the button for the message as the cop walked back to the side of the car. I looked that the message, my mouth dropping open. It was a picture. It was a picture of my wife and some blonde woman was sucking on my wife’s nipple. Both of them were naked. The caption read, ‘Happy birthday, baby, come get your presents’. My cock went to full erection in seconds, the sight of my wife with another woman, a hot woman at that, pushing my sex drive into overdrive.

“Sir, are you listening to me?” the cop asked an edge in his voice.

“What? Oh, sorry,” I said, “I was distracted by the message from my wife.”

“I said that I was going to have to write you a ticket for speeding, sir,” the cop said.

“Look,” I said, suddenly impatient, “I know I was speeding and I know it’s wrong, but wouldn’t you speed, if you got this text message?” I handed him my phone.

The cop stared at my phone for a long moment. He licked his lips slightly, the dry heat and the picture making his mouth dry. “Have a nice day, sir” the cop said, handing me back my phone and closing his ticket book. Turning, he walked back to his car, flicked off the lights and pulled back into traffic. He almost caused an accident.

I smiled, texted Emma ‘I’ll be there in a minute’ and stomped on the gas. I passed the cop a mile up the road doing 100 and he flashed his high beams at me and didn’t give chase. I took the off ramp at 60, shot the light, and was home in less than 5 minutes. Jumping out of the car, I ran up the sidewalk and burst into the house. I stopped in the doorway. Emma and this blonde girl were French kissing just in the foyer. Both were naked. I closed the door. My god, I thought, that is so fucking hot! I stood there watching as they kissed like teenage lovers. Finally, they came up for air.

“Hi, Hun,” Emma gushed, wiping her mouth. “I see you got my message. I’d like you to meet Stefany. That’s not her real name, of course, but you don’t really need a name to get your rocks off, now do you?”

I nodded dumbly, admiring Stefany’s body and the way it fit so well next to Emma’s body. My cock was so hard it hurt, the rough fabric of the jeans rubbing against the sensitive ridge of my cock. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to strip and dive into Stefany’s pussy, which was clean shaven like Emma’s, but I didn’t know if she even liked men, let alone would let me fuck her. Emma seemed to read my lust and doubt, because she pulled Stefany over and they both started to undress me, right there in the foyer. Clearly, Stefany swung either way, because her hot mouth was all over my mouth, neck, chest, and nipples. It seemed as though it was a contest by her and Emma to see who could kiss more spots on my body as they stripped me. I was so turned on I couldn’t control myself. My hands grabbed a tit on each girl, hard nipples in the palms of my hands as I stroked and kneaded their large breasts.

“Ugh,” Emma says, wrinkling her nose. “You smell and taste like sweat. Why don’t you and Stefany go take a shower and then meet me in the bedroom?” Stefany smiled and nodded, licking her lips in anticipation. I can almost read her mind and I’m perfectly happy with what she’s thinking. Emma turned and started to walk away and I reach out and smack her hard across the ass cheek, a big red handprint showing on her cheek. She jumped, then turned around and came back, smiling. She grabbed my head and pulled my lips to hers, her tongue thrusting into my mouth. I can taste Stefany on her lips and I French kiss her so I can taste the two of them on her mouth. I lost my focus a little a minute later when Stefany wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and started sucking on it while she stroked my balls with her long slender fingers. Emma’s hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock and my focus was completely shot. Emma pulled away from me and smiling evilly pointed towards the bathroom. Stefany got up and, wrapping her hand around my rock hard cock, pulled me through the living room and down the hall to the bathroom.

Stefany turned on the shower, which quickly fills with steam. She pushed me into the shower, the hot water almost scalding on my skin. “No fucking in there, now,” Emma called from the hallway. “There’s plenty of time for all three of us to be satisfied.” Stefany smiled sinfully as she climbed into the shower with me. I’m thinking, ‘fuck, no fucking this hot girl in the shower; that’s going to be an extreme act of self control’. She picked up the soap and she started to lather it up in her hands. She put the soap down and she started to rub her fingers on my body. Her hands stroked over my chest, arms, shoulders, stomach, hips, thighs and finally over my cock and balls. Her touch was so damn nice I felt like I’m going to shoot my load all over her tits right there. She turns me around and as the hot water rinses off my front, she slowly rubs her lathered hands over my back and then my ass. Her fingers stroke down the crack and the taint, her fingers pressing and stroking. Now she’s on her knees in the shower and she turned me around, her soapy hands grabbing my hips. This is what I’ve been waiting for, I think, as she swallows my cock as deep as she can take it. I grabbed her head and held her in place as I slowly slid my cock in and out of her mouth, pushing in until she gags slightly, then drawing out until just the head is encased in her hungry lips. She worked my cock eagerly. I let her work, my legs trembling from the excitement of her hot mouth devouring my cock. I spread my legs and brace my arms on the wall. Her hand cupped my balls and she caressed them while she slowly slides up and down my shaft. I jump as her fingers start to stroke my asshole, then jump again as she inserts a finger and starts stroking in the same rhythm as she sucks my cock. I groaned as the pressure was building so fast that it felt like a tidal wave building up. Her other hand came up and grabbed my shaft and she started stroking my cock and my asshole faster. “God, I’m going to come,” I gasped. She continued to suck fiercely at my head and her stroking got faster and faster. “Here it comes,” I groan. She pulled my cock out of her mouth and pointed the tip at her large breasts, just in time for my load to spew out on her tits and stomach.

We rinse off and get out of the shower, toweling each other dry. We made our way to the bedroom and Stefany leaped on the bed, diving on Emma and kissing her hungrily, their tongues clearly twining in each other’s mouths. Watching them kiss and fondle each other is quickly making my cock hard again and I crawled in the bed hoping to get in on the action. The girls parted and made room for me in the middle. I put my arms around both of them and watched as they leaned across me and continue to French kiss. Emma reached down and grabbed my cock, stroking it as it recovered and reached full erection. The girls stopped kissing suddenly and they both started sucking on my nipples, licking and biting at my nipples. My hands moved down their backs and cupped their firm ass cheeks, giving them each a squeeze of pleasure. My breath was short and a little ragged, my heart racing. Emma looked me in the eye, then came up and whispered in my ear, “Which pussy would you like to eat first?”

A second later, I was on my back and Stefany’s pussy was sitting on my lips, her clit pressing against the tip of my nose. Her hands were gripping the headboard and she was grinding her swollen pussy lips on my mouth. “Stick your tongue in my hot box, mister,” she said, her Cajun accent driving me mad with lust. Emma straddled my thighs and I felt her take my cock and stick it between her beautiful tits, closing them around it in a tight tunnel that almost feels like a pussy. I tried to focus on my tongue probing Stefany’s deep tunnel and rubbing my nose on her exposed clit, but the feeling of Emma titty-fucking me was just so damn good that I can’t focus. Apparently my efforts, distracted as they were, still satisfied, as the blonde Stefany started moaning and groaning and her hips started to gyrate on my face like my tongue is a giant cock filling her tight box. Her pussy juices were flowing heavy and she tasted so good I wanted to make her squirt all over my face. Emma started talking dirty to Stefany, “Yeah, that’s right baby, ride his face, come all over his face, make it slick with your hot juices!” Stefany whimpered, grinding harder on my tongue and then with a loud squeal, she exploded all over my face, her hot come coating my face, neck and upper chest.

Emma stopped titty-fucking me and caught Stefany as she started to fall backward off my face. They French kiss and Emma reached down and stroked Stefany’s clit with her fingers. Stefany squealed and she squirted on my chest. Emma stopped kissing her and moved to my chest, her tongue slowly and deliberately licking up every drop of Stefany’s come from my chest, neck and face. Her tongue dived into my mouth and she kissed me so fiercely that I knew she wanted me to fuck her right now. I reached out and grabbed Emma’s hips, positioning her so she’s ready to ride my aching cock. I grabbed my cock and start to position it against her wet pussy lips, but she pushed me away. I realized that I hadn’t been paying attention to Stefany and it seemed she’d been busy putting on a strap-on dildo. “Watch this baby,” Emma said huskily, as she leaned down on my chest, her hard nipples grinding into me as Stefany got behind Emma and plunged that huge dildo into Emma’s cock hungry pussy. Stefany slapped Emma’s ass cheek and Emma jumped, her tits grinding up my chest, her low throaty moan of pleasure and surprise sounding hot in my ear.

Stefany started fucking Emma, long slow strokes in and out with that large dildo. Emma seemed to be enjoying herself as she was moaning and panting with the pleasure of being screwed long and slow. I reached down and started rubbing her clit, my fingers pressing firmly along each side of the clit as I felt that dildo stroking into and out of Emma’s pussy. Emma started to gasp and writhe on my chest as her body responded to the stimulation of her pussy and clit. Stefany started to stroke faster, her thrusts sharper, more forceful. She started to smack Emma’s ass with her hand, then suddenly reached up and grabbed Emma’s hair and yanked her head back. “You like that, don’t you, you slut,” Stefany growled at Emma, smacking Emma on the ass hard. “You like that big hard cock in your pussy, don’t you. You want me to fuck you harder and harder, don’t you, you slut. Tell me you like it!” She smacked Emma again. “I like it,” Emma moans, writhing on my chest. Her hand reached down and pressed my fingers harder against her clit. “Give it to me harder, I need it, make me come so hard I want to scream, please, I want it so bad.” Emma was almost incoherent with lust and I knew she was going to come any second now.

Stefany pulled that big dildo out of Emma and leaned back. Looking me in the eye, she said, “Why don’t you finish her off?” Emma reached down, grabbed my aching cock and shoved it in her pussy, driving it all the way in and grinding on it. Stefany took that dildo and slapped it against Emma’s ass cheek. Emma jumped and ground up my cock until it almost came out. Then she ground back down. Stefany slapped Emma on the other cheek with that dildo and made Emma jump again. This became their little routine, Stefany spanking Emma with the dildo which made Emma whimper in pleasure and grind up and down on my cock. Watching Stefany, her tits bounced and jiggled nicely as she aggressively manipulated Emma. “You know,” she said to me, “I think I should shove this dildo in her ass and we should double team her, what do you think?” Emma looked me in the eye and I could see she wanted this in the worst way. I reached down and spread Emma’s ass cheeks and Stefany slowly drove that dildo into Emma’s ass. I’d fucked Emma in the ass before, but it wasn’t my favorite thing to do. Watching this hot blonde woman fucking my wife in the ass, with my cock in her pussy and feeling the intense pressure that filling both holes created was intensely erotic.

Emma clung to me, her hands clenched on my shoulders as Stefany and I slowly double teamed her. She was moaning and groaning and panting like I’d never heard her. She started begging, “Harder, please, I need it harder, fuck me harder, please”. Stefany reached up and grabbed Emma’s shoulders and started thrusting fiercely into Emma’s tight ass. Her pussy contracted so tightly around my cock I thought I was going to come immediately. “Oh God,” Emma screamed, “Oh God, that’s it, fuck me harder, oh God, I’m going to come, fuck, harder, please, ram that cock into my pussy, oh God, that’s it, I’m coming, fuck, I’m coming, oh fuck!!!” She screamed, louder than I’d ever heard her scream in her life and her pussy clamped down so hard on my cock that I couldn’t move. Stefany buried that dildo to the hilt and rubbed Emma’s ass cheeks, as Emma squirted come all over my cock and thighs and the bed. Emma lay there on my chest for a minute, catching her breath. Slowly she raised her head, sweat making her hair stick to her face and she said, “Not done yet.”

Stefany got off the bed and stripped out of the strap-on. Emma rolled off me and lay on the bed on her back. Stefany crawled on the bed and onto Emma and they started French kissing and fondling each other. Emma looked at me and said, “What are you waiting for? Her pussy is aching for your big cock and I want to feel you fucking her.” I sat up and looked at their arrangement. Emma was on her back, legs spread and sticking up in the air. Stefany was straddling Emma and her legs were tucked up along Emma’s sides, so their pussy lips were touching each other’s and their clits were rubbing together. Emma reached down and spread Stefany’s pussy lips, leaving that tight hole exposed for my perusal. I looked at this invitation and thought; this is going to be fun. Just for kicks, I leaned down and I licked from Emma’s asshole, up along both sets of pussy lips and over Stefany’s asshole. They both squirmed and made lustful noises of pleasure.

I positioned myself so that I was perfectly aimed at Stefany’s pussy. My cock was aching to feel her tight hole wrapped around my tool and hear her moans of pleasure from my powerful thrusts. Emma spread Stefany’s lips, smiling in anticipation of the reaction. I placed the head of my cock against that wet opening and slowly pushed my way into that tight pussy. Stefany moaned her mouth muffled against Emma’s neck as I filled her pussy with my thick hard cock. My balls were resting against Emma’s swollen wet pussy lips. I started to grind my way into and out of Stefany’s pussy, stretching her hole to fit my thickness. My balls gently slapped against Emma’s pussy lips, coating my balls with her juices. The motion of my thrusts made their clits grind together and they both moaned and groaned excitingly as I gradually picked up the pace.

Emma spanked Stefany on one ass cheek, making her jump and her pussy contracted on my hard cock. She squealed in pleasure and I heard her say against Emma’s neck, “please, may I have another?” Emma smiled wickedly and indicated that I should slap the other ass cheek, which I promptly did, the loud smack reverberating off the bedroom walls. She squealed and sat half way up. Emma brought her mouth to one of Stefany’s tits and started biting and sucking on the nipple, occasionally slapping Stefany’s ass cheek and making her squeal. Her pussy was drenched and slick, so I cut loose, pounding her tight hole with complete abandon, pistoning in and out with fierce intensity. She was panting and moaning and I could tell she was going to explode any second. I took my thumb and drove it into her tight asshole and that was all it took; her pussy contracted hard around my cock and she screamed as her body rocked with orgasm. Emma held her tightly and moaned with her, her own body celebrating with a mild orgasm of her own.

I still hadn’t finished so after they subsided and Stefany’s pussy relaxed enough for me to slide in and out some more, I leaned back and rested on my heels. I looked at their pussies, so tightly pressed together, so juicy and eager for my hard cock. Taking the shaft in my hand, I slid out of Stefany and drove my cock into Emma’s pussy, the shaft gliding against Stefany’s lips. I pulled out of Emma and drove my cock into Stefany, my balls slapping against Emma’s pussy lips. Slowly, methodically, I drove my cock into each pussy, one long hard stroke at a time. They both squealed and squirmed as my cock drove into each of them, their juices mingling, and their clits grinding against each other. They started French kissing, their hands playing with each other’s tits. Finally, I felt that my cock was ready to finish, so I left my cock in Stefany’s pussy and, grabbing her hips for thrust, started pounding her pussy unrelentingly. She started squealing and Emma started egging me on, telling me to give it to her harder and faster, fuck that pussy, make her scream and then Stefany did start screaming, her pussy squirting around my cock as I continued to pound her mercilessly. Finally, I felt it coming, the point of no return and I pulled my cock out of Stefany and pounded it into Emma, pounding her pussy the final few strokes necessary to light my candle and explode my cock into an outstanding fireworks display of orgasmic ecstasy.

I collapsed on the foot of the bed, exhausted. I was thoroughly sated. I hadn’t ever had anything like this in my life. Emma crawled over to me and kissed me, her tongue probing my mouth. I could taste Stefany on her mouth and savored the taste. Stefany came over and she kissed me too, her hot little tongue teasing mine. I lay there, panting, exhausted. The girls got out of bed and left, though I noticed that Stefany picked up the strap-on and they both had their hands on each other. As I drifted off to sleep, I thought I could hear Emma squealing and demanding harder, harder, but maybe that was my imagination. All I know is when I woke up the next morning, Stefany was gone and there was no indication that this fantastic birthday present had ever taken place. Well, other than my cock felt well used. Still, I’ll never forget my birthday and maybe I’ll get that present again next year.


The screen flickered into life and the familiar start up jingle sounded and she changed away from the screen into some seductive underwear. The see through panties matched perfectly the turquoise mesh balconette bra, lifting her buttocks and breasts in a way that drew attention away from any flaws she thought she had. Her long, dark hair tumbled around her shoulders in thick waves, gently brushing over the tops of the mounds of her breasts. She smiled to herself as she moved to sit in front of her laptop. She clicked on the light blue icon on her desktop and waited for it to go online, bringing up the list of contacts.

Glancing down the list she spied the person she wanted to talk to most and started the conversation. Waiting for him to respond, she went over to her bottom drawer and took out a few select items that she thought might heighten the evenings coming pleasure. She laid the items out on the bed just out of sight of the built in webcam and started a video chat. As her number one fan came into clear view on the screen, she started her conversation, twirling her hair around her fingers and winking. His response was immediate; the flush to his cheeks and the uncontrollable grin said everything and told her she was definitely going to be satisfied tonight.

Chatting away, her fingers starting moving downward, brushing gently over the creamy mounds of her breasts. Using her need for a drink as an excuse, she stood, showing off her chosen underwear to its full advantage, peering over her shoulder and watching as his eyes followed her every move. She sashayed back to the bed and sank down with the fluidity of a cat, leaning back and pushing her breasts upwards. His eyes glittered, and his hand moved down and out of sight and she knew instinctively what he was doing to himself.

Licking her lips, she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting the weight of her breasts hold the cups in place while she slid the straps down her arms and off her fingertips before lifting her arms skyward and letting the bra drop into her lap, exposing her nipples, hard and pebble like, to the cool air in the room. She tweaked her nipples and kneaded her breasts in the way only she knew how turned her on. Her fingertips brushed up and down her ribs and torso, the tickling sensation making her sex clench. She could feel herself getting wet, her panties moist.

His laptop was moved backwards and she could see him stroking himself through his boxers, a damp patch where pre-cum had seeped out of the end of his deliciously large cock. Shuffling backwards, she made sure he had a view of the full length of her body, knowing he would want to see everything she was doing to herself, while wishing it was he doing it instead.

Her fingers rubbed herself through her soaked panties. She removed them and gently circled her clit, using her own juices to lubricate herself. She could feel her juices dripping down from her sodden pussy to her butt crack, tickling her puckered hole. Selecting the first of her toys, a small pink silicone item, she inserted it into her pussy, covering it before licking it clean and inserting it again. Dripping wet, she slid it further down and gently eased it into her asshole, her mouth opening with a gasp as it stretched her virgin ass.

Letting her fingers toy with herself, she let herself get comfortable in front of the camera, watching as he removed his boxers. The sight of his engorged, throbbing cock only heightened her arousal and her sex clenched, wishing he was inside of her, instead of on a camera. Inserting her fingers, she rubbed her palm against her clit, giving herself a dual sensation. The toy in her ass pushed her pussy walls inwards, and even just two fingers made her feel full.

She licked her fingers clean and selected her second toy, another pink device which she inserted into her pussy, aligning the ears with her clit before turning it on. Feeling the lowest setting of the vibration start against and inside her made her gasp aloud. She felt alive and invigorated and pushed the vibrations up a notch. Her pussy clenched hard around the vibrator as his fist started to pump up and down his shaft, his other hand reaching down to fondle his balls. She knew he wanted her pussy and her lips wrapped around his cock, but until that time, this is what they both had to crave.

Writhing on the bed, she started to move the vibrator in and out of herself, rotating her hips, feeling the toy in her ass move as she gripped it in her forbidden tunnel. She knew that already she was close, her skin thrumming and her heart pounding. She notched her vibrator up to the maximum and lay back feeling all the sensations, hearing his moans and watching his arousal seep from his cock, coming thicker and faster.

Just as she reached her own climax, he reached his, cum spurting thick from his cock and up onto his belly. She knew that next time she saw him; she would be swallowing that instead. Her own climax came so hard that her pussy pushed her vibrator out, juices flowing down to her ass. She took hold of the toy there and moved it in and out, riding the waves of her release, moaning and gasping and she struggled for air. As her climax faded, she removed the toy from her ass and put it one side with her vibrator, rubbing her pussy with her hand, feeling just how wet she had gotten from only an online encounter.

Hoping the real thing would be just as amazing, if not even more so, she bid her male companion goodnight and set about trying to calm herself for sleep, the smile on her face the only indication of how satisfied her body was to anyone who did not know….

June 2013
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