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Amber liquid filled the glass. The powerful fumes of fine bourbon wafted up to me, a warm greeting. I plugged my music player into the stereo, turned on the back patio speakers and raised the volume. The heady tones of a saxophone lazed in through the open sliding glass door. My drink in hand, I stepped through onto the patio. The concrete, still hot from the blazing sun, felt soothing and solid on the bare soles of my feet. Ella Fitzgerald’s sultry voice met me. The balmy summer evening air swirled around my ankles to lift the edge of the sarong tied around me and teased my hair, lifting it off my shoulders.

An evening of self indulgence was long overdue. I felt a smug smile touch my lips thinking of my night ahead of doing nothing but spoiling myself. Humming softly along with the soothing music, I walked towards the bubbling hot tub and untied the fabric confining me. It slid to the ground allowing the breeze to caress the rest of me. The shadows and light cast from the pool water played in ripples over my body as I stepped into the hot, roiling water. I stood there for a moment, took a long swig of bourbon and let Ella serenade my woes away.

I set my drink to the side and pulled my loose brown hair back from my face, plaited it and let the braid swing free to hang midway down my spine. I slid the rest of me down into the blissful heat. Closing my eyes and letting the heat and force of the jets work on the knots along my spine, I relaxed into the moment.

I was alone until morning, when Mr. Andersen would arrive, take his keys back and I would head home. My small side business as a caretaker continued to grow. The town was fairly large and situated between two major metropolitan areas, so families escaping the city moved here. The valley contained a sea of tract homes cleaved by the interstate freeway and peppered with shopping centers and big box stores. All those homes made for a sprawling suburban labyrinth that generated plenty of needs for me to fulfill. I ran errands, shopped, and saw to my clients’ pets and property while they traveled or vacationed. This particular home sitting job was my favorite.

The house and yard were easy to keep, there were no pets to manage, and there was a pool and hot tub that I was encouraged to use. The client insisted on overnight care which wasn’t an unusual requirement. I had a few clients that wanted their house sitter to stay nights, for fear of burglary or because of pets with special needs. This client had a great many acquaintances that might come by at anytime. I had been given short list of those who were allowed inside to use the pool, take a shower, or just sleep a couple hours. It seemed weird to me, but none of my business. The place was a pleasure to watch and I was always well compensated for my time.

The client wasn’t bad looking, either. Mr. Andersen had intrigued me from the start. My face heated in a blush as I remembered almost a year ago when I’d knocked on the door for my initial interview. I had been looking down to put my keys in my purse when he’d opened the door. I saw dark slacks and a dark blue button up shirt, tan throat, and eyes so intense and blue that I’d fumbled and dropped my keys. I’d stammered out a greeting and introduced myself while trying to pick my keys up off the welcome mat. That was my clumsy start to the interview that got me this lush job.

Despite the awkward introduction, my references and experience had secured Thomas Andersen’s account. This was my third time here and I had the simple job well in hand. There were few plants that required attention; the house was easy to keep clean, even when he had a couple visits from his friends on the list. He seemed an easy going man, insisting that I make use of the place while I watched it. I did as far as his pool and hot tub were concerned. My little apartment complex didn’t have a pool and I loved to swim. The hot tub was simply a hedonistic delight.

I took another sip from my drink. The alcohol burned a line of fire down my throat and bloomed into smooth warmth that seeped back up to make my scalp prickle. Yep, this was sweet self-indulgence and I was ready for an evening of it. I could barely hear Louis Armstrong join Ella, crooning about summertime above the jet of the hot tub. There are few perfect moments in life and I decided this was one of them. I relished the languorous feeling of the hot water unwinding the kinks in my muscles and the pleasant burning of the liquor unfurling inside me. Closing my eyes and sighing aloud, I let the music wash over me and sank into the blissful moment.

My mind wandered. Earlier this week I’d met two of the five on the allowed list, Mel and Dmitri. They arrived together, but Dmitri barely acknowledged me before heading to the couch. Within a few moments he had his cap pulled down over his face and had begun snoring loudly. Mel had laughed and told me to ignore him, if I could, and proceeded to introduce herself. With dark hair the color of glossy coffee beans and warm, almond shaped brown eyes, she had a friendly manner and an easy smile. I couldn’t help liking her. She had come for the pool, she told me, used it for a workout a few times a week.

I recalled glancing out the kitchen window as I made my lunch and saw her strip out of her tee shirt and sweats and dive into the sparkling water. My jaw had dropped a little at her boldness and nonchalance. I also admired it. And I couldn’t help but admire her. Just the brief glimpse had shown me a stunning female form. I finished making my sandwich while she swam, and remained near the window to eat. I watched when she emerged from the pool, her sleight, slender body moved with feline grace and strength. The sun had glinted off the water on her body as it sheeted from her skin to pool at her feet. Her pert breasts stood high and proud and her taut muscles flowed over delicate bones as she moved to get the towel from the rack near the pool steps.

She saw me at the window and smiled and waved. I ducked my head and blushed to be caught watching. She came in, toweling off and still nude and helped herself to water from the fridge, continuing our chat from earlier. There was a peculiar glint in her eyes that I hadn’t been able to define, but it made me feel special, included in something fun. It seemed Tom Andersen had some interesting friends.

Feeling quite buzzed now, my muscles loosened, I decided to swim a couple laps and then get back into the hot tub. Stepping out of the tub, the air felt cool and pebbled my wet skin. I did a shallow dive into the pool; the water was shockingly cold after the heat of the tub. I surfaced and gasped, treading water in place until I adjusted to the temperature contrast before starting to swim. Pulling my body through the water felt divine, my muscles stretching and working as I pulled myself through the water. I ducked beneath the surface into a silent underwater world. I swam a lap before I had to come up, sucking in the late evening air. I flipped onto my back to float, surrendering completely to the buoyant water. Billie Holliday sang now. Her butterscotch voice chided, yet almost begged, “All of me, why not just take all of me”. I listened to the whole song while floating blissfully. Billie’s song muted and clarified as water lapped over my ears with the gentle waves my swim had stirred.

As the last strains of the song finished, I dove back beneath the water and swam towards the pool steps. Reaching the lowest step, I pulled myself up each one until I surfaced and luxuriated in a stretch. I stepped up out of the pool to find the owner of the house and dark eyed Mel standing on the back patio watching me. I stood startled and dripping in my bikini.

“Um, oh gosh…” I felt awkward and embarrassed even though I had full permission to be doing what I was doing. I still felt like the kid caught with her fingers in the cookie jar.

“We didn’t mean to startle you. I called out, but you didn’t hear.” Tom gestured in the vague direction of the outdoor speakers, the music still lazing into the summer evening. “My trip ended sooner than expected and Mel here was kind enough to give me a ride. By the way, this is Mel.”

“We’ve met; she was just over earlier this week.”

I greeted Mel. This time in jean shorts and a pink tank top, I noticed again how striking she was. Shorter than I, with shoulder length dark hair and brown eyes that glinted with something I couldn’t name. She gave me a quick hug and kiss on my cheek which threw me off guard. I was always startled by people who greeted anyone with hugs, friend or stranger. Mel’s friendly attitude made it feel genuine.

“Sorry I didn’t hear you. Here, let me get my stuff.” I walked over to my discarded cover. “It’ll only take me a few minutes and I’ll be out of your hair.”

“No, please.” He moved to intercept me. “Continue to enjoy your evening. I told Mel she could come swim. Please. Get on back in, you’re starting to shiver. I insist.” The last words were firm. His look said he had little patience with polite refusals. The inviting smile that accompanied it devastated me. Oh boy.

“Um, well, okay. Thanks.” I gave a shy smile and struggled to get my galloping pulse under control. He shouldn’t be permitted to do that, whatever that was, exactly. Tom and Mel shared a look. Then she smiled encouragement at me.

“I’m getting changed, then.” Mel moved back into the house as I climbed back into the swirling hot tub. The heat stung my skin after the chilling pool and standing in the cooling air.

“What’re you having?” He picked up my nearly empty glass.

“Oh, bourbon. There’s more on the counter, can I make you a glass?”

“No, I’ll make myself a glass, and freshen yours up.” He turned to the house and then directed a look back at me. It definitely should be illegal for a man to ooze that much charisma with seemingly so little effort. “Please, feel welcome. I’m home early, my trip went well. I am in the mood to celebrate and would be delighted if you’d join us.”

“Yes, stay.” Mel had come back out with a towel wrapped around her. Tom passed her, walking into his house with my glass in his hand. I looked at them, a bit confused. Surely he wants to enjoy his evening alone with his girlfriend. My thoughts must have registered on my face because Mel leaned down close and said, “We’re not together. You’re not interrupting any plans.”

I laughed nervously. “Thanks. Okay, well, okay sure.” Smooth talker, as always, I thought at myself with a wry twist to my mouth.

“I want whatever you guys are having.” Mel called to him.

I heard the music turn down until it was easier to talk. Mel stepped up to the edge of the pool and drew off her towel. Of course, she wore nothing. She executed a graceful dive into the water. Well, it was none of my business what she preferred to swim in. Still, I politely averted my eyes as she climbed from the pool. Not before I sneaked another quick peek. She was small and lean, her petite breasts stood firm with dark aureoles and nipples. Her slender waist flared subtly into slim hips. With her dark hair slicked to her head, those large, tilted eyes black in the lack of light and rivulets of water tracing the angles of her body, she looked like some sort of selkie come to enchant whoever dared happen upon her.

I swallowed. She was gorgeous, her physique so different from my own. I was taller and longer limbed than she, and my body fuller and softer. I was all supple curves compared to the hard planes of her strong, muscular body. My ample breasts hung heavier, full and plump. I couldn’t help but feel just a little self conscious with beautiful Mel going about naked and carefree. I looked up to see the stars shining in the darkening sky. Evening had lost its hold to night. I kept my gaze heavenward as she strode over to join me in the heated tub. As she sank into the warmth with a sigh, I tried a casual smile and she smiled back.

“So, what’s new?”

“Not much, really.” I made an effort at small talk, telling her about my difficult landlord and how I likely needed to find another place. I could afford something a little better, now. We talked about what she’d heard about different apartments around town.

“You wouldn’t be interested in a roommate situation, would you?”

“Maybe. I guess it would depend on the roommate and the place.”

“Me,” she said with a grin, “My roommate moved out last month and I’m looking for someone else. I live just a few blocks away from here. It’s a four bedroom, way too much house for me alone. You don’t need to tell me right now. Think about it.”

“I will.” It actually sounded pretty good. She seemed nice, I liked her easy manner, and the bigger space would be welcome. My home was my own though, I didn’t relish the idea of giving up my solitude.

I noticed Tom standing in the sliding glass doorway, watching both of us. God damn he cut a fine form. I swallowed hard, smiled and waved him over to us.

“Aren’t you coming in?” I took my refilled drink from him and thanked him, taking a sip.

“In a minute. I’ll swim first, I need to burn off some energy. That flight was far too long.”

He stood and pulled his shirt over his head, kicking off his shoes and socks, leaving his shorts on. I couldn’t help but admire his physique with him right there in front of me. He was lean and well muscled, his chest a bit furry. Yum. Tan and fit, I wondered what it would feel like to run my hands over his chest, behind his neck and into his tousled brown hair. I caught myself staring and quickly looked to see if he had noticed. He had. His gaze met mine and his mouth curved into a smirk. I felt my face heat and I looked away. Those blue eyes of his made my mouth go dry. I didn’t dare try to meet them again now.

My drink abruptly became fascinating to me and I took my time with another long swig. I heard him jump into the pool and the splashes of him swimming. My head spun. I set the drink back down carefully, eying it. Nearly drunk, I considered the circumstances and decided it would be wise not to drink any more.

I felt something touch my foot and I pulled away, startled. I realized it was Mel’s foot nudging mine and looked up to see her smiling wickedly.

“Nice on the eyes, isn’t he?” Mel spoke in a conspiratorial whisper. She moved over to sit next to me.

“A fine example of the male species.” I giggled. Oh, I definitely need to lay off the spirits.

“You’re not bad yourself, you know. I saw him looking at you. He liked what he saw.”

“Me?” I snorted in disbelief. “No. I’m not, no.” I bit my lip to stop stammering. My head fuzzy, I felt ill equipped to deal with the whole situation. This night was turning out to be interesting.

“Of course, darling.” Her hand reached up to trace my eyebrow. I suppressed a reaction to flinch back. I didn’t do well with uninvited contact, sometimes too sensitive to touch; I’d always been that way. But this made a shiver run up my spine and warmth spread through me. Her eyes glinted and her lips curved. “I’d do you.” Her words took time to order into meaning in my brain, then promptly triggered chaos in my fight or flight response.

Yes, most definitely becoming an odd evening. I grabbed my drink and took a gulp before I remembered I shouldn’t. I looked over to see Tom still doing laps, pulling his body through the water in long, smooth strokes. Mel’s leg pressed up against mine. It felt especially pleasant. My leg tingled everywhere her smooth thigh and calf touched me. Her intent had become clear and my body was responding to it.

I looked at Mel, my eyes falling to her breasts just at the top of the water. A vision of me lowering my head to kiss and suckle them invaded my mind. I felt my face turning red again. My hand brushed her thigh, seemingly of its own volition. She bit her lower lip and smiled encouragingly. My mind was really whirling now. Clear thought was replaced by a slow burn between my thighs. I looked over at Tom, who was still in the pool. Mel caught the direction of my glance and grinned.

“He’s not going to mind if we fool around. I’ve known Tom for years and I know for a fact he wouldn’t mind.” She raised beautifully arched eyebrows and waggled them at me, eliciting a laugh out of me.

What the fuck. I was horny and I’d consumed enough spirits to be bold. I stood facing her. She watched me, her eyes avid on mine. My self-indulgent night was offering the chance to be as licentious as desired. It felt surreal as I reached behind my back and undid my top, like someone else’s hands moving. Mind disengaged, my world became impulse and sensation. Freeing my breasts and tossing the scrap of fabric to the side, my nipples tightened and wrinkled in the breeze. Half naked and exposed, I felt feral and uninhibited. Mel moved close to me, her eyes greedy.

I removed my bikini bottoms, the hot water swirling and bubbling around my waist. The currents swirled around and between my legs, tickling and teasing me. Oh, that was delightful. Before I could lose my nerve I pushed her back to sit on the tub bench. I straddled her lap, letting only our thighs touch. I leaned in and kissed her jaw. She turned her face to mine and our lips met. Soft and sweet, I could feel the heat in my belly growing, settling lower. I deepened the kiss and felt a thrill when her mouth opened to mine. I let my tongue enter her, exploring the depths of her mouth.

Her arms moved around my waist and her hands ran up my back and down to the roundness of my ass. My mouth moved down her body, teeth grazing her collarbone, laying kisses down her chest. Her breathing increased as I kissed first one dark, hard nipple, then the other. I took one into my mouth and tugged it with my lips. She made the tiniest little moan. I felt a thrill through my belly which traveled decidedly lower. I wanted to hear that most gratifying sound again. I wanted to hear it louder.

I moved on to her other nipple, licking and nibbling until it stood stiff, and let my hand slide down her belly to graze her pussy lips. Her hips jerked forward and her back arched, pushing those sweet tits into my face. I ran my fingers along her slit, just brushing the swollen knot of her clit. She moaned again and squirmed closer, trying for more contact. I pinched her pussy lips together and broke away with a smile. I was enjoying myself immensely. Her eyes fluttered open, glazed.

I motioned for her to stand and she obeyed. My hands slid up along her thighs to caress her slender hips and the smooth curve of her ass. The dark tuft at the juncture of her thighs was slicked down and didn’t hide that her pretty little lips were slightly swollen and parted from her arousal. I placed a kiss on those pouting lips, causing her to shiver. My hands on her hips, I guided her backwards. I had her sit on the side of the hot tub, her legs dangling down into the water, and resumed my exploration of her body.

I enveloped a breast in my hand, letting her nipple slip between my fingers and gently squeezed it. She moaned softly. Mm, yes, but I wanted so much more. I used my other hand to run fingers the length of her slit, down and back again to find that sweet spot between her legs. She shuddered, her mouth parted and head thrown back. Mmm. This was considerable fun. She lay back on the concrete deck, her legs parting for me. Leaning up over her, I kissed her nipples and moved my mouth down over her taut stomach. I followed the planes of her body, kissing, nibbling my way to the slope below her belly button.

I kissed the silky hair of her mound and her legs opened further, inviting. I heard movement behind me and looked over to see Tom out the pool and toweling himself off. I froze momentarily, shocked that I had momentarily forgotten his presence. He made no sound but watched us intently. Lips curving, he motioned for me to continue. His rapt expression gave me chills and inflamed the aching between my thighs. Plainly enjoying our play, his growing excitement was becoming obvious in his shorts. Seeing him aroused and watching me, this man I had desired since first meeting those startling eyes, made my heart pound wildly. The heat between my legs bloomed into a persistent aching throb.

Although this story has seeds of truth, it is fictional. Everybody characterised is over the age of 18.



My ex-sister-in-law TJ was never going to be mother of the year. She was the kind of woman that had the moral-less mindset of “Why not drink and smoke pot with my teenage son and his friends?”, “They’re going to do it anyway, they might as well do it at home where they won’t get caught or get into other trouble.”

I had been divorced from her sister for over a year. During the time I was married to her sister, TJ and I were friendly, we got along well and although there was an occasional flirt or many times dirty or sexy comments, we never did anything that we shouldn’t have. It was an unspoken line that we simply never crossed. TJ had been divorced for 7 years and there were many stories from both her and my ex-wife of her exploits as an un-caged and free woman. To say the least, she was very sexual.

Now she is 42 years old, very skinny, almost too skinny and has a trashy aura about her. 5’2″ and probably hovering at 100 lbs. She always comes off as tough and wears tight jeans and leather coats. Trying to be a Harley Chick without a dude or a Harley. I’ve seen her in a bikini, she is as flat chested as any adult woman can be with teabag like boobs and virtually no butt. I never judged, she was simply my friend and sister-in-law and I accepted her for who she was.

She had asked me many times to do menial tasks around her house such as fix her boiler or change a faucet. I was always happy to help out. However, since I divorced her sister she hasn’t called. I never gave it much thought, often a divorced couple means divorced in-laws as well.

One day I ran into her at a department store, we were both genuinely happy to see each other and greeted with a tight hug. We talked for what seemed like a few minutes but turned into a half hour. She mentioned that she thought about calling me to help with things around the house like she used to but thought it was out of place and didn’t know how I’d respond. I told her that I divorced her sister and there is no reason that she and I can’t still be friends. “Feel free to call me anytime.” I said as we parted.

A few weeks later I got a call. She told me that her 21 year old son was away for the weekend and she was having trouble opening the damper to her wood stove. It seems her son usually handles the stove but this weekend she was out of heating oil and couldn’t wait till Monday. I told her I’d be there after work and I’ll help her out.

I was stuck at work a lot longer than expected and texted to keep her informed when I would be swinging by. I didn’t get there until 9pm. The place was cold so I quickly got the damper opened and helped her get a roaring fire going. I noticed she was a little bit inebriated, I asked if she was drinking. She said she was doing shots of rum hoping it would give her a better tolerance of the cold until I arrived.

“Did it work?” I asked,

“Not really, before I was just cold, now I’m drunk and cold.” she replied with a laugh.

We both did a shot and chased it with beer as we were chatting like we used to in the old days. Before we both knew it we had done 3 or 4 shots in less than an hour. I told her that I was in no condition to drive and asked if I could order a pizza or Chinese food because I haven’t had anything to eat since noon. Hoping it would sober me up enough to drive home.

After we ate we still drank and she smoked a joint. We were pretty wasted and it was clear I wasn’t driving tonight. It didn’t take much for us to get our conversation on whether or not we would scratch the proverbial itch that we had with each other all these years. She said she had no problem going for a round or two with me but wanted to make it a bit of a truth or dare game. She said simply getting naked was too easy. I didn’t think she was playing hard to get, we already covered that it was a sure thing so I figured if this is what she wants as some kind of foreplay then so be it.

A short while into the game I realized that she kept calling out Truth with an occasional dare. I on the other hand was calling Dare more often. I just wanted us to get busy as soon as we could. It didn’t take long for me to realize that she was going through all this because she wanted to have some kind of confession. Now I was intrigued and tried to formulate my questions so she could get out her deepest secrets.

Throughout the game there were enough dares for us to stay wasted, get naked and do a few naughty things, but the truths were far from what I expected. It turns out that 3 years ago when she started to allow her son and his friends to hang out and party at her house, she would many times end up having sex with 3 of his friends. At first she would do them individually telling them to keep it secret but eventually she learned that they all talked, including letting her son know. She thought she had a problem that she couldn’t live through but it turns out her son was manipulating the situations and decided who was next and how the nights would play out until it ended up being a weekly gangbang while he watched. Eventually he decided that he wanted in on his mother’s action and by then she was all too willing to oblige.

She admitted that the first time with the first friend was her making it happen. She was intentionally being flirty with this one particular boy named Josh. It went as usual with the boys tapering off and going to sleep in various places in the house as the party died down into the late night. She said that at some point it was just her and Josh still up and she had decided that tonight would be the night that she would live out a careless fantasy that she’s had for some time.

She said she was wearing tight Daisy Dukes and a simple white t-shirt with no bra, although she didn’t have huge boobs, her nipples were usually rock hard. She made it a point to flaunt her sexuality enough to turn him on. While smoking another joint she caught him staring at her hard nipples. She took advantage of the opportunity to kick things up a notch.

“Are you staring at my boobs Josh?”

“Sorry TJ, I couldn’t help it.”

“I’m sure you have girls your own age that let you play with their titties.”

“No, I don’t, actually I’m embarrassed to say that I’m still a virgin.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. If I was younger I’d be more than happy to help you out with that problem, but I’m too old for you and even if I did, I could get into trouble.”

“I don’t think you’re too old. I think you’re hot, I’ve played with myself thinking about you. As for the age, I would never say a word to anybody. But I’m sure you’re not interested anyway.”

“You promise you’d never say a word.” she said as she moved in close and stroked her hand across his bulging cock through his jeans.

“I really promise, never a word.”

She told him that she’s heading to the bathroom and she expected him to be waiting naked in her bed by the time she got out. He wasted no time in complying. When she crawled into the bed she reached towards his cock and was a little bit shocked at how big it was and how rock hard it was. She promptly went down on him. Swallowing it deep enough to gag a little bit as she stroked and sucked it. She told me that it was the hardest cock she ever felt. He lay there uncertain what to do so she stayed with the head job but she knew she wanted this nice rod buried deep in her cunt. Unfortunately he started to cum, she decided that rather than stop him she would give him great head. He humped his hips as she worked to keep that knob buried close to her throat as he came. He wriggled in a ticklish manner almost wanting to pull it out but she kept him in place until he finished dumping his load in her throat.

TJ thought the night was over and although she was excited that she just took out a virgin, she was still hoping to get off but without too many words he fell fast asleep. She tried to arouse him by playing with his dick but it appeared the weed got the best of him. She just rolled over and masturbated herself to sleep.

Shortly she was awaken to her leg being moved as she felt that nice cock finding its way to her cunt. Josh woke up and decided to move in on the sleeping TJ. She pretended she was asleep for a few minutes until he got his momentum going but she couldn’t stop from moaning and woke up as he pummeled her cunt. It only took about 10 minutes before they both exploded in a simultaneous orgasm and fell asleep with his semi-limp shaft in her cunt.

She said she got up the next morning and he was already gone. She was hoping none of the other boys saw him in her room.

We broke away from the game and confession for a few minutes while we took care of each other. I could hardly believe that I was in a sixty nine with TJ. She came a few times on my face as she cranked my shaft but I wasn’t ready to end the highly charged night. I pulled my cock away from her so I wouldn’t cum. I wanted to hear more about her past three years.

The day had started rather poorly. I was out running, doing some fast interval training at the track; well, I was attempting to. It was only ten in the morning and the temperature was already topping 80 degrees. My heart was racing from the laps and my head was pounding from the tequila fueled foolishness the night before. My workout was rapidly becoming a torture session. I was on a slow recovery lap and so engrossed in trying to shake off my aches and pains that I didn’t hear the runner coming up behind me on the track. She was good; it seemed as if she barely touched the ground as she ran by. Her stride had that quick powerful snap to it; she held her hands low and they swung gently with no wasted movement. Technically her running form was excellent; her progress forward was fluid and beautiful to observe. The day was taking a decidedly better turn.

Her body was also very beautiful. She had long raven-black hair in a pony tail, a graceful neck and shoulders which led to arms with just enough definition to show she worked them out as well as she did her legs. Also hard to miss was a long, lean torso that transitioned to a lower body defined by wonderful lines and curves. Her legs and rear showed musculature that hinted at the explosive power they held. She had run by me too quickly for me to see her face and eyes; I was hoping I would get the chance to see them also. Would they be as striking as her athletic beauty and running form were? As she pulled away from me on the track, her obvious running talent (and my masculine vanity) inspired me to get my butt back into gear and push my run harder. And as to her physical attributes? Well that inspired thoughts of a more primal nature. She was very quick and it wasn’t long before she came around and lapped me. As she passed in the lane next to me, she waved.

“You’re leaning forward too much, straighten up,” she called out.

And then she was off again. Her eyes were very attractive and shaded a deep mahogany brown. She had a pretty face, not the drawn look that some runners have but one with high rounded cheek bones tapering down to a somewhat angular jaw. I wanted to catch up and run with her, learn more about her, but her apparently disciplined mind, strong legs, and amazing ass conspired against that. This woman’s running was much smoother and faster than mine and I remained impressed with her as she steadily opened distance between us. You see, although I was having a bad day, I do keep myself in shape and put up better than average times in the running and obstacle races that I enter. I’m no slouch, but she was making me look the part.

A short while later, I finished my workout and collapsed on the trackside grass. I drank some water and watched her run. She was sweating freely and this caused her lithe frame to glisten in the sun. But despite the heat and her energetic pace, she was still in control of her form as she circled the track, it stayed tight and efficient. I lay back and began to doze, until a shadow crossed my eyes.

“I hope you didn’t mind the advice before. My name is Cathy by the way.”

I told her I didn’t mind at all, introduced myself and handed her a bottle of water. I asked her to take a seat but she replied, “We should really stretch instead.”

“You’re right,” I stated as I got to my feet.

I had never seen sweat look so good on anyone as it did on her. We chatted about the heat wave, running, and other small talk. Cathy seemed to be very comfortable in her skin and talking to her came easy to me. Then she said the words that made my heart skip a beat.

“Would you like to come to my place for brunch?”

Now I think I’m a decent looking guy, but to have this truly beautiful woman ask me over after having just met was almost too good to be true. It is rare that I meet someone and we start “clicking” together in such short order. It’s more often the case that when I’m with someone new, I hold back and leave the armor on; that often leads to them erecting similar barriers. So before I over-analyzed and ruined the moment, I cheerfully accepted her invitation.

It was a short cool-down run to her condo; a studio type with an open cheery feel due to its skylight, light-colored hardwood flooring, and spacious balcony. I tried not to stare too much at the comfy looking futon in one of its corners; I didn’t want to get my hopes up too high or look over-eager. We sat on the balcony sharing orange, mango, and melon slices. We spoke of our backgrounds, schooling and our careers. Cathy was a nurse and office manager for a dentist and was attending classes towards her MD. As I’ve already mentioned, I am usually not very open with people until I get to know them, but Cathy was easy-going and fun to talk to. She even laughed at my joke about mangoes coming from Mangolia (Yeah, sometimes when I’m a little nervous I tell corny jokes).

We carried our dishes inside to the sink. Cathy told me to sit and relax for a few minutes whilst she took a shower, and that I could shower up after she had. With that she walked off towards the bathroom, skimming off her sweat stained top as she did. She coyly spun around once as she reached the doorway; her breasts were small, pert and dome-shaped with dark, compact nipples. She cracked a smile that was both sweet and as hot as the temperature outside. She let her look linger on me for a few seconds, no doubt enjoying the surprised, goofy look on my face. Then she was behind the door. I recovered from the happy shock of her flash and began to enjoy the anticipatory warm tingling rush that began to flow through my mind (and elsewhere).

Cathy came back through the door a few minutes later, wrapped in one towel and drying her hair with another. The fresh flowery scent of her just cleansed body filled the room.

“Your turn, there are towels in there for you,” she said with a smile. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips as she lightly palmed my jockstrap restrained bulge. “Don’t take too long,” and with a wink she stepped away to finish drying her hair. Only my self-consciousness regarding the track grit and stink still on me from the run made me resist the impulse to pull the towel from her body and carry her to the futon at that moment. I gave Cathy a big grin and headed for the shower.

I took a hasty shower (though I made sure to thoroughly clean all the nooks and crannies), but as fast as my shower was, my mind was racing still faster; I was doing it again, over-analyzing the moment and getting anxious for no good reason. But Cathy was so attractive and very comfortable to be with. I was worrying that she wouldn’t feel the same of me, or that I would somehow screw it up some other way. True also was that some of the dreaded performance anxiety had wheedled its way into my thoughts (despite the fact that my cock had sprung tall and remained so as soon as I had stripped off my jock). I just didn’t want to mess up right out of the gate; I was feeling something very good here. Yes, I’ll admit that her excellent body was a significant part of it; but it was more than just that, something further below the surface.

As I was toweling off she pushed the bathroom door open. Through the dissipating steam I could see that her long dark hair was loose and hanging about her neck and shoulders. She was wearing a shorty robe, loosely tied at the waist which left tawny skin exposed from her neck down to nearly her navel. Her ultra-toned legs seemed so very long from where they jutted below the high-riding hem of her robe down to her toes. Her cute toes were painted a sunny orange to compliment her tanned skin. I tossed my towel onto the counter and stood bare before her, taking in her sexy but so sweet image. For a few long seconds we both stood silent, not moving but just drinking each others image in. I moved to her and took her in my arms to begin our journey with passionate kisses; her lips were exquisitely warm and soft against my exploring lips and tongue. Her tongue was just as adventurous as mine and they danced together excitedly. That tingly head rush escalated in intensity, her kisses were phenomenally good.

As we kissed I caressed her face with one hand while my right hand moved from the small of her back to her rear. It was muscular but also smooth, soft and exquisite. I softly caressed and squeezed it. Cathy moaned into my mouth as we were lip-locked together; her moan was echoed by my own. I pulled open her robe and kissed down her neck to her breasts. Her small and now taut nipples were apparently quite sensitive as Cathy’s sighs and moans became more emphatic as I began to circle and tease them with my tongue. That verbal cue of her pleasure was followed by a physical cue, her hand dropping to my cock; her slender fingers wrapping around my erection, slicking it with its pre-cum and tugging at it with an arousing rhythm. This initial contact, her skin to mine, brought on a wave of sublime feeling and made me stone hard. I was alternating from kissing, sucking and nipping at her tits, to throwing my head back and howling at an attempt to keep from ejaculating right then. It had been a long while since I had been with a lover; that coupled with her soft, stroking hand had me already feeling that primal pressure to cum hard.

No way was I going to explode that soon, I wanted to keep the energy and anticipation high for the moment. I gave her another deep kiss and looked into her eyes. I think I saw much about her nature there, and by her studied gaze, I believe she may have learned something from mine. Passion, affection, heat and respect all seemed to be swirling about in her look, and between us. I fell to my knees and began to caress the backs of her legs and her butt with my hands. I planted soft kisses along her belly and then started to move them, very slowly, lower. Her hair had been groomed Mohawk style, the skin of her mound was very soft, and her labia were protruding pink and proud. I kissed well to the side of them, to tease her by kissing down her thigh instead. This elicited a low frustrated growl from Cathy followed by a soft: “Please?”

Her legs began to noticeably quiver as I began my ascent up her opposite thigh. I lifted her shapely left leg and slid my right shoulder beneath it, allowing the back of her thigh to rest on it. She held the doorframe for balance and gasped as it opened her pink folds to my meandering mouth. I held her hips with both hands as she was pushing her hips towards me.

“No Cathy”, I thought to myself “nice and slow for now”. I gently tugged at tufts of her pubic hair with my lips and alternated that with gently blowing my warm breath across her wanting pussy. Cathy’s first “please?” had been in a soft voice; she began to repeat the plea more loudly now. Slowly, slowly I laid random kisses and teasing tongue flicks across her lower belly, pubic mound and her silky inner thighs, drawing each kiss and lick out, inducing more anxious pleas from Cathy. Seeing that her pussy lips now glistened with her dew brought my hunger for her to a peak. Cathy produced a short high-pitched yelp as my tongue slid between those succulent lips to slowly circle her hot juicy opening.

Her fragrance and flavor were spicy-sweet, I savored the taste as I happily tongued her. After being deprived of this pleasure for so long, I was now overloaded with arousal for this woman, I could barely keep from abandoning my slow, deliberate pace; but I still wanted to hold back a bit, to keep the pressure building to make this an experience we both would remember. I slowly worked my kisses along her puffy lips. When not tracing soft little circles and figure eights about her juicy labia, I would catch them between my nipping lips and gently suck at the sweet silky skin. At first I had avoided her clit, but as Cathy’s moaning became more pronounced, I began stroking my tongue gently upwards towards it; her moans grew closer together to become one long aroused purr as I did. With my hands I could detect the muscles of her legs and butt tensing as my tongue moved deeper into her delicious folds, to where her hyper-sensitive bud was peeking out from between them. As my tongue discovered and began to flick about that magic button, Cathy reached down with one hand and used her fingers to further spread herself open to me; that, her taste, and her obvious arousal excited me further, but I noted a slight issue; because of her increased involuntary body movements and the precarious one-legged standing position Cathy was in, she was having a rough time balancing. I scooped her up and carried her to her futon. We shared a deep kiss on the trip across the room.

I laid her down on her back; her lower legs hanging over the edge of the futon. She was not quite satisfied with that and scooted her ass to the edge of it. Then pulling her knees back toward her chest she spread herself open completely for me.

“You are so beautiful,” I told her as I kneeled before the treasure she readily offered.

She smiled broadly at me and said “Just get your mouth back on me now… Please?!”

“Your wish is my command,” and I lowered my face between her sweet thighs again.

For a time I ran slow flicking strokes of my tongue from her clit down to just above her now exposed anus and then back. As she got juicer, I began to separate her lips and penetrate her with my tongue; her pelvis moving rhythmically and quite enthusiastically as a result. Her sweet breathy sounds climbed several more decibels as I suckled and tongue stroked her clit and slowly slid one and then two fingers into her hot core. As she pushed her pussy against my face and fingers she was using one of her hands to play with her nipples. Her other hand came down and rested on the back of my head, sometimes stroking my hair, at other moments pushing my mouth onto her more fully, urging me on.

And then, as a sudden breeze can fan embers into a flame, our smoldering excitement burst into a full blaze as Cathy began to cum; her legs crashed down on my shoulders as her hips bucked in violent little hops. Her hand on my head pulled my hair and mushed my face to the vortex between her thighs. I could feel the pulsing of the hot wet walls of her pussy around my fingers as at the same time she began to cry out, “oh yeah! Oh Yeah! Lover! Oh Yeah! oooOOOOHHH Mmmmm.” I pressed my tongue flat against her inflamed clit and moved with her hips, letting my face move with the frenetic dance of her hips. Her whole body was repeatedly tensing and relaxing in quick cycles; it was all very arousing and my cock was achingly erect as a result. Then I felt Cathy’s legs relax against my back as her arms fell to her sides on the futon; her body went limp as her breathing slowed to a less forceful rhythm. I disengaged myself from twixt her lengthy limbs and crawled up alongside her onto the futon. We both were smiling broadly at each other. I gathered her closely to me and we began to smooch again. Breaking off from our kissing, she said, “For that, I am going to be very very good to you.”

For some time we lay there being happy and just living in the moment. Cathy ran a hand from my chest down to my belly and then proceeded lower. She palmed my hardness bringing forth a groan of pleasure and frustration from me; she giggled. Her touch was soft, but caused wonderful sensations to my already hyper-charged system. Like water flowing over your body as you swim, it was an engulfing silky sensuousness; I lay back and let the feelings she was rendering flow over and around me.

As her strokes picked up speed, my pulse began to do likewise. I began to take my breath in gasps and groans. My pelvis began to move with her, bucking as I tried to stay in constant contact with her hand; I had been enslaved by her touch. All during this, her eyes were locked to mine; she was experiencing the intensity of the moment as much as I. I loved the way she was looking at me, the emotion I saw in her eyes. I realized also that she was paying close attention, and learning something about me at the same time. Yes her delightfully expressive eyes were disclosing a view to her true nature even as she sought out mine. They flashed with the fire of lust, but a kindness was also detected, a deep caring spirit separate from the primal heat we were generating. It seemed genuine and triggered something quite good, a very comfortable feeling within my psyche; even more of the internal armor I usually wear fell away. These “warm fuzzies” along with her smoldering gaze and the intense physical feelings of her talented cock massage brought me to the precipice of sweet orgasm. I was writhing on the futon, her hand quickly twisting and jacking my pre-cum slick rod. I felt my sack tighten and the “pins and needles” sensation of imminent orgasm flow over me.

My head lolled back, eyes closing as I heard my voice, low and guttural vocalize, “Caaathyyy”. Then the sudden feeling of… Nothing?! Cathy had let go of me. My head snapped back up to see a view of my curled toes and forsaken erection straining towards the ceiling.

I looked at Cathy, she was smiling mischievously and said, “I’m just going to calm you down a little lover, and then get you back there again; make it something very special.” She jumped up and walked over to her discarded robe and removed the tie from it. She came back and knelt alongside the futon, kissing me deeply and taking hold of my wrists. As she bound them together she saw the apprehension in my eyes (I mean even though we had connected so well, the fact remained that we had just met.). “Relax, I promise you will like this,” she advised as she pulled my now secured wrists over my head. After tying my hands to the futon’s frame, she then produced a scarf and blindfolded me with it. Placing a hand on my chest and holding it there, she waited until she detected my heart rate and respiration slowing from there previously aroused levels. My cock remained as hard as ever in anticipation of the coming pleasures.

Her hand left my chest and I heard her moving about the room. Next I felt a soft tickling moving down my bound wrists, along my arms and to my armpits, each in its turn. A feather! She began to tease my arm pits with a vengeance. I am quite ticklish as she quickly deduced by my thrashing about. As she continued her assault with a friendly weapon, she straddled my thighs to keep me in place. Now on top of the tickling, I was being aroused and tormented by the feel of my cock occasionally brushing against her wonderfully soft pussy as I writhed. She knew how this was driving me crazy and exploited that by occasionally reaching down and pushing my shaft against her, not allowing it to enter her, but to just ride between her hot and slick lips. I begged for more and she answered by moving the feather down my body, to my belly, my hardness and my balls, this to torture me further.

Then in a leap she was off of me and moving to a position by my side. One of her hands began to drag down my chest; nails raking along my skin with some force but not quite hard enough to draw blood. Then she worked my body with the nails of both of her hands, running them from my chest to my belly and then back up again. This was a quite different sensation from the tickling. Tickling is a pleasurable sensation that can become overwhelmingly so. Cathy’s nails dragging across my skin was a pleasurably painful sensation that somehow she had sensed I would enjoy; her intuitiveness and the sharp drag of her nails drove me to another level of arousal and caused me to wonder and anticipate about what else she may have planned for me. Her nails traveled along my torso in an unpredictable pattern, sometimes pausing at a nipple to pinch, twist or tug at it. As with the action of her nails, her pleasing punishment of my nipples was painful enough to elicit physical reactions from me, but not so painful as to make me not want more. For ten, maybe fifteen minutes this delicious agony went on with Cathy never touching my rigid erection. Finally, mercifully, she closed in on my cock and balls; she began to pull at the hairs above my cock, gently and slowly, just so I could feel my skin stretch with each tug. At the same time I began to feel her warm breath being blown across my pubic area. She was playing with me as I had with her. In conjunction, the two sensations had an electrical quality to them. With one hand, Cathy began toying with my balls, tickling, scratching and squeezing them. She also concentrated her breath on my shaft and its pre-cum weeping head.

It had been a long time and I was tired and lonely. It was supposed to be a little get together and I had to go. It was orders, from the family and I had to go.

Another meet and greet bullshit, with a lot of horny women and getting groped while dancing to music I hated with people I could care less about.

My name is Delano and I am thirty three years old. I am working in the family business and we build things, big things, really big things. We can rebuild a small country if need be. We are a smaller version of Bechtel, Fluor, Parsons, the Washington Group and Halliburton. Make that a much smaller version. But we can rebuild a very small country if we had to.

That is soup to nuts rebuild. Not only can we design the infra structure we can actually build it and do the calculations to make it useable for the next fifty to a hundred years. Think about everything your town has, from power plants to the wires into your home. Don’t forget sewers, every inch of pipe that make them up, pumping stations, the pipes inside of your home; fresh water treatment plants, and that does not even begin to describe everything in your little town. You can see roads but what about the cables under the ground, the tools to make all that stuff and then install it and the people. Do you have any idea the different kinds of equipment it takes to build a town of fifty thousand? Then think of a small country of a million or so people.

When you do a job like that you need to train local people to keep it running. So now you see just a miniscule part of what we have to do and when I say we can rebuild a small country you get an idea of how big we are.

Now don’t think we are just some big money Republicans that rip off the people, nothing would be further from the truth. We are good clean old fashioned Democrats. And in a minute I will tell you why.

Now we got our money the old fashioned way, we stole it and inherited it. My last name is Wilson, and believe it or not we had this old fuddy-duddy who was a college professor, also named Wilson, Woodrow Wilson and he did a lot for us.

He was one of the leaders of the “progressive movement.” Now that sounds really great, if you call going backwards progressive. You see, the crux of the thing is that you get to depend on “Government” and government gets to depend on your money by stealing it, which is really pretty cool for my family. With all that money the government gets it uses a big chunk for paying off its supporters, like my family, and gives more to its own employees, and some of what is left goes back to “the people.” In this case “the people” means those who vote for us. We are heavily involved in what is called ‘Public works” too. See how well that works for the party in power? Both parties have picked up on it.

You see, up until Uncle Woody got into office the United States had to pass bond issues to fund projects, but Old Woody changed all that, along with congress. Now they could spend money they did not have, and no funding was actually necessary and we could pay after we bought, and use standard revenue sources. Uncle Woody came up with deficit spending.

Then Ole Woody hit on the income tax and we were off and running. Now you probably wonder why “we” were off and running. Well there was no longer the need for bond issues; the government just spent money it did not have.

But it gets even better. Uncle Woody passed the Federal Reserve Act. Now this one was really great. First it was a fifty/fifty deal where half the stock was owned by the Federal Government and fifty percent by private stockholders. Bet you did not know that, you probably thought it was government. Later FDR, a great Democrat, moved it to 100% private stock ownership, but with a government board. But we don’t care about the board. You see my family has some of that stock. You can look all you want but you will never find a list of stockholders.

Now here is the really sweet part. The Federal Reserve prints money; money that is really the money of the taxpayers. By doing this the Reserve controls the flow of commerce. Now the Reserve takes the money it has just printed and which belongs to the taxpayers and loans it to the nation’s banks. The banks pay the money back to the reserve with interest. The United States acts like it has borrowed money from the Federal Reserve when the Federal Reserve does not actually lend any money to anyone, it just prints the stuff. The money they pay back goes back to the taxpayers but the interest, well that goes to the stockholders of the Federal Reserve and the interest charged to the U.S. Government by the Federal Reserve for not actually borrowing anything, that go to the reserve too.

So you see, my family and a few others, make money by lending money we don’t have to banks that give us great terms and in some cases are actually owned by us, and the interest on the loan, which is an obligation of the United States and not just the bank, goes into my pocket. Damn I love being a Democrat. And we have not even begun to deal with the national “Ponzi Scheme,” Social Security, or the income tax.

We were never supposed to collect social security. The average person died at 55 when it was passed but you could not collect until you reached 65. By the time that the population got close to 55 they would have been paying for forty years and it was a “win-win” for the government. They got to play with the money and never have to pay it out. It took fifty years for you people to find out they spent all the money. Boo bad.

Uncle Woody also dumped the anti discrimination laws for the federal government, returning to segregation in federal buildings, and the military. Hell, Uncle Woody also supported the Plessey vs. Ferguson decision of separate but equal in order to get southern votes the second time he was elected president.

Damn, I love being a ‘Progressive Democrat” as it means instead of a king you get to bow down to the government, which has been part of my family for a hundred years.

My family even lives a little like the old south. I mean there are no slaves but I grew up with a Mammy. No she did not breast feed me, but she was always there for me, like a real mother. We had more money than god and were waited on hand and foot.

But we did work. Our little bit of heaven was construction and a big part of the family, while rich, still worked with their hands in construction. I learned to drive a Cat before a car. And when I talk about a Cat I don’t mean a Bob Cat, I mean a fucking 115 Ton Cat. Today I still consider the little 30 ton models to be equivalent to sports cars in the Cat world. We have a whole shit pile of them around.

Enough about me and my family; I have to meet and greet but I don’t have to like it, but I do have to do it. No I don’t tell them I own part of the company because that is part of it too. I am just a worker there for the company, middle management, yea right.

So there are a lot of people around and I am moving through the crowd and I feel it. Sort of that slimy feeling you get when you touch a snot encrusted snake. Ok there is no such thing but you get the feeling I had.

“Hello Del” Beth said.

“Hello Beth” I responded while trying to keep whatever I had in my stomach from rushing up and blowing chunks all over her.

“You’re looking good Del.” Beth said.

I just look at her and say nothing.

“Del, it has been ten years. Can’t you say something to me?” Beth asks.

I smile. “I bet you are glad you did not catch one of those penicillin resistant strains of STD’s?” I said.

“Ok Del, I understand. I am looking for my family heirlooms and my family jewelry. It has been ten years, I figure you are over your mad and can give them back now.” Beth said.

“Beth what did you find when you came back, two months pregnant, from your little fuck fest with my former best friend? Did you really think I would just marry you and say what the hell, I will raise your bastard?” I responded.

“Del, Del, Del. I was young and stupid. Brad was charming and I was lonely. You were away for so long and I need some companionship. We just got carried away.” Beth said.

“Beth, I was gone three months. You were fucking him before a week was over. But what did you find when your little fuck fest was over and you came back to where we were going to spend the rest of our lives?” I asked.

“You know damn good and well what I found, I found nothing. No house, no anything. All the plants were gone, the house was gone, even the four acres of top soil was gone down to four feet. Even the swimming pool and Jacuzzi was gone. Very funny! Now where is the antique furniture I had moved into the home? Del, some of that furniture was three hundred years old. My jewelry went back hundreds of years too. I want all those thinks for my kids. You know I have three.” Beth answered.

“Yes you have three kids with Brad. Oups, you only have two kids with Brad. Oups, you don’t even have that do you? I’m real sorry about the divorce. I thought you and Brad were perfect for each other; a cheating slut and a no good cheating back stabbing best friend. You were perfect. So how do you think that video got on the net? Do you think it was that good looking blond sex god that got your motor running and then you had to take on all the rest?” I asked.

“How did you know about Sven? Sven was not even in the video. And I don’t know where all those guys game from. And how did you know about Sven?” Beth asked.

“Sven was a lucky guess.” I said with a smile.

“Ok asshole you set me up. Now where is my stuff?” Beth demanded.

“Let me tell you what happened first. I took a nice little thirty ton Cat and just scraped the place off the planet. I mean I was a little pissed that the home I built for us to be married in and then start a family in was actually a place where you started a family without me. So I just took the little kitty and scraped the place and put it into those large transporters. I even took the dirt down to four feet. I also killed every plant there by filling the place with tons of salt water.

“Well all that debris was taken to one of our sites and I dug this large pit with a 115 ton Cat; it was twenty feet deep. it was ok to do because the soil was clay and held up well. Then everything went into the pit. I used a mixture of dry soap and fuel oil and a few other things and flooded the pit. Most people know the mixture as napalm. It burned for a full day and then we took the big kitty down and messed things up again and did it one more time.” I said with satisfaction.

“Ok asshole what did you do with the stuff you took out of the house?” Beth said indignantly.

“Beth, I never took anything out of the house. I knocked it down as it stood. I never went inside when I found out what you did. What was in the house ended up in the burning pit. Then I went and checked myself back into the hospital. I was still in pain but I was feeling better.” I told her.

“Gone?” Beth gasped. “All gone? That was my family history, everything of value was in that house, everything that said who my family was, and who I was, and who my kids are. And you are saying that it is all gone?”

“Things, is that all you care about Beth; things? Beth, Brad was my best friend for most of my life and he is gone. I think I miss him more than I miss you. Hell, I know I miss him more than you, but that is not all that hard. And what did you do for Brad? Well the first kid you could pass off as his, it was half black. And the second kid you could do the same because he was half black. But the third kid, pure white, that one you could not pass off. So Brad divorced your cheating ass and got DNA tests and the first two were not his either. He waited until the 61st day after the divorce was final so there was no chance of an appeal. Then he killed himself. He made sure there was no way you could get a widows share of anything. He wrote me a letter saying how sorry he was and what he was doing. He begged me to forgive him. I got the letter after he died and yes I forgave him, he had been my friend for more than twenty years. Him I forgive, but only because he is not alive to hate anymore. You killed my best friend, you killed my friendship, you killed my ability to trust women and relationships and all you fucking care about is things. Well too fucking bad! When you are dead I may forgive you too, why don’t we put that to the test, you up for it Beth?”

“Well Beth, this has been a pleasant little talk, but I have things to do. Let’s do this again. If you have your day planner lets pencil in the day after the ‘Rapture.’ Will that work for you? Or maybe we can push it out to say, when the sun goes super nova, which ever happens last. That will work for me.” I said.

Beth actually fell back into an empty chair. She had just learned that all of her family heirlooms, furniture, jewelry, collections, all of it are gone. She must also have realized that the time for filing a lawsuit was long past. Lastly, she realized I knew everything.

About that time a man came up that I recognized as one of the hotel managers for events. “I don’t pay you to sit with the guests, get off you butt and start cleaning up.” He said in a soft voice I could hardly hear and I am sure no one else did. He never quit smiling and looking pleasant.

“I should have felt great but I didn’t.” Del thought.

I saw him across the room. He was about five foot ten or eleven but definitely not six feet. He had on a black suit, probably Armani and it fit perfect. Instead of a tie it was an open collar white shirt. Not open like chest hair and gold chains, just casually opened at the top button. I would put his age around thirty three or so, about my age. In his hand he carried a black Stetson hat which fit in with the plain black leather boots he wore. Those boots had never seen a scuff and that hat did not know what sweat or dirt was. That did not mean he was not a working man, it was just that he knew when to dress up and when not to. I would put his weight at a little under two hundred, maybe one ninety. He looked like a man that worked hard doing physical labor. He was well muscled, you could tell as he moved but it was not gym muscles but work muscles although he looked like he knew how to move the weight around.

His hair was short, maybe a seven clip on one of those electric hair trimmers. You could tell his hair was utilitarian in cut. He did not cut it that way to look good but because he needed it short. That did not mean he did not look good with short hair, he looked damn good. And he had sort of olive tan skin, from working outside a lot.

But it was his eyes. They were hazel, just gorgeous hazel and clear. Looking into his eyes it was like looking through clear water in a lake where you could see the bottom and think that all you had to do was reach down a little and touch the sandy bottom but when you asked you were told the water was thirty feet deep, the bottom just looked so close because the water was clear.

I was admiring him, what the hell I am single and I can check out men. My name is Synde and my friends call me Syn. Yes I know that you pronounce it “sin.” Ok you guessed it, I am black.

When I was born the local hospital was famous for giving black women shit names for their kids. My name was supposed to be pronounced “Sa-File-Us.” It was to be spelled “Syphilis.” Evidently one of the doctors took pity on my mother, who was not very sophisticated, or educated. She was a wonderful hard working woman and did her best to raise me well but she was not well educated. But when you consider it, Syn is one hell of a lot better than Syphilis. She had lived here for a long time but moved away and I did not come back permanently until I finished my first college degree about ten years ago.

I moved over to listen when I saw him tense when this white woman got close to him and then touched him. And his eyes, that hazel disappeared completely. His eyes turned grey, cold lifeless grey as he looked at her.

Ok I was curious. Hell I was nosey. I wanted to know what was going on so I listened and I heard it all. What a bitch to do that to her man. Damn; and what she did to his best friend, although I felt he deserved it. But did he ever get back at her.

When the conversation was over I just had to make a comment.

“You were right. If anything you should have done more to her and you would still be entitled to owe her more pain.” I told him.

I never expected his response. If anything those beautiful eyes that drew me to him stayed a lifeless grey.

“Stay out of my business. It does not concern you.” Del said while still turning to see who interrupted his private thoughts.

“Look, I’m sorry. I just heard and wanted you to know – -.” Syn was saying when she was interrupted.

“Look lady, you writing a fucking book about my life? Well be sure to kiss my ass before you leave and that way you can make it a love story.” Del said.

Now I was mad. I just wanted to be nice. “I got a title for that book.” I told him. “Being Nice to an Asshole Will Still Get You Shit On.”

I was watching her talk to me. Mocha Bean, she was the color of a Mocha Bean. In case you haven’t seen Mocha Bean, it is a dark glossy rich brown, not the light color mocha people usually think of. I never actually saw anyone that color but I heard of it. We were eye to eye when she spoke to me, so she was tall, at least with heals on. She had golden brown eyes that just glowed and they were slightly almond shaped. Those beautiful eyes were rimed with thick eye lashes and perfectly shaped brows. Her face was not fat but not thin either. Her skin was perfect; not a blemish or imperfection. She had a thin nose, large lush lips and long flowing black hair that that spilt half in front of her shoulders and half behind. On her worst day you would say she was only beautiful. Tonight she was a goddess.

Her last comment almost made me laugh, but I could not stop myself from smiling, just a little.

I took her by the arm as she started to walk away and she turned and looked with a cold glare at my hand on her arm. I did not remove it but I relaxed a little.

“It’s been a tough night, sorry for the comment. Can I buy you a drink?” Del asked her releasing his hold on her.

“This is a fully hosted bar, that is hardly an offer.” Syn said.

“I know.” I told her. “That would mean we have to go someplace else where I would have to pay.” Del added.

I smiled at him. He was good-looking in a rugged sort of way. But he was white and I don’t date white guys and frankly he had more problems than I wanted to deal with. It was obvious that ten years after a split he was still damaged. Hell it appears he hired a damn guy to seduce her and then get her into a gangbang that he filmed just to ruin her marriage. Then there was that take the house down and burn it with all the contents inside of it. The man was a mental case, no doubt about that.

This was not the guy I wanted to spend more than three minutes with, now I am sorry I ever listened and more upset at myself for ever speaking to him. But still, he was good looking and there was that certain something that drew me to him.

She turned and walked away. I had a chance to look at her, all of her. Damn she was fine. She was about my age but wow. She had huge tits. I mean a double D would be small for her in a bra size. She had a small waist and a hot ass that had a nice curve to it but not a shelf.

She had on a short dress that was above the knee and she had the same perfect skin, if you can judge through those nylons she wore. I wondered if they were pantyhose or thigh highs. Looking at that tight dress I can tell it is not pantyhose and not a garter either but thigh highs is looking pretty damn good.

And she is not wearing an industrial strength bra, you could tell. She had on a very fancy French lace thing, that was strapless and I could see the pattern through the top. I was getting hard looking at her.

I walked around to find some of my girlfriends. I knew that Tray would be here and I wanted to see him. We had been lovers a few years back and I was anxious to see how he had changed. I had not had a lot of men but of those I had been with Tray was the top of the list. That was one of the problems; he was at the top of a lot of lists, Syn thought.

What the hell, it was a good way to kill a Saturday night. I was good looking, successful, had a killer body and huge tits and well educated and I hated every man that tried to hit on me. I was a fantasy for most of them and when I thought about it all they wanted was to hit my pussy, suck on my tits, blow their loads and forget the knew me until the next booty call. I intimidated most men.

Syn: “Barbara, what have you been doing? It has been a long time girlfriend.”

Barbara: “Just the same ole same ole. I have been looking at Tray though. He is looking mighty good. Think I will go over and talk a little. See ya.”

“Well that ends that for the night,” thought Syn. “Tray was a dog and would hit the first bitch in heat he found. I don’t know what I saw in him. Maybe it was just, hell I don’t know.”

“Syn, Syn, what is going on?” Janice asked. “I see that Tray is here. I also see that Barbara is already over there on her hands and knees wiggling her ass for him.” She added with a laugh. Janice already knew about Tray.

“What were you talking to that white guy about? It sure looked intense. Damn he is fine looking but sister he is trouble. Did you see that white girl get pissed and walk away? He must be a real jerk. Looks like he is hefting a nice package though,” she added. We both looked and it was looking good, even if well hidden. Men can spot a good set of tits from a mile away and women, we can see the package at the same distance.

Both women laughed. They worked together and had bonded years ago. They had known each other since their last year of college and were pretty knowledgeable about the other. Janice was not as high up in the company as Syn was but they both were in upper middle management and everyone knew that Syn was destined for big things.

Syn was an economist and did projections that always appeared to be right on. Her information helped the company chart its way through the sea of misinformation that could sink a mid size company when planning future markets.

The women talked for a while, checked out the guys danced a little. Then Del came over and asked Syn to dance. She turned him down flat.

“Maybe I got off on the wrong foot with you and I am sorry. Let’s start again. My name is – -.” Del offered, but he was shot down from the get go.

“I don’t want to know your name. I don’t want to know you. I don’t want to talk to you and I sure as hell don’t want to dance with you. Go away and leave me the hell alone.” Syn interjected as Del was trying to get something going.

“Damn girl, that was intense.” Janice said as Del walked away shaking his head. “Still he is not a bad looking guy. I would have danced with him.”

“The thought of that pompous white asshole putting his pasty white hands on me makes my skin crawl. I can’t stand his type.” Syn said.

Their evening went on but Del kept an eye on Syn. Del did not dance, he never did. Syn danced with a number of men, all black. She moved like a snake through water. Her undulating movements on the dance floor were sensual without being obscene. It was like she was dancing but not actually there with her partner. She was not sending the signals most guys would understand as “I am available.” To Syn it was just the joy of dancing. Even Tray came over and danced with her and Janice; Barbara made sure that she was always close by.

Dancing with Tray brought back memories for Syn, but when he pulled her close for one dance she seemed to stiffen and backed off slightly. She knew that Tray wanted her but something told her that their time had passed. Tray was a player and at thirty three she did not need a player, even one with a big black cock.

In the end Tray left Janice and Syn to move off with a smug Barbara, who was satisfied that tonight Tray was hers. He may be gone in the morning but for one night Barbara was going to get what she needed and that was a big black cock.

Barbara did not understand this race mixing shit. These white women that just had to have a big black cock; well that was not going to happen tonight. Big black cocks were the property of black women and as a black woman she was taking a black man out of the mix.

Hell, there were enough white men around. Even that urban cowboy in the Armani suit and the boots was not bad to look at. Even though he did not try to show it like Tray did, you could tell he had a nice bit of manpower going for him, if you like white cock. Well you white bitches there is a white man for you, the brother is mine, at least for tonight, Barbara thought.

It was Monday morning when Syn and Janice met up at work. “Damn Syn, what happened to you? One minute you were there and then you were gone.” Janice asked.

“I went for a drink” Syn said.

“Went for a drink? Damn they were serving free drinks at the mixer. Where did you go for a drink?” a worried Janice asked her obviously distraught friend.

“I don’t want to talk about it.” Syn said.

“Oh my God, Tray came back after he dumped Barbara and you went off with him.” Janice said.

“I told you, I don’t want to talk about it.” Syn said.

“Come on girlfriend, spill it. This is Janice you are talking to. It was Tray wasn’t it.” Janice demanded.

“No it wasn’t Tray, and I don’t want to talk about it.” Syn said with finality.

“Oh shit. Wilson showed up and you went off with him. Syn he is the biggest dog on the planet. He will fuck anything. You can’t have done that. You have to think more of yourself than that. And you might be trying to cover it up but you are moving funny. Please tell me you used a condom with Wilson.” Janice said with concern.

“No I did not go anywhere with Wilson. I went for a drink, ok? Now leave it at that.” Syn said. Her irritation and her distress increasing.

“Come on Syn, I know you. You are pretty upset so spill it. I want to help.” Janice said.

It was almost a whisper and Janice could hardly hear it as an almost penitent Syn said it again. The third time Janice asked her to repeat it, although not much louder, with the other times Janice was able to make out the word.

“Cowboy.” Syn said again but still softly.

Across town Del was at work and talking to one of his brothers. “Del you are looking relaxed. Bet you got yourself some this weekend. Come on bro, give it to us.”

“You know I don’t do anything and tell. Hell I don’t even tell if I don’t do anything. I don’t confirm or deny. But yes I am relaxed this morning, read into that what you want.” Del said and he walked away from his brothers with a smile. He had to go to the doctors today. He needed that test, it was a promise even if he did not say, “I promise.”

“The cowboy, you had a drink with the cowboy? That is not all you had with the cowboy. Having a drink does not cause you to walk funny.” Janice said.

The conspiracy was afoot. Like two conspirators in the dark trading secrets Syn told her everything.

Syn: “He had asked me to dance, you remember that. But you did not hear that before he had asked to buy me a drink and I told him no.

“Well the night was wearing on and Tray left with Barbara and even Wilson had some woman with him, it was a white woman. Serves the black cock slut right; she will probably end up sharing that little experience with her husband and then it will be divorce court for sure.

“So when cowboy asked me to dance and you were gone I did. He was a good dancer and I liked the feel of being in his arms. Maybe I was just feeling sorry for myself. When the dance was over he brought me back to the table and said he would be back and find me even if I was dancing with someone else.

“Well I am not sitting on my hands waiting for some white man to talk with me so I was out dancing. Cowboy walked out on the dance floor to where I was and bold as brass he cut in. My partner was a little miffed giving me up to a white man but I was not giving him the signals he wanted because I would move back when he moved into me. Cowboy moved me into him, not obviously or obscenely, but with an assuredness I was unprepared for.” Syn said.

“Our drinks are ready. Can we leave now?” Del said. When Syn related this to her friend she did not know his name but called him cowboy.

Syn: “I smiled and told him yes. I was looking into his eyes and they were that clear hazel that is so sexy. I was not sure where we were going but I let him take me by the hand and as we passed the table I picked up my clutch bag.

“We went to the elevator and got in and he used a card to activate it.

“I did not know they had a key club lounge/bar here.” Sys said.

“It is special, I am sure you will love it.” Del responded.

When they got off the elevator they were inside of a penthouse with a view of the city.

Syn: “He pulled me to him. I molded my body into his and he kissed me. I had never kissed a white man before and I did not know what to expect. There was a fire in his kiss and his lips touched mine. I parted my lips, I don’t know why I did but I did, just a little, and his tongue just flicked into my mouth.”

“Come, let’s have that drink” Del said as he took her hand and walked her into another room.

Syn: “He took me into a different room, a huge bedroom. By the side of the bed there was a bucket of iced Champagne, two crystal flutes, strawberries, chocolate candies and whipped cream. He pulled me into the room with him, even though I was hesitant. Then he put his arms around me, we molded our bodies together and he kissed me again and I would have done anything with him at that moment if he had pressed ahead; but he didn’t.

“He opened the bottle but did not let it pop, saying he wanted to save the bubbles for us, and poured me a half glass and handed it to me. It was sweet. Then he dipped a strawberry into the cream and fed me a bite. He was again holding me with one arm around my waist and I could feel his own passion as he then took a sip of champagne from my glass.

“He tried to kiss me but I pulled away and sat on the bed. I could see the outline of his cock and I ran my hand over it. He just looked down and smiled at me. He did not leer; it was just a nice smile.

“I can’t believe I did this but I undid his belt and then his zipper and his pants fell and I could see it. I pulled his boxers down and saw my first ever white cock. It stood right up and almost hit me in the face. I felt like such a slut at that moment and then looking up I saw that face and knew it would be ok. He did not look at a slut he looked at me with something different in his eyes.

“I reached over and held it up and put my lips to the pink head. Janice, you would not believe how hot it was holding that pink cock in my brown hands. Then I got even more turned on watching that white cock getting closer to my lips until it pierced my red lipstick painted black lips. I ran my tongue over the head and then let it sink into my mouth, and it was the hottest thing I ever experienced. To see that white tube just disappear into my lips was so hot.

“His hands went to my head but not to hold me or to face fuck me but to stroke my face with the back of his hand, and run his fingers through my hair with his other hand.” Syn finished for a minute. Just saying what happened to Janice was getting her hot.

“Syn, what got into you? How could you act like that?” and then with a chuckle Janice added, “How did he compare to Tray?”

“There is no comparison between him and Tray at all. Not even close.” Syn said.

“Ok, well that is too bad. It sounds like you had a good time anyway. Even if he is not the same size as Tray you must have found him to be as good as Tray.” Janice added with hope she was right.

“Wrong again, Janice! There was nothing even remotely that compared with Tray, not even technique.” Syn added with a bit of a grin.

Janice noticed the change in facial expression and was beginning to understand.

“Look, Tray is almost eight inches and not too bad on width. Let me just say that I had the head and two inches of that pink cock in my mouth, which was open as far as it would go, and I could still see pink cock above and below my hand as I jacked him off while sucking his cock. As for width, well that cowboy’s cock never let my fingers to touch my thumb and that is some girth. He was as thick as I have ever seen.

“And when it comes to using that equipment, Tray does get the job done, like a battering ram against a wall, but that is all he is, a battering ram. I did not mind when we were a couple, but there were days I wished he was a little more concerned about how he was using the equipment on me rather than him trying to prove himself the biggest around every time we had sex. Now I know he isn’t the biggest and definitely not the best.

“Now cowboy, he could definitely batter the walls down but there were times I was just full, deliciously full, pleasantly full, and comfortably full. But I am getting a head of myself.” Syn added with a huge grin.

“So I have a mouth and a hand full of white cock and he is taking off that jacket and shirt. He just tosses them aside as if Armani means nothing to him and while I am working that beautiful cock of his he manages to step out of his boots and pants and even his boxers. He does look a little silly in black sox though.

He has a nice tight body, well muscled and not much fat. He does have a few scars but they look sort of manly, like he is a warrior or something like that. He is not hairy but rugged looking. When he moves you can see the muscles ripple, and it is not because he is trying to make them do it. He is not even paying attention to it. He is a man who knows he is a man and does not think about it; Tray, despite his age, is a boy pretending to be a man.

“I am working that white cock like it is my new best friend. I jack him slowly and keep running my tongue over the head. I even dart my tongue into his piss hole; it is like a fire hose opening. When this bad boy starts shooting there is going to me one hell of a mess.

“Now I realize he is not touching my face or hair. He has taken the straps off my dress and I did not even realize that I must have moved one arm and then another so the top falls to my waist. He handles my strapless bra by himself and soon I found out he was definitely a big tit man.

“My breasts are so large that I never get those hard nipples that men love but he loved the way mine just puffed up and he began to gently massage all of my breasts, holding them up and feeling their weight. He played with my nipples too, running his short nails over them and enticing their further expansion and increasing their sensitivity.

“As he was doing this I was getting even hotter and sucking that hard fat pink cock and pumping even faster. He was dripping so much pre-cum that I had to keep swallowing. I looked into his eyes and I saw that look. Not the, “I’m fucking your face bitch,” but a look that said “I understand, I feel the same way, and something else, something I did not understand but did not fear or object too. It was, well it was reassuring, and it was like this is the way we should be.” I hefted his balls, his cock got even bigger and I knew then there was only two ways to get it out of my mouth, and they both required it getting smaller and softer.

“I could cause pain, say by biting his cock hard and it would get smaller fast or squeezing his balls hard and causing pain and smaller and softer would immediately follow. He was not hurting me, I was excited by it. Then I realized there was another way and I chose it. I massaged his balls, jacked him harder, ran my tongue over his pink head and sucked like a kid with a milk shake through a straw, gently nibbling at his cock head and he came in my mouth. I kept sucking, swallowing, stroking and massaging and he kept cuming.

“By now he had caused me to have a tit orgasm and we were both moaning. Soon his cock started to get a little smaller and a little less hard, and I have always been a neat person so I made sure he would not drip on my dress by sucking all of that lovely hot white man cum from his cock. It never went completely down.

“I have to admit that I never had a man give me an orgasm from just massaging and working my breasts but he knew what he was doing. Not all men like breasts that look like huge watermelons but cowboy sure did.” Syn finished.

“Well don’t stop there Syn, what the hell else happened?” Janice asked.

“Then he bent down and kissed me. It was a hot wet tongue kiss that went on and on as he was now almost kneeling by the bed.” Syn said.

“You mean he kissed you after you let him cum in your mouth? He did not make you wash your mouth out, brush your teeth or anything like that. He actually kissed you? You did not make him kiss you, he just did it; cum breath and taste and all?” Janice asked.

“Janice, you have no idea what this man can do and did do.” Syn replied. “And Janice, he loved doing it to.”

“Well I will if you tell me.” Janice said with a laugh.

Across town Del was talking to his doctor. “Doctor I need you to draw some blood and get me an emergency scan for all known STD’s as well as HIV and AIDS. And doctor, I need them within the next three hours. I don’t care about the costs. I know that some require longer periods just because they do, but I want what I can get immediately and I don’t want to wait for a lab to get around to it. I will pay to be first in line.”

“Del, I have known you for a long time and I am a family friend too. You can tell me anything and I will keep it confidential too, I have to. Are you afraid you might have done something to get infected?” the doctor asked.

“Del laughed. No, it is just the opposite doc. I want to show someone that they don’t have to worry about me, not the other way around. Call when the results are done and I will pick them up. But doc, be sure to make it fast. What do you guys call it, STAT? Make it STAT doc.” Del said.

“So what else happened?” Janice asked.

“Soon he was on his knees and I was looking down at him as I sat on the bed. He lifted my skirt and I had to raise myself a little so he could. I was still not sure what he was going to do. I was a little disappointed that he did not kiss or suck my breasts.” Syn said.

Del: “I lifted her dress; I wanted to see those long brown legs. She was wearing thigh high nylons with just a touch of color, her color. They made her legs glisten. I ran my hands up her legs.”

Syn: “He was running those light hands up my thighs and soon he gently moved my legs apart. I was embarrassed at first. I sucked his cock, let him cum in my mouth and now I was sitting on a bed topless with my huge brown tits and puffy nipples hanging out and he was going to look at my pussy.

“His hands reached the juncture of my legs and he caressed my center over my panties, what little of them there was. They were tiny French cut thongs, just a hint of material to them; very soft and sexy. It did not make much difference now, they were drenched and soaking with my own juices so when he moved his hands up my hips to pull them down I was relived. My panties were so wet they were uncomfortable. He actually lifted both my legs high to get the panties off and really opened me to his view.

He moved me easily, he was that strong but I never felt like I was being manhandled. It was a calm confident strength, it was just how he moved, how he did things. Like I said, he was a man who knew he was a man.

“His head moved close to my furry pussy. I don’t shave myself but I keep it trimmed and neat.” Syn said.

“I know he could smell me, I could smell me. Both my legs were in the air and he kept them high moving my panties over their length and his face closer to my pussy as he did it. It was like my pussy was a magnet for his face. The more he saw the closer he came to it. First one side of my thing was over my shoe and off and the other he let hang on my other leg; that even looked sexy to me, being partially dressed and naked at the same time. Now when I lowered my legs they were on his broad shoulders.

“Janice I just can’t tell you enough about his killer body. There was not an ounce of fat on him. He was rock hard but not ugly weight lifting hard. And when he rested my legs on his shoulders he was running his hands all over my thighs, inner and outer and even my ass.

“You know what I would really love right now?” Del asked Syn.

“Janice I was panting when he asked me that question.” Syn said. “What, tell me what.” I almost yelled to my cowboy. “I just hoped it was nothing to nasty, but hell I would have done anything, but I could not believe what he asked for.”

“He dipped his face to within an inch of my hole. I could feel his hot breath on me, feel my pussy hair move when his speech.” Syn told Janice.

“Your inner thighs against my head and holding it.” Del said.

“Janice I was looking at him when he said that. I almost came when he told me. Then I saw his white face looking at me. His eyes were full of passion and a desire to give me pleasure. Janice I screamed in my first pussy orgasm of the night as I saw my black thighs encircle his white face and felt his lips on my pussy.” Syn told her friend. “And he was just starting to give me pleasure.”

“I felt Syn’s thighs come in contact with the side of my face and I dipped into her chocolate pussy, letting my tongue slide into her slit. I heard her scream and felt her juices pour out and I sucked them in. Their taste was intoxicating. I began to add to the length of that orgasm by continuing to stimulate her.” Del said.

“Then Janice, he sucked up all my girl cum, like I did his. He did not pull away but continued to rub my slick pussy all over his face, coating himself with the essence of my passion and taking care to lick and suck his way over my soft pussy hair until he came to my black slit. He nipped at it and then sucked it again and kissed it and began all over again, taking care to touch every bit of my pussy.

“I could also feel those hands move up my thighs, and then he slowly caressed my stomach. I am not a small girl and he took a lot of time with my belly. I am not fat but I am not one of those pencil thin cheerleaders either. I could see his eyes looking at my body as I looked at him from above. Then his hands moved up to my breasts. Now I could see in his eyes what he saw in mine when I first got a good luck of that huge white cock. He had touched by breasts before and maybe he got a better view of them as he kissed and knelt in front of me but now he had the perfect view. I was on my back and they looked Mocha Bean brown and full and firm, with my darker nipples puffed out to their maximum, or so I thought at the time. He would get them even fuller.

“Admiration is what I saw. I was not a freak, or slut, I was a proud black woman with a real woman’s body. His hands tried and tried but failed to hold onto my entire breast, much like I failed using only one hand to hold onto and reach around his ivory cock.

“I thought for a second about that little blond bitch that irritated him so much. Five foot two, B breasts, skinny, and white; but he is here with me. He could have had her and he said no. I said no and he kept up until he got me.

“‘He got me,’ that thought flashed through my brain. Then he sucked my clit and all rational thought went out the door as this was the best orgasm of the night, at least up until then. I remember pulling his head into my pussy and screaming something and going crazy.” Syn finished.

“Damn Syn, what do you think hit it that time?” Janice asked.

“Well for a minute I thought it might be that he chose me over some little white girl. But then I realized, he was the best pussy eater I have ever had.” Syn answered with a grin.

“And how many pussy eaters do you have to compare with?” Janice looked at her and asked.

“Just one; just the cowboy. I don’t really think I need anyone to compare against.” Syn answered.

“Then the next thing I knew I was tasting my own pussy. Cowboy had moved up and was kissing me, and managed to move me onto the bed lengthwise without me even realizing it. Of course to get that close we had to almost be belly to belly. I had not really realized where his cock was until I felt my lips parting. I moved not to get away but to get it inside of me.

You know that I am a big girl, down there. Other than you and my gynecologist no one knows that. I never went after a man because of cock size. I enjoyed sex with who I was with, even though it is not all that many men. Tray could do it for me some of the time. That is why I think he broke it off. I think he realized that he was not getting it done every time, as if any man can. Men and their egos; it did not really matter to me, I just wanted to be loved and Tray just wanted some big tits to hold while he fucked me.

“But the cowboy had not problems at all. He stretched me wide open. And I mean he was even gentle about it. Soon he was deeper and fuller than I can imagine. Not even my gynecologist got where he got that night and she knows what she is doing. Come to think of it the cowboy knew exactly what he was doing.

“He fucked me long, hard and slow. Kissing me he moved from my lips to my face and neck and then my breasts and back again. He kept moving those white lips of his and I don’t know about anyone else’s experience but this man knew what he wanted to do with a big set of brown tits and he did it. I was having an orgasm but I was not sure if it was my breasts or pussy that caused it.

“We spent almost an hour at it now and then I got a little antsy. I said something about not knowing how to really fuck a woman. Before the words were out of my mouth I was on all fours and he was fucking me good and hard for behind. This man had some control. But I got to him.

“I was about ready to pass out when my pussy went into spasm, a giant spasm, and he grabbed my nice wide hips, held on for dear life and buried himself so far inside my pussy that I felt his balls banging my clit and then he erupted inside of me. Even after that blow job he just kept pumping out them little white sperms. They ended up deep inside of me and with that expanding pink head down there he was going to fight to keep as much inside as possible. So there I was; my face on the bed sheets, my ass in the air, a brown pussy full of pink cock and gallon of little white sperms swimming around inside of me and then it hit me.

“He did not use a condom. He could have given me something. I could be pregnant. What the fuck did I do?” Syn finished.

Now Janice looked scared. “Well what did you do?”

“I asked him if he had anything and he said he was clean. He had some medical work done a few months ago and nothing was wrong with him, they do blood tests all the time. He told me he had not been with anyone since then. He said he would get tested again and then send me the results. What the hell could I do?” Syn said.

“Well you could take the morning after pill. You could get a doctor’s check up.” Janice said. “So what did you actually do?”

“We had some more strawberries and cream. Well more cream than strawberries. Actually he sort of put the cream on my pussy and ate it off of me and sort of out too. He called it the finest chocolate and cream he ever had. And I decided that I might want to try some of that, so I spread it on his cock and licked it clean. Soon we were in a long sexy 69 and when he was hard, which was pretty fast all things considered we faced each other and he lifted my leg and slid into me.” Syn said.

“Syn, would you like to be on top? That way I can look up at you and you won’t have to worry about me being too heavy.” Del said.

Syn continued. “So I accepted his kind offer and moved on top of him. It was wonderful because I could control how deep and fast. It also allowed me to see exactly how he got such a good handle on my breasts. He worked them like a master. When they hang down my puffy nipples get even fatter and he made love to them as I rode his cock. We ate chocolate as we were still joined and even drank champagne that way. It was sexy and relaxed and erotically enjoyable. I was moving up and down on his cock and sliding front and back and side to side against his body as he was in me. I got to control everything. I can’t imagine anything better. There is just something so wonderful about being with him.

“We made love all night long. We slept, woke in the night, made love again, this time he was behind me with his cock inside of me and kissing my neck and caressing my breasts and stomach and pussy and then back again. We both fell asleep with him still inside me.

In the morning we made love again and then we took a shower together and made love again. He did not cum every time but he sure stayed hard. He made sure that I got off each time he entered me. Like I said, he was a man.

I got dressed to leave and he pushed me over onto the bed and told me to squeeze and put his head between my legs. He ate me for a half hour until I could not hold his head and I was numb with all the orgasms that I had. When I could not stand it anymore more he kissed and licked all around my pussy and then helped me up. I went to put on my thong and had to laugh. I was so open that there was no way that little thing was going to help. I let it fall to my knees, caught it and took it off and gave it to him. I expected him to do something obscene like lick it or smell it but he just kissed it and put it on the pillow. He had the biggest smile on his face when I left, like I had made him so happy.

“It was only after I got home around noon Sunday that I began to worry. First, I did not know his name. Second I might be pregnant. Third, what the hell was I thinking of letting him literally screw me all night and most of the next morning. I have been taking cool baths all day Sunday. But even though we made love all that time I am not as sore as a thirty minute session with Tray. Actually I feel empty without cowboy, and I don’t want to feel that way.” Syn ended.

Telling the story about her weekend and answering all of the questions took most of the day. Syn was still worried and considered getting the morning after pill. They were still in the office with the door closed when the intercom buzzed letting her know there was a letter waiting for her.

The courier came in and handed her the envelope and got a signature. She opened the envelope and smiled. She read the brief note.

“Syn: I don’t want you to worry so here are the early test results. I know you called me cowboy a few times and you don’t want to know my name so for you I am cowboy. I will be in touch. With affection. Cowboy.”

The lab results were negative for everything. She handed the results to Janice, the note she kept to herself.

Syn felt happy and was not bothered by her fears of catching something that would affect her entire life. Little did she know how wrong she was in her belief.

Janice and Syn were both giddy for the day and the week. By the beginning of the second week they were both anxious; cowboy had not called. By the end of the month still nothing. Cowboy was now just some asshole in their minds.

It was in the sixth week that cowboy showed up. By then both women decided he was a piece of shit and both hated him. Syn ignored him when he approached. She walked right past him with her head in the air. Cowboy was not dissuaded at all. Attempts to call were rejected. More attempts at personal contact were rebuffed by simply ignoring him.

Soon Syn made a new discovery, she was pregnant. She was hurt and angry. Now she needed a little time out so she decided to accept an invitation she had gotten to attend a special dinner for local successful business women sponsored by one of the civic organizations she belonged to. As a special treat each unmarried woman was to be escorted by a young officer of one of the branches of service. If they were married arrangements would be made for the woman and her husband if he could attend. It was to be a very posh affair. Her military escort would pick her up at seven o’clock Saturday night.

Syn lived in a very exclusive building. She had a beautiful view of the city and there were only two units on her floor and she owned one of them. In all the years she was there she had never met her neighbor but that was not unusual, she hardly knew anyone in the building. This was not a singles establishment where it was to be party central. These homes were for established people who wanted privacy and not crazy loud parties. Her unit was almost three thousand square feet and she assumed the other was about the same size. Their doors were on opposite ends of the building and it was set up in such a way as to maximize peace and quiet. The elevator was equal distance between the two doors and you could not even hear it when it was in operation. As it was the top floor of the building this elevator only went to that floor, by specific design.

Looking at the invitation she saw that it was a Lieutenant Colonel Wilson who was to be her escort. Probably some old fart but it would be fun to get out, even though she could not drink.

Precisely at seven o’clock someone knocked on her door. She actually had a bell but no one ever came up and rang it. Come to think of it no one ever knocked. She rarely had visitors. She actually wondered who it was. Security would always prevent anyone from entering. But after years of being safe she just opened the door.

She was not just shocked, she fainted. Luckily she was caught. When she came too she saw the smiling face of cowboy.

“What, what are you doing here?” Syn asked.

“Well you would not talk to me so I could explain, and this was the only way I could make it work. And before you ask, yes this is a real event and I am your real escort.” Del said with a smile. “Del is my name. Delano Wilson and tonight I am LTC Delano Wilson, at your service and your escort.”

Syn did not say anything at all. She got her coat and just got into the limo and was silent. Del knew enough not to say anything at all. She was not mad, not really, but she was confused. He looked like a real soldier, medals and all. It had now been more than seven weeks since they met and she was seven weeks pregnant. Soon she would start really showing; already she was getting thick and her breasts were beginning to hurt a little. “Damn, this sucks.” Syn thought.

Del knew his way around being an aid. He was at Syn’s side and offered her a drink and she declined. Del wondered why. He took care of her coat and brought her a sparkling water, which she accepted. He kept her glass full of sparkling waters with lime or lemon.

After the full bar, at which Del drank nothing alcoholic and neither did Syn, they were seated. As part of the evening each of the ladies and their escorts were presented. The lady was identified and a brief paragraph was read about her status in the community as well as her accomplishments and then her escort was identified and his military accomplishments were mentioned. A husband that escorted his wife got the same mention.

Then it was time to introduce Synde Collins and her accomplishments including her PhD in economics, books and articles she had written and her work with the community. She stood and smiled.

“She is escorted tonight by a local boy, Lieutenant Colonel Delano Wilson. Colonel Wilson is a graduate of West Point and he participated in the initial actions in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger. Later he was dropped behind enemy lines in preparation for the invasion of Iraq. While behind the lines he and his team were to provide intelligence for the First Infantry Division as they entered Iraq from the north, through Turkey. That did not happed as Turkey prevented them entering Iraq. Colonel, then First Lieutenant Wilson, kept his men active in collecting intelligence and made arrangements with the Pashtun forces in Iraq for supporting the invasion and preventing some Iraqi divisions from fleeing north into Turkey.

“Colonel Wilson has made many return visits to the “sandbox” as the troops sometimes refer to Iraq and has just returned from an emergency assignment which lasted just over a month into the vacation playground know to the world as Afghanistan. While there he managed to get a second award of the only medal no one really wants, the Purple Heart.

“Colonel has been awarded the Distinguished Service Cross, second only to the Medal of Honor. As mentioned he also has two purple hearts, two bronze stars with “V” devices for valor, a number of Army commendation Medals also with “V” devices. He made us promise not to go through all of them as a condition of his volunteering to assist this function.”

There was applause and others were introduced. Del did not care about the applause; he cared only about the feeling of the woman looking on with surprise, his dinner companion.

“I’m sorry but I could not tell you. I am a reserve officer and they called me and I had to go. Lives were in danger. I had been to Afghanistan many times and I was needed. I wanted to tell you but I could not. Please forgive me.” Del said.

“Take me out of here.” Syn said.

Del escorted her to the door and outside into a foyer that was unoccupied. It was there that she began to sob. She held onto Del with all of her strength. Del held onto her with as much passion and love. In fifteen minutes it was over and he escorted her to the ladies lounge where he patiently waited outside for her return.

Like all ladies she reemerged afresh and looking beautiful. All of her fears were put to rest, except one and that would wait for another day.

It was a wonderful evening and the escorts took those in their care home. Del did not leave Syn alone that night and he and Syn made love all night long. She was concerned with his wound but it was minor, almost completely healed and not remotely life threatening. This night their love making was gentle and loving, just what they both needed. When she awoke in the morning she was alone. This made her sad and a little angry with Del and herself. She remained a little morose until she heard noise and then a voice.

“I’m not all that good with this but I gave it a try.” Del said as he came back into the bedroom with a tray full of food. He left and returned with another tray.

‘Now who do you expect to eat all of this?” Syn said with a little smile. “What do you have a group of soldiers out there to eat what we don’t?”

“I can see you are going to need training. We have squads, teams, platoons, companies, battalions, brigades, divisions, corps, and Armies, but we don’t have ‘groups.’ You would make a lousy Army wife not knowing that. I can see I am going to need to train you.” Del said.

Syn was a little taken aback but did not say anything more about the wife comment. When Del realized he said it he did not mention it again.

It was the next week that Del took Syn over to where his house used to be. He told her he had just had new topsoil put on and was thinking about building a new house there and wanted to have her ideas. It was a pleasant idea and they spent the next week doing the basic designs for the grounds.

Each night they spent as Syn’s home and made love. Not a day went by that Del did not tell Syn that he loved her and would love her for the rest of his life. She was the first woman he had said he loved in over ten years and there was just something that made him want her to know how he felt about her. It was like he was afraid she would forget that he loved her. Despite his love he knew that there was something else and he had to wait to say what he really wanted to say.

Some part of his mind wondered what had brought him to this place. His exact predicament was at once easy and difficult to describe. His face was currently buried between the thighs of one of his junior officers while he lapped desperately at her dripping sex. Beyond that, he would be hard pressed to say where he was. His mind had long since disappeared, lost in the sensual bliss that submission always brought him. And though the press of the soft flesh of womanly legs prevented him from stopping to take a breath, he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Only a half an hour ago he’d been pouring over some reports in the comfort of his room when an unexpected knock tore him from his concentration. A sideways glance informed him of the time. 22:30. Who would be at his door at this time of night? He rolled his shoulders, then stood and crossed the room to answer the door. On the other side of the door was a rather short woman with her hair pulled back in a military approved hairstyle. Her figure was at once petite and full, even through the unflattering material of their daily uniform. He opened his mouth to ask what she needed, but before a word escaped, she had sauntered past him and taken a seat on his desk.

“Close the door, Michael.”

It took him a moment to realize that bewilderment had left his mouth hanging open in question. Even so, he found himself doing as she asked. He vaguely recognized her. One of the new officers, and certainly not someone ranked high enough to call him by his first name without permission.

“Can I help you, ma’am?”

She ignored him for a moment, studying her nails carefully before raising dark chocolate eyes to meet his.

“It’s more about what I can do to help you, Michael. You see, you’ve been observed.”

Observed doing what, he wondered. He had done nothing to break the rules, he was more than sure of it. It was one of his strongest principles.

“I can see by that hopelessly idiotic expression on your face that you’re confused. Why don’t you get comfortable while I explain.”

Unsure of how to handle the situation, he decided to hear the woman out. He took a step towards an open chair, but stopped abruptly by the bark of a command.

“Not there! Kneel here. At my feet.”

A part of him accepted the command immediately, but before he could obey, the rational part of him whispered logic.

“I don’t know who you are, ma’am, but I suggest you leave. This is not proper behavior and I think it would be in your best interest to end this before I–”

She chuckled, dismissing his threat before he could even utter it.

“Don’t bother. Unless, of course, you want everyone to know about the real you.”

That stopped him. What could she mean? A blurred understanding began to appear in the back of his mind, but he was still largely confused.

“Don’t play the innocent, boy. You think no one notices when your little prick gets hard when one of the COs is bossing you around? Do you really think you’re such a great actor that no one could tell you get turned on when you’re being yelled at?”

Michael opened his mouth to protest, but yet again found himself silenced by the strength in the woman’s voice.

“You thought no one would notice all the pervy things you look up on your computer?”

His eyes flicked to the computer that sat as a silent traitor on his desk, betraying him before he could deny her accusations. The woman reached casually into a pocket and pulled out several pictures, clearly screen shots from his more risque web adventures. The theme was easily apparent. Men on their knees, servicing women with complete and utter abandon.

“So, I say again, boy. Kneel here.”

There seemed to be a distant buzzing in his head that grew louder and more insistent and prevented him from thinking of a way out of the situation. Defeated, he slowly approached her and lowered himself to his knees.

“Good boy. See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

Silently, the man nodded and quietly fretted what she would do with the information she held in her hands.

“Now, if you do as I ask, always, then your secret is safe with me and those I hold in my confidence.”

Michael’s head jerked up and words flew out of his mouth before he could stop them.

“But you can’t –”

A slap rang out in the silence.

“I did not yet give you permission to speak in my presence. Do not interrupt me again, you useless worm. Do you understand me?”

Again, he opened his mouth, but a warning and derisive glance from the woman closed it again. He nodded.

“Good boy. You learn quickly. I appreciate that. As I was saying, if you are good, I will not out you. From this moment on, you are mine. You will do as I say, when I say it and you will do so gladly, understood?”

Another nod.

“I will explain my expectations in further detail later, for now, I will give you the privilege of serving me. You cannot imagine how long I have been waiting for this moment. My panties are nearly drenched as it is. I’ll make you pay for that inconvenience later.”

The woman stood and walked over to him bed, swaying her hips as seductively as possible as she went. When she reached it, she spun and crooked a finger in his direction. Michael began to stand, but stopped when he saw her disapproving look. The woman pointed towards the ground. Confused, he hesitated.

“Crawl like the dog you are.”

He swallowed, then fell on all fours and began to make his way towards her. It wasn’t until he’d shifted position that he realized how aroused he actually was. His mind had been so caught up in the tsunami of her presence that he had lost sight of all things else. And now, she was going to let him please her. Perhaps their meeting wasn’t such a bad thing after all.

“Remove my pants.”

He sat up and raised trembling hands to the waistline of her pants, careful not to be too rough when loosening them and pulling them down. As the fabric fell, it revealed strong, smooth thighs, a beautifully rounded derriere and gently defined calves. The were the legs of dreams. What drew his attention, however, was the modestly seductive pair of panties that were now at eye level. A purple confection made of lace and silk that hid nothing but the very center of her sex, stained a darker shade as a result of her arousal. The scent of sexual excitement tickled his nostrils and sent a pang of lust straight to his groin. He didn’t know if he would last to see was was beneath.

Knowing where he hoped this process would lead, he reached up to run his fingers gently over the hem of her panties. He heard the sharp intake of breath and felt her body tremble slightly at his touch.

She slapped him again.

“I did not tell you to touch anything else. Look at you, you disgusting slut. So horny you can’t even act like a decent human being. Now you’re going to have to prove yourself to me before I let you go any further.”

She sat upon his bed and crossed one supple leg over the other, letting a foot dangle elegantly before Michael’s face.

“Ever heard of foot worship? Who am I kidding. Of course you have, filthy pervert. Since that is the case, proceed, but don’t be disgusting about it.”

He studied her foot for a moment as a flicker of revulsion rolled through him. He couldn’t lick her feet. That was gross.

When he failed to move on her order, the woman lifted her foot gently and placed it on his chest. Then, with one hard thrust, she shoved him on his back. He fell in a tangle of limbs and lay sprawled on the floor. He looked up to see her face curled in disgust.

“Was there something unclear about my command, boy?”

His lips parted to respond, but were met instead with the sole of her foot. She pressed into his face and sneered.

“When I say something, you do it, slave. There will be no hesitation. So when I tell you to lick my foot, you’d better do it like the scum you are. I don’t care what you think about it. Is that understood?”

He could neither speak, nor nod, so he simply continued to lay there in silence until she removed herself from him. He heard her return to her seat on the bed, but he quickly forgot her movements, and everything else, when he felt what must have been her foot pressing against his erection. In slow, steady waves, she began to roll her foot, massaging and teasing it. As she worked, she spoke, though it took an act of incredible strength to hear her words over the roar of his arousal.

“You will obey me in all things. My word is not only your law, but your will. Your life is now mine. Your existence is now mine. I own you. Say it to me.”

Michael had lost focus halfway through and was simply moaning and grinding his hips against her foot. He was so close. So close to bliss and ecstasy. The reality of the fact that he was living his fantasy combined with the steady provocation of his sex was so overwhelming that he knew he would lose it with only a little more stimulation.

Suddenly, it stopped.

Almost in a daze, he waited for her next command. Several moments of silence passed, and it did not come. He opened his eyes and glanced around, even daring to sit up, but the bite of her voice did not meet his ears. It wasn’t until he turned that he realized she was by the door, putting her pants back on.

“Where are you going?” It was supposed to be a demand, or even a question,but in the presence of this woman, it came out as a weak plea. He didn’t want it to end. He was so hard and so aroused and had been on the verge of getting to taste her, yet she was about to leave.

She glanced over her shoulder, emotionless, and studied him.

“If you will not behave as I command, then I have no use for you.”

She slid her other leg into her pants and began to fasten them. Startled by the thought that she might leave, the danger to his reputation and position forgotten, he crawled toward her.

“Please don’t leave. Mistress, please.”

She paused at that and turned towards him, arms crossed and expression cold. She said nothing.

Michael stopped, suddenly unaware of what to say to convince her. Instead of speaking, he leaned forward and gently licked her shoe.

“I…I wish to serve you, Mistress. Please do not leave.”

He kept his eyes trained on her feet, waiting for her response.

“Are you certain this is what you want? I will not tolerate rebellion. I understand that you are new to this, so I will give you an opportunity to get out.”

“I wish to serve you, Mistress. I am yours.”

She said nothing for a full minute, enjoying his discomfort.

“Very well, pet. Strip.”

As fast as he could manage, he removed his clothing, letting his pants and shirt fall where they may. As soon as he was naked, the returned to his position at his feet.

She strolled to his bed and reclaimed her seat, somehow making the neatly made cot seem like a throne. She again crossed one leg over the other, and observed his naked form.

“Stand before me and show yourself. Turn slowly.”

He did as she commanded, this time complying immediately. His shoulders were hunched and he could not figure out where to rest his gaze, but he somehow managed to turn in a full circle.

“I suppose it will have to do,” she said. “Though your dick is hardly worth mentioning. My vibrators are bigger than that. I’ve never used a man so poorly equipped. Perhaps I shall reject you after all.”

Michael’s head shot up, even as his erection regained its hardness at her insults. His eyes pleaded with her. She laughed.

“Oh well. I suppose someone must do something with such a useless thing as yourself. Now, kneel and worship my foot as you were meant to do. Do it well, and you will be rewarded with a taste of my pussy. Would you like that, pet?”

The naked man nodded enthusiastically, and with equal excitement, set about removing the woman’s pants and shoes so that he could get to the soft skin beneath. He marveled yet again at the vision of womanhood that sat before him. His awe only motivated him to go about his service with wild abandon. This time, instead of disgust, his mind was set on his act of service, desperate to please his new mistress.

He sucked on each toe, wrapping his tongue around them one at a time before moving to the next. As his mouth worked, licking and kissing every bit of available skin, his hands began to knead and massage. His fingers brushed against her calves, eager to continue their path of discovery, then hesitated, waiting for her approval.

“Well done, pet. You may touch more.”

And so he continued in this way. Touching and tasting his way up from her foot, to her calf until he reached the supple softness of her thigh. He could hear her heavy breaths and took pride in his work. With each stroke, his fingers moved closer to the purple treasure. He longed to taste her sweet nectar, but dared not risk angering her yet again.

Finally, she pushed him back and commanded him to lay on the floor. Unsure of her wishes, he followed orders. A few moments passed before the beautiful sight of her pussy hovered just above his face.

“Tell me, pet. Do you want to please your mistress?”


She slapped him.

“Try again, pet.” She said.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Very good. You have pleased me with your offering of worship. So I will reward you with the task of bringing me to climax. Do not disappoint.”

With that, she lowered her sweet rose onto his mouth, closing her thighs around his head and cutting him off, sight and senses all, from the world around him. Occasionally encouragement and insults reached his ear. The harder he worked, the more she rubbed her soaking sex across his face. His tongue snaked in and out of her core, sliding up to tickle her clit every now and again. Her fingers curled in his hair and pulled him into the V of her legs. Her pitch rose higher and higher. He could feel the lips of her sex trembling and new she was on the edge, and he suddenly realized that he was on the edge with her.

She rode his face with wild abandon until she exploded, slamming her pussy onto his face, her hips jerking and her body writhing as she came. It took her a while to get a hold of herself, and when she had, she slipped from his face and stood, looking down at him. It was not until this moment that he realized she too was naked. And her breasts were huge.

“You have done well for your mistress, pet.”

Her eyes scanned his body, pleased with his level of fitness. Michael was so enthralled with the sight of her breasts, large, soft and inviting, that he nearly missed it when her look of approval changed as soon as her eyes landed on his erection.

“Look at that prick. Such a pitiful sight, even when you’re completely turned on. Ugh. What should I do with that thing? I know. I wish for a show. I doubt you can get much out of that tiny cock, but I suppose you can try. Masturbate for me. Now.”

I am a widower of five years, my beautiful wife succumbed to cancer and I haven’t found anyone that can replace her. I date occasionally, but it’s strictly plutonic. There has been no one who comes close to filling the void in my life left by her loss.

We have three grown children; two sons, ages 30 and 27 and a daughter, who is 24. During the course of their growing up, they created many friendships which have lasted through the years. Our home became a common meeting place and my wife and I became very close with many of their friends who frequented our home. As the years passed I have maintained that relationship with many of them, both male and female. All three of my offspring are living on their own, in the local area. My daughter being the last to leave, having found a career after graduating from the local university a couple of years ago. Her closest friend, we’ll call her Jane, also has a job locally after having been away at college. My daughter and Jane were inseparable since they met in kindergarten as small children and Jane was a regular fixture in our home. The girls were always spending the night at one or the other of the family’s houses, attended the same classes, had the same friends and dated the same boys. When Jane went away to school, my daughter was devastated. Fortunately, they communicated daily and spent all their holidays and vacations together. They both grew up to be beautiful young ladies and were and still are very popular and much in demand for dates.

Once Jane returned from college and began her career, the girls discovered that their schedules somewhat clashed. My daughter was pretty much 9 to 5, Monday through Friday while Jane worked by appointment, often at night. She would have hours at a time during the weekdays when she would have free time. One of the attractions of our home is a large swimming pool that the young ones grew up in and around. Jane had asked me if she was still allowed to use it and of course, I said that she was more than welcome to use it anytime that she wanted. It became a common occurrence for Jane to appear at any time during the week and swim or just sun by the pool. I couldn’t help but notice how much her body had developed. She was tall with long perfect legs, small firm breasts, slim hips and tight little butt. The tiny bikinis that she wore did nothing to hide anything, but just accentuated her attributes. At first I tried to ignore this young goddess using my pool, but I found myself more and more drawn to watching surreptitiously from behind the den window curtains. I began fantasizing about her and found that I was becoming more and more excited. It was as though I was constantly watching to see when she would appear by the pool. I would stand back in the shadows and fondle my manhood while pretending that it was her holding me, stroking me, making me cum.

Perhaps I should give you some more information about myself. I am 65 years of age and I can no longer achieve a full erection without help from a pill. I am still able to ejaculate; I just can’t get hard enough for penetration. I don’t keep anything like Viagra because, until I started lusting over Jane, I wasn’t interested in any woman enough to have sex. I still didn’t bother getting a prescription filled as the only one that I was interested in was Jane and I knew that that wasn’t going to happen other than in my mind.

One balmy afternoon, I decided to do some laps in the pool and afterward I lay down to let the sun dry me off. The warmth felt great and I dozed off.

“Hi, Mr. S”, I heard Jane’s voice say.

I jumped and woke up to find her perfect body standing over me.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that you were asleep”, she said.

She sat down on the edge of the pool right next to me. It was all that I could do to keep my eyes on her face and off her breasts.

“That’s okay, honey. I was just dozing. I’m glad to see you”. I responded.

I could feel my cock stirring and even though it would not get totally erect, I knew that it would still make a noticeable bulge in my swim trunks. I tried to get my mind off her amazing body, but she started stretching, arching her back, pushing her arms back and thrusting her chest forward. I wanted to grab her right then and lick every inch till she begged for mercy. Needless to say, I lost my battle with my dick and it continued to expand to its full extent. I could only hope that she wouldn’t notice and completely embarrass me.

“I guess that I’ll go get dressed, you have fun and enjoy the pool”, I said as I started to attempt to get up without displaying my excitement any more than possible.

“Oh, please don’t go”, she said. “I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while”.

“What do you want to talk about?” I asked as I settled back down, trying to hide the bulge in my shorts.

“I’ve wanted to make a confession to you.” She started, “I need to say it quickly or I’ll lose my nerve. I’ve had a crush on you my entire life. Ever since puberty, I’ve imagined being with you. I lie awake at night and play with myself while thinking of you. The few times that I’ve been with other men, I always pretended that it was you.”

“Whoa!” I yelped.

“No, let me finish.” She said. “I know that you’ve been watching me from the window. At first, I thought that I was imagining it, but when the light is just right, I can see you and what you are doing. I know that I excite you and that you want to touch me and feel me. You own body tells me that.” She said, laying a hand on my crotch. I jumped, her hand felt like a furnace. She started squeezing gently and I moaned.

“I would do anything for you and let you do anything to me.” She went on. “Let me show you.”

She pushed me onto my back and knelt over me, unloosing the straps on her tiny bikini top with her other hand. She took my right hand and placed it on her left breast as she began pulling down my trunks to reveal my semi-hard. I could feel her nipple stiffening as I caressed her tit. She leaned over further and shoved it toward my mouth. I gobbled it up like a little baby. I thought that I was going to pass out. This couldn’t be real. I could hear her moaning and feel her stroking my cock. She pulled away from my mouth.

“I’ve wanted this for so long.” She said and then she leaned down and took me into her mouth.

It had been so long since I had sex that I came within minutes and she swallowed it all, milking me till she got every last drop. When I had no more to give her, she sat up and smiled at me, running her tongue over her lips, she said.

“Mmmmm, that was even better than I dreamed.”

I stammered out an apology for my lack of stiffness and for cumming so quickly.

“I don’t mind, I just want to be able to have you any way that I can.” She responded.

“What do you want to do while you get ready for round two?” She asked.

I reached out and untied the bow on one side of her thong, then pulled it from between her legs.

“I think that I will have a late lunch.” I told her as I put my hands on her hips and pulled her up and over me so that she straddled my face. She was soaking wet and smelled wonderful. I pulled her down and drove my tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. I heard her gasp and then she was moving her hips back and forth as I licked and sucked as hard and fast as I could. She tasted great and I had to swallow continuously to keep up with her flow of juices. Suddenly, she grabbed my head with both hands and tried to drive her cunt through my head, screaming as she did. After a few moments of near convulsions, she collapsed across my body.

We lay like that for a while and then I felt her begin to move. She slid down my torso until she could kiss me on the lips, touching my cock as she did. To my surprise, I realized that I was becoming harder again. Once she had me as excited as I was going to get, she rolled off me, lying with her upper body beside mine she placed her crotch across me so her butt cheeks were on my crotch and my semi-hard dick was facing her pussy. She had me reach down and take my member in my hand, telling me to jack off while rubbing it on her pussy lips. She reached across and began stroking and teasing my nipples. I was masturbating against her crotch and trying to keep from cumming despite her playing with my overly sensitive nipples when I heard her say.

“Oh God, I love it!”

Then, again to my surprise, she had one of the most tremendous orgasms that I’ve ever witnessed. I couldn’t hold back any longer and came all over her pussy and lower stomach. We lay there gasping, trying to get our breath.

After a bit, she moved off me and said.

“You’ve made a big mess and I think that you should clean it up.”

I was reaching for my towel when I heard her say.

“No, with your mouth and tongue, lick my pussy and then clean my stomach the same way.”

“What!” I stammered, confused. “You’ve got to be kidding, right?”

“No, baby, from now on you will do whatever I say or you won’t be getting any more of this.” She said pointing at her tits and pussy. “I love you and I want you. I will do anything for you and you can do anything to me, but I like to be in control. I’ve found out that I love to dominate my lovers. I’ve been dominating your sweet little daughter for years. She loves to suck my cunt and make me cum. Maybe, I’ll have her suck you sometime and I know that I am going to love having you lick her pussy while she licks mine.

“Now, clean me up.”

I was in shock. My first reaction was to tell her to get out of my home, but I kept looking at that perfect body and against my will, the thought of being with both her and my daughter together exited me in a perverse sort of way. I felt her hand on the back of my neck, gently pushing my head down toward her messy crotch and gave in to the inevitable. I could smell both her cunt and my own cum as I started licking and sucking her clean. Oddly enough, I found that I liked the taste and quite happily moved on to get the traces that had landed on her hard belly.

“Uhmmm, you like that don’t you, honey?” She purred. “I bet you would suck a cock if I wanted you too. I’ll have to keep that in mind.”

After I cleaned her to her satisfaction, we went inside to take a shower. She furthered my education by having me French her asshole while we were in the shower. Actually, I was starting to realize that I was not only enjoying our activities, but was starting to get turned on by them. While I was licking her ass I managed to get hard again. She noticed it and had me stand up so that she could go down on me. She pulled of and asked me what I wanted her to do. I told her that I wanted to do whatever made her happy. She smiled and stood up, turned around, bent over and told me to cum on her ass. I was thrilled to cum on her perfect butt and did so with alacrity. When I had finished and squeezed out every drop, she said.

“Now lick it up.”

I went to my knees and licked up every trace of my sperm, making sure that I didn’t miss any.

“That’s my good boy; we are going to have so much fun.” She giggled.

I had been lusting after Jane for a while now, fantasizing and wishing that I could have her. I guess that it’s like they say, “be careful what you wish for.” I got my wish, but I never thought that it would change my entire life. I would have never believed that I would love being dominated, that I would look forward to cream pies and sucking a cock or that I would be contemplating having sex with my own daughter. I am confused and a little bewildered, but very excited. I know one thing; I will do anything that Jane asks me to and I will love every minute of it.

Fenton was blinded by the brilliant sunshine as the lid was lifted on his dark world in the car. Clara grinned, eager to exact rules and punishments on her new toy. Once again, naked and with stiff erection, he was walked on all fours almost the entire distance of Clara’s drive. Her pussy moist and bulging with sweet arousal in her soiled panties as she strutted slowly toward her front door, ensuring that Fenton enjoyed the full experience of naked exposure. She stopped about ten yards from the door and grinned down wickedly at the leashed male.

“You will find me just a little twisted and very teasing. I am going to teach you to enjoy bondage; you will so enjoy your time with me.” Fenton’s cock stiffened as she spoke, she was certainly a very attractive woman and there was no doubt whatsoever that she was in charge. He quailed a little at the idea of bondage, but had full trust in Hortense; he knew he could come to no permanent harm with an associate of hers, unless she advised him that this was to be the case. His cock bobbed as he watched her fine plump ass shift and wobble before him as she continued walking, laughing aloud in the hope that a neighbour would hear and view her with her new prize.

He was immediately taken upstairs to a large bedroom; lying on the bed were some wicked looking straps and buckles. Clara wasted no time; she lifted her dress and peeled her soiled panties off, allowing them to drop down to her ankles. The mature woman leaned forward slightly and spread the cheeks of her ass.

“Sniff my asshole!” Fenton did not hesitate; on his knees, his cock was close to erupting as he smelled Clara’s sweaty ring for the first time. He was not disappointed; his balls came up tight behind his cock as he sampled the rich and heady tang of the assertive woman’s asshole, he so wanted to be allowed to masturbate. The mature bitch smiled with satisfaction at her control over him, and her knowing that he was bursting to shoot his cream.

“You may lick my asshole clean now; you make sure you thoroughly clean every fold and pucker, and then get your tongue in to its full extent. I demand complete refreshment. You shall then be allowed to enjoy bondage for the first time.” Fenton was in a new kind of heaven as he listened to the stern woman’s words and he wasted no time in sampling the delicate and sometimes sharp tangs of her asshole; his cock was rigid as he lovingly lapped and probed at the warmth of her sweet anus as she kept his leash tight, hoping on hope that she would allow him to come for her.

After stretching the muscles of his tongue for some considerable time, she pulled her ass from him and ordered him onto the bed. It was at this point that he noticed a display of menacing looking canes arranged on the wall, in full view of anyone on the bed. She smiled wickedly as she buckled a belt about his waist, and had him place his wrists through loops above the hips at either side; he could sense her acute pleasure as she buckled them as tight as she could without cutting off his circulation; there would be no using his hands to masturbate. The stick scent of her pussy filled the air as she made sure the belt was tight.

“I love this belt; it allows you to lie on your back or front without your hands being in the way. You can lay on your front and taste the cane of your choice, and lay on your back while my pussy and asshole enjoy your face. Fenton gulped as he looked at the canes; she smiled victoriously.

“Oh yes, you shall learn to enjoy a caning when you are with me. You shall have your first very shortly; I shall explain when you are fully bound.” Fenton’s cock now pulsed as never before as he lay face down on the silken sheets whilst the dominant woman bound his ankles tightly with a leather strap; he felt like a fly in web, if she was not in control before, she certainly was now; he was helpless and her dominant words in conjunction with his bondage made his ass tingle with a pleasure he had never had before.

She smiled and showed him what was obviously a gag; she then lifted a lid from a linen basket in the corner of the room and removed three pairs of soiled panties. She laughed as she placed two of them on the pillows of the bed, along with the pair she had worn that day; she took great care to turn each inside out with her graceful delicate fingers; exposing the rich marks of excitement experienced by hot sticky pussy and sweaty asshole. She grinned as she approached him with the other pair and the gag.

“Open wide! We’ll not have you wasting scent by inhaling through your mouth, and I’ll have silence when you are inevitably caned later.” She grimaced with a look of satisfaction as the panties were popped into his mouth and the gag was applied; Fenton was now bound exquisitely.

“You’ll find that the panties are nicely scented; you’ll not be able to resist sniffing them as you squirm in your bondage. The canes on the wall are there as a warning; if you come on my sheets you will taste the cane. I told you I was twisted; you see, I am going to leave you here on your own for a while. I am going to visit a young stud who will fuck me whilst you lay here at my pleasure; you shall be under my control even when I’m away. I shan’t wash; you will clean me when I return; on future occasions I may allow you to watch him fuck me, but you shall be denied that pleasure today.” Fenton was almost coming as she spoke; she took one of the canes from the wall and strutted with it, before cutting the air with it; the delicious sound making Fenton squirm and fully appreciate his bondage for the first time. Clara sneered with pleasure.

“I want you think of this cane; you will not be able to resist sniffing my panties, you will enjoy your bondage and you will come on my sheets and you will be caned. I shall then remove your gag and you will be allowed to lick my pussy clean of a more worth male’s seed. I shall go now; I’m desperate for a fuck.” She laughed aloud and left abruptly, locking the door behind her.

Fenton shuffled forward and sniffed at the glorious whiff of Clara’s soiled panties as he also eyed the canes on the wall; she was right, he was now in a new heaven as he wriggled against the unyielding leather straps and snorted the delicious gusset. He thought of the mature beauty being fucked and moaned through the pantie gag as he unleashed his balls on the sheets for the first time; he spurted in sheer ecstasy as he earned his first caning. He would honour the sheets several more times before his mistress returned; fucked, in need of a tonguing clean, and eternally spiteful.

The huge black made had spread her globular ass cheeks and Larry was almost enveloped as he licked the remnants of crap from her stinking asshole. The dusky dominant smiled with acute pleasure; her pussy buzzed as she enjoyed the attentions of the broken white man; things did not come much more pleasurable than this.

“You just lick up that crap white boy; the dinner I ate yesterday is all you’ll have for a main meal. Of course when your mistress gets home you can have a black boy’s cream for dessert.” She laughed, making Larry’s submissive erection even stiffer as he lapped and probed at the brown pucker, enjoying his task immensely. He knew the big bitch would inspect her asshole in the mirror after he’d done; she always found it wanting, and would thrash him, before allowing him to masturbate at her feet once more, it was always the way. The black maid’s laughter continued long into the evening.

Clark Stevens Parked his car behind the derelict farm buildings, and took the now overgrown track across the wastelands to the quarry, towel over his shoulder; it was a little desolate here, but that suited him, there was no chance he’d be seen by anyone. His cock rose as he wound down the path which twisted through the weeds and brush to the edge of the quarry entrance.

He’d seen pictures of the little angel on the net; she was a feisty young thing and this was a secret place that she liked to go skinny dipping. She had told him about the way she liked to take off all her clothes and swim in the crystal clear water of a secluded pool at the rear of the quarry. Nobody ever went there anymore; it was too far out for most kids, who nowadays were content to sit in front of their computers all day, but Penny was an energetic wisp of a girl, who rode for miles on her mountain bike; she’d said on the net how she always felt horny when she was here, in the seclusion of the quarry where non-one would see her swimming naked and then masturbating in the sun afterwards.

As Clark brushed aside the willow saplings at the foot of the quarry, he looked at the little map she’d sent him. Sure enough, there was the overhanging boulder ahead, about 300 yards off. He headed through the forest of willows in the uncanny silence that prevailed over this huge hole in the ground; she was right, it had the feel of some tropical island, as there was no wind down there and the sun kept the enclosed area twice as warm as out in the open.

He closed in on the area near the boulder, and heard a gentle rippling of water. His cock stiffened to full rigidity as he saw her in the flesh for the first time. The soft blonde haired teen smiled shyly at him, waist deep in the warm pool; her pert little breasts warmed by the sun. She beckoned him forward, and without hesitation, Clark stripped off and waded naked into the water toward the giggling girl.

Nina watches her hands at work as she kneads the dough for the bread for supper. Across the kitchen, her mother is snapping green beans. Nina notices again how much she looks like her mother, same dark chocolate hair, same small frame, and delicate features. Even their hands were the same, except her mom’s seemed to be busy all the time. With a big house and four children, Katrina was always working. She was the disciplinarian in the home and though, quick to anger, was a loving and thoughtful wife and mother.

Nina knew that her own conception had been an accident, her parents had planned on having three kids and when the second and third happened to be twins it was settled. Then came the news that Nina was on her way. Nina’s siblings had always teased her that she was not wanted. One afternoon after a fight with her sister that ended in the accusation that her parents had only wanted one daughter and that Nina was a burden. Katrina found her youngest crying and miserable. When she found out why, she couldn’t help but laugh. She told her daughter she was not an accident, she was a happy surprise. And that her mother stopped wanting to have only three children about two nano seconds after she saw the positive pregnancy test. Then she told one of Nina’s favorite stories for the first time.

There once was a mother named Katrina. She had a wonderful husband named Larry and three children. The first was a boy who, while small like his mother, had his fathers eyes and smile. Then she had twins but these were tall fat babies, born bald with the light eyes exhibiting their father’s Russian stock, through and through. Now this mother thought her family was complete and she was utterly in love with her children no matter who they resembled. Then one day she felt a familiar sickness, her breasts hurt when her husband touched them, and yes, sure enough she was pregnant again. She had three children at this point, all under the age of three and worried if she would have the energy for another. None the less she was deeply excited to have this baby. When the day to deliver came, she was shocked when this last daughter had her mother’s hair and eyes, the shape of her mouth, even her eyebrows. Katrina now had a little girl that looked just like her. That is when she truly knew that without Nina, her family would not be complete.

“I really don’t think you realize what you are getting yourself into, Antonina!”, Katrina said.

Pulling Nina momentarily out of her thoughts. Katina only used her whole name when Nina was in trouble, and boy was she in trouble now. Nina wondered if her mom felt the same about her last born, for now she knew what her mom was talking about when she talked about morning sickness, sore breasts, and smell aversions. Very recently Nina had to tell her family she was pregnant. At 18 this was not welcome news. At first, everyone wanted to know how it could happen. Nina was using birth control, wasn’t she? Yes, she was but had accidentally forgotten it at a friend’s house. She didn’t think missing just two days was that big of deal. Her father and mother seemed to move from anger at her negligence, to concern for her future, to worry about how this child would be raised. You see, Nina’s family was a little different. They were all involved with each other, sexually. And with the exception of one awkward, fumbling tryst with a boy from school months and months ago, Nina had only been active with the men in her family. Therefore, this child could only be the product of incest. Her father had devised a unique and powerful punishment. From now on, her brothers and father would only fuck her ass. This was odd, but everyone knew the nympho that Nina was. And her father said he would never take his love or affection from her. But maybe, this would allow Nina to realize how serious this all was. At first, Nina thought she had gotten off easy. Then she slowly realized that without their attention to her always wonton pussy, she was left with only masturbation to get off. Even her sister and mother refused to help, no more oral, no more fingers, nothing but her own touch.

As if on queue, her father came into the kitchen from working in the yard. He was sweaty and a smell of freshly cut grass and dirt followed him in. Larry was tall, broad, and handsome man. He had light chestnut hair that was turning gray. Sparkling blue eyes, that always seemed amused. He was the joker and reveler, he was the easy going calm to Katrina’s serious energy. Immediately, Nina noticed the large bulge in her fathers pants. He was looking for more then shade and a cool drink. He approached his wife but the look she shot him was enough for him to know, now was not the time. He then saw Nina on the other side of the kitchen. With no words, he walked up behind her and moving the dough, bent her over the counter. In the next minute, he had released his cock from his zipper, pulled down his daughter’s panties and buried his huge cock into Nina’s little ass.

“ugggghhhhttt God! Yes,” he muttered “Are you okay, sweetie?”

“Yes daddy. You feel great, fuck me hard.” Nina could feel the juice flow in her quim. It would not get the deep, hard penetration she wanted though. But getting her ass fucked always felt amazing, and at least she would get some momentary relief from the constant craving for sex. Her Dad had amazing stamina. No one in the family could outlast him. She would be bent over getting pounded for a while.

She thought back to last night, her oldest brother had just come home from drill. He was in the reserves and was often away. This was always hard on Nina, she was by far closest to Luke. Last night in Luke’s room had been the first time they could talk to each other alone about the pregnancy. She had noticed his eyes darting down to Nina’s tummy. He had her ankles on his shoulders and was happily nailing her ass. It had been almost two months since he was with a woman. He had initially heard the news over the phone while he was still away. He too, felt the closest to Nina, and of all the sex he could have while home, it was Nina’s body he missed the most. Nina was squeezing down on his rigid cock, milking it with her tight rosebud. She was moaning. Luke loved the heat and lewdness of the idea of being balls deep in his little sister’s ass. She had become an excellent lover since turning 18 and was initiated into the family sex ring. Luke increased his pace, he was close now. His hips slammed in and out, Nina’s screams matched the tempo. He reached down and pinched her nipples, he knew this would push her over the edge. Nina threw her head back and cried out her release. She gripped him even more and this was it for Luke. He spurted his thick white seed, over and over into his sisters guts. She grinned up and kept milking his cock until the last drop was hers. Spent, he laid down behind Nina pulling her into him and wrapping her in his arms. He gently kissed the back of her neck, her earlobes, and her cheek. His hand drifted to her belly and the invisible little being growing in there.

“I’m sorry I did this to the family,” Nina’s voice broke as she apologized.

“No, no, sweetie, don’t say that. Our parents are freaking out cause that’s their jobs. But this is not a disaster, this will be wonderful. You’ll see.” Luke stroked his sister’s dark hair behind her ear. Like his sister and mother, Luke was short and lean, but he was all muscle. Others would say that Luke had an intensity in everything he did, and before he was of age he was already a soldier. It was only his mother’s tearful pleading that kept him from signing up for the Army. His bright blue eyes could be cold as steel at times, and he was not someone who shared his feelings. Yet, he always had a soft spot for Nina.

“Whose do you think it is?” Luke had wondered this question since the moment he heard the news.

“Well the doctor said I am 8 weeks along. But that starts from the first day of my last period. So I probably conceived about 6 weeks ago according to mom. You were on base at that time, and Ivan had gone off to that poetry retreat. So it was just Dad at that time, he’s most likely the father. Course we can’t do a paternity test, not without exposing us.” Nina sighed “Dad agrees, it was probably him. I think that’s why he’s so worked up. He blames himself.” They were quiet for awhile just holding each other.

“I wish I was the father, maybe I can be the next time” Luke whispered, shocked at the truth as he said it. Nina sat straight up.

“What?!? Really?!, I- I mean- Wow!!” Nina stammered.

“Are you freaked out?” Luke showed a brief moment of insecurity.

“No, this whole time I was wishing it was your baby, not that I don’t love Daddy, but just that if it was going to happen I wanted you . . . but I didn’t think you or Ivan would ever want that. And now you are talking about another baby . . .” Nina’s eyes were huge in wonder. This was a very unexpected conversation.

“Not right away. I agree with Mom and Dad, you should be going to college and starting a life. This baby will make those things very hard. But in a few years, Jr. here will need a sibling and well I thought maybe that one could be mine.” Luke looked up with love at his sister. She was really everything he wanted. Kind, smart, calm and loving he always knew this. Nina bent and kissed Luke, for the first time in weeks, she felt something other then worry and guilt. Luke had said something she thought so impossible that she had dismissed the thoughts as soon as they formed. They made love after that, slow and sweet. Luke claimed his love’s pussy for his own, ban be damned. They slept in each others arms that night like they would from here on out, when Luke was home.

Back in the present Nina felt that slow heavy feeling of an orgasm, she stiffened and tried to feel every second of it. It would be a big one, she knew. Her father felt her preparing and started to really nail her. There was an audible squish as his testicles were slapped against his daughters wet, hot pussy. The thought of it made him moan. He almost wanted to kick himself for creating a rule that meant he could not enjoy the sweetness of his youngest pussy. He didn’t want her to feel unloved or abandoned and he still fucked her, at least once a day. He hoped she would see how serious this matter was, and how careless she had been. Nina was a nympho and he was pretty sure this got the message across better then taking away her possessions or grounding her. He decided that he would lift the pussy ban tomorrow. He didn’t think he would have been able to last that much longer anyways. He grabbed Nina’s hair pulling her back hard onto his shaft, she wailed and pinched her flour covered nipples. Beyond them, Katrina kept working. Seeing her husband buried in his daughter was not a new sight. There were footsteps on the stairs behind her, then in walked Ivan. At 6’5, he was the tallest member of the family, built like his father. He had chestnut hair that he was letting grow out. At this moment, it was a nest of unruly curls, going all over. Ivan had just woken up. It was late but the life of the poet meant you worked when the muse struck and he was up late into the night, writing. He stumbled into the kitchen, looking for one thing. His cock breached the confines of his sleep pants. It pointed straight up Ivan’s stomach. At least 8″ long, this was also a record in this household. Seeing Nina otherwise occupied he shuffled over to his mother.

“Mom I need you . . . please suck it.” Ivan mumbled almost incoherently.

“Ivan, I’m busy, go find your sister” Katrina replied annoyed.

“She’s at school, please I need it . . . come on please . . .” Ivan was now poking his mother’s shoulder with his turgid member.

“Stop it! I said I was busy. Jesus, go away!” Katrina attempted to push her very solid son away.

“J — just the tip for a little bit” Ivan yawned, he now tried to guide his cock to his mothers mouth, which was set in a firm frown.

“Ivan, I swear to God,” but now Katrina was smiling at the dogged determination of her youngest son. “God damn it, fine.” Katrina always had trouble saying no to her boys for long. She put down the peeler she was using and turned to face him. “You owe me one, son.” and she took his cock deep into her mouth.

Larry watched the encounter amused, Nina was beyond words lost in orgasm after orgasm. She had never had a problem cumming from anal sex. He felt his balls tighten, he added his own grunts to the chorus of sex in the kitchen. “GGGGGOOODDD, YES, COME ON BABY TAKE ALL OF DADDY’S COCK. YES, YES, THATS IT LITTLE GIRL!” Using Nina’s pet name during this lurid act was even hotter. One final slam and he held his daughter’s narrow hips to his. His cock twitched and unloaded into her. She was completely still below him. For a second, he thought she had passed out, but then she whispered “Thank you, Daddy.”

“No, thank you baby. That was wonderful. Are you okay? I didn’t push too hard, did I?” Suddenly, concerned that he had been too rough. Nina was small and in her new state, he had to remember to be gentler with her.

“No, I feel fine Dad, don’t worry” Nina sat up and brushed the flour off her chest and stomach.

The two watched as Ivan thrust into his own mother’s mouth. Katrina was enjoying herself but like she had said was busy so she made quick work of the boy. In just a few moments he was jerking involuntarily. “Fuck yes, oh fuck yes.” he grunted. “GRAHHAAHHH.” They could see Katrina’s throat working to swallow the youths load. Some still dribbled past her stretched lips. When they finished, Ivan bent to kiss his mother. He licked his cum from the corner of her mouth. He then nodded a hello to his sister and father and shuffled out of the room.

“That one is all your fault, Larry.” Katrina kidded as she resumed her work.

“I don’t think anyone can explain how we got that one” Larry replied, this was a common joke concerning Ivan’s personality and behavior. He was the only artist in the family. In high school, he was a star athlete. He seemed like the all American boy. Now, he was a stanch vegetarian. He grew his hair long and dropped out of college. Lottie teased him constantly, calling him a jobless hippie.

Suddenly, Nina covered her mouth and ran from the room. This brought Larry back to the topic that had occupied his thoughts for weeks now. He and his wife had discussed how Nina was probably carrying his child. He can almost guess the encounter. He had been floating in his pool, on the first hot summer day. He had already awoken that morning to his wife sucking his cock and fingering herself. Since both sons were gone, it left Larry alone to satisfy his lusty harem. After leaving Katrina sprawled in their bed, panting, his first load of the day dribbling from her pussy, he went to shower. About halfway though he realized he was not alone. His oldest daughter Lottie had joined him, she asked her Daddy to shave her mound. While he was down there, he couldn’t resist eating her sweet peach. She gushed all over his face, there was nothing like a Lottie shower to get an old man’s cock hard again. He pushed her against the shower wall and fucked her fast. Lottie had the wildest inclinations and begged Larry to shove his finger into her ass while he fucked her. After they both came, Larry went out to work on the sprinkler system. It was hot, sweaty work and he was interrupted twice by his insatiable wife and buxom daughter. When he finished, he decided to cool off in the pool. Stripped down to nothing, he lounged on the pool chair, drifting in the water. After a while, he heard “Hi Daddy!!” Nina must have just gotten off from school. This was one of her last days of her senior year. He heard her splash into the pool. He watched the naked form of his daughter’s backside glide towards him under water. She came up next to the chair. “That was a great dive, sugar!”

“Thanks, do you want to play volleyball, Daddy?” Nina asked

“No, thank you, baby.” Larry sighed

“Wanna play Marco Polo?”

“No, sweetie. Daddy is very tired and just wants to rest.” Larry explained.

“Ohh come on, the Daddy I know is strong and never tired.” Nina teased.

“This Daddy is.”

“I bet I can prove you wrong.” Nina replied

Suddenly he felt his nimble daughter pull herself up and was quickly straddling his groin. The chair still floated in the water, hardly disturbed by the additional weight.

“I said no sex.” Larry groused.

“You said you just wanted to rest, and you still are. Just relax I’ll do all the work.” Nina had already started stroking Larry’s cock.

Larry chuckled and decided to take her up on her offer. Placing his hands behind his head he watched his 18 year old work him hard in her little hands. Then, she slowly began to lower her tight pussy down onto it. He grinned as his cock head seemed to stretch her sweet, little slit more then seemed to be possible. Inch by inch, he saw himself disappear into her. True to her word, Nina did all the work. Larry floated and his girl bounced on his cock. She moaned, and held his broad shoulders for leverage. Soon, she was cumming back to back. Nina could almost outlast her old man. Finally, when he could tell she had had enough, he let himself erupt into her. Secure in the notion that she had taken all the pills required to avoid pregnancy. The same pills she had been taking since she was 15. But soon he would learn how mistaken he was. . .

What I got myself into was a long night of fucking and sucking.

By the time we finished the pizza and beers, the sun had started to set. It was becoming a little too chilly to be sitting around naked so Mike suggested that we move into the house. Once we were in the house Marcus produced a deck of cards.

“Let the games begin,” Marcus said with a laugh.

“What games?” I asked.

“You’ll find out,” Mike said with a laugh.

The guys each drew a card and laid it on the kitchen table. Jim drew a king of clubs, Marcus a ten of diamonds and Mike a four of spades.

“Yes, I’m first,” Jim shouted.

“First at what,” I asked.

“First to fuck you,” Jim answered as he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward a bedroom.

“Remember you got thirty minutes,” Marcus yelled to our backs.

Jim continued through the bedroom into the bathroom and pulled me into a large walk in shower. We washed each other as best we could, but Jim spent more time grabbing my tits and ass and fingering my pussy. And I must admit that I spent some time sucking his cock.

Jim and I quickly dried off, and into went to the bedroom. Jim pushed me back on the bed, climbed on top and started fucking me. After a few minutes we rolled over and I was on top. I had my first orgasm while I was riding him. Jim rolled us over until we were on our sides. He turned himself around and began to lick and suck my pussy. We rolled over until I was on top again and I started sucking his cock. Shortly after I had my second orgasm Jim shot a load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed the whole salty load and then lay on top of him licking his cock and balls. The door flew open and Marcus bounded into the room.

“Time’s up fuckers,” he shouted with a laugh. Marcus grabbed me and threw me on his shoulder.

“See you later homey,” he shouted to Jim as he carried me out of the bedroom.

“Remember bro, thirty minutes,” Jim yelled.

I realized now that the guys’ plan was for each of them to have thirty minutes to fuck me alone. I wonder if they had a plan for the rest of the night. Marcus carried me outside to the pool area. It was dark outside and yard was dimly lit by a few hidden lights in the bushes and pool.

“Please, please don’t throw me in the pool. Please, it’s too cold,” I pleaded as I playfully pounded on his back.

“No it’s not, it’s heated,” he replied.

Marcus didn’t throw me in; he jumped in while still holding me. We sank straight to the bottom and he let go of me. I kicked off the bottom, shot up and broke the surface. I pushed my wet hair out of my face and looked around. Marcus suddenly broke the surface right in front of me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. He leaned in and our lips meet in a passionate embrace. He was right the pool was heated; it was nice and warm, so was Marcus’s hard cock that was poking between my legs.

He kicked his legs and we floated over to the shallow end of the pool. We bumped in to the stair case that led out of the pool. Marcus sat back on one of the stairs. He lifted me up so that my pussy lined up his cock. As I sat down on him, his cock filled my pussy and we started to fuck. We stayed connected like that for the thirty minutes Marcus had. We kissed, he played with my tits, and we floated around the shallow end but his cock was in my pussy the whole time. I came numerous times and I think he came twice.

Mike came to the pool to announce that time was up. I reluctantly climb off Marcus. I felt sad and empty as his big black cock slid out of me but I perked up when I realized I would be getting another.

Mike wrapped me in a big towel and led me into the house. We went into one of the bedrooms and he pushed me down on my knees. He pushed his cock in my face and I took him in my mouth. I sucked his cock until he got hard. Once he was hard, Mike pulled out and had me kneel on the bed. He stood at the end of the bed and entered me from behind. No seduction, no kissing, no foreplay just fucking, but he was a generous lover in one way. He reached his hand around and played with my clit.

After my first orgasm, Mike pushed me flat down on the bed. He transferred his cock to my asshole and continued fucking. He kept his hand on my clit, pleasuring me the whole time. After he shot a load of cum in my ass, he rolled me over and ate my pussy until I came a second time. He rolled over and looked at the bedside clock.

“Dam it, three minutes left,” He said with a laugh.

“Well I don’t want you to miss out on any of your play time,” I said as I rolled around and took his cock in my mouth.

Jim and Marcus burst in the door thee minutes later. Mike’s cock was still in my mouth.

“Drop your cocks and grab your socks, times up Mike,” Marcus laughingly said.

“You guys are nuts,” I jokingly said.

“What’s wrong with us? We just wanted a little alone time?” Jim asked.

“Nothing, actually it was a lot of fun but I think I should be going,” I said.

“Not yet, we had our alone fun time but there’s one more thing we want before you go,” Marcus said.

“Yeah what’s that?” I asked.

“Together time,” Marcus said.

I looked at the clock, it was nine thirty.

“I guess I could stay a little while longer.” I said.

With that they dragged me off the bed and out past the kitchen to the garage. They had turned the garage into a workout room. One wall was completely mirrored. They had big matt on the floor in front of the mirror. The rest of the room had a treadmill, a bench and couple of other workout machines.

They led me over to the matt and pushed me down on my knees. They stood around me, their semi hard cocks begging for attention. It was the beginning of the end of a long night.

I sucked and stroked their cocks until they were all hard. Marcus lay down in the middle of the matt and I mounted him. His big cock easily slid into my well used pussy. Jim knelt behind me and pushed the head of his cock into my asshole. I groaned as the muscles of my ass resisted the intrusion. With a little lube and gentle pressure he easily worked his cock into my ass. I rested for a minute, enjoying that wonderful feeling of having both of my holes stuffed full of cock.

But I had one more cock and one more hole. Mike knelt alongside me and feed me his cock. Now I was completely filled with hard cock. The guys began to move, sliding their cocks in and out driving me over the edge to the first of many powerful orgasms. All the earlier fucking and sucking had dulled the guys’ sensitivity and they were able to last a long time. I had numerous orgasms as they rotated through my holes.

We used every piece of workout equipment in ways they were never intended to satisfy our lusts. My excitement was intensified by watching every slutty act in the mirror. The night ended with a pile of exhausted bodies lying around the workout room, the guys’ cocks were drained and my pussy, ass and stomach were full of cum.

I dragged myself from the pile and took another shower. After I cleaned up I went outside and found my clothes in the back yard. When I came in Marcus and Mike were asleep. Jim was waiting to drive me back to the hotel. I threw on my beach cover-up and sandals and put my bikini in my bag.

“I like your outfit. I can see your nipples and pussy,” Jim said.

“I know, it’s the latest in beach slut wear,” I jokingly said.

“Well Brandi, you may be a slut but you’re also an amazing woman,” Jim said.

“Thank you, you guys are pretty special yourselves,” I said.

On the ride to the hotel Jim invited me to go with him, Mike, Marcus and bunch of friends out on a boat. One of his friends had a forty two foot cabin cruiser. The guys wanted to fish but he thought I might want to go for some sun and fun. I was tempted, very tempted but I didn’t know if my pussy and ass could handle another gang bang.

Jim reverted to his gentlemanly self when we got to the hotel. He jumped out of the car and opened my door. As he helped me out of the car I made sure the two young valet parking attendants got a glimpse of my ass and pussy when my cover-up rode up. I played it up for my audience; I gave Jim a long passionate kiss and grabbed his ass as I said good bye.

“So long, thank the other guys for a wonderful night,” I said a little louder than necessary.

“Look us up if you ever come back to Miami,” Jim said as he got in his car.

“I will, I’ll be back,” I said as I waited for him to drive away.

When he left I turned around and headed into the hotel. I watched out of the corner of my eye as the valets stared at me as I walked past them. It turned me on to know two young guys were checking me out. I was actually glad not to see anyone in the lobby or elevator, I was really tired. I headed straight for my room to get ready for bed. I stripped naked, and crawled into bed. I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I woke up early on Monday morning. I had forgotten to pull the drapes fully closed last night and the bright sunlight hit my face. I rolled over and tried to go back to sleep but it was no use. Once I’m awake I tend to get up. I sat in the bed and ran my hands down my body. My nipples were hard and my pussy wet, I must have been dreaming about cocks. I looked at the clock, it was only six o’clock. I didn’t have to check out until eleven and my flight wasn’t until eight tonight. I had fourteen hours to see what kind of trouble I could get myself into today.

I decided to go for a run on the beach to clear my head and get my blood going. I threw on a pair of shorts, my sports bra and my running shoes and headed down to the beach. When I got to the beach, I checked the lifeguard shack. There were a different set of life guards on duty. Jim, Mike and their friends must have gone fishing. I ran for a mile north along the water’s edge, turned around and ran back.

I was heading back to my room by cutting across the pool area when I saw Eric, my handsome stud slash waiter cleaning the pool. He was stripped down to a tight pair of running shorts and nothing else. He had a much better body than I had realized. I stopped to admire his toned muscles and cute ass as he worked. My run had done the trick, clearing my head and getting my blood flowing, but now the blood was flowing to my pussy. I felt my nipples harden and my pussy get wet as I watched Eric work.

The slut side of my mind took over and quickly decided that I had to have him once more and for a longer time, not just a quickie. My pussy and ass might not be up for a gang bang but I was sure they could handle one cock. I went over to near where he was working and began doing cool down stretches. He had his back to me and I took a minute to check out his ass again. I made a little more noise than necessary and he turned around. He looked around the pool area and saw we were alone.

“Hello Brandi, it’s nice to see you,” he said as he smiled.

“Hello Eric, it’s nice to see you too. Do you do everything around here, room service, waiter, pool cleaning, seducing poor unsuspecting older women?” I playfully asked.

“Um ah no, I um thought you, um I mean…you wanted …” he said as the blood drained from his face and he looked panicked and confused.

“I’m sorry, I was just teasing. I wanted it as much as you,” I said as stepped up next to him.

“You got me.” He said as his color returned to normal and he smiled. “But I don’t think anyone could have wanted it more than me. That first time when I saw you bend over in just a towel, oh my god. I thought I would cum right there,” He added in a whisper.

“I am so glad my plan worked. But you didn’t answer me. Do you do everything around here?” I asked.

“No, the pool guy needed a day off. It’s my day off. I had nothing to do this morning so I came in for some overtime,” he said.

“How much more work do you have to do?” I asked.

“About a half hours’ worth,” he answered.

“Got anything else to do after that?” I asked.

“Later around noon,” he answered.

“You want something to do til then?” I asked as I gently ran my fingers down his arm.

“Sure what” he asked as he looked around.

“Me,” I said as kissed him on the cheek. “Come to my room when you’re done,” I added and walked away.

I hurried off to my room. I took a shower and scrubbed all the important places. I wanted to make sure my pussy was nice and clean for Eric. I dried myself off and waited by the door. I had to laugh at myself; a mature woman waiting for a teenage lover like some young virginal school girl, except a young virginal school girl probably wouldn’t wait in the nude.

I heard a knock on the door and checked through the security peep hole and saw Eric standing at the door. He had put on a tee shirt and was nervously looking up and down the hall. I opened the door and stood there totally naked, blocking the doorway. Eric’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

“You have too much clothes on to …cum in here, strip,” I said with a naughty smile.

“What, you’re kidding,” he said laughing.

“No every other time, you left some clothes on and I was naked. I want you naked,” I said.

“You’re crazy,” he said still laughing but he quickly kicked his sandals into the room and took off his tee shirt.

“What about the shorts?” I asked. ” I wanta see your cock,” I added.

He quickly looked up and down the hallway and asked, “What if someone sees me?”

“Don’t you wanta fuck? If you want to, you gotta get naked before you come in,” I said.

“Oh my god, you are crazy,” He laughingly said as he pulled off his shorts.

“Turn around I want check out your ass,” I said.

“Come on, someone could see me,” he said as he quickly turned completely around once and looked at me. Then he glanced up and down the hall.

“Ok if that’s the best I’m gonna get, you might as well come in, but I want more than a quickie,” I said as I stepped away from the door.

“Don’t worry Brandi, you’re getting more than that,” He said.

Eric quickly stepped in and closed the door. We looked at each other’s naked bodies for a moment before I looked up into his eyes. Then I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him down for a kiss. Our lips met in a hot passionate embrace, our tongues slipping into each other’s mouths. He put his arms around me and pulled me close to his body. My hard excited nipples rubbed against his chest as his hard cock pressed against my belly. He slid his hands down my back and caressed the firm taut flesh of my buttocks.

We shared a long passionate kiss before we needed to come up for air. We broke the kiss and looked into each other’s eyes.

“Wow, I wanted to do that since the first time,” he said.

“Me too,” I said.

I kissed him again on the cheek, the chin and the neck as I worked my way down his body. I licked and nipped his nipples as I moved down his chest to his belly. I dragged my tongue through his belly button as I slid down to his cock. I squatted down in front of Eric and kissed and licked the area around his cock and balls. He moaned as I took hold of his cock and stroked my hand up and down its length. In a short time it was hard, hard as a steel rod. I flicked my tongue across the head lapping up the precum that was leaking from the sensitive opening. Eric groaned when I put the head of his cock in my mouth and ran my tongue around it. I pushed more of his cock into my mouth and began bobbing my head up and down his shaft. When I held and caressed his balls Eric cried out that he was going to cum. I looked up at Eric’s eyes; they were open and staring at me. I wrapped my lips tightly around his cock and continued fondling his balls. His cock quivered in my mouth and fired spurt after spurt of cum down my throat. I pulled him out of my mouth as the last drops leaked from his cock. I put my tongue on the head, licked up the last morsel and swallowed.

Eric pulled me up to my feet. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bed. He placed me on the bed and held himself up above me with his knees between my legs. His cock, still as hard a steel bar poked into my groin and slid up to rest on top of my pussy. The heat of his cock set waves of pleasure through my pussy. He leaned in and kissed me, quick pecks at first but soon with more passion. He broke the kiss and moved down my body, kissing and biting my ears, neck, and shoulders. He brought a hand up and caressed my breast before rubbing the nipple between his fingers. He leaned his head down and took the nipple in his mouth. He kissed, licked sucked and nibbled the delicate nipple into a hard pointy nub. He moved his mouth to my other breast giving it the same loving treatment before kissing his way down my stomach to my pussy.

Eric slid off the bed, dragging me back until my ass was on the edge. He knelt on the floor between my legs and lifted them on his shoulders. Eric just looked at my pussy for a minute; my lips were puffy and glistening with a coat of my feminine juices. He ran his tongue up through the center of my cunt, starting at the bottom, and working up to the top but stopping just short of my clit. His used his thumbs to pull my pussy lips apart as he stuck his tongue deep into my opening, drinking up my nectar. He kept returning to the area near my clit but never touch it, working me to a fever pitch. I shuddered and moaned with each tantalizing flick of his tongue. I needed to cum and I needed it bad.

Eric used his tongue on the hood over my clit and gently pushed it back, exposing the sensitive organ. He slowly drew circles around the clit with the tip of his tongue. I groaned in pleasure as he slowly increased the speed and pressure of his tongue. Around and around his tongue went driving me closer and closer to the wonderful climax I craved. I grabbed his head and held him in place as I cried out in pleasure. My hips flexed up off the bed as my whole body tensed up. I clasped my legs together trapping Eric between my thighs. My breathing came in erratic gasps as a wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over my body. My body went limp, and I fell back drained, panting and moaning. Two thoughts flooded my mind, one, for a young guy Eric really knew how to please a woman and two he wasn’t leaving this room until I had my fill of him.

When my breathing returned to Eric stood up and bent down over me. I put my arms around his neck and pulled his head down to mine. We kissed again; I could taste my juices on his lips and tongue. He slipped an arm under me and moved us closer to the center of the bed. He slipped his arm out from under me and held himself above me. Our lips were still locked in a passionate embrace. He was on his knees between my legs with his cock rubbing against my pussy. I reached between our bodies and ran my hand up and down the length of his rock hard cock. I adjusted it and he pushed the head into my pussy. Inch by inch he slowly slid more of his cock into me until I could feel his pubic bone hit my sensitive clit. I broke our kiss and moaned in pleasure.

Eric pulled back and his cock slid out until just the head was in my pussy. Slowly he slid the entire length back in. He pushed his hips up, rubbing his pubic bone across my clit, sending jolts of pleasure coursing through my body. Over and over he went, slowly sliding his cock into me and grinding his pubic area against my clit. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and ground myself against his hard body stoking the fires of my passion. Each stroke, each touch was inflaming my desire until I exploded. I cried out in orgasmic delight as the waves of pleasure consumed my senses.

Eric held himself up over my body as I recovered and my breathing returned to normal. His cock was still hard and buried deep in my pussy. He moved his legs and rolled us over so that I was on top of him. Slowly he began flexing his hips, grinding his cock up into my pussy. I pushed myself up and rode his cock up and down. Eric reached up and fondled my breasts, roughly pinching and pulling the sensitive nipples. Each painful touch transformed into pleasurable delight as it surged through my body. Faster and faster we ground our bodies together, racing toward wonderful orgasmic bliss. I moaned again and again as a rush of erotic delight wash over my body, triggering mine and Eric’s orgasm. He pulled me down on his cock as it fired spurt after spurt of cum deep in my pussy. I collapsed on top of Eric, both of us panting and moaning in the afterglow of our powerful orgasms.

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Excerpt from the private diary of Nguye’t Morrison

Wed, 27th April, 2011

I haven’t had a chance to update this since Saturday, things have been a little…hectic, shall we say. After Jamie gave me such a stunning Graduation present, he surprised me with a trip to Paris, and put a ring on my finger. I must show it to Julie and Shelagh, do a little gloating, well, a lot of gloating, the rock is enormous, or, as dad put it, bigger than a pimple on a pig’s arse; he’s such an old-fashioned romantic, how did mum resist him for as long as she did…

Jamie brought back something from his sojourn in Vietnam that made my weekend, in a ‘this is terrible but it’s also fantastic’ sort of way; details of the sordid dealings of that animal who stole my sister when she was 3-weeks old. It made terrible, horrifying reading, and it made me feel deeply unclean, but it gave us a definite lead on where to begin looking for Hu’e, and it finally let me know the true extent of the pain and loss that man has caused. I’m not sorry to say that I feel a great deal of schadenfreude, ‘Shameful Joy’, to know that he’s probably being tortured or raped in a hell-hole prison right now; sometimes natural justice does get a chance to work, and he’s probably lucky at that; if it were up to me, I’d tie the rope and kick away the chair…

I gave Polar Bear the low-down on how to bend the law sufficiently to allow us to get married, he wants to know why I’m not running for Parliament, and dad’s worried I’ll take up bank fraud as a hobby, but I just wanted my Polar Bear to be aware that the clock’s ticking; mum gave him the speech, the verbal equivalent of choosing to cut the red wire or the blue wire, and it finally percolated through; he may be a whiz at determining deep well yields and thingies, but when it comes to the realities of human marital customs,and the intricacies involved in planning weddings and suchlike, like all men, he’s a complete arse-head; he couldn’t seem to see that putting a ring on a girl’s finger and thinking it ends there is not a good or healthy thing to do, especially if said girl wears stiletto heels and is willing, purely in a spirit of scientific enquiry, to discover if it’s possible to push one though a man’s instep and nail his foot to the floor.

Sometimes poor Jamie is all too living proof that the average man’s head is a large echoing space, with only three active neurons; one each for football, beer, and scratching, all enclosed by a thick bony case that’s a good place to hang his ears, that sometimes looks like George Clooney, but more often like Mickey Rooney.

Anyway, we ‘re waiting with bated breath for a package from one more of his mysterious, nefarious, nay, downright shady contacts in one of the world’s lesser-known waste spaces, he refused to discuss it with Jamie via email, so it’s obviously relevant and important enough to send by bonded courier. Apparently the man is some sort of Frontier Sheriff-type, hand never too far from his gun, 1,000 yard stare, all that stuff, and I keep asking myself; how does an oil prospector from South London ever meet shady characters like that, is there some sort of secret society they belong to, The Ancient and Elucidated Order of The Wandering Idiots, or is there a real Star Wars-type cantina out there somewhere, where some murky Han Solo-ish character waits for people like Jamie to show up? Enquiring minds want to know…

You’re waffling, girl, stop it.

The Polar Bear is trying to look all nonchalant, but I’ve been able to see through him since I was 3 years old, and he’s definitely keyed-up and excited; I know he’s trying to keep me from getting my hopes up, but he really should give me more credit than that; I know that whatever happens, we couldn’t be any worse off than we are now; we’re currently in a state of advanced ignorance about where Hu’e went after she was taken, and if this package has no new information, we’re still ignorant of her whereabouts — it’s not additive, we won’t suddenly become more ignorant, no matter what, it just means we start looking again, and find someone else to help us, and fretting about it and clicking and drumming fingers on tables and pacing and flicking TV channels aimlessly does no good to anyone, and really, really gets on my nerves. I just wish he’d go to the pub, find an old school friend and get smashed, blow-off some of that excess nervous energy, because he’s driving me up the bloody wall!


This week has been the slowest week on record, every day since we got back from Paris has been one of those days where suddenly! nothing happened, and it’s been fantastic. This is my first real break from work/study in 6 years, and Nia’s not due to start her new job until May 16th, so two whole weeks of Nia and lounging around. What shall we do, what shall we do?

I had a couple of suggestions for her, but she deep-sixed those, she said it was impractical, that walking bow-legged into her new job was bound to cause comment; she’s not closed and barred the bedroom door or anything; nor is she averse to more than a little wild whoo-hoo; she just believes I should give her a sporting chance to get away now and again…she did suggest I give my dirty mind a good wash, and get a proper shave while I’m at it, designer stubble works on Brad Pitt, on me it just looks…scraggy, like a badly-mowed lawn.

Nia killed some time by going to Lambeth Town Hall and filing a Deed Poll, a legal instrument to legally change her name, to Nguye’t Laura Vienh Lo, mum’s maiden name, this being Part One of her nefarious plan to outwit the Registrar when we registered our overseas wedding. With a few little tweaks and refinements, it was the plan she’d outlined in Paris, tested it out on dad, and gone ahead with putting it in motion. Hopefully we’d get the paperwork through in a couple of days, then we could book flights to Hong Kong for the purposes of getting married, so we’d just have a couple of days away; we’d pay with jet-lag, but it would be worth it.

I waited, impatiently, I’ll admit, for my package from Thawip in Thailand, he said it would be interesting, and he gave me the name of a bloke in the HKPF, the Hong Kong Police, which intrigued me; it’s a bit of a leap from Luang Prabang in Laos to Hong Kong, maybe if this bloke had something to tell me it would be worth going out to see him; I had an appointment with Aboitiz Geotech-Orient in Tagbilaran City, in the Philippine Visayas, in late May, looking at offshore gas extraction possibilities in the Camotes Sea, maybe I could reschedule and hop over to Hong Kong to kill two birds with one stone, it’s only a little over an hour from Manila to Hong Kong. I decided to see if this package merited meddling with my schedule.

I did know one thing though; if I went out to Hong Kong, no way Nia was coming with me; I didn’t like the idea of her getting it into her head to do a bit of sleuthing while she was out there, the authorities take a dim view of that sort of free-enterprise, that’s what the HKPF and the PAP (People’s Armed Police) are for, and they don’t appreciate amateur interference; they have an unfortunate habit of speaking English right up to the point where you need to explain yourself then they suddenly stop understanding English and start writing out your confession in fluent Mandarin…

Nia, of course, will definitely refuse to see it that way. Amongst her many adorable traits is a doggedness that sometimes flares up into outright rebellion, hopefully she’d stay quiet and do the think-work, let me do the leg-work, maybe we’d meet somewhere in the middle. I decided to pop into the office later, see if I could switch things around, once this package got here and Nia had a chance to digest what, if anything, it actually meant.

Saturday morning passed into Saturday afternoon, and just as I was thinking that it wouldn’t arrive until Monday, the doorbell chimed. When I opened the door, a man in a courier uniform stood there holding a bulky sealed package. I signed for it and tore the packet open. Inside was a thick wad of photocopied pages and photographs of various sinister-looking men, all holding number plaques, obviously mug-shots, maps, and copies of UN and American Drug Enforcement Agency reports and commentaries. All in all, there must have been 300-plus pages, more information than I had hoped for, now all we had to do was make sense of it all, and then maybe we’d get our next move.

Nia was delighted, she immediately latched onto the police reports, sorting them by date, oldest first, some of them dating back to 1980, and tying them up with the stack of mug-shots. After a while, one of the piles of reports began to refer increasingly to one man, a harmless-looking middle-aged man named Han Wu, sometimes labelled ‘Jimmy’, with an increasing number of references to something called 14K, and other references to something or someone called ‘Kuomintang’, which sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

This Jimmy character seemed to spend a lot of time being questioned in Chiang Mai, and had been granted numerous visa’s to Laos, flying to Vientiane almost every month. He also seemed to take an extraordinary amount of holidays to Canada, flying to Toronto three or four times a year on a multiple holiday visa, and there was a DEA report linking him to something called ‘The KMT’. He was linked with several of the others in the pile of mug-shots, with reports that tallied as to dates when they had all been in Chiang Mai, Luang Prabang, Singapore and Hong Kong at the same time, and many of them seemed to enjoy travelling to Canada almost as much as ‘Jimmy’. These were just snippets Nia passed over to me as she read through and collated one report after another. I decided that the UN reports would make an interesting read. I was not wrong.

I was appalled to read that the annual trade in babies and children from South East Asia and China was estimated at $10 billion, a figure that paled into insignificance when the global figure was given as a comparison; $130 billion, a staggering sum, hundreds of thousands of children stolen, extorted or removed by corrupt officials and sold to middle-men, and taken all over the world, with large numbers of children being taken to Canada for adoption across the border, and there was that ’14K’ again. Children from Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, they all seemed to funnel through a group of societies with strange, exotic names; Shui Fong, Sun Yee On, Wo Shing Wo, Wo Hop To, 14K again, and KMT in the Golden Triangle. Uh-Oh.

There was also mention of a Japanese group, Kokuryukai, but what they were supposed to be I couldn’t guess, the DEA reports mentioned them in passing, but that was all. So now I had a whole bunch of groups with odd names, and people who lived in Hong Kong but seemed to have lavish lifestyles in Singapore, liked holidaying in Canada, and spent a lot of time making short trips to Laos; were these people the Snake-Heads who bought baby Hu’e and sold her on?

My head was hurting now, and I could see Nia was starting to flag; information overload was setting in. I made an executive decision.

“Come on you, time enough for this later, I want to play!” I said as I grabbed her hand and took the sheaf of reports out of it. She looked rebellious for a moment, then grinned.

“I thought you’d never get round to it, Polar Bear, I was resigned to spending Saturday night reading police reports, I see I was mistaken; so now you got my attention, entertain me, you big beefy oilfield roughneck you!” she laughed throatily, instantly elevating my testosterone levels and making my libido tango around somewhere south of my navel…

Nia is a beautiful girl, and when she bats those big, blue, exotic almond eyes of hers at me I go all funny; well parts of me do; other parts develop a mind of their own, and the most insistent one was Jamie jr, who was currently making a determined effort to unfurl, climb out of my jeans and smack her on the forehead.

“I see you came fully loaded, Mr Oilman, planning on doing any probing with that there rig of yours?” she cooed at me, eyes dancing as I pulled her to her feet. She slid her arms around my neck and pulled herself close to me, kissing me softly, purposefully, very, very sexily, all the while rubbing herself firmly against the bulge in my jeans.

My hands drifted down to hold and clutch her perfect, taut little bottom, her cheeks like two firm peaches. I pulled her against myself, thrusting my groin into her, feeling her breathing hitch and slow down as she ground more purposefully against me. Nia has a way of grinding against me that makes all rational thought boogie right out of the room, and I was having a real problem focussing on my own seduction moves.

I slid my hands inside her leggings, savouring the feel of her warm silky skin, the taut springiness of her perfect little bum, and the warm dampness as I slid my hands further under to lightly caress her tight slit.

Nia jumped slightly, her lips curving against mine as she smiled, and I began sliding her leggings down, while she began fumbling with my jeans, trying to pop the button while I groped and squeezed her delectable little bottom and rubbed her slit more seriously, eventually sliding a finger into her.

She sighed at that, her hand on my zipper more urgent now. We broke apart so I could tug down my zipper, Nia pushing my jeans down so I could kick them away while I was hurriedly tugging down her leggings.

She pulled her top off to reveal her lovely little bubbies, coral-pink nipples already erect and solid, just waiting for me to bite and suck, and my best friend was seriously trying to uncoil and come to full mast, and Nia didn’t help matters by grabbing hold of it through my shorts and grinning “Ooo, is this all for me, Jamie? How sweet!”

I lost no time in slipping off my shorts, and helping Nia take off her panties (she didn’t need any help, but I do like sliding them off her, oh yes!), then leading her into the bedroom, Jamie Jr pointing the way.

Once we got into the bedroom, she kissed me seriously, her arms locked around my neck as she propelled me backwards, until the backs of my knees hit the bed and I went over backwards, with Nia landing on me in a lovely giggling confusion of arms and lips and pink jiggly bits. Her hand came down to fondle me as I licked and nibbled the first thing I could reach, one of her delectable pink nipples, Nia immediately squeezing me as I gently bit and sucked on the solid little point, firm and hard as the eraser on the end of a pencil. Her hand began to pump as she squeezed my cock, the feeling of her hand on me absolutely out of this world.

She leaned up and slid to the floor on her knees, kneeling between my legs as I sat on the edge of the bed, her hand still working at my cock.

“Stand up, Polar Bear, I have something for you!” she smiled slyly, making my cock twitch in anticipation.

As I stood up, Nia licked up and down the length of my cock, before kissing down my length to my scrotum, licking and breathing on me, before slowly sucking one of my balls into her mouth and gently rolling it with her lips, nearly making me blow my load there and then. She relinquished it and slowly sucked in the other one, doing the same, and I was reduced to counting backwards from one million to prevent all hell breaking loose…

She released me from her warm mouth and licked her way back up to my dripping cock head, lubricant pouring out of me and coating almost the entire length of my steel-hard cock. She licked and grinned at me, then slowly slipped her lips over the end of my cock, her head bobbing as she sucked, drawing me in deeper with every downward motion of her head, until all of my seven inches was in her mouth, her nose brushing the pubic hair at the root of my cock and my head in her throat. She began to work her throat, her throat muscles squeezing me as she gently squeezed my scrotum. She lowly withdrew me from her throat, to suck and lick at my sensitive glans, while I enjoyed the impressive view of her pale creamy back and her taut round buttocks as she bobbed and sucked at me, driving me crazy, my legs trembling as I tried desperately not to come, but I was fighting a losing battle,

“Nia…I’m… Oh God…! I gasped, as I passed the point of no return, and she looked up at me, grinned around me and pumped and squeezed me harder, driving me over the edge. My head swelled and twitched, and as I started to come, she pulled me from her mouth as my spunk jetted out of me, the first pulse hitting her across her lips, the second across her cheek. Six times I shot, each rope of spunk splashing into her beautiful face, until she was drenched in my seed, and I had stopped ejaculating. She popped me back into her mouth to clean the last trickles of spunk bubbling from me, and licked her lips clear of the semen that had dripped down her face, grinning wickedly at me as she did so. I sat down as my legs gave way, handing her something to wipe my spunk from her face and chest.

“That was …amazing, baby, what brought that on?” I asked when I got my breath back.

Nia gave me that grin again. “Julie told me about it, said I should try it once; apparently men love it. Did you?”

My answer was inarticulate as I grabbed her, making her shriek and giggle as I tickled her. As I touched and rubbed and groped her, her giggles grew less, and her breathing deepened. When I stopped to let her catch her breath, she sat astride me, pushed me flat and kissed me like there was no tomorrow, putting all her considerable talent and inventiveness into it. She began to wriggle and squirm and rub herself against me, and I knew what she wanted me to do.

I pulled her down beside me and kissed her sexy little nipples, pulling the rubbery nubs between my lips to make her gasp and giggle, then licking between her breasts, and continuing down to her navel, tickling her little ‘innie’ with the tip of my tongue before dragging my tongue luxuriously through the small trimmed heart-shaped patch of pubic hair, loving the feel of the short, soft silky hairs against my tongue, before dipping my tongue into the apex of her slit, into the little furrow between the folds of her vulva where her hooded clitoris lay concealed .

Nia sighed and murmured softly as I gently insinuated my tongue tip into her slit and lightly licked her clitoris, feeling the little bud firming under my tongue, and her lips beginning to swell as her arousal climbed.

The warm scent began to tease me, the delicate, perfume of her arousal tormenting my nostrils and making my mouth water as I suddenly needed to taste her further, feel her against my tongue as I held her and fondled her warm flesh. I moved between her thighs, kissing and nibbling around her vulva, licking her at the apex of her thighs, that soft crease where her thighs met on either side of her pussy, gently biting and licking without touching her labia, making her shift and wriggle slowly, trying to push her vulva against my lips. Nia moaned softly as she moved against me, her need building as I teased and gently tormented her, playing a game we had played many times before.

At last, I needed to taste her more than I needed to play, and my tongue slid between her swollen lips, making her gasp out loud at the sudden invasion, the sensation of my mouth on her, licking, sucking, and nibbling. Her hands cradled my head as she held me against her, my senses filled with the scent and taste of her as I licked and savoured, and she hunched her groin against me as hard as she could, bearing down on my face as I strained against her. I licked her soft spongy little anus, probing with my tongue pointed as I pushed into her, rubbing her clitoris gently with my thumb as I slowly invaded her secret place. I could feel her getting close, her gasps and sighs, her insistent movements against me, the tension in her thighs as they enfolded my head, all told me she was nearing that place, and when I jammed my tongue into her anus as hard as I could, she came with a loud groaning sigh, her back arching as her fluids sprayed out of her, squirting across my face and neck, bathing me in her scent and taste. I kept stabbing my tongue into her while rubbing her clitoris, and her orgasm rolled on and on, the tendons in her thighs like steel wires as she tensed and clamped them around my head, locking me against her as she rode her climax to its end, her breathing coming in a series of hitching groans as each comber of pleasure rolled over her.

Now her knees opened and she slumped back, twitching and shuddering as her orgasm swirled and slowly faded from her, her arms spread wide, totally at peace now, a small satisfied smile on her face as her breathing evened-out and her heart rate returned to normal. I kissed her swollen pussy one last time, making her jump and giggle as she sighed happily, and reached for the wash-cloth to swab my face and neck of her richly-scented ejaculate, burying my face in the cloth for a moment to breathe-in her exciting, delicate, fresh aroma one more time.

I moved up to lie next to her, her arm coming around me as she pulled herself up against me, and kissed me deeply, her tongue sliding around against mine as we tasted each other again.

“Mmmm! You taste like me! Do I always taste so nice?” she murmured, a small smile dancing on her lips.

I pulled her close, my hands slipping down to hold her by her delectably taut little buttocks, my cock between us as the effects of her kiss made themselves felt on me.

“Princess, you always taste wonderful! I could eat you every day, and nothing else!” I grinned, and I meant it; she really was delicious!

“Darling Bear, you always know exactly what to say!” she murmured back, a slow, sleepy smile gracing her lips as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled herself into the crook of my neck, her breathing slowing almost immediately as she slipped into sleep.

I lay for a while, enjoying the feel of her warm silky skin against mine, the tantalising scent of her hair, and the warm, subtle scent complex that always surrounded her, that perfume, aroma, call it what you will, that was uniquely hers, that always said to me ‘Nia’; I could have found her if I were blindfolded in a coal-mine at midnight just by following the tendrils of that subtle scent.

When she was deeply asleep, I pulled the covers up over her, and quietly slid out of bed, to take a shower in the main bathroom rather than disturb her by using our own little en-suite shower room, and then go back to doing a little light reading; the criminal careers of some of the most unsavoury looking characters I hope never to meet.

After an hour or so, I called up and ordered some Chinese; I wasn’t in the mood to cook, and I didn’t think Nia would welcome the idea of dining out, and woke her to have a shower before dinner arrived.

We tacitly agreed to not discuss the papers we’d received earlier over dinner, electing to enjoy our informal meal, chat about friends, upcoming projects, anything except the search for Hu’e.

Once we’d finished, I outlined my immediate plan.

“Princess, I’m going to call this Tang Tao Lieng person in Hong Kong tonight; Thawip made a point of mentioning him, so I think I’d better take the hint. Hopefully he’ll be able to help us narrow-down who we should be concentrating on; this stuff here is too dense, there’s too much information, we really need to talk to someone who can separate the sheep from the goats for us; I think I can feel the shape of what we need to do next, but there’s too much else in the way. So let’s get some real help; agreed?”

She nodded agreement.

“You’ll have to call him after midnight; Hong Kong’s 8 hours ahead of us, so right now it’s 4am there; I doubt he’d be feeling very cooperative if you call him right now!”


Friday, April 29, 2011

San Francisco

Park Presidio & Balboa

Bethany stepped off the Muni train onto the sidewalk and began walking home, cursing venal mechanics who wanted exorbitant sums for dinky little repairs, Chevrolet for making such easily damaged cars, Cory for buying her the Chevelle in the first place — classic my ass, she thought, if it was such a classic, why did she hear everyone in the service bay snickering as she left? And why the hell did the Service Center have to be all the way down at El Camino and Alemany? Was that even in San Francisco? No it wasn’t. With her head full of dark thoughts of what she was going to do to him for not buying her the Toyota, it took her a moment to realise someone was calling out to her.

“Hey, Lady, you dropped something, hey, excuse me…!”

She looked behind her, seeing a Chinese boy, maybe 12 or 13, wearing an old ‘Tygers of Pan Tang’ t-shirt and expensive-looking new sneakers.

“I’m sorry, did you speak to me?” she asked, and the kid nodded, holding out something in his hand. Bethany looked at it; it was a button of some sort.

She smiled at him. “I’m sorry, that’s not mine, you must be mistaken.”

The boy shook his head. “I saw it fall from your pocket, lady, who else could it belong to?”

Bethany grinned and took it from him, a strange feeling of…anticipation, significant and important flashing through her as she touched his hand, then it was gone as quickly as it came, leaving her momentarily disoriented. Shaking the odd feeling off, she examined the object closely. It was some kind of Chinese New Year token, maybe, a red ceramic coin-shaped token with a golden tiger face embossed on it, quite attractive really, with a feel of…antiquity? No matter, it was attractive enough to keep as a conversation piece, if nothing else.

“Well, OK” she smiled, “Thank you!”

She turned to continue her way home, but an impulse made her turn to the boy again.

“I still say this isn’t mine, but thank you anyway, it was very kind of you to stop me like that. What’s your name?” she asked him.

“The boy grinned. “Me? My name’s Hu, but you can call me…Jamie.”

Bethany smiled. “Well thank you again, Jamie, you have a good evening, OK?”

Jamie winked at her.

“You too, Bethany!” he grinned, and Bethany smiled back at him, turned and continued on her way home, her annoyance at Cory forgotten for some reason, her fine oriental features showing only a happy anticipation at getting home to her family at the end of a long day. It wasn’t until she was almost home that it suddenly struck her; he’d called her by her name, but she hadn’t told him her name…had she?

The boy watched her leave, the evening sun and the shadows off the overhead cables momentarily banding his face, striping him black and gold and making his eyes flare orange for a second, then he smiled and sauntered away.


By the time I got to call my new contact in Hong Kong, Nia was long asleep; she’d had a strenuous evening and a good meal, and by 12 am was struggling to keep her eyes open; her constant yawning was making me yawn along with her, but eventually she got the hint and went to bed. I dialled the number Thawip had had given me.

The line burred a couple of times, then answered with a beep.

“Organised Crime & Fraud Reporting, Lieng here” said a cultured oriental voice, just a hint of accent in an otherwise flawless English pronunciation.

“Hello,” I replied, “is this Tang Tao Lieng?” I asked.

“This is he, how may I help you?” asked the voice.

This was it.

“You won’t know me, but I was given your name by a friend in the Royal Thai Army Border Force, Colonel Thawip Netniyom. My name is …”

He interrupted me. “James, James Morrison, yes, Thawip spoke with me about you and your…problem, I was wondering when you would be calling me!”

At least he was on the ball, which was reassuring.

He continued.

“I’ve been looking at the information Thawip sent you, much of it is intelligence we already had, some of it adds to what we already knew, the whole thing though is very informative. Do you have Skype? I don’t want to discuss this over an open telephone line.”

I gave him my Skype address, and he told me to stand by, before hanging up.

I immediately went into the bedroom and flipped open my laptop and enabled Skype, and a few seconds later the video-call tone sounded. I answered, and there was the face of Lieng, a young-looking Chinese man of indeterminate age, in blue Hong Kong Police Force coveralls.

He smiled. “You are a lot like Thawip described you, James, he was very…glad to help you, he likes you very much!”

I was curious about how they knew each other, and Lieng was happy to chat informally.

“When I joined the police, Hong Kong was still a Crown Colony. I served under Harry Waterfield, and he sent me on my first assignment, as part of the diplomatic protection unit at the Thai Embassy. Thawip was the Defence Attaché, and we became friendly. When Hong Kong was handed back in 1997, Harry left, as did a lot of good officers, to go to Brunei, Singapore, Oman, and I became one of the senior officers, and because Harry had trained me, I was respected and quickly promoted; he’s still a legend here!”

“The unit I lead investigates organised crime and fraud, especially corporate fraud; the lifeblood of Hong Kong is the banking system, if the mainland lost faith in it, that would be the end of us as a Special Administrative Area, so we keep close tabs on those we suspect of activities which would impact negatively on the image of Hong Kong as a safe place to keep your money. Some of those people you have been looking at, and the organisations they work for, have been on our radar for a while now. Tell me, James, what do you know of the ‘Triads’”?

All I could honestly say was that I had seen and heard references to this group, but had no idea what they really were. Lieng gave me a quick rundown of the activities of the most powerful and widespread of the Triad groups, Sun Yee On, Wo Shing Wo, Wo Hop To, The Kuomintang, or KMT, and the 14K. My ears pricked up at the mention of these last two. He even told me that one of the larger groups, The Black Dragon, was active and powerful in the UK, which stunned me.

I had a question about this stuff, something that was nagging at me.

“Lieng, this man, Jimmy Han Wu, where does he come into it all, why is he so prominent in your reports?”

Lieng grinned at me.

“I was wondering if you would notice him! Han Wu is the grandson of a Nationalist Army General who was one of Chiang Kai Shek’s henchmen in the Nationalist, or Kuomintang Army during the1920′s and 30′s. After the defeat of the Nationalists in 1949 by the Communist forces, Chiang retreated to Formosa, but part of the Kuomintang Army refused to settle in Formosa, instead they moved west and south, into the hills and jungles of Northern Burma, Thailand and Laos, and began recruiting local warlords and bandits and organising them into criminal gangs. They created the world’s first reliable supply of heroin, and the area they still largely control is called The Golden Triangle. Han Wu is part of that, but is also a powerful and long-standing member of 14K Triad, with a foot in both camps, and many powerful connections. As luck would have it, we have him in custody, he made the mistake of coming here once too often, and we apprehended him at Chek lap Kok as he was boarding a flight to Vancouver.

“I have been hearing some fascinating stories from him about what he’s been doing. I’m holding him for as long as I need him to tell me things, and he keeps telling me things, because the alternative is a dimly-lit room and a rope in Beijing. Under British rule, because of the laws they insisted on saddling themselves with, he could come and go with impunity; all he need was a good lawyer, and the Triads have lots of those. Today, we have a slightly more realistic approach, which is talk or hang, choose now. None of his mainland political connections will say a word in his defence, otherwise we will start looking at them too, and we have plenty of rope…”

I was taking this all in, and I sensed Nia behind me, looked at her to see her eyes large as she listened to our conversation.

“Tell me, Lieng,” I asked, “What do you know of his or his cronies’ involvement in the baby traficking racket, in Vietnam especially?”

Lieng leaned closer to the screen, a look of distaste on his face.

“I have learned much over the years of what he and his ‘Snake-Head’ friends have been doing with babies, girls, slaves, it is a sickening story, like something out of the corrupt Imperial past; babies stolen for sale in the west, peasants kidnapped and sold as slaves to Burmese and Laotian warlords for their poppy plantations, young girls lured away or seized and sold into brothels in Brazil, Russia, Korea, Japan. The babies were always funnelled through Thailand and into Singapore, and then sold in Canada and the US, the new Russian states. A few have gone to England, but not many, it is a small place, with a closed border, and it is very difficult to slip in and out quietly, not like America, with its hundreds of miles of unmonitored border with Canada.”

“I’m sending you a contact in Singapore who heads a unit similar to mine, but concentrating on child trafficking. Han Wu has been most diligent in keeping records, and my friend in Singapore has them as well, he will be able to do more for you there than I can here. I think you will be able to track your sister better with him, he has good contacts in the west, especially in America and Canada, and I think you will have some luck with him. I must go now, this connection will be noticed if I keep it open for too long, but I wish you luck!”

He leaned towards the screen again,

“And miss…?”

Nia looked up, startled, as he spoke to her for the first time.

“Do not worry, Hu Ye will protect her!”

He broke the connection, leaving Nia looking stunned at his words.

“Jamie, did you…!” she began, and I nodded, as stunned as she.

“How did he know, Jamie, how did he know?” she asked me, and I could only shake my head.

“I don’t know, princess, I really don’t, but I’m glad he does!”

I opened my message box and read off the contact Lieng had sent me.

“Nia look at this, it’s the man in Singapore, Kalbahadur Limbu, he’s a Police Inspector.”

I called the number, and was rewarded with an immediate response.

“Hello, I would like to speak To Inspector Limbu, please, I’m calling from England!” I said.

“You’re speaking to him,” he replied, “How may I help you?”

I switched the phone to loudspeaker and took a deep breath. “Inspector, My name is James Morrison, I was told to speak with you by Tang Tao Lieng in Hong Kong, I am trying to track a child that was stolen in Vietnam, from the Da Nang area and sold in December 1983 or January 1984; I have a description of her…”

The inspector interrupted me.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Morrison, but I have a great deal of information, about a great many individuals, children or otherwise. I know the case you are talking about, Lieng was quite thorough in the materials he sent me, but I will need some time to cross reference what you have with the material Lieutenant Lieng has sent me. Do you have anything other than the information from Lieng, something that can be used to identify the child?”

Nia sat bolt upright.

“Jamie, the stuff you brought from Da Nang, my spreadsheet! Tell him yes, get an email address, we can get this to him right away!”

I passed this on, and the inspector gave me his email, and hung up after promising me we would speak again soon.

Nia was in a state of high excitement now, pacing and muttering as soon as she’d emailed her spreadsheet to the Inspector.

“Jamie, I can feel it, we’re getting somewhere at last, oh please, let him have the stuff we need, I can’t take this anymore!”

I hugged her to me, trying to calm her down, she was almost babbling now, talking about booking flights to Singapore in the morning, wild stuff like that. I managed to convince her to wait, to let Limbu do his search through his files, then, if anything turned up, we’d start making travel plans.

At last I persuaded her to go back to bed, it was almost 2 am now, and I was feeling the effects as well. As far as I was concerned, we’d done everything we could from this end, now it was time to wait, and hope that the people in Singapore could come up with a lead.

I have to admit, though, I was enjoying the paper chase; we were slowly solving a 28 year-old puzzle, and we’d been bounced around the world with it, but the journey had been nothing if not fascinating! I was feeling like Holmes and Watson, when Holmes would start a case with ‘Watson, the game’s afoot’! It finally felt as if the game was definitely now; at last the people who could most likely help us were on-board; perhaps we were finally going somewhere. So far, the search through Asia, shadowy criminal conspiracies, hip-shooting coppers and western-marshal types in the wild places of the world, underground railways transporting drugs, slaves, stolen babies, it all sounded like a bad pastiche of a Bond novel, only we weren’t writing the script here.

As I climbed into bed, Nia pulled herself close to me, cuddling down tight against me, her eyes bright in the dim light from corridor light, and I could see the unshed tears.

“Polar bear, how close do you think we are? Really?” she asked me, and I realised now was not the time to fob her off.

“Baby Girl, I really can’t guess; everything we’ve done so far has led us here, now someone else has to pick it up, and I’m not going to second guess him, not now. Leave it alone, princess, give it time for something to turn up; you heard the man, he has a lot of information, let his people sort through what they can, maybe we’ll hear something soon.”

That seemed to satisfy her, and she relaxed against me, and within minutes, her deep breathing told me she’d dropped off at last.


I woke in the early hours with Nia’s tongue in my ear. When she pulled me off the ceiling and stopped laughing at my expression, she cuddled up close and slid her hands inside my shorts.

“So Jamie, is junior ready for another workout? Well goodness me, I do believe he is!” she smirked, holding my rapidly erecting penis as I returned the favour and pinched her beauteous little bum gently, making her laugh and quiver delightfully.

Nia kissed me happily as I pulled her closer by the simple expedient of grabbing her bum and yanking her up against me, where she immediately began rubbing herself against my almost painfully erect cock. I slipped my hands inside her panties, enjoying the silky warmth of her taut cheeks as she rubbed herself more seriously against me.

I wanted to see more of her, so I began pulling her t-shirt off over her head, while she hooked her fingers into the waistband of my shorts, pushing them down and allowing my cock to spring free into her warm hands, where she cupped and squeezed my balls gently and slowly pumped my cock.

My gorgeous sister is too beautiful to resist for more than a few seconds, as if I ever would, and I slipped my hand between her thighs, feeling her wetness as I slid a finger between her swelling labia, and slowly rubbed her slick little pussy, making her gasp and wriggle delightfully. As I slid my finger into her, her nectar flowed and covered my hand, lubricating my fingers as I slid a second finger into her, slowly pumping her pussy, opening her lips further and making her gasp and sigh as I frigged her pussy. All the while, Nia kept up the pumping, squeezing motion on my cock, masturbating me as I masturbated her. I watched the flush bloom on her cheeks and spread down her neck as her arousal climbed, her grin slowly transmuting into a soft smile as we pleasured each other, my cock aching for release, the need to fuck my beautiful Eurasian sister becoming almost unbearable.

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