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And here we are. The conclusion of my tale of Tam and Royce. I hope everyone has enjoyed the ride. :)



Royce was leading the way on his Ducati, and had to slow down so the van could keep up. Just around the corner of the street from the docks, he slowed to a stop and waited for the van to catch up. When it did, he popped his visor and looked at Justin in the driver’s seat.

“When I go in, give me five minutes, then come in guns blazing.” He said.

“We have suppressed weapons, man. We can take down the sentries without raising the alarm.” Justin nodded.

Royce smiled beneath his helmet. “Good. I’m not usually one for killing, but these guys deserve it.”

“Amen, brother.” Justin nodded his agreement and smiled. “Tam is family, and we’re going to get her back.”

Royce just nodded back, lowered his visor, and accelerated toward the dock. When he parked, he removed his helmet and walked into the loading area by the BioGen warehouse.

Two guards saw him and said something into their earbuds before starting toward him, automatic weapons at the ready.

“You must be Royce. The CEO would like a word with you.” Green said. “I saw you at the apartment earlier.”

“Yeah, the asshole questioning Tam.” Royce smiled at him. “If you’ve hurt her in any way, there is no force in Heaven or Earth that will save you.”

“Heh. I’m shaking in my boots, kid.” Green laughed.

‘You should be, asshole. If you only knew.’ Royce smiled grimly to himself as he led the way where they pointed, the goons behind him. Once inside, he was prodded toward a staircase that led up to a concrete balcony with a chair and Mr. Prescott. As they ascended the stairs, Royce noticed that Tam was the one in the chair with a blindfold on her.

“Ah, Mr. Royce. I’m afraid I’m going to have to cancel the tour of our facilities on Monday. I hope you understand.” Prescott said with a conciliatory smile.

“Of course, Mr. Prescott. I hope you’ll understand that if you don’t release Tam right now, I’m going to kill you very quickly.” Royce gave him the same conciliatory smile.

“Mr. Royce, you really aren’t in any position to be making demands.” Prescott chuckled. “Now. Give me my flash drive, and we can all be on our way.”

“Actually, I’m in the perfect position to make demands, Mr. Prescott. Release Tam now. She gets outside and away from here, and gets to live the rest of her life free of your interference, and you can do whatever you want to me. Refuse, and you never see that flash drive again, except at your federal trial. I’ve made arrangements for that drive to be delivered to the FBI in exactly…” He checked his watch… “half an hour from right now.”

Prescott got a look of slight uncertainty on his face for a moment. It passed quickly, but Royce noted it. “Mr. Prescott. Your men can search me, but I don’t have the flash drive on me. It’s my insurance policy.”

“Where is it?” Prescott demanded, all pretense of civility gone. “Tell me now!”

“It’s in a very safe place, Mr. Prescott.” Royce said with a smile. He glanced at Tam, but she kept silent as she let Royce handle it. “A place guarded by wolves, if you must know.”

Prescott’s face paled, and Tam couldn’t restrain her laughter. “You bit off more than you can chew, Prescott.”

“Now, you have one last chance. We walk out there, and you don’t die. We don’t walk out in another…” He checked his watch again… “Minute and a half, you don’t leave here except in a body bag.”

“Oh, yeah? And what happens in a minute and a half?” Prescott was calling his bluff.

“Well…” Royce checked his watch again… “In just over a minute, a Wolfe strike team comes in and rips you and your goons to shreds. Then the evidence goes directly to the FBI. Whether you’re dead or alive, your company falls.”

“You’re bluffing!” Prescott snarled at him.

“I don’t need to bluff when I’m holding the winning hand.” Royce replied evenly.

The first rounds took out four security goons on the first floor. The suppressed weapons made short work of the guards, and didn’t even make much noise. The masked men moved into the open area, scanning each section of warehouse to make sure all enemies were down. Justin pointed at two of his men, then gestured at the stairs to follow him up. He and his men started silently up the steps, pointing their SMGs up and to the left where the space would open up once they cleared the platform.

Royce smiled as he heard the bodies hit the floor downstairs. “You had your chance, Mr. Prescott.”

“Green!” Prescott shouted, and Green aimed his pistol at Tam’s head. She felt it against her temple, then all of a sudden it wasn’t there anymore, and she heard it clatter to the floor.

Royce saw the weapon pressed to Tam’s head, and reacted out of instinct. He threw two shuriken in quick succession, the throwing blades hitting Green in his wrist and neck successively. The gun fell from his nerveless fingers and he raised the hand to his neck to try and staunch the flow of blood from his punctured jugular.

Royce turned with his last throwing knife as Prescott tried to draw a pistol from his shoulder holster. Royce’s last shuriken hit him in the hand going for the gun, severing nerves and tendons.

Prescott shouted in pain, and looked over at Green, who was now reaching for his gun with his good hand.

Royce saw it too, and drew the dagger from under the back of his belt, racing forward just as Green raised the weapon and fired.

To Royce, it felt as if a burning fist had punched him in the shoulder, and he spun as he fell heavily. He cried out involuntarily at the searing pain radiating from his wound, and he dropped the dagger from his right hand as his left hand came over to press against the hole in his upper right chest/shoulder area. He turned and looked up at the man with a look of defiance on his face.

Green took careful aim, but never had the chance to finish him off, as two bullet holes appeared in his chest. Green looked down in surprise, then his eyes glazed over as he fell backwards, his heart punctured by the two precision rounds fired from Justin’s MP5.

“On the ground, Prescott!” Justin ordered, and Prescott knelt as ordered, his hands behind his head.

Royce rose to his feet and walked slowly to where Tam was. He freed her, removing her blindfold as two more men came up the steps to help them.

“Dammit, Royce! Now Cammie won’t let me hear the end of this.” Justin said with a smirk under his mask and a shake of his head.

“Hey, my Man took a bullet for me. That says a lot right there.” Tam interjected as one of Justin’s team came forward and set to bandaging the through and through wound on both sides. The 9mm slug had gone straight through with very little internal damage.

“I got sloppy, Sweetheart.” Royce grimaced as the medic cleaned and dressed the wounds. “I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to protect you before.”

“Hey, better late than never, Baby.” Tam smiled and kissed him. Once the medic pronounced him able to move, his hands went to her face and he kissed her like a man possessed.

“I’ll never let that happen again, Baby Girl.” He promised. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Royce.” Tam replied in a whisper, then kissed him again until they were interrupted by Justin clearing his throat.

“Listen up, kids. We need to move out. The cops will probably be investigating this. I’ve got your blades here, Royce.” Justin smiled and handed him the throwing blades and dagger.

“Thanks, man.” Royce replied with a smile as he took his weapons and replaced them in their sheaths. He winced as his shoulder moved, but was otherwise ok after a numbing shot and some aspirin.

“No problem. Now, let’s go. Pete will ride your bike back for you, but you two are in the van with us.” Justin laid down the plan, and they moved out quickly before the cops could get there. Royce handed Pete the keys to the Ducati, and promised that if Pete wrecked it, he would break the man’s neck.

Pete smiled. “Don’t worry about it, son. I’ve got one of these bad boys, myself.”

Royce was reassured, and they all piled into the van for the ride back to the Wolfe estate.

**** **** ****

Detective Natalie Raines wasn’t happy as she looked at the carnage in the warehouse. She shook her head and saw the precision used on the dead bodies. The only one still alive was Mr. Liam Prescott, and a flash drive had been taped to his lapel. If she hadn’t known better, she would swear that the Steel Cat was behind this. Except the Cat didn’t kill or use guns.

As soon as the EMTs cleared him, she hauled in Prescott for questioning, and was sitting across from him as he spun his tale. He admitted to kidnapping Tamara Jenkins in order to lure the Steel Cat out of hiding. He said that the information on the flash drive had been altered to make BioGen appear guilty. He said that Royce was the Steel Cat, and Tam was his accomplice.

“Mr. Prescott, do you actually expect me to believe all that? It doesn’t sound very plausible, you know.” Natalie was smirking at him. “No, what I think happened was that you were having some kind of meeting, but things went sideways for you, and your men ended up dead. Who did you piss off?”

“The Wolfes! They were behind it!” Prescott was desperate now to have her believe him. “They were backing up the Steel Cat!”

“So, you think this Royce person is the Steel Cat? Why would you think that?” She asked with an arched eyebrow. She didn’t want him to know she’d met Royce twice already.

“It all fits! The Jenkins girl’s car was parked in an alley beside BioGen when we were broken into!” He shouted.

“Oh? And you didn’t report the physical break in to the police? Just the cyber attack?” Natalie had him. No matter what he tried now, no matter what excuse he gave, he was going to prison. “Why was that, Mr. Prescott?”

“That doesn’t matter! That Royce person and Ms. Jenkins stole some sensitive information from our servers, then altered it to make it look like we were guilty!” Prescott shouted, clearly agitated.

“Well, Mr. Prescott. Our Cybercrimes division has just gone through the flash drive, and those files haven’t been altered in over a year. They were sitting on your server in their current form before the break in.” Natalie smiled sweetly at the sweating CEO. “As soon as they get here, you are going to be turned over to the FBI. That makes you not my problem in about an hour or so.”

Prescott realized then that he was not getting out of this one. That flash drive had the most damning evidence of all, and would probably spark a new class action lawsuit. He would need to run when he made bail, but that wasn’t going to be an option either. His corporate accounts had been seized and his running money that he’d had in the safe was gone, stolen by the Steel Cat already. He also regretted destroying the evidence of Tam’s car being parked in that alleyway.

He wondered what else could go wrong.

**** **** ****

Royce grimaced in pain as Mr. Wolfe’s personal physician stitched the second wound in his shoulder as he sat on the exam/operating table. He had opted for a local anesthetic instead of being put under. The bullet had gone clean through, for which he was grateful. His shoulder would be sore for a few weeks, but he could deal with that. Tam stood by the table, holding his hand and looking at him with grateful tears in her eyes.

“Don’t worry, Baby. Doctor Martinez is one of the best around.” She reassured him.

“That he is, son.” Anthony Wolfe nodded his agreement. “So, Justinian tells me that you are accepting my job offer?”

“And you got some explaining to do, Royce!” Cammie interjected. “You too, sis!” She glared at Tam.

“All done.” Doctor Martinez said as he snipped the last stitch on Royce’s back, then bandaged both entry and exit wounds. “Take it easy, then come back in two weeks and I’ll remove the stitches. You got lucky, kid.”

“Thanks, Doc.” Royce said, and shook the man’s hand after he’d removed the latex gloves.

“Just be more careful and try to avoid getting shot!” Doc Martinez said with raised eyebrows. He’d treated more than his share of gunshot wounds already, working as Wolfe’s physician, which meant he also treated all of Wolfe’s employees. He was just glad he made more here than as a plastic surgeon.

“I will, sir.” Royce promised, then turned to Mr. Wolfe. “Ok.” Royce sighed. “Mr. Wolfe, I wanted to thank you first. So thank you for everything. Whether you still want me for that job should wait until after I confess some stuff.”

Tam winced. She knew that he was about to spill everything, but he squeezed her hand reassuringly. He pulled her close and whispered in her ear. “If you don’t want to tell them who you are, that’s fine. I am only going to confess about what I’ve done.”

“Ok, Baby. I think it’s time I confessed too, but I’ll let you go first.” She whispered back.

Royce smiled, kissed her sweetly, then pulled back and looked at the assembled friends and family. He cleared his throat.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am the Steel Cat, as the News people call me.” He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, then proceeded to give detailed information about his break ins of the two city councilmen and finally of BioGen. He left out his theft from Senator Keen, and also left out the fact that Tam had hacked the security at BioGen.

“So that’s my story.” He shrugged his good shoulder as he wrapped it up.

Mr. Wolfe just considered him with new respect. While the break in at BioGen hadn’t gone quite as planned, it was still masterful work. “How did you disable the security cameras?” He asked at length, knowing there was more to this than Royce was saying.

“That would be me.” Tam smiled sheepishly. Ray Hammond, who had just walked in, grinned ear to ear.

“I KNEW it!” Ray said. “When I broke that encryption, I knew I’d seen it someplace before!”

“Ray, what are you talking about?” Mr. Wolfe looked at his IT guru with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, I got ahold of some files encrypted by black_fire back when I used to work for the FBI. I thought the encryption on that flash drive looked familiar, and I think this proves it.” Ray grinned, then bowed to Tam. “Masterful work, milady.”

“Gee, thanks. Did you make the connection because I’m black?” She asked sarcastically.

Ray just shrugged. “Deductive reasoning. You’re hot like fire, and you’re black.”

Tam laughed. He had a point. “Ok, ok. Yes, I’m black_fire, hacker extraordinaire.” She confessed with a sheepish smile.

“More like cyber vigilante extraordinaire.” Royce chimed in. “Tam does online what I do with physically.” He squeezed her hand and they shared a smile.

Justin laughed. “You two are adorable.” He said with a grin from ear to ear. That set off a round of laughter in everyone except Cammie.

“Ok, so lemme get this straight.” Cammie inhaled deeply before continuing. “My sis and her boyfriend belong in a comic book!?”

“Yeah, that sounds about right.” Justin said with a thoughtful look on his face. “I don’t think Marvel or DC would do it, but maybe Dynamite.” He stopped when Cammie elbowed him in the ribs.

“Not helping, Ranger.” She smirked at him, then turned to look at Tam and Royce. “You two. You know what mama and daddy would say about this, right?”

“Yeah, we know.” Tam nodded. “Which is why you need to NOT tell them, ok?”

“Jury’s still out on that one.” Cammie huffed and turned to walk out, grabbing Justin by the arm and pulling him with her. He shrugged and gave an apologetic smile as he was led out by Cammie.

Anthony looked at the two. “Tam, I would like to offer you a position in my company as Ray’s partner. Equal partner, that is.” He glanced at Ray, who just shrugged.

“I got no problem with that, boss.” He replied with a smile. “Tam’s always been cool.”

“Good to hear.” Anthony inclined his head to his IT guru. Then he looked at Tam and Royce again. “Royce, my offer still stands. You know how to breach security, and I want my security here airtight. You are definitely the man I want for the job.” He nodded to the young cat burglar.

“Yes, sir. Give me two days, and I’ll have your security locked down so tight a mouse won’t make it through.” Royce smiled at the big mob boss.

“Good.” Anthony replied. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get some sleep. And don’t worry about Mr. Prescott. I have the strangest feeling that nobody is going to believe him.”

“Thank you, Mr. Wolfe.” Royce nodded and smiled. Anthony Wolfe was about as good a guy as could be for a Mafia kingpin.

“Anytime, son. Cammie has been family for almost four years now, and that makes you both family too.” He replied, then left the room.

“Hey, if you guys need a place to stay, the guest house is out back.” Ray said as he left with Doctor Martinez, leaving them alone.

“I think we should stay here tonight, Baby.” Tam said. “With that shoulder, you’re in no condition to ride.”

“I think you’re right, Tam.” He smiled and kissed her, then jumped down from the table and pulled one of Justin’s t-shirts on, with Tam’s help for his injured shoulder. Mr. Wolfe’s son hadn’t even hesitated when he’d offered his help in rescuing Tam, and providing Royce with a t-shirt after his own t-shirt had been ruined by Green’s bullet.

“I know I’m right, Baby.” She replied, then pulled him to her gently as she kissed him. “I don’t think I’ve properly thanked you for that rescue yet.” She said sultrily as she bit her bottom lip and pulled him with her out of the in-house medical exam/operating room and towards the back yard where the guest room was.

Royce went willingly, giving her a grin as she pulled him towards the guest house. It was late, but with the painkillers he’d taken, and the endorphins still coursing through his system along with the excess adrenaline, he was more than ready for whatever Tam had in mind.

Ray had left the key to the guest house under the mat, and it didn’t take Royce long to find it. They went inside and quickly found the Master Bedroom.

“I need you, Tam.” Royce said as they undressed each other slowly, taking care with his shoulder wound and her bruised stomach from where Green had hit her. When Royce saw the purple discolored flesh, he felt a rush of rage and protectiveness towards her. He kissed her gently, kneeling and kissing her breasts and stomach where she’d been struck.

“Oooh, that feels good, Baby.” Tam moaned as his lips soothed her aching flesh like a balm. “I need you too, Royce, so much.”

Royce stopped feeling the hurt of his shoulder and felt only the silky pleasure of her skin and her lips and tongue. Tam stopped feeling the hurt of her bruises and lost herself in the pleasure of his strong yet gentle embrace and kiss.

He laid her down gently on the bed, kissing and licking every inch of her weary body. She moaned in pleasure as he gave her a thorough tongue bath over her breasts and stomach. He slipped his hand down to her pussy, and she spread her thighs to allow him access. He slipped two fingers into her soaking pussy, thrusting them in and out as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her moans and squeals into his mouth as their tongue dueled showed her pleasure, and she began bucking her hips against his fingers.

She broke the kiss, panting. “I need you, Baby!” She declared. “Make love to me, please!”

“With pleasure, love.” He whispered and smiled as he moved between her silken thighs, thrusting slowly between her pussy lips and into her tight wet channel. He leaned down and suckled each of her dark chocolate nipples lovingly, licking and nibbling them as her hands wove into his hair, keeping him in place as he slowly rotated his hips with each thrust, giving her all the pleasure possible.

“Mmmmm, that feels wonderful, Baby!” Tam moaned as she felt her orgasm building. She tightened her grip on his hair and moaned louder as her orgasm flowed through her, her body trembling and shuddering as her pussy gripped Royce’s hard throbbing cock.

He slowed his thrusts as she came down from her first peak, and lifted his head from her breasts to look into her light brown eyes. “You are so beautiful, Tam.” He whispered just before his lips claimed hers in a deep passionate kiss. He kept thrusting, slowly building them both up as he felt the first indications that he was close to orgasm himself.

Tam moved her hips in time with his, falling into their perfect rhythm as they made love slowly, intimately, lovingly. Their tongues, once dancing and dueling, caressed each other in their mouths as their bodies moved together. Royce felt his balls tightening and his cock swelling as he broke the kiss and looked deep into his lover’s eyes.

“I’m going to come, Baby Girl.” He warned in a gasp.

“So am I, Honey!” She panted as her orgasm rolled over her, and she felt him explode inside her hungry pussy. Her muscles milked him, draining him of his seed as he shot volley after volley of hot cum into her. They shuddered together, then collapsed and held each other, still shaking from the aftershocks.

They awoke with the sun streaming through the window from the east, and moaned as they held each other close. Neither of them could remember falling asleep, but they awoke stiff and sore.

“Good morning, Baby Girl.” Royce mumbled as he kissed her neck and nuzzled her.

“Wha’s so good ’bout it?” She mumbled back, enjoying his lips on her neck in spite of her surly tone.

“It’s good for me, at least. I’m sore as hell, but at least you’re alive and in my arms.” He said quietly.

His words melted her heart yet again as she kissed him sweetly, then smiled. “We need to brush our teeth before we kiss any heavier than that.”

“Mmhmmm. I agree.” He chuckled. They finished waking up and went into the master bath of the guesthouse bedroom. They found two disposable toothbrushes there along with toothpaste and floss.

Once they’d finished with their morning routine, even here in what wasn’t their home, Royce took her in his arms. “Who did that to you?” He asked, looking down at the purple blotches on her torso.

“That Mr. Green guy. The one that Justin popped.” She said, and Royce’s gaze softened.

“If he hadn’t killed him, I would.” He said solemnly.

“I know, Baby. But Justin is a soldier. He’s used to killing. You aren’t.” She stroked his cheek, then made sure that his shoulder wasn’t that bad. “Come on, we’re taking a bath. It’s the only way to get you stink free without getting those bandages wet.”

Royce laughed. “Ok, stinky girl.” He grinned as her mouth dropped open and she slapped him playfully on his rock hard abs.

They laughed and giggled as they moved to the tub, and filled it with hot water and bubble bath. Royce eased down into the water slowly so as not to get his bandages wet. Tam moved behind him, lathering him from behind as her breasts pressed into his back and her hands washed his chest and stomach. He washed his own legs, and then they stood so he could wash her. They traded positions, and he washed her from behind, paying special attention to her cocoa breasts as he kissed the back of her neck.

“Mmmmm, that feels soooooo good, Baby.” She moaned as he leaned back against the edge of the tub and she leaned back into him.

“I like making you feel good, Tam.” He whispered back to her as they soaked the aches away, touching and caressing each other until the water started to cool.

They got out and dried off, and dressed in their clothes from the night before. Once dressed and presentable, they walked back to the main house, where they were met by Justin and Anthony Wolfe. Doc Martinez was with them, and asked to see both Royce and Tam in his exam room before they left.

“I trust you slept well? I hope you’re feeling better today.” Anthony said with a smile.

“Yes, thank you, Mr. Wolfe.” Tam smiled back.

“Still a bit sore, sir.” Royce said with a smile. “Nothing that will slow me down for long, though.”

“That’s to be expected, Royce.” Justin said. “I’ve taken a few rounds, myself. You got really lucky that he was using Full Metal instead of Hollowpoints.”

Royce nodded. He knew the difference from watching movies and crime drama TV shows. “Yes, sir. I realize that.”

“Good. I don’t want you dying on me.” Justin said and clapped him on his good shoulder. ‘He might not like guns, but he’s hell on wheels with those knives!’ He thought.

“Thank you, sir.” Royce smiled in gratitude.

“Hey, enough with the ‘sir’ shit. I get enough of that in the Army. I’m Justin.” Justin grinned at Royce.

“Ok, Justin.” Royce said with a nod, smiling at his new friend. The first male friend he’d had since the Orphanage. Something about Justin said that he could be trusted, in spite of his lineage… or maybe because of it. Anthony Wolfe had honor, and it was apparent that so did Justin.

“So, are you good to ride?” Justin asked.

Royce flexed and rotated his shoulder as much as possible. “Yeah, I think I can manage with Tam behind me.”

“Nuh uh, hotshot! I’m drivin’.” She put her foot down. “Besides, I’ve been wantin’ to ride that bad boy for a while now!” She winked at the double entendre and grinned as Royce blushed.

Anthony and Justin chuckled at that, and Justin handed her the keys to Royce’s bike. “Be careful.” He said, and Tam smirked.

“Aren’t I always?” She said loftily.

“Yeah, yeah.” Justin chuckled. “Fine, you two. Get outta here, and ride safe.”

So they said their goodbyes and Anthony told Royce to take a couple weeks before reporting for work, just to make sure his shoulder was healed, and Doc Martinez could remove the stitches. Royce agreed, and they left with Tam driving and Royce riding behind her.

They made it back to their place without incident, and Royce smiled as she parked the bike perfectly. They dismounted and went inside, holding each other once they were inside and safe.

Royce’s phone buzzed, and he raised an eyebrow. He pulled it out of his pocket and smiled. “It’s mom.” He said, his face lighting up as he hit Talk. “Hey, mom. What’s going on?” He asked.

“Hi, Royce. I was wondering if you and Tam would like to come visit in a couple weeks? I’ll be taking a vacation to spend time with my kids, and since you’re one of my kids, I would like you and Tam both to come.” Lisa said into the phone.

“What day, and what time, mom?” Royce grinned as he saw Tam smiling.

“Saturday after next, and bring swimsuits.” Lisa said.

“Ok, mom. One moment.” He put his hand over the mic and looked at Tam. “Pool party in two weeks on Saturday. Wear that bikini from the beach last week.” He winked, and Tam blushed even as she grinned wickedly.

He got back on the phone. “Ok, mom. We’re in.” He said to Lisa.

“Good! I can’t wait to see you both!” Lisa sounded excited, and they couldn’t wait to go.

The next two weeks flew by. They counted the cash they’d scored from the BioGen job, and with the millions Tam had syphoned from the corporate accounts, and the hard cash Royce had taken from the safe, it totaled just over 50 Million.

“We’re set for life!” Royce gawked at the total number. There had been over 750K in running money from the safe itself, and Tam transferred the funds into her Caymans’ account. “Can you launder this 750K, Baby Girl?” He asked.

“I think that can be arranged, seeing as who we work for now.” She grinned, and Royce grinned back.

“Good. Oh, and honey?” Royce said, as he reached into his pocket for the felt box in there.

Tam looked as he got down on one knee in front of her chair. Her eyes widened as she looked down at him, and her mouth fell open.

“Tamara Jenkins, will you marry me?” He asked as he opened the box and showed her the 5 Carat diamond ring inside.

“YES!” She screamed as she held out her hand and he slipped the ring onto her left ring finger. He rose and took her in his arms, kissing her lovingly and passionately.

As they broke the kiss, he looked at her. “Now, when you wear your bikini tomorrow, everyone there will know that you already belong to me.” He grinned as he captured her lush full lips with his own again. Doc Martinez had taken his stitches out already, since he had healed a bit faster than expected. He’d also washed and returned Justin’s t-shirt, and had revamped the Wolfe Estate’s security procedures and equipment to cover all the bases. It had been surprisingly fulfilling work.

“All yours, Baby.” Tam grinned at her fiancé as her arms slipped up and around his neck.

“I’ve been thinking, Tam. I can legally change my name now.” Royce shrugged and smiled. “How does ‘Royce Carter’ sound?”

Tam thought about it a moment, gazing into his eyes. She knew how much he hated ‘Shiloh’, the name he’d been saddled with for his entire life.

“You know that would make you more publically linked to Lisa, right?” She said.

“Yeah, I know. But she said she wants me in her life, and her family seems to be accepting us.” He said.

“True.” Tam nodded. “I think it’s a good idea, since we’re no longer in the Freelance Criminal/Vigilante business. There might be a problem with working for Mr. Wolfe, though. Sure, he’s a respected businessman, but he’s also a Mafia Kingpin.”

“Except he doesn’t act like one.” Royce countered. “I’ve dug around about him, and most of his business deals are strictly above board. He’s cut back on the criminal activities significantly over the past year.”

“You think he’s trying to go legit?” Tam asked, leaning forward and kissing her Man.

“I think so, yeah.” Royce replied as he moaned into her kiss. He kissed back lovingly.

“Good. I hope he does, and soon.” Tam said.

“So tomorrow, I’m going to run my name change idea past mom and see what she says.” He smiled at the idea.

“I think she’ll like it.” Tam grinned. “Ok, enough of that for now. I know what kind of one track mind you have.”

“I do not!” Royce said in mock astonishment.

“Yes, you do!” Tam chided, sticking out her tongue at him.

Before she could pull her tongue back, Royce’s lips crashed into hers and he was sucking her sweet tongue into his mouth. That quickly evolved into a deep, sensual kiss that had them both moaning in pleasure.

As they broke the kiss, Tam looked into his eyes. “Baby, let your fiancé make love to you tonight.” She said sultrily.

“Mmmm, nothing else I’d rather do, Honey.” He replied with a smile as he let her lead him to the bedroom, her sexy ass swaying back and forth in her skinny jeans.

They undressed each other slowly, savoring the contrast of their skin tones as they gazed at each other. Tam was captivated by his sleek musculature and sunkissed tan skin, while he was captivated by her dark cocoa softness with the athletic physique underneath that softness. While she was tall and athletic, she wasn’t overly so, having some great curves to complement her strength. Her bubble butt was perfection incarnate, and Royce knew that he would never see another ass as perfect as that of his fiancé.

Tam pushed Royce gently back on the bed and crawled up over him, turning around and straddling his face as she leaned forward over him. Her sweet pussy was right above his mouth, and he felt her take his hard throbbing erection in her soft hands, stroking and licking his cockhead as he leaned upward and started feasting on her juicy pussy. His tongue dove deep into her as he felt her take him all the way into her mouth and down her throat. They moaned into each other as their pleasure built and built.

He felt her tense up as his tongue licked her clit as he sucked her between his lips, and felt her juices flood his mouth and face as she screamed around his pulsing cock. He felt his balls tightening as his cock swelled in her mouth, and moaned loudly into her pussy as his cock spasmed, and he heard her throat gulping as she drank him down. Royce kept licking and sucking her sweet clit, keeping her orgasm going for as long as possible, even while his own cum poured down her throat. She finally removed her mouth from his spent member to scream his name over and over as she came again.

Royce finally relented, letting his head fall back on the bed. Tam moved off of him and turned around to straddle his hips. She leaned forward and licked her cum from his face, then kissed him, tasting each other in their mouths.

“God, I love you!” He said as they broke the kiss.

“You better, Baby. Because I love you too!” She declared right back at him. She grinned as she rubbed her pussy up and down along the underside of his shaft, and soon he was rising to the occasion for Round 2. “Now, my dear fiancé, I’m gonna make love to you.” She whispered as she leaned forward again. She reached down and lifted up a little, guiding him back inside her.

Royce gasped as he felt himself entering Heaven again, his eyes closing as he drank in the feel of her surrounding him, engulfing him. Tam felt him fill her completely, and moaned in pleasure as she started grinding him back and forth, rotating her hips in slow circles as his hands came up and grasped her bubble butt cheeks. He squeezed her lovingly as she leaned down and held her breasts for him to suckle.

He looked into her eyes gratefully as he sucked first one, then the other nipple between his lips. Her Chocolate Kiss nipples were bullet hard already, and her eyes rolled back in her head as he expertly sucked her tits while moving with her where they were joined. He ground up against her as she ground down on him. The friction inside her tight wet cunt was more than he could bear, and he soon felt his balls tightening.

Tam was panting now, her senses overloading with the feel of his mouth and tongue on her breasts, and his hard throbbing swelling cock inside her.

“Come with me, baby.” She whispered as she felt herself nearing the point of no return. Her pussy clamped down on him, and he couldn’t hold out any longer as he felt her coming around him. Her orgasm washed over her, to be joined by his.

“God yes, Tamara!” He exclaimed in barely above a whisper as he felt the pressure release, and his seed shot into her in jet after jet after jet. He bucked his hips involuntarily as he came, filling her to overflowing as she shuddered and screamed above him.

“AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEYYYYEEESSSSSS!!!!” She cried out as her orgasm rolled into a second tsunami, thundering over her as her body, now glistening in sweat, collapsed on top of him as he shook below her. His cum still erupting into her.

“Oh…. my…. God….” Royce panted as yet another lovemaking session reached new heights with the woman he was going to marry.

“I’m so glad I’m marrying you.” Tam giggled as she shuddered from an aftershock. “You always make sure I come first.”

**** **** ****

Natalie was sitting at home going over the reports on the Steel Cat case, and then her own reports on the domestic disputes and attempted murder cases with Royce protecting Tamara from Darnell. She had to pull in a couple of favors in order to view the Steel Cat files. She watched the video on the flash drive of him as he was caught by a surveillance camera early on. She then compared it with how Royce had moved when walking across the apartment the last time she’d seen them. She was playing a hunch, but that was the least of her worries. She just had to get the Steel Cat file back to her friend by Monday.

She also had to figure out what swimsuit to wear for Senator Keen’s pool party. She was thinking about a good one-piece that wouldn’t make her look too slutty. Her black swimsuit should do. She shrugged mentally, and sipped her Chivas as she went over the reports again.

She’d been invited by Senator Keen because of her work in Domestic Violence situations, having an outstanding record in her department. It was one of the Senator’s pet projects. The eradication of Domestic Violence, and Natalie had been the shining star in her precinct. Her skill as a detective had earned her invites to Vice and Homicide, but she had turned them all down. Having survived a brutal rape by an ex-boyfriend, she had not only recovered, but thrived after it happened. She was sharper now than ever before.

That sharpness led her to the inevitable conclusion from looking at both files. ‘That little shit.’ She chuckled to herself. ‘I’m going to have to arrest him…. or maybe just shake his hand.’ She shook her head ruefully at the thought of arresting him. Hell, he was performing a public service. However, he was breaking the law to do it. Still conflicted, she downed the rest of her drink and turned in for the night.

**** **** ****

Royce and Tam were ready to go by 9AM the next morning. Royce had his board shorts and surfer t-shirt on, and Tam was wearing a halter top and short shorts over her barely there bikini.

“You’re going to give my step-dad and half-brother a heart attack, Baby Girl.” Royce grinned as she drove them to his mom’s mansion.

“Well, maybe your step-dad. I have a feeling your brother will just get sprung.” Tam giggled back.

“This, I have to see.” Royce chuckled.

When they pulled into the driveway to the mansion and parked behind an old beat up Ford Taurus, they grabbed their bags from the backseat of the car and went up to the door. Royce was a bit curious about the Taurus, as it didn’t seem to fit with any of the other cars already parked there.

As he rang the doorbell, he glanced at Tam, who was smiling at him seductively. He grinned back, giving her his most roguish smile and making her shudder as she felt her pussy getting damp.

Jeremy opened the door to greet them, and smiled as he shook Royce’s hand and then hugged Tam. He told them to go on through to the backyard, and said that there were still a few people left to arrive.

They walked out back with their bags and towels. They dropped them by an empty table and Royce pulled his shirt off over his head. The scars from the bullet wounds weren’t very visible anymore, so he felt comfortable as long as someone didn’t get too close.

That lasted about 30 seconds until he spotted the last person he expected to see at this party. “Shit.” He muttered. Tam heard him and followed his gaze.

“What’s she doing here?” Tam asked quietly.

“No clue, Baby Girl.” Royce replied as Detective Natalie Raines noticed them and smiled as she started their way. She’d been talking with Lisa about something, but now both ladies were on their way towards Royce and Tam.

Natalie looked good in her black one-piece with a sarong style wrap around her waist. Lisa was also in a one-piece, and looked stunning with her long dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and her steel gray eyes showing her familial lineage to Royce.

The eyes weren’t lost on Natalie, and she put two and two together quickly.

“Umm, hi Mom, Detective.” Royce said.

“Natalie, this is my son, Royce, and his girlfriend, Tam.” Lisa said, introducing them, albeit unnecessarily.

“Oh, we know each other. I was called along with the Uniforms out to their place on two separate occasions involving Tam’s ex boyfriend.” Natalie explained to the older lady, then looked at Tam and Royce again. “I didn’t know you were the son of Senator Keen.”

“Umm, well, you didn’t ask. Besides, I didn’t know I was her son until a little over a month ago.” Royce shrugged uncomfortably.

“Royce here tracked me down last month, and I explained things to him about his birth and why I gave him up.” Lisa said solemnly. “Detective, I will have to trust your discretion on this. Royce told me that he doesn’t want to go public, even though I’m willing to accept him into my family.”

“Hmm. There’s a story there, no doubt. I won’t pry, though. Senator, would you excuse us a moment? I would like to speak to Royce and Tam alone for just s minute.” Natalie said with a smile.

“Sure. I need to make the rounds anyway. It’s good to see you, Tam.” Lisa smiled warmly at them both, and made her way across to the pool to greet some more visitors.

“Ok, let me just say this. I can’t prove that you’re the Steel Cat, but I know you are.” Natalie said it softly, and Royce felt a cold pit forming in his stomach. “However, you have helped the LAPD and FBI nab some criminals that nobody even knew were criminals.”

“I won’t deny it, Detective.” Royce said stoically. “I’m pretty much retired now, though. I actually found a steady job.” He smiled nervously.

“We both did.” Tam said with a smile. “We’re working for Wolfe Real Estate.”

Natalie raised an eyebrow at that. “Oh. I see.” She said, nodding cryptically. “Royce, I struggled with what I would do when I confronted you. The cop in me was screaming for me to arrest you, while the citizen in me was screaming to shake your hand. Today, I’m not a cop.”

Royce was stunned, and took a moment to realize Natalie had her hand extended.

Royce looked down and took another moment to register the gesture. He extended his hand slowly, shaking hers firmly. He was surprised by her grip. “Thanks, Natalie.” He said with a genuine smile.

“Don’t thank me, kid. Thank me by keeping clean. We owe you. The entire police force owes you. The FBI owes you, not that they would ever admit it. Prescott is looking at a VERY long prison sentence for his role in the pill scandal. The class action suit against BioGen is still on, but there have already been numerous anonymous contributions to the victims.” Natalie was smiling now.

Tam and Royce shared a grin, and Natalie knew for sure. “Ok, Robin and Marion. I really hope your days of robbing from the rich and giving to the poor are over.” She chuckled.

“Ma’am, you can count on it… unless we find another corporation or politician doing what the others were doing.” Tam said with a smile.

“What she said. Detective, we don’t hurt anybody physically, except in self-defense. We only hurt the bad guys financially, and we do what the Law can’t.” Royce said soberly. He kept his voice even the entire time. “Don’t be surprised if you find something in the mail from time to time, but for the most part, we’re done. We want to start a family, and I’ve asked Tam to marry me.”

He held up her hand, showing Natalie the huge diamond on it. The Detective’s jaw dropped. “Wow! Congratulations!” She grinned, hugging Tam. “Now, go tell your mom and stop wasting my time.” Natalie’s grin belied the words she’d just spoken in mock exasperation.

Tam and Royce went and found Lisa, who was talking to Jeremy, Leonard, and the twins. Jessica and Jennifer were dressed in matching green bikinis, and luckily, Royce could still tell them apart by their hair.

“Ah, here’s the happy couple now.” Jeremy said with a smile.

Leonard’s jaw hit the ground and his tongue rolled out as his eyes went buggy. He had just been hit with the full force of Tam In A Bikini.

“Mom, family, we have an announcement to make.” Royce said softly as Leonard and Jeremy gawked at Tam, and the girls rolled their eyes. “We’re getting married.” Tam held up her left hand, showing them the rock.

The congratulations were genuine, with Leonard hugging her last, and smiling as he got into close physical contact with her.

“Ok, little bro.” Royce had to pry Leonard off of her. “That’s enough.” He chuckled.

Jeremy laughed. “You have a crush on your future sister-in-law, Len?”

“Umm, no?” Leonard blushed bright crimson as he stepped back a ways.

“Sure.” Tam shrugged. “I’m flattered, but I love Royce.” She smiled at Leonard while taking Royce’s hand. “Trust me, though. You’re not gonna have any problems finding a woman when you get older.”

Leonard perked up at that. “Thanks, Tam.”

“Anytime, cutie.” She replied with a wink, which made Leonard blush even more.

“Ok, ok. Now on to my next bit of news.” Royce took a deep breath, then looked at Lisa. “Mom, with your permission, I want to legally change my name to Royce Carter.”

It was Lisa’s turn to open her mouth in shock. She couldn’t catch her breath for a moment, but then grinned from ear to ear and pulled him into a big hug. Royce hugged her back, and she started sobbing as she held him. “You don’t need my permission for that, sweety. But if you want my blessing, you have it!”

“Thanks, mom.” Royce was nearly in tears too, and he gently disengaged from the hug and turned to a beaming Tam, who hugged and kissed him.

“Tam, you’re going to be a Carter.” Lisa smiled through her tears. “How do you feel about that?”

“As long as I’m with Royce, I have no problem with that, ma’am.” Tam grinned so wide, she couldn’t help herself. She’d never felt anything like the love in her heart for Royce. To be with him for the rest of their lives was beyond her wildest dreams until he had proposed to her the day before.

“Good. This just became an engagement party!” Lisa declared. She looked at Royce. “Is it alright if I introduce you as my son?” She asked softly.

“You know what? It’s ok with me, mom.” Royce smiled.

Lisa grinned, then dragged Royce and Tam over with her to the closest set of friends. She also called Natalie over to meet with them.

When she explained Royce’s story to them, and her own father’s threats to her baby’s safety, there were of course questions. Most understood, mothers who listened, and imagined their reactions to that sort of situation. Most agreed that Lisa had done the right thing for both herself and her son. She of course left out the fact that Royce was The Steel Cat, which wouldn’t have gone over well, especially with the shadier guests.

However, once the initial shock had worn off on her assembled coworkers and friends, congratulations became the order of the day. A long lost son had found his way home.

Royce was gracious with everyone, and charmed all of the women and even some of the men with his easy going personality. He was in his element here, turning the Charm up to 10 as he described life in the Orphanage and using his skills as a Freelance Security Consultant. He handed out some business cards from his bag, having learned to always keep some handy, and promised fair rates for finding any holes in a client’s security system.

As the party wore on, Tam and Royce went swimming together, and had a lot of fun splashing each other in the pool with some other young people.

Only once was there a bit of tension when a young man who worked for Lisa’s friend tried to put the moves on Tam. In spite of her engagement ring, he at first wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“Is there a problem here?” Royce asked as he walked up behind a very uncomfortable looking Tam, who looked at him gratefully.

The young man turned and looked at Royce, dismissed him, and turned back to Tam.

“Wallace, this is my fiancé Royce. Royce, this gentleman here was just saying how I should dump whatever loser I’m with and get with him instead.” Tam said it sweetly, but effectively. She also had put a sarcastic tone on the word ‘gentleman’.

Royce sized him up as Wallace turned back to look at the slightly shorter man with the steel gray eyes.

“Is that right? Well, I’m pretty sure my mom wouldn’t appreciate you, whoever you are, hitting on her future daughter-in-law.” Royce gave him a shit eating grin, and watched the fear shoot across Wallace’s face. He leaned closer and whispered conspiratorially “Also, I know for a fact that I could have you on the ground writhing in pain in less than three seconds. Now, you need to get the hell away from my fiancé before things get ugly.”

Wallace, surprised that this kid would talk to him in such a way, yet unwilling to confront him, decided that this whole situation wasn’t worth it. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to presume.” He nearly ran away, walking very quickly, much to Tam’s amusement.

Royce smiled as he watched the man leave, and Tam put her arm around his waist while his slipped around hers. He turned to her and kissed her lovingly. “What did he say to you, Baby Girl?”

“His exact words were ‘That kid doesn’t have what it takes to make you feel like a real woman. I do.’” She laughed outright at that, and Royce just grinned. She then leaned close and whispered in his ear. “You’re ALL the man I need, Baby.”

“Good, because you’re the only woman I want.” He whispered back and held her close, his hands straying down to her exposed butt cheeks. The thong she wore made his caresses possible with his palms on her soft smooth cocoa skin.

“Mmm, as much as I’d love to, Baby, we probably shouldn’t here in public.” She whispered with a little giggle.

Royce raised his hands up to the small of her back. “Sorry, Honey.” He replied with a chuckle. “I can barely keep my hands off you as it is.”

“I know.” She whispered and kissed him sweetly. “In case you hadn’t noticed, I have the same problem with you.”

“Oh, I noticed.” He winked at her. Her arms were up around his neck, and her breasts were jutting into his chest. He could tell her nipples were hard.

“Let’s get out of here.” Tam said.

“Oh God, yes.” He agreed readily.

Royce put his t-shirt back on and Tam put her top and shorts back on, along with their shoes, and made the rounds saying their goodbyes. As they were leaving, Lisa called them back for a moment.

“Are you really retired from being the Steel Cat?” Lisa asked.

At their surprised looks, she smiled. “Natalie told me. She figured out who you were, and was surprised to find out that I already knew.”

“She almost arrested me, mom.” Royce shrugged. “But yes, if we’re going to be married and raising a family, we’re going to need a bit more stability. I’m really going into the freelance security business, and Mr. Wolfe is my first client.”

Lisa gawked at him. “You know he’s a Mafia Boss, right?”

“He’s a good man, Lisa.” Tam said, defending her sister’s boss’s boss. “You heard about what happened to Liam Prescott and his goons?”

Lisa looked around, then pulled them into her office. She shut and locked the door, then turned to them, crossing her arms over her breasts. “Yes, I heard about that. While I don’t condone what happened, I’m glad he went down. From what I heard, he was pointing his finger at you, Royce.”

“I was there, but I didn’t kill anyone, mom.” He replied evenly.

“It’s true. Royce wasn’t in any position to kill anyone. He took a bullet for me.” Tam said.

“So that’s what caused the scars on your chest and back.” Lisa nodded. “Well, from what Natalie has told me, he kept ranting that you were The Steel Cat, and Tam was your accomplice.”

“I was the Steel Cat, mom. Now I’m not.” He shrugged.

“And my cyber vigilante days are gone too.” Tam smiled at her future mother-in-law.

Lisa laughed at that. “My kids are criminals.” Her amusement belied the severity of her words. “But since I’ve done some questionable things in the past, I have no right to judge, and you’ve probably done quite a bit more good in such a short time than I did.”

“Mom, you’ve done a lot of good over the years. Why do you think I gave you that chance to do the right thing?” He asked. “It’s NOT just because you’re my mom. It was also because you’re a good person inside.”

Lisa was nearly in tears as she hugged her son and future daughter-in-law. “Thank you both. By the way, your wedding will be held here, and I’m going to take care of everything. When did you want to do it?” Lisa said it all rapid-fire, not giving either of them a chance to say no.

Royce looked at Tam, who smiled and looked at Lisa. “In four months, if that’s ok. We want Justin back so he can bring my sister. Besides, I’m pretty sure that Royce wants him to be his best man.”

Royce nodded. He’d gotten to know Justin Wolfe pretty well while he had been home on Leave, and liked as well as respected the US Army Officer.

“Yes, I do.” He said. “He’s going to finish his tour over in Afghanistan, and then he’s resigning his commission.”

“Done.” Lisa said. “We’ll get together in a couple of weeks to hash out some more details. My schedule is going to be pretty booked up for a while, though.”

“Sounds good, Lisa.” Tam smiled and hugged Royce’s mom. She saw them out, and smiled to herself. She couldn’t wait to see her oldest son married. She wanted to be a grandma.

When they got home that afternoon, Royce took Tam in his arms and kissed her lovingly. She returned the kiss just as passionately, then broke it and looked at him with a smile on her face.

“Baby, I have something to give you.” She said sultrily.

“What’s that?” Royce asked with a smile in return.

“Come with me.” She kissed him and led him to the bedroom, where they undressed each other quickly. “I want to give you something I never gave to another man.” She leaned forward and whispered in his ear. “I want you to fuck my ass, Baby.”

Royce was already hard, but now his cock was threatening to explode. He knew she loved it when he played with and licked her ass, but this… ‘Wow!’ He thought as he had never been back there before, but had been unwilling to even bring the subject up with her.

“I’ve been reading up on it, and while KY would make it easier, I’m not a fan of artificial lube. So we’ll just have to use my pussy juice, your pre cum, and go slow. Ok, Baby?” She said, her voice barely above a whisper.

“God yes, Honey.” Royce said, moaning in anticipation.

In answer, she pulled him onto the bed with her, and they kissed like it was their last day on Earth.

She reached down and guided him into her, wrapping her arms around his back and her legs around his waist. He thrust into her tight hot wet pussy a few times, getting his cock good and slick with her juices and his pre cum that was nearly gushing from his cock.

“Ok, that… should be… good, Baby.” Tam panted, loving the feel of his cock inside her cunt. “But I really want to feel you in my ass.”

Royce remembered reading about anal in the Kama Sutra, and knew that she would have to be loosened up first. He sucked two of his fingers, then turned her over and slipped those fingers into Tam’s pussy. She moaned as he fingered her for a minute, then pulled them out and began to work one into her tight backdoor.

“Oooooh, Baby. That feels sooo good!” She exclaimed softly as he worked first one, then the other finger into her tight virgin asshole.

“Are you ready, Baby Girl?” He asked softly, knowing they were almost as the point of no return.

“Yes, stud. Give me that fuckstick in my ass. Just go slow, ok?” She said, her breathing ragged in anticipation.

“Ok, Honey.” He said lovingly, pushing his cock back into her pussy for a few strokes. Her cunt was drenched with her juices, and he pulled out and set the throbbing head of his cock against her little pucker. He pushed slowly, but forcefully, until the mushroom head popped into her.

“OH GOD!” She shouted, and he stopped moving. “Gimme a minute to get used to it, Baby.” She panted.

“Ok, Sweetheart, just tell me when.” He replied with a smile on his face.

He felt her relax, and when she said she was ready, he pushed in a little further. Once more, he felt her tighten up around him, and stopped until she had relaxed a bit more. He moved his hands over her ass, massaging her butt cheeks, admiring her big cocoa colored bubble butt. The stark contrast never ceased to amaze him, and he loved the feel of her skin as much as the difference in their complexions.

Royce thrust in slowly as soon as he felt her relax, and soon his balls were resting against her pussy lips. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. “I’m all the way inside your ass, Baby Girl.”

“Mmmm, I feel all of you, Honey.” She replied in ecstasy. His cock felt so good inside her ass, and she felt so full of him. “Fuck me slow, Baby. Give me that fuckstick nice and slow.”

“Oh God yes.” He gasped as he started thrusting into her slowly, over and over as he withdrew and thrust back in. The sensation was almost as good as her pussy, but the difference in sensation made it even better, in some regards.

After a few minutes of slow trusts, Tam started bucking her hips back to meet him on each stroke, and soon they were fucking at a good pace. “Oh God, Tam!” He shouted as he felt his balls tightening. “I’m gonna come!” He warned her.

Tam felt her first anal orgasm building quickly, She reached between her legs and touched her clit, and that sent her over the edge. Her finger had barely made contact with her little nub, but that, coupled with the sensation of the man she loved inside her tight sphincter sent her climax exploding out of her like a nuclear bomb. She lost all coherent thought as her ass squeezed his cock hard, and her pussy exploded.

Royce heard her wordless scream and felt the spray of her juices all over his balls as she squirted all over him. It was too much, and he shouted as he erupted inside her sweet sweet asshole.

“GOD YES TAMARA!” He shouted as he unloaded inside her spasming sphincter. His cum shot deep into her, jet after hot jet, volley after ecstatic volley, filling her to overflowing and spurting out around his still thrusting cock.

They collapsed together on the bed, his cock still buried deep inside her cum filled ass. He kissed the back and side of her neck lovingly, and she reached back and caressed his ass, making sure he didn’t pull out of her yet.

But soon, he had no choice. He pulled out and then pulled her into his arms, kissing her lovingly and tenderly as her tongue danced with his. “That was amazing, Baby.” She said finally when they broke the kiss.

“You’re amazing. I just did what I thought you’d like.” He said with a loving smile. “I love you, Tam.”

“I love you too, Royce.” She grinned, and they went back to kissing.

Later, they took a shower, washing each other clean. After they finished and toweled each other dry, they made love again and again, finally drifting off to sleep. Their dreams were filled with possibilities for their future together, and they rose the next morning, ready for the new day. The first day of the rest of their lives.

**** **** ****

Epilogue: 4 Months Later

“You look fine, brother!” Justin chuckled as he stood with Royce at the altar set up in Lisa’s backyard. Tam’s family was there along with Royce’s family. The Wolfes had been invited as well, and while Justin was wearing a standard tux like Royce’s, he somehow made it seem like a military uniform. He’d returned home for the last time two weeks before, and was ready to get on with his life as a civilian.

Justin glanced over to where Cammie was standing as Maid of Honor, and then at her mother, Shawnda, who was tending to little Nate. His eyes caught Cammie’s again and he smiled. ‘She’s gorgeous!’ He thought to himself.

Cammie caught his eye and smiled back, blushing slightly as she felt the heat in her face. She’d noticed before that he was good looking, but hadn’t thought much about him in any other way besides just a good friend and her dead husband’s former platoon leader.

Just then the wedding march started, and Royce turned along with everyone else to watch the goddess in the long white gown walk down the aisle.

His breath caught in his throat at her beauty, and he ran his hand back through his now shorter haircut. While Tam had liked his longer, more unruly style, she didn’t want to look like she was going to marry a surfer. Royce had volunteered to get it cut, and found he actually enjoyed it.

All eyes were on Tam as she couldn’t hide her grin as she stepped up, and her father gave her hand to Royce with a smile on his face too, and tears in his eyes.

They turned to face the minister, and the ceremony began.

It went quickly, and Royce and Tam had written their own vows. It was the most beautiful wedding they could have hoped for. When they got home that night, they made love for the first time as husband and wife.

Two weeks earlier, Tam had decided not to renew her birth control shot. As Royce came inside her that night, they conceived their first child.

I’d been seeing Perry for a few months, or at least we’d been hanging out and fucking a lot. He expanded my world in a multitude of ways. He introduced me to CBT, which I’ve now grown rather fond of and have been looking for new players. He let me play with his ass and explore in ways that no one had ever allowed me to. We’d had threesomes, both of a MFF and MMF variety, which I’d enjoyed every minute of. We had embarked on a wonderfully exciting sexual voyage.

The culmination of this was when we decided to try male chastity. His limp, little cock would be locked away until I decided otherwise. So he came over for me to ceremoniously lock his favorite parts away. Being the kind, caring, partner that I am, I decided that he should get to cum one last time.

But this should be no run of the mill orgasm, I wanted this to be spectacular. Now, Perry is, if nothing else, a total pain slut. I’ve done things to his testicles that I was sure would cause permanent damage. Perhaps there’s a reason he’s childless. So I put him on hands and knees on my bed. I grabbed my favorite riding crop, which was his, but which I have since commandeered, and started working him. I’d used one of my hair ties to bind his balls and they were presented to me so beautifully. A nice soft, round target for the harsh sting of the crop.

The benefit of a bigger man, or woman, is more surface area. There are more places to hit, to tease, to torment, to inflame. I worked all over his ass, legs, cock and balls. The snap of that crop striking flesh is sublime and very arousing. My pussy was wet and achy five minutes into the night, and the pretty little pink marks I was leaving all over only added to my arousal.

Quite some time later, when I’d concluded that he’d had enough, and didn’t want the neighbors think I was torturing anyone, I decided to give his ass the attention that I knew it wanted. I kissed his sore spots and then focused my tongue on his tight asshole. The soft moans that I was rewarded with urged me on. I licked and sucked, pushing my tongue in just slightly, feeling him open up to me. I quickly realized that my tongue wasn’t going to be enough so I grabbed the lube.

Now when I say Perry is tight, I mean tight. This is a man who’s had at least as much anal penetration in his life time as I have, and yet, even the insertion of one finger feel like its in a vise. I started working my one finger in and out, loosing and stretching for the bigger things to come. Then I pushed in a second. I found his prostate and began stroking it. The sounds he made were almost ethereal, they were just so beautiful. It was the sound of complete satisfaction and submission and I loved it. I ordered him to stroke his cock while I delightfully played inside of him. I think that may be why I enjoy stimulating a man anally so much. It allows for a type of control and possession that simply isn’t achieved otherwise.

He continued stroking while I pulled my fingers out and wriggled into my strap-on. Just the act of sliding it on and tightening the straps, pulling it near my yearing cunt almost sent me over the edge. I was about to penetrate someone in a way I’d never done before, and though I couldn’t actually feel it, my mind filled in the blanks for me pretty well.

I walked up behind him and pressed the head of my good sized black toy against his hole and I asked him what he wanted. The words “I want you to fuck me,” we’re the sweetest and most erotic I’d ever heard. I obliged, pushing the head inside slowly. I’ve taken anal enough to know to be slow and gentle. Inch by inch I slid in, my lube covered cock penetrating his tight orifice. Once I was all the way in, I held it for a while to let him acclimate to having his ass filled. Then gradually, I started pumping back and forth, in and out. Meeting no resistance, I began increasing my speed and intensity. Before long, I was slamming all the way in to him. I would pull out to admire the gaping asshole begging to be filled again. One of the things I love about Perry is how vocal he is, and he is a screamer. He’s reached pitches and volumes that most women would be envious of.

I had my hands firmly planted on his ass, spreading his cheeks so I could see that fake cock slid in and out. All the urge and desire I’d ever had to use a man as so many had used me was manifested in this moment. I knew be was close to cumming when the screams became louder and closer together. I was relentless, everything else in the world had dropped off and we were in a sphere of pure pleasure. He hit a high soprano note, and then collapsed on the bed. I pulled out gently and laid down next to him.

The rest of the night is a little fuzzy. I think I may have had him help me pleasure myself and then I put his cage on. That experience didn’t turn out so well and we’ve since transitioned into a more intimate, less sexual relationship. But that night will be one of my fondest memories of him and will provide masturbatory material for years.

When Jack opened his eyes, Bella was sitting on the side of the bed smiling. His recently spent cock was being nursed to a full erection again by Marie; her scent and the thought of being dominated by her and Bella had him ready to perform again. He had never really given any woman over 30 a second glance before, but would now have the same attitude for women under that age; he was now well and truly enslaved by the scent, smell and divine elegance of mature women, and they would put him to good use. Bella smiled at Marie with a hint of jealousy she could not hide; Jack was her prize and though she enjoyed seeing him please her friends, she knew how males could be entranced by the attractive and domineering blonde.

“You make sure you leave some of him for me; I don’t want him worn out before the trip.” Marie smiled and gave his tingling balls a gentle squeeze, making him gasp.

“You were not kidding when you said he likes to use his tongue; he’s adorable, and SO obedient. I can’t wait to see you parade him on a leash before our friends at Kassiopi.” She smiled wickedly as she felt Jack’s cock stiffen at the thought of being ‘leashed’. His cock stiffened to rigidity as Madeline appeared in doorway in a tight bikini; her camel toe invitingly on show, she smiled wickedly as she saw Jack blush, but unable to keep his eyes from the sumptuous thighs and delicious mound of Venus.

“Am I the only one who’s trying on my new holiday things like we said we would? I’m so anxious to see our catch in his new things.” She giggled and strutted forward, teetering on the new high high heeled sandals she sported, which made her magnificent legs seem even longer to Jack. He was mesmerised as the horny redhead pulled the quilt from the bed, exposing both he and Marie. The blonde shrieked with laughter as the dominant redhead took Jack’s arm and hauled he and his bobbing erection from the bed. The other two laughed hysterically as she led him away, casting scorn upon his excited cock.

“Oh you rude boy! I’ve a mind to put you across my knee and give you a good spanking!” This did not help quell Jack’s erection, nor did the site of her ample ass cheeks quivering in the bikini bottom as she towed him along; he felt the tight grip of her hand in his, and thought just how welcome a spanking would be. The other two followed, giggling; Marie was draped in a sheet and helped herself to some wine as Bella and Madeline marshaled Jack; dressing him in various casual but smart outfits; they were not necessarily the style of clothes that he would have chosen himself, but the mere fact that he was being told what to wear by the women was a thrill in itself.

When they had finished pleasing themselves with what Jack would wear at certain places, he was stripped again and made to kneel in the centre of the room while the women prepared to try their various outfits. Bella stood dominantly before Jack and smiled sternly at his semi-erect cock.

“You’ll help me strip, and you may sniff my panties while I try on some of my sexier outfits; if you’re a good boy and sit quietly I may allow you to masturbate for the three of us, when we are suitably attired.” She looked at the clock and smiled.

“Yes, plenty of time for you to perk up again before you grace my bed and service me tonight.” The women chuckled as Jack’s youthful cock quickly developed a full erection again; Bella smirked as he fumbled excitedly with the lower buttons of the fifties style dress which accentuated her full body shape so sexily. She released it from her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, then pointed to her panties with a satisfied grin before removing her bra; her full mature breasts mad Jack fumble with her panties as the other two women stood close, increasing the pulsing of his erection. Her ample breasts were still very round and firm without support, any slight sagginess simply enhancing their mature beauty; she smiled softly and her nipples hardened as she saw his excitement. He swallowed hard as he slipped her panties down her legs; she stepped one foot clear and lifted the panties with the other. Jack took them and willingly sniffed at the beautiful feminine scent of the crotch, his cock now rigid at the delectable smell of mature pussy; he wanted to masturbate there and then. The three women smiled and moved gracefully as they chose various items to pamper themselves with, and tease their admiring onlooker; Jack sniffed, intoxicated by the delicious scent of the panties as he watched the women with aching balls; they bent in various ways, showing their mature ass’s breasts and legs as they put on a seductive three woman perpetual strip tease show for their young captive, who they would delight in watching spurt his tribute shortly.

Jack’s cock was dribbling by the time the women had carefully worked through day wear, evening wear, bikinis and then delivered their final tease by saving their risque erotic wear till last. Jack was gasping with excitement as he was allowed to choose what the three would wear while he masturbated before them; faced with three strutting latex, leather and satin wearing dommes, he was at last commanded to stroke his cock while they sneered down at him in dominant fashion.

The three posed and taunted their submissive admire in order to see who would induce his orgasm first; Marie pushed a latex clad leg with shiny spiky boot toward him, Bella swished the air with a cane, and Madeline promised him a thorough spanking if he messed on the carpet. The three laughed in a derisory fashion as he moaned in ecstasy, arched his back, and shot wad after wad of good wholesome semen toward the trio. Jack was made to clean his mess up with Bella’s panties, before then being made to kiss their feet and thank them individually. The three then changed into more comfortable toga like dresses and Jack was invited to sit naked amongst them on the huge leather sofa as they drank copious amounts of wine and discussed their Corfu excursion.

Jack was made to feed the three of them with titbits from a Chinese meal which was delivered later, and with nuts etc. whenever the whim took them. They all got slowly inebriated, until at last, a smiling Bella slipped a shiny collar and leash over Jack’s neck and led him upstairs to her bed. Bella had him undress her, then mad e him kneel in the centre of the floor whilst she lay on the bed.

“You shall now ask permission to lick me all over; I saw you look at my breasts earlier and I think you could do with mothering; you must ask me nicely and I will allow you to suckle on me for a while, before you worship my womanhood with your tongue.” Jack was a little tired after the excitement and exertions of the day; the wine he had been allowed had also left him a little worse for wear, but he yearned to lap at her ample breasts and please her once more; the delicious scent from her panties still locked in his memory, his cock rose once more.

“Please Mistress Bella, may I be allowed to worship your body with my tongue?” Bella’s pussy tingled with pleasure as she noted an almost pleading tone in his voice. She toyed with her erect nipples as she responded.

“Good boy! You may come and keep me warm now.” She kissed his hair as she pulled his head to her breast as he entered the bed; she moaned with pleasure as she felt his stiff cock on her thigh as he took her hard nipple between his lips and sucked, teasing it with his tongue before moving on to take as much of the delightful fleshy orb into his mouth as he could. Bella slid a finger back and forth through her moist slit and over her eager clitoris as the equally eager Jack licked, lapped and sucked her mature breasts; his cock slipping against her thigh as he oozed lubrication in his youthful excitement. Bella was ready to be serviced; she would now demand to be satisfied.

“You’ll lick my pussy now; when I’ve come, you may lick my asshole. You shall disgrace yourself on my sheets and earn a spanking from Madeline; Marie and I will watch you being spanked for your misdemeanor” Jack did not hesitate and licked his way down her supple belly, his cock ready to explode as he caught the divine whiff of her nicely aroused pussy. She took his leash and pulled it tight to ensure he remembered just who was in charge as he lapped at the delicious flaps of her bulging flower. She moaned deeply and raised her legs high, pulling his face hard against her needy cunt with her free hand. Jack rasped his tongue against her clitoris as she had taught him just a day or so before; his cock throbbed as he rubbed it against the sheets and thought of being allowed to cum whilst licking his mistress’s asshole.

Bella almost screamed with pleasure and her legs pointed rigidly at the ceiling as she exploded into orgasm; Jack lapped for all he was worth as she moaned and wrapped her fleshy thighs about his head. She then sniggered as she pushed his head down to her spicy asshole. Jack was in heaven as he thrust his cock back and forth on the silky sheets as he probed her hot anus; he truly knew his place in life now, and was in submissive ecstasy. Bella was now enjoying her complete dominance over him and delighted in the warmth of his tongue servicing her asshole with absolute obedience. She would help the thrusting slave cum.

“I’ll have your cream now; I will so enjoy watching Madeline spank you, she will ensure you know pain, and in front of two other women. She’ll allow you to lick her ginger pussy if you take your punishment well.” She sniggered triumphantly as she felt Jack convulse; he moaned in absolute ecstasy as his tongue went deep into his mistress’s asshole and he spurted gloriously in complete submission to her. He shot again and again as he thought of going over Madeline’s thighs for his Mistress’s pleasure. Bella laughed scornfully to help him empty his balls deliriously as he humped the sheets with the taste and smell of his mistress’s asshole exciting him exquisitely.

She pulled on his leash when he had recovered and kissed him sweetly, wrapping her thighs about him, they cuddled and slept.

My name is Jeff. I date girls every now and then but I always masturbate about dressing up as a hot chick and seducing a hunky guy. My biggest turn on is putting on women’s clothes and makeup.

I never really had a chance to explore it much when I was growing up.

In college I had a secret stash of 1 stick of lipstick, and when I felt really dangerous, I would wait until my roomate wasn’t in our dorm room and I’d sneak some on for about 3 seconds. Then I’d freak out that he could walk in and smear it off. By junior year of college I also had a pair of pantyhose and a skirt in my stash. I would wait until my roomate fell asleep and then would put on my skirt which I wore underneath the covers. Its amazing I was never discovered. I don’t know how I kept it hidden while sharing a cramped little dorm room. When packing up before summer break I threw out my secret stash and I was devastated about it for months.

After college I got an apartment with a friend of mine, Chris. Chris was an awesome college friend and someone that I felt close with to bounce my ideas off of. No matter what it was I always sought his input. Job plans, vacation plans, anything. When I created a new student newspaper on campus he was the best person to have on my side. He was always helpful with advice and always encouraging me along.

Living together our first few months after college was pretty cool. We were finally both working and making some money. He was very chill to have as a roommate. We never really talked about our days much. We got home. We saw each other. We both scarfed down some food and watched TV. As months went by we started watching TV shows on Netflix. When we finished one season, we would immediately start with the next. After watching all the episodes of ’24′, we decided to start watching ‘Mad Men’. We became obsessed and spent a whole Saturday watching an entire season. It was pretty insane.

All this time, of course I couldn’t stop fantasizing about dressing. As the months went by, probably because I saw him so much, Chris started popping up into my fantasies of dressing up as a girl. The fantasy was basically me getting all pretty and then him getting so turned on by a glimpse of me that he would fuck me. Chris had boy-next-door good looks. He was 6″0, brown hair and looked like a taller version of Andrew Garfield from Spiderman.

As time went on my desire to dress kept amplifying. Now that I was working I had saved up cash and really wanted to buy stuff to dress up in.

When it came to talk of Halloween on a Sunday in early October I asked him what he thought of me dressing up as the fiery red head Joan from Mad Men.

He chuckled. “Sure, go ahead. It’s definitely gutsy. I have no idea what everyone’s going to say but I got your back.” Chris was so cool. He didn’t seem fazed at all.

Monday night we started watching the first episode of Mad Men’s fourth season. Before we started watching, I told him I need to start practicing as Joan as it’s going to be really hard to dress up as her.

“Yeah that sounds like a tough costume. Are you sure you don’t want to just buy a pre-made fireman costume and call it a day?”

“Nah, when do I ever take the easy way out? I just need to start practicing as her.”

Chris looked me up and down in my Brooks Brothers shirt and slacks and Rockport shoes and said “You sure will.”

I went into the bathroom and applied some mascara and eyeliner. It was my first time and it was a bit of a mess. My hand wasn’t steady enough so somehow I ended up with little mascara marks on my nose and cheek.

Also I put on way too much eyeliner, about half an inch thick, on my lower eyelid so it looked like I was a sad clown.

I walked into the living room. Chris looked up and said, “Yeah, you’re going to need a lot of practice!”

I sat there with him watching while wearing the eyeliner and mascara. It felt liberating. He somehow bought this “I need to spend 3 weeks practicing as Joan” story and I can finally wear eye makeup without having to be embarrassed about it or immediately hide it and smear it off. Only when I went to brush my teeth before bed did I remove my eye makeup.

I sat in bed thinking October was going to be an awesome month.

The next night, Tuesday night, I put on my eyeliner and mascara. And the night after I did the same. And the night after I did the same as well. I was marginally improving at putting it on.

It didn’t seem like Chris cared. To him I was preparing for my Halloween costume.

Friday was the first time in 5 days we didn’t watch TV together. After work I was busy hanging out with some coworkers. We went drinking, and stayed out until 1am. When I got home I went straight to bed.

Saturday morning, I woke up late, was a little hung over and eventually got out of bed and slowly walked into the kitchen to grab some cereal.

“Dude, no eye makeup?”


“Sorry I just got so used to seeing you with mascara and eyeliner on. You kind of look weird at this point without it.”

“I’m so hung over.”

“Since when have you ever used that as an excuse? Eh, I guess you’ve given up. Well, I don’t want to hear you crying when your Joan costume is a fail.”

“Chris, You’re right! Thanks for the pep talk!” I went into my room, took out my eye makeup and put it on in the bathroom and left the mascara and eyeliner on the counter.

My eye makeup sucked that morning, but I had to capitalize on the chance to wear makeup.

I felt I could start pushing my crossdressing boundaries.

I ordered online some 5 inch heels, a wig and a dress and then went out shopping for makeup.

We agreed to meet back at the apartment at 5pm to catch an episode or two before we each would go our separate ways with Saturday night plans.

On my way home I stopped in Victoria’s Secret and was in heaven. Somehow, emboldened by wearing makeup so many times over the past week, I had the guts to walk in there and buy some pairs of panties, bras and other items of lingerie. They had this one irresistible black lace nightie with a little mini skirt at the bottom.

I got back to the apartment. Chris wasn’t back yet. I went into the bathroom, cleared the counter of our razors, toothbrushes, his pomade and my dental floss and made room for my foundation, eye shadow, rouge, lipstick, lip liner and lip gloss.

I started experimenting with each item. I had seen enough YouTube videos over the years to have a general sense of how to apply them, but my wrist was shaky out of excitement. Also my cock was so hard.

I looked myself in the mirror. Not bad. My foundation gave me a smooth pale white face. My lips were a tempting red. The makeup all together wasn’t so bad, and it suddenly looked unfitting to be wearing my V-neck white men’s undershirt and black adidas mesh basketball shorts.

I needed to put on my new Victoria’s Secret nightie. I changed and slipped it on and walked into the living room bare foot. I left all my makeup containers spread out on the bathroom counter. I sat down on the couch.

A minute or two later Chris walked in and was surprised to see me all made up.

“Well well, what do we have here.”

I got nervous. “Did I go too far?”

“Well I assume not far enough. You’re still missing a wig and heels, Joanie.”

I laughed. He laughed. I was happy he was taking this all lightly.

“You’ve definitely stepped it up from just wearing eye makeup. I think you’re making progress.”

“Me too.”

“Cool – lets watch some Mad Men!”

I sat there barely able to contain my glee while watching TV. Joan came on the screen and Chris turned over and said, “Are you taking notes?”

I just chuckled.

The night was fun for me just being able to be outside my bedroom, wearing a full face of makeup and a nightie with a little skirt and not having to worry. Chris somehow was fine with all of this as it was part of my costume prep. I crossed my legs as a woman would.

“Um, one thing. You should think about shaving those legs.”

“I was thinking the same thing.”

“And Joan wears nail polish.” There was a pause. “Just saying.”

“I didn’t think about it, but you’re right.” Of course I had thought about it. Just nail polish takes time to put on and off. It does turn me on. I guess I know what to start wearing next.

“And pantyhose! Men LOVE pantyhose!”

For the first time he didn’t say Joan wears pantyhose. He said Men! Men love pantyhose. I wonder if he was starting to like me dressed like this. Is he saying he wants to see me in pantyhose? I felt butterflies in my stomach.

That night before bed, as I was washing and wiping the makeup off my face I had to give myself a reality-check. Chris is straight. He is not into me. He is being super cool about me gradually crossdressing more and more. Jeff, don’t get delusional and blow this up. He’s not going to suddenly want you if he sees your legs in pantyhose!

The next day Sunday was a blur. I went out and bought some nail polish and painted my toenails. I shaved myself completely smooth. I basically spent the day chilling out in my bra, panties and nightie. I couldn’t wait for my wig and the rest of my outfit to come!

By Monday there wasn’t much going back. I wore panties underneath my work clothes. When I got home, I was surfing the Internet when Chris came home.

“Joanie, I got something for you!”

I walked into the living room and Chris was holding two small packages of black pantyhose.

“I know you’re really into this whole prepping to be Joan thing. I thought these would add a little sexy spice.”

My brain was saying stop crossdressing for a night, but my cock got hard looking at the picture on the package showing some hot, smooth, pantyhose clad legs.

And how can I resist Chris prodding me to dress?

I couldn’t resist the pantyhose or Chris’ encouragement.

I went into the bathroom to put them on, and it was my first time in the bathroom all evening. There on the counter all laid out was my makeup collection – the lipstick, the foundation, my makeup brushes, my makeup remover. Everything. All spread out irresistibly waiting for me to put some on.

I put on the pantyhose, put on a little bit of lipstick and walked back into the living room. To top it off I was walking with a swagger.

We sat down and watched some TV.

Finally Chris said, “Joanie, your legs are fucking hot!”

As the week went by – everyday there was something new in the apartment that got me all excited to dress up. One day my wig came, the next day my heels came. Then I got fake eyelashes. Then I needed more pairs of panties from Victoria’s Secret. Then I bought a second dress.

Gradually, the apartment was starting to look like a woman lived there. My room had my bright pink Victoria’s Secret bags and my lingerie spread across the floor.

By the next Saturday I woke up, hung over again, and looked down at my painted toenails. I had slept in my panties and bra (somehow I gradually had started sleeping in my lingerie) and Friday night for fun I had painted my nails on my hands too. It felt so good.

Chris had been up early. He brought in this charming little flower vase with a rose in it. Then he took down my Pittsburgh Steelers World Champions poster and replaced it with this huge close up shot of Joan from Mad Men. His decorating changes had an effect on me.

I was feeling more and more feminine. I loved it! Every time I went into the bathroom and saw my makeup I couldn’t walk out without trying something on!

It was all so fun.

Chris thought the whole thing was hysterical. He started joking how he never thought having a female roommate would be so drama-free. Sometimes he’d grab my ass when I was dressed. It wasn’t an overly sexual grab. It was more playful like he just thought this was all funny.

By Monday night I started getting into a rhythm. Home from work at 5:30. Shower, shave smooth and get all dolled up and dressed by 7. Start making dinner.

Suddenly I was also making dinner for Chris too. I was so grateful how cool he was about my month-long crossdressing that I felt it was the least I can do. Plus it made me feel more like Joan.

Chris would walk in around 7:45, plant me a kiss, grab my ass, eat some food. Then we’d watch TV. The costume was all set.

By that Thursday night my makeup was starting to look amazing. I had been doing it now for weeks. Halloween was a week away. We were sitting down to watch the season finale. I was wearing my long red wig, 5-inch heels, red lipstick, pale white skin makeup and some perfume I had bought that day.

Chris suggested for the season finale we turn off the lights. We usually sat apart – I would sit on the sofa and he would sit on the recliner. Tonight he moved right up next to me on the couch and put his arm around me.

During the episode he started to lay his head on my shoulder.

“”I love the way you smell Joanie.”

And then he started nibbling on my neck. I was so thrilled! I tried staying stoic and unmoved. I was so turned on. He put his hand on my pantyhose clad leg and started to move his hand higher and higher up. He knew how to feel up my calves. He started moaning. I started moaning. He then cupped my bra.

Then suddenly the momentum stopped. He stopped.

“You have got to stuff this bra with something.”

I couldn’t even move. Here he was feeling me up, like a dream come true and I didn’t want to stand up and show my hard on.

While I was still lost in my thoughts thinking about how to stand up to pad my bra, he already had flipped on the lights, run to his room, grabbed some socks and was back opening up 2 buttons from my blouse and stuffing my bra.

“Joanie that’s better.”

He turned back off the lights and we immediately started making out.

I was in heaven.

He was such a passionate kisser. He held me strongly. He licked my red lips. He bit my lip softly. His tongue kept advancing in my mouth and I just lied there for his taking.

He made me feel so attractive. And so turned on. I tried placing my delicate fingers, with dark crimson painted nails on his cock.

“Not so fast Joanie. You’ll have plenty of chances to suck it, but not tonight. I have something better in mind. He smiled.

With all his strength, he lifted me up and flipped me over.

“Is Joanie ready to be taken by a man?”

I was panting. Peaking in sexual excitement and so ready to blow I could barely even talk as I was trying not to just cum everywhere.

“Yes!” I whispered.

“Good girl! I’ve been waiting for this day. You’ve been tempting me Joanie for so long!”

He went into his room and came back with a tube of lube and a condom. First he lubed up his finger and started fingering me.

“You like that Joanie?”


“You want me inside of you?”


“I want you Joanie.”

“I want you too Chris!”

Chris opened up a condom and placed it on his perfect looking 7-inch cut cock and lubed it up.

I got on my knees and he started fucking me. I was trying with every bit of energy to stop myself from cumming but I was so hard and aroused and pre-cumming everywhere. His thrusts made me feel so good inside. I wanted him to keep going, but the thrusts against my prostate were the breaching of my final wall of defense. I erupted all over the sofa cumming and cumming with him thrusting away. And when he saw me cumming he cummed too.

I fell flat on the sofa and he fell flat on top of me.

We lied there for a while in a pit of cum and lube.

He started kissing little kisses on the back of my neck.

He spoke first. “Can you promise me something?”


“Can you promise me that Joanie isn’t going to leave us after Halloween?”


“Because I think Joanie is going to be a lot of fun to keep around.”


Mom divorced dad when I was 9 and we rarely saw him. Mom and I had a real good relationship, never any arguing. I guess I was a pretty good kid, didn’t get into trouble. We had what I guess was a pretty cool relationship. She worked long hours and I did well in school and had a couple of part time jobs to pay for my car and nights out with girlfriends and shit.

I was almost 19 now and a 19 year old’s metabolism was serving me well, keeping me lean with little effort on my part. I was probably about 5’11 and about 162. Mom had me at a young age, 16 actually. That’s why dad eventually split. He didn’t want to be saddled with a kid at his age, he hadn’t “lived” yet.

My mom was tall and I remember her driver’s license stating she was 5’9 and 138. She also had amazing 38D cup breasts, breasts that were round and appeared to be firm. Mom always took great care of herself, doing various workouts. She hit the gym regularly, mixing in a combination of free weights and cardio workouts. I had just started to lift weights more seriously but I ran track through-out high school and was in great shape too.

Looking back after dad left there weren’t many guys she dated or brought home. There was some, but not many. I also recall her regularly walking around only wearing her bra and panties and while I didn’t think anything of it, as I got older it did turn me on to see her almost naked. Especially seeing her phenomenal tits barely contained within some of her bras.

As I got older and became a very horny teenager, I started to notice more….and looking more too. I mean, it was just something we did, walking around in underwear at times. There was nothing strange to it and we didn’t think twice about it, we were mom and son. However, once I discovered “girls” and what a guy could do with them, well, things changed for me. Of course, sporting a hard-on was an after-thought. Hell, I could get hard thinking about a donut. That’s what teenagers do!

By the time I was 16 I had a huge wrestling fetish from seeing the apartment wrestling women in regular wrestling magazines, primarily Sports Review Wrestling magazines. I often jerked off to those images…and sometimes imagined me wrestling those women. We started in bathing suits, me in trunks and the women in bikinis, or we started in our underwear, and wrestled “anything goes.” Rip, strip matches to complete submission. I would regularly fuck the different women in those magazines, in my fantasies.

Being that horny teenager with a wrestling fetish, I started to look longer at mom when she was in her underwear. I realized all the different kinds she wore. During the week it was stuff that she was probably comfortable in. However, on the weekend, I started to notice she was wearing different sets. I didn’t know what the hell to call them at the time, but many of them were lace and they were revealing. I could see her nipples when she wore certain bras, and I could also see her pussy hair through the lace panties she wore. Mom was a natural redhead but her bush was reddish blond. I think there were times she probably had to notice me staring just a tad too long at her tits or pussy, but she never said anything.

There were plenty of times though that we ran into each other going into the upstairs bathroom, both in just our underwear, and I had to bolt because my dick started to pop a tent in my briefs rather quickly. I am sure she saw that too but never said anything.

It’s when I started to notice the underwear that she wore that I started to imagine her as my wrestling opponent. The two of us starting in underwear in an “anything goes” apartment style wrestling match. Matches that ended with the two of us battling all out, nude, to decide a winner, with the winner having their way with the loser.

This drove me to rummage through her lingerie draw and I found some really hot underwear – lace teddies that snapped close in the crotch and were most revealing, lace bras and panties, thongs! Was my mom a bit of a freak? It’s weird and kind of hard to explain. I didn’t get hard imagining having sex with her, but the idea of wrestling with her always gave me a hard-on. Of course the idea of wrestling any woman gave me a hard-on. I guess I rationalized it by thinking it was two adults who agreed to physical combat and the contact and interaction that resulted was a by-product of the wrestling. Well, it made sense to me! I imagined wrestling her in one of those lace teddies and tearing it off her at some point. Hell, I started to imagine wrestling her in all kinds of different scenarios that ended in all out nude battles where sexual acts were allowed. It was fun to jerk off to.

Fast forward again to me being 19. I had a stack of Sports Review wrestling magazines hidden in a spot in my closet and they were open to the pages of women apartment wrestling. Not that I had in them in any particular order but I did have my favorite matches containing Cynara (against anyone) on top, and I noticed they’d been rearranged and opened to an issue that had two women catfighting each other. They had torn the clothes off each other and were wrestling completely naked. There was a guy that interrupted them trying to break it up, but the women then ganged up on him. Now it was two against one, and as they wrestled the women slowly were able to strip the guy clothes off until he was naked too. The pictures showed various “action” shots of them wrestling naked, the guy sporting this huge hard-on. There were some shots of him having the advantage but most of the pictures were the women dominating him.

I know a lot of men like to be dominated by women. That’s never been my thing. I always fantasized about competitive matches where either the man or the woman could win. That is what is appealing to me as far as wrestling goes, it’s (usually) just one on one, and it’s completely up in the air as to who can win. Now I know there are many women that can outright beat men, but for the most part you put an “average” guy in the room with an “average” woman and a large majority of the time the guy will most likely win.

So back to the magazine pile that was definitely rearranged. There was only one person that could have been in there besides me and done that. I thought for sure they were well hidden in between a folded pile of my clean jeans. There would be no reason for anyone to go through a pile of somewhat neatly folded jeans…at least that’s what I thought. I was kind of embarrassed thinking about my mom looking at these magazines and wondering what she thought of me. My mind was racing with thoughts. Was she going to be mad? Was she interested? It seemed like she went through a lot of them because I had almost all of them open to Cynara wrestling someone, since she was my favorite apartment house wrestler, and now Cynara wasn’t on any of the pages.

Maybe she liked what she saw? I didn’t have the nerve to bring anything up to her so I hoped she would say something to me and I played out different scenarios in my mind. I came up with responses based on her being mad, curious, into it…all with the hope of a discussion ending up with us wrestling. Crazy, but it fueled a horny 19 year old’s afternoon!

That evening when she got home from work she didn’t mention anything as she prepared dinner. We ate and talked about each other’s day, usual small talk. After dinner she went to take a shower so I went into the den to watch television, the UWF which was the best wrestling federation at the time.

After her shower she must have heard the wrestling and made it a point to come to the doorway of the den to let me know she was coming in as soon as she was dressed and didn’t want to watch wrestling…but she was wearing a lace bra and matching lace panties that you could clearly see through, and I swear it was almost identical to Cynara’s outfit in one of her matches. I could clearly see her tits, nipples and her pussy through the lace underwear…I had to stop myself from staring. As soon as she turned around to go back to her room I notice she wasn’t wearing panties, she was wearing a thong! Holy shit!! Mom had a bubble ass that looked so smooth and sexy. I race to my room and found the old issue and sure enough, it was pretty much identical to Cynara’s outfit! I got an instant hard-on as I kneeled in my closet looking at the magazine in my briefs and shorts.

I was thinking about jerking off when mom scared the hell out of me by tapping me on my shoulder. Still on my knees I turned my body around and asked her what she was doing as I tried to hide the magazines, but when I turned around my hard-on was visibly tenting my shorts. Now I had to hide my hard-on and the magazines. What I immediately noticed when I turned around was she hadn’t gotten dressed yet. She was standing there, about 3 feet from me, wearing only the lace bra and panties I saw her wearing after her shower.

She said she already saw the magazines so I didn’t have to hide them. Not having to worry about hiding the magazines was helpful since my dick was rock hard, so I tried to put my hands in front of my erection to hide it.

“So do you like to see two women wrestle?”, mom asked.

“Yes I do’” was my simple response.

“Do you also like it when they tear the clothes and underwear off of each other?”

“Well, yes” I responded somewhat sheepishly.

“Have you ever wrestled any of your girlfriends?”

“No I haven’t.”

Why haven’t you?”

“Well, I don’t know what they would say. I didn’t want them to think I was weird I guess.”

This conversation was happening as I was still on my knees in my closet wearing only shorts over briefs and mom standing over me, her hands on her hips, within arms length of me. I kept looking up at her and then away because my eyes kept shooting to her tits and pussy. Even when I looked down I was looking at her bare-feet, perfect pedicure, bright red polish on her toe nails.

She continued the conversation.

“Well, I’m sorry but I was bringing you some new jeans and I found them. When I looked through them I thought it was interesting and wanted to know what it was all about so I went through all of them. I don’t blame you for getting excited, it does seem pretty exciting pitting yourself against someone else with just your strength and abilities to leverage, not knowing who is going to win or lose. And the idea of ripping clothes off each other and battling nude, well, again I can see how you would be excited by that.”

“Well yeah, so I guess I will put these away now,” I lamely said, not knowing what the hell else to say. Apparently she had other ideas.

Just as I went to collect the magazines mom took a step toward me and was standing right in front of me now. I kind of inched back just a little, not sure what to do. I looked up slowly, getting a close up of her crotch and as I gazed up saw hardened nipples peaking out of her lace bra.

“Not so fast. Like I said, I do want to know what it’s all about.”

My mind was racing a million miles an hour. I probably could have busted a load in my shorts right there and then.

She continued, “Is it something you want to do, wrestle a woman like those pictures show?”

I looked down at the magazine that was on top and it was the two women and guy. They were all naked, one woman on her stomach with the guy sitting on her ass pulling her head up by her hair with one hand, his free hand appeared to be squeezing and twisting one of her tits. The other woman was standing behind the guy grabbing his hair, trying to pull him off. Nipples were hard and his dick was hard too. Clearly everyone in the picture was “excited” by the action.

“I, I guess, yea.”

“You don’t seem too sure.”

“No, I do want to do that, it’s just, I, I don’t know where I would find a woman who might like or want to do it.

“How do you think it would end if you wrestled a woman?”

“I have no idea, I guess someone would give up.”

“Then what would happen?”

“What do you mean what would happen…we could wrestle some more I guess.”

“I see. So you would keep wrestling? Would both of you still be in your underwear?”

I must have been blushing by now, having a conversation with such sexual undertones to it.

“I don’t know. It would depend I guess.”

“What would it depend on?”

“If we decided to have a strip match, or anything goes match. Then I guess we probably wouldn’t be in our underwear by the time we were done.”

Then she bent down and picked up the magazine I described earlier and flipped the pages to the last page. The last page had the guy fucking one woman from behind, and the woman being fucked was eating out the other woman who was on her back in front of her.

“Is this how you see it ending?” she continued.

“I don’t know.”

“I could see how it could. I mean, all that body contact and sweat. Your body tells me how you excited you are at the prospect of that happening.”

She was referring to my hard-on which I was still trying to hide with my hands.

“I suppose, yeah.”

“What kind of rules would there be?”

“Rules?” I honestly hadn’t thought about rules. “I don’t know. I mean, anything goes but nothing to really hurt or injure each other. Also, nothing to the face that would leave any marks. You know, just wrestling around. You could pull hair, chokes are okay.”

“But he was twisting their tits. Is that allowed?”

“That’s what that match allowed I guess.”

“Then the female should get to twist his dick.”

I cringed a little at the thought, especially considering my hardened state, but what came out of my mouth surprised me. “That’s fine.”

“So it sounds like anything is fair game; just nothing to the face and nothing that would hurt, injure or mark each other.”

“Pretty much yeah.”

“Does anyting goes include sexual contact?”

“Sexual contact? What do you mean?”

“Anything sexual. Sex of any kind. Two nude people trying to do anything to gain a submission.”

“I suppose, many matches are loser…uhm, loser cums first.”

“I saw that, and the winner gets to do whatever he wants with the loser, right?”


“Where would you wrestle if you could find someone?”

“I don’t know. What’s with all the questions?”

“I told you. It interests me and I want to know more about it. It also excites me in ways similar to how it excites you. I want to see what it feels like to do it.”

Not having any inclination what she was hinting at I responded, “Good luck finding someone. If you do, ask her if she will wrestle me” I said with a chuckle.

“So where would you wrestle? In the bedroom?”

“I suppose. Probably try to keep the match on a king sized bed or something. Or maybe throw a lot of blankets on the carpet to avoid rug burns.”

What happened next floored me. “I have a king size bed” she said to me.

I looked up at her and could only come up with, “What?!”

“I think we have an opportunity to find out what it feels like. I want to do it but have no idea how I would find another woman who might be interested. I know you want to do it.”

“What, what, if you are suggesting we…we can’t wrestle! I can’t wrestle you like that” referring to nude with a hard-on without saying it.

“Are you nervous? I can’t believe I am suggesting this but when I saw the magazines I was upset at first. Then I realized how interested I really was…and well, excited too.”

“So wait, you’re telling me you want to wrestle me. I can’t wrestle you, you’re my mother!”

“I am your mother, but that doesn’t seem to bother parts of your body” she said as she took her foot and lightly shoved it in my crotch, brushing my hard-on over my shorts.

“Ma, what the hell?”

“Stop pretending you don’t want to try it with me. You know this is the best opportunity you will get to actually wrestle a woman. This is probably the best opportunity both of us will get to do it so let’s just do it.”

“And everything we talked about as far as rules…that’s all okay with you? We’re going to do that stuff to each other?”

“Do you have another suggestion as far as rules? I am okay with everything we talked about if you are.”

“I suppose I am too then. Yeah, it’s just…”

“It’s just what Kevin?”

“You’re my mom, I don’t know if I can bring myself to try to get you to give up or, well, uhm, never mind the other things we talked about.”

“Kevin, I understand. If it helps, call me by my name, Michelle. It will be just Kevin and Michelle, two consenting adults agreeing to a no-rules wrestling match like we talked about.”

“Yeah but, we talked about things that, well, you know.”

“So you don’t want to try?”

“Yes I do but, I am not sure I can do some things, you are my mom.”

“We won’t be mom and son, we’ll be Kevin and Michelle. Don’t get me wrong, I am a little uncomfortable too, but I want to try it.”

“Okay Michelle, I guess you are right. I want to try it too.”

She knew I was going to agree. My dick wouldn’t let me not agree. She dressed that way for a reason. She planned this, probably after she found the magazine, but she definitely planned this. And this entire conversation taking place with me on my knees in front of her. A submissive position. I was anything BUT submissive. If someone could beat me, I wouldn’t cry about it but I wouldn’t lose on purpose.

“You really want to wrestle me?” I asked, now hoping for a definite yes.


“And we are going to have a rip strip match? Anything goes?”

“Anything goes” she concurred as hand went down to her crotch and her middle finger stopped over her pussy as if she was getting ready to finger herself.

I was definitely in but wanted to make sure we were talking about the same things and were on the same page. What was unfolding was pretty incredible. I jerked off to fantasies of wrestling her all the time, and those fantasies often ended with me fucking her. Now I was having a real life conversation, with my mom, about having a rip/strip anything goes wrestling match.

“Well then Michelle, I think we’ve talked enough. Don’t be mad or surprised at what happens.”

She smiled and said, “I promise not to be mad at you no matter what happens. You have to promise the same.”

“Oh, I promise.”

She turned around and starting walking out of my room. Her ass was beautiful! Michelle had a bubble butt to die for. She looked over her shoulder at said one simple word, “Coming?”

I dropped the magazines and followed her into her bedroom. She started taking the bedspread off to put on the floor and I helped her. My dick was still rock hard but I wasn’t trying to conceal it anymore. The short walk to her bedroom I was consumed with thoughts of how (and if) I might use my dick as a weapon in the match. Could I do it?

We spread out the bedspread on the floor and then she climbed onto the bed on her knees facing me. I couldn’t believe where I was and what was about to happen. It was surreal. I made a move to get on the bed and she held up her hand and pointed to my shorts…I forgot I had shorts on. I slipped them off to match her gear for gear and climbed on the bed facing her. Now it was mom who was looking at my crotch. Actually, she was looking at my 8 inch cock that was standing at attention and peeking over the top of the waistband of my briefs.

I was just as focused on those gorgeous tits begging to be set free from those lace constraints. I didn’t notice that she stopped staring at my dick and saw me staring at her tits, until she teasingly brought her hands up and pushed them together as if she was getting ready to wrestle. The move was solely to distract me as much as possible.

“Are you ready Kevin?”

“Yes Michelle, are you ready?


With that we moved toward each other on our knees, reached out and put hands on arms to lock up. Feeling her strength like this for the first time was amazing, and she was strong! We pushed back and forth, I don’t think either of us was sure what to do next despite the rather detailed and lengthy conversation we just had. Here we were, near-naked on her bed bringing to life my most favorite fantasy ever! We alternated between looking into each other’s eyes and at each other’s now straining bodies. I was already thinking of when and how I was going to rip that pretty lace bra off of her then realized, she might be thinking the same thing about my briefs! Slight panic set in with that realization. One good tug or tear and I would be completely naked!

I made the first move, manuevering her into a side headlock and forcing her down on her side. She didn’t hesitate in reaching up, grabbing my hair and yanking my head back.

“Aaaahh.” It hurt but she didn’t make me release the headlock. She tried it again so in retaliation I kept my left arm around her head and pulled her hair with my right hand.

“Oooooo, let go of my hair”

“You let go of mine….Michelle.”

She did, but used her hand to go for my briefs. She grabbed the waistband and pulled up. She didn’t have much leverage but she was able to give me a partial wedgie, turning my briefs into thong-like gear.

“Fuck!” came out of my mouth. I was not fond of the material being wedged up my ass crack. I rolled over her face and turned the headlock into a front face lock with her on her back and me next to her, our heads next to each other but our feet facing opposite directions. I wanted to see early on how she would react if boundaries were pushed so I reached down with my right hand as I secured her head with my left arm and grabbed her breast over her bra. I gave it a nice squeeze, not too hard but hard enough to hear her wince and moan a little.

“How does that feel huh?”

“Uuuunnhh, shit” was her response as I saw her lower body writhe trying to free herself.

She was able to stop me with both of her hands and then rolled toward me in the front face lock, decreasing my leverage. She also got to her knees and then sank both hands into my hair. By now I had also gotten to my knees again. She was really strong, it was exciting to feel how strong she was, but not quite at this moment because I had to let go, she was twisting my head down and to the side. As soon as I let go she kept pushing my head down but also moved toward me for more leverage and was able to force me down onto my back.

She started to climb on top of me but she was in between both of my legs so as she slid up my body I was able to lock in a nice body scissor hold on her sexy waist. She immediately let go of my hair and tried to use both hands to push down on my knees as she straightened her body up. I was on my back and she was kneeling, trapped in the hold as I squeezed pretty hard. We were both sweating now and the position allowed me to see the wedgie she gave me earlier, even though I tried to “undo” the damage, exposed the top part of my dick which was sticking out over the top of my briefs. She noticed the same and as she continued to try to push down on my knees she thought of a different way to try to free herself.

Mom grabbed my briefs again, this time with both hands and on either side and tugged them down.

“Holy shit!”

“Haha, what’s the matter Kevin, feeling a draft?”

She had pulled them down just above my knees. They couldn’t go any further because I had my legs wrapped around her waist, but they were down far enough. I was completely exposed, dick sticking straight up and wrestling on my belly button, but I didn’t release the hold. The first time she grabbed them I was surprised because I really didn’t think we’d push many boundaries at all. I figured we would just be wrestling. This time, even though we were relatively early into the match, I wasn’t surprised. I didn’t like being exposed like that but I wasn’t surprised.

What happened next did surprise me though. She released my briefs and used both hands to grab my dick and balls.

“I am going to show you what a tit twist feels like.”

Then she started squeezing my balls and my hard dick.

“Aaahh, fuck, let go, stop,fuck!”

I had no choice but to release the scissor hold I had on her, seeing stars in my eyes as she gripped my balls. I tried to slide backwards but that made it hurt more. Dropping my legs to my side allowed her to now slide up my body as she thankfully released my dick and balls. I tried to fight her off but, as any guy knows, a low blow is debilitating. She easily pinned my arms down and kneeled on them, her crotch within inches of my face. Our hands were clasped together as she locked in the school boy pin on me.

Before I knew it I was in a position I never would have imagined. Mom slid up a little more, still pinning my arms down slightly over my head, with her lower legs/ankles on top of my biceps, then she dropped her bottom on my face.

“Mmmmnnpphh” was about all I could muster as her pussy and ass completely covered my nose and mouth. Breathing was a problem, as was the tingling in my balls.

“Do you give up Kevin?”

Even if I wanted to I couldn’t tap or voice my submission, but I didn’t want to. No way. But I was getting close to not being able to catch my breath underneath her. I was almost immobilized on my back, my briefs pulled down to my knees making it harder to bridge up, my hard-on bouncing against my belly as I thrashed around underneath her. Thinking clearly was difficult but I decided I had to lose my briefs to allow me to separate my legs if I was going to have any chance of escaping.

I wasn’t sure but it felt like Mom was grinding her pussy and ass on my face. It may just have been the movement of our bodies in this position, I don’t know, but I was able to move somewhat so I could catch some air. As I sucked in some air I also lifted my legs and finagled my briefs down, finally able to pull one leg through and out of them. Although they were still on one leg, I had to concentrate on getting out of this predicament. Now at least I could buck my body more, being able to separate my legs and get more leverage.

“I think you should give up Kevin.”


I was bridging more and my balls had almost completely recovered from her attack. I twisted my lower body as much as I could to one side and felt her brace herself, leaning the other way to try to keep me down. I used that to quickly roll the way she was leaning, using her momentum to drive her off of me. She fell off to her side but our hands were still clasped together so it wasn’t a hard fall. The shift in position allowed her to lock in a head scissor hold on me though, with my face inches from her pussy. At least I wasn’t being smothered by it anymore, but now I was trapped between her legs and they were very strong legs. She was on her right side, and I was on my left side with my head between her legs.

I needed to play the same game she was playing or this would be a quick submission for her! I couldn’t lose to my mom, that would be humiliating. I was able to free my hands. She used her free hands to try to force my face closer to her pussy again.

“Aaaahhh, what the fuck?”

“I think you like it down there Kevin, you sure are spending a lot of time with your face in my crotch.”

“Oh yeah?” Now I used my hands to reach behind her, probing with my fingers until I found her pussy. I had to move quickly as my oxygen supply was dwindling being crushed between her legs. Finding her pussy was easy because of the thong she was wearing so when I did I inserted two fingers and started fingering her. I wasn’t hesitating anymore or thinking about what, if an, boundaries there be between us. All I knew was I was not about to go down to my mom like this.

“Ooooh Kevin!” she screamed. “Stop that!”

“Let go of my head”

“No, get your fingers out of me!”

“No, let go of me.”

I quickly felt her pussy getting wet. It was very tight, as tight as some of the girls my age I fucked. I kept the fingering motion going. She tried to squeeze me tighter but what I was doing to her clearly had an impact on her entire body. I had turned the tables, her legs were weakening as she tried to reach for my arm.

“Kevin! Aaaaa!” she screamed as I kept fingering her. Finally her legs were loose enough for me to get out from in between them. I pulled my fingers out and quickly pushed them up and slid my sweaty head out from her grip. I rolled over and got up, kicking my briefs off entirely as I stood up. Mom stood up across from me as well, adjusting her thong which was disheveled from my attack on her pussy.

We were both breathing hard and sweating heavily. I was incredibly turned on even though if we were scoring my mom probably would have been ahead on points. Let’s not forget I was completely naked standing across from her and she still had on her bra and thong. My hard-on was pointing right at her, bobbing up and down as I moved toward her. She didn’t hesitate moving toward me too. I had to think “catfight” rules as opposed to wrestling rules. We did agree to anything and she was taking advantage of that more than me up to now.

We came together on our feet, again hands braced on arms in the wrestling stance, but this time I lashed out with a foot to her belly.

“Ooooooonnpph” is what I heard as the air left her body, not expecting that from me. The blow doubled her over. I quickly moved behind her and pushed her down to the floor on her stomach. I put one knee over the back of her head/neck to trap her and the other knee on her lower back. I grabbed the back of her bra and undid it as quickly as I could. Thankfully I had some experience doing that already so it wasn’t difficult. She was still trying to catch her breath from the kick so I was able to lift her arms over her head and slide her bra off.

Now I moved so I was sitting on her upper ass, reached down and wrapped the bra around her throat and pulled back with both hands. It looked like I had her in camel clutch hold but I was using the bra to pull her head back and choke her at the same time. That’s what I saw in many of the magazines and getting into “catfight” mode was starting to pay off for me.

“How does that feel MICHELLE?”, emphasizing her name, which actually felt good. I was letting go of the inhibitions I had about doing anything to my mom and she was right, using her name made it feel more like this was just an older woman I was no choking with her own undergarment. I mean, I knew it was my mom, but I was getting more and more into it now.

She didn’t say anything, she just clutched at the bra to try to lessen the pressure, letting out the occasional moan and groan.

“Want to give up Michelle?”


I leaned back and pulled harder. I moved one hand to her hair, then the other, completely releasing the bra. Now I yanked back hard on her hair, pulling her head up even farther. I even leaned forward so I was closer to her head as she screamed a little underneath me.

Making sure I had a good grasp of her hair with my left hand, I reached down with my right and cupped her right breast and started squeezing it harder than I did earlier.

“AAAAAaaaa, noooo, Kevin, STOP!”

“Do you give up?”

“Let go of my tit!!”

“Do you give up?”

“No, fuck you, let go of my fucking tit!”

“Fuck me? Such language. How about fuck you Michelle!” I barked back as I contorted her tit into positions it probably shouldn’t go.

“OOooooowww, fuck, you fucking prick.”

“Prick? You want a prick? I’ll show you what a prick is.”

I let go of her tit but not her hair. I was thinking like a bitch fighting a bitch now. I got to my feet but put the sole of my foot on her lower back to keep her down. I reached down with my free hand, grabbed her thong from the back and yanked on it. This slid the front of her thong into her pussy. I felt like I was getting some payback for the humiliating positions she had me in earlier. Now I had her face down. no bra, handful of hair in my left hand pulling her head up. My left foot braced on her back so she couldn’t get up and my right hand trying to tear the last piece of clothing off of her, and punishing her in the process.

“Aaaaaaaa, Kevin, that’s my pussy, that hurts.”

We did say nothing to really hurt each other so I eased up a little and decided I would be better off just focusing on stripping her completely so the playing field was even. I released her hair and grabbed her thong with both hands and quickly tore it right off of her.

Now we were both naked. I playfully kicked her ass while she was still on her stomach and then backed away from her to let her get up. As she did I was holding her thong up as kind of like a trophy.

“Hey, what’s this? Are these yours Mish? I am sooooo sorry. Do you want them back?”

“Ha ha, so what. your briefs came off first.”

“That’s okay. You had enough yet Michelle?”

“No, I haven’t. Have you?”

“Hell no, I am just getting started.”

Looking at my mom standing across from me naked was exhilarating. We were drenched with sweat and breathing heavily. The banter allowed us both to regroup a little. My hard-on was as ready as it ever was to continue the match. I looked at my mother’s magnificent tits, firm, round, nipples providing a hint as to how excited she was by the fight.

“Is this what you imagined?” she asked me.

“Kinda, yeah. Are you good?”

I wanted to know if anything I did was wrong…well, hell. I was pretty much fighting my mom nude, I had fingered her and twisted her tits. Of course that was “wrong” but I wanted to know if she was upset in any way.

“I’m good. Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself and what I am about to do to you,” she said with an evil grin.

” Oh yeah? I am up for finding out what you think you can do, but I know what I am going to do.”

“So let’s get at it then Kev.”


Once again we were on our feet and locked up like that. This time we were both avoiding potential kicks as we jostled around her bedroom on our feet. She lunged forward and sank her hands into my hair so I did the same to her. Her tits smashed against my chest and we were trying to push and pull each other off balance by the hair now.

After banging into the dresser and bed a couple of times we toppled to the floor with hands still embedded in each other’s hair. We were rolling back and forth trying to gain an advantage and after a few 360s I managed to stop us with me on top. I went to slide up a little to improve my position and as I did my dick slid right into her pussy without any problem. Her pussy was warm and inviting, lubed naturally and a willing host for my dick. When I say it slid in, I went Lynn Swan deep into her pussy. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around my waist, locking us into that position.

We both kind of stopped but didn’t release our hands from each other’s hair, however we weren’t really pulling anymore. We were in full blown missionary sex position and I had entered my mother’s pussy. This pause made me realize her tits were pressed against my chest and they felt amazing. We were looking at each other as we lay there.

“Holy shit, I’m sorry” I said quickly, “I didn’t mean to do that.”

“I know, it’s okay…I think.”

“I’ll get up.”

“You give up then?”

“No, no, I meant I will just get up so we can start again.”

“I think that would count as a submission then” she said with that evil grin again. Was this what she planned all along? No way I was giving up.

“Fine, then I won’t get up.”

“Fine” was her response.

I moved ever so slightly to try to figure out how deep I was and if I could pull out. When I did she pulled harder on my hair so I did the same to her. She also started moving her hips which was unbelievably fucking hot. I could feel the pre cum starting to ooze out of me. This was not good. I had to get out of this position because I was going to cum in minutes if we stayed like this, and then I remembered her earlier question when we were talking in my room, “Is this how you see it ending?” with the picture of the guy fucking the girl from behind.

When she asked the question I could see it ending like that and I always fantasized about fucking my opponent, but at that time, as we were talking and the possibility of actually wrestling my mom became more of a reality I was not thinking it would end like that, not in the slightest.

Considering the hold we were in I started to think she wanted that to happen though.

I tried not to move my lower body but she kept moving her hips and I was definitely going to cum soon. My face must have clearly showed some confusion and desperation.

“What’s a-matter Kev, something wrong?”

“Unh, no”

“You say you give up or I can make you give up by continuing to do what I am doing.”

“Bu, but I am inside you and you are making me….I can’t stop what is about to happen.”

“You don’t think I know that? If that happens then you lose.”

I was definitely confused as to what I should do next. I mean, my body said forge ahead and cum, this felt GOOD. But my mind was the good angel telling me to do whatever I needed to do to dislodge my dick from her pussy.

“Why do I lose if I, well, finish?”

“I saw some of those matches, loser cums first matchs. Make your opponent cum first and they are the loser.”

” Yeah, but we can’t have that kind of match!”

“Why not, neither one of us said we couldn’t, and both of us agreed to anything goes rules before we started.”

“But not this!!”

“So you give uo?”

“Fuck no!”

If we were including that as a way to gain a submission I was confident I could do it to her, but not yet. The ease with which I entered her pussy indicacted she was horny and excited, but I don’t think she ws as close as me cumming. I could possibly try this strategy later but if we satyed in this position I was going to lose. I know that’s not a terrible fate considering the stakes meant I would cum, but I wasn’t about to lose to my mom.

I released her hair and enveloped her head with one arm behind her neck and locking onto my other bicep with my other hand placed across her mouth and nose, cutting off her air supply. It was a combination hand over mouth smother and choke, and I squeezed as tight as I could. Her rhythmic hip movements stopped and became something different, more thrashing than fucking which was no better for me because I was still deep inside her and getting closer to blowing myload. It iindicated, however, that she ws getting short of breath.

Her hand smoved from my hair to my arm and hand, frantically trying to move them so she could breath, but I had a tight hold on and knew if this didn’t work the unthinkable was going to happen, I was going to cum inside of her.

Finally her legs dropped to our side as she was trying to get some oxygen, not realizing how close I was to cumming.I was able to slide out of her but pre cum was dripping from my dick. I also realized it was covered with her juices, her precum. She was closer than I thought she was but I had no way of knowing that.

Having freed myself I went right back on the attack again. I grabbed her wrists and pinned them over her head, higher than she did to me earlier so they were stretched out as far as they could go. I maintained my position on top of her but slid up so now my crotch was over her face. I was getting into position to drop my ass and balls on her face much like she did to me with her ass and pussy, but she had other ideas.

As I pinned her arms down and slid forward, she lifted her head and willingly took my dick inside of her mouth before I could bring my knees up and sit on her face.

“Holy shit!”

I looked down and she was moving her heard slightly and that feeling of getting ready to cum came right back. Her moist warm mouth was working my dick nicely, so nicely in fact that I pondered “losing” to her for a few second because it felt so good. Then the desire to NOT lose to my mom took over again. Fortunately this “hold” was easier to get out of…all I had to do was get up, which I did.

I took the opportunity to stomp on her belly with my foot, winding her again. I hadn’t gotten all the way up and still held her wrists so after kicking her in the stomach I pulled her up and wrapped my legs around her head, with her face buried in my crotch. Since she was still winded I used the opportunity to push her face into my crotch more with both hands. She started slapping my thigh and ass to try to get me to stop. I knew she was having trouble breathing so I eased up so she could get some air.

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