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Author’s Note: During this past weekend, I was sick and bedridden. With nothing else to do, I decided to revise this chapter of “EvilKidKneeVeil57″. I did a few changes to the chapter. There are a few subtle changes.

In regards to an ‘Iggy’ story: I am in the process of making up a storyline for this story. Right now, I am in the character development stage. I have the plot-line somewhat figured out. I am still in the process of making up antagonists/villains for this tale. And yes, it is going to be a story that I will post in the ‘Interracial Love’ section of Literotica.

Hopefully, I will have everything in formation by the time summer rolls around.



Kendrick was now standing up. The chair that was he was sitting on was now fifteen feet away and lying on the floor. When Delilah, Georgina, Iris and Joshua refused to answer his question on the first time, he had become angry and tossed the chair. He was now enraged. His fair skin was a dark shade of pink. There was a snarl on his usual jovial face.

He hurled his question at the four people who were sitting across from him. Georgina, Delilah and Joshua held salacious smiles on their faces. Iris, on the other hand, was so shocked from his outburst that her joy was frightened from her body. The mischievous glint was gone from her blue eyes. The healthy flush that was in her face has drained and now she was pale. Her lips formed a frown. Elena and Cody looked confuse about Kendrick’s outburst while Iggy appeared to be amused.

“We decided to have some fun,” stated Georgina, coyly, before taking a bite out of her California roll.

“We decided to knock that ghetto bitch down a few notches,” Delilah attached to her friend’s statement.

Kendrick cut his eyes over to Iris, who looked like she was on the verge of crying. His glaring had an effect on her because she confessed. “We decided to prank Rain. We made up a fake profile on Yahoo! Messenger and pretended to be a guy from California, who’s in the Navy—

“What?” Kendrick murmured. “What… You had taken my…”

There was a thick blanket of heat that covered him as his anger rose to an astronomical level. With the finesse of a charging lion, he strode over to the banquet table, but his journey was halted by Cody who stood in between the table and Kendrick. Cody grabbed his shoulders and stared at Kendrick in his eyes.

With a hostile glow in his eyes, Kendrick stared at Cody. ‘GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!’ his mind screamed.

“All right, buddy, you need to calm down now. Ken—


“Kendrick, man, you need to calm down,” Cody said in a low tone, so only he and Kendrick could hear. “If you do something to any of them, I don’t put it pass Georgina and Delilah calling the cops on you, man, especially Georgina. You need to calm down, buddy,” instructed Cody.

Cody’s advice had managed to penetrate the dense fog of rage that clouded Kendrick’s spirit. He acknowledged that Cody was right; if he does something to either of the four of them, he would get arrested. He knew that Georgina would absolutely love to see him in handcuffs. Kendrick nodded his head. He saw his friend smile.

“Go outside and hang out on the porch, bro. You need some fresh air,” suggested Cody.

“Yeah, all right,” Kendrick mumbles.

The angry young man gave Cody a glimpse. Then he stared at Georgina and Delilah and he gave each woman a grimace. He made a few steps backwards and then turned away from his friend. For Cody, he believed that Kendrick was reluctant to leave the dining room. He watched Kendrick make an exit out of the room. Cody glared at his friend’s retreating back as he walked out of the room. He continued to stare at the dining room’s entrance for an additional minute before he turned away.

“Un-fucking-believable,” groaned Cody as he sits back down, once he was sure that Kendrick was gone. He felt pity for his best friend, but he really felt empathy towards Rain. He eyed at the four individuals who were sitting on the other side of the long, rectangle-shaped table. “So, you were the one who she was talking to…” Cody let out a gust of air out of his nose as he shook his head, as a sign of disgust. “… You guys are a real piece of work, do you know that?” Cody said to the four of them, before getting up and leaving the dining room.

Elena stared at her boyfriend’s retreating form. She let out her own sigh and her shoulders slumped as she was weighed down with sadness. She glanced over at the four individuals who were responsible. Elena had risen up from her chair.

“I hope you guys have enjoyed yourselves. When Rain comes back, you know that she is going to be on a warpath, right?” Elena notified them.

Delilah and Joshua looked amused by Elena’s scolding. Georgina had an expression of annoyance on her face. Iris appeared to be the only person who understood the impending consequences.

“Hey Lucky Charms, why don’t you go and check up on your boyfriend? He’s probably crying in the kitchen,” Delilah stated. Joshua laughed at her remark.

Elena gave her a scolding look for a moment. Then she left the dining room. Now there were five individuals sitting in the dining room. The room was quiet for a few minutes before Iggy made some noise. Iggy stood up from his chair and casually strolled over to other side of the room, to the fully-stocked bar. He fixed himself a drink. Delilah, Georgina, Joshua and Iris watched him.

“So, what do you think, Iggy? Are you sitting on your high horse tonight and looking down on us too?” Delilah asked.

Iggy leaned against the bar and gazed at Delilah. He sampled some of his bourbon from his glass. His bright green eyes seem to have sparkle with a glint.

“Do I think you’re evil? No, I don’t. I know there a lot more people in this world who have done despicable things that are worst,” he stated as he stirred the drink in his glass. “But, I will say that I don’t understand why you would do such a thing, especially ever since you’re staying in the same house with the person that you have pissed off. You four…” He pointed at the four of them. “… Was playing a very dangerous game by fucking and playing with someone’s emotions and their mental state. I hope that you are ready for the consequences.”


Mental images of EvilKidKneeVeil lying in the middle of an abandoned road with his body mangled, mutilated or burned beyond recognition filled Rain’s mind as she patron the swanky restaurant. She was worried about her boyfriend. He didn’t answer to any of the text messages that she’s sent or responded to the voicemail messages that she had sent him. She was worried that he was hurt and was residing in a nearby hospital.

She grabbed her cell phone off of the table. She dialed up his number. His phone made five rings before his automated voicemail service disconnected the call. After the automated voice ended with the greeting, there was a beep, which began the recording process.

“Hey Kid, its Rain. I’m at the…” She paused in her speech to inhale and exhale. She resumed speaking. “… I’m at Elk, the place where we promised to meet up. Listen, I don’t care…” Her voice began to waver, the tell-tale sign that her stoic resolve was cracking. “… About how late that you are right now. I would really like to hear your voice right now. Right now, I am worried about you and I don’t know…” She had taken a swallow and two fat tears dripped down her cheeks simultaneously. “If you’re hurt or not, but can you please give me a call back? Please?”

She ended the call. With her trembling hand, she placed the phone back on the table. She wiped her cheeks dry by using the back of her hands. Once calmed and in order, Rain surveyed the dining area of the restaurant. She briefly glanced at the fellow guests. She concluded that majority of the diners were either married couples or people who were on dates. Each couple appeared to be in love. She managed to catch the eye of another woman. Her date/significant other had just left the table. She gave Rain a ‘hang in there’ expression of pity.

Two hours, three stouts of Guinness and a barely eaten meal later, Rain wasn’t worried anymore. EvilKidKneeVeil57 hasn’t called her. He didn’t even send her a text message. She checked the call log feature on her cell phone, so she could count how many times she called him. When she read that she called his telephone number thirty-eight times, suddenly she had gone from worried to now being irritated.

“Here’s your bill, ma’am,” the server announced while handing the bill.

“Thank you,” Rain said to the waiter as she accepted the billfold. The waiter walked away from the table. She placed the billfold on the table. She picked her clutch purse and proceeded to search through the bag, for her wallet.

“Excuse me, ma’am. I have a letter for you.”

Rain glanced up from her lap and saw another server standing in front of her. Her eyes drifted down to his hands. She saw that he held a red envelope.

“Ma’am, I have this letter for you. It was dropped off, a few hours ago,” the server informed her.

Rain accepted the letter. She placed the envelope on the table. Then she thanked the waiter. She watched the server walk away from the table. Once he was out of her line of sight, she resumed looking for her wallet. She found her wallet and produced her American Express credit card. She inserted her card into the billfold. She searched out her assigned waiter and handed the billfold to the employee. Once she was alone, she grabbed the red envelope. She held the envelope in her hand for a moment. She wondered about the message that the crimson envelope held. She wondered if this was a ‘Dear John’ letter. The sense of dread caused her sense of hope and optimism to rot away, when she thought that EvilKidKneeVeil57 was dumping her, via handwritten note.

Curiosity had gotten the best of her and she unwrap the envelope. There was a postcard inside. On one side of the card, there was a short message that was typed. Rain read the short message.

‘Wait, what-the-fuck did I just read?’ her mind uttered in disbelief. ‘Wait—

She blinked once and then she re-read the letter.

As she read the words again, there was a shortness of breath; her heart felt like it sank down into her stomach and her eyes stung with tears. She wasn’t sad. She was enraged.

‘That fucking bitch!’


Kendrick sat on the veranda that was a part of the second floor of the mansion. He was nursing on a bottle of Heineken. He was sitting outside for close to half an hour. The freezing winds that flown down from the mountains made Kendrick think twice about sitting outside. Frost was nipping at the bare flesh that was on his arms and on his exposed ribs, due to wearing a strategically torn-up shirt. Despite being exposed to the cold weather, he preferred to sit outside than to lounge inside of the warm house. He wanted to stay further away from Georgina, Delilah, Iris and Joshua as long as possible.

He was enraged, once he learned about the digital identity theft that occurred. The feeling of rage was an emotion that he had never experienced before. It was such a strong and frightening experience. Being that hindsight was 20/20; Kendrick realized that he was so angry because he felt violated by them. They have invaded a small, but important, segment of his life and fucked with it, just because it was amusing for them.

“How do you feel, man?”

Kendrick glanced over at the screen door and saw Iggy standing in front of the doorway. Kendrick had taken a long drag off of his bottle of beer. He held the green-colored, glass bottle in front of his face. “I honestly feel like taking this bottle and cracking this motherfucker over their got-damned heads.”

“Mmm,” Iggy hummed. He strolled over to the unoccupied chair that was next to Kendrick and sat. “I think they would enjoy that, especially Joshua.”

Kendrick let out a throaty laugh, which sounded like a growl.

“Why in the fuck did we listen to Cody and invited those gutter-sluts?” inquired Kendrick.

“Because of a few reasons,” stated Iggy. “Number one reason, Cody is pussy-whipped. He invited his girlfriend, who didn’t want to hang out with us fellas, especially with the Wild Boy. So he decided that she needed to have some pussy-bearing pals to keep her company, so he convinces us to invite Georgina, which brings me to reason number two. Number two, you knew that Georgina was not going to come on this trip without her flunkies and that brings us to the final reason. Reason number three, you knew that if Iris was going to come on the trip then she would’ve brought Rain on this trip as well. And I’m sure that you would’ve used this time to reveal your big secret to her and then use that king-sized bed of yours to unload—

“I get it, man! I don’t need for you to explain any further,” Kendrick laughed.

“Before all of this shit happened, I was expecting for you to confess to Rain, bro. I thought you were going to tell her that you are her digital buddy and for that bed of yours to be broken—

“Oh God,” Kendrick groaned, feeling a little bit mortified.

“What?” Iggy said to him, sounding confused about his friend’s reaction.

“What, what, Iggy?”

“I am referring to your reaction, man” Iggy explained. “Every time I mention you having sex with Rain, you start acting like you’re a fucking virgin and shit!”

“No, I’m not,” stated Kendrick.

“Yes, you are, dude!” Iggy chuckled. “So, how long as it been, Ken?”

“I’m not telling you—

“You see what I mean?” Iggy said to him. “There you go with that ‘virgin bullshit’. How long have we been friends? Have I ever judged you? Or, have I ever made fun of you about anything?”

“No,” answered Kendrick.

“So, how long has it been since you’ve gotten that wick of yours wet?”

Kendrick let out a deep breath. He watched the expired oxygen condense and then disappear, before he answered his best friend’s inquiry. “Close to six years—

“WHAT?” Iggy said to him, feeling truly astonished.

“Man, shut up—

“I’m not judging you, bro. It’s just…” Iggy shook his head. “…shocking for me. Six years,” Iggy said as he settled back in his chair. His lips let out a whistle. A blanket of silence had fallen upon them and they enjoyed it. “I feel sorry for your nut-sack though—

“Iggy, shut up.”

“I advise you to double-bag it, when you finally hit it though. I think one condom is not going to cut it. You’re probably so back up that you might end up breaking through the plastic and impregnating her—

“Ugh, don’t you ever shut up?” Kendrick groaned. Iggy laughed. There was another moment of silence. “I wouldn’t mind having babies with her,” he confessed.

“Oh my God, you’re in love with her. Are you in love with Rain, man? You are, aren’t you?”

There was a five-second interlude of silence from Kendrick’s behalf. “Yes, yes, I am.”

Iggy chuckled after hearing Kendrick’s declaration. “Knowing you and your love-struck ass, you probably have gone ring shopping—

Iggy noticed that Kendrick had a weird, but familiar expression of his face. “HOLY SHIT… Did you go ring shopping?” Iggy noticed Kendrick bite into his bottom lip and then glance away from him. Iggy thought his heart had skipped a beat from shock. “Did you buy her an engagement ring, man?

“You wouldn’t understand—

Iggy shot out of his seat. “OH MY GOD, YOU DID BUY HER AN ENGAGEMENT RING! Have you lost–?

Kendrick glared at his best friend. He believed that Iggy was behaving over-dramatic. “You don’t understand, Iggy and you probably never will, man!” Kendrick groaned.

Iggy glared at his friend and noticed how serious Kendrick was. He had known Kendrick since they were students in Kindergarten, so he knew his friend well enough. He knew that Kendrick must’ve thought long about his choice and he would need all of the support that he can receive. So, he was going to give Kendrick all of the spiritual support that he needed. Iggy sat back down in his chair. “Well, I hope that you’re aware that you’re going to have to work to get into her good graces.”

“Yeah, I know.”

The reverie between the two of them was suddenly disrupted by the sudden burst of abrasive sounds of car tires rubbing against asphalt. The sounds were near the house, so Iggy and Kendrick peered over the bannister of the veranda. A dark-colored, 1967 Camaro SS drove into the circular driveway that was in front of the house. The car had come to a sudden halt. The engine roared a ferocious cry for a few seconds before it was quieted down. A few seconds later, a woman exited the car. Iggy and Kendrick watched the curvaceous woman walk away from her vehicle and to the front door of the mansion. A few seconds later, there was the familiar loud noise of the front door slamming shut.

“Oh damn,” Iggy murmured.

“Oh damn is right,” Kendrick whispered.


“Dear Worthless Piece of Ghetto Poor Trash,

If you haven’t figured it out yet, EvilKidKneeVeil57 isn’t coming. In fact, he doesn’t exist. Delilah, Iris, Josh and I thought it would be hilarious to make up a fake profile of a guy and see how much we could get away with. I can’t believe that you actually believe that a hot guy was attracted to you! Oh my God, LOL! Do you actually expect for a man to want you? Oh my God, you’re so boring! All of your small talk about comic books, movies, about your stupid broken arm, your cats and about food is stupid. No man wants to know about that! You’re ugly and the only way you can get a man is by sucking dick and you might not be good at that. You’re a freak of nature! Me, Delilah, Josh and Iris have been laughing our asses off with your stupid messages. You’re pathetic.”

Rain had memorized that letter verbatim. She recited the letter as she drove her car from the restaurant, back to the mansion. Her rage had consumed her as she drove. She welcomed the negative, violent-prone emotion. It was the most welcomed emotion than the sorrow that was hiding in the shadows.

Rain was consumed with anger that she didn’t notice Iggy and Kendrick standing on the stairs. She was focused on her main objective, which was finding Georgina and wringing her neck until her life faded. She kicked off her shoes, so they wouldn’t get in her way. She stood in the foyer, barefoot. She listened for any sounds of life. She received her answer when she heard the loud, raucous laughter that came from the dining room. She made a few steps.


She glanced up at the staircase. Iggy and Kendrick were standing there and were staring at her, as if they were anticipating her next move. She gave them a stare that was startling and then she left the foyer, in a sprint.

‘Oh shit,’ Kendrick thought.

A few seconds later, there was a loud scream that was from the dining room.

“Awww shit!” he groaned.

Iggy and he had run down the rest of the stairs, out of the foyer, down the corridor and into the dining room. Kendrick was greeted by chaos that unfolded like a flower in full bloom. They found Cody and Joshua restraining Rain down to the hardwood floor. She was writhing, struggling and screaming insults into the air. Kendrick looked for Georgina. He found her standing in a corner of the room. Her nose and mouth was bloodied. She held on her left wrist and was shouting her insults at Rain. Delilah and Iris were standing in front of her. Elena was kneeling beside Rain’s head. She was trying to comfort her.

“Go on and get your girl,” Iggy suggested. “I’ll deal with the Bitches of Eastwick.”

Kendrick ran up to Rain and company. He had shoo’ed Joshua away and quickly grabbed Rain’s hands in a tight grip.

“LET ME GO, YOU FUCKS!” Rain screamed at both Cody and Kendrick. Both Kendrick and Cody stared at each other with a look of surprise. Cody glanced down at Rain.

“I would like to release you, love, but I’m sorry that I can’t. I would like to live another day,” joked Cody. In response, Rain screamed a profanity-laced rant at him.

“We need to get her to her bedroom,” Kendrick instructed.

“All right, on the count of three, we’ll lift her up,” Cody suggested.

Both men made sure that they had a great grip on her curvy form.

“One. Two. Three,” Cody chanted, before they lifted her up.

Both men carried her out of the dining room, away from the chaos. Elena followed the trio. With a struggling and screaming Rain in their arms, Cody and Kendrick carried her to her bedroom. Kendrick instructed Elena to take the skeleton key out of the keyhole that was on the interior side of the bedroom door. Kendrick and Cody deposited Rain onto her mattress. Cody held onto her ankles while Kendrick held onto her wrists.

“Elena, wait outside for us,” Cody instructed. She nodded her head and walked out of the bedroom. Cody looked at his friend. “All right, just like before, on the count of three.”

Kendrick nodded his head. “All right, on the count of three, we’ll let her go.”

“All right, here we go,” Cody started out. “One, two—

Both Cody and Kendrick let go of her limbs. Both men ran out of the bedroom, before Rain could even grasp what had just happened. Kendrick closed the door behind him. Cody snatched the skeleton key out of his girlfriend’s hands and handed the key to his friend. Kendrick placed the key into the hole and quickly locked the door. A second later, the door was shaken in its frame. The action had made Kendrick and Cody flinch.

“LET ME OUT OF HERE!” Rain roared at the door. Then there was a barrage of pounds against the door. “CODY! LET ME OUT OF HERE!”

“Let’s go downstairs, bro and survey the damage. She needs to cool down a bit,” Cody suggested.

He grabbed his girlfriend’s hand and guided her to the staircase. Kendrick stared at the door once more and listened to Rain’s protests.

‘Yeah, I definitely have a fight on my hands,’ was the statement that entered his mind as he stared at the door. He watched Rain caused the door tremble in the frame. He remembered feeling the anger that radiated off of her body. An icy, cold foreign energy poured down Kendrick’s spine and it caused him to shiver.

Rain knew that they were standing on the other side of the door. She could hear them talking to each other. She tried to open the door again, but just like the first time, the door wouldn’t open.

“LET ME OUT OF HERE!” she screamed at the thick, solid oak door.

She kicked the door with her right bare foot.

“CODY!” She kicked the door again. But, unlike the first act, she ended up injuring her toes during the second act. “Ow” she groaned, before stepping away from the door and sitting on the floor. She cradled her injured appendage in her hands. As her fingers massaged away the pain in her toes, her rage dissipated and her sorrow was gradually revealed.

With a shrill that sliced through the air, she gave into her sorrow.


“I really fucking hope that you’re fucking enjoying yourself!” Kendrick stated, as he paced back and forth in the dining room.

“Oh boo-fucking-hoo,” Georgina muttered as she wiped blood from her nostrils and stared at her reflection from a compact mirror. “You should be upset that your sister was just attacked!”

Kendrick glimpsed at his sister. “Do me a favor, Georgina, by shutting the fuck up!”

An half of an hour has passed; Kendrick, Iggy, Georgina, Joshua, Delilah and Cody were in the dining room. Elena and Iris had gone upstairs to the second level of the mansion, to Rain’s bedroom, to see how she was doing. Kendrick paced while his friends and his sister sat at the dining table.

“Your sister and us had done you a favor. You should be thanking us,” Joshua advised Kendrick.

The pacing form had come to a halt. Kendrick glared at the young man who sat a few feet away from him.

Joshua was another one Georgina’s flunkies that hung around his sister in hopes of getting a taste of a rich person’s lifestyle. Kendrick did not like him at all. Joshua was too much of a ‘bottom-feeder’ and too rude for his liking, especially now. Kendrick glared at this small, juvenile-looking man who was wearing an outfit that was not appropriate for a skiing trip: a pair of high-waist women’s trousers, a pair of black boots with a kitten heel and a gaudy silk blouse. He was haphazardly waving a paper fan.

“You really avoided the bullet by not dating that one. She… Aaah!”

“Kendrick!” Cody shouted as he slipped out of his chair.

Joshua let out a squeal as his body was violently lifted out of his chair. Kendrick grabbed the smaller man by the collar of his plum-colored, extravagant blouse and lifted him, as if he weighed less than a feather. Kendrick entered Joshua’s personal space.

“Listen, you little shit, if you open your mouth one more time, I will shove that got-damned fan down your throat! Do you understand me?” Kendrick growled. Joshua, feeling petrified, nodded his head frantically. “I don’t want any one of you freeloading fucks here, so my advice to you is shut the fuck up and be grateful—

“Don’t talk to my guests like that,” demanded Georgina. “This is our house and they have every right to be—

“Wrong, this is my house!” screamed Kendrick. He tossed the smaller man towards the chair that he was previously sitting in. “… In case you have forgotten, big sister let me remind you: this house belongs to me! This house was a gift from our parents, to me, for not following in your footsteps and being a fucked up!”

Georgina fumed. “How can I forget? You’re the golden child, according to Mama and Daddy! You’ve never done anything wrong! You’re the smart one who graduated earlier! You’re the one who did the charity work in the Philippines and in Africa! You’re the good child! They always gave you everything—

Kendrick walked over to the edge of the dining table. He glowered at his sister. “Leave your ‘I’m a slighted child’ bullshit of an excuse at home, Georgina! Your problem is that you’re a lazy bitch! You prefer to have someone take care of you rather than to take care of your-damn-self! As soon as I was able to live on my own, I was out of mom and dad’s house! I have done something that I was supposed to do because I am a fucking adult! So, they decided to give me stuff in return. I didn’t want their money! I knew that I could make a living by owning property, so I asked for property! This house is in my name! As well as the Brooklyn townhouse, the condo in Manhattan and the co-op apartment in Queens! All of those properties belong to me, including the apartment that you’re living in now! Or should I say, was living in,” he said cruelly.

He watched Georgina’s eyes widen and her jaw grown slack from shock.

“You… You can’t be serious?” she said to him.

She glanced over at Delilah and Joshua who also appeared to be shock from hearing the news. Joshua and Delilah were dismayed, due to the fact that they are also living in the same townhouse. Unbeknownst to them, Kendrick was the owner of the property, a bit of information that Georgina has omitted from them.

Kendrick gave her a snarl and sat in a chair. “I am as serious as a heart attack. What did you expect, Georgina, to happen after this night? You thought that everything was going to be okay between you and me?”

“I am your sister—

“Funny, you could’ve fooled me,” Kendrick said with a smirk on his face.

Georgina stood up from her chair and walked over to the other side of the table. She stood next to her brother and then kneeled to the floor, beside his chair. She grasped onto his hand. Kendrick pulled his hand from out of her grasp.


“Save the crocodile tears for somebody else, Georgina. After we leave here, you need to pack up your shit once we arrive home. You’re getting the hell up out of my home. You have better luck asking mom and dad for a place to stay. Or better yet, ask one of your dear ole’ friends for help.” He watched Georgina’s face change from being in despair to growing into distain.

“Fine,” she sniped at him, with a snarl on her lips. She stood up to her feet and walked away from her brother. She proceeded to walk out of the room, when Joshua was about to follow her. “LEAVE ME ALONE!” she screamed.

Kendrick let out a sigh and then placed his face inside of his right hand. He groaned.

“Here’s a suggestion,” Iggy introduced. He stood up from his seat and walked to the center of the room. “I have a friend who runs the marketing for the Glace club. We managed to bump into each other today. She said that we should visit the club tonight and she will hook us up with the VIP. I think we should go. It would be a great way to cap off tonight… festivities.”

“I think that would be an excellent idea,” Delilah commented.

“I think it would be a great idea to get out and have some fun,” Cody agreed. “So, are you going out tonight?” he asked Kendrick.

“No, I am going to stay here tonight, bro,” answered Kendrick.

“I don’t know why you even bothered to ask him about whether he was going. You know who is going to be here while we’re gone,” stated Iggy with a sly smile.

Despite recently having an argument with his sister and feeling enraged, he found some joy from Iggy’s statement. Kendrick let out a smile. He ran his right hand through his short brown hair.

“No, it is not because of her. I am staying home because I am tired. I am stressed. I don’t want to be around my cunt of a sister and my arm is hurting like a motherfucker,” he informed Iggy. Kendrick stared down at the white, plastered cast that was wrapped around the left forearm.


Rain’s body felt like she had just finished running the Boston Marathon. Her lungs burned as a plea to properly obtain some oxygen. Her heart was beating rapidly. Her pulse was racing. There were copious amounts of adrenaline and endorphins surging through her body. She was walked briskly around her assigned bedroom, searching for any of her belongings. Whatever item she found, she tossed onto her bed. Rain was packing her items into her two suitcases. She wasn’t neat and organized. She wanted to leave this mansion as quickly as possible. She was deeply focused in her process of packing that she didn’t hear Iris and Elena enter the bedroom.

“Rain, what you are doing?” inquired Iris, with confusion, surprise and disbelief evident in her voice.

She didn’t receive an answer to her question, instead she heard a whimper. Suddenly, Rain came to a halt. She was standing at the side of the bed, in front of an opened suitcase and with her back facing the women. Her mind replayed the night she “met” EvilKidKneeVeil57, some snippets of their good times, snippets of the romantic fantasies that she formed and her thoughts led her to the event of embarrassment that she felt. The fragile restraint that she quickly developed after her first emotional outburst faltered. She began to cry.

Elena saw when Rain’s shoulders slumped forward, her head bow and then when her body trembled. The audible cries soon followed. At the first note of her cries, Elena felt immense sadness. She had the experience of having her heart broke by a lover, so she knew how Rain felt. Seeing Rain upset and fragile, made her felt some of those physical manifestations again. She felt like her heart sank into the pit of her stomach. Elena walked over to Rain and pulled the woman into her arms for a loving embrace. She felt Rain’s larger form alter from being rigid and tense to loose, as soon as Elena’s embrace tightened. With tears forming in her own eyes, Elena consoled Rain.

“It’s okay Rain. Let it out honey. It’s going to be okay sweetie…”

“We’re…” Iggy started out saying as he strolled into Rain’s bedroom.

Once he caught on that he walked into a tense, emotional moment, he paused in his speech. He took note of the disorganized bedroom: the floor was littered with clothes and luggage, the mattress was covered with clothes. His eyes scanned over to Iris who stood next to him, by the doorway. Then he stared at the two women who were in an embrace. Elena held Rain in a hug while rubbing her back and whispering into her head. Rain’s head was resting on Elena’s shoulder. He heard the cries and sobs leave out of her. There was a twinge of guilt and sadness pinching at him. He quickly ignored the feelings. He let out a cough.

“We’re going out to Glace tonight. If you want to go, I suggest that you get ready now.”

“Okay, Iggy,” Iris said to him, softly and morosely.

Iggy gave Elena and Rain a parting glance before leaving the bedroom. Iris stood by the door for a moment before she walked up to the two women. She stood behind Rain’s trembling form and placed a hand on her shoulder, as an act of affection.

“Rain, I’m sorry if we hurt your feelings. We thought that it was going to be funny and thought—

“My broken arm,” murmured Rain into Elena’s shoulder.

The statement was spoken in a soft tone of voice. Her voice was raw with the emotion of hurt. Rain lifted her head off of Elena’s shoulder. She let out a shaky breath and a sniff. She took a step away from the woman. She turned to face Iris.

“In that letter, the one…” Rain wiped away her tears. Then, she sniffed again and wiped at her nose. Her slightly red, puffy eyes stared intently at Iris. “… that I thought Georgina wrote, she mentioned something about my broken arm. Georgina never knew about my broken arm. It happened when I was four years old and I met Georgina when I was eight. I know for a fact that Delilah and Joshua wouldn’t know about my arm and I’ve never mentioned to EvilKidKneeVeil about my broken arm…” Rain had taken a step away from Elena, which happened to be one step closer to Iris. “…It was you who wrote that letter, didn’t you?”

Rain stared into the face of the ruby-haired beauty. She detected the flush in the woman’s face and elegant, long neck. Her dark blue eyes were wide with shock. Rain could see her fear and feel it radiating off of her.

“Yes, but like I said before, we thought that it would be funny—

“FOR WHO?” roared Rain, who was now glaring at Iris, with her dark brown eyes wide and full of ferocity, and her nostrils flaring. Both Elena and Iris flinched at the sudden outburst. She was enraged. “DO I LOOK LIKE I FIND THIS SHIT FUNNY?”

“No, but—

Elena touched Rain’s shoulder. “Rain, honey—

Rain jerked her shoulder out of Elena’s clutch. “WHY IRIS? WHY DID YOU DO SOMETHING SO GOT-DAMNED MEAN—

“Rain, it was meant to be a joke—


The petite woman was so afraid that she was afraid to breathe properly. Iris was breathing in the form of choppy pants.

“Rain?” said Elena, with her voice saturated with concern.

“Georgina and Delilah—


There was a few seconds of silence between the two of them.

“Oh, like you’re special, huh?” Iris said to her, with a sudden burst of feistiness.

Rain glared at Iris. She stared at her blue eyes and saw the fear shining fiercely in them. A small smile appeared on Rain’s lips as she acknowledged this outburst was Iris’ false sense of bravado. She knew that if push comes to shove, Iris wouldn’t even throw a punch at her. She knew that this waif of a girl would cower in a corner.

“You’re nothing! You’re a bum! You are nothing but a grease-monkey bum! The only reason why you even have money is because your dad left you an inheritance after he died and your mom was one of those World Trade Center people—

Rain suddenly invaded Iris’ personal space. With the tips of their noses occasionally touching, Rain spoke.

“Don’t you ever say anything about my parents again or I swear to God that I will punch you dead right in your mouth. Do you understand me?” Rain instructed, with her voice soft and calm.

Iris’ cowardliness came to the forefront. She shook her head and murmured an ‘okay’. Rain took a step back and stared at the woman.

“Let me tell you something about your owners, you fucking lackey! I think you need to know this shit!”

Rain strolled over to the edge of the king-sized sleigh bed and she sat down on the mattress. She glared at her Iris.

“Georgina doesn’t have a pot to piss in or the window to throw it out of…” she informed Iris. “… Mr. and Mrs. Moppet were so tired of her constant fuckups that she was disinherited and her parents financially cut her off. Right now, the townhouse that she is living in belongs to her brother. And the money that she have all of the time; the money that you, Delilah and Joshua have no problem spending? It’s an allowance that she is set up with by her grandmother. As for her pet monkey Delilah, she’s a free-loader just like you. All she is looking for is a wealthy, sugar daddy to take care of her for the rest of her got-damned life. And for her, it doesn’t matter if the man is married or not! For years, she’s been trying to throw her wretched pussy off to any man that has a pulse and an AMEX card: Iggy, Cody, Wild Boy…” Rain gazed at Iris, to see her reaction.

Iris’ eyes were wide and her mouth formed an ‘o’ at hearing the news.

“…several boys at our school, some faculty members, Mr. Moppet. Trust me, I know all about her! I can’t blame her because she has gotten it honestly. I heard her mama is a hoe as well. My advice to you, Iris: Get a life and follow your own path because our high school years are over! They have been over for the past five years!”

Rain had taken a deep breath. She rose from the bed and turned her back to Iris. She walked over to her suitcase and then proceeded to pack again.

“You can get the fuck out of my room now,” she said, without glancing over her shoulder. A few seconds later, Rain heard Iris trot out of her bedroom and more likely, out of her life.

Both Elena and Rain listened to Iris’ footsteps as she ran out of the bedroom and then as she ran down the corridor. Then they were greeted with the sound of a door slamming. “Rain, will you be all right, love?” asked Elena, after a moment of silence. “I could stay with you for a while as you pack.”

“No, it’s all right. I will be fine, Elena. I know that I will be fine because I have no choice,” she somberly giggled. “I managed to survive both of my parents’ deaths, as well as, my grandparents’ deaths, so this should be a breeze to get by,” Rain informed her. There was a mirthless laugh. Rain continued to fold up her shirts and blouses.

“Are you sure that you want me to go?” inquired Elena.

“No, you can go, Elena. I will be all right,” she informed the Irish beauty.

“Are you–?”

“Yes,” Rain stated. She stopped packing so she could stare at Elena. “I will be all right. I am going to be fine. Now, go ahead and get ready for your night out.”

“Okay,” murmured Elena. The smaller woman silently requested for a hug from Rain. The taller woman complied with the request and gave her a hug. “Oh, I am so sorry, Rain. I am so, so, so, so sorry, honey.”

“Thank you,” Rain whimpered into Elena’s ear.

“I wish you a safe travel,” commented Elena.

“Thank you.”

The two women parted from each other. Elena saw Rain’s tear soaked face and she wanted to break down into a blubbering mess too. She watched Rain wipe her face with her hands. Then she threw Elena a broad, toothy grin.

“Now, I am feeling better,” announced Rain. “So, how do I look?”

Elena stared at Rain’s face. Despite having the skin tone that is similar to a walnut shell, Elena saw the burgundy-colored flush that was splattered on her face. The dark, sensual-looking eye make-up was now ruined. The dark, onyx-hued coloring was smeared around her eyelids and cheeks. The lip gloss that was coating her wide, fat lips was now smearing her chin and the cleft that was above her top lip. The set of false eyelashes that she was wearing was the only feature that was intact.

“You look beautiful, Rain” answered Elena.

Rain giggled. “You’re a shitty liar, Elena.”

The two young women laughed.

“I’m sure that me and a raccoon could share make-up tips,” countered Rain.

The laughter died down and the room was filled with tension and silence. “I am going to head off,” Elena said to her as she pointed to the bedroom’s doorway with her right thumb. “Once again, I wish you a safe travel as you drive back home.”

Rain gave the woman a grin and then a head nod. “Thank you, Elena.”

Elena walked away from her position and she walked towards the doorway. Before she could walk through the threshold, she came to a halt. She turned around and stared at Rain. She noticed that Rain had gone back to the process of packing. Elena stared at Rain. While she viewed the heart-broken and forlorn woman, Elena marveled at the strength that emitting off of the woman. She believed Rain, when she proclaimed that she was going to be all right.

It was here, at the mansion, where she met Rain Hadley for the first time. Based off viewing the woman’s body language, she knew that Rain was a self-assured woman yet she possessed insecurities. After having one conversation with her, Elena thought Rain was an awesome woman who possessed the maturity and wisdom similar to an older woman, a cool older woman. Elena enjoyed being in the same company of Rain. She preferred her company than hanging out with Georgina and her company. She was going to miss having the auto-body mechanic around.

‘I’m not going out tonight. I am going to be here so I could send her off properly,’ Elena concluded.

She had taken a few steps in the direction of where Rain stood. Then she bent at her waist, so she could reach for a few items that were on the floor. She gathered items off of the floor, brought them over to the mattress and proceeded to fold them.

Kendrick was still in the dining room, when he heard Rain screaming. He leapt from out of his chair, ran out of the dining room and into the corridor. He ran into the foyer and climb up the staircase in marvelous speed. He made it into the second-level corridor before he had come to a halt. He saw that his friends were standing in the same corridor and were eavesdropping. He listened to the argument as well.

He listened to his Rain stand up for herself and give Iris a piece of her mind. When he heard her declaration of love for him, a smile formed and his heart pound rapidly. As she informed Iris about her friends’ indiscretions, his eyes glanced at the subjects. His sister fumed and stood there with her arms folded across her chest. Delilah appeared cocky and arrogant at first, but when Rain mentioned the list of her failed attempts of seduction, her face blanched. Then, once Mr. Moppet’s name was spoken, a look of embarrassment and mortification arose. She slowly backed into her bedroom and gently closed the door. Then he listened to the sage advice that she had given to the naïve follower. By then, the mob in the hallway had dispersed and left Kendrick in the hallway by his lonesome. Kendrick walked towards the end of the hallway, in the direction of Rain’s bedroom. He was a few inches away from the doorway, when Iris bumped into him. She glanced up at his face. He saw that her face was dewy with tears.

“Excuse me,” she whimpered. She shifted out of his personal space and proceeded to go to her room.

Kendrick stared at Iris’ retreating form as she traveled down the corridor. He shook his head with pity. He was aware of the school-age crush that she harbored for him. When he was younger, he thought her crush was flattering. He was sure that he would’ve made a play for her, if he thought that she was attractive. He thought she wasn’t ugly, she was cute, but she wasn’t his type. For one, he loved a ‘lone wolf-take charge-alpha’ type of woman. Iris wasn’t one of those women. Then there’s the fact that he loved a woman whose body held curves, felt soft and she was thick. He knew a woman that fitted the bill and right now he was standing in the doorway of her bedroom.

Kendrick stood in the doorway of Rain’s bedroom. He was not pleased at seeing Rain packing up her belongings and preparing to leave the mansion. He was gazing at her. He watched her as she packed her belongings into two suitcases while she chatted with Elena. Her back was facing him. He used this time to observe her curvy frame for the first time, ever since it was hectic earlier. He thought that she possessed the perfect ‘hourglass’ shape. The concept of having her body positioned at the edge of her bed, legs opened and her body writhing in ecstasy as he plowed his cock into her, flooded his mind’s eye. He felt his member stir awake in his sweatpants. He adjusted himself. Elena glanced over at him. He watched Rain turn around to see the person who was standing in the doorway. Her dark brown, almond-shaped eyes had become smaller in size as she glared at him with animosity.

‘Shit,’ his mind muttered.

“Wild Boy…” His eyes darted over to Elena. “… How are you feeling tonight, dear? How is your arm feeling?”

“It’s feeling all right,” Kendrick reported. He glanced at Rain. “How are you feeling?”

“Peachy,” Rain spoke through clenched teeth, as she turned back around.

She grabbed a few items off of the bed. She gave Elena a glimpse and then she walked away from the woman. She ended up entering the bathroom that was a part of the suite. She slammed the door shut. Both individuals flinched at the harsh sound of the door slamming.

“Are you going out with the gang tonight?” asked Kendrick while staring at the bathroom’s door.

“No,” she answered in a whisper. Elena faced him. “I don’t want to leave her alone. I don’t want her to think that no one here likes her.”

‘No,’ his mind growled. ‘I have to be alone with her tonight.’ Kendrick sighed. “Elena, go out tonight—


“I need for you to go out tonight. I want to talk to Rain and I need some privacy. I don’t need for any distractions to be around,” he explained. He could tell that Elena was apprehensive at leaving her newfound friend. “I’m not going to hurt her, I promise. Elena, for as long as you’ve known me, when have I ever intentionally hurt someone?”

“Never,” Elena answered, “Now if you would’ve asked me about you hurting yourself, then that’s a different answer.”

Kendrick laughed. “You would be right about that one.”

Elena eyed Kendrick for a few seconds. She was trying to decipher if it was a good idea to leave Rain alone with the brother of the person who humiliated her. Kendrick stared at her with a look of plea in his blue eyes. ‘Shit, if he hurts her, I will cut out his intestines and make them into a pair of garters.’ Elena sighed from resignation.

“Let me go and get ready for tonight,” she said to him while conceding to his demand.

She walked over to the bathroom. She knocked on the large, intricate wooden bathroom door. The door opened a few seconds later. Rain stood in the threshold. Kendrick noticed that she was wearing another outfit: a pair of ill-fitting, masculine, dark-colored jeans and a strapless bra. Her long, pretty coiffed hair was now captured in a ponytail. The seductive makeup that she wore was now gone and she was bare face, the desired preference for Kendrick. His prick had become fully aroused at the sight of her almost-bare upper body. His eyes ogled her muscled stomach, small defined waist and her large, lace encased bust.

“I’m going to get ready for my night out. I know that there’s a chance that you won’t be here by the time we return, so I want to wish you a safe travel home…” The two women embraced. “… and please call me when you get back to New York? I am going to be worried sick if you don’t.”

“I promise that I will call you,” Rain said to her. The women parted and Elena gave her a wave, before departing the bedroom. She gave Kendrick a pat on the shoulder, on her way out. His eyes met Rain’s as she stood in the bathroom’s doorway. “Can you please leave?” she asked him.

She looked perturbed, according to Kendrick. He doesn’t find fault with her. He understood. She was feeling angry, due to having her vulnerability exposed and denigrated by some unscrupulous individuals. He thought that she would also have distrust for everybody that is staying in the mansion.

“Sorry,” he muttered.

He walked out of the bedroom and closed the door behind him as he left. He leaned up against the solid wood. He left out a sigh and slipped his hands inside of his pants’ pockets. He was anxious and excited to tell Rain the news that he was the one.

‘How in the hell am I going to tell her that EvilKidKneeVeil57 is me? She believes that she was speaking to Georgina. I don’t know if I should tell her now. She’ll probably think that I am a part of the prank as well… No, I need to tell her. It’s been six years. It’s been too fucking long. How…’

The fingertips on his left hand had struck a hard, plastic inside of his pocket.

An idea was created inside of him. “Oh…”

Rain tried her best to not think about the incidents that has transpired tonight. She tried hard to not think about how the past six years were a part of a mean-spirited joke. She didn’t want to acknowledge the pain that Georgina, Iris and Delilah had inflicted on her. Also, she didn’t want to accept that she is vulnerable and was a fool.

After getting dress, Rain stared at her reflection. It was a few hours ago, when she felt wonderful. She felt blessed to have found a wonderful man off of a social place where the majority of the men are snakes, liars and cheaters. A few hours ago, she felt like she was standing on the shoulders of a giant. Now, as she stared at her reflection, she could only see the sadness and stress in her face.

“Gosh, I look terrible,” she muttered to the mirror.

A Mozart’s “Piano Sonata No. 11″ inspired ringtone had filtered the bathroom. Rain looked away from the mirror and to the Samsung cell phone that rested on the sink’s countertop, in amazement.

‘What in the…?’

To makes sure that her mind was not playing tricks on her and she wasn’t having a stress-induced hallucination, Rain picked up her phone and checked the Caller ID. The name “Evil Kid” appeared on the screen and Rain thought her heart stopped for a few seconds. The Mozart piece was a ringtone that she assigned to EvilKidKneeVeil57, so whenever he called, the music played.

“You have a lot of fucking nerve—

“Hello, Tomboy Cutie,” said a familiar masculine, baritone voice.

Rain’s voice died down, when she heard the low-pitched tone oozing out of the receiver. A loud gasp left her mouth and the noise had gone into the phone. It was the same voice that spoken to her, daily, for the past six years. Every time she had listened to his voice, mental images of a thunder erupting and lightning bursting through clouds floated into her brain. Or even the scent of chunks of dark chocolate goes through her head, whenever she hears his voice. The voice belonged to a man that she considered being her “identity less, friend-turned-boyfriend”. It was the voice that lulled her to sleep on numerous nights, when she was unable to sleep. This was the man who would use his sensual voice to help coax out orgasms, on many late nights. This man and his compliments, as well as, with his words of encouragement provided a beacon of hope for her. He was the person who held her attention by telling her intriguing tales that were humorous, sad but contained hope, or stories that were suspenseful. The voice belonged to the man who she was in love with and was a man that just so happened to not exist.

The revelation that this great man didn’t exist had struck her as she stood there. An unintentional sob escaped her mouth along with a few spurts of trembling breaths, before she spoken.

“Please,” her voice creaked. “Please, don’t call me anymore. Georgina and Delilah told me about everything, so you can…” Another sad whimper fell through the cracks and then another, before she started to speak again. “Just please stop calling me.”

“Rain, baby…. I need for you to listen to me…” Rain took note that Evil Kid’s voice was trembling as well. “… Please, just let me explain my side of the story. Can you please allow me to explain?” she heard the person ask.

Rain contemplated for a moment. She was confused. She didn’t know whether or not should she listen to this stranger’s story. A part of her wanted to hear this tale, in hope that this person was going to tell a tale that made him appear to be a redeeming character. The other part of her wanted to hang the phone up, because she felt that whatever he was trying to sell her, she was definitely going to buy it. She knew that she was at a point of weakness, where she wanted the love that she thought she had was real. And she was willing to settle for just a smidgeon of it. She felt disgusted at that knowledge.

“H-hello?” the person on the other end of the phone asked.

“Yes,” she sighed. The level of disgust increased ten-fold.

‘God help me.’

She heard the mysterious person take a deep breath before talking. “The person that you started talking to, six years ago, was me. I was the one who initiated the contact on Yahoo Messenger, not Georgina or Delilah. I was interested in you, Rain, and once I found out that you had a Yahoo account, I took the initiative. Georgina and Delilah did not know about our conversations until about a week ago. I didn’t see the harm of them knowing that I was talking to you. I thought nothing of it. Baby, the shit that happened to you tonight, I had nothing to do with that.” Then, the mysterious man had gone silent. Rain figured that he was giving her time to digest the information.

Before he could finish his story, her mind was already made up about this guy. The disgust that she felt about herself was still there. It has grown to new heights to the point where she thought that she might turn physically ill.

With a shaky voice, she said “I… I believe you.”

She heard the stranger sigh. “Can you please come out of the bathroom and tell me to my face?”

‘What?’ her mind questioned. “What did you say?”

“Can you come out of the bathroom?”

“Why?” she asked.

‘You sound absolutely stupid,’ her conscience commented.

“Cause I want to talk to you, face-to-face.”

Rain felt like she experienced one of those “out of body” occurrences.

‘Face to face; so he’s here?’

She felt a conglomerate of emotions. She was anxious, tired, stressed, curious and angry. She walked over to the bathroom’s door and held onto the knob. She inhaled a gust of oxygen.

‘Calm down,’ she admonished herself. ‘Calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down, calm down…’ she repeated inside of her mind, like it was a mantra. As she silently chanted, her spirit was lulled into a state of even-temperament. She twisted the knob and then pulled the door opened.

‘What in the hell…?’ Rain was greeted by a familiar face. “W-Wild Boy?” she said quizzically as her brow line crinkled.

He was standing a few inches away from the doorway. His slightly tanned, muscled arms were positioned high above his head and were resting on the posts of the doorway. In his right hand, there was a cell phone. She was closed enough to smell his body odor of deodorant, cologne and the strong smell of pine. She gazed into his dark blue eyes and found that he was intensely staring down at her.

“Wild… Boy?” she whispered. Her brow wrinkled as she stared at him. She was surprised to see him. “How?” she asked as she gently shook her head.

He let out a chuckle while there was small smile gracing his full, pink lips. “Do you want me to explain?”

Rain nodded her hand. “Yes please,” she said softly, almost like a whisper.

She felt his right hand grasp onto her left one. He gave a gentle tug, a wordless request asking for her to follow him. Rain complied with his request. She left the bathroom and was led into the bedroom. Wild Boy led her to the king sized, wooden sleigh bed and instructed her to sit at the edge. Once again, she complied with his instruction. She gazed up at him as he stood in front of her. There was a twenty-eight second moment of silence between them.

“Can you please tell me what is going on?”

She watched Wild Boy’s face turn a crimson shade. He folded his arms across his broad chest. He walked a few feet away and came right back to his original spot. Rain figured out that he was nervous about something. He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth. Rain noticed that it made the dimples in his cheeks more pronounced. He let out a sigh.

“For the longest time…” he started out with. His face grew a deeper shade of red. “For the longest time, I’ve liked you, Rain…”

She was surprised by that revelation. When they were younger, she considered Wild Boy to be a baby brother, despite the fact that they are the same age. When Georgina and she were great friends to each other, Wild Boy hung out with them frequently. She never understood why he was so willing to hang out with them, with a bunch of girls. Now, after hearing his confession, she understood.

“…I mean that I had a crush on you since I was a kid, back when you and Georgina were friends. I didn’t say anything because I knew that you didn’t like me…”

Even though his tone of voice was neutral when he made the statement, Rain could see the slight disappointment flicker in his eyes. She felt a twinge of guilt in knowing that he was right.

“Remember in our Social Media class, back during our junior year, Mrs. Harper had given us an assignment and we needed to give our email addresses. Do you remember that?”

“Yeah, I remember,” said Rain as she nodded her head.

“I remember hearing you say that your email address account is from Yahoo. I had a Yahoo account as well and I know that with every account, the member has access to their instant messenger service. So I did a little research and I found your profile page. By then, you and Georgina had your falling out and weren’t friends anymore. And due to y’all being women and having your codes and ethics, I couldn’t be friends with you too, cause she is my sister and everything.”

Rain rolled her eyes at the ‘women-codes and ethics’ statement. She would’ve found it to be annoying, misogynistic drivel if she didn’t find it to be funny.

“I thought that maybe I could have a way in, if I were to speak to you through the internet, but I didn’t want to use my own account. So, I made another email account and another profile. I found a picture of another dude from MySpace—

“You had taken a picture of 6’3 black man and pretended to be a naval officer and lives in San Francisco—

“I needed an identity in which you wouldn’t figure me out,” explained Wild Boy. “Rain, baby, with every conversation that happened between you and me, it was between you and me. There was no one else. For every phone conversation—

“Speaking of which, our phone calls… Your voice sounded different. On the phone, you’re Barry White and now you’re… you.”

Wild Boy laughed. It sounded like rough growl because it was soaked with a bass tone. Hearing his laughter caused the hairs on her arms to stand and a cold shiver to drip down her back.

“I can change my voice,” he explained. To further prove that he was EvilKidKneeVeil57, Kendrick decided to speak his next statement in his ‘telephone voice’. “It’s an easy party trick that I used from time to time.”

“Oh,” she said with her eyes wide, a subtle flinch and with amusement at the sudden change in pitch. Both of them laughed at her reaction. “So, is there anything else that I need to know?”

“That’s it; the rest of the stuff that I told you was things that actually happened to me.” Kendrick noticed an expression of subdued on her face. There was a glow in her dark brown eyes. He couldn’t decipher how she was feeling. “Rain, tell me what’s—

“How does Georgina fit into all of this?”

“A week ago, she and Delilah had come into my office, uninvited by the way, while I was chatting online with you. She decided to be nosy and started to check out my computer and she saw your profile pic. I didn’t think much of it. After all, we aren’t in high school anymore and whatever beef that occurred between the two of you were settled. Then, the shit that happened tonight—

There was a series of knocks on the door that led to the corridor. Wild Boy excused himself from the conversation to go answer the call. He opened the door to find Cody and Iggy. Each man was stylishly dressed. Both men were peering over Wild Boy’s shoulder. They were surveying the bedroom.

“What are you two doing?” he asked.

“We’re about to go,” Cody announced.

“Just checking to see how you guys are doing. Just making sure that you’re not dead,” Iggy stated, nonchalantly.

Wild Boy scoffed and then slammed the door shut.

“That was rude,” was heard from the other side of the door.

Wild Boy turned around to find Rain sliding on her black, thick Parka coat. He began to feel disappointed. “You’re still leaving?” Rain glanced at him. She nodded.

“Yes,” she said as she zipped up her coat. She turned her back to him. She fastened the openings on her suitcases.

“Rain, why don’t you stay?”

“It has nothing to do with you, Wild Boy. I believe you, in fact. I’m leaving because if I had to look at Georgina’s fucking face any longer, I might try out my best Hannibal Lecter impersonation and try to rip her face off. So, in order to not ruin everybody’s time by having them all being interrogated at a police station, I’m leaving.”

“You don’t have to hang out with Georgina. We can do our own thing, baby. Plus, this house is big enough—

“I know that it is, Wild—

“Call me Kendrick. For some strange reason, I hate hearing you call me that.”

“Okay, Kendrick, I am going home. This house, as big and beautiful as it is, I am still going home tonight.”

Rain placed her two suitcases onto the floor. She walked over to Kendrick. She gazed into his eyes. Then she stared at his face: the thick mop of curly brown hair that was styled in a garish hairdo, his broad forehead with his thick eyebrows, down to refined bridge of his nose and to the pointed tip, his pair of less pronounced cheekbones, the strong jawline that was decorated with dark facial hair and his lips that were showcased by his ‘handle bar’ mustache and goatee. Without giving any sign of impending action, Rain made a clasp on his chin and gave him a kiss. It was subtle kiss. His lips were soft and warm. She was tempted to go for another one. But, she didn’t want to spoil him with any more of her affection.

She thought of something which made her laugh. “We can finally go on our first date finally. I’m excited about that…” She saw that Wild Boy had a look of forlorn. She giggled. “Oh, stop looking like I killed your puppy. We’ll see each other…”

She turned back to luggage.

“We’ve been speaking for six years. We can wait for a few more days….” She noticed that he was quiet. “Wild Boy?” Rain turned around to find that she was alone in the bedroom.


“Waiting… bullshit… I refuse…” Kendrick continued to mutter to himself as he traveled down the stairs into the foyer. He strolled down the long corridor to the kitchen. He stood in doorway. His eyes scanned the kitchen. He stared at the cabinets and counter space that was a few feet away. He briskly traveled over to the cupboards. His hands began to pull out several drawers. He searched through each drawer. He was looking for one particular item. After investigating the ninth drawer, he found what he was looking for in the tenth drawer. Finding the silverware drawer, he withdrew a large carving knife. “Six years is too long…”


With her large, black leather duffel bag strapped to her back and the handle of a rolling suitcase in each hand, Rain made her way down the wooden stairs. She was relieved that the other house guests have already left. She didn’t want to see them as she made her exit out of the house. She also didn’t want them to think that she was running away.

After opening the front door, she was greeted by a strong wind. The strong breeze was freezing and contained snowflakes from the mountains that nipped at her cheeks. Before stepping outside, she turned on the porch lights that lit up the front of the mansion. She left her suitcases inside of the house while she made her way to her car. When she was about a foot away from her car, she spotted the two slashed tires on the driver’s side. She gazed down at the strips of black rubber that laid in the driveway.

“What the fuck…?” she screeched as her anger burned in her soul.

Her initial assumption was Delilah and Georgina was the culprits. The thought was ruled out, when she realized that Georgina or Delilah was not suicidal. Her instinct told her to turn to the front door. She saw Kendrick standing in the doorway. He watched her for a moment. She could see that there was a smug expression on his face. She had managed to put ‘two and two together’.

“Son of a bitch!” she screamed while she seethed.

He smiled and then he stepped further into the foyer. She saw that he was handling her suitcases. He was bringing them back into the house.

“Son of a bitch!”


“Why don’t you take off your jacket? You look like you’re baking in it,” Kendrick commented with a smile.

He saw that she was sweating as she sat on the couch. He saw how her face was dewy with perspiration. Whenever a drop of sweat would drip down her face, she would briskly wipe it away. She was still wearing her parka, even though she was inside of the house, which the temperature was at eighty degrees. He was amused and entertained by her stubbornness.

“No, the Triple-A will be here in a few. I’ll be fine,” stated Rain.

It’s been forty-five minutes since she has called her auto club and made a report about her flat tires.

“It is close to one in the morning, Rain. Baby, they are not coming until later on today. They know that you’re in a house and not stranded on the side of some deserted road, so they’re going to take their sweet ass time. So, you might as well take off your coat and get comfortable,” informed Kendrick.

It was close to one in the morning and almost an hour has passed since the discovery of her vandalized car. She knew that the slashed tires were Kendrick’s extreme tactic of convincing her to stay. After discovering her tires were damaged, she entered the foyer and proceeded to try to pummel Kendrick. He deflected her strikes while laughing at her. His laughter infuriated her. Then she really tried to claw his eyes out of their sockets with her fingers. The scuffle ended when he ended up placing her in a UFC-type of restraint move. He held her constricted until she calm down, a few minutes later. After calmed down and was released from his grip, she called her auto club, in hope of having her car fixed quickly.

Now, they were lounging in the living room of the multimillion-dollar mansion. Kendrick and Rain were sitting on the twelve-person, leather sectional and were watching a movie off of the eighty-inched, flat screen television that was mounted on the wall, right above the vent-free fireplace. Kendrick was reclining on the chaise lounge section of the couch while Rain was sitting at the other end.

“I’m going to the kitchen. Do you want anything?” he inquired, as he rose off of the couch.

“No thank you,” she said to him with her eyes focused on the LCD screen.

“All right,” was his reply.

Her eyes followed his retreating form as he strolled pass Rain to leave out of the living room. Her eyes gazed at his broad shoulders and thick neck. Then, they traveled down to his wide back and finally settled on his ass. He was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants that flattered his ass. Her eyes lingered on his muscled posterior. There was a strong urge to touch it. Her fingers even tingled with a need.

‘He has a nice round bubble butt for a white boy— Wait, what the hell? I am checking out Wild Boy! Oh my God!’

She giggled.

Kendrick returned to the living room, forty-five minutes later. Rain was too enthralled with the movie that she was watching that she didn’t notice him enter the room at first. It wasn’t until he walked in front of the television that she noticed he entered the room. She saw that he was carrying a meal tray in his hands. There was a delicious aroma emitting from the tray. Her stomach growl and churned at the mere thought of eating. She didn’t eat anything on the previous day. He placed the tray onto the cushion next to where she was sitting. She glanced down at the tray and saw two plates with meals. On one plate, there was a New York strip steak that appeared to be grilled to perfection. There were side dishes of mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. On the other plate, there was a dessert of a slice of chocolate cake. There was a bottle of Miller’s Lite which is her favorite beverage of choice.

“I figured that you might want to eat…” he stated as he returned to his seat. “…It’s nothing special, just leftovers from the night before. I had cooked up the steaks while Elena did the side dishes and the dessert. She is one of the best cooks that I know. I know that you love to drink Miller Lite. So, go ahead and eat up, ever since I know that you are starving. I’ve been listening to your stomach growl since we’ve been in here.”

“Excuse me?” Rain stared at him. He was returning the same look.

“You heard me!” he chuckled out. “Your guard dog is growling something vicious. I could hear it all the way from over here, even with the coat on.”

“Excuse me?” she chuckled. “My stomach—

“Is growling and humming? Yes, it is! I can hear—

Kendrick stopped speaking as soon as he heard her stomach growl. “See?”

“Shut up!” Rain laughed.

“Admit that you’re hungry and go on and attack that plate of food!”

“Attack the plate…” she trailed off and ended up laughing. “I am not…” He gave her a look of disbelief. “Okay, I am a little bit hungry. I will admit that to you. I didn’t eat much tonight. I ate a little bit at the restaurant.”

The memory of being in the restaurant was brought to the forefront of her mind, along with the emotion of humiliation. The mood had become somber. There was a moment of awkward silence.

“Go ahead and eat Rain,” Kendrick told her. There was a look of concern on his face.

Rain stared at the plates of food. The tale of Hades’ courtship with Demeter’s daughter Persephone entered her mind as she gazed at her meal. Kendrick was far from being as sinister as the God-king of the Underworld, but the situation reminded Rain of the story anyway.

Kendrick watched Rain stare at her food for a moment. He wondered what she was thinking about. She stood up from the couch and taken a step away from the furniture. The idea that she was about to leave living room entered his mind. He was washed with a wave of disappointment. Her fingers touched the buttons on her coat and unfastened them. His pulse began to race. She unzipped her jacket’s closure. He wanted to laugh from the joy that he was feeling at the sight of seeing Rain slip out of her coat. She draped the clothing over the back of the couch. She sat down and grabbed the tray.

Two hours and twelve minutes has gone by since Rain had eaten her late-night meal. During her meal’s consumption, Rain and Kendrick converse. The conversations started out being clumsy and awkward. Then, the mood had become tense, when Rain gave him an interrogation rather than speaking with him.

Rain was asking questions that pertained to the conversations’ topics that she had with EvilKidKneeVeil57. She wanted to make sure that Kendrick was him. For Rain, she still saw EvilKidKneeVeil57 and Kendrick as two different people. During the conversation, she wondered if he was going to lose his patience with her. It was during at one moment of her line of questioning, when she thought that he did reach his breaking point.

“What is EvilKidKneeVeil57′s favorite snack when he is at the movies?” she asked him.

Kendrick let out a sigh and then said “SnoCaps and popcorn”. He glanced down at the floor and scratched at his scalp.

She sensed that he was feeling irritated, but he was behaving like a gentleman. “I’m sorry,” she said to him, feeling guilty for being such a nag.

“It’s all right. You’re just trying to establish trust between us. I’m not—

“You’re right, but I can tell that I am irritating you—

“No, you’re not irritating me. I am just angry at everyone who has ruined the relationship that we had—

“It’s not ruined—


“It’s not ruined,” she informed him.

Kendrick gave her a gaze and he held it for a brief moment. The moment was long enough for Rain to see the pained emotion that lurked behind. She felt the inside of her throat restrict.

“I’m going to go upstairs and take a shower” he announced.

“Kendrick, I’m sorry—

“Don’t be,” he said in a chuckle, even though there was no humor to be found in his laughter. “I know that you’re only asking me these things because of what happened. So don’t worry about me, okay? I’m going to take my shower now. I’ll be back. Here’s the remote control…” He proceeded to hand her the largest remote controller that she has ever seen. “… You can watch whatever you want; we have over a thousand channels. I’ll be back later.” Then, he walked away from her.

She watched Kendrick leave the living room. She saw how his posture was different; his shoulders were slumped and his head was slightly bowed. Just like his face, his body had carried the tone of resignation.


“Ooh, ah, fucking… Fuck!” The statement had bounced off of the tiled, walls and echoed throughout the large, majestic-looking bathroom.

Kendrick shouted out as his release over-took his large, 6’2 frame. His knees buckled, his muscles tensed in his legs and an increased source of pleasure burned at his nether regions. A blanket of bright, white light flashed in front of his closed eyes as his climax sliced through his body. His only functioning hand fisted his cock and made rushed strokes, to prolong the pleasure. Once he regained control of all of his limbs, Kendrick opened his eyes. He gazed at the final streams of his spunk as they dripped down the shower stall’s wall and down into the tub, where they were washed down the drain. Kendrick has been sporting that particular wood for a few hours that it was starting to hurt.

Afterwards, he settled his body underneath the stream of water that the shower faucet was spraying. He gave his body a quick cleaning before turning off the water and stepping out of the stall. He walked over to the sink to where his towel was waiting. He dried the excess water out of his brown hair and then wiped off the remaining water on his nude form. Completely nude, Kendrick left his bathroom, walked through the walk-in closet that was attached and entered his bedroom. He walked over to his king-sized bed, where he left some clean clothes. Without giving much of a thought, he slipped on the pile of clean clothes which consisted of a pair of grey-colored sweatpants and a black tank top. Once dressed, he sat on the edge of the bed and placed his face in his right hand.

Kendrick let out a loud, bellowing groan. He was slowly accepting the inevitable. An idea of ‘cutting his losses’ formed in his head, as he was lying on the chaise lounge while he was talking to Rain. He decided to ignore the notion at first. But as Rain continued to interrogate him, he had come to the realization that she will never trust him. And, whatever little bit of trust that she had for him, was now gone. Now, there wasn’t a chance of seeing this woman turn into his wife or into the mother of his children. Even though he didn’t originally plan on having Rain here, he did managed to make up a plan in which she was going to be his woman. Now, his plan wasn’t going to come into fruition.

‘Fuck, fuck, fuck…’ his mind roared in anguish.


When Kendrick returned to the living room, Rain was gone. She wasn’t sitting on the sectional, the spot where she was sitting, when he left the living room. The notion that Triple-A must’ve arrived and she had gone with the driver entered his mind. But, when he noticed that the television was left on and saw that her luggage was still positioned by the entryway, that idea was shot down.

‘So where in the hell did she go?’

He was about to leave the room, when he heard a sniffle. Then there was another sniffle. Kendrick placed the location to be inside of the living room, where the sectional was located. He walked over to the large piece of furniture and stood behind the back of the couch. He peered over the couch and found where Rain was hiding. Or, he found her in the location where Rain was reclining.

She was lying on the faux bear rug that was lying, on the hardwood floor, in front of the couch. She was watching television; it was a rerun episode of the “Golden Girls”. She was so engaged in the program that she didn’t notice that Kendrick was standing there.

He noticed that she had changed her clothes again. His stomach churned from excitement, when he realized that she changed into her source of sleepwear.

‘Now, if only I can convince her to stay for the rest of the week,’ he concluded. Kendrick also concluded that Rain was hiding a nice body, once she was out of the baggy, menswear that she always wore. Right now she was wearing a pair of gray, cotton shorts and a black tank top. He enjoyed the view. He enjoyed staring at her long, brown-skinned legs and her thick, curvy thighs as they posed in those form-fitting shorts. His dick hardened at the thought of having those limbs wrapped around his lower back as he fucked her hard. His eyes gleefully took in the small, defined waist that was wrapped with a black tank top. His thick, blunt fingers tingled in anticipation at the mere image of grabbing onto that defined curve as his prick stroked pleasure out of her. Kendrick adjusted himself with his abled hand. His eyes settled on the two mounds of flesh, which coyly revealed the curves from the sides of the shirt. His mouth watered with saliva in hunger at the thought of sucking, licking and nibbling on her tits. His eyes drifted up to her face and settled on her eyes, which were staring right at him.

“Hello,” she said with a smile on her pretty, full lips.

A movement that was caught in Rain’s peripheral vision caused her to divert her attention away from the “Golden Girls” rerun. She glanced away from the eighty-inched LCD screen and over to the couch. She saw Kendrick standing behind the couch. He was staring at her, but she noticed that he wasn’t exactly focused on her. The life in his blue eyes was dulled a bit. He looked to be deep in the recesses of his mind.

“Hello,” she greeted him with a smile on her face. “Welcome back, come on, grab a pillow and join me.”

A bright, smile grew on his lips and it made her stomach flipped. She was intimidated by the sensation and by Kendrick strangely. She returned to watching the television show while Kendrick made his way around the couch. After he settled himself next to her on the floor, Rain scooted closer to his large form. With the front of her body pressed against his left arm, she used his left shoulder as a head rest. The sudden display of affection caused Kendrick to become rigid for a millisecond. His body lost the rigidness and grown at ease as he moved his arm away from her body. He moved his injured, left arm out of the way, so she could place her head on his chest.


“Yeah?” he groaned. His breath felt warm and smelled like peppermint.

“Please be patient with me,” she requested.

In response, a gentle kiss was planted on her scalp line.

Kendrick’s act of acceptance had caused multiple physiological reactions for her. Her heart started beating rapid against her chest. Her stomach muscles tightened. A shiver tickled at her backbone. The series of sensations occurred more than once, during this night, and it was a reaction to something horrible. But for this particular moment, it was accepted. It was a sign that reminded Rain that the love that she had for him was still there.


“Mmmm…” groaned Kendrick.

“I am not hurting you, am I?” Rain inquired.

“No, baby, you’re doing great.”

Rain felt her hands becoming dry. She stopped kneading the flesh on his back, so she could apply more Bath & Body lotion into her hands. She saw that Kendrick had glance over his shoulder to see why she had stopped.

“I didn’t quit on you, don’t worry. I have to use more lotion,” she informed him as she rubbed the floral-scented lotion on her palms. She resumed with her massage.

“How are your sisters doing? The last time that I’ve seen them was at our graduation, when she bought that damn boat horn to the ceremony. Your sister Carol was huge and she had two little kids,” he asked as he stared off to the side.

“My sisters are doing all right. Carol is a mom to six, soon-to-be seven kids.”

“Seven kids, wow, I can’t believe that your crazy sister has three kids, much less seven kids.”

“Yeah, Carol will have seven babies. She even is passing down her craziness to her kids. And, my sister Carmella is doing well. She is a student at Saint John’s University. She has her own place because she can’t imagine moving back into Carol and Noah’s place.”

Rain’s hands traveled to each one of Kendrick’s pronounced trapezoids and kneaded the muscle, flesh and bone. He groaned in pleasure at her ministrations. His guttural growl stirred her arousal. It caused her to wonder if he makes the same groan whenever he reaches his release. Then, her mind’s eye took her into more lascivious, sexual thoughts.

She visualized mental scenes of Kendrick fucking her with slow strokes and licking her pussy, in various positions and angles. There was a slow, throbbing build up inside of her clit which she tried to alleviate by subtlety dragging her pearl against the swell of his ass. The fabric of her shorts gathered and caused friction against her cunt, which caused bolts of pleasure. There was shortness of breath.

“Are you okay?” she asked, in a husky voice. Her fingers drifted down his spine to his lower back.

“Yeah, I feel wonderful baby” was his answer. His voice was also strained. It didn’t go undetected. “Tell me why you and Georgina have stopped being friends?”

All of her movements had come to a stop and then she stared down at the back of his head. ‘What. The. Hell?’ she thought, feeling as if the subject had stamped down on her libido.

“It’s simple, she’s a bitch.”

“Well, that bitch was your best friend at one point in time. Shit, I remember when you and she used to have sleep-overs and read ‘The Babysitter’s Club’ books. What happened?”

Rain let out a sigh. Her fingers pressed deep into his flesh and massaged out the knot in his Teres Major muscle. “In all honesty, you are going to have to ask your sister for her reason why she decided to not fraternize with me anymore. I remember being cool with her during freshman—

“Move lower, please.”

Rain slipped her hands further down his back. He grunted his gratitude.

“We were cool during our freshman year of high school. Then, sometime over the summer break, she met Delilah and then recruited Iris into their clique. When I returned, they were already a group. I wasn’t deemed cool enough for them, which bothered me at first. But now, I am happy that they did it. If they didn’t banish me, I wouldn’t have met some incredible people. I wouldn’t have joined the basketball team and met more incredible people. Plus, I don’t think I would’ve won the Homecoming Queen title if I was still hanging out with your sister. I think that’s part of the reason why she doesn’t like me now. She thought that she was going to be popular with me not in the picture. Turns out, I had the high school life that she wanted anyway.”

She balled her hands into fists and proceeded to grind her knuckles along the sacrospinalis. Suddenly she felt Kendrick’s body shudder and a loud, drawn-out growl erupt from him. Feeling alarmed, she stopped massaging.


“What the hell was that?” he asked, exasperated.

“It’s a technique that was taught to me by a teacher. What, you don’t like it?”

“Yes, I enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it too much,” was his answer. Then he muttered, “Now you got my dick all hard.”

“I’m sorry, what was that?” asked an amused Rain.

“Nothing,” he said, quickly as if he was a child who was caught saying something inappropriate.

“Mmm-hmm,” she hummed, stating her skepticism at his answer. She returned to grinding away the tension in his back with her knuckles. “So, tell me about your new job.”

“There’s nothing much to tell you. I am working here at the resort. I am the vice president of marketing. I wish that I had an entry-level position, or, if I was hired to be a ski instructor at least. Shit, I wouldn’t mind if I had a simple ‘office’ job, where I made copies and faxed documents. I prefer it that way.”

“I’m surprise that you would want a regular ’9-to-5′ job. You seem like the type who would want to spend the rest of your life traveling to different places and doing fun, care-free shit with your life.”

“If I were to do that, then I would have to rely on my mom and dad to take care of me, which makes me uncomfortable. Unlike my sister, I’ve never felt comfortable taken gifts and money from my parents, especially once I had gone off to college. So, what about you? Are you happy with your career? Do you not have any regrets not going off to college?”

“No, I have no regrets about not going. Carol was not happy about me choosing to go to a trade school rather than go to college, especially since I had a B-Ball scholarship. But, being a mechanic has afforded me the ability to be financial secured, without having the four-year degree and the loan debt. But, on my spare time, I do take classes at a community center that is on my block.”

“What type of classes?” inquired Kendrick.

“Art classes, pottery lessons, massage classes, a few dance classes and some self-defense courses,” she answered.

“Well, in regards to the massage classes, you definitely deserve an ‘A-plus’ for the work that you are putting into my back.”

Rain chuckled. A comfortable silence formed between the two of them. The television was the only source that provided noise to the environment. Every once in a while, there was a groan or a grunt from Kendrick, which added to Rain’s arousal. She took a visual inventory of the broad area. She was enamored with the concept of how broad and strong his posterior looked. Her fingertips poked and prodded at the dense muscle. In her mind’s eye, she imagined her finger clutching onto his strong body as his cock stroked her into sexual completion.

Rain stopped her handiwork.

She stared down at his back. A strong current of arousal washed over her body and she sighed.

‘He’s… Him,’ her mind concluded. ‘He’s Kid…’ Rain subtly nodded her head. ‘Yeah, he’s EvilKidKneeVeil.’

Her fingers searched the rim of the black tank top. She peeled her tank top off and tossed it off to the side. Her hands ran along his spine once. She heard Kendrick growl. She spread her long form along Kendrick’s larger form and planted a kiss on the base of his spine. She heard him hiss at the first contact. She started a trail of kisses along the raised bumps that marks where his spine was located. During her journey she took in the fragrance of the lotion. Her nipples dragged over his back, during her ascent toward his neck, and it tantalized at her heated core. She doled out a kiss until she reached the base of his neck. Once there, she draws a small circle with the tip of her tongue.

“What the—

In a breathy voice, she said into his right ear, “Turn around, so I can show you what else that I learned in my massage class”.

“What?” Kendrick repeated.

“Turn around,” she instructed in a seductive whisper. Kendrick felt her weight lift off of him, to allow him to move. He rolled onto his back while being mindful of his broken arm. The vision that welcomed him made his cock throb and his mouth watered.

Rain, bare breasted, was kneeling beside Kendrick. Her bottom lip tucked itself into her mouth. Her brown eyes were smeared with arousal. He watched her face as she took in the large bulge that was poised in front of his sweatpants.

“You see something that you like?” he asked her with a smile.

His hand groped at his clothed member. Rain’s eyes darted from his erection to his face. The corners of her lips turned up into a grin. Remaining the eye contact, she had taken a hold of the elastic band of his pants. Kendrick lifted his hips off of the floor, which was his way of granting permission. She pulled his sweatpants off of his hips and down to his knees, when he settled back down to the floor. She removed his pants and tossed them to the side. With his sweats off, he was now fully nude and his body was under Rain’s surveillance.

Before tonight, Rain assumed that EvilKidKneeVeil57′s body would’ve been ‘tall, dark, buff and sexy’. Now, the only thing that’s dark on him was the patch of hair that was above his dick. She thought that his body was a sign of perfection. He was fit, but not overtly muscular. His build was built by nature and not by a gym. In her inventory, she saw the multiple scars that littered his body. Her fingertips grazed a few of them. He informed her that majority of them were injuries that he sustained from playing football and rugby, during his younger days. There were a few tattoos: a traditional ‘I-heart-Mom’ tattoo on his right bicep, the words ‘glory’ and ‘freedom’ in Old English lettering on both flanks and a tattoo of a sparrow on his right pectoral.

Her eyes drifted down to his cock and testicles. The coloring of the flesh was slightly darker, two shades lighter than plum. He was circumcised, which highlighted his glans that was large and defined. He was blessed with a suitable girth and length to his sex. An image of his cock’s head plugging her caused her pussy’s walls to contract and release. Her right hand reached out for his shaft. She gave a gentle caressing swipe, which made Kendrick groan and his hips thrust upwards to the sky.

She reached over to the location of where her bottle of lotion and grabbed the bottle. Adding a healthy dollop of hand cream into her left palm, she smeared the lubrication around. Looking from her hands to his handsome face, she gave him a brief smile.

Kendrick waited in anticipation for the hand job that he knew was going to feel glorious. This was something that was out of his wildest dreams. There had been nights, when he would imagine all of the things that he would perform on her. The first contact of her lotion-covered hand made him groan loudly and thrust his hips upwards. He laid his head on the throw pillow, his right hand formed into a fist and his eyes closed. In response, she chuckled. Her small hand fisted his thick shaft and pumped in slow movements. Then her palm would cup his glans and provide a gentle caress, before returning to her first act. Eventually with her act, she added her other hand and had both objects massaging at his prick. They started with strokes that were slow and fluid. Gradually, the speed increased. A loud groan escaped his lips with every one of her caresses.

“Rain, fuck girl,” he moaned as he felt his impending orgasm. With a growl, his balls gave into the pressure. His eyes forming into thin slits, he witnessed multiple streams of cum shoot out of his prick. He watched until the final jet had shot out. “Shit,” he grunted, before resting his head on the pillow.

Rain watched his spunk coat her hand as she jerked him off. The texture was smooth like the lotion that she used, it was thick in density like molasses and it was hot-tempered like nothing that she’s ever felt. She gave his cock one last squeeze before releasing him. Curious, she brought her hand to her lips and tasted his essence. She figured that he was mildly sweet, but mostly salty. But overall, he tasted delicious. She licked her hand clean. On her last lick, she discovered Kendrick was watching her the whole time. She saw that he was still breathing heavily. His face was ruddy with exertion and there was a sparkle in his eyes. She gave him a smile.

“You taste good,” she commented. In response, he growls in contentment.

“Well, I can provide you with some more, if you like,” he said in a sly manner.

Rain gave him another smile before bending over and sucking the glans into her mouth. There was a drawn-out growl from above. She accepted more of his flaccid, cum-soaked member into her mouth. The taste of his jizz and her lotion ignited her taste buds. She had gone as far as she could and only withdrew, when the head of his cock touched the back of her mouth. Her mouth slid back up to his glans. She provided a strong suction to the fleshy, abundant of nerves. She sucked his cock back into her mouth and halfway down her throat. She developed a rhythm. His member lost its flaccidity and has become rigid again. Kendrick’s groaning was now consistent and high in volume. His hand clasped her head and encouraged her. She replaced her mouth with her hand and stroked his shaft. Her lips and tongue nibbled, licked and sucked at his testicles. His lower body twitched, in response.

“Rain?” his voice croaked.

“Mmm?” she hummed as she licked at his heavy sacs.

“I wanna fuck you,” he stated. “Get up here.”

Her pussy tingled at the idea of being fucked by such a fascinating instrument. After giving his prick one final lick, she removed herself away from the vicinity. Kneeling on the floor, Rain pushed her shorts and thong passed her wide hips and down to her knees. She marveled at how wet and ready she was while she pulled her clothes off. She shifted her position on the floor so she could take her shorts and underwear off of her legs.

“Oh,” she gasped loudly, as she felt a tongue sample at her nectar. She glanced down and saw Kendrick licking and fucking her with his mouth. She grabbed a tuft of his thick hair and accepted whatever he wanted to give her.

Kendrick, once he gathered his wits, sat up in an upright position. He was greeted by the viewing of Rain’s pussy. She was lying on the floor to remove her shorts and underwear from off of her ankles. She was lying on her back and her legs were raised perpendicular to the floor, which caused her pussy to be revealed. She was free from any hair, so he saw her arousal. She was glistened and it appealed to him. He gave his dick a few strokes with his hand. Before she could place her feet back on the floor, his face was buried in between her legs. He knew that he surprised her. Her body briefly tensed up before settling down. Her legs were draped over his shoulders while his left forearm rested on her stomach, to keep her still.

“Oh,” she moaned repetitively. “Ken…” she gasped.

His mouth sought after her clit and sucked on the tiny knot of nerves. His thick tongue slipped into her wet canal and fucked her. He felt her fingers grasp onto his hair in a tighter stance. Her moans encouraged him. Her pelvis and hips moved in brace of the intense pleasure, but majority of the movement was hampered.

Kendrick first supplied her greedy cunt with one finger and soon added two more fingers. The three thick digits pumped in and out of her as Rain screamed out her pleasure. ‘Okay, where is it?’ he thought as his submerged fingers searched. His fingers curved upwards to her navel and felt a slight bump.

“Oh,” she groaned loudly with a tilt of her hips.

‘There you go,’ he said to himself. His fingers proceed to frantically rub at the small bump.

“Oh fuck, Kendrick!” she screamed.

“Rub your tits for me,” he demanded as he stroked her cunt.

Rain sought after her breasts and played with her nipples. Pressure built up inside of her belly as she felt her orgasm. “Kendrick!” she loudly moaned as she climaxed. He stroked her inner walls to prolong her pleasure.

Rain never experienced such a feeling before. She has masturbated countless of times, but the climaxes that were done by her hand could never compete with this recent climax. She felt his fingers continue to pump into her warm canal as she floated down from her post-coital high. Her canal squeezed his fingers in gratitude. He withdrew his fingers and then gave her pussy a slow lick before sitting up.

Lying on the floor and feeling as loose like a well-cooked noodle, she stared at Kendrick. He was kneeling in between her legs. The fire from the fireplace cast a dim orange light amongst his muscular frame. His erection was prominent and strong. Her eyes drifted up to his handsome face. His fingers were brought to his lips and she smiled as he licked his fingers.

“You taste so sweet,” was his response.

“I want something else,” she swooned.

“Tell me what you want,” instructed Kendrick as he stroked his heavy cock in his hand.

Rain appeared to be contemplating something. “I want… I want you to show me why you have the name ‘Wild Boy’.”

She saw his eyes darken. His jaw clenched shut. He rolled his shoulders thrice. She shuddered in anticipation. Kendrick slithered up her body as if he was a large serpent. During his journey, there was a juicy kiss applied to an exposed part. When he reached her pair of breasts, his eyes had taken on a predatory gleam as they zeroed in on her tits. He initiated his attack with a lick on the underside of her left breast. Rain sighed and then moaned in response, when spurred him on. He suckled and gently bit into her ample flesh for a moment before moving onto her right breast.

Rain was very turned on and horny from Kendrick’s oral ministrations to her tits. Her inner thighs were smeared with her juicy cunt’s nectar. Her pussy’s walls clenched and released irrationally. There was an ache in her cunt. Even though she has never felt a dick before, she desperately wanted him to fuck her. She felt his cock resting on her left thigh. It was weighty and hot.

“Mmmm, Kendrick,” she sighed, “fuck me now.”

He licked the underside of her left breast. She hissed in pleasure. His lips enclosed over her nipple and suckled like a newborn baby. His left hand cupped her right breast and kneaded the ample flesh. Rain moaned and mewled at the sensations that his hand and mouth was invoking. His lips found the curve on the left side of her neck and sucked at the sensitive patch of skin.

“Oh Kendrick,” she whispered into his right shoulder.

Kendrick found her soft and plump lips again and she moaned against his mouth. Meanwhile, his narrow hips caused his cock to rub along her damp slit. He was preparing his member for the pain that he was about to inflict on Rain. She was oblivious to the impending discomfort at the moment. As his cock dragged across her heated core, her body was writhing underneath his massive frame.

“Are you ready?” he inquired with his voice sounding strained.

“Yes,” she moaned. Her brown, long legs wrapped around his waist.

Kendrick’s sapphire-colored orbs eyed Rain. He stared down at her beautiful face as she lied underneath her. She was sweaty and the perspiration made her tawny, skin glowed. Her eyes were closed. Her lips consistently moved as she expressed how intense her pleasure felt.

“Baby, put me in,” instructed Kendrick.

He saw Rain open her eyes and then stared up at him. He felt her hand brush against his abdomen as she slipped in between their sweat-slicked bodies and reach for his cock. Regrettably, his hips still their movements to allow his lover to grab a hold of his thick member. He let out a grunt of pleasure as her fingertips brushed against the stalk of his prick. He felt her hand grab onto the base of her member. She aligned his member up to the opening of her cunt. With a sharp thrust, his cock impaled her warmth. He felt her legs tighten their grip around his waist while her arms wrapped around his upper body.

Her fingernails dug into his skin. She pressed her face into the flesh-covered muscle that was his neck and right shoulder. Rain screamed into his neck. The pain was unbearable. She wanted it to end. She felt like she was being spread beyond the normal possibilities. She could feel her muscle trying to expel the offending object out of her canal.

“Rain,” whispered Kendrick to Rain. His voice sounded ragged. For Rain, it sounded like Kendrick, but his voice was raw and rougher. “You need to relax, baby” he informed her. “You need to relax for this to work, all right?”

‘He’s right, you need to relax,’ her conscience warned her. ‘Okay, you can do this.’

Rain loosened her grip on his shoulders. She removed her face from the crook of his neck. Warily, she laid her upper body back on the rug. Her body remained tense.

Kendrick stared down at his lover and girlfriend. He saw how frighten she was feeling at the moment. He knew that she was feeling pain as well. He felt guilty for causing her extreme case of discomfort.

“Rain, I’m—

“I know,” she whimpered, with her teeth chattering.

Kendrick lowered his upper body closer to Rain. They shared a gentle kiss. The pecking led to more aggressive and passionate necking. The tension in the room dissipated. The air became thicker and humid. The spicy fragrance of their arousal floated through the air.

Rain’s passion was reignited. Gradually, the offending object that managed to bury itself in her private sanction wasn’t a nuisance anymore. “Oh Ken…” Her moan was cut off by the sudden source of pleasure. Another dull sense of pleasure was handed to her as she felt his cock leave her warmth and it returned, in the form of a slow thrust. Her legs loosen its grip and rested on the floor. In this new position, the pleasure increased as his prick was now able to plow deeper into her wet channel.

A loud groan erupted from the gorgeous man that was responsible for her pleasure. He buried his face into her neck as his weight came to rest on his forearm. In this new angle, his thrusts altered from slow and fluid to short thrusts that wielded enough power to make her teeth chatter. Inside of Rain, the sensation of ecstasy burst upon every thrust’s impact. She made sure to let her pleasure be known. She moaned and screamed it out as she rode each wave. She kissed, licked and nibbled on the flesh of the man that she loved.

“Shit,” Kendrick grunted as his cock pounded away at her pussy. “I’m about to cum,” he announced. He opened his eyes and stared at his lover. “Cum with me, baby!” He raised himself to his knees while his hips continued to thrust forward. He grabbed a hold of her legs and positioned her legs so they can drape over his forearms. With her legs now draped over his arms, his hips changed the pace.

“Oh Gah—

Rain’s voice trailed off as her orgasm exploded within her. She clutched at her tits and pinched at her nipples to intensify her pleasure. This was her second climax and it was her strongest. Her eyes were clenched shut. Her vision was blinded by a white light that faded into a murky shade of red and then to black. Her upper body tremor while the muscles in her legs tightened. Her vocal chords vibrated as she loudly screamed. Then, abruptly, there was a ripple of movement inside of her canal and her body felt empty. She opened her eyes to find Kendrick kneeling in front of her with his dick in his hand. His right hand jerked erratically. She heard a loud moan left his mouth as his cock released spurts of hot, thick cum onto her willing body. She stared at the four streams as they left his organ and land on her. Her voluptuous, cinnamon-hued body was decorated with thick, pearlescent jizz.

“Fuck,” he groaned loudly before sitting on his haunches. He placed each of his hands on the tops of his thighs while his head was tilted forward. In this position, he had gone through his post-coital, orgasm-induced high. The living room was filled with the sounds of the television and their rushed breathing.

Once his wits returned, he gingerly made his way over to the unoccupied space that was next to her. Kendrick landed next to her with the grace of a sack of potatoes. He rolled onto his left side and he stared at Rain as she laid next to him. The lovers did not speak at all. They both enjoyed the silence. He was the first person to break the spell by speaking.

“I love you,” he whispered.

Rain turned her head to the left and she stared at Kendrick. Her dark brown eyes were greeted by his dark blue eyes. The corners of her mouth tingled in anticipation. She gave into her desire and smiled at him.

“I love you too, baby” she declared.

Kendrick let out a sigh. He lifted his head, neck and shoulders off of the rug, so he could reach over to where Rain was lying. His right hand clasped the left side of her head before he planted a kiss on her lips. He heard her moan in pleasure. The kissing led to a make-out session, which culminated to the resurrection of their arousal. Rain positioned her tall body on top of Kendrick’s larger frame. She straddled his narrow hips. Her wet, heated cunt brushed against his thick hardness as it lied against his eight-pack. Both lovers groaned at the carnal feelings that arose. Kendrick’s hand clasped onto her left hip and squeezed tighter. Rain grinded her cunt against him and lathered his cock with the ambrosia from her core.

Once she felt the pull in her lower abdomen, a sign of her climax, Rain took a hold of the base of his cock. She raised her body and slid his turgid member into her warmth. Both people moaned loudly from the smooth insertion.

“Mmm fuck,” groaned Kendrick, savoring the feeling of her inner walls as they contracted and released around his cock. He began to lift his ass off of the rug and tried to shove his member deeper into her core. He heard Rain scream out in pleasure.

Rain loudly moaned at the pleasure that Kendrick was providing her. She gripped his chest and her fingernails dug into his flesh. She allowed her thick and round bottom to meet his thighs while her pussy slapped up against his pelvis. The sounds of their bodies slapping against each other filled the living room. There was soreness that permeated in her pussy, but it was overshadowed by the pleasure. In this position, his cock felt bigger and was tapping points in her that she didn’t think existed. An intense pulsing was created in her cunt and it spread.

“Oh Kendrick,” she moaned. “I’m… Aaaahhh!”

Her climax was strong and harsh. She screamed out her love for him as she rode each wave of her climatic pleasure. Suddenly, she felt like she was airborne. She opened her eyes and saw that she was in the air. She was being carried in Kendrick’s arms. Her legs were straddled against Kendrick’s hips while her front was pressed against his muscled torso. He ended up catapulting her onto the couch. She landed with a shriek which turned into a fit of coquettish-like giggles. Kendrick kneeled on the floor and in front of the couch. He grabbed her ankles and drew her to the edge of the sofa. Her soft ass was pulled off of the couch while her back was lying against the couch’s cushion. He manipulated her legs so she was in a new position. The backs of her thighs were touching the heated flesh of his torso while the backs of her knees were curved over his shoulders. Her calves and her feet were sticking straight in the air. He grabbed a hold of his prick and rubbed his fat member along her wet gash.

“Oh,” she moaned as her fingers knead the soft and heavy mounds of flesh that were her breasts. Her eyes were focused on his hand’s movements.

“You like that?” he groaned with a smile on his face that spoke volumes.

“Uh-huh,” she moaned.

In response, he repetitively tapped his cock’s head against her clit. Her back arched, a loud gasp sliced through the air and her right hand reached down to touch herself. A growl escaped from him.

“Touch yourself for me,” he commanded.

Rain’s fingers sought out her bare pussy and frantically rubbed. Kendrick enjoyed the view. He guided the thick, knot of flesh to her sopping wet opening.

“Spread yourself open for me,” was another one of his demands. “Spread that pussy open for me.”

His eyes watched her fingers touch at her slit. She gave her kitten a few strokes before prying apart her slicked, brown petals to reveal the inner pink folds. He rammed his cock into her pussy so blatantly that she was shocked from the sudden intrusion. Her back arched. Her eyes widened. Her mouth fell open but there wasn’t a single sound emitted from her mouth. Kendrick bent forward and latched onto her left breast. His mouth suckled on her nipple as his cock moved inside of her with short and fast strokes. The melodic sounds of her moaning reached his ears. It was heavenly for him.

His mouth moved off of her left breast to her right breast. He licked and sucked at her ample flesh as his hips doled out thrusts that were quick and slightly rough. Her sounds were frequent now. Her pussy clutched at his dick with a sporadic rhythm. She was going to cum again. His mouth planted a kiss on her chest, where her heart was lying beneath and then withdrew his hardness. Rain whimpered in disappointment. She threw Kendrick a glare with her amber eyes. It was an expression that reminded him of a pouting child.

Kendrick chuckled at her reaction. His right hand gave her left thigh a caress. “Get down to your knees and then turn around,” he instructed.

There was an expression of bewilderment on Rain’s face, for a second. ‘What does he want to do with me?’ she pondered. ‘I hope he doesn’t want to stick his dick inside of my ass!’

“Go on, baby, get on your knees” he ordered.

Rain smirked and then her left eyebrow lifted up. Kendrick traveled a few inches away from the couch. He knew that she needed space to move freely. She slid off of the couch and she kneeled on the hardwood floor. She gave Kendrick a glimpse before she turned away from him. She ended up facing the couch. A few seconds later, she felt his groin press up against her ass. She felt his cock wedged in between her cheeks. She cooed, when his hips grinded against her plush ass in a lascivious manner. She moaned, when his right hand gave each of her brown cheeks a slap. He spread her ass apart to reveal the entryway to her tight channel. His fingertip lightly brushed against her asshole. Her anus clenched tightly once she felt a strong tickling sensation nipping at the tight, ring of muscle. She shrieked in response. Then she let out a scream, when she felt his thick, wet tongue lap at the sensitive area. She was subjected to a long, slow lick.

“OH,” she screamed into the air. “You’re… Oh my fucking… I love it!” she moaned in pleasure. She felt him keeping her exposed to him. His mouth continued to show adoration to her asshole. Rain never heard about this type of pleasure before. She didn’t want him to stop. She winded her waist and proceeded to grind her ass into his face. His tongue made a trail of saliva down the sliver of skin to her pussy. His mouth drank at her cunt, siphoning her nectar into his mouth. “Kendrick, please fuck me,” she begged.

“Say that again,” he requested, after giving her left cheek a bite and a lick.

“Kendrick, please fuck me baby,” she pleaded as she glance over her right shoulder.

“You want me to fuck you?” he asked her with his eyes trained on her while his glans rubbed along her slit.

“Yes,” she moaned.

She moaned louder as he impaled her once again. His hips gave out slow, fluid thrusts that struck deep within her core. The living room was decorated with her moans and declarations of love. Soon, her peak was about to take over. She moaned. Then, the pleasure stopped. She felt his cock withdrew from her warmth.

“What?” she whimpered, in bewilderment.

“Do you love me?” he whispered into her ear.

“What?” she panted.

‘What kind of foolishness?’ her brain shouted out. Rain glanced at Kendrick over her right shoulder. He was staring at her, intently.

“Do you love me?” he repeated his question.

Her pussy lips throbbed and pulsed. Her orgasm was so close. She was so close.

‘Now he wants to play mind games,’ she thought as she rolled her eyes.

“Yes, I love you,” she answered. “Now, get back to fucking me please!”

In response, he gave a chuckle and then his cock gave her a few strokes before slipping out of her wet canal. She growled in irritation. He gave her left ass cheek a hard swat. She moaned. The sting of the slap did nothing but add to the pleasure that she was feeling. She swayed her ass.

“Tell me that you’re staying,” he demanded.

Rain growled once more. ‘Is he fucking serious?’

“Tell me that you’re staying,” he repeated to her.

This time, Kendrick thought that he should add some persuasion by sliding a little bit of his cock into her canal. She grasped at the donated organ with need. She pushed back at him, in an effort of sinking deep onto his pole. He withdrew entirely. She let out a whimper. “Tell me and I’ll continue,” he informed her.

Rain refused to tell him. She still wanted to leave. There was a stand-off occurred between the two of them. As the minutes ticked by, her resolve was cracking. She wanted to cum badly.

“Rain, do—

“I’ll stay!” she announced. She gave him a glimpse. “I’ll stay,” she whimpered.

She felt his arms wrap around her sweat-soaked body. He managed to restrict the movement in her arms while she was in his embrace. His upper body was pressed against her back and he supplied her smaller form with all of his weight. She ended up giving under to the heavy pressure and she was now pressed against the couch’s cushion. She had one side of her face lying against the cushion and the other side pressed against the face of Kendrick. In this odd and constricting position, she felt his body’s act of trembling. She knew that the tremors were the emotion of happiness personified. She knew that she ‘made his day’ with her decision of staying in his home.

“I love you,” she whispered.

Suddenly, she felt her cunt being split open by his hard and heavy cock. Once sheathed, he remained still. She assumed that he was relishing the sensation that her pussy was giving him. She also assumed that he was savoring this moment that was taking place. He was still for a moment, for a few minutes.

“I love you,” Kendrick whimpered into her ear before his cock withdrew from her tight channel. Then he began to move.

“I love you,” she cried out.

Kendrick had gone into an upright position while thrusting, bringing Rain with him. He changed his arms’ positions. He wrapped his left arm around her small waist while his right arm was slightly prone at his side. His right hand clutched her right hip. Her arms lifted in the air and were leisurely wrapped around his thick neck. In this position, Kendrick pressed his face into the deep slope that was in the left side of his neck.

“I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you…” she chanted as she was a recipient of his strong thrusts. In this position, his cock was buried deep inside of her womb. It was an intense feeling. Rain’s vision blurred as the tears fell from her eyes.

Rain felt his body go rigid. His hips started sprouting out erratic thrusts. He bellowed out a loud groan. He applied all of his weight on her back. She buckled under the weight and ended up resting her upper body against the cushion. She didn’t mind the extra weight. She enjoyed the feeling. She didn’t cum, but she didn’t care. She was happy that he was satisfied.

“I love you,” Kendrick whispered into her ear.

With a tilt of his hips, he pulled his prick out of her. She felt the copious amounts of cum spilled out of her and travel down her thighs. She thought about the condition of the area rug. She shifted her weight to each of her knees as she glared down at the floor.

“What’s wrong, baby?” he asked her.

“Your rug,” she answered.

He chuckled. “What about the rug?”

“I am going to ruin your rug,” she told him. She tried to stand up but she couldn’t move at all because Kendrick was still pressed against her. “Kendrick, get up please or at least move out of the way!” she giggled. He let out a groan of disappointment. He ended up moving away from her and settling on the couch. She made a slight movement and there was an ache in her knees. “Ow, shit” she muttered. She felt Kendrick grab her wrist and helped her to her feet. She was able to stand on her feet for a millisecond before she ended up collapsing on the couch. There was no strength inside of her legs. “Just give me a moment,” she giggled.

Kendrick laughed at her. He gave her a kiss before getting up himself. “I’ll be right back,” he announced before leaving the living room. He heard Rain shout “Come back soon” at his retreating form. He chuckled low underneath his voice. He ended up going to his bedroom and to his master bathroom. He procured a washcloth and wet the fabric. Once his task was finished, he returned to the living room.

He returned to the living room, where he found Rain asleep on the couch. She was lying on her left side and was curled into a fetal position. Her arms were folded and tucked close to her body. He took note of the slight smile that graced her lovely lips. He felt his heart raced. He thought she looked beautiful at that moment. He kneeled on the floor, in front of her sleeping body. He gave her a kiss on her forehead.

“I’m not sleepy,” her speech was slurred.

“I can see that, Pookie” he said to her. He heard Rain give out a lazy laugh. He caressed her right thigh. “Can you sit up for me please?”

He watched her gradually leave out of her prone position and sit up. She was now sitting upright on the couch and each of her calves was brushing against his arms. He proceeded to use the wet washcloth and clean Rain. He ran the wet washcloth in between her thighs. She flinched and hissed.

“Are you hurt?” he asked, feeling concerned.

“No, it’s more like I am sore…” she informed him. “Pookie,” she giggled.

Kendrick smirked. “All right, I want to make sure, Sugar Bum.”

Rain smiled. “If I am hurt, I’ll let you know, Sweet Dick,” she stated with a smile on her face.

“That’s good to know,” he told her. “I like to make sure that my baby and my Dick Mitten down there are okay—

Rain broke out in raucous laughter. She laughed so hard that she let out wheezing gasp. There were tears rolling down her face and she clutched her stomach. She lied back down on the cushion.

“Okay, okay, you’ve won that battle!”


The sounds of wind chimes singing was the source that pulled Kendrick from his sleep. He opened one cornflower eye and surveyed his bedroom. He listened to the noise. As he lied in his bed, he did a half-assed search for the source. He discovered the source, which was Rain’s cell phone. He slipped out of his bed and walked around to the other side of the bed. He walked up to the nightstand, where he phone was located. He answered the call.

“Hello,” Kendrick had spoken into the phone. His voice was raw.

“Good morning, I am calling from the Triple-A. I am looking for Rain Hadley,” said the man.

“I am her husband,” Kendrick stated so causally. Referring to Rain as his wife gave him a thrill.

“Hello, Mr. Hadley…”

Hearing the address caused Kendrick to smile in glee from hearing the Triple-A’s employee unknowing snafu.

“… I am calling because I am on my way to your home to pick up your wife’s vehicle. Being that my shop is in Logan and you’re at the Snow Crest Resort, which is in Parks, it is going to take me close to two hours to get there,” the driver notified him.

“Mmm-hmm,” his eyes drifted to the sleeping beauty that was lying in the bed. He smiled at the acknowledgement that she was his woman. “…well, there is no rush from our behalf so take your time,” Kendrick informed him.

“Before I can take the car, I need for your wife to take out any valuables out of the car. Plus, I need some other things…”

Kendrick and the tow truck driver converse for a few more minutes. After his conversation, Kendrick had prepared for his day. He recalled the events that occurred earlier that day as he did his morning rituals. Everything that occurred during the wee hours of that morning was things that he has fantasized about since his teen years. He had been in like, in love, in lust and everything in between with Rain since he was a kid. He has been amazed by her for a long time, even during the times when she wasn’t nice to him. When she felt sad and hurt, so did he. When she was happy, so was he. He loved her. Even his parents had known, which was why they had given Kendrick their blessings after he told them about his plans for this week. His parents, then, told him to bring Rain to their house so they could celebrate.

Kendrick entered his closet, after his time in the bathroom. He walked over to the ceiling-to-floor length, shoe organizer. He scanned the shelves in search for a particular pair of shoes. He found the pair, a pair of polished wing-tip shoes. They were residing in a shelf that was located in the middle of the litany of stacked shelves. He reached into the cubby hole and produced a small, blue box. He opened the box and peered at the content that was inside. He stared at the diamond engagement ring. He bought the ring, a month ago. When he bought the ring, he knew that he was going to reveal his secrets to Rain, during her vacation. At the time, he hoped that she wasn’t going to hate him. He also hoped that she wouldn’t dislike the ring.

‘I really hope she doesn’t hate the ring,’ he concluded as closed the case.

According to his mother and to the jeweler that had shown Kendrick this ring, it was perfect and it appealed to every woman. The band was made from white gold. There were nineteen emerald-cut diamonds that were embedded in the band. There were three larger, emerald-cut diamonds in the center of the band. The largest diamond out of the trio was set in the middle while the two smallest were accompanying the sides. Inside of the band, there is an engraving. He read the inscription.

“From the 55 year-old, middle school teacher,” he muttered. He laughed.

He trekked back into his bedroom. He dressed into a pair of black jeans, a pair of his boots and a long-sleeved sweater. He stood by Rain’s bed side. He gazed down at her as she slept. She was naked and was hardly covered by the blanket and the sheets that were on the bed. Her curvy and lust-inspiring body was on display. His dick fattened with arousal as he gazed down at her. He adjusted himself. He crawled onto the bed and lied next to her. He had taken his index finger and gently swiped at the bridge of her nose. She let out a sigh and brushed at her face. He repeated his action. She scratched at her nose. He laughed softly.

“Wake up, sleepy-head” he spoke softly.

Rain let out a moan and then a grunt. She rolled onto her back and grunted loudly as she stretched her limbs. She rolled onto her left side. She opened her eyes and stared at him. A smile graced her mouth.

“Good morning, what’s up Pookie?” she said softly.

“Well, Dick Mittens—

Her laughter interrupted his statement. She stopped laughing and gazed at him. “It’s Dick Mitten, not Mittens,” she corrected him.

“Sorry, Dick Mitten, you need to get up. The tow truck driver is on his way—

“Oh” she gasped. She sat upright and then she rapidly slipped out of the bed. “What time did he call? How long is he going to be? Did he say that he was going to be long?” She ran to the other side of the room and entered the closet.

Rain entered the closet and ran over to where she had arranged her clothes. She let out a sigh of relief. She silently thanked herself for unpacking her clothes during one of their breaks. Opening up different drawers, she pulled out different items of clothes. As she dressed, she thought about the events that occurred during the previous hours.

After their sexual interlude that happened in the living room, Kendrick and Rain had traveled to his bedroom along with her luggage. They ended up spending a few hours talking and making love before falling asleep. They woke up a few hours later to the sound of the front door slamming shut. She assumed that it was the housemates returning after their club-hopping excursion. Then, she fell asleep again.

Rain thought about Kendrick. Her heart felt like it was slamming against her chest. She knew that she was in love with him. She admitted to herself that it felt slightly weird to think of Kendrick as being EvilKidKneeVeil57. But, she knew as long as she was around him, she’ll be all right.

After getting dressed, Rain left the walk-in closet and entered the bedroom. Kendrick was in the process of making the king-sized bed. She sat on the edge of the mattress. She slipped her pair of Timberland boots on her feet.

“Did they tell you what time that they would be here?” she asked, as she bent over to tie the laces on her shoes.

“In two hours” was Kendrick’s answer.

Rain glanced over her left shoulder to stare at her boyfriend. “In two hours, why did you wake me up, if they were going to be here in two hours? We could’ve been sleeping right now. Or… We could’ve been doing… You know,” she suggested.

Kendrick smiled. He stacked the pillows on the bed. “I woke you up for a couple of reasons. One, I thought you might want to get up early so you can get dress and shower. I thought that you wouldn’t have been too happy handling your business with bed hair and morning breath.” He made sure that the corners of the blanket and the sheets were equally tucked. “And two: I wanted for you to be awake, so I could ask you a question…” Rain noticed Kendrick nod his head towards the foot of the bed.

She turned her attention to the direction that he was nodding. She saw an object sitting in the middle of the bed. The object was a navy-colored, velvet box that was suitable for a ring. The box was opened. Inside of the box, there was a diamond ring.

‘Oh my…’ her brain managed to speak.

Rain stared at Kendrick. He was still standing at the side of the bed. He was watching her. His blue eyes was focused intently on her. His arms were folded across his broad chest. His bottom lip was tucked inside of his mouth, which made his dimples more pronounced.

“Kendrick,” she sighed.

“Rain, I have a question to ask you.”


Rain stood in the doorway of the front door. She was watching two men chat in the driveway. One man was the two truck driver and the other man was her fiancée. She said yes to his marriage proposal. She knew that they will be hurdles for the both of them. She was aware that her family and her friends are not going to be happy about her sudden engagement. But, she will face each challenge head on.

Rain walked further into the foyer. She was now cold. She walked to the kitchen, where she made two cups of coffee. Grabbing one cup of coffee, she sat at the island counter. As she savored the taste of Columbian Roast, she saw Elena and Cody enter the kitchen. She watched Elena’s eyes widen and joy erupt on her face.

“Rain, you’re here!” she shrieked. The woman ran over to Rain and gave the woman a fierce hug. “I’m happy that you decided to stay! Yay, I am so happy—

“Elena, baby, let her go!” laughed Cody. “You’re about to suffocate her!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Elena apologized to Rain. She released Rain from her tight grip.

“I am glad to see that you’ve decided to stay. Is there any more coffee?” asked Cody.

Rain gave him the cup that she made for Kendrick. Cody gave her a short ‘thanks’ before taking a seat on a bar stool that was on the other side of the island counter. Elena had walked over to the location of the coffee machine.

“So where is the Wild Boy? You didn’t kill him last night, did you?” Cody asked Rain with a smirk on his face.

“No, I didn’t kill him,” she chuckled. She had taken a sip of her coffee. “He’s outside speaking to the tow truck driver who is here to take my car.”

“Speaking of which, what happened to your car?” asked Elena.

“Kendrick slashed the tires,” Rain informed the both of them.

Cody did a genuine spit-take with his hot beverage and it caused both women to laugh at him. Before any one of them could ask for more information, Rain explained the situation to the couple.

“Wow, he really loves you,” stated Cody sarcastically, which caused Rain to throw a wadded-up napkin at him. He laughed at her and then tossed the same balled up napkin at her.

All of a sudden, a high-pitched scream ripped through the kitchen. The outburst caused both Cody and Rain to spill their coffee.


“What in the hell is wrong?” Cody muttered.

Rain left her seat and walked over to the sink, where a dry dish towel was located over the sink. She grabbed the towel and traveled back to the island countertop. She proceeded to clean up the mess.

Cody stared at his girlfriend. “Elena, what in the hell is wrong with you, woman?”

Elena was jumping up and down. Her olive toned face was flushed with a blush. There was a broad smile on her face. She was pointing at Rain, in particular to her left hand. Rain knew what she was pointing at. She glanced down at her hand.

“Oh,” she muttered as she glanced down at her engagement ring.

“Oh my God, did he propose to you, Rain?” shouted Elena.

Rain stared at Elena and gave her a smile. “Yes,” she answered with a head nod.

Elena let out a squeal and ran over to where she was sitting. Once again, she placed Rain in a tight hug. Both women laughed. They began to chatter about the moment when Kendrick proposed. Cody just rolled his eyes and continued to drink his coffee.

“Congratulations, Rain” Cody told her. “And by the way…” Both women stared at Cody. “… Ever since it is Wild Boy who is really the ass-kicking Marine, I know that I can kick his ass!”

“Whose ass is Cody is pretending that he can kick?”

Everyone turned to the doorway to see Iggy walking into the kitchen. Cody pursed his lips and then rolled his eyes. Iggy walked to the coffee maker and made a cup of coffee.

“Wild Boy and Rain are engaged!” announced Elena to Iggy.

“Jesus, Elena” Cody said to her. “Maybe Rain wanted to tell him,” Cody said to his girlfriend.

Elena realized her snafu. She cupped her hands over her mouth. “Oh, I’m sorry, Rain.”

“It’s all right, Elena. Iggy already knows about it,” Rain notified her. “Kendrick told me about a chat that happened last night on the balcony,” Rain informed Iggy, after he gave her a questionable look. He gave her a smirk. He walked over to Rain and placed his arm on her shoulders, in an embrace.

“I think that I might have to have a talk with my friend. He is breaking all kinds of Man Codes by discussing our private conversations with you,” Iggy quipped.

“Whatever you say, Esteban!” she said to him. He gave her ponytail a gentle tug.

“Ow! I am glad to know that you haven’t change since our days in pre-school!” She punched him on his arm. Everyone laughed.

Eventually the two men left the kitchen, leaving the women alone in the kitchen. They proceeded to converse.

“So, you’re moving to Colorado?” Elena asked.

“Yes,” Rain said to her. “I already know that I am going to miss my home, my job, my friends, my family and other things, but I am not regretting anything. When I first saw the ring…” Rain made a glimpse at the item. “… I did become scared. But then, I realized that was my cowardice speaking to me. I love Kendrick too much. I know that we should take it slow and make our engagement a two-year thing, but I don’t think we can. This morning, we decided that it should take me about two months to be able to handle my business in New York…” Rain had taken a sip of coffee. “He wants to start making some babies,” she giggled. “I told him… You know what, right now I am babbling like a fool. I need to shut up.”

The women laughed.

“Despite your babbling, I do think that you are making sense,” Elena interjected.

“Thank you. I tried my best,” Rain stated in a giggle.

“So, have you discussed about starting a family?”

“Somewhat, we made a few references to becoming parents. He wants to fill this house up with kids—

“This place has twelve bedrooms though. He plans on keeping your oven full,” joked Elena.

Rain giggled. “Yes, it is his fantasy. I had to tell him that we can compromise on that baby thing. I want to have some babies, but I don’t want to create an entire football team!” Both women laughed.

“Did you tell Carol, your sister, about the engagement?” asked Elena.

“Yes, I did tell her and she was shocked. Then, her shock gave away and then she was amused, once I told her who EvilKidKneeVeil was. Then she became super excited.”

The women continued to chatter. The latest conversation is temporarily halted when Georgina, Delilah, Joshua and Iris enter the kitchen. The two groups of people briefly glance at each other. The group of four friends strolled across the kitchen and sat at the eating table.

Elena and Rain resumed talking.

“Are you going to let your future sister-in-law in on the great news?” Elena asked in a soft voice.

“Now, where’s the fun in announcing that news. I prefer that she learned about it through an ordinary conversation,” Rain notified her newfound friend. Rain gave a smirk and then a wink.

“Oh, I am soooooo tired,” Georgina obnoxiously announced.

Elena glanced over her right shoulder. “Thanks for the update,” she said to Georgina. “Here’s a tip: go back to bed.”

Georgina chose to ignore Elena. “Mmmm, Delilah, what should we do today? Oooh, I know what we should do? We should go back to the Gucci store. I saw a great dress in there. It would look sexy on you—

“Hey, um, Georgina…” Joshua stated with apprehension. “Don’t you think that you should be saving up your money, ever since Wild Boy has tossed you out of his place?”

Georgina let out a giggle. “Joshua, did you honestly believe what Wild Boy said last night? He was bluffing. He did it to show face in front of his friends. Don’t worry, I am going back to my townhouse and I am still going to live my life.”

“Keep on believing that lie, Georgina. You’re going to be shock as hell, when you return home.”

Everyone stared at the kitchen’s entryway.

Kendrick stood in the doorway for a second. He was glaring at his sister. He hated seeing the smug expression on her face. He wanted to wipe that look off of her face and make her eat a large slice of humble pie.

“I’ve already called dad and he begrudgingly is allowing you to move back into their house. But, he stated that you have a three-month deadline to get your shit together,” he reported to his sister as he walked further into the kitchen.

“Bullshit, I know that you’re bluffing,” stated Georgina.

“Yeah, I can tell that he’s lying,” added Delilah.

“And I can smell a gold-digging, skank too,” Kendrick declared. “If you two don’t believe me, Georgina can call our dad. He’ll tell you the same thing. If you don’t want…” Kendrick walked over to the island counter. He stood behind Rain and placed his arms around her, in an embrace. “… To stay with mom and dad, then you can stay with Aunt Johnny and Uncle Jackie. But, I don’t think that you will like living in the boondocks in Upstate.”

Kendrick glared at Delilah.

“I advise you to keep away from there, Delilah. If my Aunt Johnny thinks that you are flirting with her husband, you will be taking buckshot out of your bony ass,” he warned her.

Delilah flicked her middle finger at him. He gave his sister’s friend a smile, as a reply. Then he turned his attention to his fiancée. He pressed his lips against her left temple as a sign of a kiss.

“Hey baby” he greeted her.

Rain’s breathing quickened once she felt his soft lips. She glanced up at her love. She smiled at him. “I love you,” she told him.

He smiled and gave her another kiss. He whispered his love in her ear. As he spoke to her, Rain trained her eyes on Iris, who was sitting across the room and was witnessing her interaction with Kendrick. She watched the smug smile that she entered the kitchen with on her face disappear. Her pretty, fair-skinned face had gone paler. Her blue eyes were widened with shock at first and then they have gone glossy with unshed tears. She was devastated.

Afterwards, Rain glanced at Elena, who was staring at her. The two exchanged looks with each other. Elena had peered over her right shoulder and stared at Iris. She stared at the woman for a few seconds before re-focusing on Rain. She noticed that there was a mischievous glint in the Irish woman’s eyes.

Rain felt Kendrick massage her shoulders. He gave her another kiss, but this one was planted on her cheek. She giggled. She glanced up at him. “What are you doing? Are you returning the favor?” she said to him, feeling amused.

Kendrick laughed. “I would love to give you a massage. But, I have some other plans for you tonight. We’re going out tonight.”

“Oh really, where are we going?”

“Someplace nice and you are going to have to put that dress back on—

“Oh, so you did like my dress?”

Kendrick unexpectedly let out a high-pitched giggle, which earned a chortle from Rain. The laughter ended with the lovers kissing.

“Awww, look at the happy couple! You guys are only engaged and you’re acting like newlyweds!” Elena said enthusiastically while being obnoxious. Rain and Kendrick stared at Elena with intrigue. She smiled in response.

“YOU’RE ENGAGED!” Georgina roared.

Everyone stared at the woman. The eyes left off of Georgina briefly to glare at Iris, who ran out of the kitchen while trying to control her sobs. Joshua chased after her.


“It’s simple: a man gets down on one of his knees and then asks a woman to marry him?” stated Cody as he entered the kitchen.

“Shut up, Cody! You two—

“Georgina, can you just shut up please?” Iggy said to her as he strolled past the table. He walked over to the other side of the room and leaned up against the wall. “I had to hear your nonsensical, gullible and incessant pestering all throughout the night. So, shut up!”

Georgina glared at Iggy and then sat down quietly.

“Rain, we have to go now,” Kendrick announced to her.

“Alright,” she said as she stood up from the stool.

“Alright guys, Rain and I are going into town to get her car fix. We’ll be back in a few hours. As for tonight, don’t make any plans because we are going out tonight to celebrate,” Kendrick announced to his friends. The kitchen was filled with applause from Iggy, Cody and Elena while Georgina and Delilah just silently fumed.

Kendrick turned his attention to Rain. “Are you ready, beautiful?”

Rain stared at Kendrick. In a span of a second, she imagined that his face was going to be the one that she would be seeing as she experience her important milestones. His handsome face was going to be the object that she would focus on as she marches down the church’s aisle on her way to the altar. His face would be one of the first things that she was going to see after she wakes up in the morning. Kendrick’s face was going to one that she was going to look for, after she brings their children into the world. She also knew that his face was going to the one that was going to be by her side throughout the years. She knew that his face was going to change, as well as her face, as they become older. But, Rain knew that it was going to be the same man that she will love forever.

She smiled at Kendrick and then gave him a kiss.

The original ‘A Night Lost,’ was the fantasy, longing for the woman I never thought I’d have. Now I have this story. A story that lays in the perfect mix of the truth of a night and the desperation of fantasy and need. Comments/votes always appreciated. Enjoy.

My fingers trailed her bare back, tracing obscure patterns as they searched her tender muscles. Seeking….well, it is hard to say what they were seeking. Saying knots would over-simplify it. Tension, certainly. I suppose it was mostly really seeking a reaction. The telltale signs: a sharp intake of breath, a slight shiver, or the tightening of a muscle… Really, anything that confirmed where the attention was required. It sounds deceptively simple, doesn’t it? Hmm. How deceiving that false simplicity is.

And there it was. A small, tight knot…not on her back, but her right shoulder. Always, without fail, the right shoulder needed attention. Her body lightly quaked as my thumb ran over it. I started by gently circling the sore tissue around the knot. Her body responded readily enough, arm and shoulder going slightly limp in turn. As I varied the pressure, remaining relatively gentle, a soft sound of relaxation and pleasure issued forth from her lips (those succulent, tempting lips…). The muscles loosened slowly, but only by the slightest of amounts. Clearly, more pressure would be required. To warn her or not… No, she’d tense up more in anticipation. And so, without a word of warning, I pressed my thumb against the knot itself with nearly all the force I could muster. She breathed in sharply, winced, even gave out a brief whimper of pain. But…I knew two things. First, that pain would ease into relief as my fingers converted firm pressure into tender attention. Second…she found arousal in that pain. Predictably, before long pain had transitioned into relaxation. She nearly purred as the shift took place. Alas, my fingers went back to work along her back, pausing briefly as slight tensions were found.

“Thank you, Chris…” Her voice was soft and serene as she found comfort and pleasure from her common discomforts.

“Mmhmm, Janet. Nothing to thank me for, dear…” And…hmm, I meant it. Her comfort, her pleasure…and the occasional, albeit brief, opportunities to steal a view of her breasts were more reward than I needed or deserved.

“I’m sure you have things you’d rather be doing, and your hands must hurt after such efforts.” Her voice was…lyrical, almost. Or maybe she just played my emotions like an instrument, instead…and played every one of them so well.

“I live to ease your pain and provide what limited comforts and pleasures I can for you, oh Goddess of my Idolatry…” Forgive the literary interlude… My hands, at this point, traveled from her back to her sides. I leaned down, barely making contact with her still bare back. My lips moved to her ear and, as I whispered into it, my hands cupped her full breasts. “…although, Janet…I can think of other comforts and pleasures I’d prefer to be providing at the moment. Pleasures…for both of us.”

Her head turned to me, without a word. It wore but a simple smirk and stared into my being. Her eyes were….overly expressive. They were dark and alluring, conveying only the pleasure and desire of the moment. How trite is it to say I ‘lost myself in her eyes?’ And yet…I did lose myself in them. They conveyed the only sentiment that needed voice, some balance between lust and love. At least, that’s how it felt to me. They seemed to invite me, to…take what was readily being offered. And I longed for it, for her, beyond any words I have now or may later find.

I barely began massaging and playing with her breasts, but it wasn’t long before she turned over and showed herself to me. How can I describe her? Her…magnificence lay before me. Naught but a thong stood between me and the object of my respective desires. My hands instinctively reached for the edges of her panties, and her legs and hips lifted readily enough to grant access. Moments later, her last piece of clothing lay cast to the side in some lonely corner of the room. Her body was finally exposed to me, and mine for the taking.

Do you remember her, from my previous fantasy? Ah…a fantasy years in the making, but hopelessly out of date. The temptress of my dreams is Asian, dark hair barely gracing her shoulders and with the slightest strands of red highlights. Her eyes are dark and somehow always seem to cast meaningful glances, withholding some secret any around her would desperately seek. Her body…was breath-taking. She wasn’t anorexic, but she was far from overweight at the same time. Her breasts were…large, and temptation-inspiring. Full D cups gracing her otherwise short and slim form. Her ass had a generous curve to it, and her legs were a privilege to touch.

…but this was no fantasy. She lay before me, nothing between us but my own inhibitions. I wish I could say I ravaged her, to use antiquated terminology…but I cannot. Or, rather, not initially. I acted slowly, maybe…testing the waters, so to speak. I caressed her body first, fondling and enjoying every inch that had been, at last, exposed to me. My lips fell to her dark nipples, suckling softly before raising the attention to desperate, rough grasps and harsh, barely-there bites that seemed to drive her wild. My hands fell to her ass, squeezing and handling the lovely flesh that awaited my touch.

And then…she stopped. She pulled away, laid down on my lap, and beckoned me to spank her. Her eyes were rife with the dark allure I referenced previously. It was…a richer desire, unmatched and unchallenged in its lust. She lay across my lap, her subtle ass awaiting my touch. Do you wonder what thoughts flashed through my mind? Let me share… All I could think of or imagine was how strong her desire must have been to present herself so readily. And, so, I raised my hand and landed a rough blow on her ass. I wanted to hold back…but I can’t say I did. Something about how readily it was offered encouraged me to strike harder. Her body tensed and she drew a deep breath, but as she released the same breath…well…near ecstasy could be heard in her release. And, for my part, I couldn’t desire her more.

As she reacted with lust to my spanking her so readily, I proceeded unabated. Her pussy…I cannot describe how wet she was, nor how ready she for my touch. I began to alternate, spanking her with as much force as I could muster, and then fingering her so-ready pussy briefly. Her moans were first filled with longing and desire…but before long they reflected desperation and need. To have her desire me…to need me. Ah, such moments a man lives for.

However, it was she that proceeded unabated. I lacked the force to give voice or lead to my desires. At least…at first, I did. She had me lay back, and at her direction I was happy to do so. She mounted me…did those words truly fit? Would those be the right terms? At first, at least, she didn’t allow for penetration. Her pussy lay along my cock, and she readily shivered as she rubbed it along my length… She demanded control, and proudly announced her wetness to the silence of the room. Her body convulsed and shook as she continued to grind her warmth and wetness into me…but then, all too soon, she was climbing off.

As she climbed off, she spread her legs wide and fingered her pussy before me. She seemed to want to give me a show, to have her world open to me as she came. And…hmm, at first I was tempted to let her proceed. To let her bring herself to the ecstasy of orgasm as I drooled over every inch of her body and being. But such thoughts only lasted briefly. As much as my own doubts and insecurities motivated me to watch her in her lust and glory, something else stirred me to action. Her body was the subject of years of dormant desire and need, and something spurred me to act with the confidence of years of lust with inaction.

My hands found her thighs and spread her legs even farther apart than they already were. Her pussy practically glistened, awaiting my touch. As I entered her, she moaned…not like any moan before. This wasn’t a moan of longing or need, but of satiation. Her head fell to my neck as I thrust into her with desperate, carnal need. Her moans continued even as her teeth fell to my neck. She bit my neck lightly at first, but before long her bites were painful and nearly drew blood. And…I barely cared or noticed. Her warmth and wetness surrounded my cock, erasing anything else in the world from my attention. I was tempted to grasp her full, tempting breasts, but I didn’t. Instead I wrapped my arms around her body, pulling her close to me. As our bodies lie together and my thrusts became more desperate and needy, her lips left my neck with the slightest taste of blood from their ravaging. She began to cum for me in a way I lack the words to express. The tightening of her pussy and the desperate, throaty nature of her moans inspired my orgasm in turn. Whether she was on the pill or not didn’t matter at that moment. All that mattered was our orgasms were together, and her body was next to my own. If only for this one moment, my goddess was, truly, mine.

A few years ago, a friend of mine was renting a flat in a small village in the Midlands, which he and another friend used when they were called to work in the locality.

One weekend my wife and myself had agreed to borrow the flat for a few days away. Before going to the flat we had agreed that it would be an ideal chance to engage in our favourite hobby; that being exhibitionism, with the occasional spot of sex with one or more strangers thrown in for good measure.

Whilst driving to the flat my wife removed her underpants, stating ” I don’t think I’ll be needing these this weekend”. It turned out that she hadn’t brought any other pairs with her anyway, that always being her intention.

She was wearing a short summer skirt, and a vest top which had buttons down the front. Apart from when we went out to pubs in the evening, she wore these clothes for the whole weekend, they being suitable for the purpose in mind.

As I drove along, she adjusted her seat to enable her to recline back comfortably, enabling her skirt to ride up her legs a little, which allowed her shaved pussy to be clearly seen, also undoing some buttons to help her tits almost to burst out of her top. She has gorgeous tits, with beautiful long nipples which let you see immediately when my wife is aroused, as they poke out proudly, either pushing obviously against the thin material of her vest, or thrusting around the edges of the material, to escape defiantly from cover.

When my wife is showing herself to me, or anyone else for that matter, she becomes obviously aroused, with her nipples bursting through or out of their cover, and her pussy lips open of their own volition, becoming clearly wet, puffy, and engorged with blood. This is truly a beautiful sight to behold, and one that thrills me every time to my core, and seemingly does the same to everyone else that has had the pleasure of seeing her thus.

I could never tire of ,or become complacent with, the sight of my wife exposed and excited in this manner, and cannot understand the views of the people that find fault with actions such as ours. Nevertheless I believe that we should all follow our own beliefs, and as someone once said, ” Each to his own”.

Anyway, we arrived duly at the flat, picked up the keys from a neighbour as arranged, put our luggage inside, and went back out again to explore the village.

You can more or less walk around the village in a circle, it consisting of possibly fifty or so houses, a small shop/ post office, a church with graveyard, two pubs and a shop which sold beds of all things.

We first of all decided to visit one of the pubs. We bought some drinks, and sat in a room to the rear, we being the only people in that room, there being about three others in the public bar. Whist in that rear room, my wife started to expose her breasts to me, by undoing most of the buttons on her top. I fondled her breasts whilst kissing her, and was enjoying her rubbing my erection through my trousers.

She said to me ” Why don’t you go and remove your pants? I’ll be able to see your cock better and feel it better.” This prompted me to go to the loo and do that; hiding my erection on the way back with my hand in my pocket, until I was back in the rear room with my wife. My wife by now had allowed her already short skirt to ride up her legs ,until her pussy was once again on show. We sat in that room for quite some time, quietly having a few drinks, fondling each other to our hearts’ content. I was feeling her breasts, then caressing her pussy, then fingering her to an orgasm; whilst she at one time had unzipped my trousers, released my cock, and stroked and sucked me until I too came, she swallowing my come with ease.

When we had tidied ourselves up a bit, we went out into the bar to get another drink each, both of us sitting on stools by the bar, and having a brief chat with two locals, who sat at a table by the window. My wife by now was only showing shall we say ” more than a usual amount” of cleavage which seemed to keep the two local guys amused. When we finished our drinks we said our goodbyes, and I noticed that as my wife slid off the bar stool, she made sure her legs opened quite wide, giving the goggle-eyed locals a view and a thrill I’m sure they’d never forget.

We walked around the village until we came to the shop/post office, which we looked around, and found that they sold “top shelf” magazines which I’ve always enjoyed for titillation purposes. My wife and I purchased two magazines and left the shop to return to the flat to shower and change.

On the way back to the flat my wife was allowing her skirt to ride up her legs until you could almost see her pussy lips showing as she walked, and her tits were also overflowing her top.

A man was walking towards us on the same pavement and I said quietly ” Give him a good look, and ask him for a light or something”. My wife quickly removed a cigarette from her handbag and walked up to this person and did just that; the expression on his face was priceless.

He was obviously aware that this woman walking towards him was wearing a ridiculously short skirt, but when she leaned in towards him for a light and her tits were almost in his face, he didn’t know where to look first. He managed to get a good eyeful though, in fact couldn’t really avoid it. As my wife and I walked away, all she said was ” Nice!”

We got back to the flat and decided to have a quick read of the magazines. We sat opposite each other in the living room, both in easy chairs. We took it in turns whilst looking at the photographs inside, to read out to each other stories from the “Readers’ Wives stories.”

Soon it was obvious that we were both turned on by the stories, especially the ones involving women “flashing” to others. My wife slowly raised each of her legs to rest on the arms of the chair, unbuttoned her vest totally, and started to rub and caress her pussy, working the wetness around, before dipping her fingers into her by now soaking wet cunt. I in turn removed all my clothes , and spreading my legs wide, started masturbating.

I must say, that was a truly enjoyable wank!

We were both masturbating ,listening to each other relating stories of women showing their cunts to other men, whilst enjoying seeing each other obviously excited, wanking to, and for, each other. In next to no time we both had wonderful orgasms, me sending jets of come over my chest and stomach up to my chin; my wife exploding noisily, sending a spray of come out over the carpet in front of her, her hand a blur, wanking and rubbing, spraying out freely from her wide open cunt.

After relaxing a short while, we went to lay on the bed for a while, just gently touching each other, falling asleep in each others’ arms .

When we woke, it was time to shower and change, before going out for the evening. We decided to try the other pub in the village, where we found they were holding a general knowledge quiz, something we both enjoy. My wife was wearing a long summer dress, no knickers or bra, and I a summer shirt and trousers , again with no underpants, concealing my erection as usual with my hand when necessary. The evening went quietly, with nothing sexual taking place.

When we left the pub at closing time, we walked in the opposite direction to the flat, intending to enjoy ourselves in some fashion before retiring. At one point we entered an old fashioned telephone box, and whilst huddled up close, pretended to use the ‘phone. I undid the buttons on my wife’s dress and fingered her for at least fifteen minutes, she pretending to talk into the receiver whilst exploding come down her legs.

After leaving the phone box, we walked into the churchyard and ended up fucking on top of a crypt, or whatever it is called. A large, stone, box-like thing. This is something we’d read of others doing in magazine stories, but hadn’t thought we’d ever be able to replicate. We both enjoyed fucking like this. Me with my trousers down to my ankles, my wife’s dress totally undone, her lying on her back, legs in the air, both of us banging away for all we’re worth, until noisily cumming together, not aware or afraid of how much noise we made. A really lovely spur of the moment fuck.

A short while later, on our way back to the flat, my wife only had about two buttons fastened, enabling me free access to her body; tits, cunt and arse all felt and probed whilst walking. This is a common thing for us to do when walking home from a pub when at home, and something we both totally enjoy.

When we reached the flat, we had a last vodka and tonic, and went into the bedroom, originally intending to go to bed. As I went to close the curtains, all I could see from the window was the plain wall of the building opposite to ours, and a doorway that looked as if it wasn’t in use any longer. A thought came into my head, prompting me to say to my wife, “I think I’d like to watch you undressing, but from a distance.”

Whilst the majority of my ogling my wife’s body takes place up close, maybe six to ten feet away, I also love to look at her exposing herself at a longer distance, possibly me pretending that I’m seeing her as a stranger would.

This resulted in me going outside, crossing the road, and watching my wife from the darkness of the disused doorway.

When I was in place, my wife stood in front of the bedroom window, then raised the sash window as high as possible, not for it to impede my view at all. She then started to sway to imaginary music, at the same time slowly rubbing herself through her dress firstly, then sliding her hands inside the dress, first to caress and squeeze her breasts, then parting the lower portion of the dress, enabling her to rub her pussy with one hand, whilst holding the dress open with the other.

This was fantastic, but I found the room too dark to see as much as I’d like, so I motioned up to her, after catching her eye, to switch on the light in the room. She paused momentarily at that, before recommencing her sexual dance with the light now on. This was much better. I had now released my rampant cock from my trousers and was slowly pulling on it, as my wife started to then undo slowly all the buttons on her dress, still caressing herself with obvious enjoyment. With her dress now hanging off her shoulders, she walked up close to the window, then placed one foot on the sill, thereby opening her legs wide, giving a glorious view of her soaking wet cunt, as she plunged one then two fingers into it, fingering herself into a blissful state.

When she suddenly stopped, and walked away from the window, I thought maybe someone was approaching me, or something else was wrong, but she soon reappeared, holding her favourite vibrator. She resumed her previous stance, and I swear I could see a sheen on the tops of her legs against the light, where her juices had run down her legs.

She resumed her masturbation with renewed vigour; at first rubbing the vibrator between her soaked cunt lips; occasionally pausing over her clitoris, for the added enjoyment the vibrations there gave her, before plunging her favourite sex aid deep within her cunt, then rapidly wanking herself into a frenzy, coming in torrents down her legs, while I also wanked myself to a lovely orgasm, shooting my load over the wall and floor of the doorway. To see my wife perform in this way, with the lights on, in full view in the window, was a truly magnificent sight, and one I will always treasure.

After wiping myself, I returned to the flat, where my wife was lying spent on the bed. Her dress being fully open, her legs apart, her cunt fully engorged in plain view, I couldn’t stop myself from kneeling down between her legs and slowly start kissing, then licking her wide open cunt, which in almost no time at all resulted in another glorious orgasm for her. Are we all jealous of the number of orgasms a woman can experience in one evening? I imagine so.

The evening had ended in an extremely enjoyable session for us both, and we went to sleep in each others arms, whilst quietly telling each other how much we’d enjoyed what had taken place.

The next day we spent driving around a few of the nearby villages, sampling a drink or two in some small country pubs; my wife sampling more than me partly because of me driving, partly because of how alcohol accelerates my wife losing her few remaining inhibitions.

On returning to our “home” village, we walked around aimlessly, my wife enjoying the way the breeze was wafting along her pussy under her very short skirt, also causing her nipples to stand out proudly. I was able on occasions to squeeze the cheeks of her backside as we walked, my finger sometimes straying forward between her cheeks to graze against her pussy lips lightly. This ensured that my wife had a permanently wet pussy all the time we walked around, which suited us both.

As we were walking past the bed shop in the village, my wife asked to go in to explore. We did so, and walked around the beds on display for a while before she lay down on one, kicking off her shoes, and raising one knee, allowed me a lovely view of her parted cunt lips. As we have taken advantage in the past of similar photo opportunities, I always used to carry a camera with me (just in case). This seemed an ideal occasion to take a few snaps; so I had just started to take a few lurid photos, when a young salesman seemed to appear from nowhere, immediately asking ” Can I help you?”

Partly I think due to the amount of alcohol my wife had consumed, instead of trying to cover herself up, my wife kept up her open legged pose and replied “That would be nice”. I think I might have tried to bluster my way out of this situation if it hadn’t been for the fact that this young chap had an obvious erection trying to force it’s way out of his trousers. He wasn’t trying to conceal it either, so I quickly realised that he wasn’t totally displeased with my wife displaying her charms in his shop. I smiled at him, and just said ” Feel free”, and nodded towards the bed.

He said ” One minute,” and rushed off to lock the door. On his way back to the bed he removed his jacket and tie before sitting on the edge of the bed. My wife reached out to him, and soon they were zealously kissing and caressing each other. He fingered her cunt until she came over his fingers, whilst she squeezed his cock through his trousers before removing that obstacle.

Whilst they were both busy , I had resumed taking photos, presuming that if he objected, he’d let me know soon enough. He didn’t so I kept on snapping away merrily.

During the next hour or so I took around forty photos which showed the pair in a huge variety of situations and poses. They began with the pair wanking each other, then gradually removing each other’s clothes until both naked, they indulged in a fuck-fest of activity, involving oral and manual stimulation of each others sex organs, including a 69 with my wife on top, pushing her cunt down onto his mouth whilst sucking eagerly away at his formidable erection. They ended up fucking, first standing up by the bed, then lying on it, finally culminating in my wife kneeling on the bed, gripping the brass headboard with all her might, screaming out “Fuck me! Fuck me!” as he pounded his cock into her cunt as hard and fast as he was able; both of them calling out as they shared huge orgasms, both going rigid with the intensity of their feelings.

All of this was captured on my digital camera, and has been viewed by my wife and myself both together and singly to assure orgasms all round. A fantastic reminder of a wonderful afternoon. It turned out that the salesman didn’t have any qualms about joining in or having his photo taken, because he was just doing someone a favour, and watching the shop whilst the owner was at a wedding. Lucky for all involved I think.

After replacing her clothes, my wife and I had a quick chat with the young man, after which my wife gave him a lingering kiss to remember her by, then we slowly walked back to the flat. when there, my wife quickly removed her clothes again, and walked naked around the flat while preparing us both a vodka and tonic. During this period she walked past the open windows without a care, not minding if anyone should happen to look up at the upstairs flat. I followed suit, and stripped, following her into the kitchen to caress her pussy and backside while she prepared the drinks.

We then sat in the lounge, in the same chairs facing each other as the previous day, and started once again to read out the “Readers’ Wives” stories out to each other. Before long I was slowly pulling my rigid cock, listening and watching my wife intently as she rubbed her vibrator along her soaking wet pussy, before pushing it into her open, wet, cunt; to gradually increase her pace, until her hand was ramming the toy into her cunt with abandon, eventually soaking the seat beneath her and a patch of carpet in front of the chair as she came in a large spray of cum juice, the magazine having dropped unnoticed from her hand long before that.

I too had increased the pace of my wanking, watching my wife’s self ministrations, until I also erupted in a great gush of cum which shot over my chest and stomach, even reaching my chin. We both then slumped in the chairs, looked over at each other with beaming smiles. All I could manage to say was ” Wow”, which seemed to sum up the moment.

After finishing our drinks, we again, as the day before, retired to lie on the bed, holding each other, whilst talking about the day’s events so far; especially what had happened in the bed shop. We gradually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When we awoke, we both showered and changed before going out for our last evening in the village.

We decided to visit the first pub we had gone into in the village, the previous day. There were more people in attendance this evening, and we spent some time in the bar initially, occasionally having the odd conversation with a local or two. During this time my wife, who had at least three buttons undone at the top and bottom of her dress, was occasionally putting one of her feet up onto the brass rail along the floor in front of the bar, causing her dress to open down it’s length, showing a lot of her leg. A sight I’m pretty sure was admired by a good few of the locals.

We noticed a group of people leaving the back room, where we had spent yesterday’s enjoyable afternoon, and went into that room to see if there were any vacant seats. There were spare seats, so we sat down on opposite sides of a low coffee table which held our drinks. Every time my wife leaned forward to reach her drink, she showed a formidable amount of cleavage, and allowing her dress to part, was also showing a fair amount of leg.

During the evening, we struck up a conversation with a couple of young men who, it turned out, were reps who were staying at the other end of the village for a few nights. Their looking down my wife’s cleavage became more obvious as the evening went on, and she in turn seemed to have to lean forward more and more as time went by. It was obvious she was enjoying the attention, and was playing up to it, having received the ok from me when the two men had gone to buy us all a round of drinks. She had asked me ” What do you think? Are you up for it? Four in a bed?” This was something we had never tried before, and I instantly decided that I would love to experience it.

” I am if you are.” Was my reply, then the two youngsters returned. Where we were seated, my wife was actually facing the corner of the room, with me opposite her, and the two reps standing, leaning against a fireplace which ran along the wall, which meant that my wife was the only one facing away from the room, us three facing the other people present. Not that that were too many others in the room now as time was getting on.

Chapter 5 – In Too Deep

“Are you guys going to be at the park this year for the hydroplane races and the Blue Angels?” Amber asked Diana and Paul.

Diana shook her head.

“I’m leaving for home next week for the rest of the summer,” she replied.

“Oh shit. That’s right. You’re going home,” Amber replied sadly.

She had forgotten. Although many students, including Johnson, Kathleen, Kyle, and others she knew had families living in the area, and therefore did not need to travel far to visit, Diana’s family lived in New York. She wouldn’t return until the semester started again.

“Aren’t you going home?” Diana asked.

“No. I just don’t feel comfortable. I’ve changed so much, and they are all so conservative. Plus I have my job, and a summer class. Speaking of which, she said, looking at the time on her cell phone, “I’ve got to get going. Ever since I sold my truck I usually have to walk or take the bus everywhere.”

Amber was privately relieved that her job and summer class gave her a good excuse not to go home, although she thought her aunt and uncle who she lived with, were relieved not to spring for a ticket. She would have to buy some more conservative clothes before she went back home. She knew also from her half-sister Jade’s email that they were getting impatient for her to get married. She knew there was no way they would pay for her to go to grad school, and she would need to if she wanted to be a teacher. She still wasn’t sure if that was her road, but it was the only thing she could think of that she really wanted to do.

Johnson was gone. He was actually meeting with Mike Hamilton of Sunshine Communications again, but he had left a note explaining that he was “out meeting with a study group.”

She changed and went to her waitress job. She took the bus downtown. As she road the bus, she missed her Chevy S10 pick-up truck intensely, but driving was no longer an option. She got off the bus on 1st Avenue–the closest the bus came to the restaurant, which was up on 5th Avenue, but she had to walk through the “Red Light District” to get there. The neon lights flashed. She saw pictures of porn movies in the windows.

“Hey baby, looking for a date,” a man asked her as she walked along.

She shook her head and kept walking. She hated walking through this part of town, but didn’t have much choice since her bus stop didn’t take her any closer to her job.

“Hey sweet cheeks, need a better job?”

Any offer of another job always got her attention, since she hated being a waitress.

The offer had come from a man standing by the door of “The Sapphire Lounge”–a strip bar about three blocks from her restaurant. What a difference just a few blocks made in a big city downtown!

“You work at ‘The Dahlia’ up the street, don’t ya? I see you walking by almost every night. Trust me–you’re not getting paid what you’re worth. You could be making a lot more money.”

That was enough for her to at least listen.

“Doing what?” she asked suspiciously.

“Dancing,” he responded.

She was going to peer inside, but had to move out of the way of a couple of young men who paused as the doorman carded them. After they went in, she peered inside the door to the bar inside. Just as she suspected–a strip club!

She watched as a buxom brunette writhed around a pole up on a stage–nude except for a g-string. She stared for a moment–unable to take her eyes away. A hand grabbing her ass made her jump and broke the hypnotic spell. One of the patrons entering the club had just grabbed her ass, possibly thinking she was one of the waitresses.

She smiled at the doorman and shook her head. “I don’t think so. I don’t think my boyfriend would want me working someplace like this.”

“Ha, your boyfriend has probably been here when you were up waiting tables at ‘The Dahlia,” he said sarcastically.

Amber turned red in the face. She was going to say something, but couldn’t think of anything, so she backed away and hurried off to her job.

“Hey! If you change your mind come see me! You can make a lot of money!” she heard him call out behind her.

While Amber worked hard to make money as a waitress, Johnson was meeting with Mike Hamilton to secretly exploit Amber as a porn star.

“Good job with the editing. We’ll do a little more of course, and then there’ll be the scenes with the other actors in the movies. We have enough material to put together the first two movies though.”

Johnson listened with growing excitement.

“Anyway, Mike continued. “We’ve had some very positive responses from critics and advance sales–enough for us to give you your first check.”

Johnson eagerly took the envelope that Mike offered. When he opened it his eyes flew open wide. It was far more than he had hoped for.

“Don’t spend it all in one place,” Mike grinned.

Mike showed Johnson some stills that he was planning on using for the first two DVDs. One showed Amber kneeling nude, mostly from the back, with her tattoo well-displayed. She was kneeling in front of Johnson’s stiff cock, and looking over her shoulder straight at the camera (which had been in the mirror) with her mouth open and her tongue barely extended and touching her upper lip. It was a great choice, and a very sexy shot. The title of the DVD was “Amber Butterfly Comes Out.”

The other one showed Amber from the front, again nude, but from the chest up, the amber butterfly pendant dangling just above and between her magnificent tits. Her big brown eyes were opened wide, and her lush lips were parted, just showing her teeth with that tiny little gap between her two front teeth. Her wild wavy golden-blond hair framed her hair and fell down over shoulders. The title was “The Passions of Amber Butterfly.”

“Now remember our contract is for three movies. I’ve got enough material for two, but I need more. We really liked the threesome you caught, but we got it too late to include it in either of the first two movies. The focus on the third movie is going to be group sex. So what we need for the third movie is more group scenes–a party, an orgy or gangbang–something like that.”

At this point, Johnson started getting worried. Tricking Amber into a threesome with Kyle was one thing–and he figured he could probably do that again–but an orgy or gangbang? He was bewildered and wound up confessing to Mike that Amber didn’t even know she was being filmed. At length, he confessed everything.

“I see,” Mike said, with his eyes narrowed. In Mike’s mind, suddenly everything made sense. He had to admire Johnson’s audacity and sleazy boldness. It wasn’t like this sort of thing had never been done before, but the level of trickery and underhandedness this must have involved were breath-taking.

While Mike absorbed it all silently in his seat, Johnson fidgeted nervously, feeling a coldness in the pit of his stomach.

“Is this going to ruin everything?” he finally asked.

Mike thought about it. He knew that these movies were going to be big. The industry needed something big like this on DVD, ever since the explosion of amateur porn on the internet, the industry was hungry for something big, and this could be it. The execs he reported to liked what they saw, and wanted more. He was under huge pressure to finish all three movies and try to obtain more. He certainly couldn’t let this ruin everything.

Fortunately, Johnson had obtained Amber’s signature on the legal releases. They were protected legally. The problem in front of them was just finishing the third movie.

“I think we’re okay–that really is Amber’s signature, right?”

“Yeah, I tricked her, but that’s her signature, and it’s notarized too.”

“Well, then we’re protected, if it came down to it–it’s just her word against yours. No one will believe her–we would just say she consented, and she’s just changing her mind too late. Here’s what we’ll do to get some more group scenes though.”

And Mike told Johnson what to do.

“Hey Kat, you’ve got to help me figure something out,” Johnson spoke to Kathleen on his cell phone.

“What’s up babe?” she responded.

“Well, they gave me the first check for the sex flicks I’m filming with Amber. It’s quite a chunk of change. How am I going to explain this to Amber? I don’t want to hide this, I want to buy a set of wheels.”

Kathleen laid back on her bed in her apartment and thought for a moment.

“It’s a surprise,” she finally said.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

“Just tell her you’ve been holding out on her, saved it up, and then spring it as a surprise on her!”

“Great idea, but how do I tell her I’ve earned it? I don’t want to tell her I’ve been making pornos with her as the star.”

“Tell her part of the truth. Just say you have a job doing digital film editing and website design, that you’ve been doing it for over a year and you finally got your first big check for a project you just completed.”

The weekend after Diana left to visit her family for the summer, Amber got home from the restaurant where she worked, dead tired. Johnson wasn’t home. She turned on the TV and after about an hour, she heard a honk. She figured it must be a neighbor and ignored it, but then the vehicle honked again. She went to the window. There was a shiny black Cadillac Escalade in the parking place where Johnson usually parked. The big SUV flashed it’s lights again. She stepped outside to try to see what was going on.

The Escalade’s driver-side door opened and Johnson stepped out grinning and waving at her and the Escalade.

“Come on babe, let’s go for a ride in my new wheels!” Johnson was practically squeaking with excitement.

Amber ran down the stairs. She looked at the vehicle in disbelief.

“Johnson, where the Hell did you get the money for this?” she demanded.

“My job,” he replied.

“Johnson, what job?, Amber asked, bewildered. “These things are expensive. Way expensive!”

“I’ve been holding out on you babe, to surprise you. I finally had enough saved up for the down-payment.”

Amber looked at him–waiting for him to finish explaining.

“I’ve been working as an independent contractor doing website design and digital film editing for over a year.”

“Johnson, how much did they pay you?”

“Well, I had enough to put down $30,000. It covered a nice chunk of it, but I’ll still have payments–this baby’s loaded!”

Amber bit her lip. She had been raised not to argue with men, but she wasn’t satisfied. It still bothered her. The money for this new toy of Johnson’s could have paid for her tattoo many times over, and now only a few months later, he has the money for this? And a young man with limited work history and experience, who had not yet even graduated, makes $30,000 just doing some part time work at home? What did he really do to get that much money?

“How much did this thing cost?” she asked frostily.

She saw the license plate–a personalized one. “GREEKGOD”. She wasn’t surprised, but she still blanched at Johnson’s vanity. Sometimes it was so bad it made her wonder if she had chosen her boyfriend wisely.

“About $80,000,” Johnson said, and even in the dusk she could tell his cheeks were red.

“But check it out!, he gushed before she could say any more. “Even the cup holders are heated and cooled! This thing is loaded! Satellite radio, satellite navigation, heated and cooled seats, power sunroof, walnut trim, Bluetooth connectivity, rearview camera, electronic stability control system, ultrasonic rear parking assist, retracting sideboards, side blind zone alert, remote start, power EVERYTHING…”

As she listened to Johnson brag about his new toy, her uneasiness subsided a little bit. She realized she really did want him to be happy, in fact, delighted in his happiness. Although Johnson was calling it “their Escalade”, she knew it was really Johnson’s, but she didn’t care so much. The Escalade was not her style. It felt too opulent, pretentious, vain, and over-the-top. And how in the world were they going to afford the insurance, the gas, the on-going payments?

“Since you’re making so much money, do you think I could quit my job as a waitress?” she asked.

Johnson was startled.

“Uh, maybe not yet. We should see how this new job works out.”

“Right,” she responded skeptically. But just the same she climbed in and they drove off into the night.

The next morning, they packed up to go to the park to watch the Hydroplane races and the Blue Angels. Johnson’s buddies, Kyle, and Chris, were at the apartment by 4 a.m. Kathleen showed up 15 minutes later with Cinnabar. Johnson introduced them all to Eric, a friend of Johnson’s since high school who was in town to visit.

Johnson was a show-off of course, eager to show off his new Escalade and his hot girlfriend. He had bought a string bikini for Amber to wear. She was still rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she walked into the living room in her bikini. She ignored the whistles from the guys as she sat down on the sofa.

Chris, Johnson’s old roommate, was making a false bottom for the ice chest. He cut a thick piece of white waxed corrugated cardboard to size with a cigarette dangling from his lips. He filled the bottom of the ice chest with cans of beer, placed the cardboard on top of them and wedged it in snug, then put the food and the soda cans in, and Kyle came up with two bags of ice and finished filling the ice chest. They also buried more beer cans in a bag of charcoal briquettes, and still more cans were folded up in the inflatable raft.

“What are you doing?” she asked as she watched Chris.

“They try to keep out beer at the parks–have people looking through their stuff at the park entrances,” he explained.

A small Hibachi, a box of food and utensils and a pan, towels, a blanket, and a handcart to carry it all from the car to the park completed the ensemble. They piled into Johnson’s Escalade, pleasing him with Ooo’s and ahh’s, and headed for the park. Kathy and Cinnabar followed in Kathy’s car.

Johnson had learned from the two previous years that it was best to get there early in the morning to find a place to park and stake out a good spot in the park. Johnson and his buddies unloaded everything and most of it was stacked on the handcart he had brought, then he led his entourage down into the park. City park officials did a cursory search of their ice chest and let them into the park.

Although it was early, people were already arriving. Amber could tell the day was going to be hot. Johnson had bought her a new bikini. She was embarrassed to wear it, and told him so, but he was insistent. She wore it, but also wore cut-off jeans and a belly shirt over the top of it.

After they had all helped set up, Chris pulled out the false bottom of the ice chest and before long, cold beer was being passed around.

Since the sun was rising, Amber thought she would get a little sun. She pulled her cut-off shorts down and kicked them off, and then pulled her belly shirt up and over her head, so that she was just wearing the string bikini that Johnson had bought her.

She knew it was immodest–especially since the bikini bottom was practically a g-string–it was cut so high on the sides and in back, her butt was practically hanging out. Yet, she kept telling herself she was embarrassed, when actually she was thrilling at the looks and attention she was getting.

She turned around so that she was facing away from Johnson’s little gang of hanger’s on and showed them her backside with the tattoo. She bent over, pretending to straighten out the beach towel she was going to lay down on. She set her purse and clothes down next to the towel and knelt down, considering whether to lay prone or supine first. She picked up her tanning oil and started oiling her arms and shoulders. Suddenly she became aware of male bodies standing all around her.

She looked up and realized she was completely surrounded by Johnson’s friends, Kyle, Chris and Eric. Since she was kneeling, her head was level with their swimming trunks, and she couldn’t miss the fact that every single one of them had a bulge in his trunks

“Do you need some help Amber?” one of them asked.

“Can I help you put tanning oil on?” another one of them asked.

She suddenly felt nervous. They smelled of beer and were all looking at her like starving dogs at a piece of meat, and she could feel their combined desire. She suddenly realized that if they weren’t in a public place, that they would probably have their cocks out and would be taking turns guiding her head up and down their stiff cocks. She felt her nipples tighten and licked her lips nervously.

For a brief moment, she had a sudden wild desire…

“Um–I don’t think so. I…I think I can manage,” she managed to stammer.

“Come on Amber, don’t be like that,” one of them said.

“Forget it guys–no gangbang today,” Johnson said, coming over to shoo them away.

“Come on dudes, back off from my girlfriend.”

Amber felt simultaneously relieved and disappointed after Johnson shooed them all away.

“You still need some of that oil in places you can’t reach, otherwise you’re going to get burnt, and you don’t want that great tattoo of yours to get too faded in the sun either,” a female voice spoke.

Amber looked up. It was Cinnabar.

“It can do that?”

“Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of sun can do that,” Cinnabar murmured–not really sure if it was true or not. “Why don’t you let me put some on your back? You need tanning oil on your back, and I want to take a good look at your hot new tattoo.”

“Okay,” Amber replied and laid down prone.

She felt a long string of oil squirt onto her back, which was hot from sitting out in the sun. It reminded her of Johnson’s cum squirting on her back, and that thought, along with having been surrounded by men with bulges in their shorts, and now Cinnabar’s sensitive hands all over her body, were combining to make her very horny.

Cinnabar coated her entire backside while Johnson’s gang looked on. Cinnabar made a big show of it, slowly sensuously massaging the glistening oil all over Amber’s legs and haunches, and then told her to turn over.

“Oh I can do my front,” Amber said softly.

“Not very well, you always miss areas when you try to do it yourself. Just lay back and trust me,” Cinnabar responded.

Amber did as she was told and let Cinnabar pour oil all over her chest, torso and legs. Under Cinnabar’s hands, she relaxed and nearly feel asleep.

“Now, it’s your turn to do me,” Cinnabar said.

How could she refuse?

She returned the favor as Kathleen came over to join them. Kathleen quickly realized the show they were putting on for the boys and joined in. After they had thoroughly coated themselves in tanning oil and were tired of teasing the boys, the three girls laid out in the sun for a couple of hours, drinking beer.

“Hey man, that’s one hot bitch you got there Johnson,” Eric told Johnson approvingly as the three men watched the women rubbing tanning oil on their bodies.

Kyle and Chris grunted and muttered in agreement. They had long envied Johnson, although they accepted it. He was Johnson after all.

“She’s got really great tits, nice ass too.”

“And, Johnson added, “she knows how to give a great blowjob.”

Kyle knew this first hand, but since he didn’t know whether Johnson wanted the others to know, he stayed silent.

Eric was somewhat bolder than Kyle.

“Any chance I could find a way to induce you into sharing?” he asked.

Chris gasped at Eric’s brashness.

Johnson just chuckled.

“I’ll take your request under consideration, but for now you better just keep dreaming,” he replied, making the rest of them chuckle.

If you want to watch though, I’ll take her out into the water when the Blue Angels start their show and fuck her in front of y’all.”

Amber wanted to be with her boyfriend, but when he was with his buddies, they were very loud and obnoxious, and she wasn’t sure she liked how Johnson treated her like a piece of meat around them, constantly slapping her on the haunch. What were they laughing about over there anyway? She wanted to relax and get some sun, so she and her friends stayed a few feet away and chilled.

Chapter 7 – The Butterfly Takes Wing

Amber settled slowly on Johnson stiff prick and eased slowly down. As always, she was sopping wet when she fucked. Johnson’s hard-on slid into her easily. She sighed with pleasure as her ass cheeks settled on Johnson’s thighs and her engorged clit rested on his pubic mound.

She leaned forward to kiss him on the lips and started moving her hips up and down, breathing hard as she plastered Johnson’s mouth and face with her kisses. She loved how her stiff clit rubbed up and down on Johnson’s hard dick when she fucked him this way.

Johnson liked fucking women this way also. He could relax and let them do the work, and he always had a great view of their tits bouncing and swaying as they moved up and down. This was especially true with Amber. She had such great tits. He reached up, letting the firm masses fill his palms as she continued rocking. She leaned forward again, dipping one of her large, firm breasts into his face. He sucked her nipple into his mouth and sucked on it gently, gratified by her soft whimpers of pleasure.

As she continued writhing and rocking on his boner, he ran his hands up and down her rippling back and she undulated on top of him, gasping with pleasure. He reached down and grasped her muscular ass cheeks with his large palms. Her ass flexed as she levered herself up and down with greater speed.

He was getting close. Amber was too. She was panting and kissing him again, breathing more rapidly and crying out softly with pleasure. Her cries of pleasure were getting louder. Johnson felt his balls were going to explode soon. He rolled over on top of Amber, sliding his hands under her knees and pulled her legs up and apart, her knees on either side of her head, and then started fucking her hard from on top.

Amber loved it, and grew more vocal in her cries of pleasure as he plowed into her from above, slamming harder and harder, his balls slapping up against her upturned as cheeks. Amber started cumming hard and cried out with pleasure.

As she finished her orgasm, Johnson pulled out suddenly and moving his cock down below her pussy, nudged the head of his cock up against her asshole. It was so wet with her juices that he didn’t have too much trouble working his cock up into her rectum. Slowly, he started fucking her slowly in and out in the asshole.

Johnson gasped–it was tight! Although Amber’s pussy stayed fairly tight due to her good exercise and stretching habits, her pussy was much tighter. He knew he wouldn’t last long. He fucked her ass for about one minute, but that’s as long as he could do it before he started cumming. He pulled his dick out of her ass just in time to spray all over her belly and tits.

Amber sighed with pleasure and rubbed his cum into her skin as Johnson got up out of bed.

“Why don’t you take a shower first,” Johnson suggested.

She quietly complied without hesitation. Ever since the party she had lived in fear that Johnson would dump her. She went out of her way to please him. She cooked dinner for him every night. When he was a little late coming home, she felt terrified he had left her, and when she heard his keys in the door, she felt relief and rushed into his arms. Whenever they made love, she felt a sense of relief, as if she were being given a gift. Her feelings of guilt made her cater to his every whim.

As Amber took a shower, Johnson pulled out his second cell phone–the one he kept hidden from Amber, and called Mike to set up an appointment for the next day to discuss Amber’s DVD releases. Johnson didn’t like to share the shower, so he waited for Amber to finish.

After Johnson finished his shower, he came back into the room.

“I’m going to go meet with Mike to talk about some film projects I’m working on with him, he said as he slapped Amber on the ass. “Don’t forget the guys are coming over for the game tonight. Make sure and wear that hot new top to tease them.”

Amber nodded, she knew how much Johnson liked showing her off and teasing his friends, so she always played along.

“It went fantastic, Mike told Johnson. “You did a fine job prepping her, and your girlfriend is a natural born porn star. She took to the camera as if it was in her DNA.”

They were sitting in a private booth in a bar, drinking cocktails.

“And when do you think I’ll get my first royalty check?” Johnson asked.

“A couple of months. The first copies should be hitting the shelves now, the next three will be released one each month afterwards. The first is being shipped now, the second is being printed, and the third is in post-production. With this new footage, together with other material you’ve shot, and filler material with other stars, we have enough for about six movies total.”

Johnson picked up copy of the first. “The Seduction of Amber Butterfly “. The cover of the DVD showed a picture of Amber on her knees, completely naked. He recognized the shot. It was one Mike had asked him to stage.

She was kneeling in front of him about to perform a blowjob, although he was out of sight–edited out of the shot. Her amazing tattoo was visible from the back of her shoulders to her ass, her hair was done up in a high ponytail so that the camera would have a good shot of her tattoo as she blew him. She was looking over her shoulder straight at the camera. He had staged it right after her tattoo was finished by telling her he had to go somewhere shortly, just as she was about to blow him, and she had looked at the clock over her shoulder where the camera was hidden to see what time it was. He nodded, pleased. It was a hot picture.

“Here’s a proof for the next cover,” Mike said, handing over a glossy picture, about the size of the DVD case.

Johnson picked it up. The title was “Amber Butterfly Comes Out.” Amber was modeled on the cover, showing the upper part of her body and head close up and topless. Her golden unruly hair framed her beautiful face–brown eyes were open wide. Her mouth was slightly agape and her teeth were visible behind her lush lips. Jeff always liked that little tiny gap between her two front teeth. It brought her beauty down to Earth a bit and somehow gave her a wholesome girl-next-door look.

Her tits were magnificent, and the picture captured them perfectly. The pendant with the amber-incased butterfly that Johnson gave her was centered just above and between her cleavage. Johnson smiled. He remembered the very moment he had taken the picture–when he had first given her the pendant.

Mike was also grinning.

“She is one fine babe–that girlfriend of yours. You’ll like the first movie. Great script by the way. The producers loved it. We’ve screened it for a lot of critics and distributors. Your girlfriend is being written up as the next Jenna Jameson, and our advance sales are going through the roof. Anyway, keep that copy.”

Mike stood up.

“Gotta go,” he said as he stood up and shook Johnson’s hand. “I’ll be in touch.”

Johnson left also. Pretty soon he would be eating at much finer places than this. He thought about going home, but Amber should be in classes by this time, and he wanted to hang out with his buddies and show them what he had in his hand. He sent several of them a text message–to Kyle and Chris. “Got flick r u at U?”

When each had responded, he agreed to pick them up at the student union building.

A half hour later, Johnson’s buddies, and a couple of each of their buddies were crammed in Johnson’s Escalade. He slipped the DVD into the player while the guys passed around the cover. Soon they were watching Amber in her debut porno film, whooping and shouting as Johnson drove them around.

Johnson was getting a rush, hearing the DVD and listening to his buddies watching it. He tried to keep his eyes off the Escalade’s display in the middle of the console, but it was hard.

Finally, after about an hour, he had enough of this and had circled back around to the University to drop them off. He resisted Kyle’s effort to stay with him.

“Come on you losers–time to get out and go home so you can beat off while I go home and fuck Amber in the ass,” he said as he pulled up to the curb.

“Come on all of you–out. If you stay on my good list maybe I’ll have Amber blow you later on, but out, out!”

Their eyes widened at the thought and they hurried out of the Escalade and he roared off to go home.

“Up, up up,” Johnson chased Eric off the loveseat. “That’s where Amber and I sit.”

Kathleen grabbed the recliner, and Chris, Kyle and Eric all sat on the sofa, as Johnson turned the channel on his big-screen HDTV.

The baseball game was just getting started.

“Go get the beer, Sweet Cheeks,” Johnson told Amber as he slapped her on the haunch.

Amber was wearing a pair of tattered cut-off jean shorts and a cropped yellow t-shirt with a picture of a giraffe and the words “Deep Throat” on the front. The t-shirt was cropped so high it left the bottoms of Amber’s boobs exposed. She tried a few times to pull it down a little, but it was too short. Johnson had seen a picture of the top on the internet and eagerly bought it for Amber to wear.

As the others watched the game, Amber closed all the curtains to darken the room, and then was kept busy going back and forth, bringing beer, chips, other things. Amber realized Johnson was dangling her in front of his friends to tease them, but she was enjoying it thoroughly. She made sure to bend over them a lot, brush up against them with her bare legs. She leaned over to hand Chris a beer while her tits were practically in Eric’s face. She smiled, acted coy, made sure to show off her tits and ass as much as possible–loving it the whole time.

After a while, she ran out of things to bring them and curled up next to Johnson on the love seat and watched the game. More beer was consumed. Someone lit and passed around a bong.

Amber had her head in Johnson’s lap, and felt a hard-on through the fabric of his jeans up against the side of her face. She decided to tease him too, and slipped her hand under her face, palm up against his hard on, and slowly stroked him up and down.

After a few minutes she stretched, her back arching, her tits pulling free from her top, flashing Johnson’s friends before she feigned embarrassment and pulled her top back down.

“Hey babe, why don’t take your hot ass into the kitchen and get us more beer,” Johnson suggested. He got up to go to the bathroom, slapping her on the ass again in front of his friends as she walked toward the kitchen. After she passed around more beer cans, she sat back down next to Johnson just as he handed her the bong. She reluctantly took a hit and passed it on, but she felt herself relaxing more. As the commercial ended everyone’s attention turned back to the game. Except for Johnson.

At least part of his attention was on her, and she reveled in it. His hand was around her, his big palm was sliding up and down her bare torso. She snuggled up against him more closely, and his hand slipped on up under the short cropped top and enclosed her heavy breast.

She silently purred, feeling as if she were about to melt. It thrilled her that Johnson was doing this to her in front of his friends. His fingers enclosed her hard nipple, tweaking it and rubbing the spongy tip between his fingers as he massaged it.

Eric elbowed Kyle and whispered to him, making all of Johnson’s friends look over at them. The room was dark except for the flickering of the TV screen, so Amber pretended not to notice. Her heart was racing, wondering how much further Johnson would take this.

He pulled his hands away, and she was disappointed at first. She kept her eyes on the TV set as she felt his hand pull at her wrist, guiding her hand over to his lap. She started slightly, shocked when her hand was led to Johnson’s stiff exposed cock.

She wasn’t sure how far she wanted to go with everyone watching, but she always liked the feel of Johnson’s cock in her hand, and slowly stroked him up and down.

Jesus he was hard! She couldn’t leave him in this condition, she had to give him some relief. She was wondering how she was going to get his stiff cock back in his shorts when she felt him pull at her arm. Johnson pulled her over, down, closer to his erection. She felt his right arm move up her back and grasp her head, taking hold of her pony tail, guiding her head down to his cock.

She looked toward his lap at his cock. It was so huge and stiff. She noticed it actually moved on it’s own, the little slit at the tip had a bubble of pre-seminal fluid. Closer her head came.

She relaxed and let Johnson guide her head down. Her mouth opened as his dick slid in past her lips.

Johnson gasped lightly as he started thrusting his hips up into her face, guiding her head up and down with his hand around her pony tail.

Amber turned her head to the side a little so she could watch everyone watching her. Johnson’s friends looked on silently, mouths hanging open, as Johnson’s hard-on thrust in and out of her mouth, pushing her cheek out each time. Amber’s eyes gleamed, lit by the flickering light of the TV.

With everyone watching her, Amber’s senses felt heightened. She felt both slutty and excited. She felt the veins of Johnson’s cock running back and forth on her sensitive lips. The soft underside of his stiff cock ran up and down her tongue. Her mouth was filling with saliva, causing Johnson’s cock to make wet slurping sounds as he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop to breathe some, running her mouth along the side of his cock and stroking him before returning the head of his cock back into her mouth, the whole time watching her audience.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this, but she felt exhilarated. She knew she should feel embarrassed, yet that wasn’t what she was feeling.

She pulled her mouth off again, tonguing Johnson’s cock-head, tasting the oily pre-seminal fluid that she liked so much.

She opened her jaw, locking her lips around the warm, pulsing shaft, and moved her head up and down, taking his cock in deeper and deeper into her throat

She wanted more of his cock, and pumped her head up and down his cock faster. Johnson gripped her head tighter as her head bobbed up and down. She massaged his swollen balls and gripped the base of his cock with her other hand, the whole time watching Kathleen, Eric, Kyle and Chris watch her.

“Oh God–she gives such a great blowjob!” Johnson moaned at his friends, thrusting his hips up and down more rapidly.

Slurp, slurp, slurp. Amber’s head plunged up and down.

“Oh that’s it! I’m cumming!” Johnson gasped.

As he cried out, Amber’s paused moving her head and let his warm cum spray into her mouth. Amber let his cock juice fill her mouth and gulped it down while Amber’s friends watched.

Amber moved her head up and down some, sucking gently and stroking him as she drained him. As Johnson softened she let his cock slip from her lips and tucked his dick back into his jeans and zipped him up. She sat up, licking his cum from her lips.

“Oh my God, Chris groaned. “I can’t believe you just did that right in front of us.”

Eric stood up and fished his hard-on out of his pants. “Johnson, are you willing to share? I sure hope so, because if not, I’ve got a serious problem!”

Johnson laughed. “Sure–why not? Go ahead Amber–give the guys some relief.”

“Johnson!” Amber shrieked with shock.

“Oh come on ya slut! Johnson sneered. You know you want to. Besides, look at them! They’re going to explode! You can’t just leave them in that condition!”

Amber looked at them–the others had taken their cocks out also and were stroking them in anticipation. She shocked herself when she realized she was licking her lips. Johnson grasped her bare midriff with his strong hands and lifted her to her feet.

She stood, looking at the three men. Forgotten for the moment, was Kathleen. She stayed back out of the light on the chair. She had no desire to suck anyone’s cock except for Johnson’s, so she just watched quietly.

“Go on,” Johnson encouraged her with a slap on the ass.

She walked up and knelt before Eric. He was the one who had asked first, so she thought he deserved the first treatment. She pulled his cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head up and down. She had three dicks to suck off, so she was not going to try to prolong each blowjob.

She stroked Eric’s cock rapidly as it slipped in and out between her lips. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked him off. Eric’s balls were musky and hairier than Johnson’s nuts, and tickled her nose. She loved the feel of the hanging swinging balls and massaged them as she bobbed her head back and forth.

Eric shuddered, moaning and grabbed her head, pushing her down. Amber obliged him, taking him in deeper. She moved her hands out of the way and deep-throated him, his balls slapping up against her chin.

Johnson reached from behind her, pulling her cropped t-shirt up over her head. She paused and raised her arms up as he pulled her t-shirt off. She loved the feel of her breasts bouncing free. She cupped them in her hands and lifted them, squeezing and massaging, and took Eric’s cock back into her mouth. She let her tits go so she could return her full attention to Eric’s dick, and felt her tits swing gently, coming to rest on her chest.

She loved the feel of cock in her mouth, but she needed to breathe, so she slipped her mouth off, taking a deep breath, then pushed back down. His cock made a wet-popping sound as Eric plunged his cock back into her mouth.

She bobbed her head fast and hard, her tongue rippling around the head of Eric’s penis. Having watched her with Johnson while he masturbated, it didn’t take Eric long, and soon he was pumping his jism down Amber’s throat.

Amber felt his cum surging up through his cock. She stroked his head, and pulled her mouth off to watch his cock head erupt.

She grasped his cock with two hands, pumping hard, and thrilled as she watched his jism spray violently out through the tiny little slit at the tip of his cock.

It splashed her in the face, and she opened her mouth to try to catch some of it. White cum splashed on her cheeks, nose and chin, rolling in streams down the side of her face and chin. She grinned as she stroked the last few drops out of his penis.

Johnson laughed as he watched Eric’s look of relief.

“She’s a gifted cock-sucker, isn’t she?”

He laughed again as he watched Eric nod his head enthusiastically.

Amber grinned as she wiped the cum off her chin and scooped it into her mouth.

“Okay, who’s next?” she asked with a smile.

Both Chris and Kyle approached her as Eric stepped back. She realized she’d better blow both of them at the same time. Their dicks were so rigid they were curved slightly upwards. They BOTH needed relief as quickly as possible. She had blown two dicks simultaneously at the party, so she knew it could be done, She started sucking Chris and Kyle, enthusiastically moving her head back and forth as she gripped their stiff erections, pumping them both at the same time.

Amber slurped and sucked hungrily on one cock, while she used her hand to stroke the other, and then pulled her mouth off with a pop and turned her head to go after the other. Chris and Kyle’s cocks grew slick with their pre-seminal fluid and Amber’s saliva.

Amber’s clit was throbbing, and she squirmed on her knees as her cunt dribbled on her calves. She wasn’t sure what excited her more–the feel of a stiff prick sliding in and out of her mouth, or the feeling of being surrounded by an audience watching her as she gave head. What was happening to her? She wondered vaguely. But she was too caught up in what she was doing to keep her mind on that track of thought.

Amber started whimpering, sucking passionately as she moved her head back and forth. She needed to cum so bad. She stroked both cocks as she moved back and forth sucking them.

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“I’ve got to get a map,” I said as I shook my head.

My mind had started to wander, yet again. I’d been daydreaming off and on most of the last few hours as a way of trying to ease my tension and frustration. I’d already played a couple of cassette tapes along the way, and now I was listening to the radio, the first quarter of a pro football game between the Rams and the Saints coming through the speakers. It was the third game I’d listened to during the trip, and yet I was still who knows how long from getting back to the hotel. As I stared at the long line of traffic in front of me, I had a decision to make.

I had gotten a late start on my drive heading back to West Virginia, the end of my little Thanksgiving jaunt to Indiana coming later than I’d expected. I’d gotten off to late starts before, many times. But this time was different. I just didn’t know at the time that it was going to affect the rest of my day as much as it did. Gripping the steering wheel tightly, another five minutes passed, the car only moving forward maybe fifty feet. Staring at the endless line of red tail lights stopped in front of me, I let out an exasperated gasp.

“I’ve got to get off this road!”


The entire trip had been the whirlwind kind, extremely short and very eventful. When I’d started out, I wasn’t really sure if it was going to be worth the hassle, since I’d be returning again for the wedding festivities less than a week later. But I couldn’t imagine being alone in a hotel room for the holiday.

From the moment I arrived back at my parents’ house, I knew it was the right decision to drive through the night to get there. Ann saw to that, with a little help from my mother. And not only did my fiancée give me one of the most incredible ‘welcome home’ moments a man could ever dream of, she went out of her way to keep me sexually satisfied the entire extended weekend, even though she started her period the day after I arrived. From handjobs in the car, to using her amazing oral skills in her parents’ basement, to even allowing Tina to fuck me one more time, she seemed to thrive on finding different ways and places to make me cum.

One of them had been late the night before as we watched television on the couch in the living room of my parents. They had already gone off to bed, but we’d stayed up, not wanting our first holiday as a couple to end.

The couch was against the wall, tucked in a corner of the room. It wasn’t the best place to watch TV, because it didn’t face the screen. Instead, it faced the sliding glass door on the opposite wall, the television directly to the right in the corner of the room near the entry to the foyer. Yet Ann had insisted that we sit together there, because it was the only piece of furniture in the room for two or more people. She had me sit nearest the television, while she sat on the far side, craning her neck to see around me.

“Are you sure you want to sit like that?” I asked.

“For now,” she said, simply content to be sitting close at my side.

My parents sat in recliners as my dad controlled the channels, flipping back and forth between two college basketball games that neither Ann nor I had any real interest in. But she pretended to. Then again, from the comments she was making, maybe she was more interested than I thought.

As she always seemed to do, she carried on a conversation while we watched, entertaining both of my parents, using the basketball games as a backdrop to do it. Sure, she talked about a lot of other things, but she’d always come back to something that happened in one of the games, which kept my dad into the excitement of each contest. At least, he was into it for a while.

No matter what was going on in a sport he would watch, no matter how compelling the events were as they unfolded, if it got late, he went to bed. I’d seen him get up in the middle of a double overtime in a Stanley Cup playoff game and tell me to let him know who won in the morning. So when he decided to go to bed at halftime of the game he was watching the most, it wasn’t a surprise.

However, my mom getting up to follow him down the hallway most certainly was. She loved watching sports, and she almost never went to bed early. She likely did it to give us some time alone, since it was our last together before I’d be leaving.

Dad had handed the remote to me and when I asked Ann which game of the two she wanted to finish watching, she laughed.

“I don’t care, Neil,” she grinned as she reached for the button of my jeans before we’d even heard the door of my parent’s bedroom close. Seconds later, she’d found a way to coax me into pushing them down around my ankles, her naughty smile making a convincing argument.

She grabbed a pillow, placing it against the arm of the couch, laying her head back into it. Before I could say anything, she lifted her legs off the floor, resting her bare left foot lightly against my balls, her right landing on my stomach.

“Relax and enjoy the game, baby. I promise I won’t make this last too long,” she chortled.

I found it interesting the way she said that. She loved playing with my cock, taking great delight in delaying my orgasm, prolonging my pleasure in the process. Of course most of the time that meant that she was giving me a handjob. Yet since it was her feet that were resting on my lap, her left foot gently nudging my balls, it was pretty obvious she had something else in mind.

Still, based on the few times she’d played with me using her feet, I would have expected the same treatment. She loved taking her time, no matter how she played with my cock. It was part of who she was sexually. She’d told me early on of her obsession for toying with a hard prick, calling it a fetish. She even showed me that night in a movie theater, and numerous times after. So when she said she was going to sort of let me off easy, it came as a surprise.

By her usual standards, I suppose she did tone it down. At least as far as the duration was concerned. But the fact that it didn’t last as long didn’t mean I was shortchanged in any way. Instead, she challenged herself. While she normally took great delight in seeing how long she could play with me before I came, she changed her tactic. Her new approach was to see how many times she could bring me to the very brink of exploding before the end of the basketball game.

You’d think a twenty minute half of basketball would last just that. But with stoppages and time outs, and the incessant commercials, the twenty minutes was a lot closer to an hour. She continued to play with me, her right foot pressing on my shaft, forcing it against my abdomen. Her other foot continued to toy with my balls, lifting and rubbing them oh so wonderfully.

Leaning back into the couch, I tried to concentrate on the game. In fact, she insisted. Every time I turned to look at her, she’d stop what she was doing and tell me to watch the television. She’d only allow me to look at her during the commercials. Each time there was one, she’d offer me a sexy stare, or seductively lick her lips, or flash me a pretty little pout, all while cooing about how much cum she was building up in by balls.

During every commercial break, she would also increase her efforts, working to bring me to that precarious edge. Once she had me on the brink, she’d use her magical talents to keep me there as long as she could. It was amazing how well she could read me. Even using her feet, she knew just the right pace and pressure to use to make me dangle on the edge of my orgasm. My shaft would pulse and flinch, and several times I was a mere second or two from exploding, yet she’d know exactly when to back off to keep me from cumming. It was like an erotic thrill ride, filled with ups and downs and twists and turns; each one more stimulating than the last, all building toward an incredible finish.

Yet the finish was delayed by strategy; basketball strategy, to be precise. The game was close and as time wound down toward the end, it was taking forever because the team that was behind kept fouling, hoping the other team would miss their foul shots. It was all an attempt by the team behind to get back into the game. It was something I’d seen thousands of times watching games on television or in person…or in games when I played. I’d always taken it for granted that the last minute or so of clock time in a game was always more like ten in real time. It never bothered me before. That is, until Ann started trying to time my orgasm with the end of the game.

She reversed how she was playing with me. With each foul or timeout, she would back off just enough to keep me from cumming. Every time the game action started, she’d pick up her pace a little, bringing me closer and closer, knowing that there’d be another stoppage of some kind to draw out the experience, none more excruciating than commercial breaks. She took great delight in working me up during one advertisement, then completely stopping during the next to kind of let me cool down, if there was such a thing.

“This is fun,” she said gleefully as she held her foot against my shaft, remaining motionless as my cock twitched against her soft sole.

“Yeah,” I groaned sarcastically.

“I could always stop,” she smiled.

“Or, you could just finish me off.”

“Aw…I will baby, just as soon as the game is over. I promise.” I started to whine, but her toes pressed into my balls again, playing with them gently. “You love this and you know it, Neil. I can tell by the way you react to everything I do.”

“You love it too, you little slut.”

My comment stunned her, and she let out a laugh. “I can remember when you used to hate that word.”

“I…I’m sorry. I’m just…”

Her grin disarmed me. “Don’t be. I don’t mind. I am your slut. I’m just glad you’ve gotten past it. Sometimes, I really like being called that.”

Seeing the sparkle in her eyes and the way her cute little nose wrinkled up, I knew she was serious. “I’ll try to remember that, Anna.”

“And I’ll try to find more ways to make you call me that, baby.” With the game coming back on, she started moving her foot along my shaft again, making me squirm. “Relax and hold still. It won’t be too much longer. Besides, I’ve made you wait longer than this before.”

“Yeah, but you’ve never had me so close to cumming like you have tonight. I almost pulled a groin muscle that one time,” I kidded.

“I’ll be sure I kiss whatever I hurt and make it feel better. And like I said, you love this as much as I do.”

Fortunately, the game was in the final few seconds and even with a couple of late fouls I knew the end of the game she was playing was getting closer as well. She did too, increasing the pressure, going faster as she used her delicate feet on my crotch. When the final buzzer sounded on the television, I let out a sigh of relief as I felt my balls start to stir, knowing my orgasm was mere seconds away.

That’s when she stopped again and said, “Are you ready for overtime?”

“What? I thought you said you were going to finish me off when the game was over!”

She got up and moved in front of the couch, getting on her knees between my legs. “I am, baby. I just thought you’d like the chance for the game winning shot,” she giggled. “I’m going to do a little ball dribbling…and you’re going to shoot, okay?”

It was another corny line, but one that stirred something in me. Before I could answer her, she extended her sexy tongue and leaned in, lifting my balls. She started kissing and sucking on them, slathering her tongue all around. Her hands were on my thighs, near my crotch, but she held them there, her nails gently scraping against my skin, leaving my shaft alone as she moved back and forth between my balls. She licked, concentrating underneath my ball sack, tormenting me in the most wonderful ways.

With my being so close to cumming for so long, it really wasn’t going to take much more to make me explode, especially with what she was now doing to me. I felt my balls start to churn as she mouthed them and I moaned in response. Her dark eyes seemed to be ablaze with lust as she locked onto mine, a wicked smile appearing on her face. I felt my load building, just seconds away from racing up my shaft…and she felt it too.

Okay, maybe she didn’t feel it, but she knew. She licked up between my balls, dragging her wet tongue up my shaft as if to show the way for my sperm to follow. She flicked once at my head, before sitting back on her calves, waiting…watching. My cock started twitching as she sat still, her hands still resting on my upper thighs. That was the only contact she was making, other than the incredible gaze of her brown eyes as she stared at my pulsing cock.

The first spurt kind of dribbled out, running down the front of my shaft toward me. But the second one erupted from my cock, arcing at least a foot into the air before splashing down on my chest and stomach. So did the third and forth, which had her giggling.

“Wow…you’re like a fountain!” she exclaimed as my cock continued to spasm and pulse violently, shooting a couple more ropes of steamy white cum all over my hard, tan body.

“More like a geyser,” I replied, feeling the hot, sticky streams landing on my skin.

Ann cooed as the final few little spurts left my cock, the last sort of oozing out, dribbling down my shaft. Licking my balls again to make my cock jerk once more, she smiled from between my legs. “Are you Old Faithful?” she asked.


“You said you’re more like a geyser. I was wondering if you’re ‘Old Faithful’. Maybe I can make you go off again in an hour.”

“HA…I don’t think so.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because, my balls are worn out. I think I just shot a week’s worth of cum all over me. I won’t be hard again for days.”

“You do know I can keep you hard right now, if I want,” she said, almost as if it were a challenge.

A chill ran down my spine as I saw the look on her face, knowing she really could. Hell, she had done that to me before. Knowing what she was capable of, I nodded. “Yes…I know.”

“Good. I wouldn’t want you to think your slut can’t get her man hard any time she wants. Now sit still while I clean you up,” she hissed, her hair brushing against my still twitching shaft as she used her tongue to scoop up a line of my sperm.

Feeling the long, silky tresses moving over my skin, my shaft had a mind of its own, making it stay rock hard just like she said. She wasn’t even really trying to keep me that way, although watching her eagerly slurp up each little trail of cum was helping me maintain an erection. We both knew I wasn’t cumming again; at least, not any time soon. But it was incredible how sexy she looked cleaning me.

Frankly, I’d never felt sexier. I’d cum hundreds if not thousands of times all over myself when I’d jacked off over the years. I was used to having a big load dripping all over me, but for some reason this seemed entirely different. It was hotter. It was naughtier. It was damn exciting.

Sure, Ann had everything to do with that. The way she got off on doing things to me, even when she wasn’t literally getting off. The way she’d made me cum, with all the little things she’d done to make the experience so amazing. Not to mention the way she was licking up my sperm, moaning as she scooped up the big streaks covering me, savoring each mouthful like it was the finest cuisine she’d ever tasted. All of those things had kept me rock hard and feeling sexy. But there was still more to it than that.

Maybe it was how I was feeling about myself. How she made me feel like the center of her sexual universe. It was hard not to feel special the way she treated me. But I’d never felt that sexy…that alive. Maybe it was that I’d shot my load so high, in beautiful poetic arcs, landing so lewdly on my body. Or perhaps it was that I came without being touched, my cock free to explode in powerful bursts in full view…in a more natural way, with the veins of my shaft pulsing as I erupted.

No matter the reason, as I leaned back into the cushions of the couch, I felt not only sexy, I felt content. I was happy, in more ways than one. As my left hand went to Ann’s head, my fingers lacing between the soft strands of her curly brown tresses, I smiled at her.

“Careful babe. You’re getting some in your hair,” I cautioned.

“Mmm…I don’t care. I love your cum in my hair.”

“That’s because you’re a slut.”

She grinned, a visible shiver running through her as if she totally embraced what I’d just called her again. “Yes I am, baby.”

“I love you, Anna.”

“I love you too.”


I’d actually slept well, even after having to take Ann home after she’d finished devouring her late night snack. I was still a little hard when I climbed into bed, but I feel asleep almost as soon as my body hit the mattress. It had been another long day and I was exhausted.

I got up early the next morning and got ready, driving back over to the Franklin house to pick her up. We followed her parents, driving toward the church where we’d be getting married in less than a week. She wanted me to feel comfortable there, which really wasn’t a concern of mine at all. I was comfortable wherever she was, and sitting next to her in the pew only confirmed that.

I came to realize rather quickly that I wasn’t there for my benefit as much as I was there for her parents. They wanted to show me off…well, me and Ann. But most of the people there knew her. Actually, most of them knew me too, even though it wasn’t the church I attended with my parents. It didn’t matter that it was my first time in that sanctuary. With the town being so small, I probably knew two thirds of the people there. But they didn’t know us as a couple or me as a future son-in-law. And to Marlin and Jean, that was apparently a very big deal.

There were a lot of approving nods and friendly waves as we sat there together waiting for the service to start. While I felt like I was on display, I wasn’t uncomfortable because Ann was holding my hand, squeezing it, and I could feel her love through that little touch. The smile on Jean’s face also made me relax. She was beaming with pride, thrilled that I’d actually agreed to come along with them.

The service itself was very nice, although it was very different from what I was used to growing up. But I’d anticipated that, knowing going in that it was a little more ritualistic than what I was used to. I got lost a couple of times, but Ann would just smile and point in the little program the usher provided, helping me follow along.

As I listened to Pastor Kane deliver his sermon, I looked around the sanctuary, marveling at the place. The room wasn’t huge and technically, it was square. Actually, it was more like a diamond, the square tilted on an axis. It seemed more like a little amphitheater than a church, at least from the design. The pulpit was placed on a large stage area built into the far corner. The stage jutted out from the two walls of the corner at right angles and then cut across at another angle in the middle to face the entrance of the church in the opposite corner. It gave the stage three distinct edges, each with three steps leading up from the floor to the top. Yet from where I was sitting, I was above that top level.

That was because the floor was sloped, with the pews closest to the front being lower than those in the back, just like a theater. There were three sections of pews, one in front of each edge of the stage…and the pews themselves got wider the farther away from the stage they got, able to seat more people. The design meant that there were two main aisles going toward the front instead of one in the middle, which had me wondering how it would work for the wedding. I put that out of my mind though, knowing Ann already had that worked out in her head. It didn’t matter to me really. What mattered was that she would be walking down one of them, and I would be there at the other end, waiting for her.

We were sitting in one of the side sections, listening to Pastor Kane preach, my arm draped around Ann as her left hand rested on my thigh. I felt warm inside as she leaned into me, focusing on the service. I was trying to…but my mind wandered from time to time. I was glancing at the people that had gathered and couldn’t help but think of our wedding.

“Is there going to be enough room for all the guests?” I wondered to myself as I looked at the size of the sanctuary.

It wasn’t a tiny church, but it certainly didn’t seem proportionate to the size of the town. Sure, it was a small community, but most churches seemed bigger than this one. I was busy calculating in my head how many people I thought the seating could accommodate, staring at the large stained glass windows directly opposite me. They were huge, starting above us, and going up two more stories…and that led me to look at the cathedral like ceiling. It was only then that my head turned to the left and I noticed the balcony.

Glancing over my shoulder, I realized there was a second level of seating running along the back walls, with one on the left side and presumably one on the right, directly in line with the two outside rows beneath them. There were only five rows in the one I could see, but the pews in them ran almost the length of the wall. Figuring the one above my side was likely the same, I guessed them to be able to hold at least another hundred people if need be.

That had me believing that the church could hold at least three hundred, maybe three-fifty if I’d miscalculated, which was way more than we’d need for the wedding. I went from thinking it was going to be cramped, to knowing we had more than enough room for our guests. As I looked at the intricate molding carved into the wood on the face of the balcony to my left, I let out a sigh of relief.

“Are you okay?” Ann whispered.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” I smiled as I squeezed her shoulder, pulling her tighter to me.

She squeezed my thigh and said, “We’re almost done, baby.”


Actually, we were far from done…at least as far as being at the church. The service ended shortly afterward, just like she had said. But once that was done, we ended up heading downstairs with her parents to the meeting hall of the church. There, a group volunteers from the congregation had set up a buffet style breakfast for the rest of those that had come to the service.

Ann and I got in line to get food, while her parents stopped by the kitchen to see if they needed any help. Marlin and Jean were part of the breakfast team, helping out in the kitchen once a month. And technically it was their week, but they asked another couple if they could switch weeks with them because Ann and I were there. Still, Jean wanted to make sure everything was covered just in case, and she and Marlin ended up in line about thirty people behind us.

It was a rather large room and as we sat down at one of the twenty or so tables that were set up, I asked, “Is this where we’re having our reception?”

It seemed odd to have to ask, but I hadn’t been around when those plans were being made. Ann and Jean had been doing all of that while I was in West Virginia. With Ann’s parents footing the bill, I didn’t feel right asking in front of them. Since they were still in line and the question was on my mind, it seemed the right time to ask.

“No…we could have. And I suppose it would have saved Mom and Dad some money, but I didn’t want to have it here.”

“Really? Why not…it seems big enough?”

“Because I didn’t want to be limited by the rules the church has for that type of function.”

“Like what?”

“Well, for one…I wanted a band, which they didn’t approve of.”

“We’re having a band?”

“Of course. And I shouldn’t say they don’t approve. It’s not like this is the church from ‘Footloose’ and we wouldn’t be able to dance here. Pastor Kane is actually very hip, for the most part. But if they made an exception and let us have a band, it could create problems because of the precedent they’d be setting. A cover band is one thing, but can you imagine a punk rock group in a church?”

“That’s pretty unlikely in this town,” I chuckled.

“True, but they have to consider all the possibilities.”

“I suppose. I just figured you’d get a DJ.”

“I thought about it. And if that was the only thing that kept us from having it here, I could have gone with that.”

“What else is there?”

“The church doesn’t have a liquor license,” she smiled.

“So, we’re having a band and a bar?”

“Yeah, if that’s okay with you…although they’ve both been booked already, so you really need to be okay with it. It’s in less than a week, baby.”

I grinned as I nodded. “I know Ann. I can’t wait.”

“I really should have asked you…or at least told you,” she said bashfully. “I’m sorry, Neil.”

“It’s fine babe. I could have asked before now if I was concerned about it. I probably should have, just so you wouldn’t feel like you were doing everything by yourself.”

“Oh, I haven’t been. Mom’s actually been great. And there have been a few others that have been a huge help too.”

“So if we’re not having the reception here, where are we having it?”

“Actually, we’re having it at the Elks Lodge.”

“Huh, really? I didn’t know your Dad belonged there.”

“He doesn’t…but your Dad does,” she giggled. “He and your Mom have been amazing too. He’s even paying for the band.”

“Oh my God…you’re kidding. Who did he get, Glen Miller?” I said sarcastically.

“No…I’m pretty sure he’s dead.”

“Right. Dad would be more along the lines of Spike Jones anyway. I had to listen to those records my entire childhood.”

“Relax baby, it’s a rock band…and a good one at that. Tina found them.”

“Really, who are they?”

“I don’t know…she won’t tell me. She said it’s a surprise. But she promised me they’re good, and I trust her.”

“Are there any other surprises?”

“No…not unless you consider the third reason I didn’t want the reception to be here.”

“Yeah, what’s that?”

“It’s a surprise, silly,” she teased.

“Can you give me a hint?”

“Perhaps. Let’s just say that I don’t want to be inhibited by my surroundings, that’s all.”


She giggled at the perplexed expression on my face. “Last hint, Neil. While I’m mindful of the traditions of a wedding, and I want to be respectful to the church for letting us have it here…I still want to be me.”

“You lost me, Ann.”

“Just think ‘wedding dress’ and remember where I had mine made. What you see here won’t be what you see at the reception,” she grinned.

“I don’t understand.”

“I know you don’t, but I’m not saying anything else. I want it to be a surprise for you…and I’ve probably said too much already.”

“Well, I guess I can figure it out.”

She put her finger over my lips. “Don’t. I want you to think about this instead. I told you I want to be me, and I’ll be able to do that better at the Elks Lodge than I will here, for obvious reasons.”

At that moment she had me thinking about so many things that frankly nothing seemed obvious. Shaking my head, I wondered, “What does THAT mean?”

“It means, if I want to pull my new husband into a coat closet and give him a blowjob, I’ll feel a lot better about it doing it there than here. Unless of course that sort of thing turns you on…in which case, we can go find one right now.”

The mischievous smile on her face as she took a big bite of her bagel made my heart skip a beat. I knew she wasn’t serious, but the devilish spark in her eyes was selling the idea that she would do it if I wanted to. I shook my head again and opened my mouth to respond, but the words caught in my throat as her mother sat down next to me.

“So, what are you two talking about?”

My mouth stayed open, only air escaping as I looked at Jean, not knowing how to answer. Or if I even could, considering how stunned I was at the moment.

Ann answered for me, saying “Neil was just telling me how he’d like a tour of the church, and I was thinking about showing him around.”

“That’s funny…so was I,” Jean laughed.

I coughed out “Excuse me,” my throat closing as I swallowed wrong.

Ann laughed and said, “Go ahead, Mom.”

“In a bit, dear. I want to eat first.”

“Me too,” my fiancée said as she winked at me.

The tour never happened. Once Marlin sat down across from me, an endless stream of people started wandering by the table to say hello. I figured a lot of them were people that weren’t close enough to their family to be invited to the wedding, and they were politely using the opportunity to congratulate us. Jean or Marlin would introduce us as a couple, and we’d spend some time making small talk until someone else showed up, which was quite often. I felt like I was in the receiving line at our reception already, although we were still sitting down.

It was wonderful that so many people thought enough of her parents to stop by, and I know they were both eating it up. They loved showing us off. Still, it was hard, because there were several people that stopped that I knew had said horrible things about me when my first marriage fell apart. They’d heard the rumors running rampant through the town and believed them. A handful even spread them themselves. Even as they said nice things now, I was struggling to forget what I knew they’d said before.

Ann felt me tense up a couple of times and she was quick to figure out why. She finally leaned in and said, “You know, if you were ever going to forgive, I think this is the place you’re supposed to do it.”

“You know how this town is as well as I do, Ann. You ran away because of it,” I said defensively.

“I know, Neil. And you’re right, I did. But I’m back now because I have you, and I think this is not only the right place for both of us to get over our past…it’s the right time too. What do you say?”

“You want me to go up to everyone that said something nasty about me and forgive them…right now?”

“Ha…no. I just think we’ll both be happier if we don’t dwell on what people said or did to us. Who cares? They can still say whatever they want. That doesn’t change us and who we are together. We’re happy, right?”


“Then that’s what we should show them. That we’re happy despite all that happened in the past, and they can’t change that.”

“Sounds more like revenge than forgiveness.”

“Do you want revenge?”

“No…but some poetic justice would be nice.”

“I think seeing us happy is just that, Neil. They were wrong about you. They know it.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because…my parents told them. That’s why they’re so proud to have you here today. They wanted to show everyone who you really are, in case they didn’t get the message already.”

“What? They told all of them?”

“No…just the ones that needed telling.”

“But, why would your Mom and Dad do that?”

“You’re part of their family, Neil,” she said as she kissed me on the cheek. “That’s how it’s supposed to work.”


Ann was right. I needed to let my past go if I was truly going to move on and be happy. That seemed a little absurd at first, since I’d never been happier in my life than I was with her. But if I could be sitting next to her, happy in that moment, and someone could alter my mood just by saying hello, then I was still living in the pain of my past in some small way.

I suppose that’s human nature. Everyone has a past and we all have something that’s painful that we’ve gone through. But that pain also shapes us, and I’d come through the other side of mine to find her standing there waiting for me. I truly believed fate brought her to me, but it was the anguish of the experience I’d gone through that opened that door.

When we got up to leave, I felt a weight lifting off my chest. I could forgive, but I wouldn’t forget. I didn’t want to forget. That sentiment wasn’t to hold a grudge, but to remind myself that I had to go through what I did to appreciate where I was now and who I was with. To pretend it never happened would be a mistake, because I became a better man because of it…because of Ann. As we made our way toward the stairs, I decided to follow her advice. I would always remember, but I wasn’t going to dwell.

We stopped and said hello to Pastor Kane as we got to the top of the stairs. He mentioned how much he was looking forward to the next weekend.

“It’s going to be a wonderful wedding,” he said as he shook my hand.

“And marriage,” I whispered to Ann as I held her close to me.

“I hope you enjoyed the service. I know it’s not like your parent’s church.”

“No…but Ann guided me through it. It was very nice.”

“Well, the wedding won’t be that formal. Have a safe trip, and we’ll see you Friday for the rehearsal.”

I’d forgotten all about the rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner. At that moment, I’d even forgotten about the bachelor party. Everything was coming up so fast. Yet before any of that could happen, I still had to drive back to West Virginia, work four days, and then return for Thursday night.

Looking at my watch, I said, “I’ve got to get moving, babe. I’ve got a long day ahead of me.”

Grabbing my hand and pulling me toward a room off to the side, she said, “Okay…let’s go get our coats!”


Ann teased me all the way to my parent’s house.

“Did you really think I was going to blow you right there in the coat room?”

“With you, you never know. That’s what I love about you.”

“You should have seen the look on your face when I dropped my coat and then dropped to my knees in front of you to pick it up. Man…that was hilarious.”

“Not as much as when you reached for my thighs. That was a riot,” I said in a mocking tone.

“Maybe so…but you’re hard as a rock right now.”

“That’s because you won’t stop touching me,” I laughed, feeling her hand roam near my crotch again.

“I won’t stop touching you because it’s Sunday. And that’s…”

“I know…it’s our day. I wish I could spend it with you, babe. Hell, I wish I could just stay here until the wedding.”

“I know, Neil. But I understand. And besides, I have a lot of things to get done, so we wouldn’t be together much this week anyway.”

“A lot of things? I thought everything was pretty much set.”

“I have the cake to worry about, there are details I need to nail down about the reception hall and I have to confirm a lot of reservations.”

“See…I should be here.”

“But you’re not going to be because you can’t. Don’t worry about it…we have it under control.”

“We? You and your Mom?”

“Me and Tina.

“Tina? Now I’m not worried. I’m scared.”

“Scared. Why would you be scared?”

“Because, you’re dangerous together,” I laughed.

“Hmm…that we are,” she said, an ominous tone in her voice.

I pulled into the driveway at my parent’s house and opened the garage door so I could back in. Ann got out and waited for me. She’d come over to help me pack. I had intended to have that done the night before, so all I had to do was load the car, drop her off at her folks place and hit the road. But with Ann offering to help, it allowed us to stay on that couch and watch the games.

“Where are your parents?” she asked as I got out of the car.

“They went to a party for the Barrett’s,” I replied, popping the hatch.

“Oh…that’s right. They did,” she said sexily, making a shiver run up my spine.

My mom and dad had headed to an anniversary celebration for some good friends, going straight from their church to the party. They’d said their goodbyes as I walked out the door to go pick up Ann. For once, it wasn’t tearful on my mom’s part, mostly because she knew I’d be coming back in less than a week for the wedding.

As I heard Ann’s reply, I remembered my mother telling her the night before that they were going. In fact, that’s when she said she’d come over to help me pack. I didn’t think anything about it at the time, mostly because I wanted to spend as much time as I could with her before I left. Now, with my cock hard from all the teasing she’d put me through in the car on the way home, it sank in.

I knew she was up to something, but I had driving on my mind. It was already past eleven, and I had a nine hour drive ahead. I’d known I was going to get back late because I decided to go to church with the Franklins. But I didn’t want to be too late, because I had to work the next day. I started to say that I should really get going, but I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth.

That was because she took off her coat and threw it in the back of my car. Then, she reached behind and slowly unzipped her conservative dark blue dress, letting it fall to her feet right there in the open garage. She stood in front of me in a black lace bra and a matching thong. Turning on her sexy black high heels, she glanced over her shoulder.

“You can get my things. I’ll meet you in the family room,” she said as she stepped into the house and closed the door.

I grabbed her coat and her dress, scrambling into the house behind her, kicking off my shoes in the mudroom out of habit. When I to got the family room, she was already on her knees in the middle of the floor with her legs spread a little. She reached behind to unclasp her bra, letting it fall down her arms gracefully. Flinging it off to the side, she cupped her breasts, playing with her nipples as she stared at me, wearing just her thong and those incredible heels.

It amazed me that she was wearing the heels. Not that it was bad…I loved it. And apparently, so did my mother, which was what amazed me. My mother was just like Ann’s mom, each of them having a ‘no shoes in the house’ rule that always applied. That is, except for Ann when she was wearing heels. For whatever reason, she wore them into the house once and my mother didn’t object. In fact, she actually commented on how nice they looked.

From that point on, whenever Ann would wear some type of stiletto, she’d keep them on. And it wasn’t just at my parent’s house. She’d started doing the same thing at her mom and dad’s, with her mother’s silent, smiling blessing. She would still take off any other shoes or sandals she’s wear, but her heels had become exempt…not that I was complaining.

But what I found interesting as I thought about it was my mother had taken to doing the same thing. I’d seen her several times, including on her way out the door heading to church earlier that morning, wearing a pair of high heels through the house. It was an interesting change; one that I was sure was brought about by Ann just being Ann, and the way she carried herself.

And at the moment, she was carrying herself as a wanton slut. Curling her index finger to motion me toward her, her voice dropped again into that sexy, seductive tone she loved to use to turn me on. “Come here, baby.” I dropped the clothing I was holding, but stood frozen in place with a stupid grin on my face, gazing at her amazing body as she tweaked her nipples again. “What are you waiting for,” she finally asked.

“Ann, I…I need to get going,” I replied, not believing those words were the ones that actually came out of my mouth.

Instead of being angry or offended, she took my comment with her usual grace. “You can go…right after I make you cum. And the longer you keep standing there, the longer it’s going to take. Now come here, baby. It’s Sunday, and I want to suck that cock!”

It wasn’t a request. Even though she had a naughty smile on her face, she had pretty much demanded that I do what she said. It all had to do with her promise that we’d make sure our Sunday’s were devoted to each other sexually. She’d said before that she didn’t want to miss one, even if she was on her period like she was at the moment, because once we did, it would make it easier to do it again…and again. She wasn’t going to let that habit start, particularly so early in our relationship.

I could have argued, or at least tried to reason with her. But at that point, my cock was doing all the thinking for me…like it should have been from the moment she took off her clothes in the garage. Or when she began to tease me mercilessly in the car. Or when she suggested we find a coat room back at the church. I followed my hard cock as it led me toward her, feeling as if I was being dragged behind it like a divining rod leading me to water.

She stood as I got to her, smiling as she started unbuttoning my dress shirt.

“Wh…what are you doing?” I stammered.

“I’m undressing you,” she said as she slowly opened the front, pulling it wide so she could kiss my left collarbone.

“Ann, really…I…”

She put her finger to my lips as she kissed along my shoulder and up my neck. She was leaving a soft trail from her mouth, moving up my cheek before moving her finger as she stared into my eyes. Then she leaned forward and kissed me.

It wasn’t a short buss. She tenderly pressed her soft lips to mine in a long, lingering kiss. She moaned into my mouth as her hand made its way to the back of my head, her fingers digging into my hair. She moved closer, mashing her half-naked form against my clothing. I surrendered to her, opening my mouth, feeling her tongue invade my parted lips and graze against my teeth. When she finally pulled back, the smoldering look in her eyes said everything I needed to hear. I was hers. But that didn’t stop her from telling me anyway.

“It’s Sunday, Neil. It’s OUR day. We made a promise to each other…and we’re going to keep it,” she said as she continued to unbutton my shirt, pulling the tail out from inside my pants.

“I know baby. You’re right…I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. But now I’ve decided that I’m in charge for this one, because you keep trying to find ways to leave, and I’m not finished with you yet.” She took off my shirt, throwing it to the side.

“Oh you are, are you?” I laughed as she kissed her way down my chest.

“Well, I figured you wouldn’t mind.”

“And why is that?”

Ann dropped to her knees and reached for my belt buckle as she looked up at me.

“Because, you’re going to be in charge the next two Sundays…that’s why.”

“I thought we were going to decide that together, when the t…time comes,” I stuttered, feeling her hair deliberately brush over my cock as she lowered my pants and boxers in one quick motion.

“And we are,” she said, helping me step out of my pants before removing my socks. “But I’d really like to have today as mine, and to make up for it, I’m willing to let you have next Sunday.”

“Wait…you said the next two. What’s going on?”

Stroking my shaft as she looked up at me, her smile was warm and reassuring. “Two weeks from now, we’ll be in our new house. And if you remember, that weekend I have to be Annabelle again,” she said with a girlish giggle. “That is, if you still want me to be.”

“I think that’s really up to you.”

“No…I already committed to do it. I can’t back out. Only YOU can,” she said as she gave the head of my cock a quick, wet lick.

“So you want to back out?”

“Mmm…no baby. I love being Annabelle for you. I just can’t do it that often and I have to work myself into it. But I’ll be more than ready by then.”

“Okay…so why am I in charge next Sunday?”

She squeezed the base of my throbbing cock as she held my balls in her other hand, playing with them as I stood naked in front of her. “I just told you, it’s because I want to be in charge right now,” she winked.

“Okay, but that doesn’t…”

“Neil, next Sunday we’ll be married. I’d like to spend my first full day as a wife, doing whatever my husband wants me to do for him. And since it IS going to be a Sunday, I’ll let you imagine what that’s going to entail.”

“Sex,” I sighed as she held her open mouth close to my cock and exhaled her steamy breath over the shaft, which she was holding in her tight fist, making the veins pop out even more than usual.

“That’s right…sex. And since I’m going to be taking a vow to obey you, I figured that’s as good a place to start as any,” she laughed.

“Uh…I’m going to be taking the same vows, Ann.”

She pulled on my shaft a little and said, “It’s Anna. I’ve got a cock in my hand, see?” When I groaned in response, she grinned, “Good…you do see. And yes, I know you’re taking the same vows. I know this may sound silly, because I’ve always prided myself in being a strong, independent woman; I kind of like the idea of starting out our marriage as a frilly little housewife, taking care of her man when he comes home from a hard day’s work.”

My mouth dropped open as I looked at her, almost bowing before me. “You do?”

“Yes, I do. For a while, anyway. Don’t get any ideas that it’s going to last forever. I’m going to go back to work eventually. But we both know I want to play house when we get there, and this is just part of that fantasy in my head. As long as you don’t expect me to be that way, I love the thought of being your devoted wife and following your lead for a while.”

“What’s a while?”

“I don’t know. We’ll figure that out. Let’s just have fun with it and enjoy each other. That’s what I plan to do.”

“Okay…well, I can do that too, if that’s what you really want.”

“What I want right now is for you to get on the floor,” she said as she yanked on my prick, pulling me downward, forcing me to my knees. Putting her hand in the middle of my chest, she helped me get on my back. Hovering over top of me, she shot me a nasty little smile. “I’m tired of talking…right now, I need to suck cock. Now just lie there and be quiet,” she hissed.

Apparently she really did need to ‘suck cock’, as she put it. She practically attacked my crotch, swallowing me whole as she rammed her throat over my shaft. She was on her knees between my spread legs, her head bobbing up and down quickly in long smooth strokes. Each time she pulled up her lips would drag along my skin, stopping at the rim of the mushroom cap before she’d open wide and impale her throat again.

I was leaning on my elbows trying to look at her, but she acted like I wasn’t even there. She was only focused on my cock, her hair covering up what she was doing. The silky brown tresses were dangling down from her head, shielded her face from view like a dark, sexy veil. The sensation was electric, the soft curls tickling my crotch as she went about her sucking her cock. And it was her cock at the moment, her fixation going beyond being just oral.

There was no foreplay or long seduction process. She was fucking me with her mouth and throat…and it was a hard, slutty fuck at that. From the almost obscene garbling sounds she was making, to the constant stream of saliva that was flowing past her lips pooling on my abdomen and flowing down over my balls, what she was doing felt dirty…in a good way. In a very, very good way.

Her left hand was gliding up and down my slickened shaft along with her mouth. Her right was squeezing my spit soaked sack. I closed my eyes for just a moment and listened, my head tilting back as the unmistakable sounds of a woman…well, of a slut sucking a cock filled the room.

She knew almost before I did, my balls moving within her hand as she gripped them. But my increasing moans let her know that the fast, furious pace she’d set was doing exactly what she wanted.

“I…I’M GOING TO CUM ANNA!” I cried out.

She pulled off, surprising me as she quickly grabbed the base of my cock and squeezed it tightly with both hands. I was seconds away from exploding and she suddenly decided that was the time to deny my orgasm. I groaned, my pelvis lifting upward; only my upper back on the floor as my fingers dug into the carpet in exasperation. I figured this was a new tactic she was using…a more extreme way of bringing me to the edge, before backing off.

But she was simply pausing for a moment, wanting me to cum the way she wanted. More to the point…she wanted me to cum where she wanted. She got on the floor on her stomach with her head down, placing the tip of my cock against her forehead. Wrapping my wet shaft into with the long strands of her hair, she started jacking me off with both hands.

I started bucking my hips, humping up into her hands as she pumped my cock. “Cum for me…NOW!” she said, her sultry voice demanding I give her what she wanted.

I didn’t have time to debate it. Her order resonated somewhere deep within my psyche, my balls immediately obeying her verbal command.

“OH GOD!” I screamed as I started spewing my load.

She stopped pumping, quickly covering up the end of my cock with her hair, letting the spunk soak into her thick, luscious mane. “That’s it…cum in my hair. YEESSSSSS,” she growled.

It was an incredible reaction, one that made a jolt run through my body, landing directly in my groin. I pulsed a couple more times, my ass raised off the floor about six inches, before I finally fell to the carpet. She slowly squeezed my balls and then my shaft, milking every drop she could onto her sticky scalp.

Standing up, she straddled me with her heels by my sides. She eyed my damp, limp body, the confidence in her stare making me shiver as she put her hands on her hips. Her hair was a mess, matted from the white sperm along with the saliva from my shaft.

“Go pack…I’ll be there in a minute. And no getting dressed…I’ve already picked out what you’ll be wearing for the trip.”

“What?” I asked, unsure if I really heard what she’d just said.

“I said I still want you naked! Now get going!”


I was inching along the road, my grip on the steering wheel becoming tighter as my tension increased. It was as close to trapped as I’d ever felt in my life. With the late start I’d gotten, I knew I was in for a longer day than I’d originally expected when I’d gotten up. But I never dreamed it would become what it had. I was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, and I had been for almost two hours. But in that time, I’d only gone a little over twelve miles.

My dad had told me horror stories about traveling on the Turnpike during holidays, but I’d always assumed it was an exaggeration…one of his many tall tales from his exploits as a traveling salesman early in his career. Now I was living it firsthand and it was every bit the nightmare he’d made it out to be. As I sat there behind the same red Chevy Monte Carlo I’d been looking at for the last ninety minutes, I scrambled trying to think of the best way to escape the situation I found myself in.

Dad had described the problem before; I just hadn’t paid that much attention at the time. But as I sat there, it all came back to me. Take a cramped four-lane highway that takes the idea of ‘limited access’ to a new level, combine it with a higher than normal volume of holiday travelers all converging on it at the same time…and then put it in the mountainous terrain that stretches across the width of Pennsylvania. It was the recipe for a traffic jam the likes of which I’d never seen before.

And the key to the gridlock was the exits along the Turnpike, or the lack of them to be precise. There were too few, and they were too far apart. Most interstates have exits every few miles, but on a Turnpike you could literally go twenty to thirty miles between them, with no way of getting off. Sure, there were the service plazas they’d have for weary travelers, places to stop to eat and to refuel the gas tank. But those weren’t exits…they were more like pit stops. I needed an exit.

I looked on the back of the toll ticket to find out how far I was from the next one. Actually, for me it was going to be the first one. I’d been traveling east on Interstate 70, joining up with the turnpike in New Stanton, but I’d yet to make it to the next exit going east. Checking the ticket, I found I was just a couple of miles from a place to get off, and I knew I had too. Grabbing the atlas from under the passenger seat, I started looking for an escape route.

I was able to plot out a general course, but the atlas wasn’t detailed enough. I’d be getting off in the mountains, still a couple hundred miles from my final destination. I knew I’d have to take back roads if I were going to get anywhere, because there would be a lot of other people bailing the Turnpike just like I was. They’d likely take the most obvious roads, which meant the traffic jam was going to continue once I got off. My only hope was to find a way most others wouldn’t take.

With it getting dark, it was only going to make finding my way a lot harder. And the winding roads would make it easy to get lost, even with my acute sense of direction. I threw the atlas into the passenger seat and looked up at the road ahead, letting off the brake to move up another car length. Sighing, I knew I needed a map. But first, I needed the exit.


I’m not sure which felt stranger, packing my clothes while I wasn’t wearing any, or that Ann had somehow picked out an outfit for me to wear on my trip back to West Virginia. As I folded my things and put them in my suitcase, it was the latter that seemed odder to me. I couldn’t find anything missing from what I’d brought, which had me browsing though my closet of the clothes I’d left behind, wondering if there was something she’d picked out from there. But that didn’t seem as odd as her picking out something in the first place. After all, I was leaving…and since I was leaving alone and would be in the car most of the way, no one would see me.

I was bent over looking through the drawers of my chest, searching for who knows what that might not be there, when I felt her hands caressing my backside.

“Mmm…that is one sexy ass,” she cooed as she moved her body up against mine from behind. I stood up, her hands roaming over my body, stroking my chest as she ran her left leg along the outside of mine, bringing her knee up to my hip. “I’m going to have to make you be naked more often.”

Make me?” I chuckled. “All you have to do is ask.”

“I’m not in the mood to ask,” she said as she scraped her teeth along my back. Her right hand made its way to my half-hard cock, pulling at it, making it grow once again. “Besides, when I’m in charge, I don’t intend to ask. I’m going to tell you what I want, and you’re going to do it.”

“Hmm, you’re sounding a little like a woman I paid to have sex with once.”

“And that makes you nervous?”

“No…it’s just…”

Ann put her foot on the floor, twisting me around by my cock. Putting her other hand firmly in the middle of my chest, she caught me off guard, pushing me back into the chest of drawers. My mouth fell open as I looked at her. She had used my cum to slick back her hair, at least on the top and the left side. The right side was the same as it was before. It was like she’d had a styling, but the hairdresser left in the middle of the job. Still, it wasn’t her hair that had my cock suddenly stiff in her hands. It was her eyes.

She glared at me, her nostrils flaring a little as the corner of her mouth turned up slightly in a sexy smirk. “I know you don’t like being dominated like I do, Neil. But there’s a difference between being your mistress…and being in control. I know there were parts of what I did as Barbara where I went too far. But I also know there were parts you liked. Do you trust me to know the difference,” she said, squeezing my cock hard.

“Of course I trust you, Anna. And it’s not like I hated…”

“This isn’t a debate. I’m simply telling you that I know I went too far. But I don’t regret it, because now I know where the lines are. Now, are you finished packing?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Just have to load the car.”

“Good! Speaking of loads, you have another one to take care of before you leave,” she said, pulling me toward the door.

“What…what load?”

Ann stopped dead in her tracks and said, “My hair, Neil. I need another load of cum to finish my look.”


Pulling up to the tollbooth, I pulled out my wallet as I rolled down the window. The cute blond attendant gave me a smile as she leaned down to grab the stub from my hand, peering casually through the window. She looked like she was a coed right out of college, and her voice was a breath of fresh air.

“Good evening,” she said cheerfully.

“Same to you…Marcy,” I smiled as I read the little nametag on her thick overcoat. “Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?”

She seemed genuinely stunned that I not only took the time to call her by name, I also asked something personal. “You know, you’re the first person to be nice to me in the last hour. Thank you. And yes, I had a great Thanksgiving. You?”

“It was amazing, up until I got on the Turnpike. But it looks like I’m back to amazing again,” I winked. “What do I owe you?”

She hit a button and grabbed a receipt, leaning out to hand it to me. “It’s on me, for making my day,” she said, flashing me a bright, toothy grin.

“Wow, thanks,” I said, holding onto the five dollar bill in my hand. “I guess this will go toward a map. You wouldn’t happen to know where I could buy one, would you? The atlas I have isn’t detailed enough.”

Marcy looked behind my car, noticing there was just one more in her lane behind me. She turned off her ‘open’ sign and said, “Pull off to the side…I’ll be there in a second to give you directions.”

It seemed a bit odd, but I wasn’t going to question the stroke of luck I’d just gotten. Whipping my Nissan to the right, I pulled over and shifted into neutral, pulling the parking brake. A minute later Marcy was out of her little booth, strolling across the gray pavement in her big coat. She walked to the passenger side and waited, and I stretched over and opened the door for her.

She didn’t hesitate to climb in, which surprised me. Pointing toward the little ‘park and ride’ lot to the right, she calmly said, “My car’s over there.”

“I…I was looking for directions,” I said with a bewildered look on my face.

“No, you were looking for a map. And they’re all sold out by now. Happens every year…you’re like the hundredth person to ask me that today. But you were only one that did it nicely. My car’s the black Mustang.”

“So I’m taking you to your car, because…”

“That’s where my map is,” she said, unzipping her coat.

I pulled into the parking lot and drove up behind her car. She reached into an inside pocket, pulling out her keys. Before I knew it, she was back in my car, handing me two maps…one of Pennsylvania and one of Maryland.

“Here you go. That should get you where you’re going, wherever that is.”

“West Virginia. I don’t know how to thank you, Marcy.”

“You’re more than welcome…”

“Oh God…I’m sorry. I’m Neil.”

“Hi Neil. Like I said, you just made my day more bearable. I’m just returning the favor.”

I drove her back to the edge of the parking lot and she got out. It was a bizarre interaction, but one that I truly appreciated. I rolled down my window to say thanks again and she surprised me my leaning down, her arms on top of my car as she once again peered inside.

Or perhaps ‘leered’ was more accurate. Marcy struck a more provocative posture. With her coat still open, I noticed her ample bosom for the first time, practically spilling out of a frilly pink top. My eyes ran to her deep cleavage, which became deeper when she reached up and popped open another button.

“Enjoying the view?” she asked.

“Sure…I love looking at the mountains in Pennsylvania,” I smiled, more self-assured than I should have probably been. It wasn’t like anything was going to happen, but I wasn’t opposed to flirting if that helped thank her for the gesture she’d just done for me. My only surprise was that she didn’t start in the car.

“That’s a nice outfit you’re wearing. Tell me, is that big package a gift for someone special?” she said, her eyes nodding toward my crotch.

I looked down and realized I’d been putting on more of a show than I thought. Smiling bashfully, I nodded. “Yeah, it is.”

“I figured as much. I could tell.”

“You could tell?” I laughed.

“It’s hard not to spot a man in love, Neil…at least for me. Of course, the lack of a ring made me wonder at first, but I could tell as soon as I got in the car.”

“That obvious, huh?”

“Well, first, you’re happy, even after being stuck in traffic for hours. And you didn’t even look when I opened my coat in the car. That can only mean a couple of things and the way you’re looking at my chest now confirms that ‘gay’ isn’t one of them. So, I’m right.”

“Uh huh.”

“Coming from, or heading to her,” she asked.

“Coming from,” I grinned.

“Hmm…no wonder you’re so happy. Although that makes me wonder why you’re sporting such a, well…” her voice trailed off as she grinned, nodding toward my bulge again.

“It’s a long story.”

“And you don’t have time for one, do you?”

“Not really. Sorry.”

“Don’t be. This was a nice little break in my day. It would have been nice though.”

“What’s that?”

“You…and me.” She leaned through the window, letting her bare left breast pop out of her shirt, hanging into view. She reached down and cupped my crotch, squeezing it tenderly as she kissed me on the cheek. “God…that would have been SO nice,” she sighed as she pulled back and put her breast back inside her shirt.

I’d resisted the urge to grab her dangling tit, or tweak her hard nipple. Instead, I held out my left hand, grasping hers for a second. “You’re right Marcy…it would have been.”

“Then let’s leave it at that, Neil. It was great meeting you. Have a safe trip,” she said as she zipped up her coat halfway.

“It was great meeting you too. Thanks for the view, and the maps. I thought you were just going to give me directions.”

The impish grin on her face gave me a start. She looked over her shoulder and turned her body a little. “Do you really want directions?” she said, unzipping again.

“I’ve got a minute…yeah,” I nodded.

She quickly unbuttoned her shirt…her huge 36-inch tits holding it open when she’d finished. She placed her finger on near her right nipple and said, “Okay…you’re here, on this mountain. You’ll want to go south first…”


“Where are we going?” I asked as Ann led me to the doorway of my parent’s bedroom.

“Right here,” she replied as she walked over and grabbed something off of my mother’s dresser. “Turn around.”

I did, only because it was apparent that I needed to be obedient at the moment. But that didn’t stop me from wondering what she was up too. That feeling only got stronger as she put a scarf ever my eyes to blindfold me. “Ann…what…”

I felt the sharp sting of her hand against my ass, making me snap to attention, my hard cock bouncing up and down a little. “You’re not talking…I am. Now just hush and do what I tell you to do.”

“I thought we weren’t going here again. You just got done saying…OUCH,” I flinched, my other cheek taking the blow of an open hand.

“Do I have your attention now?” she whispered as she reached around and stroked my cock again. I nodded, which made her laugh. “We’re not ‘going there’ again. We’re not even going close. I told you, there’s a difference between being your mistress and being in control of you. But that doesn’t mean the fine line doesn’t get a little blurry if you look too close. This is about control. I have it, you don’t. And a blindfold doesn’t necessarily mean you’re my slave. It could also mean I just don’t want you to see.”

I moaned as she pulled me again, using my cock as a lead, yet I remained quiet, not wanting to say anything. I wasn’t worried about getting smacked on the ass again. I just decided to go with the flow. I could feel her climb up on my parent’s bed, so it didn’t surprise me that she was pulling me up with her, making me get on my knees. I thought she was just going to jack me off, or perhaps give me another blowjob, either of which would have been great.

Ann had another idea altogether. One I didn’t see coming…and not because I was blindfolded. She got down on her hands and knees, backing up against me, pressing my cock into the crack of her ass. Moving her hips, she ground against me. It was like a doggy style lapdance. At least until she stopped and gave me another order.

I felt her hand grasp my shaft as she moved her body forward. Moving the tip along her crack, I grinned as she pressed back into me, forcing the tip of my cock past her anal ring.

“Okay…you have to do the rest of the work, baby. Grab my hips and don’t hold back. I need fucked…hard. Just make sure you give me time before you cum. I need to get into position.”

As my fingers dug into the skin of her hips, I could feel her brace her body for the thrust I was about to give her. My thighs fired forward, plunging my cock deep into her slick ass. It wasn’t a surprise that she’d prepared herself for me. It was that she was letting me fuck her ass while she was still on her period.

She had said she’d consider letting me fuck her ass during that time of the month, but I didn’t really hold out hope. She’d always gone out of her way, doing so many incredible things to keep me sexually satisfied during those times, I had no right to ask for anything more. In fact, it never really crossed my mind. Whenever her cycle came to pay its cruel monthly visit, taking away her pleasure for several days, she always went out of her way to make sure I still had mine. In some ways she compensated, coming up with inventive ways to make us connect, giving me mind blowing orgasms in the process. It was like she was saying, ‘if I can’t cum, you’re going to cum for both of us.’ And there was also no doubt in my mind that she actually got off on getting me off.

But the sudden change in her stance on fucking her ass during her period came as a bit of a shock. We’d broached the subject once, although briefly and it didn’t seem like it was something she’d want to do. But here I was, slamming my cock mercilessly into her back door, at her request. As curious as I was about what changed her mind, it was one of those moments were I wasn’t going to question. I was ordered to fuck her ass and to fuck it hard. I had no intention of disappointing her.

I held onto her hips, using them to pull her into me as I pounded away. Soon, the steady rhythm we’d created had my balls swaying back and forth, the motion making them swing up and slap against her clit. I wasn’t sure she was thinking about cumming on her period when we started, but when she lowered her upper body, I knew it was on her mind. I’d learned that she loved the way that angle felt, tilting her pelvis enough to expose her little bud more. When she spread her knees a little wider, her motives became rather obvious.

While I couldn’t see, I was reacting to her grunting and moaning, and the way her body moved in tandem with mine. We were in synch in so many ways it made my heart soar. I had my eyes closed under the blindfold, trying to picture what she looked like as I fucked her. At any moment I could have just reached up and removed it, but it never occurred to me. Well, it did, but I resisted the urge, knowing that she wanted me the way I was for some reason. Somehow that made it hotter for both of us.

I started going faster when I sensed she was nearing an orgasm. From the sounds she was making, it was going to be a rather big one considering how I was fucking her. Although I’d seen it happen before, it still astounded me that she could cum just from my fucking her ass. It wasn’t just that I was buried fully. It was more the constant attention my balls gave her clit that made it happen. Between their weight and the way they smacked against her wet pussy, and the position she held her body when I fucked her from behind, the combination made her soar.

“Oh fuck…YEEESSSSS!” she shrieked, her voice reverberating off the walls of my parent’s bedroom.

Spurred on by the beginning of her climax, my hands moved up her body, grabbing her tits as I rammed into her tight ass. She continued screaming, uttering a garbled mush of unrecognizable words as she came. I fumbled for her nipples, rolling them between my fingers, pulling them a little. But the awkward angle was too hard, so I left them alone and grabbed her hips again…content to finish how we’d started.

When she started her slow accent down from the high of her orgasm, I could feel her body level out, knowing she must have put her hands back on the mattress. With that she started using her leverage to rock back into me when I thrust forward, forcing our bodies to collide harder.

She was mumbling, a constant stream of obscenities filling the air as she told me what she wanted and how she wanted it. She told me how to fuck her, demanding I go faster and deeper. She ordered me to smack her ass like she’d done to me, calling herself names as she fucked me as hard as I was fucking her. She always felt dirtier whenever we had anal sex and she let that come out. While I didn’t know it for sure, it seemed that being on her period made that feeling even stronger, bringing out that side of her personality.

I could tell she was looking at me over her shoulder from her voice. She started barking at me, telling me how much she needed another big load of cum, doing and saying whatever she could to help try and get me off. But she didn’t have to worry about that. The way her tight ass was squeezing my shaft as I plowed into her was all I needed as I felt my balls start to move again.

Remembering what she had said before we’d started, I told her that I was getting close. I moaned when she pulled forward, leaving my cock bobbing in the air. But that didn’t last long. The warm confines of her ass were replaced by the wet feeling of her mouth. She took my cock and started sucking me while jacking the base. She didn’t deepthroat me like before. Instead, she used her tongue, swirling it around the tip and she mouthed me.

“Oh God Anna…I’M GOING TO CUM,” I yelled out with the air escaping my lungs.

I could feel the tip of my cock against her scalp as she jacked me. I started to lean back and she grabbed my thigh with her other hand. “Hold still…we don’t want to miss!”

I wasn’t thinking that I was hitting a target, but I was. She wanted my load in a specific place on her head, wanting to complete whatever look she was going for. I had a twinge of nerves hit me, thinking about what might happen if I missed where she was aiming. It was an absurd thought, but I didn’t have time to dwell on it. My balls lurched upward and started grinding inside their sack, forcing my sperm to race up the shaft.

“AGGGHHHHHHHHH!” I yelled, my thighs starting to cramp as I came, trying to hold myself in place.

“That’s it baby…PERFECT!” she giggled as I coated head. I smiled though the pain in my legs, as I remained frozen. When I felt her lips on my cock, cleaning me, I collapsed backward and grabbed my right thigh. “Are you okay, Neil?”

“I’m…fine,” I said breathlessly.

She kissed my cock. Then she patted my balls and whispered, “I love you guys…good work today,” making me snicker. I felt her get off the bed, but she cautioned me. “Stay there and leave the blindfold on. I’ll be back to get you when I’m ready.

As I lay there, I felt a little guilty. Here I was a sweaty mess and I was on my parent’s bed, on top of the comforter no less. Still, there was something strangely erotic about the naughtiness of it. I wouldn’t classify it as taboo. But when you added in how I’d just fucked Ann, it was certainly something I’d never have considered doing, which I suppose was what still had my cock staying hard.

By the time she got back to me, I’d softened a little. But she still cooed as she climbed onto the bed next to me. “Mmm…you look like you could go again, lover. Too bad you have to go.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said as I felt her lips pressing against mine.

She gave me a wet, tender kiss, tracing her tongue along the edge of my mouth when she pulled back. “Okay…spread your legs,” she said as she moved to climb between them.

“Ann…what are you doing now?”

“I’m still Anna, Neil. And don’t make me spank you again. You should know by now to just do what I say.”

I did as she asked, or demanded, depending on how I wanted to look at it from behind the blindfold. Either way, I was smiling as I felt her soft hands lift my balls one more time. At the same time, I needed to get going.

She knew that too, saying, “I know you have a long drive, baby. I’ve already got the car loaded for you. We just need to get you ready so you can get going.”

I felt something against my balls and then I felt Ann moving them. A familiar pinching feeling followed and I groaned as the first snap was fastened.

The concern was in my voice as I stammered. “A…Anna?”

“No talking. I’ll explain in the car,” she answered calmly as another snap clicked into place. With one more click, the ball strap was securely in place, binding my balls while splitting them apart. Knowing what was coming next, I braced myself as I felt a cock ring being rolled down my stiff shaft. It took Ann a little bit, but finally she said, “There! You’re all dressed. Let’s go!”


Ann was humming to herself as she drove my car. I’d never seen her happier. Or sexier. She was wearing the same conservative dress she’d worn to the church service earlier. But now she had her hair pulled back and tied it up, the top portion slicked back. Of course, what made it sexy was the mousse she’d used to create the wet look. My sperm took out the curls from her perm, flattening her mane along her scalp. With her long neck exposed, along with the fresh makeup and lipstick she’d applied, she looked elegant.

Catching me staring at her, she smiled. “You like the look, don’t you?”

“I can’t get over it…you look incredible.”

“Maybe I should do my hair like this for the wedding,” she replied, checking her hair again in the rear view mirror.

“You look like one of those girls in that Robert Plant video.”

“Really…I don’t remember that one.”

“Sure you do. ‘Addicted to Love’?”

“That was Robert Palmer, baby. Robert Plant sings for Led Zeppelin. Except for when he’s on his own singing about his ‘Big Log’,” she laughed.

“God, I knew that. I get those two mixed up all the time.”

“Wow…that was fun!”

“What’s that, what we did back at the house?”

“Ha…well, that too. I meant that it’s fun correcting you about music. That must be how you feel all the time.”

“What’s that mean?”

“You just know so much about so many things that it’s pretty rare you get one wrong. I just felt really smart for a minute.”

“Are you kidding me…you know as much as I do.”

“No…not really. You’re kind of freakish about that kind of stuff.”

“Stuff. What kind of stuff?”

“Useless knowledge. Remind me never to play Trivial Pursuit with you unless you’re my partner.”

“Well, it’s not useless if they came up with a game just so you can use it.”

“God you’re funny,” she snickered.

“I don’t feel funny.”

“Aw, poor baby. How are you holding up?”

“I’m fine right now. Remind me never to tell you I kind of like something like this again. Where did you get the strap and ring, anyway? I thought for sure you left them in the trunk back in the hotel.”

“Those are my back up set. I keep them in my purse.”


“For times like today, obviously. A good slut is always prepared,” she giggled again.

“So why am I wearing them…and when am I going to get my clothes?”

“Hey, you’re lucky I’m letting you wear the coat,” she said, reaching past the gearshift to grab my cock, which was out in the open and hard as a rock. Unable to resist, she started to stroke it, adding, “You made me ride through Colorado totally naked. Twice.”

As I rode in the car, I was naked below the waist. Well, I had my sneakers and socks on, and I had the ball strap and cock ring riding shotgun on my crotch, keeping me hard. But for all intents and purposes, I was naked except for my brown leather bomber jacket.

“Yes, I did. But you were a slave. I’m just…what am I again?”

“You’re my fiancé. And I’m yours. I just happen to be in control right now, that’s all.”

“Yeah…that’s right. Still kind of feels like I’m a slave, though.”

“I told you the lines can get a little blurry. Are you upset?” she asked, batting her big brown eyes at me.

“I’ll only be upset if someone sees me.”

“I know, but your cock is hard.”

“That’s because you’ve bound it.”

“You’d be hard without the strap and you know it.”

“I’m hard because of YOU,” I laughed.

“That’s my point. We’re just having a little fun. That’s what our Sunday’s are all about.”

“It’s only fun if no one sees me. We’re not in Colorado, Anna. People know us here,” I said as she drove us down Main Street. Turning right at the light after we drove through the downtown area, I realized where we were going. “Like Tina.”

She laughed as she turned the car down the alley between the river and the backs of the stores lining the downtown strip, heading to Tina’s shop. Parking right behind the door, she turned off the car and handed me the keys. “I guess this answers the question about where your clothes are.”

“Yeah…but with Tina involved, it just raises lots of other ones. Just tell me, what’s with this?” I said, pointing at my cock and how it was bound.

“I’ll tell you when we’re inside,” she said, getting out of the car.

When she opened mine, I sat there, frozen in fear. “Inside?”

“Yep…take off the coat too,” she said sternly, holding out her hand. I was beyond asking questions. It was getting close to one o’clock and I had a nine-hour drive ahead. Instead of balking, I took off the coat and handed it to her, getting out of the car without being asked again. She smiled as she threw the jacket over her arm, grabbing my cock to pull me along.

Tina was sitting at her desk, looking up as she heard the door open. Following Ann inside, she gasped at first. Then she surprised me.

“FUCK!” she yelled as she stared at us.

“That’s right. I win,” Ann grinned.

“Win? What did you win?”

“A bet,” Ann smiled.

“You haven’t won yet. He’s still naked.”

“Don’t worry…he’ll wear it.”

“Wear what?” I asked, my words ignored as Ann and Tina talked past me.

“What makes you so sure?” Tina asked.

Ann put her hand on her hip, still holding my cock with the other. “Because he knows I’m in control until midnight…that’s why.”

My eyes grew wide, wondering just what was going on. “Midnight?”

Turning to me, she raised an eyebrow and nodded. “Yes…that’s when Sunday ends, lover. Actually, we said our Sunday’s were going to last until the next morning, if you remember. But we’ll see how you do on the trip.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“You’re wearing the ball strap and cock ring on the trip home.”

“What…are you nuts?”

“No, I’m just in control of yours.”

“Anna, are you serious?”

“Yes. The idea is that, if you feel them, then you’ll know I’m still in control even though we’re not together. When you get to the hotel, you’ll call me, and then I’ll tell you to take them off. Can I trust you to do this?”

I thought about what she was asking me to do. I could tell her yes and take them off anyway. Or I could just tell her no. But I knew the answer I needed to give her in my heart. As much as it might hurt or be uncomfortable at first, I knew I’d get used to it. She hadn’t put the strap on the tightest setting like she had before, so it wasn’t going to do any damage leaving it on so long. Nodding my head, I sighed.

“Yes babe. I’ll do it.”

Ann hugged me and gave me a big kiss. “Good! Now, let’s get you dressed.”

Chapter 10 – Amber’s Evolving Relationship with Diana and Paul

She was met by a young paralegal who guided her back to a conference room.

They sat down and the paralegal introduced herself as they shook hands.

“I’m Stephanie Matthews. Mr. Grogan had another appointment, but was sure you would want to get your settlement as soon as possible,” the young paralegal explained.

She handed Amber a thick stapled document of legal sized paper.

Amber started reading through it but was quickly bewildered by the legalese.

“I’ll go over it with you,” the young woman said, and proceeded to go over it paragraph by paragraph, reading it out loud.

Amber struggled to stay awake and pay attention, as Stephanie read the legalese line by line, but after only five minutes, she fought to keep her eyes from rolling into the back of her head.

She stood up a couple of times and sat down again, trying to pay attention to all the details.

Stephanie was a very bland person and spoke in a monotone, which is why Grogan had chosen her for this task, but of course Amber had no way of knowing this.

Finally, Stephanie got to the end of the document. By this time, Amber had long since lost track of it and really had no idea what was in the contract, but when she heard $150,000–she perked up and came alert.

“Did you say $150,000?” she squeaked.

“Yes, that’s the total settlement,” Stephanie replied. “You realize that Duncan, Born & Grogan gets 40% for our fee, and then there will be taxes also.”

Amber nodded, and Stephanie had her initial that clause. It was still a lot more money than Amber had dreamed of. This would allow her some time to figure out what she would do with her life. She could move out and get her own place instead of relying on the charity of her best friend.

“Okay, where do I sign?” she asked.

“You understand that this is a binding and enforceable contract?”

“Yes yes,” Amber gushed as she grabbed the pen and looked for where to sign.

Stephanie handed her a pen and pointed out places she had to initial and where she had to sign.

So Amber left the office feeling good. What she didn’t realize is that her carelessness and Johnson’s cunning had just decided her fate. Grogan was an uncle of Johnson’s, and Amber had just signed a contract where she agreed to perform in six adult features per year for the next three years, for a total of 18 feature films in which she would perform in a sexual manner similar to other Sunshine Communication actresses, including participating in a specified number of photographic layouts, “loops” and promotional events.

Amber’s settlement included payment for these, plus all past films in which she starred. The total amount seemed like a lot to Amber, but it was far less than what Amber should have been able to get considering she was already a significant rising star in the porn industry.

The fact that Amber had just contracted to star in more pornographic films escaped her notice. “Not the sharpest knife in the kitchen” you might say? Well maybe, but Amber’s innate carelessness, naiveté, financial desperation, her excitement over the money, and the vast pages of legalese read out loud in monotone by the dullest woman in the office which lulled her into impatience, all contributed, and Amber is not the first person to be tricked, manipulated and coerced by the likes of Johnson McKenzie and slimy lawyers like Grogan.

Stephanie had promised that she would have a cashier’s check sent by messenger the following day, and Amber was up by 6 a.m. and stayed close to the door for hours until the messenger came by around noon with a large cardboard envelope.

Amber ripped it open and held the cashier’s check with trembling hands. It was a lot less than $150,000 due to the lawyer’s fees and taxes, but still in the tens of thousands. Within the hour, she deposited in her account and she was no longer poor. She quickly got her cell phone paid in full and her service restored. She spent the rest of the day shopping, buying new clothes for herself and lavish Christmas gifts for Paul and Diana which she wrapped and piled on the coffee table. Having lived with them for several months, she knew exactly what they needed. She also took out a cashier’s check to cover several months of rent and paid their power and utility bills over the phone.

As she walked down “The Ave” coming home from shopping, she passed the small porn shop where she had been accosted by the young man wanting her autograph on her DVD–when she first found out what Johnson had done to her. She felt seized by a sudden impulse. She was wearing sunglasses in the hopes she wouldn’t be recognized, as well as a beanie to keep her ears warm. She went inside, hoping no one would recognize her.

Inside the porn shop, she quickly realized she was the only woman. Two men looked at her from behind the counter, and she had to check her shopping bags with them. She wandered quickly through the aisles before she found what she was looking for.

She saw the title on the DVD cover: “Amber Butterfly Comes Out”. She glanced at her picture on the cover, on her knees about to give head, looking over her shoulder. Her vivid tattoo on display from her shoulder down to her bare ass. Then she saw another title next to it–another picture of her on the cover, her bare tits displayed, the pendant of the amber covered butterfly hanging between them. She found two others and then hurried up to the counter to make her purchase.

She was anxious to leave, but the cashier was in no hurry. He rang up the videos one by one, taking his time while Amber fidgeted nervously.

Finally he handed her a brown paper bag.

“I’m surprised the producer didn’t give you complimentary copies. When are you going to make another?” he asked.

“I–I don’t know yet,” she stammered, somewhat nonplussed.

“I’m the manager here. If you would be willing to come down for a promotion, I’d be willing to pay you, depending on what you’re willing to do. Your movies are doing good–but promotion can make a huge difference. Have your agent call us–okay?” he asked.

“I’ll do that,” she said, clutching the bag and heading out the door.

“Wait–don’t forget your shopping bags!” he called out to her–just in time.

That night she watched the videos in Paul and Diana’s room. Her hands shook as she removed the plastic wrap and the tape holding the DVD case shut. She pushed the button “open/close” button and the DVD receptacle slid slowly out. She carefully put the disc in and closed it, and turned the TV on. When the image flickered on the screen she let her breathe out–she didn’t even realize she had been holding it. Then she laid down on the bed and watched.

She was shocked, though not surprised to find that the series was a pseudo-documentary. What she hadn’t realized is how much of her life was caught on video–even non-sex scenes. The start of the movie showed her as a prude, unwilling to have sex. She was repressed, even frigid. The movie had been cleverly edited to exaggerate this, although she had to admit there was some truth to it. The movie portrayed Johnson as opening her up to a healthy level of sexuality.

The big change in the first movie came when she got the tattoo. Johnson had made it appear as if she had begged to get the tattoo, and that he had paid for it–the exact opposite of the truth. There was a time-lapse segment of the tattoo being created over the days.

After she received the tattoo, the movie portrayed her as becoming a total slut. The clothes she chose–this was portrayed as her idea, not Johnson’s. On screen, she was portrayed as increasingly obsessed with sex, begging Johnson for his cock, unable to get enough. He acted overwhelmed, like he could barely keep up. His own infidelities were omitted.

She was shown sucking him off and begging for his cum, never getting enough. Her recorded words had been edited to this effect, and this was also shown by dialogue between Johnson and other actors.

The time she had been working out and doing the splits naked–that was in the second video. The threesome with Kyle was portrayed as her idea, with Johnson only reluctantly going along with it, and begging her not to.

In the third video she got more and more slutty, arranging for and begging for the threesome with Kathleen who was unaccredited and whose face had been mostly edited out. It also showed her blowing Johnson’s friends–again, their faces could not be clearly seen. Again, she was portrayed as an out-of-control slut, and poor Johnson was the cuckold–watching helplessly as Amber went after his friends. The movies had additional footage of Johnson narrating much of this.

The fourth video showed scenes of her at the party, and the gangbang with Cinnabar. Amber was portrayed as an insistent and enthusiastic participant rather than drugged and seduced. Johnson, again, was shown as the cuckold, weeping and bewildered, and trying to come to terms with her transformation into a complete slut, but unwilling to leave Amber because of his love for her. Anything that would show otherwise was edited out, and the remainder edited together, including her own words.

She was angry at the twisted portrayal, but after she got over the anger, she became increasingly turned on watching the sex scenes. Much of it she remembered, and also had seen on the Internet, but it was a fresh perspective watching the whole story strong together. Eventually, she couldn’t help herself and masturbated as she watched them, first using her hands, and then her dildo, cumming over and over.

After she had masturbated, and as she watched the rest of the movie, she became more thoughtful. Although the movie had twisted the truth, she had to admit there was a fundamental truth portrayed–she had indeed changed a lot. She HAD become a slut. She realized that now. She loved sex and needed lots of it. Furthermore, she was discovering that she enjoyed watching and being watched also. Maybe she should accept herself for who she was.

For the next two days, she watched the Amber Butterfly series over and over until Paul came home.

She picked up Paul at the airport in the evening. Excitedly, she told him about her settlement and ordered out Chinese food.

As they ate, Amber was bubbling with happiness and couldn’t keep her mouth shut, but Paul felt a small bit of doubt gnawing at him. As a law student, he wished he had been in town when Amber had been offered the settlement.

“You should have a copy of the settlement agreement? I’d like to take a look at it.”

“Oh it’s around somewhere,” she chirped.

“Can you get it and let me take a look at it?”

Amber struggled to talk with a mouthful of rice.

“Mmmmfff, Paul, it’s okay. It was a lawyer who was representing me. Let’s just celebrate,” she pleaded.

Amber, like Paul, suddenly felt a as if dark butterflies were fluttering around in the back of her head. She felt that something might be dreadfully wrong–but what could be wrong? Her money problems were over–at least for the time being. At least she had gotten paid for her accidental career choice. Now she wanted to put it behind her once and for all.

Paul smiled as she handed him a glass of wine.

“To the future, whatever it may hold,” she said, raising her glass in toast.

Paul tapped her goblet with his own and they drank together.

He got a fire going, and over the next couple of hours, the two talked and finished the bottle of wine together.

For Amber, it felt very warm in the apartment. She looked at Paul, he looked tired but so handsome. She suddenly felt self-conscious. She was wearing a low-cut blouse and a skirt with a slit on the side, and stockings held up by garter belts, and pumps on her feet–typical clothes for her. At one time, she would not have been caught dead in such blatantly sexual clothes, but in the years since she had met Johnson, all her clothes had been gradually replaced with ones he had chosen, to the point where all of it showed off her figure, or a lot of skin, or was sexy, or all of the above. She had gotten used to dressing like this, taken it for granted even.

Now she looked down at her lap, conscious of the fact that the slit of her skirt had ridden up and was exposing the top of her stocking the strap of her garter. She was afraid to pull her skirt down, because it might call attention to it.

She looked over at Paul, but he was watching the television. The love seat was old and tended to sink in the middle, causing two people sitting in it to come together, and she became hyper-aware of the feel of his thigh against hers. She felt the heat rising between her legs, and couldn’t help but squirm in her seat. Her thong underwear was getting wet, making her uncomfortable. It was pulled up tight against her clit, making her horny.

Paul noticed her stare and looked over at her. She looked at him with those big brown eyes. Her golden hair was pulled up in a pony tail, although wisps of it were loose and framed her beautiful face. Her chest was heaving up and down, and her face was slightly flushed. Her nipples were erect, and pushed out against her lace bra and blouse. Her mouth was open, and she unconsciously ran her tongue along her lips.

He bent forward, hesitating slightly, but her lips quickly found his and they were kissing. They continued making out for a while, Paul’s hands found her swollen breasts and massaged them as they kissed, swirling their tongues together.

Amber stopped and pulled away.

“Paul–I’m sorry,” she panted. “I can’t believe I almost did this. You belong to Diana!” she sobbed, a tear rolling down her cheek.

She stood up to get away from him, before she was tempted any more than she already was.

“Amber!” he said sharply.

She looked at him.

“It’s okay. Diana and I discussed this. I already know about you and her, we’ve agreed that it’s okay for both of us, only with you.”

He reached up and pulled her arm, and she fell forward into his arms, straddling his lap.

Paul felt his stiff cock and swollen balls pressed down hard as she sat on his lap and ground her loins in his lap, kissing him the entire time. She stopped and rolled her head back, and he kissed and sucked on her neck, eliciting moans of pleasure from her. Her full breasts appeared as if they were ready to burst out of her low-cut blouse, and Paul bent his head down to kiss them, running his lips back and forth.

Amber moaned, and then stood up again.

Paul looked up at her, a question on his face. He started to stand up, but she pushed him back down.

Amber slowly unbuttoned her blouse, as Paul watched, eyes wide. She started slowly swaying, doing a striptease for him. Soon the buttons were all undone, and her blouse hung open. She continued swaying, and moved her hands up to squeeze and massage her breasts, the whole time watching him.

The blouse came off completely, and she threw it in his lap. She spun around, and reached down, undoing the buttons on the side of her skirt, and as she completed the spin, her skirt was gone. Now she was dressed only in her black lace bra, g-string, garters and stockings, as well as the pumps on her feet.

She continued swaying, as if there was music to dance to, and moving closer to him, turned around, her curvy ass swaying before his face. She leaned forward, causing her g-string to slip further up her crack, and accentuating the heart-shaped curve of her haunches. In the meantime, while he was watching her swaying ass, she reached behind her to undo her bra.

She stood up and spun back around to face him, and bent over low. Her bra fell away, and she felt her heavy breasts swing free and settle in front of his face, nipples erect. She continued moving around, swaying back and forth, rubbing her hands up and down her body.

Then she came up close to him again, her full breasts once more swinging right in front of his face, hard nipples an inch away from his lips.

Paul gasped and grabbed her tits in his hands, bring one nipple up to his lips, and Amber fell forward again, straddling his lap again, grinding up and down, her heavy tits smacked the sides of Paul’s head as she gyrated in his lap.

He reached around grabbing her ass cheeks as she rocked in his lap, her tits bouncing and slapping against his face as he gamely tried to latch his lips onto one of her nipples.

She laughed and stood up again, making him moan in frustration, and turned around, exposing her backside to him. She resumed her swaying dance, undulating close to him.

Paul could see the highly detailed tattoo work on her back. All the fairies seemed to be smiling seductively at him–all of them appeared to be aroused. Although part of the tattoo was covered up with the garter belt, most of the tattoo was visible. The largest fairy on her ass in particular fascinated him–kneeling naked on its hands and knees, it’s bare ass high in the air, a seductive smile on its lips.

Suddenly Amber stopped swaying, and she reached to the sides of her hips and slowly started pulling the straps to the g-string down over her hips, which she had worn on top of the garter belts. The strings came down slowly, and came out of the crack of her ass slowly. Soon, her wet cunt made it’s first appearance. Paul was close enough to see her engorged clit and her swollen labia. She was so hot, her lips appeared to glisten.

Then the g-string dropped to the floor, and she stepped out of it carefully with her feet still in sandals. Then she picked it up and threw it into his face. He clutched it and held it up to his nose, breathing in the musky odor of her arousal. She smiled at him, and slowly walked into the master bedroom.

Paul shook himself out of his daze, and came after her. As he entered the room, Amber closed the door behind him and pressed up against him, kissing him. Then she started unbuttoning his shirt, kissing his chest as she did so. She pulled it off and over his shoulders, then dropped to her knees.

Amber was overwhelmed by lust. The striptease she had performed had turned her on even more than it had aroused Paul. She felt a strong sense of urgency, as she undid his trousers and pulled them down, whipping his underwear down.

His cock bounced a little as she pulled his underwear down, and she moaned with pleasure as she saw his cock, so stiff it arched slightly upwards, veins bulging along the sides of his shaft. She also noticed that his balls were huge. She gasped and gently massaged them through his scrotum, fascinated by their size and weight. With her other hand, she stroked his stiff prick.

Amber stuck her tongue out and licked the gleaming oily precum oozing out of the tip of the head of his cock. She liked the taste of it, but couldn’t stop herself from taking his cock deep in her mouth. She did so with a moan of lust, and started bobbing her head up and down on his hard cock.

Amber was a skilled enough fellatrix to tell when Paul was close to ejaculating, and she wanted him inside herself. She stood and kissed him again, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he did so.

Paul’s arms were wrapped around her waist, caressing her as they kissed, and he moved them down to her round firm ass cheeks. With her gymnast’s flexibility, she swung her legs up and wrapped them around Paul’s waist. She felt Paul’s cock-head poke up against her pussy opening for a moment, and with a slight jerk she aligned herself better and slid down on to him.

With her 120 lbs held by her arms around his shoulders and legs around his waist, and his grip on her ass, her weight also pushed down on his cock, mashing her clit against his rock-hard erection. Her extreme lubrication helped him to slide his cock in and out readily.

Paul gasped with pleasure, gripping her ass hard, he fucked her hard on his feet. He was almost overcome by the overwhelming physical sensation of her hot wet pussy gripping his cock, but managed to keep on his feet. He spun around, carrying Amber with him as she whimpered and pushed her up against the wall, pounding her hard, her back banging against the wall repeatedly as he pounded in and out of her. Her breasts pressed up against his chest.

Amber was cumming hard, whimpering as they continued to kiss, and Paul felt a rush of hot lubricant run out of her pussy and around his testicles, which were slapping up against the bottoms of her ass cheeks. Her cries of passion pushed him over the edge and he started cumming as well, as hard as he had in a long time. He ejaculated so much, the cum ran out of her pussy, and Amber could feel streams of cum run down out of her cunt into the crack of her ass.

As their orgasms subsided, Paul’s cock lost its erection, and Amber’s feet found the floor. She sighed as her feet touched the ground, and beads of Paul’s semen ran down her thighs.

“That’s was so good,” she sighed, tilting her head up for another kiss.

Later that night, Amber couldn’t sleep. Her eyes opened up. The room was still lit by the lamp light. Paul lay beside her snoring, naked lying on top of the covers. She saw the webcam by the computer staring at her, and remembered how Johnson had used hers to film her having sex with him. That sent a chill down her at first.

But she continued thinking about it, and slipped out of bed back into her room. She opened her laptop and Googled her name, and watched a few clips of herself getting fucked. Some of the latest clips included scenes of her at the party she could barely remember.

Amber was still dressed only in stockings and garter belts, and she felt her nipples tighten up and her pussy begin to lubricate again. She pulled her legs up and started stroking her pussy.

Suddenly she was seized by a perverse desire. Her chest heaved up and down as she breathed hard, and crept back into Paul and Diana’s room and up on to the bed. She felt her tits swing underneath her as she crawled up on her hands and knees.

She looked over at the web cam. She knew it wasn’t on, but imagined in her mind that it was, and that she was being filmed and recorded.

Her face felt hot and flushed. She was trembling with lust, her genitals were swollen and throbbing as she imagined herself being filmed. She turned on her hands and knees so that her pussy was pointing straight at the camera, and then slowly spread her knees far apart. She heard a wet sound as her swollen labia opened up. Amber arched her back and lifted her ass high in the air. She rocked back and forth, sighing, imaging she was getting fucked for the camera.

Underneath her, Paul’s legs stirred. She turned so that she could kiss him.

Paul woke up, seeing Amber’s large brown eyes and lush lips. They kissed for a few minutes, and then Amber started kissing her way down his chest, dragging her stiff nipples along his chest and then his belly as she kissed her way down to his groin. She ran her mouth up and down his cock a few times, ensuring that it was good and hard, but there was really no need. Paul had a serious case of what men often call “morning wood”. Amber paused and pulled his on hands, drawing him up to a sitting position.

Paul sat up, and took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking it, and then moved to the other. Amber threw her head back and moaned with pleasure, but she wanted something else. She pulled his head off of her nipple and looked him in the eyes.

“I want you to fuck me,” she asked solemnly.

Paul’s cock flexed again. There was something so sexy about the way she looked at him with those big brown eyes. She had thick curvy lips and an angelic face, topped off with a thick head of golden blonde hair.

He nodded, and she crawled up on the bed ahead of him. He was stunned by her well-shaped ass, with the sexy tattoo, her cunt was dripping wet, and she spread her knees wide and reached underneath with one hand and parted her pink pussy lips. Paul could see right up her cunt. It was so wet it looked gooey, and her labia was glistening, pink, and swollen. Paul felt his cock stiffen even more, and he crawled up behind her, and ran his fingers up and down her slit. She whimpered with lust, moving her pussy up and down along his fingers. His fingers slipped inside her hot pussy easily. Amber moaned, moving her haunches up and down, rubbing her slit along his fingers.

Paul’s cock was rock hard once again. What man could possibly resist this? Paul moved up and guided his cock into her wet slit. Her cunt seemed to be dripping lubrication. The head of his cock pushed past the outer lips and slipped easily inside like a hot knife into butter. Amber moaned and pushed back against him, and he started fucking her. He picked up speed as she pushed back and forth against him.

Amber rocked back and forth as he fucked her. How did she ever become such a slut she wondered briefly, allowing herself to be fucked good and hard by her best friend’s boyfriend? The thought was only brief, and was quickly overwhelmed by the pleasure she was feeling. She pushed back hard with her haunches, enjoying the sensations. She turned her head to her side, and saw the webcam by the computer on the desk beside the bed.

Amber turned and angled herself so that if the cam were actually operating, it could catch the sight of her pussy being penetrated by Paul’s cock. Then she imagined that they were being filmed and felt a huge rush of pleasure at the thought.

Paul couldn’t believe it. Amber’s cunt was so hot and so slick, he was hard pressed to keep his cock from slipping out. He was able to keep it in though because she was tight and he had a good sized cock. He could feel the cum churning in his balls.

Amber was whimpering as he fucked her, and dropped her head and shoulders down to the blankets below her. She clutched the blanket and stuffed it in her mouth to try to muffle her cries of pleasure. She could feel the fabric rubbing against her stiff nipples as her tits pressed down against the blankets.

Within minutes, she exploded in a huge orgasm. Paul struggled to hold on to her as she thrashed, moaning, muttering incoherently, pushing her haunches back and forth rapidly, pounding her ass hard up against his groin as his cock fucked into her. He felt a rush of heat from her juices and struggled to hold back himself.

After a few minutes, she started slowing down with a sigh, and collapsed down on the bed, breathing hard, luxuriating in the warm afterglow of her orgasm. She suddenly realized that Paul had not cum yet. He moved up around, his still-hard cock next to her mouth.

Amber sat up, grasped his cock and stroked it.

“Why don’t you come over here by the side of the bed,” she suggested.

Paul walked over by the desk and Amber dropped to her knees in front of him. She looked over at the webcam, wanting to be positioned so that if the webcam were filming them, it would catch the action close up.

Amber examined his cock and balls, stroking him, and mouthing his shaft up and down along the side. Poor baby! He was so stiff and hard!

She flicked the tip of his cock with her tongue, tasting her own juices on the leathery skin of his cock. She licked around the spongy head, and then licked the underside of his cock. She pulled his swollen balls into her mouth, one at a time. She was careful though, it was obvious they were swollen and aching. She liked to prolong her blowjobs, but she knew he needed relief quickly. His cock was so hard and swollen it was purple, and she could tell his balls were swollen and sensitive.

Grasping his cock hard around the base, she licked back up to the tip of his cock, looking up to watch his reaction, then opened her mouth wide and plunged down on his cock, bobbing her head back and forth, stroking his cock up and down with her hand as she did so.

Paul gasped. Although he loved Diana and enjoyed her blowjobs, he was forced to admit that Amber had an extraordinary talent in this area. He stared down at her head as she ran her lips up and down his shaft. She was such an eager and enthusiastic fellatrix! He could feel his balls start to tighten up and knew he was going to blow within seconds.

Amber continued bobbing her head, taking his cock deep each time, nearly to the root with ease. She stroked his ball sack as she plunged her head up and down.

Paul’s knees nearly buckled as he started feeling dizzy from the overwhelming power of his orgasm. His balls were swollen and sore from the need to ejaculate. Amber knew he was close, and she knew exactly how to get a cock to cum. She changed her stroke, increasing the speed, and then when she felt his first convulsion, she slowed down and stroked his cock at the base, urging the cock-juice out.

Paul’s breathing was ragged and irregular. His balls felt as if they were filled with molten lead and they were aching as they slapped up against Amber’s chin. He could barely suppress a moan as he started thrusting his hips forward, shoving his cock into Amber’s mouth. She reached up and gripped him a hard grasp around the root of his cock though to control the pace. He felt the cum surging up his stalk–forcing it’s way.

He couldn’t have held back if he wanted to–not with an expert cocksucker like Amber blowing him. He came so hard his cock and balls almost hurt. He felt his prostate convulse uncontrollably and fire out into Amber’s mouth, over and over again. Amber stopped moving her head, and just continued gently stroking him, milking out every last drop of his cum.

Amber felt the tip of his dick spray against her tongue. She let his cum accumulate in her mouth as he ejaculated, tasting it before she swallowed. Amber grinned up at Paul as she swallowed his cum and his cock slipped from her lips, leaving a thin trail of jism which ran down her chin.

Paul had fallen back against the door, gasping with pleasure.

Amber ran her lips up and down on his cock a few more times.

“Your cock is so beautiful!,” she gushed, smiling up at him. “Such a stud!”

She licked his cock some more, playing with it, slapping it against her face, running her tongue around the well-lubricated head. It was deflating though, and Amber knew it would take hours to recover.

They needed to clean up. It was already after 9 a.m. in the morning, and in a few hours they had to pick up Diana at the airport.

They showered, and Amber fixed them both a breakfast. Afterwards, they cleaned up the bedroom, and Amber changed all the blankets and sheets and took them to the laundry room.

They picked Diana up that afternoon, finding her in the baggage claim area of the airport. After hugs and kisses Paul grabbed her suitcase from the carousel and they went to the car.

Amber offered to take them to Red Lobster for dinner, since she had money from her settlement. They were seated in a circular booth, and Amber found herself squeezed between Paul on one side and Diana on the other. Paul and Diana each talked about their vacations, and Amber talked about her settlement.

They ordered Nachos as appetizers and as they chatted, Amber was shocked to feel Diana’s hand on her thigh! Amber, as was her habit, was wearing a short skirt with stockings and garters. As Paul talked and they ate, Diana started stroking Amber’s thigh, running her fingers along the strap of her garter, and ran her fingers up and down the inside of Ambers’ thigh, pushing her skirt up as she did so.

Amber was embarrassed and afraid someone would see, but her pussy was dripping wet. In fact, she was afraid some of her juices would get on the vinyl seat of the booth. She tried to keep her legs closed, but Diana’s fingers insistently pushed down between her thighs.

“Open them up,” Diana whispered in her ear.

Amber’s face grew red.

“Open them up!” she whispered louder.

Amber reluctantly spread her thighs, and Diana’s fingers started stroking her wet cunt through her soaking silk panties.

Amber whimpered and continued pretending to listen to Paul talking about his family, the whole time, Diana was rubbing her pussy closer to orgasm. Diana slipped her fingers under the elastic band of Amber’s panties and started stroking her pussy directly, her fingers slipping into the folds of Amber’s sopping cunt.

Diana continued her covert masturbation of her best friend, bringing Amber closer and closer to an orgasm. By this time, Amber’s pussy juices were running copiously. Diana tugged at Amber’s wet panties, pulling them down her thighs. Amber lifted her ass for a second and Diana pulled them down, and slipped them over Amber’s knees, and they fell to the floor.

As Amber wondered how she could gracefully retrieve her panties, she felt Diana’s hand pulling her thigh open again, and as she complied she felt Diana’s hand return to her wet slit and resume it’s stroking of her clit. She felt her bare ass on the vinyl seat and was embarrassed to feel her wet juices pooling on the seat also, but she was soon panting hard and trying not to moan.Paul meanwhile, was far away, talking about his family, as the two girls pretended to be playing close attention.

The waitress came up to take their order, and Paul gave his, but as she looked at Amber she paused.

“Are you okay? You look like you’re having a…” the waitress paused, turning red. “…a hot flash.”

Amber’s face was red. Diana’s hand was stroking her clit in lazy circles. She managed to keep her composure and just asked for an iced tea.

Diana ordered a salad and the waitress left. Diana asked Paul some questions, the whole time, her fingers continued their assault on Amber’s pussy. Amber’s hands gripped the table as she fought to keep her composure. She struggled to keep from crying out and moving her hips. The whole time, Diana had her finger up inside Amber’s cunt, rubbing her g-spot insistently, without any concern for Amber’s plight.

Amber could smell her own wet pussy juices, and hear the squishing noises Diana’s fingers were making, and she was terrified someone else would

Paul excused himself to go to the bathroom.

“Go ahead and cum now,” Diana said softly to Amber, as she worked her fingers against Amber’s g-spot .

Amber moaned softly, gripping the table hard, as she allowed herself to let go. She closed her eyes and came hard, spraying some juices against Diana’s fingers. She gave a soft gasp as the orgasm shook her body, then panted softly as she started coming down.

Diana took her fingers out of Amber’s pussy and looking Amber in the eyes, she slipped her fingers in her mouth and sucked on them. Amber trembled with pleasure as she felt her body relaxing.

“Are you okay?” a man asked, looking over from the next booth.

“Um–yeah, I just had a Charlie Horse in my leg,” she improvised.

“Try standing up and walking it out,” the man advised.

“Good idea!” she replied and slid around the booth, pulling her skirt back down her thighs, then she got up and walked to the bathroom, meeting Paul on the way back. He smiled and nodded at her as she passed. Amber looked over her shoulder to see Diana smiling slyly at Paul as he sat back down.

“Amber, would you come in here a minute?” Diana asked her, sticking her head in the door.

It was the night following Diana’s return, and Amber was in bed wearing one of her thin filmy teddys, but something in Diana’s tone brooked no delay, so she didn’t stop to put on a robe.

Diana motioned with her finger for her to come in to their room, and Amber nervously followed.

“Were you using our DVD player?” she asked, pointing to the TV.

Amber turned and looked and gasped with horror. She had left one of the DVD’s in their player!

“Oh my God!” she gasped.

“I’m so sorry–I was curious,” she ran up, looking for the button to eject it.

Diana grabbed her arm.

“It’s okay,” she said softly. “Actually, we’re curious too.”

Amber turned and looked at her, breathing hard, face red.

“Do you mind if we watch it? In fact, why don’t you watch it with us?” Diana asked calmly.

Amber hesitated, uncertain.

Diana took her hand, pulling her toward the bed.

Amber allowed herself to be pulled up on to the bed with them, and found herself lying between them. Paul was wearing just his boxer shorts, and Diana a thin filmy nightie that Amber had given her as a Christmas gift. Amber swallowed. Even in the dim light, she could see Diana’s nipples through the translucent fabric, and she became acutely aware that her own were also visible to both Diana and Paul.

She turned nervously and looked at the TV screen, Paul moved over to give her room on one side as Diana pulled her down on to the bed with Paul between them. Amber sat up with her back and shoulders supported by pillows. The room was lit only by the glow of light from the TV monitor.

The movie was “Amber Butterfly Does ‘Em All”.

At first she was self-conscious, but after 15 or 20 minutes, she relaxed and almost forgot Diana and Paul were even lying on the bed with her.

On the TV screen she was watching herself and Amber at the party–the party that had turned into an orgy–the whole party had been filed and edited down to a 2 hour movie. It had been cut and edited in such a way, that it appeared that it was all Amber’s idea to go, with Johnson being the reluctant one.

On the screen, Amber and Cinnabar were examining Ron’s cock in awe.

“This cock deserves the best blowjob we can give it,” Cinnabar declared. “Join me?”

Amber watched herself on screen. The camera must have been close–she had barely noticed it at the time. She watched herself run her tongue from bottom of Ron’s shaft up to the tip of the head, and then down again. Cinnabar did the same on the other side. As she watched, Amber felt her breathing getting deeper. Her cheeks were flushed.

Paul and Diana were also watching the double blowjob on the TV screen. They watched as the two girls on the screen ran their tongue’s up and down either side of the stiff cock in front of them, each time one ran their lips up to the top, the other was working their way down, and whoever was at the tip took a turn swallowing him, swooping their lips over the helmet of his thick cock, and then down again, running their lips along his aching shaft. As they watched, Diana had been rubbing her hand up and down Paul’s torso. She slipped her hand under his boxer shorts and took his hard cock in hand and started gently stroking it.

Amber started massaging her breasts with one hand, and covertly put her other hand between her legs, hoping Paul and Diana wouldn’t notice. She watched the screen, and saw Cinnabar running her mouth down to the base of Ron’s erection. Amber meanwhile went up to the top and down, taking him deep inside, and then she came back up and ran her mouth down just as Cinnabar came up to dive down on him. Back and forth they went, timing it perfectly.

“Amber,” Diana’s voice broke through her reverie.

Amber started, pulling her fingers out of her sopping wet pussy–embarrassed. She looked over at Diana, and saw her friend was bent over Paul.

She was astonished to see Diana’s lips wrapped tight around Paul’s hard cock, her head bobbing up and down. Diana pulled her mouth off the head of Paul’s stiff member with a pop, and motioned for Amber to get closer.

“I want to do what you’re doing there,” she nodded her head at the TV screen.

Amber sat up, and pulled her Teddy off. Then she bent over until her face was right up against her friend’s face, as it bobbed up and down on Paul’s cock. At this close distance, she could hear the sound of Diana’s lips running along the veined surface of Paul’s leather prick.

Diana pulled her mouth off of her boyfriend’s cock, and pointed it toward Amber’s open mouth. Amber hesitated, looking into Diana’s eyes. Diana smiled encouragement and nodded, and Amber slowly lowered her mouth over the head of Paul’s cock.

Pausing only briefly to look in Diana’s eyes, Amber began to slide her mouth up and down Paul’s engorged cock. Amber moved her lips up and down, never losing eye contact with Diana. After a minute, she pulled her lips off, slowly, and licking the head of Paul’s cock, passed it over to Diana’s open mouth, and pushed it in.

Chapter 11 – Snared in the Net

Amber watched intently as Diana slowly lowered her pussy on Paul’s cock. She moved closer, watching the head of his cock penetrate the folds of her pussy, and slide in to Diana’s pussy. Amber moved her face down until she could lick Diana’s pussy and Paul’s cock, but it was hard to do, especially as Diana started moving her hips up and down and back and forth on Paul’s stiff erection.

Diana moaned and grasped her breasts as she ground her hard clit against Paul’s rock-hard prick. Amber caressed Diana’s smooth undulating back and ass as she rode Paul’s cock. Amber moved her fingers down where she could feel Diana’s stretched pussy lips and Paul’s cock sliding between them. She stroked Paul’s cock and Diana’s labia for a bit, making both of them moan with pleasure.

Amber was ready to receive her own pleasure, so she moved around and straddled Paul’s face, and lowered her crotch until Paul could start licking her pussy. She was facing Diana and the two women kissed as they rode Paul’s cock and face.

After a few minutes, the two women traded places. Amber started bouncing up and down on Paul’s cock, her tits bouncing up and down as she rode him enthusiastically. Diana, sitting on Paul’s face, leaned forward and sucked one of Amber’s nipples into her mouth. She sucked gently on Amber’s hardening nipples, swirling her tongue on one and then the other, and sucking them between her lips again. Then she raised her head and to kiss Amber on the lips, the two women locked lips, kissing and nibbling each other’s lips. As they kissed, they grasped each other’s tits, mauling them in their passion as Paul’s pole slid in and out of Amber’s cunt, and his tongue lashed Diana’s cunt. Both women whimpered into each other’s mouth’s as their tongue’s danced.

Diana came first. She ground her cunt hard back and forth on Paul’s mouth, crying out as she held onto Amber. Diana’s excitement transferred to Amber, and she started crying out and panting harder as an orgasm consumed her as well.

Amber ground her hips up and down on Paul’s cock until he grabbed her ass and started cumming. She moved off and Diana leaned forward and pulled Paul’s cock in her mouth, and took the rest of his jism down her throat. Then she crawled forward between Amber’s outstretched legs and licked up the jism that Paul had pumped into her.

The three had fallen into a pattern. Every night the three made love together. Amber no longer slept in her own room. She feared though, that she would come between them. She had money now. Maybe she should move out? But she loved them both. Paul and Diana were the only friends she had left.

The next day, she wondered again about her future. Less than a year ago, she had thought her future was with Johnson. She would finish her degree in teaching, they would get married, and she would be a teacher somewhere. Now she didn’t know what the future held for her. Her fate was up in the air. She understood she could have no future as a teacher. She was notorious. No school district would hire her, and if they were unaware of her past, it would be all too easy for a student or a rival to make the school board aware of her past.

She had money in the bank now–but it would not last forever. Maybe a couple of years–perhaps three if she was careful. Maybe she could change her name and appearance, and use the money to start over again somewhere.

She took the trash out and then picked up her cell phone as she heard it beep, indicating a text message came through.

“Where R U?”

It was Johnson.

He had been trying to call her for days. She saw who the caller was thanks to caller ID, and when she deleted the voicemail messages he left without listening to them. So she ignored the text message and set the trash can down, set down on the sofa and turned the TV on.

A few minutes later, it beeped again.

“UR late! U have legal obligations!”

She shut her cell phone angrily and powered it down.

The days passed. Amber grew increasingly bored and restless. Paul and Diana were making plans for her to go to graduation school, and some heated exchanges ensued, but Amber paid no attention. She was living in a state of uneasiness. Johnson’s threatening text messages and voice mails made her nervous. She considered contacting her lawyer, but she had a cold knot in her stomach when she thought about it.

The weather was warming a bit, she took to taking long walks in the afternoon. She found it helped her to think. What was in her future? She knew God had a purpose for her–what was she really good at?

One day Amber was in her bedroom browsing the Internet, she clicked again to search for the latest clips for more videos of herself. She wasn’t surprised to see video clips of her and Johnson from last Christmas when he had tricked her again and fucked her on Paul and Diana’s bed.

She saw a thumbnail below that looked like a clip with her, and she clicked on it.

Amber gasped. The clip showed her with her head between Diana’s thighs, mouth up against her pussy. Diana was moaning and writhing. Amber started hyperventilating. How did Johnson do this? She clicked on another thumbnail. It was a clip of her with Diana and Paul. Their faces were clearly shown, that is, when she wasn’t straddling Paul or Diana’s face. Amber watched with a combination of intense arousal and horror as the screen filled with Paul fucking her from behind while her head was buried between Diana’s legs.

Amber couldn’t help herself. She spread her legs wide and started rubbing her clit as she watched. She remembered this–it was just a few days after Diana had come back from her Christmas vacation trip.

After a few minutes of fucking her doggy-style, Paul rolled her over as Diana moved off, and holding her legs apart, started fucking her on top. Diana straddled her head again and lowered her pussy on Amber’s mouth. A few minutes later, they were taking turns sucking Paul’s cock until he erupted. Diana took his cum in her mouth and then kissed Amber on the lips, transferring his jism.

Amber moaned and came hard as the clip ended. She clicked her browser closed and stood up, pacing urgently back and forth in her tiny room.

Holy shit! Amber was in a panic. How how how HOW–did he do this???

She had to take a look in Paul and Diana’s room–but they were home in the apartment. She went out to the kitchen, and could sense some tension. Paul and Diana had been fighting lately, yelling at each other in a way that was not usual for them, and Amber feared her presence had something to do with it. She could only hope that they had not seen the clips of themselves. She had to go for a walk and think. She pulled on her hoodie and walked out the door.

As she walked through the neighborhood, she tried to think of what to do. Clearly, she had to leave her friends. She was starting to believe that her presence was ruining Paul and Diana’s relationship, and clearly, her presence was dangerous to their privacy. She seemed to be a magnet for the camera when she was having sex, and it seemed to be pulling in the people she cared about the most–without their consent. She was a marked woman, she realized as she was walking back up to the apartment. As she climbed the stairs outside, she heard yelling and screaming from inside the apartment. Paul and Diana were fighting–big time. She paused, trying to hear what they were saying.

Amber couldn’t make out all the words, but she heard her name and it became all too clear. She had come between them. Their relationship was endangered because of her. Her worst fear was coming true. She crept back down the stairs, tears streaming down her cheeks.

As she did so, she suddenly noticed a man walking up to her.

“Amber Wood?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, looking at him curiously. What did this stranger want with her?

He handed her an envelope. She took it.

“You’ve been served,” he said, and turned and walked back to his car.

She tore the envelope opened and scanned the contents. She was being sued for breach of contract. She felt her world spinning, and clutched the stair rail, fighting not to heave.

After a few minutes she recovered enough where she was able to stand without holding on to something, and walked around in a daze for about an hour, returning to the apartment only when it started getting dark.

Paul and Diana were quiet and sullen. Amber went to her bedroom without a word, and spent the rest of the evening there.

As Paul and Diana went to bed that night, Diana knocked on her door.

“Amber? We’re going to bed now. Don’t you want to come and join us?”

“No, not tonight. Just leave me alone please–I have some issues to deal with,” she answered Diana rather sharply.

Diana left silently and went to bed. Amber was up for hours, taking stock of the situation. Clearly she had to leave her friends. She had some money now–she could get her own place. She packed her things. She considered throwing out the Amber Butterfly DVDs, but couldn’t quite bring herself to do so, and threw them in her suitcase instead.

The next morning, after her friends had left for class, Amber went into their room and looked around. She looked all over the room, examining every object carefully for signs of a hidden camera. She went back into her tiny bedroom, where her laptop was open on Diana’s vanity, and looked at the clips of her and her friends again, then rushed back into the master bedroom. There it was–so obvious. A memory flooded back into Amber’s mind.

She remembered back when she had first moved in with Johnson–Diana asking her if Johnson would take a look at her computer, and how she told Amber how Johnson had given her a new webcam. There it was, on the desk next to Paul and Diana’s king-size bed, peering at her malevolently–Johnson’s webcam still plugged into Diana’s desktop computer. She screamed and yanked it out, and hurled it on the floor, then picked it up and threw it down again as hard as she could on the cheap carpeted floor, then she stomped on it as hard as she could, finally hurling it in the garbage.

She left, leaving a note on the table explaining that it was time for her to be on her own now that she had some money, and she apologized for coming between them. She also decided to tell them the truth about the spy cam and how they had been filmed. Afterwards Amber called a cab.

Since she didn’t have any furniture or a car, Amber chose a moderately priced hotel downtown to stay in. It was in walking distance to her lawyer, and other places, and lots of busses ran through downtown. She would probably need to buy a car of some sort. She wanted to be cautious though–she didn’t know how long she would need to live off the settlement money.

After she unpacked her suitcase and settled in her room, she studied the papers she had been served with. This was the next crisis she had to face. She had two weeks before the court date. The next day she would call her lawyer and make an appointment.

The day after she left her friends they tried to call her, but she didn’t feel like talking to them. She knew they would try to talk her into moving back–that is if they didn’t hate her and blame her for Johnson’s slimy spying, and if they did, how could she blame them? If it weren’t for her, none of it would have happened. If they did try to get her to return, they would be doing so just out of kindness, and she vowed she would not come between them again, nor be the cause of any violation they suffered. Maybe if she was decisively out of the picture, their relationship would heal.

“Ma’am, you’ve been under a grave misapprehension. The settlement clearly stated that you agreed to perform in six adult features per year for the next three years, for a total of 18 feature films. You initialed right here in the clause, see?”

“I, I guess I didn’t really read it,” Amber stammered.

“Also, my assistant, Stephanie read the entire contract to you as well. Isn’t that right?”

Amber stammered more.

“I don’t understand! Why did you do this? You told me you could get me some money!” she whined.

“Look–I negotiated a business deal. In order to get something from them, they wanted something in return. Otherwise, you had nothing to bargain with. How else did you expect to get any money from them?”

“I, I don’t know. I guess I didn’t think about it.”

“Well, we were notified that you have failed to fulfill your contract. I checked to see if we could tear up the contract if you returned the money. But they intend to make you stick to the contract. In this sort of thing, money exchanges hands, deals are made, contracts signed. Apparently multi-million dollar deals have been made with distributors, wholesalers, advance sales have been made. If you were to reneg, a lot of people would lose a big pile of money.”

“What happens if I refuse?”

Grogan pulled his glasses back, sat back in his chair and wiped them off.

“They can take enforcement action. They can sue you, not just for the $150,000, but for millions in damages. When Kim Basinger backed out of the film “Boxing Helena”, the studio sued her for breach of contract, and won $8 million dollar judgment against her. Fortunately for her, she had money, but it still forced her into bankruptcy. In this state, if you lose against a suit, your wages can be garnished, your driver’s license revoked, any retirement you ever earned, any assets, any property, all of it can be seized.”

Amber paled. She could be impoverished for the rest of her life! Amber remembered being poor. She had been raised by a single mother until she was about six. Her memories of that were obscure, but she remembered being hungry, and sleeping on the floor. When she was six she had been fostered to a conservative Christian family, and she couldn’t remember what happened to her mother or why that had happened.

“I have to do this, Amber said slowly. “I have no choice.”

Grogan shrugged.

“Look–you need to be realistic about this. This is not a bad deal at all, porn stars usually work for a lot less for the same amount of work. This number of movies is not that much for three years. You’re already an established porn star from what you’ve already done, so your life as you had planned it was already changed, so you need to revise your plans.”

He sat back and looked on as Amber digested what he said.

“What do I need to do?” she asked.

“I told them I thought you would be reasonable. Here’s what you need to do to make this suit go away.”

He handed her a memo.

“Go to this address at this time, and do what they tell you to do. In the future, they’ll call you and tell you when and where to appear. After you’ve fulfilled your contract, it will be all be over and you can do what you want. Three years will fly by. You’re young, and you’ll still have your whole life ahead of you. You’ll see.”

That afternoon–Johnson sent her another text message with a date and time and address–it was the same address Grogan had given her. She would start work the next day.

Amber showed up 15 minutes early. It looked like a warehouse. There were studio lights and cameras erected around something that looked like a booth. Johnson greeted her with a grin, and let her know what he wanted her to do. When she heard, Amber was flabbergasted, yet excited. She didn’t like being coerced into this, but on the other hand what she was about to do excited her so much she was shaking with anticipation. She got undressed and Johnson walked her up to a glass door. Inside it looked like a small closet, with mirrors on each side. He opened it and let her in, then closed it behind her, and then moved a camera in place.

Inside, Amber looked around. She was in a tiny room, smaller than a closet. There were bright lights directly overhead, and on every side, was a mirrored wall. She was completely enclosed by mirrors, including the door behind her. She knelt on the floor as Johnson had told her to. The room was tiny, and she barely had room to kneel. The floor had a cushion to help her knees.

Then she noticed that at the level of her head there was a hole in the mirrored wall in front of her, about the size of a grapefruit. She realized there were two similar holes in the walls on each side. “Glory holes” Johnson had called them. She heard some talking and chuckles and in each hole a cock appeared.

The dick in front of her was already stiff, the two to each side nearly so. The holes in the wall were big enough to allow the cock and balls of each man to fit through the wall easily.

She realized that the mirrors had to be one way, the men and the cameras would be able to see through the mirror on THEIR side, into the room where they would see Amber sucking their cocks, and the reflections on the mirrors from the inside.

Inside the room Amber gasped with lust. For the first time she was confronted with three cocks to blow. She reveled in the challenge, and her cunt juiced up as she grasped two of them with her hands, stroking them. With mirrors to each side, bouncing reflections back and forth, it appears as if there were hundreds of stiff cocks surrounding her. She leaned forward and took the one in front of her in her mouth and started bobbing her head back and forth, her mouth juicing up and she felt the stiffening cock run along her tongue. While she did this she stroked the other two cocks on the side.

After a few minutes, she alternated, moving from one cock to another. It took a lot of concentration and coordination moving from cock to cock, replacing her mouth with one of her hands when necessary. In her peripheral vision, she saw herself sucking cock in the mirror–in fact all around her she was surrounded by reflections of stiff penises and her head bobbing up and down on one, then another.

The sounds of her cock-sucking were also being captured by a hidden mic and amplified. It sounded as if there were several blowjobs going on simultaneously, not just a single mouth moving from dick-to-dick. Amber loved it! She ran her lips up and down the cock to her left furiously, sucking hard. Then moved her head to the other side. It was tricky, but she was enjoying herself.

Around her she could see reflections, multiple images reflected back and forth of her beautiful face moving back and forth, a cock running in and out between her lips. The multiple reflections in the mirrors all around made it look as if she was surrounded by a thousand cocks, even though she knew there were just three. Back and forth she moved her head, on one prick after another, using her hands on any cock her mouth wasn’t taking care of.

Outside the room, behind each wall, each of the “actors” watched through the one-way mirror as she sucked their cocks. They had to be careful not to move around too much. Each of them had at least two cameras close by–one over their shoulder looking down, another was mounted on a tripod next to their waist. There were other cameras at other angles, including a few small ones hidden inside the room, looking down and up at the action.

Amber recognized one of the cocks. She was intimately familiar with Johnson’s prick, but she had expected it and had figured on it anyway. If Amber had known who was behind one of the walls she would not be greedily sucking his cock–it was Robert Grogan, her attorney, who was really Johnson’s uncle. Behind the other wall was Johnson’s buddy Kyle.

Grogan sighed as Amber sucked his cock. He was glad he had been able to show her reason. Johnson was right–she really was a world class cocksucker, and would make a first rate porn star.

Johnson had learned to control his orgasm and hold off. He wanted, as much as possible, for all three of them to cum as close to the same time as possible, and he had instructed Amber to try to make it happen that way.

Part One: Old Baggage

The Day Before

Becca and I married in June and soon settled into a normal married life of work, weekends off, and the occasional vacation together. Of course, there was plenty of hot sex in the honeymoon phase of our union to spice things up. After that unforgettable first meeting, her mother Ann had come over occasionally but her visits were rare and she was always with somebody so another kinky threesome never developed again. I’ve got to admit though that after Becca’s revelation about her mother’s secret penchant for ass fucking that it was always on my mind when we socialized with her. Ann has the soft 36D-22-36 curvy body of a Penthouse pet which, in her tiny 4′-6″ package, magnified her dimensions and always put her ass on display, a big ass wrapped in some tight skirt or painted on Capris wiggling deliciously just under her waist length jet black hair. Tick, tock…tick, tock…tic, tock!!When Becca and I made love on those evenings after our guests had gone home we always sizzled in the sack.

Ann’s daughter seemed to relish the fact that she knew that I was sometimes fantasizing about her mother while I fucked her. In fact, she was not only aware of my secret fantasies but would whisper hot hoarse encouragements about her mother into my sweaty ear until I drove her hard and deep and we locked together in mutual ecstasy, my exploding massive cock buried in Becca’s flooding pussy as she arched and gasped. Over a year later, though nature was running its course, and our married sex was starting to cool and become less frequent.

At times, my 10 inch cock almost felt neglected. The first time that my wife found me jerking off she looked shocked but I was too close and started shooting. Becca rushed over and licked and kissed my slimy meat and then fucked me silly. Things continued to cool.

I worked as a consultant for engineering companies and had recently received an unusual request. A firm in California, representing a Japanese client having structural problems with an ancient covered bridge, asked me to take a close look at the Bridges in Madison County and see if I could find a solution. I told the firm that I would take the job. It was mid October and the leaves were nearing their peak of fall color promising a very scenic bridge tour as I searched for a photographic solution. I planned to leave in the morning with all my gear and had originally planned on Becca coming along for the ride, hoping to rekindle our sexual spark. However, just yesterday afternoon Becca was informed that she had to work a long shift at the hospital tomorrow so she suggested that I take her mother along in her place. I phoned Ann right away and she quickly agreed, even with such short notice.

Becca seemed bitchy the rest of the afternoon and evening but I just passed it off as PMS or some vague female thing. After we finished eating supper I made a pass at her while we washed the dishes, cupping one of her big tits under her apron and then sliding a finger along the outside of her furry pussy but she tensed up and then ran off in tears. I finished the dishes alone. The doorbell chimed and, drink in hand, I went to the door.

“Hi Cowboy!” Ann smirked with her hand on her hip then wiggled her way by me.

She looked gorgeous, of course. My wife is an auburn-haired beauty, no doubt about it, but her mother is a stunner! Ann was dressed in a tight black pencil skirt that fit her like a second skin accentuating her luscious hips and allowing a hint of a panty line, a skirt so tight that I’ll bet you could bounce a quarter off her ass! She topped that with a high necked satiny lacy something or other that put her 36D’s on delicious display in a large fabric window. For effect she also wore a large salmon colored hat and veil that matched her frilly topped high heeled shoes and belt. Ann was carrying a small overnight bag in one black gloved hand and a long stemmed cigarette holder in the other. I swear that she looked like she had just stepped out of the Victorian era. She was wearing a subtle feminine scent that made my balls lift and tingle and my cock thicken as she passed by. I followed her into the living room like a dog panting after some bitch in heat, her heels clicking sharply on the oak flooring, her big ass seductively swaying like a metronome. Tick, tock…tick, tock,,,,tick, tock….tick, tock.

“Whatever is the matter, dear boy, cat got your tongue?”

“I…I…you look…well…I…”

“Where’s my daughter?”

“She…uh…she’s not feeling…well…she’s….”

Ann laughed, handed me her bag, then kissed me on the cheek.

“Becca?…Becca?…Are you home?”

I placed Ann’s bag in the foyer and heard my wife coming down the stairs.

“Oh fuck, Mother! You look like some cheap 18th century whore!”

“Nice to see you too, Dearie! Christ, no wonder you said your sex life is dwindling a bit if that’s what you wear at home. That dowdy torn robe would make any man’s cock wither and, by the way, my outfit is anything but cheap!”

And they went at it…jawing chin to chin…mother and daughter. I refereed for awhile until I had enough and then went off to make myself a stiff drink.

“Anyone else want one?” I queried from the wet bar.

“YES!” they both shouted in unison and then laughed together, finally breaking the tension.

I handed each of the women their drink and we all settled into an uneasy conversation. This was the first time that we three had been alone together since that wild tryst when I first met Ann but, for some reason, that little subject was carefully avoided by all. Ann yawned at some point and we all took that as our cue and went to bed, Ann in the guest room and Becca and I upstairs.

I heard Becca brushing her teeth while I climbed into bed and turned on my side. Suddenly, the door closed, and locked!?, and my naked wife flung herself on me in third stage advanced horniness. “What the hell?”

But Becca was having nothing to do with any conversation and attached her mouth to my quickly rising cock and shoved her wet dripping cunt into my face. She sucked and squirmed around on me until I picked up the mood.

“Oh? So now, suddenly, you want me to fuck you, you slutty cunt?” I mumbled through her pussy hair.

Becca absolutely oozed pussy juice at the sound of dirty talk coming from me. “Yeeeessss….but I want you to imagine that you are fucking my hot mother!”

I reached up and twisted a nipple, hard, and Becca gasped, leered, and then tried to swallow my cock but only managed about half. I grabbed her ass and shoved my tongue deep into her pussy until, panting and gasping, I had to come up for air. My wife was jacking me hard now and turned around, her eyes glowing with sexual lust. I threw her down on the floor. She cried out and I lept on her pulling her legs wide apart exposing her very demanding pussy and rammed my cock all the way in. Becca’s face twisted with pleasure and pain but she soon became all scratching nails, frantic humping, and love bites…on my neck, on my shoulder, on my arms. She came once, twice, then a third time when I sucked her stiff nipples and called her a whoring slut. I felt my toes and then my balls start to tingle and drove even harder into Becca’s cunt while she wrapped herself around me. “Yes…YES….fuck Ann’s poor little cunt….Oooohhh it’s getting bigger….FUCK ME HARD!….YES!…Ram that big fucker in me!!….”

Powerful pulses of hot cum completely filled her pussy and then started oozing out around my embedded prick. Becca and I collapsed together in the sensual afterglow billing and cooing like too lovebirds as the occasional love spasm of my wife’s sated cunt milked a few more drops of semen from my delighted cock.

Becca roused just enough to drag a blanket from the bed over us and we fell into a lovers’ dream-filled sleep. I woke in the middle of the night halfway expecting to find that Becca’s mother had silently appeared in our room but that was not the case for this occasion so I drifted off once again as Becca sleepily snuggled closer, puling my hands to her breasts. I didn’t hear the alarm go off or my wife dress but I did feel her kiss my cock and squeeze my nuts just before she headed off to work.

Road Trip

When I finished my shower I smelled coffee brewing so dressed quickly and found Ann in her robe lounging on the front patio enjoying a steaming cup. I joined her and we chatted some about the way the sky looked this morning. October always seems to have its own special kind of blue.

“Sounds like you and my daughter had a pretty good time of it last night.” came out of nowhere as my mother in law sipped her coffee and looked at me over the rim of the big steaming cup.

“Oh? Did we keep you awake? Sorry.” but I smiled in spite of myself.

“Oh yes, I see just how sorry you are!” she mocked.

“She is my wife, you know, and sex is kind of natural in a marriage.” I teased.

Ann tossed the dregs of her cup to the side and stalked into the house.

“Fuck you! You could have at least included me in your little romp!” came over her retreating shoulder and I could only stare.

I finished my cup while waiting for Ann to reappear. The paper had nothing of any significance to report and my gear was already stowed in the trunk.

“Ready, Freddy?”

My mother in law was obviously ready to go and I turned to get the door for her. My jaw hit the floor. She looked like she had just stepped out of the glossy pages of Vogue magazine. She had on the same revealing blouse from last night but had replaced the pencil skirt with a tight black wet velvet miniskirt that put her hips and big ass on display. Her dark hair fell glistening around her shoulders and a smear of fresh purplish lipstick finished the look.

“Ann, you look…you look…”

“Yes?” she smiled.

“How do you spell ‘heartbreaker’? You look fucking gorgeous!!”

“Why thank you, dear boy! ” she said patting my cheek. “Shall we go?”


“Uh hmm…” she cleared her throat.

I just stared.

“Uh hmmmm!!” louder this time.

“Hmmm? Oh. Oh!” and I opened the car door for her.

She turned and stepped into the car. Her skirt rode up even higher and the sight of her purple panties framed in the tanned flesh above the dark lace of her thigh-high nylons gave me a hard on that she quickly noticed.

“Why, thank you!” she said in her little girl voice and patted my tented slacks.

“My God! I almost forgot how huge you are!” she whispered.

I climbed in, a little awkwardly, and we were off for Madison County, about a 90 minute drive. The ride passed quickly as we chatted some about whatever or just passed the miles in silence. My mother in law discovered my new iPod FM tuner and had fun playing with it while I had fun watching her. I am a careful driver, usually, but sexy Ann was one hell of a distraction! Ann pulled a golden monogrammed flask from her purse and offered it to me. I declined. She took a deep pull, offered it again. I refused, again. She laughed and called me some name under her breath and then nipped at it pretty steadily the rest of the way to Madison County.

By the time we took a pit stop to stretch our legs she was feeling no pain and giggling at everything. We pulled into Winterset just before noon.

Of course there is only one place to have lunch in that town now and I parked at the Northside Café, made famous by the movie Bridges of Madison County. This is the small town restaurant where they filmed the scene where Clint Eastwood had lunch and met the shunned adulterous Lucy who later was befriended by the adulterous Francesca.

Hell on Wheels

This time I had the presence of mind to open my mother in laws door and again enjoyed the view of her stretched purple dainties. Ann had the body of a young athlete. She staggered against me briefly but got her sea legs, kind of, and we entered the cafe.

As I have said my wife is a natural beauty and I have seen the effect she has on a room but when Ann strutted into the café every man’s head in the room turned, literally!

“Tick, tock…tick, tock…tick, tock…tick, tock…” her heels echoed on the floor.

They clicked, her hips swayed in a haunting rhythm, the men stared, and their women fumed.

Ann paused and then announced loudly, “I wonder which seat that local slut Lucy sat in, Mark? That’s where I want to plant my big ass for dinner!” and she tittered into her gloved hand like some jaded schoolgirl before zeroing in on a seat at the counter.

The men smiled and nodded, staring at her wiggling ass, and their women fumed while I about dropped through the floor in embarrassment, and a little anger.

“Jesus, Ann! Take it easy!” I whispered into her ear when we sat down.

“Fuck that! I am on vacation, honey!” and she smiled ever so sweetly.

Our waitress showed up and I swear that she could have been a twin to the one behind the counter in the movie scene. Significantly overweight, with a little white apron over her tentlike dress, and even little white socks above her black flats. To complete the simile she frowned and carelessly tossed a menu at Ann.

“Want something….?”

The word “slut” went unspoken but hung provocatively in the air, air that smelled like old cooking grease.

I opened the menu smiling sheepishly and then, out of the corner of my eye, watched my mother in law’s mood transform.

“Why you fat odious pig! How dare you speak to me like that?” she spat venomously. All eyes turned and locked on the waitress.

“What……me..?” managed the mound of a waitress obviously not used to being challenged on her own turf. Everyone focused on Ann.

“I’d like a hamburger and fries.” I tossed out in a pitiful effort to deflect the developing scene but my feeble words fell on angry deaf ears.

“Oh, is “odious” beyond your pea sized brain, bitch? Well, how about ‘You are a stinking scab of shit, you fat, pig eyed, diseased, CUNT!!” Ann sneered rising from her seat ready for battle, her tiny skirt riding high putting her panties and ample ass on even more open display. The men stared hard at her glorious ass while the women in the room again locked their eyes on the quivering waitress.

I tried pulling Ann’s skirt down but she swore and slapped my hands away making my blood instantly rise.

“Hank….HANK!” bellowed the waitress turning tail and running, defeated, from the room in tears. Some of the locals clapped and cheered witnessing the domineering priggish waitress finally getting her long overdue comeuppance.

“And what the FUCK are YOU looking at?” shrieked Ann turning on the nearest man leering at her almost bare butt. “Here! You want to stare? Take a good fucking look!” Ann, my mother in law, ripped open her top displaying her perfect tits hanging in a lacy nothing of a bra and then bent over grabbing her ankles and pushed her ass practically in the face of the man whose mouth hit the floor as his wife hit the roof and, claws out, tried to climb over her man to get at Ann. I just stood there in shock.

“Oh? You want even a closer look, hun? How’s this?” and my mother in law pulled her thong to the side exhibiting her carefully shaved pussy to the world.

The outraged woman shrieked, kicked, and spat as her husband pulled her down practically tackling her in their booth.

At that precise moment Hank, the manager, showed up and I watched his expression shifting around from anger, to amazement, to lust, and finally back to anger as he regained his proper demeanor.

“YOU! GET HER OUT OF HERE! NOW! …I’m calling the cops!”

The word ‘cops’ broke the spell for me and I nodded and immediately grabbed the obscenely posing Ann, slung her over my shoulder, causing one of her juicy breasts to pop out of the inadequate bra, and started for the door.

Some people were laughing now really enjoying the show but most of the crowd were just silently staring at us as I struggled with the wooden-framed screen door with one hand and a squirming half-naked mother in law with the other.

“FUCK YOU! FUCK ALL OF YOU!” she yelled.

I turned her around and hauled through the doorway, ass first.

“You still want something else to stare at, you small town FUCKS? How’s this?!” she shrieked as I continued to retreat toward the car. She tore her blouse farther open and tugged her other tit loose and shook them both back and forth and round and round.

Finally reaching the car I threw Ann into the backseat and dove into the driver’s side and locked the doors before she could climb back out. I was furious as I started the car and slammed it into reverse, squealing tires, barely missing a new truck parked nearby.

The Northside Restaurant’s windows were crowded full of gawking laughing diners, the overflow coming out onto the sidewalk. Ann flung herself at the car window, pounding on it with her tiny fists, so enraged that nothing came out of her mouth. She powered the window down as I shoved the car into drive and threw one of her shoes at the gawkers. One of them caught it and danced around holding it like some damn trophy!

When the window came down I could hear the faint sound of a distant siren growing louder and really put the pedal down. I slammed around some corners and quickly found a big wooded park on the south edge of town. We slewed around the corner near a bridge. I slammed on the brakes near a big clump of bushes and then carefully eased into the foliage while praying we would be hidden from view.

“Can you believe those…..”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” I demanded at the top of my lungs. I couldn’t believe the heat and sound of my fury and a stunned Ann wisely obeyed, snapping her mouth shut.

The sirens grew and faded and grew and faded dopplering around us for awhile. The lone cruiser whistled by the park once and then, later, drove by very slowly, a small town cop in his retro cop’s hat looking carefully our way. Ann was practically exposing herself in the window as she peered back but, thankfully, he never saw us and finally drove away.

Secret Revelations in Winterset City Park

“That was close…” slurred Ann who once more had started nipping at her flask.

“I said…SHUT UP, YOU CUNT!” I roared still amazed at my residual anger.

“And give me THAT FUCKING BOTTLE!” and I ripped it out of her hand and poured down a big gulp, followed by another, followed by another, and still one more draining out the last drops as I fumed in silence keeping my eyes peeled for the cops.

I sourly looked at the empty metal flask and caught drunken Ann’s eyes in the rear view mirror. I slowly lowered my window and then flung the container into the nearby creek watching it splash into the middle, upright, and then float in the current for a while slowly sinking as it wound through the small riffles until it finally disappeared.

The October air smelled of the fresh creek water, decaying leaves, and wet earth and I lowered the other windows too and then reached into my glove box for another flask that I kept stashed there. I found that the alcohol on an empty stomach was maintaining my anger as I nipped steadily at my bottle.

“Can I have a little snort, too?”

I just looked daggers into her misty eyes through the mirror again and took another swallow.

My mother in law started to cry and I looked at her again in disgust.

“Shit! Can’t you at least cover yourself? No? Oh, I forgot, you ripped your blouse in that FUCKING RESTAURANT, YOU SLUT!”

Now she was really crying and I couldn’t give a shit. I took another swallow and watched her through the mirror. Tears had ruined her makeup and were streaming darkly down her cheeks and neck in purplish streaks that caressed her naked tits and dripped from her nipples. Ann caught me looking at her swaying mascara-streaked boobs and made a useless attempt at putting them back into her bra and closing her ripped blouse.

“Oh! Oh, now I finally get it!!….I exploded pounding on the steering wheel. “A fucking WHORE IN PUBLIC…but the demure little BITCH in my FUCKING CAR! FUCK YOU, Ann! AND STOP YOUR DAMN CRYING!”

Crying turned to shaking sobs as I turned my gaze back to the stream flowing through the woods. The muted but beautiful fall colors reflecting on the water reminded me about the whole reason for this trip which would probably now take another day and my sullen anger redoubled turning once more to rage as her crying continued.


I stuck the flask in my pocket and jumped out of my car. I tore open her door, slapped my mother in law hard, and then yanked her out of the back seat by her thick mane of hair. She was snuffling and yelping and more than a little afraid as I dragged her by the hair toward the nearby curved stone bridge. Once there I first flung her to the grass and then roughly dragged her over my lap.

“What are you…?”

“Smack!” the flat palmed slap to her luscious ass echoed in the woods.

“OH NO YOU DON’T!” she demanded trying to squirm free.

I grabbed her wrists and twisted both of her arms hard behind her back as she squirmed harder.

“Smack! Smack! Smack!”

“FUCK YOU! LET ME GO!” she raged and slurred. “I’LL TELL Becca!”

“Oh…that’s a good one, Mom!” I laughed. “Cunty mother tells daughter!…Smack!” that last stinging slap on the ass brought some pain to my hand so I looked around and saw a long thin broken twig at my feet. Perfect!



“Crack! Crack!”



“OOW! Please stop!”

“That’s better, you cunt, but not quite good enough!”

“What do you mean?”

I held her in place over my legs with one firm hand and then pulled her skirt up baring her reddened and faintly striped ass.

“It’s about time I get a private close up of what you like to show in public, BITCH!” and I took a deep pull on the flask and offered it to her.

“You might want some for this next phase, CUNT!”


“Suit yourself!”

I felt a strange sense of some vague deja vu as I raised the whip-like twig high above my head.

“Snap!” I cut her protests short with a sharp snap of twig to her beautiful bare ass, rippling the offended flesh.

“Please stop!” she gasped in pain and abject humiliation.

“Snap! Snap! Snap!”


“Please what, ‘MOM’?”

“Snap! Snap!”

“Please!” she sobbed in genuine contrition, “Please stop….I’ll do anything….anything…..” she wailed dropping to her knees and hugging my legs.

“Anything, you gorgeous outrageous bitch?”

“Yes!” she nodded enthusiastically. “Only please stop whipping me!”

“Well….I don’t know. That was one hell of a scene you “whipped up” back there you know. What the FUCK was that anyway? I’ve seen plenty of bitches in my time but you definitely take the cake, lady!”

“Please?” and she smothered my hands, and the offending branch in kisses.



Eyes wide she arched up, jutting out her magnificent knockers, as I delivered the last blow to her projecting tamed ass.

“What was that for?” my mother in law sobbed as I slung the offending twig into the dark underbrush.

“For effect!” I said rudely pushing her off my lap and walked toward my vintage Lincoln.

Ann staggered to her feet and carefully squirmed her skirt into place wincing some at the wounds that had been inflicted. She still stumbled a bit as she followed obediently along 2 steps behind me and rubbing her smarting bottom.

When I saw her following technique, drunk as she was, a light bulb went off somewhere in my brain and I realized that she may have been well trained by somebody in her past. I was feeling no pain either by now and felt my cock growing as darkly sensual thoughts demanded front and center. As a test of my theory I took a slightly meandering path toward the Lincoln still hidden in the bushes. As if on a short leash (Now there’s a particularly nasty little idea!) my mother in law attentively followed precisely 2 steps behind.

“Atta girl!” I thought to myself.

For the last little distance I varied my speed but Ann unconsciously and precisely matched both my speed and direction. “What a good little slave!” I mused to myself.

I circled the Lincoln once and she followed maintaining her 2 step distance, her gorgeous misty blue eyes glued to my feet. Still testing, I started around the car a second time.

“Why are you walking in circles?” she murmured but kept the exact distance and speed.

I just kept walking in silence.

“I don’t get it…OH!(Her hand rose to cover her mouth)…NO!” and she came to a sudden stop shaking her head in disbelief still rubbing her sore bottom.

I knowingly looked her in the eye for a long moment and then resumed walking holding her gaze. After just a few steps I saw her hesitate, take a deep breath, quickly catch up, and then follow….always exactly 2 steps behind me at the correct speed. Feeling that we had just passed beyond some occult barrier I led and my mother in law followed our eyes locking together on the turns as we walked a strange silent tango of trained sensuality around and around that big old Lincoln. With each fresh lap around my car I could see her humiliation and obedience grow and then overflow into gratitude, the heartfelt gratitude of a truly submissive female who has had her soul deliberately exposed and understood by a master. I finally stopped and smiled at Ann. A soft genuine smile of complete understanding. She blushed and then looked at her feet in shame, and suppressed joy, tears falling delicately off her long curling lashes into the decaying shriveled leaves at her tiny feet. “How did my son in law know? Who had he trained? How did that relationship even begin? How long had they been together? Does he really want me, his mother in law, in this manner? What about Becca?” she longed to know all these questions but couldn’t ask. “Oh…this is just too delicious for words!”

“Who was my mother-in-law’s first master? Was he kind, or cruel? When did she know? How did he know? How did they start? She is so fragile right now, so exquisite, so exposed!”

“Does Becca know?” I finally said out loud.

She looked up with tears shining brightly in her lovely eyes.

“No.” she whispered faintly in complete humiliation.

I looked at her again in a long silence punctuated by the voice of a watching wood…creaking trees holding the light afternoon breeze in their multicolored leaves, birds chirping and flitting about, mournful cicadas buzzing their sad song about an approaching winter, the stream flowing past in a wet gurgle. Ann looked at her feet daring a glance now and then with a furtive embarrassed smile while she occasionally rubbed her sore bottom and shuffled her feet like a young girl.

Precisely at that moment I knew that I had fallen in love with the mother of my wife. “Will Becca tolerate such a relationship? Would I, or even should I, tell her? Should I just let Ann go or should I accede to her hidden unbidden needs? How will I work it all out?” the questions flew through my mind as I stood there enjoying the profound beauty of a submissive in the serenity of the moment in Winterset City Park.



“What do we do now?

“What do you want me to do, Ann? This is potentially so complicated I’m not sure how to proceed.”

“I’ve always believed that honesty is best.”

“Alright. What do you want me to do, Ann?” I repeated.

“It has been a long time since my only submissive relationship, decades actually. I was 17 and he was 42. My master was really a kind and gentle lover who first discovered and understood my, uh, well, my peculiarities. Becca’s father and I divorced because he never knew me, really knew me…at least this side of me.”

“Ann, you don’t have to tell me all this….”

“But I want to and you need to know especially if we decide to go down the path of master and submissive, together.”

“I love your daughter, you know. I will never leave her or hurt her.”

“I know.”

“I think that I have heard enough for now.”

The serene song of the woods rose around us as we again stood in silence, Ann looking at the ground. “God, she is so beautiful! And it has been so long since my only other relationship with a submissive woman. What do I do? I won’t fuck up my marriage but do I just let her mother go?”

“Here’s the facts as I see them, Ann. You and I are both buzzed right now and I happened to stumble onto your secret. I really need some time to decide what, if anything to do about it, and so do you. Why don’t we just table this for now.”

“As you wish, son.”

“Just one more thing.”

“What’s that, Mark?”

“Did you deliberately stage that “little” set to in the restaurant?”

“Well, I didn’t do it, consciously, if that is what you are implying, but the aftermath has been interesting, don’t you think?” and she giggled and briefly exposed her awesome breasts to the afternoon sun.

I roared with laughter until she joined in and then I embraced my mother in law with a big bear hug and twirled her around until, dizzy, we fell to the ground, her tits spilling out into the open once more. We laughed some more and then I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss that was returned. We looked into each other’s eyes and then kissed with a hot passion that left us both breathless.

Driven by some vague hope of salvaging part of a work day I ignored my growing hard on and helped Ann to her feet. I then winked at her suggesting that she might want to change her blouse. And, let me tell you, watching her change in the shade of the Winterset City Park was a treat that I will never forget!

Finally, The Bridges!

After all that excitement it was still only 1:30. I drove cautiously on the edge of town and discreetly parked in an alley behind a convenience store so I could score some lunch for us. I went in by myself and then quickly bought some water, beef jerky, a couple of hot dogs, and two glazed doughnuts with sprinkles for dessert and beat a hasty retreat, pausing just long enough to grab a free map of the Bridges. Fortunately, there was no sign of any patrol car and we FLEW out of town and approached the first, Hogback Bridge.

Ann wanted to make nice and thought we could use a picnic table cloth, that she had just happened to bring along, for our makeshift lunch.

“OK….but you need to set it all up. I have to get to work right away.”

Ann scurried about while I set up my tripod and started snapping shot after shot. Nice thing about digital photography is that you can really take almost endless photos, screening them as you go. “Lunch is ready!”

“I’ve got to get underneath first, you go ahead and start without me.”

“I’ll wait, hon.”


I glanced over at my mother in law who sat, quite demurely now, on a nicely laid out cloth sipping at her bottled tap water from someplace in France.

Leaving my tripod behind I took a few closeups of some structural flaws with the bent lag bolts and then walked down through the brush to shoot underneath. A big garden spider had spun a magnificent web and I managed a National Geographic type shot which included dew sparkling in the sunlight, great web and huge spider…but I hate spiders!…so I gave it a wide berth. I focused tightly with the digital zoom on the lower part of the structure that held the roadbed but couldn’t quite see the immediate and critical connection I was after.

The Japanese were trying to amend some similar metallic strain and creep that was showing up on their old bridges so I needed a comparison of similar defects and then an excellent example of revamped connections that worked. I kept snapping photos while lost in my work and the wonderful veneer of thought that problems of physics and engineered design add to everyday analysis.

“Sure are a lot of spider webs on the wood, aren’t there?”

I about jumped out of my skin and dropped the camera into a big clump of weeds.

“Fuck! Don’t ever do that again!”

I thrust my hand into the wildflowers and fished out my very expensive camera which had a spider crawling on the lens.

“Goddammit! Fucking spiders!” and I flicked it off with my fingernail.

“He was an ugly one!”

“Ann, get the hell back to the car and let me work!”

“I’m hungry!” she pouted.

“Well then, fucking eat! Just leave me alone!”

She reluctantly moved away and I continued my efforts taking some time to find my place again on the structure. About 30 shots later I was still a bit pissed off but had finished with Hogback Bridge.

I scrambled back up the bank and didn’t see Ann anywhere. After stowing my gear I went over to the picnic spread and sat down. My stomach growled. The jerky looked good so I tore off a big chunk of the teriyaki flavored meat and started chewing wondering where my mother in law had wandered off to. It was saltier than I expected so I washed it down with some water and then caught a glimpse of movement to right.

“Yoo hoo! Oh, yoo hoo! Here’s a picture you haven’t shot yet!” she called out in her girlish high pitched voice.

I looked closer and then almost choked on my jerky. What I saw next made me laugh, hard!

Ann had found a weathered hole in the bridge siding and was thrusting her bare breasts through it into the afternoon sun.

“Ha, ha, ha!”

When Ann knew I had her attention she pulled her tits back into the shaded interior and then shoved her big bare ass out through the same opening. I just laughed and enjoyed the show. The sounds of a car pulling up made Ann’s butt disappear in a wink followed by some muffled ruffling noises and some girlish cussing as she dressed in a hurry!

Some tourists slammed their door and came walking up to the entrance, nodding politely and I waved. They paused at the opening to the bridge just as Ann came swishing past them adjusting her bra strap and squirming her skirt down at the same time. She had gotten just a few steps past them when they whispered together and then turned saying something to her. Ann replied and then they said something else. Even from my distance I could see her body tighten just before she bowed low and then flipped them off. They laughed at her, so she flipped them off again, behind her rolling ass, while she turned on her heel and strutted toward me.

I was chewing on some cold pizza, which was pretty damn good by the way, when my mother in law sat down beside me still fuming.


“What did they say?”

“They wanted to know if I was the lady they had seen at the restaurant in Winterset.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad…Why did you give them the bird?”

“When I said that was me the “man” asked if he could have another look.”

“That would do it!”

“Damn right it would, so I flipped them off!”

I handed Ann the other slice of untouched pizza and she tore off a big mouthful, angrily shoving it in and absently chewing as she stared at the bridge.

“Awww….forget it, Mom. Let’s just enjoy the lunch.”

Ann spit out her pizza, jumped to her feet and then stalked back to the bridge.

“I told you…don’t call me mom! It makes me feel old. Better hurry and get your camera out…just point it at that hole!” she said her voice, but not her anger, fading as she walked away from me.

I did as she suggested and jumped for the trunk and just managed to get it aimed and steadied before I heard some muted yelling and struggling inside the old bridge. Then to my amazement a head and shoulders appeared at the opening but it wasn’t Ann, it was the male stranger. I zoomed in closer and saw that he had what looked like a purple thong over his head and in his mouth and he was bellering like a wounded bull.

I froze for a second and then started laughing and shooting as the stranger struggled trying to free himself from the grip of the old red bridge turning almost as purple as the thong in his rage. Ann came sprinting back out into the sun yelling and laughing her heels dangling from her hands.

“Let’s get the HELL out of HERE!!”

I took one more quick shot just as the head popped loose. The bellering started up louder as Ann dove into the front seat. I grabbed the tablecloth and tossed it into the back seat and jumped in fishing for my keys.

“Find them! Find them!” urged Ann her eyes wide and starting to laugh.

The wild eyed male tourist had appeared at the bridge entrance and screamed when he saw us in the car.

“Better go….better go…NOW!” insisted Ann with a tinge of fear in her high pitched voice.

I finally found them and then scrambled around with the ignition.

The tourist, followed closely by his irate wife, was slinging rocks at us as he ran our way.

“Damn!” I said hearing one hit the hood.

Ann grabbed my hand steadied it and then shoved the key into the slot turning the motor to life.

“GO!” she yelled as I stomped on the gas in reverse, the tourist still gaining on us.

As I slewed around and hit the brakes the stranger, cussing and streaming curses, flung himself on my car latching onto the trunk lid. I floored it again, fishtailing, and then watched the tourist get flung into the grassy overgrown ditch. He rolled some and then got up and started down the road in the dust cloud kicked up by my fading car. His wife was also yelling and cussing and shaking her fist as they finally disappeared from view.

“I think we had better find an alternate route to the next bridge.” I laughed and turned quickly aside onto an old grassy jeep trail in a hilly pasture.

I slowed down to eliminate any visible dust and drove just over the first hill and out of sight from the road.

I shut off my car and then turned to look at my mother in law who still looked a little frightened.

“Take it easy, Ann….they won’t see us, even if they do come this way.”

“Are you sure?…I don’t know….I…I…well, they will damn sure never forget meeting me….” and she kept looking in the rear view mirror and licking her pouty lips.

We heard the sound of a car winding up on the dirt road, followed by some faint cursing that quickly dopplered past us. Soon after the windblown dust from the speeding car drifted over us and I rolled up the windows for a minute until it had passed.

Ann and I sat in silence for awhile until we were sure they hadn’t seen us and doubled back. A car did come by again on the road but you could tell from the sound that it was traveling at a slower steadier speed. We also heard no swearing or yelling just the sound of crickets in the pasture around us.

A lone cow crested the hill and walked steadily toward us on an old rut of a hollow dirt path. Her full udder swayed and her head bobbed as she walked. When she got to the car that cow just stopped and stared. She chewed her cud and looked and looked some more switching her tail and stomping one of her hooves at some offending flies. We looked at her and she looked at us with wide round brown eyes licking her mouth with a huge wet tongue.

“How now brown cow?” Ann giggled. “Moooooo!”

“MOOOOOOOO!!” came the loud reply.

We just laughed but that cow didn’t budge.



“Well, Ann, ready to go? I think we should be safe now.”

“OK….but just once more….Mooooooooo!”

“MOOOOOOOOO!” answered the cow.

“OK! Let’s give the cow her pasture back!” I said and slowly backed up the jeep trail looking for a turn around spot.

“Oh, Mark, look! Isn’t that cute?” said Ann squeezing my arm.

As soon as we had unblocked her path that cow put her head down and proceeded to plod forward again, bobbing her head, and swishing her tail, just like we had never been there. Obviously she was following a well used trail to a barn for milking and a mouthful, or two, of food.

I turned my attention to the map and decided to pass on the Cutler-Donahue bridge because it looked too “modern” to me and decided to head for the Cedar, Holliwell, and Roseman Bridges. A cursory examination of the Cedar Bridge showed me that I would not find my answers there. We wound through the colorful fall foliage in search of the Holliwell Bridge and, wouldn’t you know it, the couple that Ann had offended were there taking pictures too.